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The Household Series: Polyandry 1.0

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Note: The first part to this series Is 'The Household Series: When It Began' Please read that part first before reading this to understand what's going on, thank you!



A lot of things have happened....


Phoenix and his gay panics...


Miles and his sass...


You and your...Well, you're just being yourself,


And now, you're living with your two boyfriends.


And crap still happens...












"I'm home-"






You come downstairs and wave to Miles, "Hey, how was work?"


"Paperwork as usua- WRIGHT LET GO!" Miles grumbled, trying to pry Phoenix's arms off his waist.




You chuckled, "He just missed you, sweetie." You say, going to Miles and wrapping your arms around his side.


"I love you dorks."


"Love ya too babe."


"I am not comfortable In this position."


Trucy then came running down the steps, "Papa!"


"Hi there princess," Miles smiled at Trucy, "How was school?"


"Boring as usual..."




Trucy sighed, "I learned a lot of things that will make me an Intelligent woman one day who will have an outstanding degree and job."


"That's my girl."


"Miles, stop brainwashing my daughter."


You frown at Nick, "Our, daughter."


"We're not even flipping married yet."




"Y/N! Language!" Miles frowned at you,


Trucy crossed her arms, "I'm 16 Papa! I know what curse words are!"




"Miles, get your ass back In the bed." Phoenix grumbled, cuddling you but glaring at Miles.


Miles rolled his eyes, "I will, I just need to check on Trucy, you both can go to bed without me."




Miles put a fist to the door, knocking.


"Come In,"


Miles turned the knob and opened the door, "Trucy...Are you alright? You kept sighing when we were eating dinner."


Trucy looked up at Miles from her little desk which was decorated In little animals and flowers.


"....Just kids at school said It was weird that I had two dads but only one mom."


Miles held his lips In a firm line, not really sure how to respond. "Well....Every family Is different...Some families have two moms or two dads, some have only have one mom or one dad, some....Have none at all."


Miles then kissed Trucy's head, "Having two fathers that love each other and the mother Isn't...Normal, per se. But...Just as long as everyone loves each other In the household, then It's fine."


Trucy then smiled at Miles and nodded.


Miles smiled back In return, "Now, get some sleep. You have a test tomorrow."


"Okay, papa. I love you."


"I love you too, princess." Miles said then closed Trucy's bedroom door.




"Hey, Phoenix?"




"How would that work?"


"How would what work?"


"You know, how would we all get married?"


"....Uh....I dunno?"


You then looked to the door, Miles came Into the bedroom and layed beside you.


"Is Trucy alright?" Phoenix asked, half-asleep.


Miles nodded, "She Is now."


"What happened?"


"Nothing serious, just some kids at school thought she was weird because she had two fathers."






"Yes Y/N?"


"How would we all get married..?"






"....I don't know...?"


"We'll think about that road when we cross It, can you both just go to sleep...?"


"Fine, night Nick, Miles."


Phoenix's response was just snores.


Miles rolled his eyes, before turning off the lamp.


"Goodnight, Y/N."


You smiled,



You loved your little family.



Chapter 1, fin~