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Sheriff hat on her heart

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Sheriff hat on her heart (chapter 1)


It's already Friday for Nicole Haught! She really loves this small town, a little bit weird but still lovely. The inhabitants of Purgatory have welcomed her very well, at least the people she met at the Purgatory Sheriff's Department.

She didn't stop working all the week to prove herself to Sheriff Nedley and to her colleagues. She enjoyed every moment of this week, so much that it went too fast and she didn't find the time to visit the town in which she moved.

It was completely new for Nicole Haught. So she decided that tonight instead of staying in her new home and unpacking all the boxes, she will going to visit the town after her hours of work.




Nicole went around the town in the sheriff's car and decided to stop for a drink and celebrate this wonderful week. Within 5 days, Nicole has never felt this in all her life. This feeling of feeling at home, protected, as if nothing else could reach her. She doesn't know exactly why Purgatory does this to her, but she doesn't try to understand, she just wanted to make the most of it at that moment.

She saw the shorty in the rear view mirror of her car and decided to stop, this place looked good to finish the day.

She went to the bar door, still in the police uniform, her hands on her belt as she had used to do it in this new clothes that she greatly appreciates.

She was proud to wearing her sheriff's hat and that shirt where there was written purgatory sheriff's department. She was proud to represent a city and not to be considered like shit as she had used to it all her life.
A man appeared, he came from the shorty and were therefore completely stuffed, he made her out of her thoughts.

The open door allowed the dark street to imbue the sound of music and the smell of alcohol that mix with the smell of the customers of the shorty whether it was good or bad.

She greeted the man, lowering her hat forward and entered to the room.

The shorty was crowded, not surprising since it was a Friday night, all the good people of the city came here after a good week of work.

Nicole Haught had heard about this place. Almost everyone in the police department was going there, but also because Sheriff Nedley had explained to her that there could be fights that would cause the shorty to call the police.

She sat on a surprisingly free stool. She bent down to take off her officer's hat so as not to spoil the braid she had carefully made this morning.

"What do you want, sir? asked a shrill voice in front of her.

After taking off her hat, she raised her head and looked in front of her while putting the hat right next to her on the bar.

The first thing she's noticed is this gorgeous woman standing up, looking at her. She was breathtakingly beautiful, she had long brown hair, she wore a white tank top that was two button open, it had tucked into her denim shorts. Then she saw the big smile on her face that made Nicole's heart beat faster and stronger than usual. The woman's smile broke down more and more when she looked at the officer:

"Oh sorry I thought you were a man, I'm really sorry, I didn't see your head"

After a few seconds watching her, Nicole finally spoke.

"Oh no, it doesn't matter it's not like the purgatory sheriff's department was not all men," smiled Nicole.

The women were looking at themselves and smiled stupidly without saying anything but Nicole broke the silence between them.

"I, I've been meaning to introduce myself, I'm Nicole" she held out her hands in front of the woman for a handshake

While she uttered her full name "Nicole Haught"

The woman took the handshake offered.

"Hi," she answers.

"And you are? Nicole asked.

"Oh, yeah, I, I'm Waverly Eeeaaarp" Waverly stammered.

"Can I have a beer, Waverly Earp, please," Nicole asked, smiling at Waverly's approximate answer.

"Yeah, of course" She walked to the machine that was serving the beers.

But the machine being capricious, Waverly had to go a several times to get the beer out. But instead of the beer pouring normally, it spurted from all sides and especially on the tank top of the woman, exposing her breasts to all customers.

"Ya! Jesus, Jesus!"Waverly shouted and managed to stop the machine before there was more damage.

"Perfect," Waverly exclaimed as she searched for a towel to dry and especially to hide her breasts. But there were no towels here.

Nicole watched the scene with amusement, she was really not going to hide it, she was the most beautiful woman that she had ever seen, even her ex was nothing next to her. But she came back to reality very quickly seeing Waverly's distress searching for a towel and she see the eyes of men completely stuffed looking at her from head to toe.

She could’nt believe that she was for a moment like these men watching her.
Nicole took her big sheriff hat and give it to Waverly. It was tall enough to hide her breasts.

"Thank you very much," Waverly said, leaving a smile and relief on her face. While she took the hat and put it against her breasts.

"No problem, are you ok? Asked Nicole a little bit amused

"Yeah, just a bit jumpy"

"I had a crazy day," continued Waverly.

"Sorry I wasn’t here to see it," Nicole replied with a big smile, as for encouraging Waverly.

"Yeah, sorry for your beer, but I think the machine doesn't want me to serve you, you know, I keep telling Shorty to fix it! Waverly laughed to make sure to Nicole that she was okay

And Nicole laughs in turn

"Well, I'm going to leave you for change me upstairs » said Waverly looking to all the custumers.

"Oh, yes, of course," the officer replied instantly.

"I could just get it back," said Nicole shyly

"What?" Says Waverly confused

Nicole pointed with her finger at her hat on Waverly's breasts.

"Ah, yes, that's right," said Waverly embarrassing

"No, it doesn't matter, keep it, you'll give it back to me later with the beer you owe me, what do you say about tomorrow night" Nicole smiles.

"Oh, I can't," said Waverly quickly

" No ? Answered Nicole in a slightly hurt tone

"I mean, I'll love to, like to, uh, But I have plans. Yeah, I'm a planner »

Nicole bit her lip and shook her head to hide a smile.

"I like to know what I do at least two or three days in advance, hmph, I'm in a relationship with a boy-man! Continued Waverly

"A boy-man" smiles Nicole

"Yep, I've been there," Nicole said as she got up to leave and then she stopped and leaned over to Waverly still with a smile
"it's the worst"

"okay well, some other times," she continued as she posed on the bar her card with her number.

"I mean it," Nicole finished and turned back to the door and tries to make her way as Waverly stood with her hat on her breasts watching her come out of the shorty.

Waverly left her eyes on Nicole for watching the card that Nicole left on the bar.

"Officer HHHaught"

"of course " smiled Waverly




Waverly was sitting on her bed, exhausted, after a very long, hard day. She was just thinking about all the last events in her life that had all happened spontaneously, leaving her no time to breathe. The death of Curtis, her uncle. Then the return of Wynonna was a very big one and it was the event that covered all the others. Since the curse was still there, she had been kidnapped and almost killed by revenants who were sent back to hell by her sister in turn. There was also the arrival of Dolls and so of the Blackpage division that was busy to helping her sister to removed the curse of the Earp.

All her life she had researched the whole history of purgatory, the ghost rivers triangle, all the identities of the revenants, and the story of Wyatt Earp.

She was glad that her sister would come back to the purgatory but that would imply the fact that she had to be in the shadow of Wynonna as it was in all their school years together. Plus wynonna didn't want to involve her in this whole story of Blackpage division. And left her on the side again.

She let out a sigh, then got up to go to the shower before bed.

She entered to the bathroom and began to get down her clothes and continue to remember the lasts events.

She thought of Nicole Haught, her heroine that night in shorty.

She began to get into the shower while thinking about this tall woman sitting in front of her, with beautiful red hair, this way she looks at her with her big brown eyes with a mole just below her left eye. Nobody had looked at her that way, she couldn't explain it, it was just not like everyone else. She used to know that by her last name, people look at her strangely, it was her everyday life. But when Nicole Haught looked at her, she felt protected, in her place for the first time while it was in her workplace. Then when she smiled, it was so beautiful, she had a dimple that was forming and the smile even more beautiful.

"Ah, do not think like that," she told to herself in the shower, closing the water tap and starting to rub the soaps on her skin.

But she couldn't help it, that officer was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. This French braid that was a bit defeated despite her efforts when she took off her hat. Then her officer's uniform, which was absolutely destined for her, it emphasized her beautiful forms.

Waverly didn’t have time to continue to think about Nicole because she saw Champ who was now in the bathroom. He looked at her with a big smile.
« Ah!You scared me, Champ, what are you doing here ?! » She shouted at Champ.

« I watch you wash you » he replied as if everyone was doing it.

After he was undressed, he open the shower to join her without even asking Waverly if she wanted to. He went right behind her.

"What the fuck are you doing? Let go to me! » She said. She had no desire after that day of shit that had completely exhausted her.

« oh, Waverly, I know you want to, otherwise you wasn't wiggle like that before" he continued to squeeze her behind her.

« No, Champ! I really do not want, I had an exhausting day, let me finish washing myself and you, get out of the shower »she said while trying to get out of his embrace.

He came out of the shower, enoying, took his clothes and slammed the door behind him to express his displeasure.

She finished her shower, washed her teeth and came out of the room in her pajamas to go immediately in bed. But before she got to bed, she stumbled and nearly fell, finding Nicole's hat at her feet probably falling when Champ had made the whole apartment shake by closing the door.
The smile returned and a heat placed on her heart and moved in all her body ,causing chills, she had never felt that before.

She took the hat, looking at it for a few minutes without realizing the time she took.

She wanted to know this woman much more than this episode in the bar. She felt so good in her company. She doesn't understand how a person could give her feelings that she couldn't even understand herself. And holding that hat against her chest was proof that Nicole is good person because she had come to Waverly's rescue when she was in trouble. She had never met a single inhabitant of purgatory be so kind to her.

She put the hat on the dresser, but this time she dropped the card with Nicole Haught's number.

She laughed and took her phone to write Nicole's number in her Contacts, and continued her way to the bed.




Nicole parked in her yard and went home. She was greeted by a big ball of red hair that rubbed all the furnitures rubbing at her legs and fell back on her feet, calling for caresses.

"Oh hey you! How is Calmaty Jane today! She said to her while stroking her.

"Oh, she must be hungry," Nicole said and headed straight to the kitchen to feed her.

Then the officer went to the bathroom to wash her.

when it was done and be dressed more casually, she turned on the TV to watch a basketball game. She lay down on the couch with a beer.

It reminded her Waverly, what a beautiful name by the way, she had actually thought about her all the way in the car. And it wasn't just the fact that she was beautiful, gorgeous, and god knew that seeing the girl with her sheriff's hat on her breasts made an impression. But the fact that she is so radiant despite all that had happened in her day and that she was so clumsy in front of Nicole. Saying first that Nicole was a man, then spilling beer for the officer on her tank top and finally taking her hat.

But Nicole didn't care, actually that makes it easier for her because she now had an excuse to see Waverly again.

When she had asked her for a drink, she didn't really know what she was doing. She just wanted to see her again very quickly. The officer wasn't aware that she was flirting with her until Waverly told her about a certain boy-man. It made her smile again, but it showed Nicole the limits she had to have. Even though this girl definitely attracted her, she respected Waverly's relationship with this boy-man. And it showed her that anyway it would only go on one way because Waverly was completely straight. But Nicole still wanted to know her better and maybe to be friends with her. Nicole needed it because she was new here and maybe having someone outside the police would help her to integrate better into purgatory.