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Quirks, Cameos, Drabbles and Whatnots

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“Play the game,” Shinso smugly released the subject from his quirk while his classmates waited, phones ready to record the event. “Take the shame.”

Being brainwashed for as long he had been, it took Bakugo a moment to return to awareness. The second the nature of his situation dawned on him, he erupted in inarticulate rage that left everyone howling with laughter. The sight of him stuck to the wall of their dorm by Mineta’s balls was hilarious, but Kaminari’s suggestion of the Momo-crafted tutu had made it legendary.

Even Aizawa smirked when he came to free the exploding figurehead.

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“Excuse me?” Inko asked a passing waiter, motioning towards the TV. “Can you change the channel?” 

Recognising her his eyes widened. Her hair might be streaked with grey, but Inko was as famous around Mustafu as her son… as were the two children seated beside her, happily colouring in the restaurant’s activity sheets. 

Nodding his understanding he left, and Inko sighed in relief when the news broadcast switched to a music station. She didn’t want her grandchildren to see their father serving as a pallbearer. 

They weren’t ready to understand that one of their many uncles had died in action.

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“Ah!” the cashier jumped when Bakugo slammed their items down on the counter. Ochaco wondered what was happening as her boyfriend pulled out his Hero License card and literally shoved it in the cashier’s face to verify their discount. “Will you’ll be needing anything else, sir?” The voice of the green-haired young man was fraught with emotion.

“Nah!” Bakugo smirked, clad in his hero costume and embracing his similarly-clothed girlfriend, showing off his achievements to the world. “This is perfect!”

As they completed the transaction and left, Ochaco could hear the cashier gently sobbing. “Thank you for your custom, Kacchan…”

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Kyoka had rolled her eyes when she first sat behind her assigned desk. ‘The Universe must be playing a joke on me’, she thought to herself. With the obvious exception of the diminutive purple ball haired perv, she was easily one of the shorter students of Class 1-A, while the boy with the six arms sitting in front of her was easily a full foot taller. Yawning, he stretched his limbs, and the membrane that joined them only further restricted Kyoko’s view of the teacher’s podium and whiteboard.

The hero student sighed. This was going to be a long year.

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Everybody knew that beneath Ochaco’s warm, bubbly personality, there lay a fiercely determined and competitive woman. Izuku alone knew that “domineering” was another component of her.

That was how the Pro Hero found himself naked on their bed, restrained and kneeling before his girlfriend. Slipping off her bedrobe to expose a skintight leather leotard, she seductively approached and cupped his chin.

“You’ve been naughty Deku,” she cooed. “Naughty boys must be punished.”

Enthralled by her strength Izuku shivered, body tingling with goosebumps as he started to gently float and pivot. “I’ve been very bad Mistress, please discipline me.”

“Plus Ultra.”

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It was only after Izuku had left that Inko realised just how empty the apartment felt. Without his presence and energy, the small residence was cavernous and lifeless.

What she missed most were the little things. The sound of a pencil scribbling new entries into his notebooks during the evening hero reports, the satisfied sigh as he finished another bowl of Katsudon. The lingering smell of his laundry, the delighted glee of opening presents on birthdays or New Year’s.

The very memories that filled this house with love were also a reminder that her baby was gone.

And she wept.

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Himiko caressed the sleeping Izuku, her instincts screaming “kill!”

She refused. The quirkless high schooler was the first to see past the mask she’d worn for so long. Rather than retreat in fear on seeing the real Himiko as she expected, he embraced her normal as his own. Always willing to be cut. Always offering up his blood.

He knew her pain; they were kindred spirits. Both understood how society was unfair to the abnormal. But where it had extinguished his spark, she’ll lash back.

The world rejected them. Within the League, she’ll make a better tomorrow for them both.

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Silencing the alarm, Mashirao rolled off his bedsheets and tried to move, pausing when he felt resistance. Sighing he pushed the sheets back further. To the untrained eye, nothing restrained his tail, but the imprint on the mattress enveloping it said otherwise.

“Toru, let go.”

The tail’s hairy tip rustled as his invisible girlfriend nuzzled it. “But It's so warm and fluffy!”

His attempts to pull the appendage free countered, Tailman felt unseen legs wrap around its base. A final desperate yank was answered by the scritching of Toru’s fingers on that special spot that always made him flush red.

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Izuku’s introduction to his new class was nerve-wracking. His mother promised that this elementary school wouldn’t tolerate bullies like Kacchan, but it still scared him to say that despite his quirklessness, he wanted to be a hero.

“That was very nice Midoriya,” his teacher said, pointing out another student. “That's Jiro, our class representative - she’ll help you settle in.”

Clasping his All Might bookbag, Izuku approached and bowed to the waistcoat-wearing girl. “Hello! Please take care of me.”

“Hey,” she waved one of the lobes that dangled from her ears and held up a Present Mic bag. “Matching set. Cool.”

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Rikido nervously wrung his apron. Three years studying all came down to this - the ultimate risk for the ultimate prize. He’d publicly challenged Lunch-Rush to a Bake Off.

The whole school watched as the judges - Fat Gum, Suneater and Nezu - finished the platters the two contestants had prepared. After a prolonged discussion, the Principal rose to speak.

“Well, I can say that was most delicious! But the winner, demonstrating the highest culinary skill is...”   

Nezu's declaration was drowned out by cheers. Rikido only realised who’d won when the 3-A girls ran up to crown their Star Baker with Lunch-Rush’s toque.

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Being Quirkless never stopped Izuku from helping people, and always with a smile on his face.

Finishing another shift at J-Mart, he left to deliver old Mr Miyamoto’s shopping before taking the housebound man’s dog Mochi to be groomed. While waiting he visited the bank to deposit the month's takings for his charity. Heading home, he remembered to check his schedule and see if he could cover Maya’s shift…

...he saw the speeding truck heading for the girl on the crosswalk, and instinct kicked in. He leapt forward and shoved her clear.

“She’s safe,” he thought, just before the impact.

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When the scans confirmed there was zero brain activity and that her son was beyond the help of medicine and quirks, Inko learned that Izuku had long ago signed up as an organ donor. 

“Of course,” she wept. “No matter what, he always helps.”

Knowing this helped her come to terms with the loss. With one last selfless act, Izuku was going to give desperate people across the country a second chance.

Holding onto a hand that couldn’t grip back, she kissed her darling son goodbye. “Oh my sweet baby, you’re going to be a hero for so many people.”

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Inko wasn’t surprised at the vast amount of people that came to celebrate Izuku’s life. All his J-Mart colleagues attended as did past and present members of the quirk support charity he organised. Local heroes and politicians sat beside neighbourhood children he had sat for and tutored. Miyamoto had turned up in a wheelchair - Mochi in his lap. By Inko’s request, all these people whose lives Izuku had touched wore a smile.

A gaunt man sat at the rear of the ceremony. While his one interaction with Izuku was brief,  All Might admitted he was wrong about the unsung hero.

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Several months later Inko was contacted by one of Izuku’s organ recipients, asking to know more about the person who’d saved their life. The logo of a Hero Agency adorned the letterhead.

Shoto felt the surgical scars across his chest tighten as Rei, Fuyumi and Natsuo helped him kneel. Heads bowed before the shrine erected in Izuku’s bedroom, they offered prayers of gratitude to the young man whose strong heart had replaced his own, lost in a battle gone wrong.

In the living space Inko prepped tea for five, knowing that part of her heroic son had finally gone Pro.

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Asking to be alone, Shoto addressed the shrine’s photo. “I owe you a great debt, Midoriya. Without you, my mother would have continued thinking I blamed her. Mrs Inko says that you always gave your all in helping others. When I vowed to do my best with your heart she answered “It's yours now Todoroki.”

“She’s right. And my quirk isn’t my father’s fire or my mother’s ice. It’s mine.”

After twenty bitter years, he accepted his left side and relit the incense with a gentle flame.

“I’ll honour your mother and memory, and become the best hero I can.”

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With a shaking hand, Minoru popped off one of his hair orbs and stuck it to the mirror. Seeing the purple ball detach from the surface within seconds only caused his sniveling to intensify. In the mirror he watched another sphere slowly grow into the barren, plucked spot. It was noticeably smaller, and left a ring of exposed, bleeding scalp.

“It hurts…”

Even after what the Quirk dermatologists had said, seeing the cold truth upfront caused his world to come tumbling down. His whole identity and career depended on his hair, and at twenty-one the Pro Hero was going bald.

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Materialising quirk-suppressing handcuffs, Momo secured the last of the villains who ambushed her holiday getaway. Legs shaking, she staggered out of the ruined mountainside lodge towards her neighbours’ cabin, hoping they were safe and unharmed. Fatigue sapped her mind and body as the adrenaline surge faded - she didn’t remember collapsing or being carried to safety.

As her saviours helped her into their home, Momo glimpsed her reflection in a mirror.

“Oh...” she thought weakly. “That looks bad.”

What she saw was shredded clothing hanging off a malnourished body, a human being reduced to a skin-covered skeleton.

“...looks fatal. Sorry Kyoka...”

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Kyoka always laughed whenever Denki short-circuited himself. Be it by training accident, falling victim to a prank or simply trying to cheer her up, the sight of his dopey expression and inane giggling was guaranteed to make her smile.

No one considered the consequences.

She was a regular visitor to the long-term facility and found him in his usual spot. “Hey Sparky,” she greeted her friend with affection. “I brought along my latest album.”

Guilt filled her as the barely-there Denki looked away from the stranger in the mirror to offer her a double thumbs-up. “Yay...”

“Yay…” she agreed sadly.

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During its yearly overhaul, the Regulator Lens within Yuga’s Sparkle Belt was deemed life-expired. An overburdened QA inspector missed a one-nanometer crack in the replacement lens and approved it for installation. Unable to meet design tolerances, the lens deteriorated with each discharge of Yuga’s laser. The crack began to grow...

Striking a flamboyant pose Yuga fired his laser, bouncing it off a mirror to reflect back onto a charging villain. Strained beyond capacity, the lens shattered. Without the belt to control his unstable Quirk, Yuga couldn’t stop firing.

He could only watch his reflection scream as his digestive system imploded.

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Shoto had been played. The villain Isotope perfectly controlled the battlefield with his Quirk, flooding the space with flammable hydrogen and denying Shoto use of his fire. Handicaped to his ice he had persisted, trapping them both within a glacial palace.

He’d experienced hypothermia enough to know he was finished. Core temperature plummeting, he’d long passed shivering, paradoxically stripping off his clothes. Scraping the ice with frostbitten fingers, primitive instinct drove him to dig a shelter in a desperate bid to find warmth.

Slowly he crawled into that mirrored tomb, scarred half pressed to the cool ice.

“This… is nice.”

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Mina knew letting herself get captured was self-indulgent, but she resented that this monologuing amatuer had no idea who she was, and aimed to enlighten him.

“And now, ‘hero’…” Wrapping up his full-ham oration, the villain at last grabbed the lever that would release the trapdoor positioned beneath her. Oh, Mina was going to enjoy this. “DIE!”

Laughing maniacally he watched her plunge into the industrial storage tank, and was baffled when instead of dying screams, delighted laughter echoed upwards from the vat.

“Come on in, its great!”

Mina had taken to the molecular acid like a duck to water.

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You named the group ‘1-A Classy Bunch’

You changed your nickname to ‘Sparky’

You invited ‘Bakugo’, ‘Kirishima’ and 17 others to the group


The fuck you doing?


Making a class chatroom!


You damn idiot, we all live under the same fucking roof. If you can't be assed to haul your dunceface up a floor to beg for help with your homework, you’re shit out of luck.

‘Kirishima’ has set the nickname for ‘Bakugo’ to ‘Kacchan’




Hello Ladies!

‘Uraraka’, ‘Yaoyorozu’ and 16 others left the group

Accepting his defeat, Denki deleted the group.

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Minoru’s dreams had come true - there was a naked girl in his dorm room. 

Too bad that he was completely oblivious to her presence.

Toru danced between her target’s bed and the sex comedy playing on his television. With it's frequent cries of “Oh matron!” masking any sounds she made, the invisible student twirled, twerked and finally bent over, spreading her assets in the perv’s face. Both barrels.

Minoru could only dream of seeing any of UA’s heroines striking such lewd and naughty poses for him. For women everywhere, Toru would forever treasure getting him so near yet so far

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Aizawa could feel a migraine developing as he watched a laughing Togata permeate through every surface in sight… a delighted, naked, six-year-old Togata. 

“Alright Eri…” he sighed wearily at the culprit. “Would you care to explain?”

“I’m sorry!” The girl began to shed tears. “I thought I could rewind Mirio enough to get his quirk back! When he started phasing I got excited and lost control!”

“Great” The teacher groaned. This wasn’t a complete disaster. The finesse Togata was demonstrating suggested Eri hadn’t mentally rewound him. “An adult in a child’s body.”

He really shouldn’t have left them without supervision.

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Chinese New Year was upon Osaka, and to celebrate the city’s Shanghai connection, Fatgum’s Hero Office was commemorating the Year of the Ox by having Suneater manifest cow legs.

Yet Tamaki was at a loss - despite every effort he made, he wasn’t transforming. Fighting off rising anxiety, he shut his eyes and focused on his beef lasagna lunch. At last he felt his legs morph and sighed with relief, only to gasp in horror upon opening his eyes. Wrong hooves .

“Ha - you’re Mister Tumnus!” exclaimed a laughing Kirishima.

From that discovery unfolded a horsemeat scandal that rocked the entire country.

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After the ‘Izuku cheese incident’, Yuga had concluded another approach was needed when befriending people. Thankfully he had the perfect method for one particular individual. 

 “Ah, Class 2-A has decided to grace us with their presence!” Neito was quick to put on his best disdainful attitude as Yuga entered 2-B’s dorm. “To what reason do we owe this pleasure?”

 His sparkling smile unwavering, Yuga unveiled the present. “Joyeux 17ème anniversaire Monoma☆!”

 Seeing the birthday gift Neito gasped, his arrogant facade falling. “Bandes dessinées!”

 With a laugh Yuga handed over the plentiful Franco-Belgium comics. Common ground always helped when forging friendships.

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It was by complete chance that Koji learned of the looming danger, and only he could alert humanity. He preached from soap boxes, blogged day and night, even won the Sports Festival to make an impassioned plea before a global audience - but none would heed his warning

When it finally came, the world was unprepared. Even All Might and All For One working together couldn’t stop the invaders. Every Government was quickly overthrown, and then they came for Koji. For trying to subdue their uprising, he was the first counter-revolutionary against the firing wall.

The Earth belonged to the Dolphins.

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The manifestation of Quirks was an ongoing paradigm shift within the human condition, like no other event in history. Two centuries after the birth and worship of the Luminescent Baby, you could still find devout believers seeking out people whose quirks turned them into avatars of divinity.

With his towering height, physical strength and six arms, Mezo was particularly popular with acolytes of the Hindu pantheon. Although humbled by how people found comfort in his existence, he still found it startling when complete strangers would prostrate before him and give offerings.

At least he’d never want for squid ink pasta.

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His distinctive lightning-bolt hair streak concealed under a hat that protected him from the Spanish heat, Denki was just another Japanese tourist visiting Ronda’s Plaza de Toros and Puente Nuevo . While beautiful attractions, something far more personal had drawn Chargebolt to Andalucia.

Emerging from the Alameda del Tajo gardens, reverently clasping his well-read and well-worn books, he bowed in greeting to the bust that commemorated their author. Walking these historic streets Denki had felt something stirring within him, a feeling of finally coming home. Now he understood why Ernest Hemmingway had fallen in love with Ronda and the Spanish people.

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As hosts for the 2199 Rugby World Cup, Japan had pulled off a dream run to the final, but it seemed that winning the tournament on home soil was a bridge too far. At half-time they were losing 8-30 to a dominant Wales, but entered the second half to a surprise greeting from the Pro Hero on touchline security detail. 

“Go beyond Brave Blossoms!” cried Deku, wearing the team’s red and white colours. “Plus Ultra!” 

His mantra was picked up by the crowd, building into a relentless roar that filled the stadium.

Winning 44-41, Japan lifted the Webb Ellis Cup.

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Izuku learned what Heroes - especially All Might - stood for when he was two, and Hisashi knew he had a problem - he’d seen such conviction in the eyes of people before. Izuku was destined to be a great hero. And as much as it pained him, knowing how it would affect his child, he had to act.

Izuku was asleep when Hisashi entered the bedroom. Placing a hand on his son’s head, he gently probed for the unmanifested Quirk. Pyrokinesis. Incredibly powerful.

“Forgive me Izuku.”

Unable to bare the thought of eventually fighting him, All For One removed his son’s Quirk.

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All Might painted All For One as a monster, but he was still human. Even nigh-immortal beings still felt loneliness, the need for companionship - a family. His various personas had loved many women over the centuries, raising children together and he mourned them all, treasuring their memory.

That intensified his hatred of All Might all the more. Dismantling everything he’d built and incarcerating his friends and allies wasn’t enough for the blonde bastard. That debilitating injury he’d received from him meant ‘Hisashi’ would never be able to love again, could never return home to see his darling Inko and Izuku.

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Awakening from his fight with All Might, All For One was thankful that Kurogiri had activated the contingency plans. None of his quirks could heal such extensive injuries, so a prototype Nomu had been repurposed as a body double, allowing ‘Hisashi’ to stay present in his family’s world. It was a flawed being, but the ‘overseas business trips’ reduced the risk of Inko and Izuku spotting the defects.

He was still allowed the pleasure of phone calls, and was delighted to hear about Izuku’s new exercise regime.

Despite the enforced setback, his amazing son was finding a direction in life.

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With Tomura’s training and the Nomu progressing rapidly ‘Hisashi’ wasn’t able to make regular calls to his family, delegating responsibility to his double. Flawed conditioning explained why it failed to report that Izuku had manifested a quirk - something that Inko had informed him of during a rare personal letter.

It could mean only one thing, and Kurogiri had to warp Ujiko to safety when his rage destroyed the lab.

“Bastard!” he roared through the tears. “He must have known! HE HAD TO!!!”

All Might had made his very own son his nemesis. His dear brother must be laughing right now.

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Confined to the depths of Tartarus, he knew this would be where he’ll potentially spend all of eternity.

Although confident that Tomura would be fine without his guidance, he still had one regret. After six years apart, he had been mere yards from Izuku at Kamino, but couldn’t even acknowledge him.

They fought on different sides but Hisashi was proud of the son that was as equally driven, cunning and tenacious as himself, yet tempered by Inko’s compassion and humanity.

Hisashi smiled. He’d been fighting the tide - with attributes like that, Izuku had been destined to be a great hero.

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Tsuyu’s composure was cracking. The Mustafu waste collectors strike was entering its fifth week, and despite U.A.’s ‘Special Waste Management Protocols’ (Todoroki incinerating anything legally combustible) seven hundred people inevitably generated vast piles of waste, attracting pests. Such as flies.

And Tsuyu was a frog.

Amphibian instinct asserting itself, her tongue whipped out to snack on a whole parcel of the insects. Shame followed instantly, and Tsuyu fled the courtyard, imagining the revulsion of those around her.

Really, all that mattered to her classmates was how to help her out. Bakugo suggested blasting the pests, but Hanta’s idea...

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Mei Hatsume was essaying blueprints before 2-A even finished explaining their ‘Help Tsu’ design brief. Once these newest babies were machined up in the support workshop, Hanta got to work with his Quirk.

Realising the buzzing outside wasn’t organic, Tsuyu twitched open her room’s curtain and gasped. 

A horde of classmate-controlled drones filled U.A’s airspace, each machine trailing strips of adhesive tape to trap any passing insects. While a hovering Hanta generated more flypaper, Ochaco gleefully ran around the courtyard, towing him like a Zero-G kite.

Tsuyu’s composure cracked again: she really did have the best of friends.


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Hurrying to the bicycle shed, Fumikage mounted his Bridgestone and pedalled furiously away on a priority mission... the local super-marché!

He was stalking the produce aisle when Dark Shadow manifested. “Yo, Fumi, bandit at seven o’clock.”

Close at hand, Fumikage witnessed a hooligan menacing the cashier with fingertip guns.

“Woe to my groceries,” lamented the student, before swiftly quelling the brigand.

His inevitably-delayed return earned much ire.

“Where the fuck were you birdbrain?”  Bakugo’s snatched away the bag of apples and started peeling them. “Eri is gonna be here any minute!”

“Nevertheless…” intoned Fumikage. “We’ll have our candied treats.”

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Finding someone whose quirk could cause all but a single lock of Toshinori’s hair to fall out while simultaneously generating a handlebar mustache was surprisingly easy. He honestly found getting his costume tailored tougher..

“Who’ve you come as All Might?” Izuku asked when Toshinori arrived at the Halloween party, glistening baldplate and military uniform drawing everyone’s attention.

In one motion Toshinori striped off the Prussian blue uniform top, shifted into his muscle form and struck a pose, driving together a pair of gauntlets on which Yuga’s sparkles reflected brilliantly.

“This technique has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!”

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Eijiro had replayed footage of All Might’s fights for years, loving the hero’s manliness. Of course experiencing such a battle was somewhat different. Less forensic.

All Might and Nomu’s clash was borderline stimulus overload. Eijiro wasn’t watching a fight - he was feeling it. The rhythmic exchange of fists reverberated through his body like the bellowing exhaust of a speeding locomotive. The stench of sweat and testosterone saturated the atmosphere, blastimg him with a raw power that made his ungelled hairs stand on end.

Bearing witness to this purest definition of masculinity, Eijiro remembered why he wanted to be a hero.

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“Careful there.” Admonishing her exhausted charge for the collision he’d caused, the buff woman reached for Inko’s dropped toy, eyes widening with interest when it floated into the girl’s' hands. “Impressive quirk.”

“The others laugh at me,” the three-year-old blushed with embarrassment. “I can’t move big things.”

Sensing a pick-me-up was needed, the smiling lady knelt down and meet Inko’s eyes. “What you want from your quirk is for you alone to decide. If you’re happy with it as it is, don’t let others shame you for it.”

Sending the perked-up girl on her way, Nana Shimura resumed Toshinori’s training.

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Making her way through the crowd surrounding the hero, Inko’s rage flared on seeing the fraud. How dare Katsuki Bakugo call himself a hero after what he did?

Every avenue of justice was blocked to her. The school denied any bullying happening on their grounds. Bakugo’s parents circled the wagons to protect their son. The hero community deemed it a police matter, and the police showed no interest in mounting an investigation. Quirkless boy committing suicide? No surprise there. Case closed.

If Bakugo felt any guilt, Inko didn’t see it in his eyes.

She drew the gun, and aimed carefully..,

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Down in the alley beneath her, Inko’s target raised a hand for his companion to halt - she’d been detected. Flexing her intensively-trained Quirk, Inko ripped away the katana and other concealed blades stowed on the villain's person. With one last wrench, she threw him to the floor and remotely tore off his spiked boots.

“Stain!” Dropping down the fire escape to their level, she advanced on her disarmed opponent, even as Stain’s accomplice adopted a defensive stance over his teacher. “Give him back!”

Even with most of his face concealed, fear filled the eyes of the Hero Killer’s apprentice.


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Inko couldn’t sleep for days after Izuku’s diagnosis. She was plagued with recurring dreams that all ended with her baby boy rejected, unemployed, homeless… dead. By his hand or hers.

She did her best to help him to overcome his quirklessness - but society made it clear where it deemed he belonged. No matter what, he remained rooted to the bottom rung.

She was 82 when her journey came to an end in a hospital bed.

Izuku wailed as the only person that cared about him slipped away from the world. He was old. Alone. Done for.

Just as Inko feared.

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All For One discovered and eliminated Toshinori before he’d completed his training. Unwilling to have more blood staining her hands, Nana refused to find another successor for the Quirk that had cost her so much..

Then Inko walked up to her. The smiling U.A applicant explained that following their brief encounter years ago, she’d reconsidered just what she wanted from her Quirk, and demonstrated to her inspiration how strong it had become by uprooting a tree.

For the first time since she cradled a limp Toshinori, Nana felt a glimmer of hope for the future of One For All.

Chapter Text

Eri needed decades to fully master her powerful Quirk and doing so brought about a moment of clarity. Consequence lost all meaning when she could heal fatal injuries with a simple touch.

It was because of that revelation that U.A’s students learned to fear their new school nurse. Besides essential triage, stable patients would not receive treatment from Eri’s Quirk until the end of the school day. Until then they had to suffer the full weight of their injuries.  

Herein was the lesson to her reckless charges, harsh yet necessary: she wouldn’t always be there to heal their boo-boos.

Chapter Text

Despite spending most of his life in Japan, Hiryu honoured his Chinese heritage by celebrating its public holidays. 

Today was LIberation Day. Tying the Republic of China’s blue and white flag to his balcony railings, he counted his blessings that he wasn’t raising the red standard of the long-extinct ‘People's Republic’.

Quirks had originated in China, but the ‘Communist’ authorities feared such power endowed within their nation’s youth, and reacted oppressively. Such measures fanned flames of revolution, a whole generation seeking their personal and political freedoms. 

Hiryu was thankful for the sacrifices made so he could use his Quirk freely.

Chapter Text

Tomaru had intended on killing the boy, finding it sickening how his belief in heroes held fast even when they had shafted him. That all changed when he discovered the kid’s strategy guides.

Even Sensei’s unrivaled economy management, unlocked tech trees and superweapons had never equalled All Might’s OP skillset and NPC students. But this quirkless dataminer had delved into the code and cracked the meta.

Now Tomaru smirked, watching his pale and wearly analyst slave away in his sealed room. Threatening Izuku’s mother was all the leverage needed to ensure compliance. 

Hero society’s greatest fanboy would be its unravelling.

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The male component of Class 1-A were supposed to be unwinding in the camp’s hot springs, but all were tense. How could they relax with all that shrieking coming over the girls’ side of the divider? 

“Should we help them?” asked an uncertain Izuku.

Iida shook his head. “Yaoyorozu assures me it's just harmless fun.”

His position wasn’t helped when everyone heard Mina squealing. “Mineta, stop playing with my boobs!”

Denki slid further into the water to hide his shame. “This would be so creepy if Mineta were a guy. She’d be a total perv.”

“Fucking double standards,” snarled Bakugo.

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As a hero Lunch-Rush aided humanitarian operations by feeding fellow Pros and the people they rescued. Give him baseline ingredients and he’d single-handedly cook a feast to feed thousands. But as a chef he desired the finest ingredients possible, so whenever a U.A student could oblige that need, he’d gladly exploit the opportunity. 

“Here you go chef!” Komori bounced into the kitchen, pushing a cart filled with her quirk-grown mushrooms. “Sixty pounds of Tricholoma matsutake!”

Matsutake only grew in the wild, seasonally, and could cost ¥200,000 a pound. Lunch-Rush smacked his lips, the school would eat well today.

Chapter Text

With uncharacistic stealth, Mei Hatsume snuck up on Katsuki and secured a metal bracelet around his wrist. His yell of “Dreadlocks, what the fu-ACK!” became a scream, his body involuntarily convulsing.

“Mei,” a disbelieving Denki knew a tazing when he saw it. “Is that a shock collar?”

“Yup!” The socially-inept inventor beamed. “Baby No. 571, the Electrical Expletive Eradicator! It delivers a shock to the wearer should they swear! Just as you requested”

“Mei, I was joking!” Denki wailed.

“Oh? Well, exposure’s good too.”

“So’s EXPLOSIONS! BI-AAAHHH-TTTCCCHHH!” Katsuki screeched, gibbering every foul word under the sun, his body endlessly spasming.

Chapter Text

It wasn't long after Eijiro’s public debut in an Osakan Market that a smile-cracking Fatgum came knocking at the intern's office cubicle. “Hey Red Riot, you got yourself a visitor!”

The hulking hero stood aside to reveal their guest, and Eijiro felt his heart skip a beat. The man was impossibly old and leant on a walking cane, but the confident way he carried himself was unmistakable.

“So this is the young man who’s taken up my mantle?”

Hair whitened by age, Crimson Riot approached the starstruck student and extended a hand.

“I’m your biggest fan!” they said as one.

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Watching the combatants of the first Joint Training Battle return, Minoru could tell something had changed in Kosei Tsuburaba. Flushing, fidgeting, sweating? Lingering glances directed at Asui? Yeah. Grape Juice had watched the fight, he knew what was up.

Once the losing team had dispersed, Minoru sat beside the taller boy. “Dude, I get it. Same happened to me at the USJ after Asui hauled me to safety with her tongue. The things she can do with it...”

“Not like this!” Kosei groaned as Minrou drifted into the realms of fantasy. “I didn’t want to discover my fetishes like this!”

Chapter Text

Becoming a vigilante was a risk, but laws defined them by Quirk use. Vague wording offered the Quirkless loopholes. Handcuffed in a police interrogation room, Izuku quickly realised the other laws wouldn’t be lenient.

Procession of an illegal weapon, multiple counts of assault, GBH, unlawful detainment, failure to report a crime, resisting arrest, assaulting Police Officers, assaulting Pro Heros - just the tip of the iceberg of charges he faced.

“I just want to help” he wept.

Japan’s judicial system didn’t offer jury trials, and Izuku knew the bench wouldn’t show mercy to a Quirkless, well-meaning, effective, popular, yet illegal vigilante.

Chapter Text

He started trembling as the door opened. It was too early for feeding, so this meant only one thing. One of the captives was going back into the ring.

Someone approached and opened his cage. Nonono, not me! With his leg mangled from the last fight he wouldn’t live a minute.

The last thing he expected was a gentle voice. “Don’t worry, you’re safe. No one is going to hurt you anymore.”

Cautiously raising his head, he locked eyes with the person who spoke his tongue.

“Come on,” Koji reached for the wounded dog. “Let's get that leg looked at.”

Chapter Text

Aizawa slid the Internship forms back across to Iida. “Fill it out again” he instructed, slamming a finger down for emphasis. “No placements near Hosu.”

His student’s face hardened in defiance. “With all due respect sir, no.”

“Let’s review the facts Iida. Stain has murdered seventeen Pros. Your brother is the twenty-third to receive life-changing injuries from him. Professionals couldn't detain Stain, what deludes you into thinking you can?”

Iida’s vengeance-driven eyes didn’t soften, and the goggles that Aizawa wore felt heavy with the memory of Oboro. He wouldn’t have students dying on his watch.

“Fine then. Consider yourself suspended.”

Chapter Text

“Stay here, kid!” Gran Torino bellowed as he tackled the Nomu, launching them both out of the speeding train and back into a flaming Hosu.

“Gran Torino!” Izuku ran to the carriage’s gaping hole, intending to pursue. Then a piercing scream made him aware of the chaos behind him. The hero the Nomu had been fighting was unconscious, and the train crew hadn’t arrived to coordinate panicking and injured passengers. Right now, these people needed a hero.

Dashing to assist a passenger pinned by a broken window-frame, Izuku smiled and helped them up. “Don’t worry, everything’s fine. I am here.”

Chapter Text

With a pathetic, blood-choked gurgle, the last light faded from the eyes of the fake hero. Sheathing his still bloodied Katana, Stain left Native’s body in the alley and ascended the fire escapes to the rooftops of Hosu.

“Shigaraki,” the Hero Killer snarled, surveying a city in pandemonium. That narrow-minded brat from the League was once again throwing temper tantrums about things he couldn’t possibly understand, and now the ignorant-yet-innocent masses were suffering for it. He should have killed the self-entitled pond scum when the opportunity presented itself.

For the sake of society, it was time to correct that mistake.

Chapter Text

Iida went to Hosu, and Aizawa found out. With their class president expelled and morale in the gutter, the trending video ‘ Hosu train evacuation - Deku debuts!’  was a rare bright spot for 1-A. 

“Man Midoriya, wish my internship was this cool!” enthused Kirishima. “You look the picture of a hero!”

Hearing Bakugo grinding his teeth, Izuku blushed. “I didn’t do much, just kept people calm.”

“Class is in session, because I am here!” All Might arrived in style, silencing gossip. “Excellent work on your internships 1-A! You’ve done this school proud!”

He locked eyes with Izuku. You’ve done me Proud.

Chapter Text

Seizing the Katana from the pile of dust, Shigaraki couldn’t help but feel off. Yes, he had gained notoriety with Hosu, destroyed someone he hated, and gotten himself a rare drop, but something was missing.

“Have you learnt anything from this?” All For One asked over the monitor.

Shigaraki drove Stain's blade into the bar’s floor and resumed scratching his neck. “No Sensei.” 

“Worry not. This lesson is among the most important, but other opportunities will present themselves.”

In his lab, All For One sighed. Tormaru’s impatience had impeded him again. Only with a true creed would he be unstoppable.

Chapter Text

Mitsuki and Masaru Bakugo could only watch in horror as the operation to rescue their son descended into a chaotic televised confrontation that leveled a ward and ended All Might’s career. They feared the worst until their support officers informed them Katsuki was safe, and nothing could hide their sobs of relief as they were driven to the hospital where he was being checked over.

When they were reunited there was no screaming or arguing. The Bakugos tightly clasped their child, fearing he would be stolen away once more. In a rare moment of vulnerability, Katsuki cried along with them. 

Chapter Text

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Shoto wandered the house in search of his mother. It was only after he passed the kitchen that he heard her talking on the phone.

“...all I can see is his father.”

Peeking around the doorframe, Shoto choked. He’d seen his mother crying countless times before, but the trembling desperation in her voice chilled him.

“Mom, what are you saying?”

Rei spun to see her terrified son’s right side - his white hair and grey eye, not the red and turquoise she feared.

“Nothing honey,” she smiled with what shaky composure she had left. “Nothing.“

Chapter Text

Eri sighed as the medical bots stretchered in a hero student all-too familiar with the U.A infirmary. “Michi Maeda, why am not surprised?” 

“Hi Auntie Eri,” Maeda grimaced a smile as she prodded his arm, before Eri grabbed a chart and addressed the robots. 

“Timecode for the sustained injury?”

“13h:46m:52s, Nurse Erivertible.”

Writing the details down, she closed the bed’s privacy screen. “Injury’s stable, I'll rewind you to a second prior once classes finish.”

“Eri!” Maeda pointed at his exposed bones in exasperation. “Its a compound fracture!”

“Ha! Your cousin Ochaco never complained, or my big brothers.”

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Learning that the villain he’d injured detaining was uninsured, Tetsutetsu accompanied him to the hospital. But when the man awoke in the Radiology department, he yeeted the guilt-ridden hero through several walls.

Hardening his body, Real Steel took his medicine, unaware that in one of the now-demolished rooms a technician was panicking over a ruined control console.

Then something snatched at him...

Hearing sounds that would fill his nightmares, Tetsutetsu’s metallic self was ensnared in magnetic fields that slammed him bodily though another wall and into a malfunctioning MRI scanner.

“And to think I was gonna pay his medical bills!”

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Fuyumi never got tired of watching her students rave about their favourite heroes - especially when those heroes were her own family.

“He’s so cool!” a group of boys exclaimed as they devoured Endeavour’s latest annual. Seeing this, Fuyumi resolved to grab a signed copy to present to the best-behaved child at the end of this semester.

“Nah-hah!” one girl disagreed. “Shoto is way better! He has fire and ice! He can beat his Dad!”

“Miss Todoroki, your quirk is ice, could you beat him?”

“Hmm...” Fuyumi feigned consideration. If only they knew. “I think I could come up with something.”

Chapter Text

It had taken years of Ochaco-style frugal living, but Tsuyu had done it. With her savings amassed, prospective sponsors lined up and qualifications obtained, it was time to make her greatest dream a reality.

And so at a gathering of U.A alumni and friends in the Yaoyorozu Estate’s Belgravia Room, she at last pitched her idea.

“Tsu,” Melissa considered a rough sketch. “I’d love to build this.”

“She’ll be my greatest baby yet!” exclaimed Mei.

“It would be a titanic achievement.” Momo admitted.

“Hell yeah!” Yosetsu whooped. “I’m totally onboard!”

Thus with a gentlemen's agreement they got to planning.

Chapter Text

The longest part of the process was the design phase. Melissa and Mei were both accomplished draughtsmen, and consequently spent much time catfighting over who should lead the project. The specs proposed by Mei were bold and tempting, but didn’t ultimately meet the brief… and exceeded Tsuyu’s budget tenfold.

At last it was agreed that Melissa would handle overall design, while Mei held responsibility for outfitting their creation to fully meet Tsuyu’s needs.

Once Froppy had viewed and signed-off on the plans the real work began, starting by blueprinting every component required to make lines on paper into tangible reality.

Chapter Text

When Melissa and Mei began forwarding her their component lists, Momo hit the books to memorise the atomic structures of engineering-grade materials new to her.

That was the easy part.

The real challenge was sheer scale. Momo had to create from scratch nearly four thousand tons of diverse substances: metal alloys, synthetic polymers and organic compounds, whose complexity ranged from simple sheetplates to intricate machinery with thousandth-of-an-inch tolerances. It required her full concentration and 50,000 calorie meals, paid for daily by Tsuyu.

Once materialised to exacting standards, every item she produced was boxed up, labelled and shipped for assembly

Chapter Text

On his free days, Yosetsu journeyed to the voluminous warehouse Tsuyu had leased on the shores of Tokyo Bay, cracked open the delivered crates and consulted the accompanying diagrams. Thanks to Momo’s perfect fabrication, and aided by clear instructions from Melissa and Mei, he quickly mastered piecing this giant 3D jigsaw puzzle together.

Fusing sheetplate HULL-176 to the construction hoist with his quirk, he hauled it into position, aligned it alongside HULL-175, and welded both to the growing frame.

Taking great pride in his work, he was there for the entire build, from laying-down all the way through to launch.

Chapter Text

On the spring tide, months of hard work came to fruition. 

Welding the last capstan to the deck, Yosetsu stood aside for Momo to materialise a bell that Mellisa and Mei mounted in place, before Tsuyu broke a champagne bottle across the engraved bronze.



As the hull slid down the ways into her native waters, Tsuyu tearfully hugged her wonderful friends. From bow to stern, the newly-launched vessel was equipped with cranes, pumps, lifeboats and rescue gear. 

A welcome sanctuary to those in peril on the sea, the bane of traffickers, and Tsuyu’s floating office.

Her new home.

Chapter Text

Visiting her boyfriend’s parents for the weekend, Ochaco was out on a morning run when she came across the apartment fire. A flash of her Hero License was all the authority she needed to rescue a family trapped on the upper floors. Another job well done.

As the EMTs checked her over, an employee from the nearby J-Mart arrived with a trolley, and started handing out bottled water - the same employee that Katsuki had recently reduced to tears. If he begrudged Ochaco, it didn’t show.

“Thank you for your service,” he smilingly offered her a bottle.

“And yours,” she accepted.

Chapter Text

Growing up in isolation, Shoto rarely got to use his abilities outside of Father’s strict regime. But living in the U.A. dorms and freely using his quirk, he found liberation in simply being a teenager doing teenage things. His classmates cooking eggs on his fire was only the beginning.

“What’s this?” Arriving at Gym Gamma, he was momentarily perplexed by the sight of his classmates in winter wear.

“Please?” Mina produced her ice skates with a hopeful smile.

Shoto knew what to do. Planting his right foot forward, a layer of ice covered the gym floor, to much rejoicing.

Chapter Text

Mitsuki was proud of her brat. At only thirteen weeks old, Katsuki was developing fast and was incredibly perceptive. And he was fascinated by Inko’s sleeping newborn, reaching out and never taking his eyes away.

Supporting his head, the young mother gently laid her child on the bed. “Katsuki, you want to say hello to Izuku?”

Not one to deny a cute opportunity, Mitsuki settled Katsuki on his belly alongside Izuku. As if feeling his presence, the swaddled bundle yawned, and eyes still adjusting to the world opened. Brilliant green pupils meet sharp red.

From that moment, they were inseparable

Chapter Text

“So that Jesus guy you worship Ibara, was he just ahead of the curve? Got a quirk two-thousand years early?”

“I can understand such an opinion,” her intern replied, surprising Mount Lady with her thoughtful reaction. “The nature of The Incarnation has been hotly debated since quirks emerged. The feeding of the multitude, water transfigured into wine, the Sermon on the Mount, walking on water, the many healings - they suggest a powerful alchemical quirk. But regardless of the origin of the Lord’s miracles, he used them to preach goodwill and help others. I believe that's an example worthy of following.”

Chapter Text

“124, 125, 126...”

Counting the seconds, Ochaco kept her trembling fingertips together. Until recently what she was now attempting had been only a wild dream.

Stopwatch in hand, her mentor offered encouragement. “New record, keep it going!”

Exerted muscles strained. 129 . Sweat poured freely. 138 . Nearby rocks started floating. 159. She screeched. 163. Her limit was reached. “RELEASE!”

Plummeting from a hundred feet above them, a cacophony of noise erupted as the 40,000 ton cruise liner crashed into the breakers yard

Clapping her back, a proud All Might caused his chosen heir of One For All to throw up.

Chapter Text

Three days after Izuku arrived at the hospital with Kyotoku and Mika Jiro, his world had changed. The operation to recover Bakugo ended with All Might retiring after defeating a terrifying villain. But that didn’t matter - Kyo was still unconscious from the toxic gas.

Sitting at her bedside, It pained Izuku to see his muse lifeless. Even her earjacks, which moved during regular sleep, were motionless. Taking his guitar, he softly played the duet they wrote the night before U.A.’s entrance exams.

“You’re my hero,

without you I’m a zero”.

“No matter the course,

together we’re a force.”

Chapter Text

As a romantic that simply wanted to see people happy, Mina was always trying to turn crushes into relationships, or pair up compatible people. Her proudest achievements to date included getting Ochaco and Izuku finally together, and somehow unearthing a management student that actually found Mineta endearing - getting a girlfriend even helped balance him out.

“Mina, I like you!”

Despite that, she wasn’t prepared for Eijiro to confess to her when she restrained him during a private sparring session. He hadn’t planned on doing it here, but pinned beneath the manliest, baddest woman he knew, the moment just felt right.

Chapter Text

Disinfectant applied, Izuku secured the makeshift tourniquet around his bruised, much-abused arm and removed the syringe’s cover with his teeth. Thanks to the many times he’d shot himself up with various ‘supplements’, he easily stuck the needle into the vein.

Himiko could barely keep her eyes shut as Izuku placed the Christmas present in her hands. Feeling all giggly she opened her eyes and gasped. In a bottle tied up with pretty bows and ribbons was a pint of blood - his blood.

Himiko teared up. Her loving, accepting boyfriend was simply amazing. Now she could be him.

“Merry Christmas Izu.”

Chapter Text

Momo could not believe what she was hearing.

”You want me to make you rubbers ?”

“Sheets!” A blushing Kyoka shushed her friend. “Rubber sheets for my bed.”

“Whatever for?”

The hue of Kyoka’s face deepened as she nervously clacked her earjacks together. “When Denki and me get...intimate...he loses control of his quirk and shocks me. We can never… finish because of it. I need something to ground or insulate us.” 

“Oh!” Now it was Momo flushing. Never before had such services been asked of her quirk. Then again, she always helped her friends. “OK, let's measure your bed.”

Chapter Text

For Ochaco’s birthday, the class chipped in together with food for Momo to craft a high-quality telescope. Mina then presented Birthday-Girl (and Izuku) approved off-campus night passes, before Bakugo threw two pre-packed camping bags their way and shoved the two lovebirds out the door.

Beneath clear skies atop a mountain they huddled close together under a blanket and watched the galaxy unfurl, identifying the classical constellations recorded by Ptolemy.

“Hey, Chaco?” Consulting his star chart, Izuku squinted along the scope. “There’s one star I can’t see up there.”

“Which one?” she asked absentmindedly.

Abruptly Izuku turned and kissed her. “You.”

Chapter Text

As the year drew old, anticipation built in Fukuoka, and one question dominated peoples’ minds: “Where is Hawks having KFC this year?”

Despite his appearance, the young Pro had loved chicken ever since he was a boy, and his family booked months in advance to indulge in Japan’s Christmas custom of feasting on Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken. As a celebrated Hero, that family tradition had become an annual celebration with the people he served.

Arriving with his parents to the delighted cries of customers, Hawks took the prepared Festival sharing buckets and called out, “Happy Christmas Fukuoka! Food’s on me!”

Chapter Text

While a true Rocker at heart, Kyoka adored her classics. So when Izuku presented two tickets to attend 10,000 Freude, the yearly performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, she just had to sneak off to Osaka with her boyfriend.

With her amplified hearing the first three parts of the symphony were a wonder to behold, but it was the fourth and final movement that had Kyoka teeming with excitement.

In perfect German, the leading baritone soloed “Ode to Joy”, then was joined by a ten-thousand strong choir praising the unity of humanity.

Nuzzling into Izuku, Kyoka had everything she needed.

Chapter Text

His birthday falling on New Years Day, Nezu preferred to spend the day contemplating years past and yet-to-come alone at home with some premium cigarettes.

That was before U.A became a dorm school.

Going through his morning routine in the teacher’s accommodation block, he was surprised when the student council members staying on campus for the holidays came knocking on his door with presents. Coffee and tea from Kendo and Yaoyorozu, and homemade mochi Sato prepared from Uraraka’s family recipe, amongst other gifts.

After past traumatic experiences with humans, Nezu hoped his students’ innocence and generosity would never fade.

Chapter Text

Although the pain of parting ways with All Might was still raw, Nighteye had to press on with forming his own agency and recruiting sidekicks. Centipeder had already signed on, and it seemed the next candidate embodied Nighteye’s personal values.

Centipeder was unpacking the delivered office equipment, and was amazed when howling laughter erupted from his new employer’s sanctum. Getting hired had taken everything he had just to squeeze a snigger out of the iron-faced boss.

With tears of mirth rolling down his face, Nighteye emerged with his agency’s newest staff member.

“Ms. Joke, you’ll make a most valuable addition!”

Chapter Text

For Musutafu’s arcade-shooter aficionados, the player known only as SNP was the bane of their existence. No matter what they tried, none could surpass their highscores. So when the latest installment of Time Crisis arrived at the local arcade, Bakugo was determined to confront the unbeatable mystery player, determine how they were cheating, then kick their ass.

All day he watched people pour coins into the machine. Most were pathetic, but when one dreadlocked customer displayed uncanny reactions and marksmanship, Bakugo knew he’d found SNP.

“Hey, shitstain!”

The man gave him a stern look.

“Watch your tongue, Partner,” instructed Snipe

Chapter Text

As the makeup-artists touched up his complexion, Izuku could hardly believe the latest milestone of his dream Hero life had arrived - shooting his first Public Safety Announcement

Little Izuku had watched All Might PSAs religiously, always taking the lessons and morals they imparted to heart: he thus ate his greens, was kind to others, looked both ways before crossing streets, recycled, wore his seatbelt, and never went with strangers.

Now as an authority figure it was his turn to guide children through a subject close to his heart - he would make sure no quirkless child ever suffers as he did.

Chapter Text

Breaking the seal with trembling fingers, Ochaco took a deep breath and opened her first payslip as a Pro Hero.

Her eyes boggled. The base wage alone was a staggering ¥750,000!

Then there was unsocial hours and overtime enhancements, hazard pay, likeness and merchandise residuals, plus the signing-on bonus. Following deductions for tax, insurance, pension and union membership fees, what remained was still an eye-watering amount for someone who’d grown up in a poor household.

With this earning power, so many of her wants could be fulfilled.

But first, she needed to transfer 50% to her parent’s bank account

Chapter Text

Bakugo laid down the law before his agent even finished her pitch: “Absolutely fucking not!”

“Please Bakugo” she pleaded. “It's a great deal they’re offering. The money is good, you’ll have full creative control and it’ll improve your standing outside your target demographics.”

“And there's the bullshit!” Bakugo snarled. “I’m a goddamn Pro Hero, my office is out on the streets! Save by winning, not by model work or product placement! You really think people believe I won the Conflict Resolution Award because I wear branded boxer briefs or have dandruff-free hair?”

“Seriously? You love your cosmetics.”

“Shut up Madoka.”

Chapter Text

After the vigorous education U.A and Aizawa had put her through, Mina believed she was prepared for the demanding Pro Hero lifestyle.

She was wrong.

Staggering home late (again) she collapsed face-first onto her apartment’s sofa (much to the relief of her weary feet). The agency that employed her was perpetually short-staffed, resulting in more ground to cover, longer patrols, and endless paperwork. Conditions tolerable on occasion, but not for three straight months of hell.

Body exhausted, feet blistered, her social life terminated, living off of instant ramen...

“All work and no play makes Earphone Jack a dull girl.”

Chapter Text

Barely a year out of U.A., Shouto had become one pillar of a Triumvirate that had taken the nation by storm. While Midoriya had claimed the Number One title (to Bakugo’s chagrin), Shouto was content to place bronze, simply marvelling at their collective accomplishment: Japan’s youngest-ever top trio of heroes.

Leaving the bickering Dynamic Duo to handle the event’s press junket, he instead slipped away to find himself some peace (and soba) at the buffet.


“Father.” Turning about, the young Pro witnessed something rarely seen from the now fourth-ranked Endeavour - genuine pride.

“Congratulations Son, I’m proud of you.”

Chapter Text

On pain of explosive death, none dared enter Bakugo’s dorm room. So when its door lazily swung open (when Kirishima came to invite his buddy to a lifting session), it was Bakugo’s fault alone for not shutting it properly. 

Before Kirishima himself could close it, preserving Bakugo’s personal space, he glimpsed within the room, and froze. 

‘A dakimakura?!’ He’d never expected a body pillow to take prime position upon his friend’s bed, especially one emblazoned with the likeness of an explosion-obsessed mage. ‘D'ah, that’s adorable…’


...then Bakugo blasted down the hallway and, spitting fire, dropkicked him.   

“You. Saw. NOTHING .”

Chapter Text

During graduation, General Education students received their diplomas before the Hero Students. 

“Izuku Midoriya…”

Hitoshi felt his stomach knotting with guilt as Izuku shook Nezu’s hand. Izuku, the first person to gush over the heroic applications of his ‘villainous quirk’, the person who’d trained beside him for the sports festival, their opportunity to transfer into the Hero Course.

Izuku had believed in him, and how did Hitoshi thank his quirkless friend? Izuku finished third at the festival, while Shinso accepted the Hero Course transfer offer without a moment’s hesitation.

Seeing Izuku fighting back tears, Hitoshi knew he didn’t deserve this.

Chapter Text

Fresh from another extraction session, Eri sniffled a sob as Izuku delicately dressed the wounds. “I know Eri, it hurts. But you’re being so brave.”

She smiled at her caretaker’s warm words as he carried her back to her room. Affection - she’d forgotten what it felt like. Nuzzling into his chest, she recalled his stories of boys and girls being praised, shunned or discarded solely based on their quirk, while the quirkless suffered even worse.

“You’re the little girl who’ll make everyone equal, Eri.” Those words were why she endured the pain Overhaul caused.

People like big-brother Izuku needed her.

Chapter Text

“What was it like?” Bakugo asked, finally breaking the silence under which he and Izuku cleaned the dorms; their house-arrest punishment.

 “What was Kacchan?” Izuku faced his confidant.

“I-Island, fighting alongside All Might.”

“Huh.” The question gave Izuku pause. “I haven't really thought about it.”

“Really Deku?” Bakugo sighed in exasperation “Our hero asks you to fight at his side, something we’ve dreamt of since we were kids, and you fuck up a once-in-a-lifetime experience by not thinking about it?

“Once-in-a-lifetime to be at the side of someone amazing? Our whole class does that every day Kacchan.”

“You unbelievable idiot…"

Chapter Text

Once Shouta had arrived at Tensei Iida's home (Hizashi and Oboro in tow), they discovered the 2-B student had ulterior motives for their study weekend.

“This is Tenya!” he proclaimed, proudly presenting his baby brother. “Mom and Dad are away on business, so I need help to watch him.”

Shouta quickly resigned himself to constant distraction from their homework: Hizashi was quickly cooing over Tenya’s growing calf exhausts, and Oboro itching to take the tyke for a spin on one of his clouds.

“Relax Shouta,” Tensei laughed. “Maybe one day you’ll be looking after kids.”

Shouta snorted. “I hope not.”

Chapter Text

Ujiko only saw the U.A. Sports Festive by chance, but was surprised to see a former (quirkless) patient of his wielding One For All. Thus, during the child’s internship with Shimura’s old friend, All For One dispatched Gigantomachia to snatch the boy, and leave Gran Torino’s head as a momento.

All Might mobilized every hero in Japan to find his successor. At the news All For One chuckled. This supposed era of peace had made Yagi complacent, and now the boy would pay the price.

Once Ujiko had finished his masterpiece, they would process a Nomu like no other.

Chapter Text

His treachery exposed, Kaminari had been extracted before U.A’s staff could detain him.

Post-debriefing with PLF leadership, his agenda became...intimate. Unlike the bitches at U.A., Himiko had always been receptive to his advances, especially whenever he gifted her blood samples stolen from said bitches.

“Oh Denki, I love this, I love you!

Denki moaned upon hearing those words come from Asui’s mouth, before the transformed Himiko locked lips with him.

The biting began as they stripped, Asui/Himiko keening, twitching with pleasure every time electricity coursed through her lithe amphibian body.

“I’ve got a bite too babe.”

Chapter Text

Having always being told he was hopeless at everything by his once-friend Kacchan, Izuku panicked when Jiro discovered him practising the flute in an empty classroom.

“Why did you stop?” the class president asked. “That was good Izu.“

Izuku looked shyly towards the floor. “Please don’t tease me.”

“Izu…” Jiro groaned. Her snarky attitude had scared the boy. “You’ve seen me in our music classes - I outplay the teachers, and I know good playing when I hear it.” She knew he’d heard the honest truth in her words when his face grew a blushing smile. “Could you keep on playing?”

Chapter Text

As Aldera’s first-and-only student to reach U.A., plus his performance at both the USJ and the Sports Festival, Katsuki’s stock rose fast.

It crashed even harder.

‘Who?’ Ashen-face he watched Nezu loop the footage, countless recordings of him putting quirkless Deku in his place back at Aldera. ‘Who filmed and released these?'

“Disgraceful! Your former teachers make me ashamed to call myself an educator!” the principal thundered. “Repeated and targeted assaults, blatantly ignored to give you a clean record and circumvent our background checks?” 

The office bin rattled as Katsuki’s student ID was discarded. 

“Get out of my school”

Chapter Text

Foresight still active, Mirai glanced towards Midoriya as his awareness slipped away. Knowing that the future wasn’t written, he no longer feared looking upstream. 

Like on Mirio’s path, Eri smiles. Wow, six quirks! Toshinori looks on with pride as Midoriya gracefully flies. A final confrontation with Shigaraki and… not the League? His class graduates - their heroic generation outshining even All Might. He loves her. They start a family. He stands before his successor….

There is much pain along the way, and this future isn’t guaranteed, but they’ll fight every step to earn it. 

Good. Let his end be their beginning.

Chapter Text

Having discovered a ringing phone in a hollowed-out space on his bedpost, Kaminari thought some weird prank was being pulled on him. 

“Umm...” Hoping to find an answer to the mystery, he accepted the call. “Hello?”

Tywyn, Rhayader, Aberystwyth, Islawrdref, Tongwynlais, Onllwyn, Rhyd-Ddu.”

Kaminari’s confused expression blanked, instructions implanted deep within his mind activating upon reception of the codewords. “Reporting for duty.”

At the far end of the line, the Doctor snickered. Once their ‘inside man’ had completed this assignment, he’d speak the triggers to wipe his short-term memory clean.

An unknowing traitor.

Chapter Text

It saddened Himiko that while Izuku fully accepted her, he couldn’t accept himself. His body issues hindered their relationship deepening physically - to him that extra joint in his pinky toes made him defective, undesirable, repulsive to touch.

Deciding to prove him overwise, she showed him what she saw. The beauty she saw.

Izuku stared as she alluringly stripped and danced for him… after taking his form, and the things she did with his body were mesmerising.

Wearing his naked form Himiko straddled Izuku’s lap and pressed close, taking great pleasure in their twin bulges.

“You're beautiful Izu. Never forget it.”

Chapter Text

Circumstances had made bashful Mashirao a very attentive lover to Toru. His tail required he always be the top, and sex with an invisible woman presented unique challenges. With no body language to interpret, he read the bedsheets’ creases to track her positioning, gauged his performance by her moans, and memorised how to cup her breasts from any angle.

Even with that carnal knowledge, he still blushed scarlet when Toru revealed Hatsume’s latest ‘support item’.

“You’re so good to me Mashi.” Tail sheathed in the special mattresses’ slot, he felt her climb atop him. “Let me take care of you…”

Chapter Text

The Class 1-A girls had an unofficial buddy system - each processed a Momo-crafted key to their floormate’s room. The morning after they gained their provisional licenses, Kyoka didn’t show for breakfast, so Toru naturally went to check on the rocker.

“Oh boy,” she peeked around the door. “Afterparty Central.”

Clothing was strewn across the floor. The stench of stale sweat filled the air. Discarded contraceptives dangled from the bin. But entwined on the bed were the real headliners: Kyoka and her boyfriend, the hero student cuddling Izuku close with both her arms and her earjacks.

“Aww, that is so cute!”

Chapter Text

It was as Shoto positioned himself over his wife that he lost all nerve and froze. He thought he’d made progress, but those daddy issues were flaring up.


He couldn’t even look her in the eye, his tears welling. They’d made love countless times, but not like this. 

They’d never tried for a child before ...

“ I’m scared Momo…”

Gentle hands drew his head down to nestle between her breasts. “You hear that heart? It knows you are a good man. I know you’ll never hurt me or any child of ours.”

Letting Momo guide him, Shoto lovingly penetrated her.

Chapter Text

Izuku and Ochaco learned that for all the Newtonian rules they broke, his Third Law of Motion remained absolute during their zero-g sexcapades. For each thrust Izuku made, Ochaco had to counter equally or they'd start drifting. The ‘All Might Figurine Incident’ taught them the hard way.

That, and the weightless… sticky… fluids got everywhere.

Despite these drawbacks, they always came back for more. The sense of utter freedom, the perfect inertia that came from floating above a bed together, responding in harmony to one another, bodies close and interlocked.

It was in moments like these when they became one.

Chapter Text

Bathed in energy and frowning with concentration, Eri watched bedsores fade and recede as she wound back the years on the comatose patient. Nearing the date investigators estimated that he’d entered this state, she reigned in her quirk and applied controlled one-month bursts, then carefully throttled back: weeks, days, hours and minutes until the second that his eyes opened.


Eri trembled. Long had she waited for this day. Together with restoring Mirio’s quirk, this was what she'd been working towards. 

After over a decade of perfect hibernation, the former boss of Shie Hassaikai awoke.

“Hello Grandfather. It's me, Eri.”

Chapter Text

In the Sea of Okhotsk, desolate Achito Island was home to a colony of Quirked Puffins - highly sought in the illegal meat trade.

Class 1-B lethargically lazed in the warden's lodge. After asserting themselves over aspiring poachers as Achito’s protectors, there was little to do. They understood how Overlook, the last hero assigned as winter caretaker, quickly went nuts.

Channel-hopping apathetically, Tokage gasped when she hit the news. “Guys, look!”

Villain Attack at Nabu Island

“1-A stole our spotlight again…” giggled Monoma, before screaming aloud, mad with cabin-fever. “CURSE YOU 1-A!”

“Shush,” Kendo chopped him into silence. “Don’t be rude.”

Chapter Text

Izuku wondered how Kota, Eri, Katsuma, and Mahoro had contacted each other, let alone organise and found the “official” Deku Fanclub. Why did he deserve their praise? Many, if not all of his classmates had put their lives on the line for these kids, who had saved him as much as he them.

Embarrassed he was, but still delighted to be shown their member cards.

“Kota, your membership number is 0000002. Who’s 0000001?”

“Oh, you know,” the kids giggled. “Your first damsel-in-distress.”

The door exploded open.

“What.The.Hell?” demanded Bakugo, a melted card in his hand.

He kept it

Chapter Text

Born long after the prime of Recovery Girl’s hero career, Katsuma had never heard of the Youthful Hero, and was amazed to see Mr. Deku, Bakugo and Nabu’s other heroes queuing up to be healed by her.

Her quirk was just like his: it couldn’t beat villains, but it could help. Help people. Help to win.

“I heard you were very brave, Katsuma,” she said, kissing his own injuries better and proffering a whole bag of gummies. “Midoriya says you want to be a hero too?”

“You think I could?”

“Oh dearie. You’re already as much a hero as anyone.”

Chapter Text

Bakugo realised immediately who the eight shadows were; Deku had described former holders appearing within visions. 

Then a ninth vestige manifested from the haze. 

“We won Kacchan.” Izuku’s echo breathed.

“It can’t end like this, Deku,” Bakugo couldn't contain his swelling emotions.

“It's alright, I-

“You earned this power, achieved your dream, then sacrificed both to save everyone ! That’s a true hero Izuku!”



Nana laughed as both shades flickered out “The transfer hasn’t completed! Both parties need to be willing!”

“Thank you, young Bakugo,” Toshi smiled.

“Shame,” observed the second holder. “Woulda’ made things interesting.”

Chapter Text

While Bakugo didn’t remember their victory on Nabu Island, Izuku could never forget.

"Damnit Deku, get up! Get the fuck up you damn nerd!"

Izuku staggered to his feet. He’d taken a pounding, but he knew the voice in his head wasn't from the concussion.

"Those people are gonna die if you lose!”

Circumstances still a mystery to them meant Bakugo didn't inherit the quirk, but even his brief stewardship was enough to leave a lasting imprint within One For All.

“Now save them and win! Beat that shithead down!"

Izuku charged the villain as Kacchan's echo drove him forward

Chapter Text

Mirko believed that heroes should be able to depend solely upon themselves, a virtue many of her peers lacked in.

“Bring it kid! No holds barred!”

That's why she loved sparring with Bakugo. He was every inch a never-back-down, hungry-for-victory berserker (and loud-mouthed maniac), just like her. Truly her equal and a worthy gym partner.

“Little boy,” she tightened her thighs around his head and grinned. “I could pop your skull open rriigghhtt nnooww....”

“Try it bitch!” he snarled, freeing himself with an explosion. “The challenge excites me!”

God, she couldn’t wait for the day she could bunny-fuck him senseless.

Chapter Text

Minoru gaped at the villain bestriding the ‘beautiful’ wall. Fatty folds poured from an ill-fitting suit, while orange-tinted skin and combed-over hair jostled to maniacal laughter. Women screamed as they were grabbed by undersized phantom hands and drawn into his orbit.

“Ah, Grape Juice!” he wheezed blubberously. “Long have I watched your progress! Your skills are wasted as a hero! Become my new celebrity apprentice and be made great again by me, the artful-dealing villain, Bigly!”

The villain was hosed by Minoru's sticky balls. “Get your facts straight pig! I was a stereotypical, unpopular perv once, but I’ve gone beyond!

Chapter Text

Midnight always offered the same parting words at graduation: “After today we’re no longer teacher and students. When we meet in the field we’ll be professional colleagues, equals...”

She hoped they got the implied message, these young and virile heroes were now consenting adults, freeing both from accusations of legal misconduct. She’d made many former schoolboys men in this way… and schoolgirls women too. The luckiest became her subs, her sidekicks.

It wasn’t long before one bold ex-student arranged a personal meeting, to whom she promised an experience that would truly show how one goes Plus Ultra.

“Call me Mistress....”

Chapter Text

“I’m the first named character killed onscreen, of course my death was significant!” Magne argued.

“To motivate the League and demonstrate Overhaul’s bonafides, dear,” Curious scoffed. She gestured to the Water Hose as they comforted Tsubasa. “They died before us - offscreen - and their deaths raised serious debate. Don’t even mention the Shimuras. How’re Bones gonna animate that shit?!”

Guiltily looking on, Nana stood beside her fellow holders, metaphysically aiding Izuku. 

Nighteye rocked back-and-forth, Foresight overwhelmed by the numerous deathflags Horikoshi had recently planted.

Nine sulked by himself.

Oboro, body technically alive, screamed eternally as he phrased in-and-out of the afterlife.

Chapter Text

“...correct hand-washing should take a full twenty seconds, and always dispose of single-use towels!”

Izuku didn’t understand that the villain Plagueis had unleashed an infectious disease upon Japan. He was just a delighted four-year-old in an All Might onesie, watching his favourite hero presenting a PSA on TV, and carefully copying each motion.

“Young friends, you too can help defeat this villian! Preventing the spread of disease protects our elders and people with preexisting conditions. Remember, keeping communities safe are the acts of true heroes!”

Sneezing into his elbow, just like All Might instructed, Izuku ran for the bathroom sink

Chapter Text

“Don’t believe him! I’m the orgina-

Twice wailed into Magne’s shoulder as another clone dissolved, courtesy of the knife Toga had lodged between its eyes.

“It's alright Jin,” Magne reassuringly tightened her grip. “You’re not gonna disappear, you’re the orginal.”

Twice endlessly repeated those words, drowning out his doubles while Toga took his hand. “As long as we keep hold of you, nothing will happen.”

Over In Kamino, All Might’s resolve broke. Even with Nighteye’s prediction, he’d never expected to meet his end like this.

As the horde of All For One clones descended, his final thoughts were of Izuku.

Chapter Text

The withered Doctor screeched as the heroes marched upon him.

“At last,” declared Endeavor. “The butcher behind the Nomu, Maruta Shiga!”

“Hey!” Present Mic flailed his arms in panic. “Don’t call him that!”

“Whyever not?” Then Endeavor suddenly noticed Hiryu Rin, and felt an urgent need to put his lawyers on standby. “Oh...OH!”

The (inexplicably present) Chinese-born student sighed wearily. “It ain't your fault that Nationalist asshats have strived for decades to alter Japan’s narrative of the war. The fact you cared to correct yourselves shows you’re more than patriotic drones. Let's bury the hatchet and stop this madman.”

Chapter Text

A-Band wasn’t the only group playing at the School Festival. Following his coup-by-guitar-battle, Izuku had drilled the ragtag Light Music Club into a rocking ensemble excited to perform an open-air set.

But Gentle and La Brava crashed the festival before either band could perform, and so Eri didn’t get to smile.

Knowing what she’d been through, Izuku and Kyoka wouldn’t have that.

And so that night the power couple serended Eri, floated outside her hospital window by Uraraka while Kaminari juiced their instruments from below. Twirling in mid-air, the duo’s hearts soared to see Eri’s spirit break free of Overhaul

Chapter Text

Lots picked, the sixteen first years who’d reached the Sports Festival’s final stage awaited the random draw for the fighting tournament. 

“Take a look at the brackets, my dears!” Officiating over events, Midnight cracked her whip. “These are your opponents!”

Reactions varied. 

Mashirao intercepted Mina before she could respond to Hitoshi’s how-do-you-dos.

Mei tinkered with her babies as she appraised Eijiro.

Fumikage acknowledged Denki with a nod. 

Tenya and Ibara made pleasantries. 

Teammates in the cavalry battle, Momo and Shoto drifted apart. 

Ochaco and Hanta promised one another they’d do their best. 

Tetsutetsu challenged Yuga boldly. 

And Izuku gulped. 





Chapter Text

Shoto needed to make a statement. After his slip-up in the cavalry battle, he had to win this without his fire. Its was just unfortunate that Yaoyorozu’s festival would end here

“Begin!” Midnight cried

Firmly placing his right foot forward, he unleashed a glacier that instantly engulfed his classmate. An easy win. Facing the flaming figure in the stands, Shoto knew he’d made-


He never saw the cannon Yaoyorozu had created behind the ice-wall, or the rounds that simultaneously freed her and felled him.

”Shoto Todoroki is unconscious!” Midnight called it. “Momo Yaoyorozu advances!”

In the stands, Endeavour erupted.

Chapter Text

Izuku knew that Kacchan would have learned from their Battle Trial, and wouldn't fall for those bone-breaking moves twice. 

“That ain't gonna work, Deku!” Bakugo roared when Izuku snapped another finger. Riding his quirk he deftly avoided the generated shockwave and powered forward. With a devastating explosion, he knocked Izuku down and pinned his hands, denying him victory.

“Izuku Midoriya is immobilised. Katsuki Bakugo wins!”

His defeat confirmed, Izuku burst out crying. ‘ I’m sorry All Might.’

Fed by the tears, Bakugo grinned in triumph. “How about that you damn nerd? Told you I’d beat you again.”

Still a useless deku…

Chapter Text

Midnight’s whip cracked to start the fight. Ochaco dodged sideways as tape erupted from Sero’s elbow and snared her jacket’s sleeve. 

‘Just as planned!’ she tagged the tape’s non-adhesive side with her free hand. 

“Hey, what the~!” His tape and body being contiguous objects, Hanta started floating. Shucking her arms out of the sleeves, Ochaco grabbed the jacket and swung both it and her opponent around in a hammer throw.

“GRAVITY SLINGSHOT!” she screamed, letting go and returning his gravity. “Release!” 

Thrown off-balance and disorientated, Hanta didn't have time to fire off an anchor before he shot out of bounds. 

Chapter Text

The fight called to order, Tetsutetsu slammed his metallic fists together and roared. Time to show the world what he was made of.

“Bonne chance!” Aoyama discharged his lazer straight at him, and Tetsu laughed as he was bathed in tickling energy. Wading into the beam, he took one step closer, then another.

Ignoring his cramping stomach, Aoyama intensified his bursts, and gasped when his beam refracted around Tetsutetsu’s metal form in a spectrum of sparkling colours. “ Magnifique...

Thus-enamored by the closing-in spectacle his laser had birthed, he was totally blindsided by the knockout punch that burst from the rainbow

Chapter Text

Mina grinned as the Gen-Ed student tried to get a rise out of her. Mashirao had already warned her about this guy’s quirk, and Eyebags should have realised that social butterflies were immune to barbs about their appearance.

Then he changed tactics...

“Your classmates talked big about winning this festival. Yet the son of Endeavour is already out with a cracked skull, and that Midoriya wimp cried so much he had to be escorted off the field. Pathetic.”

‘Oh hell no.’ Mina cracked her knuckles. ‘ No-one disses Midori’ . Sliding forward on her acid, she delivered an uppercut that KO’d Shinso

Chapter Text

As much as he hated it, Iida was thankful that both Midoriya and Todoroki had been eliminated from the tournament. With two frontrunners out in the first round, his own odds of winning and making the family (and especially Tensei) proud had greatly improved. 

Defeating Shiozaki would improve them further.

After its previous showing, he was satisfied when his Recipro Burst still caught her off-guard. Shocked into inaction, it took just him a moment’s downshift into first gear to shove her out of bounds and secure the win. Quick, simple and devoid of bloodshed.  

One match down, three to go.

Chapter Text

Tokoyami knew that Kaminari favoured ‘Shock and Awe’ approaches with his quirk. Even if that was a reasonable approach to such a matchup.... 

“Indiscriminate discharge!”

...such recklessness would be his undoing.


Before Kaminari’s flashy attack could negate him, Dark Shadow materialised and chucked Tokoyami over the arcing electricity. His partner safely shielded from electrocution, the shadow-beast howled and withered under the assaulting discharge, but did not disperse.

The wind was knocked out of him, but Tokoyami still landed within boundaries. Picking himself up he dusted down his gym uniform, then politely escorted the short-circuited Kaminari out of bounds.

Chapter Text

Wanting to prove his own strength, Kirishima didn’t fall for Hatsume's scheme to exploit him as a mannequin to demonstrate her babies. It just meant she had to advance to the next round to fully show off her creations.

And so Kirishima chased shadows as Mei folicked around the arena, demonstrating an array of gadgets that kept her out of his reach and slowly exhausted his hardness and stamina.

Eventually she called time and immobilised Kirishima in a net. Her brawler babies had done well, but the expo wasn’t over. Her long-range darlings would have their turn in the quarterfinals.

Chapter Text

“What an opening round that was!” The crowd cheered to Present Mic’s commentary. “A major upset as Yaoyorozu snatches victory from the jaws of defeat and Midoriya makes an emotional departure from the competition, followed by a spectacular light show and proof that brains can indeed triumph over brawn! We’ll be back soon with the quarterfinals, where we have some really exciting match-ups!”

While Mic hyped up the audience, Aizawa looked to the scorch marks where Endeavour stood. That reaction was telling, but Midoriya? He’d cried like his mother had been brutally murdered. 

There were things here he was missing.

Chapter Text

Izuku was inconsolable as his classmates helped him off the arena. They knew him to be emotional, but this was something else. Before they even reached Recovery Girl’s temporary clinic, a tall blond man in a baggy suit approached them. Seeing him, Izuku broke free and collapsed into the stranger’s embrace.

“I’m sorry...” the wrecked teen sobbed. “I let you down All Might...”

The man silenced him gently. “It’s all right young Midoriya, this was my fault. It was selfish of me to place the world on your shoulders.”

Completely forgotten, Izuku’s classmates slipped away, exchanging wild glances.

All Might?!

Chapter Text

Shoto ran after being discharged from Recovery Girl’s care. He needed to get out of here. He couldn’t go home, but maybe Natsuo would give him sanctuary.

Then flames engulfed the corridor. Students ran for safety as the sprinkler system activated. 

“Shoto…”   For the first time in years, Shoto felt terror at the sight of his approaching father. 


The ice that Shoto threw up to protect himself melted instantly, and Endeavour grabbed him. ‘Remedial Training’ beckoned.

Chapter Text

Rewatching the footage for the fifth time, Sorahiko sighed. “What the hell are you teaching that kid Toshinori?” Thankful as he was that the boy had finally picked a successor (one with brains), he could see the kid was floundering. 

Broken bones?!

One For All had grown immensely under Toshinori’s stewardship, but he clearly had no idea how to translate his experience into practical lessons.

This couldn’t go on. Chiyo had her limits for self-destructive behaviour. If the newbie didn't master One For All fast, it could well maim him.

Phoning U.A’s administration department, he asked about internship applications .

Chapter Text

Shuddering metal reverbed in 1-C’s changing rooms as Hitoshi pummeled the lockers. “Fucking monkey!” he screamed tearfully, blind to the pain of broken bones in his fist. 

This tournament was his one chance to get transferred to the hero course. By next year's festival, the skill gap between Hero Studies and General Education would be insurmountable.

He’d hoped U.A would be different, that people here would look past his ‘villainous quirk’ and see its heroic potential. But that tailed bastard and his fucking honour had denied him the oppertunity, his chance to shine.

His Pro Hero dream was dead.

Chapter Text

Mina wasn’t happy. She’d seen Todoroki hauled away by an apocalyptic Endeavour, and while her classmate’s mood was normally unreadable, fear had been written across Shoto’s face. His scarred face...

She wasn’t booksmart, but Mina recognised abuse when she saw it. Confronting Japan’s 2nd-ranked hero was beyond her, so she could only hope the U.A staff had seen it too. 

What she could deal with was Midoriya and Bakugo. They’d apparently known each other all their lives, but their relationship dynamics made her increasingly worried.

Their match confirmed it: Midoriya had been tormented by ‘Kacchan’.

She clenched her fists.

Chapter Text

After the reports concerning Endeavour’s behaviour reached their ears, Aizawa left to pursue the matter, leaving a tense Mic to commentate alone. Uneasy as he felt about the situations, the show had to go on.

“Welcome back everyone! We hope you’re feeling rested and ready after our break because now we’re getting to the real meal of the deal! We started with sixteen students, and half have been consigned to oblivion! Eight shall stand, five shall fall in the war to claim a place on the winner’s podium! With so much at risk, let the quarterfinals begin!

“Contenders! Gladiators! Rrrrrrready!”

Chapter Text

Although Bakugo had reestablished the status quo with Deku, Half-and-half had fucked up and lost to Ponytail. Beating Endeavor’s ‘masterpiece’ would have proved his abilities. That homelife...

But Ponytail had brains and the quirk to back them up. She’d do fine. Unlike Icyhot, he’ll respect this opponent.

“Yaoyorozu vs. Bakugo ...begin!”

He shot forward, alert for Ponytail’s response. It came in the form of clouds manifested from her body. Swinging a palm in, he gasped as his sweat failed to ignite.

Then a bo staff struck his side

“Dry ice.” a gas-masked Momo announced

Winded, snarling, Bakugo grinned. Fuck yeah!

Chapter Text

Wincing at Yaoyorozu’s freezer burn, Bakugo retreated to a safe distance and rubbed his palms on his thighs, oxygenating his skin and reopening contracted pores for proper combustion. Sparking firecrackers confirmed he was back in action.

Close-ranged attacks weren’t an option if Yaoyorozu could negate his quirk. But he’d seen the Deputy-Rep in action and knew what to do - blast her constructs away and power through!

Momo was quickly forced onto the defensive, every item created to deflect his explosions slowly draining her reserves. His opponent’s stamina chipped away, Bakugo secured the kill with an explosion-driven elbow to the temple

Chapter Text

Ochaco met Tetsutetsu’s roar with a warcry of her own as they both charged. This could go two ways. Either she quickly floated Kirishima’s doppelganger out of bounds, or she failed and things got messy.

She feigned a punch and Tetsutetsu went for the bait, stretching his guard wide. Slipping through his open defense, Ochaco tagged him...


...and he latched onto her.

Messy it was then. Tagging herself too, Ochaco kicked off the ground, screaming defiance.

The sports festival showcased the spectacular, but had never before seen a triple-axis-Zero-G-fist-fight, the two students tumbling skyward as they sought positional dominance.

Chapter Text

Ignoring her bleeding nose, Ochaco acknowledged that Tetsutetsu easily trumped her in strength. But he was fighting in her world. Grappling and clawing each other, trading furious blows, they ascended higher and higher.


Using her Zero-G experience, she kicked free of his grip and- “RELEASE!”- dropped, grabbing his legs and suplexing him towards the ground before re-tagging herself.


Tetsutetsu’s hardened body cratered the arena floor like the Chicxulub impactor. He didn’t get up.

As Midnight called the match for Ochaco, All Might stilled.

Floating in mid-air, the triumphant student was the spitting image of his dear Master.

Chapter Text

Tenya knew he’d gotten a lucky draw, avoiding matchups with heavyweights until he potentially fought Tokoyami in the semifinals. A podium finish was very possible, provided he put the work in.

“Ashido vs Iida, begin!”

Ashido was certainly a threat, but hesitant about using her acid on people. He needed to exploit that opportunity. For variety’s sake, he dashed forward and aimed a Recipro powered kick for her flank.

It didn’t find his target.

Impossible, she dodged his Recipro?! 

Facing her, he blanched. “Are you dancing ?”

“Breakdancing!” Mina strutted her stuff, flexibly sidestepping further kicks. “Show me your moves, boi !”

Chapter Text

All that swag had made Mina excellent at reading people’s movements. Iida was fast, but he telegraphed his moves like Marconi. Dance-honed athleticism made avoiding kicks and dash attacks a cinch, allowing her to choreograph the fight and lead him along a treacherous path

Too focused on hitting her, Tenya failed to see the trap she’d laid.

Forcing him back with a flurry of acid, Mina allowed him room to use the last of his Recipro. Taking the bait, he darted forward onto the acid slick in his path, and couldn’t stop.

Losing his footing, he slid out of bounds.

Chapter Text

Mei was having a blast, boasting of her babies’ capabilities while they kept her a safe distance from Tokoyami and Dark Shadow’s attacks. Wreathed in more hardware than a Tech-Priest, crowing her cleverness like Peter Pan, she was utterly convinced that the attending support companies’ attention had been caught by this performance.

Goals achieved, it was time to bow out gracefully.

“No!” Infuriated by the support student’s disrespectful attitude, Tokoyami’s inner darkness finally boiled over as Mei turned to leave the arena. “Look at me! You~”

Overcoming the bright sunlight, Dark Shadow overwhelmed his host and went berserk.


Chapter Text

Hatsume realised her mistake as Dark Shadow lunged for her: Oh… I’m about to die

Then her babies leapt in to save Mama. Detecting her panic, the backpack automatically launched a cluster of stun grenades. Detonating around Mei, the flash-bangs bathed the whole arena in blinding light. 

And when the glare faded, everyone witnessed the sight of an unconscious Tokoyami.

The crowd went wild.

“Would you believe it folks!” Mic cried out. “For the first time in U.A. history, a Support Course student has made it to the semifinals!”

Mei blanked. “Eh?” 

This... wasn’t part of the Omnissiah’s plan.

Chapter Text

Mic was having a ball. 

“Yyyeeeaaahhh!!! Those were some quarterfinals worthy of the history books! Dark Horse Mei Hatsume trampled all over Dark Shadow and made the Support Course proud! 

“What a show for the ladies in general - little sweetie Uraraka went totally wuxia, and Ashido grandstanded with those lit moves! It's been many-a-year since we’ve had three female semifinalists, guaranteeing the fairer sex at least two podium finishes! 

“Don’t go far people, ‘cause the stakes are heatin’ up! Whose dreams shall be realized, whose shall be SHATTERED? The semis are coming up soon!

“They’re coming to get you Bakugo!”

Chapter Text

Tensei Iida was running through Hosu’s streets when dispatch at Idaten contacted him.

“Sports-fest update Ingenium. Your brother crashed OFB in the quarterfinals.”

He winced. Tenya had been shooting for the semis at a minimum, and this didn’t sound like a graceful exit. No doubt he needed a pick-me-up.

Tensei knew what he had to do.

“Shinya, detach your fireteam off from Squad B and cover my area,” he barked orders. “Family emergency.”

Pausing in a quiet alley Tensei took out his phone. This was unprofessional, but he was a big brother first and a hero second.

Stain could wait.

Chapter Text

Midnight outright refused Hatsume’s plea to forfeit the semifinal. Mei had never intended on coming this far, and now her babies were low on power. 

She couldn’t have them failing midfight, not in front of the representatives!

Running to Power Loader’s charging station, it quickly became horrifically apparent that with the exception of the Auto Balancers and Capture Gun, her energy-hungry creations wouldn’t be ready in time for the next round.

Slumping to the floor Mei considered her options. Her technical mind had been proved through her babies’ accomplishments. Maybe it was time to show what Mama was made of.

Chapter Text

Many had seen Endeavour’s furious departure, practically dragging a trembling Shoto into his chauffeur-driven car. Their student’s visible terror was reason enough for Aizawa and Nezu to start asking concerned questions, but they’d barely begun probing before they received an unsolicited call from the President of the Hero Public Safety Commision.

“Drop this Nezu,” she instructed. “Social services have repeatedly investigated the Todoroki household and all issues have been resolved. Am I understood?”

Aizawa gripped the desk until his fingers whitened. Nezu would have crushed the phone if he could. It was moments like this he absolutely loathed human society.

Chapter Text

To Nighteye the numbers were inescapable: All Might was fated to die gruesomely within at most, nineteen months. It was a mathematical certainty.

And his chosen successor, to whom people would turn amidst the chaos destined to rise with the Symbol of Peace’s demise? Well he’d announced himself to the world as a pitiful, emotionally fragile child. This farce underwrote All Might’s folly, tabulated against thirteen vital (wasted) months.

But Nighteye refused to see society unravel like a string. Observing a smiling Mirio training for the Third Year festival events, he knew one chance to prevent a dark future remained.

Chapter Text

Even after her hard work, Ochaco couldn't believe it. Was this happening? Was she really about to step out into the semifinals? 

And was that scruffy man really All Might

“Ochaco.” Her contemplations shattered as the other 1-A female to reach this stage approached. It was unnerving to see the normally happy-go-lucky Mina wearing such a hard expression.


“Kick Bakugo’s ass. Show everyone that bullies like him don't deserve to win.”

Ochaco applied her game face. “Sure!” She’d win. For Mom and Dad. For herself.

For Deku...

And if she failed here, she'd have softened Bakugo up for Mina.

Chapter Text

Utterly enthralled by the drama developing before their eyes, Mic’s audience in this modern-day colosseum remained oblivious to the saga unfolding behind the scenes of the tournament, one that grew with every minute.

Until Aizawa and the rest of the staff could get a full grasp of “Casefile: Todoroki”, the two threads had to be kept apart.

“Welcome back to the semifinals my peeps! Four champions shall enter, two shall remain to fight for the crowning honour and glory!

As the crowd roared, Mic could only feel bittersweet. He had done his job perfectly: propped-up this facade.

Bread and circuses.

Chapter Text

Bakugo and Ochaco stood silent and glowering in the eye of the storm that was the braying stadium.

Before her fight with Metalhead, Bakugo hadn’t viewed Round Face as anything other than Deku’s fangirl. But now Uraraka had proved her guts.

Ochaco knew she couldn’t hold back. Not against the overwhelming favourite, not against this bully that relished Deku’s anguish.

With the crowd whipped up into a frenzy for the most hyped-up match of the round, Midnight lit the fuse of the powderkeg


With a place in the final as their prize, two champions made their bids for glory.

Chapter Text

Body wavering, Ochaco struggled to get back up. The meteor shower hadn't been enough!

‘It can’t end like this. I have so much more to fight for now!’

Tagging herself, she floated upright, then immediately staggered to one knee. Midnight approached to intervene…

 “No!” Ochaco yelled, and planted her hands on the arena floor, 


She focused every ounce of her quirk.


‘Just like Sero and his tape, Bakugo and the ground are one.’ 




Screaming, fighting the nauseating pain, she stole Bakugo’s gravity, and the spotlight 

“I’m the Gravity Hero URAVITY! Fight me!”

“The fuck!?”

Chapter Text

Bakugo was panicking. Demolishing the downpouring rubble had strained his quirk, now he was struggling to control himself in a weightless environment. Explosion’s recoil could propel him out of bounds and damage his palms. And he knew Uraraka could see his alarm.

Every movement for Ochaco was agony, but she couldn’t quit.

‘Ignore the pain, grab him, push him out!’

Grasping his midriff, she advanced relentlessly, Bakugo repeatedly punching and kicking her. The crowds were cheering, chanting the hero name she’d chosen for herself.


Then something broke, and she passed out, vomiting all over Bakugo as they fell.

Chapter Text

Despite a (scorching) shower and a fresh gym uniform, the stench of Uraraka’s vomit still lingered on Bakugo. It was an ever-present reminder of how close he’d come to losing.

“Argh!” he punched a locker in rage. All his life he’d been praised - for his strength, determination, intelligence, and of course, his quirk. Attending U.A had always been his goal but achieving it had been a rude awakening. Yaoyorozu, Icyhot, Uraraka and even Deku… fucking Deku! - had all shattered his worldview.

Before today, he’d just coasted through life unchallenged. Now he needed to place first to prove his worth.

Chapter Text

“Here we go folks!” Mic announced as Mei and Mina entered the arena. “The acid-spitting beast vs. the dreadlocked huntress: Alien vs. Predator, the Remix! Whoever wins, we all win!”

In the stands support course students were chanting their champion’s name, joined in by upperclassmen who’d ditched their own festival preparations for this.

Something new stirred within Mei. She couldn’t let them down.

“Hey there!” Mina waved to the crowds. This wouldn’t be a slugfest like Ochaco’s match, but she was still going to give everyone a show. And Hatsume, with all her slippery gadgets, was the perfect opponent.


Chapter Text

After a fleeting moment’s use, Mei’s Capture Gun was discarded (and melted) after Mina dissolved the net like rice-paper. A quick-restraint win denied, the gadgeteer got creative.

The fight quickly evolved into a dance, the auto-balancers keeping her ahead of Ashido’s acidic fluidity. Dropping back from a punch, the pride Mei felt for her babies as they supported a full limbo drop was immense

Thrown off-balance by her missed punch, Mina was left exposed, and with an impish grin Mei fired the reprogrammed Hydraulic Bracers. Extending with more force than any punch she could throw, they drove into Mina’s stomach.

Chapter Text

Thrown back by the mechanical piledriver, Mina landed hard. That had hurt... a lot

Mei however was cursing the lack of time she’d had to recharge the bracers' accumulator. A full-powered blow would have sent the hero student out of bounds.

Ignoring the bruises she could already feel developing, Mina threw herself back into the fight, dodging every hydraulically-enhanced jab Mei could throw her way, until...

“Midnight, I concede!” Power cells flatlining, burdensome gadgets now restricting her mobility, Mei slumped in defeat. Showing no hard feelings, a grinning Mina grabbed her opponent’s hand and held it high. 

“Pinky Buddies ftw!”

Chapter Text

Up in the stands Mina’s classmates celebrated with gusto. It was going to be an all-Class 1-A final, and they had a good chance at snatching bronze as well.

While Kirishima cheered alongside the others, inside he beamed even more. Ever since middle school Mina had been showing her potential. Where he couldn't stand up for others, she would. When fear rooted him to the spot, she’d run in and face the danger without hesitation.

His Horn Buddy was as much an inspiration to him as Crimson Riot, and now had guaranteed herself a podium place.

She really was amazing

Chapter Text

“And there we have it folks, our finalists have been decided! Uravity may have come up short but she sure showed some Plus Ultra guts, literally ! And it ain't over yet, because she must now face a still-thirsty Hatsume, ready to fight for the right to place on the podium, in their bronze medal play-off!

But that's just the entree! For the main course we have the Powerhouse himself, Bak-u-go! Pushed hard all through the tournament he stands undaunted, ready to go for gold against our dancing queen, the lovable alien-lass of acid, Mina Ashido!

The finals are coming ssoooonnnn!”

Chapter Text

It had taken much coaxing and medication, but the patient was finally recovering from her stupor. The medical staff all agreed that letting Rei Todoroki watch her son compete on television had been a mistake. He’d been the trigger for her initial breakdown, and it seemed time hadn’t healed any wounds.

Within a mind clouded by a cocktail of drugs, Rei screeched in terror. Seeing Shoto being knocked unconscious by a cannonball was horrifying enough, but that reaction from Enji had induced this attack. She still remembered his terrifying rage, and Shoto’s screams… Toya’s screams ...

Her baby was in danger.

Chapter Text

Mei rummaged through piles of wreckage, whooping triumphantly upon discovering a thruster pack, the one that had gotten torn away from the sole of her hover boots during the cavalry battle.

A good Mama never abandoned her babies. She might not be able to kiss them all better, but she could adapt them to fit their new circumstances. This form of creative parenting was her specialty, and after fighting alongside and studying footage of her opponent, she had designs on overcoming Ochaco’s quirk.

Yeah, so long as she had her toolkit and a vision, her securing bronze was still possible.

Chapter Text

“Really dearie,” Recovery Girl tutted as she planted another healing kiss on Ochaco. “I expected such recklessness from Bakugo, but never a sweet girl like you."

Swallowing mouthfuls of Mochi to keep her stamina up, the hero student smiled with both embarrassment and pride. “Sorry mam’, that part of me pops out when things get competitive.”

“Figures,” the nurse sighed. “With all the time you spend with Midoriya, I shouldn’t be surprised that you’ve rubbed off on one another.” Then she laughed, seeing her patient blush red. “Well, you’re all set. Be careful winning that bronze sweetie... and stay fierce.”

Chapter Text

Even after their numerous study sessions together, Momo was still discovering new depths to Mina’s ‘quirky’ understanding of basic chemistry.

“Mina, No! Acids strong enough to disrupt Bakugo’s sweat would kill him!”

“But I can’t repel firepower of that magnitude!” her classmate moaned. “alsohemightdeserveit.”

“He sweats a nitroglycerin-based ester,” Momo mused to herself, pointedly ignoring that comment. “ It's so obvious - I should have used a base against him.” 

“Base? Like bass guitar?” 

‘Seriously Public Education?!’ the genius screeched internally, then gasped. “That’s it!”

“What’s it?”

“Mina,” Momo pulled strips of testing-paper from her breastbone, grinning deviously. “Take off your shoes.”

Chapter Text

While he never took part in gossip or rumours, Aizawa always kept an ear open to the student grapevine, a vital measure of the atmosphere about school. While there was little he could do about the Todoroki situation until classes resumed, he was in a position to stem another story leaking from the 1-A underworld.

“Explain to me, All Might,” he demanded of the source behind his newest headache. “How Midoriya and apparently most of Class 1-A now know about this ‘true’ form.”

The emaciated Symbol of Peace sighed. There was no escape...

“It concerns Young Midoriya, and my quirk…”


Chapter Text

“This is it everyone! One’s first playoff of this year’s Sports Festival! Our two combatants might have fallen short of the grand finale but both can hold their heads high with their achievements.”

“Support company representatives and executives are turning up in their droves to witness what the mech-magical tinkerer Hatsume will do next, while Uravity has won herself not just an epithet but a fanbase, displaying combative cunning and a ferocity that will no doubt be rewarded come the student internships.”

“For the Bronze medal playoff match, welcome to the arena 1-A’s Ochaco Uraraka and Mei Hatsume of 1-H!”

Chapter Text

“Power Loader,” Midnight commed the support course teacher as Mei entered the ring, apparently-new gear strapped to her chest. “That been approved?”

“She salvaged already-vetted equipment to kitbash some new contraptions.” he responded. “I supervised the process, and they meet safety standards.”

“Very well then. Uraraka vs Hatsume...begin!”

Mei laughed as Uravity charged, firing her wire grapnels into the arena floor. Sero failed to anchor himself, and Bakugo couldn’t, and Tetsu-x2 let her get close.

Not her. Triggering the repurposed hover soles on her chest she knocked Ochaco back with a concentrated blast of air.

She could do this.

Chapter Text

Ochaco lost her footing, gale force winds from the hover sole turbines shunting against her. Even if she could get close to tag Hatsume, it would be pointless with her opponent secured to the ground

Mei advanced, re-anchoring herself with each step, knocking the hero student back, blast-by-blast.

Grasping for what little purchase she could against the floor, Ochaco felt some spalling concrete pull free and saw her chance. Cementoss had missed a spot patching the arena between fights.

Exploiting the brief window between blasts, she pitched the Zero-G debris. Her aim held true, and it walloped Mei’s head.


Chapter Text

Concrete shattering on impact, Mei was momentarily stunned and floored. Ochaco hesitated, waiting for Midnight to verify that the fight could continue. 

Pushing herself up to her elbows, Mei wiped her blooded forehead. “ I’m not done yet!”

“Good,” Ochaco grinned hungrily. “Same here!”

“Oh, love that youthful vigour!” Midnight moaned. “Fight on ladies!”

Rushing her still-groggy foe, Ochaco seized the wires anchoring Mei to the ground, tangling an arm in them to secure herself close inboard. “Gotcha!”

“Nope!” Hitting a quick-release mechanism, Mei laughingly ditched the anchors. Her jetpack’s thrusters slid out from her sleeves. “Always have an escape plan.”

Chapter Text

Mei took to the skies, alternating between wrist and chest thrusters to control her vectors and blasting Ochaco. 

Dodging the aerial bombardment, Ochaco tagged the anchor housing now roped to her arm. Aiming carefully, she shot it up in a curveball. Her baseball prowess showed as the slung housing bolo-wrapped around Hatsume.

“Get down here!” Seizing the cables, Ochaco hauled with all her strength, yanking on the lassoed Mei and bringing her crashing down in an awkward pile. 

“Babies, no!”

Ochaco pounced, kicking the thruster triggers away and pinning Mei.

“Mei Hatsume is immobilised! Ochaco Uraraka takes the bronze medal!”

Chapter Text

At a construction site in Mie Prefecture, two occupants of a portacabin that doubled as site office and canteen had all day divided their attention between work and the festival broadcast on the radio. When Mic announced Ochaco Uraraka taking third place, those two people went wild.

Donning his hard hat and hi-viz, one bolted from the office, whooping about his “amazing girl!” as he sprinted across the site towards their sole tower crane. Climbing its mast and shimmying along the jib, a proud father unfurled a massive banner of his daughter's smiling face, emblazoned with the words “CONGRATS OCHACO!”

Chapter Text

Born aloft by the entire support course, Mei was carried in triumph back towards their wing of U.A., a champion whose unexpected accomplishments would be celebrated for years.

“Ah, young lady!” The entire precession gaped on seeing just who was accompanying a proud Power Loader - it wasn't everyday that the CEO of Japan’s largest civilian support-gear company dropped by.

Rikiya Yotsubashi reached up to enthusiastically pump a gobsmacked Mei’s hand. “When I saw your quarterfinal win I had to come and experience your work in person, a most liberating experience! We’d love to see you intern at Detnerat!”


Chapter Text

Body language was everything when you lacked a face, and Manga and Toru’s nervousness was evident.

They weren't alone. Yuga’s stomach was cramping, Pony clacked her hooves anxiously, Togaru breathed into clenched hands. All had experienced a bad festival, bringing up the rear of the pack in the obstacle course and proving unspectacular in the Cavalry Battle. And despite advancing to the fighting tournament, Yuga’s quick elimination didn’t reflect well on him.

Hatsume, a non-contender , had finished fourth. Dark-horse students like that always got offered a transfer to the Hero Course. 

If she accepted, one of them faced the chop.

Chapter Text

Aizawa’s head was splitting. Dammit All Might...

One For All - a transferable quirk. And All Might had given it to Midoriya.

Two months. Quirkless Midoriya had assumed the world’s most powerful quirk just two months prior, taking the U.A. entrance exams mere hours after inheriting it. He could barely control miniscule fractions of it, and that idiot All Might effectively ordered him to win the whole festival! 

No wonder Midoriya broke down in tears having ‘failed’ his idol. Mentors should never place such pressure on their apprentices.

“Um...Mr Aizawa?”

And now said student was nervously approaching him. Great...

Chapter Text

The guilt was gnawing away at Izuku’s core. He’d been so wrapped up in his own failures, worrying about the consequences of letting All Might’s secret slip, that he’d completely missed out on what had happened to Todoroki.

It was only after he emerged from the stadium’s breakroom following his meltdown that he learned of the scene Endeavour made when he dragged Todoroki off-campus. Knowing what happened in that household, Izuku realised he had to betray what trust Todoroki placed in him and inform a person of authority. Todoroki needed to be saved.

“Mr Aizawa, there’s something you should know.”

Chapter Text

Behind his infrared monitors All For One chuckled, rewatching the humiliating defeat of All Might’s heir-apparent. But this generation showed potential - the students from Tomura’s USJ sortie had emerged stronger for the experience. They required observation.

And then there was Mei Hatsume, who’d set the internet ablaze. The downtrodden were proclaiming a watershed victory for ‘non-heroic quirks’ while others raged that quirks were pointless if technology trumped them.

‘Overhaul’ must be loving this, and no doubt Re-Destro had plans.

As did he. Directing this developing narrative was vital. Such dissent, if properly manipulated, would burn down All Might’s supposed utopia.

Chapter Text

Ochaco sat alone alone in the waiting room, stunned. She’d come in third, and taken another step towards her dream. Overwhelmed by an emotional call from home, she missed Izuku’s entrance until he called her name.


“Deku!”   Leaping up, she embraced her friend and hugged him tight. She hadn’t seen him since she left him crying with All Might(!?). 

“Ochaco…” a flushing Izuku wheezed.

“I’m sorry,” Letting him go, she locked eyes with him. “Sorry I never realised how much Bakugo hurt you. I fought him for you, Izuku.”

Tears welling up, Izuku returned the hug. “Thank you, Uravity.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki wouldn’t deny that Lunch-Rush was a great aid in maximising his quirk’s power. The chef was always standing-by, ready to cater for special dietary requests, and had quickly whipped up a five-star snack, loaded with capsaicin to open Katsuki’s pores.

For good measure, the chilihead downed a bottle of Tabasco sauce

Racoon Eyes might not be the decisive battle he’d sought with Icy-hot, but in the quarter-finals he’d seen something change in the pink punk. She wasn’t going to hold back, and that was all he wanted. Trouncing someone equally determined to win would cement his name in glory.

Chapter Text

Momo had demanded much from Mina in devising the perfect solution to counter Bakugo, but it had paid off, not just in a whole new application of her Quirk, but in opening her eyes.

Limbering-up for the fight, Mina felt reflective. In the Cavalry Battle she’d been a pawn to further Bakugo’s own goals. Academically, she always placed low, by U.A.’s standards.

Not anymore. No more slacking in class, no more excusing Bakugo’s excesses. She’d better herself, and make him pay for exploiting people’s vulnerabilities to torment them.

Hell, she’d give him a taste of his own medicine.

Chapter Text

“And now, everyone , the moment you’ve all been waiting for! We started the day with two-hundred-and-twenty eligible students, and have whittled them down through a series of grueling challenges, testing their wits and abilities. Now it comes down to this: One. Final. Fight!

“He made his ambitions clear with the festival pledge and has been relentless in pursuing that goal - now Katsuki Bakugo stands ready to come out here and take that gold medal! But his opponent Mina Ashido won’t take that lying down, she’s spry, slippery as her acid, and full of smiles!”

Raise your voices for our TRIBUTES !”

Chapter Text

The crowd’s adulation approached bloodsport crescendo as Midnight cautioned the combatants on potentially-lethal quirks. Excessive force or deliberate maiming meant disqualification. While they nodded assent, both knew the truth. No holds barred. Plus Ultra.

“Bakugo vs Ashido...begin!”

With a fast draw of his hands, Bakugo blasted both barrels at Mina. The agile dancer rolled, dodging the fireballs and gracefully transitioning back onto her feet, sliding around on non-corrosive secretions, ducking and weaving to avoid hurled explosions

Bakugo grinned manically. The more she dragged this out, the more he’d sweat.

The soapy smell in the air meant nothing to him.

Chapter Text

Tumbling her way through chained explosions, Mina knew she was racing the clock. Even without his bracers to reduce the strain, Bakugo’s quirk got stronger over time. But her agility had kept her ahead so far in this chess game. Even Bakugo’s brief sorties into the air were foiled, every bombing run dodged and his landing zones increasingly drenched with slick goo.

“What is this?” he bellowed in frustration. “I know you’re strong! So stop messing around and fight me! Give me your fucking best!

Famous last words.

“Sure!” Mina kicked a puddle, splattering him with globs of slippery foam.

Chapter Text

Wiping the mildly-stinging splat off his arms, Bakugo seethed. 

‘Like a monkey flinging its own shit.’

He’d had enough - time to win this. Debut the Howitzer Impact, and his victory, his strength would be undeniable.

Bracing for takeoff, his confident grin was answered with two pathetic pops from his palms.

“The hell?” Rubbing his hands against his uniform didn’t help dry them - the foamy slime only frothed into a lather, sticking to skin which now only produced weak sparks. “What did you do to me!?” he screamed.

Mina grinned viciously. “A good plan is built on a solid base, amiright?”

Chapter Text

Smoke billowed from Bakugo’s hands as he took a step back, the solution coating them playing havoc with his nitroglycerin sweat. Yaoyorozu, Uraraka and now Ashido...all had denied him his own quirk, stolen his pride .

“What's it like to fight quirkless... Kacccchhhaaannn…”

Mina’s choice of words froze him cold. Trembling, Bakugo saw her silhouette form amidst the smoke: similar height, same untamable hair, and the cheer of that goddamn nickname.

“Don’t look down at me!” Raging at the not-Deku, he forced every drop of sweat into his grasp and lit off. 

Combustion incomplete, the skin of his palms exploded

Chapter Text

Stunned, Mina kept her distance from the smoke cloud. Moving-in to verify Bakugo’s status, Midnight was shoved aside as the student - hands covered in second-degree burns - burst from the fume and charged Mina in a demented rage.

She easily countered such a thoughtless attack with a flying armlock. But despite being pinned down, Bakugo still struggled, hands sparking, driven wild by adrenaline and pain.

“Go to sleep!” she spat, delivering a summary kick to his jaw. 

Bakugo went limp. Refusing to release, Mina held on until Midnight called the fight.

“Holy shit, he’s out cold ... Mina Ashido wins the gold!”

Chapter Text

The crowd screamed. Class 1-A gawped. 

“How?” Kirishima exclaimed. “What just happened?!!” 

“She used base secretions to saponify Bakugo’s nitroglycerin.”

“What did you say?” The whole class turned to Momo. 

“Ah…” she stammered. “Counsellors called her corrosion ‘acid’, but I realised if Mina’s body only produced acids, the pH imbalance should've killed her years ago.”

“So she creates bases too!” Kaminari realized. “Like Todoroki’s ice balancing his fire! That’s brilliant Yaoyorozu!” 

“It just... made sense,“ Momo blushed. “...when I suddenly remembered that bases reacting with fatty-acids produce soaps.”

“Just like her foot-goo…” gasped Kyoka. “ You’re a genius Momo!”

T-thank you ."

Chapter Text

On some occasions the U.A. Sports Festival included a football league, which under an obscure loophole made the entire tournament one of the few sporting events in Japan on which it was legal to gamble.

In a Chiba Prefecture bar, an eldery (horned) man gleefully watched destiny play out, placing confident wagers on one particular contestant, and letting his winnings ride with her every win.

When Mina Ashido won gold he jumped onto a table.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ve just won a shitload of money!”

Unaware that he was being filmed, Mina’s great-uncle’s victory dance became a viral hit

Chapter Text

Still not ready to face the world, Izuku had watched Mina’s and Kacchan’s fight from the breakroom. While his friends cheered for Mina as the fight was called, Izuku frantically wrote into his notebook. He had long theorised that chemicals could affect Kacchan’s quirk, but to see his hypothesis field-tested was something else.

And he couldn’t believe his eyes: Kacchan, the indomitable person he’d placed on a plinth almost equal to All Might, had only narrowly squeaked past Uravity to be thoroughly beaten in the final.

His worldview completely transformed, Izuku could only guess at the ramifications of today’s events.

Chapter Text

Mitsuki and Masaru nodded their understanding as Recovery Girl explained Katsuki's condition over video-chat. 90% of his palms had suffered second-degree burns, and damage her quirk couldn’t heal alone had required skin-grafts.

On top of the prescribed ointments and painkillers, she recommended daily visits for additional healing, and forbade quirk use for a week. 

Thanking her as they hung up, both parents knew the coming days were going to be... difficult . Never had Katsuki been humbled like this, and his prized quirk might not fully recover. 

They’d be strong, and support him. And if Katsuki didn’t like it, tough shit.

Chapter Text

Despite their mother’s breakdown, Fuyumi found herself rushing home after checking in at the hospital, hoping to mediate the fallout of Shoto’s early elimination. Natsuo would be there for Mom, but she had to be there for her youngest sibling.

Shoto was ‘training’ with father when she arrived. Disrupting their sessions was verboten, and so Fuyumi endured hours of shouts, cries and weighty impacts.

Eventually Endeavour exited, phone in hand. “HPSC business.”

Rushing into the dojo, Fuyumi gasped. Shoto was slumped over, singed, battered, bloody, barely conscious. Powerless to help her baby brother, she wept, and raged.

This was unforgivable.

Chapter Text

The gold and bronze medalists greeted one another with congratulatory high fives.

“Great job Mina!” Ochaco enthused. “You did it!”

“Na-ha Chaco’,” the bubbly winner replied, beckoning for Ochaco to ascend the podium alongside her. “We did it!”

Their cheer was broken by the smell of antiseptic. Both girls flinched at the sight of Bakugo’s heavily-bandaged hands as he stomped stone-faced to second-place. 

“Bakugo-” even if they’d wanted to teach him a lesson, Mina had never intended to maim him.

“I’m fine!” he snapped as the roof opened and they were lifted into the stadium. “Let’s get this over with.”

Chapter Text

As All Might approached the podium with her medal in hand. Ochaco struggled to hold back tears.

“Young Uraraka, you have demonstrated great loyalty, cunning and determination in pursuing your goals. Work hard on your personal endurance and you’ll achieve many great things that will exceed your accomplishment today.”

Slipping the bronze medal around her neck and crouching to embrace the student, he discretely added ”You remind me of a hero who was my inspiration at your age. No doubt children will too look to you as you do remarkable things to galvanise the next generation of heroes.”

Ochaco cried.

Chapter Text

Katsuki's hands trembled. If losing wasn't enough, the pockmark scars underneath the bandages would serve as a lifelong reminder of his failure to control his anger.

“Don’t think of this as a defeat, young Bakugo.” said All Might as he presented the silver medal. “We’re all fallible. I’ve let people down, fallen short of my own ideals, failed to catch villains and been unable to save people. What I take away from those moments are opportunities to identify my shortcomings. You are a capable student with plenty of time to reflect. Take this to heart and you’ll be even stronger.”

Chapter Text

“Young Ashido, your smile and charm has brightened this festival on top of your unique skills. You have truly earned this victory. However, bear in mind your fellow students and the public will turn to you as a rallying point. Such symbols carry a responsibility to uphold this school’s heroic ideals. Remember that as you go forward and continue improving your academic performance.”

He winked as he donned Mina with her medal. “Young Yaoyorozu won’t always be there for study sessions.”

Mina firmly nodded, accepting her role as All Might closed the 1st year’s festival event and the celebrations began

Chapter Text

Having yet undergone media training, the teachers supervised the medalists as they gave their interviews.

Ochaco dedicated her medal to her supporting parents and teachers, along with her classmates - especially Midoriya - who’d inspired her to greater heights.

Asked to comment on his unfulfilled promise and injuries, Bakugo stated. “I messed up. It won’t happen again” and walked away.

With her energy and easygoing attitude, Mina was a natural before cameras and microphones as she publicly thanked Momo.

Deep in the mountains, memories stirred within a colossal figure as he tuned in on the radio. “Pink girl…” Gigantomachia rumbled. "Pink girl…"

Chapter Text

Despite sweeping the medals, the atmosphere in 1-A’s homeroom was sombre as All Might depowered. No need to maintain the facade after Izuku’s accidental disclosure.

“All Might’s condition is a state secret.“ Aizawa’s tone was severe. “Should someone here disclose this information, they will be identified and expelled”. He grimaced internally, but toed the HPSC’s party-line. “As for Todoroki, don’t harass him when classes resume.”

Seeing the discontent adorning their students’ faces gave both teachers immense pride. And although unable to officially help, or even acknowledge a problem existed, U.A.’s staff would do their utmost to aid Todoroki

Chapter Text

After hours of fruitless searching, Kurogiri concluded he wouldn’t find his quarry. Despite being active in Hosu, it seemed that Stain hadn’t struck down a hero today. Had the hero-killer done so, Kurogiri’s search would have been considerably easier. 

Conceding defeat, he opened a portal back to the bar. 

What greeted him on his return was surprising. Rather than begrudgingly watching the Sports Festival like their master had instructed, Tomura Shigaraki was laughing dementedly.

“They all lost! Those boss-tier brats from the USJ were beaten! For The Win!”


“Not only that,” Shigaraki leered. “They’ve given me the perfect recruit!”

Chapter Text

His hands bandaged, Bakugo swallowed what little of his pride remained and asked Kirishima to help him change clothes. Though the redhead obliged, the atmosphere was tense. Relishing Deku's breakdown was definitely “unmanly” conduct, and might have irreversibly fucked-up their relationship.

When the conversation moved to All Might, and Kirishima mentioned that Deku already knew the truth, Bakugo froze. Pieces fell in place.

Claims of a borrowed Quirk… similar to All Might’s… who was weakening… Deku’s foreknowledge...

Kirishima might have been angry with Bakugo, but when Katsuki suddenly sobbed out “why him?!”, Eijiro’s first reaction was to hug his friend.

Chapter Text

Not everyone in Japan could afford healthcare insurance, and not everyone with healing quirks could afford medical tuition or accreditation. This naturally spawned a dark-care system of backstreet ‘doctors’ (some motivated by charity, others by profit) providing cheap, no-questions-asked healing.

These unregistered clinics were how Endeavour avoided questions concerning Shoto's vigorous training. One discrete consultation, and any number of bruises and broken ribs disappeared overnight.

Shoto himself was trapped. He couldn’t turn to U.A for help, not without evidence, not with the HPSC always ready to shield Endeavour.

That night he cried himself to sleep. He wanted his mother

Chapter Text

Nighteye’s offer of an internship to Midoriya needed to be done discreetly, away from All Might’s blinkered eyes. Mirio would be the delivery system, personally handing a flattering introductory letter and offer to the boy. Lemillion was happy to do so, innocent of his own duplicity: “Midoriya reminds me of Tamaki, Sir. Some help with that wicked-powerful quirk will boost his confidence and get that smile back.”

Sending his protege home with best wishes for the festival, Nighteye activated Foresight. Proudly he confirmed Mirio claiming the gold...but then... 

Sudden shock? Public anger? Traumatic rage? 

What was that all about?

Chapter Text

Considering the predawn sky from Dagobah beach’s pier, Izuku recounted yesterday’s events. His classmates were simply amazing. Momo. Uravity. Kacchan. Mina. Even Mei had achieved far more than him at the festival, without even using her Quirk .

Plucking a single strand of hair from his head, Izuku contemplated the future.

“Did All Might make a mistake? They do amazing things without One For All while I’m squandering it, breaking myself. A useless Deku. I can’t even help…’”

A thought struck him and he opened his messenger app.

Iida, can you arrange a class gathering? We need to talk about Todoroki.

Chapter Text

All Might braced for the (inevitable) chewing-out from Gran Torino as he dialed his number. Aizawa had been verging on an aneurysm as he explained his reluctance: “Midoriya accepted an immense responsibility alongside your Quirk - if you don’t match his commitment, you have no right to call yourself a hero, let alone a teacher!”

Eraserhead was right, as always. Young Midoriya was always pushing his limits, and here he was, exploiting Death’s looming shadow as an excuse to sit on his laurels. His successor needed to be ready physically and emotionally before Nighteye’s vision came to fruition. 

Time was limited.

Chapter Text

All of 1-A had agreed to meet at Dagobah… except for Todoroki, who nobody could reach. Bakugo was the first to arrive, stomping up to Izuku and wincingly shoving at him with bandaged hands 

“You caught All Might’s eye, that day he trashed that slime villain. Your ‘borrowed’ power is his.” Both were statements, not questions.

“Kacchan, I…” Izuku couldn't deny it, and nodded lamely.

So it was true. “Why? Why you, Izuku?” Bakugo keened, emotions bursting. “What does the Number One hero see in you? What's gonna happen when he fails because you have his strength?”

“...I don’t know.”

Chapter Text

Alone in his study, Enji dragged his hands down his face. Two empty bottles of Scotch said everything: he’d messed up. Without the HPSC’s velvet glove and iron fist, Endeavour’s outburst would be front-page news.

Shoto hated him. Reconciliation with Natsuo was impossible. Maybe Fuyumi was lost to him too...

Rei. Toya...

Shoto’s training was merciless, but nobody understood - the lessons needed to be beaten in to stick. Had the Yaoyorozu girl been a villain, the boy would be dead. 

If losing his entire family was the cost of making Shoto a great hero, then Endeavour would bear that cross.

Chapter Text

“Knock Knock.” Shigaraki smirked as he stepped through the portal. “Vault-Tec calling.”

It was so obvious. Students from all across Japan attended U.A, and the majority lived in small rented apartments. Isolated, unprotected, alone. Hardly good world design.

Spawning on-cue, his target rushed out to confront him. “The hell are you?”

Silently demonstrating his quirk, Shigaraki reduced a chair to dust. Pouncing, he threw the terrified student to the floor.

“Not a word,” he addressed the open space. His grip tightened, pinky finger hovering over the kid’s throat. “Society rejected you didn’t it? It rejected me too, Hitoshi Shinso...”

Chapter Text

While most of 1-A had moved to Musutafu to attend U.A, before Izuku could speak his mind they had to wait for those that commuted from further afield to arrive. By the time Mineta had completed the long haul over from Hakone, everyone was discussing Endeavour’s evident abuse of their classmate, and the teachers’ apparent unwillingness to intervene. 

“But you know something don't you, Midoriya?” Momo asked, feeling immensely (and unnecessarily) guilty for her part in Shouto’s fall.

“Yeah, and it’s pretty bad.” Taking a heavy breath, Izuku recounted Todoroki’s own words. “You’re all familiar with Quirk marriages, right?”

Chapter Text

Long before Izuku even finished outlining the Todoroki family’s history, the whole class was aghast. 

“Not that I don't believe you Midoriya,” croaked a flabbergasted Tsuyu. “But these are serious accusations to be making. Without another eyewitness to back them up-”

“It's true, Frog-Face.” The entire class turned to Bakugo, who met Izuku's surprise with a roll of eyes. “I followed you and Icyhot after the cavalry battle. If you’re going to have a private conversation, hold it somewhere that’s actually private. And he’s a fucking idiot - no-way you’re All Might’s bastard kid.”

“Ha-ha!” Ochaco howled. “I can see it!”

Chapter Text

Bakugo’s account of Todoroki’s exact words might have thoroughly embarrassed Izuku (and amused everyone else), but did verify his testimony.

“This raises another concerning point,” Iida observed soberly. ”U.A. evidently knows of Endeavour’s excesses, yet has instructed us to not discuss these matters with Todoroki himself. That infers complicity.”

“I passed everything on to Mr Aizawa too.” Izuku looked thoughtful. “He didn’t know and was furious, but also… frustrated? Like his hands were tied?”

“Wait.” Kirishima cut in. “You saying someone’s preventing our teachers, actual heroes, from intervening?”

The implication was bone-chilling: someone in authority was protecting an abuser.

Chapter Text

“Oh, they're going down!” Mina cracked her knuckles. Bakugo’s bullying had angered her - the idea of someone powerful enabling Endeavour prompted cold-blooded fury.

“Mina...” Momo murmured. “No hero would allow this except under duress. An order like that would’ve come all the way down from the HPSC, maybe even the Prime Minister!”

“The number two hero, a child abuser?” Bakugo snorted. “Of course ‘they’ want to muzzle it.”

Was this the system they were signing up for, its most-powerful held beyond account? 

“We were sworn to secrecy about All Might,” Izuku broke the grim silence. “Nobody said anything about this.”

Chapter Text

“Are you crazy!?” screamed Mineta. “You want to take on The Man?”

Refusing to be cowed, Izuku clenched his fist. “It's a hero’s job to help those in need. I won’t standby and do nothing, even if it means putting a permanent black mark against my name.”

“I’m with you Midori’.” Mina stood up, recalling All Might’s advice to uphold heroic ideals, and the acid in her voice raised doubting heads

Ochaco followed. “For Todoroki!” she declared, then started in surprise as Bakugo rose too.

That broke the dam, 1-A rallying behind Izuku and their champions to plan a rescue.

Chapter Text

A plan formulated, 1-A dispersed to prepare themselves. Hanging back, Mina and Ochaco observed from a distance as Bakugo approached Izuku.

“If this blows up in our faces Deku, it’ll be the end of your dream.”

True. As the instigator, HPSC would never let him become a hero.

“That's fine, I have to do this. If it protects someone, I’m sure All Might would agree.”

Bakugo bit his lip. Izuku's lifelong goal was within his reach, yet here he was ready to sacrifice it all to save someone.

‘That’s what All Might sees in you.’ 

But he didn’t say it. 

Chapter Text

Veteran newscaster Daikaku Miyagi was extremely surprised when Fuyumi Todoroki telephoned to offer him an interview. Many had requested an exclusive with Endeavour’s daughter, and were always rebuked. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, he quickly agreed to a preliminary face-to-face at a cafe near her school
So they met to discuss technicalities and schedules, everything seemingly normal until Fuyumi rose to depart, leaving behind a dossier. 

“Miss Todoroki, you forgot--” Daikaku started, and stopped when she winked, revealed a duplicate, and left. 

Opening it, his eyes boggled. 

“A Family Court petition?!” 

For custody of one Shoto Todoroki...

Chapter Text

Tenya needed some time to himself. Discovering Endeavour’s dirty laundry, and the government’s tacit compliance, had completely thrown him. 

But what 1-A was planning?. It was morally right, but legally? Between All Might weakening and an abuse scandal, Japan could be plunged into turmoil. 

Slumping onto a park bench, he dialed the one person he could always depend on for counsel.

“Tensei, can we talk?

Withholding names, he explained his dilemma. As Ingenium, Tenya knew his brother to be “creative” in law interpretation. If anyone knew what to do, it was him. 

“Well, what does your heart say?” asked Tensei.

Chapter Text

Stuck at the station’s ticket barrier, Bakugo fumbled with bandaged hands for his travelcard. The next train to U.A was due and Recovery Girl would chew him out if he didn’t arrive promptly for his treatment.

“Here, Kacchan,” pulling the card out for him, Izuku swiped it over the scanner. Bakugo snarled as the gate opened. He hated needing help, but beggars couldn’t be choosers.

“Why are you following me?”

Izuku showed him his phone. It displayed a text from All Might

Young Midoriya, would you mind coming to U.A? I’d like to introduce you to my teacher.

Chapter Text

In the Jiro housestead, Momo and Koyka discussed equipment, while Kaminari weighed in on matters of voltage and amperage.

Koda spoke to the birds, requesting help from any available pigeons.

‘Attending the festival’s second-year events’, Hagakure went full stealth-mode, locating the specs and room she’d been sent to find.

Down on Dagobah beach, Mineta, Sero, Asui, Aoyama and Tokoyami worked on precision Quirk aiming, while Kirishima, Sato and Oijiro sparred

Now fully-committed, Iida worked logistics with Shoji, the tentacled student tasked with overseeing his classmates, and watching out for interference.

And Mina and Ochaco wrote, and memorised, and rehearsed.


Chapter Text

Observing Midoriya going through his paces from the sidelines of Gym Echo, Aizawa was quickly getting a feel for Gran Torino’s style as a teacher. The man clearly got results, but his methods were troubling. Although much-improved from yesterday, Midoriya’s mental state was still delicate, and the harshness of the veteran’s lessons was evident in All Might’s borderline-crippling anxiety at being in the same room as him.

This may be what Midoriya needed to physically master One For All. Mentally however...

“With your permission” he said when the trio took a break. “I’d like to bring another hero into this.”

Chapter Text

Her mission at U.A. accomplished, Toru returned to Jiro’s home and handed over the USB pen containing the specifications she had ‘procured’ for Momo. 

“Excellent” beamed the deputy-rep. “This will help greatly, Hagakure.”

“So you went invisible to sneak in, right?“ asked Denki. ”But how did you smuggle the drive out?”

“I have many hiding places.” the infiltrator proudly responded.

Sparks flickered from Denki. “What!? You’re saying you stuffed it up your-’”

“Her hand, pervert!” Koyka shocked him with her jacks before he even finished speaking. She hides small objects in a clenched fist!”

“Y-y-yeah…” Toru sputtered. “My...hand…”

Chapter Text

Released from Recovery Girl’s dominion, planning on meeting with Acid-oh and Pound-Face to prep together, Katsuki heard chanting voices as he approached U.A.’s security barrier: 

“Blood sport!” “Barbarism isn’t entertainment!” “Justice for Bakugo!”

Every year, people protested the Sports Festival. Grateful for the returning sensation in his hands, Katsuki appreciated that he was luckier than many. Numerous students had sustained life-changing injuries during past festivals, becoming rallying points for Quirk Reformers and Hero Abolitionists. 

Taking a breath, he braced himself to face people happy to appropriate his injuries for their cause.

It’s my choice, my power, my mistake.

Chapter Text

Miyagi bulldozed into his producer’s office with Fuyumi Todoroki’s dossier in hand.

“Child and spousal abuse, neglect, custody battles, backstreet clinics - and the HPSC helping Endeavour to cover it up!” He’d barely outlined a synopsis before his horrified producer seized the dossier and stuffed it into his desk. 

“Nakano? You’re just going to ignore this!?”

“You remember Kagari?” His friend produced a sake bottle. “He tried defying HPSC mandates, and was ruined for it.” Nakano poured two glasses and downed one solo. “I’m sitting on this, not ignoring it. When someone makes the sacrifice by going public, we’ll be ready.”

Chapter Text

Today’s lessons had humbled All Might. In mere hours, young Midoriya had gained new insight into OFA from Gran Torino, while Aizawa developed personalised lesson plans and contacted his suggested hero.. 

‘While I offered pitiful encouragement from the sidelines, a total failure as a teacher…’

A painful jab from Torino’s cane snapped him back to attention “Quit the pity fest, Toshinori. Like you told Explosion Boy, learn from this.”

Right, it wasn’t about him anymore.

“Also, watch your kid. My gut says he’s planning something stupid.”

All Might’s own torn-up guts however, insisted that Midoriya would only make him proud.

Chapter Text

A scarlet dawn broke over Musutafu. 

Mirio and Tamaki took a jog to calm themselves - 3rd year Festival events drew massive TV audiences.

Running on coffee, Hatsume finished blitzing the Destro autobiography Yotsubashi had gifted her: ‘How enlightening.’  

Silently leaving her apartment, Ochaco left a note for her sleeping parents, who’d shown up yesterday to celebrate her medal win. Other 1-A students did the same.

Armed with Momo-crafted gear, Koda greeted a flock of waiting pigeons.

Quirk suppressed, the abducted Shinso nervously accepted Kurogiri’s offered breakfast

At Dagobah, Izuku successfully implemented a theory. He smiled. Not so useless after all.

Chapter Text

While delighted with Izuku’s late-blooming Quirk, and his much-deserved chance to achieve his dreams, Inko’s worries grew daily. First broken bones, then the U.S.J, and now the festival. Seeing Izuku so dejected after his defeat to Katsuki had crushed her, and If not for his pleading, she would have marched over to the Bakugos on a war footing.

But no matter what squalls dampened Izuku’s fire, it never extinguished. Hugging him as he left for the Festival alongside Katsuki, Inko saw infernos burning within them both.

Whatever they were about to do, she hoped neither got hurt again.

Chapter Text

In full uniform the nineteen remaining students of 1-A entered U.A’s grounds together, stockpiling food from stands outside of the stadium

“You all set Koda?” asked Izuku as they settled into the private Box #5 (paid for from Momo’s allowance). The mute student answered with a thumbs-up, and Izuku nodded to Hagakure.

Shielded by the others, the invisible student stripped out of her uniform while Momo simultaneously began to eat and print. She had plenty of work ahead of her.

That first-produced device disappearing within her clenched fist, Hagakure headed for her assigned target: the television production control room.

Chapter Text

Concealed by her classmates, Momo discreetly bagged-and-tagged created items and handed them over to recipients who disappeared one-by-one towards the washrooms, each person returning a few minutes later. Casual observers focused on Togata vs. Amajiki noticed nothing unusual, but students watching from home could tell something was amiss whenever the cameras turned towards Box #5. 1-A’s uniforms now fitted poorly, and items were being hidden under seats.

“Yaoyorozu,” Izuku glanced into his bag. “This isn’t mine.”

Exposing her midriff, Momo ignored his blush and continued crafting. “It's an upgrade. Get changed and familiarise yourself with it quickly; time’s running short.”

Chapter Text

His fight against Tamaki being hailed as the greatest in festival history, Mirio stood triumphant atop the podium. While Tamaki and Nejire received their own medals from All Might and Nezu, 1-A waited with bated breath.

As the teachers presented the gold to Mirio, Izuku gave the signal.

“Let fly!”

“LET FLY!!!” In one motion, 1-A leapt from their seats and vaulted the guardrail, pulling at ripcords as they did. Landing in the arena, the stadium roared as their uniforms’ seams tore apart, revealing their duplicated hero costumes beneath the disguises. 

The die was cast.

“Shit” groaned Aizawa. “Those kids…”

Chapter Text

Apart from the newest headache of Endeavour’s making, the HPSC President was most-pleased with this year’s Sports Festival. Observing the televised proceedings with the rest of the cabinet, she was making notes on students soon to come under her jurisdiction - knowing whom to depend on was essential in heroics, and politics. 

“All compliments to Nighteye, Lemillion’s come a long way from the joke he was last year.”

“Yes Prime Minister, he’ll be Top Five material within a year of graduating.”

“And those USJ Incident students show real talent too. We will watch their careers with great interest…”

“LET FLY!!!” 


Chapter Text

Bathed in a cauldron of noise, the invading students quickly fitted costume components that couldn't be hidden beneath their uniforms, Izuku front-and-centre in his new Costume Beta, it and the others’ specifications having been procured from U.A.’s servers by Hagakure’s sleuthing.

With a scream of effort, Momo completed her part in the operation, the heavy equipment they needed dropping from her onto trolleys. Manning their stations, Jiro and Shoji plugged the gear into jacks branching from Kaminari power station.

“Class 1-A!” declared Representative Iida. “PLUS ULTRA!”

Charging the podium and repeating the warcry, the students made their debut.

Chapter Text

Pandemonium erupted in the production control room which oversaw the festival’s international broadcast. 

“Kill the OD mics!” the director ordered his team. “Cut to Yari in the studio!”

The vision mixers lept into action, but the feed remained fixed on 1-A. 

“I said cut to Yari!”

“It won’t respond!” a mixer replied. “I’m locked out!”

Down in the arena, Toru giggled. Thanks to her handiwork in the control room, the whole broadcast had been rerouted to the Momo-made mixdeck now being operated by Shoji, his many arms dancing over the console. 

Overseeing audio, Jiro hit the music. “We'll fight, yeah!”

Chapter Text

Masterminding the broadcast, Shoji and Jiro multitasked as 1-A’s eyes and ears, scanning for threats as the class advanced on the podium. “North entrance, Snipe and Mt. Lady inbound!”

Sped over by Iida, Mineta and Sero saturated the area with spheres and tape, erecting a blockade.

“Block 23, Row A!” Death Arms had jumped from the stands. Downing sugar, Sato moved with Ojirio to intercept.


Vaulting the stadium bowl, Kamui Woods was blocked by Aoyama’s laser, then snared by Dark Shadow’s tendrils and Tsuyu’s tongue.


Viscous goop oozing from beneath the podium, Ectoplasm’s clones blocked the students’ path.

Chapter Text

Not having to worry about injuring Ectoplasm, Mina had no qualms about hurling blobs of her strongest corrosives at his clones, dissolving several.

Hands still bandaged, Bakugo threw kicks and elbows at clones moving on him, while Kirishima doubled as his shield and spear.

Hagakure’s natural stealth turned her into an invisible monkey brawler, while Ochaco punched and floated others out of action. Yet the clones kept coming.

Time for Izuku’s ace. 

“Full Cowling!”

Watching from home, Gran Torino chortled, imagining Toshinori’s mingled pride and disbelief as Izuku eliminated the entire horde, without breaking any bones. “You learn fast, kid.”

Chapter Text

Nezu was most impressed. Knowing that Todoroki had confided in Midoriya, he anticipated some manner of collective response once 1-A were ‘instructed‘ not to press the matter further, but this public display of swift, bombastic (and ruthlessly efficient) audacity had caught him delightfully flat-pawed.

“My goodness!” he motioned for All Might and the Big Three to stand down, feigning delicious surprise as the First-year medalists claimed the podium and bowed. “What's the meaning of this deputation?”

“Upholding this school’s heroic ideals,” answered Mina, medal and microphone in hand as she turned to challenge a global audience.

“Endeavour abuses his family!”

Chapter Text

There was a long silence, Mina letting the shock wash over the crowd. 

“During the first-year events, our class witnessed first-hand Endeavour’s fury when our friend Shoto - his own son - was eliminated from the tournament! That outburst didn’t reach your television screens, and is not the worst of it!

Shoto’s among the bravest people I know, but when Endeavour forcibly removed him from this school, I saw fear in his eyes! Fear of his father, of the consequences of his loss! And despite having his contact details, we’ve been unable to reach our classmate since!

“Endeavour, where is Shoto Todoroki?!”

Chapter Text

Mina stepped back. Ochaco took over.

“Shoto disclosed to us that Endeavour coerced his wife into an illegal Quirk marriage, exploiting his influence to sire a child combining her Ice with his Hellflame. Shoto’s older siblings were discarded when they failed to meet expectations, and Shoto himself - Endeavour’s ‘masterpiece’ - trained in ruthless isolation since age five, physically beaten when he failed to comply!

Mrs Todoroki tried to protect her family, and was herself abused to the point she experienced a mental breakdown and involuntarily committed. A decade on, she is still hospitalised!”

“Are these the actions of a great hero?”

Chapter Text

“Here’s the icing on this shitshow!” Bakugo continued. “When we took this to our teachers, they were pissed, but made damn clear that someone had tied their hands! No hero who risked their lives for us at the USJ would let lifelong abuse slide by-” he winced as his palms involuntarily singed his bandages, taunting him. “-unless ordered to!”

The crowd began to stir, to wake.

“Yeah! The HPSC, we’re calling you bastards out! You knew about Endeavour and helped cover up his abuses! Don’t pretend you didn’t know jack!”

The three threw down their medals.

“Justice for the Todorokis!”

Chapter Text

“Justice for the Todorokis!” 1-A roared in unison, as Koda took his own mic and spoke to the heavens. 

“Fly, my friends!”

Flocks of pigeons took flight from the stadiums’ roof. If the broadcast had been interrupted, the thousands of USB drives strapped to them would carry 1-A’s prerecorded message far and wide.

The stadium erupted into a chaotic roar, a reaction nobody could gauge. Only time could judge their actions today.

Their work done, Jiro queued up Children of the Revolution . as the class marched off to await their fate. Iida bowed to Nezu.

”We’ll be in our homeroom.”

Chapter Text

In NHK’s Tokyo newsroom, staff sat dumbfounded by what they’d just witnessed on TV. U.A. students had hijacked a global broadcast to make Watergate-level claims against the Government and Japan’s #2 hero. But without evidence... 

The door to the copier room burst open, and Miyagi and Nakano rushed in carrying stacked documents.

“Drop everything !” Nakano yelled, dumping his pile onto the Fact-checking desk, Miyagi handing his own to the Investigative staff. “I want everyone going over these documents and verifying their claims! Miyagi is leading News 7 with this and there has to be no doubt about their veracity!”

Chapter Text

As ‘normality’ returned to the festival, reporters swarmed Mirio, barking questions about 1-A’s bombshell. Sensing his distress, Tamaki braved the media spotlight, giving his friend an opportunity to withdraw.

Safe in his ready room, Mirio took calming breaths. He didn’t doubt 1-A’s accusations - hero students didn’t hijack national events to spread lies. The thought that anyone could abuse their own family sickened him, and the fact that the accused was Endeavour - a festival winner himself -  tarnished everything he believed heroes stood for.

Screamingly hurling his gold medal at the wall, he vowed to never again let abuse escape his sight.

Chapter Text

Fuyumi’s students were surprised when their principal interrupted class to speak softly to their teacher, before she gathered her personal effects and left, crying the whole time.

Natsuo only saw the broadcast on an always-muted television at his university’s Student Union. He understood that Shoto’s classmates had done something big, but only realised what when social media exploded.

Rei’s medical team refused to divulge information to scores of anonymous callers.

Chaos reigned at Endeavour’s agency, a shocked Enji silently retreating to his office, leaving Burnin on damage control.

Left at home under orders to train, Shoto remained oblivious to everything.

Chapter Text

Aizawa sighed. Recovery Girl had finally removed his bandages, and he’d hoped for a stress-free evening with his cats, reviewing internship offers.

His students however had decided otherwise, and blown open a scandal. Sliding back the homeroom door, he was pleased to find them present and already changed into their uniforms.

Silence reigned as he approached the podium.

“I should expel you all without hesitation.”

No heads dropped. His kids looked prepared to accept their fate. Like real heroes.

“However…” he cracked a rare grin, enjoying their surprise. “These are not normal circumstances. You did good today 1-A, be proud.”

Chapter Text

“Expel them!”

“Let’s not be hasty.” Nezu was rather enjoying the President's manic phonecall, and a chance to turn her own governmental double-speak against her. “A full, independent investigation must be convened to determine which school rules 1-A have breached.”

“School rules?! They broke actual laws, violated confidentiality! You’ve expelled for less!”

“Madame President, how does one violate the confidentiality of events you say never happened?”

“Ignorance is no defense!”

Ah, a tacit admission. “I’ll be sure to keep you apprised.”

Hanging up, Nezu exhaled. He was playing with fire, likely sacrificing his career if he’d miscalculated.

Not his students.

Chapter Text

While numerous stations had ceased transmitting during 1-A’s field invasion, early figures showed 17.4% of Japanese households witnessed their stunt. Online, it was going global!

The HPSC President quickly realised gagging the press was now impossible, and ignoring the situation political suicide. The genie couldn't go back in the lamp, but she could kill it. 

Her first move: an official statement for News 5 denying the story. Order had to be maintained, as per her predecessors’ policy of protecting the image of the Top 10, and the nation.

Predecessors like the Leader of the Opposition. Like the Prime Minister.

Chapter Text

Shigaraki played 1-A’s speech over-and-over for Shinso’s ‘benefit’. 

“That’s the system you admire?!” he cackled “Heroes hurting their families? Their suffering brushed off for some ‘greater good’?! Admit it! This society is too sick to survive!”

“But...those students…” Shinso trembled as the hysterical villain clawed at his face-hands. “They spoke up...”

“Elitists defending one of their own! Would they do the same for you?”

“They-” Shinso flinched as Shigaraki decayed his table.

“Does U.A. realise you’re missing?! Do they even care? Those brats? Your family ? To them, you offer nothing … but Sensei and me, we see your worth.”

Chapter Text

From his hideout Stain could only laugh at the spectacle. The sheepish masses had finally had the wool pulled away from their eyes, exposing them to Endeavour’s blatant fakeness, and the bitch who enabled him. Yet still they flinched back from the light.


Even worse were the HPSC mouthpieces, so quickly denouncing the actions of those who’d proclaimed this inconvenient truth. Denounce the messenger, thus polluting the message.

But these young students intrigued Stain. He appreciated that speaking out against the world took heroic conviction.

“So, the tree’s not completely rotten.”

They needed to be tested, their potential confirmed.

Chapter Text

Knowing opportunities when they presented themselves, Re-Destro quickly convened the Meta Liberation Army’s commanders.

“Can you further embroil the Government in this, Trumpet?”

The politician bowed his head. “Unlikely, Grand Commander. Should I raise questions in the Diet based upon hearsay, the Government will abide by HPSC policy.”

Skeptic consulted Feel Good’s analytics. “But the grassroots and astroturf are agitated. With evidence we can force the issue. Any leaks, Curious?”

The blue-skinned publisher grinned. “My NHK informants report News 7 has obtained vital information. They’ll do the heavy lifting for us.”

“Good” Re-Destro purred, his stress easing. “We shall wait.”

Chapter Text

Leaving the pressroom, the President felt well-pleased with her statement rejecting accusations against Endeavour. Parading a happy Todoroki family for the cameras came next; tricky to pull off, but vital in dispelling dissent.

All that remained, was to discredit his accusers.

Opening a dossier prepared by the Security Bureau, she examined the students’ profiles. 

“Iida and Yaoyorozu? Powerful names, beyond my reach.”

Others however...

Mineta: Sexual Deviancy. Bakugo: Psychotic disorder. Kaminari: Brain-damage. Kirishima: Cowardice. Aoyama: Foreign-born

“Midoriya…” Odd. Quirk ‘Superpower’ only recently registered... and X-Rays showed superfluous joints in his toes...

He’d acquired a Quirk.

“Fuck me... All For One! "

Chapter Text

Nezu was troubled. Online reactions showed that though his students had garnered support with Japan’s young and disaffected, people frustrated with the country’s restrictive social contract, such support was disjointed, lacking power or cohesion to force positive change. With the stability-minded establishment’s firm grip on traditional media, wider opinion was quickly swinging against 1-A.

Following the HPSC President’s News 5 statement, influential figures were calling for 1-A’s immediate expulsion and arrest. Until he formulated a winning strategy, the students could not safely leave campus. 

‘With parental consent, now might be the time to implement trials on the proposed dormitory system.’

Chapter Text

Listening to Natsuo rampaging about the kitchen, Fuyumi sat with the silent Shoto. When his classmates had unmasked Endeavour’s true nature, she’d expected immediate consequences. Instead everything was falling apart.

Her father was influential and his backers even stronger, powerful enough to brush any scandal under the rug. The HPSC statement, Miyagi’s failure to return her calls, and the farcical public appearance now being proposed, parading Shoto and Mom about like caged animals, would kill her court petition

Shoto looped his classmates' pitch invasion. They’d risked everything for him. No matter how this ended, he couldn’t thank them... Midoriya ...enough.

Chapter Text

Most of 1-B had witnessed 1-A’s invasion live from Kendo’s apartment. Now the class rep and Shoda were coordinating classmates who’d gone home to visit families, now hot-footing back to Mustafu.

“Why are we helping them?” Monoma demanded. “Our noses are clean! We’ll be making ourselves targets too if we come out against Endeavour!”

Awase chopped him silent on Kendo’s behalf. “Fuck’s sake, Neito! We all saw Endeavour lose his shit - you know this is the right thing to do!”

“1-A would do the same for us!” Kendo rose. “Us Hero Course students stick together! We march on U.A!”

Chapter Text

Eri was scared of unfamiliar spaces - it was rare for her to be taken anywhere other than her room or the laboratory. Had she been bad ? Was Overhaul punishing her?

Instead, the Yakuza boss sat her down before a television. She couldn’t understand what was happening, except that some young heroes were unhappy with someone called Endeavour.

“You understand?” Overhaul crooned. “Heroes are sick. So obsessed with tainted genes that they’ll hurt anyone to pass on their sickness. Those children are equally infected.”

Eri remained silent, eyes glued to the hero students as Overhaul patted her head.

“You’ll cure them.”

Chapter Text

With parental consent obtained (surprisingly easily), U.A. promptly repurposed Gym Gamma into 1-A’s temporary dorm. Supervising his settling students, Aizawa recognised symptoms of shock and imminent panic attacks.

“Holy crap” a trembling Mineta mumbled to Hound Dog. “Did we actually do that?”

Her racing heartbeat broadcast wide, Jiro fidgeted with her earjacks and awaited her guitar’s delivery. Others held local cats that Koda had requested for companionship, a puffy-eyed Uraraka hugging a Maine Coon.

Bakugo and Sato stress-cooked. Midoriya, Kirishima and Ojiro sparred.

The HPSC would have to crawl over Aizawa’s dead body to lay a finger on them.

Chapter Text

Away from 1-A’s dorm, the teachers’ moods were grim. They’d support their students, but all signs pointed towards a bitter outcome. TV crews were already setting up outside U.A. in expectation of HPSC sanctioned Heroes arriving bearing arrest warrants, and their presence drew rubbernecking gawkers.

It was Vlad King who accepted the duty of crowd-control. Approaching the U.A barrier, he heard familiar voices.

“Hire the 1-A Team! Justice for the Todorokis! Heroes, not Villains! U.A. United!”

Stepping through the gate, he laughed with pride to discover Class 1-B picketing the media, waving hand-drawn placards supporting their peers.

Chapter Text

Aizawa answered a knock on Dorm Gamma’s door. “Still here, Togata?” 

“Been some day huh, Eraserhead?” the exhausted 3rd-year answered, producing an envelope. “Can you hand this to Midoriya when 1-A finish dinner?”

“Depends” Aizawa stated. “What is it?”

“An internship offer from Sir.”

Alarm bells began ringing for Eraserhead. “Hardly Nighteye’s style to make unsolicited offers.”

“Guess he wants dibs,” beamed Mirio. ”Midoriya’s a good kid with a smile, brains and potential. Sir likes those traits.”

The bells intensified to a fire-alarm scream, and Aizawa resolved to ask All Might if his former sidekick knew of One For All.

Chapter Text

The HPSC President felt satisfied. Everything was prepared, U.A even helping by placing the tainted apples in one basket. At sunrise, a strong-armed Hawks would lead a raid to take Class 1-A into custody. This embarrassment would soon be behind them.

“Sir!” a panicked voice shouted outside her office . “Sir, you can’t go in without a-”


The door flew open, snapping off its hinges and greeting the President with a dreaded sight.

Not Nighteye. All Might. An enraged, full-muscled All Might.

“Madame President” growled her primary asset, his deep voice reverberating in her chest. “We need to talk”

Chapter Text

Despite All Might’s thunderous entrance, the President maintained her cool. “Evening Yagi, if this is about my warning-”

“Let’s be clear.” Her desk creaked as his fists slammed down on the green leather. “Even if All For One is back, don't you DARE suggest young Midoriya is one of his collaborators!”

“But this sudden power, the boy’s documented Quirklessness! You can’t-”

With a brittle snap, the desk broke.

“You even think of going after any U.A student, and I’ll publicly side with them! My word against yours, let's see who’ll win!

A King before a God, the President gulped.

Chapter Text

As All Might stormed out of the office, the President felt a wave of panic wash over her. Though nominally apolitical, All Might was an idealist - with near-universal popularity, immense influence - a combination that rightly terrified the political establishment…if he carried out his threat…

‘Chaos…’ she shuddered. 

“Mam?” Thoughts of riots and uprisings were interrupted when her secretary sheepishly knocked on the splintered door frame, numerous phones ringing in the outer offices. “You should see this .”

News 7 was playing in the bullpen, and the President’s face dropped seeing the banner beneath Miyagi’s familiar face. .

Endeavour Scandal: Evidence Uncovered.

Chapter Text

As a young correspondent, Miyagi had covered Destro’s suicide, and the Tsunehanei Emperor’s death, but his gut said this broadcast would be the one he’d be remembered for.

“In contradiction of official statements, evidence handed to News 7 reveals that over the past two decades, multiple government departments have conspired with Endeavour and the HPSC in acts of historic abuse.

“We’re now live with Principal Nezu of U.A High, whose students first broke this story. Principal, I understand you spoke with the HPSC President earlier today?”

His recorded conversation with the President at the ready, Nezu was all smiles.

Chapter Text

News 7 was broadcast globally, and the production team had shared their files with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, who were quick to corroborate the claims. 

What had been a trending story reached flashover point.

Domestic and international advocacy organizations against abuse condemned the actions of the Japanese Government. Businesses linked with Endeavour officially distanced themselves, while people the hero had saved from abuse felt utterly betrayed. 

The cremated remains of an alt-right agitator who’d denounced the story were discovered in a back alley.

Japan’s discontented voices rose louder. Watching the fire spread, All For One relished the sight.

Chapter Text

Gentle toyed with the USB, randomly delivered by a pigeon who’d pecked at his window. According to La Brava’s contacts, similar drives containing 1-A’s message were turning up across Japan. One Quirk-enhanced pigeon had apparently transformed into an African Swallow and made a laden journey all the way to Gdansk, Poland.

Destiny had sent him this sign, this call to enshrine his name in history. Corruption was everywhere, and like the brave souls at U.A and News 7 , he had means of unmasking it.

“La Brava?” he asked his loyal follower. “How do you feel about hacking Government networks?”

Chapter Text

Outside U.A’s gates, the student-led protest erupted into celebration following News 7’s broadcast, the mood turning rapturous when the barrier opened, revealing a group who now felt safe to make a public appearance.

Instantly, Class 1-A were swarmed by their cheering schoolmates. Front and centre, Mirio approached Izuku. 

“Hey Midoriya, nice to meet ‘ya at last!”

“T-t-togata!” Izuku stuttered. “I’m so sorry we stole your spotlight at the medal ceremony!”

“Never mind that!” said the school’s most prominent student as he lifted a wildly flapping Izuku and Mina up for the media. “Let’s hear it for our little revolutionaries!”

Chapter Text

Nighteye was aghast as he watched Mirio hoist Midoriya aloft. All Might’s Pax Heroicus was built on public trust, a trust vested in heroes and the Government, a trust now breached.

There would be enquiries, court cases, demands for greater oversight and reforms. Total loss of faith. All Might's own integrity would be questioned. The public wouldn’t accept his evasive private life anymore, not after this. 

What if they learned of One For All, his dwindling abilities, his impending death? 

Chaos. Mass hysteria.  A nationwide power vacuum.

And all because of some children who failed to grasp the bigger picture.

Chapter Text

Enji no longer accepted calls from HPSC. Outside his agency, the crowd being held back by his sidekicks now grew with every minute.

He knew where News 7 had obtained their evidence. Fuyumi had cast a judgement on his failures as a husband, a father, as a human being.

“Boss?” Burnin asked as she knocked on his office door. “You want us to disperse the protestors?”

“No...” The flame hero’s voice wavered as he opened a walk-in wardrobe, taking a plastic-wrapped suit not worn since Toya’s funeral. A funeral with just jawbone fragments to mourn. “Set the podium up outside.”

Chapter Text

Night was falling as the shadowed figure approached the Todoroki residence. 

Dabi should have burnt this place down the day Toya died and he emerged from the ashes. Remaining concealed, he discovered Endeavour’s sidekicks Kido and Onima standing watch, keeping paparazzi away from the property. 

There would be no better time to remedy that mistake.

Flames dancing along his fingers, Dabi was ready to incinerate the building when a bedroom light flicked on. He stilled, memories flooding him. 

‘That’s Natsuo’s room.’  

Unable to go through with it, Dabi extinguished his fire and left. His brother shouldn’t suffer for Endeavour’s sins.

Chapter Text

Called to the living room by Fuyumi, Natsuo groaned at the sight of Endeavour standing behind a podium on the TV. 

“What’s it going to be?” he folded his arms. “The usual HPSC script? Mitigating circumstances, deepest apologies…” 

“Shush!” Fuyumi was attentive. She couldn’t remember when Father last made an official appearance without his flames and hero costume. He looked smaller somehow… naked .

“I’d have a short statement, and won’t be taking questions at this time.” Formally suited, Enji Todoroki cut a solum image far-removed from Endeavour.

“Regarding the growing accusations concerning my personal life…”

A pause.

“...they’re all true.”

Chapter Text

In their staffroom, Rei’s medical team watched with horror, discovering for the first time the circumstances behind their resident patient’s admission, circumstances they were now unwitting accomplices to.

“I’ve done irreparable physical and psychological harm to my wife and children; unforgivable behavior in a nation that demands better from their public servants. For these reasons I… I hereby announce my immediate retirement, and submit myself to the authorities.”

By herself, Rei silently watched her estranged husband, his shadow dancing against the endless camera flashes as Endeavour prostrated himself on the ground before the eyes of the world..

She said nothing.

Chapter Text

Overwhelmed with emotion, Shoto sobbed into Fuyumi's shoulder as she gently rocked him. Neither noticed her phone ringing. 

Holding tears back himself, Natsuo picked it up and hesitated, seeing the caller ID.

Bracing himself, he accepted the call. “D-dad I don’t know what-”

“I’ve signed the paperwork,” his father cut in. “Fuyumi can receive custody of your Mother and Shoto. Both your school tuition fees have been paid for, and funds will be placed in trust for you all. I’m… I’m sorry son.” 

Natsuo cried. It was the first and last good thing Endeavour had done for them. 

“Thanks Dad.”

Chapter Text

“Izuku, my baby!” Inko wailed, latching onto her son. Her pride was immense; barely two months into U.A and her little hero had helped save a family from wretched circumstances.

Masaru Bakugo proudly clasped his son's shoulder, Mitsuki giving her brat’s hair an affectionate ruffle.

Much to his wife and daughter’s embarrassment, Kyotoku Jiro strummed We Are the Champions on Kyoka’s guitar 

Tsuyu’s siblings demanded details about what it was like restraining a top ranked hero.

Ochaco introduced her parents to Izuku, her father directing a stern look at the bashful boy.

The teachers watched on in respectful silence.

Chapter Text

Amidst a national crisis, the Cabinet gathered for an emergency meeting.

“It's a disaster!” the Prime Minister cried. “What’s NHK’s source?”

The HPSC President sighed. “The nature of the documents suggest they came from within Endeavour’s household.”

“Fuck!” the PM swore “ I’m caught up in this! Those files are backdated to my time at HPSC! Throwing you under the bus is pointless now!”

“Paper records are easily forged, sir.” said the Chief Cabinet Secretary. “Endeavour is doomed, but we can clear ourselves by destroying our papers records and scrubbing their digital counterparts from HPSC’s archives.”

“Just fucking do it, quickly!”

Chapter Text

“Greetings all! ‘Tis I, Gentle Criminal, gracing you with my most audacious scheme yet!”

The extravagant villain revealed the livestream’s location; HPSC Archives. “Brave U.A students have exposed Endeavour and our Government in flagrante! While the former has admitted his crimes, the latter remains nonchalant!”

“You! Stop right-”

Flicking his wrist, Gentle rebounded a guard away and moved the camera for La Brava’s face reveal, her expression focused as she downloaded terabytes of classified data from the servers.

“Which is why La Brava and I are committing this spontaneous crime of passion, uncovering the particulars of this sordid affair!”

Chapter Text

As 1-A’s curfew approached, the teachers called time. 

“Alright everyone, that's enough.” Aizawa ordered. “Classes resume tomorrow.”

While goodnights were shouted, Vlad King shepherded 1-A’s families and 1-B past the media, grabbing a yelling Monoma by the collar. 

“You owe us 1-A!”

Pushing his limit, All Might acquiesced to media requests for a comment. “Today's events are shocking. Endeavour has been a colleague for 27 years, and I never expected this of any Pro Hero. I fully commend the students of U.A. standing up for justice and I beg the people to trust in such fine, upstanding young heroes.”

Chapter Text

Before they parted ways, Mirio approached Izuku. 

“Hey, Midoriya? You up for interning with me under Sir Nighteye?”

“W-w-what!” excitedly sluttered Izuku. “Sir Nighteye wants me?”

Overhearing the conversation, Aizawa rushed over. “Sorry for not mentioning this earlier Togata, but Midoriya already has arrangements made. Given his Quirk control issues, I’ve organised him a joint internship under Fat Gum and Gran Torino.”

Aw shucks!” Mirio comically lamented. “I understand why, Fat Gum is a great choice for your needs.” He offered Izuku a fistbump. “Midoriya, once I get an agency of my own up-and-running, I’d love to sign you on.”

Chapter Text

Assisting initial investigations of the HPSC archives break-in, Nighteye stepped away to answer his phone. “Nighteye speaking”

“What are you doing, Mirai?” The exhaustion and disappointment in All Might’s voice left Nighteye cold. “I’ve seen your internship offer to young Midoriya. Very complimentary.”

“All Might, I-”

“-Izuku Midoriya has much to learn, but this crystallizes my decision. He’ll be a great hero. And for your own sake Mirai, I hope young Togata never learns how you used him .”

Nighteye desperately pleaded “Please, just listen -” 

His (former) friend's attitude turned steely.

“Never approach my successor again” he growled, before hanging up.

Chapter Text

Her caretaker having forgotten to lock her door, Eri snuck down the corridors. She had to be fast; Mimic would soon find her once Overhaul realised she was wandering

The television room was empty. Fumbling with the remote, she found the News, and the kind faces she’d sought after. The green-haired boy and the pink girl with the sunny smile, both carried by a taller blond. While newscasters discussed the family they’d helped rescue, background footage showcased the three heroes and their friends.

They’d saved an entire family… if she reached out to them, Eri knew they'd save her too.

Chapter Text

Daikaku Miyagi hadn’t stopped since 1-A broke the story of the year. He’d aided the fact-checkers for hours, before spending several more in front of the lights and cameras, reporting on a constantly-evolving story.

The most hectic day of his career behind him, Miyagi collapsed into his office chair, wiping off the sweat and makeup while reaching for the phone to call his wife. When he saw a dozen missed calls from Fuyumi Todoroki, he hastened to call her back, only able to imagine the young woman’s panic when the story was turning against them. 

He had apologies to make.

Chapter Text

First U.A, then Daikaku Miyagi, now Gentle Criminal. All For One was impressed. Even at the height of his power, he’d never destabilised a Government within six hours

“Kids today…”

Naturally, he’d greased wheels behind-the-scenes; astroturfing the political landscape to motivate the protests, making anonymous donations to the Hearts and Minds Party to bolster Re-Destro’s cause. His bots had gamed the viewing algorithms for Gentle’s break-in broadcast, and his server-farms were ready to spread whatever HPSC dirt Gentle leaked next.

All that remained now was for Tomura’s recruit to play his part. However that played-out, his successor would win.

Chapter Text

Safely back at Gentle’s home, La Brava reviewed the stolen documents. 

“It’s wonderful, Gentle! The files connect several administions with Endeavour’s crimes, and we’ve entire hampers of the HPSC’s dirty laundry!”

“Indeed…” Gentle mused, examining the paper records. It seemed All For One wasn’t an old wives tale - All Might had apparently killed him six years ago, but after the USJ incident, AFO’s file had been reactivated... “Fascinating!”

The physical copies of All Might’s medical records were quickly cast into the fireplace, Gentle’s respect for the hero growing tenfold. Exposing such grievous injuries wasn’t worth their newfound fame and subscribers.

Chapter Text

With their commute ‘slightly’ shortened by their temporary dorm arrangements, some 1-A students could enjoy a lie-in after yesterday’s drama. Others however saw bonus workout opportunities. 

It was while jogging around campus that Izuku and Bakugo crossed paths.

”That ‘Full Cowling’ move you pulled against Ectoplasm?” Bakugo held out a water bottle he’d just guzzled from. “Learned that from All Might’s teacher?”

“Ye-yeah!” accepting the offered drink, Izuku nodded. “I’m gonna learn so much interning with him and Fatgum.”

“Good” Bakugo gave a predatory grin. “Once you’ve mastered that Quirk and my hands have healed, we need a proper rematch!”

Chapter Text

Unlike 1-A, the rest of the student body still had to brave a media gauntlet at the school gates, Mirio and 1-B in particular being hounded over their parts in the affair.

In an ignored side-alley, Shinso stepped through Kurogiri’s portal, shivering as Shigaraki followed and swapped-out his Quirk-suppressing cuff for monitoring equipment.

“Remember our deal, Hitoshi” Shigaraki cooed, toying with a picture of Shinso’s family. “Just follow your orders. The pretty picket fence is rotten; just kick it over and everything…

He turned the picture to dust.

“..will be fine.”

Shoved into the crowd, Shinso entered the school unnoticed.

Chapter Text

Overnight, Gentle released more of the HPSC’s secrets.

The internet promptly exploded.

Japan’s Government blackmailed uncooperative heroes, contracted villains and vigilantes for ‘black-list’ operations, influenced insurers to doctor heroic damage claims, and following Endeavour's example had ruthlessly trained powerfully-Quirked children as loyal operatives.

Gentle and La Brava had redacted the identities of upright heroes, but weren’t so generous with others. 

All For One hadn’t expected his own name to begin trending. Shitfuckbugger!

Izuku hadn’t finished breakfast before All Might requested a private meeting. With everything out in the open, it was time to tell the tale of their shared Quirk.

Chapter Text

Having been a lifelong ward of the HPSC, Hawks could feel the entire government crumbling. Agencies that operated outside of the HPSC purview were already acting independently, issuing arrest warrants and requesting heroic assistance.

Enji’s wrists bound with Quirk-suppressing cuffs, Hawks escorted the disgraced Pro out of his agency and into a waiting police van. 

“Be better than me, Hawks...” the broken Enji said softly. “The public needs real heroes now.”

Sitting opposite the man he’d idolised growing-up, the provisional #3 Hero remained silent. 

This was a role he never wanted. Taking it easy was out of the question now.

Chapter Text

1-C’s homeroom teacher sighed internally upon arriving in class to dejected faces. The Sports Festival was where the Pro Hero dreams of Gen Ed students went to die. Some never recover from their final confirmation that not everyone was born equal, spending their remaining school years loathing the Hero Course students’ genetic advantage.

Which is why nobody worried over Shinso’s shattered appearance. As the only Gen Ed student to reach the fighting tournament, he’d all the more reason to look wretched - coming so close made failure all the worse.

All the teacher could do was recommend he visit Hound Dog.

Chapter Text

As homeroom began for the rest of the school, 1-A were allowed into the main building. Being the students that got the #2 Pro arrested had won them fame, but also a crowd of gawkers.

Aizawa was at the podium when they filed in, Shoto’s seat still standing vacant. 

“Todoroki is aiding the police investigation into Endeavour and will return soon as possible,” he quickly laid their fears to rest. “The Todorokis thank you for your bravery… however, you still broke school rules.”

The class paled.

“Your collective punishment is a month of cleaning duty and taking Todoroki his worksheets.”

Chapter Text

Vlad King didn’t like this situation, but the traditions of the Sports Festival were clear: if students from General Education, Support or Management performed well enough, they'd be offered a seat on the Hero Course. He’d fought Aizawa hard on this, but depending on this question’s response, Manga Fukidashi would lose his spot in 1-B:

“So Hatsume, would you like a transfer?”

To his everlasting delight, the dreadlocked student reacted like he’d grown a second head.

“What? No! Mr Yotsubashi showed me Detnerat’s facilities and promised unrestricted access during my internship!  Think of the Meta support babies I can make!”

Chapter Text

1-A whooped as Aizawa announced the internships.

“Normally, there’d be little interest in first-years, but somehow you’ve caught the attention of the Pro community. You don’t often see top-ranked heroes, especially Endeavour, get taken down by students with a month’s training.” 

He activated the projector and enjoyed the collective gasp. Everyone had offers, Mina and Bakugo actual thousands . Momo and Ochaco’s heads spun as their names followed. Even Toru, on paper 1-A’s worst performer at the festival, had garnered a respectable 82 invitations...

“And that means,” Midnight announced, springing through the door. “It's time to pick your names, Young Heroes !”

Chapter Text

“Speeida?” Kaminari howled at Iida’s chosen name. “These are hero names we’re picking Prez, not Dad jokes!”

“I like it!” Midnight declared. “Honouring your family’s legacy while carving out your own identity!”

Mina had long visualised ‘Alien Queen’ for her hero name, but her win and the aftermath had nessistsed a rethink. “I’m the Solutions Hero, pHunky!”

Wonderfully funk-punk! It plays off your looks, your dancing, your chemistry - everything that’s you!

Bakugo decisively slammed his markerboard down. “High X! After Endeavour’s shit, I’m gonna to set a higher bar for heroics, and X marks the spot!”

“Explosive ambitions! I approve!

Chapter Text

Feigning sleep, Aizawa listened-in while his students discussed internship options. Ashido and Yayorozu were both accepting offers from Majestic, Iida was (unsurprisingly) going with Tensei, and apparently Endeavour’s scandal had given Mineta some clarity; his decision to intern under the similarly-skilled Mr Brave reflected sound logic. All good choices.

Mirko?! ” Uraraka’s shock was well-deserved. Internship offers from the Rabbit Hero were unprecedented, and if she survived the experience - of which Aizawa had no doubt - Uravity couldn’t find a better mentor. The real surprise was that she would be interning alongside Bakugo ..

He couldn’t wait to see the heroes that returned.

Chapter Text

The National Diet’s House of Representatives was jam-packed, its members demanding answers as to how an insignificant student protest had become a constitutional crisis.

“The Representative of Deika City!” announced The Speaker, giving way to the member who’d called for this extraordinary meeting.

“Thank you, Mr Speaker,” nodded Koku Hanabata, loyal lieutenant of Re-Destro and leader of the Hearts and Mind Party. “Honourable members, Japan has been shamed before the world by the actions of both the sitting Government and the main Opposition. Clearly neither are fit to Govern, therefore I call for a No Confidence Motion and immediate elections!”

Chapter Text

In the aftermath of the Sports Festival, 1-A was dreading their next Mathematics lesson, a dread that grew with the approaching, distinctly metallic footfalls of their teacher.

The door opened and Ectoplasm stepped through. With his expressionless eyes, full face mask and lipless mouth, it was hard to gauge the mood of the hero they had publicly decimated as he set up the podium.

“Well, yesterday was a thing. Good job.” his unearthly voice echoed. “I understand Eraserhead has dispensed an appropriate ‘punishment’, so for today’s lesson, we shall be calculating Pi to the thousandth decimal... by hand . Prepare yourselves.”

Chapter Text

All Might didn’t understand what was happening. Trapped in a lucid dream he was unable to influence, he withdrew something from a filing cabinet, shadows looming at every turn.

That echoing rang familiar

“Come with me,” another voice instructed.

Powerless, he continued obeying, the shadows swarming in closer...

That voice...that shadow...he knew them…


The embers of One For All flared, breaking his fingers and snapping him back to awareness. 

He was on the school roof, wracked with nausea, face-to-face with a tearful Hitoshi Shinso.

“All Might... please forgive me…”




Chapter Text

Vomiting blood from the shock of dropping his muscle form, All Might’s last memory - Shinso approaching him outside the faculty office - became nightmarishly clear.

“Young Shinso?” he asked the student between tortured heaves. “What did you do?”

“Oh? Very interesting!”

Recognising that sawtoothed voice, the hero’s head snapped up. “Tomura Shigaraki!”

“Hi-di-hi!” leered the villain, standing at an opened warp gate. Instincts kicking in, All Might leapt forward to drag Shinso clear, the folders carried by the boy falling to the ground. Shifting back into muscle form, All Might gasped in horror as Shigaraki picked them up. 

“The student records!”

Chapter Text

Shigaraki howled with laughter; chucking the records through the portal he held up his phone, which had recorded everything .

“I was gonna complain you’d ruined my fun All Might, but this is way cooler than killing you! Everyone will know you're a bigger fraud than Endeavour!” Stepping through the portal, he bid farewell. “GG Hitoshi, you’ve been a great Player 2.”

The gate collapsed, and All Might checked Shinso over. “Are you alright?”

“My family!” Shinso yelled, sobbing tears. “Please, he’s going to kill my family!”

Wordlessly, All Might scooped the distraught student up and charged towards the nearest alarm.

Chapter Text

Knowing he would be interning under Fat Gum, Mirio invited Izuku to join him at lunch and be introduced to Tamaki, the BMI’s Hero’s other internee. Learning that Izuku was not only joining him at the agency, but also bringing Gran Torino as a guest instructor, Suneater dropped his head onto the table

“This guy sounds terrifying! Someone All Might is scared of? I’ll never survive!”

“It’s not like that Amajiki, he just-” A shrill siren interrupted Izuku’s explanation. “What’s that?”

“The Lockdown alarm!” Mirio and Tamaki jumped to their feet. “Report to your homerooms, no students allowed off campus!”

Chapter Text

The school’s senior staff converged in the infirmary, All Might briefing them while Recovery Girl examined Shinso.

“Shigaraki has our student records?” Nezu staggered to a chair. The personal data of all 657 students! Names, addresses, emergency contacts, medical records transcripts, everything

“Our situation is critical.” Ignoring Recovery Girl’s protests, the principal produced a cigarette and lit up. “Issue an immediate Xavier Alert to the Police and Hero Networks. Protective details at every student’s home, pull their parents out of their workplaces immediately! Mic, prepare a statement.” 

After yesterday’s revelations, there could be no secrets.

“We must confess our failure.”

Chapter Text

Shinso refused to speak. Everyone was right - he was a villain, one who’d compromised the school’s safety, his family and had nearly lured All Might to his death. Nobody would dare speak to him again.

Someone crouched before Shinso, and something within him shifted. Looking up, his gaze met Aizawa’s red unblinking eyes, hair standing upright as Erasure disabled Brainwashing.

Thank you...

“I’m sorry, sir. This-”

“-isn’t your fault.” Aizawa dropped Erasure as Shinso spoke. “As heroes and teachers, we failed - failed to educate society, to recognise your potential, to support you. I promise you Shinso, it’ll never happen again.”

Chapter Text

All For One wished he still had eyes to see Tomura’s footage of an emaciated All Might - he needed something to perk himself up after Gentle had taken some two centuries of his files public. Lesson learned: his own hubris was to blame for that act of exposure.

Yet Tormura had inflicted a greater wound on All Might. People lost faith when their golden gods were reduced to mortal frauds; once Tomura released that recording and paid a ‘visit’ to Shinso’s family, All Might’s altar would be forever desecrated. 

“Let us usurp this idolatry.”

The Great Old One had returned.

Chapter Text

From her seat on the Government bench, the HPSC President crumpled as the Speaker confirmed the results. With party members in open rebellion, the Government’s hopes of surviving the No-confidence motion had been crushed. The Prime Minister was already arranging to meet with an apparently-furious Emperor to dissolve the Diet and call for elections.

Looking at the toadying Representatives already swarming about Koku Hanabata, she knew his reformist Hearts and Minds Party would prosper. They’d led the motion and represented the largest bloc untainted by the scandal. 

They’d take her constituency’s slim majority, and with it her Article 75 protection.

Chapter Text

Nezu’s rage boiled with the news that Pro Heros had discovered the partially-decayed body of Shinso's father at his workplace. He took no comfort at confirmation of the rest of the family’s safety as All Might scooped him and a podium up before running for the U.A. barrier, and the waiting media.

“It is my grim duty to inform you that two days ago, the self-proclaimed League of Villains abducted a General Education student from a single-occupancy apartment, and coerced their assistance in penetrating U.A.’s defences with threats against the student’s family.”

Shigaraki would pay for this.

Chapter Text

Nezu held a paw up for silence as the media bombarded him with questions. This wasn’t easy...

“With their family effectively held hostage, and cooperation secured through remote-monitoring equipment, this student was compelled to infiltrate U.A. and secure a copy of the student records. To my regret, the League has succeeded in this, and is now in possession of sensitive personal data. Their secondary objective was to murder All Might by luring him to a artifically-generated warpgate on school grounds, where League of Villains leader Tomura Shigaraki inteneded to assassinate him. Thankfully, this component of their plan has failed.”

Chapter Text

“Becoming aware of the threat, All Might safely removed both himself and the student from the scene. That student is now safe, but we are saddened and outraged to report that in retaliation, Tomura Shigaraki shortly afterwards murdered a member of their family .”

Nezu bowed low. “For this failure, U.A. extends our deepest condolences. With hundreds of students and their families in clear danger, heroes are being posted to their homes for 24-hour protection. And to secure the long-term safety of our students, I shall recommend to the Board of Governors that U.A. immediately becomes a boarding school.”

Chapter Text

“Before taking questions, I shall briefly hand over to All Might.”

As Nezu hopped away from the podium, All Might took a breath to steady himself.

“The attempt on my life was filmed for public release, to discredit myself and U.A.  It contains details that will raise confusion and dismay concerning my personal life, which I shall now preempt by disclosing my greatest secret, on my own terms.”

The media cried in alarm as, in a puff of steam, the Symbol of Peace dropped his muscle from and revealed his withered frame.

“This is the price a hero pays.”

Chapter Text

Naked, broken before the world, All Might deduced Shigaraki’s twisted logic.

‘If he can't kill me, he’s determined to hurt me. Had I died outside that portal, Young Shinso’s father would be alive. A life for a life.’  

And it did hurt, more than any injury he’d ever endured. But although defeated, he still had several furlongs to go, precious miles which needed to be spent wisely.

“Twilight’s fallen, but as I approach retirement, I look with pride to this rising generation, and entrust the peace to those young heroes who have already achieved so much.

“Now, it's your turn.”

Chapter Text

“Typical” All For One bemoanded in frustration as Nezu and All Might fielded the media’s questions. Like the fight that maimed them both, just when he thought he’d dealt the killing blow, the hero turned things around and caved his skull in.

By beating Tomaru to the punch in admitting U.A’s failures, and revealing All Might’s injuries on his own terms, the two had taken control of a story with which he’d hoped to dethrone them with and sow division 

However, this was but a minor setback. As with his injuries, his plans for Tomura merely needed to adapt.

Chapter Text

For his initial investigation into Endeavour, Naomasa elected to take statements from the Todoroki children, first and foremost the boy whose treatment had initiated events. Fuyumi holding his hand, Shoto recounted years of physical and mental abuse. The detective didn’t need his Quirk to confirm the boy’s honesty. 

Thanking them for their time, Naomasa watched the three siblings get into a car under Burnin’s watchful eye - apparently Endeavour’s final order before handing his agency over to her was to “protect my family” - before she drove them to Fujitani Hospital. 

After a decade of separation, Shoto was reuniting with his mother.

Chapter Text

While Nezu briefed the media, the homeroom teachers suspended classes to break the news to the students, many of whom quickly panicked for their endangered loved ones. In 1-A, the four Musutafu teens; Midoriya, Bakugo, Jiro and Tokoyami demanded to be immediately let home to protect their families. 

“Without Hero Licenses, what good would that do?” Aizawa interjected. “Whether you live alone or with families, Pros are being dispatched to guard your residences. Once the Governors approve the Principal’s permanent dormitories proposal, home meetings with your parents and guardians will be arranged to discuss your ongoing education and their security...”

Chapter Text

Enroute to the location of its annual expo, I-Island navigated past Cape Horn into the Pacific. Watching the news from home, Melissa Shield couldn’t believe her eyes, seeing Uncle Might - always so strong and confident - reduced to a walking shadow, that familiar mustard suit hanging off a withered body.

In his private office, her father was on the phone. “Sam, I’m calling it off… tell Wolfram he’ll get paid in full… no, my decision is final… forget the Amplifier! He’s shown his Quirk is failing, how could anyone explain a miraculous recovery?!”

Hanging up, the scientist folded over in tears.

Chapter Text

Only after finishing with the media did All Might have his broken fingers tended to. Concerned with his heavy, bloody coughing, Recovery Girl prescribed recuperation alongside Shinso in the infirmary.

“I told Shigaraki no” the student wept. “...and his Sensei, h-he had no f-face, said my Quirk was worth duplicating, if not taking… When I came to, I had to accept...I needed to keep my family safe...Dad... ”

Sitting alongside him, All Might let Shinso cry into his chest as the boy wailed for his lost father. This testimony confirmed his deepest fears. 

All For One was still alive.

Chapter Text

Shoto froze up outside of room 315 - he was still uncertain about this. His siblings had assured him otherwise, yet he dreaded how his mother would react to seeing the half of him that came from Endeavour.

But he needed this, and his classmates had given them a chance to start over. Taking a breath, he opened the door and entered. 

There she was, gazing out of the window. 

“Hi, mom...”

Fuyumi and Natsuo held back at the threshold as their mother turned and gasped. 

“Shoto? Honey, you’re safe...” 

Fuyumi wept as Rei rose to hug her youngest child tight.

Chapter Text

With elections called, Koku Hanabata announced several amendments to the Hearts and Minds manifesto 

  • Full pardons for Class 1-A, Gentle Criminal and La Brava, for showing heroic and patriotic virtue in exposing corruption. 
  • Nationalisation of the Hero Industry, making all Pros public servants operating under strong oversight.
  • Deregulation of Public Quirk use, and strengthening anti-discrimation laws to protect people with ‘Villain Quirks’ or physical mutations from being driven to society’s fringes. Such discrimation had empowered The League’s’ targeting of a U.A. student. 

What remained unsaid was re education. Conforming minds to Destro’s dialectic would be a vast public undertaking

Chapter Text

Aizawa groaned. Having been barred from protecting their families, 1-A were now refusing to leave the homeroom.

“With all respect, Sir,” argued a sombre Iida. “You said delivering Todoroki’s worksheets was a collective punishment.“

“And given what's happened” spoke up Izuku, “it isn't safe for us to be out in public without Hero licenses.”

“So we want to charter a school bus!” Mina concluded

“Fine.” The teacher grabbed his sleeping bag and slouched towards the door. They were good kids, and after today’s horrible turn of events, he realised they needed an assurance that their actions were worth the consequences.

Chapter Text

Her security detail slaughtered, Stain pursued the fleeing HPSC President deeper into her home. The cancerous tumor that had poisoned hero society would be excised.

Atsuhiro Sako respected Gentle Criminal’s showmanship. Their talents combined would be quite the double-billing.

His Reptilian features unconcealed, Shuichi Iguchi volunteered at his local Hearts and Minds branch. Their manifesto offered him an alternative.

Twice had no idea which way to turn.

Himiko gleefully rewatched the festival. The students everyone was talking about looked so cute, especially Izuku, Ochaco and Katsuki, all broken and bloody. She simply had to meet them, and make them pretty.

Chapter Text

Examining All For One’s files, Gran Torino saw Nana listed as a victim, and felt old wounds reopen.

When Toshinori revealed his injuries, he felt vindicated: contrary to Nighteye’s soothsaying, the public had been inspired by how All Might had kept on fighting.

Finally, he was thrown when Toshinori phoned to say that Nana had saved him from beyond the grave... and that the monster was still alive.

“Be on your guard Toshinori, you can’t protect the kid the way Nana did.”

“I’m not alone, Sir.” All Might replied. “Young Midoriya has amazing allies by his side. Together, we’ll win.”

Chapter Text

Cementoss was already busy erecting the thirty-three dorms required to house U.A’s student-body, Powerloader overseeing outfitting and the administration handling legal. 

Nezu had the hardest task, handwriting letters to families whose trust in the school had been shattered.

He didn't sugarcoat things: U.A.’s school culture desperately needed reform. Heroics could no longer be segregated, and would now become part of a mixed curriculum, welcoming heroic-hearted students whose Quirks were incompatible with an outdated mold, and which incubated business and support fundamentals within the Heroics students. 

No more commercialising the Sports Festival. 

No more abductions. 

No more murders.

Chapter Text

Having confirmed their families were being protected, 1-A’s spirits lifted as their bus left U.A, under escort and bound for the Todoroki residence. Except for Izuku, who remained subdued as a result of All Might's disclosure of All For One’s existence.

“I’m sorry, Izuku.” All Might said solemnly, sat hunched in the seat next to him. “I never wanted you to have to bear this burden.”

Izuku nodded numbly. He’d seen AFO’s leaked file, and understood he was now being targeted by a predator whose protege had murdered innocent people, and tried to take All Might away from him.

Chapter Text

With school suspended, worried students outside of Heroics were desperate to return to their families. Offering his services, the provisionally-licensed and fully-suited Lemillion volunteered to chaperone a group up on the Shinkansen to Tokyo. 

Having handed most of the younglings over to Pros for onward escort, and delivered the rest to their home addresses, he decided to visit Nighteye and notify him that Midoriya wouldn't be interning with them.

He was stunned to see his mentor emotionally pained. Was it about All Might? Given their history together, possibly he’d known about those injuries.

“Mirio… I can no longer mentor you.”

Chapter Text

Dabi observed the students who’d rescued his family disembark at the gates of the Todoroki residence.

These kids had denied him revenge, but forced Endeavour to admit to crimes for which he and many others were going to burn. Good riddance if they left him rotting in Tartarus 

And Shoto, his replacement ‘masterpiece’ had not become Dad’s puppet, but suffered equally abusive treatment. 

As Fuyumi opened the gate for 1-A, her eyes briefly met his own. There was no recognition. Would Toya’s family take him back? Dabi had killed several people, yet for better or worse, the past never died.

Chapter Text

Shoto felt emotionally shattered, having given his initial statement to Detective Tsukauchi, reconciled with his mother and learned of the horrors that had occurred at school along with All Might semi-retiring.

‘What’s that?’ Hearing a commotion coming from the Genken, his exhausted mind jumped into action. ‘The League is attacking!’

Adrenaline pumping, he planted his right foot, sending ice shooting ahead of him as he ran for the front door-

“I won’t let you hurt my…”

-only to be greeted by an aghast Fuyumi, a laughing Burnin, his classmates, Aizawa and the shrunken All Might, all frozen to the floor.

Chapter Text

“If you respect him, then accept his decision! Help the transition!”

Bubble Girl and Centipeder couldn’t believe the muffled (and one-sided) screaming match coming from the soundproofed office. Already dumbfounded by Nighteye’s decision to release Mirio, they’d not expected the boy wonder to take it so badly. Deadened shouts of “All Might”, “candidate” and “one true successor” suggested a bigger, unseen picture...

“How can you even CLAIM Midoriya’s unworthy, when he’s ALREADY done so much good! But what hurts most, is that you didn’t believe in me!!!

Permeating through the door, Lemillion left without a word, brushing away anguished tears.

Chapter Text

Thoroughly embarrassed, Shoto released the guests from their icy prison, while Burnin rolled with laughter 

“Hey, Todoroki…” ever the instigator, Izuku stood forward to hand Shoto his worksheets. “We came to give-” 

The socially awkward Shoto cut Izuku off by embracing him. It felt awkward, the hug of someone unfamiliar with tactile comfort.

“Thank you…” he sobbed, before turning to his classmates. “Thank you all.”

His cathartic tears rolling, All Might and Aizawa watched with pride as the students joined in the hug.

“A successful rescue mission,” the shrunken Symbol of Peace rumbled softly.

“Worth it,” noded Aizawa. “Plus Ultra.”

Chapter Text

A snap-election. The HPSC President murdered. Villains running rampant. Endeavour jailed. All Might headed for retirement.

Uncertainty was creeping across Japan. Re-Destro had never envisioned such opportunity, and such risk. Though the MLA might strike while the iron was hot, the danger of Trumpet losing his potential public mandate was ever-present. 

But Re-Destro had contingency plans, including the gem he’d discovered in Mei Hatsume, a prodigal mind compensating for a mediocre Meta Ability. The child seemed open-minded to Liberation, but a thorough assessment was necessary before deciding on inducting her.

He couldn't let such a useful tool slip his grasp.

Chapter Text

All For One had reached a decision. As All Might had endorsed his students, he would publicly anoint Tomura as his heir, his son

Though not entirely ready for the responsibility, Tomura would gather followers, and opportunities existed for him to prove himself. 

Targeting Gentle would be petty revenge, but Re-Destro’s Army were worthy adversaries, Stain presented the perfect ideological foil, and harvest-time was fast approaching for Overhaul and his bullet-orchard. Winning Gigantomachia’s loyalty and besting Garaki’s ‘weather experiment’ would be the perfect final labours.

Then the entire world would behold Tomura’s ascension to the throne of All For One.

Chapter Text

Butterflies fluttered in the Todoroki gardens as 1-A approached the gathered reporters. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Mina announced, grinning proudly. “Here’s Shoto Todoroki!”

Seen for the first time since the festival, Shoto silently linked hands with Mina and Izuku. Their classmates repeated the action and raised their arms, while cameras flashed and questions were shouted.

Izuku marvelled at it, this silent declaration of intent to Shigaraki and All For One. This generation would rise above petty squabbles, unafraid of Villains, Heroes or Governments. 

United, they could do anything

And to think this all happened on the luck of a random draw.

Chapter Text

Dynamight stopped dead as the kid’s question smacked him in the face.

“Could I become a hero, even if I don't have a Quirk?”

Fifty years had passed since Katsuki had seen that desperate look in Izuku's eyes, a look now shared by this gangly teenager. And just like Izuku, he saw more: conviction, fighting spirit, a desire to save and serve.

They just needed a lucky break.

“Tell you what,” he handed over his card. “My gym tomorrow, your training starts. You have one year. Beat me in quirkless combat after that, and I’ll send U.A a recommendation.”

Chapter Text

Hearing his grandparents waxing nostalgic about summer days wading through the shallows of Dagobah beach, Tokoyami investigated for himself, wondering if the accounts of a teenager single-handedly clearing the beach were accurate.

The truth became clear when he recognised the person gathering rubbish thoughtlessly dumped by litter-louts.

If anyone could do such a thing, it would be Midoriya.

Joining his classmate, he gave a silent nod of acknowledgement and accepted the offered litter pick, while Dark Shadow grabbed bags to receive the waste.

Many hands (and shadowy claws) made light work as they patrolled the beach, maintaining its pristine landscape.

Chapter Text

Hearing Fatgum scream with pain, Kirishima charged the henchmen blocking him. 

“Hold on, Fat, we’re coming!”

“Arkham-Mass-Assault!” batrachian tentacles exploded from Amajiki’s limbs. “Call of Cthulhu!!!” he roared, regurgitating more writhing appendages from his mouth. Enveloped by squamous feelers, the screeching underlings were hurled aside, revealing the convulsing Fatgum held in the clutches of Lipo, the Emaciation Villain, her proboscis-like tongue piercing his flesh, suckling on the BMI Hero’s fatty tissues. 

“You scrawny bitch!” Kirishima charged, hardened fists slamming Lipo away. Enraged, Red Riot and Suneater planted themselves between her and their downed mentor. “We won't let you hurt him!”

Chapter Text

As graduation drew near, Class 3-A had realised that the bond they shared had become too strong to simply part ways 

“You know,” It was Kaminari who made the suggestion, while the class cozied together under blankets one night in the dorms. “We did fine on Nabu - how about we form our own agency?”

His off-hand remark was a lightbulb moment. Correctly placed on the Taiheiyō Belt, their combined talents could tackle any situation within mainland Japan. 

By the time they donned their Graduation Gowns, the Round Table Agency was already incorporated, its twenty founding members ready to aid millions

Chapter Text

Beginning with Horsell Common in Great Britain; cylindrical spacecraft from Mars taught humanity it wasn’t alone in the inanimate vastness of space. When several landed in Japan, U.A students were drafted-in to assist securing the landing sites.

Mina, the Alien Queen herself, was disappointed with the octopus-like Martians that briefly emerged, while Mei - volunteering to maintain support gear - was ecstatic at the technology glimpsed within the cylinders.

Moments later, Heat Rays were disintegrating the forward line.

Mina leapt in to defend the Earth. Mei followed, eager to test her Railgun.

“Welcome to Earth!”

The invaders wouldn’t stand a chance.

Chapter Text

My brother surprised me last night with an early Christmas present: A commission drawn by Deviantart’s PotterzillaSeries which depicts the medalists from Luck of the Draw - my Sports Festival AU -  as third years.

Bronze Medalist Ochaco: The badass we know her to be in an updated hero costume

Silver Medalist Bakugo: Wearing his own hero branding and hopefully all the wiser for the fight with Mina that left his hands scarred from self-inflicted injuries.

Gold Medalist Mina: aka pHunky - sporting an Acid Soaker courtesy of Mei...along with her little Horn Buddy. Guess who’ll be saving Eri in this timeline…


Chapter Text

Although Stuujo Elementary School boasted of its robust anti-bullying culture, Kyoka was unsurprised to see two sixth-year bullies pushing Izuku face down into the playground mud. She knew she needed to fetch a teacher, but Izuku’s cries and the bullies’ jeers of “Quirkless Nothing!” stirred something in her. 

He needed help.

Her body moved without thinking, and she jabbed the bullies with her earjacks. Even at seven years old, the shock was powerful enough to send the two villains running, yelping in pain.

Wiping muddy tears away, Izuku gasped at the sight of the hero who rescued him.

“So cool!”

Chapter Text

Mika Jiro sighed in exasperation at her husband's ceaseless pacing. “Kyotoku, will you calm down?”

“Calm down?” he laughed maniacally. “My baby girl is bringing a boy home!”

“Kyotoku, they’re eight!”

“But it's the principle-”

Having heard enough absurdity, she stung him with an earjack. “Don’t make a scene over this!” she ordered. “Midoriya has suffered enough - Kyoka is the first proper friend he’s had in years!”

The front door opened, allowing the excited chatter of two children to fill the house. Mika retracted her lobe and smirked at her cowed husband “Now be a good host and greet Midoriya.”

Chapter Text

Izuku was awed by Kyoka’s tour of the instruments and band paraphernalia that populated the Jiro household. It was like his bedroom, but with music everywhere instead of All Might!

“Wow, Kyo! You can play all of these?”

Kyoka felt embarrassed - she’d never been this open about her interest, but she owed it to Izuku after he’d openly shared his love of heroes. “Some, but guitars are my favourite.” Taking down her bass, she offered it out. “You wanna try?” 

From seeing him play the flute, she knew Izuku had musical talent. It would be nice to share their hobbies.

Chapter Text

Izuku and Kyoka were delighted at both being accepted to Takodana Middle School. Not only did it boast an impressive music programme, the extracurricular options were excellent - the teacher assigned to the Kendo Club was a three-time All Japan Champion. Signing up, Kyoka knew this was the perfect training in discipline she needed to become a hero.

Even though it would be a tough journey, she had Izuku beside her - the one person she confided her dream to. Whenever she doubted herself, he was always there to help her back up.

She just wished his own dreams could come true…

Chapter Text

It was when the Cherry Blossoms started budding in their third year that Izuku noticed it: whenever he saw Kyoka or so much as thought of her, his stomach filled with butterflies.

Obviously, he liked Kyoka Jiro - Smart, loyal, brave, fantastically-talented and oh-so-pretty Kyoka Jiro.

Equally obvious was that he didn't know what to do. Kyo’ was amazing, destined to do great things as a hero - if she rejected his confession, would that end his chance of seeing her story continue from up-close? Would she accept the Quirkless Wonder as her boyfriend?

Should he just continue bottling up his feelings?

Chapter Text

Kyoka noticed Izuku changing as their third year progressed. He avoided eye contact, grew sloppy in Kendo, and increasingly melancholic during their jamming sessions together. Was it because graduation to High School would force them apart? 

Was their friendship ending before her very eyes? As Christmas approached, gloomy thoughts of them drifting apart escalated until they became unbearable. 

“Please Izu” she pleaded during one particularly-miserable session. “What’s wrong! No matter what, I don’t want to lose you!”

Gulping deeply, the trembling Izuku took his guitar and started playing, never taking his eyes off hers...

Elvis. Can't Help Falling in Love.

Chapter Text

After Izuku’s surprise confession, Kyoka realised she had to provide a speedy response to something that had clearly been eating away at him.

She cleared her jumbled mind the best way she knew how; shredding her guitar in her parent’s home studio until her fingers ached, her jacks taking over until the strings broke

Izuku was her dearest friend, but a relationship? Others might mock him for his dorkiness (cute), muttering (passion for his hobbies) and Quirklessness (screw them) but she saw him for what he was - a kind, humble, and diligent genius.

She smiled. It was worth a try.

Chapter Text

It was a forlorn Christmas for Izuku. Kyoka hadn’t spoken to him since his confession, he’d received no gifts from her, and they’d not taken their traditional KFC New Years’ trip to buy deep-fried fuel for their annual countdown-to-midnight songwriting sessions.

He was spiralling, falling into a dark place he hadn’t seen for years. It was useless following his heart. Just a Deku

Then a familiar, husky, heavenly voice (with accompanying guitar) drew him back to the light.

“I wanna hold your hand, I wanna hold your hand”

There was Kyoka, doing The Beatles proud, a gleam in her eye.

Chapter Text

They opened their U.A letters together.

While her parents whooped at All Might’s holographic confirmation of their daughter’s Hero Course acceptance, Kyoka sat dumbfounded - she’d placed eighth, out of thousands! All thanks to Izuku helping train her body and brainstorm potential applications for her Quirk.

Her… boyfriend was also silent, his simple letter confirming placement into the Management Course. He’d also tried for the Hero Course… his pratical exam hadn’t gone well. Taking his hand, Kyoka let herself be his anchor as one dream drifted away, repeating the mantra they’d written.

 “No matter the course, together we’re a force.”

Chapter Text

Izuku blushed when Kyoka arrived at the station for their first commute to U.A. She was wearing the uniform waistcoat instead of the blazer - and it looked good on her.

Holding hands, they remained silent during the journey, content in one another's company. But as they approached the main building, their paths had to diverge.

As Izuku longingly looked towards the Heroics classrooms, Kyoka reminded him of his true value by pressing her lips across his own. Their first kiss.

“See you later, Izu.”

“Seeya Kyo’.” Squaring his shoulders, a smiling Izuku headed to class, happy for his hero...

Chapter Text

Eri’s elation at having restored Mirio’s Quirk soured as she witnessed the destruction on the television alongside Mr. Might. Students and staff alike wept as further details started to reach them. Many of their friends had gotten badly hurt. Mr. Cementos, Nejire, Shoto, Katsuki, Izuku, Mr. Aizawa…

Miss Midnight… 

Unable to visit them in hospital, she wished for the energy to heal their injuries.

Days later, the list of villains that Shigaraki had broken from prison was released. Seeing his face, Eri ran to the nearest hero student in panic, the shadow of the freed Overhaul looming large once more...

Chapter Text

Learning of Midnight’s passing, her former sidekicks - The Midnight Boys - were near catatonic with grief. But they needed to remain strong in this most sacred of duties.

Keys in hand, the four young men entered Midnight's apartment with reverence, invitations into the Mistress’ domain had always been a great honour.

With a meow and a stretch of paws, Midnight’s pride and joy - her venerable cat Sushi - ambled over. This new charge curling around their legs for food and attention, The Midnight Boys’ resolve finally crumbled. 

“I’m sorry, Sushi... we need to rehome you. Mistress… isn’t coming back.”  

Tears flowed freely.

Chapter Text

Amidst the chaos following the confrontation with the Paranormal Liberation Front, it became clear to those involved that Rikiya Yotsubashi had channeled Detnerat’s resources and profits into terrorist activities.

Upon returning to the U.A dorms, Mashirao ransacked his room, and discovered every customised item he owned to accommodate his Quirk were made by Detnerat.

He wasn’t alone.

From all over campus, students converged carrying these sullied items and built a pyre. By flame, they purged goods and products which had funded their friends’ injuries, and the deaths of teachers and mentors.

In effigy, Detnerat was burned at the stake.

Chapter Text

Rei doubled over as the quickening contractions wracked her body. Despite this being her fourth pregnancy, labour hadn’t gotten any easier. “Enji, we need to go now!

“No!” her husband yelled as he frantically dug through their wardrobe. “We can’t leave without it!”

Through the pain, Rei laughed at this manifestation of obsessive behaviour. Fuyumi and Natsuo had both worn the same striped onesie as Touya following their births, and now Endeavour was refusing to leave for Shouto’s birth without it.

She smiled at his triumphal cry as he found the traditional garment. Under that fire, he was so soft.

Chapter Text

As someone who enjoyed classical music, Masaru Bakugo was delighted when ten-year-old Katsuki also developed an appreciation for the maestros - Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Wagner, Elgar and Prokofiev.

It was no surprise when one composition so caught Katsuki’s attention that he wanted to try performing it himself.

Leading his son into the garden, Masaru started the recording. As the symphony approached its crescendo, Katsuki opened his palms…

Just like everything he committed himself to, Katsuki nailed it to perfection. Masaru smiled in contented pride, as around them the neighborhood thundered to the explosive climax of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.

‘A natural-born percussionist.’

Chapter Text

As participants for the Shie Hassaikai raid converged upon the muster site, the Big Three remained respectfully silent, allowing their underclassmen space to process the gravity of the situation. While the first years had faced life-or-death situations before, all had been spontaneous, their responses reactive - nothing like the tension of a pre-planned operation, with lives (theirs and others’) potentially on the line.

And - just like Mirio, Nejire and Tamaki before them - Izuku, Ochaco, Ejirio and Tsuyu’s revolve didn’t falter. They accepted the danger, the fear in their hearts…

...because a little girl was depending on them.

They wouldn’t back down.

Chapter Text

Sobbing into his mother’s shoulder as his friends accepted him, Izuku felt the burden of his father disappear. For the first time since the day he learned the truth, he wasn’t afraid anymore. He had the support of Kacchan, his classmates, his new sister, the teachers and the heroes who’d risked their lives for him. He’d honour those who died for his freedom and not waste their sacrifice 

The weeds which had choked him were now uprooted. He could bloom into what he always dreamed of; a Hero that rises from muddy waters.

This was the origin of Izuku Shimura.

Chapter Text

Breathing heavily, something long-suppressed stirring, Himiko’s pulse quickened as she approached the beat-up underclassman who’d ‘stolen’ a scholarship ‘meant’ for one of Saito’s friends.

He was pretty cute… especially with the blood oozing from his broken nose. Smaller build aside, he even resembled Saito.

Crouching before him, Himiko’s shaking fingers dabbed some of the boy’s blood, bringing it to her tongue for a tentative taste. It was divine.

The ‘real’ Himiko awoke with a gasp: more...

Box-cutter in hand, she stopped dead at the sight of Izuku Midoriya’s eyes fluttering open...

...looking utterly crushed by the weight of the world.

Chapter Text

Finishing another application for a High School as far away from Musutafu as possible, Katsuki reached for the next form. He broke into cold sweats on seeing the U.A letterhead. A ‘classmate’ had snuck it in, filling out his details with angry red markers.



Date of Birth: DEATH: 15/04/91


Do you have a Juvenile Record? Yes/No BUT WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID


Reeling away, Katsuki fell from his chair as another panic attack started, memories of that day overwhelming him.

After tormenting Izuku, scum like him didn't deserve to be heroes.

Chapter Text

It was deep in the Welsh Valleys that Eijiro found the right Quirk Specialist. The rarity of the services they offered meant hefty charges, lengthy waiting lists and a journey around the world, but it was all worth it once the procedure was finished.

Staring into the mirrors surrounding him, Eijiro examined the roots of his hair and found not a trace of black. Opening his shirt revealed scarlet chest hair. A further glance into his underwear confirmed his carpet matched the drapes.

“Perfect,” he smiled.

His hair’s pigmentation had been successfully changed. Red Riot was now a natural redhead.

Chapter Text

Satisfied that his costume looked immaculate in the mirror, Izuku completed the ensemble by donning the matching helmet. Flicking the cape, he decided he looked like the perfect hero. His companion looked equally amazing.

“You ready ‘Lemillion’?” Mirio asked, fastening his gauntlets and iron soles in place. Grabbing the two party hats, he offered one to his friend.

“Yep!” Izuku beamed as he secured the hat in place. “This is gonna’ be so much fun, ‘Deku’!”

Leaving the locker room, the two heroes made for the streets, delighting the public by starting their joint birthday patrol wearing each other’s costumes.

Chapter Text

With the threat of Humarise behind them, Garaki couldn’t help but feel amused at the whole affair. When he postulated the Quirk Singularity all those decades ago, the scientific community had shunned him, reducing his life’s work to a crackpot theory.

He never expected a secretive, global organisation would embrace his theories as a cornerstone of their doctrine. Humanise were decrepit throwbacks, but it was most satisfying for his work to receive acknowledgement, and be used as justification for mass slaughter. 

However, their scheme to prevent the Singularity was sloppy. Genocide paled in comparision to his benefactor’s symphonic Grand Design.

Chapter Text

On arriving in Otheon, Endeavour’s student interns were stunned to be greeted by WHA officials who tried to force small, yellow, leech-like fish into their ears.

“What the hell is this!” Bakugo yelled, hands sparking in warning.

Babliomyzon Insaniae. They’re standard procedure for international missions.” Todoroki stated, taking his fish without complaint. “Otheonlic amalgamates various Brittonic and Western Romance languages. We wouldn’t be able to understand the locals without these fish; they possess a Quirk that telepathically translates any spoken language into the carrier's first language.”

“Quirks…” Izuku stared at the fish clasped in his hands with wonderment. “...Are. Amazing!

Chapter Text

Slipping away as the others prepared for the mission, Izuku checked his phone, relieved to see his Mother sharing a picture of the carnations and roses she’d found awaiting her at her countryside spa retreat, a late New Year’s/early Mother’s Day treat.

Unlike his father, who rejected his ‘Quirklessness’, Izuku couldn’t thank his mother enough for unconditionally loving him. Ensuring her safety as the time of reckoning approached was his duty.

Donning his mask, robes and taser, Izuku joined his Humarise brothers and sisters, ready to defend the all-important Trigger Bomb from the Heroes.

“For the salvation of humanity.”

Chapter Text

Awaiting trial for conspiring to commit genocide, Flect paced the courtyard of Scheveningen Prison, gasping each time his suppressing cuffs’ transdermal patches tugged against his skin. 

His defeat at that young hero’s hands might have condemned humanity to the whims of Quirks... but in losing, he’d personally gained so much. He could see without support items, feel the sun on his face, the wind’s gentle breeze in his hair, and finally know the touch of another person. 

The newfound sensations had been overwhelming, causing him to cry for days. It was everything Flect had wished for as a young man.

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Hawks received a hero’s welcome from the Paranormal Liberation Front upon his return to the Gunga Mountain Villa.

“Unliberated Heroes have their uses...” Re-Destro commented, preparing a toast. “Our international chapters lacked the numbers to stop Humarise throwing humanity back into darkness. We thank you Hawks, you and your colleagues for preventing a catastrophic event!”

Hawks waved off the praise. “Nah, I stopped nothing. Credit belongs to those kids who found the override key.”

“Indeed!” Re-Destro cried, raising his glass. “To our unsung Liberation hero, Rody Soul! And his Quirk! They have saved us all! For the salvation of Quirks!”

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As the raging storm collapsed the cave entrance, the sounds of Bakugo and Midoriya’s last stand faded. The final line of defense protecting the civilians, Sato, Hagakure and Koda knew their classmates had failed to stop the villain. If that monster came here next, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

Then, the tiny islet trembled, and the storm suddenly broke. Sensing something phenomenal, everyone and everything fell silent, before the cacophonous chaos returned with a vengeance . People screamed as the ground violently quaked to colossal explosions. It was like Armageddon had arrived.

“What is happening out there?” thought the stunned trio.

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In picking a successor, Toshinori categorised Young Jiro as “unlikely, but not impossible” . Beneath her indifferent facade lay a warm, intelligent and empathetic spirit with an excellent grasp on her Quirk and a wonderfully heroic ideology built upon a love for music.

But he doubted she could ever develop One For All’s required muscle mass. Despite this, he always watched Jiro spar against Midoriya from 1-J during Independent Learning - a delighted Midnight had confirmed they were a couple.

Witnessing Midoriya’s devotion in helping Jiro achieve her dreams made Toshinori nostalgic for his master, who had done the same for him.

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As their first alumni to be accepted into U.A High’s prestigious Hero Course, Aldera Junior High celebrated Katsuki Bakugo’s graduation with a grand ceremony.

Wearing his specially-made graduation pin with pride, Bakugo was the centre of attention, his inflamed ego loving every second of it. The Principal praised him, girls asked for his second button, and every extra begged for a photo with the future number one Pro,. 

“Kacchan...” Sobbing freely, Izuku approached and hugged his former friend tight. Stunned, Bakugo didn't resist. “You’re going to be an amazing hero, Kacchan…”

After over a decade, their paths were diverging.

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Within days of starting at U.A, Katsuma of 1-A and Eri of 1-B were confirmed as Deku superfans, both overflowing with trivia for the No.1 hero that left their classmates dumbfounded.

It wasn’t until several first-years compared their student IDs that the exact connection became known.

“Holy shit, Shimano!” cried a classmate upon seeing another card in Katsuma’s wallet. “That’s a Platinum Deku card! Only civilians who’ve saved his life get those!”

“We were only six…” Eri timidly produced her own card to shocked gasps. “Our friend Kota is applying next year and he earned his aged five.”

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All Might was in a buoyant mood, he’d passed One For All to a worthy successor and in a few minutes, Young Midoriya would take U.A’s practical entrance exam. Toshinori couldn’t wait to see what the boy would do.

Pulling up Izuku’s data to track his progress, he discovered the boy hadn’t checked in. Panicked inquiries to the registration desk confirmed he’d never even arrived. 

Frantic, All Might dialed Izuku’s number 

Crushing the ringing phone underfoot, Izuku stepped through Kurogiri’s portal. Fighting the vestiges within him, he knelt before his Master, deep-cover mission a success.

“Sensei…I have it.”

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Mezo did not notice the tobacco smell pervading his new homeroom - he was still revelling in having proved his tormentors wrong - ‘physical freaks’ like him were worthy of becoming heroes.

Lingering fears of further discrimination faded as his new classmates introduced themselves, accepting him as another aspiring hero, committed to helping others.

Then the homeroom door slammed open, emitting a hulking figure.

“My name is Chojuro Kon,” announced the newcomer, stepping to the teacher’s podium. Mezo’s jaw dropped. There stood his idolised hero, whose example had helped him through life’s darkest lows. “But you may call me-”

“-Chimera…” Mezo whispered.

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While a decade-wide age - and equally-significant height - gap existed between 1-A’s English teacher and U.A.’s prodigal head of IT, the students held no doubts that the two were utterly devoted to one another.

“And that’s you all sorted, Gentle,” announced La Brava as she restored the corrupted laptop files her partner needed for today’s lecture - ‘Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains’.

“Thank you my dear!” Gentle Hero proclaimed, extravagantly kissing the diminutive techie “I know no ways to mince it in love, but directly to say ‘I love you’”

Amidst the all-but forgotten 1-A, Mina squealed in romantic fangirl ecstacy.

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Gym Delta was filled with screams when a sparring match ended with Iida impaled on Todoroki’s icy spikes.

While Lady Nagant tried calming her students, the school nurse nonchalantly arrived. Applying a surgical mask, he shudderingly knelt in Iida’s pooling blood.

“Brace yourself” he instructed, bringing up a hand. “This will hurt.”

Iida’s lower body exploded in a squall of gore, his remaining mass sliding off the spike with a wet thud... before suddenly reforming intact and undamaged.

“Don’t let this happen again” Overhaul instructed a weary Nagant and her traumatised teens, his face breaking out in hives.

Bakugo vomited.

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“ Quirks… costumes… equipment. These are toys!”

Of all classes, Hero Ethics was the most intimidating.

“True heroism comes from rigid, uncompromising dedication. Not to human law, but humanity itself!” Stain paced the dimly-lit classroom, brandishing his manifesto, Revival of Heroics . “We are nothing without this truth. Within HPSC Internal Affairs, I exposed absolute, systematic corruption throughout, even within the President. You must rise above such weakness !!!”  

He slammed down the book, pinprick eyes focusing upon students he suspected to be lacking. “This, is the commitment I expect, that only the worthy receive the title ‘Hero’. Now, turn to page 394…”

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To best explain Hero Work-Studies, Chimera called in the Big Three. As the seniors made their introductions to 1-A, the homeroom teacher grabbed Amajiki by the collar.

“Alright you, back to 2-B”

“2-B, sir? Amajiki gulped anxiously. “Why there?”

“Ah, young one…” Chimera chuckled, “Your smile’s too confident.”

“Aw, phooey!” The student's nervous demeanour disappeared. “Always the smile!”

The upperclassman was suddenly enveloped in grey slime, form shifting and shrinking to reveal a messy ash-blonde in a skintight leotard.

“Welp” proclaimed Himiko Toga, prized ace of 2-B, high-fiving Mirio and Nejire before skipping away. “Can’t blame a girl for trying!”