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C is for: Choking

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“Kacchan,” Izuku purred, straddling his lap on their bed.


“Deku,” he replied curtly, apprehensively clutching her hips.


“You remember the safe word, right?” she asked, stroking his hair lovingly. He nodded. “And the safety motion?”


“Two taps to your thigh, I know,” he huffed.


“Yep,” she affirmed, a small smile on her face. “I love you, Kacchan,” she told him, giving him a peck to his lips.


“Yeah, yeah,” he huffed again, the tips of his ears turning pink.  “Now get on with it already, fuck,” he scowled.


“Alright,” she beamed before her demeanor changed entirely. Her eyes grew dark and her lips quirked into a quiet, suggestive smirk. Her hands slid up the bare expanse of his chest, dragging her nails back down. His breath hitched ever so slightly at the pleasant sting, a soft breath escaping him afterwards. Deku braced her hands on his chest as she hovered over him, her breath ghosting over his ear.


“Kacchan,” she whispered, taking his lobe into her mouth and nibbling on it. One of her hands slid up his torso, around his clavicle and then over his neck. Her fingers delicately curled around the sides of his neck, giving him just the barest of squeezes. He bit on his bottom lip slightly as her other hand went up to flick at his nipple, playing and pulling at it until it was erect. Goosebumps spread across his skin as a shiver passed through him, his hands tightening around her hips. She rolled herself down on him, swaying her hips from side to side on his clothed erection. She was dressed in sleep pants and shirt while he was just in his boxers, allowing him to feel the heat radiating from her body.


“Hhhauh,” he gasped, eye lids fluttering closed as she squeezed her fingers around his neck and harshly thrusted her hips forward. With her free hand, she was scratching up and down his chest, leaving angry red lines in their wake. His cock twitched in his underwear as he felt his head grow fuzzy, the lack of blood flow making him feel euphoric. Deku rolled her hips over his cock, bringing her palm down to rub over his erection.


“Kacchan,” she said in a sing-song voice, leaning down to lick up his jawline with her tongue. His grip on her hips tightened as he tried with all his might to not buck his hips up into her. “So pretty and red for me.” Was his face already red? Fuck.


“Deku,” he grunted out, desperate for more. She slightly pressed down on his windpipe, not enough to hurt, but enough to make it harder to breathe. After about ten seconds, she relaxed her grip, leaving him breathing heavily. Suddenly, her other hand reached up to his face, covering his mouth with her palm and pinching his nose closed. His body went taught as his back arched slightly as she closed her hand around his throat, leaving him unable to breathe. His grip on her tightened as his body begged for air, the fuzziness in his head making everything feel oh so good. As he approached his limit, where he was about to pass out, she released her hold on him.


He heaved and gasped for air, moaning out as she stimulated his cock. Her fingers tightened around his neck again, stopping the blood flow to his already fuzzy head. Fuck, he was so close.


“Dehh-Dehku,” he gasped out, voice raspy and worn.


“Are you close, Kacchan?” she asked, voice teasing and drunk with power. He groaned and nodded as best he could, whining when she captured his lips in a kiss. Her palm restricted his airway again as she kissed him, her other hand reaching under the waistband of his underwear. She twisted her hand around the head of his cock as she kissed him, giving him the perfect headrush to...


“Deh-!” he groaned, throwing his head back as he came, body spasming. Deku’s grip on his neck relaxed and was replaced with gentle kisses. He panted as he greedily drank in air, entire body tingly.


“Kacchan,” she cooed, cupping his jaw as he calmed down.


“Fuck,” he grumbled, voice sounding positively wrecked.


“Was it good?” she asked, kissing the corner of his mouth.


“Fuck yeah,” he answered enthusiastically, a lazy smirk on his face.


“Good,” she said, a perfectly innocent smile on her face as she gave his lips a quick peck.