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Beginning of Peter Parker's Disastrous Life

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Peter's morning was disastrous and bringing his anxiety up to a two. He was dumped by his girlfriend...well, now ex-girlfriend of two years because of "a lack of sex" in their relationship. Well, he liked keeping his virginity to himself, thank you very much. He wasn't emotionally and mentally prepared enough to physically lose his V-card yet. Harry would have called his mood right now as his caffeine withdraw monster. He was right about that. Peter was seriously going to burst from intense caffeine withdraw. Then today at work was hectic, he was yelled at by Jameson for not getting any pictures of Spider-Man from yesterday's fight with Doc Oct and Electro (you think that for someone who's father married his aunt May, he would give his step-cousin some slack then treating him than usual), and it wasn't Peter's fault that the fight made it hard to take pictures of himself. Jameson had then assigned him to go to Avenger's Tower to take pictures of Tony Stark at the Avenger conference about the Young Avengers initiative. Peter was dredging to get anywhere near Stark after the incident last year.

So he was hurrying on his skateboard straight for Avenger's Tower, avoiding people, steps and even dog walkers. His camera was securely strapped over his neck and his backpack was strapped on his shoulders the familiar weight between his shoulder blades comforting in away. The hood of his hoodie was over on his head and ears keeping the early cold October air, listening to an audiobook of City of Fallen Angles from his air pods. He was enjoying the wind and warmth from the sun as he skateboarded the street until...

He almost ran over someone with his skateboard, well more like bumping into him and the guy fell to the ground on his back. 

"Owww." The person on the ground groaned.  

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Peter exclaimed taking his air pods out of his ears and putting them in his right jean pocket, "I didn't see you coming. Are you alright?" 

"I'm okay," the man said, Peter, noticed that the man was wearing a black zip-up jacket the hood pulled over his head and covering a little of his face and identical black sweatpants, "now that I have this lovely baby boy with a magnificent butt in my presence." 

Peter flushed crimson at the compliment until he paled his fair-skinned face turned a white sheen by dred when he recognized the identity of the person underneath the hood. 

It was Deadpool, his face covered by his mask masking his features. 

"Uh, look, I didn't into you," Peter spluttered his voice cracking and flipped his skateboard until it was in his hands, "I'll just get out of your skin-" 

"Woah, wait," Deadpool waved his hands in a don't freak out, "calm down kid, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Like I haven't heard that one before." When Peter was eight he almost got into a stolen ice cream truck from a really shady guy who claimed to be selling ice-cream. Luckily his father Richard Parker swopped in to carry him the rest of the way home and his uncle Ben arrested the man soon after. Peter soon learned that the man was a child rapist when he started high school. 

"Where is he?"

"I saw him go this way." 

"That fucking Deadpool is going to pay." 

"We'll kill him before he kills us." 

An array of four voices sounded a block away from them. 

"Not in your lifetime dickheads," Deadpool mumbled and suddenly Peter found himself being shoved into the alleyway, his back against the brick wall. The feeling of Deadpool's warm body against his own. The feel rise and fall of his chest moving up and down, heart beating. Peter felt his own heart beating at the proximity between them, his hands became sweaty. He could have used his strength against him but didn't want to give away his secret and get asked too many questions about how a guy his age had super strength. 

"Hey, what are you -" Deadpool took the end of his mask up to expose his chin, mouth, and nose and kissed Peter right on his lips shutting the young photographer. 

Peter made an 'mmm' at suddenly being kissed and closed his eyes against his better judgment. Peter put his arms around him, his hands making a rest on his hood covered neck and kissed back eagerly, might as well take advantage, he thought, it's not like I'd get an opportunity like this again. Deadpool's lips felt rough and chapped against his cocoa butter Vaseline ones. It was something but not unpleasant. He had read somewhere on Deadpool's file from the S.H.E.I.L.D database that he once worked for Weapon X and then took a cure from them that ended up having all of his body severely scarred. That little information had him curious than disturbed, wondering what he looked like underneath. He wanted to know who was Wade Wilson. They bumped noses as they made out. Peter felt his dick between his legs feel hot at the intense heat of their make out, and a pleasurable heat deep in his stomach. 

Peter heard four sets of footsteps coming there way and the men stopping just right at the opening on their alleyway. 

"Fuck where did he go." 

Peter despite enjoying his make out with Deadpool wanted to deal with the obvious bad guys, but somehow Deadpool knew what he wanted to do, though not to the extent that Peter does. He disconnected their make out, to mouth his neck instead.

Peter gasped and tightly hugged his arms on Deadpool bringing him more closely as he could with the camera between them. He nibbled and sucked encouraged by his enthusiastic reaction. Peter shoved his face in his shoulder biting the cloth with his teeth to keep the noises from coming out and whimpered. 

"Let's ask these guys."

"No way man they're too preoccupied." 

The four men then ran away leaving the two males now alone.

Peter let the cloth from his teeth go and panted, whimpering when the feeling of Deadpool's mouth on his neck was gone. 

"Maybe someday baby boy," Deadpool whispered roughly in his ear. 

And he quickly vanished. 

Peter panted leaning his back against the wall more formerly, feeling the feeling between his legs turning into a boner. 


Peter finally composed himself and quickly tried to will down his boner. He leaned down to pick up his skateboard that fell down when they were hiding, then put his air pods back into his ears and walked the rest of the way to Avengers Tower.