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angels and demons

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Lucifer watch in the conference room as Chloe cleaned her desk and waited for Marcus Pierce to pick her up and attend Axara's concert. He sighs in trepidation and looks away as he saw Marcus sauntering proudly towards her desk. Lucifer got up and yelps in surprise when Ella gave him a hug. "Aww buddy, come here." she coos. 


Charlotte snorted from her seat. "Please, Lucifer is way better man than Pierce." 


"Of course I am." he confidently said. 


"Yeah? Then why is she taking Pierce rather than you?" Dan teased. "If you just said that you like her, Chloe wouldn't bother dating other men."


"Suddenly an expert when it comes to dating, Daniel?" Lucifer drawls. "Just because you're already dating Charlotte, doesn't mean you know much about women."


"Hey, I married Chloe." Dan argued back. 


"One of her few mistakes." Lucifer says, ignoring Dan's glare. "And here's another one." he nodded at Chloe's direction. 


Lucifer stiffened and his eyes widened when he saw three figures approaching the conference room, ignoring the Lieutenant and the Detective's shout of protest. He gently removed Ella's firm hug and backed away from the three men. They were also wearing branded clothing, pretty much like how Lucifer dress himself. They hold such authority in their stance that the other police officers did not bother to manhandle them for intruding. His three companions gasps when one of the three men came into view.


"Please tell me I'm hallucinating." Dan whispers in horror. "There is no way that there's another Lucifer staring at Lucifer right now."


"If you're hallucinating, then I'm hallucinating." Ella murmurs. Her eyes moves back and forth and gasps in delight. "Oh my gosh! You're twins!" 


"Indeed, we are." the Lucifer replica drawled. His accent came a lot stronger and deeper than Lucifer's which surprises them even more. He nodded at the guy next to him and before they knew it, Lucifer is being manhandled and was being dragged out of the conference room. Chloe grits her teeth when she saw what's happening. 


"Unhand me, you idiots!" Lucifer growls. "This is preposterous! Unhand me. Now!"


One guy remained inside the conference room and was waving happily at Lucifer while he was being dragged away. Chloe cleared her throat and anger was completely written on her face. "Who are you? What do you want with Lucifer? You know this is kidnapping." 


"Oh, my. Forgive me." the guy said. "We're not kidnapping Sa - Lucifer. We're his brothers." He held out his hand and waited for Chloe to return it, which she cautiously did. "My name is Gabriel. We just need a moment of his time."


"Gabriel?" Ella chuckles, shaking her head. "Seriously? And let me guess, the other two over there are Michael and Raphael." Dan and Charlotte laughed along with her. Gabriel tilted his head rather adorably and nodded.


"How did you know? Did Lucifer ever mentioned us?" Chloe couldn't help but see the hopefulness on his question. 


Ella had stopped laughing. "No. But - seriously?! Those are their names?! I was kidding, man! Your names are all biblical!" 


"Because we are God's children." He says as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Then understanding came over him and said, "Oh, I see. You don't know." he chuckles and just waved. "Anyway, sorry for intruding like that. We are in dire need of Lucifer's help at the moment. Hopefully, he listens to us."


"If you want Lucifer to listen to you," Charlotte supplied. "Bring her. Lucifer listens to her." she said, pointing at Chloe. 


Gabriel narrows his eyes at her, and to her surprise, his eyes twinkled. "Of course! Chloe Decker. Yes, yes. My sister Rae-Rae mentioned you too many times to count. Says that Lucifer has been falling for a mortal woman. Now I see why." Chloe fought the blush that painted her face.


He gently held Chloe's wrist and pulled her along with him. Gabriel didn't see how Ella's eyes widened when he mentioned a certain name. They all slumped back on their chairs and shook their heads. "Well, that was interesting. I could use a drink right now." Dan suggested, rather daze.


"Ah, me too." Ella agrees.


"Let's go then." Charlotte said. Her eyes caught the tickets to Axara's concert on the floor and picked it up. She grinned and rip the tickets to pieces and blew it in the air.


"Why'd you do that?" Ella asks.


"So Pierce and Chloe wouldn't go to the concert." she shrugs, smiling evilly.


"I like it." Ella grinned mischievously. Dan shivers at the two women high-fiveing each other.