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This Green and Pleasant Land

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Sherlock took John by the hand. He had blindfolded him as he said it was a surprise. John was more than a little nervous as Sherlock's surprises were usually gruesome, dangerous to either his bodily health or the continuing existence of his clothes (especially his jumpers!) So he was more than a little worried. Once he had been sat down Sherlock took his blindfold off and John looked around him. He had no idea where they were other than it was a beautiful avenue of trees that covered at small gauge rail track.

As they made their way through this he became aware of how quiet it was. It was wonderful. He had no idea what Sherlock had in mind but he was glad that he was here. When they got to their destination Sherlock helped him out. Looking around him he saw that there had been a building there at some time in the past. Now it was in ruins. It added to the atmosphere of the place.

John watched as Sherlock put down the small case and the wicker basket he was carrying. Opening the basket he took out the makings off a picnic. John joined him on the blanket as he set out the food and opened the bottle of wine.

"Why did you do this Sherlock?" John asked.

"I had heard that there were some plants that would be good for bees here, so I wanted to come and examine them. I also thought you might appreciate being able to get out of London for a while. I wasn't wrong was I?" Sherlock looked at him.

"No you weren't wrong at all." John smiled as he poured himself a glass of wine. Sitting back he looked up at the trees and smiled.