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Jotter's Journals

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Sans really didn’t mean to stare, really he didn’t but the way her hair swept across her tanned shoulders as she twirled and hooked her legs to suspend herself left him mesmerized. Sans would like to think he was a pretty chill guy, a rather accepting and tolerant monster. Not that he’d ever admit his tastes were a bit biased.

Ok, a hell of a lot biased.

His bright white eyelights slid down in his sockets as they followed the human woman slide down her slickened poll, her skin flushing and muscles clearly tensing in the effort they used to keep her from falling onto her head in her swift decent. It left his magic stirring uncomfortably.

He didn’t have a particular liking to humans, not in the sensual manner. So it was with a strong reluctance that he’d forced himself to attend the strip club he was currently in. As much as he was attracted to his own kind, unfortunately his species was just a tad too conservative.

And Sans well, he was a horndog.

He was pretty sure if the entire town of snowdin were to be interviewed at least nine out of ten would claim to have bedded the skeleton. But really how was he to help it? They didn’t have an abundance of literature or images to help with libido due to his race’s nature. So imagine how tempting it was to be able to see some form of sensuality where he didn’t have to talk his way into someone’s pants or even to personally interact.

He was too lazy for so much effort.

Which brought him back to his current dilemma, how tantalizing he was suddenly seeing the woman on stage as she arched onto her back with her arms stretched out above her. It couldn’t be the fact she was attractive, like he’d already affirmed he was attracted to monsters. Maybe it was the act she was currently performing? How taboo it was, how if someone from his hometown walked in stars forbid the look of disgust or confusion he’d be given.

What reaction would he receive if he placed his hands on her, bit at her skin to make it’s vessels break into an array of bruising color? Like a nebula at its birth, blossoming and engulfing the darkness around it with searing light.

Would he be having the same thoughts if it was a monster currently bending and grinding in front of him? Someone so in tune with their nature, just as he was, that bound them to the same state of being? Sans is sure he’d enjoy it just as much if not more, albeit with a touch of shame that would leave his soul quaking in his bones.

He couldn’t see any one of his race doing something like this, so blatant, so lewd.

His breath hitched as the human tossed her head back, twin orbs of brilliant jade locking on him at first in confusion and then gradually into a curious smirk. Sans wasn’t into humans, he was sure of it.

But the way this one twisted and danced, flaunted her earth given body with such practiced ease and the least bit of shame made him feel an unnatural craving. Humans were so open and utterly crass. He watched as she stood up bare as the day she was born, except for those midnight black stilettos on her feet, and sauntered over to where he sat by the stage.

“Haven’t seen you around here before.” Her voice came out a husky feminine rasp as she slowly squatted and spread her knees wide, a perfect triangular patch of purple the only thing keeping the apex of her covered. Sans swallowed and slowly drug his eyelights up to lock with her own sultry gaze.

“what do pirates and strip clubs have in common?” He found himself speaking despite the way his bones bordered on rattling. He was far from a prude or shy, but he’d never been so exposed to this level of promiscuity, this much sexual tension. She blinked for a moment and stilled in her movements to tilt her head, a small smile gracing her cherry bomb red lips.

“What?” Sans grinned.

“neither can get enough booty.” Her laughter started with an undignified snort, making her skin blush a furious pink that spread along her jaw and neck. Sans eyelights followed it down to the soft swell of her breasts, the luscious mounds bouncing jovially in her humor.

Sans wasn’t into humans, he was biased, preferred his own people.

But as his magical eyes moved back up to her blissfully happy face he couldn’t help but feel his magic surge in want and absolute desire. She raised a brow and slowly crawled forward before gliding onto her stomach, gracefully rolling onto her back till her upside down face lined up with his. Briefly he watched her hands trail her body down to her navel before her voice drew his gaze back to hers.

“You busy later?” Sans raised a bony brow of his own. He examined her face for but a moment before smiling. That was a genuine invitation for his company. He leaned close enough that his vision became nothing but the depth of her green irises, the light of her soul shining through her dark pupils.

“i’m always free.” He watched her soul pulse and his voice couldn’t help but slip into a purr. He wondered how exactly she wanted their time spent that she’d just asked him for. He had no doubt what one of the ways would play out but honestly, he felt just being near her would be enough to slate his growing hunger.

Whatever she had just inspired in him left his soul thrumming and he couldn’t help the thrill that made his ribs contract as the prospect of indulging in forbidden fruit ran through his mind. He wondered if she was considered attractive among her kind, with the way her lengthy hair shimmered beneath the stage lights and how her skin glowed from the layer of sweat currently coating it.

Sans was biased…

But not for the taboo human before him.




Sans stared in shock, magical tears mixing with the hot rain pelting him as he held her in his arms. One hand pressed into her wet locks and the other shaking as it pressed into the wound in her chest trying to stem the blood flow, the slipping of her life.

“That’s what you get for stepping outside of your own kind!” Sans couldn’t bring himself to look up at their assailant, the rodent monster sneering as he tucked his pistol back into his coat before he turned away. He should've summoned a blaster, locked him within a cage of bone, but all he could see as his breathing became rapid was the dulling of her jade eyes. She coughed as she placed a hand onto his cheek, Sans letting out a small sob at the contact.

Her once warm hands becoming colder as time fell away from them.

“b-babydoll…” Sans choked on his term of endearment for her. She could only smile gently at him.

“It’s alright Sans...we both knew I was going to die before you anyways…” His sockets squeezed shut as he placed his forehead against hers, his hand within her hair petting her almost frantically. If he could, he’d teleport her, save her life, but with how quickly she was dying, how fast her blood rushed from her he couldn’t risk a trip through the void. He couldn’t risk her soul shattering within its depths and erasing her.

If there was anything he refused to do it would be having to forget her.

He opened his sockets and bit back a whine at how pale her skin had gotten, how it’s natural shimmer dulled beneath the downpour of rain around them.

“i love you…” He whispered. She widened her eyes fractionally in surprise before a weak chuckle slipped out. He could still remember the first time he made her laugh, how her body and very being had reacted to him.

He’d never see that again.

“ do find me...attractive after all huh?” That was a cruel understatement. He wished he’d never been honest when she’d asked him that three years ago, both of them spent and exhausted beneath shared sheets. Had never told her how biased he was, how near sighted he had been.

“you’re fucking gorgeous.” He whispered reverently. Slowly she raised both her shaking hands and lowered his mouth to hers, her sweet and fragile lips locking with his harsh and bitter bony ones. It was a glorious contrast he had never truly had enough of. She let him pull back just enough to lock eyes one last time.

“I love you too.” Sans felt his world stall as her breath slid out and her arms fell uselessly beside her. He could only stare in bewilderment and all encompassing fear. He could only guess at why it had been taboo for humans and monsters to mix and now he understood.

It was a whole nother level of cruelty when your loved one couldn’t vanish into dust, when you were left clutching at a shell that at any moment led you to believe they’d blink or laugh, maybe even produce a smile. It was unnerving.

It made his soul crack.

Sans was biased...he should’ve stayed that way.