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In the Captain's Care

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The tower was mostly empty for the most part when Peter arrived. There was usually someone around, but today it was quiet. It was nothing like the busy, bustling streets of Manhattan or Queens that Peter travelled through to get there. Peter himself had had a busy time lately. The recent resurgence of various enemies that Peter had helped put away seemed to have also encouraged the less spectacular people who did smalltime crime like robbing banks and petty theft.

It made his job increasingly difficult. Keeping up with everything in addition to his college classes and working for the Daily Bugle was proving increasingly difficult. Recently he’d only been getting a few hours of sleep each night, if he was lucky. The past few weeks were starting to weigh on him to the point where he hadn’t even had the chance to visit the tower much.

Peter walked through the main lounge area, which was completely empty. Food was laid out on the counter and table that was still warm. He must have just missed them. He picked up a newspaper on the table. It was open to a story and as Peter perused it, he realized it was about him.

It wasn’t, thankfully, the Daily Bugle. If Peter had to listen to one more rant from Mr. Jameson about how he was a menace to society, he might go insane.

He picked up the newspaper and turned around. He immediately crashed into a wall. A wall that had, mysteriously, not been there two seconds later. It was a solid, well-built wall, and it sent Peter sprawling to the floor, or it would have if he weren’t caught a split second later.

“Whoa there, kid,” the wall said. Peter righted himself and looked up. Captain America, Steve fucking Rogers, looked down at him. Steve looked down at him with a mixture of amusement and concern. “You all right?”

“Captain!” Peter cried. He forgot what was going on as he looked up at the man in front of him. Captain America had been one constant crush of his ever since he had started collecting the Captain America trading cards when he was 12. The idea that he would’ve met the man, let along worked with him as often as he did, seemed too good to be true.

It didn’t help that the man was as good and decent a person as all the stories from the people who knew him said he was. Honestly, sometimes Peter wished that there was some flaw with Steve that would make him easier to not like.

“Kid?” Steve-the-wall asked. Peter blushed and swallowed around the lump in his throat.

“Captain,” Peter said.

“What do you have there?” Steve asked.

“Uhhhh… something I was hoping… could get signed?” Peter replied.

“Signed?” Steve asked. “Show me.”

It was probably meant as a request, but it sounded like an order. It went straight to Peter’s cock, too. He felt it twitch in his uniform, which would do absolutely nothing to hide his boner if he got one. Still, his blush grew and he handed over the newspaper. Steve looked at him in confusion as he studied it.

“You want me to sign a story about you?” he asked. Then he grinned. “This isn’t going to be like one of those fans who try to steal something I’ve touched, is it?”

Peter groaned softly. “No, I just… I don’t know, I was just…”

“It’s fine,” Steve said. “I get it. I should’ve said something instead of sneaking up on you.”

Steve looked back at the newspaper for a moment. He scanned it quickly before he looked back to Peter.

“This is better than the bullshit the guy you work for publishes,” Steve said. “At least the Times seem to be give you the benefit of the doubt.”

Peter sighed. “Yeah, that’s nice,” he said. “The Daily bugle is just the only place where I could find a photography job.”

“Yeah, I get that,” Steve said. “I used to take odd jobs as an artist back in the day. It wasn’t easy, and the people I worked for weren’t always the most pleasant, but it kept me alive.”

“The more things change the more they stay the same, huh?” Peter asked. Steve chuckled at that.

“So what brings you here, kid?” Steve asked. “You looking for someone to help you out with something?”

“No, I just…” Peter shrugged and looked away. “I just needed to get away for a bit. Swinging around always clears my head.”

Steve hummed in agreement. “It’s a struggle sometimes,” he said.

“What… no, never mind,” Peter said.

“It’s okay, what is it?” Steve asked. Peter blushed and looked away. “Come on.”

Steve walked over to the couch in the lounge and Peter followed. He sat down on one end and Peter sat on the other. Steve seemed at ease, even though he was in his uniform. Still, Peter struggled to relax in his presence. It was always like that with the other Avengers. No matter how much they worked together, Peter never seemed to be able to relax around them. Especially Steve, who was a personal hero of Peter’s.

“You know what I do when I need to decompress?” Steve asked.

“What?” Peter asked.

“I dress incognito and go to a dog park,” he said. “I take some pencils and a sketchbook with me and I sketch what I see. Sometimes someone comes up to me, but I’ve gotten pretty good at not getting recognized.”

“Wow,” Peter said. “Wish I had the time to do that.”

“It’s not often, I’ll tell you that,” Steve said. “It’s just that it’s good to have something that isn’t like everything else I do.”

“Yeah, nothing I do isn’t related to being Spiderman, it feels like,” Peter said. “Even my photography classes don’t help since it’s my job to get photos of Spiderman.”

“There are other ways of relaxing, you know,” Steve said. Peter looked down and strategically put his hands in his lap. He was almost ashamed of where his thoughts went to at that sentence. His cheeks burned and his cock twitched and he just prayed that it wouldn’t show if he moved.

“Like what?” he asked as he looked up. Steve gave him a look and Peter’s face seemed to completely erupt as blood rushed to his face.

“You know what I’m talking about,” Steve drawled, his Brooklyn accent bleeding through. “Or at least, I hope you do. I hear the sex education these days isn’t much better than it was back in my day.”

“Jesus Christ, you’re Captain America!” Peter cried.


“Aren’t you, like, not allowed to talk about that kinda stuff?” Peter asked. Steve laughed and rolled his eyes.

“Right, I forgot, it was right there in the SHIELD memo and everything, right next to the part about being the poster boy for traditional values and Christian morals,” he said. “Forget what I said, don’t ever have sex unless you’re ready to have a dozen babies and get chlamydia and die.”

Peter laughed in spite of himself. “You’ve seen that movie?”

“Tony makes us all watch it every year on October 3rd unless we’re busy,” Steve said. Peter grinned. “But you’re changing the subject.”

“What?” Peter asked.

“We’re talking about sex,” Steve said. “Have you ever had it?”

“Oh!” Peter replied. He was going to combust. His face was going to erupt into flames and he was going to melt into a giant puddle of goo. “Uhhh, n-no. I, uh, I haven’t had the… time.”

Steve, thankfully, didn’t laugh or make fun of him or act like he was shocked by what Peter said. A lot of the people Peter knew at college, especially the queer ones, tended to be shocked that he was a virgin. He just nodded in understanding.

“Yeah, time can be hard to find,” Steve agreed. “Especially between everything else that competes with it.”

“Yeah,” Peter said. He rubbed his neck awkwardly. “I guess… I dunno.”

“Is there something else?” Steve asked.

“Maybe,” Peter said. “I just don’t like the idea of having sex with random guys.”

“I can understand that,” Steve said. “Before the war, Bucky was always the one who went out and hooked up with the ladies. He never did seem to understand why I wasn’t into that.”

“Because you want… that… to mean something, or…?” Peter replied.

“It’s called sex,” Steve said. “And yes, I want it to mean something, but I’m also bisexual.”

“Oh, I had no idea,” Peter said. “Have you…?”

Steve raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything. He was clearly waiting for Peter to actually say the word. Peter gathered his courage.

“Have you had… sex… with guys?” Peter asked.

“There you go,” Steve said. “That was good. And yes, I have.”

Peter was almost embarrassed by the fact that his heart warmed at Steve’s praise. He almost preened with how good it felt.

“How… how was it?” Peter asked.

“Some of it was good, some of it wasn’t,” Steve replied. “I think it depends more on the person than the kind of sex.”

JARVIS rang before Peter could respond. “Captain Rogers, Mr. Parker, the Avengers have returned,” he informed them.

“Guess that’s all the time we have for tonight,” Steve chuckled.

Peter laughed, too, half from relief and half from actual humor. To be honest, it was a little uncomfortable, but only a little more than it usually was. At least Steve seemed to understand where he was coming from, unlike a lot of people that were actually Peter’s age.

“Thanks for… for the talk,” Peter said as he stood up.

“No problem,” Steve said as he got up. He stepped into Peter’s space, his face filed iwht fondness and affection. “If you ever want to try it out, let me know.”

Peter swallowed. This was, apparently, the let’s-make-Peter-die-from-embarrassment day.

“You-you mean you’d…” Peter replied.

“Yes, I would,” Steve replied. “If you wanted to.”

“I… I dunno,” Peter said.

“You don’t have to have an answer now,” Steve replied. “Or ever, if you don’t want to. But if you decide you want someone you know to show you what the fuss is all about, someone who cares about you, you know where to find me.”

With that, he turned around and marched off to greet the Avengers who returned. Peter was left standing there, alone in the lounge. He stared after Steve (definitely not at his ass).

Did he just… Peter wondered. No. No, he couldn’t have.

It was nearly a month later before Peter was able to get back to the tower. He was even more exhausted than he was before, but thankfully, it was mostly due to school instead of people making trouble in Queens. Still, feeling like he was about to drop dead from exhaustion wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable feeling in the world.

Once again, there was no one around, but this time, Peter meant to come when no one would be there. Tony Stark was having another one of his galas and the public members of the Avengers were all there. The Tower was empty of everyone but him and maybe some janitors or something.

Peter went right up to the couch and collapsed on it. It was comfortable and soft, way more so than his bed at home. He laid his head down on one of the arms of the couch and closed his eyes. Just for a minute.

The next thing he knew, someone shook him gently. He stirred gently and looked up. He blinked the sleep from his eyes and yawned loudly. Instead of opening his eyes to look at who had woken him up, he closed his eyes and laid his head against the arm of the couch again. Someone chuckled and Peter ignored them as he rolled over.

“Kid, if you’re so tired, why don’t you just go home?” they asked. It sounded like Steve and as much as Peter had been thinking about the guy, his brain was only sort of working and the part that was didn’t want to.

“Needed to get away,” Peter mumbled.

“Come on, Peter,” Steve said, shaking him again. “Can’t talk if you’re sleeping.”

Peter groaned and pushed himself up to a sitting position. He leaned against something hard and warm and solid. It took him a full minute to realize that he was resting against Steve’s body, but his brain was still too tired to process that information enough to be properly embarrassed by that.

“Good boy,” Steve murmured. That flipped a switch in Peter’s mind and he smiled sleepily.

“Thanks,” Peter said.

“Do you want someone to drive you back to your place?” Steve asked. Peter shook his head.

“Told Aunt May I was coming over for the night,” he said. “Just need to get away for a bit. It’s almost Thanksgiving break and everything.”

“You’re tired, huh?” Steve said. “Bet school is getting really tough.”

Peter groaned. “Don’t wanna talk about it,” he whined. Steve chuckled warmly and the sound seemed to seep into Peter’s bones. He adjusted himself until he was resting his head on Steve’s shoulder. He sighed as he closed his eyes again. “You’re warm. I like it.”

“I’m glad you do,” Steve chuckled. “But I need you to stay awake for me, kid. Can you do that for me?”

Peter pouted, but he opened his eyes and straightened himself. Steve had his arm around Peter’s shoulders and held him firmly. It felt nice, good.

“What do you want to do?” Steve asked.

“I don’t wanna go home,” Peter said.

“Do you want to stay here?” Steve asked.

“I can just sleep on the couch,” Peter replied. “I won’t bother anyone, I promise.”

Steve frowned slightly and the sight made Peter feel just a little bit scared. He didn’t want Steve to be mad at him. He was trying to be good about this whole thing. Steve wouldn’t have anything to worry about if he just stayed here, there shouldn’t be a problem.

“You think it would be okay for you to just stay out here?” Steve asked.

“Um… well, yeah,” Peter replied. Steve took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Or,” he said. “You can stay with me. I have a spare room, you can sleep there and it’ll be more comfortable than this couch.”

Peter blinked. “You don’t have to do that.”

“As if letting you stay down here is better,” Steve replied. “You don’t have to, but I won’t mind if you stay over.”

Peter thought about it for a minute. It was a good offer and… if he really wasn’t going to be upset with letting Peter stay, it would definitely be better than the couch, which was already better than his own bed. Also, he really didn’t want to think a lot about this.

“Okay,” he said.

“Good boy,” Steve murmured. Again, those two words made him feel all warm and gooey inside, like warm caramel. “Can you walk?”

“I guess,” Peter groaned. With that, Steve stood up and scooped Peter up into his arms. Peter squeaked as Steve marched over to the elevator. He clung to Steve’s broad shoulders.

The elevator went up to Steve’s level of the tower. When it arrived, Steve went straight to one of the rooms in his apartment. Peter didn’t really look at what Steve’s apartment looked like. He dozed in Steve’s arms until Steve set him down on the spare bed. It was surprisingly comfortable; softer than Peter was expecting.

“Here you go,” Steve murmured. “Do you need anything? Water? Clothes?”

“Um…” Peter said. “C-Could you leave? So I can… you know…”

Steve chuckled. “You’re so ridiculous,” he replied. He did, however, turn around and leave. “See you in the morning.”

As soon as Peter was alone, he stripped out of his suit until he was down to just his boxers. He sighed as he slipped beneath the soft covers and rolled over. He still felt warm and gooey and good.

It was terrible how far gone he was on Steve Rogers. It was too bad the guy probably didn’t share his feelings. For now, though, it felt really good.

Peter slept better than he had in months that night. He woke up the next morning sprawled across the mattress. He felt both rested and like he never wanted to leave the bed again. It was just so soft and comfortable and everything that stressed him out seemed so far away.

Eventually, there was a subtle knock on the door and Peter rolled over onto his back. It took him a moment to remember who could be knocking on his door and when he did, he made sure he was covered by the blankets.

“Come in,” he called. Steve opened the door. He was dressed in casual attire (or maybe he would call them civilian clothes): a pair of blue jeans and an under armor t-shirt that did absolutely nothing to hide his body. Peter had to force himself to look at Steve’s face, not that it helped.

“How’d you sleep?” Steve asked.

“Uhhh, g-good,” Peter replied. “The bed’s really comfortable.”

“I’m glad,” Steve said. “You hungry? I made waffles.”

“Uh, yeah, thanks that sounds great,” Peter said. “Just… let me get dressed and I’ll… come right out.”

Steve nodded and left. Peter looked beneath the blanket as soon as he was gone. His cock was hard as a rock, standing out against the fabric of his boxers. He groaned softly and lay back on the bed. As he stared at the ceiling, he tried desperately to think of anything other than Steve. After a few minutes of thinking about the old asshole chemistry professor, his dick finally softened. He sighed as he rolled out of bed and got dressed.

Steve was waiting for him and gave no indication that he knew what Peter had been trying to do. There were two plates of waffles laid out with bacon and orange slices nearby. Peter’s stomach rumbled loudly as he sat down and dug in.

“Try not to choke on anything,” Steve chuckled as Peter ate. Peter smiled sheepishly as he swallowed another bite.

“Sorry, didn’t eat last night,” Peter said. Steve raised an eyebrow and stared at him for a long moment. “I was tired!”

“I see,” Steve replied. He slowly cut his waffles into bite sized pieces and ate them, as if demonstrating to Peter how to properly eat his food. Peter grinned and shoved a large piece of waffle into his mouth like a barbarian. “Good grief, kid. If you end up choking on that, I’m telling your aunt.”

Peter swallowed and scowled playfully at Steve. “Low blow, man,” he replied.

“If that’s what it takes to keep you from choking, then I’ll do it happily,” Steve replied with a shit-eating grin.

“Not choking,” Peter pointed out.

“Not yet,” Steve replied. There was just the slightest hint of suggestiveness in the reply and it made Peter blush slightly. He wasn’t sure if he heard it right, though, so he didn’t say anything.

When they were done, Peter helped clean up. As he stood closer to Steve than he had in a month, he felt the question he wanted to ask on the tip of his tongue. How to ask it though… that eluded him. So he just stood there awkwardly drying dishes as Steve handed them to him.

“You have something to say?” Steve asked. Peter blushed and nearly dropped the plate he was holding. Thankfully, his reflexes helped him out.

“S-S-Say?” Peter asked. “What do you mean?”

“Oh come on,” Steve replied. “You’ve been itching to say something for almost an hour now. What is it?”

Peter swallowed. He put the plate away and hopped up onto the counter.

“Did you… did you mean what you said last time?” Peter asked.

“Depends,” Steve said. “What, exactly, are you referring to?”

“That you’d… y-you know…” Peter replied.

Steve walked into his space and placed his hands on either side of Peter’s body. At this height, Peter was close to eye level with Steve, but somehow, the look in Steve’s eyes made him feel small. A smile teased at his lips as he regarded Peter.

“That I’d what?” Steve whispered. Peter swallowed and took a shaky breath. Steve leaned in closer, his face inches from Peter’s. “Say it.”

“Th-That y-you’d… h-have s-s-sex with m-me,” Peter replied.

“Oh. That,” Steve said. He didn’t move. He stayed right in front of Peter as he regarded them. “Did I do something to make you think that I didn’t want to have sex with you?”

“Um… I-I just… thought…” Peter replied.

“Yes?” Steve asked. Peter looked down.

“That… y-you just felt s-sorry for me,” Peter said. “If you do, then I don’t want to.”

Steve looked at him for a long moment. Then he placed his hands on Peter’s shoulders. His fingers gripped Peter’s shoulders tightly and his eyes were dark and intense. In this moment, he looked less like Captain America or Steve Rogers and more like a man filled with ravenous need.

“I don’t feel sorry for you,” Steve said. “Do you need me to tell you what I want?”

Peter couldn’t look away. Steve’s eyes held him there and all rational thought fled from his mind. His cock was hard and for once he wasn’t completely mortified about that being true while he was around someone. He nodded. At that moment, Steve smiled, his eyes dark and hungry as his hands wandered down Peter’s arms slowly until they reached Peter’s hands.

“I want to fuck you,” Steve said lowly. His voice was almost a growl. “I want to strip your clothes off and bend you over whatever surface I can find. I want to push you to your knees and teach you how to suck my cock. I want to spread you open and eat your ass until you’re begging me to fuck you. I want to open you up with my fingers and pop your cherry. I want to fuck you until you beg me to let you come.”

“Fuck,” Peter breathed. He shook with desire and need. Steve stepped back a bit. He glanced down at Peter’s crotch and grinned.

“The question is,” Steve said. “What do you want me to do?”

Peter reached out and laid his hand on Peter’s arm. He pulled Steve closer to him. He licked his lips in anticipation. Steve took his face in his hands and Peter stared into his eyes. His hands were rough and callused from years of fighting. They didn’t move or tremble the way Peter’s did. Steve was every bit as confident as Peter had imagined him to be. He was so handsome, so self-assured. His cock was so hard, it almost hurt.

“I want all of that,” Peter breathed. “I want you to be the one who does all of that to me.”

“Good boy,” Steve murmured. He stroked Peter’s face with his thumbs for a moment.

“Fuck,” Peter moaned. “I-I like it w-when you call me that.”

“I know,” Steve murmured with a grin. “Now, what do good boys say when they want something?”

“Please, Sir,” Peter mewled. “Please fuck me.”

“Mmm, thought you’d never ask,” Steve growled.

He closed the distance between them and kissed Peter roughly. He kissed Peter deeply, claiming his mouth with a hunger that Peter never expected from the man. Peter moaned into the kiss. Steve picked him up easily and Peter clung to the larger man. It was all he could do to keep kissing Steve, to feel Steve’s lips against his own. He wasn’t even really sure that this was real, but if it wasn’t, he sure as hell wished that he wouldn’t wake up.

Steve laid him out on a bed and Peter gasped for breath. Peter whined at the loss and Steve grinned down at him.

“You poor thing,” he crooned. “You need it so much, don’t you?”

“Steve,” Peter whined. He reached out and grabbed Steve’s forearms desperately.

“I know, doll,” he murmured.

He leaned down and pulled at Peter’s shirt. Peter clumsily tried to help, but eventually, he was divested of the offending bit of cloth. Steve’s hands went to Peter’s sweatpants and pulled them down, boxers and all. Peter’s cock sprang free and Steve reached down and wrapped a hand around the length. Peter moaned loudly as Steve stroked him slowly.

“God, Jesus, fuck, Steve!” Peter cried.

“That’s it, baby, let it out,” Steve purred. He let go of Peter’s cock and Peter almost wept with the need to feel it again. “Shh, it’s all right, baby. I’ve got some rules, so you need to listen.”

Peter blinked and looked at Steve. He was leaning over him, filling his vision. Peter nodded impatiently, eager for anything that would get Steve to touch him again.

“You need my permission to come,” Steve said. “If you don’t have it, I’ll spank that pretty ass of yours. You hear me?”

Peter moaned and nodded. “Yes, Sir,” he said.

“Good boy,” Steve said. Peter smiled and Steve stroked his face gently. “I like it when you call me Sir, so keep doing that.”

“Yes, Sir,” Peter replied.

“Anything else, we can cover later,” Steve said. “What do you want from me?”

“To fuck me!” Peter begged.

“Yes, we covered that,” Steve chuckled. “Do you want anything in particular?”

Peter thought, but honestly, his head wasn’t in the space to think about this at the moment.

“Just… be gentle,” Peter said. “It’s my first time and everything. Don’t… break me.”

Steve smiled softly and leaned down to kiss Peter again. It was still hot, but this one was sweet as well. Peter found he almost liked it more than the first kiss, but really he just liked having Steve’s lips on his.

“I can do that,” Steve said. “You have nothing to worry about with me, I promise.”

Peter nodded. “Thank you,” he said.

Steve straightened himself and pulled his shirt off over his head. Peter salivated at the sight of Steve’s muscled body. He was every inch as muscular and beautiful as Peter had imagined. He watched the muscles in Steve’s chest move and shift. He couldn’t look away.

“Can I…?” Peter asked. Steve smiled and took one of Peter’s hands. He placed it on his chest and Peter breathed in a shuddering breath. “Fuck. Are you even real? How do you even exist? I have to be dreaming.”

Steve chuckled. “If it is, I’ll make sure it’s a good dream,” he said. Peter’s trembling hands wandered over Steve’s body as Steve divested himself of his pants. When he was done, Peter looked down and saw Steve’s rather impressive member. He squeaked as he saw it.

“What even is that?” Peter asked. “How am I supposed to fit that thing inside me?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Steve said. “Leave that to me, okay? I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Peter nodded. “Okay. I trust you, Sir.”

“Good boy,” Steve murmured. He lay down on the bed and situated Peter between his legs. “Now, let’s get started. I believe I said something about teaching you to suck my cock.”

“Yes, Sir,” Peter replied.

“Good boy,” Steve murmured. “Keep doing that, you’ll do so well.”

Peter smiled in spite of himself. He licked the shaft of the cock hesitantly. When Steve moaned, Peter took that as a good sign. He licked Steve’s shaft in a series of tiny, experimental movements. Steve reached down and stroked his head affectionately. Peter made his way to the head of Steve’s cock and tasted pre-come. It was strange, but not unpleasant.

“Take the head in your mouth, doll,” Steve murmured. “Mind the teeth.”

Steve made a face, demonstrating what he was supposed to do and Peter mimicked that as best he could. After a bit of experimentation, he figured it out and took Steve’s cock as far into his mouth as he could. As soon as the head of his cock reached the back of Peter’s throat, he gagged and came up for air.

“Careful,” Steve said. “No need to choke yourself on my cock yet.”

“God,” Peter breathed. “It looks so easy in videos.”

“Those people are professionals,” Steve chuckled. “They all had to start somewhere. You’ll get the hang of it eventually.”

“You say that like you want to do this again already,” Peter said. Steve smiled down at him with a mixture of affection and carnal desire.

“I do,” Steve said. “We can talk about it later, though. For now, let me teach you how to suck cock.”

Peter put his mouth back on Steve’s cock. He went down as far as he could without gagging and came back up. He sucked on the head of Steve’s cock and moaned around it. Steve’s low answering moan was encouraging. Peter soon lost himself in sucking Steve’s cock, the taste on his tongue, the sounds Steve made, the feeling of hot flesh in his mouth and Steve’s hand in his hair. He bobbed faster as he became more comfortable.

“That’s it,” Steve moaned. “Good boy. Such a good boy for me. You suck cock like you were born for it.”

Peter moaned around Steve’s length. Steve’s hand tightened in Peter’s hair. Peter moaned at the sting. Maybe he was just that horny, but feeling Steve pulling his hair just made him feel more aroused. He moaned around Steve’s cock as he bobbed on it. Steve’s moans grew more harried and earnest.

“Gonna come, baby,” Steve moaned. “Doin’ so good, doll, suckin’ my dick so good. Gonna come in your hot mouth, baby, just wait.”

Peter moaned and Steve shot his load into his mouth. Peter paused for a moment, unsure of what to do. Steve kept shooting his come into Peter’s mouth. Peter swallowed since there didn’t seem to be much else to do with the come in his mouth. Steve sighed as he finished, but miraculously, his cock didn’t soften at all. Even so, he let the length slip out of his mouth. He rested his head on Steve’s thigh and looked up at him. Steve looked blissful and satisfied.

“That was good, baby,” Steve said. “You’re a natural.”

Peter might have blushed if his face wasn’t flushed with exertion. He just smiled up at Steve. Just half a second later, Steve sat up and pulled Peter into a deep, ravishing kiss. Peter could barely breathe as Steve kissed him, his tongue exploring Peter’s mouth, his teeth biting Peter’s flushed, swollen lips. Every kiss Peter had had before Steve had been sweet, gentle, and inexperienced. He never knew that kissing could be so filthy and hot.

Steve reached down and squeezed Peter’s supple ass roughly. Peter gasped and moaned into Steve’s mouth. Steve kneaded Peter’s ass, his callused fingers burning across Peter’s smooth skin. Peter yielded almost instinctively. He was putty in Steve’s rough, experienced hands.

“I’m gonna eat your ass now, doll,” Steve murmured. He waited and after a moment, Peter realized what he wanted. He nodded. Steve pushed him down firmly onto the bed and rolled him over. He smacked Peter’s ass sharply and Peter gasped in shock, surprise, and, to his equal parts embarrassment and pleasure, arousal.

“Look at that,” Steve purred. “Fuck, baby, your ass just doesn’t quit, does it? The first time I saw it, I thought about how it would look stuffed with my cock. Finally gonna find out if you feel as good as you look.”

“Please,” Peter mewled. He looked over his shoulder at Steve. Steve met his gaze, his eyes glinting with predatory lust. “Please fuck me, Sir.”

“You beg so nice, baby,” Steve replied. He picked up Peter’s ass and set it so that Peter was on his knees with his ass in the air. “We’ll see how well you can beg for my cock, won’t we?”

Steve bent down licked a long stripe over Peter’s ass. Peter gasped and moaned into the bed beneath him. Steve licked and sucked on Peter’s hole, moaning against the sensitive flesh. Peter had tried fingering when he was jacking off, but that paled in comparison to having someone eat his ass out. Steve’s tongue teased at his hole, his fingers squeezing and kneading at Peter’s ass beautifully.

“Fuck,” Peter whined. He pushed back against Steve’s face and Steve moaned in approval. “P-Please, Sir…”

“Please what?” Steve asked. He pressed a finger to Peter’s hole. “Still tight, baby. Gotta loosen you up if I’m gonna fuck you.”

“Sorry, Sir,” Peter replied. Steve stroked Peter’s back gently.

“Don’t apologize,” he said. “Just relax, feel. Let yourself enjoy it, you’re doing just fine.”

He bent down and buried his face in Peter’s ass again. Peter moaned more loudly than before as he felt Steve’s tongue teasing at his entrance, pushing to gain entry. Peter just screwed his eyes shut and moaned, fisting the blankets beneath him.

“Relax,” Steve breathed. “I’ve got you, baby. You’re doing so good. Just be a good boy and relax for me.”

Peter let the words wash over him and he felt the warm, gooey feeling that came with Steve calling him a good boy. It did something to him that he couldn’t explain. It settled him, soothed the anxieties in him. He let himself feel that warm feeling and Steve moaned as his tongue entered Peter’s body.

“That’s it, good boy,” Steve murmured before he resumed eating Peter’s ass. His tongue delved into Peter’s body. Peter moaned at the feeling. Steve’s hot tongue went as deeply into Peter’s ass as it could go. It felt amazing, like his whole body was sparking with pleasure and Steve was the source.

Steve got up and Peter whined at the loss. Then he blushed at the neediness of the sound. Steve just chuckled and slapped Peter’s ass lightly.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he murmured. “I’ll give you what you need soon enough.”

“Please, Sir,” Peter moaned. “Feels so good, I-I-I… I’m gonna come!”

“Don’t,” Steve growled softly. “Not until I say.”

Peter whined in protest. His cock had not been so much as touched since Steve wrapped his hand around it. Still, Peter managed to somehow avoid touching his cock as he was instructed. Steve returned to the bed and leaned over Peter’s body. Peter could feel Steve’s cock press against the curve of his ass and he pushed back against it desperately.

“You will come on my cock, do you hear me?” Steve asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Peter replied.

“Good boy. Such an earnest boy. You need it, don’t you?” Steve murmured against the shell of Peter’s ear. “You’ve had a taste, and now you want it all.”

“Yes, Sir,” Peter moaned. “Please, please give it to me.”

“Good boy,” Steve murmured. “Such a good boy for me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” Peter whined. “Please…”

“Don’t you worry,” Steve said. He leaned back and uncapped a bottle of lube. “Not much longer now and I’ll pop your pretty cherry.”

A moment later, Peter felt a lubed finger against his hole. He knew Steve’s fingers were thick, but against his hole, they felt bigger for some reason. Peter hissed slightly as Steve pushed his finger into him. Whatever burn he felt vanished as Steve crooked his finger and his back arched beneath him as pleasure bloomed in his body. He moaned loudly as he felt Steve teasing his prostate better than he was ever able to do himself.

“Fuck! Ooohhh shit,” Peter moaned.

“Look at you,” Steve purred. “You love having something in your ass. It feels so good doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir!” Peter moaned. “Please, more, give me more!”

“Shhh…” Steve replied. “Be patient. I’ll give it all to you eventually. Just relax.”

Peter whined and buried his face in the blankets beneath him. Steve fucked him with that finger, the callused pad teasing Peter’s prostate and making him moan into the mattress. He didn’t even care how ridiculous he seemed anymore. He was horny and alive and it felt so fucking good.

When Steve pushed a second finger into him, it hardly burned at all. The fingers spread him open so slowly that Peter couldn’t stand it.

“Please, Sir!” he whined. “Please fuck me!”

“Not yet, doll,” Steve murmured. He pushed a third finger into him. “Almost there, baby. Just a little longer.”

Peter whined and pushed back against Steve’s hand. He felt so full. Steve’s thick fingers made way for themselves inside him. He could only imagine what Steve’s cock would feel like. He just knew that he wanted it, needed it, more than he’d ever needed anything else.

“Sir, I need it,” Peter said. “Gimme your cock, Sir, please fuck me, Sir!”

“Fuck, I need it, too, baby,” Steve groaned. He pulled his fingers from Peter’s ass and Peter whined at the loss. A moment later, Steve pressed his lubed cock to Peter’s ass. “Remember to relax, baby.”

With that, he pushed into Peter. Peter groaned loudly as he felt the stretch from Steve’s cock. It was thicker than his fingers and far longer. Steve pushed into him slowly and Peter’s ass stretched around him. Even the slight burn that accompanied the feeling didn’t hurt compared to the pleasure that he felt from Steve’s cock grazing his prostate.

“Fuck, doll,” Steve groaned. He gripped Peter’s hips like a vice as he pushed in. “You feel so much better than I even dreamed. God, you were so worth the wait. Tell me to stop if it hurts.”

“Yes, Steve,” Peter groaned. “P-Please, I just want to feel you.”

“You’ll feel me all right,” Steve moaned. A moment later, Steve’s hips touched Peter’s and he groaned loudly. “Fuck, baby. You’re so fucking tight. God, your ass is amazing.”

Peter squeezed around Steve’s cock experimentally and Steve groaned again. Peter moaned as well. He was so full. He felt Steve’s cock, hot and thick and so deep inside him he could not fit more if there was more to fit. Peter arched his back and looked back at Steve over his shoulder.

“It f-feels s-so good,” he breathed. “S-So big, I’m s-so full.”

Steve leaned down and kissed Peter’s forehead gently. “Let me know when you’re ready for me to move.”

Peter nodded and took several deep breaths. When he nodded again, he felt Steve pull out slightly and thrust back into him, his cock grazing over Peter’s prostate. He bent his head and half moaned, half whimpered at the feeling. His body was ablaze with pleasure. He felt Steve’s body above him, Steve’s hands on his hips, Steve’s cock in his ass, and his body sang with pleasure.

Peter cried out as Steve’s thrusts grew longer. They remained slow and gentle, but they were still the most amazing feeling he’d ever felt. No amount of experimentation on his own had ever come close. Steve draped himself over Peter’s body, his broad, solid mass pressing him down into the mattress as he thrust into Peter.

“Feel good?” Steve asked. Peter was so far gone that all he could bring himself to do was nod and moan his reply. “Good boy. You’re such a good boy, Peter. So good for me.”

Peter preened and arched against Steve’s body. Steve’s thrusts grew longer and longer and the pleasure more and more until Peter was afraid he would burn from the inside out from all the pleasure. There was nothing for him to do but squeeze around Steve’s cock and moan his pleasure. His cock, neglected until now, begged for release, his orgasm bursting at the seams within his body.

“Fuck!” Peter cried. “Fuck! I’m gonna come! Please let me come, Sir! Steve!”

Steve reached beneath Peter’s body and wrapped his hand around Peter’s cock again. He tugged it gently in tandem with his thrusts. Peter whimpered and moaned into the bed. Steve’s thrusts grew faster, more harried. He grunted and groaned in Peter’s ear and his grip around Peter’s body tightened.

“I’m close, too,” Steve groaned. “You need to come, baby?”

“Yes, yes, please, Steve!” Peter begged. “God, please, I can’t take it anymore!”

“Come. Now,” Steve said. Peter whimpered and cried out as he came onto the sheets beneath him. It burst from him like a dam giving way to a flood and his entire body convulsed beneath Steve. Steve fucked him through it and a moment later he groaned himself and came inside Peter’s body. Peter barely noticed it through the haze of his pleasure.

They lay panting on the bed together. Peter was utterly spent, like he was after a night of fighting. At the same time, he felt better than he had in months. He smiled as he lay limp beneath Steve’s body. Steve himself slipped his cock out of Peter’s body slowly. He drew Peter against his chest and lay back in the bed and drew the covers over them.

“That was… Jesus Christ, I don’t even know,” Peter said. Steve chuckled.

“Well, I hope that it was at least a little enjoyable,” he replied. Peter just hummed and nodded as he laid his head against Steve’s shoulder.

“So what happens now?” Peter asked.

“Well,” Steve said. “I could take you out to a movie. Or we could do something else.”

Peter looked at him. It took way more effort than he expected but he managed to make his brain work enough to swivel his head to look at Steve.

“What, like a date?” he asked.

“Yes,” Steve said matter-of-factly.

“You mean this was…” Peter said.

“Was that not clear?” Steve asked. “I said I cared about you, didn’t I? That I had wanted to be with you for months?”

“I thought that was just about sex!” Peter protested.

“Well,” Steve said. He blushed in embarrassment and Peter couldn’t help but laugh at him. He giggled at Steve’s flustered face until his sides hurt. “I’m glad I’ve at least amused you,” Steve grumbled.

“Sorry, I’m sorry,” Peter replied. “It’s just… I’ve had a crush on you for so long. I just never expected… any of this to happen.”

Steve smiled softly and kissed Peter on the lips. “Then I should say, I didn’t just mean for this to be sex,” Steve said. “If you’re interested, I’d like for this to be more.”

“Like,” Peter replied. He swallowed. “Like dating? Like boyfriends?”

Steve looked down sheepishly and nodded. Peter reached out with a hesitant hand and laid it on Steve’s hand. He wrapped his fingers around it.

“I’d like that,” Peter said. Steve smiled and Peter leaned in to kiss him. Steve kissed him back and rolled over on top of Peter’s body. Peter giggled gleefully into the kiss.

“I have so much more to show you,” Steve murmured. “I’m glad I’ll get to do it.”

Peter grinned. “I can’t wait.”