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Don't Forget To Check Your Calendar!

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Omega's in preheat display numerous warning signs, these range from extreme fatigue and hunger to mood swings and fevers.

Generally, mood swings are the first warning sign, with 64% of Omegas feeling this symptom first. It's then usually followed by  hunger and fatigue, possessiveness and the need for protection .

Finally, the fevers and the actual main symptoms of a heat such as slick generation, flushed skin, panting and sweat start to occur. This is a process used to show an Alpha an Omega's desire and need for a mate.



In Peter's defence, he hadn't really had much time to think about his incoming heat.


He'd been so busy keeping the Vulture from dealing illegal alien firearms that he forgot he even WAS an omega in the first place. Of course, he still took his scent suppressants, as Spider-mans identity and status were both still huge secrets, but unfortunately not even that could prompt his memory. He was also dealing with his final exams at college and his over-active best friend, Wade.


Not to mention his Aunt's sudden death, which even with the huge sums of money Tony Stark donated to find a cure, he couldn't fix. The death hit him really hard and he barely ate or slept all week, until Tony finally let Wade into the tower who comforted his inner wolf and slowly prompted him to emotionally heal. 


So yeah, Peter had a lot on his plate. 


However, even with all of this going on, Peter should have noticed the warning signs. The first being his mood. After May's death, Peter had his good and his bad days- it was to be expected! But nothing could handle the mood swings of a near-heat omega, not even the strongest alpha in the world.  Peter could feel his annoyance and irritability growing the longer he stayed at the kitchen table with the others. Steve was cooking waffles, normally Peter's favourite, but Peter's omega focused on the annoying tune the Captain was whistling instead. Tony and Bruce were geeking out over a new element that Bruce had read about in a news article, while Natasha just quietly drank her coffee and observed, which Peter could actually feel a little gratitude for; and Clint was complaining to Sam and Bucky about an incident he had to attend to in Washington surrounding mutants, goo and his now destroyed new clothes.


"I swear it's like they were purposefully spitting goo on me! I can't get the smell out of the clothes I wore that day either, so I'm definitely gonna have to burn them, which sucks cause that another $50 down the drain for something that was totally not my fault-"


Clint was interrupted when he heard a loud growl coming from Peter, who had his head in his hands as he leaned on the kitchen counter. Everyone turned to look in the boy's direction as the room instantly went silent, concerned for the young omega. Tony, sensing his distress and anger, slowly crept over to him and touched his shoulder.


"Hey Pete, you alright? What's wrong?" Tony asked softly, worried that he was having a sensory overload related panic attack. Due to his enhanced abilities such as hearing and sight when peter got bit, his human body isn't fully used to it (even after 7 years) and so sometimes would get a sudden wave of extreme pain in his ears and would start to feel really ill. 


Tony had expected Peter to cry maybe, or apologise for growling at Clint or just be his normally bubbly Peter, but instead he got a sharp growl and watched as Peter's eyes changed into their gold colour that was usually reserved for extreme emotions and situations. Tony slowly lifted his hand off of his shoulder and tilted his neck back to show submission. Normally his eyes would shift too and Tony, as the pack leader's omega would put Peter in his place, but he could sense that this time it wasn't Peter being his normal self and that something was wrong. He heard the room gasp as he never shows submission to anyone except his alpha, Steve, but Peter was his baby and he'll be damned if he let his pride get in the way of his health and safety. The Avengers watched as Peter stalked off to his room, and winced as he slammed the door shut.


Well, that was new? 


"I'll call Wade." Steve sighed as he fished his phone out his apron pocket. 




"Hey baby boy! Heard you weren't feeling so good, so Iron Dick sent me to-" Wade paused as he took in Peter's curled up form on the bed. He was surrounded in pillows and blankets alike, to the point where he could only see a mop of soft brown girls peeking out.


Wade hesitantly moved closer. He knew how sensitive and vicious omegas could get if someone messed with their nests, or even came near to them if that person wasn't a member of the pack. Luckily, he was Peter's intended mate (not that Peter knew that), so he was registered as pack the minute they met. Wade saw the brown curls shift for a moment, and then Peter's full body shot up and sniffed the air, his eyes still a beautiful golden colour. 


"Alpha?" Peter softly called out, not entirely sure if it was him as his senses were all muddled up and confusing him. 


"Hey baby, it's okay, Alpha's here now. Can I come into your nest please?" 


"Alpha." Peter sighed, baring his neck and letting his eyes fade back into their regular beautiful brown. 


Wade took that as a yes, and let himself crawl into Peter's nest. He sighed softly as he curled his larger body around Peter's smaller one, successfully wrapping his omega in his being. He could smell the distress waving off of him like a flag and frowned.


"What's wrong Petey-pie?"


"Wade!" Peter cried, turning himself around into Wade's broad chest and sobbing, desperate to sit even closer to his alpha. Wade sat up in alarm, wondering what the hell was happening and who had hurt his baby, already picturing the violent and grotesque ways he'd end them.


"Alpha, I don't know what's wrong! Everything just feels off and I needed you here but you weren't here a-a-and the Avengers weren't doing anything but my omega was getting so annoyed and I growled at Clint!" Peter sobbed once more, he can't believe he'd act so rude towards his teammate, especially as he hadn't even done anything wrong.


"Alright, calm down Pete. I'm sure they're not mad at you, okay? You're part of the pack, they love you." Wade calmly spoke as he started stroking Peter's head trying to get him to calm down. Eventually Peter's almost hysterics turned into quiet sniffles. He still didn't know what was wrong with him, but he knew if anyone could help figure it out, it would be his pack.


"How about we go apologise to them together?"



Wade grabbed Peter's hand as they slowly walked out to the living room. The Avengers were sat around the various seating areas, some trying to watch a movie but ultimately zoning out. Some were pacing up and down the room (read; Steve) and the rest were just sitting down with large frowns on there faces. Everyone stopped what they were doing as they smelt Peter's scent moving closer, holding their breath. 


They all let out a collective sigh of relief as they saw Peter almost hiding behind Wade, eyes no longer golden and tear tracks down his face. Wade smiled tentatively down at him as he slowly moved Peter in front of him. Peter took a deep breath and screwed his eyes shut as he spoke,


"I-I want to apologise to you all. I'm sorry for making you worried, and I'm really sorry Uncle Clint and Papa for growling at you, I really didn't mean too. I hope you can forgive me and we can-" 


He was stopped by the sudden weight on top of him, not even his spider strength could hold it up. He opened his eyes to see his entire pack on top of him, cuddling him with huge smiles on his face Peter felt himself relax as the tears started pouring again. Home. Pack. Warmth. Family. 


It would be okay. 

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Wade had already left to go patrol by the time Peter returned home late from college. It was an unspoken agreement between them, never wait for the other, the city comes first. He quickly slid into his spandex suit and crawled onto his windowsill, quickly pulling on his mask before webbing onto a nearby roof. Peter felt exhausted, having been lectured by his professor for misplacing a chemical in biochemistry and then missing the subway home so he had to wait an hour for the next train to arrive.  


Peter swung his way between the buildings, the cool evening air helping his temperature regulate. He had been feeling hot and hungry all day, despite the fact it was only 68 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside. He landed on a flat apartment block overlooking central park and sat down, lightly panting. He didn't understand why he was so tired, he had only been out for ten minutes!


"Motherfucker.." Peter muttered under his breath as his stomach grumbled loudly as he remembered that he'd left his wallet behind. Great. 


"Gosh Spidey, what crude language! You'll hurt my poor old heart."


Peter quickly spun around, only to see Wade with his hands on his hips and what looked like a sorrowful expression on his face (is what he assumed, he couldn't really tell with Wade's mask in the way).


"Haha, very funny Pool. Catch any baddies while I was gone?" 


"Yup! Two idiots trying to break into an old lady's house, but I quickly put a stop to it. Didn't even unalive them!" Wade rolled up the edge of his mask to his nose and crossed his arms, smirking down at Peter smugly.


"Good job, but where's Bea?" Peter asked in a slightly concerned tone. Deadpool always kept his katanas on him, unless he was in civilian wear, which meant that he had either lied to Peter and had Bea lodged into some guy's throat, or he had actually gone and lost it.


"Well you see little Spider, they kept trying to escape after I had destroyed their weapons and those pigs at the police station would've taken another 20 minutes to get here so I uh, pinned them to a wall?" 


Peter shook his head and sighed, Wade didn't even realise what he'd just done.


"So, you left them there and came up here. You do realise that they could've just taken off their tops or ripped them, and now the police have Bea?"


"Ah." Wade's expression darkened considerably, a prominent scowl etched onto his scarred mouth as he reached back to touch the holster his sword was normally in. He didn't trust the police as far as he could throw them, and the fact that they had his baby set something off on him.


"Well Spidey babe, it's been fun, but I gotta go and take care of that issue we just discussed. See you late-" He turned around to leap off the roof when Peter shouted,


"Wait! Listen I'm starving, and I left my wallet at home. If you take me to buy some food right now, which I WILL pay you back for, I'll get Bea for you okay? The police mostly trust me, if you go they might think you're their to hurt them. It's only been two months since you last killed someone."


Wade stood still for a minute and pondered his offer. Even though the thought of his sword in someone else's hands sent shivers down his spine, he still had Arthur, and it wasn't like Bea could be in any danger. 


"Alright then baby boy, where'd ya wanna go?" 


"Tacos sound good to you DP?" 


"Wow, you took the words right outta my mouth Spidey! I know just where to go." Wade grinned as he wrapped his arms around Peter's neck, preparing to swing. 



 Wade had rented out an entire restaurant. According to him, he just likes to feel comfortable while eating without a mask, which is fair enough, but Peter suspects that there's more to it than that.


" So then I said to Mr Harrington that I know I shouldn't be mixing hydrogen peroxide and sulphuric acid and that I wasn't trying to harm anyone-" Peter spoke, muffled, his mask rolled up to his nose. He paused at Wade's dropped jaw, which meant he could see all the mushed up taco in his mouth. 


"For fuck's sake DP, close your mouth! I'm trying to eat here dude."


Wade quickly regained his self-control and hurriedly closed his mouth and swallowed hard. 


"Sorry baby boy, but... aren't you full?"


"...Huh?" Peter looked down at his plate of tacos, only to find that he was on his last one. Normally when the duo goes out for tacos, he would normally only have around for or five, but Wade would order around 30 for him so he could just steal them off his plate or in case Peter was feeling hungry, something about providing for his omega? Peter didn't know. He looked down to his stomach, only to find it around the size of a small watermelon.


"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I didn't even realise!" Peter blushed, covering his face in his hands and dropping his taco back onto his plate. 


"Omega," Wade growled lightly, "Do not apologise for taking care of yourself and being such a good boy." He paused to pour the rest of his own tacos onto Peter's plate "Now, keep eating"


"Oh fuck." Peter grew even redder. Wade had called him Omega? AND a good boy? That's a recipe for a kink filled disaster in Peter's book. He could barely contain himself when he replied, "Yes Alpha."


He picked up another taco, swallowing it down quickly and started going for another when Wade said, "Slowly Omega, I don't want you to get hurt." Peter felt his blush grow increasingly redder as he slowly took a bite from his new taco, feeling himself relax as he saw Wade giving a small smile. 


Soon enough, Peter had eaten every last taco, and he still didn't feel full, but he had a promise to fulfil. He pulled his mask back down and stood up, dusting himself off. He turned to Wade and smiled while saying,


"Thank you for the meal Alpha. You ready to go get Bea back?"


Wade froze at Peter calling him 'Alpha' willingly but remembered they had a job to do and so quickly recomposed himself. 


He chuckled as he said, "Ready when you are, baby boy!".




Peter swung them to the police station. It was nearly pitch black out due to it almost being one o'clock in the morning- but they could still see a small light shining through the windows.


"Stay out here okay? We don't want the police to think we have any malicious intent by coming here. I'll be five minutes."


Wade grumbled under his breath about the trustworthiness of the police but nodded and leaned against the brick walls all the same. Peter softly pushed open the double doors and walked into the dimly lit foyer. He went up to the receptionist and slowly pulled his mask up to his nose, forgetting that his suits scent blockers only worked when his mask was fully on. He then asked politely,


"Good morning sir! I was wondering if you may have brought a katana back with you this morning after you apprehended some criminals? It belongs to a friend of mine and he would really like it back."


The man sniffed the air, and then turned to Peter with a lecherous grin and said, "You an Omega kid?" 


'Oh shit'  Peter thought as the man started slowly getting up from his seat. 'No-one can know I'm an Omega!'


"Ahaha, I think you might be mistaken sir.." Peter chuckled nervously, this wasn't going to plan.


"Nah, I know an Omega when I smell one sweetcheeks, and you definitely aren't no Alpha." The receptionist smirked as he started walking over to him.


Peter backed away slowly, for once not knowing what to do. If news got out that Spider-man beat up a cop, either his secret would be revealed or he'd be deemed a villain. He can't let him come any closer or he would definitely sniff out his scent, and that would cause too much drama.


At this point, Peter was backed against a corner cowering, the larger man staring down at him menacingly as his hands started to touch his sides. His scent was horrible and smelt like cigarettes and burnt food. He felt tears starting to form in his eyes as he began to regret making Wade the offer to come here for him, he was so, so scared. 'Wait.. Wade!'


"Wade! Help me!" Peter yelled, suddenly remembering his mercenary best friend waiting outside.


Not even a second later, Wade had stormed into the building. His eyes were a feral red and seemed to glow even brighter as he took in the sight in front of him. He let out a furious growl as he pulled out a small pistol and aimed it at the officer's head. 


"Back away from my Omega, NOW." Wade yelled as the other Alpha turned to face him. 


"D-Deadpool?" The officer shakily cried, almost running away from Peter as he moved back to his desk. 


Peter ran over to Wade, wanting to fight but feeling far too weak and exhausted, so instead hiding behind his back. He knew that not even in the strongest bond possible could an Omega calm an Alpha down from a rage of this level, so he just covered his ears and scrunched his eyes shut as Wade aimed and shot the bullet in between the officer's eyes. 


Wade quickly sniffed out his katana in the evidence box in front of him before turning around to Peter, his eyes still glowing a ruby red.


"Alpha.. please come back to me?" Peter said as he slowly placed his palm again Wade's cheek cautiously.


Wade wrapped his arms around Peter's waist and shoved his head into his neck. Peter let him, as this was a sign of a need to check his Omega was alright. Instead, he lifted up his arms to stroke down the back of Wade's head and neck. Eventually, Wade came back to himself, his eyes now filled with concern and worry. He let go of Peter, both of them instantly wanting the other back in their arms.


"Are you alright Peter? Did that fucker touch you? I swear I should have tortured him before I-" Wade spoke angrily, causing Peter to smile lightly.


"Wade, I'm okay, I promise. Thank you for saving me." Pete said as his eyes started to droop, falling forward onto Wade's chest. Today had been too emotionally exhausting.


Wade picked peter up carefully in his arms, before turning to walk out the door. He pressed a small kiss onto Peter's forehead as he carried him to Stark tower, it being the nearest place possible for him to rest. 

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Peter Parker hated school. 


He especially hated high school, what with his constant pressure to be around his bully Flash and his jerkwad friends. He was so excited to be starting his second year at university, having been away from Flash for a year and he was finally free of the torment he had faced. He could study anything he wanted without feeling the annoyance from his teacher's for always leaving school for Spider-Man duties.


Of course his infamous Peter Parker luck has to kick in.


It was his first day there as a sophomore and he was buzzing with excitement. His first year was amazing, he’d done well with his exams and generally really enjoyed his lectures. Peter was surrounded by people who he didn't know, and so had so many opportunities to make new friends (not that Ned and MJ weren't great, but Ned was studying programming and MJ had moved to L.A.). 


As he stepped through the university’s large gates, smiling brightly at the people walking around him, he saw Flash and his minions, smirking at the sight of him. Peter’s jaw dropped. Why the hell was he here? Flash walked up to him, and grabbed his backpack strap as he dragged him next to a large oak tree out of the other students view.


"Hello Penis, miss me?" Flash smirked as he stood over Peter.


He was an Alpha, and always made sure to show that fact off. He was one of the few that still believed that Omegas weren't good for anything except pushing out babies. Of course, this angered Peter. If only he knew that he was Spider-Man, he wouldn't dare say that to his face. But, Peter couldn't tell Flash that, he couldn't hurt Flash back after he shoved him down the stairs or punched him right in the face, it would cause more harm then good. 


Spider-Man couldn't let another one of his classmates get hurt. 


Peter sighed lightly, feeling his sunny mood dampen considerably, "No, Flash, I didn't. It seems you missed me though with how hard you're holding my shoulder right now."


Flash instantly let go of Peter and moved back a step, as though the mere notion of being near him would burn him. His face was angry as he looked Peter over, scowl present as he took in everything Peter said. 


"Shut it Parker- as if anyone would want to see your piece of shit face. Only thing that ugly mug's good for is sucking dick, huh?" 


Peter frowned, but didn't argue back. He really didn't want to be dealing with this on his first day. He knew he shouldn't keep talking to Flash, or the risk of getting physically hurt would grow, but he was too curious about why Flash was here.


"What are you doing here, Flash?"


"God, you really are fucking stupid, aren't you Penis? Obviously I'm here to go to university."


Peter rolled his eyes subtly, "No Flash, I meant why are you here? Your parents would've paid for you to get in at any university in the country- and I thought you went to Yale?"


"What's it to you fag? I wanted to go here. You're really starting to piss me off with that attitude of yours."


As if sensing Flash's sudden irritation, his goons started to walk over, preparing to fight. Peter sighed again, he hated letting them beat him up; but it would be too suspicious if an Omega could all of a sudden take down a group of Alphas. Peter braced for impact as Flash's hand came to his shoulder again, only to see Ned standing with his new university’s Dean. 


"What's going on here?" The Dean asked as Peter felt his shoulders relax. Ned made his way over to Peter and gently touched his arm, a sign asking if he was alright. 


Suddenly, Flash crossed his arms as another smirk appeared on his face. His minions- understanding what was about to happen, all shifted their faces into various signs of fake worry and mild anger. 


"I'm so sorry sir. This Omega here was trying to come onto me! I already have a mate at home, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. He kept coming into my personal space and my friends over here came to check on me, they can vouch for me!" 


Peter's eyes widened as the Dean’s face morphed into one of despise and anger. He felt his shoulder's tense up again and his scent spike with distress. Ned softly grabbed his hand as Peter started to shake.


"Wait- but Sir I would never-"


The Dean growled as he peered down at Peter, effectively shutting him up, "That's enough young Omega. I can't believe that on your first day back you would have the audacity to act like such a whore. I'll be putting you on the Watch List when I get back to my office. I better not hear of anything like this again. Is that understood?"


Ned was about to speak up when Peter shot him a look, "Yes sir, I'm very sorry. I promise it won't happen again."


This seemed to appease the Dean as he stalked back to his office. Flash and Co turned to face Peter as they saw him re-enter the building.


"You may have gotten away from it this time Penis, but after school prepare to have a whole years worth of ass beating," Flash smirked one last time before they then off back to their original spot near the entrance, obviously waiting for their next victim. 


Peter felt tears pick his eyes as Ned let go of his hand and turned to hug him. Why couldn't he just have one normal day of school? He was so tired of it all. Ned then grabbed his hand again.


"C'mon buddy, I'll walk you to your first class."




Flash notoriously had bad grades in science when they were at MIT, he constantly got questions wrong and never passed a B- on his tests. Apparently, he also nearly failed the first year at his ‘old’ university. 


 Imagine his surprise when Flash ended up in his chemistry class. 


Obviously Flash’s parents paid the school to let him in, as there was no way he could’ve gotten in normally. He felt Flash and one of his friends sit on the row behind him, his excitement now squashed as he knew he wouldn't be learning anything today. As his new professor walked, he felt Flash's foot digging into his side. Great.


"Good morning class! It's lovely to meet you all. Today we'll be diving into the PH Scale." Peter didn't even hear the teacher say, as he was too distracted by Flash's low chuckle. 


Halfway through the lesson and torture from Flash, Peter felt himself getting a headache. The people talking around him sounded muffled and Flash's constant whispers in his ears felt like pins and needles stabbing him all over. His palms started to get sweaty and clammy, and his leg started nervously bouncing up and down. He felt his breathing come out in short laboured breaths and felt like the world was spinning. 


"E-Excuse me, Miss? Please can I go to the b-bathroom?" Peter asked as he raised his less sweaty hand. 


The professor, obviously concerned, let him go immediately. Peter grabbed his bag and all but ran to the Omega only bathroom and grabbed the edge of the sink hard enough to create a permanent dent as he struggled to stay stood up. He refilled his water bottle and chugged it all down at once his heart barely slowing down. 


He saw Karen buzzing on his watch, trying to talk to him. Peter quickly locked himself into a stall and sat down on the toilet, pressing answer as he clutched his head in between his hands as he rested his elbows on his knees. 


"Peter- your heart rate has elevated to that of 150bpm. Shall I call Mr Stark?" Karen asked, if an AI could sound concerned, that's the tone they would have.


"Y-Yes please, Karen."


"Calling: Dad"


Peter's arm started shaking as he reached into his bag for his sensory glasses. They toned down the room to make everything less bright and allowed Tony to see his face and vice versa. 


"Pete? Are you okay? Karen sent me a graph of your heart rate and it doesn't look too good buddy." Peter's watch vibrated as Tony's voice came out through speaker's at the back. 


"Dad! Everything is too bright and too loud and Flash is in my class again and-"


"Fuck, sensory overload related attack? Okay, Pete? I need you to reach into your bag and find your S.O headphones, alright?"


"I-I can do that.." Peter shakily said as he tried to find his headphones. They blocked out any noise that wasn't coming from Peter's watch, so Peter could still hear Toy and Karen or whoever else rang, but nothing from outside of them.


"You got them? Okay baby, I'm going to play some white noise for you. Tell me when you've stopped shaking and your heart rates gone down. I'll wait on the line for you." Peter leaned back on the toilet seat as the soothing sounds flowed through him. He closed his eyes to Tony's concerned but soft smile.


Around ten minutes later, Peter felt better. He could breathe normally and it didn't feel like his heart was going to jump out of his chest anymore. 


"Tony? I think I'm fine now. I'm sorry for bothering you." Peter spoke quietly, at least he thought he did. He couldn't tell with the headphones on.


"Hey, hey, hey. Don't ever apologise for that, okay Pete? You're my son, I would do anything for you. I wasn't doing much anyway, I was just helping Strange with some weird 'magic' experiment."


Peter chuckled at his father's distaste for magic. Unlike Peter, he didn't believe in it as he thought science could be used to explain anything.


"Sure, dad. Thank you again. I'm gonna go back to my lesson now for the last half an hour."


"Alright son, take care okay? I've called Wade and he's going to walk with you here after school, and then me, you and your other dad are going to snuggle and watch a movie. I love you!"


"Thank you, Dad, and of course that sounds good! I can't wait. Love you too!"


Peter sighed happily as he flipped his bag back onto his back. He then thanked Karen and walked back to his class. He apologised to his professor for taking so long as he sat back down at his seat. She just smiled at him and waved it off. Peter felt Flash kick the back of his chair again.


"Tried to escape me, Parker? You should know better than that by now, I hope you're excited for what's gonna happen after class. I know I am!"


"Mr Thompson, do you mind sharing what you find so interesting with the whole class?" The professor asked in an annoyed tone as she raised a neat eyebrow. Peter saw Flash flush as he stuttered his way through an apology, only to tense as he muttered under his breath,


"You're dead, Parker."




Peter swiftly walked out of the university’s main building, trying to see if he could get away from Flash before he made it out. Unfortunately, Peter clearly hadn't gotten out soon enough as he saw Flash and his gang stood at the entrance of the gate.


Peter looked around to try and spot Wade, praying silently that he wouldn't see this and get mad. He really didn't want to be the cause of an Alpha brawl. Peter walked up towards the gate, seeing Flash's smirk deepen as he noticed him. He grabbed Peter's neck roughly as he tried walking past them and, using his Alpha voice, said,


"Submit, Omega."


Peter instantly bared his neck to Flash, his whole body loosening up and if it wasn't for Flash's tight grip around his neck, he definitely would be a puddle on the concrete ground. As Flash had winded his arm back to land an awful blow on Peter's soft face, he heard a growl coming from behind him.


"Let go of him, now."


Wade was dressed in civilian clothing. Despite the heat; he was dressed in a large red hoodie that covered most of his scarred face, but couldn't hide the red of his Alpha's eyes. He had black skinny jeans on and a pair of plain white sneakers. Instead of relaxing Peter felt himself tense. He wished Ned was here, as he was a Beta and so a mediator between all wolves. 


"Who're you, ugly?" Flash asked as he sneered at him, obviously trying to look confident but failing as he instantly let go of Peter. 


Wade, sensing no threat now that Peter was released, shrugged his shoulders as his eyes returned to their usual beautiful brown. 


"None of your concern dickhead. You ready to go, Petey-Pie?" Wade asked as he gently touched Peter's shoulder.


Peter nodded as they started walking off, only to turn around when Flash yelled, "Jeez Penis! I knew no one normal could ever want you, but him? That I can understand, he's definitely retarded looking enough for you- bet he doesn't even know how his knot works! What a fucking monster" His friends laughing a the crude remarks.


Wade laughed harshly as he felt Peter tense next to him, and turned to the confused group and replied, "Oooh, you've gone and done it now, haven't you buddy?"


Peter twisted round, hard enough to give himself whiplash. His eyes were pure golden and his fangs had started to come out. Flash's eyes widened as Peter stalked towards him and grabbed a handful of his clothing.


"The fuck did you just say Flash?"


Flash felt himself going pale, suddenly feeling really sick. This was a mistake, everyone knew not to mess with an Omega's mate if they were feeling vulnerable. A crowd starting forming around them as Peter's growling grew louder, Wade leaning at the entrance of the gate with his arms crossed.


"I-I uhh.."


"You listen here, you stupid motherfucker. I don't care what you say about me, I don't care if you beat me up, but don't you ever insult my Alpha again, or so help me this will be the last face you ever see."I will chop off your useless, tiny knot and feed it to some poor dog I find on the street. I will rip you apart limb from limb if you ever so much as look at him again. Do I make myself clear?"


Flash nodded as peter threw him to the ground, snarling at him one more time before grabbing Wade's arm and dragging him off the school grounds.


Flash would not be messing with Peter again any time soon. 





"Oh my god, Pete! That wasso hot!" Wade squealed as he hugged Peter to his chest in the middle of the sidewalk.


"No, it was embarrassing! I can't go back there now!" Peter wailed as he fisted his hands into balls on Wade's hoodie.


"Sure you can baby boy! If they give you trouble again, I'll come dressed as Deadpool. We'll see what happens then." Wade laughed darkly.


"Thank you, Wade" Peter sighed as he released himself from Wade's tight hug, smiling softly, "Let's go home."

Chapter Text

Peter loved his family.


Before Aunt May died, a certain Tony Stark-Rogers saw videos people had uploaded of Peter onto YouTube. Tony had seen the kid's potential, and while Steve didn't agree with turning a young teenager into a superhero, he couldn't deny the kids talent. He asked Peter to come to the tower, sending his driver Happy Hogan to collect and bring him. He found himself adoring the way Peter's eyes sparkled and how nerdy he got when he stepped into Tony's lab. He adored the way Peter burst out crying when Tony gave him his first real suit and the way the young Omega hugged him like a lifeline afterwards.


They began meeting sometimes to catch up, and while it wasn't often due to Tony's rigorous schedule, it was enough to help him get through Aunt May's sudden illness. Then, tensions rose between the newly formed Avengers, and between Steve and Tony, so the visits and meet-ups stopped altogether. After she died during high school however, Peter was lost as to where he would go and what he would do. He couldn't get a job, as he had no time between Spider-Man patrols and school, and so feared he'd lose his Aunt's apartment and that he'd become homeless. And unfortunately, that nightmare soon became reality. 


To be a male, homeless Omega was the lowest of the low in society's eyes.


Then one day, Peter saw him again. He had stopped by Aunt May's apartment, only to find a young couple now living there. Tony had searched around, asking if anyone knew where Peter was- only to find him sleeping on a bench outside the library. The only food he had been eating was whatever Ned and MJ had spare at lunch, and when not at school he mostly stayed as Spider-Man to protect his Wolf's gender (the suits scent-blockers were a charm). Tony, horrified by Peter's state as both a mentor and fellow Omega, offered for Peter to move into the tower with him. Of course, Peter being the humble guy he is, obviously rejected the offer, but Tony didn't take no for an answer. So, Peter was dragged back to the tower by a very concerned Tony Stark-Rogers.


A few months after Peter moved into the tower, he woke up on Christmas morning to find adoption papers on his bed, with a Stark-rogers couple smiling down at him from the doorway.


Fast forward another few months and Peter was legally Tony and Steve Stark-Rogers son. 


He had quickly gotten to know the Avengers, with them popping in and out of Stark tower constantly to see Steve and Tony, it was kind of hard not too. Eventually, the remaining Avengers moved into Stark Industries tower, due to the Accords. At that point in time, Peter really hated the Avengers, especially Steve. He had to watch his dad fret, cry and panic day in and day out, drinking away his sorrows over his mate fighting with and leaving him. Young Peter Parker had to watch this every single day, and so when Tony asked him to fight? He did. Fighting his other parent was one of the toughest things he's ever had to do. The pain he could see in Steve's eyes when Steve dropped a truck on him nearly ended him right there and then. Of course, when Tony found out, he was livid and refused to even be in the same room as Steve.


Peter feared that once again, he'd lose his family.


But, luckily, the Avengers were strong people, and eventually came together to sign the new Accords. For a few months after, Peter still struggled to be near Steve after what he'd done, but with family therapy and copious amounts of forced exposure, they were a family again.



Wade looped his arm around Peter's shoulders as he flashed his security badge to the receptionists and guards. They then stepped into the private elevator, asking FRIDAY to please take them up to Level 80 (AKA the Avengers main lounge quarters). The doors pinged open, and Wade helped carry a sleepy Peter onto the couch. He then brushed his hands through Peter's hair, grinning as Peter curled up into his hand with his eyes closed. The Avengers, hearing someone enter, all rushed out into the living room. As they took in the sight of Peter's tuckered out face and Wade's loving grin, they all softly smiled. Wade's burner phone then rang and he excused himself out onto the balcony. Peter whined as Wade moved away, and slowly opened his eyes again only to see his parents and aunts/uncles surrounding him. 


"A-Ah!" Peter squeaked, out embarrassed. The Avengers just snickered at him as they all went off to grab drinks and food from the kitchen. Tony and Steve stayed, however, focused on the hand marks around Peter's throat.


"Pete.. who did this to you?" Steve frowned, carefully reaching out to touch them. Peter's eyes widened, he forgot that his parents didn't know about Flash. 


"U-um.. well, you see..." Peter stuttered but came to a halt as Wade came into the room. He felt himself relax against the couch again, glad he was back in the room. Wade turned to Peter and sighed softly.


"Sorry Baby-boy, Weasel thinks he's found a lead on Francis, so I gotta go. I'll come and check on you when I'm back alright? If the lead's right, and he's found the fucker, then it should only take a couple of days."


Peter's mouth dropped into a concerned pout at the thought of Wade dealing with that monster of a man again but completely understood that this was important to him. Peter hopped off the couch and threw himself at Wade, bundling him into a tight hug. Wade's eyes widened before he hugged back, circling his arms around Peter's waist.


"Be safe okay? I'll miss you." Peter whispered as he held Wade firmly by the shoulders. Wade just smirked and leaned down to kiss Peter on the forehead, tingling at the sight of him blushing. 


"You know I'll be fine Petey-Pie! I'll see you soon alright? Love you!" Wade shouted as he jumped out the window. 


Peter was frozen in place, jaw dropped. Wade.. loved him? He probably should've reacted to Wade jumping out the window, like Tony was yelling down at him for breaking his glass again. Natasha came up behind him with Clint in tow, clamping down a hand on his shoulder. She smirked at his starstruck expression before quickly scowling at Peter's bruised neck.


"Pete, who did this to you?" Clint asked, noticing Natasha's sudden anger.


Tony, overhearing their discussion, dragged Steve back over to him and crossed his arms, "Yes Pete, please enlighten us as to how that hand-shaped mark appeared on your neck, right over your scent gland?"


Peter, knowing he couldn't get out of this one, manoeuvred his way over to the couch again. Before sitting down again, he said, "U-Um okay, I can do that, but could you please all sit down first?". The Avengers obeyed, and soon Bucky, Thor, Sam and Bruce had re-entered the room, quickly noticing the sombre atmosphere and choosing to sit down quickly. Tony placed his hand on Peter's thigh as he felt him shake. 


"Right... Okay, um, where to start? So it all started in middle school-" Peter explained his experiences with Flash and his Dean leading up to now, watching the Avengers faces flit between horrified, angry, sadness and murderous. Tony shot up, dealing a number on his phone before walking off to his office.


Peter's eyes pricked with tears at the thought of his father being mad at him, but that was quickly put to a stop. Thor walked over to Peter and picked him up, holding him bridal style and hugged him tightly.


"I will find whoever this 'Flash' is, Young Spider, and I will make sure they feel the true wrath of an Asgardian God!" Thor bellowed. Peter just smiled at him and patted his bicep, touched by his concern.


"Thank you, Mr Thor, but that won't be necessary." Peter wiggled his way free off Thor's strong grip, his face worried as he turned to the Avengers confused expressions.


"What? What did I say?"


"Um... Why isn't it necessary? You're being bullied, Pete! That's a necessity in my eyes!" Bruce whisper-yelled, grimacing.


"Ah, well that would be because I kind of took care of it myself..?" Peter shyly simpered. 


"You what?" Steve stood up after being uncharacteristically silent throughout Peter's explanation. 


"No! No, dad! It's just that he, um, insulted Wade and I got mad? So I accidentally shifted and threatened him. I think he might be scared of me now."


The Avengers looked at him with wide-eyes expression, some (read: Natasha, Clint and Sam) looked fairly smug, which confused Peter, but others such as Steve and Bruce looked at him in bewilderment. Thor? Thor just looked proud.


"Good job kiddo, but you know you could get in trouble for showing your wolf on-premise? You know it's illegal." Bucky half-praised.


"Ah... shit." Peter cursed, he had forgotten all about those stupid laws. It was said that they were to 'protect' people after a fight broke out at Harvard with a group of Alphas from theirs and a rival's school.


"Language!" Steve chided as he clapped Peter on the back, "But I am proud of you, and Tony will be as well after you tell him later."


Peter shivered, he had forgotten about him, "Do you think he's mad at me?"


"What? Of course not! He's just worried Pete, he might be mad for you not telling us sooner, but you haven't done anything wrong besides that."


He sighed in relief, quickly feeling the day's effect on him as he let out a large yawn.


"Why don't we just watch a movie huh? Then you can go to bed." Bruce asked gently.


"Sure, that sounds nice." Peter sleepily replied. He curled back up on the couch, yanking a soft blanking around him and grabbing various pillows and forming a nest. Clint raised an eyebrow at that, as normally an Omega only nests during their heat or leading up to it, but he shrugged it off to stress after the day Peter had had. Tony came back into the room half an hour later. He shoved Steve over so he could sit as close to Peter without ruining his nest. Steve grunted at him but made no further reply or indication that he was annoyed as Tony pressed a warm kiss to his cheek. He turned to Peter, and carefully stroked his soft curls.


"Everything's going to be okay now son. I called the Board of Education. They're investigating your Dean as he's known for being sexist to Omegas. They've put Flash on a warning list, and any other moves he does towards you will result in him being thrown out of any school in the country."


Peter beamed at him, "Thank you, Dad, I love you."


Tony felt his heart melt at Peter's words, "I love you too, kid." and ruffled his hair before curling up next to Steve.


Peter took in the sight of Clint and Natasha huddled together on the love-seat next to them. He snickered at the sight of Bucky and Sam intensely arguing over whether Xbox or PS4 was better, before giving in and just kissing the hell out of each other. He then looked over at Bruce asleep with his head on Thor's lap, as Thor focused on the Disney film playing on the large TV.


He then finally focused in on his parents, blushing as Tony languidly kissed Steve, before pulling back and looking at him as if he was the only thing in the room. Peter just grinned at them, before curling up in his nest and drifting off.


Yeah, Peter loved his family.





"Where the FUCK is Francis?" Wade yelled as he slit the neck of yet another security guard. Peter wouldn't be happy with him for the number of dead men lying at his feet, but eh, they were baddies!


Wade could feel something was going to happen, his 'Alpha' sense (as he called it) tingled as he checked his phone for the eighth-time since he left Stark Tower. It was an understatement to say he was worried about Peter. At this rate, Wade could be out here for days looking for Francis, and wouldn't be there if Pete needed him.


Speaking of, he couldn't believe he told Peter he loved him! He felt so embarrassed and groaned as he stabbed yet another guard in the side. He had it all planned out, a whole romantic date and everything! He hadn't even got his parents permission! There was no point panicking over it, he told himself, there wasn't anything he could do about it anyways.


Time to kick some ass!



Chapter Text

Honestly? Wade hated people.


They were so annoying, always whining about something or another. There were exceptions to this, of course, such as his little Petey-Pie, Al, Dopinder and maybe Weasel. But besides them? Fuck humans man. He would have no qualms about killing them all if it wasn't for his Baby Boy- who always got super moody with him afterwards and Wade suffered as the air filled with angry, distressed Omega pheromones.


So, yeah, because 'Fuck Humans' was a thing in Wade's mind, he didn't really care as he slit yet another useless guy's throat. It's not like Peter would find out, so who cared, right? Wrong. 


Wade forgot about the little sensor thing Fury put in his neck that set off an alarm at SHIELD headquarters anytime he killed someone. Hah, he bets they're loving the constant buzzing at the moment. Anyways, because stupid Fury decided that Wade needs a constant watching over to make sure he killed anyone, Wade realised that Captain Spangled-Ass would be receiving warnings on his phone, in turn telling his Mate Iron Dick and so the word would reach Peter.




Oh well, Wade thought. It's not like he hadn't fucked up already by telling Peter he loved him. Hence why Wade continued slitting throats, cause his life really couldn't care less about anything anymore (except Peter). Wade looked down at his phone, not surprised to see 20 missed calls from Peter. He skimmed through the messages, pausing on certain ones such as;


Baby Boy <3

Wade? You okay? You promised you'd call me after two days..


Baby Boy <3

Wade, I'm worried now, please just send me a text that you're okay.


Baby Boy <3

Fuck you, asshole. Warn a guy next time you decide to be a dick and not text or call him.


Ah, Wade had forgotten he was meant to call him. He truly did mean it when he said he would, but he'd just been super busy un-aliving Francis' friends. He decided he just wouldn't call, he'd be home in a few days anyways due to this seriously pointless lead, which was not gonna get him in trouble with SHIELD again. He typed out a quick text, not really knowing what to say so just spouting stupid stuff;



Hey Petey-Pie! Didn't mean to worry your round lil' bubble butt, well not little but you get what I mean. I've just been super busy with stuff y'know? Anyways, did you know that slugs have four noses? Neither did I! lolololol talk soon Petey xoxo


Wade tucked his phone back in his pocket, pulled off his mask and slowly slid down the wall until hit he the floor. He sighed deeply, tilting back his head and closing his eyes. Jeez, he really couldn't stop fucking up today huh? Wade felt himself slowly drifting off, until he heard the cock of a gun.


"Ah, shit-"




Peter stared down at his phone in shock, eyes wide and his jaw dropped. He read Wade's text over and over, in disbelief. "That motherfucker!" Peter shouted out, quickly texting Wade various angry emojis and a variety of very explicit cuss words. Tony ran into Peter's bedroom, skidding to a halt when he saw his son sitting upside down on the ceiling, staring angrily at his phone.


"Uh- Pete? You alright? Also, how many times have I told you about sitting or worse, walking on my new walls?" Tony asked, crossing his arms and raising his eyebrows at Peter with an annoyed expression filling out on his face.


"Oh, sorry Dad. And yeah, I'm fine I guess. Wade's being a douche is all." Peter sighed, climbing down off the ceiling and wrapping himself back up into his nest on his bed. 


"...Wanna talk about it?" Tony hesitantly asked. He hated all and any conversation to do with Wade, to be honest, and really only tolerated him for his son after that one argument they had about him.



"Young man, where were you? It's one am!" A young Tony stark questioned his newly adopted son, Peter.


"Um, I was out on patrol... with Wade?" Peter shyly smiled, blushing as he looked down at the floor.  Tony's eyes widened, his son was out with a MERCENARY? Not on his watch. 


"Sit down, now," Tony growled, watching as Peter hurriedly sat down on the couch, legs crossing and uncrossing in nerves. "It's bad enough that you, a fifteen-year-old kid, was out this late with school the next day- but you met up with a wanted mercenary, who, might I add, is several years older?" 


Peter looked away as tears pricked his eyes, feeling ashamed at his father's disappointment, "Well, y-yeah but we only had tacos! And he helped me take down some bad guys at the bank earlier."


"Still Peter, he kills people, He hurts people. He looks like a fuckin' monster! Why the hell, out of all the people in New York, would you hang out with him?" Tony yelled, storming around the room angrily. 


"Shut up," Peter growled back at him, standing up as his eyes flashed gold for the first time. Tony's eyes widened considerably carefully taking a few steps back. "I am fifteen, dad. You have no say in who or what I hang out with or do, so stop acting like it. I like Wade, and whether you do or not, you're not going to stop me from hanging out with him. If you insult his appearance one more time, I'm outta here. I don't want to be apart of a family that is horrible to people just because they look different."


Peter sniffled as his eyes turned back to brown, tears streaming down his porcelain face. Tony's angry expression softened as he reached out to hug his son. He then cradled his face and said, "Listen, Pete, I only said what I said because I love you with all my heart. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I won't insult Wade's appearance or call him a monster anymore, but I still don't like or trust him. I can't stop you being his friend, but please just be careful, okay? I love you."


"Okay, Dad. Thank you, I love you too."



End Flashback


"No, no. It's okay, I'll just- rest here." Peter smiled back softly, curling up tighter in his nest.


"Ah, alright Pete. Shout if you need anything okay?" At Peter's small nod, Tony left the room. He knew he was bat at giving advice, but he knew of an Avenger who wasn't always.


An hour later, Peter heard a loud knock against his door, startling him. He quietly called, "Come in!" and rested his head back down onto his arm. Clint entered the room, chuckling at Peter's miserable state.


"Wow kid, you're really whipped, huh?" Clint laughed as he sat down on the edge of Peter's bed, careful not to touch his nest. Clint's warm Beta pheromones soothed Peter but did not soothe his confusion as to what Clint was on about.


"Whipped about what Uncle Clint?" His eyes widened, had Peter really not figured it out yet? Clint raised an eyebrow at Peter and stared at him in scepticism. 


"What?" Peter muttered, suddenly feeling self-conscious.


"Pete, what did Wade do that made you angry?" Clint asked calmly, it was his time to step-up as uncle and love-advice-giver extraordinaire.


"Uh, well he promised he would call me after two days, and he didn't. It's been four days since he left and I only got a response today with a stupid snail fact!" Peter growled out the last part; sitting up and crossing his arms. 


"Uhuh, and why exactly did that make you so mad? Wade acts like that to everyone."


"Well, b-because he should know better! He knows how important he is to me, and how I worry about him when he's on missions."


"Why do you worry? He's been doing this since before you two even met, he's pretty experienced if you ask me."


"Because I love him." Peter smoothly replied. Not even a fraction of a second later, his hands had covered his mouth as a huge, red blush spouted on his cheeks. His eyes widened as he looked at his smirking Uncle.


"I.. love him! I love Wade Wilson!" Peter yelled out, tears streaming down his face, he jumped out of his nest and hugged his Uncle.


"You sure do, kid. Don't get your snot on me, that's gross." Clint replied back smugly as he carefully patted Peter's back.


A few minutes later, Peter calmed down and threw himself back into hist nest (though he still sported a vibrant blush), Clint waving goodbye as he walked out the room. 


"I love Wade." Peter smiled to himself as he drifted off into sleep.






Peter woke up with a gasp, panting heavily as he looked out his window only to see that it was the middle of the night. He looked down at his lap, flushing as he noticed his half-erection poking out his pants.


"F-Friday? Uh, could you please close the curtains and lock my door? Oh, and turn off surveillance to my room for like, twenty minutes please?" Peter asked the AI timidly.


"Of course, Peter."


Peter smiled in relief as heard the familiar sound of his door locking shut with a quiet 'click'. He sat up, quickly taking his shirt off to reveal toned, warm abs. Peter sighed as he brought up one of his clammy hands to his left nipple, tweaking it and rolling it between his fingers slowly. He moaned as they became hard, shooting pleasure down his body.


He then lay back down, slowly shimmying off his pants before flipping onto his stomach and grabbing two large pillows. Peter slipped them right underneath his hips as he searched for the lube in his bedside table. He groaned as his dick caught the inside of the mushed together pillows, thrusting inside it. He then lubed up two of his fingers, slowly shoving them in and started to scissor himself. 


Peter grunted, feeling overwhelmed as he rocked back onto his fingers at the same time as he humped his pillows.


"Ah! Wade!" Peter moaned, speeding up his pace as he shoved in another finger. He gasped as he curled them right against his prostate, toes curling as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Everything became blurry after that. Slick leaked down his ass as the obscene squelching noises added to Peter's pleasure, enjoying how wet he could get at the thought of his Alpha.


He came quickly, accidentally getting his cum all over his cushions as a large, glob of slick fell out of his ass.


Peter panted, coming down from his high. After a few minutes, he picked up the dirty bedding and put them in his laundry basket, still content with the large number of cushions and blankets he had in his nest anyways.




The next morning, Peter felt horrible. Today was the anniversary of his Aunt's death.


He slowly made his way out of his room, sitting down at the table next to Steve. 


"You okay son?" Steve asked, concerned. He could see the bags under his son's eyes and a sad Omegan scent coming from his body.


"Um, not really Pops. Today's Aunt May's anniversary. Normally, I can handle it but today it's been ten years." Peter sighed as he slowly began to eat his breakfast. 


"Oh, well why don't we go visit her?" Bruce piped in from across the table, also smelling Peter's sadness.  


"What do you mean?" Peter asked, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.


"Well, we could go to her grave if you'd like?" Bryce continued, revelling in the way Peter managed to smile a little at the suggestion.


"Sure, that sounds great. Thank you, Uncle Bruce. You and Dad will come, right Pops?" Peter turned to Steve., though he didn't get to answer as Natasha and Tony entered the room.


"We're ALL gonna come, Pete, we would like to pay our respects too," Tony replied as Natasha gave him a warm half-smile.


A few hours later, Peter was making his way over to Aunt May's grave. He carefully placed the sunflowers he had picked out for her as he knelt down in front of it. The Avengers stood close behind, smiling at him proudly.


"Hey, Aunt May. I'm sorry it's been so long since I last visited you. As you can imagine, I've been super busy. I go to University now, y'know? Cornell, specifically. Ned goes there too! But he does programming. How are you? I've been okay, I've got a new family with the Avengers. Tony and Steve legally adopted me a few years ago, and soon after, the rest became my Aunt and Uncles. There's also Wade. He's the man I'm in love with, Aunt May. I think you would've loved him." Peter sniffed as tears began to trickle down his face, " He's amazing, I want him to be my Alpha. You left me in good hands, Aunt May, I've got the best family I could ask for. How's Heaven? Are people kinder to Omega's up there yet? Are you with Uncle Ben? I'm sorry, Tony wants to say something because I'm getting too worked up 'apparently'. I love and miss you so, so much Aunt May. I'll come visit you again soon." 


Peter pressed a gentle kiss against the tombstone, before running into Steve's arms and sobbing. Tony knelt down next to May's grave, looking over at Peter concerned before turning back.


"Hey May, how you doing up there? I bet you're still stunning. Peter's safe. I love him with every being and fibre in my body, and I could not ask for a more perfect Son. Thank you for sending me his way. He's so smart now, you know? He's going to be heir to my company someday, and I can't wait to see what he does with it. As for Wade, well, I'm sure you have your own opinion. Peter will probably bring him up to see you someday anyways. I hope you're doing all right, wherever you are. Thank you again for raising the best kid I've ever met." Tony smiled at the grave teary-eyed before hastily wiping them away.


The Avengers all paid their own respects, thanking her for giving them such a wonderful Son/Nephew. As they walked back to the cemetery entrance, a warm breeze could be felt circling them. Peter just beamed at the sky, before saying, 


"I love you too."



Chapter Text

Peter felt sick.


Well, not actually sick, but his skin felt really hot and he almost felt dizzy. This of course put Tony into 'Protective Mama Bear Mode' and he forbid Peter from going on his field trip tomorrow. Peter was disappointed, and he knew Flash would be getting a kick out of this when he found out the next morning, but he honestly felt like someone had lit a fire up his ass right now.


Tony rang his school and left a voicemail, excusing Peter's absence. He explained that Peter had come down with something and really couldn't attend school the next day like this. Peter decided he'd try and sleep it off, maybe he would feel better tomorrow? Who knows, but for some strange reason he just wished Wade was with him right now. He shot a quick text to Ned, apologising for leaving him with Flash all day without him.


The next morning, however, Peter felt totally fine. He chalked it up to anxiety, and who could blame him after what happened on his Oscorp trip. He tried telling Tony as such, but he wasn't having it, demanding Peter stay home. Peter just sighed, he had kinda expected it. Instead of feeling sad, he whipped on his Spider-Man suit (the employees didn't know Peter lived there or about his identity, and so he opted to just be his Avenger self around there).


"Nat? Clint?" Peter yelled as he walked down the well-lit hallways on the Avenger's personal floor. Almost instantly, Clint jumped down from the vents, and Natasha walked around the corner coming from her room.


"What's up lil spider?" Clint asked, rubbing his head as Natasha whacked him for climbing in the vents again.


"Can you guys do some training with me? Dad won't let me go to school today 'cause I felt ill last night." Peter replied, giving them his best puppy dog eyes. Clint and Natasha gave each other an apprehensive glance and then turned back round to Peter. 


"I don't know, P- I mean, Spider-Man. If Tony let you off school, you must've not been well..." Natasha frowned at him, looking fairly concerned.


"I'm honestly fine, you guys! I promise I'll tell you if I start feeling ill again." Peter pleaded.


"Tell 'ya what, if you go and actually eat something AND manage to get some of the heavy-duty chores around the building that Tony asked me to do that I don't wanna do; I'll train with you. Sound good?" Clint smirked back, ruffling his mask where his curly hair would normally be.


"Fine!" Peter whined, dragging his feet back to the kitchen. He saw Steve cooking breakfast, something that suspiciously smelled like-


"Pancakes!" Peter yelled they were his favourite. 


"Oh, morning son. Tony told me you weren't feeling all that great last night so I whipped you up some of your favourites. Take a seat." Steve smiled back warmly, plating up a large pile of pancakes and handing it to Peter. 


"Thank you!" Peter beamed, lifting up the edge of his mask to expose his mouth and nose, and began digging in. Five minutes later, they were all gone and Steve was patting him on his shoulder for eating so well.


"Feel better, Pete?" Steve asked.


"Much better, thank you, Pops," Peter answered, turning around to hug him. 


Peter then went back to Clint's room, asking for the list of chores Tony had given him. It read as follows;


List for Birdbrain:

  • Carry engineering equipment up from storage to Bruce's lab
  • Prepare security badges for class touring today
  • Clean the gym
  • Check on the R&D Lab Interns 
  • Get Avenger's washing from the laundry room and fold
  • Put bow and arrows on my desk for updating
  • Make sure Pete is okay


Peter rolled his eyes warmly at his Dad's worry but smiled at the list all the same. He decided he'd start with his Uncle Bruce, knowing that it'd be a fairly easy task to do. He slipped his security badge around his neck, grinning at the webbed lanyard design. His badge was Red and Gold, with a number 2 on it- signifying his security code. Normally, Peter didn't bother wearing one as Spider-Man, but he knew he needed one to get into Bruce's lab. 


Peter made his way down to the storage room, carefully selecting the right box of scientific equipment before webbing it into a sack and slinging it over his shoulder. He whistled as he got into the elevator, laughing as FRIDAY began to 'Shazam!' the song.


"Was that, "Feel It Still - By Portugal. The Man?" FRIDAY asked, clearly Tony had been updating her, as she had never guessed right before.


"Yes! Well done Fri, you're getting better." Peter answered, feeling happy for the sentient AI.


"Oh, thank you, Master Peter," FRIDAY replied, and if an AI could sound happy, she would definitely be it.


"Can you take me up to Level 43 please Fri?" 


"Of course, sir."


As Peter reached the right floor, he felt hot again all of a sudden. He ignored it, choosing to blame it on the spandex. He walked to Bruce's lab, swiping his security badge at the door and letting it take his retinal scan. The door swung open, and Bruce jumped a little in his seat.


"Wha-? Oh, Peter" You surprised me, what're you doing here?" Bruce asked, staring at the sack behind his shoulder,


"Oh! Uncle Clint said that if I do all his chores without feeling ill again, he'd let me train whit him and Nat." Peter said back smoothly, ignoring the beads of sweat beginning to form on his scent glands. 


"Tony did say you were unwell last night, are you sure you're okay?" Bruce frowned at him worriedly.


"I'm fine Uncle Bruce! Just a bit hot and bothered is all." Peter waved him away flippantly, freezing as Bruce reached into his medical draw in his desk.


"Well- let me just check you out to be sure-" Bruce began, but was interrupted by Peter's sharp inhale.


"No! I mean, uh, don't worry about me, okay? I've really gotta get started on my chores now. I'll see you later!" Peter shouted as he basically ran out of the lab, chucking the sack of science equipment on the work desk.


List for Birdbrain:

  • Carry engineering equipment up from storage to Bruce's lab
  • Clean the gym
  • Check on the R&D Lab Interns 
  • Get Avenger's washing from the laundry room and fold
  • Make sure Pete is okay
  • Prepare security badges for class touring today




Next on the list was cleaning the gym. Peter didn't mind this, as usually it just meant mopping the floor and disinfecting any weight's or general gym stuff like balls or mats. He decided to do extra today though, wanting to prove to his overly concerned family that he was fine.


Halfway through wiping down the chin-up bars attached to the wall, Bucky and Sam entered the gym.


"Hey, guys! What are you doing here?" Peter yelled excitedly. They'd just returned from a short SHIELD mission to D.C. and Peter had really missed them.


"Hi Spider-Man, this is normally our make-out spot." Sam winked as he wrapped an arm around Bucky's shoulders.


"A-Ah, I can leave and come back later if you want?" Peter asked, blushing.


"Kid, we're just messing with you. We missed you too." Bucky chuckled as he pulled Peter into a tight hug. 


"Whoa, Spidey- when did you last take a shower dude?" Sam grimaced as he pulled away, even Bucky looked a bit disgruntled.


"What do you mean? Last night, why?" Peter asked confusedly. 


"Well, no offence, but you smell like an Omega in heat," Bucky replied worriedly.


"That's ridiculous haha, I'm not due for another three weeks! And besides, wouldn't you be going crazy?" Peter turned to ask Sam.


The Falcon wrinkled his nose as he replied, "Well, no actually. Since I'm mated to Bucky here- It would smell gross to me, like it does now."


Peter's inner Omega gasped in anger at being told he smelt bad, but 'normal' Peter just shrugged it off, frustrated. "Guys, I promise I'm not in heat okay? I probably just smell sweaty after cleaning the gym."


"If you say so, Kid." Bucky thinly said as he and Sam made his way out of the gym.


Peter continued cleaning, wondering what the hell was going on. 


List for Birdbrain:

  • Carry engineering equipment up from storage to Bruce's lab
  • Clean the gym
  • Check on the R&D Lab Interns 
  • Get Avenger's washing from the laundry room and fold
  • Make sure Pete is okay
  • Prepare security badges for class touring today




Peter folded the list and placed it back in his pocket as he made his way down to the R&D labs. As much as he loved his chats with FRIDAY in the elevator, he also liked being his normal spider-self. He crawled along the walls, muttering to KAREN about everyone's behaviours today when he bumped into something. He looked up, only to see Thor smiling down at him. 


"Oh! Sorry, Mr Thor, I was a bit distracted." Peter laughed, embarrassed.


"No worries Young Spiderling. Where are you going now?" Thor enquired as Peter climbed off the wall.


"Well, I'm actually going down to the labs to check on the interns." Peter smiled warmly.


"That sounds delightful! I'll accompany you." Thor boomed back, walking next to Peter as he twiddled his thumbs. They made peaceful small talk as they walked until Thor inquired about Peter's absence from school.


"Ah, I didn't feel very well last night so Dad decided to make me stay here," Peter replied simply.


"Hm, then should you really be walking about? You Misgardians are quite frail things." Thor chuckled as he slapped Peter on the back.


"Oomph. With all due respect Mr Thor, I'm not exactly fully human anymore- and I feel fine! Well mostly. I feel a bit hot and everyone keeps saying I smell funny and-" Peter's eyes widened as he slapped his hand over his mouth. 'Why am I being so honest? ' He thought to himself.


"Hm, you do smell different, Man of Spiders. Your scent is stronger than normal." Thor sniffed as he leaned closer to Peter's neck. Peter squeaked as he quickly used the hand covering his mouth to cover his scent gland, flushing red.


"Eek! It's fine Mr Thor, it's probably just the sweat from cleaning the gym out that's making it stronger. I'm sorry if it bothers you!" Peter squeaked.


"It is fine, Young Peter! I cannot be affected by your scent anyways, as you Misgardians don't appeal to my Alpha." Thor beamed down at him.


"Mr Thor! Please don't say my real name. It's a secret, remember?" Peter whisper-shouted as he turned to Thor wide-eyed. 


"Of course, my apologies Young-Spider." Thor sheepishly replied, "Let's head to the labs of R&D, shall we?"


After a few more minutes of comfortable silence, they reached the labs. As they entered, everyone stopped what they were doing and sat down.  


"Uh- Hi everyone? I'm Spider-Man, and this is Thor. We just came down to see if you guys needed help with anything." Peter awkwardly greeted. The interns just looked at them with shock. After a few seconds, they snapped out of it, instantly rushing over to them.


"Dude, you're like, so cool. Can I have, like, an autograph or something?" One guy asked Peter. He quickly became overwhelmed, not used to the attention. He looked at Thor, pleading for him to do something.


"Everyone! Return to thy seats, now." Thor bellowed, startling them as they ran back to their desks. 


"T-Thank you, Thor. Can anyone tell us what they've been up too?" Peter asked calmly, trying to calm down his anxiety. Eventually, everyone raised a few hands. Some were excellent, and Peter gushed over their creations and new projects excitedly. Others asked more personal questions, causing Peter to panic.


"So, are you an Omega, Spider-Man?" A girl named Cindy asked, looking at him pointedly.


"Oh- No! Of course not!" Peter chuckled nervously.


"But dude, you so smell like one. You got one at home or somethin'?" Another guy named Luke questioned him.


'What?' Peter thought as he frowned at the floor. His suit should be blocking out any traces of his scent.


"No, I don't have an Omega at home," Peter replied tensely.


"Well, ya' reek like one man." A man named Josh said as he sneered, clearly having some kind of issue with them.


"Do you have a problem with Omegas, friend?" Thor stepped forward, brandishing Mjolnir. 


"U-Uh of course not, Sir!" Josh shakily squeaked. 


"Don't worry about it Thor, I think we should be going now anyway. Thank you all for showing me your wonderful work, I'm sure Tony will be thrilled when I tell him." Peter quickly glared at Josh before smiling at the rest and waving as he walked out. 


Thor excused himself, yelling something about snakes as he flew out the window. Peter sighed and just checked his list.


List for Birdbrain:

  • Carry engineering equipment up from storage to Bruce's lab
  • Clean the gym
  • Check on the R&D Lab Interns 
  • Get Avenger's washing from the laundry room and fold
  • Make sure Pete is okay
  • Prepare security badges for class touring today




Peter nearly whined as he entered the Avenger's laundry room, too many smells hitting him all at once. He supposed this was why a Beta like Clint usually did it, unbothered by scents coming from other people. He shook his head, trying to snap himself out of it. He took off his mask, suddenly feeling too hot again.


He piled the clean laundry into a new basket before sorting and chucking in the dirty stuff. He saw his bedsheets from the other night in there and blushed red. He then picked up the giant mound of washing, carrying it into the living room. As he began folding, he smelt a new scent entering the room, perking up instantly.


"Pepper!" Peter squealed as he ran up to her and hugged her. He had really missed his pseudo-aunt. 


"Hi, Pete! How are you doing today? Tony told me you weren't feeling too great." Pepper replied softly as she stroked his hair. Peter curled into the touch; seeking out the warmth from it. Pepper raised one styled eyebrow at his sudden need to be touched but said nothing.


"Mhm, feel better now though," Peter mumbled as he purred softly at the hand in his hair. Pepper stood back, observing his blissful face and the sudden whine he let out at being let go of.


"Are you sure Peter? You smell.." Pepper started, stopping at the sight of Peter's eyes flashing gold for a sudden and his quiet growl of, "Don't."


Pepper's Alpha began rising up, wanting to assert dominance, before she pushed it down and gave a strained smile.


"Okay, okay. I'm going to go now, paperwork and all that fun stuff. Call if you need anything!" Pepper waited to see his nod of affirmation before turning back around and walking to the elevator. 


Peter let out another loud sigh at his behaviour. Why did being touched feel so good? And what was with everyone and his scent today?


He put it to the back of his mind, deciding he should just continue handling the laundry. After about thirty minutes he finished, dropping off everyone's clothes into their respective rooms.


List for Birdbrain:

  • Carry engineering equipment up from storage to Bruce's lab
  • Clean the gym
  • Check on the R&D Lab Interns 
  • Get Avenger's washing from the laundry room and fold
  • Make sure Pete is okay
  • Prepare security badges for class touring today



Well, Peter knew that he was fine (besides the sudden heat rise and the clamminess of his suit), so he opted for just going to the last thing on the list. He pulled his mask back on, hating how it just made him feel hotter.


He crawled onto the ceiling, not in the mood to deal with any more remarks on his scent, and instead focusing on his last chore before he could train with Nat and Clint. Peter made his way through the vents, knowing Tony could never stay mad at him for long for being in them.


He reached the office area and hung himself upside down right in front of the receptionist.


"AH! Oh, Spider-Man? Please don't scare me like that! Can I help you?" The old lady screamed, chest heaving as she clutched at her heart. 


"Sorry, Ma'am! I was sent to ask how those security badges for the school tour were coming along?" Peter replied sheepishly.


"They're all finished, Sir. We ran into a small snag when we found out one of the students wouldn't be turning up, but we looked for his pass in the pile and couldn't see it! We're a tad worried." The receptionist frowned, sitting back on her chair.


"Oh, that could be a problem. Who was it?" Peter asked, concerned. If someone forged a pass there could be big trouble, or maybe they worked here and none knew?


"Someone named Peter Parker, Sir." She responded, passing Peter a file. He broke out into a coughing fit at seeing his own name and fell off the ceiling.


"Oh, dear. Are you alright?" She asked him, running out from behind her desk and helping him up.


"Ugh- I'm fine Ma'am, thank you. That man's fine about the pass issue, he won't be attending anyway right? Please don't worry." Peter quickly said.


"Oh, okay- it's just that he has the highest clearance possible and it seemed a bit-"


"Suspicious? Trust me, I know haha. He's Da- I mean, Mr Stark's personal assistant." Peter soothed her concerns.


"Alright then, I think the only other problem was about a Mr Flash Thompson?" The receptionist frowned, returning to his desk. 


"What was the problem?" Peter frowned, it must be his Dad's doing.


"Well, it says on his security file that he's not permitted to any Avenger's residences or near the residents of the tower, but he's on the list to come here. Should we print him a badge?"


"Oh- Yes. There was a slight mix-up, but please don't worry. He's allowed on the trip."


"Okay, then. Then besides those two things the passes are completed, dearie." She replied confidently.


"Thank you, Miss." Peter gave a two-finger salute as he jumped back up into the vents.


List for Birdbrain:

  • Carry engineering equipment up from storage to Bruce's lab
  • Clean the gym
  • Check on the R&D Lab Interns 
  • Get Avenger's washing from the laundry room and fold
  • Make sure Pete is okay
  • Prepare security badges for class touring today




Peter shivered with excitement as he sprinted towards the training room. He had asked FRIDAY while in the elevator to please call Clint and Natasha down to the training rooms. Soon enough, they both did. Clint looked impressed as he walked over.


"You get it done that fast, kid?" He asked, surprised.


"Yup! I just really wanted to train." Peter said back as he looked over at Natasha, who still looked concerned.


"Well, a promise is a promise Spider-Man. Though I don't like this." Natasha shouted over to him as she prepared the mats.


"I'll be fine, Nat. I pinkie swear I'll yell stop if it gets too much okay?" Peter replied, frustrated. Natasha nodded, frowning a little at his attitude.


"You ready for this, Kid?" She questioned as she walked onto the mat, Peter following closely behind. Clint sat on a chair behind them, refereeing. 


"Always." Peter retorted back, getting into a defensive stance.


"Go!" Clint yelled, effectively starting the fight. Natasha started throwing punches, darting forward speedily, while Peter stayed on the defensive, leaping backwards and flipping over her. He then switched to offensive kicking out her legs from beneath her and pinning her to the ground. Natasha flipped him off, grabbing his arm and twisting him to the ground instead.


The fight continued like this for about ten minutes, before Peter started feeling light-headed. He failed to notice the audience staring at their performance in shock.


"S-Stop..." Peter muttered weakly, yanking off his own mask. Instantly, Natasha leapt off of him, he stood up and slid back against the wall, sitting down. He put his head in between his knees and he breathed deeply, trying to clear his head.


Clint grabbed Natasha's hand as they rushed over to him, worried. Peter started panting as he felt heat explode over his body and his hands become shaky. After a few minutes, he had managed to clear his head. Natasha had put him against her chest, crooning softly as she left off protective and calming pheromones. Clint had gone to get him an ice pack and his Dad.


"Is that Penis Parker?" Someone yelled from the large see-through upper floor windows. Peter looked up weakly and gasped at his class, all stood watching him with dropped jaws. Peter hurriedly chucked back on his mask, which was making him feel worse. Natasha growled at them, tucking Peter's masked head underneath her chin.


Bruce, having heard of the commotion, ran into the room with his medical kit. He had informed Bucky and Sam, who in turn went up to Peter's class and warded them off, threatening them with NDA'S and lawsuits.


Everything became too much. There were too many people and sounds and lights and-


Peter shot up, shocking everyone around him. He ripped off his mask as his eyes flashed from gold back to brown. Bruce gently grabbed his shoulder, only to be hissed at like a cat. The doctor hastily retreated, his Omega side knowing not to mess with him. 


Peter walked into the middle of the room, no longer caring about his Class' watchful eyes or the concerned calls of his pack, instead, focusing on that one smell that made everything feel alright again. The doors swung open; and Peter inhaled, eyes turning fully gold and his scent enveloping the room as he whispered a quiet,




Chapter Text

"Alpha?" Peter mumbled. His legs buckled under his weight as he took in the new scent. Wade was back. He was back and he was gonna take care of him and-


"Hey, Baby-Boy! How's it hangin'? I'm back early from my mission!" Wade giddily responded, though confused as he took in the tense atmosphere surrounding them. Wade barely had time to think as Peter leapt at him, his thick thighs wrapping around his waist and his arms circling Wade's neck. 


"Woah, what's going on with you Cutie?" Wade's eyes widened as he hesitantly patted Peter's back. Noticing Natasha's dangerously guarding glare, Wade rolled up the edge of his mask to his nose, expecting to smell the problem in the air. He was surprised, however, when he smelt an Omega in heat. Specifically, his Omega.


Peter whimpered as he gained access to Wade's neck, pressing his nose against his scent gland. Wade growled at Natasha, wrapping his arms around Peter's middle as he slowly moved back towards the gym's doors. Of course, she growled back; the need to protect an Omega from her pack too strong. Peter's class, having heard the commotion going on, pushed past Bucky and Sam to look through the windows again. 


Wade felt his eyes shift red as Natasha's growling grew louder. Why was she trying to take his mate? Clint, unaffected by both Alpha's and Omega's scent due to his Beta status, gently reached for Natasha's hand. Wade's snarl grew quieter as he realised that she was already mated but continued flashing his fangs and eyes at the onlookers upstairs. 


Wade pulled back down his mask, sending Peter an unseen apologetic look as he did. He then reached for Peter's mask and put it back on him, effectively blocking out Wade's and any other persons scent. Peter complained at the loss, as Wade responded with a soft grunt. He then twisted the knob on his teleportation device, sending them to Peter's room.


"FRIDAY? Lock all doors please and activate protocol 'Heat Protection Placeholder'." Wade asked as he carefully placed Peter on his bed, watching him with need and sadness as he writhed around. He looked at the Omegan's nest with want flowing through him, but he knew that Peter would freak out if he was coherent enough to see Wade under the spandex and never speak to him again.


"Very well, Master Wilson," FRIDAY answered.


"Listen, Baby, I've gotta go. I can't be near you like this, or I'll lose control." Wade sighed as he reached for his teleportation device again.


"No," Peter yelled; using his spider strength to pin Wade to the bed and straddle him.


"What? But Pete-" Wade stuttered, wide-eyed.


"I love you, okay? And I need you here with me, Wade. Please don't leave me." He snivelled. 


 "Y-You love me..?" 


"Yes, for god's sake yes! And I probably always have, but right now I'd definitely love you more if you just got your damn knot in me." Peter snapped as he started rolling his hips experimentally on Wade's crotch.


"Fuck- I love you too Baby Boy. Are you sure about this?" Wade groaned, tightening his hold on Peter's hips.


"Yes." Peter hissed, grinding himself down harder.


"That's all you had to say," Wade smirked. He ripped off their masks, both of them moaning at each others scent.


"I'm gonna fuckin' destroy you, Petey," Wade growled as he flipped Peter so he was on top.


"Alpha, please." Peter mewled, rolling his hips back up onto Wade's. 


Then, Wade lost all control.


He pulled off Peter's suit, nearly ripping it in the process. He then bit down on Peter's shoulder, near his scenting gland (where the bond mark would normally go). Wade ran his hand down Peter's body, marvelling at how smooth and unblemished his skin was, "So fucking beautiful" he grumbled. He grabbed his hips once more and pushed their crotches together. 


"Please Alpha, I wanna feel you," Peter whined as he made grabby hands at Wade's suit. Wade just muttered a low "Fuck." as he made away in taking his suit off. Peter let out an audible sigh as he pressed his chest against Wade's, revelling at his calloused hands and scarred body. Wade continued his ministrations, sucking large love bites all over Peter's upper body, marking his neck and collarbones respectively. 


Peter reached for Wade's underwear, glancing at him with desperate, glazed eyes before pulling them down. He gulped at Wade's size, and even with his heat-muddled brain taking over he couldn't help but wonder how it was even going to fit. But, he was excited. Wade then yanked Peter's briefs off and cooed over his small cock, before reaching underneath his knees and flipping him onto all fours.


"Holy shit..." Wade gurgled as he stared at Peter's gaping hole. Slick gushed out of him at an incredible speed, giant globs of it splattering on the bed beneath him. Wade salivated as he wiped two of his fingers down Peter's crack, darting out his tongue to taste the gooey lubricant. He felt his inner wolf calling to him as he growled loudly, shouting "Mine" over and over.


Wade didn't hesitate as he bent forward, licking a wet stripe over Peter's ass. Peter mewled, pushing back further, "Alpha!"


Wade did it repeatedly until he had his tongue inside him, his cheeks soaking wet with slick. He sucked on Peter's outer ring, causing said boy to keen in pleasure. Wade pulled back, ignoring Peter's outraged squark at the loss before brutally shoving in two long, calloused fingers. Peter yelped at the sudden intrusion, tears slipping down his face as he begged for more. Wade stopped moving his fingers, instead using them to scoop out an exceptionally large glob of slick onto his penis.


"You ready, Baby? Tell me if you want me to stop." Wade breathed, leaning forward to press an affectionate kiss behind Peter's ear. Peter nodded, and that was all the affirmation he needed. Wade slowly pushed forward, stopping at Peter's cry as Wade's tip caught his entrance. Peter let out a low sigh, urging Wade to push in. He did as he was told, gradually entering until he was halfway in. He then paused to let Peter adjust. Two minutes later, it looked as though Peter was ready if his shout of  "Fuckin' move." was anything to go by.


Wade began to thrust in and out, his eyes glowing a vibrant red colour that was bright enough to rival Iron Man's suit. At the same time, Peter's eyes flashed a stunning gold, his tears of pleasure making them look glassy and polished.


"Oh, Fuck. Wade!" Peter screamed as Wade lost all sense of morality, ramming into Peter at a brutal pace. He reached down a giant hand and took Peter's tiny cock into his hand, pumping it in sync with his thrusts. 


"You're so good to me Peter. You're Daddy's good boy, aren't you?" Wade snarled into his ear.


"Fuck, Fuck. Yeah, 'M you're good boy, Wade." Peter mumbled as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, flushing at the compliment. 


"Yeah, gonna fill you up with my pups. Gonna breed you til' you can't walk." Wade grumbled on his neck, biting down on his scent gland; successfully bonding with him. Peter came with a spasm, his body stuttering as he trembled. Wade came soon after, coming with an incoherent "Fuck." before filling Peter's ass with his knot. He felt Peter's body relax as Wade fell on top of him, carefully moving them both so they lay down spooning, Wade's arm over his hip. Their eyes fell back into their regular colours, heat-induced state leaving their bodies as they both drifted off into a calm slumber.




An hour later, Peter awoke with a jerk. Wade's knot was slipping out of him! His inner omega cried at the loss, but Peter just shivered as it caught onto his oversensitive rim. Wade grumbled as he tightened his grip around Peter's waist.  "C' mon, Wade. Can we go get something to eat, please?" Peter chuckled as he sat up and stroked Wade's bald head that was now laying on his lap. 


"Mmm, don't wanna get up," Wade spoke muffledly against Peter's stomach. 


"But Alpha, I'm hungry, Please?" Peter pleaded, giving Wade his best puppy dog eyes. Wade just sighed before rolling out of bed and walking over to Peter's wardrobe.


"Fine, but we need to wash and change you first. I'm not having my Omega be smelt by everyone else." Wade complained as Peter's beamed at his protectiveness. Wade got them both out some clothing, before picking Peter up in his arms bridal style. He carried him into the ensuite bathroom before tenderly placing him on the closed toilet seat. He then began running a shower, waiting for the water to heat up. Soon enough it was ready, and Wade helped Peter climb in.


"Join me?" Peter grinned innocently. Wade just smirked back as he got in behind him.  He reached over the top of Peter's head for the shampoo, as he squirted a decent amount into his palm before reaching for Peter's hair. Peter hummed as Wade began to massage his scalp, softly running his fingers through the matted mess to untangle any stuck tangles. 


"Thank you for taking such good care of me, Alpha." Peter thanked as he closed his eyes.


"Anything for you, Petey-Pie!" Wade cheekily grinned back. He ran his hands through Peter's hair again, washing out any leftover suds.


"I think you deserve a reward," Peter smirked as he knelt down in front of him. Wade's eyes widened for a fraction of a second, before looking down at Peter impassively. Wade then raised an eyebrow; nonchalantly replying with, "Well, you better make it a good one, huh Baby-Boy?"


"...Yes, sir." Peter blushed, and if that didn't just go straight to Wade's dick. Peter leaned forward, giving sensitive kitten-like licks to Wade's tip. He then moaned as Wade grabbed a handful of his hair, tugging harshly. Wade leant back against the shower wall, closing his eyes and breathing heavily. 


Peter sank back and licked his lips before bending forward again and engulfing half of Wade's dick into his mouth. He hollowed his cheeks readily, happy to be feeling full again. Wade moaned before catching himself out, instead staring down at Peter bored. 


"Well, do something then." Of course, Peter's competitive nature set in and he felt the urge to just please Wade. He reached around for Wade's other hand and placed it on top of his head. He then made sure to look up at Wade, to show him how much he wanted it.


"Ah, shit." Wade cussed before gently moving in and out of Peter's mouth. He took Peter's sudden moan as a go harder, and so he was back to brutally thrusting into him again. Anytime he moaned, a wave of vibrations were sent around Wade's dick, and he realised that the key to this was yanking Peter's hair.


He gave one final, sharp tug to a particular knot in Peter's hair before peering down and smugly whispering into his ear, "Good boy."


They both came with a cry, Wade coming on Peter's face and Peter down the drain. They both laughed at each other as Peter stood up, circling his arms around Wade's middle. Wade bent over to place a soft kiss onto Peter's head. 


"So, you want some pancakes Baby-Boy?" Wade beamed at him.




Peter took Wade's hand as they walked out of Peter's room. He was dressed in one of Wade's hoodies that he had left there a while ago; The Alpha not wanting people to even think about his Omega as single and a pair of soft pyjama bottoms. Wade just wore a pair of Peter's too small sweatpants, deciding to walk around topless. 


They walked to the kitchen, expecting the whole Avenger's pack there ready to chew him out for forgetting his heat. Instead, they were just met with Tony pacing anxiously. Steve sat on the stool at the kitchen island reading a newspaper but his hand twitched occasionally, giving away the fakeness of his calm aura.


"Dad? Pops?" Peter called out. Tony halted to a stop, staring over at them. Steve looked up from his newspaper, sending him a relieved smile as he stood up.


"Peter!" Tony cried, running over and engulfing the boy in a hug. He glared at Wade before asking, "Did he hurt you? Did he try anything with you? I swear Wilson-" Tony snarled protectively, signalling Steve to come over.


"Dad!" Peter cried, affronted, "I can't believe you! Wade was the sweetest Alpha possible, did nothing without my consent, and I'd appreciate it if you'd treat him as such!" Eyes flitting gold briefly.


"You mated?!" Tony yelled outraged, crossing his arms. Peter whimpered and moved behind Wade. Wade grumbled, annoyed at Iron Dick for ruining Peter's happy mood.


"Dear, Peter isn't a child anymore. We can't choose who he mates with. Besides, I know how much Wade loves him- I'm personally happy for them. Though I wish it didn't have to happen here." Steve smiled appreciatively, placing his hand on Tony's shoulder affectionately.


"Thank you, Pops.." Peter grinned back, teary-eyed. Wade just stood there in shock. Had he really just gotten Captain America's approval? He felt his own eyes mist up, clutching Peter's palm a bit tighter.


Tony harrumphed, but let his guard down. He uncrossed his arms, but still stood his ground. He looked at them both right in the eyes, before sighing, "I suppose it's all right, but you're never to do anything over PG-13 here again, capiche?" 


Peter let go of Wade's hand to leap at his dad, engulfing him in a tight hug, Tony felt himself relax, sending Wade a glance that said, 'You hurt him, I kill you'. Wade just nodded, flinching a little as Steve came and patted him on the back, congratulating him and asking him to take good care of his only son.


"Well, welcome to the family son," Steve said in passing before walking off to continue reading his newspaper, no one understand how much those words actually meant to Wade. Peter let go of his dad, missing the nod of acceptance Tony sent Wade, an understanding of sorts. Wade beamed as he picked Peter up, spinning him around and laughing at his shrieks of excitement. 


Eventually, Wade put Peter down, kissing him on the forehead sweetly before asking if he wanted to go back to bed. Peter replied that he wanted to continue the training he was doing before his heat hit, which both Tony and Wade weren't happy with.


"But- Baby! Your body will be completely drained and you need to rest.." Wade pleaded, cupping Peter's plump cheeks in his hands.


"I'm going to train Wade, that's final. You can join me, or I'll ask another Alpha." Peter smirked, turning around to walk back to his room to change into another Spider-Suit. 


"Like hell you will!" Wade growled, storming ahead of him.




 Peter was lying on Wade's back as they walked to the gym, demanding his mate carry him. Wade obviously obliged, wanting to be the best Alpha possible.


"Spider-Man?" Someone yelled from behind them. Wade turned around to see a group of students and the boy that insulted him when he picked Peter up from school that one time. Peter jumped off Wade's back, instead once again reaching for his hand. He intertwined their fingers and dragged Wade forward.


"Uh, yes? Can I help you?" Peter asked, looking at Flash expectantly.


"Is that really you Penis?" Peter froze, noticing Ned's apologetic gaze and his classes expectant looks.


"Wha-" Before he could reply, Clint fell from the ceiling. He landed in front of the couple, quicking glancing at the suspiciously before turning to Flash. Wade had nearly begun growling at the Penis part- but of course, got interrupted by Birdbrain.


"Alright, kid. Spidey here has had one hell of a day, and I think the happy couple right here would appreciate some alone time, you get me?" Clint asked, annoyed.


"Um.." Flash stuttered, unsure on how to reply. Peter just sighed before taking off his mask, feeling done with everything. He felt thrills running wild in his body as Flash's jaw dropped own, hyperventilating. Clint looked at him, confused. Why was he revealing his identity? And Wade just smirked, a bonus of being bonded being the way you could just feel your mates emotions.


"Yes, I'm Spider-Man, Flash. Is that a problem?" Peter stared at him expectantly.


"I mean- obviously you're faking it, Penis! An Omega could never be a superhero, especially not a gay one like you!" Flash swore, glaring at him furiously. Before Peter even had the chance to respond, Wade had stepped forward, letting go of his hand. He walked right up to Flash, his height overpowering the smaller Alpha immensely while in his superhero costume.


"Listen up, dickhead. Literally, anyone could be a superhero, except you of course considering how rotten you are. You better shut your dumbass up before I make it, and trust me, you don't' want that. I will literally chop your own dick off and make you suck it, seeing how you clearly love all things gay, right? Or maybe that won't be enough, maybe I'll need to torture you into admitting it, my katanas have been a little bloodthirsty lately-" Wade growled deeply; His Alpha voice coming out pronounced. He was pinning Flash up against a wall with his hand around his throat. He felt Peter curl and arm around his bicep, gently pulling him away.


"If I ever see you near Peter again, that will happen, understood?" Wade snarled, wrapping an arm around Peter protectively. Flash submitted, his head lolling to the side. He quickly shook himself out of it though, blushing in embarrassment before running out the building. Peter quickly spun around to kiss Wade's cheek, giving him a small smile.

Peter sighed again before turning to the rest of his class, "Any other questions? I'd like to go and sleep with my new mate now." 


"So, you're really Spider-Man?" One girl asked nervously. Peter just chuckled before webbing himself to the ceiling and hanging upside down.


"Um- are you really mated to Deadpool?" Another asked. 


Peter rolled his eyes before swinging back down to the floor, "Yes, Deadpool and I are mated. Problem?" He raised an eyebrow at her.


After a small Q&A session, it was time for the trip to end. As his class retreated, Peter and Wade trudged their way back to their room, curling up on their bed. Wade had Peter tucked in his arms, kissing his nose tenderly. 


"I love you," Wade whispered, turning Peter around so he was spooning him.


"I love you, too," Peter replied, lifting one of Wade's hand to his mouth and kissing it softly.



Chapter Text

A month after Peter's first heat, he began feeling ill.


Every morning, whether he was eating, sleeping, pooping or whatever- Peter felt sick.  He couldn't stomach anything for at least three hours a day, as those hours were dedicated to nausea and crying. Eventually, Wade decided that enough was enough and he took Peter to see Bruce. 


Peter could've gone to see his Uncle at any point, but he knew Bruce would tell his fathers, and he was too tired to deal with the aftermath of that. Wade took Peter to see him one morning as he felt particularly ill, feeling as though someone was jostling around his insides. Wade wrapped his arm supportively around Peter's waist as he manoeuvred him to Bruce's lab.


"Peter? Wade? Is something wrong?" Bruce asked, concerned. He jumped up from his desk to make space on for the couple. He pushed around some boxes and old papers, leaving a space for them to sit down on an unused workbench. He then sat back down at his table, typing in some stuff on his computer.


"Actually Bruce, yes. Peter's been feeling unwell every morning for a month now. He also has trouble sleeping and gets hot easily," Wade sighed as he rubbed a gloved hand over his face, his other hand clasped firmly in Peter's own. He was seriously worried, as this' exactly what he felt when he got diagnosed with cancer. Bruce glanced at Peter briefly before returning his gaze to his computer.


"Huh, is it alright if I just take a quick scan on your stomach? This new tech Tony and I developed should be able to physically show us any infection you may be facing in your gut." Bruce spoke gently, trying to soothe their concerns. Peter nodded, face pale with anxiety. Bruce reached down into a drawer and pulled out a transparent bottle, a sticky looking liquid waving inside. He then rolled on his chair over to Peter.


"Wade, please could you stand at Peter's other side? I need full access to his stomach," Bruce murmured, followed by Wade almost sprinting to Peter's side. He placed a gentle kiss on his clammy forehead before stroking his curls softly. Bruce lifted Peter's top to his pecs, spreading the cool liquid over his stomach. Peter flinched at the sudden cool breeze flitting over his stomach; his eyes scrunching up in pain, as Wade kissed the tip of his nose tenderly to distract him.


Noticing Peter's curious yet pained watchful eyes, Bruce quickly explained, "Oh- I should've informed you about that. This gel contains a type of particle that allows us to see through your bones and guts etc. Think of it as a mini x-ray, okay?" Peter normally would've fanboyed at the prospect, but could only return a shaky smile.


Bruce reached back to his desk, picking up a Stark Tablet and opening up the required application. He then switched on the app's x-ray feature, slowly moving it up and over and around Peter's stomach. He then let out a loud gasp, startling Peter and Wade.


"What? What's wrong?" Wade shouted, panicked. Peter opened his eyes to look up at them both in concern, flinching at Wade's yelling. Wade squeezed his hand apologetically. 


"Uh, you might want to come and see this Wade.." Bruce muttered under his breath, frozen in shock at the image on his screen. Wade all but ran over, standing behind Bruce as he grabbed his shoulders so he could peer down at the tablet. He too, let out a loud gasp. His mask quickly showing the now flowing tear tracks.


"W-Wade? What is it?" Peter croaked, making grabby hands for his mate as he carefully sat up. Bruce took a screenshot off the screen and passed it to Wade who in turn went and squatted next to Peter on the table. Peter felt his jaw drop as he looked, his own eyes beginning to glaze over and well up with tears. 


"Is this real?" Wade turned to Bruce, apprehension clear even through the mask. He curled an arm around Peter's shoulders, holding him close as his mate cried into his neck.


"I would never joke about something like this," Bruce frowned, "Of course, I'll need to do further testing as this x-ray is just a prototype. But, I think along with the symptoms you've told me, it's fairly obvious you're pregnant." Bruce's frown quickly turned upside down into a small smile. 


Peter giggled lifting his head from Wade's neck to roll up Wade's mask. As he took in his giant grin, Peter forgot all about feeling ill, instead arching up to kiss his lover. He gently cupped his hands around Wade's cheeks. Wade growled into the kiss placing one of his hands on Peter's nape and the moving the other to his waist.


Bruce coughed, "Ahem," and flushed brilliantly, "While I'm utterly delighted for you both, please don't make out in my lab. I still need to run further tests." 


"A-Ah, sorry Bruce.." Peter stuttered as Wade pressed one last, long kiss onto his raw lips. Bruce made his way over to them with a needle, needing Peter's blood to confirm. Male Omega's needed blood taken to scientifically prove pregnancy, as their pregnancy process is different from the Female Omega's process. Males had to create a womb that formed after their first heat, however, they don't have vaginas so the womb is formed connected to the anus. The baby is then delivered via c-section.


Wade leant back on the table as he watched Bruce disinfect the vein area in Peter's elbow. Peter whimpered as the needle stabbed his arm, causing Wade to grumble loudly under his breath. Peter just shot him a pained smile, releasing soothing pheromones to calm him down. Bruce just apologetically glanced at him as he emptied the full needle into a test tube. Wade kissed Peter's cheek, then forehead and then lips softly. Bruce came back over with a plain plaster and some more disinfectant, wiping away any excess blood.


Wade sat back down and moved Peter onto his lap, petting his head softly. Peter purred, this being the only time he had felt relaxed all day. Bruce typed in some more stuff on his computer, moving around various tabs and clicking. He then printed off a piece of paper, staring at the results before walking back over to them.


"Here are your results." Bruce grinned at them, passing the piece of paper to Peter as he went to go throw out the needle. Peter stared at the piece of paper, heart racing. Tears reappeared as he passed it to Wade as he felt his hands shake. He was pregnant, he was going to be a mom! Peter beamed at Wade's dumbfounded expression, turning around to press an affectionate kiss onto his lips. 


"We're... We're having a baby?" Wade pondered aloud, tightening his grip on Peter's hip.


"Yes Alpha! You gave me a pup!" Peter giggled as he turned around on Wade's lap, once again cupping his cheeks. He stared down at Wade's mask, mumbling a quick, "Fuck it," before yanking off the mask fully like it had personally offended him. He paused at Wade's blank expression, his mind clearly elsewhere.


"Baby? You okay?" Peter whispered, stroking Wade's cheek softly. Wade snapped out of it, beaming at Peter like he hung the sun and moon. He pressed another hard kiss against his mouth, then transferred his hands to Peter's stomach, his inner Alpha rumbling at the idea of his Omega pregnant.


"We're having a baby!" Wade yelled out, weeping.




"Fuck- we've gotta tell the team." Wade realized as he yanked Peter to a stop. They were walking back to the Avenger's headquarters, Peter exhausted already.


"Oh crap, I'm going to be out of commission for the next eight months.." Peter frowned as he stared at the floor, unsure. He let go of Wade's hand.


"Don't worry Baby-Boy! Daddypool will provide for us." Wade joked, trying to cheer Peter up.


"You don't get it, Wade! Eight months without Spider-Man, people will assume I'm dead or turned villainous or-!" Peter frustratedly cried, tugging at his hair. 


"Hey we'll work it out, Peter. Maybe you could just appear once in a while? Like, not fighting on anything- but just show up on buildings on rooftops." Wade soothed, reaching for Peter's hand again.


Peter turned to him, "I know. I'm just worried, Mysterio is still an active figure and I can't rely on you and the others to protect the city constantly while I'm gone. Fuck, how will I return when the kid's born? What are we going to do, Alpha?" Peter shouted hysterically. 


"One step at a time Baby Boy. We've got eight months to figure it out." Wade crooned as he carefully stepped closer to him, pulling Peter's fists away from his head. Instead, he pushed Peter against his chest, holding him tight.


"I'm scared, Wade.." Peter sobbed, hands curling wade's uniform into his fists. He snuggled as close as possible to Wade's scent gland with their height difference. Wade's heart broke a little, unsure on how to soothe his Omega.


"I know, Pete. We'll get through it together, okay? You and me, always." Wade tightened his grip around him. He was scared too, of course. He was a mercenary for fuck's sake, people were always going after him. Who's to say they won't go after Peter and their baby?


Peter just sniffled, releasing his harsh grip on Wade as his arms hung limp. He peered up at him through his thick lashes, overwhelmed by the sheer force of love and protection and promise in Wade's eyes. He leaned up again, softly pressing a quick kiss to Wade's scarred lips before pulling back. Wade lingered on him for a little moment, moving back as he tugged on his mask again.


He wiped his eyes before staring at Wade determinedly, "We can do this."





Wade had his hand in Peter's as they were let into the living room by FRIDAY. Luckily, all Avengers were home (minus Bruce, who was still in his lab downstairs) - the Earth peaceful for once. Everyone looked up from the TV, noticing the tense atmosphere waving off of the couple.


Peter tugged Wade forward, standing in front of his pack. He sighed deeply before looking up t Wade, and then back at the Avengers. He cleared his throat, tugging at his sleeves.


"U-Um, so we found out some news today.." Peter began, unable to finish as all of the Avengers stood up a once, concern increasing for their youngest member and Omega. Wade squeezed his hand as he signalled them to sit back down.


"As I was saying," Peter continued, "Ah, um, we found out some news today. I haven't been feeling great for a few weeks now, and today we went down to Bruce's lab."


Tony'a brow creased as he looked closer at Peter, noticing his son's unusually clammy skin and paler than normal complexion, "Why didn't you tell me something was wrong, Pete?"


"Because I knew you'd go overboard on the worry. But it's okay Dad, I'm fine." Peter shot him a small smile.


"Then what was the verdict, Son?" Steve cocked his head at him, slightly frowning.


"I'm pregnant," Peter answered, taking in the Avenger's expression.


Thor looked delighted, clapping his hands. Clint just whistled, standing up and clapping Wade on the back. Natasha raised one perfect eyebrow at him, smirking. Sam did the same as Clint, congratulating the couple. Bucky smiled at Peter warmly before ruffling his hair, complaining at him for getting pregnant before him. Steve and Tony? Well...


They were just sat in shock. Peter sighed as he let go of Wade's hand, letting him bask in the attention from his pack. He moved to stand in front of his parents.


"Dad, Pops?" Peter mumbled, twisting his fingers.


"Uhuh.." Steve replied, staring at nothing. Tony snapped out of it sooner, standing up abruptly. The room became silent as everyone awaited their response to the news. Steve eventually took it in, slowly standing up next to his mate. 


"Well done, son. And you, Wade. I'm so happy for you." Steve smiled at them, quickly hugging Peter before patting Wade's shoulder. Tony's blank look quickly morphed into one of anger, before he stormed his way over to Wade. 


"You!" Tony bellowed, glaring up at Wade. Even through the mask, everyone could see Wade's shocked expression, "You knocked up my son?!"


"Uh- I didn't mean too?" Wade tried, chuckling nervously.


"I'm going to KILL you, Wilson! Tony yelled, summoning one of his repulsors. Peter, alarmed, ran in front of his Alpha with wide eyes. Tony stopped; glancing at his son irritatedly, "Move out of the way, Peter!"


"No!" Peter shrieked, moving so his back was pressed against Wade's chest, "I wanted this, Dad. Why can't you just be happy for me?"


"You're so young, Peter! You're still at college, and you have obligations as a superhero!


"You think I haven't already thought about that? FRIDAY, please pull up the hallway footage from earlier." Peter tilted his head up at the ceiling.


"Yes, Master Peter," FRIDAY replied, quickly showing a hologram of earlier. The Avengers watched in silence, marvelling at Wade's control of the situation and feeling sad for the boy's concern. 


"Well, I'm still not happy about this, but I have faith that Wilson isn't going to leave you anytime soon. I don't know what you were thinking Peter, but clearly it wasn't properly. You understand that you're basically going to have to retire as Spider-Man?" Tony sighed, powering down his repulsors.


"I'm aware. I love Wade more than I love being a hero, I'd pick him and my baby over it any day." Peter spoke firmly, curling his hand back into Wade's. Wade felt his eyes dampen at Peter's words.


Tony frowned, clearly wanting to say more, but was stopped by Steve. He glanced over at the couple, then back at his own mate, starting to understand.


"I'm sorry, you two. I don't agree with it, but I'll still support you. You're carrying my grandchild after all, and you're more important to me than anything." Tony weakly chuckled arms dropping at his side as Steve smiled at him proudly.


Peter ran over to hug his Dad, sobbing into his shoulder, "There, there little Bambino. Dad's got you." Tony soothed, patting down Peter's back.


Peter felt seven other presences forming around him, circling the two in a huge group hug.


Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Chapter Text

"Wade!" Peter yelled angrily as he waddled out their bedroom. Said Alpha was lounging on their couch, dressed in only sweatpants and downing a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. He raised his head at Peter's anger, quickly hopping off the couch to back himself into a corner, "I can't believe you!". Super healing was good and all for most thing, but not even that could protect you from an angry pregnant Omega.


"What? What did I do?" Wade cowered, wrapping his arms around his head in case Peter decided to hit him.


"You don't know?!" Peter roared, staring at Wade incredulously. 


"I'm sorry for whatever it is!" Wade wailed, releasing his hold on himself to tug at Peter's nightshirt, his stomach being too large for any of his normal clothes and so having to borrow Wade's.


"You mean it?" Peter asked quietly, pouting as he looked down at Wade.


"...I promise?" Wade tried to sound sincere, but you can't really be if you don't even know what you did wrong, "C'mon Baby-Boy, let's go sit down." Wade picked Peter up and moved over to the couch, dragging him onto his lap as he did so. He circled his bare arms across Peter's stomach, nuzzling his back from behind.


"You still don't know what you did, huh?" Peter sighed, relaxing into Wade's hold.


"...No, I'm sorry." Peter felt Wade do puppy eyes through his shirt. He rolled his eyes, placing his hands on top of Wade's.


"You messed up my nest." Peter sniffed, pressing his back onto Wade's chest so that Wade could put his head on his shoulder.


"Oh, shit- I did? I'm so sorry, Baby." Wade cussed, mad at himself. He knew how Omega's, especially pregnant ones, were very serious about their nests. Peter hadn't been sleeping well, the baby at six months beginning to kick and in doing so, waking Peter up. Wade tightened his grip on Peter, nuzzling his neck apologetically. Peter, sensing Wade distress, used his super strength to flip himself around- keeping Wade's arms around him at the same time.


Peter looped an arm around Wade's neck, the other lifting his head up so that they locked eyes, "Wade, it's alright. I know it was an accident, and I'm not upset anymore, okay?" He released some soothing pheromones to show him that he was fine.


"But I messed up your nest! You must've been so sad and angry and-" Wade shook his head frantically, only feeling calmer slightly due to Peter's scent.


"And I forgive you for it." Peter smiled at him tenderly, using his free hand to cup Wade's cheek.


"I'm sorry, I love you," Wade mumbled as he tipped his head onto Peter's chest.


"I love you too," Peter replied, kissing the top of Wade's head affectionately. Wade lifted his head again, staring at Peter for a moment before pressing his lips against his softly. Peter's arm met his other as he bent it behind Wade's head, encasing him against him. Wade growled lowly as Peter pressed forward, deepening their kiss. He bit Peter's lip as a warning, his grip on Peter's waist tightening. In response, Peter licked Wade's lips slowly, opening his eyes to stare at him rawly. 


Peter gasped as a switch went off in Wade, his mouth prying open Peter's own desperately as if he wanted to devour him. He felt Wade's tongue encircle his own, and moaned lightly as he heard Wade grumble. Peter let go for a moment to catch his breath, before gripping onto Wade like a lifeline, kissing him again as he rolled his hips, Wade felt his eyes shifting as he looked down to see Peter' bite mark, his mark. He thrust up towards Peter's crotch, catching his whine with a fevered grunt.


"Fuck! My eyes- Jesus you two!" A new voice entered the room. The couple broke apart and looked up, only to see their pack all stood there shocked, Tony at the front glaring at them. Peter lept off Wade's lap, his whole body flushing a brilliant red. He quickly patted himself down before trying out a wry grimace.


"Ah- I'm sorry you guys. Pregnancy hormones, y'know? Anyways, um, I'm gonna go get changed!" Peter said hurriedly as he ran back off to their room, slamming the door behind him.


"What's up, Iron Dick?" Wade grinned as he waved a hand over at them, trying not to snicker at their astounded faces. Tony crossed his arms, a sneer present on his lips.


"Not going to get dressed, Wilson? I don't know what makes you think we wanna see your horrifically disgusting body." Tony remarked, only stopping at Steve's warm hand on his shoulder, silently telling him to stop.


"Nah, we all know you secretly love it Metal-Can. I know Petey does." Wade winked, bursting out with laughter at the Avenger's comical expressions. 


"Nothing could love something like tha-" Tony got interrupted as Natasha cleared her throat, signalling Peter's entrance into the room. He had changed into Wade's Deadpool hoodie and a pair of sweatpants, cradling his stomach as he death-stared Tony.


"Are you seriously talking shit to my mate again, Dad?" Peter growled dangerously, his eyes flashing gold like a flickering lightbulb.


"Fuck- Um, no?" Tony stammered, raising his hands in submission.


"Way to go, Tony." Bruce rolled his eyes, disappointed with him.


"Shut up, Banner. Steve, tell our son to chill the fuck out." Tony turned to Steve, expecting his Alpha's defence. Normally, Steve wouldn't hesitate to defend Tony against anyone; but he had to agree with the others this time. Peter had many discussions about Wade with Tony, asking him to stop being horrible to him- to no avail. Steve looked at Peter, his anger clear in his eyes. He then looked at Wade, noticing the fake smile he had plastered on, insecurity and sadness apparent if you looked at him hard enough. Finally, he turned to Tony, shaking his head slightly. He wasn't getting involved.


"I think we've had this talk enough times now, Dad. You aren't welcome here as long as you're mean to my mate. Is that clear? Because if it's not, I will rip off your fucking head and shove it so far up your own ass that-" Peter ranted, stepping closer to his pack. They all looked a tad scared but mostly concerned.


All of a sudden, Wade jumped off the couch, running over to Peter and picking him up, "Sorry guys, Pete's been a bit more protective of me since he got pregnant. Don't worry about it, 'kay?" Wade tried, clutching Peter to his chest warmly, trying to calm him down. Peter thumped his arms, trying to break free. He was so angry, he loved Wade more than anyone.


"Tony, apologise." Steve reprimanded, staring at Tony with a no-nonsense tone.


"Fine. I'm sorry Peter and... Wade." Tony apologised insincerely, but it seemed to appease Peter as he stopped squirming, instead focusing on the sound of Wade's heartbeat. 


"Thank you," Peter replied simply, too tired for any more arguments.


"Whatever, we came for a movie marathon- can we come in now?" Natasha smirked, throwing a bag of microwavable popcorn at them.




Peter screamed as he pushed out the last of his Baby's head, breaking Wade's hand for the fourth time since he went into labour. After a tough eighteen hours, their child was here. Peter panted as he looked up to Wade's tear-filled eyes, loosening his grip on his hand to entangle their fingers. The nurses rushed around cleaning, weighing and checking the baby. Wade bent down to kiss Peter's forehead, silently praising and thanking him. 


"Congratulations! It's a baby girl." The doctor beamed, passing her to Peter. Peter sobbed as he clutched her to his chest, watching as she squirmed. Wade smiled brightly, sitting on the edge of Peter's hospital bed to pass her his pinkie finger- chuckling wetly as she grabbed it and giggled. The nurses took her again to go have more tests done, allowing Peter half an hour of rest. He felt his inner Omega whine as his baby was taken, but knew that she would be safe. Tony had paid for them to go to the best hospital in America, buying them a private floor and the best midwives and doctors possible.


"We did it, Wade. We have a baby!" Peter cried as he lunged at Wade to bury his head in his neck, ignoring the sharp shooting pains flowing through his body.


"We did it, Peter. You did so well, Baby-Boy. I'm so proud of you." Wade soothed, stroking Peter's head softly. As promised, their baby was returned half an hour later. Peter, due to his super-healing, was able to get up and have a bath with Wade's help. He sat on the edge of his bed, Wade next to him as they waited. The minute the Doctor came back with her, Peter all but snatched her back, pressing her tightly against him. Wade patted his back carefully, trying to calm Peter's Omega down.


"It's alright, sirs. Your daughter is in perfect health, we also ran a few small tests to see if she had any powers- and we think she might have a fast healing ability, but not to either of your levels. She doesn't seem to possess any of Spider-Man's powers, minus the healing, either." The doctor said kindly, used to overprotective parents by now.


"You ran a test on her powers?! Did you hurt her to see if she had the healing ability?" Wade growled, standing up abruptly to press a finger into the Doctor's chest.


"Er- Well, we just gave her a very small scratch on her forearm, and it healed in under two minutes." The doctor stepped back nearer the exit as he saw Wade's face become furious and Peter's shocked.


"Listen here, buddy, I'm sure that you know I'm an ex-mercenary- and if I find out you ran any more little 'tests' like that on my daughter again, I'll have your head clean off before you can even say help. Clear?" Wade growled at him, grabbing the doctor by his shoulder harshly.


"U-Understood, sir." The doctor all but whimpered as he ran out of the room.


Wade sighed as he sat back down on the bed again, smiling small as Peter passed him their baby. He looked down into her eyes, feeling his tears form all over again. He never thought he'd be able to have a family, a pack, or a mate for that matter. But he had it all, and he felt like the luckiest Alpha in the world. Peter snuggled up next to him, resting his head on his shoulder as he drifted off to sleep.




"Knock knock! Guess who?" Someone called, startling Peter awake. He had been moved back into bed, his child asleep in a basic hospital crib next to him. Wade entered the room, some very excited Avengers trailing after him.


"Peter! Are you okay? Where's the baby?" Tony shouted as he rushed over to Peter's side, missing the quiet chortle Wade gave off as he proceeded to sit next to Peter again.


"She's right there, Dad." Peter giggled as he pointed at her, fighting the urge to squeal happily as Tony's eyes widened incredibly and spun around.


"She?!" Tony whisper-shouted as he bent over the crib, noticing a small but adorable baby wiggling around inside. He carefully picked her up, this being the first time he's ever held a baby, and rocked her, beaming broadly down at her. Peter sighed as he smiled warmly, feeling at peace once again. Steve rushed over to them, patting his Son's head and shaking Wade's hand as he wrapped an arm around Tony's shoulders, cooing down at the small child. 


"What's her name?" Bruce asked Wade kindly as he stood next to Tony, staring at her. Peter stared at him, before nodding lightly.


"Ellie-May Wilson," Wade replied, an ever-present beam lighting up his face as Peter reached for his hand and squeezed it.


"After Aunt May?" Natasha asked, pinching the baby's cheek softly.


"Ah- yeah." Peter rubbed his neck sheepishly.


"Chill kiddo, it's sweet of you," Clint said nonchalantly, ruffling Peter's hair delicately. 


It was quiet for a few moments, the only noise being the soft coos of the Avengers (and occasional sniffles). Peter leant back and kissed Wade on the lips chastely, pouring in all his love and affection for the older man. Wade's eyes widened in surprise before returning the kiss, the same emotions being sent back. Ellie-May gargled as she patted Tony's cheek, Tony suddenly feeling an overpowering need for his mate.


"Steve, I want a baby." Tony turned to him, serious.


"I- but, Tony- you know why we can't-" Steve stared at him, mouth gaping like a fish.


"I don't care. C'mon, we're gonna go make her an uncle or aunt." Tony dragged Steve out the room, the rest of the pack all laughing at his demand.


This was home.