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Jack and Jill

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Ton told him it was the same site as the first 'lump' and a second little one had appeared. Ton was unconcerned, telling Archie that Uncle Owen was sure this time they had everything and Taddy was sure too. If not, Tadda said the arm might have to come right off. For some reason this seemed to upset the old man more and Ton shook his head as he watched the man race off. Then he turned back to the problem at hand. Hungry children. His Hawk to be precise.

Ianto didn't hear the wave of alarm moving around the village, his one and only focus being on the wounded and once they were clear he stayed back to star calling the insurance company. Yes. Of course Ianto knew which company the building was insired with, the same one all the properties were insured with. A Hoodlum owned one. The flooding had changed everything and now Ianto had more power than people thought. By late afternoon those houses inhabitable were cleaned up and glaziers were hastly installing fresh windows before the chill came into the air.

The five houses too badly damamged for a quick fix were given chalets for the foreseeable as Ianto demanded the building crew be there bright and early to begin the next day. He then sighed, rubbing his face as he saw the huge task ahead, the building had been totally destroyed.

Paper had rained like confetti and he was eternally greatful there was no loss of life, something that was almost imposible to get his head around. Thanks to Toshiko, most of the records were backed up and although the printing would cost thousands, all could be recovered including building plans etc.

His main hurt was the library. After the floods he had worked so hard to build it up and make it something the village was proud of. This was not Jarred's fault, this was just something byond their control that happened but still … all those lovely books, DVDs and learning resources the school kept there. Why had he build the school so close?

"Carl just called" Jack said as he walked over to his husband, cell phones banned until the gas threat was fully over. Until the lines beneath the village were all checked, Ianto demanded everyone treat the site as still active. "Jarred is lucid and Owen is assuring him that there is no lasting damamge other than some light burns and a few brken bones. It looks like he was in the mayoral office and was thrown back into the wall, then that large TV screen smashed into him. It then fell on top of him as they went down and that is what acted like a tent over him as the place went nuclear. Saved his life."

Ianto nodded, his mouth a thin line and Jack knew he was beyond upset, unable to speak.