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Jack and Jill

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Recap of Harkness-Jones family

Our lovely men are now 47 and 51 … but who's counting?

The children are now ... 9 (Ifan the Imp) 18 (Ton), 21 (Babs), 25 (Walt), and 26 (Stephen). Hawk is right at this point in the story is now two and a half and looks like a little elf.

Walter's show is still a hit and with Walter also a movie star, making movies on his off peak time with the show that is a spin off from the original show he outgrew. Walter is married to Curtis. Ben is (10), Crispin 8 ½ little Grace … now a sweet little 3. Curtis would like another but knows not to push it.

Fen is retired from the Air force and is now working for Jack's Torchwood Agency as an 'Air Chauffer' to the stars and clients they represent. His wife Sam has given him LB (almost three and a half) and sweet little strawberry blonde Jackson (Jax) is now two.

Jack owns Torchwood Agency that he and Tosh run effectively with John as their PA … I know …go figure. Not just a PI agency, it is now an Agency used by many celebrities for security and transport with the Hoodlum Clan proving to be formidable bodyguards. Fen works as a chopper pilot for the Agency along with Sam's brother.

Ianto is retired, writing books and adoring the children/grandchildren. He is (almost) not bored at all.

Owen and Tosh adopted a wee girl from India called Mae 9 ... And a little boy from Zimbabwe called Denbae who has Dwarfism. 4

John Hart lives in the village with Chrystal and their son Harley (Monkey) is 9 ½ . They have Jasmine 5, the surviving twin as well.

Gene is with Idris, happily continuing their lives. Little Neve is the daughter of Idris' cousin who died. She is their little queen. (10)

Ton still has Muncher the mad little dog Marvin gave him. Also, his girlfriend Angel (Angela) from his acting group. She is DS and they are very much connected.

They also own cabins in the Lake District and are friends with the local mayor Marvin, who Ton named Marvin Martian. This is who gave Ton the little dog. Marvin and his wife Jenny are firm friends.

Time flies when you're having fun.