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Stucky Fic Prompts of Love and Gay~

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As the title suggests, Steve and Bucky sleep together and Bucky ends up pregnant from it left behind in Wakanda.


Very simple concept, lots of ideas can be spun around this one. I have seen variations of the idea made. An author named 'Jibbly' made a story called 'Counting Sheep', (which I think is a great story and definitely deserves some lovin', hell, all of Jibbly's stories could use some love, I know my stupid ass should comment more and love people but... go love Jibbly~... please, super desperate and needy here for some fine ass Stucky stories, lol) in which Bucky gets pregnant before going under ice in Wakanda, but instead of Steve leaving and not knowing, he stays with Bucky, they forget about the cryogenic chamber for the baby, they have their baby and it's super cute. Lovely story.


Where this concept would differ is that maybe they sleep together before Bucky goes under ice or after when Steve visits, but the whole point would be that Steve leaves to hero it up without knowing he got Bucky pregnant, without either knowing initially. Bucky could still go under ice if it's too early for them to know, like... all he got is Steve's sperm in him... or just... you know~ there are several ways to do this though.


With Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, they could have been careless, maybe Bucky wasn't in heat or Hydra supposedly sterilized him and either his serum fixed it or Steve's serum did. Or maybe it just wasn't something they thought about in the heat of the moment. Maybe they were mates who had been apart too long and had to renew their bond in a sudden shocked heat and rut after all the fighting. Maybe Steve's just stupid, or he breaks the condom. Maybe they weren't taught proper sex ed and got really damn lucky when they were young or Steve being pre-serum meant he wasn't fertile and they never got the chance to test it during the war, the list goes on.


Another way to do it, and I honestly still have no idea why no one ever thinks of this as it can be a concept explored all on its own, is as simple as super sperm. Or more specifically, Steve's super serum sperm. I've always always loved the idea of him accidentally getting someone pregnant who shouldn't get pregnant this way. Because the serum is responding to Steve's drive to 'reproduce' and doing what it can to change or 'heal' the individual he is 'donating' it to. Steve's serum is supposed to be perfect, so it would be able to fight off any changes in him, but I don't think it's too far stretched it would try to promote changes in others. It's likely it might take a few 'tries' or maybe just a lot of super sperm to 'make the change', but if they were fucking during the war in this version, bucky could already be lined up and ready for it without even knowing, or they just fuck A LOT and shit happens. Or maybe Steve's serum really is that perfect and it only takes one goddamn time. I could imagine Bucky being a little grumpy about that one. I could also imagine the serum also 'changing' someone to be specifically 'for' Steve, so maybe Hydra even noticed and tried to get Bucky pregnant and failed, there's a lot of opportunities for creativity here.


Another way I have seen done a few times, but maybe not as frequently as I would expect, is that Hydra experiments on Bucky and he is able to carry children because of it. Now, considering that this would dwell on the concept of neither knowing to begin with, I'm going to say that this is a fairly recent addition from Hydra that was never tested, maybe because it was just too recent for them to get a chance to test or they only wanted to test it once they found Cap again, desperately wanting that super soldier sperm~... I should stop... but I probably won't? Did I mention I'm trash. Back to Bucky. Maybe Bucky just got too damn aggressive anytime they tried to test it and they were afraid to do anything else. (Anything for that happy ending and no successful trash parties because ya boy has been though ENOUGH. Clearly, I am doing everything I can to avoid HTP here. He needs that happy ending... I NEED THAT HAPPY ENDING.) It could also be a side effect of his botched version of the serum that Hydra maybe played a little too much with, or maybe Zola wanted to make Bucky the perfect counterpart for Schmidt to bear mini supersoldiers of the next generation for Hydra, but the idea never came to fruition when Schmidt 'died' and Bucky escaped the first time (and of course we all know Bucky's a much better match for Stevie~).


Bucky could even just be trans or born intersex, and then related above issues, infertile because of Hydra or other, etc. Stevie fixes it with his fuckin' super sperm... that's an option cause the dark lord knows we just need so much more of Bucky with a pussy out there... Like goddamn. I have the worst craving for boypussy Bucky...


I mentioned I'm garbage, right?


Once we establish that our Bucky boo is pregnant and Steve is off being a hero, there are even more ideas to explore. Steve could come back and find out while Bucky is still pregnant, Bucky could reach out to him through T'Challa, or maybe he doesn't want to bother Steve so Steve doesn't come back until the kid is born and could be a little hurt by Bucky never telling him, or just in shock. It all depends. It can be a strict Canon divergence with no Infinity Wars or Endgame, the kid even being a little older when Steve finally does find out (because he knew Bucky had a kid but maybe not that he gave birth to it or that it was because of Steve) or if you wanna make it longer, it can go even deeper into it with Steve losing his family, missing them, maybe not even getting to know his child all that much before the snap after having just found out (maybe even prompting arguing with Bucky and possible babymaking angry sex~), and then fighting to get them both back.


There are so many ways it could be done. The way I explored this idea had Bucky initially 'stealing' a fragmented cosmic cube from Hydra, which could also be responsible for his baby carrying capabilities or even heal his infertility if he's sterilized from A/B/O, from being intersex, or whatever. This cosmic cube then 'disappears', but reappears when Bucky gets pregnant in his and Steve's daughter, Kobik. This is the SuperSoldierFamily route.


If you don't know who Kobik is, you can go ahead and look her up for better detail, just seach 'kobik 616' and click the link for the wiki, but she is basically, in the comics, a cosmic cube that took sentience in the form of a little girl because she felt naive to the world, and a childish form suited her best. She is super adorable, super innocent, super powerful though with limited control of her powers, and Bucky takes care of her like this big ol' sweetheart mama bear and it's just, ugh... it's heart melting~...


The way cosmic cubes also work is that they are kinda like complex 'wishing' cubes? Sorta, they are reality warping to an extreme, very powerful, and very dangerous in the wrong hands if those hands know how to use them, and that's the kicker. Cosmic cubes are also multiversal, nearly omniversal if they aren't somehow, so they are more powerful than the infinity gauntlet with all 6 stones, which only hold power on a universal level (as they are linked to the universe they are from), i don't know why they didn't just find one a fuckin' these to fix everything, cause... you know... but not the point.


Kobik would not be happy about losing her mother (Bucky), probably still be a baby when the snap happens, and would either be able to cock block Thanos completely, immediately reverse it, or maybe even change his mind and have him surrender and ask to be killed. Like, we get it, the bitch just tryin' to get laid, but damn. For those that don't know, Thanos in the comics is actually in love with the universal Entity known as Death. All souls belong to Death, and as it is in her nature to be... Death itself, he actually kills people to please her, because he's courting her, because he's head over heels in love with her and just wants her to notice him... you know. It's actually kinda sad and sweet, but like... the boy is DEVOTED.


Anyway, Kobik could even just bring back Bucky after the snap (cause she's a baby, what kind of control could she have apart from wanting her parents?). Steve hears her crying and runs to see him rematerialize at his little hut where she is, maybe Steve still doesn't know about her, and Bucky's freaked out but they both hang onto each other when everyone's still just registering what happened and trying to figure it out.




Anyway, I really hope someone likes this idea enough to pick it up, and I would more than be open to discussing even more. If I can get to it and write my own fic, I'm definitely going the Kobik route but I just don't know if or when that will be, and the Kobik ideas are still open to anyone who wants to use them, I don't mind at all, we definitely need more SuperSoldierFamily. If you're interested, please let me know and keep me posted, I would love to see it.


Satan knows we could always use more bearded Nomad Steve railing Bucky in T'Challa's broom closets~.





Specifically the prompt<3~



More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~


'Just The Way You Are' by 'Daretodream66'

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Because whyyyyyyyyyy? Genius and super simple, just look at me toot my own horn~<3.


Super simple concept, self explanatory. Bucky being visibly pregnant when Civil War happens as proof that he couldn't have done the bombing of the U.N. And of course, there are VARIATIONS on ways to do this!


The simplest simplest way to do this involves Steve calmly bringing Bucky, who is very pregnant, in (so people don't shoot at him) to show he's innocent, having Sam or someone relay messages to ensure Bucky will be safe coming in. Likely immediately being looked over to make sure the pregnancy is real, ultrasound, etc. to make sure there's really a baby in Stevie's mate before they figure out what to do. A/B/O works best for this one as Bucky's pregnancy would be least likely to be questioned that way, but other ways would work too. If there are generally sometimes fertile intersex people in the world for example, or if it's well known that Bucky is trans. Lady Bucky also works well if you wanna go that route. ;) In this version, depending on how they find each other again and how early, maybe with Bucky letting Steve find him for that super meaningful smutty reunion~ (probably causing the pregnancy in the first place, because the boys are idiots and just don't use condoms, were maybe overwhelmed by the bond wanting them to renew it with sudden heat and rut, or maybe Bucky just wants to make up for all the life he took by giving birth to so many new ones~), they could also have an extra kiddo or two already out, which uhh, just shows ya boi Stevie been keepin' some serious secrets~. Sweet and fluffy marshmallow vanilla vibes work perfectly for this one too, they could have been married prior, and of course, as far as fertility goes, it could be a miracle baby for them (cause we all know how super serum likes to fuck around~), maybe with Hydra making or trying to make Bucky infertile, or Steve being infertile before the serum. It all depends~. Steve could have also never known Bucky was an Omega, but still loved him, for an even cuter edge when they find each other again~.


I imagine a little bit of a more weary Steve here. Especially with the accords, with Bucky and the baby, just ready to quit (even if he doesn't really want to, probably being more worried than it's worth). It's definitely a concept I've always thought about with Ross' 'threat'. Like... what if they just took him up on the offer, where would the world be and what would they do?


"Then you retire."


"Okay. Great. Goin' on holiday. Bye."




Seriously, the Avengers are a response team and if they take the option to stop responding, the Earth has no defense. Steve obviously, would not want to leave the Earth with no defense, but with the accords basically treating them like Hydra treated Bucky (as weapons), and needing to save people instead of just watching them die in a fire, it's kinda no wonder he became a war criminal just to keep saving people. And why he would be so against it with Bucky's situation. Also, Ross is a dick. But if Steve were dealing with this on top of Bucky being pregnant and the two of them about to have the baby, I could imagine him very willing to take that step back for Bucky and the baby. Or going even further, taking something like what would probably be Carol or Thor's approach, in which they just move to take care of different planets instead~. For another divergence right there, Steve contacting Thor and maybe him and Bucky and part of the team leaving to go to Asgard and fight with Thor helping other planets. It would definitely make a point~.


"Then you retire."


"Nah~. I think I'll just go see if other planets need help instead. The Earth can make due without us, I'm sure."






Because Steve's about to be a parent. ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


And there goes Zemo's plan~.


For another version, Bucky could actually go right into labor when Steve finds him in that little apartment. This would instead involve the couple finding each other, probably with a shocked/sudden heat for Bucky that Steve helps him through, and then Bucky disappearing again and Steve not knowing he's pregnant. Steve could also actually still know and they still see each other so that Bucky's labor gets thrown into all that jazz previously mentioned if you want that option for added chaos~. It would also be possible to add Kobik. Likely with Hydra capturing Bucky again before Steve saves him, possibly with secret messages relayed or maybe even Bucky going after Hydra because they have a cosmic cube (or just that he stole it before he left them the first time). The cube or just the stress of the situation or reuniting pushing Bucky into heat, and Steve helping him, same deal. Again with options, the secret romance or the secret baby~. Kobik adding for additional hectic results once she's born, but also she's cute<3. And unborn Kobik could even cause a bit of chaos, particularly to any threats presenting themselves to Bucky and maybe even Steve. Something like disabling all weapons near them or other~.


For added drama to the story, Steve and Bucky could have had a baby during the war or Bucky was pregnant without Steve or either knowing when he fell. For Bucky falling and being pregnant, I will always advocate for the little spider, Natalia being their kid, I think this concept is so cute and I really wish I saw it more. I think it's likely only she would know the truth, Hydra probably making Bucky believe they took and killed the child when it was born or even that they forcibly removed it from him. In this light, Bucky thinking he failed Steve and his little girl, maybe even delirious while giving birth, saying he can't do it, that he killed the first one, crying about missing her and apologizing while Steve is shocked but still helping him. In this version, I imagine the scene during the Winter Soldier to be more of Natasha telling Steve to 'pretend to kiss her' and Steve kissing her forehead instead, giving the reason that she smells like a baby(familial) to him and her knowing exactly why but not knowing how to tell him. It would also add extra conflict with her position on the accords and her parents.


For a baby before Bucky falls, there's one idea that's always stuck with me because I'm a trashy moron who likes scandal, and Tony's adopted in the comics. Lol, you read that right<3. The DELICIOUS DRAMA~<3<3<3.


"He killed my mom."


"No... he IS your mom!"


Because I'm a fucking idiot, I already stated this, but now you can't unimagine it either. And yes, this is going to go off on a tangent but it will come back around so bear with me for a moment~. Obviously, Steve would be more broken up about it if this were the case and it would likely play around a lot more with the timeline.


Basically, that Tony is their son because the boys are fucking morons who don't realize Steve is fertile now that he has the serum, Bucky gets pregnant and gives birth during the war before he falls, and Howard adopts the baby when they both end up dying. Desperately trying to find Steve even more. Steve could wake up years later to meet his adult son, or he could wake up very few years later and meet a kid or toddler Tony who is very shy, very smart, and very spoiled. Maybe complications leading to them not telling him right away. If Tony's an adult when he meets Steve, maybe Howard never told him because that story is fucking sad or he did but Tony never believed him. I'd imagine Steve having a lot of heated arguments with Maria before they settle on waiting until Tony is a little older, but when Howard and Maria are killed, Steve goes after the killer, only to be conflicted on what to tell his son. Not wanting to take from Howard and Maria being his parents, or tell Tony that his own mother was the one who killed them (and Steve couldn't catch him because of that).


It works best with Tony still being pretty young when Howard and Maria die, but he could also be a teen. Either or leading to incredible shock when Steve is named his legal guardian with full custody and control of everything Tony is set to inherit, especially with and probably really angering Stane. Even more so if Tony shows any signs of being an Omega with an older 'unfamilial' Alpha. Stane probably pushing to get the decision reversed or changed in some way, or arrange a marriage with Tony and his son or himself depending on how creepy you'd want Obie to be... To which Steve would reply a flat out, 'fuck no'. Raising Tony the rest of the way, trying to get Bucky back at the same time, taking care of Hydra, etc.


In this version, Bucky wouldn't have to be visibly pregnant, but I imagine Steve and Bucky finding each again rather quickly with Bucky wanting to know about their son. Probably personally asking Steve not to tell Tony that he killed Howard and Maria because he feels it's something Tony should learn or rather hear straight from the horse's mouth (another concept to be played with that I'm surprised to have never seen). Steve feeling conflicted because he feels Bucky shouldn't have to be the one to tell him, being his mother and dealing with everything else above the guilt he shouldn't feel because of what Hydra forced him to do, but respecting it nonetheless. I imagine both parents being extremely conflicted not wanting to fight their son, Steve trying desperately to calm Tony down and get Bucky out of there. And Tony likely having something like a shockwave response to the extreme distress of Steve telling him that Bucky is his mother, leading to both soldiers getting knocked out and captured. Tony not believing it before testing to see if it's true, and the drama can go from there~.


Bucky can also have a baby physically in his arms if you wanna go the post pregnancy route as well. Cause like. NOBODY should be shootin' at a fucker with a baby. Like seriously, even if they don't think the baby is his. That one could come back around to the secret baby route or Steve still being involved, Maybe even Steve knowing but wanting to respect Bucky's boundaries, Bucky occasionally secretly sending him little updates about the baby for a bittersweet touch. Steve keeping Hydra off of Bucky's trail.


So many fricken ideas. To combine, to refine, to discuss. Seriously, how does this one not exist out there? Pregnancy is a pretty fuckin' good alibi. Someone. PLEASE. Makeithappen. I mean, like I'll get to it if I do but bitch I am a snail. And we need more mumma Bucky. And some fluffy Stucky family shit. I would love to see Tony reconcile with a very pregnant Bucky after helping him and Steve escape finding out that they are in fact his biological parents, and Bucky being the sweetheart who's just more than happy to have his pup back and definitely doesn't want to let him go after so much time. But like... apparently, no one think of this shit except my dumbass. And I guess that's fair...







Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

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More canon divergence~. Why? Because we always need more mumma Bucky at every goddamn turn of a possible story.


This one revolving around Bucky either staying with Steve or possibly coming home. As always, with options and mpreg~. A/B/O is pretty much always the simplest. But a lot can happen for this one, related to other ideas I mentioned, shocked heat/rut, serum created A/B/O, etc., especially with Hydra experiments, supersperm is always an option as is intersex or trans Bucky for that boypussy~.


The first idea is simple enough. They have sex by the river after that big fight.


Okay, done.


Lol, there's a lot more to it than that. It can be hazy reunion sex between Alpha and Omega, whether mates or not. Steve could think it's a complete dream, not even realizing that he actually did bite and knot Bucky without any protection because Bucky leaves right after. Or he can straight up wake up with a still mostly feral but submissive Bucky sitting on his knot. They could have been mates beforehand or maybe endless pining but neither saying anything, or even Steve not even knowing Bucky was an Omega in the first place. You know the whole shtick between these two adorable idiots~. In the case of Bucky never leaving, them figuring things out from there. Possibly freaking out when Bucky gets pregnant, or maybe with Steve hiding him from the rest of the team/world, trying to protect him until they can figure things out/fully mop up Hydra.


Bucky could end up kidnapped somewhere after the fact by Hydra if they find out and want the baby, and of course, this is an idea that has been played with, with some pretty good fics out there, though not a whole lot. If Hydra has a cosmic cube, you can tie in Kobik, once again, like I mention every goddamn time. Cause the world also needs moar SuperSoldierFamily.


If Bucky leaves right after they have sex, Steve could still be searching for him and Bucky only comes home when he realizes he's pregnant. More openly though, because he just needs to get back to Steve or maybe Hydra tried to get to him when they realized there was a supersoldier baby cocktail growing inside of Bucky. This brings us to the next option.


Hydra being the reason behind Bucky's pregnancy. Especially if they realize Steve and Bucky are mates. Of course, with several ways to do it though. Through experimentation and artificial insemination taking the spotlight, for a major surprise for Bucky that has him needing to come home to Steve, maybe an even bigger surprise for Steve.  It's possible they could have even made that baby before Bucky fell from the train without even knowing it was possible, maybe supersperm being the reason. I have seen a similar idea lightly explored but not in depth. I need that happy ending, gimme the Bucky boo coming home to his Stevie, giving birth to the Stucky baby, and having that happy Stucky family~. Hydra could also have drugged Steve and blindfolded him, putting him in a room with Bucky before project insight so he would breed the Omega, because every other attempt has failed (on account of Bucky having a mate and them not being able to break or challenge the bond). Steve would think it's a horrible dream of him yearning for Bucky, up until he realizes Bucky is alive and smells like a renewed bond, Steve, and like he's breeding. 


This could be another reason Bucky would stay, Steve would be even more desperate to find him, or Bucky comes home to Steve guilty once he realizes he's pregnant, maybe not knowing who the father is because of Hydra (but Steve knowing full well because he remembers, maybe even for artificial insemination realizing why he ended up giving Hydra a sample). This would create a more melancholy story, bittersweet moments for that angst and sweetness between these two. And that happy ending when Bucky eventually gives birth to a baby that looks and smells 100% like his Stevie~ (Susie and Johnny ringing any bells?).


Bucky could also not come home right away, but maybe end up going through a heat alone or remembering a bit more about Steve and then coming home. The two starting or rekindling their relationship in secret. Maybe Bucky straight up going home to his Alpha when he's in heat. Bucky could also go after Hydra before coming home because Hydra has something they shouldn't (a cosmic cube), tying back into Kobik. The cube can straight up give Bucky a vagina that the boys are too stupid and eager not to test out, and they end up making a baby. Or maybe it just makes him fertile again if Hydra sterilized him as an Omega, or just responsive to Steve's sperm because cosmic cubes act as sort of 'wish granting' mechanisms, and tend to respond to desires, even subconscious ones. Bucky wanting to be free, one or the two of them wanting a baby, Steve's lizard brain spreading his DNA in Bucky, even possible nonsense dirty talk that they have no idea will amount to anything~ (but the cube is listening). You know, the works. This idea can also tie back into Bucky being pregnant during Civil War as an alibi.




Bucky could not come home until Civil War. But for the idea to not just roll into him other ideas (or it could, depending on your take), he would have to have already given birth to the baby/babies, kept it a secret, and have been caring for it/them for a time. This standing as his alibi instead, though maybe with more suspicion and attempts to separate him from his own child. This would likely be a Bucky that still wants Steve, but doesn't want to distract him or thinks himself not worth the Alpha/hero, but of course still wants to give everything he can to their kid(s). Maybe befriending people in a that Romanian city, an old lady that babysits for him and maybe attacks Steve with her cane when he ends up finding Bucky, the guy who ran away from his newspaper stand staring at Bucky maybe instead knowing it can't be him because he's a parent and constantly sees him with his kids, but tells Bucky to be careful because of the doppelganger picture (or if you wanna tie that back into the 'Pregnancy as an Alibi during Civil War' idea, knowing it can't be Bucky because he's heavily pregnant). This of course would lead more into 'secret baby' territory (which is another basic prompt idea~), so I won't dive too much into it but it is an option with a very different outcome in the aftermath and or in Wakanda.


For it to come back to the 'Bucky coming home' idea, maybe Bucky is heavily pregnant (from Steve having found him at some point and then Bucky disappearing) or has his child with him (from any of the above reasons), and goes directly to Steve instead of Steve finding him. In this idea, Bucky would be most likely scared and willing to do anything to protect his baby. Steve probably not knowing (but maybe he does, who knows, options~) and being shocked but doing what he can to protect Bucky and the baby. Because Steve is just... most protective.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

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So this idea's not convoluted~. Promise, not in the slightest... maybe. Lol, not really anyway. It would just involve maybe an extra person in a scene or fight to help out when our beloved Steve and Bucky get... distracted~<3.


So this concept is actually one that needs the more strict setting of A/B/O and I should start by explaining that. It involves a form of built in, instinctual sex pollen that I have mentioned a few times and am FINALLY going into depth on. I have seen other writers play with similar concepts. Bond shock when a mate dies, bond dissolving when mates spend too much time apart, lots of things in the world of A/B/O, that's why it's so fun to play with~. But basically, it had me thinking, what if the bond is strong enough to numb, but still cling, and when the pair reunites, it wants them to renew it? To do this, re-solidifying the bond through sudden heat/rut. Thus, a shocked heat/rut. Very simple concept, I'm sure I'm not the only one to use this idea or similar, though I haven't seen it crazy often CAUSE WE NEED MOAR MUMMA BUCKY *cough*.


But to paint a scenario, it would be something like~ Steve and Bucky being apart for that 70 years. So when they reunite and their instincts sense each other, catching the scent of their mate, their bodies completely shutting down their brains functions to be purely primal, mate being the only thing that crosses it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they're fucking. That's it. Super simple. But obviously that's not it, lol. At least not all of it. Basically, this idea would revolve around the moments they reunite, and there could be a delayed reaction or interference depending on what situation you'd want that to be. And obviously some other players involved so our boys maybe don't get shot while they're making a baby~, but of course, you know just general confusion from everyone involved could work too!


For The Winter Soldier. The first place Steve meets Bucky is that rooftop when he's running after him from shooting Nick. Simple enough spot, Steve fucking him on that rooftop, Bucky's instincts going haywire but recognizing his Alpha (along with that dick~) and then shit happening very differently than anyone expects. Possibly with Steve going on the run with Bucky from there. Bucky giving him what info he can, maybe calling in some other Avengers to help them shutdown insight. Tony could even be there when they all talk to Zola. Angry but not able to do much with the pregnant Omega smell already hitting everyone from Bucky. Bucky of course feeling super guilty, maybe with Hydra trying to get him back.


But of course, Hydra could put chemical scent blockers and extremely powerful suppressants in place as well, preventing it from happening the first time, additionally with the mask.


So we move to the next one. The fight on the bridge and the mask being removed. The moment Steve recognizes Bucky and they get a full whiff of each other with the mask off. Bucky scenting Steve immediately bringing on his heat, in turn bringing on Steve's rut, and theeeeeeeeeeen they're fucking. In the middle of the goddamn road and mission for the world to see and what the fuck~. Obviously with a very growly Steve very annoyed with any other Alphas in the vicinity, and probably like no one fucking knowing what to do. Because what the fuck would they do! Obviously, again, likely needing additional players for damage control. Maybe managing to get these two to safety and shelter if they don't manage on their own, finishing up with project insight, Steve probably waking up with his dick still in Bucky, a lot of hickeys and bites on both of them, Bucky sleeping soundly and Steve with a massive headache wondering what the hell happened. Before realizing it, and that he creampied Bucky only a million fucking times~. Additional chaos from there~.


Of course, there's also the delayed effect. Maybe the heat and rut edging out from the point of meeting but not reacting as immediately with all the other stress and shit they're dealing with. In this case, Steve and Bucky could still have their big fight, Steve finishing the mission. But by the end of, their instincts overwhelming them and neither being able to control it or their hands before their diving into the water together and Steve is sticking his dick in Bucky the moment he can. Or maybe it does delay a little more, those incredibly meaningful lines and promise we all know and love, and then Steve wakes up with a very satisfied purring Bucky sitting on his knot, both of them at the edge of the water, on the bank. Steve then letting his instincts take control. Or maybe they're in a special medical heat room and very naked but not separated. Or even with Bucky growling at others while sitting on Steve's knot. Because he could still be feral. Lots of options here and additional chaos in the aftermath to play with.


For additional bond and heat/rut ideas, the boys could have started off with nothing but a ghost bond or ghosted bond. A bond that was strong enough between them to last but never fully solidified. Maybe with Steve playfully biting Bucky and wanting to mate him, but never really sinking his teeth into the bonding gland deep enough or during a heat. With the bond they did have, just outside of A/B/O, with A/B/O I would imagine it to be enough to take them by surprise, especially with their serums. If Bucky and Steve were fully bonded before the war or during, their 'deaths' numbing the bonds could have also prevented any further heats/ruts for them. Hydra could have never even known Bucky was an Omega, let alone Steve's Omega. Though I have always liked the idea of Bucky reacting violently, possibly killing any Alpha that isn't his own and tries to touch him (coming back to the concept of instincts not forgetting~ basically making him off limits for Hydra Trash Parties, but then practically melting for Stevie... cause it's Stevie~). This of course could make the heat and rut all the more surprising and overwhelming for them.


And of course, there's moar~. Let's say the delayed effect is enough for them to separate before anything happens, and they go through their respective heat and rut (probably terrible at this point) alone. Or just that the drugs Hydra put in Bucky were enough to keep them at bay. Bucky disappears, Steve tries desperately to find him. So they don't reunite until Civil War.


The soldiers, task force that goes in to find Bucky? Find Steve fucking him on the floor or that tiny mattress in the corner and are very fucking confused~. Because what can I say, I like this garbage-y deliciousness and think the soldiers being completely discomforted by the breathy little moans escaping Bucky would be lovely~. And also Sam being furious with Steve for not turning off his com. All he'd hear is growling, thrusting, Bucky's nympho voice responding to the thrusts, and heavy breathing. And just... probably call Tony or Rhodey at this point cause what the fuck? In which case, containment, Steve refusing to leave his mate. Letting them ride out the heat and rut with just everyone else feeling purely awkward and at this point fully understanding Steve's obsession with his Bucky boo. And that the supersoldier really doesn't hold back with the mattress pounding, and who knew Mrs. Rogers was so limber~.


Okay. Okaaaaaaaaaaay. I'm done. I'm done...


I'm not. I'm never done~. I'm TRASH!!!


At this point going from there, maybe even taking several months before Zemo gets his plan rolling back into action, Bucky being pregnant by then, and ruining it all together because unless Tony's a complete psychopath, probably not fucking willing to attack a pregnant person, no matter how angry he is, and especially not if him and Bucky have become friends and Bucky hasn't told Steve yet. Making the fight just be arguing between mates possibly turning into more fucking while Tony seethes and then proceeds to get Zemo out for capture while the idiots fuck behind him<3. And yes, more ideas and even ideas from other prompts could tie into this one. As always, the Kobik touch being available, just have Bucky or Steve come into contact with a cosmic cube at one point or another.


This idea can pretty much work with any A/B/O story for our boys where they are previously bonded and then separated for a long time. Even bonding after everything they've been through, finally just bonding at the end of Civil War and actually being smart about it (look at these boys, actually using condoms~? What kinda craziness is that), but let's say Bucky goes into cryo in Wakanda, and doesn't see Steve for those two years, Steve finally going to see him during infinity wars and they use T'Challa's broom closet because fuck, they weren't expecting it but they both need it~ (and maybe not being so smart this time because they are fucking overwhelmed~<3<3<3).


For a last idea, maybe Hydra got the record wrong~. More specifically, thinking they can control Steve Rogers through this method, thinking they'll sent him into shocked heat and Bucky into shocked rut, having the Winter Soldier renew their bond and 'control his Omega', because they think Steve is the Omega and Bucky is the Alpha... cause there was no way that tiny Steve had been an Alpha, right? And then very quickly learn the opposite of what they hoped, and oh shit, they've just made Steve even more aggressive and impregnated their own Asset, decommissioned and compromised aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand fuck. Fun~. Because fuck Hydra. (when they're evil of course, they're also fun to play with when they're not~). Even better if it goes into serum fuckery and those were their original designations, but Steve's serum made him not quite what he's supposed to be (or at all, lol) and Bucky's made him not quite what he's supposed to be (cause we need MOAR mumma Bucky, no matter what~). The result being an 'Omega' Steve who can't actually get pregnant STILL getting his 'Alpha' pregnant, don't we just love Steeb's perfect super soldier serum~? Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss, this one goes into another concept that I will go into depth with, but that's one for another time~ (lol, might be the next one, we'll see). ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Talk at me. I wanna discuss shit and see someone dip into this mountain of crack, cause this one right here... it's a fucking mountain of crack.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

YES! Because this is yet another idea that can be linked to others, explored like crazy, and for some reason just doesn't happen!


Ranging from a dying or completely dead and long gone A/B/O system getting revived through the serums in our boys (possibly reviving it throughout the human race thereafter, scent spreading the instinct revival like wildfire), or as simple as the boys being the ONLY Alpha and Omega in the world, because they are directly related to the serum. Steve of course, with his stupid perfect original serum (Alpha). And Bucky with his alternate compatible version serum (Omega). Obviously, this one would be strictly A/B/O but all for experimentation on how how that exactly works. Still for the mpreg though, I need that pregnant Bucky boo.


This can be simple enough, the boys keeping the secrets of how they are different and weird. Probably thinking it's because of their serums, or in Bucky's case, Hydra experiments, but not wanting to go and check it out medically.


For Steve, the appearance of ruts, extreme territorialness and animalistic behavior coupled with horniness that can't be satisfied, cause that's something he should notice, possibly a really bad one once he wakes up from the ice. Possibly ranging, every 3 months to match Omega heats seems like a decent enough distance but it does depend on the A/B/O world you'd want to create, I've seen it once a year, every 6 months, and once a month too, which could then make it an even bigger problem for Steve and he'd DEFINITELY notice it very quickly, as opposed to just thinking it might be a fluke since it doesn't happen as frequently. In response to Bucky is another option as well~. Noting certain scents on people that can make him feel like a creep (knowing when people are fertile, ovulating or on their periods which he probably wouldn't learn to differentiate at first) and hoping it's just a super sense of smell. The way he responds to peoples' scents, and more importantly, Bucky's scent, which has him wanting to pin his friend down and do things that would surely make Bucky hate him. The pining. THE PINING~<3. And of course, the knot. Not even being able to jack off without some kinda weird freaky shit happening that he never wants to tell anyone about EVER. And that's actually the reason he won't bother finding himself a date or a girlfriend. Cause what the fuck is he supposed to tell them, he's part dog when he cums? That'll bode over quite nicely~.


For Bucky, the heats. Maybe having gone through a few after he fell within Hydra. Same deal, can range, every month, 3 months, 6 months, once a year, trying to sync with Steve. Either way, it's a week out of his life each time spent hot and horny, desperate, sticking his fingers up his LEAKING ass or~, mild abdominal pain, dissatisfaction, the works. Depending as always. But repeating. Scents and noticing certain people, responding certain ways, especially to Steve and other possible females around him. Wanting to be near his best guy but not wanting to reveal what's happening to him in the slightest. Wanting Steve to scent and bite him. MOAR PINING~<3. And of course, the less than standard issue anus (cloaca, stretchier than normal, wet sometimes, two pathways, in the wrong place, possibly puffier and softer than any human asshole should be~) or even~ the boypussy that appeared that he definitely doesn't want to talk about. Because what kind of guy has a vagina. And how did he fucking get one? Oh sweet Bucky boo, the plans we have for you~.


Basically the kind a shit they would wanna take to their graves. This can only go well~.


Oh the drama~. It can start from during the war. Maybe neither acting on it or trying desperately to keep it a secret if they notice and there is no delayed reaction. Or. Not having quite noticed it yet~. Which begs the question, have the boys been the good little catholics they're supposed to be? Or have they been playing hanky panky games behind the scenes even before the war? If they have, the result could be a consequence neither would imagine. Of course coming back to ideas I've mentioned before, Natalia as their daughter, cosmic cube thrown in somewhere for Kobik, or Bucky could get pregnant, barely spend time unfrozen with Hydra, and then still be pregnant once Hydra's gone and he's free. In this case, freaking out and possibly not knowing how this happened or what to do, or simply not really knowing what's going on until he's given birth to Stevie's baby. Or possible babies. Two blonde headed twins ringing any bells? Susie and Johnny could certainly be a lovely consequence~ and a ringer for letting Bucky know exactly how they got there. From which Bucky's focus could shift to protecting them. Or maybe if he realizes what's going on before he gives birth, coming back to Steve and the story going from there. He can do the same after he gives birth too.


If they haven't been dicking around though, there's simply a delayed reaction as the serums are adjusting their bodies, or are too scared or dense to and just somehow don't end up making a baby during the war. We skip to the future. Commencing possible YEARS of secret keeping and pining~.


In this sense, it can go several more ways. Adding this to canon conflicts is always an option but I don't plan on delving too much into it, it is still up for discussion if that's the route you wanna go though. ;) What I will go into is the after, waiting for those conflicts to end (all the way to endgame or canon divergence at some point) where both boys are losing their minds with the pining and doing that avenging business together, still trying to keep the secret. If you want, skipping all those problems altogether for more creative freedom on a completely canon divergent story, or giving them a new conflict that puts them in a similar if not the same situation. One idea being post apocalyptic, Ultron winning (sorta), nuclear fallout, zombies, etc. which can bring Bucky back home to Steve and helping out in the first place. It could also mean population crisis which would make their relationship an even bigger no-no at first, but also the possible solution. Maybe even people creeping on Bucky and his fertility with the pretty babies he can make for Stevie. At least until they realize he can ONLY make them for Stevie~.


If you want to come back to prewar setting and playing the hanky panky~, Steve's new Alpha aggression could force him to save Bucky instead of letting him fall and desperately want to come home to him instead of ending up stuck in the ice. With the two of them being a scientific anomaly from there, carefully studied and maybe in a homophobic setting, their instincts blamed with an attempt to separate them, but Steve knowing its not just the instincts trying to convince Bucky he loves him, when Bucky is convinced what Hydra's done to him has corrupted Stevie. Up until Steve gets fed up with how they're treating Bucky and their unborn baby. Maybe with Namor interfering and offering some refuge, lol. It all depends, history can also get rewritten, especially if the full extent of the Alpha/Omega system in Steve and Bucky start to awaken it in other people. Making them an even bigger anomaly if the system had died in the human race a long time ago, and maybe with more curiosity and respect for it and the bond in the two of them.


If we come back to the future, basically we have our boys avenging together again~, pining hard, and trying to keep the secret. Now, one of the loveliest things I liked about this idea was that our sweet Stucky could quite literally end up accidentally having sex. Which would be adorable and appropriate between these two idiots. And I don't mean Bucky tripping and landing on Steve's dick, although, that is an idea if you wanna use it~. Steve accidentally falling on top of and slipping inside of Bucky, Bucky falling forward or backwards onto Steve's dick~, definitely an option<3. I mean more along the lines of maybe they end up sharing a room, doing things that were normal for them before, actually sleeping together, cuddling, just the general works of 1940s innocent best friends stuff that isn't gay cause they don't have any idea what that is, until it turns all the gay~. At the same time, still trying to keep that distance and the secret, but thinking that if it's at least their best guy, the other will understand, so less and less when they're drawn to each other. It can be shy exploration that ends up going too far, desperate for each other. Or it can start with sleep fucking.


Basically, these innocent boys falling asleep on the cusp of that heat and rut, loose clothes or barely any, and then sorta waking up much closer than they were, cuddled tightly with whines and growls, and dry humping that turns to wet humping dirtying each other with fluids that turns to Steve finding out where his dick goes, and Bucky hanging on tight with his legs squeezing around Steve's waist. Neither quite realizing what's happening or thinking they're dreaming (because they've had dreams like this before without the other there) until Steve's up and knotted Bucky, and Bucky's taking in that knot, both of them finally feeling satisfied... and then freaking out. But stuck together~.


Further chaos ensuing from there. Ugh, I love me some Stucky babies. As always, so many options for this one, especially because the basic idea can be tied to so many additional ideas. The one I have in the works is a post apocalyptic fallout (ever play the game?) AU that has lots of that accidental sex, because they're idiots but we love them for it~<3<3<3. I really would love to see some other people tackle this idea though. Steve's serum is perfect, he's basically guaranteed to be an Alpha, Bucky's is like a counterpart. Omega. Steve's Omega. Make it happen~.


Oh! And on a side note, the recreated serum Bucky gets for those soldiers could work the same way on them too, creating at least one more Alpha which could be what made them so hard to control, maybe even with one trying to get to Bucky before they put them in containment. Hydra could also take note of it and try to use Bucky to get to Steve. Or same deal as I mentioned before, be totally wrong about their designations, and totally fucked when they put them together and see Bucky get fucked and knotted and bitten by Stevie~.


Y'all know how it goes~<3.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

This story starts off as simple as can be.


Infertile Omega Steve. With a heart too big for his own good. Of course with several ways to do this. To start off, diving in with the more traditional A/B/O setting and things going backwards from there. Especially with a Steve that's dealing with all his problems on top of being 'abnormal' in his desires as an Omega. He doesn't want to be fucked. He wants to do the fucking. Maybe with Bucky being his absolute perfect counterpart. And even for an Omega, Steve still having a much larger than average cock that Bucky could very well become obsessed with.


This story can go classic Stucky. Best friends from childhood, even mating. Bucky goes to war, Steve goes after Bucky. And then takes the serum.


The serum, however, does not fix Steve's 'Omega'ness or lack there of in 'proper' form like everyone predicts. It doesn't make him fertile (not that way anyway~). It doesn't fix his heats, it makes him even weirder. It can technically give him a 180 flip and make him an Alpha, or even go further, let's say 540 to make him a Prime Alpha~ (basically an Alpha among Alpha's who's so fucking Alpha he can get other Alphas pregnant<3<3<3 just for the EXTRA UMPH~!!) if you wanna go that route. But it doesn't have to. What it does do is get rid of anything that could make him carry a baby. Pretty much being vestigial before. On top of changing him in even stranger ways. Maybe making his cock slick up instead of his ass. Maybe making his desires change when he goes into 'heat'. Definitely room for creativity here. The point being, Steve is not the 'Omega' anyone could hope for.


Think of him like more of a... sweet honeyed trap to capture an Alpha~. His scent will still attract them for sure, but he's not looking to be fucked. An they're probably in for a major surprise when Steve's dick turns out to be bigger than theirs. That's an idea in itself to play with, the serum taking an 'Omega' Steve and making him damn near predatory towards Alphas, if you really wanna go dark, it could make him cannibalistic too and turn him into some kind of monster or werewolf (I love Cap wolf, that is always an option). I honestly don't care as long as he's still fuckin' a baby into Bucky. Only Bucky, cause Bucky's his special boo bear~.


Enter Hydra. And Bucky's situation. Their experimentation and interference can bring about several things. His own knock off serum changing him in ways they don't necessarily predict. Bucky can even just be changing in response to his mate, so they remain counterparts as they were anomalies to begin with. Or Hydra could end up wanting something specific from Bucky when they catch him again.


Alpha ONLY children. Or rather, baby supersoldiers for Hydra. If two Alphas rarely produce anything else, but the fertility of Female Alphas is generally low if any at all, Hydra wanting to use Bucky for this would be very likely. Especially if they could control what fertility he would have implanting everything in him. Give him a vagina for that boypussy, etc. etc.. For some options there. Point being, Bucky is a strange 'Alpha' while Steve is a strange 'Omega', and things can only go swimmingly from there. It can go with a more typical Stucky storyline/canon divergence from there with the added fuckery of confusion from the Hydra experiments, Steve and Bucky just happy to have each other back, worried about the baby, maybe feeling guilty for never having been 'normal' in the first place with their desires and learning that if this is the way they are, then this is the way they are for that cute little edge to it.


The serum could also change Steve enough where Hydra could do nothing, just with Steve worrying Bucky might not want him after the serum, Bucky very much wanting him, but neither exactly wanting the orthodox roles meant for them. Maybe to the point of addiction on both parts, the serum edging Steve on every time he fucks Bucky, and then starting to change Bucky to carry for him instead. Thereby impregnating his own Alpha without either knowing~. Because I'm shit, how many times I gotta say that?


For another touch, Bucky could also end up rejecting Steve during the war because it's what everyone expects of him when Steve takes the serum and changes in those ways. It could get worse with Bucky wishing he had been the Omega from the start, still wanting Steve no matter what, wanting things he shouldn't as an Alpha (like a dick in his ass), and wanting to change for Steve. They'd end up on a rocky relationship, ignoring elephants in the room in favor of the war and just being friends, Bucky falls and then fast forward 70 years. This can come back to the idea of Hydra getting a hold of Steve and putting them in a room together, hoping to gain control of him through his bond with Bucky before realizing their mistake. Steve ending up overpowering Bucky completely and turning the tides. It can be as simple as Hydra changing Bucky, and when they find each other again, Bucky is more than willing to be with Steve regardless because he's always loved him and will take him however Steve is or the same deal but Steve's super sperm changing Bucky and both getting a surprise from it.


They could even not have been mates, just friends who coming back to each other as strange and backwards as they are in a world no one else matches them being drawn to each other. A lack of self control, becoming fuck buddies, just generally barely being able to keep their hands off each other. And it's not like they'd have anything to worry about with Bucky getting pregnant, right~?


They can deal with lots of internal conflict, or our boys could be completely shameless~, that's always an option, lol.


Coming back around. Let's say it's just Steve in the past. And he meets a nice Alpha in the future that he really likes, maybe his neighbor, but knowing how weird he is, keeps his distance no matter how much he likes him because what kind of Alpha would want to be fucked by an 'Omega'? Bucky could end up super surprised because Steve ends up following through those courting habits anyway, and the cute shyness, and maybe Bucky isn't all that into Omegas because he's never really wanted to fuck anyone (or could even suffer from erectile dysfunction which would make him unable to), but enjoys being fucked. Maybe this Bucky typically only dates Alphas because of his desires but thinks Steve is cute and that he deserves at least the whole truth from him, especially because he's not used to being attracted to Omega scents like he is Steve, but then Steve's not exactly the typical 'Omega' either. Or maybe he even mistakes Steve for an Alpha at first.


Eventually, it would get to the point of him telling Steve... and Steve possibly being aroused by it. His own erection neither being dysfunctional or small in the slightest, and Bucky very much notices~. The situation can go from there, they start dating or maybe just become fuck buddies, Bucky worries about Steve's 'heat' but when it turns out to be more like a really soft and sweet rut that his instincts aren't driving him to try and kill the rival 'Alpha' near him for, he's pretty okay with everything that Steve is or rather isn't, considering what he 'should' be, more than okay~. Things are basically perfect for them.


Until they get that surprise baby~.


In this one, Bucky could be born an anomaly but still present 'Alpha', maybe even intersex for the boypussy (that they end up very stupid about since Omegas aren't supposed to be fertile that way anyway) or you could just blame Stevie's super sperm~. Cause that is always an option. Bucky could take the place Sharon had in the Winter Soldier, being assigned to watch Steve as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. In this case maybe going against orders by getting too close, thinking it won't be that big a deal since he can't get pregnant (until he does~), or he could be a Hydra sleeper agent. Which could subject him to those same experiments, with Steve breaking him out of that programming or mind set and saving him with all the chaos and the gay~. And of course by putting a baby in his Bucky boo<3.


The other and probably more simple way to do this, lol, would just be switching up the labels and societal roles. In which 'Alphas' are the bearers, they get pregnant and have children but are the ones respected and revered by society because of this. It's seen as a glory and inherent need rather than a weakness, and makes them the most important people for society. 'Omegas' being protectors, soldiers, providers, but not considered necessary for the rest of anything or the advancement or growth of society. It all depends on what kind of world you wanna build in this sense. My personal favorite involves something of a honeybee scheme, in which all pack members are necessary but still instinctively fall on certain roles.


Alphas in this case being the Queen Bee, centering the pack, being the most fertile, making sure everything stays in order. Omegas being more like soldier drones in this aspect, the queen picking one as her mate to create strong offspring. Betas would be the worker drones but you could also add additional dynamics. In this version, a lot can be played with in terms of society and the functions in this setting. It can function more efficiently (since bees function more efficiently than humans), maybe with a little more freedom than the strict bee setting, but still with Alphas functioning specifically with 'what's best for the pack/hive' in mind, maybe this aspect taking more control of them than they want. It can even lead to a more questionable or dystopian society, where this hive mind set is strictly trying to control everything, Steve maybe even being considered a threat to that. Especially if he goes into the ice what's considered a traditional Alpha, and wakes up in a society where everything has reversed, and suddenly he's considered the 'Omega'.


There can even be 'Alphas' with even more control over the species, in my story, I called them 'Matron's, their counterparts being the 'Prime's. Lots of ideas to play with here. But it could end up with a story where Hydra has basically already won because of the natural order things evolve into, Steve maybe spending hundreds more years in the ice, and then being assigned to mate with a 'Matron' Bucky so they have control over him.


Maybe with Bucky even struggling with his role because it's something he never asked for or wanted... In this case, Bucky can again be modern or Stevie's old friend. Maybe even having been mated before the war. Bucky could have been the first Matron, which could be the reason he got free of Hydra or maybe Hydra set him free anyway, Bucky watching the world evolve to this state, still feeling his mate while they insist he find a new one. When they finally find Steve, maybe letting him do all the things he shouldn't. Letting Steve bite him, fuck him bare, impregnate him, etc. because he wakes up in rut.


I could imagine some serious love stories behind these, ranging from slow burns to raging wildfires~. And for some fucking reason, they don't exist. Obviously, the last few ideas don't need the labels switched around to work, just the societal roles, but it is up to you~. Please chat at me<3. The world needs more mumma Bucky and as much as my salty ass wishes I could do this all fucking day on my own cause I would crank out SO many fucking fics, I am just one demon... a lazy sonovabitch demon that needs motivation and inspiration and THIME to pull this shit from my ass. Join my questee~?





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

This is actually an idea I ended up discussing with a guest user on one of my fics. They mentioned how they had looked for one but couldn't find a single fic. Which means I think it's safe to assume it would definitely be an idea to pioneer for whoever is the first to take it~.


And yes, it absolutely does have everything to do with a magical healing cock~. Or in this case, I guess more serum powered and scientific. But still magical<3.


For this one, it starts very simple and can branch from there. Some kind of event leaves Bucky without his own serum. On the surface, you think so what, how would this affect him, he was strong before, right?


Except~ his serum made him a lot stronger and gave him a decent healing factor, obviously this means he's able to handle more than a regular person and immune to certain things, and let's not forget the metal arm, which wouldn't disappear but maybe start causing trouble. The idea can range as simple as Bucky getting sick, something he hadn't been used to before, possibly with something fatal and them not catching his serum being gone until this point. Since his strength's diminished, the metal arm could now be too much weight for him to handle on a normal basis, maybe with them having to remove it. Or that same metal and any additional patches of it connected to his bone and spine can start to poison him, his body not being able to handle it and being deserumed starts killing him. It can even be as simple as little to no problem or all these problems being easily fixable, and maybe Bucky wanting to just be a regular human again for another option, since he's no longer as strong as he used to be.


For that one, the option is simple. He starts exploring softer things, maybe finally getting therapy he could need, but Steve still wants to be by his side. The relationship starting from there, or maybe continuing from where it left off or stopped if Bucky was ever his mate/wife/husband/lover. They start having sex and Bucky quickly realizes he's getting his strength back, maybe not finding out he's pregnant right away though, possible mixed emotions about the fact, but Steve telling him that what he does is up to him. Maybe with Bucky not wanting to go back into the fight, or deciding he  just wants a family/to be a housewife~ when he realizes that the baby is the reason he's been 'reserumed'. Steve supporting him no matter what, and probably being pretty damn happy about the baby.


If Bucky is dying, obviously the story takes a more melancholy tone if they don't have any solutions. Maybe with Steve taking time off from the field just to spend with Bucky, taking care of him and things developing from there. In this case, I actually think super serum sperm is the best option for a surprise baby, but it can also go A/B/O, intersex, Hydra experiments, and trans, because I obviously haven't listed all those options enough times for people to get it. And I do love me that boy pussy. I just feel like super sperm having the impact of healing Bucky and then a surprise side effect is a bit more interesting. But basically, literally, Bucky gets healed by Steve's magic cock. And they make a beautiful baby~.


Kobik is of course always an option, though in this scenario, it was likely Steve who went looking for the cube to save Bucky with. But it 'disappeared' the moment he found it. Maybe giving Steve that magical healing cock in the first place to use on Bucky. This idea can also tie into others, canon divergence or otherwise, it's really up to you.


The idea for a destabilizing serum would basically revolve around the fact that Bucky's own serum/experiments by Hydra was a knock off attempt to mimic Steve's perfect serum. None of the other test patients survived, so maybe Bucky wasn't supposed to either. Maybe Hydra had been giving him frequent maintenance to keep him from falling apart essentially, Zola telling them exactly what they needed to do or the constant freezing keeping his serum's decay and instability at bay. And once Bucky is away from Hydra and not frozen... it starts to fall apart with no solutions in sight. I've seen a maybe slightly similar idea I think once, but this story could essentially be very sad with Steve taking care of Bucky for once and hating seeing how his best friend/partner is sick and dying and not wanting to leave his side for a moment. This Bucky would likely keep getting weaker, and eventually Steve would just be willing to give him anything and everything he wanted, just wanting Bucky to be happy when there's no hope, unknowingly finding the solution when Bucky asks Stevie to fuck him.


It could become something of an addiction, the last thing they have together... and then they start to see Bucky getting better. Stronger and healthier. Possibly 'sick' again and then getting worried. Wondering what's happening all of a sudden, and then finding out about the baby. If you want to throw in even more angst, the baby could be a blessing and a curse with them not knowing if Bucky can survive giving birth (BUT DAMN IF I DON'T NEED THAT HAPPY ENDING!!), Steve still doing everything he can, especially now that Bucky's healing, maybe even asking Bucky to marry him so they can have a wedding before the baby is born (thinking Bucky might not survive it). Definitely a story that can go with bittersweet vibes... I still need that happy ending, but a bittersweet ending on it could really shed some tears and begrudgingly... be appropriate.


A much simpler concept than all my crackhead other ideas, but effective and impactful for a potentially beautiful story I would think, and yes, open for discussion like all the rest. The world still desperately needs more baby mama Bucky though. And I am still bitter about it. Now I'm sad and bitter. Someone give me the happy ending version.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

This is an idea I'm sure many a people have considered and written about. Two in one here, but we'll get into that. Also, keep in mind they can toe a fine line with circumstance, so be wary for some consent issues and shitty circumstances. What else is new with Hydra? Although at least Steve can cockblock the trash party~.


What people never seem to consider though (probably cause they don't read comics) is that Steve's serum actually makes it impossible to brainwash him (without some kinda reality altering thing to completely rewrite his history, lol), and they did sort of show this in the movie. Specifically with the extra team of winter soldiers that Hydra gave his recreated serum that Bucky stole to, which could only be contained and controlled 'enough'. But the movie didn't dive too much into it either. Point being, It would be EXTREMELY difficult for Hydra to control, convince, or contain Steve if they managed to catch him. He's pretty much a more perfect version of the man they worshiped (the Red Skull), a master tactician and strategist, and stronger than any soldier knock off they could have. Even quite a bit stronger than Bucky, just not wanting to fight or hurt him (what a sweetie~).


SO. How would this Idea even be plausible?


Weeeeeeeeeeelllllllll, we all know Steve would do absolutely anything for Bucky, right~? As per fuckin' usual, several goddamn ways to pull this shit<3.


One method starts the very basic way. With Steve getting Bucky to safety and falling from the train himself. Hydra finding him, complete chaos until they manage to find a way to control him. Steve would likely be damn near feral as an Alpha. Because of course we have to tie mpreg into all of them. What do you take me for? His biggest reason for saving Bucky possibly even being the fact that Bucky is pregnant. Maybe when seeing the thing about to break, diving and throwing Bucky back to the train with what strength he has to save him and the baby. A/B/O works super well for this one, but other ways could be used depending on the route taken. Super sperm is just as simple. Hydra experiments on Bucky is another. Intersex and trans Bucky for that boypussy. I fucking love the boypussy, okay? Okay. O-kay. But what A/B/O has that none of the others would? Instincts don't forget. Especially with a bond in place. At least that's how I've always imagined it, lol~.


Anyway, Steve would have to remain frozen until they figured out how to control him. Considering brainwashing is off the table, the way I imagined this was actually inspired by a friend~. She imagined Steve being a crazy bastard and jumping after Bucky, then Hydra using Bucky to control Steve, more specifically, torturing Bucky in front of him and causing a psychological break. Definitely an idea we'll come back to. My response was 'faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnfic?' and her's was 'motherfucker... sure'. Cause she doesn't care and I love her, but anywho, she gave me more ideas to play with. That's certainly one way to do it but without Bucky to torture, Hydra would have to find something else. Maybe developing something to stunt or completely stop any and all emotions coming through. A complete disconnect from who he's supposed to be. The result would be... somewhat chaotic. Steve would probably be a bit unpredictable this way, only doing things for Hydra because he feels nothing and they give him a purpose, but also possibly doing things against them on certain occasions because the real him is bleeding through or he wants to feel something. Hydra not really able to punish him other than containment because nothing they do will really affect him.


Think something like... getting the recreated serum for all those extra Hydra supersoldiers, and then murdering all the newly created supersoldiers. Not really a Steve Rogers thing to do, but not really obedient and completely serving Hydra because he doesn't care about their agenda. Punishing him would be difficult because all they would have for him would be managed containment and he would just be bored. Definitely a colder form of Steve Rogers, but it's even icier than the Winter Soldier, and like HOLY SHIT! Would I like to see it (yes, I have a fuckin' fic in progress for this cause when don't I honestly).


In this version, Bucky would take the reigns and Cap role from when his Alpha/husband/mate/baby daddy~ falls and finish the fight with Schmidt. If you still want him to get a metal arm, he could get it blown off in the fight by the tesseract/cosmic cube (for an immediate Kobik twist depending on how things go), thinking he's failed the baby and his mate about to bleed out but that he can save everyone else. It all depends. If he goes into the ice and wakes up later, still pregnant, he'd have the baby in the future. And then deal with a very different experience of Steve being the Winter Soldier (he could have a different name for this too, considering how much death he might cause beyond orders. My friend has the same fixation with Mistress Death and Steve that I do, hell, half the Marvel shit I love, she introduces me to, but she considered the name 'Death's Messiah' for a Steve that was killing just to see if he could feel. Something as simple as 'Death's Soldier' would also work, I dunno, just the sense of Steve answering to Mistress Death even if he isn't really, is lovely~ and a little different). Especially with instincts being very different from emotions... ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


If Bucky manages to save himself for the baby's sake when the plane crashes, I imagine him getting Steve back a lot sooner when he wants to have a proper funeral and they are looking for his husband's body. Shit going down very differently for that extra creative freedom. Maybe even with other Howlies flirting with him or trying to be there for him with Stevie gone. Or even with Bucky not convinced Steve is dead because of the bond. If the cosmic cube is what saves Bucky, that's another route to explore, possibly with Steve and Bucky decimating Hydra from both angles trying to get back to each other. If Bucky wakes up in the future, definitely a darker route but interesting. Of course, I'm gonna advocate for Natalia being their little girl again, depending on the route chosen, but I do think it's cute that she could end up growing up with Tony and Hope depending on when they find Bucky and how the timelines are played with. Bucky's first inclination that Steve is alive in this case being the death of Tony's parents. Possibly when he's much younger and only because the soldier intending to kill them made a detour at the house, checking for them while Bucky was watching the kids.


I will also say that it's very possible a Steve without any emotions could do some pretty dastardly things (no shit, but ya know what I means), especially if he's overwhelmed with instincts he doesn't understand any other ways to deal with. I keep mentioning the concept of shocked heat/rut and this is a prompt idea all on it's own, but the idea for it was basically something between bonded pairs (could be fully mated or a pair that was close enough to have a bond but maybe hadn't sealed the deal), where being apart for so long would force their bodies and instincts to desperately want to renew and solidify that bond. Urging them to make it stronger after the 'shock' of being apart for so long and suddenly getting back together. Like a sex pollen sort of thing, but more internally built~. Cause we all know how that works. I just really like the growly feralness of instincts overtaking people, I have no idea why~. But of course, it all depends. Especially on how many times you want Steve to get Bucky pregnant. Bucky could end up even more feral than Steve because of it, practically needing that dick inside of himself. Aaaaaaaand Steve could just be unsettled by the instincts making him intrigued with Bucky or even wanting to kill him, but something stopping him. ;)


This would be the point where the system Hydra can kind of work with would start failing. Steve wondering why Bucky would keep the baby if he took him by force. Among other things, about the child Bucky already has. Susie and Johnny could be thrown in somewhere here too, heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy~<3<3<3. Eventually wanting to learn more to the point where he wants to feel again, to understand why Bucky is affecting him the way he does, watching him take care of the babies and never want to fight Steve. Steve could even go so far as to kidnap Bucky and just straight up asking him why. Bucky either telling him that they were mates and he still loves him or that Steve wears the face of his mate and that he still loves Steve, even if he's not him anymore, or even 'I don't know' for a more complex answer that would probably purposely frustrate Steve, and Steve still not understanding but wanting to. Maybe with Bucky breaking or damaging the very thing Hydra has to take away Steve's emotions, some part of him crashing back and the guilt pushing through before it really starts to fail. If it goes all the way to the battle during The Winter Soldier, maybe with it finally fully breaking and freeing Steve, and being overwhelming enough to knock him out. (Bucky could totally have another baby/toddler during that time, maybe from having tried to reach Steve another time and things quickly getting out of hand or rather spicy~, Natalia could be an adult S.H.I.E.L.D. agent with her kissing Tony for a distraction during that time, cause there's a ship that's not talked about enough that I think is cute, and it existed in the comics~ so<3. Natasha as an Alpha and Tony as an Omega just makes me happy, okay.)


Coming back around, I imagine that a Steve that is finally free of Hydra wouldn't think himself worth coming home to Bucky, but would also be upset and guilty enough to go around and take down every last bit of Hydra left, having eidetic memory (cause Steve's serum also makes him unable to forget) and knowing everywhere Hydra is and everything they did, making him that much more dangerous for them. Probably writing Bucky letters each time about how much he loves him, how sorry he is, and how he doesn't feel worthy of Bucky. Bucky's heart breaking probably every time but still having a baby to deal with. Maybe with his older kid(s), Natalia and possible others, trying to understand the situation better but still worrying about their mother, eventually giving their father a chance or going out to get the idiot themselves. Steve taking the shield back for the moment when he  ends up getting Bucky pregnant again, cause he probably will let's be honest~.


WOOOH, that's a load. But wait there's more! Cause of course there is, I am a crack head. YOU KNOW THIS<3<3<3.


Let's say we go with Steve jumping after Bucky like a crazy crack bastard~. This version is more likely to have Hydra win or self destruct from the inside because they make the attempt to control Steve, but hello, feral Alpha~. On the subject of Steve falling, just to mention, he's pretty much guaranteed to take little to no damage because of his stupid perfect serum~, like honestly, the most I could see it doing is maybe taking out an eye, cause those are sensitive if you wanna give him an eye patch or Hydra some edge with Steve being blind, which I still don't imagine working out too well in their favor, but considering he might straight up dive to protect Bucky as they're falling, he might save Bucky from some damage too. Supposedly, one of the Howlies could take up the rest and fight the Red Skull, capture Zola, etc. But it does depend as always.


In this version, Hydra could use Bucky, threatening to torture him to get Steve to comply until they have something better to control Steve. The thing, probably an implant of some kind that cuts up certain connections in his brain to prevent emotional responses or other, maybe a drug, etc. Moving on. Steve could become very cold in this, possibly obsessive over Bucky without remembering why. Maybe even breeding him when he's not supposed to and that finally driving the last nail in the coffin that he wants to feel again, and he wants Bucky out of their hands, his instincts driving him because those can't be cut off even if he can't feel. They could also simply try to breed Bucky themselves, and that goes swimmingly with the brutal murder of every Hydra agent that even lightly brushed by Bucky in heat, for a seriously primal Alpha Steve staking his claim and telling them to back the fuck off. But why stop there? They could also want Steve to breed Bucky through Hydra experimentation, knowing Steve will react instinctively to what they add to Bucky if they leave them alone in a room together and Steve's supernose picks up enhanced fertile scents, which in this case, I'll be honest, they probably gave Bucky a vagina, but I guess they don't have to. If you still wanna do A/B/O, maybe turning Bucky into an Omega when he was originally something else. Or maybe actually trying to do the opposite with it ending horribly horribly wrong.


There's another idea actually, Hydra trying to make Steve an Omega because he's such a problem for them and they need a way to control him (ideally an Alpha), but his serum basically telling them to fuck off and making him a super duper~ Alpha before they realize it, and since they try to make a compatible counterpart for Bucky that will make him want Steve and vice versa... let's just say it doesn't go quite as planned when Bucky ends up fucked, bitten, knotted, and pregnant. With Steve even more out of their control than before~. I really want to him to fuck up Hydra and have his Bucky boo too if you didn't notice. This could also coincide with the serums being the direct cause of the A/B/O system (which would just be for Steve and Bucky in this case) and maybe Hydra not realizing what's what or trying to manipulate it to their favor and fucking up big time when they make Steve even stronger and more dangerous~.


I need feral Alpha Steve to fuck up Hydra and save his Omega Bucky boo and put a baby in him, like how is this not a prompt that is all over the damn place, seriously~. He might as well have actually done that in the movies with how often he goes on revenge rampages for Bucky~. And even the comics, like, Hydra pretty much stands no chance against him, kinda the whole point to an extant where you feel just a tiny bit bad for them. But then not, because they're fucked and they took his Bucky boo.


Seriously<3. Y'all know I'm right... and a fuckin' crackhead. But still.


As far as Hydra Steve goes. It's likely to be infiltration, or for a different route, a Steve who's unsure of who he is and what he wants until he meets Bucky and is assigned to be his new handler. Maybe not realizing Bucky is an Omega at first, secretly falling in love with him and breeding him against orders. This version is likely to be in a world controlled by Hydra, Erskein forced to work under Schmidt and maybe choosing Steve for the serum because he knows Steve will save the world from its current state. If it's infiltration, it can involve someone saving Steve from the ice much earlier and him encountering Bucky on a mission afterwards, before digging deeper to find out that Hydra has him. Doing what he can to get to his love to protect him. This one could just be more basic, the infiltration being the brunt of it, Hydra experimentation giving them a surprise when they have that meaningful reunion with Bucky remembering him, Steve disguised as his handler. It could also go much further into the future with someone slipping up and Steve investigating, finding Bucky and desperately needing to get him back. Pregnancy putting a major damper in their plans for Bucky, or even a bit of serum from Steve's super sperm helping Bucky out memory wise.


As far as a Hydra controlled world goes, a modern Bucky could also be used. Going back to the same cold emotionless winter soldier Steve, maybe sent to kill Bucky but wanting different things from the Omega and or beautiful boy. Bucky breaking him out of that programming or if Steve was ever willing, changing his mind. Maybe simply with Bucky catching his attention in a world that so closely watches everyone. Bucky being afraid but somehow not? Of Steve at least. Maybe because they are fated mates if you wanna go that route. In which case, heat and rut could happen immediately upon meeting, or maybe Bucky is in heat when Steve goes to kill him and that just screws over all plans Hydra ever had. But simpler intrigue and super sperm are also a route because Bucky's not afraid of him, or more specifically, afraid of dying with the world he lives in. As another thought. I like the idea of Steve being the leader of Hydra who still takes missions to kill individuals that rebel or pose threats to Hydra, and getting his mind changed by a sweet Bucky, getting totally lost inbetween his legs~<3. Because they should always make a baby. Maybe being under Hydra to begin with because Schmidt adopted him or something, Bucky convincing him to save the world instead.


Did I mention I'ma crackhead.


I'ma stop now.


No I won't~<3.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

How have I not seen this idea??? Like seriously, it's not even a popular tag. It's almost like all the fans of bottom Steve... don't actually fucking know anything about what his character is like.




Can you tell I'm a bit fucking salty?


Still a fucking cunt if I haven't made that clear enough~.




Okay, now to get into this, who the fuck is General America? Well, the most basic idea of him is essentially a Steve who is promoted from Captain to General of the Army. But I suppose I should shed a little light on his comic history, specifically the one from verse-3010. Depending on which one, he can be painted as more neutral, a villain, authoritarian, or a hero. The heroic version is actually a great grandson of an original 'Stephen Rogers' who was around the time of the American Civil War, and fights against white supremacists and the 'White Skull' (for an alternate version creating a very original villain who's name was Buck Barnes... yeah, some ideas can spark from there, so I might come back to it). Another is an alternate version of Steve whose more of a dick and supervillain that just rose up in ranks, getting taken from his own universe which is destroyed and then goes to a different universe without the Avengers so he can pretty much do whatever the fuck he wants.


The 3010 version is the one who's more neutrally aligned though. Before getting promoted to General, he fights as a Captain for the American government which is basically a bunch of repressive dicks at war with the Rebels, which Lady Deadpool fights for. This makes them nemeses of each other. Basically, there's a conflict with the original Deadpool that brings the different Deadpools together. He gets bitten by Headpool in the arm during a fight and his arm is then amputated to prevent a Zombie outbreak. So this Steve actually has a bionic arm. Conflicts continue and the Deadpools keep getting away/helping out Lady Deadpool with him, but given they don't just straight up kill him probably means he isn't 100% terrible. Or it could be the inherent Hero worship carrying over, who knows. They don't give a huge amount of specification other than Lady Deadpool (and pretty much all Deadpools) being totally insane.


The last step of that story ends when he arrests the Rebel Leader, a failed actor who Lady Deadpool is 'in love with', and is literally about to kill the girlfriend of said guy because she thinks she's 'a monster' she needs to 'save' him from. General America pretty much walks in on that and stops her from killing the guy's girlfriend. They fight, she stabs him, and then goes to save 'her man' who's been arrested.  General Steve is presumed alive considering how much damage he does take and live through.


None of that's really relevant, I just like how crazy and stupid the story is. Unless of course, you want it to be~.


Either way, it's an idea that paves the way for more ideas. A Steve having this kind of power could obviously use it for good. Promoting progress, maybe even threatening a coup if the government is trying to oppress certain groups of people. He could also just be completely fed up with the world but still doing what he can to move it forward. I like the idea of a badass Steve Rogers finding a way to come back home instead of getting frozen, living his life a bit still being badass, but then finding out he's too different from other people or doesn't age right. in which case, he'd end up a little more sad and lonely, but still a total badass. 


One way he could do this is with the cosmic cube instead of the tesseract. Fighting the Red Skull for it and then, you guessed it, same old same old, cube 'disappearing' and harmonizing with his system and the serum. Maybe giving Steve additional power but being unstable or difficult to use at first. Or him just being a total beast and pretty much absorbing it, jumping from the plane once it's aimed at the water, landing with a stong blast from the cube protecting him and just walking away. Cause that's the kind of no nonsense bad ass Captain America can be.


Enter Bucky. The cube would essentially stay with him until it finds a new home. In which case, he'd essentially fuck it into Bucky before it completely became a part of their daughter, Kobik. While there can be a little variation with a General America, there can be even more with Bucky.


If Steve does come back, it's likely his first priority would be finding and burying Bucky's body. Unsuccessfully, but he'd probably make sure there's still a funeral held for his family. It can be along the same lines of mates before the war, or just lovers. The same instance of Natalia being their daughter from Bucky being pregnant when he fell comes into play if you wanna add Steve's supersperm, Hydra experiments, intersex or trans Bucky, or just A/B/O. Maybe even the two of them having wanted to get a head start on making a family once the war ended.


In which case, this is a Steve who would notice Hydra while moving up the ranks of the Army, notice the Winter Soldier, the Red Room as these things come into play, and obviously be that major cockblock Hydra knows and hates. Doing what he could to get his mate/lover and possible daughter back. Probably saving Howard and being a role model for Tony too. The story can delve into an enemies/lovers territory with fraternizing, Steve trying to get Bucky back. Bucky's mind not remembering Steve, but his body and instincts very much doing the opposite. Shocked heat/rut can come into play and be the reason Steve gets him back before Bucky tells him they had a daughter together, a red haired little girl he was pregnant with before falling.


This could also come back to previously mentioned ideas like those in the 'Classic 616' and 'One of the boy is Modern' prompts. Bucky having been sent home because he was pregnant and Steve coming home to a very pregnant Bucky, doing the right thing immediately, or Bucky being more of a housewife who had been home during the entire war and Steve not realizing he's fertile when he comes back (since he wasn't before the serum), what's the first thing they end up doing~?


Of course, this prompt is more interested in a General America, which yes, can include Steve's journey to get there, but I'm also thinking more along the lines of him already being there. In which case, we move back to a future Steve that has climbed those ranks, continued fighting, lived his life, possibly been married and divorced or pushing people away so they live their lives because he won't age with them, and is just over all world weary and kind of a dick. This one definitely dives more into comics territory, an older Steve likely losing that sweetheart factor he can have.


That's where Bucky comes in.


Bucky can be a young Hydra soldier who's brainwashed from a young age that Steve eventually rescues and ends up watching over. Maybe they're mates and Steve is wondering how to handle his enemy being his mate, until he realizes Bucky had no choice (heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy~ for a slight reference to one of my fics I should definitely get back to working on, lol). If they are fated mates, maybe meeting drove them into heat and rut and Steve ended up fucking him into submission during the mission meant to capture him, and upset when he realizes he's bitten an enemy, very mistrusting of Bucky. Maybe Bucky was just in heat or Steve in rut and Steve didn't know how to handle it with Bucky's compatible scent, his instincts going haywire (Hydra possibly doing this on purpose). Sex pollen on behalf of Hydra is an option there too.


Steve would likely soften once he realizes he's gotten Bucky pregnant, maybe not thinking it possible before (because he was married and tried but his serum made him incompatible with other human people, but Bucky's enhancements make him a perfect counterpart for Steve, possibly under Hydra's intention or not, Steve could even still be in a marriage that might be failing, which would make this even more hectic and chaotic) and then just wanting to protect Bucky when he realizes that Bucky never had a choice in any of it, but maybe wants the Alpha he knows can protect him and his baby from Hydra.


Bucky could be a sleeper agent sent to seduce him. For a more sexy~ Bucky with the freedom to feminize him<3. Maybe one who's not supposed to be able to get pregnant having been sterilized (or his own serum making him 'infertile'), and Steve's super sperm takes care of that problem when they get careless one night. It could also be that Steve is immensely paranoid and cautious about sleeping with people having unprotected sex or getting anyone pregnant because of the serum, maybe even refusing to while married or in relationships because he doesn't want to find out the side effects the serum might have on other people. But maybe Bucky's scent from his own enhancement and compatibility are too much to handle, or because he's male, Steve doesn't think about it like he should. Anything for the Stucky babies~ but just the Stucky babies~.


A more modern Bucky could also end up being Steve's fated mate. An idea that I mentioned before, with a mark that appears some odd years into a marriage for Steve once Bucky is born, and he's presumed an unmarked man. Obviously a major surprise for him and his partner, possibly being detrimental to an already rocky marriage. A Bucky in this case could grow up idolizing the General, as he's done so much to help the country, help Omegas, help human rights, etc., not knowing how grumpy and world weary Steve actually is. When they meet, Steve could still be married or in the middle of divorce, and neither can keep their hands off each other. Maybe even with Bucky freaking out thinking he's cheated on his mate (one he was waiting to meet all his life being a good boy) or even worse, that his mate is Steve and an already married man). For a more scandalous nature, though it doesn't have to delve into that territory if you don't want it to~.


Bucky could even just be an Agent/soldier assigned to work under Steve, as a more simple option. Maybe still enhanced but by S.H.I.E.L.D. or the military instead of Hydra. A more Classic 616 spin can be added if you wanna put Bucky boo in as that starry eyed kid that stumbled upon 'Captain America's identity, although in this case, being General America. There are a lot of different places this can manage to fit, lol.


Although, I will say this Steve would have a much greater impact on world building, specifically making sure the fuckwads who do terrible shit with military power (like Colonel Stryker and General Ross) get kicked the fuck out and stripped of rank and power for even attempting to pull some of the shit they do. And there'd never be a Civil War cause you know that kind of shit isn't gonna fly with him. His original Avengers would probably include Logan, Wade Wilson, Nick Fury (Sr.), and possibly Bucky (when and if not pregnant, lol), Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, eventually Hulk, maybe others but likely starting with military enhanced individuals and technology. Hell, he'd probably be able to save Tony from the ten rings being General America (or frankly even prevent Obie from selling to both sides or finding out instantly, scratch that, he might strong arm them into preventing the wars in the first place, I don't imagine he'd be too fond of agreeing with very much of them).


Coming back to that early mentioned idea where General America is the supersoldier great grandson of an original Cap named 'Stephen Rogers' fighting a war against the 'White Skull', Buck Barnes. If the White skull also has an enhanced great grandson by the name of Bucky~, it can fit quite nicely~.  Making this General Steven Grant Rogers, fighting against the White Skull's great grandson being taught and told to carry out his will, James Buchanan Barnes. Maybe capturing him and the two falling in love, maybe Bucky having to run away because he presents as an Omega and Steve offering him refuge and more~. But probably a huge slap in the fucking face when General America impregnates his enemy's great grandson. For a take on making love and not war~.


The supervillain General America that wanted a world without the Avengers could just need his Bucky boo before he turns good again, for another idea~. And the one in Lady Deadpool's verse, well... he could just be trying to make sense of everything or need his Bucky boo all the same. Maybe that's his hidden agenda, lol. He doesn't give a shit about anything and is following orders just to get information for getting his Bucky boo back, so he can put a baby in him and then they both retire.


For one more version that would still involve a Steve going under the ice but coming back and then rising up the ranks. Him and Bucky could be married in a world that has fallen apart and is supposed to be rebuilding. Somewhat dystopian but better? And far into the future (where their serums don't let them really age so well). Maybe where they disagree with Steve's marriage to Bucky because they're both men during low population/population crisis, either not knowing Bucky is an Omega or Bucky being made sterile by Hydra. But both men focusing on other things, like botany, managing a greenhouse/biodome garden and promoting life in other senses before worrying about babies. Maybe that story starting more simply, Bucky coming back from a mission to get a cosmic cube from Hydra... with a vagina and nothing else (both boys being idiots), or with Omega Bucky finally getting pregnant after they'd both resigned themselves to never having kids (possibly still with the cosmic cube involved, it does grant wishes after all). This one can also play with other ideas, maybe Steve's fated mate having been someone else but he still chose Bucky, or with the two of them being completely incompatible and still loving each other against all odds<3.


Someone... discuss this shit with me or just. Like we need some General America fics out there. For sure. And always more mumma Bucky... ALL the mumma Bucky...





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

This one's a lot more simple than any of the others, lol. It just involves the more classic comics storyline and information for the building blocks of our Stucky love story. More specifically, that Steve and Bucky fall in love during the war and end up, you guessed it, makin' a baby~.


To give some backstory, Bucky was actually very young when he met Steve. They were 5 years apart and Steve was 21, an idealistic soldier making a name for himself under the guise of Captain America, which was a secret identity at the time. Bucky, 16, an even younger soldier/ward/mascot giving soldiers supplies ends up meeting Steve not really knowing who he is. He actually ends up thinking Steve might be a little too idealistic, because Bucky is a little cynical himself. He's alone, both his parents are gone, and he's basically been adopted by the military because reasons, i don't entirely remember but I am a lazy shit who doesn't wanna look it up too much, but it probably has something to do with not having anywhere else to go or begging to stay cause his dad and I'm tired... He stumbles upon Steve's tent one day in the middle of Steve changing into gear or out of it? and manages to say 'gee', 'golly', and 'gosh' all in one sentence...


Bucky is so ridiculously adorable. He's just... I want Steve to impregnate him.


But Steve essentially swears him to secrecy and then trains Bucky and has him come with him on his missions from there on after. They fight crime together for about 4 years before Bucky falls from the train. There are of course, as always, multiple ways to do this.


The easiest I think would be A/B/O. Intersex Bucky and Trans Bucky of course could also work, as well as Steve having supersperm~. Cause that's always a fun one I desperately need to see at some point. You could technically also still do Hydra experimentation if you were to do an MCU fusion where Bucky gets captured and Steve has to get him back, cause otherwise our sweet Bucky is helping Stevie save all those captured soldiers which is too cute, but I digress. I just really loved the idea of them having a beautiful love affair during this time. Steve could wait until Bucky turns 18, or maybe he just sincerely can't or is dying the whole time trying to because Bucky is just SO cute. Maybe Bucky is provocative and knows exactly what he wants and doesn't want any other Omegas taking away Steve's attention from him. They could start off using condoms and maybe later have a whoopsie, or maybe Steve is a dumbass cause Bucky's actually the innocent one here.


If Bucky were to get pregnant on the field, it is likely they would send him home and Steve would have something to come home to and intensely fight for. If he doesn't know, as long as Bucky is alive, I think he'd want to come home and find out. Maybe escaping at the last second and walking for miles on end, surviving and eventually being found when he comes across civilization and is sent home to find Bucky very much more pregnant than he last saw him. Or maybe he had known all along... (Steve is very observant, often knowing people better than they know themselves). If you want to go the other way, where Bucky still falls from the train, I have seen one fic where he is pregnant when he falls because of Steve and gives birth to a little girl by the name of Natalia~. It is really such a sweet fic and I'm sad I haven't seen more people make Natasha Bucky and Steve's daughter. There's a little series of the concept actually, called 'Family is what you make it' by 'Odsbodkins', and it is a little sad but sweet at the same time.  So there is another idea that can be played with and I have thought about playing with. Hell, i've thought about Bucky giving birth to ALL the Avengers, courtesy of Steve~<3.


The version I had in progress of this did involve Kobik for that SuperSoldierFamily and was a fusion universe with intersex Omegas and a Bucky who was young but knew what he wanted. In it, there were two cubes, but one broke in battle before 'disappearing' and then was later found to be protecting Bucky, or more specifically, his baby, by Hydra. Bucky keeps getting frozen and unfrozen, and everytime Hydra tries to open a breeding program, it's stowed away along with Bucky after a failed attempt at aborting it. Until Cap wakes up. It's only when they finally take a closer look that they realize the 'disappeared' cube is involved.


I don't think it's really necessary to have Bucky fall from the train in this sense, but I am always for the drama, I just need the happy ending and who doesn't love Kobik~? She could still be added anyway, but if Steve never gets frozen and comes home to Bucky, one other option that pops is being able to make him General America. Minus the constant battles with Lady Deadpool though, lol.







Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Though I have mentioned some ideas along these lines before, obviously these will circulate more specifically around the idea of one of our boys being modern. Just one~. ;)


To start, the simpler one, modern Bucky with Cap Steve. Before diving into it, I'll mention that Hydra, if evil, wouldn't be likely to survive without the Winter Soldier propelling them forward. Looking at their history, there's a lot of shit they needed or used Bucky for. And while it's possible they just got a different one, I'm gonna say whoever it was wasn't as good as Bucky boo (cause how could they be~?) and things didn't work out as well. If you do want to dive into that idea you can (I'll still help out and give you ideas!!!), but for these prompts, I'm not too interested in it.


Variety galore with this one, but let's start with a sweet and innocent Bucky. I just love him so much~<3. Particularly a rich boy who ends up going to galas, masquerades, balls for high society funding and whatnot with the Avengers because his parents attend. He could be 18, just about to turn it, or maybe looking just a smidgen older than he is and being naughty, using that to his advantage. He catches Steve's attention or rather, Steve catches his and they end up having sex. With Steve being stupid because... he's stupid, or maybe was just never taught proper sex ed in the 1930s and didn't know how to cope with sweet Bucky's advances or just his scent. It's very likely this Bucky would be a virgin, being the protected good boy of a rich family. Possibly even engaged to another, a rich and older man like Pierce or just someone to match his status if Rumlow's in the position. For re-purposing Hydra since they won't exactly be around, or maybe they are in high society secret (less aggressive but manipulative with money). And obviously, Steve's just ruined him~.


Lol, can you tell I like the idea of Steve stealing Bucky from a creep?~<3


Bucky could be going to a catholic school or military academy as well. Which could mean he's curious enough to know about sex but maybe not where babies come from, for an ever delightful question of 'what are rubbers?' being thrown somewhere in there, likely to friends that go to his school. One idea being twins Sharon and Peggy Carter who love Bucky but think he's stupid, and are constantly talking about Captain America and how dreamy he is without knowing Bucky's busy getting fucked by him. It's likely Steve would feel guilty but not be able to stop himself, maybe Bucky disappearing for that little bit or a medical exam checking him enough for his parents to demand the best bodyguard available, which can't get much better than Captain America~ especially if Pierce is Bucky's husband-to-be and the one pulling strings, thus ensuring they spend even more time together.


Bucky could just be someone under a witness protection program that Steve is assigned to protect if Hydra is still trying to linger around, and Bucky has information that can expose them. If you wanna go the bodyguard angle. Captain America can be one hell of a hunky bodyguard after all~<3.


Bucky could also be a stripper. I legit got these things for DAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSS~<3<3<3. Omega very slutty~ stripper Bucky would be adorable with a more inexperienced Alpha Steve~. That's a fun one<3. Especially when Steve... kinda ruins his career. You know, with a baby. But then does the right thing~? Still~ a cunt by the way. Me. I am. Probably will forever be one. BUT STUCKY BABIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.


If Bucky's attending a military mandated academy, more ideas branch from there. It's possible Steve's been assigned to oversee function or help Peggy run it, just Sharon being Bucky's friend and attending with him. Bucky could be maybe a little bit smarter in this aspect, but maybe also manipulative and knowing exactly what he wants. Especially if there is an impending arranged marriage for him that he wants to get out of. This kid being a distraction but Steve not able to stay away from him. This version can also come back to the 1940s, just after the war with Steve finding a way to come home or Howard finding him much sooner. Coming back to ideas for mpreg, if it's 40s, A/B/O is simply easiest, but that doesn't make other ideas absolutely impossible, super sperm or otherwise. If Bucky's in an arranged marriage, it would likely need to be a normal thing, him being able to get pregnant, and expected for him to basically be sold off.


If you still want Steve and Bucky to have been friends or maybe even mated before the war, another version involves them being mates before Steve goes off to war, and them not drafting Omegas so Bucky stays home that whole time instead. Being amazed and surprised when Steve comes back to him. For a sweeter, simpler version, maybe both being surprised when Steve is able to get Bucky pregnant, because it had simply never happened before or Steve was infertile or even sterilized because of being such a tiny, unimpressive Alpha (that Bucky of course still loved~).


Coming back to the future, Bucky could be nothing more than a simple civilian. Maybe a nurse/doctor/scientist working for a medical organization known as Hydra (not evil or maybe evil~) or just any regular job (maybe going back to something as simple as the Lilian with a lip piercing prompt~) who meets Steve and they do everything right in the most vanilla way possible. Getting married, deciding to make a baby on the honeymoon, etc~. Except maybe Bucky doesn't know Steve is anything beyond a simple soldier/S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. And ends up rescued by Captain America and dragged into that world when he gets pregnant or is further along in his pregnancy and people who shouldn't end up knowing. Steve probably having been trying to protect him and keep him and the baby out of that as much as possible.


Another version could involve a more grumpy Bucky as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent assigned to 'babysit' Captain America fresh out of the ice and not happy with his predicament at all. Or a more simple soldier/sergeant who still isn't happy or maybe just more neutral about it, or fucking hates his new position under Steve (until he doesn't~ lol<3). It could even be possible that Steve got out of the ice early and climbed up the military ranks until he was running the damn place. This would be the General America route ( for a nod to the Lady Deadpool universe! yes, there are additional prompts revolving around this idea I'll go into some time later). A Steve under this route could have lived his life either pushing people away, or somewhat melancholy realizing certain things about himself that the serum caused and trying to live his life but things not working out as planned. For example, the serum not letting him age like he should, maybe making him incompatible with certain people or 'infertile' if he tried to live his life, get married, have kids, and ended up miserable, childless, and divorced instead. Obviously, this could be a much grumpier Steve who is damn near done with the world, before Bucky breaks him out of the walls he's built~<3.


This one can go back into Bucky being enhanced territory, but maybe differently under the military, this being the reason why he ends up a baby mama for Steve. Something as simple as Steve no longer being compatible with women and his supersoldier sperm does the rest of the work on Bucky~. Or it can go into a soulmates A/B/O type world. Where people would only be compatible with the mate they're fated for, and Steve of course not knowing this until the mark appears when Bucky is born, some odd years into his marriage and causing additional problems before he finally meets Bucky. One way to make Steve come back from the ice to become a General is by replacing the tesseract with a cosmic cube, having it save him, and then hitch a ride, harmonizing with his system and possibly screwing him over (not letting him make any babies with non-mates or other things) until he meets Bucky ( real MATE!!!) and it decides to move on (Kobik).


Just a lot of ideas in there alone, lol, so yes, something to come back to.


Moving on. Stevie as the modern one~. For an adorable, tiny Alpha... who still somehow has a huge cock~. That just ain't fair for our poor Bucky boo. But ohhhhhhh does he want it~. I feel that a less evil Hydra works best for this, maybe morally dubious with a total crackhead Schmidt (FUN~). And a murder kitty Bucky~.


Because how is there not more murder kitten Bucky in the world.


Lol, for this one, picture a Bucky who volunteered under Hydra's programs. They are more focused on medical advancement and human enhancement, make questionable ethical decisions in the name of science (cause let's be honest, Schmidt and Zola would still have hard boners for SCIENCE and be total crackheads), but aren't really evil per say. Bucky might be very young at this point, maybe not even presenting, everyone assuming Alpha but he is in fact an Omega. And the experimentation puts him in a permanently feral mode. A literal pet for Hydra, practically with all the mannerisms of a cat. The selfish behavior, the world is a plaything, everyone is beneath him unless they have treats, and zero interest in any Alphas. I could imagine Schmidt being absolutely delighted by this development, and in no rush to undo the feralness in Bucky... but like, still kind of working on it cause he knows he has to fix him, but also loves the murder kitten~.


In a situation like this, Bucky either escaping or getting distracted during a mission because he smells the most perfect scent imaginable. A mate to match him, to suit him~. And that mate... being tiny Alpha Steeb~. Bucky probably being in heat when this happens, causing an immediate erection for Steve and solidifying the interest from this strange Omega. Who may or may not kidnap him, tie him to a chair, and ride him until he gets that knot~. In that order with a very confused Steve and a very murder-y kitten Bucky. Maybe just following him home and everywhere else until Steeb gives him what he needs~. Purring included, because I love Omegas that purr~.


This Steve could be a simple scientist working for S.H.I.E.L.D. or Stark Industries, maybe a nurse/doctor, or even a kid still fresh out of high school and about to start college or a few years into college, being a late bloomer who always assumed he was a Beta, and is shocked when he knots Bucky. Maybe being in an internship with Stark Industries, coming into contact with something like a cosmic cube that might latch on to him and make him finally present, an utterly delectable perfect Alpha~ and being the whole reason he ends up attracting Bucky in the first place. Possibly fixing any and all health problems aaaaaaaaaaaand~...


This is probably cheating, and another Idea I plan to come back to, but let's say the cube slowly makes him into everything he was always meant to be, thus becoming Cap from there? And what if Howard makes him something so he can switch back and forth between these forms? Something akin to... magical girls~.


I couldn't help myself if I wanted to. And I'm trash so I don't~. Thought of Magical Girl Avengers, and now it's stuck, and now I have to make another prompt around this idea. Because~. I just have to. And let's be honest, Steve's transformation and disguise would definitely be the most impressive, lol<3.


Anyway, back to feral Bucky boo claiming his tiny Alpha Steeb. Ideally, the bond would break Bucky out of the feralness, but not without some major chaos and several knots during the heat. Enough to make a baby~. Maybe coming back to himself and being shocked and worried, possibly thinking he's the Alpha at first and freaking out at the situation but still very much liking Steve. Being surprised when he's told that he's an Omega and pregnant. Maybe not liking the changes that happen to Steve and having to come to terms with everything, or him becoming Cap (or the attention big Steeb garners from other Omegas) enough to pull away, and try to get his life together, still having the young mentality back from when he volunteered for Hydra's program. This possibly being the reason Steve asks Howard to develop something to hide what the cube has changed in him, for Bucky. Bucky freaking out and regretting it when Steve comes back to him before Steve explains it and they work things out and have their baby (Kobik in this case, lol).


Another would involve Winter Soldier Bucky as an Avenger. He could technically also be Cap but I love him as our Winter Boo Bear~. Nurse/doctor tiny Alpha Steeb ( or not so tiny if he's just modern~ lol, ever watch Scrubs? Dr. Cox for a fed up Steve who's still a damn good doctor (probably wouldn't like Bucky or the Avengers at first) or Dr. Casey (Michael J. Fox's guest character) would work great for Steve as inspiration~;) or he could just be a sweetheart who does his job right) for an injured Bucky or maybe just one who's awkwardly visiting the hospital for the kids with other Avengers. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Steve could be assigned to help Bucky with possible PTSD depending on his story and if Hydra did exist. Maybe Hydra even kidnapping Steve when they find out he becomes Bucky's Alpha, experimenting on him and making him another supersoldier hoping to control him and get Bucky back. Steve getting loose or Bucky saving him, and when they make a baby~, Steve filling in that space as a temporary Cap while Bucky goes through the pregnancy, however many times it happens.




Steve could also just be the sweetest Alpha to ever exist, maybe making toys for a living, doing something gentler liking running a flowershop or bakery or PETSTORE!!! (for that flipside sweetness, I'm takin' equal opporunities, but always with bottom Bucky boo of course~) and he really wants an Omega and pups but can't find one. And maybe Bucky really REALLY wants pups and is super adorable, secretly loving all things cute. But what kind of Alpha would want a huge beefy Omega like him, even if he is super fertile~? Or maybe he's just tired of all the asshole Alphas that see him as some kind of challenge to dominate but don't want him for a mate.

Steve obviously just thinking Bucky is so beautiful and wondering how no Alpha worth more than a tiny thing like him has swooped him yet. For a much sweeter story where Bucky definitely gets that well deserved happy ending with his Steebie~. (And LOTS of babies~). Bucky could also just be keeping a boypussy secret and very insecure about who would accept him for it (Steeb~<3<3<3).


A startled civilian/professor/scientist Steve could also end up harboring a feral Winter Soldier Bucky, running from an evil Hydra and the Avengers, that he knows is innocent and scared, and maybe fated to him~. Knowing that mating him is the only way to break him out of the feralness and actually talk to him, possibly being really dumb for a smart guy or just not confident that he could get anyone pregnant (because of prior tests), or Bucky getting upset anytime there's a condom involved because instincts.


And of course there's moar but I think I'll stop there... Jesus Christ, Satan please help me, it's like I get more ideas the more I fucking do this. HOW DO I STOP??? Please chat with me. Give me attention and someone take an idea.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Starring our sweet Bucky as 'Lilian' of course. Or the girl who kissed Steve. These prompts are a little bit more specific but still got options depending on where you want the stories to go. Obviously both would work with Lady Bucky, but one is definitely better suited in a world where mpreg and boys kissing would be perfectly normal (even if slightly frowned upon). Of course there are always work arounds. A/B/O, intersex individuals, about the only one that won't work for the 1940s Stucky would be trans, unless you want to have Steve fighting those battles (cause you know he would for Bucky~).


But anywho~, let us begin. I'll start with the 'girl who kissed Steve'. You remember when Steve is waiting to talk to Howard for Peggy to come get him, and the blonde haired woman is sitting there reading the newspaper about how he saved everyone? She sort of corners Steve and then pulls him in for a kiss that Steve (you dog!) is totally into and Peggy sees? I started thinking, what if he went back to that girl? Or better yet, what if that girl had more specifically been an Omega... by the name of Bucky~. Because what she did, I could imagine as a very Bucky think to do. It could be a kept secret of boys kissing, for a sweeter more melancholy story and Peggy keeping their secret. In this case, Bucky's never involved with Hydra, and would need a lessened or simply different role in the war that puts him there instead of on the field. Super sperm can also work. Especially if Bucky's role is actually being the young son of one of the other important Army men, maybe a more classic twist of just sort of being adopted by the Army because he's an orphan who wants to stick around. Either way, things get a little haywire when Steve gets him pregnant.


This version would likely stay in the 1940s with Steve coming home to Bucky, Bucky having no reason to fall or go on any missions, and not being enhanced by Hydra. But it could also involve scientific intrigue when Bucky gets pregnant if he's not supposed to. Probably on Steve too and the serum, only making the 'exception' because they don't know how the serum has fully affected Steve, but if he can make babies with anyone, then they can't really object.


If it sticks to the 'girl' version, in which mpreg is normal and that role can be more easily given to Bucky as a 'delicate' Omega or intersex individual, in which case I vote for feminization along with pure spice and sass from Bucky, absolutely staking his claim on Steve and inciting a rivalry with Peggy that he intends to win, it can be a bit less complicated and dramatic in a different way, and instead open some doors for a more slutty Bucky who definitely knows what he wants. Maybe one who doesn't think Steve's super dick will break the condom or get him pregnant so easily. Or is a lot more innocent than he lets on but doesn't want to lose Steve badly enough to make some serious mistakes. Lots of stolen kisses and moments, maybe with Bucky being the one on the other end of the com when Steve is on the plane, telling him he has to come home because they're gonna have a baby. Steve doing what he can to make that happen.


If Bucky does fight on the field with him later for another approach, they could both end up fighting Schmidt on the plane, frozen in the ice, and then waking up in the future. That's an idea I've seen played with maybe once that's simple enough for a LOT of changes without Hydra having Bucky, and something I wish I could have seen explored more. I feel a Bucky in this role, girl/boy who kissed Steve could really fit that part quite nicely. This also opens some doors for 'unnacceptable' (time period) mpreg routes without getting Bucky killed, so there's that too.


Now let's come back around to Lilian~. The girl that Natasha mentions with a 'lip piercing' when she's trying to get him a date, and he's not ready for that. But oooooooooooh, what if he was? Better yet, what he was already sleeping with our sweet 'Lilian' Bucky? Options~<3.


For Bucky, there's quite a bit. On the surface of course, he has to be the Omega/impregnatable~ individual with a lip piercing. He could run a bookshop, flowershop, coffeeshop, bakery, work at the library. He can have glasses too, that'd be cute~. Quite a few things. He can be completely modern with no knowledge of who Steve even is (other than a handsome man/Alpha), some knowledge, or even a Hydra sleeper agent if you still want him to be the Winter Soldier. For the link to classic Stucky, maybe wearing enough makeup for Steve to not fully recognize him but see the resemblance and be drawn to him because of that. Both probably being drawn to each other, Bucky asking if Steve is okay because he looks like he's seen a ghost, Steve thinking he has to be mistaken because it's a different time period and he saw Bucky 'die'. The metal arm would need a hologram sleeve/mode to hide it in this case which it does have one in the comics. But it could start off with Steve avoiding him and then the two having what seems like a simple and beautiful relationship. Maybe with Bucky getting pregnant right before insight, disappearing during that time.


If Bucky is modern and has nothing to do with Hydra, they could end up trying to kidnap him from Steve, or maybe their relationship doesn't start until after insight is taken care of, and can be something simple and sweet, fluffy and vanilla and not at all what Steve was expecting with the lip piercing (and probably a lot more sexually~). Bucky could be sweet and innocent with an edge, wanting to be stronger and 'act tough' but really being a damn marshmallow and virgin, either telling Steve this, assuming he would notice, or totally bluffing. Or he could be a total slut, going as far as to rile Steve up in the store/library, having Steve fuck him the first day they meet in the back or against a bookshelf in a hidden spot, not even thinking about a condom or realizing that Steve is probably gonna plow straight through his birth control with that supersoldier sperm~<3<3<3. Cause I need the Stucky baby, give me the Stucky baby. Have Steve fuck Bucky. And put a baby in him. And have Bucky give birth to the baby. Like, literally every damn prompt. Stucky baby, BABIES, happy ending. I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE. I NEED ALL OF IT!!!


*sobs quietly*


Okay. So. Fairly simple prompts with the same as always, lots of options. Up for discussion, etc. etc. Someone please take these ideas...


Imagine Steve just bringing lip piercing Bucky home to Avengers tower and Natasha just staring at him and Bucky's pregnant belly and back at Steve narrowing her eyes before walking away...





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Steve would make a perfect Bob with Bucky as his Helen. Just... picture it~.


Lol, obviously this story can dive a little bit from canon, the same old story or a new one leading them into the future. And they definitely don't have to have the same powers as the Parr couple, but it's also an avenue that can be explored (with Steve and Bucky having new or different powers). But it would focus a great deal on secret identities. Maybe with a very different outcome for Civil War. The world in this case never knowing that Steve Rogers is Captain America or that Bucky Barnes is the Winter Soldier. It can still stem from their classic love story, still start in the 40s if you want it too and maybe even continue from there, but as both boys do need to be heros for their marriage and subsequent children to work, Bucky would need to break his Hydra programming fairly early or be saved by Steve from it. Or maybe he was just never under Hydra to begin with (and they can be the big bad later on trying to control heros or destroy them).


But, if you'll recall the first movie between the lovely couple (the Parr couple, we'll come back to Stucky in a minute~), Mr. Incredible was absolutely smitten with this lovely woman he was about to marry, Elastigirl, taking a detour just to be a hero. It's clear he has a bit of a problem, practically NEEDING to do that heroic work, even if it's against the law (STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE).


Back to Stucky, they can live in this type of world. One that's just outlawed heroes or instilled the 'superhuman registration act' of the comics (what caused Civil War in that light), something that would make it impossible for them to keep their identities secret to protect the people they love and still be heroes. Of course this would detrimental to someone like Steve, but Bucky would be there for him to help support him and ease him through the situation for a more domestic life. I think the wedding is the best place to start. Maybe with a sudden pregnancy that neither were expecting, but is the reason Steve decides to take that step back to be there for Bucky and the baby rather than fighting it. Maybe they even fully enjoyed that honeymoon without a care in the world and came back to hero work being outlawed.


There are options for those pregnancies. Obviously, these two won't have much else to focus on. As always advocating for that BOYPUSSY~, but it could come as a shock to them due to Steve's supersperm, Hydra experiments (depending on how and if they're thrown into the story), or simply be A/B/O. And of course, any and all powers that their kids might have could correlate to maybe situations where they end up fighting behind the scenes (for a Nomad and White Wolf take, lol), maybe involving a cosmic cube for Kobik, it can just be the serums combining and trying to stabilize causing mutations every time, or maybe Steve and Bucky get their powers from mutations, options~.


Coming back around, the story can jump right into Steve trying to get the decision reversed while trying to take care of his little but growing family, Bucky maybe being upset and hormonal with the pregnancy at first but then supporting him. Or it can skip ahead a few years to the point where Steve has a very depressing average Joe job, several kids with Bucky and a recent baby (or Bucky's pregnant again), is still trying to do the right thing with his customers for the company he works for, and maybe getting his superhero high off on the side with friend, listening in on police radios for conflicts (as I'm thinking about this, I realize how fucking much this is a very stupid but extremely Steve Rogers thing to do, if a bit more cracky~, like he fits this role so badly and its hilarious). I also imagine Steve'd probably still be obsessed with working out all the time, but who's to say that when Bucky gets pregnant, he doesn't end up with a sympathy belly in that sort of situation, lol. The idea of 'Edna' calling him fat really speaks to me~, although technically, he could just get beefier, she said that after he'd been working out again!


I could definitely imagine Steve having a hero best friend who's as stupid as him (Sam or Logan), a tiny and terrible boss (Pierce or any other lovely asshole) he puts through several walls getting so angry at him. A government guy who helps him out every time when his family has to be moved (Fury or Natasha). And guess which motherfucker would make the perfect Edna. With the money and the fashion sense, and the suits and tech for supers~.






Tony, motherfuckers, would make a FANTASIC Edna~. (Also Wade~, cause... WADE, but he's not as smart as Tony, so there is that.)


That being said, THIS can also be a story where Bucky births all the Avengers~. (Clint, Natasha, Tony, Bruce, Thor (who they could end up naming after his powers!) , Susie and Johnny of course, maybe others you wanna throw in~ baby Peter and Kobik<3<3<3). And not gonna lie, that would be absolutely glorious and beautiful, and Steve would be so fucking proud of Bucky and their kids. For that lovely lovely somewhat huge family~. Maybe they just have a lot of difficulty managing a birth control that Steve doesn't break, or Bucky's body doesn't burn through~. But if not, I'll always advocate for Susan and Johnny (not so Storm~) and Kobik, and all three would really fit in the setting. Susie (Violet), Johnny (Dash), and Kobik (Jack-Jack). Maybe another bun in the oven because Steve loves Bucky and can't keep his hands off them so I just want them to make all the babies.




Anyway, the story can basically follow along similar lines to what the Incredibles movies provide, simple enough. Or you can input twists here and there. Maybe Bucky and Steve met because of the outlawing of supers instead, both going to protest it (as regular people, secret identities) and hitting it off (or hating each other, but loving each other at the same time, possibly a stupid oblivious Steve that has no idea what he feels and they end up hate fucking, especially if Bucky is under Hydra at the time and on the opposite side). Still fighting it for a more romantic twist and then worrying more when Bucky gets pregnant. Possibly succeeding before the baby is born. Or the baby becoming their focus, and then their motivator to get the situation fixed.


Just Imagine Bucky thinking that Steve is cheating when he's really just that desperate for hero work. Like that is so fucking appropriate between these two idiots. And the Stucky babies just... HNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~<3<3<3. WHY HAS THIS NOT HAPPENED???


Loads of ideas, lots to discuss and pretty easy inspiration that doesn't even have to be my stupid ass, lol~.


Even for the second movie though maybe even more hectic, I could definitely imagine a Steve going absolutely crazy with protective Alpha instincts, being a big giant sad lug who has to do things right so Bucky can bring back supers but knowing his Omega is in any kind of danger while he's there with the kids, even if Bucky can handle himself, driving him absolutely nuts. It can even be slightly reversed if Bucky is pregnant (so they can't use him), but had actually been the more famous hero, Steve having been happy to take those steps back to be with him and not minding being the symbol to bring supers back, but then going insane being away from his pregnant Omega, constantly calling to ask if he's okay, even if Bucky is used to and will be perfect with the kids (maybe missing his Alpha despite knowing he'll do a good job. Then having to battle against Hydra and save his husband, being a total badass while pregnant!! For a slightly sweeter/shier Stevie and twist~.


OR for another MAJOR twist~? How bout throwing in a little bit of Classic 616 vibes? Where Stevie actually does have a sweet young sidekick (Bucky), and rather than starting with a wedding, the story starts out with Bucky getting kidnapped (possibly Hydra). Maybe both~. Maybe Steve trying to convince him to stay out of fights and safe because Bucky's just given birth to sweet little Stucky twins, Susie and Johnny. Things going wrong and Steve watching Bucky 'die' in front of him, or being left at the altar, not knowing what happened with Bucky 'disappearing'. In a situation like this, it's likely whoever Steve's enemy is, converts Bucky into a super assassin (he'd be the one killing off supers instead of the robots). Steve being a single dad maybe trying to move on but not really able to, maybe living with a best friend (like Natasha!) or even possible fiance/girlfriend (that isn't his Bucky boo and his kids know it), and then having to get his Omega/lover back instead. Steve could even just be alone, or Bucky's disappearance/death ruined his relationship and had Steve being the one to stand someone up at the altar. He could also still get married but not have kids and be in a failing marriage (cause this is a Stucky only baby zone... ya bitch is petty, but you already knew that~).


In a case like this, maybe Bucky playing the part of Mirage as well as the super assassin, secretly or dually or just Mirage. Steve maybe even actually having an affair (because he had always loved Bucky but maybe he was too young then), and instead of a family coming to save him, Steve has to break Bucky out of his programming to save them both (or maybe the twins do! Bucky remembering his babies as a mama<3<3<3), maybe even impregnating him while on that little island~. If Bucky is a super assassin and taking the place of a robot, it could be that he's meant to lure the supers (most of them likely Alphas) with his honey sweet Omega scent, and some kind of trigger like them trying to take him or even his heat makes him respond by killing them, but not Stevie, never Stevie~ (because they're either mates, or Steve overpowers him<3). The main villain that kidnapped Bucky could spend time improving him each time a super damages him (how he gets the metal arm), reinforcing the violent responses and trying to break the bond (if there is one). This gives leeway for even more classic Stucky twists and scandal~!!


A 'second' movie in this version could involve Stevie still going crazy being away from his pregnant Omega, all while Bucky learns to handle being pregnant and or how to be a parent to the kids he was stolen away from all those years ago as Steve tries to fix up the mess with 'superhuman registration act' or whatever else is in place outlawing supers. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand for a side note that could be very relevant, a deleted scene for an alternate opening made the indication that enhanced people aren't allowed to breed~. Do with that what you will<3.


It's almost too perfect for Stucky. Ughh, I defiinitely NEED this one. If none of the others, just this one... gaaawwwwd I am so DEPRIVED. GIVE ME MOAR MUMMA BUCKY!!!!!







Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Because what naughty topics am I not gonna touch all over~?


Lol, a lot probably, I don't know, people have different ideas than me. ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


But here's one that's definitely not a part of that list... this one... I'm gonna touch all over~<3<3<3.


And it can go simply enough, y'all know the drill by now!


Teacher Steve with Student Bucky~.


I will say that this one works best for Steve's job if Bucky is in fact at least 18. But that does depend on how you want the story to go and what kind of position you want both boys in. I need the happy ending for them with Stucky babies, so obviously, I'm not really looking for abuse of power here although there can be a power play. I will come back to the age thing but I would say if Bucky is a tiny bit younger, he could look slightly older than he looks and fooling Steve (for another play on power and manipulation and who's doing what, moral ambiguity has always been a favorite subject of mine).


Now... to start. Bucky and Steve live together as best friends. Steve is a relatively young college professor and Bucky is a student, 18 or 19, just entered college. Bucky could be living with Steve for a number of reasons. Maybe they were just friends and Steve happened to be living close to the school Bucky chose to go to (because it's the same school he works at), Bucky's parents trusting him and it being an easy way for both to save on living expenses, Bucky could have come from a bad situation that ended up making Steve his legal guardian with no other next of kin, or they can even already be lovers or have just started the relationship. If you wanna add some angsty drama, Steve could have a girlfriend and not know anything about Bucky having feelings for him. A/B/O is always an easy option, but intersex or trans Bucky would also work wonderfully for this particular setting, especially if Steve doesn't know at first (or even that Bucky is an Omega).


If they already are lovers, the story can go simply enough with Bucky's birth control failing and the two figuring out what to do from there. Especially because they had been keeping the relationship secret. Maybe it was something Steve was even trying to hold off between them, telling Bucky it was okay and he didn't have to because he was young, and they just didn't think too much about it when it finally happened in a very heated moment. But I think it could be cute with a very simple premise there, Steve trying to do everything he can to make sure Bucky stays in school, that he hasn't ruined his life, feeling immensely guilty for what's happened and Bucky telling him it's okay. Maybe not even wanting what everyone expected of him in the first place, just happy to have the baby and Steve by his side. Maybe being super awesome, powering through all the challenges having his mate/husband by his side and the baby.


If Bucky and Steve aren't lovers, maybe one or the other being oblivious or both, having respective crushes, there can definitely be added drama with fairly similar outcomes. If Steve is dating someone, Bucky could start acting out specifically to pull Steve's attention away from his girlfriend, getting frustrated when Steve doesn't notice him, maybe getting into trouble that Steve has to save him from, things escalating from there. Steve again, feeling crazy guilty and probably breaking things off with the girlfriend at that point, probably knowing the signs before Bucky does when he starts getting 'sick'. Bucky could also be the oblivious one with interest in another boy (Rumlow? or someone else who's a troublesome douchebag) that Steve doesn't like and keeps COMPLETELY cockblocking him from. The same situation roughly playing out of Steve saving Bucky from trouble and just not being able to hold back what he feels for him anymore, feeling all the more guilty from it. A whole nother way to complicate or simplify drama would be throwing in soulmates to that mess. Maybe with Bucky or Steve having hidden the mark.


But then happy ending and Stucky babies~.


The same situation can play out with a Cap/Military Steve who is teaching at a military Academy, an idea I mentioned before. And both of those could actually work in an arranged marriage sort of setting, in which maybe the two live together because they are actually already married (Bucky having been promised to Steve, them getting married when he turned 18, maybe being soulmates as another option) but are still working out the relationship, slowly but surely of course with that lovely sexual discovery~. This one can be even sweeter, pulling them closer together when Bucky gets pregnant. Maybe with Steve who's crazy worried and losing his marbles but both happy about the new addition to their little family. No one knowing about the relationship until that point, but Steve and Bucky being oblivious dorks who were never really hiding it? And are surprised by everyone's surprise... because of course they would be.


For another version, this story could definitely involve a very naughty Bucky who knows what he wants because we can never have enough of that innocent devil in disguise~<3. This would especially be powerful with a Steve that sees this Bucky steering down wrong or dark paths, because we all know Steve takes that moral high road to a tee, and Bucky fully... corrupting him... ain't saints and sinners just same darling? Maybe a Bucky who's doing things he doesn't necessarily want to, stripping or even prostitution (though I don't imagine anything more than a paid for blow job which could get him into trouble with a client that might want more), Steve again, being that utterly stupid white knight that Bucky surely didn't need, or maybe he did and his left shaken by a situation, before they end up sleeping together and Bucky promises to be good. A Steve in this situation learning from Bucky to not see things so black and white while Bucky learning that he doesn't have to make due without ever asking for help, that he's not alone. Or if Bucky's just a little shit, Steve losing his goddamn mind with this kid that won't get off his cock and knocking him up because of a kink and dirty talk gone wrong or right~... or honestly just because Bucky needs to settle the fuck down and Steve's just tired of it apart from them not really using protection... but mostly the protection or lack there of<3. That relationship could definitely start off spiteful and filled with hate sex and stupid decisions... and it would be glorious~<3.


Coming back around, there's another version that would involve both of them being younger and Steve being more of a tutor. Bucky being the younger kid brother of the person being tutored, or the one being tutored with Steve taking up the role because he's older sibling's best friend. I picture in this case Bucky having more of a Hydra based family with Rumlow as his older dick/sometimes less a dick brother, and a generally absent always working single parent, but it does depend. A Steve in this case could start off pre-serum. I kind of liked the idea of a surprise factor for it regarding A/B/O designations, for the mpreg or that Bucky can get pregnant, which can definitely still be there if Bucky is hiding his designation/boypussy, but as always, it depends. This can go the soulmate route. For hidden designations, maybe the first time Bucky and Steve meet, Steve's a senior in high school and Bucky's a few years younger, Bucky still being bigger than Steve and finding the soulmark, kissing Steve (but they don't go any further) convinced he'll be Stevie's Alpha and that things will be perfect cause he really likes Steve. Steve of course saying nothing but he isn't so sure, even if he does like Bucky.


Fast forward to Bucky's senior year, and maybe he hasn't seen Steve in a while. And Steve's... gone through one hell of a growth spurt. To the point of Bucky nearly not recognizing him, maybe having a girlfriend but still remembering Bucky. Bucky maybe being embarrassed about his own presentation or not having presented/had his first heat just yet. But Steve? Oh, he's fully presented and 100% admirable desirable Alpha~. Still smart, maybe coming around once more to help Bucky prepare for college on Rumlow's request. Steve very enthusiastically agreeing... maybe with simple tutoring sessions... evolving into so much more right under the household's nose~. Bucky starting to get repeatedly fucked by Steve anytime they have a moment alone together, Steve making good on that promise Bucky first sealed with a kiss. Knowing full well he's being a manipulative bastard, but how could he resist? Bucky's just so dang cute! And they're fated mates.


To throw in a side note, if you want to make a strong sibling connection, Rumlow can also be an Omega like Bucky or have the same genital situation going on that maybe makes him push Bucky away at first but could lead to him being his main support and console through the drama mess.


Once Bucky gets pregnant, things get hectic. Especially if he hadn't even had his first heat yet. Maybe with just his older sibling finding out and being there to support him, Bucky hiding it from Steve and his parent(s) and anyone else as best he can up until older sibling spills or figures out who the father is. Another side note, older sibling, especially if Rummy, can be dumber than a sack of bricks taking forever to figure out that literally the ONLY person who could have had time with Bucky enough alone to knock him up would be Steve. Either way, Steve from this point, wanting to do the right thing, like always. Maybe being the one to catch up with Bucky on his walk home to talk to him, seeing the state he's in (very pregnant) when he helps him remove the hoodie that's hiding it, and the two finally just talking. 'Ms. Jackson' vibes could definitely come into this story. Steve could go military or some other no nonsense route to set himself straight, doing what he could to support Bucky and be there for him and the baby.


This leads us to the other way this can go. Teacher Bucky with Student Steve~.


Any of the above ways of course, Stevie still getting instead a well established Bucky pregnant and driving him crazy (BOW TO YOUR OVERLORDS. ALL HAIL BOTTOM BABY MAMA BUCKY.) But of course, let's go into a bit of better detail for that.


For tutor Bucky, he could end up completely overwhelmed by this tiny Alpha (or big dumb Alpha). Spreading his legs for the cute fucker before he even realizes it, or that there's no protection until a few months later~. 


A teacher/professor Bucky could end up with a different situation. Especially if that punk Alpha kid is a star athlete (baseball is a personal fave for me) who's failing his courses. A generally dumb Steve is of course an option... Or it could be a very intelligent Steve that's doing it on purpose instead. Either to get alone time with the teach~ or because he doesn't want to do the athletics despite how good he is at them, he wants to do something else (like art) and be kicked out without disappointing the people who thought he loved the sport. It could also be a bit of both. The point being an Alpha kid that Bucky's having to watch over and figure out before unintentionally falling for him. Could work in a college or high school setting but still works best with a Steve at least 18 years old. If in a college setting, Steve could have even gotten in on a sports scholarship that he's trying to lose because there are issues at home with money, and he wants to go home and work so he can take care of his family, feeling guilty that he's not helping his ma, da, and younger sibling(s). Bucky in this case could also be a beautiful Omega coach that knows Steve loves playing the sport and is too intelligent to not be doing this on purpose, trying to figure out what's really going on... before he trips... and lands on Steve's dick~. And gets a baby put in him... by said kid~<3<3<3.


The sports angle doesn't work as well on the opposite end because Steve would... kind of be ruining Bucky's ability to play by knocking him up? But that's also something that can be played with.


It could just come back to a Steve being a little shit that likes teasing Bucky until he actually ends up falling for him, maybe knows his plans for the future, going military, maybe wanting to do art and Bucky supporting his choice, but just... can't keep away. Eventually fucking that same teacher/professor on his own desk. Maybe even going away at the same time Bucky finds out Steve's gotten him pregnant. Drama~<3.


That story can take a lot of steps, especially depending on how long Steve is gone. Maybe thinking Bucky got an Alpha when he sees him so heavily pregnant, or with Steve being shocked to see Bucky with a child, or two blond as fuck twins all too reminiscent of STEVE named Johnny and Susie~, and immediately knowing based on the timeframe and lack of any Alpha in site. Or if Bucky does have an 'Alpha', being upset, trying to keep his distance but really needing to win the Omega back. Cause Bucky boo is always his. And so are those babies.


If you wanna go the guardianship route, where Steve would likely have to end up with Bucky from a young age, either from an accident with no next of kin, Bucky being a family friend, or from Steve being in an abusive situation Bucky gets him out of, the situation could very quickly derail if no one realized that Steve would be an unmated Alpha living in with an unmated Omega... Steve presenting before anyone could catch it, or in the case of Bucky hiding a boypussy~ finding out his secret. And things going from there~. Steve's first rut pushing Bucky into heat for total chaos. Steve just finding out in general and being curious~, Bucky being maybe a little overwhelmed but not wanting to push him away. Lots of ideas~ all of them resulting in a Stucky bun inside Bucky's oven<3<3<3.


And it could absolutely come back to the arranged marriage or secret relationship angle. Being soulmates brought in. Maybe Bucky is the perfect Omega teacher looking younger than he actually is, engaged to his mate who's a smaller Alpha Steve, both being friends and excited about the marriage. But then issues start happening when Steve gets closer to 18 and starts going through a couple growth spurts, maybe Bucky being afraid of big Alphas... but Steve still being the same sweetheart. The wedding night could be nerve wracking for Bucky, but maybe a reminder that Steve's still the same sweet Alpha he knew (and that his ridiculous cock was always that size, so it wouldn'ta mattered anyway~).


That story can get even crazier if Bucky gets pregnant, very vanilla, and they're both excited. But then an accident happens and Bucky loses his memories, specifically of the growth spurts Steve went through, their wedding, and how he got pregnant. But Steve still has the mark and Bucky's still pregnant, so something musta happened, right? Oh, the sweet drama~. And that sort of idea can actually happen regardless of the teacher/student dynamic. Even with just classic Stucky best friends that grow up together and are high school sweethearts.


Definitely some ideas to explore here though, lol~<3. ;)





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Now~. This story can definitely pick up some 'Juno' or 'Ms. Jackson' vibes along the way, but of course with a happy Stucky ending, even if the road is rocky on the way there, and our boys might stumble a little<3.


The basic idea behind it of course, a son of a preacher man, visiting houses with his dad, taking a sweet friend for a walk~. Nothing more behind the scenes...


Lol, I'm terrible.


It's very likely this story would involve both these boys actually still sort of being boys, at the oldest, in or starting college but still living with their parents if you're not comfortable with what would essentially be teen pregnancy. I'm normally not too interested in them, but it did fit for this particular story. And as always, several ways to do this. If Bucky and Steve are a little older or in college (or just one depending on their situation and social status), it's also likely they'd be late bloomers presenting for the kind of young mistakes needed for it to work. Or maybe they're just stupid. Or maybe they know what they're doing and don't care. OR, maybe one of them *cough* isn't well versed in sex ed. Or a combination of things. And that's a problem...


But also deviously lovely~.


This one's also easier to work with A/B/O, lol, I feel like I keep repeating that, but intersex or trans Bucky could work too.


To start, let's bring in sweet and innocent Bucky. Possibly a Bucky who hasn't even had his first heat yet and is from a rich or just generally well off family of decent or possibly distant (but pretending to be good) people. This could be a Bucky who's engaged to an older gent with money or status (can you just feel how much I want Steve to completely ruin this?) or simply very sheltered and kept safe. Going to a prestigious or catholic school, and just generally being a good boy.


Enter Steve, who never gets very many opportunities to be the grumpy one in a story. But let's say he's from a poorer family, maybe first generation Irish migrants (for that lovely Irish accent he tries so desperately to hide) can be sweet but maybe doesn't like Bucky to start. Goes everywhere with his dad when he's going door to door teaching about the good lord's word. Is barely presenting or hasn't presented yet at all. This could be a Steve going through a growth spurt, maybe midway through it making him a little taller but still more thin maybe with lean muscle, has fully gone through it but still presents 'Beta', or just someone everyone assumes is Beta cause he's still small.


When he's sitting there bored while his dad talks to Bucky's parents, he's told to take Bucky for a walk.


This can only go well~.


Maybe Bucky is wiling to do anything to get out of that arranged marriage, or just wants to lose his virginity beforehand, not knowing what it can amount to. Steve freaking the hell out at first but eventually being worn down by Bucky's persistence and fucking him. Maybe Betas aren't supposed to be able to get Omegas pregnant, and Bucky's been confirmed an Omega even if he hasn't had his first heat yet. Those walks easily turning into little getaways for sex, and the charade continuing up until Steve fully presents and Bucky never quite has that first heat... because Stevie got him pregnant, interrupting his cycle.


For another version with a Steve that is midway through his growth spurt or all the way through. Steve just being bored with Bucky in general, not really wanting to be anywhere near a snobby rich kid that for some reason likes him? And maybe being a bit meaner and not trusting Bucky at all while Bucky is just sweet and cute... very cute... The first few walks even being nothing but walks until he gets fed up with Bucky's innocent 'act' and starts teasing/testing him, maybe even scaring him but apologizing. Possibly believing bad rumors about Bucky because there's no way this little slut is the saint he's pretendin' to be. Maybe not realizing he's getting closer to presenting, and reacting to Bucky's pheromones, Alpha aggression spilling through and overwhelming him but Steve not quite knowing how to handle it. The result being a Steve who ends up teaching Bucky things a preacher's son should have no business knowing, trying to find something, any bit of proof that Bucky's terrible, only to find he really was the sweet little virgin nobody thought he was. Maybe even teaching Bucky how to masturbate (possibly being shocked to find a sweet little pussy if Bucky does have that boypussy and intersex Omegas are not a thing for the story~) and then just losing himself in Bucky, fucking him every time they go on those walks.


Things getting chaotic when he ends up getting Bucky pregnant. Ohhhhh, the sweet drama<3. And Stucky babies~<3<3<3.


Yet another version could involve a much sweeter but shier Steve who is a good son, athletic, probably baseball or running, fully grown for the post-serum Greek god look~. Maybe fully presented but they fully trust him with Bucky because he is such a good kid. This one going on Steve just being nice to Bucky, maybe the two becoming friends and then it starts going a little further each time... up until it goes too far~. Steve could end up feeling so guilty about it, he completely stops going with his dad... and then finds out from him that Bucky let 'some random Alpha' get him pregnant. Such a shameful thing... at this point, this Steve starting to try and make things right. Maybe going to Bucky's window and throwing pebbles trying to get his attention so they can talk... not like trouble is around the corner~.


But let's be honest. All Steve's would try to make it right. Trying to get Bucky's attention or Bucky's family's attention if they've barred him from Bucky and told Bucky not to talk to him (ESPECIALLY if Steve happened to ruin an engagement). Or if they keep closing the door on Steve for those Ms. Jackson vibes, he can try to get his act together. Maybe joining the military or some heroic type force to show how serious he is. Maybe even being too late with Bucky's family trying to move away, or having done so by the time he comes back from basic training. Bucky could also end up running away if his family tries to make him get an abortion with Steve saving him/finding him when Bucky ends up alone, both families finally seeing how much they mean to each other. Maybe things are just a lot more simple than all of that drama, and Steve just agrees to stay by Bucky's side. Or they just awkwardly linger, watching from a distance and pining for the Juno vibes before Steve finds the courage to talk to Bucky again and promise he'll take care of him and the baby.


Maybe they do something stupid and try to elope, completely freaking out their parents who were more okay with it than either would expect, and just planning on having the boys marry to make it right, lol.


If they are a little older and in college or starting it, it could be that they don't end up seeing each other very often, but maybe even grew up together. Just one of the walks turning into a one night stand, and Steve only finding out Bucky is pregnant when he goes with his dad to see him months later, things going from there.


There's also a version with a sweet talkin' naughty Bucky as the preacher's son~. And it does involve a slightly younger, innocent Steve and these two growing up together as best friends.


And of course a shocked Bucky with Steve saying something along the lines of~, "I finally win at something, Bucky!"


And that thing he's 'winning' at...?


Cock size.




Because of course I can't move on without a mention of a small and sweet Steve having a gigantic dick he has yet to grow into, that Bucky becomes completely and utterly obsessed with... and then wrecked by~.


In this case, Bucky taking Steve on those walks when they get a little older, and the boys each discovering something about themselves. Maybe with everyone expecting Steve to be an Omega and Bucky be an Alpha but Bucky knows that's not right. Especially if their dick sizes are anything to go by. Both boys ending up extremely late bloomers but exploring into sex fairly early by comparison. Steve fucking him in the forest at some point because Bucky can't stop thinking about his giant cock. Maybe having Steve swear he'll pull out, but not-so-little Stevie ends up completely overwhelmed, accidentally knotting him not even knowing he could with Bucky surprised to be totally okay with it, cause it's Stevie~. And then it amounting to what you'd expect. Bucky pregnant before he even has his first heat or Steve's even fully through puberty, despite being 18 or close to it.


This can take a slightly different turn after too, especially if either of the boys is still innocent (or sheltered) enough to not know where babies come from. Bucky finding out when his doctors/coaches find out he's pregnant. Bucky telling Steve about the baby and it possibly completely going over the little Alpha's head that he's the one who put it there. Maybe with Steve's family being the ones about to move, and Steve not realizing it until after they have because he finally starts asking questions about where babies come from (and not accepting the vague religious answers he normally got before), then being desperate to get back to Bucky and the baby. They could also take the idiots eloping route without either of their parents having a clue as to what's going on between them. Or maybe by the time they meet again, Steve being a huge scary Alpha and Bucky being very pregnant and not recognizing him at first.


I'm gonna say in this one, the boys are better off if they have good if dense or stubborn families (or fairly nonchalant about it for 'Juno' vibes), but not abusive (because I need the happy ending like always, but also it's unnecessary and can make all the characters come off as very childish and like there are no sane adults in the situation at all). It can be done, but it does need a balance (I can help with this!!!<3), whether having one strong arm parent or one manipulative one, works best if only one family is like this, it can be somewhat difficult to pull off without making everyone look stupid (because the teens are in fact making stupid, if innocent, decisions here, or maybe they know what they're doing, unprotected sex part behind everyone's back, is probably not the best idea? and they might need people they can look to for guidance BECAUSE THEY'RE FRICKEN' TEENS MAKING MISTAKES HERE, and if not their parents, then someone has to be mature). That being said, if you really  wanna go that route, Steve could come from a family like S.H.I.E.L.D. while Bucky comes from a family like Hydra, in which case it would just be easiest to make Steve the white knight for Bucky, but it would change the atmosphere of the story quite a bit.


Especially since the song implies the parents are totally clueless, lol~.


As far as bullies go since this could be a high school au, Steve will probably always be against them, but I can't really picture a sweet Bucky getting bullied (other than rumors behind his back), I just feel I need to throw that out there, stories tend to be better when the characters do have at least some semblance of intelligence. Some drama is fine, but I feel like a lot of high school AU's can play off somewhat badly and immaturely done (like a terrible 'harlequin' novel, lol, where have i mentioned that before~?), focusing every bit of drama possible around the main character(s) because... reasons. Let up a little~, the song is soft and easy and I do need those Stucky babies and that happy ending<3.


But as always, up for discussions and if you MUST dramatize absolutely everything... I can help and inspire you and bring a balance to it. ;)





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Mmmmhmm. This is an idea~.


Every bit wrong in all the right ways. Only for the Stucky babies and happy endings of course. And I got a lot of them. Where to even start?


Paperboy Stevie~.


About 18, pre-serum (can stay small or not, maybe going through a late growth spurt) but in decent health, definitely with an abnormally large for his size healthy dick and sperm count. Does his job like he should, delivering papers every day.


So what happens when he starts seeing the papers pile up at a particular house? He tries to ignore it. Except he can't, so he investigates, wants to bring all of them to whoever's in the house, make sure they're okay. And he finds... a lonely housewife Bucky, left to his own devices in the middle of a heat. Or just sobbing because of a neglectful (asshole, could be Rumlow, Pierce, anyone awful and Hydra) husband. Or both.


Bucky of course being sweet, apologizing, inviting Stevie in for lemonade (could take place in a 40s setting as well). And Steve's instincts really speaking to him about Bucky. Who maybe even straight up answered the door in lingerie sticking to his skin because of the heat and his sweat, makeup running down his face but still insanely beautiful (for that fun feminization~). Maybe a bit tipsy or having been about to start drinking, absolutely tired of his husband being so neglectful (because an Alpha for sure shouldn't leave his Omega in heat if he can avoid it). And Stevie being really cute. Of course trying to be considerate because its indecent of him, an unmarked Alpha, to be in a married and mated Omega's home during his heat. And Bucky just can't resist. Knowing full well what he's doing, but Just wanting a tiny taste with a kiss and everything escalating from there~. Ending up with this sweet Alpha fucking his heat right out of him on his floor with no protection, maybe leaving Bucky's possible boypussy~ wtecked, knotting him several times and or leaving him with a nice little creampie that he begs for (his husband won't give him kids or has convinced Bucky he's a broken Omega who can't have them). Bucky not on birth control or suppressants. It can only go amazingly from there. Especially if Stevie manages a perfectly masked bite over Bucky's old one but deeper, being propelled into rut maybe when he thought he was a Beta to start. Challenging the bond and beating it without even trying because Bucky's in so much distress from his current bond.


Several ways to continue from there~.


After Steve's impregnated a married Omega (or other) Bucky, he could end up running away, freaking out a bit for what he's done, or leaving to finish his job, very unsure about the situation despite Bucky reassuring him and being left very satisfied. The relationship can continue in secret, Bucky inviting him in whenever he sees Steve, or maybe Steve ends up changing routes for a few months. Coming back to see that Bucky is very pregnant and possibly divorced or about to get one. Now, this brings up Bucky's marriage because that alone can take the story in different directions. Either Bucky was arranged in a marriage (or seduced/tricked by an Alpha that seemed sweet at the time), his hubby only being after Bucky's family name, money and power, and Bucky finally having a reason to take back that power having solid ground to divorce him (neglect through heat (looked down on) requiring a substitute Alpha resulting in pregnancy, his hubby can't fight it without claiming the child is his (which his Alpha pride won't let him) and they're both scent repulsed at this point). Bucky could have also totally fooled his husband while getting things done behind the scenes to be free of him. Or Bucky's husband could be strong arming him, maybe blackmailing him for the fact that he's cheated and that he's nothing without him (only works if Bucky came from a poorer family and was sold off into the marriage, can work best if husband is blaming Bucky for infertility when it's really him, would have meant he spent time abusing Bucky beforehand :(((()


Depending on which Bucky, he could either need an Alpha Steve (that's fully gone through his growth spurt or maybe just a tiny legal force to be reckoned with!) to help him prove the neglect and abuse, and that he's challenged the bond successfully, reclaimed Bucky, and is in fact what would be considered Bucky's legal mate according to old laws. They could completely elope with Bucky having done everything behind the scenes, leaving documents for his husband to sign and informing him of everything he's taken back/is legally his. Or if he's taken everything back (being from a rich and powerful family), Steve being the one to move in with him as they start their relationship somewhat from scratch, on a sweeter note as they wait for the baby. Bucky helping Steve (who could come from a poorer family) even pay/go to school if he wants to/doesn't choose to go a military route, firefighter, cop, you know the works for Steve~. Both of them falling so completely in love that nothing can ever come between them<3. Plus the Stucky baby~.


And if you wanna come back to an Alpha Cap Steve falling for a married Omega Bucky with a dickwad husband, you can definitely do that~. Though circumstances of meeting can be a little different, they could be fated mates too, and maybe just neighbors drawn to each other, knowing it's wrong but they can't pull away (or out in Stevie's case, lol~). Maybe Bucky and his husband had been trying for kids, and Bucky thinks he's the problem until Stevie manages to knock him up (or maybe he was, and supersperm was involved~). I could definitely imagine a sweet Bucky being married to Pierce, the elegant more refined wife, always poised and perfect and beautiful (maybe having to hide who he truly is because of his husband), that Steve ends up meeting at a gala with the Avengers. Pierce putting Bucky on the spot for not getting pregnant (when it's his own fault, not Bucky's), and Steve being that shoulder for Bucky to cry on before it turns into FAR more behind the scenes at the party. Steve full on challenging his boss for the Omega. Especially when he turns out to be pregnant, and Steve's instincts know it's not his husband's baby (among other things, like the serum appearing in Bucky~).


Or if you want a more empowered Bucky~, he could be the powerful working wife of an Alpha who owns a company that does things. As if I could get more vague, lol. Let's call this company Hydra, just for kicks. His husband/Alpha, any of those same dicks from Hydra. Steve? A low ranking worker/assistant hired to help Bucky, or someone in a higher position (I assume something along the lines of drafting and design) who was recently hired. Steve can either be a grumpster or a nervous wreck here, either very professional in his work or fumbling over doing things right. Pre-serum or post is up to you. But still an Alpha. Maybe even in a divorce or failed marriage of his own. And this Bucky knows exactly what he wants~. Especially since his current husband is either too busy/neglectful to give it, Bucky possibly never wanting the marriage or having just grown to hate/be completely indifferent about the man. And when Steve comes around... either scents floating around with pre-rut/pre-heat plus compatibility, something to make Bucky stumble upon that not so little erection of Steve's~ or they just mutually agree to be naughty together<3 (more likely with grumpster Steve).


Perhaps a party where Steve watches over Bucky and saves him from taking a heat inducing drug by quickly 'mistakenly' drinking Bucky's drink, the drug having quite the effect on him even if he doesn't get heats~, Bucky noticing and... helping out<3. Or, quite plainly, a party leading to life chats, possible crying and drinking or attempting to drink the pain away, leading to one night stands~ leading to mistakes and babies~<3. And then Bucky's divorce, possibly ugly but it does depend. This of course would be a Bucky who knows how to handle himself though.


But what if Steve is the one cheating?


Let's say Steve is in a failing marriage. This can come back to an idea mentioned with the 'General America' prompt, where Steve came back much earlier or managed to escape the plane because of a cosmic cube he absorbs, rises in rank and gets married to Peggy or Sharon or someone else, depending on what arcs you wanna throw in, trying to live his life as he can but things going sour, Steve being very world weary and fed up. He can just be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent or have decent top tier job, which can also come back to a Dr. Cox (Scrubs) type of Steve who directs a hospital, Chief of Police, maybe he works for Tony, maybe he's just an artist who makes good money, lots of things. It could also involve a Peggy that took some sort of serum (possibly one like Natasha's that makes her infertile but immortal) and waited for Steve, Steve happy to be with her at first but maybe she's changed far too much and he rushed into it. Maybe they just enjoyed their time together before Steve ended up marked with a soulmate when Bucky was born. This putting them on thin ice and possibly the reason they haven't been able to have kids (if not their careers being priority), other than just being incompatible because of his/their serums. Maybe Steve just has a fiance he isn't sure about but is settling because of outside pressures or because it's what he thinks he should do and is obligated to, not necessarily what he wants, or is in the middle of a divorce that hasn't gone through yet.


Enter Bucky. Who can be sweet with a mischievous side, knowing full well what he's about to get into, or what he's about to let into him rather~, and doing it anyway. Especially if he's Steve's marked soulmate, or just doesn't like whatever bitch he's married to (yesssssssssssssssssssssssss to the salty Bucky~) and does it out of spite apart from knowing how sad Steve is (and the STRUGGLE, THE PINING THIS COULD HAVE<3<3<3!!!). Bucky could be an assigned secretary/assistant for Steve (maybe in the field of corporate espionage for an even more spicy and dubious approach~), who's very helpful and very pretty, and also something Steve insisted on not needing (even though his life's falling apart, cause ya boy is stubborn as fuck), trying to turn Bucky away at first, but it being mandatory given situations. Steve possibly even hating the fact that Bucky is there at first, until he doesn't~. It can start with hate sex, but Steve would essentially need a Bucky that he could take as a mistress, being close by all the time makes it fairly easy, but there are other options as well. Maybe with Bucky being a little minx and fully instigating the situation. Bucky could also just be a hired prostitute (HIGH CLASS ESCORT STYLE!!!, courtesy of Tony's interference, because Steve needs to get laid) that Steve freaks out about because of a misunderstanding, and it starts out as just the two of them talking about Steve's problems, with his marriage, with his life. And it continues, Steve essentially paying Bucky just for the friendship, maybe even enough for Bucky to stop taking clients altogether, but maybe he has a different reason for stopping now~. Eventually all that talking leading down a road where neither is really thinking, Steve ending up following through on the first reason Bucky was hired, but not because he was hired. And it happens repeatedly.


Then Bucky disappears. Steve having to figure out why while finishing up a divorce, maybe having to convince a several months pregnant Bucky to come home with him, not even caring if the kid is his or not (not knowing Bucky stopped taking clients besides Steve), Bucky feeling guilty until Steve tells him that Bucky helped set him free. Something sweet along those lines. Bucky could even keep the secret until the kid is born... and comes out looking exactly like Stevie~, maybe even two familiar blonde headed twins named Susie and Johnny~<3<3<3. Bucky could also just be a stripper/bar tender that Steve ends up talking to and befriending, things escalating rather quickly. Bucky could also just be straight forward once shit hits the fan, telling Steve that he's pregnant and drama going from there.


For another option, Steve could not tell Bucky he's in the middle of divorce after a very long separation (or that he's already divorced), for a Bucky that gets upset when he finds out Steve is 'married', maybe from a 'wife' who doesn't want the divorce, because the relationship started out like fire~ without either thinking about consequences or circumstance to start. The result being Bucky quiting and leaving, maybe not even knowing he's pregnant yet, and Steve having to find him. Bucky could end up working somewhere small, snarky waitress or small shop type place, maybe owning his own artisan store~, just to stay off the radar. Maybe having a dick older sibling character (Natasha or Rumlow) asking if he's gonna tell the father, and Bucky giving a firm 'nope'! with Steve just around the corner of finding out/finding him!. Lol, definitely leading into bad harlequin territory, but I think we can trust Stucky to be a bit better about it (maybe not smarter cause they're both stupid... but~ I just like drama...). Couldn't you just imagine a Steve that walks up behind Bucky as he's talking about what an ass he is, crossing his arms and sighing as he can barely see the baby bump?


Another take coming back to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent/still Cap option. Bucky could be another 'S.H.I.E.L.D. agent' who's masked and assigned as an in field partner for Steve to go on missions with. Effective but he NEVER talks. In this instance, Steve likely on the verge of getting married but unsure about it (maybe because he misses a certain Omega he used to love/be mated with), and when he finds out Bucky is Bucky~. Things going from there. Or maybe Bucky just turns out to be his soulmate and things get hectic. In a case like this, sex pollen in the middle of a mission can also cause some chaos. Steve getting back, telling them Bucky needs immediate medical attention (and a contraceptive that won't work~) before explaining himself to his wife/soon to be wife. Maybe unable to stop thinking about the Omega's heat/scent, not even being able to bring himself to be with his wife anymore. Especially when he finds out Bucky is pregnant.


Lots of options here, AU, canon divergence, you decide, I will be here to enable~. ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

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Because with all the gay~ I've already put in this shit... obviously, I just had to. If it's not self explanatory, Bucky playing the part of 'Adam' while Steve shows up and ruins everything~.


And wouldn't you know it, several fun ideas for this one too!!!


For a very Marvel touch, God and Satan (could be Thor and Loki actually, lol) could be two cosmic entities that are simply playing with a mostly empty planet. Maybe even finding an old and ridiculous book that they don't entirely agree with but decide they want to see if the stories in it can hold any kind of value/work out/experiment with it. Preferably a more innocent God and a mischievous Satan (does that give it a Good Omens kind of vibe? I have no idea, lol, guess it could). God makes Adam(Bucky) and Eve(likely Rebecca, since the rib story makes me think Eve is a clone of Adam and technically related to him... but it can be other woman too, maybe even one that likes Steve but has zero interest from him ;)), hoping that they get together and start making babies. But instead of making the snake, like he's supposed to, Satan makes Steve. And Steve very much immediately likes Bucky, who's shy and sweet and ends up getting fucked in the ass by Steve and very much enjoying it. So much so, that it becomes a constant thing for them, and Eve is all but completely ignored.


God is upset. He wants to see those babies.


So what does Satan do?


Well, he gives him exactly that~. Either zapping both our boys into a classic A/B/O system, zapping Bucky (when God isn't looking) to have a boypussy they are MORE than happy to experiment with~, or zapping Steve to have a magical fucking cock that will do all the other work of putting a baby in Bucky for him. Maybe even knotting Bucky (turning just Steve into an Alpha or similar to get the system started, gradual changes in Bucky without actually zapping him so God doesn't freak out, or maybe even having Steve start out this way from when he first created him~), and getting Bucky even MORE addicted than he was to that cock~<3<3<3. And then very very pregnant from it. Eve's reaction can range of course, though I'm thinking... slightly disturbed~. This story would probably work best with an outside narrator but could also flip back and forth between perspectives in a third person (I just personally prefer to avoid first person, I feel it tends to be very awkward and amateurish but it does depend on the writer and the effect they are trying to achieve) and would probably be deliciously cracky~.


I could imagine God getting upset and extremely worried when Bucky gets 'sick', separating him from Steve, and Steve getting super duper sad because of it. Satan trying to make him happy, maybe even making a 'Lilith' for him, and Steve just ignoring everything because he wants his Bucky boo.


If you want to skip the cosmic entities altogether, you could also have scientists trying to create *perfect* humans, unknowingly creating an A/B/O system, and being shocked when Steve and Bucky gravitate towards each other rather than paying any attention to 'Eve' or anyone else that might be a subject with them in the garden. Steve and Bucky could grow up as best friends this way, each one being tagged with a specific code or test subject name. More humanely treated but still only knowing life in the garden. Maybe presenting once they reach a certain age and all hell breaks loose from there. Shocking the scientists even further when Bucky ends up pregnant. Maybe with it ending in fight for freedom cause we all know Steve.


Moving on~.


Another version of this relates back to a previously mentioned idea in the last prompt, hunter and hunted~. Where Bucky is a captured *female* of a species or experimentally created *perfect* being *from blood of said species*, and Steve is an alien *original species male* that crash lands there. Bucky could still be in a biodome without knowing, but imagine more a group of scientists (hydra) trying to create perfect human beings to restart the world in their image. Bucky would be tagged as a test subject and still have an 'Eve', but because of how he's created, possibly with malleable DNA or still a variable *female* for Steve, while *male* for the *perfect* human. In this case, i'd imagine them originally capturing Steve (or discovering his planet), believing him to be an 'angel' before realizing that he is very much DIFFERENT from the biblical version of it, and very VERY carnivorous. Appropriately naming him 'Lucifer' as an option once they realize how dangerous he can be, but still wanting his 'perfect' genetics, trying to experiment to separate them from the 'evil' and create perfect humans (without realizing they create a *female* for him to reproduce with). The discovery could lead to the near extinction of the humans (which would make the project necessary) before they manage to fight back and destroy the planet, thinking they killed all of the 'angels' and that there's no way for them to come back.


There's a lot to experiment with here, especially if Steve's species is extremely adaptive and intelligent, maybe not even originally having any intention to eat/destroy the humans that came into contact with them, there's even a situation to be built around why a war was started. Maybe more to do with humanity trying to take their territory and creating the conflict in the first place.


Steve could also very much be curious about Bucky, and then like him while hiding from the other scientists and occasionally one 'disappearing' for hurting Bucky.


The list goes...




Yes, Lucifer 'angel' Steve with 'Adam' Bucky is an idea I have slowly in progress, but as always, I would love to see how others could tackle it. ;)


For a more modern spin, Bucky could have volunteered for a project that doesn't quite turn out how it should. There are spins this way where Steve could take more of an 'Adam' like role, maybe being a human like species found or experimental human, something for human perfection (which could tie in the serum, maybe Steve was just an orphan they picked up or someone who also volunteered and they're still testing, but the theme just fits for this) that they are trying to find an 'Eve' for. In which case, Bucky would end up becoming that traditionally 'Eve' role after their lack of success with all the 'actual' 'Eve's. Maybe even from Steve biting him and 'infecting' him with something that turns him into the perfect mate to impregnate~.


A more magical or even mythical spin could just have Bucky and 'Eve' (his sister works best in this case) growing up together in complete isolation, no interaction with scientists or anything because the area they are in is cut off, deserted like an Island or 'sacred' in some way and difficult to get to. Maybe ending up there through a plane crash or other accident they manage to survive but end up orphaned and alone. In this case, Steve could be something of a god, an entity, still an alien if you wanna go that route, even a dragon with 'Eden' being his territory. Maybe watching over the area and the children as they grow up. With Bucky eventually catching his attention. Bucky and 'Eve' could actually also eventually discover a village somewhat close that tells them to stay away from the area or creature there.


Lots of different ways. Hit me up, let me know, let me inspire the shit out of you~<3.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

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Because there need to be little Stucky imp/cherub halflings in the world~. Kobik is a great option for this by the way, especially if she is the first of her kind<3.


Simple enough concept, Angel Steve and Demon Bucky and literally a million ideas from there. But I guess I should share my ideas and where that mpreg would come from, lol.


As always, A/B/O, magic is an easy one for this one, intersex or trans? Can't really say I'd see a demon needing to be trans when they probably have potions and magic for that. But I do love me that boypussy, will I mention this every time? Probably.


Y'all KNOW I am trash by now.


One method I really did like was a sweet demon nympho~ incubus Bucky seducing the kindhearted angel known as Steve~. And getting totally adDICKted to him.<3<3<3 This would also work with a lovely priest Steve who has no idea what to do with him, especially not when he manages to get Bucky pregnant, but still of course, always wanting to do the right thing. The character in my icon is actually from a show called 'Ugly Americans' that my friend told me to watch, and I fell in love~<3. Highly recommended, 10/10. It inspired me a lot for this idea because it basically has an office setting/modern world for magical/mythical/demonic creatures and humans. And the way they interact is just ridiculous. The main character is an absolute pussy of a guy who wants to do the right thing, but he's dating his boss who is a half human/demon succubus. He doesn't really want to in the beginning, but ends up loving her anyway and that aspect is sweet. Everyone's kind of a dick in the show though, and his roommate is a zombie.


Okay. Good talk.


But one of the ideas I had for this was in a similar setting with an incubus Bucky looking for a soul to suck, only to find Steve. An angel, who's soul can't be taken, but provides nearly limitless energy for a demon. Steve originally just thinks Bucky is a regular guy looking sex, and that he's saving him from a creep that Bucky was about to go to a hotel with for that soul sucking. The result is Bucky very much liking him when their powers bounce back from each other in the middle of sex and both their wings flair out. It results in them dating for a while, and then Bucky's 'three hole' appears, lol, not a reference easily got without having seen 'Ugly Americans'. Not exactly. Basically, a special cunt appears that he's insecure about at first, but they eventually use it.


Like idiots because angels and demons are not supposed to be compatible. And. Shit happens~. The glorious chaos kind because that special cunt decides who will be the next king of the demons~.


I love mpreg.


But also, I do love playing with the concept of angels. My friend once told me, 'what if an angel is just another type of demon?' because of something about demons possibly existing on a different plane or dimension? And angels being a part of the same one? I don't know, some weird theoretical shit. But I instantly got a raging creative boner that would not be silenced, she regretted telling me~. So the idea, of course spawned new ideas, in which angels are a form of demon that fall under a certain set of rules and other. Basically they're a pompous dick group of demons that doesn't want to associate with the rest of the morally devoid heathens, but still demons nonetheless. 


Another version which could still be modern or not, or maybe a modern underworld type setting, would be a more innocent demon possibly still incubus? Bucky and world weary angel Steve getting crazy drunk and having a one night stand that neither remembers quite as they should, maybe even thinking they went to bed with entirely different people, i. e. their own kind, even if they could gauge enough to know the other was VERY hot~ and definitely wanted to do the do~. Either way, things are super awkward and they agree to never speak of it again...


Until Bucky turns up crying at Steve's doors. And y'all motherfuckers know exactly why~. Bonus if Bucky turns out to have been a virgin and Steve feels super guilty<3. THE SHEER IRONY~!!!


That's actually an idea that can work completely on it's own, but I do love the demons and angels in a modern setting concepts~.


Another concept is an arranged marriage to end a war or seal a peace treaty between their people. A young prince Bucky and prince Steve, or maybe Steve is just a warrior who has gained great honor and nobility status for all he's done. Which the demons may or may not hate him for. Definitely a lot of pop ideas from there, I've seen a lot of people have Steve be a sweetheart when an arranged marriage happens, completely avoiding even touching Bucky until he's comfortable with it. While this is a great idea... I like me some naughty business~ and I've never really seen anyone have them more blandly doing what's expected of them, immediately consummating the marriage. Not necessarily to mean boring? But like, in a way where both of them disconnect from their emotions because neither really wanted the marriage, but are doing what they need to nonetheless. Maybe having been watched to ensure they did, and both enjoying it more than expected or either wanted to admit.


Possibly, with Steve or Bucky or even both parties having been in love with someone else prior, and not being able to be with that person because of the marriage. I can imagine Steve pining after a pretty angel princess before he falls head over heels for Bucky and leaves her in the dust~. Is that mean? Maybe just showcases how much he will always love Bucky~.


The treaty of course, is something no one thinks will last, maybe even with one party wanting to bring back the war and break the treaty, because to fully seal it (maybe even magically between their kinds), they have to have a baby. And Angels have been known to have fertility trouble while demons have no such trouble. The demons could have even waited specifically until the prince's heat or his healers checked to see when he'd ovulate to ensure they could seal the treaty as soon as possible. (Lol, does that hint who would want to break it in my mind? Kidding, it would depend and could very much be secret parties on both ends.)


To the surprise of everyone and dismay of a quite a few, Bucky conceives immediately, possibly even with multiples, which makes the pair have to rethink their situation knowing their about to have some babies together~. And they find that maybe the other isn't so bad... ;)


That one could definitely make for a bit of a sweeter story that starts a bit cold in the beginning, probably bittersweet in some areas. And as well, this one wouldn't necessarily need the angel or demon label, but they do work nicely with it.


The last version which I have actually already started, but still has plenty of variation and is a free idea I would love to see others tackle, see notes below~, is a War Prize Demon Prince Bucky with an Archangel War General Steve (who's also Celtic~ HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHH~<3<3<3).


I definitely played with A LOT of ideas before settling on one for this one. For the specific ideas I picked for my story, I'm gonna suggest you read it~;). Just be warned for it, but if it's not your cup of tea, you probably wouldn't need to know anyway... but yes, there's boypussy~.


Other ideas I had for this but didn't use included a more sacrifice Bucky. In which Steve lost complete control in accessing his own powers, his soldiers find Bucky and are willing to try anything to get him back at this point, but Steve instead of killing him ends up mating him. I really liked this idea, but I ended up going with something different... because I wanted something different? Lol, I actually still have room for it sort of~. But I do still like the sacrifice Bucky idea, which can be played with on it's own, I may even include another prompt for it~. Another version of that one actually had Steve as a prince as well, and his men having looked for an Omega/ virgin partner in heat for him to take during his first rut. But again, could be done without the demon/angel aspect, so I probably will come back to the sacrifice Bucky in its own prompt.


The most basic version i can give simply has Steve's men finding Bucky and capturing him, and Steve keeping him. For a sweeter version, they eventually fall in love, make a baby, and then the tides of the war change. There's so much I can add but there's also so much I don't want to reveal yet about my own story! ARRGH!!


Another that actually doesn't involve war but rather more of an active mingling between demons and angels and maybe ready acceptance between each other, could involve a Steve, even just as nobility or maybe a prince himself this time, going to a slave auction and becoming utterly enthralled with Bucky. Bucky could still be a prince or not, if he is, i imagine some betrayal and douchebaggery was greatly involved in getting him there, or maybe even a seriously terrible misunderstanding. I love me some angel war general Steve and sweet demon prince Bucky though~. But of course, that could go about a number of different ways from the point that Steve buys him. Or maybe Steve doesn't buy him and Bucky escapes, managing to run to his room and begging Steve to fuck him so he's *used* goods and the auctioneers don't want him anymore. Steve obliging~. And shit goes down~. Especially if Steve knows who Bucky is but Bucky doesn't know who he is. It can only go well from there, right?


Continuing with no war but still those same positions, Steve could just be invited to a banquet to discuss peace or treaties, maybe just strategy with the other demon generals or other with the king and or queen. And ends up with this delectable incubus boy following him and then seducing him without Steve having any clue who he is. Fucking him against the castle wall, stumbling in the dark with him into bed, and finally waking up in the sweet prince's room~. Oh shit~. But I do love me a Bucky who seems innocent but knows what he wants.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND I thought of another one~.


Bucky is a demon or half demon living in the human world, perhaps A/B/O with boypusssssssssssyyyy~. Who's assigned a guardian angel. Even though he's a demon... Do with that information... what you will~<3<3<3.


Still trash by the way<3.


Same deal as before, open for discussion and inspiration~!! I got too many damn ideas...





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Here's a concept I've maybe seen once or twice and not with mpreg WHICH I NEED GODDAMNIT, but it is lovely nonetheless. And yes, I do have one like this in progress.


I would think most people would know the classic story by now. Persephone, who is Demeter's daughter, ends up in the Underworld because Hades is in love with her and may or may not have kidnapped her I don't remember, but the result is an eternal winter on the surface until they find her. Demeter kills a whole bunch of humans before the other gods finally do. Meanwhile, Persephone is in the Underworld, rejecting all food because it would mean she has to stay. The other gods tell Hades he has to give her back and he agrees. But by then, Persephone has swallowed a pomegranate seed from the Underworld which would mean she has to say, did Hades trick her? I don't remember~. But it does depend on what elements are wanted from the story. ;)


Basically, Persephone goes back to her mother, but she also becomes Hades' wife and goes back to him every winter because of the pomegranate, depending on the version of the story, sometimes it's half a year, sometimes it's just the season.


Now, as always, there are multiple variations that can be pulled from this. I think it would be very cool to make Steve Hades because you could give him a sort 'Devil in disguise' vibe, and who doesn't love an innocent as fuck Bucky~? I have also played with the idea of making Steve Mistress Death's son, I don't know why exactly I like it, but I do find it interesting and somehow fitting? There's just something about the two characters that is disconnected, but at the same time they share a certain quality and it creates this interesting dynamic. Death is very passive when it comes to her job, sometimes even ignoring souls to collect that have her interest or favor, she can be bitchy but she's not really evil. She likes what she does but she is what she is and just following her nature. I would also say she's a bit curious, and somewhat kindhearted considering some of the things she's done, even if she would deny it, she brings people peace. Steve on the other hand is very observant in almost similar ways to her, but at the same time nearly opposite in being stubborn, having conviction and determination to do what's right and never give up. He represents freedom and rebellion while Death is sort of locked in her own nature and at the same time this curious little kitty and I just feel like it, I don't know, something clicks. I feel that Death might have this yearning for a freedom outside of her nature which is what makes her do such strange things, but at the same time, still want to be what she is. It's hard to describe, they don't really interact in the comics but I guess I should move on, lol.


Okay, so Steve as Hades is an option. I think it could also work really well in a modernized setting, or even with Bucky and Steve being descendants of the Gods without knowing, or rather Steve would know and Bucky wouldn't. Then he gets a surprise when Steve manages to get him pregnant~ and his whole life changes... If it's more classic, with Bucky more strictly like an innocent and naive Persephone, I could definitely see him being shy and afraid at first, and Steve being very world weary or yearning for life and beauty in that same aspect, or maybe just head over heels for Bucky from the moment he sees him. Demeter can definitely be added for that pissed mom factor, possibly as Pierce, Zola, or Schmidt just for fun cause like... it would just hilarious~.


Mpreg definitely has options in this, I will always promote boypussy Bucky, though I feel it does take away a bit from the 'surprise' element, it doesn't have to. And with being gods, things could work a bit differently. With the more modern setting, I thought about A/B/O, which is still possible. If both are strictly descendants and don't know it (maybe Hades and Persephone were more star crossed and never actually got to be together) or even if Steve knows but Bucky doesn't (maybe the reason Steve seeks him out and falls in love without meaning to), another way could be to input a dying A/B/O system where Omega males aren't even supposed to be able to get pregnant anymore, but we all know godly genes have a mind of their own~. In the modern setting, either or being Hades or Persephone is fine.


If Steve is Persephone, and this actually turned out to be more fun than you would think and is a bit of what I wanted to do, lol, if I get to it. I don't really think Demeter would be necessary or be pissed (we all know Sarah is a saint), and I think maybe Steve's powers have grown past hers and she's passed the torch to him. Or maybe she was human which could give him a more sickly beginning for a classic twist, and have her pass on but him still remember her. There's definitely some options there, but less of the obsessive mother factors. I could definitely imagine Sarah freaking out because Steve doesn't tell her things. But I still imagine Steve being the reason the seasons change. Either way, he'd be a golden god of seasons, growth, and fertility. With Bucky as Hades, he'd be a sad sweetheart yearning for life and beauty in similar ways, but more shy and reserved. More... Buckyesque, if you would~. ;)


Bucky would probably keep sneaking out of the Underworld to see that life, maybe Steve's garden without realizing. Seeing the golden god that is everything he wished he could be and not wanting to fight.


The kicker being that Steve already finds him beautiful. Maybe even having noticed him beforehand but never saying anything, just quietly watching Bucky be timid around all the life in the garden. Especially because his touch might take energy away and eventually kill things. There's a cute idea, Bucky could always be wearing gloves because of it, and maybe Steve is immune with his opposite godliness~. Instead of our adorable Hades Bucky wanting Steve to come with him to the Underworld, he'd be more insecure because of what he is, trying not to taint things as beautiful as Steve, not thinking himself worth anything because of what he does. But Steve wants him and ends up being the one to chase after him for a twist to the story more classic to Stucky~. Eventually, Steve follows him to the Underworld. Bucky of course is freaking out because not only is Steve not supposed to be there, he can't let him eat the food or then he'll have to stay, and Steve keeps trying to because he wants to stay. Bucky tells him that life isn't supposed to be there, life doesn't grow in the Underworld and that he should go back to his own world. Steve of course becomes obsessed with proving Bucky wrong, trying to find the beauty in death and make life from the surface flourish in the Underworld.


But it doesn't work. Everything he tries to plant dies and this mission of his goes on for years. Eventually Bucky telling him that it's the soil, it's all wrong and barren and his world isn't meant for beauty. That he yearns for it because he can't create life and he'll never be a part of that beauty and that Steve needs to go home. Which is the same moment that Steve realizes what he's been doing wrong, and tells Bucky it's not the soil, and that just because something is different, doesn't make it any less beautiful.


That point being where Bucky is the one eating the pomegranate, and Steve kisses him to trick him, taking a seed with the kiss from Bucky's tongue without him noticing and swallowing it so he can stay with Bucky. Planting the rest of the fruit with Bucky and then fucking him over that same spot, a garden patch that Bucky gave him spilling his own seed inside of Bucky~. ;)))))));)))))));));))))))))))))))))));)))))))));)));)))


And then the drama. The other gods have found out where Steve has gone, just after Steve and Bucky have spent about a week or so in loving and sexual bliss, the fertility god giving Bucky that good virile god cock to show him just what he does to Steve and how beautiful he is. Only for that bliss to be broken when he realizes his neglecting the life on the surface has left the humans suffering. And that he really does have to go back. Bucky insists Steve do the right thing, and Steve knows he has to... except remembers the pomegranate seed that he swallowed. This means a deal has to be cut instead. For Steve to return to the surface and then come back to Bucky, his time split between the two worlds as a compromise. Bucky is upset with him and heartbroken at his actions. But even more so by the time Steve is gone.


At least until he realizes the pomegranate they planted is growing very differently than anything that can in the Underworld should. And that Steve left him with another gift that very much shouldn't be possible, growing inside himself. Finally understanding what Steve meant, unable to stop thinking about him, and wanting to show him. Nurturing the baby and the plant as best he can.


And it goes from there. Moar Drama~. But then that happy ending, lol, probably with Steve fighting over being able to stay with Bucky much longer, or for Bucky to come to the surface with him so he can always be with his husband and child. My personal favorite for the role as always being Kobik, gotta have that SuperSoldierFamily (even if a less supersoldier setting), or even twins based in life and death would be a beautiful option as well. My personal favorite for twins for Steve and Bucky being Susan and Johnny not so Storm~. A little angel and a little devil~.


Ugh, I need this one so badly~. I NEED ALL OF THEM. Always always always up for discussion of additional ideas and inspiration! Just need that baby mama Bucky~<3.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

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Because who doesn't love an innocent Bucky~.  He's just so cute!


Same deal, loads of ideas within this concept. Bucky can be a sexual sacrifice or a life sacrifice that ends up sexual... <3


This idea can play a lot with a feral Steve too! Dragon Steve is a personal fave of mine that there just... like that needs to be a thing, why isn't it a common enough thing to be a tag? I was shocked by that. Even better if he's an Irish Celtic Dragon. Personally, I love the themes of ice and water for him ( possibly Leviathan, or maybe even one that carries Bucky to safety as a kid for that spirited away reference, heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy), but a golden sun god dragon also suits him perfectly. Also Nessie... which I know is Scottish, but like... it's cute. Especially if he's super curious about this adorable little human that all the others just seemed to drop in his water for no apparent reason~. Oh! And there's an idea that is somewhat reverse, with super duper shy Nessie water dragon Bucky about to go into heat and needing a mate~ all while Steve (possibly pre-serum) is a little shit trying to capture this adorable dragon, only to have his heart captured and be the one to fertilize those eggs for him~. (Can technically go with eggpreg for that one, though I do like me a live pregnancy/birth for our sweet Bucky boo and I think it would fit for a majestical creature like a dragon Bucky~.)


Anywho~. Back to those options for sacrifice Bucky. It can be as simple as villagers throwing Bucky to a very powerful Steve who can demand the sacrifice, depending on what he is, but knowing him, it's very likely a misunderstanding on the villagers part, lol. Steve could be a Demonic entity/god, dragon god, a monster of some sort, a vampire (if that's what floats your boat~;)) even a werewolf cause who doesn't love a Cap wolf~!. Shout out to the little red riding Bucky, but I'd imagine a magical setting with a village of witches that throw Bucky to him for one reason or another, maybe he's a vampire who doesn't belong, possibly because they want Bucky to be done away with, but really Steeb's just a big sweetheart wolfie who falls in love and impregnates him~... I love me some hybrid stucky babies...


I really do have a problem. <3<3<3


Mpreg as always, A/B/O is always an option, magical pregnancy actually really fits for this one, intersex Bucky is just such a cutie and trans Bucky could actually be the reason he ends up being a sacrifice. It also could have something to do with Steve's sperm and being something as powerful as he is. 


In the demonic version, I'd imagine Bucky to be a blessed virgin, or maybe even a hunter/priest in training who gets captured by a cult, and thrown to their unholy god. And Steve very much takes a liking to him. Snarky Irish Steve is just an absolute must for this one. I'd just imagine Bucky being so surprised thinking he's evil, and Steve just can't keep his hands off this boy and wants to fuck him at every chance he can, and then proves to be less evil or even demonic than the church or anyone makes him out to be. And that the villagers know he doesn't take sacrifices, they just wanted to scare Bucky. Or maybe sacrifice in this sense just means 'someone to keep him company temporarily because he gets bored and lonely'. A million things that could make it very cute.


Dragon god Steve can work the same way, though i imagine less of the perceived black and white prejudice with that one, especially if Steve is a protector and very revered. Bucky could end up caught as a thief and thrown to him. Or maybe they had even planned to sacrifice Bucky to something else entirely, like a hydra or something~ and Steve ends up saving him from it (whether a simpler knight or that majestic dragon god that could possibly end up eating the hydra before freeing Bucky... and then fucking a baby into him~.) Bucky could also be a self sacrifice in wanting to save the village from a certain prophecy that says the god must 'devour' him or the village face ruin... except no one interprets it right, because it actually means it in the dirtiest, sexual way imaginable and Steve totally loses control needing to fuck this kid until they start to fucking chafe! Or there's a baby in him~. In this sense, Bucky could also be a prince, maybe even mute and end up extremely surprised and confused, but totally okay with it.


I imagine, it could also involve maybe something being taken from dragon Steve that would link Bucky to him as his partner, there's the concept of dragon's pearls, holding their power and can be stolen. Maybe he gave it to the villagers to save the prince as a baby or before he was born, without realizing how it could change him or that it was actually meant for him to pick his mate... oops~.


And yes, I do have a story involving similar concepts, linked to another concept I have previously mentioned~. ;)


Another version involves a more sublte form of sacrifice in which the sacrificee~ wouldn't necessarily know they are being sacrificed until it's too late. Having strange dreams, erased and foggy memories, ending up lost repeatedly, lured in and face to face with a predator that is toying with him. Almost like hunting. That one involved a more cunning, world weary, dark form of Steve, possibly a very powerful vampire or demonic lord that's been sealed for a long time, 500 years or some other random number like 666~, and managed to escape. Dracula actually means 'son of the dragon' which has always given me interesting ideas for vampires. One imagined form of them was much stronger (mostly immune to all ailments), had a relation to ancient dragons or possibly making them descendants, and made them an incredibly toxic and volatile species that deeply enjoys toying with its food, can decimate entire towns alone, but also create weaker thralls (which would be the more typical folklore vampires that burn in the sun, etc.) Being able to mark their targets with a poison that could slowly kill them and always let the vampire know where they are. A warning for them being something like 'if the scent of blood is rich without a drop of it in sight, never follow the trail, it will only lead to death'. Steve could also be a bit of an asshole ancient Celtic hybrid wolf which is always fun, who is sealed in a tomb that he needs a virgin sacrifice to escape from. And... wrong place, wrong time, Bucky ends up being that without trying, maybe even as a hunter or witch, cause who doesn't love a triple threat baby~.


The last version is a little less sacrificial just involves a tribal shifter AU with an adorable bunny/satyr/kitten Bucky stumbling into the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe as a little thief, or just a curious wanderer, basically ending up captured by a completely feral Steve in rut. A/B/O works best for this one. Cap wolf works too! But Steve's got options, even going back to the dragon one. Basically he fucks and bonds this little rabbit and wakes up in complete shock and confusion within his pack, because he supposedly already chose a mate that they were going to send in as soon as she came back from a mission, only to find he'd already mated someone else, his inner animal choosing a... more suitable mate and rejecting her~. Let the chaos ensue! And it gets worse when Bucky ends up very pregnant as they see if they can find a way to fix this and a little jealous of this other shifter that Steve was willing to do so much for. Maybe even leaving because of it, and Steve not realizing he loves him until then, and having to find a way to get him back.


That story could also transfer very well to a version where Steve wakes up from the ice feral and in rut, maybe very few years passing since he crashed that plane or possibly in a very futuristic setting where Peggy took a serum herself to stay alive and wait for him. Peggy more than ready to help him through, only to walk in and find Steve's already chosen an Omega~. An adorable Military Academy student that ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Steve's instincts really liked him. Maybe even with Hydra's interference directing our sweet little Omega Bucky toward him... We all know how that can go. Though Steve can also just manage to escape in search of that perfect Omega, and eventually finds him...


I'm definitely getting off topic, lol, but I could definitely see a feral Steve coming out of the ice, Peggy furious that they couldn't contain him, and then only find him once he's mated a very young and fertile Omega, who maybe hasn't even presented yet. Possibly a rich kid, still in the military setting that was supposed to be arranged in a marriage with an older man like Pierce, or just a kid going to a Catholic school that has no idea what sex even is (but likes it and Steve, who's a bit sweet on him even if he is feral). The situation is awkward chaos to start, but once Steve's mated him and not so feral, obviously feeling guilty as they try to figure out what to do, and to pull it back on topic, maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. going against Peggy's wishes decides to interfere and ensure that Captain America is given his Omega.


For a lighter toned sacrifice, maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. systems just match up feral Steve with a compatible Omega that is essentially gifted to him in Peggy's absence, because they don't give a shit about 'true love' and need Captain America back ASAP, and Bucky is trained for that sort of protocol. (or maybe even a test tube baby bred for this, or a perfectly designed synthetic human in a super futuristic setting, possible infertile house Omegas designed just as mistresses for sex...). Ensued chaos and frustration, guilt and awkwardness on Steve's part, because he's bonded Bucky and doesn't want to cheat on him, and Peggy telling him that Bucky isn't even a real person, and Steve realizing he very much is and she's wrong. Further complicating things when Steve breeds our Bucky boo, maybe without it even supposed to be possible.


I think that's everything... Totally was... it's not like I came back adding tons of shit several times...


Thoughts and questions? Is it tickling your pickle yet, can I tickle it more? Care to discuss and refine an idea from the mess I made? Let me know~.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Yes... this one did spawn from the last one... Because I like this shit, and I need it and you already knew what garbage I was.




This one can go both ways for a double play on words~. But let's start with the simplest. Holy Priest Hunter Steve with Vampire/Demonic/Incubus Prince Bucky.


Oh yeah. Never underestimate the power of making love and not war~. It can go simpler and straight forward. Steve actively hunting Bucky and Bucky toying with him, possibly underestimating him if he's a cocky little shit (especially if the Steve he knew before was a young hunter pre-serum Steve he maybe almost killed and hasn't seen in YEARS, and is shocked to see him come back as a seasoned Hunter, impossibly hunky, and incredibly deadly with a 100% kill rate) or just avoiding him all together, maybe because his heat's approaching~. That can only go well if Steve finds him during such a delicate time... right? Definitely one way to do it, and I do have a story somewhat similar in progress which I'll go into, but a couple concepts for Steve involved him being the lead Hunter appointed by the church and blessed by 'god', possibly linked to all the rest (to strengthen and lengthen his life and all the others), which could even make for a Steve that is MUCH older than he seems, and maybe even can't die. It could create some interesting internal conflicts on what he feels and who the monsters really are, especially if those 'blessings' make him more similar to the demons he hunts than the humans he protects.


The version I had involved a more world weary, tired of hunting and retired, regretful Steve that had 'killed all the vampires/demons' by destroying the origin bloodline (Bucky and his family). This is of course a lie because the final member of that bloodline was a baby at the time and Steve couldn't find it in himself to kill a child, so he instead sealed away his blood with powerful magic and placed him with a human family, forcing all Vampires to go into hiding without knowing where their prince is, because it makes them much more vulnerable. Everything comes to a head when he meets Bucky years later, and Bucky insists that he wants to learn to be a hunter and wants to learn about vampires. Steve of course saying no, then being hesitant, and finally accepting because of Bucky's persistence, telling him there are no vampires but he can teach him magic. Without realizing it, Steve ends up caring for Bucky in ways much deeper than any man of church should, questioning what he's been taught and believed for years... It all goes to shit when vampires actually get involved and Steve sees Bucky 'die'. Bucky ends up taken in by a powerful, darker group (hydra) of his own kind that wants to kill all the hunters. And they tell him the truth as they know it, brainwashing him into a ready killer and the queen they need to guide them. And they plan to do it with stolen spells, sealing ceremonies, and a very specific sacrifice.


Steve moves on because he has to, teaching at the school to ensure there are still hunters ready for any kind of creature after Bucky dies. Until he gets a new student... my version does have gender bender (because Steve's a catholic priest and they send Bucky in disguise to seduce him), but it always depends. Essentially, vampires have something of a sire/bearer system and Bucky is a male bearer which hydra planned to use to their advantage. If they managed to have Steve get Bucky pregnant, and then preformed ceremonial rites to transfer Steve's link to all hunters to the unborn child and subsequently killed it before it was born, they could kill all the hunters. But of course... they don't tell Bucky that part... just that he needs to steal the necessary tomes and get pregnant with Steve's child so they can eradicate that sickening power that opposes them through the baby... and the story can go from there. Lol, don't wanna say too much because I do wanna see how people would tackle the idea, but I don't want to give away my whole story.


Still need that goddamn happy ending though. Always fucking need it.


But, lol, that one also delves into teacher student relationship, apart from the forbidden little bit about Steve being a priest and Bucky being a male, unless or even if you wanted to use A/B/O depending.


Another version involves a more subtle hunt a bit like the vampire bit mentioned in the last prompt. Steve is a monster/werewolf/vampire/demonic entity (works best with something magical) that everyone is trying to keep Bucky away from. Telling Bucky to stay away from certain things, places or people. But Bucky being curious, of course... doesn't listen. A/B/O or something similar like a sire/bearer system I think works best for this one, but as always it does depend. For a more specifics, it works best if Bucky is a very young prince (or extremely high nobility related to the royal bloodline) who's family has gone into hiding because of 'cursed blood' or possible war and is betrothed to marry an older noble to protect him. (You pick, Brock for a dick factor, Pierce for a creepy factor, Schmidt for a callous hidden agenda factor, etc. etc. but they can't touch him at first, keeping things proper and traditional until the wedding but also because so many servants come with Bucky.) He moves into the mansion/castle with his betrothed and immediately notices an area that is far off and neatly managed from the outside, but has been left untouched for years. A secret garden. Bucky wants to see it, and they tell him not to even think of it, that the garden is closed off. But refused to tell him why and are very strict. He's not allowed to go outside passed a certain hour and not allowed anywhere near it, but Bucky, maybe being a bit spoiled, keeps insisting. Especially when he starts having dreams about visiting it, maybe meeting someone... and starts seeing a similar someone in there from his window... But then maybe going quiet about it.


It could pull a little bit back into the sacrifice realm if certain servants are trying to 'feed' whatever creature lurks there so the rest of them remain safe, or even his future husband who lives in fear of this thing, and purposely leaving breadcrumbs and trails that lead Bucky to it, like the key to the garden out in the open. This story has LOADS of opitions that I could literally already write a fricken' book from, like goddamn. I almost wanted to and had to dial it down.


One day, possibly just before the wedding ceremony, maybe even in his wedding dress (because we could use some damn Bucky feminization thank you very much, let me advocate for that boypussy while I'm at it~), he manages to steal away the key and go to the garden. And it can go several ways from there. Maybe even starting from a few years before his wedding day depending on what he first sees. A monster that will spook him. Nothing at all but getting trapped in the garden. Dreaming of a handsome man who will take him like only a husband should and waking up with bloodstains on the crotch of his wedding dress/clothes and bruises on his thighs. Maybe if before, meeting, or trying to meet, an extremely shy (or simply playing games with him) stranger who is tending to the gardens (pre-serum Steve for a double whammy of 'seeming harmless' Coming back and eventually, the stranger talks to him and he makes a friend. Keeping the secret. Maybe realizing he doesn't age as Bucky does. Lashing out at him before Steve disappears for a while, and Bucky comes back on his wedding day to find Steve different. Much bigger. It can go so many ways, from dubiousness and a deeper darkness to a more loving and heated affair, there are so many options for this one.



One that can very much change the atmosphere of the story... Bucky remembering to lock the gate or not. Especially when Steve gets him pregnant. Especially depending on how Bucky's husband/husband to be responds, even to just Bucky still being a virgin or not. Not being able to do much since Bucky's of higher blood than him. But maybe angering the creature that has chosen Bucky as his mate if he lashes out or scares him.


Ughhhhhh, I really like this one, it's a bit similar to the Cu Sidhe one but not exactly. But Cu Sidhe is also an option for what Steve could be in the story. (Basically a reaper hellhound.)


Can you tell how deeply into these ideas I am, lol?


For another more scientific one, also in progress for me ;) but more of a base idea, Bucky is in scientific captivity as an experiment that people are playing with. A closed off biodome. And something crashes into it from outer space. Something dangerous and perfect that maybe his blood happens to be created from experiments on it, unintentionally making him the perfect mate for it, or maybe he's simply one they captured very young without knowing he was the 'female' or could bear children being male. The image I had for Steve with this one was a more 'alien' form of an Angel, powerful, dangerous, predatory, animalistic, and with beautiful lights to confuse and attract prey. It can only go fantastically from there. Especially if Bucky is extremely curious and wants to see what the crash was. Maybe even finding Steve with an injured wing and secretly nursing him back to health before the creature 'turns' on him.


The last one also kinda goes back to mention in the previous prompt chapter, Steve playing with his food. But less of a sacrifice or 'wrong place wrong time' thing as Bucky actively hunting him, and Steve taking a major liking to him. I think wolf Steve is very appropriate for Hunter Bucky, it seems to fit the dynamic between them. And I could definitely imagine Steve being a little shit and maybe Bucky getting hurt before Steve stops with the games and starts falling for him like a puppy. A very very horny one about to go into rut. Maybe with super werewolf sperm or an A/B/O system.


For a more modern approach on that one, Bucky could be the winter soldier, and a hydra scientist, and they are hunting the wolves more because they want to study them. He ends up hitting a pup with his car without knowing its a werewolf, and nursing it back to health. Only to find out it is a werewolf, a young one (pre-serum Steve) but by then it's tame, he's collared it as a dog, and it's attached to him. He's worried Steve will eat his cat or other pet, but Steve actually likes the cat and Bucky makes sure to feed him, keeping him a secret. It can range between Steve toying with Bucky, actually not being as young as he seems, tricking him to take out Hydra (who had him captured and experimented on before for a twist!) rather than eating the cat, ending up eating several people, and then biting and mating Bucky to impregnate him once he's done (Bucky never having known he was an Alpha wolf in disguise) for a darker approach with Steve. But it can also be a bit more innocent with Steve worrying when he's about to present, thinking he'll be an Omega. (which has Bucky worried and hoping he'll stay a Beta, as Hydra is looking for Alphas, which can control their packs and turn humans into more wolves, and Omegas, which can bear more pups). Steve does present, getting sick and going through one hell of a growth spurt, but not as his worry or Bucky's hope, when Bucky comes home one day to Steve is in full rut and desperate to fuck, easily overpowering him as an Alpha, quickly sinking in the bond bite with his attachment to Bucky and then fucking him raw and possibly painfully knotting him before or as the transition sets in place.


Maybe a bit of both for even more dubious morality. Maybe with Steve not remembering having been captured by Hydra, or for an even bigger twist, possibly loyal to them, Hydra plotting for Bucky to end up an Omega all along so they could study his pregnancy, or maybe having hoped for and expecting the opposite, especially if Bucky told anyone about the young wolf he found. Which could lead to dangerous and unpredictable spots when Steve fully develops as an Alpha to protect Bucky and their pups.


How's that for hunter and hunted?


Lol, as always, there are still more ideas under this concept and I am willing to discuss them and inspire!!! <3<3<3





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

As before. This story can go several ways but as it's completely AU, the most plausible form is A/B/O.


You know me, here for all the gay~.


Trans and Intersex Bucky would work perfectly too, still all the gay~, and Bucky could still be intersex as an Omega, don't knock that one down just yet. I WANT THAT BOYPUSSY. HNNNNNNGGGGHHHH~<3<3<3... But honestly, A/B/O just matches the ambiance the best for it in my personal opinion. What with Steve being an Alpha wolf. But who knows, different writers have different ideas from me and make it work from there, more power to you. ;)


Anywho, apart from A/B/O, for our lovely Alpha Cap Wolf, there are a couple ways to do this as well. He could be a werewolf in a more fairytale type world. Struggling to control it. Or it can be something as simple as him being a wolf shifter.


For the shifter version, I liked the idea of Bucky being a bunny shifter, cause he's just so damn cute, like too cute, and just imagine how cute their babies would be. And it would just be so much like Steve that instead of eating the bunny, he ends up fucking it. But he could also be a wolf like Steve or a cat... we all know Bucky's grumpy cat, there's no point in denying that. Though I do think it fits the theme better if only Steve is a wolf. Bucky can also be a fluffy tiger and Steve a dire wolf. The list goes on. Even goat satyr Bucky is an option and I would honestly love to see that version as well. Just cause you know... Bucky likes taking care of his kids~.


It can be classic or with a twist. One version I had discussed with someone had a little bit more Zootopia vibes with shifters involving a lost, mute or language barrier bunny Prince/Princess (if you wanna follow feminizing themes) Bucky, possibly albino, depends on what you wanna do, ending up following around a handsome, protective, very confused cop Wolf Steve who is just trying to figure out where Bucky belongs. But Bucky very much knows what he wants and Steve, while feeling guilty, near loses his mind falling head over heels for this bunny, and eventually gives in to his instincts and does very much what he shouldn't.


And feels even worse when he finally finds out who Bucky really is and takes him home.


Let the drama ensue~. Only Steve would accidentally knock up a Prince. Hey, there's another concept!


Bucky of course could still be things besides a bunny, but I do think this version is probably the loosest to the theme and works best with shifters. It could be that he could have talked to Steve all along too, and just thought he was too cute to pass up the opportunity to watch him fuss, he could have been escaping a marriage Steve unintentionally saves him from by taking his virginity and putting a baby in him. Cause you know... that's a thing that can very much be plausible with Little Red Bucky and Big Bad Cap Wolf Steve~. The list goes on.


For the more classic version, Bucky can still be a shifter Prince, or a bratty naive Omega which is my favorite. He can use magic as a shifter, be a witch or be human, depending on the elements of the story. He could even be a forest protector nymph thing for another version, which I think the magic and the satyr thing would really fit. That one would involve less of the classic story and more of Cap Wolf falling for and just staying with him. There is an incredible fic that comes to mind when I think about it this way, it's called 'love is more than the skin you're in' by 'portraitofemmy' and 'wearing_tearing' and it's just amazing, but I'm of course garbage, maybe part raccoon, and I just need that damn mpreg. It is all I live for and I would love to see a sweetheart satyr Bucky that Steve, being a dumbass, just impregnates our Bucky boo constantly and loves him like a giant puppy even though he's a damn wolf and they just have all the kid pups... and Bucky is grumpy as fuck, but adores them all to no end~.


Woo, that's a tangent. Back to the classic. So it can still be several Bucky's. Still got options on shifter or human or other. Bucky can be very innocent and ends up sleeping with Steve, or very bratty and slutty (or pretending to be slutty but it's actually a huge damn bluff) and ends up up letting Steve fuck him. Either without a condom because he's innocent or bratty and naive, or the condom breaks (though I'm not sure where they'd get them) because Steve is so annoyed with him, stronger than the average person, probably close to rut or the full moon is agitating him and maybe goes a little too rough~. Or maybe Bucky went into his first heat or just a heat in general and Steve ends up helping him through it. They get to grandma Schmidt's house (lol, how's that bitch for a mental image, Steve could hate the old hag, or it could be anyone else, options are there) and drama goes down cause it's been a LONG trip. A month or two, depending, and maybe grandma can smell the damn pregnancy pheromones. Maybe grandma is an angry, bitter ass witch who's also kind of awesome and has them immediately married under ancient forest laws or some other crazy shit.


If Steve is a werewolf, he could be struggling with his instincts and very grumpy with Bucky pushing his buttons the whole time just trying to get to grandma's. He could try to push Bucky away only to feel guilty about it when Bucky gets even more lost. I really liked the idea of Steve also being more of a loner and the lumberjack in the story, cause we could always use more bearded Steve breaking wood with his bare hands~, but also because for Cap wolf, it just really fits. If he's a werewolf and has some control, he would want to be alone to avoid hurting people. Additionally, he could be trying to leave Bucky in safety before the full moon gets there because of the same reasons. Maybe getting Bucky pregnant, however early, being the only thing to save him and grandma once the full moon happens at grandma's house, for a slightly angsty and darker turn with a super guilty but grateful puppy Steve begging forgiveness.


If Bucky is less naive, he could also know that Steve is a werewolf and know that getting pregnant and being his mate will save him and give him better control, it all depends on the mechanics chosen, but i think a witch fits best for a less naive slutty Bucky who pushes the wolf's buttons and knows how to help him.


The story could even take a more sci-fi approach. Steve could be a werewolf because of an experiment gone wrong or right, depending, and the whole thing could happen in a more futuristic setting, or maybe Bucky is invading Steve's territory, that could be another twist~. A more canon based version would be possible as well, kinda like what I mention in the notes. Really, all you'd need is a werewolf Steve, maybe the Cap Wolf Wiki page for ideas and Bucky being able to get pregnant. Bucky can be young and coming of age, barely legal or a little older, an adult but still young and just innocent, again depending, but the story does work best with a bit of an age difference between him and Steve. In the comics, that difference is about 5 years. Bucky does not have to be underage for this story, but that of course will depend on the author and any drama you want to create with grandma or the royal family~. Obviously, he still has to be close if Steve's going get him pregnant and they're going to have a happy ending. I need the damn happy ending. NEED IT. This one could also toe the lines of consent, especially if Steve loses control and really scares Bucky, but it by no means has to if you're not comfortable with that. A height difference is also a nice touch for this one~.


LOTS of options here, lol. And of course, open to discussing ideas and inspire anyone~. ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text


Beauty~ and the beast~, need I really say more?


Here's a story I certainly haven't seen as much as I should, to go several ways. With some twists~. But to start, let's take it classic with a nod to one thing...




Because how in the fuck could I ever get enough of it~<3<3<3.


Alright, enough dickin' around... maybe~. Anywho~, Beauty Bucky and Beast Steve. Simple enough. Most if not everyone knows the simplified story, but in the classic, it's actually an evil fairy that transforms the prince (trying to seduce him and he refuses), a merchant he offers hospitality to that makes him a deal when the Beast nearly kills him for attempting to steal his most prized roses from his garden, and it's actually a broken heart that nearly kills the Beast. He lets Beauty leave to see her family with the condition she return in exactly specific amount of time, her family convincing her to stay (either brothers delaying her and father still upset and wanting her to stay, or extremely spiteful sisters that hope staying extra will have the beast devour her). She's also related to the fairy, which can add some shit just right there. But really, the Beast is just a big softee~.


Obviously, it can go that classic way for the soft Stucky and the happy ending. It can go that more Disney way too with a grumpier Beast Steeb and the enchanted rose 'clock' ticking. You could make Rumlow or any other Hydra scumbag Gaston. All while Bucky would be the perfect beautiful bookish brunet~. Or it can take a twist for the dark~.


The version I was working on was something of a red riding hood fusion with a hidden Cu Sidhe (reaper hellhound) Steve and a noble Bucky sent to investigate why Steve's wives kept disappearing. If you want to incorporate Cap wolf, obviously that 'beast' side of Steve would have to be more hidden (or maybe not~, who fuckin' knows ;))))))). Maybe being something more of a family curse only finding control during the full moon once the Alpha takes a mate. Maybe even with Steve being the first Alpha in generations, if you wanna put some pressure on him. In the case of a more hidden 'beast', it could be that the 'merchant' offers his youngest and most beautiful child 'Bucky' in marriage to the 'prince' instead, not really knowing what he's giving his child to (but it is a-okay cause we all know Steve would never hurt his Bucky boo... but certainly impregnate him~). Maybe Steve works incredibly fast and by the time Bucky asks to go visit his family, he's extremely pregnant but Steve doesn't tell him about what being separated will do to him because he wants Bucky to be happy.


As a way to skip the merchant altogether and incorporate a sexy bearded mountain man 'hidden beast' Steve~ (ex-Cap who ends up a werewolf from a mission gone wrong~<3<3<3???), who can of course still be a prince with a huge... castle... or other~ and is just generally a grumpy motherfucker who's alone. In this case, our sweet 'beauty' Bucky running from something or being lost and ending up being the one in Steve's humble (or less so) abode with maybe hospitality he hadn't initially planned on giving to Bucky. Depending on what or who (Hydra anyone?) he's running from, especially if he bumps into an annoyed Steve who growls at him before he hides from his would be captors, Steve covering for him or if he is a prince, making them back off by saying Bucky is under his protection. If Bucky is being chased by another monster or a group of wolves, they could just end up scared off by Steve or a Cap Wolf in full form~. Things going from there, likely with Steve insisting Bucky not stay in this case, but Bucky having nowhere else to go and maybe nothing to give so he offers up his body~...


For Steve... to take and fuck a baby into...


Yup, still garbage~<3. And ooh~, more I think about that one, more I wanna take it up myself! ;)


Maybe they're simply arranged in a marriage for Bucky to go live with the mysterious prince, dark rumors surrounding the castle and the monarchy, people and servants disappearing, screams, blood~. The works for something closer to a true monster~ for Bucky to uncover. Something that could be especially nerve wrecking and heartbreaking if he's already pregnant from their wedding night by the time he notices the signs and doesn't know what he's going to give birth to, or that's even what saves his own life from the monster Steve turns into (cause he can't control it but the instincts don't play~). Certainly a lot to play with here and I love Cap Wolf~<3<3<3.


As always, options for Mpreg, A/B/O or a similar system, intersex Bucky, trans could work in a more modern setting, supersperm or magic abnormal sperm for Steve in this case. Hydra experiments could work in some way but it does depend, Bucky being related to the fairy could also factor in if you want magic to be the reason Stevie gets him pregnant. Options for the monster as well, Cu Sidhe Steve is definitely an option I haven't seen and would love to see if someone wants to beat me to it. ;) Cap wolf alone can make for some fair twists, especially if everyone thinks he's a monster but he really just turns out to be a giant puppy~!! A horned beast or dragon would work as well, demon or vampire, limits only go as far as the basic story elements still being there, which is just Bucky falling for a Steve that's supposed to be and perceived by others as a monster (even if he's hiding that part of himself).


Which can pull us into modern AUs, especially with Cap Wolf~. Steve could have always been a wolf, the serum changed him into one, or maybe he got caught on a mission gone terribly wrong (or right depending on the angle~<3) that causes some strange changes and cravings in him he's not used to, losing his mind as he gets closer to that first full moon... Bucky in this case, could be a modern S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (Hydra sleeper agent anyone?) assigned to help Steve, be his partner on missions, or figure out whatever the hell is going on, with things going from there, Steve possibly trying to get Bucky away from him or push him away so he'll stay safe during the transformation, and something very different happening instead. Maybe even the two of them having a romantic relationship prior or starting one because of it, depending on what happens. If you still wanna go classic Stucky, maybe Bucky was originally the only person who knew Steve was a wolf, and was something of an anchor for/chosen mate to keep him grounded before/during the war, despite being human. Coming back because he knows he's the only person that can help control Steve (the serum maybe helping in this case, but only doing so much). Or maybe Hydra purposely made him into something along those lines thinking they could use it to control Steve without realizing what it really meant, unintentionally turning their asset into the perfect baby mama for Stevie~.


The story can even center around Bucky and Steve fitting the roles prior/during the war, with the serum turning Steve into Cap Wolf and picking his mate before Bucky falls, nearly dying of a broken heart in the next century with the Avengers discovering what he is, Hydra being what keeps Bucky from essentially coming back to him, and Bucky breaking away from them possibly with the Avengers' help to come back to Steve and save him and nurse him back to health, maybe neither realizing whatever made Steve a 'beast' linked them together to make Stucky babies possible (or whatever fuckery is possible with Hydra or Steve's supersperm) or simply with Bucky being Steve's Omega, whether in A/B/O or just serum based or that Steve picked him as a mate linking back to the first thing I mentioned. Or Bucky was secretly intersex or trans the whole time~... creative FREEDOM~<3<3<3!!!


With the idea of a hidden beast brings about another twist, in which the Beauty IS the Beast! Which can pull it back around to Bucky being a slightly different version of the 'beast' as well~. Especially if you're playing with demons and angels here. ;)


But first, let's come back to Stevie. Who can still be Cap or Cap Wolf or any kind of beautiful mythical beast. Vampires work especially well in this aspect, but I'm also going to bring back an idea I mentioned before of Steve being an angel, but angels just being another form of demon (maybe without people knowing this). In this light, we have something that seems immensely beautiful and 'harmless' turning out to be something incredibly dangerous with a perhaps 'fleshy' appetite. Beautiful honey traps always make me happy~. Which can come back to a similar idea of Steve perhaps being a hidden experiment and Bucky working for Hydra as a scientist, being lulled in, maybe knowing how dangerous Steve is, but unable to pull away despite it, Steve choosing a different purpose for him in the end. It can also be that the serum did this to Steve and Bucky is the only one who can save or reach him. Or for an 'angel' Steve, maybe he's enthralled by Bucky and sees himself as the monster the entire time, Bucky thinking Steve is the 'beauty' until the very end when he's let the 'beast' consume him~... sexually~<3<3<3.


That can take place with a modern Bucky, relating back to the guardian angel idea I mentioned in the 'Angel Steve and Demon Bucky' prompt. Which can even be done with a Winter Soldier that wakes up in the future and gets away from Hydra, not thinking himself worth having a 'guardian angel', or be as simple as Bucky not fully knowing what Steve was turned into, and learning when they finally meet again (classic Stucky twist). This version can definitely have a 'who's what' sort of vibe, maybe without clear lines and each role being defined as the story goes on, of course, ending happy and with those Stucky babies~<3!


For a 'beautiful beast' Bucky, I may have mentioned it in the little merBucky~ prompt, but a captured siren Bucky would work perfectly for the role. Being something Steve completely falls in love with, intensely beautiful, letting his love for Bucky near take over and not being able to pull himself away from him, and then Bucky turns out to be a maneater~. Things getting more dangerous when Steve gets him pregnant, maybe being bred having been Bucky's intention from the start, choosing Steve as an optimal mate for the task, luring him in with a song... maybe falling in love himself as Steve tries to do what he can to protect Bucky and other people around him. There's a beautiful picture that can be found of a merBucky in a blood bath that kind of inspired this idea just by searching up 'mermaid bucky' on the lovely mistress google~. I would credit an actual artist with the picture but... I have no idea who it is and it's pretty easy to find, so. Obviously, this could make the story a bit of a fusion with the little mermaid, but apart from the aquatic element, it really wouldn't have to at all.


Another idea would have Bucky being an incubus or vampire, a beautiful sort of demonic entity that maybe is even living a normal life and ends up falling for a regular Cap Steve, or even just a Steve who is an artist/generally a good person living an equally normal life. Bucky thinking himself the monster before Steve convinces him just how beautiful he is. For a double edged sword, maybe both of them hiding a major secret of what they are (CAP WOLF!! or 'angel' Stevie~<3 perhaps another 'hidden' maneater with siren bucky~?) to tie back in the idea of 'who's what'. ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) It can also have a Winter Soldier Bucky who's escaped and running from Hydra, but comes back to Steve because of what he is and maybe a link he formed with Steve at a young age if he was always hiding what he was, or because Hydra's into some weird shit, whether ancient ceremonial summonings or just the regular experiments, changing Bucky enough to need Steve('s dick~<3<3<3) in ways he never thought he would, knowing he's a monster and not thinking himself worth his perfect Stevie, maybe even trying to run away when he finds out he's pregnant from those dalliances, not wanting Steve to know because he's already done far more than he should. Steve saving him, convincing him of the same basic shit, that he is worth something (cause we all know he damn well is<3, he's Stevie's Winter Boo Bear~ AND a perfect baby mama!!!)


Bucky could even be an innocent monster that has no idea whatsoever that he is considered a monster, ending up in a foreign world and finding Steve very beautiful~. Steve being conflicted because Bucky is also so much more beautiful than imagined and so fucking cute and a nympho! How the hell is he supposed to avoid fucking a baby into this cute little incubus that maybe even literally fell from the sky into his lap. Maybe Steve is supposed to be a priest or demon hunter and Bucky just ruins everything by being way too goddamn adorable. Maybe he's the demonic prince that the church purposely stole into the human world to expel all demons permanently, a half human baby in Bucky's belly saving him from those plans~. (Steve you dog!!) Maybe Bucky is summoned by Hydra specifically to kill Steve, and he ends up tripping and falling right onto that supersoldier/priest/hunter's dick~. Or the plan is to seduce him, and it completely derails when Bucky finds himself LOVING Steve's cock. And ends up pregnant. Of course. Always~.


Lol, we might be straying a little bit, but still the basic ideas can be brought back in. Especially if Bucky's time/anchor to the human world to complete his task being dependent... on a single enchanted rose... How's that for a spin? Got anymore? I got ideas!!! DISCUSS WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!











Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

This is an idea that was sort of grazed upon with 'Sacrifice Bucky' that I wanted to come back to. Sort of a close topic, but with a little bit of a different connotation. I guess it could be seen sort of the same way, or maybe I just loved the idea so much I had to come back to it~.


This idea involves less of a beast Steve though, and puts a pretty bow on Bucky<3.


Basically, the idea can range cause when fucking don't they, but it would essentially be a Prince Steve, maybe one who's coming of age, who Bucky is given to as a gift. Maybe as a slave prisoner with a job~, a simple servant, a sex servant (which he'd eventually evolve into if he doesn't start out as one<3), a partner to help Steve through his ruts until he mates, a mistress~ until he officially mates because he's betrothed (especially if it's normal for royals to take more than one mate), or even a sweet little bride. Bucky can also be an efficient bodyguard who happens to be an Omega that a pre-serum Alpha Prince Steve very much takes a liking to (maybe to go through a late growth spurt being a late bloomer, or not~). It could still be considered something of a 'sacrifice' if Bucky is sold into it from a poor family or poor situation, but his position would be considered an honor, and could just be something he was born and raised for. This one can also go with arranged marriage vibes. There's a lot to play with here.


To start, let's go with a mild mannered Bucky who's accepted his position (resigned or looking forward to it even) prepared for Steve and left as a gift for him. Maybe Omegas are rare or Bucky is a rare intersex individual/bearer which fetched a high price on him. This could be a Bucky meant to answer and obey every request the Prince makes, maybe going through his first heat when left for him and meant to aid the Prince through his rut. He could be given birth control to start (and it can fail~ or~ the Prince can be given or take control of when and whether or not Bucky continues to take it~), maybe the Prince is supposed to use a condom/sheepskin and just... conveniently forgets, or it breaks. A couple options there. But basically, it would start out with a handsome Prince Steven coming back to Bucky in his room/prepared in his bed, or even Bucky brought to him, with Steve laying him down and fucking him or maybe Steve's the one totally out of it in rut and Bucky has to coax him to fuck and knot, maybe being shocked when he bites. Maybe Steve's not supposed to fuck him and it happens anyway.


If Bucky is meant as a sex servant/mistress/rut partner, the relationship can be very sexual and continue from there. If Bucky is just meant to be a servant, they could start off as friends before falling in love and then making love frequently~ until they make a baby, Steve doing what he can to take Bucky as his mate and legitimize the child as his heir. Steve could also not remember fucking Bucky through his rut, knotting or biting him, so when Bucky starts to get 'sick', and then they realize he's pregnant (even though he hasn't left Steve's side and isn't allowed to), Steve has to backtrack and maybe ask or without asking, remembers enough to know the baby is his, maybe having been trying to hide his feelings for Bucky (because they are inappropriate), and now trying to win Bucky's heart before the baby is born. If Bucky is a mistress~ and they have been having sex the entire time, maybe with Steve making it clear he doesn't intend to take any other mates when Bucky gets pregnant. A scandal could also break out in which he's shamed his betrothed by impregnating Bucky (who was never supposed to get pregnant/only be meant for pleasure, maybe even supposed to have been infertile).


If Bucky is a gifted bride (because he's a rare individual, Omega or intersex or just another prince), things can go a bit differently. Especially if Bucky is a spy or assassin sent to infiltrate and take down the monarch. The story can go a bit more vanilla if Bucky was taught and prepared for the role, or even if he's not, finding that Steve is very different from what he's come to expect of Alphas, giving Bucky more freedom than he would expect even as they follow their roles and consummate the marriage~. Maybe with people looking down on Steve mating Bucky because he's supposed to take more than one bride. Or if Bucky is a spy meant to kill Steve, he could be overwhelmed by his instincts or how sweet the prince is, looking for some sort of sign, anything that proves him to be a 'monster' that they expect him to kill. And not being able to do it, especially when he gets pregnant. Steve can be an Irish Celtic punk of a prince who gets on Bucky's nerves at first and teases him, making Bucky think he's a brute and sinful man (very focused on sex~), but it turns out he's just a sweetheart who really likes Bucky... and Bucky getting pregnant really showing this with how happy he is, Bucky feeling conflicted about everything he was meant to do.


The same or a similar situation can happen with a bodyguard Bucky. If he's Hydra meant as a covert operation to kill the prince (who maybe has his own training as a fine warrior and has led his people into battle), tripping and landing on Steve's dick would definitely put a damper in those plans (and a baby in Bucky's belly~). Or maybe Steve is just crazy lucky, a pure distraction with his scent for Bucky, and really likes him, especially when he finds out Bucky is an Omega. If Bucky is just a bodyguard, he could very well know letting the prince fuck him is wrong, as he's supposed to be looking for potential threats and brides for Steve, but isn't able to help it because he's OBSESSED with Stevie's dick and how he makes him feel (something precious, actually worth something as an Omega). Maybe people even being under the assumption Bucky isn't a fertile Omega (because he's big and strong), when in fact he very much is, and Steve immediately knocks him up~.


For world building there can be magic and whimsy, they don't have to be human and Steve and Bucky can even be different species, beast kin, lycanthropes, elves, etc. Maybe Bucky is given as a gift because of this. War prize would also be an option that I did mention in another prompt. If you want to bring it back into Cap Steve and a more marvel comic science verse with the serum, it can come back to Bucky just being a gift for Steve when he wakes up in a different sort of future. Maybe with them testing compatibility or Hydra fucking around to specifically create a perfect mate for Steve so they can attempt to control him. Whether from another person, a dying person, using a cosmic cube, or maybe even going back to classic Stucky in which they use Bucky flat out, and Steve's just happy to have him back. A Steve in this case could be reluctant or do what's expected, maybe even lose control if he wakes up in rut. Maybe they trace Steve's bloodline back to find out he's actually a prince, and a group of people wants to follow an ancient ritual and 'gift' Bucky to him, pretty bow and all, with Bucky being TOTALLY into it, enthusiastic even! That's another option for this, Bucky could know what he wants and not let up on, being a sexy little minx that Stevie just can't keep up with~. Things of course having to slow it down when Bucky gets pregnant, but still being excited.


Just for kicks, maybe Steve is secretly an Irish Celtic Lycanthrope Prince who's become a warrior/savior in multiple instances in history, trying to find his fated mate or just a mate in general, ending up as Captain America and then waking up in the 21st century to an eccentric wolf that's found him, or a wolf S.H.I.E.L.D.'s found to give to him (since wolves or maybe just Omegas are rare and maybe Steve's species is now endangered). This wolf can be his mate or Steve tries to fight it or ends up going along with it, either way, he ends up mating his sweet Bucky boo~ and putting adorable pups in him<3.


Lots of cute options here. From the mind... of a crackhead.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Because how could I not take every opportunity for an innocent Bucky getting deflowered by Steve~.


Or a naughty spoiled Bucky who's supposed to remain 'pure'.


I am.






Princess can serve for feminization themes or he can be a Prince, up to whoever wants the idea, lol. Though this was one I discussed with another reader on one of my fics, and the idea of an Elegant but innocent Elven Queen~ Bucky really spoke to so many chords of YES!!! So that is an idea I will come back to. Let's set the baseline down first. ;)


Bucky is the royal next in line for the throne. Steve is his knight, assigned to protect him at all times, at all costs. Yes! This could actually work simply enough with Steve still being Cap AND Bucky being the Winter Soldier. 'Princess' can also be more figurative, in which Bucky is more spoiled than anything, but still a precious gem for Steve to put a baby in~.


A/B/O works fine, or a similar system with 'sire' females and male 'bearers' scattered through the population if you want to give a more... olden times vibe? Something along those lines, like there are terms to experiment with it, it doesn't always have to be A/B/O. But of course, trans or intersex Bucky do work, intersex can always be ingrained in the explored system used (BOYPUSSY!), and depending on what Steve is, super sperm on his end could also work. Hydra experiments won't really work (unless Bucky is kidnapped first hand and experimented on, prompting the need for him to have a body guard, heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ that's an idea!), but Bucky's bloodline can also be something 'particular'/ancient, maybe with the royal family guarding the major secret that some of their males/first born males can give birth or something along those lines. Or Bucky is just born an anomaly. For a more magical factor, he could be taken by a fanatic heretic group known as Hydra, that takes and preforms an ancient ceremony on him so he may bear their next god or some other crazy shit, but Bucky gets saved before they manage to finish everything up, gets his bodyguard (Stevie~) and his bodyguard ends up knocking him up instead<3.


Let's run through the options~.


Obviously, this is also a story that can involve magic and whimsy and Steve and Bucky being different species. Elves, faeries, beast kin, werewolves, vampires, demons, angels, ect., hidden dragons or gods anyone~?


The first idea for this story I had involved an Elven Princess Bucky, sweet and caring for his people but also innocent, wears all white sheer lacy enchanted princess shit, the whole shebang with all the high fashion and jewels~ that lingerie and the thigh high socks~<3!!, supposed to stay a virgin till marriage, but is also very curious, too curious~. He's assigned a handsome knight to protect him when he travels, enter beast kin Steve. Who likes Bucky, respects and cares for him as he should his royal highness~. Maybe they were even friends when younger, or Bucky is a little older than him and doesn't remember the little runtling beast kin he was kind to so many years ago. But basically, they end up somewhere together in the forest on their travels, with Bucky extremely curious about why Steve's penis is standing firm and proud one morning when they wake up together, and why it's so big, and what do they do with it? Bucky can of course be a bit more spoiled, invoking royal commands so Stevie gives him those answers, Steve could get frustrated but end up feeling really guilty. Or maybe the both of them are shier about it, but Steve still ends up answering and both of them end up very much enjoying the results~.


Steve could even insist they keep Bucky 'pure' by not using his boypussy (if he has one), instead using his ass as a loophole~.


Either or leading to an incredibly horny Bucky that absolutely wants moar from his knight~<3<3<3. And on a side note, I might reference the fact that even without specifically penetrative vaginal sex, while the odds aren't so high (in some case minuscule), it is still technically possible for someone to get pregnant from cum on their thigh or if it leaks anywhere near or on the vagina (be careful out there kids, any chance is still a chance, be safe, use condoms, definitely don't attempt what I make or want these two adorable idiots to do, I just need the Stucky babies~). Food for thought here, as long as the sperm has range to move the distance they need to reach their target, especially if water is used to clean it up (which those slippery little bastards will use to their advantage), they will try their damn hardest to cause a pregnancy, literally that is their one purpose in life!! BUT, bringing this back around, if Steve and Bucky are using that 'loophole' to keep Bucky a 'virgin', but they don't really pay attention to where Stevie's cum is leaking~ (because the motherfucker cums a lot), Bucky could definitely end up pregnant without them even going that route~<3.


In the version I has in progress, Bucky's parents were gone and he was a little bit older (elves living a very long time) but not yet Queen because he was unmarried, and he'd chosen an orphaned 'beast kin' Steve as a baby to be raised into the perfect, trustworthy knight to protect him to appease his advisers/counsel (because he can take care of himself, he has powerful magic). In that version, the relationship is a bit more personal, with an elegant and wiser but still sweeter and innocent Bucky (if slightly mischievous~ :)), spending time with his future knight when he could (busy royal here managing a kingdom), barely even realizing how much this knight has grown up until it practically hits him smack in the face. In this version, Steve was something else that no one could quite pinpoint~, thinking something was wrong because he can't shift like others at first, and he also starts out pathetically small according to Bucky's advisers who insisted he pick a different knight, before turning into his ridiculously too strong muscled self<3. Beast kin were also looked down on by the Elves in most cases for my story (not by Bucky). :( So there is a lot of intrigue and a lot to play with, and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing similar ideas tackled by other people. ;)


Obvioulsy, Bucky doesn't have to be an elf, nor does Steve have to be beast kin, i just thought it worked for them nicely in the story.


Another way to do it that I think fits quite nicely is with a spoiled and naughty but still naive and innocent vampire princess Bucky~, who's given a werewolf to guard him, as per custom. Wolves are typically 'guard dogs' for the vampires, maybe slaves or servants depending on the dynamic, but they can also just be very loyal with something more of a symbiotic relationship between the species. Especially if wolves are on the opposite end for vampires, often being overproducers of blood that causes excess aggression or other shit, meaning donating blood to the vampires can help calm them calm down and is mutually beneficial. Anywho~, a Bucky in this situation could see his people at war with something, maybe even the wolves if they are in fact often treated as slaves. Steve could be a captured unknown prince/king/war prize who's magically bound to Bucky in this case. The Alpha that his people no longer have, Bucky maybe even treating him like a dog or slave before Steve ends up in rut and overpowering him. Maybe not even knowing vampires have sires and bearers among them, the discovery of Bucky's boypussy in that animalistic state leading things down a very different turn of events~ (especially if he'd just planned to kill Bucky). Steve could even end up letting himself be captured on purpose so he can get closer to Bucky. Maybe to end the war because Bucky is the last of the original bloodline (and by killing him, all other vampires will die), or by seducing Bucky and corrupting the blood, ending up falling in love with him in the process of putting a baby in him to end the war<3.


If it is just a mutual symbiotic relationship, it can just lead to more between them, maybe Steve being a bit more doglike and simple, not understanding certain things but still loving Bucky from the very start. Especially if they grew up together with Steve protecting him. If it comes back to wolves being considered lesser, it can come back around to Bucky wanting Steve and his people to be free, maybe even running away with him after he ends up sleeping with Steve. Maybe during a synced heat and rut with a surprise hybrid Stucky baby after the fact~. 


Baby mumma Bucky is best Bucky in all forms~.


This can also be brought back around to a sort of modern setting, maybe even fusion. Especially in a world that's trying to create or maintain peace. If it comes back to Cap Steve with Modern Princess Bucky, Bucky could just end up needing Steve to protect him as a very important mission because his parents were recently assassinated for some political thing they wanted to put into play, and Bucky aims to finish the job, or Bucky is just in need of a body guard for... reasons (lol, a lot of possibilities here, maybe people keep trying tot take advantage of him, maybe his body guards keep failing/getting killed, maybe the last one just quit cause he couldn't stand Bucky being so damn annoying, or was fired for trying to touch the delicate Omega prince~), lots of things~. Can you tell how much I LOVE the idea of Steve being a hunky bodyguard for Bucky? AND ruining an engagement, stealing him from a creep? <3<3<3


Bucky could even be a secret assassin, maybe not even knowing it himself, worrying about this assassin that keeps 'following him' without knowing Hydra is pulling shit, Steve finding out when a brainwashed Bucky tries to kill him and he saves him from that state~. Maybe Bucky knows full well, which can make things even more hectic and spicy~. This can certainly come back to another idea I had with an older Actress Bucky who is covertly an assassin that Steve ends up becoming the body guard of because he's looking for said assassin. Bucky could still be a Princess or just a world beloved and renowned sweetheart, elegant and refined like Elizabeth Taylor~, perhaps even divorced for a sad backstory, who ends up tripping and landing on Steve's super serumed dick~. With a miracle baby pumped right into him<3. It can just go the simple route where Bucky is just a princess who is being targeted and ends up falling for Steve<3<3<3.


Lots of options here!


For a fusion setting that still ties in Cap (maybe even Celtic~!) wolf and Bucky being that pretty little princess, maybe he doesn't like how this stupid wolf is assigned to be his body guard, and keeps trying to lose him with magic or other, but Steve is very good at what he does, and always manages to protect Bucky. Irish low class Steve and British high class Bucky is definitely something to play with if you want to explore them overcoming prejudices, or just Steve irritating the shit out of Bucky with expressions he wouldn't understand or just being a general punk. I love me a more modern world with magic and other shit! Or as always, in any option, Steve and Bucky could really just end up hitting it off from the start~, maybe with Bucky freaking out about 'ruining' himself before Steve reassures him that he's perfect and nothing ever would, or just the general sense of 'what have I done' on either end, especially if Steve is the one defiling at far too curious innocent Bucky~.


I also love me the idea of a beautiful high fashion/high class feminized Bucky wearing lots of lacy and racy clothes and lingerie for his Stevie~.


And yes, this can definitely come back to some fairytales, a little merBucky who ends up on land and needing protection, Steve being assigned to watch him and utterly falling in love with this beautiful creature, maybe by the time they make contact with Namor/Atlantis to send his perhaps baby brother back, Bucky going back with a baby in his belly from mischievous and curious dalliances~. Namor bringing him back infuriated by the fact, demanding the human who did this honor him and marry him or be put to death. If you even wanted to go a sleeping beauty type route with an evil Hydra and a prince Steve pretending to be nothing but a humble knight when he first meets a a beautiful 'peasant' protected by faeries Bucky in the forest. Maybe with a different approach, the two ending up sleeping together much earlier in the story because Steve just completely falls for this gorgeous Omega/bearer living in the forest, despite being engaged to a 'princess' he's never met~... maybe some kind of missed clause involving being pregnant saving Bucky's life instead... because a cosmic cube or some kind of magic stone was involved in cursing Bucky when he was as a baby instead~ (maybe with a magical little Kobik~!! Cause I love her!).


Or for some even moar fun~<3<3<3. A tiny, 'pre-serum' Steve for a knight that is unassuming, but everyone assumes isn't nearly as protective or capable of protecting the princess as he really is. Maybe being a hidden god/dragon/dragon god~<3 that no one knows about. And being incredibly sweet on Bucky and doing his job very well. Maybe still subject to commands from the royal lineage and conflicted when Bucky tells him he doesn't want to be a virgin anymore, asking Steve to ruin exactly one of the things he's supposed to protect~. And Steve can't deny him even if he wanted to... How's that for an idea to play with?


Definitely lots to play with here~<3. In a VERY broad range too!!







Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Of course more fairytale shit, what do you take me for?


Not trash?


Ooh, honey. Let's get into this.


I have always always always LOVED the idea of a hermaphroditic Merperson Bucky. I felt the concept could really be explored and played with so much, fit Bucky pretty well (considering he actually does save Steve from drowning~<3) and just honestly, I have to say that I was sad to not see more of. :(


It just seemed so perfect to be ignored but there are a surprisingly tiny amount of Merperson Bucky fics out there compared to how many Stucky fics there are in general, and to be fair, maybe there are more and they just aren't labeled, but the number of pregnant Merperson Bucky fics is down to exactly 0 the last time I checked. Which is frequent, I am a damn crackhead and I spam that refresh searching... disregard that, disregard.


I'm a crack head.


But if anyone pioneers this shit before I manage to touch it all over (cause you know I will), I will be... I don't want to say anything inappropriate. But like... it is very hard for demons to cry, for any reason. I would want to touch you all over.


Disregard please...


ANYWAY! It's definitely an easier concept to play with for Bucky getting pregnant. A/B/O can of course still be done for it, though I feel it would kinda be unnecessary with the mermaid aspect and how much that could be played with. That being said, there are also an incredible amount of variations possible for it. Just with the fact that Bucky can range from being a mermaid to a siren to even a more animalistic aquatic shifter that doesn't want to be called a mermaid. The possibilities for this concept are damn near limitless, and of course, I should start with the simplest one of both him and Steve being mer people. This one's more about just Bucky being a mer person but one variation will come back to that, in this case, an A/B/O system would work very well or even something variant of it with different labels such as Dominants/Medians/Submissives, it just depends. If they're both mers, I was particularly fond of the concept with Bucky as a submissive siren and Steve as a dominant mer, it just seemed very cute.


But moving on. There are a lot of ways to do this, another that is probably even more obvious would be just following the simple guidelines of the little mermaid, except our little mermaid Bucky boo is more than eager to put out and gets himself knocked up. I of course will always advocate for boypussy Bucky, since the world needs more of it. But it definitely depends on the writers and what they are comfortable writing, I don't imagine anyone who despises mpreg to come within a stinky sock radius of this, lol... but I would want them to join the dark side eventually~ I mean... Bucky can either be able to change legs by his environment or need a witch, he could have his penis covered and protected by smooth scales even when like this, maybe he has that boypussy with those same smooth scales just on the outside instead of pubic hair, maybe he has them over a cloaca, maybe he just looks completely normal but intersex, maybe he has no hair or markings whatsoever. The list always goes on. Let me inspire people~.


The biggest variation for this story is actually Steve though. There are so many different things he can be with a Merperson Bucky. Apart from the basic little mermaid version of him being a prince for a sea princess, there's also a more modern approach of a simple sailor. Bucky could save him from drowning or maybe he's just curious and Steve accidently sees him one day. Steve could want to be alone because he's lived his life and just wants to art and then mer or siren Bucky comes along. If siren Bucky is picked, tones of horror could very easily be added to the story, especially if Steve gets the siren pregnant and then learns it happens to be a man eater. Bucky could even be kidnapped or captured by an organization which leads up into the next one.


If someone wanted to take the canon approach, that's also an option. One of the things I am so surprised I have never seen is a mermaid Bucky rescuing Steve from the ice water of the arctic before he sinks and disappears with the plane. In which case, Steve would remember what happened and insist on it up until Bucky, who is maybe a little too curious for his own good, gets captured. From there it could go in even more directions, experiments, finding out Hydra is in S.H.I.E.L.D., helping Bucky escape but not before that sweet love is consummated~, and then Namor comes back with soldiers threatening whichever human knocked up Bucky. They could be related. And for another twist with additional twinges of heartbreaking, if Bucky had already been in the story falling from the train, it could be that Namor found and transformed him to save him from that ravine he fell in. Or maybe Bucky was just always hiding it. Another version would have Bucky meeting and saving Steve in the Potomac, maybe being too curious and cute and Steve even finding him later and trying to hide him when Bucky follows him home. Steve could even possibly leave the human world for Bucky and get turned into a merperson himself, probably under an A/B/O or similar system.


Now to my favorite version~.


Mer or Siren Bucky with Irish Celtic Pirate Steve.


I love this idea because it just offers so many opportunities from there. They could start off as enemies, especially if Bucky is a beautiful but dangerous siren. It could be a clash of instant love. Bucky can still save him or maybe Steve is the one to capture Bucky! THE OPTIONS!!! Definitely a lot more for dubiousness and power imbalances but it is up to you. Bucky could be a prince in this one too, and the drama that can be made~. Mm. In one version I have of this, Steve isn't quite a merperson, but he is a water dragon with strange interests and intrigue when it comes to human kind and other mythical creatures that exist on the surface. But Pirate Steve just offers a lot of freedom for creativity.


For a twist on all of them (or more classic, depending on which one catches the eye~), Bucky could be mute and it actually works really well for him as a merperson. Whether he knows the language or lost his voice, or just never had one to begin with, it's an aspect that can add some interesting things to the story. :)


Lol, did I miss anything? Do I even know how to prompt with my crazy bitch ass all over the damn place... Nuo~. Of course, still open for discussion~.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Well isn't this fucking precious... how could I not~<3?


Basically, one of the boys, or both, getting turned into an adorable animal, wild, or household pet~. Where to fucking begin!


Kitty Bucky or~ Buckitty~<3<3<3.




Because I HAVE to. Adorable kitten Bucky GIVES ME LIFE!!! Almost as much as baby mama Bucky... I've also been on a Cap wolf binge lately, don't you judge me. I am... okay. Somewhat...




More specifically, a Bucky who gets turned into a cat and ends up being Steebie's favorite pet~. This could be a Bucky who can freely transform or not, a Bucky who had an unfortunate run in with magic or unwanted Hydra science and ended up running home to Stevie with nowhere else to go, or perhaps had always been hiding it. He could simply be an animal shifter or an alien. Point being, he'll live his life for a time with a loving Steve who is unawares of this kitten being his best friend/lover/an actual person, apart from the precarious metal arm (of course depending, maybe this is what makes him take the cat in though, reminding him of Bucky~). This could be a Steve who is Cap or not, pre-serum, the options are there to play with and you can play to your heart's content! 616 or MCU. Winter Soldier or modern Buckitty who just takes a liking to Steve or finds him because he thinks the Avengers can help.


If Bucky is an alien or can freely transform, maybe he came to planet earth looking for the perfect mate, and finding himself under Steve's care decides he's found him~. I love me the idea of an alien cat queen Bucky~. Looking for the perfect tom and finding a Steve instead~<3<3<3!!! Or it could be something along the lines of Steve's love and affection pushing Bucky into a gentle heat~ needing to mate to abate it. For a magical touch, maybe a simple kiss is key to transforming Bucky back for a time. Intimacy keeping him human. This can definitely fall into territory of magic users and familiars (maybe Steve even being the one to turn Bucky into a cat to protect him and secretly knowing the whole time, gasp! or maybe him and Bucky are enemies that learn to love each other through this odd companionship!). Plus extra points if Steve being unawares (or them being enemies!) means he already has a prospective 'mate' or person he's trying to date, and Bucky is goddamn possessive little shit that ruins everything!


Bucky could also be a lovely big cat. I personally love the touch of him being a white siberian tiger, just seems to fit Bucky boo very well~<3. For another lovely Stucky touch, maybe this is part of a strange Hydra experiment... and why Pierce offered Bucky milk when they were meeting...


I'm shit. This is well known by now.


The Mpreg can come from A/B/O, a strange side effect, experiments, intersex, trans, supersperm, the usual~. Like I don't mention it every goddamn time. GIVE ME THE MUMMA BUCKY.


But what about Stevie?


Ooohhhhhhh, this one IS FUN.




Who is.


Very. Fucking. Horny~.


AND sweet and playful<3<3<3!!!


With maybe a little bit less self control than the normal Steeb~<3<3<3. Magic, Hydra, he was always hiding it. Different options here, but if it's simple heartwarming Stucky of Steeb trying to find his Bucky boo, maybe the dog senses being the reason he could find Bucky. Bucky at first being shy and not knowing what to do about this dog, but coming to love it... because it reminds him of Steve~. Up until it starts humping the furniture, and then him~<3...


I'm gonna drop a reminder that this definitely doesn't have to go in any way shape or form anywhere near bestiality or furry territory. I would honestly prefer the closest it get sexually is just the ears and tail (partial form) staying on an otherwise human Steve/Bucky. But shit, like, I won't judge, I've written about fully wolved out werewolves gettin' it on before. Depending, It might be too much for me, and if it is, I'll let you know, but as long as no one is getting hurt outside the realm of fictional fantasy bullshit... creative freedom and all that jazz.


Anyway~, back to doge Steve, lol, that's another option that would be well fitted! Maybe he's a bit abnormally large and is trying to tell Bucky who he is, maybe he ends up saving him from Hydra in the same ways Cap would but as supersoldier doggy~. Or if he can transform at will, maybe he just wants Bucky to trust him before he shows him the truth. The alien idea still stands, can't say I'd mind a giant dog Steve very much falling for a Winter Soldier/modern Bucky boo and wanting to impregnate him thereafter~. Maybe being too forward and totally open with his intentions and Bucky not knowing how to cope at first.


Steve can also be a wolf(dire anyone~?)/werewolf (CAP WOLF<3<3<3!!!), or if you wanna make him a big cat, might I suggest a regal white/gold lion or perhaps a golden tiger~? (Look them up, they are lovely!) Or perhaps a dragon Steeb~ for even more fun (that Bucky boo would surely get to... ride~<3<3<3)? Lol, that's sure to cause one hell of a mess.


For another option~, the Stucky pair can be turned into an equally beautiful pair of animals... on a mission~. In this case, and I will mention that if you have other animals in mind for any part of this general idea, they are possible, the Buckitty and Steeb Doge were just the first to come to mind for me. BUT. Back to the both being animals. In this instance, I imagine the Avengers having quite the mess on their hands. Especially if these animals are big and dangerous and fucking superserumed (like a white tiger Bucky and a golden tiger Steeeeeeeeeeeeeb~<3<3<3!!! Maybe they're both VERY PRETTY DRAGONS!!!) and one of them is *cough* female and very much in heat (Bucky~), while the other decides to uh... help out (Stevie~). This could be something related to them both getting zapped or still relate to an A/B/O system where their instincts just end up overwhelming them, or maybe they were mated to begin with and the team had no fucking idea. Though I imagine the incident might put a dent in any plans for safe sex that they had, and very much put some Stucky babies from Steve's balls into Bucky's belly~<3<3<3.


How could I fucking stop myself, like... y'all know I am trash.


Lol, definitely a simpler prompt but also connectable with other ideas to throw around. Hit me up. Feed my obsession! Give me attention pweeeeeeeeeasse~<3.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Because YES!


Okay. So what's the premise behind this idea? Another that would focus on secret identities, right? I'm sure we've all heard the tropes, the classical anime magical girl~. Normal civilian or highschooler by day, problem of great evil occurs, and BAM CRIMEFIGHTER WITH MAGICAL POWERS!


Ohhhh, this one's got fantastic disaster written all over it.


Picture a Steve... a tiny maybe Alpha (but thinks he's a Beta) Steeb, that comes into contact with a falling 'star'. Maybe something for all the Avengers~, yes? Falling Star in this case being... a cosmic cube~<3!


The cube gives him powers, makes him stronger, faster, a tactical genius!! A marvelous superhero~!! In which case, he becomes Captain America!! Lol, could I get anymore corny~? Probably. I'll stop there... for now. Anywho~, obviously this story can start with the more classic tale and the serum, it would really just need Steve keeping his identity a secret from the world, but throwing in the cube does bring in an excuse for that magical girl transformation sequence~<3<3<3, although maybe the serum is made from the cube, as always, options. And I do really love the idea of Steve being able to transform back and forth between his unimpressive self, and his Cap self. One, it would make for an AMAZING secret identity, and two, that transformation would be fucking impressive. But I digress.


What about the other Avengers?


Same deal, something a bit more magical. Maybe each an artifact that falls from the sky on the same night (and here's an idea, maybe those artifacts are each from an original team member on an awesome team of crime fighters that were their ancestors, in which case, maybe they're just weird household objects some kids/young adults get into). For Thor, a magic hammer (because it doesn't get more obvious than that for him). For Tony, maybe a piece of alien tech or he's just the genius of the group. Natasha, something a little darker~, I think in a sense, this idea would require most of them to have powers and that awesome transformation, my first thought is something actually black widow spider related, like a strange one biting her, but i wouldn't say push her in Spidey's direction, I'd say more it would likely make her highly toxic and that her powers should still revolve around stealth and being that beautiful femme fatale we love so much~! It can also be some kind of ancient black widow artifact she breaks, maybe something electrified (as a reference to those widow's bites), who knows, moving on. For Hawkeye, something eye related, maybe a spyglass he's not supposed to look through or some kind of magic bow and arrow, he's actually the one I picture breaking something, lol! And for Bruce... well, I'm thinkin' it's something he eats, but that could just be me. Is that weird? Whatever, the list goes on and on, and this is an opportunity to expand their abilities and some serious story building for sure, even using different Avengers you might have in mind, setting up different teams.


Coming back to Steebie~, or rather, where does Bucky come in~?


Mmm, wouldn't you like to know. Couple options here, Bucky can either be the lover/spouse/Omega/best friend of Steve. Maybe even partner if you do wanna take it the winter soldier route and have him kidnapped by Hydra before Steve saves him, or maybe Bucky's got his own secrets. It could be a situation where the boys love each other, but since Steve's got his secret, Bucky's worried about him or worried Steve might be cheating, gasp! Things getting especially hectic when Bucky gets pregnant, especially if they were married and Steve hadn't been able to get Bucky pregnant before (maybe not knowing he could after the cube/serum), maybe even 'losing' some of his powers and wondering what's going on (KOBIK BABY IN BUCKY'S BELLY~!!!). He definitely wouldn't need to lose all his powers, obviously, the cube is a reality altering thing, it can do shit permanently and there would probably be some weird residue, but the ability to alter reality itself (the strongest powers from it that he may have not even had access to) are probably what would go to the baby, who would be much more properly harmonized with the cube.


On the flip side, Bucky can be one of those 'great evils' Steve has to fight against, maybe having his own transformation and secret identity too, whether brainwashed, Hydra not being as evil as they seem, or maybe Hydra even made him and he's more loyal from obligation (even if he doubts himself). This can DEFINITELY make for some major scandals when those secret identities are finally found out. It can even go a bit more intense, maybe Steve didn't absorb the cube but has been looking for it this whole time (possibly with the serum made from it giving him some sort of hint or calling from it), and instead he ends up finding a boy made entirely from the cube through complex experimentation (or some kind of other weird thing, maybe they make Bucky from a flower because they were bored and trying to figure out how to use the cube), possibly trying to forcefully fuse those abilities into a human being, or simply from messing with it too much before something was done right, but the cube disappeared. For a somewhat different take on bringing Kobik about. This 'boy' (Bucky, if it's not clear yet, lol) would probably be sustained in a giant tube or holding cell of some kind, and probably be very lost and confused with Steve rescuing him and not knowing what to do or who Bucky is if he never existed before. Steve could even give him his name in this case, maybe based off of some of the strange files Hydra had about him.


Basically, being drawn to him up until they fuck~ (because maybe they have two separate pieces of the cube~) and Steve puts baby Kobik inside of Bucky's belly.




Coming back to finding out those secret identities, Bucky could even reject Steve at first for this, maybe not even knowing that Stevie got him pregnant yet, just being too overwhelmed with Steve desperately trying to get him back. As always, mpreg options, A/B/O is just easy, but intersex or trans Bucky work super well for this one. Experiments as well and of course Steve and his gosh darn supersperms~<3<3<3. Maybe the pregnancy in turn makes Steve think that Bucky cheated, because he couldn't before and they both knew it, Steve not remembering the cube up until he sees those powers start to radiate off of Bucky, or rather, the baby~. This can also take some darker turns depending on the tone of what you'd want for the story, but the main idea is that sweet sweet magical girl transformation~.


This can be done in a high school or college setting, depending on the angle for the story. I can totally get behind a space prince Steeb rescuing his lovely space princess Bucky who Hydra finds, maybe not remembering their space past or why he has these powers, or having been looking for Bucky the entire time and Bucky's memories being wiped by Hydra. For another touch, the mpreg in this case can come from them being aliens with a strange A/B/O equivalent system~. It can also involve some of the previously stated ideas as well, all depends~.


How cute would a seemingly tiny Alpha Steve walking with his very pregnant Omega Bucky boo on a good day, shit going down in the city, and needing to transform~!! into Captain America to save the day! (With his mate's approval of course~, maybe even saving him from some falling debris<3) Insanely fucking cute, that's what.


This shit is officially up for fuckin' grabs. SOMEBODY. TAKE. IT. I. NEED. THE. MUMMA. BUCKY.


And yes, open for fucking discussions and shit. Join my trash pile. Spread the bottom Bucky...'s legs.




And have Stevie plow that ass or BOYPUSSY!!! and fucking sow his seed in that fertile field.





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~

Chapter Text

Bucky and Steve are a bitterly~ divorced couple.


Rekindling old flames~.


When they really shouldn't. ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


This idea can stem from a lot, of course classic Stucky is an option. Especially if Bucky only met with Steve to get the papers signed so he'd be free of having the Winter Soldier as a mate... :(


I will always always always suggest these two working for rival organizations though, it creates for an interesting dynamic I think. Especially if Bucky was a double agent for espionage~ and they met on a mission. Especially if Steve finding out is what prompts the divorce! Wooo! This can get exceedingly scandalous and spicy like this<3<3<3. But it can also go a completely domestic way, maybe they did everything right and something on the outside does it's best to pull them apart (especially if someone might be hating the image of Captain America being gay, Shrunkyclunks anyone~?).


Mpreg of course~... a sweet mumma to be Bucky~... what draws them back together. ;)


Options same as always, A/B/O or similar, intersex/trans Bucky, Stevie's supersperm, and of course Hydra experiments (maybe an unknown side affect if Bucky had willingly been a double agent). BOYPUSSY~<3<3<3.




Obviously, when the mpreg happens can change up the tone of the story and how that happy ending is reached. If it is a Winter Soldier Bucky under classic Stucky (and here's an idea if you still want to keep things historically bigoted and accurate, trans Bucky would work perfectly in this case if he had been trying to come to terms with being a woman and even married Steve before the war, and then just couldn't... but Stevie still loved him... awwwwwe! How cute would that be? Hydra would be a fuck all but in a way could help his transition, Bucky assuming Steve wouldn't want him like this, hence prompting the divorce. You could also of course rewrite history for the story and do away with the historical biggotry. ;) I'm always down for that creativity! Or just use A/B/O, lol), then it could happen precisely (that deliciously desperate reunion 'one last time' BABYMAKING sex~) when Steve goes to sign those papers and begs Bucky not to leave him... but still signing them because he loves him and wants him to be happy...even if it's not with him. :( This could also work for the other ideas~ when they're about to sign.


Another could involve a Bucky who doesn't know he's pregnant yet, but has noticed something is off like feeling sick, being sleepy all the time, getting headaches when he doesn't normally, some combination of curious symptoms~. ;))))))))))))))) This one works best in a setting where they divorce in complete anger (double agent~) or if things just aren't going well (domestic shrunkyclunks~). Steve wanting to be involved when he finds out and/or trying desperately to win him back if he finds out Bucky wasn't as guilty as he originally believed, or if they divorced because of outside forces/misunderstanding. It can also be a more gentle, sublte love, a story of the two falling in love a second time while Steve tries to help Bucky throughout the pregnancy.


The last way this can happen is after our beautiful wonderful boys have been bitterly divorced for a long time, and the saltiness has GROWN~<3<3<3. In this case, something having the two end up meeting again, maybe a work assignment, mission, coincidence, or even friends setting them up by inviting both to a wedding and ensuring each of them (through lies) that their ex will not be there... and seating them right next to each other~. Spicy~<3!!!


In this case, it can come back to A/B/O shocked heat/rut previously mentioned, especially if the bond never faded (because these idiots still love each other, duh~), and dealing with the aftermath of the hottest sex they've ever had. Or it can be arguing turned to screaming turned to fighting turned to sweet sweet powerful hate sex~! Oh, the sheer juiciness of it! This one has to be my favorite, hate sex, especially when Bucky forgets to tell Steve he hasn't been on birth control for years and they don't even think about condoms~<3<3<3 is just lovely~. It can also happen under dire situation, one or both thinking they might die and the feels, the feels pushing through with some beautiful unsafe sex being what holds them together in that moment.


The relationship can continue afterwards as something completely sexual, maybe awkward with hope for the future between them, maybe secret because one or both had been trying to move on (infidelity as a saving grace anyone~?), and got a new romantic partner/possibly even fiance. SPICY!!! Lol, but they can immediately break it off because of sleeping together, or one of them does and the other is... still coming to terms with it. Things of course getting hectic when Bucky gets pregnant, but hey, maybe Steve knew he would and didn't care (or even wanted it to happen because he's wanted Bucky back for sixever...), maybe even with him being in a relationship meaning Bucky doesn't want to ruin that or want him to find out about the baby and tries to disappear from his life before Steve realizes how much he wants him back, happy when Bucky tells him about the baby~.


This can also work with shrinkyclinks. I'm picturing a pre-serum (but healthy) S.H.I.E.L.D. doctor Alpha Steeb who meets a (rescued and now Avenger) Winter Soldier Omega Bucky who gets injured on the job and out of the field for a little while. Bucky being a snarky shit who really likes Stevie, Steve liking him back but being professional, and equally snarky~. Eventually Bucky healing, things get domestic, they date, Steve proposes (for Bucky's delicate 40s sensibilities, maybe he's never been with an Alpha all this time~), they get married~, do everything right.


And Bucky discovers little Stevie is actually FAR from little at all~<3<3<3.


Up until higher ups start objecting... because Bucky is an Avenger and Steve's a civilian, and the world can't know Bucky's an Omega or some other asshat reasoning, the usual bullshit. Maybe talking to Steve about 'what's best for Bucky', and Steve reluctantly following through. And then thinking Bucky might be injured when he gets sick during a fight/public event... and is benched.


Finding out about the baby, apologizing, doing everything he can to make it right for his Omega and make him happy~<3. And everyone else can go fuck themselves~.


Lol, obviously some other ideas can be thrown in. Especially if Steve's a little shit, I just thought this one was cute and it was what came to mind for me. A bit similar to my shrunkycluncks series with a doctor Bucky and Cap Steve, though not quite.


Personally, I also love the idea of a British, more refined Bucky (he has an English last name!) some feminization themes for Omegas do make for some good fun. Bucky can also drop the pregancy news like a bomb on Steve, showing up midpregnancy and very much showing, maybe interrupting him at his work, job, or maybe using a key (that Steve never changed cause he's an idiot) to get into his apartment right as Steve's about the kiss the person he's trying to move on with. (LOL! Anyone getting the reference? Think Scrubs~ Jordan walking in on Dr. Cox with his new girlfriend having a nice quite moment). Bucky could even end up lying to him about who the father is because he wants Steve to take him back because he loves him, not just for the baby. I could definitely picture a sassy mumma to be Bucky doing this~.


Or maybe even showing up with an actual very fucking blonde and obviously Steeb's baby and his arms. How's that for trouble!


For another spin, this could definitely involve just one of these boys being divorced from a different relationship, prior to meeting, maybe the ex causing issues with their budding romance, but that's a slightly different theme going along, and doesn't quite rekindle old flames if you know what I mean~<3. ;))))))))))))))))))))))


Any ideas sparking? Chats with me~. MUMMA BUCKY!





Specifically the prompt<3~

More Loosely inspired by (BUT STILL AMAZING!!!) ;)~