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How does one spell father?

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“A few hours has now officially passed since the latest heroic act by the one and only All Might. Ending villain tyranny and reawakening already heated subjects appears to be this man’s middle name! Saving a young woman and her child from the clutches of a villain, who the police department has yet to provide us with a name for. All our good peers over on Twitter are ALL OVER this.”


“Wow, Bob, I bet you’re feeling real modern right now. All our good peers over on Twitter, really ? You barely even have a proper facebook-account set up! How would you know?”


“Well, excuuuse me, Linda, last time I checked, we were discussing All Might, not my social life!” 


“Oh, thank good god for that.” 


“Anyways. All Might is a topic once again holsted back to life. Many have been discussing the future of this top prestigious hero non-stop. They seem unsure of what lies ahead for this fella as the sightings of the prohero have been significantly decreasing this year.


To be honest, my own opinion is that All Might simply must be immortal in some way. A form of Retirement or an end nearing to the Symbol of Peace era just seems to be an impossibility. 


Or what do you think, Linda?”  


“Hm, interesting point of view for once, Bob, impressive. I believe both sides has their fair share of valid arguments. All Might may be a stunning hero, but surely, there must be a more humane side of him too? Him having some kind of immortality would be practical for our society for sure, but come on, that just cannot be realistic.”


“I suppose not, but-”




The voices faded out together and turned into symphony of static as the radio turned off. As much as the boy had the patience to listen about the wondrous life of All Might all day, reality was that he did not have all day. It was a special day. The day in fact. He had been postponing what he was about to do for way too long now. As much as it freaked him out, 


It was time. 


Izuku did a quick look around his current room. It was cramped, but to be honest, he was used to way less space than this. It had been an okay place to live, definitely not perfect, but just okay. It almost made him feel a little sad about leaving it. Although, that was probably because he had no idea what would be waiting for him after this. Everything ultimately depended on himself. He just had to swallow his nervous and clumsy personality for just one day. It sounded prestigious, but just for a day, his chances at least wasn’t zero. 


It couldn’t be that hard, could it?


Let’s just say that he got off to a great start. First off all, he could not find the documents he had so carefully placed under his bed the night before. Panic had already begun to rule over his mind. Izuku had to take a mental pause, forcing himself to take deep breaths. 


He was awfully good at misplacing things, so, surely, he was just misremembering where he put the most important documents of his life. Yep, that was most likely it.


So, he very calmly began to race around the room, inspecting every single nook and cranny, holding onto the little belief in himself he had. That belief must have been quite petite, because when he found the documents all crumbled up in the trash, he literally shrieked and pulled at his hair in despair.


"No! No,no,no-" Izuku sunk down to his knees by the garbage bin, fishing up the papers one after one. To his horror, the papers were not only crumbled, but scribbled on, multiple times. Where long, very serious paragraphs of text once had been, there were now huge childish pictures of...whatever they were meant to portray. Izuku figured that it was best not to dwell on that for too long. 


The day had only just begun, and the tears were already not far away. He bit down on his lip as he unraveled paper after paper, discovering more and more obscure and aggressive pictures on each one. 


Izuku already knew the culprit behind this. Ever since he moved in here, which was a couple months ago, he had been sharing room with another kid. A very young child who didn't exactly understand the concept or difference between my things and your things. 


He wasn't meanspirtied, just a little difficult sometimes. It was usually his parents that Izuku were worried about. He rubbed his shoulder for a second. It was still sore, he noted, but didn’t think much more of it. 


"Oh boy.." Izuku sighed deeply, resting the papers on his lap. It had taken him numerous attempt to get ahold of them where the majority obviously failed. 


It was his files. The files that the various adoption agencies, foster cares, had circling around their systems. They held various information about him, but that wasn't really what piqued his interest. What was of any value to him was the information about his parents. His biological parents.


Of course, like any other kid in the same boat as him, he had been wondering and imagining things about them. But, actually finding them had always seemed like an impossibility, a distant dream even. And, most importantly, it scared him half to death. They could be literally anyone. Maybe even someone who would be preferable to keep undiscovered.


Despite all this, recently, he found himself with no choice than committing to his search for them. He just had to get out of the foster system. If he ever was going to have as much as the slimmest chance of following his dreams, he had to. There wasn’t a chance that a prestigious school like UA, or any other hero course for that matter, would ever take in a puny kid who have spent all his life in foster care. 


They would never believe that someone like him would have what it takes. 


He did not know why he thought that finding his real parents, or even better, have a shot at getting his emancipation would change anything. Despite being a long shot, it was the only hope he had at this point. 


Izuku sighed as he turned his attention back to his abused hopes and dreams in paperform. To his relief, the text underneath the scribbles were still somewhat readable. One part of it was especially clear, looking past the huge grinning smiley face drawn across it. 


His father's name. 


The thought still made him tense up, but also filled him with determination. 


He just simply had to go through with this no matter what. 


In one swift motion, he swept up all the papers and jogged over to his backpack. Since keeping everything neat and proper was now out of the window, he just squeezed everything down as good as he could between the pages of his hero-journal before he zipped the bag back up. 


Izuku then glanced towards the clock. He still had plenty of time until school started, but he still had no interest in trying his nonexistent luck further, so leaving early it was.


School itself really wasn’t much to talk about. He was going to just your regular middle school, struggling with the usual things like homework and unnecessarily strict teachers. And, um, well, Kacchan. 


Kacchan was a complicated topic. At one point, he had considered this person a friend and someone he could look up to. That was back when they were kids though. Izuku had since then learned that things tended to become way more complicated and messy as you grew older. 


This was one of those days where this became especially clear to him. 


When watching his journal gracefully fly out of the window, he was pretty sure that not only Kacchan, but it too, was mocking him. Izuku had shrieked, wailing his arms all over the place in panic as he watched the scene play out. 


Not surprisingly, Kacchan seemed completely nonchalant about throwing his most precious belonging out the window. As if that wasn’t enough, he just had to add one last punch to make sure his victim was down. 


“If you want to be a hero so badly, there’s might actually might be another way. Just pray that you’ll be born with a quirk in your next life and take swan dive off the roof of the building.”

When Izuku finally left school, he was practically trembling with frustration and humiliation. It was not the first time that he had gotten his dreams of one day becoming a hero stomped on, and it wasn’t going to be the last time either. But Kacchan telling him to kill himself? It was too far even for Bakugo Katsuki. What if he had actually gone right ahead and jumped? 


However, as usual, he did not find the nerve to say any of this to Kacchan’s face. 


It did not take Izuku too long to find his journal. He found it swimming around together with fishes in a fishpond. Ladies and gentlemen, his dreams and fate were now both officially fish food. With trembling hands, he picked it up and hugged the journal against his chest.


He would be lying if he said that he wasn't feeling discourgaged. To be completely honest, he just wanted to go back to the house and try again another day. 


But he had made a promise to himself. To believe in himself, no matter what anyone else thought. If he wanted to become a hero he could. Izuku glanced down at the journal, one name still visible despite it all.


If he wanted to find his father, then he could. 


Update, he couldn’t. He just couldn’t. Absolutely not.


A few hours after school hours were long since over, Izuku found himself standing outside the apartment recited underneath the name, and he was literally shaking. This was the final and only step to his plan. Knock on the man's door, explain the situation and then just roll with it. Whoever came up with the word improvising, clearly had no idea what they were talking about. 


He should have written a manuscript or an entire darn novel while he was at it. Anything would be better than to be standing where he was without any preparation whatsoever.


“I can’t do this! What was I even thinking??” He whined, furiously fiddling with his hair. He had already knocked though, it wasn’t like he could run away now. God, he hoped that there was no one home. 


The door opened.



He thought he had some kind of idea of what the appearance of his father would be. But this. This threw all those visualisations straight out the window.


In front of him was a tall, skinny man wearing baggy jeans and an at least several sizes too big t-shirt. He had blond hair, hanging lifelessly from his head. Most of all, he looked tired, really tired. If Izuku wasn’t so much of a nervous wreck, he would have asked if the man was okay. 


“Uh, hello there, young man.” The man said and Izuku realized that he had been staring at him like an idiot. He forced himself to say something.


“H-Hello..” He croaked. 


Awkward silence commenced. Izuku was practically screaming inside for him to say something. 


“...Can I help you? Are you selling something for school? Or are you perhaps a boy scout?” The man continued. The boy quickly turned fifty shades of red. 


“U-Uh, yeah!  I mean, no, I’m not a boy scout.” Poor Izuku was tripping over his own words at this point. Proper sentences was a dream at this point. There was never a chance for him to handle this like a normal person.


“What was that, boy?” Toshinori sighed as he stomped his feet impatiently. It seemed like Izuku was keeping him from something of importance which just stressed him out even more.


 He just had to spit it out already. 


So, the boy gulped as much air as he could, bowed, and held out what remained of the poor documents. 


“I’m your son!!” He squeaked. 


There was a pause. 




Scratch that, it was longer. It felt like an eternity or two passed right then and there.


The man blinked. Then he blinked twice. 


Finally, he cleared his throat, startling the already beyond startled boy.


“Y-You sure you don’t have anything you want to sell?” He asked, a tinge of hope in his voice.


Right then, there was nothing more in the world that Izuku wanted more than a bag of something sellable and a oneway ticket to Neverland. 




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They ended up in the kitchen somehow. Izuku was staring rather intensely on the tea that had been placed in front of him. It was like he thought of it as the most interesting object in the whole world.


Jeez, did this kid had any nerves at all?


Not like he was the one to talk though. This whole thing sure changed his afternoon around. Looks like he was going to be a little more than just late to Aisawas’s place. He was going to have his head. Probably for real this time. Toshinori shuddered at the thought, but right now there was not much he could do about it.


He simply had to deal with this first.


He sighed softly and took a real good look at the boy. It was a skinny looking kid with green curls and huge eyes in a similiar color. He was wearing a school uniform that Toshinori found hard to place, but he imagined that it was from one of the schools in the neighborhood.

This sure wasn’t someone that stood out much, this one.


However, the most important conclusion he could draw from this was their absolute shortage of similarities.

In fact, there was non.


Toshinori sighed. This kid was clearly lost and unsure what he was talking about. Boy scout or not, this was definitely not any relative of his.


The man leaned forward with a sigh and cleared his throat to catch the young boy’s attention. He instantly snapped upright the second Toshinori moved.


“Y-Yes sir!” He was practically trembling that poor thing. Toshinori offered a gentle smile which seemed to help ease Izuku nerves as his shoulders slumped back in the chair slightly.


“Look, kid. Izuku? Was it not?” He earned a confirming nod from the boy which urged him to continue.


“I don’t know where you’ve gotten all-” He motioned with his finger to the sad documents spread out on the table. What had even happened to those anyways?


"-these from, but, there just isn’t a chance that you’re a child of mine. Trust me, I think I’d know about it.” Toshinori said and offered the boy a smile of pity. “You must have me mixed up with someone else, I’m afraid.”


Izuku's cheeks puffed up at his words. His face flushed in red again, however, he did not break eye contact with the older man.


“But-but, you’re Toshinori, right? Toshinori Yagi?” He asked as desperation was beginning to spread across his features.


“It says right here.” He pointed to one of the papers before quickly looking up again.


You’re, y-you’re my-” Toshinori waved dismissively with one hand to stop Izuku from completing that sentence. Izuku closed his mouth, fish like, as Toshinori picked up the paper he had pointed to.


Silence once more filled the room as he eyed through the document. It was like it was screaming at him. Screaming things that he did not want to hear. Meanwhile, Izuku looked like he was about to fall of the chair, trying to peak over his shoulder or scan his face for any clues to what he was thinking. In other circumstances, Toshinori would find this kinda amusing, but right now, it was picking on his nerves.


“Do you mind?” He grumbled. Izuku flinched and quickly sat down without another word. He crossed his hands and firmly placed them neatly on his lap. Toshinori now felt a little bad for the kid. This must be incredibly nervwrecking for him if he thought that he was face to face with his-. Toshinori halted his thoughts and let out a frustrated huff as he pointed his attention back to what he was reading.


As he read, a soft frown settled upon his features once more. He gave Izuku a long look. “You want me to sign for emancipation. Your emancipation.” He asked.


Izuku nodded.


“Yes sir!”

“And you’re..twelve?”

Izuku visibly pouted.

“Fourteen, sir” He corrected.



Toshinori scratched his head as he thought. So the kid wanted his parents signatures to get granted emancipation, which definitely wasn't even possible considering his age, but it led him onto his next question. However, Izuku seemed to have already read his thoughts.


“When I was put up for foster care, no one seemed to have properly signed of their rights as my biological parents. So, technically you’re still” Izuku hesitated on the last word, glancing at Toshinori.


“I j-just, need your signature. And then I’ll be out the door! I swear!” He quickly added. His expression was pleading, like a lost puppy. Toshinori did not know what to say or do. He pulled a hand through his blond hair, troubled.



“No, please, sir. I really, really need this.” Izuku stared at him stubbornly.


The kid seemed unsure at first glance but sure was awfully persistent when it came to things he really wanted. This was something that Toshinori could recognize himself in when he was around the same age.


It seemed like Toshinori had waited too long to answer because Midoriya continued to talk.


“Do you at least have any idea of who my mom is? I just- I just have her first name. I’ve been told that she didn’t want to give out anymore than that when she gave me up. It’s Inko? Have you heard of that name? Have you-” Izuku rambled on to infinity, but Toshinori tuned out somewhere around the name Inko.


He remembered that name.


He knew that name.


Toshinori suddenly rose to his feet, startling Izuku who let out a tiny shriek.


Worry and confusion spread across the boy’s face and he called his name, but Toshinori promptly ignored that for now. Right now he could only think about one thing. That one thing that was hidden away in one of his drawers somewhere.


It had to still be there. He could not remember ever moving it about.


"S-Sir!? Mr Yagi?" Izuku fretted from the kitchen table where Toshinori had left him. The door to his bedroom was left half open so it only took a light push for Toshinori to step inside and close the distance between him and the dusty drawers beside his bed.


As he began to go through his unholy amounts of unsorted papers and documents about various this and thats, an indescribable feeling began to settle in his stomach. When he found what he was looking for, that feeling only grew stronger.


When Toshinori finally came back into the kitchen, he was dead silent. Izuku flew up from his chair like it was burning hot. At first, it almost looked like he was going to salute him, but then ultimately, his mind caught up and he didn't.


Toshinori slowly shook his head in disbelief as he looked at the boy.


"W-What? What is it?" Izuku asked, eyes wide.


"Your mother.."


Toshinori cleared his throat and looked away before continuing.


"Your mother is Midoriya Inko."






Izuku didn't know when he had stopped breathing, but suddenly he found himself completely speechless.


"Midoriya Inko...Are you sure? B-But, that means you're..?"

"I guess?"


"I am your-?"




The two of them just simply stared at each other for a few seconds.


Toshinori was the first one to break the silence.


"Where have you been? I-I mean, you mentioned foster care?"


Izuku breathed a flustered chuckle, scratching the back of his neck.


"Yeah, I've been practically everywhere at this point. I'm with a family now, but it isn't going to work out.."


"Why?" Toshinori's reply came so quickly that it startled him a little.


"..It isn't important, really." Izuku was quick to change the subject.


"You said that my mom was Midoriya Inko...Who..who is she exactly?"


Toshinori frowned, but luckily didn't press for an answer for his previous question. Instead, he sighed softly, moving on.


"I haven't seen her since...well.." Toshinori motioned to Izuku. Izuku couldn't help but scrunching up his nose. The older man let a snicker slide at his reaction.


"Last time I saw her, she was working down at the local store, but, one day she just..packed up and left. No one knew where she went or why." Toshinori continued. Izuku could have sworn that he saw a sad smile on his face for a second. He quickly snapped out of it though and looked back at Izuku.


The boy couldn't quite grasp how surreal this was. He might actually be conversing with his actual father about his actual mother. He had dreamed of this since, well, always. Now they were finally standing here.


Him and his father.




He thought about it for too long. Here comes the waterworks.


Then accordingly, Izuku then began to cry.


"She-..uh? Uhm? Kid, how are you doing?" Toshinori frowned, his tone a little more high pitched towards the end. Obviously, he wasn't expecting Izuku to start bawling like a baby.

However, he really couldn't help it.


"I'm sorry, s-sorry!" Izuku whined as he did his best to wipe away his tears on his sweater sleeves, but his eyes just kept on producing new ones. He huffed in frustration and turned away from Toshinori as he tried to compose himself.


It was easier said than done. It seemed like all the nervosity and pressure were slowly releasing their grasp on him.


The result of that were always those stupid tears.


Izuku flinched. He looked over his shoulder to his surprise seeing a hand placed there.


"C'mon, boy. No need for those rivers." Toshinori muttered from behind him and gave his shoulder a gentle pat.


"Why don't you go into the livingroom and relax for moment, hm?"


Stunned, Izuku just simply nodded and did as he was told. He was always used to more..stern reactions to his crying, but Toshinori didn't seem like he was too bothered.


Izuku let out soft sigh of relief, he was glad that the man he found seemed okay. Now in hindsight, he wasn’t entirely sure that he would have been able to handle all of this if he wasn’t.


Toshinori’s apartment was rather simple, but there was still a relaxing atmosphere to it. It was hard to explain, but Izuku felt strangely at peace. He shuffled over towards a couch that was positioned in the right corner of the room and plopped onto it. He let his shoulders fall, not realizing how tense they had been up until this point.


Now, Izuku might have been feeling more at peace, but the man in the other room, now that was another story.




Realization had begun to dawn in on Toshinori.


A random kid had just walked up to his porch, a kid he was about to shrug off as a confused boy scout, “Was my kid? My kid.” He whispered out loud to himself, rubbing away the blood dripping from the edge of his mouth.


Alright, he was officially freaked out.


Suddenly, those letters Inko had left him all those years ago began to make sense. There was always something about them that left him feeling like something was missing.


Something underlying that he just wasn’t understanding.


Toshinori slowly turned around, leaning up against the counter for support. He gazed over at young Izuku where he was seated on the couch in the living room.


As a pro hero, there was always a lot of things that made All Might feel like his whole world was being turned upside down. Both in good ways and bad.


But this was actually the first time in a very long time that someone had turned Toshinori Yagi’s world upside down.

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“..-Is it alright with you if I keep your documents here for a little bit? I’d like to have a closer look on them again.” Toshinori asked the young man at his side.


“Yeah, of course! That's fine.” Izuku was quick to reply.


“Is there any reason for the art aspects of the documents though? I can’t remember seeing documents with this particular design.” Toshinori looked at him again, amused.


Izuku blushed and scratched behind his head.


“It’s a long story...Let’s just say that they went through a lot to bring me here.”


“I can tell. ” Toshinori said with a soft laugh.


They had been calmly chit chatting for a little while now in the living room. Mostly about various this and that’s, not anything particularly serious.


Both were treading very lightly around the subject of their new relation to one another. Neither of them seemed to know entirely what to say or do. The whole ordeal were unexpected and unfamiliar to say the least.


But, other than that, Toshinori began to find himself rather comfortable in the boy’s company.


He appeared to be a good kid, no question about it.


However, they inevitably soon enough ran out of general conversation topics and the room went silent.


Toshinori decided to finally ask what had been on his mind this entire time.


“ come you haven’t found a permanent home during all this time? If you don’t mind me asking, of course.” He asked, making sure his tone was gentle, not wanting to upset the boy with the rather personal question.


Despite his efforts, Izuku still looked troubled and visibly hesitated. Toshinori was just about to reassure him that he didn’t have to answer that when Izuku spoke up.


“It’s not like anyone actually wants a quirkless child.” Izuku’s gaze shifted to something darker. The look felt so misplaced on the otherwise so innocent boy. Toshinori frowned at the sight of it.


Suddenly, it was like someone had flipped a switch. Izuku’s eyes widened and he turned towards Toshinori again.


“O-Oh, oh no. I-I didn’t just said that, did I?” Izuku caved in on himself a bit, fiddling with his hair.


He looked ashamed.


“I-I’m sorry, I must be pretty disappointing to you, huh..”


He wouldn’t lie, hearing this pulled on Toshinori’s heartstrings. This kid couldn’t have had it easy all this time.


He sighed and raised a hand to ruffle Izuku’s hair.


“It’s quite alright, young man. I don’t mind.” He told him.


Izuku flinched at his touch, stiffened up and stared at him as if he was expecting a completely different kind of reaction. However, this all soon got replaced with a tiny, relieved smile.


“Oh, okay..” Izuku said softly. Toshinori wondered of course, what was up with some of this boy’s reactions, but he didn’t really want to pry.


He saved those questions for another time.


All of the sudden, Izuku practically flew from the couch, eyes glued to the clock hanging on the wall.


“Oh no, no!! The time!!” He shrieked as he turned to Toshinori, panicked look on his face.


“I-I have to go!” He announced, marching towards the hallway as if his life depended on it.


Toshinori, confused, stood up to follow him.


“Hey, hey! Where’s the fire?” He asked him. Izuku was frantically putting on his shoes and grabbing his yellow bag.


“I have to go back, home, t-to the house!” The young boy stuttered, already halfway out the door when Toshinori put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.


“M-Mr Yagi?”


“Please, call me Toshinori, boy. And, just, hang on a sec. I’ll be quick.” He squeezed Izuku’s shoulder for a moment before walking out to the kitchen, hearing Izuku impatiently pacing back and forth where he had left him.


When Toshinori came back, he took Izuku hand in his and carefully placed the piece of paper in his palm.


“My number.” Toshinori explained. “So that you can uh, call me if you need anything. Also, feel free to come over here again get your documents, I mean.”


Izuku lightened up, his bright, green eyes sparkling almost.


He then proceeded to give Toshinori the biggest smile he had seen on the boy since he came here.


“Thank you so much, M-Mr-uh-Toshinori, sir!”


Toshinori scratched the back of his head, offering a little smile in return. He then watched as a blur of green curls raced down the street. He wondered what had suddenly gotten into the boy to make him fall into such a hurry.


Hopefully, everything would work out for him. And, hopefully, he would sometime soon make use of that note.




When Izuku arrives at the house. It is already too late. He was home. The house already reeked of the strong smell of alcohol and it felt like a window hadn’t been open in there for years. The boy flinched hard as he heard the sound of glass being shattered into a million pieces. There was a heavy silence before the yelling began.


“Oh, boy..” Izuku mumbled, resisting the urge to turn around and just leave.


But he knew that he couldn’t just leave them here. Without taking of neither his backpack or shoes, he hurried into the kitchen, being presented with the current caos.


It was worse than usual.


The man was standing in the middle of the room, aggressively gesturing with a crumbled newspaper in his hand. He was yelling at his kid. The kid that Izuku shared a room with and had scribbled all over his papers. The pure look of terror that that child had Izuku’s stomach sink like a stone.


“Please, d-dad! Dad, I didn’t mean to.” The boy pleaded, constantly glancing down at the mess of glass shards beneath him, carefully poking at one of them with his foot.


“You goddamn brat. Y-You just want to make life worse for your father, right? You just love to see me suffer.” The man was slurring at his words, probably drunk out of his mind at this point.


“You hate me, don’t you?? Say it!!” He yelled and slammed his fist onto the kitchen table.


The boy stared up at him, wide eyed. Then he burst out in loud, uncontrollable sobs. This just seemed to make his father even angrier. He raised his clenched fist, taking a step towards the child.


"That's enough!” Izuku yelled firmly.


He didn’t know when he had even moved. At times like this, it was like his body just acted on it’s own.


He was standing in front of the sobbing child. He had grabbed his tiny hand and was now holding onto it tightly as he turned his head up to face the much taller and stronger man.


Izuku was trembling in fear.


“He's just a kid, he doesn't deserve all of this. Give him a break, p-please!" He tried to reason with him.


For a second, Izuku imagined All Might's brave and always so brilliant smile. He saved people from threats every single day, sometimes life threatening ones. It always filled Izuku with such wonder that people like that existed out there.


And Izuku wanted nothing more than to be one of those people.


Even if it was just for a tiny thing. Even if it was just for sparing a kid from another hurtful action from his parent.


That for Izuku would be enough.


That didn't mean that the punch that followed didn't hurt.


"Don’t stick your nose where it goddamn doesn’t belong!! You useless piece of shit!"


That the hateful words didn't make him want to break down and cry.


Izuku’s knees buckled, the numbing pain along the side of his head overwhelming.


It just meant that even for just a second, he had been able to save someone.



And for a second, he had just been somebody's hero.




After the events at the house, everything that had happened felt a little fuzzy to Izuku. He found himself walking aimlessly along the street with what felt like the biggest headache in history.


It was still bright outside, but the sky was slowly preparing for the evening, leaving the world covered in an orange hue.


Izuku hoped that Mrs Avery and her kid got somewhere safe and calm for the night. When she had arrived to the scene and seen what was going down in her own home. That was probably her breaking point. The look of horror on her face was more than enough in to draw that conclusion.


Her husband had at this point been showing up drunk and upset every night for the past month or so. In other words, almost the entire time that Izuku had lived with them. He figured that Mrs Avery let all of this go on for so long because, maybe, she thought that Mr Avery would eventually get better.


However, Izuku had seen more than enough homes like that to know that it wasn’t going to get better, only worse. It was like some people just fell into a pitch black hole that they couldn’t get up from. No matter how much the people around them tried to pull them back up into the light.


Izuku just hoped that if or when he returned back to that house, Mrs Avery and her child would be way out of harm's way.


Izuku sighed and gently touched the sore side of his face. He had known from the beginning that Mrs Avery would reach her breaking point sooner or later. He also knew that afterwards, she would tell him to find another foster home to live in as soon as possible. She would wish him luck and simply leave him behind.


And that’s exactly what she had done.


Izuku felt tired. He really didn’t want to through this process anymore.


He put his last piece of hope into those emancipation papers.


Into that Mr Toshinori’s signature would be enough to save him from another round in the foster system.


That would mean the world and more to him.


The boy bit down on his lip, feeling tears well up in his eyes again. However, this time, he forced them back, forcing a tiny smile onto his face. It was going to be okay, somehow.


Izuku closed his fist in a determined huff. He then began to recite his favourite All Might quotes in his head, imagining what he would say to cheer him up if he was here.


“Worry not!! For you are safe! Now that I am here, that is!!”


Izuku flinched. No, that was mildly put. Izuku literally died inside.


Had he heard so many quotes that he actually began hearing All Might’s actual voice inside his head?


Oh boy, there really was something wrong with him.


“TEXAS SMAAASH!” The shout was followed by raspy screams of terror and curses.


Izuku spun around, spotting something a little further down the road in a tunnel that he just had walked through a couple minutes ago.


A huge pile of green, most likely some kind of villain, was struggling for his life as it was being smashed to pieces? And the one handing out the punch was..All Might!?


The real deal!? All Might, the number one pro hero? Just meters away from him!? Izuku was completely stunned. Starstruck was just the beginning of what he was feeling.


However, the boy snapped out of his fanboy state, when he saw someone else in the scene. A unconscious lady had been trapped somewhere within the villain.


She was seconds away from taking a pretty high fall to the ground.






These kind of villains kept on showing up constantly nowadays.


It was like there was no end to them. Innocent citizens were constantly put into danger. Even though Toshinori long ago had learned that you could never save everyone, it was still frustrating beyond belief.


This also made his time limit even harder to accept.


Even now, he was only running on fumes.


Toshinori let out an inner sigh, of course his smile never faltering when he did, as he watched the sludge villain crumble before him and seep into the bottle he was holding. He just had to hold on a little while longer and then take this fella to the police station.


Then suddenly, he noticed something, no someone, becoming visible between what remained of the villain. It was a person, an older woman. She must have been trapped within that sludge during the short amount time that Toshinori lost eyes on the villain.


Toshinori didn’t hesitate.


He jumped forward, hoping to be able to catch her before she hit the ground.


However, he was too late.


Not because he was too slow, but because someone else already beat him to it.


Toshinori froze in his tracks, just simply staring in shock.


It wasn’t hard to recognize the mess of green curls on his knees before him. He was holding the lady in his arms, a look of shock on his face. The boy probably didn’t realize how heavy it would be for him to catch someone from that kind of height. He didn’t seem to care though, as his attention were fully with the woman.


“Ma'am? A-Are you alright?” Izuku shook her very gently, obviously scared to make any eventual injuries worse.


Toshinori eventually snapped out of his shock and bent down to their level.


“Great catch, young man!!” He praised and put a comforting hand on Izuku’s shoulder. The boy literally shrieked and seemed to have even forgotten that he was even there at all. His mouth began moving like a fish and he stuttered something completely incomprehensible.


Toshinori’s grin widened before taking a moment to inspect the woman, pleased to recognize signs that she was beginning to slip back into consciousness.


“I believe that she will be just fine!! What a wonderful assist! Good job!” He grinned and saw how Izuku breathed a sigh of relief. He then fiddled with his hair, cheeks red.


“Thank you, All Might..” He could hear him mumble.





A little while passed. The two of them helped the woman back on her feet. She kept thanking them the entire, especially Toshinori, not exactly unsurprisingly. Izuku was grinning widely the whole time, the pride unmistakable on his face.


The happy expression suited him.


It didn’t last very long though. As soon as the young lady had left, he began to look uncertain and most of all worried.


“Are you alright there, young man?” Toshinori asked him, trying to hide the slight urgency in his tone. He knew that he was running out of time. He didn’t exactly have time for chit chatting.


However, of course, he should possibly consider revealing who he really was. If the boy really was..his, then he probably deserved to know.


“I just have to know..” Izuku turned to him, trembling slightly, fist clenched.


Toshinori snapped out of his current thoughts, turning his attention fully to the boy at his side.


“I know this is out of the blue. A-And I’m taking up your time too,”


The boy paused, seemingly gathering his courage.


“Do you think someone, someone like me, even without a quirk can become a hero? A hero l-like you?”


Toshinori looked down and took a good look at the nervous boy, taken aback by the question.


It wasn’t until then that he noticed the bruise on the left side of Izuku’s head. It looked like it was recent too. Did he get that when trying to catch the woman? To be honest, It didn’t look like something you’d get when you fall.

It looked like something you got when someone had hit you.



From what he understood, Izuku didn’t seem to be the type of kid that got into fights or other debacles that teenageboys could find themselves in.

This worried Toshinori more than he would like to admit.


He had only been aware of this kid’s very existence for a few days, but there was still an unfamiliar sense of responsibility that had begun to stir within Toshinori.


And he really didn’t know how to feel or act on it.


“Uhm!” Toshinori cleared his throat. What was he going to say to him? Normally, he’d just go for pure honesty when he was put in this kind of situation.


But this time it was for some reason easier said than done.


“Have you ever considered other career paths, young man?”


Izuku stared up at him with puppylike eyes.


“..Other career paths?” His voice turned unusually quiet.


Toshinori kept glancing back to Izuku’s bruises. He would get torn to shreds in this profession.


He just couldn’t bring himself to encourage this.


“Like a police officer, perhaps? They may be looked down upon these days, but I believe it to be a fine and honorable profession!!” Toshinori’s consistent smile didn’t falter even when Izuku’s did.


“Believe in yourself, young Izuku, and you can become someone you will be proud of! Just make sure that it’s within your grasp and something that fits the person that you are!! You can go long ways, I’m sure!”


He tried to sound as encouraging as possible, but it didn’t stop the boy’s spirit from faltering.


Toshinori could see it in his eyes.


“Okay..” Izuku replied with an added smile. The smile didn’t come across as sincere at all.


Guilt came faster and hit harder than Toshinori could ever expect. How was he supposed to reveal his identity now that the kid was looking like that? Maybe this really wasn’t the right time after all.


“I-I..I better get going now, All Might, sir.” Izuku bowed a few times, a soft, nervous laughter escaping him.


“Thank you for taking a piece of your important time to listen to me.”


Before All Might had any chance of saying anything, Izuku was already walking away at a rapid pace.


He watched the boy leave with a heavy feeling lingering in his chest. He dearly hoped that Izuku wouldn’t take this too hard.






Izuku was taking this really hard. It felt like his whole world were crumbling before him and there was nothing he could do about it.


He wiped at his eyes in frustration as his tears kept trying to make their way down his cheeks.


Even All Might, the person he admired the most in this world, had looked at him and decided to tell him the truth.


The truth that Izuku desperately didn't want to hear even despite everyone attempts to tell him.


What was he even thinking? Believing that a useless, quirkless boy could ever make it in the world of heroes.


He had never felt so ashamed of himself.


Izuku wrapped his arms around himself. He had no idea where to go now. Going back to the house wasn't particularly appealing, but neither was aimlessly walking around town while crying like a baby.


He remembered Toshinori's note that he still had in his back pocket. It was tempting to call, but he ultimately decided against it. He had been a bother enough for one day.


He decided to just give up. Sleep on a bench for the night. It didn’t really matter anyways.


This was what he thought until he saw the flames flaring up in the distant.


Smelled the smoke poisoning the air.


Heard the distressed screams.


He couldn’t help it.


He just couldn’t help it.


He was already on his way towards the caos.


Chapter Text

When Izuku arrived at the scene, there were people absolutely everywhere, worry and fear present on their faces. The area around them were covered in a layer of smoke filled with glistering fire embers. The scent of smoke were intense and Izuku instinctively shielded the lower half of his face from it with his right arm.

“W-What is going on?” He whispered. His heart was already beating fast from running, but now it had reached a whole new level of speed. The situation seemed to have already escalated completely, despite there being several pro hero’s around.

From where he was standing, he could even see a couple buildings that were being swallowed whole by flames, and citizens having to be rescued from left to right.

Still, Izuku continued to press himself through the crowds. He was well aware of that he actually shouldn’t be here and that he should get out of there as quickly as possible. Especially when he was painfully aware of his lack of ability to actually help in any way.

But there was something inside of him. Something that kept on pushing him to find out what was happening. He simply had to know.

That’s when he saw it.

The sludge villain.

His stomach dropped and Izuku finally slowed to a stop.

It was the same villain that All Might had captured less than an hour ago. There was no way that he could have escaped since then. Despite this, there he was, wreaking havoc as he pleased.

Other than his unnerving appearance, he seemed to possess a quirk that could make explosions with devastatingly precise control.

This came across as very odd to Izuku, since people with such quirk combinations with no clear relation to one another was pretty rare. However, Izuku didn’t stay confused about that for very long.

The reason didn’t waste much time presenting itself.

“K-Kacchan!?” Izuku slapped his hands over his mouth in pure terror.

Only his face and parts of his ash blonde hair was visible, but it was enough for Izuku to recognize his childhood friend. He was currently hanging lifelessly from the side of the villain.

He wasn’t resisting. Not screaming nor cursing. Just, nothing.

“Can someone get that goddamn kid out of there!? He don’t have much time left!!”
“I can’t get an angle on this guy!!”
“Where is our backup!?”

Izuku only vaguely registered the pro hero’s loud exchanges between one another. He could not pry his gaze away from Kacchan from as much a second. Fear enveloped him completely as his mind frantically scrambled to figure out what to do.

Because he had to do something.

There was no way that he could just watch his friend die.

Suddenly, Izuku was interrupted in his thoughts. A little voice inside his head was whispering to him. He lowered his head, eyes wide. There was no way somebody like him could help in a situation like this. Even All Might, the one person that he looked up to most in this world, told him so. He should stay out of the way.

But, still.

Izuku stared down at the ground, tears building in the corner of his eyes.

He remembered the young boy and the woman from earlier.

He looked up again.

And his legs began to move.




Toshinori felt like he had been thrown into a washing machine, twice.
His whole world was spinning and it was a difficult task to just pry his eyes open. It took several attempts before he succeeded.

He sluggishly blinked a few times before trying to get a grasp on his surroundings.

At first it was all just a blurry mixture of orange and red, and he could also somewhat make a silhouette at his side. The stranger was firmly shaking his shoulder, trying to catch his attention.

“Sir? Sir! Can you hear me?”

Toshinori forced to sit up more properly, his whole body protesting.

“What..What happened? Where am I?” He mumbled. He glanced down at his body, noting that he was in his weaker form.

“You were found right here on the ground. You most likely got thrown to the side by that villain when he swept through here. No one saw it happen though, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you for certain.” The stranger explained to him politely and gave a very short smile.

Toshinori frowned.

“The villain..?”

He turned his head with a soft grunt. He could not believe what his eyes were telling him.

The villian that he had just captured had somehow escaped. The destruction that was currently going on was simply unbelievable. It even seemed that it had taken someone hostage.

This was more than enough for Toshinori to force himself back up on his feet. He gritted his teeth at the effort. His weaker form was truly pathetic. Something like this would never be enough to knock him out as All Might. The thought was ridiculous.

“Wait, sir! You should relax! You took a pretty big hit just now! The prohero’s will solve this in no time, I-I’m sure.” The uncertainty in the stranger’s voice were unmistakable.

Toshinori waved dismissively at him and began walking towards the crowds of people. The more he looked, the more apparent it became that the situation definitely had spiraled out of control. Just by observing for a few seconds, Toshinori knew from experience that the pros would need a miracle if they were going to handle this safely without any backup.

Toshinari looked down at his trembling hands. He was way past his time limit at this point. And after apparently getting knocked out somehow, his body was even weaker than usual.

He clenched his fist, dread settling in his chest. The the villain even got out in the first place was for him beyond shameful. He was sure that the sealing of the villain was done properly and thoroughly. The bottle was supposed to hold him contained until the police department could deal with the little prick safely.

Maybe. Maybe, he really had underestimated the villain. Then this whole mess was an effect of his carelessness. How could he just have dismissed Izuku’s dreams of becoming a hero, if he himself couldn’t even do the job properly? It was shameful.

“You’re so pathetic..” He whispered to himself and believed it.




Izuku’s self restraint could only last him so long. He didn’t even think twice about it.

No plan. No nothing. Just his heart desperately screaming at him to save Kacchan.

He pushed himself through the remaining people that were in his way, his gaze still fixed onto Kacchan’s lifeless face. He prayed to whatever gods might be out there that he would be okay.

“Wh- What is that kid doing!? Stop him!!” Izuku heard someone yell, most likely one of the pros.

He also vaguely thought he heard someone call his name, but that was probably just his stressed mind playing tricks on him.

Suddenly, Izuku noticed something among the flames. An opening. After observing the hero's movements and maneuvers for a little bit, he realized a few things.

Because of the sludge villain’s full control over Kacchan’s quirk, he kept using it to make distractions. He was fully aware that the pro heroes primary goal was to save the hostage.

Because of this he kept making sure that the pro’s were way too occupied with keeping the bystanders safe. That gave them no opportunities to focus solely on restraining him.

Only one of the heros were currently on the offence. The hero with a quirk that allowed him to control and manipulate the wood that covered his body. Kamui Woods. However, he never got a safe opening to get Kacchan out of there.

They needed some sort of distraction. Something unexpected that would throw the Villain of his game. Just a few seconds would be enough.

Suddenly, he had a plan. It was admittedly a bad one, especially for his own safety, but he had one. He had to try it.

Izuku was still running as quickly as his legs could possibly carry him, adrenaline pulsing through his body. He tried to keep himself on the right side of the villain, as he knew that Kamui Woods were on the left one.

Izuku took a deep breath.

“Let Kacchan go!!” He then yelled as loudly as he could, voice cracking as he did. Much to his relief and horror, the villain’s expression morphed into confusion and the two of them made eye contact.

Izuku shrieked, desperately wanting to give in to the urge to turn around and run away. However, he had to follow through what he had begun. For Kacchan.

He shrugged of his yellow backpack from his back and with the little power that he had, he swung it towards the villain. Luck was surprisingly on his side for once. It hit him straight in the eye, causing the the villain cringe and hiss in pain.

Izuku took that moment to look to the side. It seemed as if the pro had understood his intentions. Thick branches were already wrapped around Kacchan’s arms, almost finished with pulling him out to safety.

Relief washed over Izuku, but it wasn’t long lasting. The downside of being a decoy was that now the villain’s attention and rage were pointed at him. He could already see him reaching for him with his vines of mud and loading up the last he had of Kacchan’s quirk.

So this was how he would end, huh? Well, he could have had a worse and more humiliating death, he supposed.

Izuku waited. But his world never turned dark and empty. There was as an explosion, sure, but it had never reached him. It took a second or two before Izuku actually dared to open his eyes again.

As soon as he did, however, he immediately locked gaze with All Might. Izuku’s eyes widened in surprise.

All Might had taken the blow for him.

“Hah..You’re an interesting one, young man!” All Might paused to wipe some blood away from the corner of his mouth and Izuku absentmindedly wondered why he was bleeding in the first place.

“I truly am pathetic. Who am I to step on your dreams, when not even I are living up to my ideals!” He said before giving him a huge, iconic grin.

Izuku didn’t know why, but somehow the smile looked different than usual. More alive and determined than ever, somehow. Maybe it was because he saw it in real life and not on a screen.

Izuku caught himself staring at his hero in pure wonder.

All Might turned back to the sludge villain. Let's just say the he didn't stand as much of a chance this time. When All Might meant business, it was unlike anything else out there.

It sure wasn't pure coincidence that made this man the legendary symbol of peace.

The sheer force of the punch brought rain pouring down from the sky. Izuku stared up at the spectacle, not quite believing his eyes. It was simply amazing. The cheer's from the crowds around them only confirmed that he wasn’t the only who felt that way.

However, suddenly, Izuku was snapped out of his awe and was firmly thrown back into reality.

"Kacchan...Kacchan!?" He sat up more properly, frantically looking for his friend. It didn't take long to spot him, as he was another center of attention at the site.

His heart felt icecold. Kacchan still hadn't woken up. He should’ve woken up at this point.

Izuku scrambled to his feet, stumbling over to Kacchan’s side.

"Kacchan!! Are you okay?" Izuku kept trying to make Bakugo move. Reply. Hit him. Yell at him. It didn't matter.

God, he just wanted him to do something.

Suddenly, Kacchan moved ever so slightly.

"I don't need your help..d-damn you." Bakugo wheezed, one eye open, of course only to send him a death glare.

He was alive.

Izuku flinched, staring down at him.

"Kacchan…" He mumbled.

He lowered his head, shoulders trembling.

“I’m so glad you’re alright..” He whispered under his breath.


Things began to calm down after that. Kacchan was taken to the hospital, but they said that he was going to be okay.

Izuku was still floating in some kind of shocked state, trying to process everything that had happened. To others around him, he must have looked like nothing short of a ghost.

After receiving a very long, stern and serious lecture from the pro heroes about how reckless he had been, he had been left alone. He was now sitting alone on the ground, leaned up against a cold concrete wall. His head was gently resting on his knees as he let himself get lost in his own thoughts.

After a while, Izuku realized that someone was trying to catch his attention. This someone was leaning over him, snapping his fingers in front of him. The boy slowly looked up. It was a tall man in a police suite.

"Hey there, are you back to earth now, kid? Do you have anywhere to go? Someone I can call for ya?"

Izuku looked down, mumbling an answer under his breath.

"What was that?" The officer gave him an impatient sigh. He seemed to have a lot more pressing matters on his mind than helping him. Understandably so considering everything that had happened.

Izuku looked back down again. He wondered what was waiting for him back at the house. An unsettling feeling settled in his chest. He didn’t want to know.

Suddenly, he was abruptly snapped out of his daze as he felt someone with surprising ease pull him up from the ground by his hands.

He looked up and locked gazes with non other than All Might.

"Come on, young man! I'd like to follow you home to make sure you don't find yourself in any more recklessness!"

All Might turned to the policeman.

“Of course if that’s not a problem with you, officer.”

The officer was quick to wave his hands dismissively and smile nervously.

“Of course not, All Might!”

“Alright!! Then, please, come with me, young Izuku!”

“O-Oh, okay.” Izuku stuttered. He didn’t have the first clue to why All Might would want to follow him home. After what he had done, he didn’t deserve it. Besides, where was even home to him anyway? He didn’t even know that much.

But he didn't say any of that. He just silently let All Might lead him out through the crowds.




They walked for the most part in silence, and Izuku’s anxiousness seemed to grow stronger by the second. Toshinori kept glancing back at the boy to make sure he was still by his side and hadn’t bolted or anything. He had more than a few things to tell him, and the least he could do was to make sure that he would stay around to listen.

As they got closer to his apartment, he felt his time run completely dry. His body was protesting firmly and he only had seconds left in this form at best.

Leaving the poor boy now for such a reason just didn’t feel right. He would probably just find out sooner or later anyways. Especially now with their new relation to one another. To lie about his identity probably wouldn’t end well anyways.

He simply just would had to tell him now, he thought with a sigh.

Then, Toshinori noticed that Izuku was no longer walking by his side. He turned around and saw that the boy had stopped.

He was crying.

"I'm so sorry, A-All Might.." Izuku looked down at the ground in shame as tears kept rolling down his cheeks at a steady pace.

"I know what you said, before, but..I just-" He bit down on his lip, a pained expression in his green eyes.

"Young man.." Toshinori didn’t get the chance to continue.

"I saw Kacchan, I saw him and he wasn't moving. I thought he was dying, d-dead even! I couldn't just stand there and simply let it happen. Kacchan might not like me, hate me even. And he does cruel things sometimes, but he was, is, my friend!"

"Hey, listen to me-"

Izuku seemed so caught up in his own feelings and thoughts that he didn’t even notice when All Might began changing into someone else. This wasn’t how he wanted to reveal his secret, but at this point he had no other choice. His time was up.

"I know I’m weak and just get in the way all the time, but, I just wanted to save him!"


Toshinori's firmer tone was finally enough to snap the boy out of his rambling. He made proper eye contact with the boy.

He looked shocked. Toshinori didn't blame him.

“M-Mr Toshinori? H-How?” Izuku stuttered, eyes wide in shock.

“Yeah...I’m sorry, kid. I meant for you to find out at a better time, but I-..” Toshinori’s sentence trailed off when he noticed something off about Izuku. He seemed to be losing his footing, his eyes distant and foggy.

Toshinori took a huge step forward and barely managed to catch the boy before he hit the ground. He let out a grunt before carefully slipping an arm around Izuku's shoulder to support him.

Such maneuvers would be infinitely easier if he was in his other form.

"Woah, hey, are you alright?" Toshinori asked Izuku. He seemed quite out of it and the only reply he earned was a weak nod and a very vague mumble.

Izuku then raised a trembling hand to his forehead, touching the bluish bruises he had there. He winced, indicating that they were probably really sore.

Toshinori frowned. Wherever the kid had gotten those bruises, it was probably worse than he had been letting on. Head-injuries was a tricky thing and shouldn't be taken lightly. It wasn't impossible that Izuku might even have suffered mild concussion. Poor kid.

"Come on, let me help you inside." Toshinori said before motioning towards the front door to his apartment down the street.

"You have to get some rest, boy." He then continued.

Izuku glanced up at him with tired eyes.

"Don't..wanna be a..bother." He mumbled.

Toshinori stared at him for a second before letting out a soft scoff at his words.

"Don't be ridiculous. Come on now."

Toshinori kept his hold careful yet firm around Izuku's shoulders as he began to walk, and the kid as exhausted as he was had no choice but to follow suit.

After leading the boy inside, Toshinori could see just how pale and tired he looked. Like a ghost, almost. He didn't blame him for being exhausted, he had been through a lot for just one day. It must have been a rollercoaster of emotions, that's for sure.

The two of them ended up settling down in the living room, after Toshinori had made sure that Izuku didn’t have any other injuries that needed tending to, of course. To his relief, he appeared to be just fine, at least physically.

Mentally might be a different issue.

Izuku’s previous crying had now been replaced with complete and utter silence. He didn't say as much as a word, even with the encouraging words and occasional questions from Toshinori. It kinda worried him a little bit to be honest, guilt beginning to gnaw inside his chest.

He had been too hard on the boy, before. Too quick to judgement. It wasn't fair. He hadn’t been fair. He should have a serious talk about it with Izuku once things had settled down.

"Do you have any place to be? Anyone waiting for you?" Toshinori asked him gently as they entered the living room.

He had a strong suspicion on what the answer for that might be, but he still wanted to make sure. However, like he had expected, Izuku just simply shook his head.

"Right, okay. Well, you are welcome to stay for as long as you need, alright?" Toshinori told him. The room once more went quiet. Toshinori for some reason felt somewhat like a fish on dry land. The times were he socialized as..well..himself, he supposed, wasn’t often. With the exception for running certain errands or grocery shopping.

He tried grocery shopping as All Might once and let’s just say that it was a mistake that he would make again. Narrow aisles and every single person in the store making a scene over him being there. It wasn’t exactly ideal when you just were out to buy some milk and go home.

He wasn’t exactly sure how he even did it back in the days. That technique might be long forgotten by now.

Suddenly, Toshinori noticed that Izuku was almost asleep on the couch across the room. He wondered how long he had lost himself to his messy thoughts. He hurried to clear his throat and speak up again.

"I have a guest room that you can rest up in. I think a good night's sleep will do you good, young Izuku. And then we about everything in the morning. No need to rush."

Izuku nodded, rubbing his eyes.
"Thank you.." He croaked, voice hoarse, still sounding quite out of it.

"Yeah.." Toshinori scratched behind his neck and gave a soft smile.

He hoped that they would be able to straighten things out between them properly in the morning.




A few hours passed and Izuku found himself curled up in the guest room bed. A breeze from the half open window caused him to shiver and he pulled up the covers further. It was summer and warm outside, but Izuku felt almost feverishly cold.

He felt completely out of it.

Izuku lied in the dark for several minutes and felt sleep creeping up on him.

The world turned silent.


Then, all of the sudden, Izuku sat straight up, eyes wide open, completely snapped out of whatever daze he had been in.

His expression was completely indescribable.

"My father is All Might!?!"




When Izuku woke up next morning he had the strangest feeling in the world. It was like he had woken up as someone else in an alternate universe. Where he was...All Might's son.

To be honest, the thought still made him ready to faint any second. It was definitely better to just not think about that for now for his own sanity. He still wasn’t even entirely sure that he hadn’t just dreamt it all.

He carefully slid out of bed. He glanced down, frowning a little at the now dirty and slightly torn school uniform shirt he had been sleeping in. Buying a new one definitely was something he would have to do later. Luckily, Izuku always carried with him a change of regular casual clothes in his bag just in case he would end up in any kind of trouble, and trouble tended happened quite often.

In most cases it was caused by his own clumsiness or, well, Kacchan. He had a surprising amount of clothes that had burn marks on them by now.

Izuku huffed and smacked his hands over his cheeks, snapping himself out of his current thoughts. He couldn’t just stand around all day, even though he was beyond nervous to leave the comfort of the bed and face reality outside.

He took a deep breath, bracing himself, before gently pushing the guest room door open. It made a loud screeching sound, causing Izuku to cringe. Not exactly discrete.


He probably hadn’t braced himself enough, because what he was met with sent him straight to freaking out.

"Ah!! Young Izuku, you're up and about! Good Morning!"

The loud voice was completely and utterly unmistakable.

It was All Might.

Izuku was pretty sure that he had at least two heart attacks in a row and the day had only just begun.

Oh boy.

Out from the kitchen door frame, All Might, peaked out at him. He was grinning cheerfully, but somehow, there was something about the expression that seemed slightly nervous, somehow.

Surely, that was something Izuku only imagined though.

It took several long, awkward seconds before Izuku mustered up the courage to answer.

"G-Good morning.." He wheezed.

All Might hummed cheerfully and disappeared back into the kitchen, Izuku hesitantly following.

As he entered the kitchen, he was instantly hit by a rather pleasant smell. His face instantly lit up, a giddy feeling filling him. It was he smell of waffles. Izuku couldn’t remember the last time he had those for breakfast. It must have been at least several years ago.

He looked over at All Might, not being able to contain his childish delight.

“Did you make waffles?” He asked.

All Might gave another wide grin and put his hands on his hips.

“Yes, I did indeed!!” He said proudly and gave an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Izuku smiled shyly and continued to look around the kitchen. It wasn’t until now that he noticed what a state it was currently in.

Someone had made waffles, alright.

All Might seemed to notice his gaze and scratched behind his neck.

“Nevermind the mess! Just, take a seat, young man!”

Izuku felt his cheeks heat up a little and he quickly did as he was told. He headed over to the kitchen table and clumsily plopped down onto one of the chairs.

After loosely crossing his arms over his stomach to reduce his nervous trembling, he took the time to enjoy the sight of the newly made waffles placed on the table.

He was almost convinced that this all was just a dream. I mean, in what universe were he sitting in All Might’s home, about to have waffles that he had made? It was just plain crazy.

When he thought about this it was like his body suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be beyond nervous. Izuku’s smile faded and he glanced over towards his idol.

All Might still stood in the same spot, lightly fiddling with his hands as his gaze were switching between him and the floor.

"Well? Have a taste!!" He then encouraged.

“O-Okay!!” Izuku almost shrieked before scooping up a few waffles and placing them neatly on his plate.

While he did, he absentmindedly wondered why All Might hadn’t put out a plate for himself.

The waffles were burnt. A smile played on Izuku's lips. He didn't know why, but this situation began to come off as funny to him. Maybe it was just his nerves playing tricks on him. Like when you're at an event where you're supposed to be serious, but still find it hard to fight off laughter.

"It's really good, All Might.." Izuku bit down on his lip, cursing himself for his week nerves.

Suddenly, a puff of smoke appeared as All Might transformed into his other form. Izuku shrieked at the sight and dropped his waffle in the process, not prepared whatsoever.

He had somewhat registered yesterday that Toshinori and All Might was the same person, but the transformation between them still freaked him out. He still hadn’t wrapped his head around it at all.

It felt way too unreal, especially when he hadn’t even got a single explanation for it. He was hoping that maybe he might get one soon.

Toshinori coughed a few times, raising an eyebrow at Izuku.

"Well, I tried. But it's nice of you to humor me." He huffed in a more grumpy tone as he sunk down in the chair opposite of the boy.

Izuku gave very quick smile before looking way and taking another bite out of the lightly burned waffle.

It didn’t take very long for the atmosphere to change into something more serious. They did have more than one thing that they had yet to discuss.

No waffle could change that fact.

"S-So, you really are All Might, huh..?" Izuku said and rubbed his arm a bit anxiously. His words were still present in his head, repeating themselves over and over like an old record.

Even though he had been trying to accept it. It still hurt.

"Do you have any school today, kid?"

Not expecting the question, Izuku frowned.

"No, It's saturday."

"Well, you never really know these days. Would you like to go for a quick walk with me later, then?" Toshinori said, eyes serious. "To talk."

Izuku already felt nervous. He wondered if he was about to scold him about what happened the day before. When he completely ignored what he had told him.

His throat felt tight.

"S-Sure. I mean, of course, All Mi-” Izuku’s sentence trailed off, when a phone was heard buzzing. It seemed to be Toshinori’s, since he immediately began to fumble through his pockets. When he got ahold of the phone, he got an expression on his face that Izuku couldn’t quite place.

“I apologize, I have to take this.” He said to Izuku before taking the call.

“A-Ah, Aizawa, how nice to hear from you.” Toshinori said and looked a bit troubled.

"Which excuse do you want to hear ? Version one, two or three?" He continued.

"The one that makes you sound the least like an idiot." A darker voice replied grumpily from the reciever.

Izuku could hear the reply due to the high volume on the phone and it caused him to almost choke on the water he was drinking.

He wondered what kind of person would speak to All Might in that manner.

Although, maybe he simply just didn't know about Toshinori's secret. But, still.

"Ah, neither of them it is. Got it." Toshinori said with a soft sigh.

He paused and held a hand over the receiver, turning back to Izuku.

"Just give me a minute.”

Izuku nodded and watched as Toshinori shuffled out from the room. Of course, he wondered what that was all about, but he knew that it really wasn’t his place.

Izuku turned his attention to the window, losing himself to his thoughts as he gazed outside.

He hoped that All Might wasn’t too upset with him because of yesterday. He never meant to go against his words, but at the same time he didn’t regret trying to save Kacchan.

Izuku sighed softly and propped up his head with his hands. He hoped really badly that their walk and conversation would go well.


Because he didn’t know what he would do if it didn’t.