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Katsuki has been acting weird lately. 


Shouto figures he probably shouldn't be too suspicious but he is. He's very suspicious. And worried. More worried than suspicious, really, because Katsuki's behavior isn't bad. It's just odd. Shouto also thinks of the sudden development... a little endearing. 


For example, before they leave for the dorms, Katsuki stomps over to his seat and wordlessly extends his hand. The first time he did it, Shouto stared at him for a good two minutes before Katsuki growled and snatched his hand. They walked hand-in-hand for the first time in public that day. Now, they hold hands like it's second nature. Another odd thing Katsuki does recently is give him random small kisses on the lips. And the cheeks. And the forehead. And the nose. The nose kisses are probably Shouto's favorite. 


He's a little more… affectionate. Shouto isn't complaining but it's so out of place. They've been dating for a good four months now and they're about to hit their five month mark in a few days. Katsuki's form of affection would be to ask if he's okay after sparring. It would be him tossing Shouto his last bag of chips during lunch time. It would be the creative and endearing nicknames he'd call him during class (current one is Katy Perry for obvious reasons). That's the affection he's used to getting from Katsuki. At least in public. But for the past few weeks he's gotten more bold in public. Shouto isn't sure if he should be indulging in these little acts and liking them as much as he should. 


Because he does like it when Katsuki holds his hand. He does like it when Katsuki kisses his nose after they finish their homework together. He does like it when Katsuki feeds him a piece of his spicy gyoza when spicy gyoza is his current favorite food that he'd never share with anyone. He likes Katsuki enough to allow him to shower him with whatever forms of affection as he pleases. It's not like he's any different when they're alone together.


So, he lets it happen. He lets Katsuki get bolder. He lets Katsuki pamper him as much as his heart desires. Shouto unashamedly basks in all the attention from his boyfriend. He's not going to be an asshole and ask him about it. It would just make Katsuki withdraw and he's not ready to let this new development go to waste. So he pushes these questions to the back of his mind. 


They're in Shouto's room today. They've been alternating every week on whose room they should sleep in. They're disguised as study times but they're both well aware it's an excuse to cuddle afterwards. That's another thing not a lot of people know about Katsuki. He's an absolute cuddle monster. He curls up like a kitten against Shouto any chance he gets, his lips dangerously close to his neck. This isn't a new development. It's been happening for a while but there seems to be a different aura around Katsuki today. 


"Shouto," Katsuki whispers against his skin. Shouto shivers. No matter how many times it's happened, he'll never get over the euphoric feeling of hearing Katsuki say his name. It's his favorite sound in the whole world, among other sounds Katsuki makes. He's got a whole section in his brain just for sounds that Katsuki makes. They're compartmentalized accordingly. 


"Are you free next Saturday?" His boyfriend asks. 


"I'm always free. Why?" Katsuki sighs and the warmth of Katsuki's breath feels like heaven on his cold skin. "You want to squeeze in some extra training next Saturday?" 


His boyfriend squirms a bit in his hold and looks up at him with warm crimson eyes. He's not used to this stare. Or maybe he just doesn't see it. There's so much emotion in that gaze, Shouto feels like he's drowning. He holds the gaze just as strongly, which results in his favorite picture of a blushing Katsuki. 


"I was thinking… We could go on a date next Saturday." Shouto's ears perk up at the word date. Katsuki is asking him out on a date. When Shouto doesn't say anything in response, Katsuki's blush deepens and he grumbles under his breath. "It's just we've never gone on an official date before. I just thought it'd be a good idea." 


Shouto isn't the romantic type. Never was until he met Katsuki. He never day dreamed about kissing someone senseless until he got a taste of Katsuki's lips. He never stared at someone extensively, even when they're doing the most mundane things like reading a book, with as much affection as he can muster until Katsuki became his favorite thing to look at. He never longed for the scent of sweet caramel until he buried his nose against Katsuki's soft skin. He never sought out for a hand to hold until Katsuki offered his. 


Likewise, he never thought about taking anyone on a date until Katsuki suggested it. 


"It has been five months, hasn't it?" Shouto asks his still blushing boyfriend, who nods his head slowly. Cute. "So, you would like to celebrate our… What did Uraraka call it again? Our monthsary?" 


Katsuki's nose scrunches up at the word and it makes Shouto chuckle. "What the fuck is Uraraka teaching you? That's a horrible word." 


"But it is the contextually correct term for the length of time that we have been boyfriends."


"You're so annoying," Katsuki moves around a bit until he's straddling Shouto's legs, arms wrapped lazily around his boyfriend's shoulders. Shouto's hands automatically land on Katsuki's waist, underneath his black tank top for that little bit of exposed skin beneath his fingers. "Have I ever told you how annoying you are?" 


"Only about 500 times but who's counting?" Shouto smiles, eyes sparkling up at his ray of sunlight that is Katsuki Bakugou. "Now, you were talking about going on a date? I'd love that." 


Katsuki's eyes widen for a second, as if surprised Shouto would say anything else besides that. Shouto continues to smile, knowing that the sight reassures Katsuki somehow. He only ever smiles like this when they're alone together or when Katsuki isn't looking at him. It's his Katsuki smile. Most of the class is pretty much aware of its existence. Midoriya named it during one lunch time and Katsuki almost choked on his ramen when he heard that. 


"What did you have in mind for this date?" 


"Jirou suggested it actually," Katsuki rubs tiny circles with his thumbs on Shouto's back. "Do you like ice skating?" 


Shouto's eyebrow quirks up inquisitively and his smile widens. This is just another thing he loves about Katsuki. Contrary to popular belief, he doesn't do anything with Shouto unless he is also comfortable. He asks him. Out in public they sound kind of aggressive and almost demanding but Shouto knows better. When they're alone like this, Katsuki's voice is soft and tentative. Like he doesn't know what he's doing. And he doesn't. He knows that he has no clue on how relationships work and neither does Shouto. But they discover it all together, what works and what doesn't. 


That's the beauty of this whole relationship. They never try to be other people, other couples. Heaven knows their parents aren't exactly the perfect images of love. Both of them are diving into this with caution but with a sort of fierce determination to make this whole experience uniquely theirs. Shouto and Katsuki. Katsuki and Shouto. Who they are together and how they are because of each other. It makes Shouto's heart swell with the sheer amount of adoration he has for the blond haired boy. 


"I love ice skating," He tells Katsuki, his tone reassuring with a mixture of… something else. He isn't sure what it is but the pinch in his heart is giving him a good idea. "Is that what we're doing?" 


"Yeah," Katsuki whispers again, leaning a little closer until their foreheads are touching. Shouto rubs their noses together fondly, eliciting a soft and satisfied hum from his boyfriend. "I was thinking it could be a double date."


"With who?" Shouto tilts his head, even though he already knows the answer. 


"Jirou and Yaoyorozu. Are you," Katsuki bites his lip nervously. Shouto kisses his nose to ease his mind. "Are you okay with that?" 


Instead of a quick response, Shouto kisses Katsuki's lips tenderly, slowly, conveying all the feelings that encapsulate his heart everyday. Katsuki gasps a little but kisses back with an intensity that makes Shouto's mind sing. They've kissed multiple times before, but never like this. This kiss is slow but passionate—enough to make Shouto's whole body feel warm and Katsuki's fingers dig into his skin. But not desperate enough for it to turn ferocious and heated. Shouto thinks this is now his favorite way to kiss Katsuki and, from the way his boyfriend was holding on to him, it seems to be Katsuki's new favorite too. 


They pull away after what feels like hours. Shouto smiles against Katsuki's temple. He places another soft kiss in his hair and Katsuki practically whimpers. Shouto likes that sound too, so much so that he lets Katsuki kiss him again with a burning need that only their lips touching would quench.