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A Generous Offer

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"Sensei, I want you to be my Daddy." The child raised her head to look at him with hopeful eyes.

“Huh?! You want me to be your Daddy?” Katsuki stared at the child in front of him with some bafflement. The little girl was barely seven years old, with her green hair in a ponytail, green eyes and freckles, she was really cute. The blonde pointed his forefinger lto the door, “Get out, go and play with your Mommy."

"But I want you to be my Daddy!" She insisted, fishing out her notebooks from her schoolbag and presented them to him, proudly saying, “Look! I get good grades because I'm smart girl and I study a lot. I'm a good girl! I eat veggies. I also do household chores! And I can also sing the national anthem! My Papa is smart, gentle and cute. If you become my Daddy, I will give you my Papa for free! It’s a bargain. Buy one, get one free.”

What the... What the fuck?

Katsuki almost snorted out a laugh. The kid didn't even know that he was gay, and yet, she was offering him her Papa. Also, how did this little girl even got here on the third floor of the school building? Where he taught brats who are teens already?

“Get your Papa for free?” The blonde stared down at the midget with great interest.

“Yes! You will get both a daughter and a husband at the same time. You won't have to look for a wife! Isn't it a great idea?!"

“It’s so tempting,” Katsuki mocked and then lied, “but I already have a boyfriend.”

Seeing that the blonde busied himself again with the paperworks, the girl grabbed his sleeve and whispered, “Sensei, you and your boyfriend can't have a daughter."

His forehead creased and whispered back, "What?"

“Yes. Because your boyfriend can't have a baby, so you can dump your boyfriend and be my Daddy instead. And also… no one would be cuter than my Papa!”

“No." Katsuki refrained himself from laughing, he shook his head in amusement then stood on his feet, "I don't like brats." He was about to tidy his desk when the girl suddenly hugged his leg and begged.

"Then what about be my Papa's husband, and then get a daughter for free?! Sensei, please!”

"Brat, you should go back down now. Back to the kindergarten. Your Papa must have been looking for you." Katsuki said seriously this time, he wanted to shake her off of his leg but told himself not to do so because it might hurt the kid.

The little girl paused for a second, swallowing, and then frantically shook her head, refusing to let go. "I won’t go! I won't let go, sensei! Unless you promise me!"

The blonde sighed and shook his head in disbelief. He grabbed the little midget's head to stop her from moving and then asked, "What's your name?"

Before she could answer, a man suddenly appeared, yelling, “Itsuki-chan, what are you doing?!"

Itsuki? Tree? Hah. Katsuki almost snort. The name fitted the child for having a green hair.

"L-Let him go!"

"But he is Daddy!" Itsuki who didn't want to let go.



The man was startled. He even lost a footing and fell towards Katsuki uncontrollably, who caught him in his arms on reflex. Looking closely, red eyes ran over his face. The man was quite cute. Just like Itsuki, he had freckles on his baby face. His eyes were green too,  but they were deeper emerald. He had a mop of green hair that he noticed was quite messy and soft.

"I-I'm sorry..." He was a little shaken, looking like a docile rabbit, green eyes growing wide. "I didn't mean to."

Katsuki couldn't help grinning, "You landed perfectly in my arms."

Seeing this scene, Itsuki screeched excitedly, “Sensei, you hugged my Papa! You should take responsibility for my Papa and me! You have to marry him!”

The man's face has turned red. He hurriedly push away from Katsuki. But the blonde didn't let him go, because he was liking what he saw. Normally, he wouldn't like someone on the first sight. But the contrast of freckles and those green eyes to a green hair was so exotic to him. What more? Was that he felt warm and incredibly soft in his arms. Then he came to his senses and realized that he was still holding the man with his daughter on Katsuki's leg, watching them and screeching like a fangirl.

Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, he set him right.

"U-Uhm... Thanks?" The man said, blushing.

"Good to know. Because I'm normally not chivalrous." He meant it as a jab because chivalrously wasn't a common move for him.

When those eyes widened again, Katsuki was almost hypnotized, and then he laughed as if it was a joke. It was a pretty laugh that actually made him pause to look at him again. It was a laugh that was free of bitterness and hurt.

Quite frankly, he was so damn close to being spellbound.

The blonde wasn't easy to get along with and he was harder to get to know. He even held the record in this school of the teacher who was strict and a jerk. Most students avoided him because of his short temper, but this father and daughter duo seemed to be completely immune. Part of him found that attractive, but his instincts warned him to be careful. He was already finding him likeable and he didn't even know him.

Itsuki squealed, making Katsuki tear his gaze from the man. "Papa, this is sensei! Sensei this is Papa! Now that you know each other... Sensei, can be my Daddy now!"

"What?!" Both of them asked in unison.

"What are you saying, Itsuki-chan? Why are you doing this?" The man hissed down at his daughter.

The girl grinned, "Papa, you're my hero and I want to find your own hero. Sensei is handsome and I think he can protect you. I really just want you to be happy!"

The man's face went soft, his eyes darted from Katsuki to the girl. But then, he quickly grasped her hand and excused himself, "Sorry for the inconvenience." and then pulled
her to go outside.

The blonde stared at their retreating back, and caught sight of that godly perfection in tight jeans. He had a great ass and it lured his eyes down there. Katsuki was actually more of a leg man but that tight piece of anatomy in denim was too difficult to resist.

"I'm Katsuki Bakugou." He suddenly said.

The two paused, and stared back at him. Then the man averted his gaze, answering finally with a, "I'm Izuku Midoriya."

The name rolled on his tongue like a candy and he thought, cute. "It's an interesting offer. Taking you as my husband, that is."

Katsuki could see how Izuku visibly swallowed, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. And how those green eyes flickered with interest, fear, then interest again,
as though he wasn’t certain which he should feel. Katsuki let his gaze continue to hold his. He knew the power of a look. When two people touched from across a distance, that touch could be frightening, wary, or a stroke of gentleness. He stroked his gently. He never let his eyes dip below Izuku's chin. Rather, the blonde let himself take in every nuance of expression, every shift of each facial motion, the flicker of Izuku's lashes, the shadows in his eyes, the tension in his body.

The green-haired man blinked, and he saw the minute softening in his gaze. It wasn't surrender—and it wasn’t desire, exactly. It was a hint of interest mixed with caution and resolution. He had made a decision. Now, Katsuki wondered what that decision was.

"Uhm... Katsuki-san.."

"Yeah, Izuku?"

"And Itsuki!" The girl, who they almost forgotten beamed at them. "Does that mean you're going to be my Daddy, sensei?!"


Katsuki pretended to think for a while, and then with a smirk, "Maybe. We'll see."


"Then what about you two date? Go watch a movie, eat something! Then kiss after just like those I've seen in movies!" The girl excitedly muttered. "I can also tell Granny Inko to help find Papa a decent clothes for the date! You'll definitely fall in love with him!"

Katsuki almost laugh. Whereas Izuku shook his head in disbelief, being so done with his daughter's shenanigans, he took her arm again and said to the blonde, "Goodbye, Katsuki-san."

"Goodbye, Daddy! See you tomorrow!"


The girl giggled, and Katsuki burst out laughing.