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Anguish of the Quirkless

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“Be quiet and settle down” Aizawa said as the bell rang. Poor guy look dead on his feet, but hey, what’s new?

The friend groups quickly diminished after a glare from Aizawa.

It was the last class on a Friday so everybody just wanted to go home for the week. 


As the students quieted down, Aizawa continued

“I have news. We're going to start with something new at UA in two weeks"

Everybody sweat dropped at that

(Except for Midoriya, Todoroki and Shoji).


The class nervously looked at their teacher, waiting for him to continue as he finished drinking his juice pack.

Midoriya did his research, that shit's expensive.

One juice pack costs like 12 $. People wouldn't expect that from the homeless looking guy, but again, Midoriya did his research.

Being an underground hero of Eraser's status pays goooood.

Now add being a homeroom teacher in the hero course at a school as rich as UA...


In an almost bored tone Aizawa continued "A yearly talent show in each course, you can be a maximum of 6 people in a gro-"

“Ooooo, I wanna do a dance!” Mina said exited, standing up from her chair.

And honestly, Midoriya is surprised Eraser got as far as he did without being interrupted.


“Sir? May I ask why UA feels like the students need to join a talent show to furt-“ 

“Thats fucking stupid!” Bakugou yelled, glaring at their teacher, who was already asleep on the floor.

At least that was what the class thought. Midoriya easily saw through the act.




It had only passed three weeks since school started, and keeping up the act had already become tiring.

Though a small price to pay for Bakugou to not recognize him.

Wouldn't want the burnt nugget bastard to find out what happened to his punching bag who disappeared when they were 11. 


Still a pain in the ass to wake up early to perfect his disguise though.

He gotta put on blue contacts that makes his eyes look bigger, concealer on his gucci eyebags and freckles,

and to top it of some blush and contour to make his face look softer than it is, adding a baby fat illusion.

(Just pretend that's a thing ;p)

The orange hair dye Midoriya uses monthly is expensive and time craving.

And straightening his hair every morning just frustrates him more, which is not good when his act is a nervous motherfucking happy go lucky all might fan. (Basically canon)


A good disguise though, since all Bakugou could have remembered would be the name Izuku Midoriya.

The scrawny, creepy, quiet, quirkless fuck that rarely showed emotion.

Just a wince as he got his third beating that week.

Bakugou would remember straight green hair, and emerald eyes.

Because that bitch his mother would force him to wear green lenses to school everyday, even though his eyes would itch and Midoriya now suffers from dry eye.

She would dye his hair green, even though he loved (still love) his black hair. 

The bitch She wouldn't even be careful when she straightened his hair, not caring if she burned him, not caring if he liked his wavy hair much more.


Before he could dwell more on his tragic backstory Midoriya sensed someone coming from behind him. Light footsteps.

He continued as he hadn't noticed, acting came like a second nature to him at this point.

He bit by a sigh as he felt a tap on his back, it was Uraraka.

Don’t take him wrong, there’s nothing wrong with her. (Kinda)

She is kind and all that, but.. she just, has so much energy. And acting like he can match it is tiresome.


“Hey Akatani-kun! Wanna go to the station together?” She asked as he turned around to face her.

Yup, he got the fake identity and all that bullshit. These people think his name is fucking Mikumo Akatani. lmao


No. I don’t even live that way, it was a lie


“Y-Yeah of course, Uraraka-san” he replied with a smile on his face. 

Midoriya put his last books in his backpack and started walking out of the classroom with her as she started to talk. 

“Are you existed for the talent show? Me and some of the other girls are gonna do a dance!”


I don’t give a fuck, I wanna sleep, dear god I beg u


“Really? T-that’s so cool!” Midoriya replied, trying his best to form an excited grin.


Last nights nightmares were worse than usual.

And the bruises on his body wasn’t helping, but that’s what you get when you stop a rape at 2 am in an alleyway, slightly tipsy.


“Thanks Akatani-kun! What do you plan to do?”

They we’re at the stairs at this point, on their way to the first floor, when they heard their teachers voice fill the empty hall.

”Akatani, a word.” Thank god his prayer was heard- wait what? Eraser? 

Uraraka looked between him and sensei with a confused expression. “Akatani..?”


Midoriya quickly apologized to Uraraka and told her she could go on without him, before he turned and started walking towards Eraser.

“See you tomorrow then Akatani-kun!” Uraraka yelled before bolting down the stairs, eager to go home. 


Does he know? How does he know?! Did she find him? Or did I do something to make him find out? Maybe it’s something else? But I’m doing good in classes?! Maybe i wasn’t good enough at the acting?! Did he see through the dye? Damn you hair dye!


Thoughts raced around Midoriya's head as he walked into the classroom. Trying to look as calm as possible as Aizawa locked the door behind him.

Eraser took out a chair and placed it in front of the teacher desk. Midoriya took the hint and sat his ass down.

He could feel every vein go cold when Eraser spoke next. “Akatani, what are you trying to hide?”



“What are you talki-?”

“Don’t play stupid with me Akatani”


Every time Aizawa gets a new class, he scares them on the first day, saying “Enemies can be everywhere”.

To this day only one student had managed to see past his stealth skills.

One girl with a detection quirk. Still she had been startled by his looks.


Except Akatani.

It was the first day of class when Aizawa was hiding in the shadows near the classroom door looking like a motherfucking creep, observing two students talk.

A male with straight orange hair(midoriya), and a female with a brown bob. 

Aizawa was waiting for them to enter the classroom, so he could surprise his new bunch of brats, but no more than 10 seconds after he started watching them Akatani noticed him.


Aizawa saw how Akatani tried to look like he hadn’t seen him. How he hadn’t seen past an underground hero with eleven years of experience.

Eraserhead, the hero that specialized in stealth among other things.


Maybe the kid has a quirk that helps him notice people around him or something. Aizawa thought at the time.

He didn’t get to read all of his students files before the first day, busy with a new drug in the underworld.


Akatani got in mostly by rescue points, just 10 villain points. Overall an okey ish score, still, not one time was it shown any signs of a quirk.

At the quirk appreciation test Akatani again didn't show any use of a quirk, but he managed to come 14th.

He did good for a person with a nonphysical quirk.

Especially well in speed, jump, touch-your-toes (idk the name, can be fuckin George for all I care, I’m sorry) and side to side steps.


He stopped Akatani when he was going to throw the ball, using erasure. A little mad, suspecting that Akatani didn't try his best.

The kid wasn't even sweating!

"Analysis" Akatani nervously answered when Aizawa asked about his quirk.



When he arrived home, Aizawa mulled over the fact that he hadn't felt a quirk factor in Akatani.

He became even more suspicious when he read the kids file.

Why was there written analysis as Akatani's quirk?

Did he fake a quirk...? How?

That requires great hacking skills, and from what he has seen, Akatani don’t have that many skills.

He has to keep an eye on him, make sure he didn't make a mistake with his quirk. 


Four days later, at the USJ, the villains at the mountain zone were beaten brutally.

That's where Akatani was.

When a police officer accompanied by him asked Akatani about it he answered something along the lines of

"I was there alone, the villains got into an argument and started fighting each other, I just had to take out two guys."

in a nervous, sweet, scared and kinda traumatized tone that Aizawa would later learn to be fake.



“According to the villains we interrogated, they didn’t fight each other.” Tsukauchi had said later that week.

”Midoriya single handedly beat up 35 amateur villains.”