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Existence - Another Path

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Democrat Hot Springs

Something was wrong. Mulder knew it - could feel it. Something was wrong with Scully, with their unborn child. He threatened Doggett. Where is she?! Where had Reyes taken Scully? Doggett gave him a general location, but Mulder still didn’t have the exact coordinates even as he boarded the helicopter.

It was something, a headache, his heart - a calling. Mulder wasn’t sure, couldn’t explain it. He felt his heart beating - heard his heart beating.

Thump - thump - thump… a little fast but a steady rhythm.

It was the other beating that scared him, not matching his own. Was he imagining it? It was fast, so fast and faint 5 or 6 in between his own … thump thump thump thump thump…

That echoing thumping kept him company on the helicopter flight- it guided him and helped him direct the pilot - and stopped the minute the pilot set them down. He’d seen the cars from the sky and he ran weaving in and out of them - running to the wooden building they all seemed to be pointing at. He was filled with terror now.

How did they find her? She, they were supposed to be safe here! Was he too late?

He launched himself through the door and was immediately grabbed; Billy Miles and another held him back. He struggled to no avail, trying to get to Scully, he could see her laboring on an old wrought iron daybed.

“Scully! Let me go you sons of bitches! Scully!

Scully groaned as a contraction ripped through her she was so tired. “Mulder…” she looked around the room all the stone faces staring back at her with no human emotion showing. She looked at Billy Miles, “Please… I need him.” Her face suddenly contorted in agony, her back arching and Scully screamed, “Nooooo! Something’s wrong! Nooo! My baby….. MULDER!

Mulder was suddenly released he ran to Scully, sat on the bed, his arm immediately supporting her shoulders and back. He stroked her sweaty hair back from her forehead. “I can’t do it
Mulder. I’m so tired. Something’s wrong…”

Mulder pressed his lips to her temple whispering soothing random words to her. Time passed without a contraction and Scully began to sob and turned her face into Mulder’s chest. He glanced at Reyes, she shook her head, worry evident in her face. She’d never delivered a baby before, but she didn’t think active labor stopping was good.

“Our baby… Mulder…” Scully cried out, drawing from that deep well of agony everyone holds inside. Mulder felt helpless, what could he do? He wasn’t a medical doctor - the doctor was in his arms - trembling. Scully’s OB, a hospital was miles away, this wasn’t supposed to happen here.

Mulder had clawed his way back from abduction, torture and the grave - he couldn’t - wouldn’t give up now.

He closed his eyes and did the only thing that seemed natural he prayed to whatever power or entity that was listening. “Please,” he silently begged placing his hand, fingers splayed over the child in Scully’s womb. “Please!”

It was just a tingle, like the electricity crackling in the air before a storm. “Did you feel that Scully?”

“Yes! Oh my God! I need to push!” Scully replied, smiling even as a strong contraction gripped her. Mulder quickly got behind her. “Lean on Me Scully… you can do this.”

“I see the baby’s head!” Reyes shouted.

Mulder balled his fists up and dug them into Scully’s lower back, causing an appreciative moan to escape. “Thank you, that’s enough… hold my hands Mulder. Just hold my hands…”

“Push Dana! Push!”

Scully gave a nod, acknowledging Monica’s directions and pushed. Scully gripped Mulder’s hands - squeezing, her partner, her lover, the father of her child - together in all things. She felt the baby slide from within her and she allowed her full weight to rest against Mulder’s chest.

“It’s a boy! You have a son.”

A son. He was a father.

“A son,” he whispered into Scully’s temple, “We have a son.”

Mulder’s limited view only allowed him to see the baby’s head, but Reyes moved her hands over him doing whatever instructions he was sure Scully had drilled into her head. The baby didn’t let out a loud wail, but more like squeaks and grunts. Finally Reyes smiled at them, transferring the baby into Scully’s trembling arms. Mulder tightened his own under hers, his heart full, the lump in his throat threatening to choke him.

Looking down at Scully holding their son in her arms, Mulder couldn’t help but think that even in this abandoned village’s ramshackle building on a daybed used by others in the past with dozens of super-soldiers surrounding them - he was happy. Scully was sweaty, exhausted, the tangy smell of blood permeated the air and yet - Scully holding their son was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“I love you.”

Scully tilted her face back and looked up at him, she loved to hear those words. Mulder leaned down and their lips met in a soft, gentle and lingering kiss.


“Dana, Mulder,” the urgency in Reyes’ voice caused them to pull apart. They looked up to witness all the super soldiers filing out of the room, none of them looked their way except for Billy Miles still standing sentry at the doorway. After the last one had exited Billy Miles also left, but his parting words lingered long after.

“It is not time yet we will always find you.”