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If I Hurt, Will You Kiss It Better?

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"Wei Ying."

The man on the bed stirs.  

"Wei Ying," the soft voice calls again. 

The man who speaks is clad in a doctor's white coat, the name of the hospital stitched in blue above his left chest pocket. 

There is another man sitting on the long hospital room window seat. His black office coat rests neatly over the back of a chair across the room, leaving him in his dress shirt and dark purple tie. He looks up from skimming through emails on his mobile phone when he hears movement on the bed.  

A low groan answers them.

Wei Wuxian opens his eyes. He immediately squints as he is met with the room's fluorescent white light. He looks away from it, eyes landing instead on the initially blurry face of the doctor on his bedside. 

His vision sharpens, at which point he sees that face become clearer. 

He blinks—because… okay, wow.

"Wei Ying..." This time, his name is said with soft relief. It might have been a trick of the light, too, but for a second it also looked like there was a smile on that—wow, really, how handsome is that face?

"Yes, Doctor, my name is Wei Ying. And your number is?" 

The man near the window immediately blurts out, "Oh my fucking God." 

Okay, so that's Jiang Cheng. Wei Wuxian can recognize his younger brother anywhere. 

The doctor, however, is someone new. Well, new-ish, though Wei Wuxian can see the name on his coat— Lan W., M.D

He also seems weirdly familiar.

Said doctor does not even look at Jiang Cheng despite the outburst, instead staring at Wei Wuxian like he is some piece of a puzzle. "How are you feeling?" he asks, and boy, if that deep but soft voice isn't doing things to Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian blinks at the question though, and takes a moment to assess himself. That is when it hits him.

"Uuugh what is this—Oh no, Doctor, did I just die?" 

"What's wrong with him?" asks Jiang Cheng, who belatedly adds, "Apart from the usual, that is." 

"Do you know where you are?" 

From his pathetic state on the bed, Wei Wuxian looks up at the gorgeous face looking down at him. "Am I in heaven? Are you an angel?" 

Even the way the doctor shakes his head looks so perfect and elegant. "You are in the hospital. Do you remember who you came here with?" 

Wei Wuxian draws a blank. His face crumbles at the realization and he whines, "Doctor, what is wrong with me?"  

"Why do you call him 'Doctor'?" asks Jiang Cheng, who is running out of patience. "Wait, nevermind. If this is some weird, kinky thing you guys do at home, I don't want to hear it." 

This time, the doctor, Lan Wangji, side-eyes Jiang Cheng, clearly disapproving. Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes, not really caring. He and stick-in-the-mud Lan Wangji never see eye to eye when it comes to propriety anyway.

"Because he is my doctor?" says Wei Wuxian, though his tone does not sound sure. But despite that, he is also already holding Lan Wangji's hands—when did that happen?

"I am not, really. Brother is," says Lan Wangji, turning back to Wei Wuxian. "I am just here to take care of Wei Ying." 

Easily distracted, Wei Wuxian's face immediately brightens. "Oh, Doctor Lan, you are here for me? That's so silly!" 

"You are silly!" explodes Jiang Cheng, disturbed by the saccharin tone his brother's voice has taken on. Such signs has never boded well for him in the past. "He is literally your husband, so why wouldn't he be here?" 

Wei Wuxian actually gasps at this. He turns to Jiang Cheng, drug-glazed eyes wide as he whispers (except not really, because he's too high). "He's my husband?" 

"Oh my fucking God." Jiang Cheng turns to Lan Wangji. "Seriously, what is wrong with him?"

"This sometimes happens," says the young doctor. His eyes never leave the patient on the bed, as though still checking him for whatever it is that doctors check delirious patients for. "An effect of the anesthesia. It should wear off in--" 

A hand on his face cuts Lan Wangji off. Wei Wuxian clumsily pats the doctor's cheeks, an expression of child-like wonder on his face. "How are you my husband?" he asks. "You are so pretty. Did I drug you?"

Jiang Cheng snorts. "A valid question, actually. I am also curious how you got him to agree to shackle himself to your crazy ass." 

"I was not drugged," answers Lan Wangji, all serious despite the ridiculous situation and as though he is not talking to a madman. "With Wei Ying, there is a lot to like." 

"Oooohh my God, I hit the jackpot."

"Argh, for fuck's sake!" cries Jiang Cheng. "I did not cancel all my meetings today just to listen to you spout disgusting nonsense about your spouse, Wei Wuxian!" 

The stupid patient actually giggles. "Did you hear that?" he tells Lan Wangji, like he is sharing a secret. "He said you're my spouse." 

Stupidity must be catching, Jiang Cheng thinks, as he watches Lan Wangji nod at this. "Mn, he did."

"Heeey," continues Wei Wuxian, high as a kite. "Hey Doctor Lan, if I tell you something hurts, will you kiss it all better?" 

Jiang Cheng throws up his hands. "Holy shit, it's like I don't exist." 

"Shall I get you more painkillers?"

Wei Wuxian whines. "Nooo! No, just kiss me all better!"  

"Has our mother not taught you not to kiss strangers, Wei Wuxian?" Jiang Cheng interjects, but it just gets him a scoff from the idiot on the bed. "You can't even remember this guy's name."

"She told us not to talk to strangers, A-Cheng," says Wei Wuxian, as though this is a sensible argument. "Besides, he cannot be a stranger if I married him, right, Doctor Lan?" 

"It won't be your first questionable decision if he were, that's for sure." Jiang Cheng turns to Lan Wangji. "You're on break now, right? I refuse to watch this trainwreck, so how about you just call me when he's unconscious again or something? 'Got to call my sister anyway, let her know the idiot survived surgery."

Lan Wangji turns to him and nods. "I can stay with Wei Ying."  

"If I hear anymore of this doped up bullshit, I'll get a migraine." 

A dramatic cry comes from the bed. "Jiang Cheng! What if I die while you are gone?" 

"Oh, trust me, I am not that lucky."

Lan Wangji turns back to Wei Wuxian, distracting him before he bursts more dramatic lines at his brother. "I will take care of Wei Ying."

The distraction is effective. As though newly reminded of the other's presence, Wei Wuxian turns dreamy eyes towards Lan Wangji again. "Will you make sure nothing happens to me, Doctor Lan?"  


"Protect me from bullying little brothers set to kick me while I'm down because he can't beat me otherwise?"


"I will protect Wei Ying."  

Jiang Cheng gives up. "What are you, twelve? I hope you catch ants, disgusting couple!" He leaves in a huff, grabbing his coat and his wallet before stalking off and barely managing not to slam the hospital room door behind him.

He is only a few steps out right when he turns a corner and nearly bumps with another white coat-clad man.

"Ah, Jiang Wanyin." 

Jiang Cheng looks up to see a face near-identical to the one he just left behind his brother's hospital room. He sighs. Great, more Lans. 

"Hey there, 'Doc." 

Lan Xichen, unlike his more stoic younger brother, always has a ready smile, which he directs now at Jiang Cheng. "I was just about to check on young Mr. Wei. I take it Wangji is with him?"

"Believe me, you do not want to go there." 

Lan Xichen chuckles. "I see," he says, all prim and polite like the perfect rich boy he is. "Thank you. Then, I shall heed your warning." 

Jiang Cheng huffs in lieu of a "you're welcome", and crosses his arms. He waits for the other to finish his pleasantries and take his leave. 

Lan Xichen though, surprises him. "You are not leaving yet, are you? If you are not busy, would you like to join me for coffee?"  

Jiang Cheng raises an eyebrow. They have not had much interaction since meeting at their brothers' wedding, though it makes sense if they were both in each other's radars since then.  

Taking note of in-laws, that is. Not that Jiang Cheng is thinking of anything else. 

"My treat," adds Lan Xichen, smiling his amiable smiles. Not that Jiang Cheng knows him well enough to think so, but it's just one of those things he noticed since the wedding.

He looks down at his phone, then back to the hallway from which he came from and to which he probably won't return for a good few hours. 

"Well," he says, trying for nonchalance as he looks back at the other man. "Since it's free and all..."  


Back inside the room, the two left behind have already forgotten there used to be a third person with them. 

"Wei Ying, you should rest." 

Wei Wuxian all but purrs at the attention and the gentle fingers carding through his hair. 

"Hey," he says sleepily, nuzzling against that hand. "Are we really married?" 

Those fingers start scratching behind his ear, intimate and familiar and causing happy shivers to run through Wei Wuxian. "Mn."  

"Hmm, what if I don't believe you? Prove it." 

That gives Lan Wangji pause. It is only for a moment though, because next he is shifting, lifting one hand and showing Wei Wuxian his gold wedding ring.  

Still glazed eyes widen upon seeing the ring. "Wooow." Wei Wuxian checks his own hand, and sure enough, a matching ring is there. He brings it so close to face that he goes cross-eyed. "Oooohh my God, it's true, wooow."

Cool, careful hands pull his hand away from his face. "Behave. You'll make yourself sick."

"Okay, the rings are cool and all, but I actually was thinking--" Wei Wuxian's voice turn playfully coy "--along the lines of--" He taps a finger on his lips "--proving it another way?" 

To Wei Wuxian's delight, the other is quick to get his meaning, judging by the look on that handsome face. But then the doctor just huffs and says, "Ridiculous." 

This makes Wei Wuxian pout. "Come on! I bet we've kissed a thousand times!"  

"Not yet a thousand." 

"Who is even counting?" He wails. "Don't you love me? All I am asking is to be kissed by my husband, but now I am finding he won't even--" 

And then he is—kissed, that is—suddenly and probably as a means to shut him up. God knows how many people have tried to shut Wei Wuxian up in his lifetime. Many have failed, but… wow, okay, Wei Wuxian has to admit that as far as methods go, this kiss is very effective. He all but melts under the other man's weight, whose kiss is wreaking havoc in Wei Wuxian's already addled head. He can't remember if anything else has tasted so sweet, felt so good and perfect as the soft lips on his, the warm hands cupping his face, this man's heat enveloping him from above and just draining away all the tension and pain he can vaguely feel in his weakened body. 

The kiss ends far sooner than Wei Wuxian would wish, and he grunts his complaint.

"Don't strain yourself," says his gorgeous, sexy, perfect husband (win!). "It will be difficult if you throw up."

"Eew, I don't want that." Wei Wuxian blinks sleepily up at the other man. "You're so pretty. And a good kisser." 

That gets him a smile—and oh my God he looks so much better. "Not as pretty as Wei Ying, who is also a good kisser." 

Wei Wuxian giggles and weakly shoves the other. (It barely does anything.) "Shut up, you. How are you so sweet? Are you always like this to me?" 


Wei Wuxian is grinning so much he can feel his face growing numb. "I must be so happy."

"I hope so," says his husband, who runs the back of his fingers down Wei Wuxian's cheek, like some perfect leading man in a cheesy romance drama. "I do my best so you are always happy." 

"How are you so perfect?" asks Wei Wuxian. "I must have done something right in a past life." 

The other man releases another breathy huff, which Wei Wuxian this time recognizes as him laughing. "Rest, Wei Ying." 

"Don't wanna," he says sleepily. "Don't want to leave you."

"You'll be back," he is assured gently. "And I will be right here waiting." 

"Sweet, so sweet…" Wei Wuxian means to cry it out in mock complaint, but he can feel his energy leaving him at an alarming rate. He yawns. "You are the best. The very best, my Lan Zhan." 

He is fast asleep again after that, leaving just one last man in the room. Said man continues to watch over the other on the bed, hands not quite stopping from touching him, caressing where he can touch skin. 

"Sleep well, Wei Ying."