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Worth it (Perfect)

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When the two of you first met what drew you to him were his striking blue eyes and long predominantly white hair. He was tall, very tall, and extremely skinny. To anyone else he was cold, calculative, and reserved but to you he seemed nervous, worried, and afraid. You didn't know what he was afraid of though, but you never pryed. He was a regular at the diner you worked at, most of the time he was alone but sometimes he was with a black haired teen. Whenever he came in your co-workers were sure to make you wait his table. They complained about him being a cold person, and since he only came in during your shifts anyway you put on Toshinori watch. When ever he came in you were there to greet him with that wide beautiful smile of yours and treated him better than anyone has. Needless to say he was deeply in love with the young beta woman that always remembered his order. But despite this he always thought you were just being plantionically nice. 


His love for you turned into something strange though. Soon he found himself following you home and killing off any person, male and female, alpha beta and omega, that even tried to take you away from him. Even breaking into your apartment and tampering with hygiene products and your food and each time he did, he made sure to let out small doses of his scent throughout your home. It was crazy, just how obsessed he was with the kind brown skinned beta, but he didn't care. Toshinori was absolutely in love with you, but too insecure to act on it, after all he wanted you to love his regular form. And seeing how he looked in the mirror everyday brought him back down to Earth from the love high you put him in. With his signature suit on and his long white with streaks of green hair pulled back by a ribbon, he found himself opening the little diner called 'Kingsmen', his heaven on Earth because of the shorter (body type) woman he loved.


The familiar ding of someone entering the diner cause Y/n to stop what she was doing to give them a smile. "Hello! How ma- Oh hello Toshinori! It's nice to see you!" she exclaimed with a wide smile. The young beta woman was a kind and gentle soul, having a natural loving glow in the horrors that came with the quirk filled world. And this rundown diner became Toshinori's beacon of hope after his switch. Sure he couldn't eat anything or drink anything alcoholic but sitting in his normal booth watching you always kept the tall alpha calm.


"You see me almost everyday." came his blunt, cold response, causing other patrons to glare at him in disdain. But all Y/n did was smile and nod in agreement. No one knew why she was so attracted to the sickly thin man, especially since he was so cold but you were like an overly optimistic and affectionate puppy. Only a real villain, worse than All Smite himself, would ever try and hurt you or your feelings. Toshinori sat in his normal booth and his head went too look out the window, ignoring everyone present that wasn't you.


"Well lucky for you, you get to be my last table for the day." Y/n said with a smile. Turning on your heels Toshinori was able to see how nicely dressed you were today compared to your normal slacks and optional uniform shirt. You wore a high waisted wine colored mini skirt that ended at your mid thighs, while it wasn't body con it did accentuate your curves since it was slightly pleated. He couldn't see what kind of top you were wearing but by how puffy your uniform top was it most likely had some ruffles. There was light makeup on your face as well, the most shocking thing to him, he knew how much you disliked makeup and for you to be wearing it you must of had a date or prior arranged event. 


This confused him, with the cameras he had installed throughout your house and the wiretap he had in your phone, he's never has seen or heard you talk to anyone never mind plan a date. He was seething with anger. With the influx of heroes he had to spend more time working as All Smite and now because of that he fucked up. You had a date. A date that wasn't him. You were dressed up and wearing make up for someone that wasn't him. Toshinori didn't realize the tight grip he had on the teacup until it was too late and it shattered in his hand. Heads turned to look at him but he didn't care, not even about the piping hot tea that was on his skin. All he was thinking about was the next place to hide a body. 




Y/n was panicking. She had just clocked out and she still hasn't asked him out. In her skirt pocket were two tickets to the night aquarium, a hard place to get tickets for and extremely expensive. But based on the reviews and pictures it was worth it. She was excited for it and even dressed up. Her top was an off shoulder pastel blue short-sleeved crop top with a few ruffles that hung over her chest. To go with her skirt she wore black stockings and black knee high kitten heels. In this quirk filled world anything was possible and Y/n always tried to use that as her motivation.  Looking at herself in the mirror, she touched up her makeup and outfit and grabbed her book bag ready to leave. When she got to the dining area her eyes fell on the familiar head of white hair and smiled. Wolf whistle were let out by her co-workers and customers alike and as uncomfortable they made her she was on a mission and couldn't be distracted. 


"Toshinori!" Y/n called out, snapping the man out of his daze. The tea cup had been cleaned up by a co-worker but his hand had red welts wear the tea spilled. Toshinori looked at the young woman and his eyes widened slightly at being able to see her full outfit. 


"You don't look bad for once." he mumbled, causing you smile widely. You were trilingual after all, you spoke English, Japanese, and Toshinori. And after translating from Japanese his words fell along the lines if 'Wow' and 'You look great' what a compliment.


"Thank you!.. It's for a date." Y/n said bashfully, fidgeting with the ticket in her pocket as she looked at the ground. This caused her to miss the look of disgust spread briefly across Toshinori's face. "And um.. I was wondering.." she couldn't finish. It was too nerve wracking. So instead she reached into her pocket pulled out the spare ticket and closed her eyes thrusting it into his face. "Please go with me." 


Her last words were barely above a whisper but Toshinori heard her loud and clear. The shock on his face was evident, as were the looks of shock of onlookers but with your closed eyes your couldn't see them. All you could hear was silence. A pin could drop and you'd be able to hear it, and It would be better than this. Because at least then something was moving. Swallowing saliva Toshinori glance between the ticket and Y/n. She wasn't the type to pull a prank like this, or spend so much money on something like this either. So it had to be genuine. Right? "Why?"


Slowly opening her eyes Y/n met his gaze. On his outer front the 'Why' was meant to be fridged, detached; harsh. But she could the tremble in his voice. He was scared. Scared to be loved. Scared to be lead on. Scared to be tricked. And it broke your heart. A small frown traveled across her face as she lowered the ticket, already accepting the rejection that never came. "I just.. I thought.." Y/n started. Blinking away unshed tears as her lips quivered. Boos filled the diner, directed at Toshinori, but they didn't matter no one matters to you like he does. "I really.. I really like you and I w-wanted to." 


Toshinori winced at the soft voice crack, you were going to cry. Something he promised to kill anyone that made you do. Letting out a sigh, he slid out of the booth and looked down at you. He'd be a fool to reject you, prank or not. He didn't know you were such a good actress though. And if anything he could always kill the people that made you do this and kidnap you. You were too precious for this world anyway, they didn't deserve the kindness and smiles of Y/n L/n. "OK. Just stop crying."




"Yes… Why are you crying even more now?" 


"I-I'm just so h-happy!" using the back of her, Y/n rubbed at her tears smudging her makeup in the process as she sniffles. Her makeup was probably ruined but she didn't care, not right now at least. Hiccups escaped her and Toshinori sighed and wrapped his bony arms around her. Claps and cheers of congratulation surround them and he wanted nothing more for them to stop. But with you crying him his arms he couldn't stop them the way he wanted to. So instead he lead you out of the diner, a large hand on the small of your back.


Since it was still early in the day, an hour past noon, the two decided to walk around a nearby park. The makeup on your face long gone, much to your disappointment and Toshinori was getting tired of hearing you complain about messing up your make up and his suit. "I don't see why you needed it for something as trivial as this." 


"I guess you're right.. But I just wanted to look good for you." you mumbled causing Toshinori's heart to skip a beat. If it wasn't for his height and you looking down at the ground it would of been easy to see the blush and puffed out chest of alpha pride. 


"Don't waste your time. You still look the same to me no matter what." he mumbled back and if it wasn't for your brown skin you'd have a bright blush full on your face. Translation: 'You look beautiful to me no matter what.' And exchanges like that went on for hours. Just two cringey not so love birds hopelessly pining after each other. 




It was well into the night when the aquarium finally opened. The two of you had just finished dinner at a nearby restaurant, in which you also paid for despite Toshinori's protest. You're the one that asked him out, not the other way around. So you were treating him today.


"I don't see why I couldn't have paid. I have more than enough to pay for dinner." 


"Well then next time it's your treat."


A cough escaped Toshinori and this time his blush was clear as you smiled widely up at him. "N-Next time!?" 


"I wasn't joking when I said I really liked you Toshinori. You deserve to be happy you know." You said in a matter of factually tone, moving up in the line of people at the entrance.




"Why do you deserve to be happy? Toshinori, everyone deserves to be h-"


"No! Why do you like me? You can have anyone in this world. So why go for disgrace of an alpha like me?"


A frown spread across your face as you stopped Toshinori from taking another step. "You have flaws Toshinori. And guess what. So do I. So does everyone in this world. And that doesn't make you any different and sure as hell doesn't make you a disgrace either. Our biggest enemy and our worst critic could be ourselves at times." you looked up at the man, practically breaking your neck as you held his hands to your face cupping them fondly with a soft smile and half lidded eyes. "But they're never right. When I look at you I see a man that can't say what they truly want to. And as time passed I like to think I've grown fluent in the language of Toshinori. I like you because you're smart. You're honest. You're kind when you need to be. You're punctual. And most of all because you like me as Y/n L/n the waitress. Not because of the color of my skin, or fetishizing my race. You were always honest and I can sense that in people. I like to joke it's my quirk even though it's not but you get the idea, Toshi. I like you FOR you, and I like you AS you, flaws and all, no matter what. You don't have to return my feelings, but don't be so hard on yourself. That's all I ask."




A sigh escaped you from the lack of response but you never dropped your smile. Handing in your ticket it was stamped and the two of you were granted entry. Inside the aquarium soft music played and neon blue green and red lights filled the entry hall. Soft sounds of awe and amazement escaped you as the lights changes and guppies swam around freely. The set up at the entrance was absolutely gorgeous and captivating. It made you realize just how worth it this all was. And while you were focused on the fishes and lights, Toshinori held a fist to his chest as his heart beat erratically. If you were this kind, this sweet as beta he'd have diabetes if you were an omega. If you were an omega you'd also go into heats and he'd be able to- No he should think like that. Not in public at least. Not when you were right next to him and in close enough range to go in a bathroom and bend- No!


A groan escaped Toshinori as he felt his pants tighten slightly. He needed to kill his growing boner fast. He let his mind wander from unpleasant thing and memory to the next. And soon enough the image of a familiar mangled body popped up, the boner was gone and so was the giddiness of his beating heart. Toshinori hasn't thought about her in a long time. Always pushing back his emotions and collecting bounty to avoid having to face his demons. It was those heroes fault she was dead. It was their fault he was this way. And even though Toshinori already killed every last one involved his thirst for blood wasn't satisfied. It never was.


"Toshinori look at this fish! It looks the Flats from Spongebob! You know! The green bully obsessed with kicking people's butts!?" the wide childish smile on your face brought Toshinori back from his self pity. You were pointing at an army green fish digging itself into the sand of the aquarium its round eyes forever searching for a nearby predator. The way the neon light shined down on you highlighted every beautiful part of your face, especially the way it shined on the gloss of your lips making them look the same color the machine flashed, which was currently blue. A smile graced his own face as stood behind you to look at the fish with you. 


"That's one peculiar looking fish.. What did you say it was from?" he asked, hands behind his back as he knelt down to your level to get a better look. The flounder was hidden under the sand at this point but it's outline could still be seen.


"Spongebob! Did you not see that episode?" 


"I have not. Nor any other episodes." 


"You've never watched Spongebob before!?" you gasped in shock. Craning your neck to look at him, you finally realized just how close he was, just how close his lips were. You were quick to glance away but you didn't move, not even as the heat of embarrassment filled your body and your heart started to beat faster. You could practically feel his warmth on you. "W-well for the next date that's exactly what we're doing! Binge watching Spongebob at my place!"


Toshinori raised an eyebrow as he held the door open for you so the two of you could finally leave the entrance hall. "The next date?"


"O-only if you want to that is. You don't have to go on another date with me if you don't want to." you mumbled softly. The entrance hall was nice but the bridge from there to the other exhibits was amazing. It was made completely out of glass and it will see through and at this point the aquarium was descending Underground. Surrounding the glass Bridge was water lights and all types of aquatic animals. Stingrays swimming above the glass and bass swimming below at your feet. There was so many things to look at but everything was happening all too fast. It was beautiful and you were completely entranced with it, and so was Toshinori. Doing a small spin, you watched as a group of stingray flew over head gliding through the water. "Amazing!"


"You're right. I don't.. But I will. At least until I get bored of you." he replied back softly watching as some sucker fish slowly moved along the glass.


"Well trust me, you won't get bored." you giggled, grabbing his large hand as you pulled him through the bridge to the jellyfish exhibit. Your fingers quickly intertwined and Toshinori looked at your connected hands. This exhibit had many lights in the center of the room but around the glass there was little to no light. Despite this your smile and fascination was crystal clear to see. "Sometimes I can't help but to be jealous of these creatures. Being able to be free and do what you want without a care in the world… I could only dream of that.. Dream of just going with the flow.. Dream of being that peaceful.." came your soft voice, hands gently touching the glass as a baby jellyfish came by. 


The sad look of longing was very apparent to Toshinori, in fact it more shocking to him than anything. You were always a glass half full person, always a smile through the stress type of person, so how could something so depressing come from someone as beautiful and kind as you.  Without a second thought his hand let go of yours to wrap around your shoulder and bring you close. It was uncharacteristic for him, and caused you great shock but you didn't pull away, it was nice to be held. Almost orgasmic. Immediately you found yourself melting into his arm and all but purring as you r head rested against his side. “Tell me about that Spongebob guy you were talking about before.”




A year soon passed and you and Toshinori have been dating since. After 3 months of dating the two of you officially become boyfriend and girlfriend you've never been happier. Nothing changed about him but you did notice the more gentle gaze when you were around. It made you happy that the man you liked, liked you back. Even if he was afraid to be loved. But when ever you were with him you never forgot to tell him those 3 words. You were so happy you were practically floating in your puppy love phase. You were so much in love that you never noticed the different taste in your drinks, the more creamy texture in certain foods, and all the new scent that always seemed to attack your nose. 


With the two of you being together for a good while now, Toshinori was able to enter your home with a key whenever he wanted you would never know unless he told you. During this time he switched the placebo pills he changed your birth control with, to hormone pills he had specially made by the most wanted illegal support item maker in the underground, David Shield. They were pills filled with pure omega pheromones made just for you. You never noticed the changes in your body either. The tightening around your hips, thighs and breasts when you put on your clothes or even the soft pudge of your stomach. You were a beta but with the drugs he was putting in your food, drinks, switching your normal medicine with, and even putting in you as you slept that would soon change. But drugs wasn't the only thing he was putting in you. It was a well known theory that if an omega receives enough of their partners cum in copious amounts they’ll become addicted, or even reach an early heat due to the sudden imbalance of hormones caused by their cum. One of those was already accomplished. You only ever ate his cooking when he was over, never take out, never leftovers, only his cooking. And when he did cook he made sure there was enough food and cum in it to last you all week.  

It was Thursday when it happened. After killing another wannabe hero and a rival of David he was left unsatisfied and painfully bored. He didn't become a villain until after he was 20 but now he could never go back. Not when he loved what he did so much. He even gained a young teen disciple in the process, Chizome Akaguro-- better known as Stain to the rest of Japan. Together they were a force to be reckoned with, and deadly force the kept fear in everyone's hearts, two prime killer Alphas. But you didn’t know of their past time. To you Chizome was young Chio-chan, Toshinori’s adoptive son, who was the pinnacle of ‘it’s not a phase mom’. Both were supposed to meet back at pier and Toshinori was on his way there when his phone rang. 


“What is-?” Toshinori grumbled as he hoped from building to building at a breakneck speed. With his hunger for more blood and having to go him he was left mad and unsatisfied yet again.


“Have you been getting Mother’s calls?” came the urgent voice of Chizome. It took everything in Toshinori not to groan at that title. He loved the idea of making you a mother more than anything, the picture of you carrying his child, round and full. It was a shock to Toshinori when Chizome warmed up to you in less than 2 months, and even more of a shock when he started calling you mother. The young teen has seen many horrible things in his short life of 14 years but he was wise beyond his years and very skeptic to trusting anyone that wasn't Toshinori. But much like you did with him you broke down all of Chizome's walls and he was just as ‘protective’ over you as Toshinori.


“What calls?” Toshinori stilled on top of the tall apartment building. His attention completely caught as he filled with worry. His thick muscles flex in anger as his thoughts ran wild at the thought of you being hurt or kidnapped. “Is she alright? What did she need?”


“I don't know. She sounded like she was out of breath and in pain.” a smile traveled across Toshinoris face as he turned in the direction of your home quickly, his cock already growing hard at the thought of you being in your first heat. “I’m on my way-”


“No!” Toshinori growled into the phone, he didn't want anyone to get in the way of if this, not when he’s wanted it for 2 years now. And if Chizome was there than you’d start a maternal nest to protect him even if he didn't need to be protected. “Stay with your Uncle for the rest of the week. I’ll get you when it's over.”


“When what's over All Smite?”


“Nothing Stain. It's an order. You better go to his house or else, my boy.”


“Yes Sir.”


Toshinori hung up the phone and leaped through the air faster, knowing full well what awaited him when he reached your home. As he got closer it was becoming harder and harder to move. His cock was so hard it hurt, but he wasn't sloppy. He made sure to clear his head and check the area good and well before shifting down and changing. He didn't even need to open your door to smell your sweet scent. The smell of salted caramel, honey, with a hint of fresh spring rain. His mouth was watering already. With how hard he opened the door, it was a wonder how it didn't break off its hinges. But he didn't care, no smell of you warped his brain. In a matter of seconds he was standing in the doorway of your bedroom watching as you toss and turn in bed, hot and sweaty, panting heavily. When your hand traveled down your body, into your ruined pajama pants a loud and low growl escaped him that shook the room. Your wet eyes landed on the skinny alpha in front of you and you melted immediately.


“Toshiiii.” You whined loudly, gripping your bed sheets tightly as your legs began to spread on their own. That was more than enough for him, and just like that he was in your bed his skinny and thin arm encasing you under him. He hesitated, that you noticed, but it didn't matter. Your lips were connecting with his passionately before he could even think of pulling away. A soft groan escaped him and you pulled him in closer, your tongue using this opportunity to invade his mouth and take control. When Toshinori realized this he growled softly and molded his body against yours as he fought back, easily winning to explore your mouth. You didn't mind one bit though, no in fact you loved it. You loved it when he got out of his comfort zone and took control. Your body felt abnormally hot, and the only form of cooling was an orgasm. You knew what it was, just not how. But that was the least of your worries, the killer ache in your soaked pussy is what you were worried about. Your lungs began to scream for air and you slowly pulled away from Toshinori, a clear thick strand of saliva keeping the two of you connected as you looked at the love of your life with hooded eyes. Your tongue ran across your lips slowly as you looked into his blue green eyes lovingly. 


“What do you need? Say it Y/n.. use your words.” Toshinori whispered against your lips as he bumped foreheads with you eagerly. “I want to hear you say it my love.. Tell me you want me fuck you. Say it and I’ll help you through your heat.”


“Toshiiii.. Please.. I need you.. It hurts so much. I want you. Please Alpha! Please fuck me!” You whined. And just like that something sparked in him. It was as if a flame that was already strong just had a full tank of gasoline thrown in. In a matter of seconds your wet tank top was ripped off and into shred, you ruined pajama pants going along with them. All you wore now was your drenched little cotton panties, for now. The way you said Alpha- called him alpha- with pure need left him feral. He was all but frothing at the mouth as his hand traveled across your curves, big and small alike, all the way up to you sore breast. Your nipples where rock hard under his touch, and his cool fingers felt scandalous against your hot skin. When he trapped both nipples between his thumb and forefinger a loud cry escaped you as you began to shake. Your mind was putty, a normally simple action that gave little pleasure was sudden mind numbing as he flicked, pulled, and pinch at your dark peaks. 


“You're not nearly as innocent as you let on are you? All I’m doing is playing with your nipples and here you are crying out like a sinner in church… You're a little slut aren't you my love?.. Tsk Tsk Tsk.. Now that won’t do my little omega ” he said lowly. This side of Toshinori was unknown to you but you liked it, you liked it so much. He continued to fondle your breast leaving you to arch into his touch as your pussy twitched around nothing. It was clear he knew what he was doing. He was fucking teasing you! Now was the worst time of all to do this. If he squeezed your chest any harder you wouldn't be surprised if there were hand prints left behind. Toshinori’s lips found yours once again but these kisses were primal; animalistic. Teeth clashed together as your mouth was forced open to welcome his tongue. The invading appendage of muscle roamed your mouth like it owned the place and you let it, you could taste coffee on his tongue along with something else. The forceful kiss left you dazed and wanting more as you whined his name. “Let’s see if we can calm you down, kitten ..”


You weren't given the chance to react or ask what he meant by that. His right hand hand already ripped your panties clean off, tossing them into the pile of your shredded clothes just as he did the former. Expecting him to finally fuck you, you were in for a rude awaken for what was next. His eyes traveled across your body, and his cool hands were no longer on you. Instead he was staring at your body in awe and shock. Your body shone and glistened with the sweat of your heat, leaving the whole apartment smelling like you, and you were absolutely beautiful. Your protective styling pooled around your head like a halo and your dark eyes looked at him with so much love as you stared at him, panting, through your eyelashes. You were gorgeous, a new omega, and all his.And after tonight there would be no going back. His lips first landed on your neck, scraping against it clumsily as he marked you. Biting and sucking all around it and then your collarbone he made sure the hickey and bites would stand out against your skin. When he got to your breast he did the same, hickey left in his path until he got to the dark and hard peaks that screamed for his attention. His pink tongue flicked against it experimentally at first, and when you arched into him and gasp he knew he was doing all right so far. As he licked and sucked on one breast he made sure to fondle the other, pinching the dark nipple and then switching. When he was finally done the air felt colder around your breast as his saliva glistened on your nipples. Toshinori’s journey began again as he kissed down your body until he was at the place he wanted nothing more that the fuck the most. 

“Toshi.. Please.. Please. I need..” you whined softly, tears welling up in your eyes at the pain of your heat and how he was teasing you. His lips were so close, so close to your aching pussy but all he did was stare with a mischievous smirk. Kissing and nibbling on your thighs instead.


“You need what, my needy kitten?”


“I- Please.. I need to cum. Please..”


A deep chuckle escaped him and two of his fingers slowly trailed up your slit. The slick coming out of your made the bed under you drenched, just like his thick fingers. His eyes never left yours as he licked his fingers cleaning, groaning at the taste of your sweet nectar. If it wasn't for the training given to him by the villain Gran Torino Toshinori would of lost it as soon as he walked through the door. But he was fine, painfully rock hard, but still fine. “You taste amazing my love, Thanks for the meal.” 


And just like that, he went to work, and work he did. Your toes curled and you were left digging your nails into the bed sheets as his tongue circled around your wet and hard clit slowly. His tongue paid attention to every inch of your pussy, licking up from your leaking leaking hole, past your swollen lips all the way to your clit. It was unholy just how skilled he was with his tongue, it left you gasping for air and if it wasn't for his firm hands on your thighs you would have closed them around is head. Feeling smug at the sound of your moans, Toshinori moaned against your clit as he sucked, sending vibrations through the hypersensitive bud that left you arching your back off the bed. You can feel the knot of pure pleasure building up in your stomach as he continued. It felt so good- too good- tears were full in your eyes as your mind went blank. Toshinori, sensing your up and coming orgasm then pulled away with a chuckle. Leaving panting heavily, unsatisfied and confused as you opened your eyes to look down at the taller man. “My dear love, you didn't think it would be that easy would it? No. It’s your first time after all. Your first heat. I’ll make this unforgettable. Make me unforgettable, even if you leave me and decide to be an eager bitch in heat for someone else, you’ll always remember my touch. I won't let you cum, not yet. So get ready my love. The only time you will get to cum tonight is on my cock. The only place you get to cum tonight is on my cock, and you have to earn that first.” he chided softly as he unbuckled the belt of his pants. There was an already large and obvious tent in his pants, and as soon as he kicked off his pants with his boxers you could see that this heat will definitely be one to remember. 


Toshinori’s alpha pride was bursting at the seams at the sight of your lax jaw at the sight of his throbbing member. The purple tip was leaking and shining with precum, and as it twitch with need Toshinori’s own scent began to hit you. The mixing scents of lemon, ginger, and vanilla musk. It was an odd mix but it suits him well, and smelled so much like home to you. You were his before you even knew it at this point. He was the perfect alpha for you- to you, insecurities and all. There wasn't a single thing you’d change about him. But you did wish he’d open up more about his past. Toshinori then kissed you passionately as he slowly moved to bring you on top of him. You could taste yourself on his tongue as you straddled him, but he had other plans. Toshinori pulled away from your lips and gave your ass a firm squeeze with his large hands, “Turn around needy little kitten.”




“Turn. Around.”


“But what if I'm too heavy and hurt you?”


“Oh dear, Am I being underestimated? Are you underestimating your alpha? That deserves punishment.” before you could react his cock was in your face and his face was buried between your legs. Throwing your head back you cried out loudly as his tongue entered you and slurped away at your dripping pussy. Your thick nectar was like Niagara falls seemingly never ending and wetting the surrounding area. You were lost in the way the predominantly white haired male eat you out, and he didn't like this. Another loud cry escaped you as a loud slap rang through the air. The throbbing and sting of your ass caused you to whine as he rubbed the hit area. “Count them my love, and then thank me like the good little slut you are. When you get to ten then you get to suck your alpha’s big hard cock. Now what do you say?”


“O-one. Thank you Toshi-” another spank landed on your ass causing you to cry out in pain as more of you sweet slick dripped down Toshinori’s chin.


“Wrong name omega. Now we're starting over.” he growled into your pussy harshly, as you started at the leaking tip of his cock tempting you to get a taste as it twitched with life. Another spank that was technically your third caused you whine with need as the pain being inflicted caused your pussy to quiver for more.


“One! Thank you alpha!”


“Thats better. Now keep going.”


Two! thANK YOU ALPha”


“T-three!... Thank you a-alpHA!”


“Four!.. oh god.. T-thank you alpha!”


“Five!” You screamed out loudly, this spank feeling so much harsher as you body shook. You were gonna cum if he hit you again while eating you out and you knew it. But the real question was if he did knew it as well.


“Five what my love?” 


“Five.. Thank you alpha.”


A smirk graced Toshinori’s face, hearing just how needy you were for him as an indescribable feeling. Knowing you were going to cum soon once again was as well. The way your pussy twitched and quivered made it obvious after all. Pulling away from your hot sex, Toshinori looked at your ass instead, the skin of the are was it’s same beautiful shade of brown but even so there was just the slightest hint of red in the affected area, there would probably be a bruise there soon enough. His large hands slowly trailed up your thighs and gave both cheeks a hard slap, watching them jiggle as you cried out. You were painfully close to cumming when he stopped after all. He did this multiple more time, until you were crying in pleasure from the pain and begging for release. “Good job, my little nympho omega.. You took that punishment so well. Go ahead, you’ve earned the right to please your alpha.”


The sounds you made for him were heavenly. But the slurping sound you made on his cock and the feeling of it was godly. The way you bobbed your head ever so slowly as a single one of hid digits fingered you was something he could get used to. Sure there was a huge height difference, but it wasn't something they couldn't handle. Your plump lips were wrapped around the base of his cock, gagging as he held your head in place for a moment. When he released you, you slowly pulled away from his thick member, letting it go with a soft pop after. Swallowing the mix of saliva and precum in your mouth you glanced back the smug alpha and began to stroke his length.


 Your fingers weren't able to touch, and for a moment you began to worry if he’d fit or not, but when more precum leaked from his tip and his scent began to override your senses all thoughts left you. Your tongue slowly circled around the sensitive purple tip causing him to hiss softly into your thigh as his finger pumped deeper into your tight hole. Your hands were slowly working at his length as your tongue circle his tip and then began to slide across the slit of his cock. But you didn't stop there, no, you were just getting started. 


Trapping his head in your mouth, you began to suck, causing your cheek to hollow out as Toshinori threw his head back, straight into the pillows, raising his hips ever so slightly. While he was still weak you removed your top had and started to take his length back into the warm wet hole that was your mouth. Your tongue swirled around his cock, rubbing against protruding veins as you slowly bobbed your head at first, causing Toshinori to his once again. And just like that his finger stilled in your pussy, and his breathing became ragged. Knowing this was as good a chance as you picked up your pace, slurping the excess saliva away as you worked on his cock. It twitched and throbbed in your mouth as Toshinori growled loudly in his chest.  He was going to cum. Removing your other hand next, you wasted no time and just like that his whole length was back down your throat. You were deep throating Toshinori, something no one, not male or female, has been able to do. And here you were doing it like it was your favorite hobby. “F-Fuckkk! SHit Y-Y/n..”


Warm thick fluid traveled down your throat in masses. Trying to breath through your nose was almost impossible as spurt after spurt of cum filled your stomach. The sound of Toshinori’s grunt and groans were music to your ears as you cupped his twitching balls, trying to milk them for more as you carefully maneuvered them in your hands. Just like his cock, his balls were big as well and with how much cum he’s folding your stomach with the next 5 days were going to be eventful. When he was finally done cumming you made sure to leave a good amount of cum in your mouth and you pulled away from clean but wet cock and turned to face him. His eyes were hooded and a soft blush graced his face as he panted softly from cumming so hard. Opening your mouth wide, some cum dripped down your lips as you presented it to him. The confusion was clear on his face until you closed your mouth, swallowed, licking your lips, and then opened your mouth once again. Just like that his already hard cock was twitching back to life harder than ever and ready for more. “Fuck.. You swallowed it all like a good little slut for me didn't you? Now that deserves a reward. Tell me what you want.” he whispered lowly.


“I want you fuck me Toshinori. I want you fuck me deep and hard.I want you to fill my up so much. I want your pup. Please Toshi.” you obliged. His shirt was still on but you didn't care, You just wanted your alpha to fill your cunt. And what better time than the present? Toshinori got onto his knees behind you and placed one of his hands on the bed frame of your bed. A soft whine escaped you as you eagerly got onto your hands and knees, grinding your sore ass against this throbbing member, wanting nothing more than for him to satisfy your aching pussy. With his other hand he glided his cock into your tight entrance slowly, you were almost painfully tight causing him to groan loudly as you moaned, your pussy was getting stretched further than you could ever believe. 


“Say it again! I want to hear you say it again!” 


“I want your pup alpha! Please! Please fuck me! I need it!”






That did the trick for him. You didn't even get the chance to blink before he started slamming into you at breakneck speed, the bed slamming into the wall mercilessly to match his tempo.The wet sound of your dripping pussy was his motivation, along with your screams of pleasure as his cock speared into you deeply, kissing your cervix with each thrust. The two orgasms you were previously denied began ti creep back up as well. But Toshinori never relented.  His small hips continuously slammed into you with no mercy as his thick cock caused you to become unbalanced. Your arms gave out you were left with your head in your pillows, face down and ass high up as Toshinori used your heat to his advantage. “You're.. Gonna be so beautiful.. Big and round with my pup. Leaking breast, big belly,, fuckkk you got even tighter! You Like that don't you? Your alpha’s big hard cock fucking his pup into you as you get used!? Fuck You’re my dirty girl! Mine! And mine only! Say It!”


“YOURS ALPHA YOURS! ONLY YOURS!” you cried into the pillows. It was official you were gonna die. Your were gonna die from how good it felt. His cock was deep and hitting all the right spots as well. You weren't gonna last. That much was obvious. And it was even more obvious when Toshinori lifted your leg and let go of the head board to rub your wet and hard sensitive clit. And just like that you came undone with a scream. Your eyes rolling to the back of your head and your teeth clenched as white and black dots flooded you vision, but he didn't stop, no it only got worse. Toshinori put back down your leg and pulled out of quivering leaking cunt. Both of your thighs were soaked in your juices, but Toshinori didn't mind. Climbing out of them bed, he dragged you by the foot to the edge until your feet touched the floor as you held onto to bed sheets weakly. Your body twitches in post orgasm glow and then he slammed back into you, resuming his abuse to your quivering hole, not that you minded.


“Fuckk You're so tight.. I’ve waited so long for this.. So long to Detroit smash your ass. Have no fear my love, for I am here. And I’ll never leave your side. You're mine now, and when you are full with my child everyone will know that.”


He stood behind you as your body was practically thrown forward from his thrusts. This man had a goal and it was clear that you had awakened a monster. The cycle repeated again and again, him fucking you until you cum and then changing the a fucking you again. By the end of the night every surface in your room was fucked on and you’ve cummed and squirted more times than you could count. At this point you felt you were going to die. You were over sensitive and everything was covered in sweat of or Toshi’s saliva from kissing and sucking on your body, worshiping every part of you that he could reach. After yet another orgasm and squirting yet again Toshinori laid you down on the soiled sheets and climbed on top of you. His touch was gently, almost apologetic as he slowly slid back into you again and began to thrust slowly at first. His lips touching your with so much love that you melted into his arms as you wrapped your own around the skinny alpha. Your mixed scents filled the entire house by now and soon enough your mixed juice will fill you. He wasn't nearly as rough as he was before be he was going just as fast as he brought your legs up so he could go deeper. His cock was twitching endlessly inside of you when he pulled away, and when finally came his teeth bit deeply into your neck permanently leaving his mark on you, unlike the temporary mark his cum made in you as he painted your walls pure white.It continue like this for the next 5 days. Not once did he leave you alone, and not once was your cunt empty. His hot seed was forever dripping out of your sore used cunt, not that you minded. By the end of your heat not only were you well bred, but you couldn't walk. Meaning Toshinori did his job more than well.


You woke up in the middle of the night, finally free from your heat and in Toshinori’s arms. During your whole heat you never once saw him without that white shirt. Feeling brave you sat up and slowly rolled it up, and let out a soft gasp at the sight before you. Tears brimmed your eyes as you looked at the love your life and suddenly all his insecurities just clicked and made sense. Closing your eyes your hands began to glow as you thought of the least liked, and most horrible person you could think of. And as you thought of them the area became more plump as the organs were back where they belong. The scar was still there but overall the only real scar left was the mental one. And just like that you passed out once again. And when Toshinori woke up he was S T A R V I N G, a feeling he hadn't felt in years and when he saw your on his stomach he knew you had something to do with it. You really were perfect, and worth every struggle to obtain and the velvet box that’s been in his pants pocket during your heat was proof.




“Toshinori! If you don't help catch your sons I swear to all things holy we’re getting a divorce!” you yelled, waddling after the two three year twins. Toshinori’s japanese genes were strong, not an ounce of you could be seen in these boys besides their curls. The oldest, Hitoshi Shinsou Yagi had the purple hair and eyes of his maternal grandmother, while Izuku Midoriya Yagi had the greens of Toshinori’s hair and eyes. “IZUKU MIDORIYA YAGI IF YOU DON'T STOP GOING UNDER THE TABLE YOU’RE GOING TO GET A SPANKING!”


A chuckle escaped the married villain as he easily caught the more hyper of the twins and placed his screaming body over his shoulder. The tall blonde man had packed on a lot more weight ever since the nights of your first heat. He was back at a healthy weight, and even stronger than before. If only Nana could see him now. Sure she was a hero, and thats how Toshinori started off as well but after her death when he was 17 and being trained by her villain mentor he found that most heroes besides Nana where fakes. Only getting involved when it benefited them, and that ultimately caused Nana’s death. He wasn't strong enough to protect the woman that became like a mother to him and no one was there to help her when she needed it most. But he wouldn't let that happen to any of his kids. Not Chizome, not Hitoshi, not Izuku, and definitely not the triplets that were on their way. 


Chizome soon came from down stairs holding a naked Hitoshi in his arms, full of confusion. “Mother you won't guess where his clothes are.” the 17 year old said as he kept a tight grip on his fussing brother. 


“Chiz.. Please tell me he didn't stuff it in the toilet again.” you sighed defeated, from the lack of response given from the young man, you already knew the answer. A soft omegan whine escaped you as you placed your hands in your face. Being heavily pregnant with triplets, and having twin toddlers was not easily, especially not when today was Chizome’s high school graduation day. You just wanted them to look nice. Is that too much to ask? 


“Y/n my love, go rest and sit down. I’ll handle this.” Toshinori said softly as he placed Izuku down on your lap after you sat down. “If you move from that spot I’ll take away all of your All Might toys.”


Just like that Izuku as still on your lap, allowing you the opportunity to finally tame his curls. He  whined and winced as you did his hair but overall he was obediently. Toshinori took Hitoshi from Chizome next and a few spanks landed on his pale bottom, not enough to hurt but enough the stun him and make he realize he needed to listen. “What have we told you about flooding the bathroom toilet? Clothes don't go in the toilet Hitoshi.” he scolded as he carried the purple haired boy up the stairs to get a new set of clothes as Chizome put on his shoes at the door after giving you a kiss on the head. 


“Congratulation Chizome. I'm so proud of you. Now get going I don't want you to be late. We’ll see you later ok?” you said with a smile as you brushed Izuku’s hair into a ponytail that looked more like a puff. He had a simple left side part and his hair was brushed out of his face, but it was cute on him. Brought attention to his face and freckles. Chizome nodded and kissed Izuku’s head next before leaving. With Izuku’s hair done you sighed and leaned back into the couch to rub your huge stomach. Everything was sore and all you wanted to do was sleep and eat, but these girls seem to be as restless as ever. You can feel a migraine coming but knowing if your practiced your breathing it would go away that was the first this you did.




The migraine. It’s here. 


A forced smile spread across your lips as you looked down at your son, but seeing his cute smile as he listened to your belly put a real one on your face. Izuku continued to yell talk to you belly familiar heavy steps peaked your attention. There in front of you stood your husband and son. A weak smile graced your face as the two of you switched. The twins didn't ike it when Toshinori did their hair  so he’d normally do it only if really needed. Hitoshi’s hair was easier to do than Izuku, making it alot fast as he sat still, dozing off as he sucked his thumb, Izuku doing the same. “Looks like all that running tired them out.’ he said softly.  


A breath escaped you as you held the toddler, standing up with the help of your husband. Toshinori wanted more than anything to just carry you everywhere but he knew you wouldn't let him. After using the bathroom and Toshinori putting on your shoes the four of you were loading into the car. Chizome carpooled with some of his classmates making things easier on you. Your breathing was labored as you sat in the passenger seat. Toshinori’s hand place on your belly casually as the girls kicked and kicked. The pains have been going on since yesterday but you never said anything to anyone, it was Chizome’s day afterall.


“Whats wrong love?”


“Might have the babies later I don't know.”




Came his soft response. He was quiet at first as your words processed in his head.




“I didn't wanna bother anyone. Today’s Chizome’s day!”




“Stop yelling you’re hurting my head.. And my water hasn't broken yet so I’m fine. Now we have a graduation to get to. I'm not missing this for the world.”


And you didn't. Your cried during the ceremony and took a load of pictures, despite the two alpha male’s protest. When your water finally did break Both the twin had woken up from their names and were more energized than ever. Luckily their excitement was directed toward the soon arrival of their baby sisters. Sure there was never a calm day in either of Toshinori or Chizome’s life, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Especially not when you're involved.