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Over The Moon

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'Luna, I wouldn't head in that direction if I were you. Picked up some nearby cams and saw Eraserhead in the area.' The vigilante smiled underneath her mask before pushing the comms button disguised as an earring on her ear to respond.

"Roger that, Soleana, I'm heading there now!" 

'What? Did you not hear me? I said-"

She leapt off the building she was sitting on before Soleana could finish and started plummeting towards the ground. Her partner screamed in her earpiece as she laughed wildly.

'You idiot! Your gonna die-' she was cut off as Luna's staff sprouted dark green wings and fins making it shoot up into the sky just minutes before crashing. Her partner let out a loud whoop as she cut through the air, much to Soleana's relief.

'You're a fucking lunatic, Luna. You know I said it wasn't ready and need to be tested more-' she cut her off again with more laughter, putting a finger to her ear she replied,

"It's all in the name, Soleana! And I'm fine, see? The glider worked like a charm! You've outdone yourself again, thank you." She looked over the city before spotting Eraserhead. 'Looks like the old man needs some help again, nothing little ol' Luna can't fix.'

The vigilante descended into the alleyway carefully, so as to not alarm any nearby villains. Once the coast was clear she found herself cleaning Eraserhead's wounds for the fourth time this week. 

"It's you again, Kid. Didn't I tell you to stop doing this kind of thing? Your parents are going to be worried." This the vigilante snorted at. 

"What's so funny, Kid?" The pro hero looked at her warily. 

"We've met up like, what, six times? And you still haven't noticed?" She frowned underneath her smiling mask, not that the underground hero could see. 

"... You don't have any parents, do you?" The green clad kid stopped bandaging his arm and pulled a yellow crescent moon shaped lollipop from her pocket. She handed it to the hero before she started walking away.

"Bingo, Eraserhead. I really hope we don't keep meeting up like this." Love Luna lazily stuck out her right arm to make a peace sign before turning the corner. She whipped out her modified phone to inform the police of Eraserhead's condition and groaned at having to speak to Tsukauchi. 

"Love Luna, to what do I owe the honor? Called to pick up some villains for you?"

Luna sighed, "Not this time,  Mr. Detective. I'm calling because I just patched up Eraserhead down an alley in Musutafu, I'll have Soleana send the locations soon." 

"Huh? Wait-" she ended the call and checked the time, 12:58 .

'Night's still young, better make another round before I head home.' She cleared her throat and wiped any non-existent dirt off her green skirt. 'I wonder if Yuki-nee will make katsudon if I ask nicely tomorrow.' Luna thought as she quietly patrolled the street.

"Soleana, could you send Tsukauchi Eraser's location? And is there any more trouble nearby?" Her partner let out a hum before replying.

'Sure, and this area is all clear, Luna, but there's been an accident three blocks over. Sending location.'

Green holographic text appeared before her eyes and she swiped it away,  "Received. I'm heading there now." 

'Be careful, Luna.' 

"I will."

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The fabric in his hands was soft and strong, flexible too. An odd choice of color, but this'll do nicely. 

"It feels great, Mei, but why the blue?" His old outfit had been green and red for as long as he could remember, it was how people identified him.

"Well for starters, your old outfit is too recognizable. You have a target on that bright red bow you always wear, pros attack anything red and green nowadays. The only time you aren't easy to spot is Christmas." The pinkette said bluntly as she tossed the old skirt into a trashcan. Izuku rushed to pull the torn skirt out of the trash and held it close.

"Shh, I don't think you look like a christmas tree, faldita. Don't listen to her." He cooed as he petted the skirt.

His partner gagged, "you gave it a name?"

"Says the one who calls her inventions 'babies' besides it's just a cutesy way of saying skirt." He huffed. With crocodile tears he gently folded it and placed into the trash bin. 'You will be missed.'

"You done? I've got more babies to show!" 

He smiled and muttered "yeah, of course you do." As they entered her lab.



Her lab is very bright, like really bright. He has to squint anytime he's in there. 'I have no idea how she stays down here all the time.' He thinks to himself. His partner is is halfway into some large can throwing god knows what everywhere. Izuku's practicality chewing at his lip trying not to clean everything since it would only disturb Mei's 'orderly chaos'. It's a safety hazard and she knows it.

"Aha! Found it!" In her hands were familiar black sleeveless turtleneck, dark legging like tights and contact lense capsule. His earrings were there too but blue instead of green.

"Fixed 'em up for ya, upgraded a few things here and there, new lenses too." He took the items from her and placed them on the table next to him. 

"Thank you, Mei. I know I could've made my own gadgets but I'm glad I met you, partner." Her dark cheeks grew red and she waves him off.

"Yeah, yeah. You'd be lost without me, I know that. Hold on I've got more in here." 

"M-more? I thought you were just gonna fix my gear!" He heard her booming maniacal laughter across the room.

"Izuku, I've been waiting so long to give you an upgrade! But you'd always say you didn't need or deserve it, well guess what? You're gonna get it and you're gonna love these babies!" She dramatically opened the box and held it above her head.

"I present to you- Izuku, drum roll- my latest babies, the golden girls!" She whips out two gold arm bands and a small black baton.

"You're gonna love them, these arm bands are like your earrings- tracks your vitals, tell me your location- but I've added more to it! You see these two buttons on the side?" She eagerly claps the two on his arms and speaks so fast Izuku isn't even sure he caught all of it.

"These one send distress signals to Eraserhead, those two detectives your so fond of, or if you're desperate enough, any nearby pro hero. The other can inject small doses of antibiotics, or other medicines I managed to take from that safe of yours." 

"What? How'd you-"

She chuckles and pets his head, "my quirk is very useful for locks." 

She continues on and on about the new fancy bracelets she made, about how they can increase his strength depending on his levels of adrenaline and stress. There's more about how it exactly works, something about the tech they use in heroic support items combined with Recovery-Girl's equipment. She speaks a million miles a second and the greenette thinks it's a miracle he can understand most of it.

She lets out a satisfied huff and shakes the baton in her hand. "And finally, your new staff. I've added a tranquilizer, it's not as powerful as the ones you already carry but it'll do for alleyway Vees. The shock feature can be adjusted for different voltages though."  

"Your old staff's wings were ripped pretty bad so this one has a stronger material, so this one is the same as your skirt just thinner." He shifted the staff in his hand to feel its weight. Heavy, but nothing that he couldn't handle.

"And that should cover it all, I'd say you should just do a complete makeover so pros don't have you on their lists anymore but I know you'd never give up Love Luna's name." 

"Mhm, this is perfect. Everyone's gonna flip at your babies, Mei. I'll see you tomorrow night, right?" 

"You know it!"