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Over The Moon

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'Luna, I wouldn't head in that direction if I were you. Picked up some nearby cams and saw Eraserhead in the area.' The vigilante smiled underneath her mask before pushing the comms button disguised as an earring on her ear to respond.

"Roger that, Soleana, I'm heading there now!" 

'What? Did you not hear me? I said-"

She leapt off the building she was sitting on before Soleana could finish and started plummeting towards the ground. Her partner screamed in her earpiece as she laughed wildly.

'You idiot! Your gonna die-' she was cut off as Luna's staff sprouted dark green wings and fins making it shoot up into the sky just minutes before crashing. Her partner let out a loud whoop as she cut through the air, much to Soleana's relief.

'You're a fucking lunatic, Luna. You know I said it wasn't ready and need to be tested more-' she cut her off again with more laughter, putting a finger to her ear she replied,

"It's all in the name, Soleana! And I'm fine, see? The glider worked like a charm! You've outdone yourself again, thank you." She looked over the city before spotting Eraserhead. 'Looks like the old man needs some help again, nothing little ol' Luna can't fix.'

The vigilante descended into the alleyway carefully, so as to not alarm any nearby villains. Once the coast was clear she found herself cleaning Eraserhead's wounds for the fourth time this week. 

"It's you again, Kid. Didn't I tell you to stop doing this kind of thing? Your parents are going to be worried." This the vigilante snorted at. 

"What's so funny, Kid?" The pro hero looked at her warily. 

"We've met up like, what, six times? And you still haven't noticed?" She frowned underneath her smiling mask, not that the underground hero could see. 

"... You don't have any parents, do you?" The green clad kid stopped bandaging his arm and pulled a yellow crescent moon shaped lollipop from her pocket. She handed it to the hero before she started walking away.

"Bingo, Eraserhead. I really hope we don't keep meeting up like this." Love Luna lazily stuck out her right arm to make a peace sign before turning the corner. She whipped out her modified phone to inform the police of Eraserhead's condition and groaned at having to speak to Tsukauchi. 

"Love Luna, to what do I owe the honor? Called to pick up some villains for you?"

Luna sighed, "Not this time,  Mr. Detective. I'm calling because I just patched up Eraserhead down an alley in Musutafu, I'll have Soleana send the locations soon." 

"Huh? Wait-" she ended the call and checked the time, 12:58 .

'Night's still young, better make another round before I head home.' She cleared her throat and wiped any non-existent dirt off her green skirt. 'I wonder if Yuki-nee will make katsudon if I ask nicely tomorrow.' Luna thought as she quietly patrolled the street.

"Soleana, could you send Tsukauchi Eraser's location? And is there any more trouble nearby?" Her partner let out a hum before replying.

'Sure, and this area is all clear, Luna, but there's been an accident three blocks over. Sending location.'

Green holographic text appeared before her eyes and she swiped it away,  "Received. I'm heading there now." 

'Be careful, Luna.' 

"I will."