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Izuku rarely got mad, he got upset sure, but never mad. But when he heard a certain remark towards his friend, he about leveled the school.


Uraraka ! Why don't come to hang out with the boys over there?” Mineta gestured to the group of boys huddled around each other.


Uraraka turned away from the girls group to face her shorter classmate “H-huh why would I?”


Mineta gave her a flat look “Because you have a dick?” his face seemed to light up in recognition “Oh~ unless you're trying to get closer with the ladies!” he gave a wink to Momo.


Uraraka’s face paled “I-I d-don’t have a d-dick.” 


“Yeah you do!” he turned to the girls who were around Uraraka “Did you know he was posing as a girl this whole time! But you all say I'm disgusting? At least I'm not cross-dressing as a girl!” 


Uraraka felt tears falling down her face, she felt like she was going to puke.


Mineta took notice of the shocked faces around him “What? You guys don't believe me? I’ll prove it to you!” he reached over to pull on the crying girls skirt before his hand got crushed in another.


“OW! Hey, Midoyira let go! I'm trying to show everyone that a guy has been going into the girl's locker room! Let go!”


Izuku had most of his features hidden by his hair, the only thing showing was his mouth which was pressed into a hard frown. He gripped the smaller hand harder earning another cry, he dragged the purple boy out of the classroom and towards the far end of the school where the faculty room was.




He didn't let his grip loosen, he steps started getting quicker.

“Why are you taking me out of the classroom!” Mineta cried out. “You should be taking Uraraka instead! He’s the one who-”


Izuku had enough, he threw Mineta into an empty classroom and slammed the door behind him before grabbing the grape by the collar of his shirt and slamming his back against the wall. 






Izuku let out a frustrated growl and pushed his hair back making his face much clearer, it was one of pure rage and disgust. “YOU HUMILIATED URARAKA IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS!”, he took a pause to look take a breath “Now I’ll ask again.” his voice was much more threatening “Do. You. Have. No. Morals?” 


Mineta had tears running down his face as he came up with an excuse “I-it w-was h-his fault! He had everyone wrapped around his finger! I was just trying to expose him!


Izuku tightened the grip on the smaller boys uniform “Maybe she is a girl and your just too ignorant to see.” he gritted out.


Mineta scoffed “No way! That's disgusting! If you are born a boy you're a boy!”


Izuku could feel his patience running thin “Who are you to decide what's best for other people?”


Mineta obviously forgot what position he was in “I'm not! It's just disgusting and wrong, just like those fags, like how are they supposed to have kids if they can't get women pregnant, people are just so fucking stupid.” 


Mineta let out a scream as one of his fingers was bent the wrong way “WHY WOUld you-” he stopped his sentence when he saw his classmates face, pure rage.




Mineta knew he had one warning before he was expelled, so he started begging “Please Midoriya I’ll do anything to keep you quiet!”


Izuku growled as he grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the lounge, this time with no stopping. 


He slammed open the door and yelled “AIZAWA-SENSEI.”


The teacher in question jumped up and looked at Izuku with anger then shock “Kid, what do you-” he stopped when he saw the crying boy seemingly trying to bribe Izuku with photos of naked women, Aizawa groaned and gestured for his coworkers to go back to their work. “What did he do now?” 


Izukus expression got darker before he spat an explanation, “He humiliated Uraraka in front of the class.”


Aizawa raised an eyebrow, this wasn't new but if it made Izuku Midoriya mad then it must be bad. “What did he say?”

Before Izuku had a chance to say anything Mineta cut him off “It's because there is that THING changing in the girl's locker room PRETENDING TO BE A GIRL.”


Izuku’s brain shut off and threw Mineta into the nearby wall and screamed, “GET IT THROUGH YOUR STUPID ASS HEAD, URARAKA IS NOT A GUY NOR A 'THING', SHE IS A FEMALE YOU IGNORANT FUCK. I SWEAR TO THE FUCKING GODS IF YOU-”, he was cut off when he was pulled back into a chest, he struggled, trying to push and kick his way out of the grip of his homeroom teacher, he really wanted to punch in the grapes face.


“KID, God Damn it, MIDNIGHT.” 


Eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell forward. Aizawa caught the now sleeping teenager and carefully put him on the empty couch. He turned to the trembling boy against the wall and made a disgusted face “Get up, you're going to the principal's office.”



Izuku groaned as he got up from his laying position, he spotted his homeroom teacher just a bit away. 


He tried to call out to him but all that came out was “zawa-Sen-”, Aizawa noticed and let out a snort, “Did you lose your voice?”


“Ybe?” (Maybe?)


“I'm going to assume that was a ‘maybe’ and the answer to my question is yes, you did lose your voice.”


Izuku huffed and looked away.


“I'm going to assume you want to know what will happen to Mineta.”


Izuku expression darkened “etter e pelled.” (Better be expelled)


Another snort was heard from behind him, he turned around to see a wheezing Present Mic. 


Aizawa shot a glare at his ‘coworker’, “You were supposed to say quiet Mic.”


“I'm sorry! He just looked so serious but his voice sounds like THAT!”


Izuku huffed again, he just wanted to know if the grape was gone or not. 


Aizawa turned back to his student, “He has been expelled from UA and is banned from going to any other hero courses.”


Izuku let out a broken hum “raka?”


Aizawa seemed to understand what he was asking “She and everyone in class was sent back to the dorms for today, I was going to send you back after Mineta left the premises but Midnight's quirk seemed to put you under longer than I thought it would.” he let out a sigh “You may go to the dorms now, Mic lets get home.”


Izuku wasted no time in running out of the faculty room and towards the dorms, he opened the door and saw Tsuyu cuddling Uraraka on the couch with everyone surrounding them on the floor.


Instead of inturupting their moment he went to the nearest person.


“Ka- han, is ar- ok?” (Kacchan is Rara ok?)


Bakugou snorted “Did you lose your voice shitty nerd.”


Izuku knew it wasn't a question that needed to be answered, instead he repeated the question “Ura- k?” (Uraraka ok?)


Bakugou looked at the couple on the couch “Yeah she seems to be calming down but I would give it a few more hours.”


Izuku gave a nod, he would be there for her if she needed it.


Bakugous voice startled him “So mind telling me why you lost your voice?” There was a wolfish grin on his face, like he knew.


Izuku flushed as he remembered having to be restrained, “yell nd ussing at neta.” (Yelled and cussing at Mineta)


Bakugou looked at him in shock then whistled quietly “I'm surprised you didn't level the whole damn school.”


This time Izuku’s voice didn't cut out “I almost did”


He would have to.