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What i want

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-You are what I love most is this world-

Severus was so shocked, his body cooled when he heard James's words. Both were in one of the many abandoned halls of Hogwarts, they had find a few minutes ago. At first Severus had not noticed James, the boy in glasses was under the invisibility cloak, but years of abuse had caused severus to develop a sixth sense of caution.

The young Slytherin took out his wand instantly, when he felt that he was no longer alone in the desolate hallway -¿Who is there?- Severus ask, ready to send an spell, the silence reigns in the hall, Severus took a breath, thought maybe he was a little paranoid, James Potter and his stupid friends were definitely driving him crazy.
Severus was willing to take his way again, He had stayed late studying in the library, in a small hiding place between the shelves, where neither James nor anyone could interrupt his study hours.
The final exams were about to begin, and Severus wanted the best grades, it was his last year at Hogwarts, and he had only had excellent grades, and he wasn't going to fail now. Just when he was willing to leave, something took him by the waist and pulled him tightly.


Severus recognized the voice that had whispered. Potter, he thought, He let go of James's strength, ready to wield his wand, But James quickly removed his wand, James was taller and stronger, to disarm Severus it was easy. Severus grunted his teeth, without his wand it was nothing in a fight with James. He was intelligent, James was only physical, for Severus, James didn't have a hint of intelligence.

-¿What do you want Potter?- Severus ask Annoyed. James was delighted to see Severus, his pale skin toward a beautiful set with his eyes and black hair, he looked like a porcelain doll.

James customarily cornered Severus against the wall. Severus sighed when he saw James's silly grin -¿Do you want to stop? We are 17 years old, the final exams will begin soon, we are going to graduate, you are dating Lily, ¿what more do you want from me?-

James's smile was gone, he was thoughtful for a few seconds -You're right, I hadn't thought about it, maybe we won't see each other again-

-And i hope so- Severus answered defiantly.

-I don't want to stop seeing you- James replied relaxed.

Severus was surprised, he didn’t expect that answer -I'm sure you'll find someone else to annoy, It's your talent, and that's what you want-

James smiled – you are what i want, you are what I love most is this world- Severus's heart stopped for a few seconds –i like you Sev, I don't want you to be far from me, I never knew how to tell you, you make me feel like a child in love, but you are right, we are adults, I feel that I should behave like one and tell you what I feel- James was nervous, one of the few times in his life, blushing, Severus was the only person who had made him feel that way. Severus was also blushing, trying to sort the information he was receiving. When he reconsidered, he tried to leave but James stopped him easily, taking him by the wrists and cornering him to the wall.

-Let me go- Severus asked with fear in his voice , he had his eyes closed, as if he didn't want to face the situation, as if he were in a Dream.
- look at me, open your eyes- said James.

-No! , leave me alone, let me go, Potter- Severus was with his eyes closed, immovable and upset - You're crazy, I'm going to accuse you with Lily-

-Well, I guess you're right, maybe we won't see each other again, this is my last chance to ...- Without thinking twice, James placed his lips on Severus' lips, in a sweet and gentle kiss. A shudder ran through Severus's body, and satisfaction ran through James's body.

After the kiss, James released Severus, who opened his eyes, only to see James smiling happily -¿What's wrong with you ? ¿What are you laughing at? I'll tell Lily everything ¿Why did you do that? It was my first ... - Severus shut his mouth before finishing the revealing sentence.

-¿Really? ¿ I was your first? What an honor, i guess you will never forget me, you know what people say “Never forget the first Kiss”-

-You are a jerk Potter- Severus said before running away.

James returned to his room, his companions were peacefully asleep, he still had Severus's wand in his hand, he dropped on the pillow, he would return Severus's wand, he was sure that Severus did not want to see him, that perhaps he would not speak to him . But more than that, James was afraid of not seeing his love anymore, he must definitely have confessed his love years ago, Lily was right, the time is short, but in contrast, James saw the positive side, had kissed Severus, that it was a gain