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By My Side

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Magnus looks at their husband sitting on their balcony. These days the view was of the Mediterranean Sea. In the 200 or so years they had been together they had lived in many places. They had raised kids and had taken in people in need and they had made a million memories Magnus all treasured. 

Today was a difficult day though. It marked the 120th anniversary of Max Lightwood's death. He had been the last of Alec's siblings to die. Magnus knew their husband still struggled with it. So they sat down next to him and took his hand. 

"Do you ever regret becoming immortal?" Magnus asked. 

Alec thought about it for a moment, "Never." He said and kissed his spouse deeply. "Not as long as I have you by my side." He smiled. "I love you Magnus." 

"I love you too Alexander." Magnus smiled. "Want to see if one of the kids is up for dinner?" They rested their head on Alec's shoulder. 

"I'd love that." Alec said, "That would make me feel better." He brought Magnus's hand to his mouth and kissed it.