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The Final Split

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The Final Split

Of course when they’d tracked Hiei down he’d already lost to the figure and was tied up in some type of web of Yokai. “Back away let him go now or your dead,” he said aiming a rei gun right at the figure’s head.

“You shouldn’t interfere Urameshi,” the figure said looking at him. “After all if I don’t trigger the defense system of the temple then the three of you are going to die.” He just kept his finger trained on the figure’s face. “After all a soul can only be divided for so long before it contracts and is yanked out of both bodies.”

“So what will cutting the Makai off from the other two worlds do,” Kurama asked his tone sounding board as if he didn’t believe it. He noticed the plants all over the area were moving slightly and guessed that at any second even if they dodged his blast that the target wouldn’t get away.

“It will sever your soul in two and then both halves will heal inside your bodies in effect one person will become two,” The figure said and then reached up and removed the mask and hood to show they were female with three eyes and green skin. “The same thing that happens in the womb with identicle twins when they divide.”

“I think we’ll take our chances on Koenma fixing things,” he said and noticed Kuwabara’s slice in space appearing near by he’d cut Hiei loose and then they’d force her to talk. She just shook her head then and suddenly Hiei was free and immediately attacking her. Which meant he was in the way of his shot.

He watched as the smaller youki shoved his sword into the woman but she didn’t flinch only grabbed his face putting her Jagan against his. “Any price is worth seeing what is in that temple,” she said and then there was a brilliant flash of light and she was gone and Hiei was laying on the ground unconscious.

“Did she just split him?” Kuwabara asked clearly shocked but before he or Kurama could reply splitting pain exploded inside him. He dropped to his knees and thought he saw Kuwabara and Kurama doing the same. The pain receded after a second but he felt suddenly tired as if half his energy had been drained away.

“I think that is confirmation that the security system is active,” Kurama said after amoment. “Which means we need to get back to Enki’s palace to see if we truly are cut off from the other two worlds?”

The End.