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The (fun) Trip

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"Alright gang, meet back here at four or you will be left behind. have fun." a tall boy with dimplesㅡNamjoonㅡ said dismissing the six other boys to do as they pleased.

 The three youngest broke off into a group, Taehyung looping his arms through both  Jimin and Jungguk's arms, dragging them in the direction of the lion exhibit, giggling at the bubbly laughter that erupted from Jimins throat prompting a big smile on Jungguks face.

The leader of thr group, Namjoon, set off towards the koala section, mumbling something about marsupials.

The group of seven friends had agreed to meet up over vaction and have some fun. Where they went was simply chalked up to s group vote based on the three different idead spewed out by the other boys.


"I personally think we should go to the aquarium" Taehyung announced, hanging backwards off of thr coach. the other members grumbled.

"Tae, we always go to the aquarium! we know you love the dolphin show but c'mon, its old already." a falsely annoyed looking Jimin replied, resulting in a pouting Taehyung to cross his arms.

"what about the museum?" Namjoon suggested, the room of seven boys instantly began to murmur contemplating the idea. 

"The museums are kinds broing tho, Joon.." Hoseok responded, Namjoon looking sour at the comment.

"How about the Zoo?" Jungguk, the youngest of the group, threw out the idea. Taehyung exploded in a cheer, his eyes bright as his face stretched into a smile. "Yes! the Zoo!" Taehyung beamed, high fiving Jungguk who looked smug because of the reaction his suggestion caused.

"Please," Yoongi scoffed, crossing his arms. "You really think I'd go to a place that forcefully and wrongly captures innocent animals and keeps them in enclosures? That's horrible! those poor little babys.." Yoongi proclaimed, trailing off at the end.

"alright, how about we just take a vote?" Namjoon asked, the group agreeing. "Raise your hand if you want to go to the Zoo." Namjoon announced.

Four hands raised. Jungguk, Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok (the maknae line, yes Hoseok is counted as a maknae, hed baby) all had their hands raised. 

Yoongi scoffed at the four who agreed to the Zoo, a quick 'sorry, hyung!' from Hoseok. "that settles it, to the Zoo we go." Namjoon clapped his hands.


Seokjin looked at the two guys standing next to him. Yoongi, clad in all black and wore a scowl, eyebrows etched together as he looked at the closest animalsㅡmonkeysㅡ caged behind metal bars.

Next to Yoongi stood a beaming Hoseok, wearing an atrocious neon green and orange bomber jacket with neon orange pants and green and white belenciagas on his feet paired with bright green sunglasses and a little red pouch, trying to make Yoongi "turn the frown upside down' as he said.

The group took two separate cars, for some reason. In one car, was Namjoon, Jimin, Jungguk and Taehyung who did sing along karaoke the entire drive as Namjoon tried to drown them out with a book.

In the other car, drive Seokjin, Yoongi and Hoseok who rapped along to some song on the radio(and horribly failed in Seokjins case as he tried to keep up with the other two rappers fast tongues spitting words out at a seemingly impossible speed).

It only made sense that the three stuck togeher.

"Look! those monsters.. the poor babys are stuck! enslaved!" Yoongi said, squishing his face against a glass enclosure that held some dog looking animals.

"calm down, the animals were essentially raised here from children. they're used to it, its their norm. look! the sign says that some of them where even saved when hurt and nursed back to health" Hoseok said, pointing at the little sign that had the words engraved on it.

"Thats even worse! from children?! my loves.. and are you really going to believe a sign that was place here by the monsters themselves? they only said that to make themselves look good!" Yoongi argued back, passionately.

"Yah! You two! Stop it! Lets just explore and have fun like normal people!" Seokjin scolded the two, sternly trying to dissolve the squabble between the two boys.

"fine, but im not going to enjoy it." Yoongi said scoffing and crossing his arms across his chest for the nth time.


"Look hyungs! The 'winter wonderland'!" Hoseok beamed, pointing at an arch that had two wooden penguin on each side coated in Christmas decor ie; lights, fake snow and reefs.

A chilly breeze instantly hit the group as the walked through the arches into the winter wonderland, the frost nipping at their noses.

"OH NO!" Yoongi suddenly screeched, running up to a enclosure and squishing his face against the enclosure, sadness glassing over his eyes as he watched the black and white winged creatures through the glass barrier.

"My poor babies, my sweet little love muffins, trapped.." Yoongi mumbled, sadness multiplying as he saw an even smaller bird, a baby.

"NO! Hyung! They trapped a innocent baby penguin! How could they?!" Yoongi shouted at Seokjin, whining as shimmers of water started pooling at the edges of his eyes, threatening to spill.

Yoongi softly pounded his fist against the window. "I swear on my entire being i will get you guys out of there. I'm sorry pengies, I promise I'll save you.."  Yoongi whispered against the glass.

Just then, Yoongi stopped, an idea seemed to strike as he quickly scanned the area, seemingly to be looking for something.

Thats when his eyes landed on a locked door with 'STAFF ONLY' written across it that lead into the inside of the penguin exhibit.


"Hey, Jin hyung, remember those criminal mind classes we took during university?" Yoongi started, eyes shining with a mischievous glint. "So, do you still know how to pick a lock?"


 "Oh my fucking god, i cannont believe you two just did that!" Hoseok whisper screeched, hastily follwing behind a paranoid looking Seokjin and a practically walk-running Yoongi who was clutching a bagㅡthat was previously sat hitched apon Seokjin's shoulderㅡ and looking around, wearily.

"shut the fuck up, Hoseok." Yoongi hissed back, quickly weaving in and out between people, trying to escape the crowd and reach the exit.

"There!" Seokjin whisper screeched, pointing to the gate that lead outside of the Zoo's premises and into the parking lot.

The trio sped to the exit. They approached it and Yoongi practically kicked the gate open, the three breaking into a full on run as they breached the parking lot.

The small group quickly made their way over to the car they to the Zoo drove in, embracing it as Seokjin quickly unlocked the car.

They rammed into the vehicleㅡSeokjin in the drivers seat, Yoongi in the passengers and Hoseok in the backㅡ promptly slamming the doors shut tight.

Seokjin quickly fumbled with the ring of keys, trying to hastily jab the right one into the ignition, the engine roared to life as Seokjin revved it.

Yoongi hosted the dark patterned bag onto his lap, ripping it open and revealing the contents it contained inside.

Gum wappers, lip balm, papers, and most importantly a miniature real live breathing black and white winged bird.

"I can't believe we stole a penguin" Hoseok breathed, buckling his seat belt in and holding onto the strap as tight as he could, knuckles turning white as Seokjin speedily reversed and started running through the isles, trying to get out of the parking lot.

"uh, more like rescued" Yoongi spat back, stroking the head of the little baby bird in his lap, the animal squeaking appropriately.

"uh, more like, 10 months behind bars" Hoseok retored, letting out a terrifed scream as Seokjin turned, the tires screeching against the pavement, breaching the exit of the parking lot to the main street.

"uh, more like, Hoseok getting a stuck in the face if he doesnt shut the hell up" Yoongi responded, mockingly.

"uh, more likeㅡ" 

"CAN YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP BICKERING LIKE CHILDREN?! I AM TRYING TO CONCENTRATE ON NOT FUCKING KILLING US ALL!" Seokjins yelling voice rang through the vehicle, shutting the two other males up.

Seokjin quickly drove to the exit, foot entirely the pedal, the metal almost against the floor of the car.

Suddenly, there was a flash of red and blue lights and alarms ringing through the parking lot.

Seokjin glanced to the side, there sat a cop car flashing its lights at their speed. Yoongi accidentally made eye contact with the police officer peering through the window of his squad car.

The cops eyes swindled down to the little bundle of a smooth black and white feathered animal in Yoongis lap. The officer eyes slightly widend before he quickly yelled something into his walkie-talkie and pulled out after the fast retreating vehicle of four.(penguin included)

"shit shit shit! go go go!" Yoongi screeched, hitting Seokjins shoulder as the siren wailed behind them.

"I am!" Seokjin screamed back, sharply turning onto the main street, the tires burning against the street leaving black tire marks.

The car flew down the road, metal pedal completely slammed to the floor as Seokjin navigated the chunk of metal and wheels, One hand gripping tightly on the gear shift.

"oh fuck fuck fuck, I'm going to prison! I'm getting ARRESTED! im too pretty for prison, they're going to trade me for cigarettes! I always knew if I were to get arrested it'd be with you two fuckers! I hate you!" Hoseok spewed curses from the back seat as he pressed his entire body against his seat, one hand held tightly to the handle hanging from the ceiling and the other clutched to the seat belt wrapped securely around his body.

"HEY! are you saying that I'm- WE'RE- bad influences?!" Yoongi whipped his head around to face the panicking boy in the back seat, with a glare as he looked at Hoseok who's face paled, completely drained of colour.

"YES!" Hoseok screeched at the top of his lungs just as Seokjin rammed the steering wheel to the right, making a sharp turn causing Yoongi to stumbled from his spot in the passengers seat, slamming into the car door.

"OW! FUCK HYUNG! WARN ME BEFORE YOU MAKE SUCH A TURN! THE BABY COULD HAVE GOTTEN HURTED!" Yoongi wailed, securing the baby penguin to his chest tightly keeping it out of harms way.

Seokjin completely shrugged him off, too focused on the lights and police behind him that multipled from the one in the parking lot to five squad cars, chasing behind them.

Seokjin suddenly slammed onto the break, sending Yoongi flying forward and hitting the dash board, Hoseok letting out a scream from the back.

The police cars flew forward past them, Seokjin instantly spinning the Metal vehicle around and speeding backwards the way they came, gaining a bit of distance from the now u-turning cops, maneuvering the car skilfully as he threw it onto the highway.

 Yoongi let out a groan, gripping the bridge of his nose, a little trickle of blood running from his nostril from where he slammed into the dashboard.

"I think you broke my nose!" Yoongi whined out in pain.

Seokjin glanced at Yoongi for a second, instantly concluding that his nose was not broken but just brusied. "Its not, dont be a baby" Seokjin shot back, flying the car in and out of other cars on the free way and gazing slightly into the rear-view mirror showing the flash of lights just a little ways away.

"Maybe if you put your freaking seatbelt on!" Hoseok shot from the back seat, eye lids held closed tightly knuckles popping from the hand he held on the seat belt, grip never lightening up or faltering for a second.

"fuck your seatbelts! I dont need them!" Yoongi shot back, sounding a little weird due to him holding his nose with his head hung back, trying to stop the bleeding.

All of a sudden, a ringing played through the car.

'big birkin bag, hold five six figures' the tune rang. Yoongis eyes widened comically as he whipped his phone out.

'stripes on my ass so he call this pussy Tigger' 

"Its Namjoon!" Yoongi screeched.

"Fuck! Don't answer it!" Seokjin panicked, looking at Yoongis phone which displayed a caller idea 'Namjoon🐨' and a picture of a 18 and 19 year old Namjoon and Yoongi, arms wrapped around eachother in a hug.

"Then he'll know where up to something!" Yoongi yelled back.

"Answer it, and eyes on the fucking road!" Hoseok screamed from the backseat.

'Fuckin' on a scammin' ass, Rich ass-' the tone ended as Yoongi clicked the 'answer' button and put the call on speaker.

"Hey, Hyung" Namjoon voice spoke through the electronic. 

"Hey Joon!" Yoongi quiped, voice high pitched.

"Yeah, so the Zoo closed early today and we had to leave. Apparently this group of three guys stole a penguin? that's crazy right? who'd steal a penguin!" Namjoon said, laughing.

"Y-yeah crazy! Who would do that, haha.." Yoongi responded, chuckling nervously as he glanced down at the penguin in his very own lap.

"okay.. We'll im with Tae, min and guk right now, we decided to go grab a bite to eat, re-group at my place?" Namjoon asked. 

"Yup! Sure! Totally, we'll be there! Yup haha!" Yoongi responded, sweating a bit. When sirens rang in the back ground, Namjoons breath halted.

"Are those police sirens?" Namjoon asked, voice stern.

"Whaaat? Pfft, no! Why would you ever think that? That was just Hoseok being annoying as usual" Yoongi nervously said, trying to play it off by making loud over.exaggerated police siren noises with his mouth, Hoseok and Seokjin joining in.

"You're lying to me. wait, dont tell me YOU'RE the one that stole the penguin!" Namjoon concluded, yelling through the phon as Taehyung whined 'they stole a penguin without me?!' In the back.

"Haha, would you look at the time? Gotta blast, see ya at ya place, Joonie!" Yoongi let out quickly.

"You better not have stolenㅡ" Namjoons scolding ended with a 'beep' as Yoongi clicked the 'end call button' hanging up.on him, mid-sentence.

"Fuck, hes onto us!" Yoongi said panicky, wiping some sweat from his forehead with the cuff of his sweater.

"He's gonna kill us! I'd rather go to jail then seeing Namjoon! He's scary!" Hoseok whined.

"A-fucking-men, brother!" Yoongi shouted, dramatically.

Seokjin glanced into the mirror of the car, seeing the cops still hot on their trails. A red little flashing light in front of him caught his eyes, Seokjin looked down and his face drained to a white pastey colour.

"Uh, guys" Seokjin said, voice small.

"What?" Yoongi asked, playing with the wings of the bird sat in his lap still.

"The gas light came on." Seokjin gloomed.

All sounds in the vehicle stopped. The only noises where the sound of the sirens in the back, and the outside surroundings flashing by in a quicky blur.

"we're fucked!" Hoseok screeched, breaking the silence.


"We are so so fucked!!" Hoseok exclaimed, again.

"We know, we still about as fucked as the last ten times you've said 'were fucked' Hoseok!" Seokjin shot back, running a red light as he pulled down a street to try and get away from the cops.

After the gas light shone, Seokjin pulled off the next exit of the high way, which conveniently was the exit he normally time when driving to Namjoons house.

"Maybe we can get away?"Yoongi said as Seokjin took another turn down another street and into a neighborhood.

"Yeah right! Are you a comdiean now? You're a clown!" Hoseok shot at Yoongi, sarcastically and wringing out a scowl from deep within Yoongi.

"Shut!!" Yoongi hissed.

The cops easily caught up to them as the began running low on fuel. Seokjin was so focused on the protruding sirends behind him, he didn't even notice he turned down a dead-end street. 

"SEOKJIN HYUNG! DEAD END!" Both other parties in the car screeched, looking forward to see Seokjin almost slam into a wall.

Seokjin slammed on the breaks, pulling the car to a complete stop.

All.exits behind them where blocked by the seemingly millions of squad cars, all flashing their red and blue lights, sirens blaring.

Seokjin slammed his head against the steering wheel, making the car honk as police men and women began piling out of their black and white cars, much like the little black and white creature Yoongi still held onto firmly.

"They're gonna take Elsa back.." Yoongi cried out, defeatedly pressing his face into the moosh of the small birds tummy.

"Exit the vehicle! Hands in the air! I repeat: exit the vehicle, hands in the air!" A police officers voice rang through a mega phone. Spotlight shining on the car from the news helicopter that fluttered above them.

The three threw their doors open, sticking their hands out into the open, to show they hand no weapons, before getting out.

"We're so fucked" Hoseok said for the millionth time as they exited the vehicle.


"Kim, Min, Jung. You're friends are here for you." A police officer said, twisting a key into the locl and opening the jail cell that the three friends sat inside.

The police officerㅡwho the boys learned was called Officer.Sejinㅡ led them to the front, where a furious looking Namjoon and three curiously yet excited Jimin, Taehyung and Jungguks sat.

Officer Sejin unlocked the hanfcuffs around the three males wrists, and handed them each baggys that held the personal belongs that where confiscated off of the boys post-arrest.

"I just need you guys to sign some paperwork for the bailing out and a contract that says youre banned from the Zoo and then you can go." The office said, smiling at bit at their curt nods.

The group finished their paperwork and left the station.

"Namjoonㅡ" Seokjin stared but was cut off by a seriously ticked off Namjoons wave of his hand. "Don't." Namjoon said.

The group piled into one car, Jungguk in the drivers, Namjoon in the passengers (Namjoon still doenst have his license so Jungguk has to drive, since Seokjin and Yoongi, who where the only other two drivers, where in time out.) Seokjin Yoongi and Hosoek in the middle row and Taehyung and Jimin at the very back.

"I seriously dont even know what to say right now. Im honestly speechless." Namjoon started, the three guys in time out where quite and all looking down at their hands.

"Really? A penguin? You stole a fucking penguin? We decided to have one nice fucking outing and you three go on and decided to steal a fucking penguin from the Zoo? And not only did you steal the penguin, yoh ran from the cops, broke several speeding violations and ran multiple red lights! And resisted arrested to top it all off!" Namjoom yelled, scolding the three.

"Actually, that was Yoongi who resisted arrest, I did as they told meㅡ" Hoseok started but shut his mouth at the glare Namjoon sent him through the mirror.

"What where you thinking?!" Namjoon asked, sternly.

"I wasn't going to sit there and let them in prison those poor things!" Yoongi argued, defending his case.

"Oh yeah? And then what? What were you going to do if you got away with it? You can't keep it as a pet, you don't know how to take care of a penguin. Take it somewhere? Oh, well you can't because I just all out money bailing you three out of Jail! so what?" Namjoon shot back.

Yoongi opened his mouth to argue, buy nothing came out. He opened and closed his mouth a couple times looking like a fish out of water gasping for air, before opting to just keep it closed and stay quite.

Namjoon sighed, rubbing his temples. "Whatever, i can't control you guys. We're also permanently banned from the Zoo." Namjoon said.

The car was silent, before Taehyung lurched forward gripping the back of the seat where Yoongi was sit between Seokjin and Hoseok.

"You guys! You kidnapped a penguin without me?! How could you! I could've helped!" Taehyung whined, throwing his head back dramatically.

"Was it fun? Was the penguin as smooth as they look? Oh i bet it was even cuter up close!" Jimin added, prying as he mentally made heart eyes at the thought of the penguins.

"How was it like being in a high speed chase from the cops? Was it amazing and cool like in the movies?" Jungguk quiped from the front seat.

"To answer all your questions, the penguin was very cute and smooth. We took a baby one and Yoongi hyung named her Elsa, i dont know why! Hyung even held her the entire ride" Hoseok started, Jimins eyes brightening as he looked at Yoongi smiling big, Yoongi smiled a gummy smile back at him.

Jimin began asking Yoongi about the penguin and how it was like to hold a baby penguin. 

"And guk, it was so fun! We zoomed in and out of traffic, going over 100!" Hoseok supplied, entertaining Jungguk and Taehyung with the knowledge of how it was. 

"How would you even know? You sat there and screamed like a bitch the entire time! Im the one that drove and stayed calm!" Seokjin shot at Hoseok.

"Did not!!" Hoseok whined back.

"Shut up! Anyway you guys should have seen Hyungs Driving! He out smarted the cops by slamming the breaks and let the cops past then did this awesome spiny move and threw the car backwards and started going the other way and we almsot got away! It was sick!" Hoseok said, making a bunch of hand movements and noises exaggerating the drive.

"Thats not fair! I want to be in a high speed chase! Gukkie, Minnie! Lets go steal a sting ray from the aquarium and take off with it!" Taehyung exclaimed, the other two boys mentioned agreeing to do it while Namjoon screamed 'NO!' Everyone laughed at Namjoons scream, the giggles making the mad look disappearing off Namjoons face and being replaced by a smile of his own.

The entire care ride back to the house was filled with laughter, jokes and more stories of the three guys running away from cops.

Man, what a trip.