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Captain's Chair

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Part 1: Captain's Turn

Captain Matthew Gideon leaned back in his Captain's chair and sighed. The command deck around him was empty and quiet, its displays glowing softly in the dim light.

It had been a tough last few months. Every time they seemed to have a promising lead to finding the cure for the Drakh plague, the lead turned to dust. Sure, Max Eilerson had found plenty to interest him, and IPX was stumbling over themselves to exploit every new find. But hundreds of more people had died back home, as the plague had discovered yet another human disease on its way to murder all humanity.

Gideon sighed again, running his hand through his hair. No good to think of that now, the nightmares would return soon enough to haunt his sleep.

Right now, he was going to take advantage of the rare opportunity to be alone, completely alone with his ship.

The Excalibur had taken its own share of battering in the last few months and it was in space dock for some hull repair and systems checks. The EarthForce engine techs had seized the chance to get a hold of the ship and were delaying its departure for three more days while they tested some fancy new engine upgrades.

His crew had also deserved some rest and repair, and they had gladly taken the shuttles down to the blue-green planet below the space docks, known to be a planet of great natural beauty as well as other more exotic pleasures.

Normally there would be a skeleton crew on the Excalibur during the maintenance, both to do maintenance of their own and to be ready if some insane alien race decided to attack the EarthForce's one and only Victory-class ship. But these engine upgrades had the real possibility to be dangerous. However, as the techs had quickly explained before he ripped their heads off, the greatest risk was radiation which would cause no lasting damage to his ship, but would kill any living creature aboard at the time.

So everyone had left the ship, some with more excitement than others. Dr. Chambers was on the second to last shuttle out, loudly protesting that she was running some critical experiments and didn't have time right now to relax. But Gideon had pushed her through the shuttle door and shut it behind her. If anyone needed some time away from this damn plague, it was Sarah Chambers.

There was a small shuttle still left in the docking bay that Gideon himself would take down to the surface soon.

But right now, he wanted to just sit in this chair, and feel the ship hum around him. They had been running at lung-burning speed since he hit the deck of the Excalibur, and he had never been able to just sit and appreciate the beauty and strength of the living ship around him.

He leaned back in the command chair and stretched his legs out in front of him. His head rested against his black jacket hanging over the back of the chair.

There was something powerful and primitive about the ship, for all of its technological sophistication. He rubbed his hands down his legs. Something very phallic about the way it tore through space, straight and unyielding. Hell, he grinned, just in the way the main guns fired everything they had in one glorious shot that took a while to recharge.

He looked down and was surprised to realize his wayward hands had found their way to the bulge beginning to form in his tight pants.

Jerking his hands away, he looked around self-consciously. Then he laughed quietly at himself. Why not? He'd had a fantasy about having sex on the bridge of a starship ever since he was an ensign. This might not be quite what he had imagined, but it was too good of a chance to pass up.

He reached his hands again to the bulge in his pants, running his thumbs down each side of the thickening shape. He stroked the middle finger of each hand from the base to the tip and back again, tantalizing himself. His cock was straining against the black fabric of his pants but he wouldn't release it yet. He took a deep breath and willed himself to move slowly, his touch light. He had plenty of time before the techs were scheduled to take over the ship.

Settling back in the back and closing his eyes, he let his mind drift. He thought briefly about Captain Elizabeth Lochley, about the way her hair fell forward across his face as she had straddled and mounted him in that first furious round of lovemaking in her quarters at Babylon 5.

Then his thoughts wandered on to this ship and the way his command of it felt so right. His crew, yes even frustrating Max Eilerson, had formed together into a unit of strength and determination that Gideon had never felt before. Sure, there had never been a more desperate mission than the one they were on, but it went beyond that. Max's intelligence sparking off new ideas. The way Galen showed up at the most annoying, and most crucial times. Sarah and her deep love for life that suffused her work. The way Dureena could find her way into and through any lock, trap, or door. And especially how he and Lt. Matheson worked together in a smooth partnership of give and take.

Gideon finally gave into the demands of his throbbing cock and reached down and unfastened his pants, letting his cock spring free.

Laughing at the brazenness what he was doing, he settled into the chair for some serious stroking.

"Captain, I thought you were…" came a voice behind him.

Gideon jumped, trying to stuff his engorged cock back into his pants. Failing, he just covered it with his hands.

He turned to see his Executive Officer, Lt. John Matheson, staring at him with a bemused expression on his face.

Matheson visibly shook himself and his military mask slipped into place.

"I'm sorry, Captain," he said, taking a step backwards, "I came up here to shut down the environmental systems and any others that are unnecessary while the engine upgrades happen. I thought I'd just catch a ride on your shuttle. I didn't realize you needed some…" and here his lips quirked slightly, "some private time."

"Damn it, Lieutenant," Gideon said, his face red as he fumbled to recover his dignity. Why hadn't he made sure that his ultra-competent first officer had left the ship? "It's just that I thought I was alone and … I'd always had this fantasy, I suppose every Ensign in EarthForce has it, of having sex on the command deck and I was thinking about my crew and about you … but not like that, I was just thinking how good we all are together, always have been, as a Captain and XO I mean …"

"No need to explain, Captain," Matheson backed towards the door. "I will leave you to your … work."

Matheson turned away to go and Gideon was just about to draw a breath in relief when Matheson paused and turned back.

"You know, Captain, you are right about every EarthForce Ensign having those fantasies."

Smiling slightly, Matheson narrowed his eyes and sent an image directly to Gideon's mind.

Gideon jerked back with a gasp as he saw a telepathic image of Matheson kneeling between his knees and taking Gideon's cock into his mouth.

"Holy shit!" Gideon said, "I never knew you would … you wanted to …"

Matheson's lips turned up at the corners. "There are still a few things left you don't know about me."

"I guess so! I just never thought …"

"Well?" Matheson asked.

"Well? Well, what?"

Matheson gestured to where Gideon still tried to cover his cock with his hands.

Gideon stammered, "You mean now, that you would, right here, now?"

Matheson's grin grew. "Yes, right here, right now. May I?"

Gideon stared at him, his mind whirling but returning again and again to the image that Matheson had sent him. He shouldn't, no never, not with an officer in his command, not here … And he had ever noticed before how lovely Matheson's lips were, soft and shapely …

"Hell, yes!" Gideon said abruptly.

"Excellent choice, Captain." Matheson said evenly, only the widening of his eyes giving away his excitement.

"Get the hell over here before I change my mind!"

"A moment, Captain."

Matheson walked over to a nearby console, his skillful fingers bringing it to life. Gideon stared at Matheson's hands, strong and elegant …

"Computer," Matheson said, "List all living entities currently on the ship."

//Captain Matthew Gideon. Lieutenant Jonathan Matheson.//

"Alert me if that status changes."


"Disable all recording on Command Deck. Authorization John Matheson."


Then Matheson slowly detached his earpiece and placed it on the console. His fingers went to the neck of his black uniform and loosened the collar. Gideon's eyes were riveted by each movement.

Finally, Matheson turned towards Gideon. Gideon watched him walk towards his chair, the Lieutenant's familiar walk suddenly filled with sensual meaning.

Matheson took his time kneeling before the Captain's Chair. He reached underneath the chair and flicked a lever to stop the chair from swiveling. Licking his lips, he gently moved the Captain's hands away.

Gideon's erection, which had begun to fade when he was interrupted, was quickly coming back to life. His cock sprung from underneath his hands eagerly. It didn't seem to care that the mouth nearby was a man's. Gideon had never been interested in being with a man before. But all of him was interested in the promise of the mind-sent image of Matheson between his knees.

"Do you think you could remove your pants?" Matheson asked.

"Alright, give me a second." Gideon lifted his hips and wiggled out of the tight pants, highly aware of Matheson who still kneeled before him. For good measure, he removed the red shirt as well, tossing it over a console.

"Now are you finally gonna …Ahh." Matheson's hands ran lightly along the inside of Gideon's thighs. Matheson's lips followed, his tongue tracing swirls in the soft hair of his inner thigh.

Matheson set Gideon's right thigh trembling then turned his tongue to the left thigh, licking and sucking his way towards where the cock bounced with every movement.

"I never would have guessed," Gideon said breathlessly, "that you were such a tease."

Finally, Matheson's questing lips reached the waiting cock, but he only nuzzled it aside and nipped gently at the tender skin where thigh met crotch.

"Do something for me?" Matheson said, his voice tickling Gideon's skin.


Matheson nipped his sensitive skin again. "Pretend that it's a normal day - No, pretend that we are in the middle of a battle and that I'm not here at all."

"How am I supposed to forget you are…" Still, Gideon could see the appeal of what Matheson was suggesting. "Alright." He cleared his throat, which had somehow gotten thick. "Umm … Full scan, I want to know who those ships are."

Matheson's tongue tickled the base of his cock and traced a searing line up to the swollen head.

Gideon stammered, "Power to the front sh-shields …"

Matheson's tongue circled up the head and flicked the tiny slit at the end. His lips kissed the head allowing it to move just slightly past his lips as his tongue circled the rim.

"Ungh… Fire … forward guns."

Matheson removed his mouth and licked the cock from base to tip with the flat of his tongue, leaving it glistening and wet.

"Evasive maneuvers."

Matheson's mouth returned once more to the top of the cock and steadied it with one hand gripping the base. A slight breath of air on the wet head and Gideon shivered.

Abruptly, Matheson took the entire cock in his mouth and sucked it down his throat, pulling his hand away in time for his mouth to reach the base of the cock and bury his nose in the curly pubic hair.

"God!" Gideon bucked underneath him. Matheson held himself very still until Gideon had settled and taken as deep of a breath as he could manage.

Weakly, Gideon said, "Left forward guns, focus on the mother ship's engines."

Matheson sucked slowly upwards until the head almost left his mouth before plunging downward again. Gideon's cock rubbed against the back of his throat and a groan escaped Gideon's lips.

"Holy Hell, John…"

Matheson stopped moving and Gideon forced himself to say, "L-launch fighter wing Delta."

Matheson's agile mouth sucked his full length in again, his tongue flicking and swirling as he took him in. With one hand, Matheson steadied himself against Gideon's leg and with the other, caressed and squeezed his balls.

Matheson sucked and swallowed him in and out, pulling his head up until the head of Gideon's cock rested on his lips before he dipped downwards again.

"Damage … Uhhng" The rest was lost in a throaty moan. His fingers dug into the fabric of the chair arms.

Matheson's lips left his cock and his tongue began tracing up and down the length of it. He swirled his tongue around the head clockwise and then counterclockwise. His tongue darted into and out of the slit in the end.

"Damage report," Gideon managed to gasp out.

Matheson's nimble tongue made its way down the length of the cock, teasing the little ridge of skin on the underside of the cock. Matheson moved his free hand, which had been massaging Gideon's balls, up to his cock and softly stroked it as his mouth moved downwards.

Gently, he took one ball and then the other into his mouth, sucking and teasing. His fingers were squeezing the head of the cock lightly.

"Ready… main… guns."

Matheson brought his head up slowly, lingering over every sensitive spot before finally taking the cock into his mouth again. He moved up and down firmly, building a rhythm, and Gideon could only moan ecstatically. He was getting the blowjob of his life by his second-in-command.

Gideon felt urgency building up in him and he pushed himself towards climax. He felt his muscles clenching and just before he reached release …

… he felt Matheson grab his balls and twist them slightly, cutting off his climax.

Gideon gasped, "What the Hell?"

Matheson's mouth continued to move up and down his cock, which was straining with an incredible pressure.

"Oh God, John, let me come!"

Matheson removed his mouth from Gideon's cock long enough to wet his right pointer finger. Gideon had slid in the chair towards him, almost straddling his shoulders, and Gideon felt Matheson's wet finger run behind his balls. Gideon tried to gather himself to demand again that Matheson let him come.

Matheson's finger pushed into Gideon's asshole. Gideon jumped in surprise and felt his asshole tighten around the tip of Matheson's finger. No one had ever touched him there before.

Matheson wasn't finished. His finger slid farther in, then he started massaging a spot inside.

A strange throbbing pulsed though Gideon. It quickly grew as urgent and demanding as the pulsing in his cock.

"Oh my God …" Gideon panted, digging his fingers into Matheson's thick hair.

Matheson's mouth moved up and down Gideon's cock and his finger slid in and out of his ass with a surging rhythm. Gideon's skin felt like it was going to burst open and every nerve from his fingers to his toes was burning in desperate need.

Gideon snarled, "I swear, Lieutenant, if you don't let go of my balls, I'm going to fucking court-martial you!"

Matheson waited just one agonizing second longer and then released Gideon's balls.

Gideon howled and shoved his cock as far as into Matheson's mouth as he could. Soon his body was spasming and bucking with primitive force. His ass tightened again and again around Matheson's finger as he shot his fiery juices down the back of Matheson's throat.

Matheson swallowed every last drop, as he sucked him dry.

Finally, Gideon slumped back in the Captain's Chair, weak and exhausted, his entire body tingling.