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Come Get Y'all Omegaverse (BNHA/MHA)

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I know there's a lot of folks out there that're into Omegaverse stuff, don't try to fool me lmao I see y'all. I feel like a lot of the stuff I've seen aligns pretty well with some of my kinks and I just think that's neat. So here's the deal; I have no clue what the fuck I'm doing, and if you have even a teeny tiny idea for a ship I could write, pls drop a comment!


important things to note:

- no student/teacher, no underage (I can age up characters, just no smut with underage folks)
- large age gaps r on thin fuckin ice (it's really a case by case basis w that stuff)
- I'm a gay man, and have no experience with female/female sex (I don't find it gross, I think it's great y'all do ur thing, I just don't feel comfortable writing it), so only male/male or male/nonbinary ships for this guy
- y'all probably know this is gonna be mostly porn, which it is, but I ain't here just for that I'm down for some fluff too
- crack ships are very much welcome
- pls give me ur crack ships im desperate


yee, and i cannot stress this enough, haw.