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class 1-chAos

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Denki Kaminari added 20 users to the chat

Denki Kaminari named the chat class 1-chAos


Izuku Midoriya: why

Denki Kaminari: dunno i'm bored

Katsuki Bakugou: oh hell no

Katsuki Bakugou left

Shouta Aizawa left

Denki Kaminari added Katsuki Bakugou

Denki Kaminari added Shouta Aizawa

Denki Kaminari: there's no escape

Ochako Uraraka: we're all in this together 

Katsuki Bakugou: i hate you. i hate all of you.
Katsuki Bakugou: ok minus kirishima

Mina Ashido: this is gonna be fun

Katsuki Bakugou: no 

Denki Kaminari: awh come on let's integrate

Kyouka Jirou: wow you know the word "integrate" 

Denki Kaminari set Kyouka Jirou's username to emo thot

emo thot: was that supposed to be an insult
emo thot: i am a proud emo thot

emo thot set Denki Kaminari's username to dumb bitch

dumb bitch: was that supposed to be an insult

Tenya Iida removed Denki Kaminari's username

Tenya Iida: No swearing on my christian Minecraft server


Tenya Iida: It was Tensei, he broke me

Tenya Iida set his nickname to gotta go fast

gotta go fast: :)


gotta go fast: He says thanks
gotta go fast: He wants to give you guys nicknames, should I give him my phone?
gotta go fast: I tell him a lot of stories about you guys, so it's going to be fun

Shouto Todoroki: YES PLEASE

Mina Ashido: Y E S H

Yuuga Aoyama: attendez!

Yuuga Aoyama set his nickname to ✦~CAN'T STOP TWINKLING~✦

✦~CAN'T STOP TWINKLING~✦: you can proceed now.

gotta go fast: Hi! It's Tensei

Ochako Uraraka: henlo uwu

gotta go fast set Ochako Uraraka's nickname to defying gravity

gotta go fast set Mina Ashido's nickname to toxic


gotta go fast: IT IS

toxic: I LOVE YOU 3000


toxic: iron man's dead get over it

Izuku Midoriya: brb i'm going to bawl my eyes out :)

gotta go fast set Izuku Midoriya's nickname to hulk smash

Shouto Todoroki: who's iron man and hulk

hulk smash: please say sike

Shouto Todoroki: sike

hulk smash: fr??

Shouto Todoroki: no

hulk smash: s i g h
hulk smash: btw i love tensei can we please keep him here

Katsuki Bakugou: no

gotta go fast set Katsuki Bakugou's nickname to DESTROYA


hulk smash: didn't know you're emo

Shouto Todoroki: i'm not emo

emo thot: sure jan

Fumikage Tokoyami: what a mad banquet of darkness
Fumikage Tokoyami: i heard "my chemical romance" and "emo" who summoned me

gotta go fast set Fumikage Tokoyami's nickname to isle of flightless birds

isle of flightless birds: glorious

DESTROYA: icy thot cut your bullshit you listen to welcome to the black parade daily

Shouto Todoroki: ...i like this song ok

emo thot: why are you g-noting yourself everyday i would literally DIE

Shouto Todoroki: i'm already dead inside

gotta go fast set Shouto Todoroki's nickname to icy thot

icy thot: thanks tensei

gotta go fast set Tsuyu Asui's nickname to axel f

axel f: i don't know how to respond to that, kerro

defying gravity: TSU

axel f: URARAKA

Eijirou Kirishima: what is happening here

DESTROYA: chaos. lit rally chaos

gotta go fast set Eijirou Kirishima's nickname to hardboy

hardboy: ok it's not that bad

DESTROYA: no wait

DESTROYA changed Eijirou Kirishima's nickname to shitty hair

shitty hair: do you feel better now


shitty hair: fine

gotta go fast set Mashirao Ojiro's nickname to tail monster

tail monster: ...fine

DESTROYA: everyone has cool nicknames and i got a fucking mcr song

icy thot: i will not take this my chemical romance slander

DESTROYA: shut your emo ass

icy thot: I'M NOT EMO

hulk smash: u sure about that

icy thot: ...betrayed by my own friend

Tooru Hagakure: todoroki you're wearing a fall out boy hoodie rn

gotta go fast set Tooru Hagakure's nickname to sneaky

icy thot: HET OUT OF MY ROOM

emo thot: het? no hets allowed here

Minoru Mineta: i'm hetero

emo thot: as i said

gotta go fast set Hanta Sero's nickname to spiderman

spiderman: conspiracy theory: peter parker makes his web out of shredded tape, that's why it's so sticky

Denki Kaminari: holy motherfucker

gotta go fast set Denki Kaminari's nickname to sparky

emo thot: mine was better
emo thot: wait i have an idea

emo thot set Momo Yaoyorozu's nickname to 3D printer

gotta go fast: SKDSKSJD

sparky: tensei speaks keyboard smash..... you really are the better version of your brother

✦~CAN'T STOP TWINKLING~✦: hey don't insult iida, s'il vous plait!

gotta go fast: no i really am his better version teehee

gotta go fast set Rikido Satou's nickname to cookie monster

gotta go fast set Koji Kouda's nickname to michael with a b

michael with a b: uh ok

toxic: if you don't love tensei there's no place for you in this class

gotta go fast set Mezo Shouji's nickname to octopussy

octopussy: i'm-

icy thot: yikes

gotta go fast: ok, looks like everyone has nicknames now
gotta go fast: i'm gonna go now

toxic: NO PLS DON'T GO

Minoru Mineta: i don't have a nickname

gotta go fast: i know, but i didn't wanna be rude so i left you out

spiderman: get shrekt

3D printer: there's only one solution to this problem

emo thot removed Minoru Mineta from the conversation

3D printer: you read my mind :)

gotta go fast: Hi it's Tenya again

defying gravity: boohoo
defying gravity: jk love you <33

sparky: oh no he left aizawa-sensei out what should we do about it

Shouta Aizawa: do something with my nickname and imma kick you out of school

sparky: understood

sparky added Tensei Iida

Tensei Iida: huh

sparky: read above

Tensei Iida set Shouta Aizawa's nickname to saddy daddy



gotta go fast: What is wrong with you, brother?

saddy daddy: tensei i'm gonna fucking strangle you

spiderman: kinky

toxic: kinky

icy thot: kinky

Tensei Iida: kinky

saddy daddy: i'm quitting this job