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Star's Kiss

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There was a dragon in the tower. There was no prince or princess, or any sign of royalty at all, but there was a dragon.

"What the hell are you?" Bakugou asked, thrilled. He raised his sword in a pre-motion side swing and braced his feet. "I'm supposed to fight you? Bring it on. I'll kill you!"

"Wait, wait! Hold up!" beseeched the dragon. Its mouth actually moved, and Bakugou paused in disbelief. It talked? Pointed claws tapped at the stone floor as the dragon moved closer, almost in caution. Its eyes were a brighter red than its scales. "I'm not a danger to you or anything! Did you come to save me?"

Bakugou frowned. "You? Where the hell's the princess?"

"Huh? There's no princess here…?" It scanned the room like it doubted itself, and disbelief aside, Bakugou was running out of patience.

"Quit playing around! Did you eat the princess?" Which was a gruesome but exciting image. "Then I'll just gut you and take your head as prize!" He gripped the sword tighter and took a menacing step forward.

The dragon raised its wings and flapped it around a bit like placating hands. "Hold on, dude! I already told you I won't bite or nothing!"

"Like I'm scared. Try it and die."

The dragon huffed a laugh in apparent awe. "That is manly as hell. But really, there's no princess here, man. Not since I made this my lair, anyway."

Bakugou grit his teeth. "Don't fucking lie to me! Dragons have dungeons for lairs. Unless they're guarding a tower to lock up a princess!"

"Well, I wasn't always a dragon. Am not always a dragon."

The sword was getting heavy and Bakugou's thrill at fighting a dragon was dying out. He could see there was nothing fun about fighting this pathetic lizard. He huffed, lowering his sword so its point touched the floor. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I'm sort of, um." The dragon looked at its feet, almost shy, the idiot he was a dragon, and looked up at him again. "Enchanted?"

Bakugou stared. "You're fucking with me."

"Am not! I really am enchanted. Or cursed, if you wanna call it that. But I used to be human, like you! But then I bumped into the wrong fellow, who turned out to be an evil wizard or something, so now I turn into a dragon during the day and a normal human at night."

Well, that would explain the fact that it could speak to him. But— "You asked me earlier if I came to save you."

The dragon took it for the question it was, which was a relief, because it meant it wasn't as stupid as it seemed to be. "Well, yeah. You know. 'Cause you're a knight and all. And all I really need is this special kind of flower up in the mountains far east—"

"The Star's Kiss," Bakugou supplied. He'd read about it in the town library. It was one of the eight magical flowers that could grant wealth, revive the dead, reverse all kinds of spells, all that stuff. But each one needed to be subjected to special conditions before they could bloom. The Star's Kiss would blossom only when torched with a dragon's flames.

Bakugou could practically feel the dragon wagging its tail. "That's the one!" it said. "I can't enter the Garden without a knight's blood, so. Will you help me?"

Bakugou felt the sudden charge of excitement zap through his body. One of the eight magical flowers, a dragon accompanying him…

"And you know, there's going to be lots of bandits and trolls along the way. That will be fun!"

Damn it. There was no stuck-up royalty here. Just a dragon. Asking him, a knight, for help. That's gotta be bad ass. The premise made for an epic quest, and he could see himself bringing back the flower and a former dragon to the kingdom and rubbing it in that smug half-and-half's face.

Bakugou would sever his hands and eat them before he passes up a chance like this. "Fine," he huffed.

"Dude! Great!"

"Don't touch me with those horns or I'll kill you!"

The dragon laughed. And Bakugou signed himself up for an adventure he just hoped he won't come to regret.

"Aren't you going to ask my name?"

"Fuck you."

(It's Kirishima.)