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Come Home with Me

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Come Home with Me

Chapter 1: Far from Home

Jared tugged at his new collar. The hot stuffy air in the back of the basement made the rough leather collar soaked in sweat. He tried to block out the sounds of the brothel’s patrons laughing and cheering. Orphaned children were required by law to either be adopted by a new family or owned by a shop. Families were charged annually for the type and number of children they had. Otherwise, shops would pay the fee and the children would work off the fee in the labor they provided. If they failed to work off the fees, the shop could keep them afterwards, but this was relatively rare. Even though Jared was technically an indentured servant to the brothel until the age 18, it was far better than being an indentured servant to some of the farming and manufacturing plants in the area. Work in those camps was hard, deadly, and paid lousy. Jared felt lucky to be an omega. Had he been an alpha, he probably would have ended up there. Here, all he needed to do for the next four years was cook, clean and help serve the clients. Jared didn’t know what he was going to do after that – join the others upstairs? Head down to the other shops in town? Maybe move to the big city and look for work there?

A boy stopped on the last step at the foot of the stairs and looked over the empty cots to Jared.

“Break time is over. We could really use your help in the kitchen,” the boy said. Jared looked up – he thought that the boy’s name was Brendan.

Brendan waved his hand as a sign to follow, so Jared got up and followed him to the kitchen. He had only been here a couple of weeks, but he knew to keep his head down and do what he was told. The kitchen was packed with both adults and children. Everyone was hustling; they knew their exact spot and what to do. Jared looked at Brendan, lost, but he was too busy washing dishes to help Jared find something to do.

“You, new kid,” the head chef called out to him, “You can peel the potatoes.” He pointed to a small stand in the back of the kitchen next to a large tub of potatoes. Jared carefully picked up a knife sitting next to the tub and started to peel. Typically, Jared helped with cleaning the private rooms when the clients and prostitutes had finished using them. But, working in the kitchen was nice, too, Jared thought. He didn’t really like to see some of the bloody messes clients left. And the farther away from the clients Jared could get . . .

“Ouch!” Jared cried. Blood poured out of his cut finger, getting all over the stand, his peeled potatoes and the untouched starchy vegetables. As Jared looked for a small towel to stop the bleeding, one of the adult chefs stomped over.

“You stupid child. Look at this fucking mess. Quit fucking bleeding in my kitchen and get yourself to the office!” All of the younger kids stopped and stared at the fiasco. Jared’s cheeks reddened. He snagged a towel from Brendan’s drying station on the way out of the kitchen to the front office as he walked by.

o . o . o

The front office was three rooms. The first room was Genevieve’s, the secretary, office. It had a small seating area next to some random stripper poles, Gen’s desk, and the two other rooms branched out from the back through tall, heavy wooden doors. This is where the middle and poor class customers paid and requested special services. The next largest room was Fredric Lehne’s office. Fredric was the owner. He was suave, confident, and downright creepy. He often hung around the VIP lounge smoozing guests or stayed in his office helping the very wealthy business owners find special talents in the staff. The last room was the room Jared was looking for – the medical room. From the hush whispers he had heard and the messes he had seen, he knew a medical room was needed when some clients hurt the brothel’s employees.

Jared had never been to the medical room before. As he walked into the front office, he looked at the two identical doors behind Gen’s desk. They looked identical. Jared didn’t know which one to pick and Gen was not at her desk so, randomly, Jared picked the left door. It was the wrong choice.

As soon as Jared had opened the door, Fredric and an unknown woman looked up at him. Fredric was lounging at his desk with a small Scotch. The woman was sitting across from him with a small scowl on her face. As soon as her eyes rolled over Jared, however, she gave a small smile.

“What are you doing here?” Fredric asked; his voice was sharp.

“Sorry, sir, I was just looking for the med room.”

“Don’t be so harsh with the boy, Fredric. Come closer, little one. Let me take a look at you.” Jared looked over at Fredric for advice. He waved him forward with impatience watching the woman watch Jared. Jared took a few tiny steps forward so that he was just out of arms reach of the woman.

“What is your name, little one?”

Jared answered quietly, “ ‘m Jared.”

“My, my, you are quite cute. I bet when you grow up, you will be quite handsome. You said you were hurt. Let me see,” the woman cooed at him. Jared obediently took another few steps toward the woman and held his towel wrapped hand up. She quickly snatched Jared’s arm and pulled him onto her lap.

“I want him,” the woman said to Fredric as she carefully squeezed Jared who was trying to squirm away. “Be still now, little one. I will make it all better.”

“Julia, be reasonable. He isn’t trained”

“That will make it all the more fun, darling. Besides this one is still young -- he can play and he can learn.” There was a pause as the woman looked at Fredric. He wasn’t saying no. The woman continued, “I will pay.”

Fredric look to be pondering the idea. He finally replied, “Double the normal rates.”

“Deal.” Julia looked smug as she patted Jared’s hip. “Well, then, we best be off, cutie pie. Come along.”

“Wait – what?” Jared looked between Julia and Fredric. “But I am only supposed to help out.”

“And now you are helping Ms. Julia out.” Fredric coldly answered. He directed his next statement to Julia. “Room 6A is free. I believe it will be to your liking.”

“Thank you.”

Jared started to protest, squirm and yank away, but Julia had dug her nails into his arm and pulled him after her. The duo excited through Gen’s office out into the main floor and then down a dark hall on the side. A few patrons tore their attention from the strippers on stage to watch the display. One of the clients had short yellow hair and a wicked smile. He stared after the boy with rapt fascination. Shortly after, the couple had disappeared down the hall, the man flagged a waiter down and asked to speak to the owner.

o . o . o

By the time Julia and Jared reached the room, Jared was attempting to pull his arm out of his socket. He didn’t look around the room. If he had, he would have noticed a normal looking bed, with a normal looking nightstand, normal looking overstuffed chair, and a normal looking closet filled with normal clothes. In fact, the entire room looked to be a normal looking, lived-in bedroom.

“Please, please, I don’t want to do this. You can’t make me. It’s illegal. Please.” Jared’s pleas where ignored and he began to cry. Julia sat in the overstuffed chair. She carefully pulled him into her lap, with his back against her front and her arms wrapped around him to hold onto his arms in front of him. She began to rock back and forth, humming quietly. Jared began to tucker out.

“There now, baby. It’s gonna be okay. Let’s take a look at that hand, shall we?” Julia carefully, held up his hand. The cut had begun oozing again when Jared was struggling to get away earlier. “Mommy is going to kiss it all better, how about that?”

Jared leaned back and peered up at Eve through tear stained eyes. “Please, don’t, Miss Julia.”

“Now, baby, Mommy is going to take such good care of you. You just need to be good, ok? And good little boys call their mommies …” Jared stuck out his lower lip and closed his eyes as an attempt to not cry again.

“Baby,” came the demanding tone.

“Mom, they call them mom.” With that, Julia kissed Jared’s gimp hand.

“Call me Mommy, sweet heart.” Jared flinched; his own mom used to call him that. Julia began to caress him. First, it was fairly innocent touches along his arms. Then, Julia grew bolder and began to feel up his torso. Finally, Julia began to dig her fingers into the top of Jared’s pants.

“My, what a big boy you are become, baby. But I bet we can make you even bigger. Take your pants off for me, baby.” Jared began to beg again, but Julia didn’t pay him any attention as she quickly removed his pants and underwear with one hand, while the other kept Jared in place.

“There it is. You look so nice, baby.” Jared’s pleas took on a new desperation, his breathing quickened and his head tossed back and forth, “Please, please. Don’t.”

Julia shushed him, “Just let go, baby. Let Mommy take care of you.” She began to nibble on the back of his throat and she rubbed his cock faster.

“It’s ok, baby, let it go. Just let it go.” With that, Jared finally threw his head back as he came. Long, white fluid covered part of Jared and all of Julia’s hand. She brought her hand up to his mouth as Jared struggled to catch his breath.

“Be a good boy and lick it up, baby.” Jared turned his head away, however, she followed his mouth and stuck two come-covered fingers in it. Jared felt his stomach make its presence known, he felt like he wanted to curl into a ball, or leave and join the dangerous manufacturing shops. He bit down on Julia’s fingers in retaliation.

“Bad baby!” Julia said as she stood up and Jared fell to the ground. He tried to scoot away but she reached down and grabbed him by the collar. She pushed him over to the bed and took some rope hidden inside the nightstand. She tied him so that he was bent over the bed with his ass sticking out and his arms spread in a Y position. Jared was crying again.

“Bad little boys get punished. Now, since it is your first time, I am going to go easy on you and just spank you and for each one, you are going to count and apologize to mommy. And if you don’t do this, we will start over. Do I make myself clear?” Jared didn’t move, but was dry sobbing over the bed. Julia undid her belt and – Whack. She waited for him to count, but Jared did nothing. She hit him again.

“Keep it up, little one. I can do this all day.” She hit him again and paused, waiting for Jared to respond. After maybe ten hits or so, Jared was yelling at the top of his lungs, begging her to stop.

“You know what you have to do, baby,” she replied.

“One. I am sorry.” Julia waited expectedly.

“I’m sorry, who?”

“Mommy.” She hit him again.

“Two. I am sorry, Mommy.” This continued until Jared had counted to 20. His bum was red and had red welts lying across it. “You did such a good job, baby. But you made Mommy a little wet. Why don’t you lick it up for me?”

Julia got on top of the bed and pulled Jared’s head to the center of her core. Jared crinkled his nose, but did not lick. Julia reached over his back to slap his butt, hard. He jerked and started to lick around the inner lips of Julia’s pussy.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good, but I want you to lick up a little higher. No, to the right. Yes, right there. Don’t stop. That is Mommy’s clit. It makes Mommy feel really good. So whenever you want Mommy to feel good you need to lick it, ok?” Jared began to lick around her clit, but never on it. Seeing his silent rebellion, she put her hands in his hair and pulled hard. Cringing, Jared put his mouth directly on top of her clit and sucked.

“That feels wonderful, baby. Keep going, just like that.” After a few minutes, Julia threw her head back as she gasped, “Now stick your tongue down my pussy. Try to make it hit the back. Keep going. Oh, you are doing so good, baby. Come back up and stuck my clit. Yes.” Jared followed her instructions as best he could. Between the tears and sucking, he was having a hard time catching his breath, but this seemed to drive Julia farther. She reached over and undid one of Jared’s hands. He thought about hitting her, but decided not to. He didn’t want to get hit anymore.

“Now, use your hands. Stick your fingers in mommy’s hole. That’s is where babies come from, baby. One day, I am going to have you plug me, so hard. Maybe we can make another baby.” Julia started to breathe even harder. She kept instructing him on what to do, and saying filthy things to him, as he alternated back and forth between her clit and her hole; his hands would quickly, roughly rub whatever his mouth wasn’t on. He just wanted to get her off as soon as possible. Then he could go back to the shadows and leave when he turned 18. Julia finally let out a loud moan and shuttered as Jared struggled to clean everything that was sopping out of Julia’s hole.

“Thank you, baby. That was your first time helping Mommy relieve stress, wasn’t it? Don’t worry, I am going to help you become the best pussy-sucker here. Next time, we will work on other things too, ok?” Jared didn’t want there to be a next time. He closed his eyes again, trying to block everything out.

“Now, thank Mommy and tell Mommy you love her, ok?” Jared stayed silent with his eyes tightly shut. There was no way in Hell Jared was going to thank Eve for this. “Baby, we have to work on your communication skills, or Mommy is going to plug that little mouth with a large pacifier while she pounds your ass with one of Mommy’s special toys. Now, what do you say, baby?”

Jared was still silent. “Do you want to see Mommy’s toys?” Julia went over to the closet. Underneath the hanging clothes was a trunk, Julia opened it and began to pull out items. She turned around and took them back over to the bed that Jared was still bent over. He finally looked at her as she approached. She held up the first item, it was a regular, pink pacifier.

“We would start with this one.” Julia explained. Then she held out one that looked uncomfortably big with a buckle to tie around the back of his head and force him to hold it in. “But if you didn’t like that one, baby, we could always try this one. Then, after I have that dirty mouth plugged, I would use this toy to plug that other dirty hole of yours. And if that hole still needed punishment, I would use this one. All bad little boys obey their mothers after this one.” Julia held up a small strap on dildo and then a very large strap on dildo with spikes.

“Now, I am going to ask you one more time, baby, what do you say to Mommy?”

“Thank you, Mommy.”

“What for, baby?” Jared looked confused. What for? He didn’t know; all he wanted to do was disappear. Julia decided to provide him the answer. “Could it be because I taught you how to suck pussy? Or maybe because Mommy loves you enough to punish you?”

“Thank you, Mommy for teaching me how to suck pussy and --- and loving me enough to punish me.”

“And what do we say afterwards?”

“I love you, Mommy”

Julia looked pleased. “Baby, we are going to have so much fun together.” She patted his sore bottom. “You were such a good boy and you pleased Mommy so much. Mommy wants you to know how much she loves you. She is going to come back for you.” With that, she walked out of the room, leaving Jared tied on the bed with one hand free. He never felt so alone and far from home. As Jared waited for the cleaning crew to release him, he vowed that it would be the last time somebody bought him. Unfortunately, he was wrong.