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The Queen in love

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  Reboot your life with everything you never know.

This could be confirmed by Andréa Sachs, a 23-year-old chocolate-brown, espresso-colored-eyed woman walking her dog Patricia.

She had received the magnificent St-Bernard at the beginning of her journalism studies at Northwestern University. The studies she had finally completed just two months ago.

She dreamed of leaving her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio for a big metropolis that would make a name in a big newspaper.

Unfortunately unmarried, after her academic boyfriend, Nate Cooper, abandoned for a culinary career, Andrea did not know how she could go with anything in her pocket.
She was already seeing her dreams fly away.

That's when, at a Sachs family dinner, his parents talked to him.

They reminded her that before she was born, they lived in New York and that, in the end, they were never sold at home, preferring to pay someone to have it once a month.

So they suggested to their daughter to offer him the place, the time at which he can be hired by a newspaper and become independent
  It was therefore in front of this house that Andrea was now returning from just three weeks after the conversation with her parents.
 The hinges of the mailbox hid inside the list of publications.
 She found herself face to face, Patricia swaddled on a leash, she was still excited to come back from the evening walk.
 - Let's see ..., said Andrea looking at the envelopes out of cardboard. Invoices, other invoices, flyers and ... Oh!
 A great postcard stands out from the usual.
 Andrea entered the house and ended up in a comfortable living room overlooking a beautiful dining room. Throwing the rest of the envelopes, she locks the door and looks at the postcard.
 - Oh, look Patty, it's mom and dad!
 Andrea's parents thought that the kidnapping of their daughter was the perfect time to go on vacation.
 - Dear Andy, we have a lot of fun during our holidays, I hope you stay safe in your new city, read aloud. That's all?
  Putting the postcard in the pocket of her jeans, she went into the modest kitchen to boil some water and prepare a late dinner.
 Finding that her sound was too quiet, she turned on the television and adjusted the volume. One of his favorite talk shows played at that time. Today, they were receiving an FBI agent
 - So Mr. Agent started interviewing him.
 - Please, call me Roy, help the man.
 He gave the interviewer a winning smile and laughed.
 "I do not you Blame, he's good Rather, not my kind, but hey the same." Andy thought the man Looking at years with his thirty shaved head,
 dressed in an impeccable costume and a serious face But nice.
 - So, Roy, can you tell us more about the gang situation in our city?
 - Gang activity has increased recently, the officer said. But everything is in place to ensure the safety of all citizens.
 "Yeah, gang activity, I can not even imagine how terrifying it would be to get caught up in all this!"
 As the interviewer began to ask more questions, Andy heard that the water was boiling and ... glass was breaking in the living room!
 Surprised, she goes off quickly on television and freezes, listening carefully. Some chose to fall on the carpet of the entrance, followed by a footprint.
 "Oh, my God!" Andy thinks scared
  "Sweep the house, leave nothing intact," said a deep voice.
 "Am I stolen ?!"
 Blinded by the scared, Andy to try to out of the door for a man with right on center.
 -Hey, do not move!
 He takes out a weapon and points him directly.
 -Boss, I found someone here!
 There are quite a few people arriving in the kitchen.
 -The girl would say ... She might know something, which could be their leader.
 Trembling from head to toe, Andy tries to project a voice in his voice: - There is
 a silent alarm in the house, you trigger it!
 -Although it's true, it does not make any difference.
 The leader kneels before her, shining with joy.
 Tell us where your parents are!
 Andrea tightens her throat.
  -It's all we need to know, easy, is not it?
 There is nothing to say, it is a name when the man touches his face, brutally, a long time ago.
 "Destroy the place," he orders his men.
 There is then a big elbow accompanied by broken glass. The men start to knock over the furniture, the destruction raged throughout the house.
 Under the kitchen table, Patricia is as scared as her mistress. The second that a man spilled the table, she came out like a shot, through the back door and away.
 "What a guard dog !!!" Andy thinks a bit bitter.
 "Now," said the chef's right hand. Try again, your parents?
 -I swear, I do not know where they are!
 -You get very angry, little bratz, do not make me ...
 A lively pop sound, almost deafening, interposes it.
 Back, the masked man screams in pain and squeezes against his chest.
 "What ...?" So think Andrea stunned