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Black, White, and Everything Between

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It arrived in the mail on a stormy spring morning. Amidst the tangle of white flowers on the street, I found a letter with a rather odd seal hanging out of the letterbox. The writer claimed to be a distant relative of mine, and its contents gave details of some great unnameable horror slumbering beneath the manor.

It seems fate has deemed me worthy for this monumental task, as my ancestor has asked me to take up residence in the old family manor. I am to partake in a quest, a crusade of sorts against a terrifying beast. My sword, an old family heirloom, lusts for blood, and its steel will once again be put into action.

I shall set off as soon as I am able, taking the sea road to reach the ancient hamlet where the manor resides. The letter urged me to make great haste towards the settlement, and I do not aim to disappoint. A good ship should not be too much trouble for me; It's time I put the funds that have laid dormant since my inheritance to good use at last.

As for the matter of a crew, a team of mercenaries should suit my purposes. My focus now should remain on reaching the hamlet first and foremost. Only then may I redirect my concerns to hiring men of suitable prowess for the perils that are to come.

But before I depart, there is someone I need to see to first. One Odysseus Necrodeus, an acquaintance of my ancestor. His knowledge of the dark arts and things beyond the other side may be of use against the horrors we will have to face shortly.