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Witch of Death

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 My mother is a witch, birthed from joy, godblood and crystals fueled by unimaginable magic.


My father, well, My Father is the sixteenth generation of Atus, a being you may know as death. 


and that makes me-- Yup, you guessed it. a Witch of Death.


I  suppose I should  explain a few things. 


Let me start by putting a few things to light, bettering your understanding of my world and how it is connected to yours.

Death, the Reaper is a being so deeply rooted in human’s history that there are many renditions on what it is they do.  

In some human mythologies, the Grim Reaper causes the victim's death just by appearing before a human. In turn, people have tried to hold on to life by avoiding Death's visit, or by fending Death off with bribery or tricks. Others believe that the Spectre of Death is only a psychopomp, serving to sever the last ties between the soul and the body, and to guide the deceased to the afterlife, without having any control over when or how the victim dies-- which is half true.


This is the part where you have to pay attention, this is important.

One, Khyp:


a special group of magically skilled-warriors- that train for years in how to subdue and prevent a human’s soul from going dark, what we call barserker souls. 

any souls are permitted to stay in the human world only after they have been scanned and authorised by a Khyp elder.



 in the case of a soul that goes unchecked, if no one purifiers them in time-- 

 a healthy human that comes into contact with a berserker soul has their very essence sapped where it is then absorbed in the body of the soul gone bad. the human dies, they can not be saved.


 as a child, I was told, never interfere with a Khyp while their on the job. at the time, I didn’t really know why or what would happen if I ever did, but I was sure the outcome wouldn’t be very  good. 


What I have learnt so far comes from two of my best friends who have trained--worked their butts off to guartuate and now are full fledged Khyp’s. I am very proud.

from what I’ve heard no one has ever seen them while on the job and they aren’t suppose.

 no human gets hurt if they stay uninterrupted.

 ‘come in, purifies the soul, capture them and leave without a trace.’ my friend once told me that.

she once showed me her uniform,

Very cool.



Two, Atus: 


There are never two Atus’s alive at the same time. There is only one moment this ever happens and that is when their heir shows signs of power haze, It's when the older Atus’s  powers start to transfer to the next heir. It’s usually a dangerous time for the newborn Atus because--


 I actually haven’t been told why yet.

 I've only ever heard stories from my Father. I have a feeling that there's something he has been keeping me from finding out about. the Atus’s true role in all this.

unlucky enough I have no other siblings for the responsibility to be passed onto.


 as I've already said  we grant a human’s dying wish.


Atus  have the ability to see a suls final hours long before the human has actually died--what that means for me is completely different to what you're thinking. 


We don’t simply just get to watch their lives play out and be completely unaffected by what we witness. Oh no, we feel their stories as our own, their heartaches, pain and lose-- everything is taken into our bodies and it never goes away. never.

Once their wishes have been made, It is our duty to then grant the soul their dying wish, collect their willing-purified spirit and then pass them on to a Byxl. 

Three, Byxl


 They carry the purified, dormant souls safely over to the other side for their judgment. they are always paired with a khyp in the likelihood of a soul’s escape.

I have never heard of it happening but the  celestials are very cautious creatures.


and all three stages were their own cloaks while on the job

Khyp’s wear Black, it protects them from having their powers drained while fighting any and all types of berserker souls.

Atus, grey, conceals them from human eyes and blocks any ears that are not allowed to hear them speak.

Byxl are always blue, it keeps any soul in check during their long journey through the five gates.

My life was simple once. 

I was studying at a magic school, ready to complete my academic year and all my training so close to being finished. My goal in life were well on the way to being met, but my powers manifested much earlier than anyone expected it to. 


It could have something to do with me being half witch?

I’m not sure, but all I know now is my time to take my father's place is fast approaching and I have been doing all I can to convince him that I have no skill in what it takes, or what must be done when it comes to being an Atus-- to being apart of death's cycle. 

I want to freely choose my own path in this world, before I take up the manthol.

you would think I am asking for the world-- it’s all just bad timing and im terrified of all this suffocating amounts of pressure that has been building in my chest for a few days.


once I have absorbed all his abilities as an Atus, Unfortunately, for me, that means I will have to bare witness to a live that is not my own like a footnote in my mind, to be compelled to granting their wish without bias or prejudice and then  send them on their way to face whatever trails that awaits them at the next stage .


I have thought heavily on the what ifs,


what If I fail those people?


what if they will  become a drifting spirit in this world and inevitably become a berserker soul?


What if my failure becomes my world's first greatest crisis? 


what if I become an embarrassment, a smudge on my family's name?


what if i simply can’t do this?

what if this destroys me?


What if i’m not strong enough?

what if I  don't cope well enough to the thing my father has yet to say?

because I have watched my Father fight against his visions when I was younger, only to then get them through unimaginable nightmares during his slumber, all these fears within, started to crawl away at me the moment my powers started showing.


I know only the parts my Father has allowed me to see and the bits I wasn’t meant to-

 I can't stop a human from dying because My father once told me what happened when he tried to save a friend from death.


It was during his adventures in the human world,

he was much younger, had no one to guide him, teach him about his new powers.

He made the mistake of thinking he could stop death from taking his friend only to have them die anyway along with another, long before their time. He regrets that to this day. 


‘It wasn't his fault.’

‘He didn't know.’ 


I told him.


but, then I thought, did that person whose life was cut short believe that ?

did that person ever become a berserker spirit fueled by rage and revenge it would never get?


will I face that guilt one day? 

It scares me. 

This is my birthright.

I hate it. 


I .hate .this.












A young male with a head of lilac hair down to his shoulders runs along a field of grass. In the distance, a large house in the background begins to disappear from view the further he runs. Soon he spots the edge of his world and smirked at the thought of adventure, and getting up to no good as he escapes his reality and all his responsibilities. 

In this realm, witches live with their families surrounded by other Witches and creatures of magic. no one that is not of a Witch’s blood are permitted to enter a Witches home and only an invitation by a witch will grant you safe entry. 


Around him, his neighbours homes float on their own island isolated from everyone around them, cocooned in a sphere of opaque orenda said to have been materialised by a great Witch a very long time ago. This world is a bridge between the human world and that of the spirit province- the underworld. 


The boy jumps off the edge just as a swirling tunnel of bright colours appears before him.


he sighs at the line of people ahead of him immediately after entering the room at the magic checkpoint on the other side of the portal. this is a norm here. If you do not have devine permission to travel to the human world then you have to go through a checkpoint every time and receive a travel permit. at birth a special type of chip is magically installed in the tips of their index finger, engraved their fingerprint. it is completely harmless and is used for many things.

“ I’m like, totally getting an upgrade next week on my Lux. I’ll be like.. able to tap into so much more when I finally get my paperwork approved  by the celestial council.” 

a voice boast loud enough for enough people to hear which includes the gatekeepers who are thoroughly searching a young couple for anything that may throw the human world off balance

and putting a blocker on their Lux to stop them from casting any magic that may do them harm.


the queue starts to move and it isn't long before, “ Jeonghan! what can we do for you today?”  woman asks behind her pink desk stationed in the middle of the room. on the left side of the desk there is a gold doorway that leads to the magic world.  Next to it, an equally large silver doorway that no one has ever been seen entering, and no one truly knows what that gate is for.

 on the right side bronze which leads you to the human world and copper, the spirit province. each fluctuating with their own type of magic.


Jeonghan’s attention is then brought back to the woman in front of him the moment she shifted her hair from her eyes to get a better look at him, which always seemed pointless to him considering he knew she was completely blind, but her eyes are not the things she uses to see.

he waves at her from the checkpoint,

“ Hello” he greets one very tired looking man, Luna, “ good  to see you always kid” he states, patting the boy on his shoulder, as they walk side by side countless amounts of Sphinx roam the free space between them deterring any and all who would dare to test the gatekeepers.


Artemis’s smiling face always made Jeonghan feel safe despite the fear he has for the guardian beings, “morning” The young Atus says lowly with the same smile as hers. “Visiting the human world” he informs her.


“ okay. we’re getting a lot of those today. are you heading to your Mom’s place?” typing something--he never knows what- on her computer using her mind alone.

“ Yes” he answers, eyes drifting over to where Luna is currently, leaning casually on one of the Sphinx like a decorative ornament.


 “ I don’t know why you don’t just ask the council for a pass. you go there so much you might as well. why not ask your Mother?”

Jeonghan could only focus on Luna’s bald head at the start, he often wondered how it was always so shiny. He once entertained the very idea that Luna uses floor wax instead of actual hair products. “ sure” he finally says, shaking off his old childish way of thinking.


“ I doubt I’ll need to ask her after my transference ceremony. the council will have to just hand one over at that point” he jokes, they both laugh knowing the details of what he was referring to.

a sudden influx of magic whipped at one of the gates caused the attention of the people behind him as a group wearing black hooded cloaks stepped through, but Jeonghan had no time to gawk at them or see which gate they stepped from as he was being approved for travel and given a pass now linked to his lux after being scanned.

usually it would take much longer, but because Artemis and Luna are Jeonghan’s unofficial Uncle and Aunt they never need to see his ID or track his portal travel history.

Luna always just had casual conversations with him too, rarely ever did an as deep of an investigation of his person before he is permitted to go anywhere near his unofficial Aunt.

Artemis on the other hand picked at chose which days she wanted to actually do her job properly when it came to him.

Jeonghan’s phone buzzed with a text as he was allowed to move to the Bronze gate. he comes to a stop a few feet away from it when he pulls his phone free of his pocket,


Message from D4D:


where have you ran off to?



We will start training when you wake up.

Jeonghan pockets his phone.

The young Atus closes his eyes, he inhales and casts a spell, “traeh ym em evag taht one eht, trats ym, emoh ym ot.” he is then sucked into what can only be described as a wall of magic and absorbed by a pale light, disappearing from sight.


When he felt brave enough to open his eyes again his feet had already hit concrete in a secluded alleyway. 

“my spells are always perfect.” he boasts proudly,  looking around the space inquisitively just to get his bearings. 

Each time he comes here he ends up in a new location. Although he knows where he might have ended up, he can't tell how far away he may have been dropped off. The noise around him indicates  he is somewhere in the heart of a main city, but unless he sees it for himself it is only a guess. 

He gives it a few moments before he steps out into the busy sidewalks of a small town in the human world, and not exactly the heart of the main city as he had originally thought. [--- So I was a little off..sue me. Now to find Mom ---]


His mother, Ayra owns a little shop in the human world where she sells medicine that cures all- nothing that would draw too much attention to herself, of course. She often sells to magical creatures too, Her positions only ever drew in those in dire need of healing. she is also a fortune teller to very troubled customers who needs aid. Small scale human issues, some grieving families and parents with missing children who have no one else to turn to. 


The boy walks the busy streets looking for her store, smiling as he usually does when he plans unexpected visits. He spotted an unusual looking kid from across the way, hair a shiny silver that could never be duplicated by any human. [--- He is not human. --]


In his unnatural fascination in this boy who looked to be round about his age, the boy with lilac hair  had almost forgotten his original intention in coming to this place.

It sure as hell was not to spy on a kid he did not know and who he found rather mesmerising  in ways he can't understand. [--- mother’s shop is there --]


, regaining his objective he sees a plain looking building off in the distance. it blends in with the other buildings but the sign is not so ordinary, it is simply alluring and beautifully simplistic all at once. 


He politely moves his way through the crowd and makes it to the other side safely. 

No matter how many times he has been to the human realm he always forgets the traffic lights are important here. [-- I could have flown or teleported. being human is so tiring --]

He complains to himself with no real exhaustion present, pushing the door of his Mother's shop open slowly. a beautiful chiming  sound dances throughout the shop. 

inside, the walls are decorated with crystals of all colours, flowers appearing to have been growing from the walls. He looks to his left and sees a big table with tarot cards laying neatly on top, dramatically styled red curtains are open which gives him the indication that his Mother isn't reading anyone right now. 

a large counter at the back of the room with an assortment of his Mother's ingredients sat on the shelf behind it, his Mother is also not there. 


“Mom?” he calls sweetly hoping to not be scouled once she finds out he has skipped out on his father for the fifth time this week. 


His Mother appeared from the backroom holding an open book in her hands. her mauve hair tied up with ribbons of gold, silver and bronze, her smile is enchanting as it always is, her skin smooth and soft. 


Her smile warms his very soul until something made her expression change into mild suspension and he watches as sudden realisation hit her face. 


“Jeonghan, please tell me you haven't left the house to escape your responsibilities again”  closing the book as her expression drops further, [-- ‘oof. a witch, course Mom would know --]  



“I didn't. I just wanted to see you before my.. Training” he doesn't hide his facial expressions very well for his words to be viable, and his mother knows how he feels , but despite her efforts to gently push him to do the right thing he continues to do the opposite. 

“being death is extremely important to this world. It is a job no one can do without a kind heart. You were born into this family to be and do amazing things. You are already a great witch” She beamed with pride.[-- It's funny she mentioned my witch half --] 

“Yeh.. I have been thinking-- I was wondering if I could just work here instead?” Jeonghan moves to stand with his back to the counter, places both palms against the edge of the large brown desk in which his mother conducts her business.  bending his arms at the elbow, his legs prepared to jump up on the desk, but he uses his magic to aid him in easily getting himself up on the countertop without truly jumping. [--- there is no way Mom could turn down my offer. I know what it's like during busier periods.

 I can read palms.

share a humans life path number without giving away too much.

 I'm not very good at making potions from scratch without them blowing up in my face--but I am very good at following instructions --]


She stood facing his side profile, putting the book down on the edge of the counter.

 Jeonghan knew a lecture was coming, “Sweetie, how many times must I tell you about the importance of not using magic around people that are not of our kind or-- matter of fact, at all while you are in the human world?” her tone is stern and no longer the soft comforts of home. 

“no one saw--there is no one here to see. Mom. please. I just want to be a witch. Dad doesn't understand how freeing it is to just cast a spell and watch it become something that brings joy to others as well as yourself--He can't understand because his job is an emotional prison.” his body seemed to mimic his words exactly, started off overly excited one minute then becoming lifeless by the end. he imagined how his life could turn out and that deepened his sadness. 

course his Mother saw the shift in his personality, she always saw the change,

“stop that.” his Mother gently swats his shoulder, “it is not easy, sure. I've known your father long enough to know it can be difficult and you will face your own set of challenges. 

It's a thankless job for sure, emotional draining, but once your Father is allowed to complete your training, you will be as great as your father-or even better. You have his heart, I don't see anyone else taking his place but you. It is in your blood after all. Don't forget, we're both here to help you with whatever it is you need. If certain things take its toll on you, I'm sure your Father knows exactly what to do or say to help you get through it”

 he looks at her with soft dough eyes as she smooths over his lilac hair before kissing his forehead. [--- I don't know how you can simply say that with such certainty when I am so convinced I will fail miserably, and I’m scared at the thought of looking at the both of you afterwards --]


“I won't run from my training anymore” he mouthed, both hands holding onto the wrist of the hand still fondly petting his head. 

“mhm” she hummed in thought. [-- Of course she doesn’t believe me, I did after all run away from my training. I still haven’t answered Dad’s message. I should just talk to him about-- but I’m scared ---]


“ I am more than a little worried you’re finding comfort in my presence alone instead of your Father’s. whatever worries or concerns you have I am sure your Father has been there and can understand far better than I am able to.”[--- I’m scared --]


“This is important to your Father too, you know? he didn't get the chance to have these moments with his Mother and I'm sure it hurts him seeing you reject that part of yourself.”  [-- Oh- I never even thought- --]


“Stop running away and talk to him about this instead of making him feel as if you don't want to be his son. No more sneaking out." Ayra looks at her son carefully, his eyes softening painfully,  " Tell you what, after training you could help out in the shop by telling fortunes. It will give me more time to mix potions for a lot more customers, but that's only if you take this more seriously.

You can use working here as a breather or whatever else you need, deal ? ” her wrist slipped from his hands and came close to his face. Jeonghan sees her pinky finger wiggling for his attention. “Deal?” his mother repeated. 

This is one proposition he didn't want to pass up, his hand moved on it's own. His pinky finger wrapped around hers “deal” they then sealed in the deal once their thumbs touched. 

His mother became positively giddy with excitement. She had already began mapping out the days he could work.

 A mental note of the hours they spend together had also been thought out thoroughly. 

Jeonghan’s smile grew brighter the more she paced in front of him. “ you will have to be the one to tell dad--"

The chim  rings out throughout the room stealing their focus-their conversation goes quiet. 

A customer enters, a boy with coral hair, but the boy’s ‘sticky outy’ ears is what calls to Jeonghan’s attention and his soft features and an overwhelming smile on his face. 

“Mrs Yoon!” the boy calls carrying in a large white box. 

“Oh. Good morning, Seungcheol. what have you got for me today? ” she immediately goes to inspect the box. 

“very special ingredients for your medicines--hello” he says eyes just now noticing another body in the room with them.  [-- Who is this? Is he human--No. it’s very clear to me that he isn't human. there’s just something about him.

He looks so familiar too… 

 I bet it just seems as if I'm staring now. 

This is so awkward. He noticed! Quick look away idiot. Say hello back --]

“Hel--Hi” he coughs to cover up the awkwardly weird noise he just made.


[-- nice going. There was nothing normal about the noise you just made. Get it together --]


“Seungcheol, this is my son, Jeonghan”

 the woman with mauve hair took note at the way her son’s face twisted in thought, her introduction going unheard by the young Witch.  sharing a heartwarming smile with Seungcheol but giving Jeonghan a knowing look, she watches as the cogs in his head seemed to move sporadically. Her son gets this way with new people every time without fail. Often getting lost in thought as he tries to figure out what they are, not just as a being of magic, but what they were born as. 

 It's a threat of his that he received from his Mother, it always brings a sense of honor to her as a Mother- this is my Son. My boy.[--- if he isn't human, then what is he? 

A familiar?

 A troll?--

An Elf?-



An ancient wood spirit that gain enough power over the years of living amongst the humans?

 Half of something old and new?

 Ahhhh, this is driving me crazy--]

Seungcheol blinks a few times like he wanted to say something but his face made it clear to those paying attention that he had completely forgotten the very important he wanted to say,

 “ it's at the tip of my tongue but I can't remember what it is…” he tilts his head to the side in hopes it will shake something loose to the forefront of his memory. 

“ Did you forget something?” she asks finally, amused by the act.

 The boy nods as he scratches the back of his left ear, the package balancing on one arm. 

 “No matter. I'm sure you will give me a call the moment you remember. I'll take this” both her and the box were gone long before Jeonghan managed to escape his thoughts. [--- he won't take offence if I just ask him.. If I say it in a way that isn't completely ignorant.. It should be okay. Right? --]


“Seungcheol” Jeonghan hears himself say softly. 

the name rolling off his tongue like it belongs there, as if he has said it a thousand times before this.

 It sends an unwanted chill down his body like a trigger for something unknown. 

“Jeonghan" his name sounded like a melody from Seungcheol’s lips. 


"Your Mother talks about you alot” Seungcheol puts his right hand on his left shoulder, rolling his shoulder a couple of times. The Witch is taken aback by that comment, his easily distracted mind latches onto the meaning behind his words.


he blinks dumbly, “what has my Mother been saying?” he asks leaning in closer so they could not be overheard. 

The boy with coral hair freezes for a millisecond, searching the other’s eyes before an ungodly chuckle bubbled free and lightly, “nothing  worth being suspicious over, promise.”


“ mhm” he leans back,[--- My mother would never say anything incriminating about her favourite son. I am the perfect child.

The best in fact. 


I don't recall Mom  saying anything about the person who delivers her potions ingredients either- not like I would have paid much attention, but I remember every pointless conversation-- it’s a curse really.


 … Seungcheol.. 

 have I  heard his him before? 



.. why does saying his name hurt a little? 

That's weird… my heart is beating so fast.. I feel like I'm about to cry too.. What's happening?

I can’t---

my head feels-- 

  seeing the way his nose scrunches up a little when he laughs-- why do I have this urge to just kiss him breathless.--


why would I  want to kiss a complete stranger?---]

“Hey, don't look so hurt. I swear it wasn't anything bad.” trying to remedy the situation. he throws in a smile, hoping that makes the other feel more at ease, not knowing the true meaning behind the dead quiet room. 

in Seungcheol’s mind, he is the cause. heart sinking in his chest. 


Jeonghan felt a weird sort of pain in his chest as he looked at Seungcheol. 

At the boy who feels like home to him, a home he could not remember, but a home he knows like the back of his hand. [--- what's going on with me? 

Why does looking at him fills me with so much pain? 

Why am I so relieved to see you? 

why does it hurt so much? --]

“Jeonghan, Your Father is looking for you. have you been ignoring his texts ?” His Mother stood in the doorway of the backroom, looking disapprovingly at him from a distance.

“Wha- No?”  that was more of a question than an answer, he realises this and immediately follows up with, “ I planned to answer his message once I got here..but..I.ah..forgot.” he half admits the truth.

 “You should go, he has been waiting.” his Mother tells him disappearing into the backroom. 


 “okay!” he shouts.

 he wanted to be anywhere else but here so he is happy to leave despite his body fighting him to stay with the boy that pains him deeply to look at.

His feet had already carried him halfway across the room before he came to a stop at the door,  “Goodbye, Seungcheol.” with an odd lump in his throat as he said it, the thoughts of never seeing this person again played on his mind and it got too much. 

Jeonghan didn't turn around, tears threatening to fall. 


“Later” he hears as the door closes behind him. 

Jeonghan returns home exhausted- emotionally,  although he had not been crying, his body was telling him a different story. 

All the young Atus can think of doing is to crawl into his bed and sleep the rest of the day away, but  he can’t do that. A promise is a promise after all.[--- I feel so drained.. I really REALLy want to sleep. what time is it? --]


he empties his lungs through his nose and allows his eyes to roll back at the time,[-- Where did Dad even go?

 Maybe I should eat before he reappears, can't have a heart to heart on an empty stomach .

  I did skip out on breakfast this morning… I really didn’t think about my Dad in all this. he still wants to teach me even though I keep running away without talking to him- I talked to him about everything before, now is no different! I just have to walk up to him and say everything that has been bothering me. 

DAD, I am petrified by all this responsibility -- who am I kidding? I am too much of a coward, I won’t be able to look Dad in the eyes --]

His hand moved from his jawline to the back of his neck in one motion, tension building in his muscles. Jeonghan heads over to the kitchen to look for something, anything to eat, eyes falling shut as his fingers work the muscle at the nape of his neck. 


“Dad, Are you here? --” hitting his forehead and nose focuses his head backward, 

his words cut short as he unintentionally walks into something solid,  his hand goes straight to his nose.

In Jeonghan’s mind, it felt like it was broken just by the impact alone but he's quick to realise , it is nothing more than a short burst of overwhelming pain. 


[--- what the hell… AhhAhh, my nose. What is this wall? --]

The boy with lilac hair places a hand on the new obstacle in his way. one that had not been there before. 


 He follows the new surface around its corner and comes to a stop at a door. 

“stupid house. Stop shifting your walls whenever you feel like it” he grumbles, rubbing his nose as his eyes filled with tears, almost to the point of spilling. 

“that was me." his father, Appearing from the new doorway. 

 "We needed a quiet space for me to transfer the last of my powers to you. It'll be done before your mother returns from the human world. Come” his father gave him no space to object.  It is not as if he could say no, now. 

 His father then disappears beyond the walls to the new room. 


The boy follows after him. [--- transfer the last of his powers? 

I thought Father just wanted a word with me? 

Now he's saying there's more for me to take on? 

What part of this is a ceremony anyway? 

Maybe if I talk to mom she will be more lenient on our deal, but I can feel my anxiety kicking him and it's so-- overpowering all logic in my brain. 

I'm scared --]


“I'm sorry you can't just live your life out as a witch, my boy. I had hopes you would continue living freely as you have been, to have at least finish your studies. I did not expect this to happen so soon.” his Father's words froze his thoughts and his plans of escape disappeared from all forefront of his mind. 

“I don't blame you. It's a family thing… magic does what it wants. ” Jeonghan nods firmly, not really registering the words he chose to say. 



“still… I'm sorry” the eyes that met Jeonghan’s were stained with guilt. 


In his throat something was stuck and tried violently to escape, but won't let it. he won't cry when this is important for his father, no matter how upsetting and unfair it all feels to him. 

Right at this moment, Jeonghan makes up his mind to never speaks his fears aloud. 

Following after his Father.[-- You never wanted this for me, did you? 

All I've done is avoid you altogether as if this is your fault, when you aren't to blame.. It's our blood, our duty, our birthright whether we want it or not…--I'm still terrified. scared to disappoint you and our family-- please stop looking at me like that  --]


“I just don't want to disappoint you” Jeonghan comes out with,  the truth slipping free from his lips. it hurts the man who raised him to hear those words, “ why would you disappoint me? could never”


The boy shakes his head, “I- it’s not just that- it’s -” he’s struggling with words, he knows what he wants to say but they’re all trying to come from his mouth in one go.

 the older man embrasses his son, holds him close to his chest as the boy’s heartbleeds silently.

“ I can’t stop this from happening, you’re hurting and I can’t fix it, Jeonghan.

“ -NO” he fists at his cheeks “it’s--there is no one else to do this but me.

 Mom and I spoke earlier , it was mostly her telling me how selfish I was being- but I never once tried to talk to you about how I was feeling. I’m so sorry Dad”


Jeonghan took on the very last drop of his father's powers. 

in a ceremony that he wouldn’t call a ceremony, not when there are only two people involved,

nevertheless, the power transference was complete.

 an intense amount of strain has been put on his body and mind,in this moment it becomes clear to him what it is his father had to go through physically, having only witnessed it from the sidelines as a kid.


in the haze of his new overwhelming magic, he could only remember small parts of what happened happened after his ceremony; His father carrying him to bed, his mother asking him if he wanted anything to eat, his father coming in hours later to make sure he drank some water and telling him how important it is for him to stay hydrated during this time.


That night,  Jeonghan dreams of another life he lived with a man he loves. they were expecting a child and they were so happy. everything felt real, every kiss they shared, how the man’s laughter cured his sadness for but a moment.


Jeonghan answered to another name in his dream, was another gender, had a family that didn’t care about him or his happiness.


but this everlasting love story,  ends in sorrow

-- I love you more than a thousand stars. he hears the man he loves whispering in his ear as he draws his final breath


In his sleep a single tear rolled down his cheek, he felt--

 by morning Jeonghan had forgotten the whole dream, but his heart ached the moment his eyes opened. [-- feel-- uggghh, my body hurts too --]


Jeonghan’s cheeks felt wet to him suddenly, his hand moved to touch the tops of his cheek, 

“did I cry in my sleep?” he asks himself out loud into the empty room.


his heart will continue to ache for the rest of the day. 


It's breakfast hour, Jeonghan and his Father are sat at the table eating quietly 

“you don't look very well. You need to eat to keep your strength up and drink plenty of water-

we should have waited before I--”

“I'm fine. I just had a.. dream.. I think- I can't remember and it's hard to explain. Is this part of my abilities ?” he inquires over the food in front of him he felt too sick to consume. 

“ dreams ? I didn’t have any after my powers settled.

 I didn't really sleep much either.

  what I did have were visions throughout the day that made it hard for me to have normal conversations” his Father tells him. 

The boy remembered those moments a lot growing up, his father just freezing while scolding him and then having to leave straight after. [-- I was just a kid who didn’t understand what you were going through and you never wanted me to know. --]

“are you not going to eat anything?” he hears his mother’s concern from over his shoulder, Jeonghan twists his head to get a good look at her.

 He has this weird feeling curling in his stomach as  he looks at her, if his mother had been gone for months. “I can't really stomach food right now,” he confesses. [-- I'm afraid if I eat I will just throw it back up anyway. 

I wonder if this is how dad felt the first time.. 

Should I ask?

 Maybe this has nothing to do with my powers and I really am sick--]


“he will be hungry tomorrow. If he's anything like I was” his Father informs them. The woman with mauve hair nods at her husband’s words, but concern doesn't leave her eyes. “I will just make you a big breakfast tomorrow” she smiles at her son. 

“your appetite will come back, promise.” says his Father.

 Jeonghan misses the way his parents silently communicate around him, lost in a daze as his powers resonates within him. It is consuming, exasperating. [-- Maybe I should go back to bed for a few hours --]

“ are you ready for your first day of work?”

He feels his Mother’s fingers in his hair prior to  her words. 

He hums softly at the feeling, almost drifting off to sleep right there. Almost.

  “you keep that up and he will be asleep in no time” his father comments, pushing himself up onto his own feet and disappearing from view to put his empty dish in the kitchen sink. 



 you may not have the energy to work today. look, you’re falling asleep as I speak” her fingers slip from his hair. 

Jeonghan was prepared to whine and sulk at the lost of that comforting feeling his Mother had taken away when he finally caught onto what it is she was saying, “No, I can work. I will only be sitting down” his head lolls backwards to look up at his mother. 

“True. How about you?” her question aimed at her husband who had just walked back into the room. “I will find someway of being useful, not much I can do now that my powers have been passed on. think i’ll go visit some old friends and talk about our golden years like an old man” His wife rolls his eyes, his son chuckles with the little energy he has.


“You will need this for now, it will ring when a soul is nearby and when there’s a berserker spirit. You'll hear the difference between the two. As a newborn Atus you are at a very vulnerable stage, you have to be careful. keep away from all Berserker Spirits." his words stern.


 Jeonghan  looks at the small transparent bell suspended by a blue ribbon before taking it from his father's hand, and tying it to his silver earring. 

It looked like it belonged there. 

it goes unnoticed by the boy when his Father inhales deeply before saying , "It is crucially important you don't touch anyone that isn't of magic for a few weeks. if they touch your bare skin,  they will die” he never told his son about the darker sides of his abilities because he knew how the boy would take it. 

The older man expected to see some sort of kick back after divulging this new piece of information, outrage, betrayal, refusal and denial, but the older Atus couldn't see any reaction from his son. 

He wonders if he even heard him at all. 

Ayra looked at her husband's sudden pained expression. “ I’ve brought the gloves like you’ve asked,” she tells him.

 wrapping her arms around her son's shoulders,  “shall we go?” 


Jeonghan heard his Mother ask.

The older witch decides she will keep an eye on him, go over the two things her husband warned him about once more before leaving for the human world.  

He just needs time to process everything , she thinks to herself. [-- Anyone who touches my skin will die --]

 Jeonghan’s mind clings to that thought alone. 


The exhausted Atus spends the first few hours before opening  helping his mother mix a few ingredients together in the backroom, reminding himself that mixing ingredients requires accuracy, that too much could either make the effects far too potent or too mild if the douce is too small.


The whole process gave Jeonghan the distraction he needed.

 Dropping just the tiniest amount of element water into a jar, he waits for the colour to change. 


The sound of a chim causes Jeonghan’s head to snap up towards the open door in alert,  

listening for footsteps.


“It’s me!  I'll be busy with work for a while so I bought extra supplies early” the voice announced. [-- Seungcheol? --]


“IN THE BACK” he heard his mother shout, Jeonghan almost dropped a little too much lily's root into his potion, but catches himself in time. [-- that was close, so close. 

 Any more  of that and who ever drank this would have been sleeping for a week.--]


Seungcheol enters the room with his usual bright smile, “Hello. Hi Jeonghan” Seungcheol greets them carrying in a much larger box today than the last. 

The boy with lilac hair smiles in greeting, brushing his hair behind his right ear. 

“ You are so thoughtful, thank you.” Ayra said taking the box from the boy before disappearing into her storage room; off to the left side- a room within a room. 


“hey.” Jeonghan found himself saying softly. 

The boy with coral hair exclamans him with a quick glance, he looks worn out but otherwise alright, the boy tells himself.

“Your Mother said you would be working here on occasion. How did things go with your old man?” he prying, but he can’t help it.[-- o ld man ? he means dad.

Oh, Yesterday..riiight. well,

 I can't tell him exactly what happened. 

 I could tell him it went well, but what if he asks me questions that I can't answer like, 

' what did you talk about?' or 'how did he take it?'. 

I have no real way of answering quick enough without stumbling over my words and I would probably end up biting my tongue… Like the time I tried to lie to Mom about where I was that-- I didn't even know what I was thinking. 

Lying was such a bad idea. 

Never lied to Mom again though. 


I wonder why Seungcheol is asking in the first place, is he worried for me? 

He's so sweet


only now does Jeonghan become aware that he has been basically staring for a much longer time than socially normal “ah-- Yeh. He seemed pretty okay with everything.” is the words he spits out. his body chooses this moment to yawn, and not wanting to seem rude Jeonghan rushes to explain. 

“Oh no.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to just--”

“you seem very tired” Seungcheol steps closer, his hand going up to touch the witch’s cheek, Seungcheol’s thumb moves in smoothing circular motion, Jeonghan leans into the touch.  the boy with coral hair smiles, eyes wandering over the others features. Seungcheol watches as Jeonghan visibly relaxes, his eyes fluttering shut. [-- mhmhm. That feels so nice. 




Wait .. What am I doing?! --]

Jeonghan’s lashes flutters rapidly.

 returning to his senses, Jeonghan steps away from Seungcheol; who is not at all offended by it. 

“I am a little” he admits. 


“Jeonghan, could you bring these to a couple of our customers.

 Their locations are on this list” comes his mother's voice much closer than he expected.

A smile on his lips, “ my first delivery job.” he beamed with excitement. 

“ Nothing too difficult.

  Do not use any magic here. I am serious. No tricks. I will be watching” a sharp warning to her tone, a contrast to the warm hand on his  head. 

The boy with coral hair looks between them, it seems they have forgotten he is still standing there.

“ I won't” a promise he intends to keep.


“I’ll get going now.” Jeonghan's eyes jumps back to Seungcheol[--- Seungcheol ! Oh no.. Did he hear that? --]


“Be safe. Take care of yourself Seungcheol, drop by whenever you can” parting words of a caring mother or whatever she is to him. 

Jeonghan waits to hear the chime of the front door.

 the door shuts “ You said magic in front of him. why, is he from our world?”.

A finger glides across the woman's button lip, it looked like she was trying to remove something there, “You don’t know? he’s actually--” she notices the time “ You better go, I promised the deliveries at set times. take these” she shoves a cream bag made of a simple cloth into her son's  hand and a blank sheet of paper.


“keep me updated. Off you go ”. hurrying her boy out the door.

The boy's eyes wonders down the sheet of brown paper as he moved along the streets.

 A quiet morning as any other but this quiet morning is without magic, therefore a little strange to him. [-- I have to visit three hospitals and  I have to do this without magic?

How boring … --]


Looking around the quiet French streets causes a sudden drain on the boy’s body and it has him thinking that maybe he should have stayed at home. muscle aching as he glances around himself he spots an empty narrow road pass the feux tricolores. 

body shifting on autopilot he moves down the narrow road going  further and further along the streets, he checks to see if anyone is looking his way, he whispers a spell under his breath “niotatropelet” .


disappearing before anyone takes notice.

“ouch” is the first thing he says when he lands, groaning from discomfort. “The hell am I?” His question is answered once his eyes settled on an overturned mop and bucket his butt currently resides in. [-- this was not the best place to land --]


Getting up slowly like a freshly hatched baby Turtle, Jeonghan dislodges the bucket from his person and makes it to the door. 

The sheet his mother gave him began to glow a faint red light. No one is around to see this which he's thankful for, but this would be his mother’s doing and she can't blame him if a human sees, because a plain piece of paper lighting up suddenly is unexplainable . 

He looks at his hand as the first name, because he did that the map in his other hand started calculating that person's whereabouts. 


Jeonghan watches as the dot on the page begins to move, adjusting to his current location as he pulls open a door. 


Rushing out into a seemingly empty corridor before immediately walking into another person. 


A loud thud. 

a mixture of noises both his and another's. 

 items go up into the air and land on the ground. 

“.. I'm so sorry.” Jeonghan is quick to apologise. he tries to separate himself from the other person, quickly . “I didn't see you”. pushing against something that did not feel like the floor. 

“ah-- don't use me as leverage to get up, you as-- Ahhhh. Get off! ” the other exclaims, sounding really pissed off. Rightly so .

“Sorry.. he-re.. ” the boy with lilac hair stutters as he helps the boy with long black hair up and onto his feet. 

The hand slipped from Jeonghan’s grip once the other found his balance. “ it's fine. Try looking where you're going next time and not appearing out of nowhere, k?” his eyes roaming Jeonghan’s face then spotting the gloves he's wearing, which he marks down was weird but quickly decides isn't his busy. He dismisses the whole incident as a clumsy kids mistake,

disdain paints his face moments later realising the snack he was eating earlier, now lays on the floor with a footprint pressed into it. Jeonghan followed his line of sight. [-- ..Nice going idiot. --]

“I'll buy you another” Jeonghan sputters out. 

“forget it. Wasn't really that hungry anyway” the boy said, dusting himself off, gathered his things and walking off before Jeonghan could say anything else. What could he say? 

The boy with lilac hair looks to the floor remembering the sheet of paper he held earlier is no longer in his hand. 

Snatching it from the ground, Jeonghan examines the sheet of paper and breathes a sigh of relief when he couldn't see any damage. 

He was lucky it didn't ripe because despite it being a magical page it is still just a piece of paper. 

 On the other hand, he should count his lucky stars it didn't end up in the other boy's possessions.

 more people filled the halls now; Visiting hours. 

 The dot on the page pulsed as Jeonghan hadn't moved from for a while. He  looks at the whole map, it shows him a room at the end of the corridor. No other way but to go forward. 

“Thank you. I didn't expect her to still be able to keep delivering my medicine. It's been helping with the improvement of my health, you see. Thank your Mother for me, please.” the old man showing so much gratitude made Jeonghan feel sad he could not do more for him- Magically speaking.

 He knew he couldn't but he wanted to help. 


“I will. Get some rest”  Jeonghan pulled his sleeves down over his hands as the man smiled at him, the smile reaching his eyes. That was his que to leave and never look back in fear he would do something his Mother would surely scold him for. 

The young Atus's heart ached as he closes the door behind him, heavily sighing with his back pressed against the door. 


Jeonghan suddenly couldn't breathe his gloved fingers traced his neck in a futile attempt of trying to grasp whatever it is that's happening. 

 he couldn't see anything, 

sound vanished  around him. 

He could no longer feel the door behind him

 as a silent film begins to play before his eyes. [--- No. 





Not now---]


He wanted to do anything to stop his first vision, pulling his hair out, pinching his arm,  pleading for it to vanish from his mind. Anything! 

But that would do nothing, it's too late.


 There it was, just as he finally thought of a way to disrupt the scene from playing out in front of his very eyes. 

The bright smile of a very pregnant woman flashes into his head, her joyful chat splashing life into all the ears that were listening. 

She told stories that made him smile then laughed and eventually cried a little, then she was gone.



Everything within her life wasn't completely  perfect, but that person felt she had lived an excellent life, that didn't stop Jeonghan’s heart from breaking. 


 she makes a wish, 


"I wish I could see my daughter one last time, and my grandson for the first time" 

  As Jeonghan’s body slowly sinks to the ground, the images flashing before his eyes begins to fade. sound rushed back to him into his ears, echoing footsteps on the tile floor, the quiet hum of machines. 


He is crying. 


  Body shaking, as he cradles his knees . [-- I have to go to her. Don't I? But what do I say? How did dad do this-- how do you get use to this? I can't do this. 


I'm scared --]

Standing at the foot of an empty hospital bed, Jeonghan blinked in sadness at the woman who has been stood waiting for his arrival. 


“You know?” he asks curiously soft voice. 

“Yes. don't look so upset child. I've lived a wonderfully happy life. 

My only regret is not seeing my grandchild before I go. Don't cry for me” a smile in her voice as she tries to comfort the boy with tears clouding his eyes. 


Jeonghan tries to return the same energy she had given him but he could not manage it for long. 

“do you know where she is?” wiping his eyes as he asks. “I do, but everytime I try to leave this room I wind up back here at this window.” she explained, looking out at the people.


 “You'll be able to leave now." with a snap of his fingers, a grey cloak manifests and wraps itself around the young Atus. 


" I'm here to take you to them” he extends a hand towards her, a crystal ball sits on his palm. 

“bless you sweet child.” he smiles as she turns into a cloud of white smoke and is sucked into the orb in a form of a faint blue light.  


He looks at the delicate soul, “are you ready?” he hopes she's comfortable even if she can't exactly feel anything. 

she hums in agreement before adding,

“My daughter and I lived close to one another when I was alive...I remember our house being near the hospital, which means she would end up here as soon as she went into labour.

During her last visit she spoke about hopefully giving birth soon being so very close to the end of her pregnancy. she was very tired, but didn't look it.

I knew something was wrong when I didn’t see her Yesterday. 

I'm sorry I can't be of any help.” she 

. “No. That’s more than enough information to go on--".

The door swings open behind Jeonhan and scares him stiff.[-- Somebody’s  here… what do I say? I’m--- ]


 “Jeonghan?” a voice calls from behind him.

 head turning very slowly the boy with lilac hair see's Seungcheol’s confused expression twist into a welcoming smile.

Jeonghan exhales in relief for a second, but once their eyes met, his heart skipped a beat. [-- what was that? --]


“so it is you. Are you here on your mother’s errands still or…?” he leaves the question open for an additional answer. “Yeh. I'm just finishing up now. Why are you here?” he distracting him before he asks a question he can not answer. Jeonghan’s shifts his body away from the window and towards the door. “I'm working.” Seungcheol answers pushing his coral hair back from his eyes. 

“Oh” Jeonghan says simply. [-- where do I start? If I go to reception will I be able to get any information out of---oh! but I don’t know their last name and I can’t rely too much on the old lady’s memory. if I do go to one of the nurses asking about the amount of women that have given birth since yesterday it could take me hours to find her daughter- that’s if the nurse even gives up that information. I could say I’m writing a paper for a project or something..hmmm

should I just call Dad? --]

Hey . You okay?” Seungcheol had been eyeing the boy for longer than he should have been,  more than a little worried as to why the boy with lilac hair look to be mauling over something bothersome. 


He did not take note of the proximity between he and Jeonghan or the fact that both his hands are now pressed against the others very soft cheeks.

 They both stood there just staring at first, no one moving an inch, eyes soaking up the features of the others face, then, a surge of unfathomable emotions begins to crush them both internally.  


Neither one could grasp what it is they were doing. In the moment of swirling madness they had inched closer, each feeling one another's breath ghosting against their skin, moving closer still until their lips touched. 

Everything felt light as their lips worked against each other in a lingering and familiar kiss.

 It feels like home, that  happy-go-lucky love that Jeonghan sees in his parents everyday but never experienced-- now he knows. Their kiss deepens when Jeonghan opens his mouth slightly and immediately feels Seungcheol’s tongue licks into his mouth. 

A moan is sitting in the back of his throat and Jeonghan could feel a chaotic burning in the pit of his stomach. [-- ..............................................error 404...........................................................--]

Jeonghan’s eyes snapped open. he quickly regains his senses and  shoves Seungcheol away by his chest.

 a look of bewilderment as his heart pounds loudly in his ribcage. 

“I… have no way of explaining my actions just now ..”  Seungcheol comes out with very much lost in a daze.

Jeonghan made a mistake when he gazed into the boy’s hooded eyes, he saw something dangerous dancing in them that threatened to break him. the dangerous part of his thinking wants to be broken by Seungcheol

The young Atus had no other choice but to put his sights to the door. looking at Seungcheol did far more to him than make his legs weak. 


“… I kissed you back” Jeonghan mutters at the floor. He's completely forgetting something very important. [--I kissed you too.

I barely know you, but I couldn’t stop and

… I want to do it again. 

I can still feel my lips tingling..

I can still taste him...

It feels like it's been so long since we last touched like this- 


my body  won’t calm down--]

“It's odd how much I--” Seungcheol cuts himself off, his hair turns silver as he looks to the doorway. 


something clicks in Jeonghan’s head.[--- wait…

I can’t touch anyone while my powers settling...

he touched me while my guard was down--- I should have stopped him..


is gloves for lips a thing?

 oh no. No.

What if something bad happens to him now because of me? 

I can’t even look at him...  

He's going to die.

 What should I do no-- 


 It's too quiet.--]

Jeonghan blinks at the empty room, Seungcheol is nowhere to be seen.

 Another blink, “Seungcheol? ” Jeonghan calls, voice no louder than a hush. panic pricks his skin as he rushes out of the room to find Seungcheol before somebody else does.

Jeonghan hears several rings courtesy of the makeshift berserker-alert-and-death-detector-bell hanging from his ear lobe.[-- what is that? --]


He looks around the hospital corridor not even sure what it is he is looking for, the ringing could mean one of two things:  a berserker spirit is either nearby or someone was near their end. 

fear was setting in ,Jeonghan concludes that if this particular ring is signifying someone’s death then it could potentially be Seungcheol who’s dying somewhere.


Jeonghan was in too deep in his head to notice the difference.  [-- Seungcheol. Where are you? Where did you go? Please.. I. --]


he can’t just go running around this place like a mad man on fire, it would cause an accident and Jeonghan can’t draw too much attention to himself. Jeonghan has magically forgot his cloaks ability to make himself invisible. 


  no destination in mind the young Atus chooses to jog lightly to help himself cover more ground quicker. 


 heavy footsteps roared behind him followed by exclaims of commands he is yet to register in his head, a male Nurse hurries by with a female Doctor in tow. It causes Jeonghan to freeze on the spot thinking it could be Seungcheol’s body. If he does not look his heart will ache less, but if it is Seungcheol, what will he do? 

He pushes pass the fear swirling in his veins, the weird aching his chest and scans the faces rushing by-- It's not Seungcheol. 


The boy with lilac hair visible relaxes but then his body tenses up again.

he knows what this means for someone else who knows that person, in his relief sadness fills its place.  

 the ringing in his ear gets louder, masking the conversation passing him and drowning out the wails of the grieving family who are told they can not go any further by another nurse and a police officer. 


Jeonghan just stands there,  invisible to everyone around him. 


“ I can feel my daughter… she is so close” a small voice tells him from his cloak pocket. 

“Really? Where?”  remembering his original objective.

“ in a room filled with lilies. It is such a lovely smell” the old woman tells him with a warm happy voice. He smiles at how light her voice sounded his cloak fabric doing nothing to dull the gentleness of her voice.

“A room that smells of lilies” he repeats to himself. 

The words triggers a thought: [-- how does she know that her daughter is close and about the lilies?

 are they not suppose to remember anything from their life before?   

Where do I go? 

 It would be bizarre for me to inquire about a room filled with lilies when a hospital is filled with many rooms decorated with many flowers --]

"What colour are the lilies?” he asks with ulterior motives, 

“ they are…oh… they are a..colour...I .. Can’t remember what that is..colour” 

Jeonghan sighs inwards.

 A soft yellow light manifested itself before Jeonghan and knitted itself into a rope.

 The boy stares at it for a moment, attempts to blink it away from his vision, but the colour only grew stronger the more he tries to ignore its presence. [-- what is that? --]

Outstretched hand grabbing at the air, the rope of light disburse like vapour on contact, swirling around his fingertips. 

“What are you?” he questions withdrawing his hand to look at fingers then moving back towards the newly formed yellow rope as the glow brighter. 


This time when he tries to grab the strange rope, it becomes solid to the touch and he tugs on it, testing it, before attempting to rip it from the space before him. 

It pulls back, yanking him off his feet so quickly he had no time to think about anything other than to hold on tightly with both hands. 


Eyes closed the whole time as he is pulled from one room to another, only when Jeonghan felt his feet were back on solid ground did he dare to open his eyes. 


“where ar--” he spins around the room. his eyes lands on a sleeping woman with a baby at her side. 

Jeonghan puts both hands over his mouth,  pupils blown wide in shock and disbelief. 

“It's her.” he hears. A light flashes from his pocket, an array of colors paints the room before an older woman appears beside him. 

Jeonghan only turned his head to look at her, his hands still pressed to his lips. 

“she looks a little tired but in good health. 

I truly thought I would be around long enough to see her through the times ahead, but such is life. when your time comes, your time comes. My girl is strong enough to face anything thrown at her, she is my daughter after all.

 I have faith ” the old woman smiles happily, her smile grew larger as she studies the  peacefully sleeping baby resting in his mother's arms. 


“Thank you for granting my final wish. I'm ready to leave now. ”

Jeonghan couldn't tell you what happened after that, the older woman had long passed onto a byal, who had arrived soon after gratitude had fallen from her lips, they were gone just as quickly.


 in his only moment of clarity the young Atus decided it would be best to leave, Naturally it would a little disturbing to wake up to a boy you've never met staring at you and your newborn. 


Jeonghan stood outside the room where he and the sweet old lady once were  and he thinks to himself that his first day on the job wasn't so awful, but he is still unsure of his own powers, and if he would be able to handle what comes along with it.

 His mind goes back to what the lady old told him confidence and pride pouring from her soul,

  'I have faith'. [-- does that mean my parents have faith in me too? --]

“are you okay?” 

his eyes snapped up to the voice, “oh.. It's you” Jeonghan responses softly-information not quiet registering in his head. 

“it's very nice to see you too.. Why do you always seem disappointed to see me, am I repulsive?” there was a mild form of hurt on the other’s face that pained Jeonghan beyond his comprehension. [-- SEUNGCHEOL!--]


Jeonghan’s hands moved to touch Seungcheol’s face, “I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that, I'm sorry.” his eyes searching for the boy’s forgiveness while trying not to cry at how happy it makes him feel seeing the other alive. 

His heart is racing.

 Jeonghan wanted to call Seungcheol an asshole for disappearing on him, but none of that mattered now because Seungcheol is fine. he's right here and he's okay. 


In that moment, their bodies begin to shift closer and soon they were kissing, softly comforting each other in silence. 

Seungcheol’s face crunches up in confusion, Jeonghan feels it in the kiss "why does this keep happening?" he whispers softly against Jeonghan’s lips who had yet to come to terms with a lot of what has happened today. 

"huh?" he hums, blinking away the cloud that had blocked all his thoughts. "oh. OH" he exclaims separating himself from the boy with coral hair. "

I really don't know.. it’s strange" rubbing his shoulder as a distraction from initiating another kiss. Jeonghan can not explain to himself why he wants so badly to never stop kissing Seungcheol, a boy whose last name he doesn't know, so he has no hope in hell with explaining it to somebody else.

Seungcheol wordlessly agrees with it being strange.


"you don't look okay. did something happen?" Jeonghan didn't hear him, too deep in thought about how soft his lips were against his, full-"did someone you know die?" he digs, something sparked behind Seungcheol’s eyes at the way the young Atus reacted.

"what?.. I" he stops himself. He couldn't get around the fact that Seungcheol is alive and not understanding what this means to think of a way to not lie to the boy he almost killed. 

Seungcheol looks at the grey cloak, he knows what it stands for, "come with me" grabbing hold of his wrist. 

"where are we going?" he asks

A new room and nothing particularly memorable about it. 

Jeonghan had been too busy trying to keep his mind from breaking as he watched a child draw his final lung full of air, the doctors and nurses doing their best to revive him. 


the boy with lilac hair looks to his right in an attempt to pull himself together and question Seungcheol, who is standing next to him, "why did you bring me.. We can't be here-- holy shit. Your hair is silver!?! What is going on?!.." shouting so loudly in a room filled with people isn't a good idea, he thinks after the fact.


No one looks their way. 

No one knows their even there.

 The people in the room can not see them and if jeonghan would stop panicking long enough he would notice that.

Seungcheol moves with Jeonghan’s hand in his. The boy with lilac hair looks at their entwined fingers in bewilderment, he will never be able to explain how they had ended up this way. 

"hold on.. We can't just walk-- wait. What are you doing? " protesting in whispers and suspension kicking in as his heart rate spikes.


The boy with silver hair leans over the now lifeless body of a young boy, inhales and exhales over him as the doctors stood around looking defeated, lost and filled with deepening sorrow. 

A soft white, blue, light drifts over the body of the young child, a few seconds is all it took for the mist to soak into the skin reanimating the once dead boy. 

The room is airy quiet until the faint sound of the machines hummed back to life called all their attention. 

The lilac haired boy takes in a shaky breath, "Lyph.. No way.. You just breathed life into that kid." he hadn't realised how hard he was gripping on Seungcheol’s hand as he jerked the boy around to face him, 

"why did you show me this? Did you know who I was all this time?" he wasn't sure why he sounded so angry- he wasn’t angered by this discovery just, a lot has happened and he is more than a little. erm-frazzled "I didn't” Seungcheol began, choosing his words carefully, 

“ but when we kissed.. I saw something... it didn’t give me much information  but when we kissed again I saw something else that revealed quite a bit" Jeonghan saw light reflecting a kaleidoscope in Seungcheol’s eyes and something threatened to break inside him. 

"I thought you died earlier.. I was told not to touch anyone until my newer powers settled… A-And yet.. panicked when you disappeared.. I even tried to find you but then I had a-- " he stops there, tears had been slowly filling his eyes and Seingcheol saw this as the perfect opportunity to take the boy away.


 With a calm, soothing voice,"I’m not dead. Better than okay, but we have to go. Will you take a walk with me? " more of an open invitation Jeonghan could decline if he wanted to, the silver haired boy knows today has been rough on him.

" Sure. My errands are done. I'm no longer needed here.. I no longer wish to be here" he corrects himself. Jeonghan closed his eyes at the warmth of both Seungcheol's hands cupping his cheek, he melts when he feels soft lips against his forehead. 

"You're okay Jeonghan. I'm here."


Both had forgotten the room of people around them. 

for a successful spell to be cast, Jeonghan needs privacy, so he leads them both to the nearest empty room were he casts a teleportation spell in secrecy. 

 when they step out onto the other side of the portal, magic fills their lungs almost immediately.


here in the world of magic, Seungcheol’s body becomes as light and he begins to levitate off his feet. Jeonghan remains grounded.

"why did you want me to take us here?" he questions, he has other more important questions he should be asking, but this would give him a simpler answer that wouldn’t leave his head aching.. 


it’s as if Seungcheol didn’t hear the other’s question at first as he takes Jeonghan’s hands in his,

" first the very beginning it felt like you were struggling with a lot of things, taking on too much and it might have been drowning you from inside. I am a stranger to you so I couldn't ask too much without seeming intrusive, but I wanted to help you. we kept running into each other and you looked like you were desperately trying to hold it together, when you’re so close to falling apart.”  they stare at each other as the world moves around them. In the field of grass surrounding them a group of trees moves in slow motion uninterested by the two males, but the family of forest nymphs are not on the same wavelength and are paying far too much attention to the boys conversation. both pretend not to notice.


“ I  come to this place when everything gets too much for me, it helps lift my spirits..” trying not to giggle at the two girls swooning at their interaction and their connected hands.

Seungcheol would stare too if he was going about his day and sees two guys standing around staring into each others eyes while holding hands.


“ now that I think about it I can't remember how I knew about this place to begin with." distracting himself from the two that are now being dragged away by their inpatient older brother who waves a Jeonghan before leaving.


 Jeonghan gives a quick wave and then turns back to the person in front of him, 

"I don't do that.." he protests with a pout. 

Seungcheol looks at him with a raised eyebrow, " Yes, you do". 

Jeonghan shakes his head in disagreement, "anyway. this is my special place. finding this place is difficult if you’re not a nymph or have permission from one.

the fact you asked me to bring you here is a little strange--Who are you to me?" Jeonghan has been blindsided by Seungcheol the moment he laid eyes on him, with this, there’s another connection they so clearly share and he really needs answers. [-- I don't understand. 

I don't understand. 

I don't understand. 

I don't understand. --] 


"I am just as confused, you know?" looking away from the Atus, "  there is clearly something connecting us that we don’t understand, I want to find out what but I want to know what’s been bothering you more.. it plays on my mind everytime I see your face.” he comes clean, irritated at Jeonghan at first for suspecting him of something, the young Atus didn’t say it out loud but it’s obvious to the other he thinking negatively about Seungcheol knowing his secret place. he is not a stalker.

“ Please, tell me what’s been going on with you?” a gentle plea as he looks up at Jeonghan.

“ how much do you know?” averting his eyes,

“ You’re an Atus. your cloak gave it away...although I don’t understand the... g-loves” he comments

“ah” is what comes out first, “ after my transference ceremony yesterday I was told I shouldn’t touch anyone while my powers settle. Mom got these for me..” fixing his gloves to make sure there wasn’t any exposed skin.

“ and that’s what you were talking about before..when you..” he stops talking when Jeonghan nods sharply confirming his incomplete question.

“ I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to my.. inheritance. I haven’t really discussed it with my family..obviously” it’s a little ridiculous now that he’s said that out loud. his family shares the majority of their thoughts with each other and enjoy receiving feedback.


“ You should. it’s important that you do. start with your dad?”

“ yea, at some point. I want to take baby steps for now. a lot of what I am feeling and thinking are … crazy?” he wasn’t sure half the time.

Seungcheol shakes his head, “ it won’t be to them.”

Jeonghan smiles at his shoes, “ knowing them.. they would tell me so then rewrite my way of thinking. Mom hates it when I speak negatively about myself,

‘positive talk is key to a healthy mind’ her favourite quote” 

he chuckles lightly, “ She has told me that once too”

“ I should have slept in today, but I wanted to help my Mom out in her shop like we agreed and I didn’t really want to miss out on anything that might happen if I stayed at home.” he feels like he’s rambling, 

“ Like what?” the other asks curiously

“ This, for one.” he smirks, “ I didn’t want to potentially miss the much needed conversation I could have worked up the courage in having with her about my fears. it’s been hard to do so at home” he admits.

“ Your job is so crucial to our world as well as theirs. I used to wish I had your job when I was studying, but I soon found out you have to be born into it” dropping down on the grass, he takes a seat.


"why would you want that? it's the worse…" he trails off remembering the things he saw today. 

Seungcheol shakes his head, " You’re looking at this all wrong. Jeonghan, you give those souls 

something good to move on from, to be thanked and live in many experiences one of us will ever see.” [-- never saw it that way, but he’s right --]


Jeonghan watched Seungcheol’s every move.

 the way he didn't make eye contact as he spoke.

 the way he swayed with the gentle push of the wind.

 the way he looks so beautiful for no reason at all. [-- did I just fall in love with this man… What's going on with me? --] 

Seungcheol looks up just as Jeonghan takes a seat next to him.

“ you’re kind of amazing you know that right?” the boy adds.

The Atus freezes in place, “ how so?” he is pulled into the older’s lap without warning

and in Jeonghan’s frozen state Seungcheol places a hand on his face, gently guides their face closer until their lips touch. [-- .!!!!................................... --] 

Jeonghan’s body tense up at first but it begins to melt into Seungcheol once he realised what was happening, getting lost himself in the kiss.

not even sure whose tongue began their exploration into the other’s mouth first but Jeonghan didn't care. he should, but he could not find it in him to. 

His whole body feels something he can not describe and the way Seungcheol’s hands feel against his skin is intoxicating.


This feeling can only be described as going home after a long time of being away, but Seungcheol is now so deeply rooted in his mind that Jeonghan can not process the thoughts running through his head,

 "I've missed you so much" he hears himself say against the boys lips. 

Seungcheol’s hand finds the back of the younger’s neck, fingers entangled in his silky hair. 

the older smiles, "feels like an eternity" he comments before closing the distance between them again. 

A Month later

This strange man whose hair shifts from Coral to Silver had captured Jeonghan’s main focus for the Month. He still did his job as an Atus--as if he had any other choice while he worked at his mother's shop.

despite spending near enough all his time with Seungcheol-- his Mother has noticed, but she never saw herself asking all the questions she wanted answers to, deciding she would wait for her son to go to her whenever he was ready instead of forcing the subject out in the open. 


From the outside looking in Jeonghan understood why they were being observed with curiosity: They really still didn't know each other when they first meet, but suddenly they’re inseparable. anyone would question how that happened so quickly especially considering how much they seemed to know about each other in the span of a few weeks when this level of closeness would have taken years; their inside jokes that no one else seems to understand, the fact that they very much came across as an old married couple to the regulars at the shop. 


Jeonghan knows how crazy this all seems, he thought about it daily, he also recalled the time he and Seuncheol kissed in his favourite hiding place. Jeonghan questioned many things over the days that passed one thing he revisited a lot was He told Seungcheol he missed him, he said that in a time where he didn’t know Seungcheol at all to miss him the way he did, but he meant it.


whatsmore, Seungcheol felt the same way he did.


at the time, Seungcheol kept surprising Jeonghan with just how much he knew about him,like, how much he loves to climb the trees in his secret garden,

his dislike for Water Fames because of the “ unfunny pranks ” they like to play and  irrational fear of Rock-Slinks that Seungcheol only laughed for a few seconds at his unamused face for knowing his deepest secrets.

they sat there watching the sky changed colour until they had to leave, 

The next week

Jeonghan decides to spend the day not glued to Seungcheol’s side and visit a friend.

Everything has been going great with Seungcheol but the fact still remains that their relationship 

and closeness needed to be looked at with magical eyes.

 he needed answers to all the questions he wasn't able to get by himself and he wasn't going to find it while being starry eyed because of a curtain coral haired boy. [-- Why knock when I have a key? --]


"Hold still" Jeonghan hears a female voice command right after walking through the front door. locking the door behind him he hears another voice, "I'm really trying--hot-hot" a male voice exclaims, whining. 

 "Oh, quit being such a baby and hold still"

Jeonghan moves to the room the sounds emitting from.

 he freeze once his eyes land on a younger man being pinned to a bed, a girl sitting on his chest, her knees pressing down his forearms. 

Jeonghan used to flush at the inappropriate sights he would walk in on between these two a long time ago, but now he is unfazed, or so he thought.  The Atus didn't notice how short the skirt his friend is wearing until she started fighting to keep the boy still.

the more they struggled the more her skirt rides up, revealing far too much of her soft, deep toned skin for his own comfort. 


"Chan, please keep still. We do this frequently. how are you not used to having your eyebrows waxed yet? You were the one that asked me to do this" the woman reminded him. 

He smirks, "it just hurts, baby."he told her, but she didn't believe him and is convinced he just loves to make everything harder, " just let me hold onto you and I promise to not move" he blinks up at her with pleading eyes. 

"okay" she removes her knees from his biceps, the boy runs his hands up her thighs, under her skirt, his fingers goes beneath her underwear and stops there, on her ass. She looks at him with mild contempt and she’s only sixty percent exhausted by his actions. 

He pouts innocently, " this was the only logical place I could hold onto" he comes out with, flexing his fingers. 


her focus is on the task she planned to finish, not on her annoying boyfriend's games, she tells herself as her fingers smoothing down the warm wax with the paper. 

"I'm sorry to interrupt" came a voice from behind them, Yuchan was in no position to see the guest but he knew the voice, 

"Hey, didn't know you were here, Jeonghan" not caring about the compromising position he and his girlfriend are in. 

"g'morning" his girlfriend said, turning to greet the boy with a smile

"Cupid, I need your help" straight to the point. 

Yuchan's hands fell to the bed, "Oh, this sounds serious. You can go and we'll finish u-" Cupid ripped the paper off the spot under his brow and watches as her boyfriend's face twisted in pain but no sound came from his lips. 

"I'm done" she hops off his chest and walks over to Jeonghan. 

she hugs him tightly, she feels  he needed that even though he did not say anything about it and then they left the room. 

"what do you need help with?" 

"I see. Something is definitely going on between the both of you.  during our training we were told something like this was possible, two souls from another live being reborn into this one..but it was very rare for them to retain their original connection." Yuchan said aloud, he takes a sip of his drink before putting it down and watches as Cupid stared into Jeonghan’s eyes.

 " how bizarre." Cupid pondered every detail over in  her head. 

Her eyes had always sparkled whenever Jeonghan looked into them, but they were doing more than just leave colourful spots in his own eyes at the moment. 


" well… I can see're under some kind of spell.. of sorts" she slurred, as if she had drank too much too fast, her speech still easy to make out. 

"Uh oh" Yuchan rushed to catch his girlfriend has she slowly started to lean backwards off the kitchen island's chair. In the arms of her boyfriend, she divulges what she thinks it is, "it seems you two have a long intimate history, but something is blocking me from seeing the whole thing-- oh wooow-- that's that’s one power magic trip I’m having-- I.. You weren't supposed to remember anything about each other. that much I’ve gathered... I have a feeling that you aren’t the only ones. If you two have been together for as long as this magic has been around then everybody who knew of the relationship has also had their memories altered in small ways. a clean memory wipe" she blinks repeatedly, Yuchan coming in and out of focus as her mind and eyes slowly become unclouded. 

Cupid’s hands touches her boyfriend’s face to help ground her.

" Hi there" he greets, smiling sweetly. 

"Hello" she replies, then forced herself to sit upright once more. 

she quickly clears her throat, "am I able to take a look at Seungcheol, it would help piece everything together.”


"You could..but I don’t want him to find out what I’m doing” he admits

“ Why-- oh” backing off the topic, “ why not bring him here?” 

“It would be too weird for me to just bring him into your home." Jeonghan has this unspoken thing about bringing people to his friends home, they are completely fine with it but in all the years he’s been their friend he could never get himself to invite anyone into their home.

Not when they had a house party or the time they celebrated Byeongkwan’s birthday and that time they just wanted people over for a last minute congregatory midday lunch party/ not a party. 


in that time he has never brought another into their home for any reason. 


it helps that near enough everyone they knew were already within their circle of friends, so he really didn’t have anyone to invite, they were already invited.


Cupid and Yuchan aren’t unsociable nor are they against the friends he keeps, but it was just a thing Jeonghan didn't want to do, "Maybe you can take a look at him without him noticing?" he wanted to find a common ground between his moral compass and her request. 


She nods " where and when?"

Two weeks later

"Ayra, our son has a boyfriend." the older Atus announces.

the woman slow blinks at her husband as he finishes his morning coffee," I'm aware he has been getting rather close to Seungcheol but I wouldn't jump the gun in saying they are dating, Ro" 


"I'm right here you know" Jeonghan states loudly over his bowl of cereal


His Mother glanced at him with a mischievous glint in her eye, "Did not see you there." 

"How is it our boy has found someone special, yet I have yet to meet him?" his Father whines. 

Jeonghan could only look at his bowl of slightly too soggy cereal "this is just as puzzling to me as well." he mumbled to himself. Ayra looked at him, then to her husband. 

The boy with lilac hair all too suddenly jumps up from his seat, slams his hands on the table then announces loudly "I'm very late. I will see you both later, love you, bye" 

It wasn't his intention to basically run away from his parents, but, in his defense he was actually late. He promised to take a day off and visit some friends at the school he used to attend.

everyday he wished he was still there practicing magic but duty calls, family legacy over all. 


At the Magic-Gate-Check-Point Jeonghan’s eyes wandered over the magical gate counting down in his head. the thing about using the Magic gate for the Magic world, you have to time it right or you’ll miss your window and wind up someplace far from your original target. it’s happened many times before, on purpose though.


he inhales happiness and exhales excitement, counting down out loud, " 3. 2. 1."

Jeonghan closed his eyes and jumped head first. 

The next day

Seungcheol agreed to meet up with Jeonghan today to try this new place that had just opened in the human world. Jeonghan may have once came to the human world to shrug his responsibilities originally but he will say the food here is great too. 


So here Jeonghan sat waiting and trying not to seem too nervous as he makes subtle eye contact with Cupid who is seated at the next table over. [-- there's no need for me to be this nervous. Sure, I'm meeting Seungcheol for my own motives, but I need answers. I could have asked but what if he bails on the idea or is hiding something? I’ve been giving myself a headache over this for weeks --] 

"earth to Jeonghan" a voice snaps him out of his own head space.

his eyes searched the face of the person looking at him with a warm smile, "you that nervous about seeing me that you've spaced out?" 

"Maybe" came his all too honest answer. 

Seungcheol felt something melt within him and he couldn't help leaning in to kiss the boy on his forehead, "Don't be" his words ghosting over his skin.

The act caused jeonghan’s cheeks to turn a new shade of colour. he was so thankful for the fact that there isn't a lot of people inside the cafe to fitness that.”why did you do that ?” he whined as he pouts, swatting the boy away in embarrassment. “O- ow-ow. I’m sorry-- ou- okay okay” he chuckles taking a seat opposite him. “Stop laughing...jerk” covering his face with his hands but staring daggers at Seungcheol. 

“ Hey..” his tone switching from casual to serious. “ I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but didn’t know how to bring it up.. it’s time we address this thing between us”  [-- ... I wasn't ready for this. Shut up heart.. You're being too loud --]


Jeonghan’s heart clenches in his chest, “Yeh” he breathed failing to conceal his internal panic. 

“ It is clear to the two of us that there is and always has been something going on between us.. but why can’t we remember? ” Seungcheol asks himself in a quiet voice.

“ I don’t really know.” Jeonhan says softly as he makes eye contact with cupid who then begins to move from her seat, walking past the table and disappearing from his view.

Seungcheol squirmed in his seat, “Would it be weird if we dated despite not really knowing why we seem to know each other so well?”

Jeonghan didn’t really know what to say, completely missing the true intention of Seungcheol’s question.. [--- What do I say? Yes? No? True we have spent plenty of time together which only proves more and more everyday that we do know each other in body but … this is just too odd.

I know my body reacts to him in several ways and he seems to know me.. Everything is like second memory or a reflex. As last week proved when we took a break from work because he knew I needed to before my emotions could crush me. We talked for hours about everything.

those talks are starting really starting to open my eyes about my..job. it’s like he has this way of talking me down. knows what to say..


 ----he loves my job… I never understood why I had to see all their suffering, but Seungcheol is right ‘without understanding it is easy to dismiss a soul’s wish and make a mistake without first seeing.’ because What if they wished for something toxic? That had no real heart behind it or a wish made with too much emotion that clouded their heads in seeing something that didn’t exist for them? 

I have an understanding.. now.

but this me- Seungcheol thing,

I need to know why magic had to be involved for us to be kept apart and maybe after this is over I’ll be able to tell him what I've done. for now--No,  I won’t be telling him about it for a while… ---]

“You’re overthinking this aren’t you” Seungcheol leans forward in his chair as he observes the boy in front of him.

“what?-No” he lies, “ I don’t do that” sticking his tongue out like a child.

The older man tries not to laugh, holding it in his chest but ultimately failing as little noises wiggle free from his lips, followed by a loud snort.


A woman approaches the table from the side, taking Seungcheol by surprise, “ I am very sorry to interrupt, but my phone just died..would it be rude of me to ask to borrow one of yours to call my boyfriend?” she politely asks, looking a little unsure if they would grant a complete stranger a favour.

The boy with lilac hair only glances at Cupid for a second before pulling out his phone and handed it to her, “oh my gosh,  thank you so much” putting on the greatest act of her life

[-- idiot. You weren’t supposed to be the one that gives her the phone --]


“I need to..use the restroom, I'll be right back” he states getting up and leaving the table.

“ Sure, I’ll be here” Seungcheol answers watching the other leave before switching his eyes back to the girl, “I will be right over there” she looks directly at Seungcheol “ you can keep an eye on me so I don’t run away with his phone, kay?” she smiled sweetly at him. He nods, their eyes locking and the boy with coral hair goes under her trance.

“ that’s it look deeper into my eyes” Cupid leans closer to him, both hands pressed firmly on the table,reading as much as she can before determining whether or not to pull away prior to being consumed by the ancient power. “ this. too-” she pants, “He is…” Cupid pinches her nose to help her stay grounded “ I have to pull away.” she declares before standing up right severing their connection.

her head starts swirling with a magic integrating with her own. something unknown was filling her lungs, gasping for air while the power crawls slowly through her memories until something snaps.

 Seungcheol gets to his feet and not very quickly, “ Yo-uu…” Cupid struggles to say and as if a piece of the puzzle had been finally found… she finally understood everything. “ my Lord” in shook at the lost thoughts circling in her head.

“ long time, hasn’t it? tell me why he asked you for help?” it was an order Cupid will not disobey,

“ h-he..a.. he is confused--lost by these feelings he can not understand- You need to tell him or he will go crazy.” she was pleading with him,

“ I can’t. nor can you” warning her more than telling her, “ it seems I can’t take away your memories and hope you won’t try doing this again...hmm….” he groans for what he needs to do, placing a hand on her head, Seungcheol replaces her memory but also wipes away her reunited memory and writes over the last few minutes.

he returns to his seat just as Jeonghan returns to the table.


 Cupid smiles through the dizziness, blaming it on the old magic,“ be right back” turning away to use the phone she had ‘borrowed’ trying to make sense of what she learned.


“Don’t worry” Seungcheol replies, redirecting his gaze to Jeonghan 

“ you okay?” he asks,

“Yeh, you?” Jeonghan can’t comprehend the look the older gave him, but it made his heart ache even still. 

“ I’m fine” he replies. 

it’s a quiet pause.

taking the boy’s hand in his he smiles as he plays with Jeonghan’s fingertips. “ I feel so happy just touching you like this..isn’t that funny? I only just meet you ..” Seungcheol confesses.

“ I like it when you touch me”

Seungcheol smirks, “Oh?”

“oh no--I mean” his face burning up while his hands frantically tries to wave off his statement.

 Jeonghan feels like an idiot for saying that out loud and hiding behind his own hair wasn’t going to get rid of his shame.

He knows Cupid will not let him live this down.

Seunghceol chuckles and shakes his head before lifting the hand in his to kiss the palm.

Jeonghan melts at the action.[-- I love you --]

That startled Jeonghan, his eyes blown wide in his skull, his face still being red really helps him hide his internal panic with his inner voice, “ I have to go soon-- help mom with the shop.” anything to not be around Seungcheol alone anymore, his own thoughts will betray him if they stay alone like this.

“ I’ll take you. you sure you don’t want something to eat before then?”

“ No. I’m fine, Thanks.” he gets up from the chair.[-- Got to go. we have to go. we have to leave. go, go,go. --]


“ here. Thanks again” Cupid smiles gratefully, waving goodbye to the two boys before parting ways.

Jeonghan looks at his phone, on it, a message from Cupid sat waiting for him.

It’s an hour later when Jeonghan is dropped off to his mother’s shop by Seungcheol. 

the older man couldn’t stay because of work, truth be told, Jeonghan is glad.

‘ I love you’ rings in Jeonghan’s head, his body shivers at the words.

he said that to Seungcheol-it was never said out loud, but it being said at all is just as worse. How could they have gotten this far to be at the stage of love?

He’s screwed.

His mother jumps around in joy at seeing her son coming through the doors, really happy to see him in fact. They shared a long hug, you would think they had not seen each other that very morning for breakfast that day or the times Jeonghan has spent in the shop. 



“You have the table over there. Pull the curtains, it gives a whole other vibe to the atmosphere. I’ll send your customers over.” Ayra tells her son.

He gives her a look, “ Mom. don’t turn this into a setup of a really bad horror film” he will take no part in her games.

“Will you go. I have mixing to do” she shoos him away.

“Fine” he answers disgruntled, walking over to his work station.

As Jeonghan sat waiting behind the curtain which does give the whole space a new atmosphere, he reads the message Cupid left on his phone as he waits for his first customer of the day.

 It’s spring break so there should be a few more people coming in today, way more than usual. This should keep him and his mind pretty busy and away from things he shouldn’t be pondering over.