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Destiny Spinning

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“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Un stared at Too from across the circle they were all forming.

Weren’t they too old to play Spin The Bottle? They had been playing it for a while but it was the first time of the night that Un felt uncomfortable.

“Come on, everybody has kissed someone without complaining!” A girl pressed, pushing him in Too’s direction, who looked as frozen as him.

Slowly, he crawled towards him, feeling all these eyes on them. He should have left the party early.

After what seemed like an eternity, he ended right in front of Too, who could barely look at him.

“Remember, it must last at least 15 seconds,” Khai reminded him. Un rolled his eyes. He really hated that guy.

“I know,” he replied.

Too finally looked at him and sat up in order for the kiss to be easier.

“Come on! We don’t have all night!” another girl complained.

They stared at each other for a little while, before Un dared to put a hand on Too’s cheek, bringing them closer until their lips touched.


Too’s mouth wasn’t moving against his. The boy was probably freaking out.


He finally started moving, a hand gripping the back of his shoulder, his whole body getting closer to Un’s.


It felt good. Un wasn’t really surprised that it did, though it felt even better than he had imagined. He mostly couldn’t believe they were kissing.


It was still relatively slow, tentative lips leaving small kisses on the other’s.


Too’s other hand gripped the side of face as they kissed more passionately. Un’s heart started to beat too hard for his liking.


Un was almost falling on Too now, both grabbing at each other so hard they could barely maintain their balance.


The kissing noises they made drove him mad. It started to feel like he wouldn’t be able to stop.


Un could feel a tongue pass between his teeth and caress his. Damn. That boy was wicked.


The more this went on, the more Un forgot about the other people next to them.


His ears started ringing.

He had known Too for quite a while, since the beginning of high school, and they had always gotten along, though they had never been very close.


Too’s hand slid from his shoulder to his waist, clutching at it as if they could possibly get any closer.

Un had always found him sort of cute, though he had never really had the occasion to get to know him in private. They were always surrounded by other juniors who fought for Un’s attention.


Too’s teeth bit his lower lip for a second, and Un was gone. He let out a small moan.

Now that he thought about it, they were both really similar. They had the same interests, and hell, they might end up in the same university once Too graduated.


It was barely about the game anymore, at least not to Un.

He liked Too. That much was clear. He had always been attracted to him, and now that they were kissing he just couldn’t deny it anymore. He just hoped Too felt the same.


Only a few people were still counting down, Un noticed. It was almost over. He didn’t want it to end.

He wanted to kiss Too forever, get lost in his lips, and not only for a stupid game, not in front of these people.

He wanted it to be only between them, next time. If there ever was one.


And just like that, it was done. Too had detached from him, hands still on his body. Un was still grabbing his face.

They opened their eyes and Un felt himself forget how to breathe. They stared at each other while their friends just gazed at them in silence.

Something had shifted in the room, everything felt more tense. Everyone knew what had just happened.

“Okay, let’s move on,” someone declared, taking a hold of the bottle and spinning it again.

Un was still over on Too’s side, incapable of pretending nothing had happened.

Instead, he just stood up and went out of the house.

It had a big garden, great to get lost in the plants and his own thoughts.

He didn’t have a lot of them, though. The only thing he could think about was how much he hadn’t wanted that kiss to end.

As if he heard his thoughts, Too appeared behind him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

They gazed at each other in silence, something that seemed to have become their thing, before Too spoke.

“Don’t tell me one small kiss made you fall in love with me,” he joked, suddenly avoiding his eyes.

“What if it did?” Un heard himself reply.

Too looked at him in shock, a blush spreading over his cheeks. Un knew he looked the same from the warmth he could feel around his cheeks.

“Are you serious, P’?”

“What about you?” he said, avoiding the question. “Did it make you fall in love?”

Too huffed. “You’re not that special.”

Un felt himself smile, getting closer to the younger boy.

“Do you wanna do it again?” He offered, feeling a little shy.

Too looked back at him, wide-eyed, mouth slightly agape.

“Kiss?” He asked, just to be sure.

“Well, to see if it can make you fall in love.”

Un honestly didn’t know where his courage came from. Maybe from the hope that Too would say yes.

“It’s a little too late for that, P’.” Too finally admitted, staring at the ground.

Un felt his heart jump out of his chest. Could it be that Too had felt the same all along?

He walked the last few steps needed to be in front of the junior, and lowered his head slightly they could be the same height.

With his hand, he pushed Too’s face up, so their noses were touching.

“Well then, let’s just celebrate it,” he said.

And as their lips touched and he felt them both smile into it, Un had to admit: Spin The Bottle wasn’t such a bad game.