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Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor, looked at the girl before him who had been brought by a police officer

It was the daughter of his cousin, Izumi Midoriya

He and his cousin had never been particularly together. The truth is that he considered Hisashi a stain on the family.

Everyone in the family had a powerful fire quirk, except Hisashi, who could only breathe fire and was flame retardant.

That suited him very well in his firefighter's career until a building collapsed on him three months ago.

Hisashi's mother, Enji's aunt, had died, but his wife, Inko, was in charge of telling all relatives about the death. Of course, neither Enji or his children went to the funeral.

And now, three months later, a police officer brought the girl, Izumi, to him. After his mother had tried to star in a suicide-murder that went wrong. Now the girl's mother was facing criminal charges and custody had passed to the closest blood relative, that is, Enji

The girl was six years old and her wrists were bandaged where her mother had cut her. Enji looked at the girl with distaste. There was a possibility that the girl had a powerful quirk and that it was beneficial for him to adopt her instead of sending her to the adoption system.

-What is your quirk?

- Sir, do you consider that appropriate to ask the girl? Don't you think it would be better to ask other questions?

-I'm a professional hero, if she doesn't have a powerful quirk then she will be in danger if she stays at my house -said the man in a hard voice

The girl shuddered and the agent crouched beside him

-Can you tell him your quirk, sweetie? He's your uncle, he's worried about you

The girl looked at him with those emerald eyes and raised her hands, where two different flames shone. One gold and one red.

-My quirk is Phoenix. The red flames are normal and I am flame retardant. Golden flames are special, they can cure. They can even reconnect amputated limbs. When mom ... the golden flames activated themselves and saved us. I can also bring someone back if he has died, but only if less than an hour has passed, although after that I remain unconscious for several days

Enji kept his face calm, but mentally he was laughing out loud. He had already found Shouto's future wife.

The police officer stayed with Endeavor while the girl returned to the hospital room. Although she could heal the physical wounds, her mother had drugged her so she wouldn't use her quirk, so she had to stay in for a while.

-After filling out the corresponding forms, the guardianship of Izumi Midoriya will be under his power -the agent said with a smile- She is a good girl, as soon as she is discharged she can take her home

- Are there chances that your mother can regain custody at some time?

-I doubt it a lot, but if you want to make sure you can request a restraining order. I think it would be the best, given the circumstances. Although that woman is unlikely to get out of this without ending up in jail for a good season

Endeavor nodded and called his lawyers to make sure everything was done properly.


-Father, why are you clearing one of the rooms in the annex? -Fuyumi took courage to ask while they were having dinner. It was rare for Enji to join the dinner table with his children for his work, and when he did there was always a sepulchral silence

Enji looked at his daughter calmly

-I have adopted a six-year-old girl with a strong quirk, they are preparing a room

The whole table fell silent and everyone looked at each other

- A ... a girl, father?

- She is the daughter of a relative, her mother has tried to kill her and we are her closest blood relatives. So he will live with us from now on - the man said simply - He has a very rare healing fire quirk, so I have got his custody and he will live here

The scar on Shouto's face began to burn at the words "His mother tried to kill her." Fuyumi began to tremble mentally, thinking of his brother, Natsuo issued a silent prayer and Touya simply did not care

They all knew that this girl had become the same as them, an Endeavor puppet

-Fuyumi. I want you to take care of her and educate her a little while she is here. She will be prepared to be a healing heroine or something similar. I don't want him to escape or suffer any damage, is that clear?

The threat, implicit in his father's voice made Fuyumi tremble

-Of course, father


Izumi Midoriya arrived at the Todoroki house in summer. It was received by her cousin.

She was immediately educated in the house rules and experienced the terror that the children of the Todoroki family lived. She was trained with Shouto. Rather, every time Shouto or Touya hurt each other, Endeavor sent her to heal them.

Endeavor trained his red fire so he could defend himself and not attack. He trained her to depend on Shouto. He consciously manipulated them to come together and support each other

Turning a feeling that should have been a brotherhood into something else, with care and cunning. He could observe secret kisses, stolen when they thought no one else saw them.

The only thing that seemed to interfere with his plan was that his eldest son, before leaving, had shown the same interest as Shouto in Izumi. But the trouble was gone and now his plan advanced perfectly for the next generation of heroes in his family

And so they came to the exam on the recommendation of the UA

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Izuku was crying in the cardboard box where Katsuki had left him

-You're just a quirkless Omega, nobody will pick you up- Even with what he had written on the box "I'm a useless quirkless looking for a home" Katsuki had just laughed- Don't you dare to get out of the box until we come looking for you

It had been almost an hour since it had begun to rain. Izuku was trembling with cold and his nose was runny, but still he dared not get out of the box.

Although he was sure that Katsuki had long forgotten about him, he was so afraid that he could not get out of the box. Because if not, Katsuki would use his explosions on him. And that hurt, it hurt a lot. He could not challenge the Alpha child

Izuku hugged his knees trying to mitigate the cold that was enveloping his body inside and consuming his bones

The rain stopped and Izuku looked up. In front of him was a tall young man with a black mask covering his mouth and staring at him

-Poor boy ... -said the man- Who dares to do this to my partner?

-Lord? - Izuku was surprised when the man stretched an arm towards him and held him against his warm body

Izuku should have felt scared, he should have fled, ... But something inside him told him he was fine, that if it was that man everything would be fine. That was the place where he was supposed to be

Izuku snuggled against the man's body and put his nose on his neck. Smelling its aroma. It wasn't like his mother's, a Beta, it was the smell of an Alpha. But unlike with Katsuki or with other Alphas, Izuku relaxed with that smell and let himself be carried away by unconsciousness.

It smelled like chocolate and caramel clouds


Kai ran her hand over Izuku's back and felt how cold it was even through the glove.

He approached the black car that was waiting for him and saw his driver in a gesture of surprise when he saw him with the boy in his arms


-It's my partner, my partner

- Is the man going to start a procession?

-No, they have left it in an abandoned box to their fate. I'm picking it up, he's mine- Kai brought Izuku to his mask. Even with the high quality piece I could feel the soft aroma of fresh mint and vanilla that emanated from the young Omega. Although it was a very immature aroma yet, because the boy had not reached puberty

Izuku's head fell on Kai's shoulder as he settled into the seat, with his Omega still in his arms, and he realized he was at a much higher temperature than normal.

-Call Chronostasys, he will have to heal my partner


Kai looked at the boy in his bed. According to the man he had called, he only had a fever because he had been wet and outdoors for a long time.

Kai took off her glove carefully and stroked the boy's green hair. He didn't feel disgusted even though the boy had started to sweat the fever a few minutes ago

-Lord ... Your hand feels so good ... -said Izuku slightly opening his eyes and smiling

-Sh ... Shut up and sleep ... Now you must recover- Even Kai was surprised by the tenderness and softness with which I speak and caressed the child's head

- Can you stay with me? Until I fall asleep? -The child said it with teary eyes that moved the adult

-Of course, I'll stay with you.

Kai was not a man who enjoyed many things in his life. It could be said that achieving their objectives was one of them. But all the feelings of satisfaction he had felt before were eclipsed only by staying with that child with a fever until he fell asleep. Fulfilling His Promise

Kai left the room and looked at the hand with which he had been stroking Izuku's head. He could still feel the pleasure of sliding his fingers through those green curls

The marks of having found his true companion had already appeared on his forearms. The vines, with a unique pattern, stretched across their skin. Only leaves and branches due to Izuku's age. When the child reached puberty, the buds would come out, when the buds would open for the first time, showing the flowers

-What are you going to do with the boy? -Chronostasys was standing there looking at him- He's your partner but he's very young. You will not even feel a sexual desire for him until the buds appear. And this is no place for children

-I'll ask you when your fever goes down because it was in that box. If his parents put him there I will keep him, but if there is anything else I will take him back and visit him daily until the buds appear and I can claim him. I will have to think about how to start the procession

Under the law, when an Omega found his partner, he could go live with him and marry him or her legally once he reached puberty. Why? For an Alpha there was nothing more important than his companion Omega, even if they had to sacrifice their own lives they would keep them safe and sound.

And an Omega reached puberty between fifteen and fourteen

-You must have wonderful luck. Not only have you found your Omega before he can live his first love or truly fall in love with someone else, but he is quirkless. A clean person, according to your standards - Chronostasys turned around to get stained - Tell the young lady to take the syrup once with each meal and stay dry and warm. It will get well in a couple of days


Mitsuki Bakugou looked at his son who was watching television excited in his living room

-Katsuki, have you played with Izuku today?

-No, mom- the boy was not lying, he had taken Izuku out of the game, he hadn't played with

-It's that Izuku said he was going to the park, but he hasn't returned home-Mitsuki Bakugou looked at the storm that had unleashed- I'll go looking for him

His mother left to change and Katsuki looked outside. That useless Deku wouldn't remain in the box, right? He would have left when it started to rain and had not been able to get home yet

A hint of concern arose in Katsuki's chest, but he pushed it aside easily. Surely Deku would be fine, he thought, after all, who would want a skinny quirkless Omega boy? (Author: It occurs to me that all the pedophiles of the world, damn bastard. It is that anyone with blood in their veins would take it)


Kai stopped the black car in front of the house Izuku had told him. Izuku, mentally tasting the name of his partner. The boy still had a little fever, but he had told him what had happened and that he wanted to go with his mother

Kai could not resist his partner's wishes. Also, the boy was fascinated by the vines on his forearms. And he had also reviewed the vines on Kai's arms with careful and delicate fingers

Izuku was moving unconsciously to be with his Alpha without bothering him. And Kai thanked him. The most beautiful moment of the day was when his Omega first said his name

The boy was eight years old, he took thirteen difference with Kai. That was still acceptable by society's standards. In addition, Izuku looked adorable in the red ribbon kimono he had given her, because her clothes were in the garbage of how dirty she had been.

Kai approached the backseat and when he opened the door Izuku extended his arms towards him. Kai was not going to allow her partner to walk or strain while still ill. Although something told him that he was going to have to prepare to fight Izuku's mother

Kai climbed the stairs, to extend the time he was alone with Izuku, to the floor where the mother and son apartment was.

-Let's go for another ride, stay here, Inko-was saying a woman as she walked out the door with a jacket in her hand

- Aunt Mitsuki - said Izuku. Kai could only think it was great, more relatives to meet. The woman turned to look at them before shouting, in a way that Kai didn't think possible for someone of her size



It took Kai forty minutes to explain what had happened. Constantly remembering that he couldn't kill the people in the room or Izuku would be sad.

To all this, Izuku had refused to separate from his side. He had only moved a little to show them the vines in his arms but he was comfortably in his chest again

-That damn crappy kid is going to hear me when I get home- Kai didn't know who the ash blond-haired woman was, but just because of the aura she was emitting he was feeling tempted to hire her

A brown-haired man tried to calm the woman. While Izuku's mother was by his side, looking at her baby with love

-My poor child. He suffered a lot knowing that he had no quirk like the others, and even more when it was learned that it was Omega and his father left. I'm glad that at least he was able to find his partner so soon- The woman was a sunbeam that reminded Kai of her partner

- Can I take him to his bed? - Kai said noticing that the boy had gone back to sleep. His partner's mother nodded and led him to a room full of hero figures. For some reason that was adorable for Kai

Kai left Izuku in bed and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead, slightly removing his mask. The boy smiled and Kai felt his heart beat faster

-Kai, will you come tomorrow?

-Without- said the man stroking his partner's hair

Kai watched as Izuku's mother closed the door of the room and looked at her with a smile

-I guess I don't need to say that I'm going to start a formal procession towards Izuku-Kai said looking at the woman

-Necessary? After all they are partners and ...

Mitsuki I speak

-Necessary. That courtship is not only to find compatibility with the Omega in question, it is also for parents and Omega to see that the Alpha is able to protect him

Kai saw, when the woman's sleeves went up, that she had thorns on her forearms, stems with thorns. If she was the Alpha then her husband was the Omega. The woman sighed and looked at her husband

-I really wanted to match Izuku and Katsuki when they were a little older-the woman sighed- Well, if Izuku is happy, everything will be fine


Katsuki was not happy. Rather he was furious

Upon returning home his mother had been waiting for him and then had been severely scolded by his two parents.

Being scolded by his mother was normal, but also being scolded by his father was something very strange. And they had confiscated, before he returned home, all his toys and comics so he had time to reflect.

In addition to prohibiting you from leaving home

All of that was the fault of the useless Deku who couldn't see a joke, why couldn't they see how funny it had been? But his parents were relentless and told him to see things from Izuku's point of view. That the boy had got sick because of him and if nothing worse had happened it was a miracle

Deku returned to school a couple of days later and Katsuki decided to approach him at the exit, so that no teacher bothered him. That way he would take revenge for being unjustly punished

In addition, Deku had the nerve to appear through the door with those vines in his arms. The entire class had gathered around them and looked at them, but they had all calmed down when the teacher had told them it was not Izuku's quirk and they weren't a tattoo

For the rest of the day Deku had strolled his fingers several times through the vines. And he had been happy. Although nothing had changed in his surroundings, only that he had been happy. That was an insult in Katsuki's mind

On the way out Katsuki stood in front of Izuku with his inseparable cronies to take him somewhere alone. But Izuku didn't even see them. A few meters before the boy raised his head and his face lit up with a big smile that made the other three children blush


Izuku ran past him and threw himself against a tall, sinister-looking man, with that black mask and those black surgical gloves. But as soon as Izuku appeared it was as if all that dark aura disappeared and the man relaxed and found happy.

- Have you had a good day?

-Yes, what are you doing here?

-I've asked your mother for permission to come and get you to school. So we will spend time together

Izuku's face became so adorable that the adults on leaving school and the children blushed

-That's great! I am very happy to spend time with Kai!

The adults looked at the vines in Izuku's arms and those of the man who had the sleeves rolled up and began to whisper between them when Izuku and the man moved away

 Katsuki approached the adults to listen to their conversation

-Being paired at such a young age

-It's going to be a long courtship

-Izuku seems happy and there are no flowers yet

-What flower do you think will bloom?

-I hope your babies are as adorable as Izuku

-I hope to receive a notification when they get married, Izuku will be adorable whether in a wedding dress, suit or kimono.

Katsuki looked at the man who was walking away from Izuku's hand. The man realized that they were looking at him and glared at him sideways

Katsuki got scared. He didn't know who that man was but he wasn't good, he wasn't good. He must find out why he wasn't good, he should take Deku away from that man

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Izuku Midoriya swallowed hard upon hearing that there was an ongoing hybrid hunt in his city. He was thirteen and was having breakfast with his mother, who looked at him with tears in his eyes and extreme concern

Izuku was not worried about the decline in security and similar things, he was worried because in the world of hybrids it was considered a mythical rarity, an incredible trophy

Izuku was a chimera.

In this world either you obtained a quirk or your hybrid nature woke up. It wasn't a bad deal, if you thought about it, given that hybrids were physically and mentally superior to average humans. In addition to their resistance were in the clouds.

That is why some villainous bastards had started hunting for hybrids to demonstrate their strength. The rarer the hybrid breed, the stronger the force had to be used and the harder it was to fight.

And a chimera was very rare, Izuku knew, because he had access to the hybrid census, that he only existed as a chimera in Japan, he was the only one. Fortunately, the census only showed the races, nothing more

Rabbit ears, ram horns, fox tail, hawk wings, snake fangs and eagle eyes, as well as guts. That was Izuku's body when it adopted its hybrid form. Which he only did in his mating seasons, when he was in his locked room. Because also, Izuku was neither male nor female, rather he had both genitals, first the male and then, a little hidden, the female

The ears allowed him to listen in a radius of a kilometer around him, more or less the same range as his nose, his eyes allowed him to see things that were several hundred meters from him easily, in addition to being adapted to large speeds and great night and thermal vision. The guts that allowed him to breathe underwater

The wings gave him the possibility to fly, they were powerful, strong and fast, he didn't know his exact speed but he was very much. The tail would serve to balance, as well as to look good. The horns protected his head, in addition to being very sharp, the fangs emitted a neurotoxic that, although not killing, would paralyze an adult man for days

In addition to all that, his muscles became like steel wires, even without protruding from his skin and looking the same as before. His strength became something incredible

Even so, if you asked someone from their school, everyone would tell you, even Izuku himself, that he was an unborn hybrid. Since Izuku, unlike the other hybrids around him, never adopted his animal or hybrid form before people. Moreover, for the records of his school it was an unborn hybrid. A hybrid that could not change.

They had done that to protect him, because Izuku and his mother were afraid. Shortly after Izuku's hybrid form appeared, with about three years, there was news of how a chimeric hybrid hero had been defeated in a hunt.

That hybrid hero was a combination of wolf and bear. And the presenters had begun to comment on how weird it was and how strong it was.

Izuku was a combination of more than five animals, that terrified his mother and him. If two in the mix were rare, what would happen to five or more?

That is why Izuku preferred to suffer the social derision of not being able to adopt his animal or hybrid form rather than telling the truth.

Although he still aspired to become a hero someday, like that brave chimeric hybrid that died when he was a child

Until that day


That mass of mud that had him trapped forced him to change to his hybrid form. Izuku was terrified. What quirk was that? Why could it make him change and why his neurotoxic didn't work?

- What a trophy! I already felt the presence of a strong hybrid, but I have to be grateful to be able to meet a chimeric!

The mud blocked the airways of Izuku. Then he was forced to adopt his animal form. One would normally think that it would be horrible to be a chimera. But no, his animal form was a fox cub, or something similar, and all the parts of his anatomy that did not correspond with a fox were so well balanced that it turned out to be a ball of adorable fluff. His own mother made him change that way when he was stressed and wanted some animal therapy. Izuku himself liked it, allowed him to connect with his inner beast.

-Although you are so pretty. I don't know what I should do Do I kill you and turn you into my trophy or sell you as a pet to some evil lord? I have heard that many like to keep hybrids as pets

Izuku felt like he was passing out. Even in its animal form. He couldn't fight anymore, he had already done more than he could normally

"I'm sorry, mommy," he thought as his consciousness faded.

- NO MUST BE CONCERNED, BECAUSE I AM HERE !! - All Might held the muddy villain quickly before turning to look at the fluff ball he had seen in the mud. He hoped it was a hybrid, but he was surprised to see a chimera-For all saints ...

If only it were a hybrid to leave him there would be easy and safe, but with a chimeric the thing changed. All Might took out the bag where he had previously taken the bottle where he had the villain. He took the boy's things and put them inside, creating a kind of nest, before putting the boy and cover him a little with his clothes.

The hybrid would not stir much if it was surrounded by its familiar smell. Now he had to take him to a safe place until he woke up and could adopt his human form


Izuku was in the UA director's office having some animal contact with director Nezu. Nezu was rubbing and stroking the chimeric puppy protectively at the envious gaze of Aizawa and Nemuri.

Izuku had woken up a few hours ago, in a strange place. It had only occurred to All Might to take him with Nezu since this, even being a true animal, had a great connection with the hybrids.

After a moment when Izuku had ended up under a scared sofa and see All Might changing shape…. Izuku had come out from under the sofa to rejoice Aizawa and Nemuri that had already made him his wallpaper

Given the inability to change the shape of Izuku, they assumed that the villain had used a new illegal drug that made hybrids adopt their animal forms.

Although the conversation was slow because one side could only nod and move the tail and wings. What made Aizawa stretch his hands strangely towards him

So, after a while with his idol, in which Izuku had managed to get an autograph signed, Izuku was now relaxing in the animal way. All Might also felt some envy of Nezu, but he understood that the boy before him needed the presence of a stronger animal to calm down after being attacked. A pack leader

Izuku moved his ears and picked up his clothes before leaving behind the couch. Big wings came out from behind it and Aizawa was disappointed that he couldn't enjoy the fluff for a while.

-I still can't change my human form- the boy came out buckling his pants from the back of the sofa, with his wings it was impossible to put on his shirt

-Let me your tail- Nemuri threw himself forward and hugged the fluffy tail- Just as he had dreamed-Sigh of happiness. Izuku let him caress her and hug her

- Is it strange that this is not the strangest thing that happened to me today? - Izuku pointed to the woman who was literally drooling her tail


Izuku was left before his house by All Might after re-adopting his human aspect

-All Might! -The man turned- Can a hybrid like me become a hero?

-I won't deny it, you'll be in danger. But what hero is not? If you have the courage and the necessary strength you can be a great hero. - The man smiled confidently - In addition, if you want help with your training I will love it. After all, I've lost too many hybrid friends why they didn't rely on training but on their natural abilities

The hero's expression was painful

-Why am I a chimera? Is that why it helps me?

-In part, as a hero I would like to make this a more just society with hybrids. Let them stop treating you like pets, toys or prey. - The man looked at the distance - Well, if you accept my offer to train you, I will be on the beach covered in garbage tomorrow from five to seven.


Izuku stood before the beach and looked at the skeletal man before him

-You just took the first steps to be a hero, boy


Izuku was in the examining area B. There were several hybrids that did not approach him because he did not find a scent of a recognizable animal. Izuku was only wearing shorts and nothing else. I didn't need it

The beep sounded and Izuku changed to his hybrid form in a second before flying, reaching the first to leave and over passing
-Chico, the first thing you need is to get used to your hybrid form


-For a hybrid to know its three forms is something innate, but you are not used to your hybrid form and it shows in your way of moving, do not stop hitting your wings. That's why you'll train with your hybrid form

- What if someone sees me ?!

-When you are a hero everyone will see you! -Exclaimed the man- But, even so, you should use your senses to hide before the presence of people. A hero must always be aware of his surroundings
Izuku destroyed the first robot with an onslaught powered by its wings. Then he stopped the blow of one of the robots with them and attacked with his nails, which he had noticed were like claws, harder and sharper than normal, capable of cutting the metal
-Your fangs are not your only weapon, your whole body is one- All Might hit Izuku's wings before he could do anything- That punch would have knocked down a concrete wall, but your wings are fine. They are a shield and a means of transport

Izuku looked at his nails, with which he had been splitting the largest metal objects

-A claws capable of tearing the metal as if it were butter, horns as hard and sharp as diamond. Fangs that would leave you helpless for days- All Might circled around Izuku listing it- You're a living weapon, don't forget it
Izuku was still fighting although I hear several comments and exclamations about his chimera appearance. I fly again, arriving at sixty points. And he used his tail to stabilize while watching the situation.

I plummeted several times to help other examinees, either by breaking the weapon, the robot or moving them out of the way of the same and putting them in more advantageous places

A part of the city moved and he looked at the gigantic red eye that looked between the buildings.

The zero pointer!

Izuku began to make a low flight along the course the robot would take to warn those who were too distracted to notice its appearance. A groan called his attention. A girl was under some rubble and seemed to be able to get up
-The heroes do many visible actions, but what will remain in the end will not be such complicated attacks. It will be the people you save. If you have to choose between saving a civilian and chasing a villain, save the civilian
Izuku advanced to the girl and removed the rubble too easily, as if her weight had been altered. But a part of the building opposite fell behind them. The only way out ... It was up, where the robot's eye looked at them

- Hold on tight. Let's see if your eye endures an onslaught

Izuku swooped up and ducked his ears against his skull as much as he could. The robot took a couple of steps through the impact and Izuku was able to fly, with difficulties, to a safe area. I just fell when the final bell rang

The girl approached her head and looked at him with concern

-Why does everything go around so much? -Izuku returned to his human form and some blood came from his nose

-Poor boy- Recovery Girl appeared, and kissed Izuku- You have a concussion, try not to make those onslaught without a foothold on the floor. Otherwise you will suffer the consequences in your own body

-Why does my head still hurt? -Izuku covered his eyes

-Why I can't cure everything. Go and sleep in the infirmary for a while.


Nezu looked at the screens that reflected the test battle

-Why is the chimeric there? Hadn't he said to happen directly?

- Apparently, his letter was lost. But with his final score, it goes a long way - Present Mic wasn't going to say, even if they killed him that he forgot to send the letter to the mail

-There's a flaw in your request- Midnight spoke in a soft voice- In the gender box you have marked both male and female.

-Well- Nezu got up- If it's just that we can fix it right away


-Don't make a mistake-Izuku looked at them- I have both male and female genitals, I was not mistaken when I wrote it. I am both male and female

The air froze and a light pink mist arose around him. They all backed down

-Are you telling me that you, a teenage girl, have shown themselves to so many people just because they also have male genitals? -Midnight grabs Izuku- Si's chest, they are small but you have breasts

Izuku let go, only after Midnight ran his hands over his body, outlining his figure

-Androgynous, but even with a beautiful form- the woman smiled- It is seen that I have found a student to be a +18 hero. Don't worry - I take Izuku's hands - Under my guide you can make thousands of men and women faint and bleed through the nose across the world

Eraserhead left Midnight unconscious in a blow to the neck and looked at Izuku

-Don't worry, before you go to class we will do a full seminar against sexual abuse. A very complete seminar- the man turned to the director- It seems that in the end if we are going to use the bathrooms and others for neutral genres


Izuku wore a girl's uniform. Why?

He had commissioned one as a boy, not because he felt like a boy, but because it was more comfortable to wear pants than a skirt. But, according to a note sent by the director. If you had both genders, you should wear a uniform for one quarter and the next one for the other.

His mother and the director of his previous school had tried to convince him of the same, but Izuku had refused, claiming that the sailor uniform did not like him. But the UA uniform for men and women was almost identical, it only differed by the skirt, so Izuku had no excuses for not wearing it

-You look very pretty, Izuku

-Thank you mom- maybe for wearing a female uniform Izuku had taken more time combing and put on a lip gloss

Izuku also associated that to which he would soon have his zeal, on the other hand, and was grooming himself for possible couples. He had seen it often in the girls in his class and in himself when he was in high school. The zeal drove them to try to look as beautiful as possible for the other hybrids

Izuku arrived at the door of 1ºA with a smile, he had been the first examined. There was nothing like knowing that you had scored 128 points to enter the classroom with a smile

Bakugou's laughs could have resonated throughout the building

-What the hell are you wearing, Deku? !! - He said while still laughing hard and holding his stomach


Izuku felt fortunate to be able to change to his gym uniform. Although his was designed to leave his back to the air and had a hole in the back for the tail. In addition, he thanked to change in a place without people.

 The underwear for hybrids with a tail was ... Shameful and low-waisted. In addition, after noticing his chest by Midnight, he had begun to wear a bra, with only the front, adhesive. And yes, his chest was noticeable thanks to that

Izuku went to the driving range with the others already there

-Whoa ... Your uniform is a bit bold, Midoriya-said a girl with pink hair

-Well, it must be so- Izuku smiled as he stroked the skin of his back- Although I will be cold in winter

The teacher arrived and explained the rules and method of expulsion after hearing one say it would be fun. Then Bakugou raised his hand

-Sensei, is wearing the wrong uniform grounds for immediate expulsion?

- Correct - The tired man said it with even more fatigue

-In that case, you will have to expel Deku, he is a man but he was wearing the female uniform. He even changed with the girls

-That is not true-Uraraka came out in the defense of Izuku- He did not change with us, although I am also doubting, since she was a he during the admission exam

Aizawa sighed and looked at his students who began to whisper and look at Izuku

-Because of Midoriya's hybrid characteristics he / she has both male and female genitalia, so he is both male and female, so he wears the correct uniform at the request of director Nezu. Next quarter he will wear the men's uniform if he is still here, so there should be no problems

At that moment a dark aura left Iida who approached Izuku

-We were in the same exam room. Are you a woman and have your chest bare?

-Why does everyone go around the same point? I'm also a man, so it shouldn't matter — Izuku pouted an adorable pout that wreaked havoc on all the hearts of the class, except in Mineta which was “Unless I have good breasts I won't notice” - Besides, you didn't know, Kacchan? We have bathed together many times, even your mother knows. Why do you think there are so many pictures of me from when we were little with female clothes?

-Midoriya, then we'll have a talk about it- the girls in the class put their energy into saying that phrase- A great talk about why you shouldn't show yourself in public



Extra from later


-Deku-chan, can you give me some of your egg omelet?

-Of course Uraraka-Izuku handed him the tortilla with chopsticks- Say “Ahhh”

Uraraka took the tortilla with his mouth and began to chew it

-Oh, my God. That's so good. I had never tasted such good eggs. Where did you buy?

-They are my eggs-Izuku said simply

Some chopsticks fell off and that sound echoed in the dining room that fell silent

-I think ... I don't understand you well, Deku-chan

-I put the eggs with which that tortilla was made. It is quite common for a hybrid with bird characteristics to lay eggs. For my part I put eight to sixteen eggs every week, so that's fine

Bakugou's laughs echoed in the room

- How disgusting, round face! Turns out you've eaten Deku's eggs literally

-Bakubro- Kirishima spoke for the first time- Do not say that the eggs of the hybrids are very well valued and are sold for large sums of money

-Even yes, I would never eat anything that came out of Deku

Izuku smiled wickedly

- Actually, since I started laying eggs on a regular basis I share them with Aunt Mitsuki. Two days ago I gave him some eggs from my last laying. So, you've eaten my eggs many times, Kacchan.

Bakugou's reaction was epic in many ways, but Izuku was able to finish his meal in peace

Chapter Text

Rei Todoroki can't take it anymore

Tired of years of abuse by her husband, she attends a relief association for battered women.

There I expected to find help and understanding. There she hoped to find the strength to leave her powerful husband and flee to a safe place with her children.

The only thing I didn't expect to find there was what she really found. Love

Inko Midoriya fled from her husband when he tried to kill her baby who was still in her womb. His parents closed the doors and almost ended up being homeless unless he chose to sleep at the door of the association

Now, she and Izuku live a happy and comfortable life thanks to those women she met. They encouraged her to study, get a job and find a house

Now Inko wants to give back all the good they did helping women in situations of abuse to abandon their husbands

What she didn't expect was to fall in love with that snow-white-haired woman

Two broken and battered souls that meet to achieve happiness


-My wife has a lover

Enji Todoroki was in the office of a private investigator. The man raised an eyebrow at the tone of the husband, supposedly jealous and betrayed. It was a cold and selfless tone, as if he didn't really care what his wife did

- Are you sure about that?

-It fixes a lot, is very happy, comes out constantly, had a hickey behind his ear, ...

- The hickey could not be ...?

-I prefer to bite-the man looked at the investigator- I want proof of his infidelity to divorce her and take custody of our children


Rei arrived at the cafeteria where he had met Inko. She smiled as she held Izuku in her arms. The boy had just taken off his pacifier and was in the phase in which he sucked anything within his reach.

Like Rei's ear, when he charged a moment for two weeks

Rei looked at Shouto who was excited to see Izuku. The boy was too mature for his age. As if he understood what was happening in his house, he barely cried and used to sit still all the time

Less when his father was angry. The boy had learned too fast to crawl to hide when that happened

But when Shouto was with Izuku he showed again that adorable behavior that all babies should have. He even hugged him with his arms and rubbed his head against him, as if the other boy was a giant doll

Inko and Rei took pictures of it very often

-Have you achieved anything? -Inko knew that if Rei did not present strong evidence of the abuse Enji would destroy it in court. After all, he was hero # 2

-Yes, it doesn't even hide it. It has been so easy, so extremely easy ... -Rei felt a tear fall down her cheek- I could not bear to see how he hit Touya and me

-Rei, I know it's hard. But you have to be strong- Inko was playing with Izuku in his lap which, in turn, was intertwining his hands with Shouto's. If anyone looked at them from afar, I would think it was a date for babies to play

Or that is what the detective who followed Rei saw.

For the next few days, every time Rei and Inko met, he gave her, discreetly, the USB with Enji's videos mistreating them. Inko took them to the association, which was run by the office of a pro heroine

Everything was going well, until neither Inko nor Rei could contain themselves and they kissed. Making the detective release the camera and look at them dumbfounded. After all Rei Todoroki was a very beautiful woman, Inko Midoriya was less beautiful, but still had a great figure and a special beauty

Then Endeavor was right, he thought, his wife has an affair, with another woman

The next day Endeavor returned home furiously at the investigator's call and found it empty. Without Rei, without Touya, Natsuo, Fuyumi or Shouto. Just a notification that a complaint had been made against him for abuse and a divorce form


Rei looked at her children from the sofa with Inko by her side

The house may not have been very large and the children had to share rooms, but they were much calmer and happier. It's been so long since she had heard Touya's laugh that her eyes filled with tears

-Everything will be fine- Inko caressed Rei's cheek and kissed her- From now on everything will get better

A few years later Rei has to recognize that his life has only gone better after leaving Endeavor. At first it was hard to work and take care of the five children with Inko, but then it was something gratifying

Until neither Inko nor she knows how to react to the fact that Shouto and Izuku are dating together, besides there is another boy who is also his boyfriend, that of both boys, and looks like a crooked criminal.

How is life supposed to prepare you for these situations?

In addition, Endeavor saw Shouto in the UA and wants to regain his custody at all costs. Claiming that Shouto is gay because of Rei's bad influence on his life.

Can things get more complicated?

The sudden appearance of Inko's ex-husband, willing to recover her

What Fuyumi discovers that on a drunken night he married the villain Shigaraki Tomura and he does not want to divorce her, but start a family

Let Natsuo tell you that he really is a woman and wants to start making the transition from man to woman. Also, she likes women and considers herself a lesbian

That Touya has left two girls pregnant, who are also sisters. And they both want him to take care of the babies and them

Can the universe give them more blows? A trio, two ex-husbands, an accidental marriage, two unplanned pregnancies and a trans daughter who decides to confess with twenty years, all in the same week

Well, Rei took Inko's hand and she squeezed it. As long as they are together they can overcome everything

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya was kidnapped by the villain league when she was sixteen, a month later she was found and released. But due to the injuries she suffered she did not return to the UA until a year later

The girl had changed. She had become strong, it was no longer easy to tear and her emotions were more controlled. In addition, she had continued training during her recovery and seemed stronger and in control of her quirk than ever.

No one got her to say what she had done during that year or what had happened while she was kidnapped

Thus she managed to become the No. 1 heroine and the protector of Japan five years after her debut



Fourteen years after graduating pro hero No. 2 Shouto and pro hero No. 3 Ground Zero enter to work at the UA to teach in their former class of 1ºA. What they did not expect was to meet two students who surprise them in the presentations

-Nice to meet you, I'm Akari Midoriya-The girl had bright red hair and was full of curls, her eyes were green as crystals. Besides that she was beautiful in an energetic and cheerful way. The kind of person who was like a sunbeam and illuminated everything around him- My name is written with the kanji of "Red Crystal." My quirk is "Fatty Fire." All the fire I produce with my body is cold, blue and freezes, the only hot fire that comes out of me is the one that I expel through my mouth. I'm the younger twin, get along with me and my nee-san

-Haruna Midoriya, is written as "Spring Green". My quirk is "Telekinesis", I can also undo anything affected by my telekinesis and redo it again in another way. - The girl had straight hair of a color between green and light blue, she was wearing very short and let see a quirk control collar His green eyes were identical to his sister's. She had a mole under her lip that highlighted the natural beauty of her face- My quirk is very powerful, so I wear the restriction to avoid hurting. If I get out of control it will give me an electric shock that will leave me unconscious. Only my mother has been able to stop me out of control without the collar. I hope we can grow together in these three years

Those girls ... They were ... So similar to the appearance they remembered of the No. 1 hero in his early days at the UA. The girl before the villains kidnapped her

-I ask me to kill Shigaraki Tomura- Ground Zero said as he watched the students return home

-It's in Tartarus, we can't do it anymore. But I understand you, if they escape I will kill Dabi



Fifteen years before the entry into UA

A sixteen-year-old girl looked at the pair of twins she had given birth

-It is called hetero paternal super fertilization- Recovery girl looked at the girl of just seventeen years who stared at the babies before her- It arises when a woman produces two ovules and within twenty-four hours she has sex with two different men.

The girl was silent, her mentor was by her side and had her by the shoulders

-This is our fault, if we had been more exhaustive and had not associated your vomiting, that you felt strange odors or your lack of period with the psychological trauma you could have made a decision before they were born or before the legal period for a abortion- Nezu approached the girl. He was in one of those spacesuits since he was an animal and the girls were in incubators for being born prematurely

The girl extended her hand to the red-haired girl and she rested it on her head. The baby stirred in her sleep before leaning against her mother's hand. The girl extended another hand and did the same with the greenish-haired girl

-Midoriya, my girl, what do you want to do? - The blond-haired man looked at the girls- They will take a long time to leave the hospital, they may not leave until after you finish the UA. Their parents are in jail. I have talked to your mother, we will support any decision you make and we will help you. Either keeping them or giving them to the system

-Keep them-the girl was crying- They are innocent of what their parents have done. I cannot allow two innocents to go to the adoption system. I can't allow them to suffer. They are my daughters and only mine

-I understand- The former number one hero comforted the girl- Don't worry, I'm sure they will be wonderful people, after all, they are your daughters



Ten years before the entrance to UA

-Mami, look- the red-haired girl strongly inspired and blew a heart of red fire. Then she started jumping excitedly - I control my quirk better every time!

-That's amazing, Akari- the red-haired girl laughed and ran away happily to the swings, the young mother wished she would use up that infinite source of energy she seemed to have inside. The mother looked at the other girl, who was sitting next to her on the park bench - don't you want to go play, Haruna?

-No, the children say that my quirk is scary- the girl touched the quirk control choker on her neck. She was unconsciously floating things around her, but her mother was used- Besides, today we are with mom. Mama is usually very busy, so I want to be as much as possible with mama

The young mother hugged her daughter and ignored the comments made by the other women in the park because of their youth. Luckily she had changed her hair color to a reddish one like her youngest daughter and they weren't associating her with the rising hero Deku



Seven years before the entry into the UA

The girls were awake. That was weird, it was too late at night. They used to fall asleep soon, but their brains were busy and they both looked at each other in the dark with their bright eyes

The girls went out into the hall and made mutual gestures to keep silent. Her mother was working in Hokaido, she had promised to bring them local sweets, and they were alone with Grandpa Toshi and Grandma Inko. They didn't want to worry them

-The girls look a lot like Izuku, they are already starting to fill analysis notebooks to learn how to fight

-They are very good at passing theoretical concepts to practice- Grandpa Toshi cleared his throat a little

-No one would say that they are daughters of villains, taking into account the prejudice against that, wait ... But they have pleasantly surprised me

-Inko, never forget that they are also the daughters of the number 1 hero, the protector of Japan. Although I would have liked her to inherit the title of peace symbol, I think that Mirio is doing well.

The girls were covering each other's mouth. Neither was aware of what they had heard very clearly

They remembered when they wanted to draw a picture of their family for the nursery school and could only draw their mother

-Mama, how is dad? -Akari said drawing only three figures on the paper

-You have no dad- the girls looked at each other in confusion- But, in return, you have Grandpa Toshi and Grandma Inko. Isn't it better to have them both than just a dad? - The young mother took them in her arms and tickled them while they laughed

The girls returned to the room in silence before looking at each other in bed

-When I am older, I will find the villain who is our father and I will make him pay for hurting my mother- Akari said decisively

-I, too ... I'll do it with Akari



The day after the entrance in the UA of the twins
Hero number 1 was in dogeza on the ground in front of heroes number 2 and 3

-Deku, I was wondering what you were doing that you've almost been missing, but from what it seems I already have my answer

-That girl ... She is my brother's daughter, although she is a stain in the family she is still my brother and she is my niece. My family would have wanted to keep her and raise her

Izuku wasn't prepared to deal with this before the sports festival, where he supposed people would find out about their girls!

-Girls should stay together, don't start talking like your father, Todoroki

-They are daughters of villains! Two villains to be more precise

-Are my daughters! I will decide the best for them !! They are good girls. No matter who their parents were or what they did, they are my daughters and I will protect them. Even of you. Remember that I can with both of you and this time I will not stop as in training

Chapter Text

The spider is a myth

An urban legend

Someone only known in the darkest and deepest places of the underworld and the dark web

It is said that all the information in the world passes through it. That is the biggest hacker of the generation, that there is no computer that cannot infest with its viruses and steal the information to sell it on the black market.

Many sub-world leaders are their clients, but nobody knows anything about The Spider. Neither sex nor age nor nationality ...

If you try to track its signal you will find yourself bouncing around servers around the world. Tracking the account the money goes to will only take you to a network of fake companies that make transfers between them constantly

The spider is a mystery, an enigma and a weight figure.

Once, it is said that a villain organization refused to pay La Spider for its services. The spider hacked the television signal of chains all over the world and sent a broadcast with the identities of the members of the organization while discussing what criminal act they were going to commit. I even include your address, the address of the families of those subjects and safety shelters

The world got the message. Don't fuck with the spider if you don't want to taste its poison

In a quarter of a normal apartment building, a fifteen-year-old boy with green hair came out of the shower. His back was completely tattooed with a cobweb pattern and in its center was a spider. On the spider's abdomen was the symbol of Shie Hassaikai



- Do you understand that you are selling yourself to the Yakuza for that woman?

The head of Shie Hassaikai looked at the ten-year-old boy before him. That child's gaze was not normal. It was the look of an adult. He didn't like it, all the children he welcomed had that look lately.

-Yes, I understand- the voice was something childish, but considering the age of the child, it would be strange if

-You have to have the eggs well laid to hack the Yakuza servers and request an interview with their leader- The man stretched out on the couch

-They won't give me a legal loan because of my age, I need money to take care of my mother. I am good at computing, and entering sites that I don't have on the web. No matter how many letters or emails you have sent to associations for help for the sick or heroes asking for help. No one will help me in the world of light- the boy smiled bitterly- Which means I will have to resort to darkness

-And your father?

-He left when he knew I was quirkless. He left us a debt that my mother had to pay by killing herself to work. When she fell ill it is my time to take over

The man looked at the medical report of the boy's mother

-Even with current treatments, your mother's type of cancer only has a survival rate of ten percent. Are you completely sure you want to sell yourself for that?

-She would do it for me. I do it for her

The man looked at the boy once more. Negotiating with children always left a bad taste in your mouth. But that boy had sneaked into a computer on a closed network and not connected to the internet

-Ten years, the same age you've been alive. That is the time you will serve Shie Hassaikai. It doesn't matter what we send you to look for, to pirate, to destroy ... No questions or explanations. You will only do it. I don't care if you provide your services to more people, but my clan will be a priority to any other client

The boy stretched his hand towards the adult

-We have a deal

-You will also have to tattoo the clan symbol somewhere. And a tattoo that covers his back, like a real Yakuza - he was saying it to scare the boy, but his gaze was full of determination

-A spider. With a big cloth. Because that's the net and I- the green-eyed boy smiled

-The spider a poisonous and controlling insect. Lethal and beneficial at the same time. What name will you use from now on? Because Izuku Midoriya cannot be for your criminal activities

-The spider, it sounds good and I will already tattoo it on my back. It will be easier to remember and a means of identifying myself

The two shook hands starting what would be a great criminal career by the child. Especially after the death of his mother




A flickering screen in the room of the former leader of the Yakuza clan and he saw the screen light up, showing a green-haired teenager


-Boss, how are you?

-Dying- the man complained with a strong and masculine gesture

-That happened to eat chocolate with diabetes, what was I thinking?

The man pointed to the screen

-I've taken off tobacco, salt, sex and alcohol, but I won't give up candy

-What you say. I'm already preparing his funeral, just in case. What did he want to see me for? - Izuku smiled at the man who had saved his life years ago

-The Shie Hassaikai has a new leader. I retire. I'm still your legal guardian, so I would like you to move to the headquarters


-How long have you not been out? - The boy was silent- How long have you not eaten homemade food? Have you ventilated the room? How long have you not cut your hair or shower? - The teenager could not deny the logic of why he could not live alone that he hid behind the questions

-Okay, I'll go to the clan building. But let them know that I am going, I don't want to be pointed with guns, again, or that they give me a Taser, again

-I apologized for that

-And it takes me two months to recover the sense of smell-complained Izuku-Well, I'll prepare the move. The spider changes its nest




Izuku wondered how he had ended up tied in the bed of the new leader of the clan, with a set of women's lingerie and the new leader was running his hands around his waist.

Unleashing the underwear they had put on

He did not understand

He had gone to the clan building at the time the old chief had told him and had been gassed at the door. The next thing he remembered was lying on the sheet and his entire body ached as if his skin had been torn off. His anus also felt annoying, but it didn't hurt for some reason

The fingers of the new leader, Kai Chisaki, entered his body with the help of a lubricant that had been left by his side. Izuku cursed having a gag in his mouth. Although his body was beginning to feel good, for some reason the fingers were very warm and that man had found his prostate easily

-When the boss told me he was sending me a surprise I didn't expect this. I liked you as soon as I saw you on the security cameras. Don't worry, I had them blindfolded while they prepared you. Only I will be able to see your body

Izuku understood that they had not seen the tattoo of Shie Hassaikai and that is why the new leader must think that he was a toy boy instead of a member. If it wasn't because he was tied he would turn around and show the spider with the lotus of the clan

-Very narrow, and the reactions are surprising. Are you a virgin? I'm glad you even thought about that, I wouldn't like to play something that was already touched by others.

Izuku tried to get his attention anyway, but it was not possible. He gave up and decided to enjoy the feeling. The man on his body was very attractive and beautiful. Besides, I was being delicate.

When the golden-eyed man released his hands and mouth, Izuku hugged his neck and pulled him into a kiss as he lifted his hips toward those intrusive fingers

The man let out a soft laugh against his lips and took out his fingers. Izuku could hear a zipper beginning to open and felt anxious. More ... I wanted more of that feeling. Then the door was opened with a man with silver hair in spikes

-Kai don't do anything, we were wrong!




Izuku was sitting in a corner, swinging again and again with a blanket covering him

- Leaving the nest is bad, something bad always happens. Outside is dangerous. Leaving the nest is bad. Outside is dangerous… - He repeated it as a prayer, muttering it without stopping

Chronostasis looked at the child

-I did not know that the spider was part of the clan- His gaze passed through the soft and thin limbs of the child

Kai licked her lips from under her mask. Despite the scolding of the former leader, he was willing to continue what he had begun earlier. It wasn't just because the boy's body had reacted well and his own body had woken up. He was quirkless and had surpassed computer quirks. In addition, it was a figure from the darkest part of the underworld that had a great influence

A suitable match for him

-Well, it's already in the clan's house, it's already in its nest- Kai got up and approached Izuku- This is your nest now. Don't worry, next time I will make sure you have your consent clear before doing those things

Chronostasis did not overlook that Kai not only had not apologized, but had talked about repeating it in the future. At least he had talked about waiting until the boy's consent

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya was crying bitterly the last time he got on an international plane

He didn't want to leave Japan, he didn't understand his mother's motives for sending him with his father to the United States

Seven years later, returning to Japan, Izuku still did not understand his mother. God knew that he had tried in each videoconference, in each letter ... But at the end of his mother's life he had never been able to forgive or understand why she did what she did.

-Mama, is that Japan?! - the white-haired girl with a beautiful horn on her forehead looked out the window with improper energy of the sixteen hours of flight they had

-Yes, Eri, that's Japan- Izuku kissed her daughter's hair- That's where I was born, now we'll live there

-Are we not going back to Montana with Grandpa? - The girl sat in her seat and looked at Izuku

-No, now we will live in Japan. Mama has to deal with some paperwork for the death of your grandmother and I have been offered a job as a quirks analyst

-Ok ... - The girl under the head- If we live in Japan can I meet dad?

Izuku smiled at his daughter and hugged her

-First I'll have to find him, but I swear I'll look for him. Your mom also misses your dad a lot - Izuku smiled sadly, thinking about those golden eyes and brown hair

The plane landed and Izuku carried Eri by the hand at all times. From the plane, to pick up the luggage ... The girl was obedient and hated crowds, so she clung to him.

-Deku! - Izuku smiled, they wouldn't have to take a taxi

- Kacchan- The blond had muscled more than the last time he saw him. He had also grown up - or should I call you by your other name?

-If there is a fucking stampede at the airport I will kick your ass to the bay and drown you- The man bowed- Hello princess, have you had a good time on the flight?

-Yes- the girl was sleepy

-She has barely slept, she is seconds away from falling- Izuku watched as Katsuki took his bags and he could lift his daughter in his arms- Thank you

-Do not mention it. Welcome back, damn nerd

-I'm home

Before reaching Katsuki's car, the girl in Izuku's arms fell asleep. Izuku smiled and arranged it without waking her up in the child seat before sitting down like Katsuki's co-pilot

-Have you come back because your old witch is dead? - Katsuki didn't ask easy questions, but Izuku was used to it

- In part yes, she would not have let me come back even if she was alive. She believed that here ...

-Here you would meet your boyfriend and fall into vices, in the sin of sodomy. Aunt Inko was a great mother and very tolerant in many things, but no one took her homophobia - Katsuki sighed - I've been married with shitty hair for three years and she still called him my roommate

-It wasn't that bad- Izuku felt compelled to defend his mother

-She saw you kissing with your boyfriend in the street and instead of talking about the subject and trying to understand you, what did she do? Ah, now ... She packed your bags and bought you a plane ticket, making you cross the damn ocean to go live with your father to a ranch in Montana isolated from the hand of God.- Izuku could not deny the truth, his Mother had got on her nerves. As soon as he had returned she had taken his cell phone, given his, put a suitcase in his hand and taken to the airport. His father had been more understanding when he saw that he was still releasing a sea of tears when he got there- By the way, what is your father doing there?

-It is a transgalactic communication technician

-What the fuck is that?

-A millionaire pays them to send messages to different parts of the universe to see if there is life. With a huge antenna that they have on the mountain - Izuku sighed, he had not spent years surrounded by aliens geeks for nothing - They also make communications for the various government agencies and stuff

-Fuck, people spend money on unnecessary shits ... I guess you would be there at a convention of permanent virgins

- Believe it or not that was almost a gay orgy, all gays or lesbians except my father.- Izuku smiled thinking about how everyone had encouraged him.- It was a very relaxed atmosphere. Less when my pregnancy was announced, everyone had a gun pointed at me and they didn't let me sleep with the door open until they did a DNA analysis on Eri to see if it was human

Katsuki hit a brake and Izuku had to check if Eri was still sleeping

-Are you fucking me ?!

-No, you will understand that my ... Situation. It was not normal.

-But it was explained, the doctor there explained it

-Try to give rational arguments to people who wear half of the days silver foil caps.- Izuku looked at his girl with love before turning around again- A seventeen year old quirkless boy who is suddenly pregnant. Doesn't it sound like an alien has planted his seed regardless of the genus of the carrier?

Katsuki took a deep breath

-They have put you in the wrong place to take off the friki- Katsuki looked at the girl- What are you going to do about the father?

-Find him- Izuku smiled- I ... I want to explain what happened and tell him he has a daughter

-I want to see that conversation. Especially with the princess quirk

-Yes, it was fortunate to activate it on a horse and not on a person. Although Eri loved that colt and still has nightmares in which it makes us all disappear. But every day she controls it better and with gloves it is not a danger


Seven years before

Izuku looked at the doctor at the base. Not that he felt a great respect for a man with a beard wearing a shirt that said "The truth is out there" with a green alien making the peace symbol. But for lack of anything better ...

Izuku got up dizzy since he arrived at the Base, as the inhabitants called the small and very cozy ranch.

He would get up, vomit and his nausea would pass, unless he smelled like eggs in the house, then vomited like a fountain

He was also getting fatter strangely, so much so that his pants didn't fit and he had to borrow some, several larger sizes. But only his gut was growing, and the lump was not soft, it was hard.

But seeing the diagnosis, as well as the paintball gun but a gun, he pointed at him, Izuku wondered why he hadn't gone to a hospital. His command of English was perfect, he could have gone perfectly

-How did you say?

-Don't make me repeat it, have you had any dreams where an alien made you things behind?

-No- Izuku felt bad enough to be abrupt, but not enough to insult

-So how is it possible that you're pregnant ?!

-Wait, what the fuck ?!

(One month later, university hospital closest to the Base)

- Female pseudohermaphroditism - The doctor sighed and looked at Izuku. His father was by his side- Or, what is the same, you are, genetically speaking, a woman, but for a chromosomal defect your genitals and body are masculine. But inside you have a functional uterus.

Izuku was in shock and his father seemed unconscious

-That's impossible….

- During your adolescence did you feel pain in the lower part of your belly? - When asked by Dr. Izuku I keep silent. Mustafu's doctor had said it was because of stress. Izuku nodded silently- That was ... Probably ... Your period. And because of the pregnancy, I suppose you were the recipient of a gay or heterosexual sexual encounter, seeing that you are a girl genetically- The doctor looked confused

Izuku thought about the afternoons he had spent with Kai, not nights for Inko not to suspect, whole evenings in the bed of his apartment

-We always used a condom

-Condoms have a percentage of failures. Either by breakage or filtration, a pregnancy can occur despite the use of condoms, so we recommend the use of more than one contraceptive method

Izuku put his hands to his head and rubbed his aching temples

-I didn't expect to hear this coming here

-It's also my first time- the doctor looked at him- You're in the fifth month, abortion is illegal in this state. But if you don't want the baby, I can recommend other hospitals where they would. Don't even think about going to an illegal clinic

Izuku looked at his belly. The doctor handed him something in amber and black. Izuku looked at him. It was a baby, a high resolution ultrasound. The little fingers, the little arms, the little legs, her adorable little head topped by what looked like the beginning of a horn, ... So beautiful

-It's your baby, it's a girl

Izuku's father took the picture and began to cry

-It is not the first time that we have a male pregnancy. There is a person in the area who has a quirk that makes men fertile. If you want to continue the pregnancy, you would be referred to the gynecologist who took these cases

-She's smiling- Hisashi looked at the girl in the picture with adoration- She's a little princess

The doctor and Hisashi looked at Izuku

-You want to do?

Izuku swallowed and put his hand on his belly, in which a small life grew

-I love her. I want to have it

(Four months later)

The white-haired baby was in the arms of an Izuku who was recovering from caesarean section

-You will be called Eri, which means “Break the logic”. Because you have broken all my schemes

-------------------------------------------------- ----


Izuku was in a cafeteria where he remembered being with Kai. Rather, they met there

- Are you sure you don't remember? He was with me, imagine me smaller and with longer hair. He always wore gloves and a black medical mask. Besides that he forced you to disinfect the cup before him.

-No, I'm sorry- the woman was still as kind as Izuku remembered her

-If you see him ... Can you tell him that Izuku is looking for him? I just came back to the country and I would like to see it

-If I see someone with his description I will tell him- the woman spat. Izuku knew that he was not going to get anything better and left with a coffee to carry in his hand

As soon as she left the premises the woman picked up her phone and called a number

-I'm the cafeteria manager Mr. Chisaki used to go to. They told me to call if the "cute boy with freckles and green hair" appeared. And he came here looking for Mr. Chisaki

Chapter Text

The girl with the black coat entered the hotel. She looked at the man at the reception and winked seductively. The man sighed before letting it pass and go up to the VIP floor

The girl's red heels sounded on the floor as she approached the door that came on her card. I knock on the door twice and a man in a black suit opened it


-I come from the League. A one-night gift for the leader of your organization to celebrate the deal - the girl smiled seductively

-What in between- was heard behind the man in black

The young woman entered the room and knew, as soon as the door closed, that it was pointed with a gun

-What is your name? - The man before her was young and had facial scars


-Your quirk?

-That didn't wake up when I was less than six years old. I am registered as quirkless

- The old man has not given you any quirk? - She raised an eyebrow when she saw the lack of respect with which they referred to their master, All for One

-Sensei knows that I am a being too low for him to waste one of his quirks on me. My mission for the League is to make these kinds of commissions

-Then a quirkless prostitute. That's why your name is Less, which means none, a worthy name for a quirkless- The man rubbed his chin and saw that the girl was clenching her hands unconsciously- What word did you not like? Prostitute or Quirkless?

-Quirkless. But sir, I have been sent here with the only mission of giving you pleasure for one night. I have been ordered not to harm him

The man seemed convinced and nodded to the other to stop pointing. She undressed before the two men with extremely sensual gestures and then approached the leader.

She sat on the man's lap and let him massage her body at ease. She felt up and taken to bed. The man just unbuttoned his pants. Then Less ran his hand down the back of the man's neck and he fell on it by the prick

The man in black raised the gun again, but she was faster and raised her hand first. One of her fingers was fired and stuck in the bodyguard's neck. She just smiled and pulled an invisible thread. The finger opened like a flower. Tearing the inside of the man's throat completely

Less got up and dressed again.

-You should know that a lie detection quirk can be deceived as long as you don't tell lies. That poison only causes you pleasure, it will leave you paralyzed all night of pleasure- Less held the man's cell phone. She sent a message and she waited- And my quirk woke up in my tenth year of life. But you did not ask, it is a pity that you have no other opportunity, you have already lost and you will die for that. Another mistake was staying at a hotel that belongs to my master

The black mist arose and the blue-haired man entered the room

-Well done- his voice almost croak when he said those words. Then he approached Less and his hand gripped one of her breasts tightly - I'll reward you later for doing so well.

Less blushed and looked at him with obvious love in his eyes.

-Yes, my beloved Tomura, I will prepare properly right now to please you tonight- The girl shook her greenish curls while her jade eyes shone- I think I'll do cosplay of that character you like so much, the girl from the hentai video game that is raped in the initial scene, the one with the pigtails

The foggy man put his hands to his head, but the playful squeeze that Less gave his partner, in the butt, told her that he loved the idea. So both ignored in the comment of "I am not paid enough for this"

-------------------------------------------------- -------

Izumi Midoriya quickly understood after the quirkless diagnosis that her parents had stopped loving her

Nothing had really changed. They continued to behave as usual. Only there was no love. It was as if taking care of her was one more job, although they tried to hide it. As if they were crossing out things from a daily to-do list: Cleaning, shopping, taking care of Izumi, ...

How else was it explained that her mother never asked her why she came home crying or where the burn marks on her body came from? That her father would only buy her things but never play with her with those toys as before?

It was something terribly lonely. Izumi had nowhere to go or who to trust. Her friends had turned her back, her family didn't love her ... She was alone

Then his mother became pregnant again when Izumi was ten years old. At the same time Hisashi was offered a job abroad. Izumi heard them speak through the walls, as they happily said it was a new opportunity to start from scratch

They just had to get rid of the ballast

That winter day Izumi was soon awakened by her father and took her out of the house. They were holding hands, but it was still night. Hisashi took Izumi to the city center and then through alleys until he entered a bar

Izumi did not get to see the name of the place. They entered very quickly

There was a man of fog and another that emanated power

-It's her?

-Yes- Hisashi grabbed Izumi by the shoulders and pushed her forward- It's Izumi, it's quirkless, as promised and totally pure and innocent

Izumi shuddered at his father's words. The powerful man gestured with his fingers and an invisible force dragged Izumi to his side. He grabbed her jaw and stared at her

-Kurogiri, pay him- The foggy man took out a bag and opened it to his father. Izumi saw a lot of money

-Promised, a million yen in small bills, not consecutive and unmarked- The foggy man saw how Izumi's father grabbed the bag and created a kind of door. Then I push her father through the door, making him disappear- It's a pleasure doing business with you

Izumi was silent, had just been sold by her parents so that they could go to America to start from scratch. Hell, they hadn't even paid much for her

The man's hand pressed against her neck and Izumi felt her throat burn. The skin of his neck burned

-It's a quirk called slavery. I think I won't have to explain what he is doing to you. From this moment my orders are absolute for you, even your mentality will change to adapt to my desires and your feelings will change to my pleasure- The man released Izumi, who fell to the ground panting

Izumi felt something click on her head and understood the effect of the quirk. She could feel a part of her screaming in the back of her mind. But the desire to fulfill all man's requests before her was superior to everything else. She loved that man, that man was the most important and she would do anything for him.

-As far as I can see the quirk works well- The foggy man approached-Give her the order and I'll take her with him

-From now your name is Less. My order is that you will serve my disciple, Tomura Shigaraki, in all that he wants and desires. You will help him control his quirk and you will be what he wants. You will love him, for you he will be your whole world, for you, sweet girl, he will be a romantic love. You will take care of him with your life

-If I love. Less will take good care of the master's disciple

Kurogiri created a foggy portal and Less could see Tomura for the first time, the fourteen-year-old teenager before her. What Less did not know until later was that she was not the first. Rather, none believed she would last long.

But Less's warm and friendly nature helped Tomura control her quirk a lot. Until one time something knocked him out and Less's arms and legs left forever.

Then, as if answering the call for help that lit up in his mind, the quirk of Less woke up. Maybe because she herself, despite the slavery quirk, knew what would happen to her being useless, although with the active quirk she would see it as a reward.

Telekinesis It was a pretty powerful telekinesis

Less was happy, she didn't need her hands or legs.

The master gave Less some prostheses and forced her to use her telekinesis to move them as if they were her real limbs. So that she didn't show what her quirk was, that she learned to use it to appear to be completely normal.

 From the rocking of the fingers to the movement of the ankles, through using chopsticks to carry grains of rice one by one. Less completed all those movement exercises while she got used to her prostheses and her quirk

When they got used the prostheses became even more realistic and were loaded with weapons to protect Tomura.

Less became Tomura's emotional support and a force to consider the Villains League. Tomura took her body as he wanted, used Less's calculating mind to draw up plans and turned it into a weapon. The best pawn in the world

But what would happen if the pawn were removed from its masters and the chain broken?

Would Izumi remain Less or adopt his past identity? Would he return to the only ones she remembers who have shown her kindness, even if they did terrible things to her, or would she stay with the heroes?



Less straightened up on Tomura's bed totally naked. She yawned and got up, without hiding her body before turning and covering the blue-haired man again. She took the robe she used to wear and went to the community bathroom

Even in spite of everything they said about Less, the members of the league knew well that she was the exclusive property of Tomura. No one but him touched her

Less went to her room and she removed the hyper realistic and dangerous prostheses, replacing the fingers she had used to kill the guys from the previous day, and put on the simple and normal ones she used to walk around the bar

Like he put on the barman's uniform and went to the kitchen. During that day there would only be Kurogiri, she and Tomura.

Less prepared an easy and quick breakfast to eat for Tomura, who would soon start playing as soon as he got up.

She would want to do something well balanced and delicious, but Tomura preferred the simple things he could eat without looking away from the screen.

After leaving it in the place where she usually put it, with Tomura still asleep, Less picked up the room and cleaned the remains of the “fun” of the previous day. It only remained to change the sheets when Tomura woke up

Less took a set of clean clothes from the closet and left him where he could easily take it. Then she returned to the bar and prepared her breakfast and Kurogiri's. Punctual as a clock a foggy door opened and the man entered with his uniform in perfect condition as always

Less did not know where he slept, or if he slept, she only knew that he was there ready and well dressed anytime he was called and during the bar's business hours. Just as it always was when there were more people staying at the base besides Less and Tomura

Less scrubbed the dishes while the man made inventory of alcoholic beverages and then began to practice how to prepare cocktails. Kurogiri was very strange, Less had been bought as a slave for the League, but Kurogiri had not let her touch alcohol or help her at the bar until she turned eighteen. Until that time Less only did laundry and cleaning, things she kept doing

-A kiss of angels for Tomura, an Appletini for you and a sparkling strawberry cocktail for me- she said leaving the three cocktails in line. They both raised their heads at the sound of Tomura's videogame and Kurogiri turned on the ambient music- I'll go see Tomura

-Very well, I will go shopping after finishing this- Kurogiri took a sip, Less still did not know how to absorb nutrients, never saw his mouth- It is little removed. Not too much, too little left to be perfect, you have more and more experience

Less nodded and went to Tomura's bedroom

-Yes, sensei, I've heard it. Do you confirm it? - the image on the screen was not a video game, it was the master. Less left the cocktail in Tomura's outstretched hand and kissed her cheek before turning around to give them privacy

-Less- she brakes dry- All Might will be teaching at the university for UA heroes. Shigaraki seems to make plans to attack the school. Make sure you take care of him and protect him, that he always comes home

-I will do it my master, taking care of my beloved Tomura is the greatest pleasure of my life. I'll make sure that I can help his plans go well and that he always comes back home

The man smiled with his half face before putting out the call

Chapter Text

There were two things that the Shie Hassaikai knew with certainty about Kai Chisaki, and there was one last thing that was an internal bet among the members of the clan

The first of all was that if you stained it, or Kai was spotted near you, it was best to run for your life and not stop until your shoes had holes in the soles

The second was that talking about quirks before Kai was like playing Russian roulette. Sometimes it was fine and sometimes it was wrong to the point that you could be taken apart for a few hours

On the internal bet was the only thing that the members were not sure about their boss. On the one hand there were voices for and against. No one decided on whether it was really going to happen or not, even the former clan leader had joined the bet saying it would happen

The bet was on a mundane issue that Kai seemed not to care about.

Will Chisaki marry Midoriya in the end?

Of course Kai knew about the bet and refused to comment, since he himself did not know if it would happen or not. All that was known was that if he ever got married, it would be with someone like her

Izuku Midoriya was the daughter of the leader of one of the branches of Shie Hassaikai. But she had not reached her position for her father's favors, despite her youth she had earned the position

She was also the only person besides Crono and the boss who could have a conversation with Kai. They really knew each other, despite the age difference of six years. Whether it was with paperwork or "putting order", Izuku Midoriya stood out in the same way that Kai Chisaki had done years before

In addition, the two coordinated well, so much so that the boss, when he did not have Izuku busy with other tasks, always left her with the eight precepts of death and in Kai's unit. To keep it under control. They both got along and were quite similar

If it weren't for fear of Kai's germs or his even worse hatred of quirks, chances are he would have already turned the girl into his wife.

Although nobody knew why the teenager had decided to follow in her father's footsteps

Shie Hassaikai was proud to give freedom to the families of its members. In other clans yakuza if you were part of the organization your family too. Shie Hassaikai did not believe that its members should be indoctrinated from birth to be a part. It must be a voluntary decision

Izuku Midoriya had made the decision with fourteen years and passed the leader's test. Now, with sixteen newcomers, she could proudly say that she had earned a position as an elite even superior to that of her own father

-------------------------------------------------- ---------

Dinner at Shie Hassaikai was something that was done as a celebration

The boss wanted his territory clean. Neither underage or obliged prostitutes, drugs, or other things he didn't like. If someone broke the rules, Shie Hassaikai would move to eliminate them and use them as an example of punishment for the rest of the people in the territory

So eliminating (Killing) all the members of a blackmail network to students from lower secondary and even elementary schools to force them into prostitution, was rewarded

The boss had his own granddaughter, whom he adored, touching girls in his territory was even more forbidden than before

The eight precepts lacked manners, but four people at the table had a different air, as always.

The boss was relaxed, but maintaining his dignity and strength. Kai was relaxed next to his adoptive father, but still a little tense about having to take off his mask to eat. Chronostasis on the other hand did not stop talking in a friendly tone. Izuku remained as a link between the precepts and the other three

Chronostasis looked at the green-haired girl while laughing at a very bad joke from Setsuno. He had bet that Kai would end up marrying the girl, and considering how they looked, he thought it would happen

Maybe if the girl's quirk was weak, Kai wouldn't feel disgusted by touching her ... Chronostasis realized that in the three years she had met Izuku she had never seen her use her quirk. He could not remember even once.

She was good at doing analysis and thought it was her quirk, but she denied it when she told him to stop using it. She called him a hobby and was amazing in her. But what would be your quirk?

-Izuku, what is your quirk?

Instantly Kai's nose wrinkled as if he were smelling something rotten. The members of the eight precepts that had bet that they would not end up together were moved by Kai's disgust

-Oh, I don't have quirk. I am quirkless- Izuku smiled- Surprised that I got so high without a quirk helping me?

At that moment the boss got up and shouted for joy, surprising everyone. Kai's smile softened greatly and he looked more warmly at Izuku

Those who bet that if they ended up together they smiled with gestures of triumph. Not only was it understood and could stand before Kai without fear and on equal terms, it was also quirkless, a great point in favor for Kai

-Izuku ... - Eri entered the room rubbing her eyes, instantly Izuku showed her best older sister smile- Grandpa has woken me up Are you coming to sleep with me?

Izuku looked at the boss, waiting for his permission. He nodded

-Yes, take Eri back to bed and go to sleep too Izuku. You have finished dinner and it is too late for you to be up

-Thanks boss, although yesterday I was awake until three in the morning today for some reason he wants me in bed before twelve- Izuku smiled wryly as he lifted Eri and pulled her out of the room- By the way, the bet didn't it ends unless the final one: Yes, I want to. Until that moment nobody has won

The door closed and the atmosphere of celebration of a part of the room calmed down, while they looked at Kai in a calculating way

-And before that I have to propose and get her ring size- said the man with a smile- In addition to seducing her and getting her to accept me

-Recognizes that she would be a good mother, that should give her points -Chronostasis affirmed


Izuku came out of the shower in his house covered by a cloud of steam and heard noises in the kitchen

-I have returned home

-Welcome, have you been Eri's teacher again?

-Yes, my education may not be traditional. But teaching her while I study on my own is very nice- Izuku dried her hair and put a cream-colored yukata with a dark belt- It's very smart. If I went to school I would be doing things for two or three years longer than the ones I have

-That's good, the clan is in good hands- A delicious smell came to Izuku's nose

-What are you doing? Smells good

-We only had leftovers, so I searched the internet for something that could be done and I am testing it. No idea how this potato omelette will taste - Izuku entered the kitchen and kissed the chef's cheek

-What are you doing? - He turned to look at her somewhat embarrassed

-Your apron says "Kiss the chef." I only obey orders, Kai- Izuku laughed- It's been a week since we were home because we stayed in the clan mansion and the prostitution case. So I want to enjoy the night

The man smiled and his golden eyes shone

-Small seductive ...

-May I help you?

The couple continued the task of preparing dinner in silence. Just enjoying each other's company

-They are going to go crazy as soon as it spreads that you are quirkless for that stupid bet.- Kai said it while commenting on the latest political news during dinner

-If they knew we were already married they would kill us- Izuku smiled smugly- By the way, this is very good

-It is your fault for not being discreet with the bet. I do not like to comment on my sentimental life. That is why our marriage is known only to two people, apart from those of the courts. And they are your parents, because they had to give their consent for our marriage because of your age

Kai was silent, watching as Izuku ate

-Why did you marry me? I remember that we met when I was killing someone and you always say it was love at first sight

-It was for your face. You were disgusted- Izuku said with a smile

- Is that a compliment? Anyone feels disgusted to see so much blood

-It wasn't because of the blood. It was because of what you had done yourself, you looked at your hand in disgust. I wanted to know why you hated yourself so much and help you- Izuku blushed when Kai kissed her deeply after that statement

-I love you, I don't know what the hell I've done well in my life so that an angel like you loves me. But I will have to do something very good to make up for this happiness.

-Well ... Eri wants to be the flower girl at our wedding before the clan. He has even given me a drawing. I believe that a ceremony for Shie Hassaikai when we decide to make it public will be sufficient compensation for the world. We will make many people happy and unhappy at the same time

Kai laughed and helped Izuku pick up the table

- Seriously, why did you become Shi (Death in Japanese)? You're an angel, I can't imagine a better person

Izuku turned off the tap and carefully cleaned and sanitized his hands. Then she went with Kai and lay on her lap, without really looking at him

-When I was eight years old, a professional hero discovered that my father was one of the leaders of a branch of Shie Hassaikai. The fool did not think of another way to get attention, and get information or a promotion, to go to stop my mother and me when leaving school- Izuku took Kai's hand and put it on the scar on the base of his neck on his back- He used his quirk in us in front of a police station, nobody stopped him, the agents just watched because they believed that being a Yakuza's family we deserved that treatment. In the end an underground pro hero, Eraserhead, saved us. But the whole incident was covered, even the hero Eraserhead refused to denounce that a hero had attacked two innocent civilians just for being a family of the Yakuza

Kai hugged his wife tightly. But she had not finished speaking

-After that, after an increase in harassment received for being quirkless, I understood that I could only trust the clan. So I had to be part. That the heroes were liars and you could only save yourself. Never trust in the strength of others, but in your own


Eri was painting in the boss's office while Kai and her grandfather were talking about something business she didn't understand.

-Grandfather, if something happens to you, who will take care of me?

-That would be Kai

-Ah ... I like Uncle Chisaki- Kai couldn't help smiling at the girl- And if he married Izuku she would be my mom?

The old man stared at his granddaughter, knowing where the conversation was going

-Yes, well, if something happened to me and Kai married Izuku, she would be your mom

-Ah ... I wish she was my mother, she is very sweet and kind-The old man thought that the cruelty of young children lay in their innocence

- What if I married her?

The girl laughed and the old man was offended, muttering that he was very well preserved for his age

At another point in the city at the same time

Izuku sneezed hard

-Will I get a cold? - She sipped her nose and looked around- Lately it starts to get cold, I should wear more warm clothes

- Do you think it's time to worry about that? You have been kidnapped by the League of Villains-Izuku, handcuffed to the chair, began to laugh-What the fuck, bitch ?!

-Do you think I'm going to believe you are the Villains League? Please, you are just a bunch of bored children who want to do bad things using their quirks and are using the name of a bigger fish than you can imagine. The League would be much more intimidating, besides, this is not their territory

Izuku snorted looking at the boys before her. They were in an empty warehouse and there were three boys. They had dressed in large sweatshirts and wide pants, in addition to wearing their faces covered with scarves. But they must be the same age as Izuku, in addition, his clothes were expensive and one had not even covered the place where they had left their school uniforms and backpacks


-We have expanded our territory- The one who looked like the leader approached her while growing her nails like claws- And I that you would behave me well or you could leave very badly

-The League of Villains would never expand its territory here. This area is from the Yakuza, from the Shie Hassaikai. The League has a pact with them, they would not break agreements of more than one hundred years for a trio of teenage assholes that all they want is to lose their virginity by raping a woman and with such pathetic quirks. Claws? Intimidation? Increase? Please, the League wouldn't accept villains with those crappy quirks. Do yourself a favor, set me free, go back to that posh school you go to and forget about this or horrible things will happen to you. In jail you will be eaten alive

-And how do you know that?

-I'm part of the Yakuza. Do you know what they do to those who harm their members? I assure you that human organ trafficking is very active lately and you seem healthy - Izuku intimidated them, even when their aura of "I'm going to kill you and you can't help it" was tied up, it was overwhelming. She saw a flash outside and smiled- Although I think I better leave you to the heroes

-As if any hero were to come to save you, bitch!

The following was a shout of "Die" followed by a huge explosion. Izuku coughed loudly through the smoke before he realized he was in an ice cocoon and could only see flashes outside. Izuku went to force the lock, but the chair lost its balance and ended up against the ice wall, fortunately without harming itself

The wall melted and Izuku, with the chair, fell into the arms of a bicolor-haired boy who blushed when he looked at her well. He stood, staring at her, until the other shouted at him, while immobilizing the three boys

-Are you going to stand there or free and help me, half and half bastard?

Izuku sighed. Of all the aspiring heroes, of all the places where he could be doing a round, he had to touch him, she had bad luck that day

-Hi, Kacchan- Izuku saluted as the bicolor tried to break the wives- We haven't seen each other for a while, how are you?

-What the fuck does a yakuza do here ?!

-Apparently, being kidnapped to be raped. Thank you for rescuing me, Mr. He-Ro-E

-Stop making fun of me, criminal!

Chapter Text

Shouto knew it was a bad day since he woke up

First of all he was wrong and took Izuku's shirt instead of his own, causing Aizawa to give them a lecture on why children should not have sex. In front of everyone. As if it were rare for an Alpha to have sex with his marked Omega

Then his favorite cup broke after removing it from the microwave, at Izuku's request after getting distracted once and popping one of his All Might cups

Their laces were broken by going to fasten them
Step by mistake under a ladder

He moved a broom and mistakenly broke a mirror

A day of super bad luck

But nothing prepared him for when Nezu called his office and the person he met there. And he wasn't the only one in shock


Endeavor was a dominant Alpha to the extreme. That's why he let go of his Omega, Rei, when he noticed her feelings for one of his doctors. The divorce and taking the mark off Rei was hard for him, but harder it would have been to keep tied to a woman who craved another man

As Alpha of a certain age with children, Endeavor decided that it was best to remain single for the rest of his life.

What he didn't expect was that the number two hero, Omega, began to court him aggressively. And very public.

Hawks had announced in an interview, in which he was asked if he would look for an Alpha companion among the heroes, who was determined to become Endeavor's next wife

After that many congratulatory gifts had arrived at Endeavor's house and office, in addition to courtship gifts from Hawks. No one asked the opinion of the man about this aggressive flirtation.

Not that Endeavor was bothered by Hawks' company, on the contrary, he liked Omega very much. Only he was too enthusiastic

The worst thing was to return home one day and find him chatting happily with Fuyumi, who was the same age, that he wanted to be his new mother. Natsuo was in a corner, looking at the man with distrust and Shouto was sitting quietly as if it wasn't with him. After that, when removing Hawks from his house, he had said proudly that he had the approval of his children

-Endeavor ... - Hawks's voice, with a seductive tone, enveloped him- Do you want a drink?

-I will not fall back into the trick of the heart-shaped double straw- The man did not turn to look at the winged

-O, come on. This time it is a normal coffee- The Omega stood before him and handed him one of the glasses of a Starbucks

Endeavor took it before turning it in his hands. It was a special product of Hawks and in the plastic there was a heart and in the center the name of Hawks. At least there were more people in the street carrying those glasses

-I accept ... For this time

-You didn't say the same thing when you accompanied me in my zeal last week- The older man's flames rose. That day Hawks had lost a lot of feathers, so I accompanied him to his house and then he got jealous. And what does an Alpha do before an Omega in heat, besides one that had been courting him?

-That was a momentary lapse and you know it

-Well- Omega waved his hips at the Alpha, making him blush- If you have more lapses you can always turn to me

-Keigo ... - Endeavor sighed in frustration- Find yourself a younger Alpha, I don't want you to think I'm a crib assault. You deserve someone over your age, I already screwed up well with my first Omega to fuck you too

-More well I think, because of how much you have tried to reject me and I to seduce you, that people will believe that I am a fortune-seeker, Enji. I have already decided that you will be my Alpha and you will not make me change my mind- The Omega ran its fingers through the Alpha's chest. Making the Alpha sigh to feel that they were taking pictures of them- And about fucking, whenever you want I will be delighted, big guy

Since Hawks had made his public statement every time they were together, he felt they took pictures. There were even people who had gone to ask permission to sell EndHawks merchandise to their agency. His publicist had accepted and every time he saw more of those things around the city

Even Fuyumi had an EndHawks t-shirt, Natsuo put his hands to his head every time he saw her wearing it around the house. Apparently Natsuo didn't want to accept that his father was being courted by a boy just a little older than him.

Endeavor heard his mobile ring with Shouto's tone and picked it up, making Hawks pout and try to hug him, climbed on his back

-Father- Shouto's voice was exhausted, in the background he could hear the cries of joy from his son's Omega and another person- Come to the UA and bring Hawks

- Hawks? - The man looked at the Omega who shrugged with a gesture that indicated he did not know what was happening- Why?

-I ... - There was a glass breaking and a slight struggle- It is better if you come quickly



Upon arriving at the UA, the two heroes who led the ranking met other exhausted pros heroes. There were burn marks on places on the walls and floor as well as parts covered with Shouto ice

Thinking it was an attack they both ran to the area where there was more noise.


A small and flying figure collided with Endeavor at high speed, causing him to lose his balance and was about to fall out of it except for his reflexes. The figure had hit him at full speed and with the force similar to that of a motorcycle in motion

Hawks for his part was surprised. The speed of that figure was superior or very similar to his own. At the moment there seemed to be nothing but hugging Endeavor

Running after the figure came a sweaty Shouto, followed by an exhausted Izuku carrying Nezu on his back

-Don't attack, father! - Shouto shouted looking at the bulge attached to Endeavor, which he noticed was a child with wings. He clung to him with his arms and wings

-Endeavor, that girl over there is ... Her daughter

The girl raised her head. The girl's hair was an ash-blonde tone very similar to that of the winged man who was on his shoulder, her eyes were turquoise. Their wings were a slightly darker reddish tone than Hawks', but among their feathers they could see occasional flames, as if the feathers set themselves on fire

Nezu got off Izuku and began to explain that an incident related to a quirk had occurred that could move things in time. So in the incident that would happen in the future the girl had been moved to a past time before her birth

-Fortunately she was carrying a phone that is still connected to her time and we have been able to talk to the person who lost control of her quirk. According to him, she will return to her normal time in one or two weeks- The mouse sighed- So, since we have already delivered her to her biological parents, it is your problem until she returns to her time

-What biological parents?! - Endeavor shouted in shock, the girl should be between four and three years old

-Papi- the girl clung even more to Endeavor- Mami- said taking the tip of Hawks's wings- I'm hungry and Shouto- nii doesn't want to play with me. I want to go home- The girl's bottom lip trembled and everyone, teachers and students, stood guard. Waiting to contain the girl when she cried

- Are you coming with mommy? - Hawks spread his arms and the girl flew towards him with confidence - Why have they informed us? Normally the UA takes care of these things discreetly. Didn't you say you would never interfere with the future?

-Your quirk is a combination of yours. Fire Feathers She can control her feathers like Hawks, but she can also set them on fire, and they are so hot that they melt the metal. And this - I point out all the destruction around it - It is the result of a tantrum of a girl with a powerful quirk. As their quirks resemble hers, they are best suited to take care of her

Hawks practically shone with happiness

-Of course Enji and I can take care of our baby. We will do it with pleasure

-Keigo, don't speak for both of us

- Daddy doesn't want to take care of me? - The girl's trembling voice added to tears so hot that they evaporated before reaching the middle of the girl's cheeks

-Don't you want to take care of our daughter? - Keigo used exactly the same pleading expression as the girl

Endeavor felt that he could not deny anything to that pair. He had made the decision to change to become a better person, and turn his back on his future daughter and Omega was not exactly what he would call changing

-Of course we'll take care of you, but Keigo shouldn't speak for both of us- the man sighed and turned around to make a call and ask for a car with a child seat.

He did not notice the bird of prey of the Omega and the girl. The Omega almost laughed when his daughter whispered in his ear

-The combined attack always works against daddy

Chapter Text

The board of heroes was assembled. Everyone was sitting around the big table and nobody talked. All Might, in the end, was the first to speak

- Does anyone know why this meeting has been organized? - Other heroes looked at him in amazement

-We were told that you wanted us to meet- Present Mic spoke for the first time. Many other heroes nodded

-I? They told me that this was organized by the heroes' board

A screen lit up, revealing only the legs of a man covered in darkness

-I actually organized it. It's funny that a villain can organize a hero meeting. But that's life when you reach a higher level

All Might jumped up and, because of his guard posture, the rest of the heroes also prepared to attack

-Relax, I'm currently in Scotland. I'm not going to do anything to you, at least today. I simply wanted to threaten you - the man said it as if he were commenting on the weather or saying the color of the person's shirt before him. As if threatening someone was as normal in his life as breathing

-We don't give in to threats, villain scum! - Many thanked Endeavor to paint himself a target on his back

-How rude ... Are you willing to talk, sir # 1? - The man said it with sneer and mockery, as if laughing at the number 1 hero on his face. That made Endeavor even more angry

-What do you want? - The growl did not correspond to the hero No. 1, everyone noticed

The man on the screen crossed his legs, as if angering the hero was normal

- My daughter has run away from home - he said it with a tired sigh, as if reporting the pranks of a rebel child to the mother and not talking to a multitude of heroes

-What the fuck? You have a daughter? - The man was pale with surprise. A rare appearance in All Might

-I actually have three, an adopted son and a pair of twins boy and girl. And a wife, besides, I get along very well with my in-laws - the man sighed with boredom - You are not the center of my life, All Might, even if I am the center of yours. The fact is that she is going through a ridiculous rebel phase, the typical thing, she doesn't want to be a villain and help me make my Villains League stronger. Those who face the children you educate. So she has run away from home

The hero sighed

-I begin to believe that your daughter has more common sense than you. At least more sense of justice

-Your daughter is a damn villain and will be thrown in Tartarus as soon as she is found! I don't believe that a villain's daughter is not evil! - Endeavor earned hateful looks from all the heroes present. If the girl had not committed any crime that was something totally illegal

-What you say.- The seated man planned the death of Endeavor, or a public humiliation as a minimum, for doubting his green-haired angel- To what I was going. This is a threat to all the heroes of Japan, if I learn that by some chance my little angel has been damaged by one of you, I will kill one hundred thousand civilians for every wound or mark on his beautiful and pure body. At least until we find her and take her back home

The man went to press a button on a remote control, to end the call

-Wait, we don't even know who we have to avoid or what it looks like! - Present Mic couldn't shut his mouth. But the villain seemed excited to explain what his princess was like

-She is like an adorable little angel, as if the same goddess of spring, Persephone, was walking the earth, all of it is purity and adorability. She only needs a halo and white wings to be an angel. Every part of it is pure and full of the sweetest tenderness in the world, it can cause diabetes attacks just by seeing it. The sweet voice of my girl is like the song of an angel and a siren together. - The man stopped for a moment through the chill that went through him, as if only conjuring the image of his daughter caused him pleasure- This is my daughter. So, goodbye

The heroes looked at each other. The only thing that had become clear was that this villain worshiped his daughter in excess. The question was, why had that princess of evil escaped? And how much damage was he going to do?



Izuku was on a fridge on Dagobah beach. Once she had gone there with her mother, ten years ago. Her mother had sneaked her out of the house while her father trained her older brothers, Tomura and Mikumo. She remembered playing on that beach with the sand until her father's shadow appeared and they had to go back to the house

Being born in a family of villains was not easy and less with her quirk

Couldn't she have inherited her mother's telekinesis as Mikumo? Although he was much more powerful than her mother, or one of her grandparents' quirks. No, she had to result in a mutation of the paternal family line
Quirks creator

Her father could give and take quirks, her uncle could have them inherit their quirk, creating the first mutant quirk, and she could create quirks. Even if it was only one a week, she could create and use them, in addition to giving them to other people

His father had laughed out loud when he had known, he had been proud of her. His grandparents and his brothers too. But her father had refused to use her quirk or her in the missions. Weighing the complaints of his grandparents, his mother had also agreed, and his older brothers. Only his grandparents had opposed, claiming the great potential for his quirk's villainy

-You're my treasure, Izuku. My angel- Her mother had agreed with her husband- You must not go out alone, the world is dangerous for you. I will create a world where you can be safe and then you can go out and see it. You're like my younger brother, this time I'll make sure I have protected the weakest in my family

Her father had urged her to create only quirks of support and healing, never of attack. He feared exposing her to danger

She loved her family and knew she was loved beyond her quirk. But she was not convinced by her father's methods. She agreed with some of his ideas, but not with his methods and had discussed it with him for hours

Izuku had escaped to see the world beyond what his family showed him. She knew that her quirk was powerful, but she just had to hide it and pretend that her quirk was another to survive.

The first thing he had created before he began to plan his escape in detail was a quirk that allowed her to do photosynthesis, as she was doing at the time. That allowed to reduce their food expenses to a minimum. As long as she had water and sun she would survive.

The bad part was that she didn't know how to move outside. The times she had gone out alone could be counted as one, and that was it. Even when she was accompanied they used to be shopping trips with Kurogiri and she would swear that half of her father's followers were watching them

She was not a prisoner with her parents. But she was not free either

Izuku jumped to the ground and looked at the beach full of trash

Maybe one day, she would clean it again. Now she just had to live a bland and boring life, so as not to attract attention, before deciding what to do. All she knew was that she didn't want to hurt people


-What is the villain quirk? -The heroes were gathered in an isolated room in the UA, discussing the case of the angel lost by the villain capable of mobilizing the association of heroes

-He can give and remove quirks, in addition to using them for convenience, he is over two hundred years old. It is a first generation- It was not worth lying, from the perspective of All Might, since he himself had shown himself to all the great heroes

-Why did nobody know anything about such a monster? - someone whispered softly

The heroes remained silent. Most of the quirks were inherited from the paternal line, a few from the maternal and some small and miraculous were mutations of both sides

If it was something similar to that of the father, the girl was a potential danger, released by the city. Even if not, only God knew how much damage the father or the League of Villains would do to recover it.

-If she is a daughter of a first generation, isn't that good? The probability that a second generation inherited a quirk was quite low, the quirks only became common and hereditary from the third generation-Said one of the Pussy Cats, Mandalay- It could be a quirkless

-The mother is not a first generation, it cannot be if we think about the dates.- Recovery Girl spoke- So we do not know what the result of the mixture is. We don't even know the mother's quirk. So we are blind. That girl could have any quirk, we haven't narrowed down the search at all

-I'm not so sure- Nezu looked at them- She is a teenager, between fifteen and eighteen. Mature enough to start criminal activities. I guess his twin brother was the telekinesic boy with the rabbit mask that attacked the UA next to Shigaraki Tomura. The ages coincide, except Shigaraki and the boy the rest of the villains were twenty to twenty-five years old. His age is a clear indication that his position in the hierarchy was superior to the rest

The heroes began to analyze the images of the boy and compare them with the features that were known from All for One. In the end they drew a list of features

-Green or black hair. Curly or wavy

-Between 15 and 18

-Green eyes

-Pale skin

-Large eyes, surely

- Freckles, possibly

- Shy and asocial behavior, with curious features, due to its probable isolation

-Height between 145 and 175 centimeters

While everyone thought that would be very difficult, Nezu began using a facial recognition program that monitored all Mustafu cameras

-We will never find her, she is too generic! - shout Present Mic

-I have it- Everyone looked at Nezu and this turned the screen of his computer, showing a little girl with very curly green hair

The girl looked lonely and lost as she walked without an apparent direction through one of the quietest neighborhoods on the outskirts of Mustafu

-It is not registered in any database, neither legal nor student- Nezu looked at her- And my instinct shrieks at me that she is what we are looking for. He looks like the boy in the rabbit mask. It is best to bring it here, with peace of mind. If it's her, we don't want her father to fulfill her threat.


-------------------------------------------------- ----------

Izuku knew they were following her. She had not grown up surrounded by some of the worst criminals in the world for nothing.

In a group as large as her father's, there were traitors from time to time, she had seen him. But she couldn't feel hostility from the person who was following her, rather curious

And out of curiosity she stopped and she waited for them to reach her

There were many powerful presences around them both, but the one that came out to meet her was a white mouse with a scar in one eye

-Nezu, the director of the UA- Izuku said it calmly- A mystery of evolution

-I see you recognize me, Miss Daughter of All for One

-I don't call myself that, don't call me that way

-As you understand, since you were born out of the law, I have no way of knowing your real name- The mouse held a cup of tea with his plate that he had not brought before. Izuku suspected it was a kind of spatial distortion

- Was it necessary to mobilize fifty heroes? Among the subways and the first rankings I feel praised. But it is not as if it were dangerous. I have never hurt anyone. Although I don't like being watched - Izuku waved her hand and she heard the sound of falling bodies. Nezu raised an eyebrow- Don't worry, they're just asleep, not dead

Izuku left to leave when he felt movement. Izuku stood a moment when three figures came out after picking up a few of the fallen

-Wow, normally nobody supports that. They are awesome, gentlemen heroes. If I had to guess, Eraserhead, All Might and Hawks. Am I wrong or have I been right? As you will understand I do not often see the face of heroes, of living heroes at least

Eraserhead sales immobilized her

-Come to the UA with us, don't resist and we won't hurt you

-Okay- The heroes looked at each other- So far I've only seen things from the point of view of the villains, I'd like to see what the heroes think. I want all the information

Chapter Text

The blue-haired Alpha looked at the boy beside him, lying on the bed. The little green-haired Omega was so beautiful, so young, so pure, ... So broken.

Shigaraki smiled, he was very careful not to mark his neck. Sensei loved this Omega. But he had played with the rest of his body, taking advantage that jealousy drove him crazy with pleasure and he just wanted an Alpha to ride him hard and hard. And that he had done, to the point of almost breaking young Omega

They had been following All Might, they had seen him break the dreams and illusions of this little boy who had not yet appeared.

Then Sensei had said to force him to introduce himself and bring him to him if it was Omega.

There were two ways to introduce yourself. Letting the body grow in a natural way or that an Alpha already presented forces its pheromones on someone without presenting, forcing the body of the other to come forward to protect itself. It was very painful for the forced person and could have physical consequences

So Shigaraki, making sure the cameras looked good on him, approached the crestfallen boy. The boy had no chance to scream, grabbed his hand and forced his pheromones Alfa, a deep red tone, on his body

The boy tried to cover his mouth and not breathe, but Shigaraki could emit pheromones for longer than the boy could resist without breathing. The boy tried to run away, but Shigaraki's grip was firm, very firm for him, although he was almost loose. And when the boy started producing pheromones for his awakening, it was learned that

A bright blue glow stains the air around the child. An Omega, a hyperfertile one.

-That's why Sensei loves you. - The Omega boy was going into heat and hugging the Alpha, waiting for comfort. Waiting to mate

-He broke it, it shattered everything ... So difficult was it to give me a minimum of hope or to encourage me in a positive way towards another career? - The boy was crying in his side

-The heroes are selfish, if they betray your trust once you forget them and don't trust them again. Now come

The child's gaze glazed as forced jealousy seized his rationality. The black fog door opened and Shigaraki went straight to his bedroom. But first he smiled at the camera that was watching him take the child

------------------------------------- ------------- ----------------------------------

All Might was shattered.

He, the symbol of peace, the most powerful Alpha in the world, had broken the dreams and illusions of a small Omega child. Less than an hour before he was forced to come forward and kidnapped

The mother's sobs at the police station were very clear despite the two doors away. Especially since when he felt her smell he knew that she was his destiny. He did that to the son of his destined Omega

The woman had gone to report the disappearance of her son and by chance an agent had crossed him with a case of excessive pheromone emission in a nearby neighborhood a nearby neighborhood

The image of the boy fighting and resisting not to breathe the pheromones of the Alpha was etched in his memory by fire. That boy who had asked him for advice, that boy was so sad that he had not been careful of who he was crossing

Then, in the video, he could see him give up and how his body accepted forced change. His arms and legs suffered pain spasms. Then the pheromones started coming out of him. Omega, very fertile.

The Alpha smiled chillingly and pulled the Omega to his side. The boy cried and tried to speak. But his zeal was beginning and he no longer saw the Alpha as his aggressor. He was an Omega in heat, next to him there was an Alpha, he wanted to mate

A poor child being kidnapped when he was most vulnerable

Then they had backed away, looking for the image of the child, where he had been, and had seen him with him. That's why he was there, looking at the screen that had a final image of the boy's greenish hair and the smile of his kidnapper.

-It wasn't your fault- the hero who would take care of the case knew him, he was one of the few who knew his secret- I will find him, whatever the cost

-------------------------- ------------------

The doctor looked at the young Omega, still unconscious. Then he took out a test tube with a black liquid inside

The boy was tied to one of those gynecologist tables with his legs open. The doctor put the test tube connected to an injection needle for fertilization

-Will it work? - The Alpha who lacked half a face looked at the doctor, or turned his head in his direction

-I do not know. It is the first time we do this. We are creating a Nomu from a fertilized egg, not from an already formed body. We don't know how the embryo will react, or the mother

-The mother is not important, if he dies it is better. Especially in a horrible way, it will help destabilize All Might. You dedicate yourself to do everything possible to make the project work- the man sigh- They will be more powerful and dangerous if they are born that way directly

-They could turn against us. The three babies are already difficult to control as newly fertilized eggs, let's not say how they will grow and get stronger

-I'll take care of that. Do the insemination before the remains of heat leave and lose three valuable subjects

The doctor introduced the insemination needle into the body of the Omega, easily reaching his uterus and pouring the thick liquid inside

What they didn't know was that Izuku Midoriya was going to show up two days after being forced to do so.

Normally, an Omega forced to appear was sterile in its first heat. But Izuku Midoriya was so close to introducing himself that his body produced an egg when forced. That's why there were not three Nomu babies in Izuku's womb alone, there was also a normal baby.

One would think that this was the end of the normal baby with the others genetically modified. But the Nomus, despite being so small, are creatures created to adapt and survive.

The doctor had used some drug so that Izuku would not reject them, but his body continued to show resistance to embryos that were not his. And the Nomus knew that there was another way of life that was not rejected, so they approached her and imitated her. They absorbed the DNA of the sperm remains that were still in the belly of Omega and the DNA of Omega itself

That way the Omega's body felt them like its own babies and cradled them and protected as it did with the smallest and weakest baby

That also produced a change in the Nomus. The modifications were still there, but having been returned to a state similar to what they had before they were modified, something changed in them. They became more like normal babies and less like biological weapons.

But that was something that the doctor, All for One, Tomura Shigaraki or Izuku Midoriya would not know until much later

------------------- ------------------------
Izuku was humming in his room while cradling his belly with his hands. Calling him a room was a strange thing, since he couldn't leave. But it was less stressful than calling it a cell

He didn't remember anything, from the moment he left school when Kacchan flew his notebook until he woke up in this place and a doctor was doing an ultrasound. There was nothing else in his memory, as if last month had not existed. He had woken up a month ago from a dream that lasted another month. The doctor had told him that he had been catatonic for a whole month

And he was pregnant. His belly was beginning to swell. He was fourteen years old, kidnapped and left pregnant with quadruplets. Ah ... It was also an Omega. That was a lot for him. Too

So he had decided to focus on things one by one. For example, the soft movements he felt in his belly.

Normally he couldn't feel them, but there were four babies there, he was getting tight at times. The doctor had left him a stethoscope and there he was. Listening to her belly beats while singing and cradling her babies

He could almost differentiate the beats of each of the babies, at least they sounded different in their ears

And a part of the roof fell apart

Izuku crouched down, with the stethoscope on his neck, and recognized the man who had just entered his room. He was a mutant villain, Scorpio, famous for his bold escapes and hostage taking with his poisonous tail

Said and done. The tail was entangled in Izuku's body and it was thrown out of the room. The villain started running with his insect legs while Izuku struggled not to vomit.

After a few seconds, tears began to come out of Izuku's eyes and he began to sob. Without realizing that he was releasing a specific pheromone that would attract all the Alphas to his surroundings. The pheromone that marked him as an endangered pregnant Omega. The Alphas would protect the Omega by instinct

Unfortunately for him, Scorpio was Beta and he couldn't feel that pheromone.

The attack came from a civilian, at least the first. Scorpion looked at the little shit, she had some stones in her hand and when she threw one it became a kind of meteor that haunted her. If it wasn't for his skin reinforced by the exoskeleton that attack would have left him unconscious

- Release the Omega - his hiss was deadly. She seemed like a kind woman, but now she saw her as a very angry and lethal being

The next attack came from the hero who was chasing him. He was more precise pulling the hostage and knocking him out. The hero looked at the Omega and noticed first of his youth, after he was an Omega who had been kidnapped and had been in the news

The boy, meanwhile, hugged his belly and began to whisper to the babies that were fine. That they would now be safe