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Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor, looked at the girl before him who had been brought by a police officer

It was the daughter of his cousin, Izumi Midoriya

He and his cousin had never been particularly together. The truth is that he considered Hisashi a stain on the family.

Everyone in the family had a powerful fire quirk, except Hisashi, who could only breathe fire and was flame retardant.

That suited him very well in his firefighter's career until a building collapsed on him three months ago.

Hisashi's mother, Enji's aunt, had died, but his wife, Inko, was in charge of telling all relatives about the death. Of course, neither Enji or his children went to the funeral.

And now, three months later, a police officer brought the girl, Izumi, to him. After his mother had tried to star in a suicide-murder that went wrong. Now the girl's mother was facing criminal charges and custody had passed to the closest blood relative, that is, Enji

The girl was six years old and her wrists were bandaged where her mother had cut her. Enji looked at the girl with distaste. There was a possibility that the girl had a powerful quirk and that it was beneficial for him to adopt her instead of sending her to the adoption system.

-What is your quirk?

- Sir, do you consider that appropriate to ask the girl? Don't you think it would be better to ask other questions?

-I'm a professional hero, if she doesn't have a powerful quirk then she will be in danger if she stays at my house -said the man in a hard voice

The girl shuddered and the agent crouched beside him

-Can you tell him your quirk, sweetie? He's your uncle, he's worried about you

The girl looked at him with those emerald eyes and raised her hands, where two different flames shone. One gold and one red.

-My quirk is Phoenix. The red flames are normal and I am flame retardant. Golden flames are special, they can cure. They can even reconnect amputated limbs. When mom ... the golden flames activated themselves and saved us. I can also bring someone back if he has died, but only if less than an hour has passed, although after that I remain unconscious for several days

Enji kept his face calm, but mentally he was laughing out loud. He had already found Shouto's future wife.

The police officer stayed with Endeavor while the girl returned to the hospital room. Although she could heal the physical wounds, her mother had drugged her so she wouldn't use her quirk, so she had to stay in for a while.

-After filling out the corresponding forms, the guardianship of Izumi Midoriya will be under his power -the agent said with a smile- She is a good girl, as soon as she is discharged she can take her home

- Are there chances that your mother can regain custody at some time?

-I doubt it a lot, but if you want to make sure you can request a restraining order. I think it would be the best, given the circumstances. Although that woman is unlikely to get out of this without ending up in jail for a good season

Endeavor nodded and called his lawyers to make sure everything was done properly.


-Father, why are you clearing one of the rooms in the annex? -Fuyumi took courage to ask while they were having dinner. It was rare for Enji to join the dinner table with his children for his work, and when he did there was always a sepulchral silence

Enji looked at his daughter calmly

-I have adopted a six-year-old girl with a strong quirk, they are preparing a room

The whole table fell silent and everyone looked at each other

- A ... a girl, father?

- She is the daughter of a relative, her mother has tried to kill her and we are her closest blood relatives. So he will live with us from now on - the man said simply - He has a very rare healing fire quirk, so I have got his custody and he will live here

The scar on Shouto's face began to burn at the words "His mother tried to kill her." Fuyumi began to tremble mentally, thinking of his brother, Natsuo issued a silent prayer and Touya simply did not care

They all knew that this girl had become the same as them, an Endeavor puppet

-Fuyumi. I want you to take care of her and educate her a little while she is here. She will be prepared to be a healing heroine or something similar. I don't want him to escape or suffer any damage, is that clear?

The threat, implicit in his father's voice made Fuyumi tremble

-Of course, father


Izumi Midoriya arrived at the Todoroki house in summer. It was received by her cousin.

She was immediately educated in the house rules and experienced the terror that the children of the Todoroki family lived. She was trained with Shouto. Rather, every time Shouto or Touya hurt each other, Endeavor sent her to heal them.

Endeavor trained his red fire so he could defend himself and not attack. He trained her to depend on Shouto. He consciously manipulated them to come together and support each other

Turning a feeling that should have been a brotherhood into something else, with care and cunning. He could observe secret kisses, stolen when they thought no one else saw them.

The only thing that seemed to interfere with his plan was that his eldest son, before leaving, had shown the same interest as Shouto in Izumi. But the trouble was gone and now his plan advanced perfectly for the next generation of heroes in his family

And so they came to the exam on the recommendation of the UA

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Izuku was crying in the cardboard box where Katsuki had left him

-You're just a quirkless Omega, nobody will pick you up- Even with what he had written on the box "I'm a useless quirkless looking for a home" Katsuki had just laughed- Don't you dare to get out of the box until we come looking for you

It had been almost an hour since it had begun to rain. Izuku was trembling with cold and his nose was runny, but still he dared not get out of the box.

Although he was sure that Katsuki had long forgotten about him, he was so afraid that he could not get out of the box. Because if not, Katsuki would use his explosions on him. And that hurt, it hurt a lot. He could not challenge the Alpha child

Izuku hugged his knees trying to mitigate the cold that was enveloping his body inside and consuming his bones

The rain stopped and Izuku looked up. In front of him was a tall young man with a black mask covering his mouth and staring at him

-Poor boy ... -said the man- Who dares to do this to my partner?

-Lord? - Izuku was surprised when the man stretched an arm towards him and held him against his warm body

Izuku should have felt scared, he should have fled, ... But something inside him told him he was fine, that if it was that man everything would be fine. That was the place where he was supposed to be

Izuku snuggled against the man's body and put his nose on his neck. Smelling its aroma. It wasn't like his mother's, a Beta, it was the smell of an Alpha. But unlike with Katsuki or with other Alphas, Izuku relaxed with that smell and let himself be carried away by unconsciousness.

It smelled like chocolate and caramel clouds


Kai ran her hand over Izuku's back and felt how cold it was even through the glove.

He approached the black car that was waiting for him and saw his driver in a gesture of surprise when he saw him with the boy in his arms


-It's my partner, my partner

- Is the man going to start a procession?

-No, they have left it in an abandoned box to their fate. I'm picking it up, he's mine- Kai brought Izuku to his mask. Even with the high quality piece I could feel the soft aroma of fresh mint and vanilla that emanated from the young Omega. Although it was a very immature aroma yet, because the boy had not reached puberty

Izuku's head fell on Kai's shoulder as he settled into the seat, with his Omega still in his arms, and he realized he was at a much higher temperature than normal.

-Call Chronostasys, he will have to heal my partner


Kai looked at the boy in his bed. According to the man he had called, he only had a fever because he had been wet and outdoors for a long time.

Kai took off her glove carefully and stroked the boy's green hair. He didn't feel disgusted even though the boy had started to sweat the fever a few minutes ago

-Lord ... Your hand feels so good ... -said Izuku slightly opening his eyes and smiling

-Sh ... Shut up and sleep ... Now you must recover- Even Kai was surprised by the tenderness and softness with which I speak and caressed the child's head

- Can you stay with me? Until I fall asleep? -The child said it with teary eyes that moved the adult

-Of course, I'll stay with you.

Kai was not a man who enjoyed many things in his life. It could be said that achieving their objectives was one of them. But all the feelings of satisfaction he had felt before were eclipsed only by staying with that child with a fever until he fell asleep. Fulfilling His Promise

Kai left the room and looked at the hand with which he had been stroking Izuku's head. He could still feel the pleasure of sliding his fingers through those green curls

The marks of having found his true companion had already appeared on his forearms. The vines, with a unique pattern, stretched across their skin. Only leaves and branches due to Izuku's age. When the child reached puberty, the buds would come out, when the buds would open for the first time, showing the flowers

-What are you going to do with the boy? -Chronostasys was standing there looking at him- He's your partner but he's very young. You will not even feel a sexual desire for him until the buds appear. And this is no place for children

-I'll ask you when your fever goes down because it was in that box. If his parents put him there I will keep him, but if there is anything else I will take him back and visit him daily until the buds appear and I can claim him. I will have to think about how to start the procession

Under the law, when an Omega found his partner, he could go live with him and marry him or her legally once he reached puberty. Why? For an Alpha there was nothing more important than his companion Omega, even if they had to sacrifice their own lives they would keep them safe and sound.

And an Omega reached puberty between fifteen and fourteen

-You must have wonderful luck. Not only have you found your Omega before he can live his first love or truly fall in love with someone else, but he is quirkless. A clean person, according to your standards - Chronostasys turned around to get stained - Tell the young lady to take the syrup once with each meal and stay dry and warm. It will get well in a couple of days


Mitsuki Bakugou looked at his son who was watching television excited in his living room

-Katsuki, have you played with Izuku today?

-No, mom- the boy was not lying, he had taken Izuku out of the game, he hadn't played with

-It's that Izuku said he was going to the park, but he hasn't returned home-Mitsuki Bakugou looked at the storm that had unleashed- I'll go looking for him

His mother left to change and Katsuki looked outside. That useless Deku wouldn't remain in the box, right? He would have left when it started to rain and had not been able to get home yet

A hint of concern arose in Katsuki's chest, but he pushed it aside easily. Surely Deku would be fine, he thought, after all, who would want a skinny quirkless Omega boy? (Author: It occurs to me that all the pedophiles of the world, damn bastard. It is that anyone with blood in their veins would take it)


Kai stopped the black car in front of the house Izuku had told him. Izuku, mentally tasting the name of his partner. The boy still had a little fever, but he had told him what had happened and that he wanted to go with his mother

Kai could not resist his partner's wishes. Also, the boy was fascinated by the vines on his forearms. And he had also reviewed the vines on Kai's arms with careful and delicate fingers

Izuku was moving unconsciously to be with his Alpha without bothering him. And Kai thanked him. The most beautiful moment of the day was when his Omega first said his name

The boy was eight years old, he took thirteen difference with Kai. That was still acceptable by society's standards. In addition, Izuku looked adorable in the red ribbon kimono he had given her, because her clothes were in the garbage of how dirty she had been.

Kai approached the backseat and when he opened the door Izuku extended his arms towards him. Kai was not going to allow her partner to walk or strain while still ill. Although something told him that he was going to have to prepare to fight Izuku's mother

Kai climbed the stairs, to extend the time he was alone with Izuku, to the floor where the mother and son apartment was.

-Let's go for another ride, stay here, Inko-was saying a woman as she walked out the door with a jacket in her hand

- Aunt Mitsuki - said Izuku. Kai could only think it was great, more relatives to meet. The woman turned to look at them before shouting, in a way that Kai didn't think possible for someone of her size



It took Kai forty minutes to explain what had happened. Constantly remembering that he couldn't kill the people in the room or Izuku would be sad.

To all this, Izuku had refused to separate from his side. He had only moved a little to show them the vines in his arms but he was comfortably in his chest again

-That damn crappy kid is going to hear me when I get home- Kai didn't know who the ash blond-haired woman was, but just because of the aura she was emitting he was feeling tempted to hire her

A brown-haired man tried to calm the woman. While Izuku's mother was by his side, looking at her baby with love

-My poor child. He suffered a lot knowing that he had no quirk like the others, and even more when it was learned that it was Omega and his father left. I'm glad that at least he was able to find his partner so soon- The woman was a sunbeam that reminded Kai of her partner

- Can I take him to his bed? - Kai said noticing that the boy had gone back to sleep. His partner's mother nodded and led him to a room full of hero figures. For some reason that was adorable for Kai

Kai left Izuku in bed and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead, slightly removing his mask. The boy smiled and Kai felt his heart beat faster

-Kai, will you come tomorrow?

-Without- said the man stroking his partner's hair

Kai watched as Izuku's mother closed the door of the room and looked at her with a smile

-I guess I don't need to say that I'm going to start a formal procession towards Izuku-Kai said looking at the woman

-Necessary? After all they are partners and ...

Mitsuki I speak

-Necessary. That courtship is not only to find compatibility with the Omega in question, it is also for parents and Omega to see that the Alpha is able to protect him

Kai saw, when the woman's sleeves went up, that she had thorns on her forearms, stems with thorns. If she was the Alpha then her husband was the Omega. The woman sighed and looked at her husband

-I really wanted to match Izuku and Katsuki when they were a little older-the woman sighed- Well, if Izuku is happy, everything will be fine


Katsuki was not happy. Rather he was furious

Upon returning home his mother had been waiting for him and then had been severely scolded by his two parents.

Being scolded by his mother was normal, but also being scolded by his father was something very strange. And they had confiscated, before he returned home, all his toys and comics so he had time to reflect.

In addition to prohibiting you from leaving home

All of that was the fault of the useless Deku who couldn't see a joke, why couldn't they see how funny it had been? But his parents were relentless and told him to see things from Izuku's point of view. That the boy had got sick because of him and if nothing worse had happened it was a miracle

Deku returned to school a couple of days later and Katsuki decided to approach him at the exit, so that no teacher bothered him. That way he would take revenge for being unjustly punished

In addition, Deku had the nerve to appear through the door with those vines in his arms. The entire class had gathered around them and looked at them, but they had all calmed down when the teacher had told them it was not Izuku's quirk and they weren't a tattoo

For the rest of the day Deku had strolled his fingers several times through the vines. And he had been happy. Although nothing had changed in his surroundings, only that he had been happy. That was an insult in Katsuki's mind

On the way out Katsuki stood in front of Izuku with his inseparable cronies to take him somewhere alone. But Izuku didn't even see them. A few meters before the boy raised his head and his face lit up with a big smile that made the other three children blush


Izuku ran past him and threw himself against a tall, sinister-looking man, with that black mask and those black surgical gloves. But as soon as Izuku appeared it was as if all that dark aura disappeared and the man relaxed and found happy.

- Have you had a good day?

-Yes, what are you doing here?

-I've asked your mother for permission to come and get you to school. So we will spend time together

Izuku's face became so adorable that the adults on leaving school and the children blushed

-That's great! I am very happy to spend time with Kai!

The adults looked at the vines in Izuku's arms and those of the man who had the sleeves rolled up and began to whisper between them when Izuku and the man moved away

 Katsuki approached the adults to listen to their conversation

-Being paired at such a young age

-It's going to be a long courtship

-Izuku seems happy and there are no flowers yet

-What flower do you think will bloom?

-I hope your babies are as adorable as Izuku

-I hope to receive a notification when they get married, Izuku will be adorable whether in a wedding dress, suit or kimono.

Katsuki looked at the man who was walking away from Izuku's hand. The man realized that they were looking at him and glared at him sideways

Katsuki got scared. He didn't know who that man was but he wasn't good, he wasn't good. He must find out why he wasn't good, he should take Deku away from that man

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Izuku Midoriya swallowed hard upon hearing that there was an ongoing hybrid hunt in his city. He was thirteen and was having breakfast with his mother, who looked at him with tears in his eyes and extreme concern

Izuku was not worried about the decline in security and similar things, he was worried because in the world of hybrids it was considered a mythical rarity, an incredible trophy

Izuku was a chimera.

In this world either you obtained a quirk or your hybrid nature woke up. It wasn't a bad deal, if you thought about it, given that hybrids were physically and mentally superior to average humans. In addition to their resistance were in the clouds.

That is why some villainous bastards had started hunting for hybrids to demonstrate their strength. The rarer the hybrid breed, the stronger the force had to be used and the harder it was to fight.

And a chimera was very rare, Izuku knew, because he had access to the hybrid census, that he only existed as a chimera in Japan, he was the only one. Fortunately, the census only showed the races, nothing more

Rabbit ears, ram horns, fox tail, hawk wings, snake fangs and eagle eyes, as well as guts. That was Izuku's body when it adopted its hybrid form. Which he only did in his mating seasons, when he was in his locked room. Because also, Izuku was neither male nor female, rather he had both genitals, first the male and then, a little hidden, the female

The ears allowed him to listen in a radius of a kilometer around him, more or less the same range as his nose, his eyes allowed him to see things that were several hundred meters from him easily, in addition to being adapted to large speeds and great night and thermal vision. The guts that allowed him to breathe underwater

The wings gave him the possibility to fly, they were powerful, strong and fast, he didn't know his exact speed but he was very much. The tail would serve to balance, as well as to look good. The horns protected his head, in addition to being very sharp, the fangs emitted a neurotoxic that, although not killing, would paralyze an adult man for days

In addition to all that, his muscles became like steel wires, even without protruding from his skin and looking the same as before. His strength became something incredible

Even so, if you asked someone from their school, everyone would tell you, even Izuku himself, that he was an unborn hybrid. Since Izuku, unlike the other hybrids around him, never adopted his animal or hybrid form before people. Moreover, for the records of his school it was an unborn hybrid. A hybrid that could not change.

They had done that to protect him, because Izuku and his mother were afraid. Shortly after Izuku's hybrid form appeared, with about three years, there was news of how a chimeric hybrid hero had been defeated in a hunt.

That hybrid hero was a combination of wolf and bear. And the presenters had begun to comment on how weird it was and how strong it was.

Izuku was a combination of more than five animals, that terrified his mother and him. If two in the mix were rare, what would happen to five or more?

That is why Izuku preferred to suffer the social derision of not being able to adopt his animal or hybrid form rather than telling the truth.

Although he still aspired to become a hero someday, like that brave chimeric hybrid that died when he was a child

Until that day


That mass of mud that had him trapped forced him to change to his hybrid form. Izuku was terrified. What quirk was that? Why could it make him change and why his neurotoxic didn't work?

- What a trophy! I already felt the presence of a strong hybrid, but I have to be grateful to be able to meet a chimeric!

The mud blocked the airways of Izuku. Then he was forced to adopt his animal form. One would normally think that it would be horrible to be a chimera. But no, his animal form was a fox cub, or something similar, and all the parts of his anatomy that did not correspond with a fox were so well balanced that it turned out to be a ball of adorable fluff. His own mother made him change that way when he was stressed and wanted some animal therapy. Izuku himself liked it, allowed him to connect with his inner beast.

-Although you are so pretty. I don't know what I should do Do I kill you and turn you into my trophy or sell you as a pet to some evil lord? I have heard that many like to keep hybrids as pets

Izuku felt like he was passing out. Even in its animal form. He couldn't fight anymore, he had already done more than he could normally

"I'm sorry, mommy," he thought as his consciousness faded.

- NO MUST BE CONCERNED, BECAUSE I AM HERE !! - All Might held the muddy villain quickly before turning to look at the fluff ball he had seen in the mud. He hoped it was a hybrid, but he was surprised to see a chimera-For all saints ...

If only it were a hybrid to leave him there would be easy and safe, but with a chimeric the thing changed. All Might took out the bag where he had previously taken the bottle where he had the villain. He took the boy's things and put them inside, creating a kind of nest, before putting the boy and cover him a little with his clothes.

The hybrid would not stir much if it was surrounded by its familiar smell. Now he had to take him to a safe place until he woke up and could adopt his human form


Izuku was in the UA director's office having some animal contact with director Nezu. Nezu was rubbing and stroking the chimeric puppy protectively at the envious gaze of Aizawa and Nemuri.

Izuku had woken up a few hours ago, in a strange place. It had only occurred to All Might to take him with Nezu since this, even being a true animal, had a great connection with the hybrids.

After a moment when Izuku had ended up under a scared sofa and see All Might changing shape…. Izuku had come out from under the sofa to rejoice Aizawa and Nemuri that had already made him his wallpaper

Given the inability to change the shape of Izuku, they assumed that the villain had used a new illegal drug that made hybrids adopt their animal forms.

Although the conversation was slow because one side could only nod and move the tail and wings. What made Aizawa stretch his hands strangely towards him

So, after a while with his idol, in which Izuku had managed to get an autograph signed, Izuku was now relaxing in the animal way. All Might also felt some envy of Nezu, but he understood that the boy before him needed the presence of a stronger animal to calm down after being attacked. A pack leader

Izuku moved his ears and picked up his clothes before leaving behind the couch. Big wings came out from behind it and Aizawa was disappointed that he couldn't enjoy the fluff for a while.

-I still can't change my human form- the boy came out buckling his pants from the back of the sofa, with his wings it was impossible to put on his shirt

-Let me your tail- Nemuri threw himself forward and hugged the fluffy tail- Just as he had dreamed-Sigh of happiness. Izuku let him caress her and hug her

- Is it strange that this is not the strangest thing that happened to me today? - Izuku pointed to the woman who was literally drooling her tail


Izuku was left before his house by All Might after re-adopting his human aspect

-All Might! -The man turned- Can a hybrid like me become a hero?

-I won't deny it, you'll be in danger. But what hero is not? If you have the courage and the necessary strength you can be a great hero. - The man smiled confidently - In addition, if you want help with your training I will love it. After all, I've lost too many hybrid friends why they didn't rely on training but on their natural abilities

The hero's expression was painful

-Why am I a chimera? Is that why it helps me?

-In part, as a hero I would like to make this a more just society with hybrids. Let them stop treating you like pets, toys or prey. - The man looked at the distance - Well, if you accept my offer to train you, I will be on the beach covered in garbage tomorrow from five to seven.


Izuku stood before the beach and looked at the skeletal man before him

-You just took the first steps to be a hero, boy


Izuku was in the examining area B. There were several hybrids that did not approach him because he did not find a scent of a recognizable animal. Izuku was only wearing shorts and nothing else. I didn't need it

The beep sounded and Izuku changed to his hybrid form in a second before flying, reaching the first to leave and over passing
-Chico, the first thing you need is to get used to your hybrid form


-For a hybrid to know its three forms is something innate, but you are not used to your hybrid form and it shows in your way of moving, do not stop hitting your wings. That's why you'll train with your hybrid form

- What if someone sees me ?!

-When you are a hero everyone will see you! -Exclaimed the man- But, even so, you should use your senses to hide before the presence of people. A hero must always be aware of his surroundings
Izuku destroyed the first robot with an onslaught powered by its wings. Then he stopped the blow of one of the robots with them and attacked with his nails, which he had noticed were like claws, harder and sharper than normal, capable of cutting the metal
-Your fangs are not your only weapon, your whole body is one- All Might hit Izuku's wings before he could do anything- That punch would have knocked down a concrete wall, but your wings are fine. They are a shield and a means of transport

Izuku looked at his nails, with which he had been splitting the largest metal objects

-A claws capable of tearing the metal as if it were butter, horns as hard and sharp as diamond. Fangs that would leave you helpless for days- All Might circled around Izuku listing it- You're a living weapon, don't forget it
Izuku was still fighting although I hear several comments and exclamations about his chimera appearance. I fly again, arriving at sixty points. And he used his tail to stabilize while watching the situation.

I plummeted several times to help other examinees, either by breaking the weapon, the robot or moving them out of the way of the same and putting them in more advantageous places

A part of the city moved and he looked at the gigantic red eye that looked between the buildings.

The zero pointer!

Izuku began to make a low flight along the course the robot would take to warn those who were too distracted to notice its appearance. A groan called his attention. A girl was under some rubble and seemed to be able to get up
-The heroes do many visible actions, but what will remain in the end will not be such complicated attacks. It will be the people you save. If you have to choose between saving a civilian and chasing a villain, save the civilian
Izuku advanced to the girl and removed the rubble too easily, as if her weight had been altered. But a part of the building opposite fell behind them. The only way out ... It was up, where the robot's eye looked at them

- Hold on tight. Let's see if your eye endures an onslaught

Izuku swooped up and ducked his ears against his skull as much as he could. The robot took a couple of steps through the impact and Izuku was able to fly, with difficulties, to a safe area. I just fell when the final bell rang

The girl approached her head and looked at him with concern

-Why does everything go around so much? -Izuku returned to his human form and some blood came from his nose

-Poor boy- Recovery Girl appeared, and kissed Izuku- You have a concussion, try not to make those onslaught without a foothold on the floor. Otherwise you will suffer the consequences in your own body

-Why does my head still hurt? -Izuku covered his eyes

-Why I can't cure everything. Go and sleep in the infirmary for a while.


Nezu looked at the screens that reflected the test battle

-Why is the chimeric there? Hadn't he said to happen directly?

- Apparently, his letter was lost. But with his final score, it goes a long way - Present Mic wasn't going to say, even if they killed him that he forgot to send the letter to the mail

-There's a flaw in your request- Midnight spoke in a soft voice- In the gender box you have marked both male and female.

-Well- Nezu got up- If it's just that we can fix it right away


-Don't make a mistake-Izuku looked at them- I have both male and female genitals, I was not mistaken when I wrote it. I am both male and female

The air froze and a light pink mist arose around him. They all backed down

-Are you telling me that you, a teenage girl, have shown themselves to so many people just because they also have male genitals? -Midnight grabs Izuku- Si's chest, they are small but you have breasts

Izuku let go, only after Midnight ran his hands over his body, outlining his figure

-Androgynous, but even with a beautiful form- the woman smiled- It is seen that I have found a student to be a +18 hero. Don't worry - I take Izuku's hands - Under my guide you can make thousands of men and women faint and bleed through the nose across the world

Eraserhead left Midnight unconscious in a blow to the neck and looked at Izuku

-Don't worry, before you go to class we will do a full seminar against sexual abuse. A very complete seminar- the man turned to the director- It seems that in the end if we are going to use the bathrooms and others for neutral genres


Izuku wore a girl's uniform. Why?

He had commissioned one as a boy, not because he felt like a boy, but because it was more comfortable to wear pants than a skirt. But, according to a note sent by the director. If you had both genders, you should wear a uniform for one quarter and the next one for the other.

His mother and the director of his previous school had tried to convince him of the same, but Izuku had refused, claiming that the sailor uniform did not like him. But the UA uniform for men and women was almost identical, it only differed by the skirt, so Izuku had no excuses for not wearing it

-You look very pretty, Izuku

-Thank you mom- maybe for wearing a female uniform Izuku had taken more time combing and put on a lip gloss

Izuku also associated that to which he would soon have his zeal, on the other hand, and was grooming himself for possible couples. He had seen it often in the girls in his class and in himself when he was in high school. The zeal drove them to try to look as beautiful as possible for the other hybrids

Izuku arrived at the door of 1ºA with a smile, he had been the first examined. There was nothing like knowing that you had scored 128 points to enter the classroom with a smile

Bakugou's laughs could have resonated throughout the building

-What the hell are you wearing, Deku? !! - He said while still laughing hard and holding his stomach


Izuku felt fortunate to be able to change to his gym uniform. Although his was designed to leave his back to the air and had a hole in the back for the tail. In addition, he thanked to change in a place without people.

 The underwear for hybrids with a tail was ... Shameful and low-waisted. In addition, after noticing his chest by Midnight, he had begun to wear a bra, with only the front, adhesive. And yes, his chest was noticeable thanks to that

Izuku went to the driving range with the others already there

-Whoa ... Your uniform is a bit bold, Midoriya-said a girl with pink hair

-Well, it must be so- Izuku smiled as he stroked the skin of his back- Although I will be cold in winter

The teacher arrived and explained the rules and method of expulsion after hearing one say it would be fun. Then Bakugou raised his hand

-Sensei, is wearing the wrong uniform grounds for immediate expulsion?

- Correct - The tired man said it with even more fatigue

-In that case, you will have to expel Deku, he is a man but he was wearing the female uniform. He even changed with the girls

-That is not true-Uraraka came out in the defense of Izuku- He did not change with us, although I am also doubting, since she was a he during the admission exam

Aizawa sighed and looked at his students who began to whisper and look at Izuku

-Because of Midoriya's hybrid characteristics he / she has both male and female genitalia, so he is both male and female, so he wears the correct uniform at the request of director Nezu. Next quarter he will wear the men's uniform if he is still here, so there should be no problems

At that moment a dark aura left Iida who approached Izuku

-We were in the same exam room. Are you a woman and have your chest bare?

-Why does everyone go around the same point? I'm also a man, so it shouldn't matter — Izuku pouted an adorable pout that wreaked havoc on all the hearts of the class, except in Mineta which was “Unless I have good breasts I won't notice” - Besides, you didn't know, Kacchan? We have bathed together many times, even your mother knows. Why do you think there are so many pictures of me from when we were little with female clothes?

-Midoriya, then we'll have a talk about it- the girls in the class put their energy into saying that phrase- A great talk about why you shouldn't show yourself in public



Extra from later


-Deku-chan, can you give me some of your egg omelet?

-Of course Uraraka-Izuku handed him the tortilla with chopsticks- Say “Ahhh”

Uraraka took the tortilla with his mouth and began to chew it

-Oh, my God. That's so good. I had never tasted such good eggs. Where did you buy?

-They are my eggs-Izuku said simply

Some chopsticks fell off and that sound echoed in the dining room that fell silent

-I think ... I don't understand you well, Deku-chan

-I put the eggs with which that tortilla was made. It is quite common for a hybrid with bird characteristics to lay eggs. For my part I put eight to sixteen eggs every week, so that's fine

Bakugou's laughs echoed in the room

- How disgusting, round face! Turns out you've eaten Deku's eggs literally

-Bakubro- Kirishima spoke for the first time- Do not say that the eggs of the hybrids are very well valued and are sold for large sums of money

-Even yes, I would never eat anything that came out of Deku

Izuku smiled wickedly

- Actually, since I started laying eggs on a regular basis I share them with Aunt Mitsuki. Two days ago I gave him some eggs from my last laying. So, you've eaten my eggs many times, Kacchan.

Bakugou's reaction was epic in many ways, but Izuku was able to finish his meal in peace

Chapter Text

Rei Todoroki can't take it anymore

Tired of years of abuse by her husband, she attends a relief association for battered women.

There I expected to find help and understanding. There she hoped to find the strength to leave her powerful husband and flee to a safe place with her children.

The only thing I didn't expect to find there was what she really found. Love

Inko Midoriya fled from her husband when he tried to kill her baby who was still in her womb. His parents closed the doors and almost ended up being homeless unless he chose to sleep at the door of the association

Now, she and Izuku live a happy and comfortable life thanks to those women she met. They encouraged her to study, get a job and find a house

Now Inko wants to give back all the good they did helping women in situations of abuse to abandon their husbands

What she didn't expect was to fall in love with that snow-white-haired woman

Two broken and battered souls that meet to achieve happiness


-My wife has a lover

Enji Todoroki was in the office of a private investigator. The man raised an eyebrow at the tone of the husband, supposedly jealous and betrayed. It was a cold and selfless tone, as if he didn't really care what his wife did

- Are you sure about that?

-It fixes a lot, is very happy, comes out constantly, had a hickey behind his ear, ...

- The hickey could not be ...?

-I prefer to bite-the man looked at the investigator- I want proof of his infidelity to divorce her and take custody of our children


Rei arrived at the cafeteria where he had met Inko. She smiled as she held Izuku in her arms. The boy had just taken off his pacifier and was in the phase in which he sucked anything within his reach.

Like Rei's ear, when he charged a moment for two weeks

Rei looked at Shouto who was excited to see Izuku. The boy was too mature for his age. As if he understood what was happening in his house, he barely cried and used to sit still all the time

Less when his father was angry. The boy had learned too fast to crawl to hide when that happened

But when Shouto was with Izuku he showed again that adorable behavior that all babies should have. He even hugged him with his arms and rubbed his head against him, as if the other boy was a giant doll

Inko and Rei took pictures of it very often

-Have you achieved anything? -Inko knew that if Rei did not present strong evidence of the abuse Enji would destroy it in court. After all, he was hero # 2

-Yes, it doesn't even hide it. It has been so easy, so extremely easy ... -Rei felt a tear fall down her cheek- I could not bear to see how he hit Touya and me

-Rei, I know it's hard. But you have to be strong- Inko was playing with Izuku in his lap which, in turn, was intertwining his hands with Shouto's. If anyone looked at them from afar, I would think it was a date for babies to play

Or that is what the detective who followed Rei saw.

For the next few days, every time Rei and Inko met, he gave her, discreetly, the USB with Enji's videos mistreating them. Inko took them to the association, which was run by the office of a pro heroine

Everything was going well, until neither Inko nor Rei could contain themselves and they kissed. Making the detective release the camera and look at them dumbfounded. After all Rei Todoroki was a very beautiful woman, Inko Midoriya was less beautiful, but still had a great figure and a special beauty

Then Endeavor was right, he thought, his wife has an affair, with another woman

The next day Endeavor returned home furiously at the investigator's call and found it empty. Without Rei, without Touya, Natsuo, Fuyumi or Shouto. Just a notification that a complaint had been made against him for abuse and a divorce form


Rei looked at her children from the sofa with Inko by her side

The house may not have been very large and the children had to share rooms, but they were much calmer and happier. It's been so long since she had heard Touya's laugh that her eyes filled with tears

-Everything will be fine- Inko caressed Rei's cheek and kissed her- From now on everything will get better

A few years later Rei has to recognize that his life has only gone better after leaving Endeavor. At first it was hard to work and take care of the five children with Inko, but then it was something gratifying

Until neither Inko nor she knows how to react to the fact that Shouto and Izuku are dating together, besides there is another boy who is also his boyfriend, that of both boys, and looks like a crooked criminal.

How is life supposed to prepare you for these situations?

In addition, Endeavor saw Shouto in the UA and wants to regain his custody at all costs. Claiming that Shouto is gay because of Rei's bad influence on his life.

Can things get more complicated?

The sudden appearance of Inko's ex-husband, willing to recover her

What Fuyumi discovers that on a drunken night he married the villain Shigaraki Tomura and he does not want to divorce her, but start a family

Let Natsuo tell you that he really is a woman and wants to start making the transition from man to woman. Also, she likes women and considers herself a lesbian

That Touya has left two girls pregnant, who are also sisters. And they both want him to take care of the babies and them

Can the universe give them more blows? A trio, two ex-husbands, an accidental marriage, two unplanned pregnancies and a trans daughter who decides to confess with twenty years, all in the same week

Well, Rei took Inko's hand and she squeezed it. As long as they are together they can overcome everything

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya was kidnapped by the villain league when she was sixteen, a month later she was found and released. But due to the injuries she suffered she did not return to the UA until a year later

The girl had changed. She had become strong, it was no longer easy to tear and her emotions were more controlled. In addition, she had continued training during her recovery and seemed stronger and in control of her quirk than ever.

No one got her to say what she had done during that year or what had happened while she was kidnapped

Thus she managed to become the No. 1 heroine and the protector of Japan five years after her debut



Fourteen years after graduating pro hero No. 2 Shouto and pro hero No. 3 Ground Zero enter to work at the UA to teach in their former class of 1ºA. What they did not expect was to meet two students who surprise them in the presentations

-Nice to meet you, I'm Akari Midoriya-The girl had bright red hair and was full of curls, her eyes were green as crystals. Besides that she was beautiful in an energetic and cheerful way. The kind of person who was like a sunbeam and illuminated everything around him- My name is written with the kanji of "Red Crystal." My quirk is "Fatty Fire." All the fire I produce with my body is cold, blue and freezes, the only hot fire that comes out of me is the one that I expel through my mouth. I'm the younger twin, get along with me and my nee-san

-Haruna Midoriya, is written as "Spring Green". My quirk is "Telekinesis", I can also undo anything affected by my telekinesis and redo it again in another way. - The girl had straight hair of a color between green and light blue, she was wearing very short and let see a quirk control collar His green eyes were identical to his sister's. She had a mole under her lip that highlighted the natural beauty of her face- My quirk is very powerful, so I wear the restriction to avoid hurting. If I get out of control it will give me an electric shock that will leave me unconscious. Only my mother has been able to stop me out of control without the collar. I hope we can grow together in these three years

Those girls ... They were ... So similar to the appearance they remembered of the No. 1 hero in his early days at the UA. The girl before the villains kidnapped her

-I ask me to kill Shigaraki Tomura- Ground Zero said as he watched the students return home

-It's in Tartarus, we can't do it anymore. But I understand you, if they escape I will kill Dabi



Fifteen years before the entry into UA

A sixteen-year-old girl looked at the pair of twins she had given birth

-It is called hetero paternal super fertilization- Recovery girl looked at the girl of just seventeen years who stared at the babies before her- It arises when a woman produces two ovules and within twenty-four hours she has sex with two different men.

The girl was silent, her mentor was by her side and had her by the shoulders

-This is our fault, if we had been more exhaustive and had not associated your vomiting, that you felt strange odors or your lack of period with the psychological trauma you could have made a decision before they were born or before the legal period for a abortion- Nezu approached the girl. He was in one of those spacesuits since he was an animal and the girls were in incubators for being born prematurely

The girl extended her hand to the red-haired girl and she rested it on her head. The baby stirred in her sleep before leaning against her mother's hand. The girl extended another hand and did the same with the greenish-haired girl

-Midoriya, my girl, what do you want to do? - The blond-haired man looked at the girls- They will take a long time to leave the hospital, they may not leave until after you finish the UA. Their parents are in jail. I have talked to your mother, we will support any decision you make and we will help you. Either keeping them or giving them to the system

-Keep them-the girl was crying- They are innocent of what their parents have done. I cannot allow two innocents to go to the adoption system. I can't allow them to suffer. They are my daughters and only mine

-I understand- The former number one hero comforted the girl- Don't worry, I'm sure they will be wonderful people, after all, they are your daughters



Ten years before the entrance to UA

-Mami, look- the red-haired girl strongly inspired and blew a heart of red fire. Then she started jumping excitedly - I control my quirk better every time!

-That's amazing, Akari- the red-haired girl laughed and ran away happily to the swings, the young mother wished she would use up that infinite source of energy she seemed to have inside. The mother looked at the other girl, who was sitting next to her on the park bench - don't you want to go play, Haruna?

-No, the children say that my quirk is scary- the girl touched the quirk control choker on her neck. She was unconsciously floating things around her, but her mother was used- Besides, today we are with mom. Mama is usually very busy, so I want to be as much as possible with mama

The young mother hugged her daughter and ignored the comments made by the other women in the park because of their youth. Luckily she had changed her hair color to a reddish one like her youngest daughter and they weren't associating her with the rising hero Deku



Seven years before the entry into the UA

The girls were awake. That was weird, it was too late at night. They used to fall asleep soon, but their brains were busy and they both looked at each other in the dark with their bright eyes

The girls went out into the hall and made mutual gestures to keep silent. Her mother was working in Hokaido, she had promised to bring them local sweets, and they were alone with Grandpa Toshi and Grandma Inko. They didn't want to worry them

-The girls look a lot like Izuku, they are already starting to fill analysis notebooks to learn how to fight

-They are very good at passing theoretical concepts to practice- Grandpa Toshi cleared his throat a little

-No one would say that they are daughters of villains, taking into account the prejudice against that, wait ... But they have pleasantly surprised me

-Inko, never forget that they are also the daughters of the number 1 hero, the protector of Japan. Although I would have liked her to inherit the title of peace symbol, I think that Mirio is doing well.

The girls were covering each other's mouth. Neither was aware of what they had heard very clearly

They remembered when they wanted to draw a picture of their family for the nursery school and could only draw their mother

-Mama, how is dad? -Akari said drawing only three figures on the paper

-You have no dad- the girls looked at each other in confusion- But, in return, you have Grandpa Toshi and Grandma Inko. Isn't it better to have them both than just a dad? - The young mother took them in her arms and tickled them while they laughed

The girls returned to the room in silence before looking at each other in bed

-When I am older, I will find the villain who is our father and I will make him pay for hurting my mother- Akari said decisively

-I, too ... I'll do it with Akari



The day after the entrance in the UA of the twins
Hero number 1 was in dogeza on the ground in front of heroes number 2 and 3

-Deku, I was wondering what you were doing that you've almost been missing, but from what it seems I already have my answer

-That girl ... She is my brother's daughter, although she is a stain in the family she is still my brother and she is my niece. My family would have wanted to keep her and raise her

Izuku wasn't prepared to deal with this before the sports festival, where he supposed people would find out about their girls!

-Girls should stay together, don't start talking like your father, Todoroki

-They are daughters of villains! Two villains to be more precise

-Are my daughters! I will decide the best for them !! They are good girls. No matter who their parents were or what they did, they are my daughters and I will protect them. Even of you. Remember that I can with both of you and this time I will not stop as in training

Chapter Text

The spider is a myth

An urban legend

Someone only known in the darkest and deepest places of the underworld and the dark web

It is said that all the information in the world passes through it. That is the biggest hacker of the generation, that there is no computer that cannot infest with its viruses and steal the information to sell it on the black market.

Many sub-world leaders are their clients, but nobody knows anything about The Spider. Neither sex nor age nor nationality ...

If you try to track its signal you will find yourself bouncing around servers around the world. Tracking the account the money goes to will only take you to a network of fake companies that make transfers between them constantly

The spider is a mystery, an enigma and a weight figure.

Once, it is said that a villain organization refused to pay La Spider for its services. The spider hacked the television signal of chains all over the world and sent a broadcast with the identities of the members of the organization while discussing what criminal act they were going to commit. I even include your address, the address of the families of those subjects and safety shelters

The world got the message. Don't fuck with the spider if you don't want to taste its poison

In a quarter of a normal apartment building, a fifteen-year-old boy with green hair came out of the shower. His back was completely tattooed with a cobweb pattern and in its center was a spider. On the spider's abdomen was the symbol of Shie Hassaikai



- Do you understand that you are selling yourself to the Yakuza for that woman?

The head of Shie Hassaikai looked at the ten-year-old boy before him. That child's gaze was not normal. It was the look of an adult. He didn't like it, all the children he welcomed had that look lately.

-Yes, I understand- the voice was something childish, but considering the age of the child, it would be strange if

-You have to have the eggs well laid to hack the Yakuza servers and request an interview with their leader- The man stretched out on the couch

-They won't give me a legal loan because of my age, I need money to take care of my mother. I am good at computing, and entering sites that I don't have on the web. No matter how many letters or emails you have sent to associations for help for the sick or heroes asking for help. No one will help me in the world of light- the boy smiled bitterly- Which means I will have to resort to darkness

-And your father?

-He left when he knew I was quirkless. He left us a debt that my mother had to pay by killing herself to work. When she fell ill it is my time to take over

The man looked at the medical report of the boy's mother

-Even with current treatments, your mother's type of cancer only has a survival rate of ten percent. Are you completely sure you want to sell yourself for that?

-She would do it for me. I do it for her

The man looked at the boy once more. Negotiating with children always left a bad taste in your mouth. But that boy had sneaked into a computer on a closed network and not connected to the internet

-Ten years, the same age you've been alive. That is the time you will serve Shie Hassaikai. It doesn't matter what we send you to look for, to pirate, to destroy ... No questions or explanations. You will only do it. I don't care if you provide your services to more people, but my clan will be a priority to any other client

The boy stretched his hand towards the adult

-We have a deal

-You will also have to tattoo the clan symbol somewhere. And a tattoo that covers his back, like a real Yakuza - he was saying it to scare the boy, but his gaze was full of determination

-A spider. With a big cloth. Because that's the net and I- the green-eyed boy smiled

-The spider a poisonous and controlling insect. Lethal and beneficial at the same time. What name will you use from now on? Because Izuku Midoriya cannot be for your criminal activities

-The spider, it sounds good and I will already tattoo it on my back. It will be easier to remember and a means of identifying myself

The two shook hands starting what would be a great criminal career by the child. Especially after the death of his mother




A flickering screen in the room of the former leader of the Yakuza clan and he saw the screen light up, showing a green-haired teenager


-Boss, how are you?

-Dying- the man complained with a strong and masculine gesture

-That happened to eat chocolate with diabetes, what was I thinking?

The man pointed to the screen

-I've taken off tobacco, salt, sex and alcohol, but I won't give up candy

-What you say. I'm already preparing his funeral, just in case. What did he want to see me for? - Izuku smiled at the man who had saved his life years ago

-The Shie Hassaikai has a new leader. I retire. I'm still your legal guardian, so I would like you to move to the headquarters


-How long have you not been out? - The boy was silent- How long have you not eaten homemade food? Have you ventilated the room? How long have you not cut your hair or shower? - The teenager could not deny the logic of why he could not live alone that he hid behind the questions

-Okay, I'll go to the clan building. But let them know that I am going, I don't want to be pointed with guns, again, or that they give me a Taser, again

-I apologized for that

-And it takes me two months to recover the sense of smell-complained Izuku-Well, I'll prepare the move. The spider changes its nest




Izuku wondered how he had ended up tied in the bed of the new leader of the clan, with a set of women's lingerie and the new leader was running his hands around his waist.

Unleashing the underwear they had put on

He did not understand

He had gone to the clan building at the time the old chief had told him and had been gassed at the door. The next thing he remembered was lying on the sheet and his entire body ached as if his skin had been torn off. His anus also felt annoying, but it didn't hurt for some reason

The fingers of the new leader, Kai Chisaki, entered his body with the help of a lubricant that had been left by his side. Izuku cursed having a gag in his mouth. Although his body was beginning to feel good, for some reason the fingers were very warm and that man had found his prostate easily

-When the boss told me he was sending me a surprise I didn't expect this. I liked you as soon as I saw you on the security cameras. Don't worry, I had them blindfolded while they prepared you. Only I will be able to see your body

Izuku understood that they had not seen the tattoo of Shie Hassaikai and that is why the new leader must think that he was a toy boy instead of a member. If it wasn't because he was tied he would turn around and show the spider with the lotus of the clan

-Very narrow, and the reactions are surprising. Are you a virgin? I'm glad you even thought about that, I wouldn't like to play something that was already touched by others.

Izuku tried to get his attention anyway, but it was not possible. He gave up and decided to enjoy the feeling. The man on his body was very attractive and beautiful. Besides, I was being delicate.

When the golden-eyed man released his hands and mouth, Izuku hugged his neck and pulled him into a kiss as he lifted his hips toward those intrusive fingers

The man let out a soft laugh against his lips and took out his fingers. Izuku could hear a zipper beginning to open and felt anxious. More ... I wanted more of that feeling. Then the door was opened with a man with silver hair in spikes

-Kai don't do anything, we were wrong!




Izuku was sitting in a corner, swinging again and again with a blanket covering him

- Leaving the nest is bad, something bad always happens. Outside is dangerous. Leaving the nest is bad. Outside is dangerous… - He repeated it as a prayer, muttering it without stopping

Chronostasis looked at the child

-I did not know that the spider was part of the clan- His gaze passed through the soft and thin limbs of the child

Kai licked her lips from under her mask. Despite the scolding of the former leader, he was willing to continue what he had begun earlier. It wasn't just because the boy's body had reacted well and his own body had woken up. He was quirkless and had surpassed computer quirks. In addition, it was a figure from the darkest part of the underworld that had a great influence

A suitable match for him

-Well, it's already in the clan's house, it's already in its nest- Kai got up and approached Izuku- This is your nest now. Don't worry, next time I will make sure you have your consent clear before doing those things

Chronostasis did not overlook that Kai not only had not apologized, but had talked about repeating it in the future. At least he had talked about waiting until the boy's consent

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya was crying bitterly the last time he got on an international plane

He didn't want to leave Japan, he didn't understand his mother's motives for sending him with his father to the United States

Seven years later, returning to Japan, Izuku still did not understand his mother. God knew that he had tried in each videoconference, in each letter ... But at the end of his mother's life he had never been able to forgive or understand why she did what she did.

-Mama, is that Japan?! - the white-haired girl with a beautiful horn on her forehead looked out the window with improper energy of the sixteen hours of flight they had

-Yes, Eri, that's Japan- Izuku kissed her daughter's hair- That's where I was born, now we'll live there

-Are we not going back to Montana with Grandpa? - The girl sat in her seat and looked at Izuku

-No, now we will live in Japan. Mama has to deal with some paperwork for the death of your grandmother and I have been offered a job as a quirks analyst

-Ok ... - The girl under the head- If we live in Japan can I meet dad?

Izuku smiled at his daughter and hugged her

-First I'll have to find him, but I swear I'll look for him. Your mom also misses your dad a lot - Izuku smiled sadly, thinking about those golden eyes and brown hair

The plane landed and Izuku carried Eri by the hand at all times. From the plane, to pick up the luggage ... The girl was obedient and hated crowds, so she clung to him.

-Deku! - Izuku smiled, they wouldn't have to take a taxi

- Kacchan- The blond had muscled more than the last time he saw him. He had also grown up - or should I call you by your other name?

-If there is a fucking stampede at the airport I will kick your ass to the bay and drown you- The man bowed- Hello princess, have you had a good time on the flight?

-Yes- the girl was sleepy

-She has barely slept, she is seconds away from falling- Izuku watched as Katsuki took his bags and he could lift his daughter in his arms- Thank you

-Do not mention it. Welcome back, damn nerd

-I'm home

Before reaching Katsuki's car, the girl in Izuku's arms fell asleep. Izuku smiled and arranged it without waking her up in the child seat before sitting down like Katsuki's co-pilot

-Have you come back because your old witch is dead? - Katsuki didn't ask easy questions, but Izuku was used to it

- In part yes, she would not have let me come back even if she was alive. She believed that here ...

-Here you would meet your boyfriend and fall into vices, in the sin of sodomy. Aunt Inko was a great mother and very tolerant in many things, but no one took her homophobia - Katsuki sighed - I've been married with shitty hair for three years and she still called him my roommate

-It wasn't that bad- Izuku felt compelled to defend his mother

-She saw you kissing with your boyfriend in the street and instead of talking about the subject and trying to understand you, what did she do? Ah, now ... She packed your bags and bought you a plane ticket, making you cross the damn ocean to go live with your father to a ranch in Montana isolated from the hand of God.- Izuku could not deny the truth, his Mother had got on her nerves. As soon as he had returned she had taken his cell phone, given his, put a suitcase in his hand and taken to the airport. His father had been more understanding when he saw that he was still releasing a sea of tears when he got there- By the way, what is your father doing there?

-It is a transgalactic communication technician

-What the fuck is that?

-A millionaire pays them to send messages to different parts of the universe to see if there is life. With a huge antenna that they have on the mountain - Izuku sighed, he had not spent years surrounded by aliens geeks for nothing - They also make communications for the various government agencies and stuff

-Fuck, people spend money on unnecessary shits ... I guess you would be there at a convention of permanent virgins

- Believe it or not that was almost a gay orgy, all gays or lesbians except my father.- Izuku smiled thinking about how everyone had encouraged him.- It was a very relaxed atmosphere. Less when my pregnancy was announced, everyone had a gun pointed at me and they didn't let me sleep with the door open until they did a DNA analysis on Eri to see if it was human

Katsuki hit a brake and Izuku had to check if Eri was still sleeping

-Are you fucking me ?!

-No, you will understand that my ... Situation. It was not normal.

-But it was explained, the doctor there explained it

-Try to give rational arguments to people who wear half of the days silver foil caps.- Izuku looked at his girl with love before turning around again- A seventeen year old quirkless boy who is suddenly pregnant. Doesn't it sound like an alien has planted his seed regardless of the genus of the carrier?

Katsuki took a deep breath

-They have put you in the wrong place to take off the friki- Katsuki looked at the girl- What are you going to do about the father?

-Find him- Izuku smiled- I ... I want to explain what happened and tell him he has a daughter

-I want to see that conversation. Especially with the princess quirk

-Yes, it was fortunate to activate it on a horse and not on a person. Although Eri loved that colt and still has nightmares in which it makes us all disappear. But every day she controls it better and with gloves it is not a danger


Seven years before

Izuku looked at the doctor at the base. Not that he felt a great respect for a man with a beard wearing a shirt that said "The truth is out there" with a green alien making the peace symbol. But for lack of anything better ...

Izuku got up dizzy since he arrived at the Base, as the inhabitants called the small and very cozy ranch.

He would get up, vomit and his nausea would pass, unless he smelled like eggs in the house, then vomited like a fountain

He was also getting fatter strangely, so much so that his pants didn't fit and he had to borrow some, several larger sizes. But only his gut was growing, and the lump was not soft, it was hard.

But seeing the diagnosis, as well as the paintball gun but a gun, he pointed at him, Izuku wondered why he hadn't gone to a hospital. His command of English was perfect, he could have gone perfectly

-How did you say?

-Don't make me repeat it, have you had any dreams where an alien made you things behind?

-No- Izuku felt bad enough to be abrupt, but not enough to insult

-So how is it possible that you're pregnant ?!

-Wait, what the fuck ?!

(One month later, university hospital closest to the Base)

- Female pseudohermaphroditism - The doctor sighed and looked at Izuku. His father was by his side- Or, what is the same, you are, genetically speaking, a woman, but for a chromosomal defect your genitals and body are masculine. But inside you have a functional uterus.

Izuku was in shock and his father seemed unconscious

-That's impossible….

- During your adolescence did you feel pain in the lower part of your belly? - When asked by Dr. Izuku I keep silent. Mustafu's doctor had said it was because of stress. Izuku nodded silently- That was ... Probably ... Your period. And because of the pregnancy, I suppose you were the recipient of a gay or heterosexual sexual encounter, seeing that you are a girl genetically- The doctor looked confused

Izuku thought about the afternoons he had spent with Kai, not nights for Inko not to suspect, whole evenings in the bed of his apartment

-We always used a condom

-Condoms have a percentage of failures. Either by breakage or filtration, a pregnancy can occur despite the use of condoms, so we recommend the use of more than one contraceptive method

Izuku put his hands to his head and rubbed his aching temples

-I didn't expect to hear this coming here

-It's also my first time- the doctor looked at him- You're in the fifth month, abortion is illegal in this state. But if you don't want the baby, I can recommend other hospitals where they would. Don't even think about going to an illegal clinic

Izuku looked at his belly. The doctor handed him something in amber and black. Izuku looked at him. It was a baby, a high resolution ultrasound. The little fingers, the little arms, the little legs, her adorable little head topped by what looked like the beginning of a horn, ... So beautiful

-It's your baby, it's a girl

Izuku's father took the picture and began to cry

-It is not the first time that we have a male pregnancy. There is a person in the area who has a quirk that makes men fertile. If you want to continue the pregnancy, you would be referred to the gynecologist who took these cases

-She's smiling- Hisashi looked at the girl in the picture with adoration- She's a little princess

The doctor and Hisashi looked at Izuku

-You want to do?

Izuku swallowed and put his hand on his belly, in which a small life grew

-I love her. I want to have it

(Four months later)

The white-haired baby was in the arms of an Izuku who was recovering from caesarean section

-You will be called Eri, which means “Break the logic”. Because you have broken all my schemes

-------------------------------------------------- ----


Izuku was in a cafeteria where he remembered being with Kai. Rather, they met there

- Are you sure you don't remember? He was with me, imagine me smaller and with longer hair. He always wore gloves and a black medical mask. Besides that he forced you to disinfect the cup before him.

-No, I'm sorry- the woman was still as kind as Izuku remembered her

-If you see him ... Can you tell him that Izuku is looking for him? I just came back to the country and I would like to see it

-If I see someone with his description I will tell him- the woman spat. Izuku knew that he was not going to get anything better and left with a coffee to carry in his hand

As soon as she left the premises the woman picked up her phone and called a number

-I'm the cafeteria manager Mr. Chisaki used to go to. They told me to call if the "cute boy with freckles and green hair" appeared. And he came here looking for Mr. Chisaki

Chapter Text

The girl with the black coat entered the hotel. She looked at the man at the reception and winked seductively. The man sighed before letting it pass and go up to the VIP floor

The girl's red heels sounded on the floor as she approached the door that came on her card. I knock on the door twice and a man in a black suit opened it


-I come from the League. A one-night gift for the leader of your organization to celebrate the deal - the girl smiled seductively

-What in between- was heard behind the man in black

The young woman entered the room and knew, as soon as the door closed, that it was pointed with a gun

-What is your name? - The man before her was young and had facial scars


-Your quirk?

-That didn't wake up when I was less than six years old. I am registered as quirkless

- The old man has not given you any quirk? - She raised an eyebrow when she saw the lack of respect with which they referred to their master, All for One

-Sensei knows that I am a being too low for him to waste one of his quirks on me. My mission for the League is to make these kinds of commissions

-Then a quirkless prostitute. That's why your name is Less, which means none, a worthy name for a quirkless- The man rubbed his chin and saw that the girl was clenching her hands unconsciously- What word did you not like? Prostitute or Quirkless?

-Quirkless. But sir, I have been sent here with the only mission of giving you pleasure for one night. I have been ordered not to harm him

The man seemed convinced and nodded to the other to stop pointing. She undressed before the two men with extremely sensual gestures and then approached the leader.

She sat on the man's lap and let him massage her body at ease. She felt up and taken to bed. The man just unbuttoned his pants. Then Less ran his hand down the back of the man's neck and he fell on it by the prick

The man in black raised the gun again, but she was faster and raised her hand first. One of her fingers was fired and stuck in the bodyguard's neck. She just smiled and pulled an invisible thread. The finger opened like a flower. Tearing the inside of the man's throat completely

Less got up and dressed again.

-You should know that a lie detection quirk can be deceived as long as you don't tell lies. That poison only causes you pleasure, it will leave you paralyzed all night of pleasure- Less held the man's cell phone. She sent a message and she waited- And my quirk woke up in my tenth year of life. But you did not ask, it is a pity that you have no other opportunity, you have already lost and you will die for that. Another mistake was staying at a hotel that belongs to my master

The black mist arose and the blue-haired man entered the room

-Well done- his voice almost croak when he said those words. Then he approached Less and his hand gripped one of her breasts tightly - I'll reward you later for doing so well.

Less blushed and looked at him with obvious love in his eyes.

-Yes, my beloved Tomura, I will prepare properly right now to please you tonight- The girl shook her greenish curls while her jade eyes shone- I think I'll do cosplay of that character you like so much, the girl from the hentai video game that is raped in the initial scene, the one with the pigtails

The foggy man put his hands to his head, but the playful squeeze that Less gave his partner, in the butt, told her that he loved the idea. So both ignored in the comment of "I am not paid enough for this"

-------------------------------------------------- -------

Izumi Midoriya quickly understood after the quirkless diagnosis that her parents had stopped loving her

Nothing had really changed. They continued to behave as usual. Only there was no love. It was as if taking care of her was one more job, although they tried to hide it. As if they were crossing out things from a daily to-do list: Cleaning, shopping, taking care of Izumi, ...

How else was it explained that her mother never asked her why she came home crying or where the burn marks on her body came from? That her father would only buy her things but never play with her with those toys as before?

It was something terribly lonely. Izumi had nowhere to go or who to trust. Her friends had turned her back, her family didn't love her ... She was alone

Then his mother became pregnant again when Izumi was ten years old. At the same time Hisashi was offered a job abroad. Izumi heard them speak through the walls, as they happily said it was a new opportunity to start from scratch

They just had to get rid of the ballast

That winter day Izumi was soon awakened by her father and took her out of the house. They were holding hands, but it was still night. Hisashi took Izumi to the city center and then through alleys until he entered a bar

Izumi did not get to see the name of the place. They entered very quickly

There was a man of fog and another that emanated power

-It's her?

-Yes- Hisashi grabbed Izumi by the shoulders and pushed her forward- It's Izumi, it's quirkless, as promised and totally pure and innocent

Izumi shuddered at his father's words. The powerful man gestured with his fingers and an invisible force dragged Izumi to his side. He grabbed her jaw and stared at her

-Kurogiri, pay him- The foggy man took out a bag and opened it to his father. Izumi saw a lot of money

-Promised, a million yen in small bills, not consecutive and unmarked- The foggy man saw how Izumi's father grabbed the bag and created a kind of door. Then I push her father through the door, making him disappear- It's a pleasure doing business with you

Izumi was silent, had just been sold by her parents so that they could go to America to start from scratch. Hell, they hadn't even paid much for her

The man's hand pressed against her neck and Izumi felt her throat burn. The skin of his neck burned

-It's a quirk called slavery. I think I won't have to explain what he is doing to you. From this moment my orders are absolute for you, even your mentality will change to adapt to my desires and your feelings will change to my pleasure- The man released Izumi, who fell to the ground panting

Izumi felt something click on her head and understood the effect of the quirk. She could feel a part of her screaming in the back of her mind. But the desire to fulfill all man's requests before her was superior to everything else. She loved that man, that man was the most important and she would do anything for him.

-As far as I can see the quirk works well- The foggy man approached-Give her the order and I'll take her with him

-From now your name is Less. My order is that you will serve my disciple, Tomura Shigaraki, in all that he wants and desires. You will help him control his quirk and you will be what he wants. You will love him, for you he will be your whole world, for you, sweet girl, he will be a romantic love. You will take care of him with your life

-If I love. Less will take good care of the master's disciple

Kurogiri created a foggy portal and Less could see Tomura for the first time, the fourteen-year-old teenager before her. What Less did not know until later was that she was not the first. Rather, none believed she would last long.

But Less's warm and friendly nature helped Tomura control her quirk a lot. Until one time something knocked him out and Less's arms and legs left forever.

Then, as if answering the call for help that lit up in his mind, the quirk of Less woke up. Maybe because she herself, despite the slavery quirk, knew what would happen to her being useless, although with the active quirk she would see it as a reward.

Telekinesis It was a pretty powerful telekinesis

Less was happy, she didn't need her hands or legs.

The master gave Less some prostheses and forced her to use her telekinesis to move them as if they were her real limbs. So that she didn't show what her quirk was, that she learned to use it to appear to be completely normal.

 From the rocking of the fingers to the movement of the ankles, through using chopsticks to carry grains of rice one by one. Less completed all those movement exercises while she got used to her prostheses and her quirk

When they got used the prostheses became even more realistic and were loaded with weapons to protect Tomura.

Less became Tomura's emotional support and a force to consider the Villains League. Tomura took her body as he wanted, used Less's calculating mind to draw up plans and turned it into a weapon. The best pawn in the world

But what would happen if the pawn were removed from its masters and the chain broken?

Would Izumi remain Less or adopt his past identity? Would he return to the only ones she remembers who have shown her kindness, even if they did terrible things to her, or would she stay with the heroes?



Less straightened up on Tomura's bed totally naked. She yawned and got up, without hiding her body before turning and covering the blue-haired man again. She took the robe she used to wear and went to the community bathroom

Even in spite of everything they said about Less, the members of the league knew well that she was the exclusive property of Tomura. No one but him touched her

Less went to her room and she removed the hyper realistic and dangerous prostheses, replacing the fingers she had used to kill the guys from the previous day, and put on the simple and normal ones she used to walk around the bar

Like he put on the barman's uniform and went to the kitchen. During that day there would only be Kurogiri, she and Tomura.

Less prepared an easy and quick breakfast to eat for Tomura, who would soon start playing as soon as he got up.

She would want to do something well balanced and delicious, but Tomura preferred the simple things he could eat without looking away from the screen.

After leaving it in the place where she usually put it, with Tomura still asleep, Less picked up the room and cleaned the remains of the “fun” of the previous day. It only remained to change the sheets when Tomura woke up

Less took a set of clean clothes from the closet and left him where he could easily take it. Then she returned to the bar and prepared her breakfast and Kurogiri's. Punctual as a clock a foggy door opened and the man entered with his uniform in perfect condition as always

Less did not know where he slept, or if he slept, she only knew that he was there ready and well dressed anytime he was called and during the bar's business hours. Just as it always was when there were more people staying at the base besides Less and Tomura

Less scrubbed the dishes while the man made inventory of alcoholic beverages and then began to practice how to prepare cocktails. Kurogiri was very strange, Less had been bought as a slave for the League, but Kurogiri had not let her touch alcohol or help her at the bar until she turned eighteen. Until that time Less only did laundry and cleaning, things she kept doing

-A kiss of angels for Tomura, an Appletini for you and a sparkling strawberry cocktail for me- she said leaving the three cocktails in line. They both raised their heads at the sound of Tomura's videogame and Kurogiri turned on the ambient music- I'll go see Tomura

-Very well, I will go shopping after finishing this- Kurogiri took a sip, Less still did not know how to absorb nutrients, never saw his mouth- It is little removed. Not too much, too little left to be perfect, you have more and more experience

Less nodded and went to Tomura's bedroom

-Yes, sensei, I've heard it. Do you confirm it? - the image on the screen was not a video game, it was the master. Less left the cocktail in Tomura's outstretched hand and kissed her cheek before turning around to give them privacy

-Less- she brakes dry- All Might will be teaching at the university for UA heroes. Shigaraki seems to make plans to attack the school. Make sure you take care of him and protect him, that he always comes home

-I will do it my master, taking care of my beloved Tomura is the greatest pleasure of my life. I'll make sure that I can help his plans go well and that he always comes back home

The man smiled with his half face before putting out the call

Chapter Text

There were two things that the Shie Hassaikai knew with certainty about Kai Chisaki, and there was one last thing that was an internal bet among the members of the clan

The first of all was that if you stained it, or Kai was spotted near you, it was best to run for your life and not stop until your shoes had holes in the soles

The second was that talking about quirks before Kai was like playing Russian roulette. Sometimes it was fine and sometimes it was wrong to the point that you could be taken apart for a few hours

On the internal bet was the only thing that the members were not sure about their boss. On the one hand there were voices for and against. No one decided on whether it was really going to happen or not, even the former clan leader had joined the bet saying it would happen

The bet was on a mundane issue that Kai seemed not to care about.

Will Chisaki marry Midoriya in the end?

Of course Kai knew about the bet and refused to comment, since he himself did not know if it would happen or not. All that was known was that if he ever got married, it would be with someone like her

Izuku Midoriya was the daughter of the leader of one of the branches of Shie Hassaikai. But she had not reached her position for her father's favors, despite her youth she had earned the position

She was also the only person besides Crono and the boss who could have a conversation with Kai. They really knew each other, despite the age difference of six years. Whether it was with paperwork or "putting order", Izuku Midoriya stood out in the same way that Kai Chisaki had done years before

In addition, the two coordinated well, so much so that the boss, when he did not have Izuku busy with other tasks, always left her with the eight precepts of death and in Kai's unit. To keep it under control. They both got along and were quite similar

If it weren't for fear of Kai's germs or his even worse hatred of quirks, chances are he would have already turned the girl into his wife.

Although nobody knew why the teenager had decided to follow in her father's footsteps

Shie Hassaikai was proud to give freedom to the families of its members. In other clans yakuza if you were part of the organization your family too. Shie Hassaikai did not believe that its members should be indoctrinated from birth to be a part. It must be a voluntary decision

Izuku Midoriya had made the decision with fourteen years and passed the leader's test. Now, with sixteen newcomers, she could proudly say that she had earned a position as an elite even superior to that of her own father

-------------------------------------------------- ---------

Dinner at Shie Hassaikai was something that was done as a celebration

The boss wanted his territory clean. Neither underage or obliged prostitutes, drugs, or other things he didn't like. If someone broke the rules, Shie Hassaikai would move to eliminate them and use them as an example of punishment for the rest of the people in the territory

So eliminating (Killing) all the members of a blackmail network to students from lower secondary and even elementary schools to force them into prostitution, was rewarded

The boss had his own granddaughter, whom he adored, touching girls in his territory was even more forbidden than before

The eight precepts lacked manners, but four people at the table had a different air, as always.

The boss was relaxed, but maintaining his dignity and strength. Kai was relaxed next to his adoptive father, but still a little tense about having to take off his mask to eat. Chronostasis on the other hand did not stop talking in a friendly tone. Izuku remained as a link between the precepts and the other three

Chronostasis looked at the green-haired girl while laughing at a very bad joke from Setsuno. He had bet that Kai would end up marrying the girl, and considering how they looked, he thought it would happen

Maybe if the girl's quirk was weak, Kai wouldn't feel disgusted by touching her ... Chronostasis realized that in the three years she had met Izuku she had never seen her use her quirk. He could not remember even once.

She was good at doing analysis and thought it was her quirk, but she denied it when she told him to stop using it. She called him a hobby and was amazing in her. But what would be your quirk?

-Izuku, what is your quirk?

Instantly Kai's nose wrinkled as if he were smelling something rotten. The members of the eight precepts that had bet that they would not end up together were moved by Kai's disgust

-Oh, I don't have quirk. I am quirkless- Izuku smiled- Surprised that I got so high without a quirk helping me?

At that moment the boss got up and shouted for joy, surprising everyone. Kai's smile softened greatly and he looked more warmly at Izuku

Those who bet that if they ended up together they smiled with gestures of triumph. Not only was it understood and could stand before Kai without fear and on equal terms, it was also quirkless, a great point in favor for Kai

-Izuku ... - Eri entered the room rubbing her eyes, instantly Izuku showed her best older sister smile- Grandpa has woken me up Are you coming to sleep with me?

Izuku looked at the boss, waiting for his permission. He nodded

-Yes, take Eri back to bed and go to sleep too Izuku. You have finished dinner and it is too late for you to be up

-Thanks boss, although yesterday I was awake until three in the morning today for some reason he wants me in bed before twelve- Izuku smiled wryly as he lifted Eri and pulled her out of the room- By the way, the bet didn't it ends unless the final one: Yes, I want to. Until that moment nobody has won

The door closed and the atmosphere of celebration of a part of the room calmed down, while they looked at Kai in a calculating way

-And before that I have to propose and get her ring size- said the man with a smile- In addition to seducing her and getting her to accept me

-Recognizes that she would be a good mother, that should give her points -Chronostasis affirmed


Izuku came out of the shower in his house covered by a cloud of steam and heard noises in the kitchen

-I have returned home

-Welcome, have you been Eri's teacher again?

-Yes, my education may not be traditional. But teaching her while I study on my own is very nice- Izuku dried her hair and put a cream-colored yukata with a dark belt- It's very smart. If I went to school I would be doing things for two or three years longer than the ones I have

-That's good, the clan is in good hands- A delicious smell came to Izuku's nose

-What are you doing? Smells good

-We only had leftovers, so I searched the internet for something that could be done and I am testing it. No idea how this potato omelette will taste - Izuku entered the kitchen and kissed the chef's cheek

-What are you doing? - He turned to look at her somewhat embarrassed

-Your apron says "Kiss the chef." I only obey orders, Kai- Izuku laughed- It's been a week since we were home because we stayed in the clan mansion and the prostitution case. So I want to enjoy the night

The man smiled and his golden eyes shone

-Small seductive ...

-May I help you?

The couple continued the task of preparing dinner in silence. Just enjoying each other's company

-They are going to go crazy as soon as it spreads that you are quirkless for that stupid bet.- Kai said it while commenting on the latest political news during dinner

-If they knew we were already married they would kill us- Izuku smiled smugly- By the way, this is very good

-It is your fault for not being discreet with the bet. I do not like to comment on my sentimental life. That is why our marriage is known only to two people, apart from those of the courts. And they are your parents, because they had to give their consent for our marriage because of your age

Kai was silent, watching as Izuku ate

-Why did you marry me? I remember that we met when I was killing someone and you always say it was love at first sight

-It was for your face. You were disgusted- Izuku said with a smile

- Is that a compliment? Anyone feels disgusted to see so much blood

-It wasn't because of the blood. It was because of what you had done yourself, you looked at your hand in disgust. I wanted to know why you hated yourself so much and help you- Izuku blushed when Kai kissed her deeply after that statement

-I love you, I don't know what the hell I've done well in my life so that an angel like you loves me. But I will have to do something very good to make up for this happiness.

-Well ... Eri wants to be the flower girl at our wedding before the clan. He has even given me a drawing. I believe that a ceremony for Shie Hassaikai when we decide to make it public will be sufficient compensation for the world. We will make many people happy and unhappy at the same time

Kai laughed and helped Izuku pick up the table

- Seriously, why did you become Shi (Death in Japanese)? You're an angel, I can't imagine a better person

Izuku turned off the tap and carefully cleaned and sanitized his hands. Then she went with Kai and lay on her lap, without really looking at him

-When I was eight years old, a professional hero discovered that my father was one of the leaders of a branch of Shie Hassaikai. The fool did not think of another way to get attention, and get information or a promotion, to go to stop my mother and me when leaving school- Izuku took Kai's hand and put it on the scar on the base of his neck on his back- He used his quirk in us in front of a police station, nobody stopped him, the agents just watched because they believed that being a Yakuza's family we deserved that treatment. In the end an underground pro hero, Eraserhead, saved us. But the whole incident was covered, even the hero Eraserhead refused to denounce that a hero had attacked two innocent civilians just for being a family of the Yakuza

Kai hugged his wife tightly. But she had not finished speaking

-After that, after an increase in harassment received for being quirkless, I understood that I could only trust the clan. So I had to be part. That the heroes were liars and you could only save yourself. Never trust in the strength of others, but in your own


Eri was painting in the boss's office while Kai and her grandfather were talking about something business she didn't understand.

-Grandfather, if something happens to you, who will take care of me?

-That would be Kai

-Ah ... I like Uncle Chisaki- Kai couldn't help smiling at the girl- And if he married Izuku she would be my mom?

The old man stared at his granddaughter, knowing where the conversation was going

-Yes, well, if something happened to me and Kai married Izuku, she would be your mom

-Ah ... I wish she was my mother, she is very sweet and kind-The old man thought that the cruelty of young children lay in their innocence

- What if I married her?

The girl laughed and the old man was offended, muttering that he was very well preserved for his age

At another point in the city at the same time

Izuku sneezed hard

-Will I get a cold? - She sipped her nose and looked around- Lately it starts to get cold, I should wear more warm clothes

- Do you think it's time to worry about that? You have been kidnapped by the League of Villains-Izuku, handcuffed to the chair, began to laugh-What the fuck, bitch ?!

-Do you think I'm going to believe you are the Villains League? Please, you are just a bunch of bored children who want to do bad things using their quirks and are using the name of a bigger fish than you can imagine. The League would be much more intimidating, besides, this is not their territory

Izuku snorted looking at the boys before her. They were in an empty warehouse and there were three boys. They had dressed in large sweatshirts and wide pants, in addition to wearing their faces covered with scarves. But they must be the same age as Izuku, in addition, his clothes were expensive and one had not even covered the place where they had left their school uniforms and backpacks


-We have expanded our territory- The one who looked like the leader approached her while growing her nails like claws- And I that you would behave me well or you could leave very badly

-The League of Villains would never expand its territory here. This area is from the Yakuza, from the Shie Hassaikai. The League has a pact with them, they would not break agreements of more than one hundred years for a trio of teenage assholes that all they want is to lose their virginity by raping a woman and with such pathetic quirks. Claws? Intimidation? Increase? Please, the League wouldn't accept villains with those crappy quirks. Do yourself a favor, set me free, go back to that posh school you go to and forget about this or horrible things will happen to you. In jail you will be eaten alive

-And how do you know that?

-I'm part of the Yakuza. Do you know what they do to those who harm their members? I assure you that human organ trafficking is very active lately and you seem healthy - Izuku intimidated them, even when their aura of "I'm going to kill you and you can't help it" was tied up, it was overwhelming. She saw a flash outside and smiled- Although I think I better leave you to the heroes

-As if any hero were to come to save you, bitch!

The following was a shout of "Die" followed by a huge explosion. Izuku coughed loudly through the smoke before he realized he was in an ice cocoon and could only see flashes outside. Izuku went to force the lock, but the chair lost its balance and ended up against the ice wall, fortunately without harming itself

The wall melted and Izuku, with the chair, fell into the arms of a bicolor-haired boy who blushed when he looked at her well. He stood, staring at her, until the other shouted at him, while immobilizing the three boys

-Are you going to stand there or free and help me, half and half bastard?

Izuku sighed. Of all the aspiring heroes, of all the places where he could be doing a round, he had to touch him, she had bad luck that day

-Hi, Kacchan- Izuku saluted as the bicolor tried to break the wives- We haven't seen each other for a while, how are you?

-What the fuck does a yakuza do here ?!

-Apparently, being kidnapped to be raped. Thank you for rescuing me, Mr. He-Ro-E

-Stop making fun of me, criminal!

Chapter Text

Shouto knew it was a bad day since he woke up

First of all he was wrong and took Izuku's shirt instead of his own, causing Aizawa to give them a lecture on why children should not have sex. In front of everyone. As if it were rare for an Alpha to have sex with his marked Omega

Then his favorite cup broke after removing it from the microwave, at Izuku's request after getting distracted once and popping one of his All Might cups

Their laces were broken by going to fasten them
Step by mistake under a ladder

He moved a broom and mistakenly broke a mirror

A day of super bad luck

But nothing prepared him for when Nezu called his office and the person he met there. And he wasn't the only one in shock


Endeavor was a dominant Alpha to the extreme. That's why he let go of his Omega, Rei, when he noticed her feelings for one of his doctors. The divorce and taking the mark off Rei was hard for him, but harder it would have been to keep tied to a woman who craved another man

As Alpha of a certain age with children, Endeavor decided that it was best to remain single for the rest of his life.

What he didn't expect was that the number two hero, Omega, began to court him aggressively. And very public.

Hawks had announced in an interview, in which he was asked if he would look for an Alpha companion among the heroes, who was determined to become Endeavor's next wife

After that many congratulatory gifts had arrived at Endeavor's house and office, in addition to courtship gifts from Hawks. No one asked the opinion of the man about this aggressive flirtation.

Not that Endeavor was bothered by Hawks' company, on the contrary, he liked Omega very much. Only he was too enthusiastic

The worst thing was to return home one day and find him chatting happily with Fuyumi, who was the same age, that he wanted to be his new mother. Natsuo was in a corner, looking at the man with distrust and Shouto was sitting quietly as if it wasn't with him. After that, when removing Hawks from his house, he had said proudly that he had the approval of his children

-Endeavor ... - Hawks's voice, with a seductive tone, enveloped him- Do you want a drink?

-I will not fall back into the trick of the heart-shaped double straw- The man did not turn to look at the winged

-O, come on. This time it is a normal coffee- The Omega stood before him and handed him one of the glasses of a Starbucks

Endeavor took it before turning it in his hands. It was a special product of Hawks and in the plastic there was a heart and in the center the name of Hawks. At least there were more people in the street carrying those glasses

-I accept ... For this time

-You didn't say the same thing when you accompanied me in my zeal last week- The older man's flames rose. That day Hawks had lost a lot of feathers, so I accompanied him to his house and then he got jealous. And what does an Alpha do before an Omega in heat, besides one that had been courting him?

-That was a momentary lapse and you know it

-Well- Omega waved his hips at the Alpha, making him blush- If you have more lapses you can always turn to me

-Keigo ... - Endeavor sighed in frustration- Find yourself a younger Alpha, I don't want you to think I'm a crib assault. You deserve someone over your age, I already screwed up well with my first Omega to fuck you too

-More well I think, because of how much you have tried to reject me and I to seduce you, that people will believe that I am a fortune-seeker, Enji. I have already decided that you will be my Alpha and you will not make me change my mind- The Omega ran its fingers through the Alpha's chest. Making the Alpha sigh to feel that they were taking pictures of them- And about fucking, whenever you want I will be delighted, big guy

Since Hawks had made his public statement every time they were together, he felt they took pictures. There were even people who had gone to ask permission to sell EndHawks merchandise to their agency. His publicist had accepted and every time he saw more of those things around the city

Even Fuyumi had an EndHawks t-shirt, Natsuo put his hands to his head every time he saw her wearing it around the house. Apparently Natsuo didn't want to accept that his father was being courted by a boy just a little older than him.

Endeavor heard his mobile ring with Shouto's tone and picked it up, making Hawks pout and try to hug him, climbed on his back

-Father- Shouto's voice was exhausted, in the background he could hear the cries of joy from his son's Omega and another person- Come to the UA and bring Hawks

- Hawks? - The man looked at the Omega who shrugged with a gesture that indicated he did not know what was happening- Why?

-I ... - There was a glass breaking and a slight struggle- It is better if you come quickly



Upon arriving at the UA, the two heroes who led the ranking met other exhausted pros heroes. There were burn marks on places on the walls and floor as well as parts covered with Shouto ice

Thinking it was an attack they both ran to the area where there was more noise.


A small and flying figure collided with Endeavor at high speed, causing him to lose his balance and was about to fall out of it except for his reflexes. The figure had hit him at full speed and with the force similar to that of a motorcycle in motion

Hawks for his part was surprised. The speed of that figure was superior or very similar to his own. At the moment there seemed to be nothing but hugging Endeavor

Running after the figure came a sweaty Shouto, followed by an exhausted Izuku carrying Nezu on his back

-Don't attack, father! - Shouto shouted looking at the bulge attached to Endeavor, which he noticed was a child with wings. He clung to him with his arms and wings

-Endeavor, that girl over there is ... Her daughter

The girl raised her head. The girl's hair was an ash-blonde tone very similar to that of the winged man who was on his shoulder, her eyes were turquoise. Their wings were a slightly darker reddish tone than Hawks', but among their feathers they could see occasional flames, as if the feathers set themselves on fire

Nezu got off Izuku and began to explain that an incident related to a quirk had occurred that could move things in time. So in the incident that would happen in the future the girl had been moved to a past time before her birth

-Fortunately she was carrying a phone that is still connected to her time and we have been able to talk to the person who lost control of her quirk. According to him, she will return to her normal time in one or two weeks- The mouse sighed- So, since we have already delivered her to her biological parents, it is your problem until she returns to her time

-What biological parents?! - Endeavor shouted in shock, the girl should be between four and three years old

-Papi- the girl clung even more to Endeavor- Mami- said taking the tip of Hawks's wings- I'm hungry and Shouto- nii doesn't want to play with me. I want to go home- The girl's bottom lip trembled and everyone, teachers and students, stood guard. Waiting to contain the girl when she cried

- Are you coming with mommy? - Hawks spread his arms and the girl flew towards him with confidence - Why have they informed us? Normally the UA takes care of these things discreetly. Didn't you say you would never interfere with the future?

-Your quirk is a combination of yours. Fire Feathers She can control her feathers like Hawks, but she can also set them on fire, and they are so hot that they melt the metal. And this - I point out all the destruction around it - It is the result of a tantrum of a girl with a powerful quirk. As their quirks resemble hers, they are best suited to take care of her

Hawks practically shone with happiness

-Of course Enji and I can take care of our baby. We will do it with pleasure

-Keigo, don't speak for both of us

- Daddy doesn't want to take care of me? - The girl's trembling voice added to tears so hot that they evaporated before reaching the middle of the girl's cheeks

-Don't you want to take care of our daughter? - Keigo used exactly the same pleading expression as the girl

Endeavor felt that he could not deny anything to that pair. He had made the decision to change to become a better person, and turn his back on his future daughter and Omega was not exactly what he would call changing

-Of course we'll take care of you, but Keigo shouldn't speak for both of us- the man sighed and turned around to make a call and ask for a car with a child seat.

He did not notice the bird of prey of the Omega and the girl. The Omega almost laughed when his daughter whispered in his ear

-The combined attack always works against daddy

Chapter Text

The board of heroes was assembled. Everyone was sitting around the big table and nobody talked. All Might, in the end, was the first to speak

- Does anyone know why this meeting has been organized? - Other heroes looked at him in amazement

-We were told that you wanted us to meet- Present Mic spoke for the first time. Many other heroes nodded

-I? They told me that this was organized by the heroes' board

A screen lit up, revealing only the legs of a man covered in darkness

-I actually organized it. It's funny that a villain can organize a hero meeting. But that's life when you reach a higher level

All Might jumped up and, because of his guard posture, the rest of the heroes also prepared to attack

-Relax, I'm currently in Scotland. I'm not going to do anything to you, at least today. I simply wanted to threaten you - the man said it as if he were commenting on the weather or saying the color of the person's shirt before him. As if threatening someone was as normal in his life as breathing

-We don't give in to threats, villain scum! - Many thanked Endeavor to paint himself a target on his back

-How rude ... Are you willing to talk, sir # 1? - The man said it with sneer and mockery, as if laughing at the number 1 hero on his face. That made Endeavor even more angry

-What do you want? - The growl did not correspond to the hero No. 1, everyone noticed

The man on the screen crossed his legs, as if angering the hero was normal

- My daughter has run away from home - he said it with a tired sigh, as if reporting the pranks of a rebel child to the mother and not talking to a multitude of heroes

-What the fuck? You have a daughter? - The man was pale with surprise. A rare appearance in All Might

-I actually have three, an adopted son and a pair of twins boy and girl. And a wife, besides, I get along very well with my in-laws - the man sighed with boredom - You are not the center of my life, All Might, even if I am the center of yours. The fact is that she is going through a ridiculous rebel phase, the typical thing, she doesn't want to be a villain and help me make my Villains League stronger. Those who face the children you educate. So she has run away from home

The hero sighed

-I begin to believe that your daughter has more common sense than you. At least more sense of justice

-Your daughter is a damn villain and will be thrown in Tartarus as soon as she is found! I don't believe that a villain's daughter is not evil! - Endeavor earned hateful looks from all the heroes present. If the girl had not committed any crime that was something totally illegal

-What you say.- The seated man planned the death of Endeavor, or a public humiliation as a minimum, for doubting his green-haired angel- To what I was going. This is a threat to all the heroes of Japan, if I learn that by some chance my little angel has been damaged by one of you, I will kill one hundred thousand civilians for every wound or mark on his beautiful and pure body. At least until we find her and take her back home

The man went to press a button on a remote control, to end the call

-Wait, we don't even know who we have to avoid or what it looks like! - Present Mic couldn't shut his mouth. But the villain seemed excited to explain what his princess was like

-She is like an adorable little angel, as if the same goddess of spring, Persephone, was walking the earth, all of it is purity and adorability. She only needs a halo and white wings to be an angel. Every part of it is pure and full of the sweetest tenderness in the world, it can cause diabetes attacks just by seeing it. The sweet voice of my girl is like the song of an angel and a siren together. - The man stopped for a moment through the chill that went through him, as if only conjuring the image of his daughter caused him pleasure- This is my daughter. So, goodbye

The heroes looked at each other. The only thing that had become clear was that this villain worshiped his daughter in excess. The question was, why had that princess of evil escaped? And how much damage was he going to do?



Izuku was on a fridge on Dagobah beach. Once she had gone there with her mother, ten years ago. Her mother had sneaked her out of the house while her father trained her older brothers, Tomura and Mikumo. She remembered playing on that beach with the sand until her father's shadow appeared and they had to go back to the house

Being born in a family of villains was not easy and less with her quirk

Couldn't she have inherited her mother's telekinesis as Mikumo? Although he was much more powerful than her mother, or one of her grandparents' quirks. No, she had to result in a mutation of the paternal family line
Quirks creator

Her father could give and take quirks, her uncle could have them inherit their quirk, creating the first mutant quirk, and she could create quirks. Even if it was only one a week, she could create and use them, in addition to giving them to other people

His father had laughed out loud when he had known, he had been proud of her. His grandparents and his brothers too. But her father had refused to use her quirk or her in the missions. Weighing the complaints of his grandparents, his mother had also agreed, and his older brothers. Only his grandparents had opposed, claiming the great potential for his quirk's villainy

-You're my treasure, Izuku. My angel- Her mother had agreed with her husband- You must not go out alone, the world is dangerous for you. I will create a world where you can be safe and then you can go out and see it. You're like my younger brother, this time I'll make sure I have protected the weakest in my family

Her father had urged her to create only quirks of support and healing, never of attack. He feared exposing her to danger

She loved her family and knew she was loved beyond her quirk. But she was not convinced by her father's methods. She agreed with some of his ideas, but not with his methods and had discussed it with him for hours

Izuku had escaped to see the world beyond what his family showed him. She knew that her quirk was powerful, but she just had to hide it and pretend that her quirk was another to survive.

The first thing he had created before he began to plan his escape in detail was a quirk that allowed her to do photosynthesis, as she was doing at the time. That allowed to reduce their food expenses to a minimum. As long as she had water and sun she would survive.

The bad part was that she didn't know how to move outside. The times she had gone out alone could be counted as one, and that was it. Even when she was accompanied they used to be shopping trips with Kurogiri and she would swear that half of her father's followers were watching them

She was not a prisoner with her parents. But she was not free either

Izuku jumped to the ground and looked at the beach full of trash

Maybe one day, she would clean it again. Now she just had to live a bland and boring life, so as not to attract attention, before deciding what to do. All she knew was that she didn't want to hurt people


-What is the villain quirk? -The heroes were gathered in an isolated room in the UA, discussing the case of the angel lost by the villain capable of mobilizing the association of heroes

-He can give and remove quirks, in addition to using them for convenience, he is over two hundred years old. It is a first generation- It was not worth lying, from the perspective of All Might, since he himself had shown himself to all the great heroes

-Why did nobody know anything about such a monster? - someone whispered softly

The heroes remained silent. Most of the quirks were inherited from the paternal line, a few from the maternal and some small and miraculous were mutations of both sides

If it was something similar to that of the father, the girl was a potential danger, released by the city. Even if not, only God knew how much damage the father or the League of Villains would do to recover it.

-If she is a daughter of a first generation, isn't that good? The probability that a second generation inherited a quirk was quite low, the quirks only became common and hereditary from the third generation-Said one of the Pussy Cats, Mandalay- It could be a quirkless

-The mother is not a first generation, it cannot be if we think about the dates.- Recovery Girl spoke- So we do not know what the result of the mixture is. We don't even know the mother's quirk. So we are blind. That girl could have any quirk, we haven't narrowed down the search at all

-I'm not so sure- Nezu looked at them- She is a teenager, between fifteen and eighteen. Mature enough to start criminal activities. I guess his twin brother was the telekinesic boy with the rabbit mask that attacked the UA next to Shigaraki Tomura. The ages coincide, except Shigaraki and the boy the rest of the villains were twenty to twenty-five years old. His age is a clear indication that his position in the hierarchy was superior to the rest

The heroes began to analyze the images of the boy and compare them with the features that were known from All for One. In the end they drew a list of features

-Green or black hair. Curly or wavy

-Between 15 and 18

-Green eyes

-Pale skin

-Large eyes, surely

- Freckles, possibly

- Shy and asocial behavior, with curious features, due to its probable isolation

-Height between 145 and 175 centimeters

While everyone thought that would be very difficult, Nezu began using a facial recognition program that monitored all Mustafu cameras

-We will never find her, she is too generic! - shout Present Mic

-I have it- Everyone looked at Nezu and this turned the screen of his computer, showing a little girl with very curly green hair

The girl looked lonely and lost as she walked without an apparent direction through one of the quietest neighborhoods on the outskirts of Mustafu

-It is not registered in any database, neither legal nor student- Nezu looked at her- And my instinct shrieks at me that she is what we are looking for. He looks like the boy in the rabbit mask. It is best to bring it here, with peace of mind. If it's her, we don't want her father to fulfill her threat.


-------------------------------------------------- ----------

Izuku knew they were following her. She had not grown up surrounded by some of the worst criminals in the world for nothing.

In a group as large as her father's, there were traitors from time to time, she had seen him. But she couldn't feel hostility from the person who was following her, rather curious

And out of curiosity she stopped and she waited for them to reach her

There were many powerful presences around them both, but the one that came out to meet her was a white mouse with a scar in one eye

-Nezu, the director of the UA- Izuku said it calmly- A mystery of evolution

-I see you recognize me, Miss Daughter of All for One

-I don't call myself that, don't call me that way

-As you understand, since you were born out of the law, I have no way of knowing your real name- The mouse held a cup of tea with his plate that he had not brought before. Izuku suspected it was a kind of spatial distortion

- Was it necessary to mobilize fifty heroes? Among the subways and the first rankings I feel praised. But it is not as if it were dangerous. I have never hurt anyone. Although I don't like being watched - Izuku waved her hand and she heard the sound of falling bodies. Nezu raised an eyebrow- Don't worry, they're just asleep, not dead

Izuku left to leave when he felt movement. Izuku stood a moment when three figures came out after picking up a few of the fallen

-Wow, normally nobody supports that. They are awesome, gentlemen heroes. If I had to guess, Eraserhead, All Might and Hawks. Am I wrong or have I been right? As you will understand I do not often see the face of heroes, of living heroes at least

Eraserhead sales immobilized her

-Come to the UA with us, don't resist and we won't hurt you

-Okay- The heroes looked at each other- So far I've only seen things from the point of view of the villains, I'd like to see what the heroes think. I want all the information

Chapter Text

The blue-haired Alpha looked at the boy beside him, lying on the bed. The little green-haired Omega was so beautiful, so young, so pure, ... So broken.

Shigaraki smiled, he was very careful not to mark his neck. Sensei loved this Omega. But he had played with the rest of his body, taking advantage that jealousy drove him crazy with pleasure and he just wanted an Alpha to ride him hard and hard. And that he had done, to the point of almost breaking young Omega

They had been following All Might, they had seen him break the dreams and illusions of this little boy who had not yet appeared.

Then Sensei had said to force him to introduce himself and bring him to him if it was Omega.

There were two ways to introduce yourself. Letting the body grow in a natural way or that an Alpha already presented forces its pheromones on someone without presenting, forcing the body of the other to come forward to protect itself. It was very painful for the forced person and could have physical consequences

So Shigaraki, making sure the cameras looked good on him, approached the crestfallen boy. The boy had no chance to scream, grabbed his hand and forced his pheromones Alfa, a deep red tone, on his body

The boy tried to cover his mouth and not breathe, but Shigaraki could emit pheromones for longer than the boy could resist without breathing. The boy tried to run away, but Shigaraki's grip was firm, very firm for him, although he was almost loose. And when the boy started producing pheromones for his awakening, it was learned that

A bright blue glow stains the air around the child. An Omega, a hyperfertile one.

-That's why Sensei loves you. - The Omega boy was going into heat and hugging the Alpha, waiting for comfort. Waiting to mate

-He broke it, it shattered everything ... So difficult was it to give me a minimum of hope or to encourage me in a positive way towards another career? - The boy was crying in his side

-The heroes are selfish, if they betray your trust once you forget them and don't trust them again. Now come

The child's gaze glazed as forced jealousy seized his rationality. The black fog door opened and Shigaraki went straight to his bedroom. But first he smiled at the camera that was watching him take the child

------------------------------------- ------------- ----------------------------------

All Might was shattered.

He, the symbol of peace, the most powerful Alpha in the world, had broken the dreams and illusions of a small Omega child. Less than an hour before he was forced to come forward and kidnapped

The mother's sobs at the police station were very clear despite the two doors away. Especially since when he felt her smell he knew that she was his destiny. He did that to the son of his destined Omega

The woman had gone to report the disappearance of her son and by chance an agent had crossed him with a case of excessive pheromone emission in a nearby neighborhood a nearby neighborhood

The image of the boy fighting and resisting not to breathe the pheromones of the Alpha was etched in his memory by fire. That boy who had asked him for advice, that boy was so sad that he had not been careful of who he was crossing

Then, in the video, he could see him give up and how his body accepted forced change. His arms and legs suffered pain spasms. Then the pheromones started coming out of him. Omega, very fertile.

The Alpha smiled chillingly and pulled the Omega to his side. The boy cried and tried to speak. But his zeal was beginning and he no longer saw the Alpha as his aggressor. He was an Omega in heat, next to him there was an Alpha, he wanted to mate

A poor child being kidnapped when he was most vulnerable

Then they had backed away, looking for the image of the child, where he had been, and had seen him with him. That's why he was there, looking at the screen that had a final image of the boy's greenish hair and the smile of his kidnapper.

-It wasn't your fault- the hero who would take care of the case knew him, he was one of the few who knew his secret- I will find him, whatever the cost

-------------------------- ------------------

The doctor looked at the young Omega, still unconscious. Then he took out a test tube with a black liquid inside

The boy was tied to one of those gynecologist tables with his legs open. The doctor put the test tube connected to an injection needle for fertilization

-Will it work? - The Alpha who lacked half a face looked at the doctor, or turned his head in his direction

-I do not know. It is the first time we do this. We are creating a Nomu from a fertilized egg, not from an already formed body. We don't know how the embryo will react, or the mother

-The mother is not important, if he dies it is better. Especially in a horrible way, it will help destabilize All Might. You dedicate yourself to do everything possible to make the project work- the man sigh- They will be more powerful and dangerous if they are born that way directly

-They could turn against us. The three babies are already difficult to control as newly fertilized eggs, let's not say how they will grow and get stronger

-I'll take care of that. Do the insemination before the remains of heat leave and lose three valuable subjects

The doctor introduced the insemination needle into the body of the Omega, easily reaching his uterus and pouring the thick liquid inside

What they didn't know was that Izuku Midoriya was going to show up two days after being forced to do so.

Normally, an Omega forced to appear was sterile in its first heat. But Izuku Midoriya was so close to introducing himself that his body produced an egg when forced. That's why there were not three Nomu babies in Izuku's womb alone, there was also a normal baby.

One would think that this was the end of the normal baby with the others genetically modified. But the Nomus, despite being so small, are creatures created to adapt and survive.

The doctor had used some drug so that Izuku would not reject them, but his body continued to show resistance to embryos that were not his. And the Nomus knew that there was another way of life that was not rejected, so they approached her and imitated her. They absorbed the DNA of the sperm remains that were still in the belly of Omega and the DNA of Omega itself

That way the Omega's body felt them like its own babies and cradled them and protected as it did with the smallest and weakest baby

That also produced a change in the Nomus. The modifications were still there, but having been returned to a state similar to what they had before they were modified, something changed in them. They became more like normal babies and less like biological weapons.

But that was something that the doctor, All for One, Tomura Shigaraki or Izuku Midoriya would not know until much later

------------------- ------------------------
Izuku was humming in his room while cradling his belly with his hands. Calling him a room was a strange thing, since he couldn't leave. But it was less stressful than calling it a cell

He didn't remember anything, from the moment he left school when Kacchan flew his notebook until he woke up in this place and a doctor was doing an ultrasound. There was nothing else in his memory, as if last month had not existed. He had woken up a month ago from a dream that lasted another month. The doctor had told him that he had been catatonic for a whole month

And he was pregnant. His belly was beginning to swell. He was fourteen years old, kidnapped and left pregnant with quadruplets. Ah ... It was also an Omega. That was a lot for him. Too

So he had decided to focus on things one by one. For example, the soft movements he felt in his belly.

Normally he couldn't feel them, but there were four babies there, he was getting tight at times. The doctor had left him a stethoscope and there he was. Listening to her belly beats while singing and cradling her babies

He could almost differentiate the beats of each of the babies, at least they sounded different in their ears

And a part of the roof fell apart

Izuku crouched down, with the stethoscope on his neck, and recognized the man who had just entered his room. He was a mutant villain, Scorpio, famous for his bold escapes and hostage taking with his poisonous tail

Said and done. The tail was entangled in Izuku's body and it was thrown out of the room. The villain started running with his insect legs while Izuku struggled not to vomit.

After a few seconds, tears began to come out of Izuku's eyes and he began to sob. Without realizing that he was releasing a specific pheromone that would attract all the Alphas to his surroundings. The pheromone that marked him as an endangered pregnant Omega. The Alphas would protect the Omega by instinct

Unfortunately for him, Scorpio was Beta and he couldn't feel that pheromone.

The attack came from a civilian, at least the first. Scorpion looked at the little shit, she had some stones in her hand and when she threw one it became a kind of meteor that haunted her. If it wasn't for his skin reinforced by the exoskeleton that attack would have left him unconscious

- Release the Omega - his hiss was deadly. She seemed like a kind woman, but now she saw her as a very angry and lethal being

The next attack came from the hero who was chasing him. He was more precise pulling the hostage and knocking him out. The hero looked at the Omega and noticed first of his youth, after he was an Omega who had been kidnapped and had been in the news

The boy, meanwhile, hugged his belly and began to whisper to the babies that were fine. That they would now be safe

Chapter Text

Destined companions

That was Kai Chisaki and Tomura Shigaraki

An Alpha and an Omega destined to be together for the rest of eternity. What a joke

They could not stand.

Their discussions, even before being defeated and ending up in jail, were epic. Shigaraki refused to be tied to an Alpha who only saw what he wanted and was focused on his obsession. Chisaki could not understand why he had to be tied to a creepy boy who seemed not to know what a shower was

But everything changed when they met an Omega in the prisoner reintegration system

Izuku Midoriya

He was sweet, he was kind, he was gentle,… He was the perfect mediator between the intended couple. They managed to join thanks to him and made him part of his partner. The best addition.

Little green-haired Omega was so adorable. The Alpha felt protective, the Omega wanted to take care of him like a baby. Both did not hesitate to mate with him. Thanks to him any problem of the intended couple was solved and they were able to continue with their rehabilitation quietly. Even when they got out of jail they started living with him

Izuku had been marked by an Alpha who abandoned him when he was pregnant. Due to the shock of abandonment he had an abortion and lost the ability to have children. He was a middle school student at that time. After passing through the psychiatric, and being quirkless, Izuku decided to dedicate his life to helping other people return to society and heal

Izuku was light and warmth

His death shattered Kai and Tomura. An innocent victim of the destruction of a villain. Dead while he was going to buy a cake to commemorate the two years outside the jail of Kai and Tomura

At his funeral they learned that the Alpha that bit him was his destined partner, his childhood friend, and he abandoned him because he wanted to be a hero. And being a hero he could not let his image be tarnished by a quirkless companion, so he abandoned him.

Worst of all, it was not Izuku's destined couple, only Alpha felt the bond, it was a unilateral bond. When the bond is unilateral, the couple who feels the bond tends to care even more for the one who does not. That Alpha committed the greatest of sins by doing so much harm to an innocent

At the end of the horrible day Kai and Tomura hugged each other in the bed they had shared with Izuku, wishing to have him there

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Kai woke up and instantly rolled into bed to go hug Tomura. Normally both were around Izuku like a cocoon, but since their death they pressed tightly between them, seeking human warmth and affection

The bed was empty, moreover, with his fingers he could feel the tatami. Tatami ... He hadn't slept on tatami since he got out of jail. Izuku had a bed with a mattress, not a futon and his house was western style

Kai raised his head and looked around, it was his room at Shie Hassaikai when he was appointed heir by the chief. The room he had used for a whole year before moving to a house with sterile surroundings. Fortunately I overcame his misophobia in jail, but he had not entered that room, which then became a warehouse since I stopped living in it. From nineteen to twenty

His hands, the hands that his Omega destroyed with his quirk were there. Do not robotic replicas with a sense of touch. They were his real hands.

He searched his phone quickly and looked at the date. July 15 The same, Izuku's birthday. But it was twenty years sooner


No, if it was twenty years ago. Izuku was ten and Tomura fourteen. Izuku had not yet been marked by that unfortunate with the hero's syndrome. But before going to Izuku he had to find Tomura

-Kai- Hari opened the door and was surprised to see him without the mask or gloves

-Hari ... - Kai held back his surge of emotion to see him alive

- Are you running out of masks and gloves? - Sure, Kai realized, if they were in the past now he had to pretend that he didn't come from the future. Cover your past mistakes.

-No, I'm trying to overcome my phobia

-It's the first time I see you do that. How do you wear it?

-I want to tear the skin away- Kai felt that before, when he took off his mask. It must be realistic

-Very well, the boss is waiting for us for breakfast. Come quickly

The door closed and Kai got up. The boss ... The boss was there, before he got sick, before he died, before he did all those horrible things to Eri ...


He had to find her and help her. Treat her with the sweetness she deserved. Prevent his father from disappearing. Help her with her quirk. Upon meeting her, after leaving prison to apologize, she forgave him with a smile. She was a student in the UA and later the temporary heroine, Time Past, doctor and reconstructor of destroyed places.

But now, Kai had to get dressed and go see the man she owed so much

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Tomura woke up and stretched her back. It hurt, but what was he doing sleeping sitting?

At the beginning of living with Izuku he had made sure to take away the habit of sleeping sitting and in any uncomfortable place. And when he stopped doing it, he had stopped being hunched over and had slept much better

Kai would get mad at him again for returning to bad habits without Izuku. A tear fell through Tomura's eye when he thought of the beautiful green-haired Omega that always smiled at him and put lip balm on it with soft, warm fingers. Although that usually used to lead to sex, especially if Kai was close

That would never happen, the green-haired Omega was gone. More tears flowed from Tomura's eyes

-Is something wrong, Shigaraki? Why are you crying? - Tomura bristled like a scared animal and looked up to look at the foggy man.

It was not possible. Kurogiri had been dead for twelve years, three less than Sensei. Then Tomura looked around. That was his childhood room, where he had been educated by Sensei and Kurogiri. He watched the game that was at the top of the pile

He ordered them as he bought them in his premieres, and he was twenty years old and looked new. He knew this because Izuku gave him a copy he found in a second-hand store and they realized he was twenty years old. Now Kai was nineteen and Izuku ten

Tomura looked at the foggy man who was worried

-Nothing happens, it's just that I'm getting close to jealousy and a bit emotional- Fortunately, Kurogiri always had a calendar in sight to mark Tomura's next jealousy.

-It is normal to suffer emotional changes in your first jealousy, Tomura, it will pass in a while

The white-haired man emerged from a portal made of blood and looked at his student. Tomura stood still. It was Sensei, his father, his teacher, ... Izuku's biological grandfather, Hisashi Midoriya's father

-Sensei- Tomura started to hug him with tightly clenched fists- I've missed him so much

- It's only been two days, Tomura - the man sighed - I guess your jealousy is getting a little unbalanced this time. It will be better next time, you will get more used to your Omega body

Tomura was pampered a little, something strange that his sensei did with him and then raised his head and smiled.

-Sensei, can I go out and buy a game?

-Of course, you should be entertained while you can't get out of heat

-Thanks, Sensei

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Tomura was running, turning the corner and finding an empty lot

-Tomura- Kai appeared behind him-Do you remember- he said hugging his Omega tightly, and being hugged in turn

-Why is there nothing here?

-Our building will be built in nine years, Tomura. It was impossible that Izuku was already here

-I want to see him- the Omega started to tear and the Alpha hugged him even harder- I want Izuku, I want to go home

The Alpha fondly tears the tears on his face is his Omega. Then he kissed his forehead

- Unlike you, I have bothered to look for a couple of things to find Izuku. And our home was never this building, our home is anywhere Izuku is. So let's look for it and start building our home again

Chapter Text

Izumi Midoriya had a secret

A secret that only the professors of the UA knew. No one else, apart from her mother

Every day, when classes were over Izumi ran back to her house and there someone was waiting for her

The baby stretched her arms towards Izumi, her hair was like her mother's, her face too, her father's only feature was bright golden eyes. Or so Izumi believed, since she didn't know who the girl's father was in her arms.

Upon returning home Izumi always hugged her girl and spent the rest of the afternoon with her baby

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

Izumi returned home alone, as usual. She was fourteen years old and was calm and lively.

A van stood behind her and put her inside. Putting an injection in the neck of the girl quickly.

The next thing she remembered were all fuzzy images, between the mist of unconsciousness and the clarity of consciousness

- ... She is very young, he won't like it

-I can make your body look more mature for a few hours. It is all that he has asked us. Young, quirkless, that seems innocent and totally virgin….


A bed, she was on a coma. She also wore soft but tight clothes in some areas.

A shadow loomed over her body. Some hands caressed her torso

-So beautiful…



A lot of pleasure

She kept moaning as the figure on her swayed before her eyes, with each swing forward she felt a blow that increased her pleasure

- Are you sure it's your first time? Even with the drug you are feeling it a lot, you are a somewhat dirty girl


Something was forcing in his mouth.

Izumi forced herself to open her eyes despite fatigue and felt her emerald gaze collide with a golden and intense look

The first kiss, she was being kissed.

The man's movements repeated again and the mantle of pleasure covered Izumi again


-And now what do we do with her? Do we keep it? He seemed interested

-He was interested because she was clean and pure, now he has made her dirty. Return it to where you took it after cleaning it


-I can sell it in a time of need, but I won't keep a quirkless girl. No customer would want her anyway


The next thing Izumi knew when she woke up was that she was in a train car

For an instant she thought she had fallen asleep going somewhere. Until she tried to get up and the dull pain between her legs made her fall back into the seat.

Izumi returned home slowly, feeling her crotch and sore hips and remembering every detail of the dream. She locked herself in her room, thanking her for a weekend and her mother was not

She spent three days crying and lamenting. But on Monday she made the decision and decided to act as if nothing had happened. She didn't remember much and if she knew ... The public derision of being quirkless was already hard enough to add that of being a minor who had been raped.

She couldn't do that to her mother.

Over the months she could pretend that none of that had happened. No one knew, nobody had seen it. It was a dark secret that would remain forever in the back of her mind, or so she thought

The tunnel, the mud monster, All Might and a sudden pain in the lower part of his belly. The hero stayed next to Izumi, calling an ambulance with his phone. Izumi barely had time to show surprise at the change in the shape of her favorite hero when a sharp pain ran through her

There, a minute before the ambulance arrived, the number one hero brought Izumi's daughter into the world. He had it among his great, and skeletal, hands when the paramedics arrived to attend the teenager.

Fortunately for Izumi she was not taken to Mustafu hospital, but to another. Izumi looked at the baby they had left by her side. It wasn't a dream, it wasn't a nightmare or his imagination. What she remembered, the few blurry images, hit her mind hard.

Shortly after All Might brought a man, a detective to know what had happened. She confessed everything, there was no point in lying. The girl was clearly her daughter, the only thing other than her were those golden eyes she had seen through the eyelashes. Izumi could hear the knuckles of the two men, the hero and the detective, creaking and hearing her mother's sobs in the hallway, she had heard everything.

After that All Might started training Izumi, so that she would be strong, so that they could not hurt her anymore. While Izumi took care of the baby, her mother helped her with little Rin

That way Izumi managed to reach the UA

-Not that you were the first student with a son- Nezu sighed- Although the first one who enters already being a mother. There is nothing like mixing strong emotions, real danger and hormones to get unprotected sex and teenage pregnancies.

Izumi sighed, looking at her daughter, who was in her grandmother's lap

-I understand the circumstances, the UA has a very good nursery. For the children of students and children of teachers. You would be surprised to know that most heroes with children were parents in their teens

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

Izumi looked at Rin with love. The girl was somewhat small and was on the handkerchief made to hold her comfortably against her chest. Rin wore a dragon monkey, tail and wings included, and she was adorable at most

Despite all the circumstances behind the birth of Rin, Izumi loved Rin more than her life. That's why she was worried, the baby of almost a year was too shy. To the point that she had learned to pull her monkey's hood down when she didn't want to see anyone

Izumi was also shy, but she worried that the baby would start showing so many signs of shyness so quickly. The girl was sheltering on her shoulder while Izumi carried several diaper bags.

-Midoriya? Didn't you say you couldn't go out today?

Izumi wanted to curse himself for going to that supermarket when the one in his neighborhood was closed. She had to have been more attentive to where her classmates were going to be

-I couldn't stay because I had to take care of her- Izumi moved Rin to be seen, it was obvious that she had a baby in her arms. She never thanked Rin's shyness so much that with her little hands she pulled her hood over her face while hiding in her mother's chest

Uraraka was the first to approach

-Oh, a baby Who is it?

True or false? Izumi chose the lie instantly

- She is the daughter of relatives, do you want to say hello, Rin? - The baby took refuge even more against Izumi- I guess not, I'm sorry, she's a little grumpy and hungry. We were going home

Izumi said goodbye and ran. His companions looked at each other with a strange gesture

- Wasn't she very weird?

-When she hasn't been weird?

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Nejire did not stop laughing while they were in the nursing room of the UA, which had a sign of being a sports warehouse.

-You should tell them since she is your daughter, believe me, it is better to have class support for these things

-Yeah, I just don't want to tell you how Rin was conceived

-Well, skip that part

Unlike Izumi who was a mother, Nejire was a surrogate mother. The baby in her arms was the son of her older sister, but she had taken care of the baby since it was a newly laid egg until that moment.

Izumi turned Rin in her arms and let her start breastfeeding from her other chest.

-Rin doesn't usually drink from the bottle?

-Yes, what happens is that they have fallen. So I have to do it the manual way

- Aren't you going to stop breastfeeding soon?

-No, apparently I produce a lot of milk and it is good for her to drink as much as she can- Izumi saw how Nejire buttoned her shirt after belching the baby- And why do you undress if you give the bottle?

-Likes skin contact

Izumi was left alone in the room. The baby was no longer interested in eating and was playing with her mother's breasts. Izumi smiled at the girl when she annoyed her a little with her hand. Rin frowned and continued to play without paying attention to her mother

- Maybe I should say it - Izumi mused as he climbed Rin on her shoulder to burp her. The baby belched loudly and then laughed - Has everything come out, my girl? How could you have so much air inside?

The baby laughed and Izumi looked at the clock. She could still be with her for a few more minutes.

Rin looked at her mother with adoration and Izumi looked at her the same way. Then the door opened and an angry Bakugou entered

-Stop bothering me about what's here and come and look at it yourself! - I shout before looking at Izumi, with his shirt open and his bra apart, with Rin in his arms, trying to breastfeed a little more- What the fuck? !

At the sound of screaming Rin began to cry, forcing Izumi to calm her down again while trying to cover herself

Chapter Text

Kai Chisaki had never had a great sexual appetite.

Desires yes, but every time he thought of touching a woman or a man that way, a person infected by the plague that were the quirks, his stomach would turn

It was preferable to resort to masturbation thinking of a pure and clean person. A quirkless virgin. But finding a young and quirkless person, besides being attractive and desirable, was so difficult that he completely neglected to satisfy his desires to focus on his mission.

Until Hari told him about a low-world brothel where they got you girls who were exactly your type. Apparently one of the managers had a search quirk and could find the right person to satisfy every desire of his clients.

Kai was not convinced, but it was at Hari's insistence. When he asked for his preferences he could see how the managers became pale and talked among themselves. Then they told him that they would contact him when they had the right person ready.

Kai had even asked that she be drugged so that she could not recognize him or remember what they had done.

He never expected three days later to have a girl ready who met his requirements. Quirkless, young, beautiful, totally virgin and pure in appearance. The girl was halfway while looking at him with bright emerald eyes, slightly glazed by drugs.

The people of Shie Hassaikai had taken care of disinfecting the room and the girl.

Kai enjoyed it.

It was the first time in his life that he enjoyed sex that way, without feeling disgusted by his partner. However, when he left the girl, he felt no desire to take her with him.

A woman would only distract him from his goals, especially if he was as tempting as that. However, the next time he went to the brothel and asked the same woman, after a little persuasion, he learned that she was not a prostitute. She had been kidnapped for him, and now she was protected, so her kidnapping was no longer as easy as before

Kai decided it wasn't worth looking for her on her own, just a distraction for her goals. He became convinced of that until he saw an emerald flash

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

Izumi looked at Rin in her baby cart, a gift from All Might. They were at the pharmacy, waiting for them to bring the product they had ordered

After Kacchan saw her, he began to make a fuss and Kaminari's asshole sent a message to the class group chat saying that Rin was his daughter. What had caused great stress to the mother and daughter couple that had ended up with Rin had had a rash from the stress of meeting new people

Izumi looked at Rin who was nibbling on a Eraserhead stuffed animal, courtesy of her grandmother's handicraft. The good thing was that Rin was lively and happy

Izumi shuddered to feel it was look. He raised his head and looked at the people around him. Such a look was not good.

His eyes met others. A man with a black medical mask and golden eyes.


Izumi shivered in fear.

She couldn't tolerate people with golden eyes, the only one she endured was Rin. But every time she saw golden eyes she couldn't help thinking about that night. The look of that person, one of the few things he remembered

Rin stirred in the chair and Izumi leaned down to take her out and take her in her arms. Sitting a long time was not good for her.

The golden-eyed man was approaching. Izumi briefly panicked as she watched him approach her decisively. Rin turned her head towards the man, with her monkey's hood down, and began to emit a series of children's gurgling

Izumi knew that the golden gaze had met the golden gaze of her daughter. The man stopped

-Midoriya, I already have the ointment ready for Rin-chan

Izumi thanked the pharmacist after paying and looked at the golden-looking man. He kept looking at her and Rin. Besides ... Who needed so much hand sanitizer?

-Let's go home, Rin.

Izumi walked carefully to her house, turning several times and looking over her shoulder to see that they were not following her. Rin fell asleep from the fatigue of being away from home and Izumi arrived mentally exhausted at home.

But they didn't follow her and that relieved the girl, who proceeded to bathe her baby and then give her ointment on clean skin.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Kai Chisaki entered the Shie building like a cloud of anger. The low-ranking members who saw him fled in a sneaky way

Kai arrived at his office without crossing anyone, something odd considering the size of the building and the number of people in it. Hari entered and looked at him

-And that face? Who has died?

-Research people with green hair and the last name Midoriya

-Why that order?

-Just do it, find out who Rin Midoriya and her mother are

Hari shrugged and left. Kai was never irrational, he didn't ask for impossible. But why did he want to know about those people? So far I had only given him three things, a last name, a name and a hair color

-Well, we have found people with less information

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Rin was pouting while Uraraka and Mina kept taking pictures. Izumi had agreed to take Rin to the classroom in a moment of weakness she deeply regretted

-Is she really your baby, Midoriya?

-Of course she is your baby, don't you see how much she looks like?

Rin pouted before tending her arms to her mother. Izumi took it and then looked at her, she was making a face that she wanted to eat

-Well, I have to take her to the nursing room. And then he will go to the nursery, without visits

Izumi came out the door while Mineta made an obscene comment about Izumi's breasts, about which he wanted her to breastfeed, and was beaten by three different people

-But, even so, who was the damn lucky guy to fuck her?

Izumi stood in the hall before that comment from Mineta

-Bakubro, do you know that?

-No- Kacchan sounded aggressive- Izumi always seemed to avoid men, and that got worse after the second year of high school. At that time she did not tolerate or be touched by teachers. Although she calmed down well before the entrance exams to the UA

-The dates seem to coincide with the conception of Rin and his birth- Kaminari, a piece of fool, why are you not an idiot when you need to be? - Well, as heroes our duty is to get us where they don't call us. Let's find out!

-Well! - Uraraka joined the bombing- Bakugou, bring all the photos of your high school! We have to find a person with eyes like Rin's to know who his father is and find out what happened

Izumi almost ran out to the nursing room

She didn't want them to know, she didn't want to know who the father was. Rin was his daughter, only her, nobody else's

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

-I am surprised that you come to my house, Todoroki- Izumi sat on the couch while Rin used Shouto as a climbing pole, obviously fascinated with him

-Yes ... You know about my family's circumstances. And you helped me. I would like to know about the circumstances behind the birth of Rin and help you as you did with me

-Why do you think I need help?

-Because when we mention Rin's father or ask him about him you seem about to break into tears

Izumi fell silent

-You swear you'll never tell anyone? - she whispered

-You have my word

Izumi smiled in the saddest way Shouto had ever seen on his face. More than a smile it seemed like I was crying desperately. After silently listening to Shouto he could only approach her and hug her tightly, while Rin looked at them curiously

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

Kai looked at the photo taken of Izumi and Rin in the hospital as a copy of the report of the assault and the complaint of the rape.

The girl had a cautious look, but she held the baby protectively against her chest

-Kill the people of that brothel, it's their fault that I became a pedophile

-And what do we do with your daughter?

-It's obvious, get her out of that polluted environment. To her and the mother. Develop a quirk to defend itself after being attacked, stain something very pure. Now I have to carry the consequences. In addition, Eri would like to have a new mom and a little sister

Chapter Text

Aizawa had his children in the aquarium, well, to the 3rd class of the UA.

-We have come here not to have fun, but for an escort and protection mission- Gruño while watching the children look around, were almost full-fledged heroes, with their third temporary license. They should behave more according to their situation

-And who do we have to escort, Aizawa sensei?

The man opened his mouth but a girl started screaming from behind him

-The mermaid! I'm watching the mermaid!

In the gigantic tank that simulated a coral reef in the Bahamas there was a small platform created by the coral. In it was a seated silhouette.

A long tail with scales like jade gleamed from the light seeping into the water. She wore a rolled fabric on her black chest with bright ornaments and a skirt covered the top of her tail.

The hair was long and golden, with a headband that looked like a green coral and pearls. He turned to the outside of the tank and approached the girl swimming quickly, putting his hand on the glass against his. His violet eyes shone brightly as he smiled warmly at the girl, before beginning to caress one of the largest fish

Instantly all visitors started taking pictures of the mermaid. That she turned away lazily a couple of times while multicolored fish followed her. Creating a magical and fairytale setting

-To her, we have an escort mission for the mermaid of Mustafu

Aizawa sensei then took them all over the framework of the aquarium, the technical facilities and the top of the tanks. They were accompanied by a very nervous woman

-We have received so many threats, and when we learned that some came from real villains ... We are afraid that something bad will happen. That they attack the aquarium. In addition to Izuku's safety, we care a lot about Izuku. Many want to steal it from us, other aquariums and rich people who want it as a pet or similar

-Don't worry, we'll take care of the protection of the siren- Aizawa looked at her students, apparently they had already entered work mode

The manager looked at him

-This is a teaching center for Mustafu University. Most of the funds are destined for the maintenance of aquariums and a small part for our salaries. The surplus is donated to charities, or saved for equipment renewal - the nervous woman looked at some filters - She will understand our joy when Izuku arrived and we almost tripled our usual box ... Since Izuku arrived we have only increased our profits and without him ... If something happened to him ...

They reached a tank with a wheelchair next to it. The woman took a whistle and blew. Only Asui and Fumikage shuddered, the rest didn't hear anything. A few seconds later, jumping three meters and leaning on the edge of the pool in an almost professional landing, the siren appeared

He turned to look at them and then booty surprised

-Deku ... - everyone turned to look at Bakugou

-Hello, Kacchan, how long without ...

-How the fuck is it that you've put your pathetic ass in danger? Also, what the hell are you doing dressed like this? You are a man!

The mermaid became pale and nervous

-Can I explain it, Kacchan, this really has an explanation

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Fourteen years before

Izuku Midoriya was strange, his quirk was not manifesting, although the test said he had it.

They thought it was something physical. There were clues

Izuku's legs were perfectly functional, but every time he walked it hurt so much that the boy burst into tears, so he went in a wheelchair. And he could not speak, every time he tried the sounds that came out of his mouth were similar to the song of a whale, so he had to learn gesture language.

But what kind of quirk affected the legs and vocal cords?

Izuku's doctor was confused by that

Inko tried to make Izuku's life as normal as possible. Therefore, when all the children in Izuku's class signed up for swimming lessons with their mothers, she also pointed to Izuku and her.

Izuku was watching the interested water from his chair before going to the special seat to get into the water when Katsuki Bakugou pushed Izuku's chair, throwing him into the water. The monitor was launched and raised Izuku over the water

-That's cruel, Kacchan! -Inko and everyone was paralyzed. No one had ever heard that voice coming from the child.

-Can you talk if you're submerged in the water? - Inko was delighted and the other mothers had eyes full of tears. The monitor looked down and lifted the body for four years, even more above the water.

From the hips the legs had disappeared, instead there was a bright jade tail.

-It's your quirk, Izuku. This is your quirk- Inko was totally rapt

After that day the Izuku quirk was registered. As in the story of The Little Mermaid Izuku lost her voice and her legs hurt when she tried to walk, but she recovered it and got a tail while being underwater, besides being able to breathe underwater and the apparent and involuntary love she woke up in fish of all kinds

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

Three years before

-I'm glad you want to help us with this, we think that the appearance of newt can get people's attention- said the aquarium manager looking at Izuku, who was caressing a tiger shark that did not stop bumping into him like a cat looking Attention

-It is a pleasure

Izuku dive a little between the different places in the tank while the aquarium managers saw him.

Then they were talking to each other

-I don't know, something is missing- said the man

-Maybe it's because of the nakedness, it is very ... insinuating if it goes totally naked. How about putting on a shirt?

-If you cover my guts I can't breathe underwater- Izuku complained.

-How about bandaging your chest?

They tested it and then argued again, after which Izuku was bandaged with a chest and a sky blue pareo.

-Something is missing

-How about a wig? The newts are fine, but the sirens attract more attention

Izuku began to think that from the beginning they wanted to transvestite him, since they took out a wig with blond hair and waterproof makeup. In addition to some fillings that they put under the bandages

In the end the result was a young and thin girl, looking shy. The wig was still going when swimming, so it was fixed with a headband. And to change even more Izuku started wearing violet contact lenses

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

-And that's how we arrived today- Izuku smiled as he had just removed his makeup. For some reason the boy who had grapes for hair seemed devastated, but the rest were very attentive- My quirk is unique in the world, quite beautiful. So they want to kidnap me to keep it, to use me. I hope you protect me properly, young heroes

Chapter Text

-Dad, dad, look what I've done- The boy shot from his father outside his warm home where the man was reading a newspaper

Hisashi Midoriya followed his son to an alley where he saw what he was pointing at

-Look father, I made a corpse- Izuku, with total innocence pointed to the man on the floor of the alley

The scene was horrendous. The man had been stabbed so many times that his torso was a bleeding mass, his ribs were wide open and his weapon, Hisashi's security knife gave Izuku a gift, was stuck in his navel

The man saw a piece of meat separated from the body and there was no need to be a genius to know what it was. Possibly that was what had led to Izuku's attack. On the one hand he felt disgusted to see such a fudge, and on the other pride to see the first job of his little son

-Izuku, that's not a corpse- the man proudly smiled at his six-year-old little son Omega, who had knocked down an adult Alpha. His mother's blood was strong, despite being a quirkless Omega- But you have sixty points for enthusiasm and for being your first time

-That? But if it doesn't move anymore

-Look at his chest, you separated the ribs. Do you see that thing that moves through the muscle?

-Do not

-Pay attention. On the left- the man carefully turned the child's head

-I can see that!

-That movement is the beating of your heart, it's alive. But you have done very well, what happened?

Izuku blushed

-He told me that I was an Omega and that I could not refuse what an Alpha asked me. So he dragged me into the alley and said we would do fun things while lowering his pants. So I used the knife you gave me to defend myself and cut off his little thing. And when he fell to the ground I started stabbing him many times until he stopped moving

The words did not match the super cute and adorable boy who was saying them. It was as if something didn't fit in the picture

-You are worthy son of the villain All for One and the only known Omega villain, La Dríade, your mother, may she rest in peace- The man kissed his son's head- Kurogiri- the fog arose- Bathe Izuku and give me the camera, I want to immortalize his first victim

-Yes, my lord- the Omega boy ran into the Beta fog, moving away safely from his father Alpha

-Bye, Daddy, come home for dinner

-I will, my little Omega- the portal of fog closed- Open your eyes, I know you're aware- The villain took the man's wallet and took out a special card- Do the heroes have a habit of trying to abuse children of six years?

The hero just looked at him angrily

-What's wrong, Izuku has damaged your diaphragm and you can't talk. Well, I don't need you to talk to steal your quirk. I will give your quirk to Izuku, after all he is quirkless. Isn't this something ironic, chain hero, Hunter? You will give your quirk to the quirkless boy who killed you

The man looked at him with blood coming out of the sides of his mouth. All for One brushed his forehead and removed his quirk

-I'd leave you here, but Izuku has left too much evidence. After all it is his first time. So I'll take you to be eaten by the nomus

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

Several years later

Izuku was sitting on a decapitated corpse, well, there were actually three

- Did you think that nothing would happen to you? You are in the territory of All for One, did you think we would not know?

One of the few men left alive gasping

- Fuck you, fucking Omega. You're just a whore with an air ...

The chain that circled around Izuku stabbed him with the blade that was on its edge to the figures that were still alive. To all but the goods.

Izuku looked behind his mask at the women. They were Omegas between fifteen and seventeen. They would sell them to Alfas who would mark them and return them to their sex slaves. Omegas traffic was like that, disgusting. All because most of the Omega were quirkless or had very weak quirks

Izuku's blade shone a second before going after the girls and cutting their ties.

-Get out of here and go to the police- Izuku spoke without taking off his mask- Make sure you make a lot of scandal, call attention so that they don't catch you again

The girls rushed towards the door, fleeing the murderer who was their savior. A foggy portal emerged and Izuku returned to the bar with Tomura and Kurogiri, the two Betas

-You have had fun?

-I have beheaded six people and eviscerated another- Izuku smiled- In addition to releasing twenty Omegas, yes, I had a lot of fun

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Izuku changed to put on his street clothes, instead of the hoodie and mask, in addition to the skinny pants he used to work, he wore a pure white extra large sweater that fell off his left shoulder constantly and shorts jeans, frayed at the edge, which did not reach mid-thigh, with his favorite red sneakers.

Izuku combed his curls carefully and went outside to see the panorama. Very few people thought that Omega was something to look at. Unless it was with desire.

Izuku had lost count of the Alphas who believed they could get something from him just because it was Omega. Most of those Alphas had died by his hand, the rest had become nomus

Izuku was waiting for his soulmate, just like his father had done with his mother. He would wait as long as necessary. Izuku went to one of the neutral areas for villains

The heroes believed that the villains had no limits in their conflicts, but thanks to the king of the underworld, better known by Izuku as his daddy, shopping centers and store districts that were on the border between two territories were neutral ground.

Izuku was there, circling to buy a new video game from Tomura. Lately he was giving him the classics, so the game he was looking for was second-hand. Fortunately he found it in the third video game store he went to.

Izuku knew that people looked at him. He was an unmarked Omega of a certain age, twenty-two years was not being old but more older than the rest of Omegas marked, with a good pheromone perfume, and he was showing a smooth neck without fear. There were alphas that threw predatory glances without hesitation

Then a smell came to Izuku's nose. It was a warm smell, like a warm room when you entered the house after a snowstorm. Izuku loved that smell. He put his hand to his chest, his heart was beating at double or triple the speed it was a few seconds ago.

There was an uproar near Izuku and an Alpha, who had been in a somewhat remote place began to move quickly, flowing awkwardly among the people.

Izuku almost ran towards him, following the good aroma until that Alpha

They stared at each other without saying anything for a few seconds.


Izuku almost felt that his most Omega part vibrated with emotion at the sound of that male voice


-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Izuku returned to the bar totally flushed. Kurogiri and Tomura looked at each other

- Has something good happened, little brother?

-I found my soulmate ... He is a very tall, very handsome and very masculine Alpha. With her brown hair and golden eyes and those thin lips. It's the first time I've met an Alpha, who isn't a dad, who I don't want to kill — Izuku seemed ecstatic to say that word. Tomura simply smiled from her chapped lips and turned to look at Kurogiri

-Give me the shotgun, Kurogiri, you have to welcome that man to the family

Izuku was alarmed, more when Kurogiri brought a wide variety of firearms out of the fog

-What do you want? I recommend this, it is easy and quick to use

-What are you going to do to my soulmate ?!

-Before Sensei entered the prison he left us some very specific instructions of what we should do if you found your soulmate- He took the gun and took out the insurance- So that's what we're going to do, get ready, Alpha jerk, I'm going to you

Dabi, sitting in a corner pampering Himiko who was close to his jealousy, simply looked at them with fun. The Alpha of the scars was the soulmate of the blonde vampire and they had known each other before entering the league, so Izuku had never attacked him

Izuku really liked the villain Omegas

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

-I found my soulmate- Kai looked out the window of the building that was the legal cover of his clan's business- It smelled like a pool of pure, crystalline water in the middle of nature. Totally clean and pure, as if he didn't know the dirt. It was a completely virgin Omega

Kurono looked at him curiously. An Alpha could know from the smell about past Omegas couples. If Kai said his soulmate was a virgin, it was because no one should have ever touched him

-When will we meet the future lady?

-It turns out that he works and lives in the territory of the League of Villains, but as soon as I get him out of there I will bring him to the house.- Kai remembered that boy, pure white, clean and fluffy, with that soft and shiny neck. His fangs of Alpha grew in his mouth with the anticipation of marking that nape of his neck, his mouth was filled with the special saliva that would leave the mark permanently, like a tattoo.

-He has family?

-For the little he told me, he lives with an adoptive older brother and an uncle. Besides that he also lives with two other friends. His mother is dead and his father is abroad

-Well, you win over his family before bringing him here, otherwise if you bring him by force it could be hard for him and he would resist. Have a stable base with your family and it will be easier for him to accept that he will be the lady of a yakuza clan

Chapter Text

Quirk preservation law

Due to the low fertility rate recorded in the Alphas with strong quirks dedicated to heroicity, and the weakening of those quirks in the next generation, the following measures were approved

1º For the Alfa with license for hero polygamy is allowed

2nd For members of the same family, exclusively Alfas and Omegas, marriage will be allowed, provided that the quirk of one of the two passes or has the rank A

3rd The Polygamous Alpha may decide which of the children produced by their various partners will bear their last name and which will bear the name of their mother

4th All children of an Alpha allowed for polygamy will be evaluated at birth by a quirk to see the future. Both to know your secondary gender and to see your future quirk. However, information about quirk will not be given to parents to avoid treatment bias.

5th Two alphas can never marry, since their genetics are very strong and fight among themselves, generating Alpha children with weak quirks

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

Enji Todoroki was an alpha polygamist. There had been up to five women in his house who depended on him, counting his legal wife and the first of all, Rei. Each and every one of them carefully chosen for their strong quirks compatible with their fire

Rei was a Beta, yet her powerful quirk made her become the main wife and live in the house where he himself resided. Enji had to negotiate with Rei's parents and offer a lot of money to marry her, despite the woman's protests. Rei, despite her secondary gender, gave birth to four children. Three disappointments and a win, two Betas and two Alfas. Touya still carried the surname Todoroki because of the strength of his fire, but the real gem was Shouto, with his fire and ice

The second woman was Mika, a Beta too. She volunteered, her quirk allowed her to manipulate the lava flow and thought that by joining with a fire like Enji's her offspring would also create it. Be wrong. The Alpha son she had was stronger than her in handling, but not too much.

The third woman was Sumire, an Omega. Like Rei, her family had economic problems, but she was the one who decided to sell herself to Enji. Her quirk allowed her to generate gems from her body. The two Omegas twin daughters she gave birth had the same ability, only that their gems were so incredibly hot that they were taken to power plants for steam generation and electricity production

The fourth woman was Sophie. An English woman who came to Japan to be with Enji. She was also Beta. Her quirk was from a fire similar to Enji's, but weaker. She had no children, no matter how much she tried or what fertility treatment she used. So Enji threw her away after a few years. She returned humiliated to her country for not being able to conceive a child with a strong fire quirk

The fifth woman was, in the opinion of the others, whom Enji really loved. There were no circumstances, there were no blackmails, there were no constraints of any kind. She had a weak quirk, but still he had taken her home. She was a nurse and had saved his life when, while hospitalized, a villain slipped into the hospital and tried to inject poison into the dropper. After that Enji chased the woman until she married him

She was called Inko Midoriya and it was Omega. After arriving at the house Enji spent more time with her than with any other woman. And from that union was born an Alpha child, Izuku Midoriya

Izuku was diagnosed quirkless as soon as he was born, the doctor escaped. And that's why Inko kept Izuku as far away as she could from Enji. Izuku grew up without knowing his father until he was four years old, but without feeling that he was missing anything because his mother filled any void in his life.

Izuku also knew his brothers, except Shouto and Touya, who had been separated by their strong quirks and were personally trained by Enji. His brothers didn't care that Izuku didn't have quirk. The young Alpha was so kind and sweet that they simply gravitated around his little brother. It was a relief, especially after being with his father

One day, with five years, Izuku was going near the main house when I heard the screams of another child. That day the maids were on the other side of the Todoroki estate, cleaning the Koi pond that had been filled with an invasive seaweed.

No one was in that area except him, because he was too small to help, so he roamed the gardens, bored. Then he heard a cry of pain from inside the house.

Izuku ran out in the direction of the sound. He could be quirkless, but still he wanted to help people. He ran into the house and arrived in the kitchen in time to see a boy with bicolor hair being held by a woman who spilled boiling water on his face.

Izuku threw himself on the boy, earning a burn on his back, when the water fell there while he covered the boy, Izuku closed his eyes in pain. His brother Shouto would protect him, despite being quirkless, he was his brother. Then something exploded in his ears and the whole world became silent.

Izuku opened his eyes as he looked around. The entire house was destroyed and suspended in the air. Rei was passed out on a piece of wall several meters above the ground. Shouto was still hugging Izuku and looking at him strangely. His pupils were elongated like those of an Alpha in front of his Omega

The boy raised his head a little, while the burned part was instilled with frost and his cold arm calmed Izuku's burned back. Then the boy strongly bit the side of Izuku's neck with a mark that should not be permanent unless Izuku was a ... Omega

Izuku fainted

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

-Basically his body mutates when he uses his quirk- said the expert in quirks to Enji and Inko, who were in the room of an unconscious Izuku. That he had a bandaged neck and back- The way of rest, or the original, is an alpha quirkless child, while a child he will not be able to use his quirk. But when he wants to use it, his body will change and change from a quirkless Alpha boy to an Omega girl. As a girl, she does have access to her quirk- The doctor adjusted her glasses- She is one of the most powerful telekinesias of her generation

Enji looked at the boy on the bed. Inko was next to her baby, holding her hand even in her sleep

-I never heard of anything similar- Whisper Inko

-Well, telekinesis type quirks are better suited for female bodies. The way of rest can also be a way of control, to avoid accidentally lifting things. Are there mutation type quirks in the family?

-I'm fire-retardant and most of the people in my family too- said Enji

-In my case I think my great-aunt was the mutant type, her quirk attracted things to her body with speed, and she was very resistant to shock- Inko said after thinking- I don't even remember bruising, her skin seemed armored

The doctor nodded

-Mutations on both sides in order to avoid damaging the body with the quirk itself, that may have caused this mutation.- said the doctor

-And what about the brand? -Inko got up- Shouto bit her when she was a girl and Omega, has a link been created?

Enji seemed excited by the idea. An Alpha and an Omega from the same family could produce more powerful offspring than normal, that's why he had been so happy to produce two Omegas before Shouto.

But with Izuku and Shouto he could win the jackpot of the genetic lottery

-Don't worry, Mrs. Todoroki, Shouto's teeth are still very small and did not reach the depth needed to create a bond. Surely Izuku will have a small relief on the skin and nothing more.- Inko sighed with relief- It is normal for Alfas and Omegas of the same family to see themselves as potential partners instead of as relatives, and taking into account the quirk of both , if they wanted to form a link in the future there would be no impediments. Now, as for Shouto and Rei Todoroki, the situation is something else ... Complicated

Enji growled

-The plan was to enter Rei here soon after after a training session hit Shouto in the stomach so hard that he vomited and then she would blame me when I put her aside to protect my puppy- Inko nodded. She had been there and that incident had been recorded by the security cameras of the house- If we had been faster, or been more attentive, Shouto now wouldn't have that scar on his face

-The case is that Shouto has blocked his mother's memories by harming him. Except those of the burn - the doctor sighed - Fortunately he knew about the report and the witnesses in Mrs. Rei's attacks on her children, otherwise she would have considered you guilty of domestic abuse

Enji growled and Inko put his hands on Alfa's shoulders to calm him

-To me? I can be hard training my children, but I have never beaten them unless I was teaching them how to fight. In addition, Shouto is too small to do more than basic quirk training

The doctor sighed

-The case is that Shouto has modified his own memories. Instead of remembering his beloved mother, who often comforted him and hugged him so much, hitting him he has changed the image of his mother for yours, his hard and strict father

Enji sighed and rubbed his eyes

-This is getting more complicated-Inko rubbed Enji's shoulders more

-What do you suggest, doctor? -Inko spoke softly

-The best thing for Shouto is to remember naturally what really happened- the doctor closed his folder- But Mr. Todoroki decides, being the only parent who has not been disabled
-We will do that, also, giving something to hate will grow stronger- said Enji

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Eleven years later

Izuku got out of the car with a driver who had taken him home from school and said goodbye to the driver who was looking for Shouto. He had a quarter of an hour

Izuku ran into the house and climbed into his room, quickly stripping and activating his quirk. The feeling of his body changing was always weird. As from a body of man it passed to a female body. She took off her short green hair wig and put on female underwear, hiding all her male clothes in the laundry basket

He took a uniform from his school from his hanger, but feminine, and put it on, so that it was perfect. She was climbing her stockings when her bedroom door opened and Shouto appeared. Izuku blushed hard and Shouto closed the door staying outside and asking for forgiveness

Izuku wondered how much longer that farce could be maintained. Her father had demanded from Izuku since his quirk woke up that she always maintained her female body and Omega.

That remained until in the elementary school an Alpha boy declared himself to Izuku, he had ash blond hair and red eyes. The next day Enji Todoroki took his daughter out of that school, chosen especially for its remoteness from Shouto's, so that he felt jealous of the smells of other Alphas on Izuku's body. Two days later Izuku was in another school, as a boy, he spent the rest of his time as a girl at home, and Shouto shouldn't find out about his masculine Alpha form

Izuku liked Shouto, but she didn't like having secrets with him. The Omega part of her was pleased that such a strong Alpha noticed her. And she wanted to push the darkness away from the heart of her Alpha

Izuku opened the blushed door and was immediately hugged by an anxious Shouto. The Alpha sniffed her hard, looking for traces of other Alphas or Betas in the Omega. Until he found something in the neck of Izuku

-Why does your neck smell like an Alpha has touched it?

Izuku shivered. The tone of the Alpha had partly frightened her and elsewhere had excited her. Shouto's dominance was something that the young Omega liked too much. The nape of an Omega was the point of the body of the Omega that the Alpha most wanted to claim normally, so for Shouto that someone had touched her, Izuku of him, was something that made him angry

-A branch got tangled up in my hair and they helped me remove it.- It wasn't a lie, but it had been like a boy, so she hadn't taken it into account until that moment

Shouto sent her into the room and sat on the bed, with her on her legs. He gently brushed his hair away and ran his tongue over her neck. The wet sensation made her jump and cover her neck with her hands. Enji had been very clear, no brands until they got the hero's license

The last time they challenged him he separated them for three weeks that hurt both of them like stabs until they could get back together. Enji Todoroki did not want to be distracted before that time

-What are you doing?! - Izuku was flushed like grana

-Bush the annoying smell

-But you can do it with your wrists or your neck, not with your tongue

-Izuku- the command voice of the Alpha made the Omega shudder- Put your hands away, I'll just lick, nothing more.

Izuku pushed her hands away, she was trembling and held back a groan as his tongue passed by again. The nape was a sensitive area for the Omegas, and the past constants of Shouto's tongue were affecting Izuku more than she would want to admit.

Izuku tried to move her hips so she could calm her feelings a little. But she blushed when she felt Shouto's erection against her butt. Shouto's hands roamed Izuku's body.

One went to her breasts and the other hand held her waist. The stimulation was too much for Izuku, who reached an orgasm while stirring against Shouto's hips.

Shouto left her delicately on the bed and when he was going to put on it a spray of water sprayed them both. Fuyumi looked very serious next to Izuku's bed.

-Shouto, get away from Izuku, you know you can't do that under this roof- Shouto reluctantly pulled away and Izuku gave his older sister a thankful look. By herself she could not have escaped from Shouto, nor did she want to but it was better not to admit it aloud- You cannot get carried away by your hormones, especially if izuku is lifting all the stones from the garden

Izuku blushed even more and she checked her quirk again, noticing the stones she had levitated and lowering them

-A foreign alpha touched the neck of Izuku, had to erase its smell

-You were doing more than that, Shouto- Fuyumi sighed- You have to go training. Separately. Ah, Izuku, tonight Father will spend the night here with Inko, so you will come to sleep with me

Izuku turned deadly pale and nodded before watching Shouto leave with his head down. She wanted to be with her Alpha, but it was still too soon.

She would have to wait at least for the UA. Her deepest Omega part already wanted to join her Alpha, she felt it burn for that

Chapter Text

Izuku was sitting in the interrogation room with a very relaxed attitude. Since she and her mother were attacked by a hero, from time to time, sometimes just for a walk on the street, she was arrested and taken to a police station

In part, she felt very offended that she had not even been handcuffed to the table like any other detainee. They seemed to think that being quirkless would not cause problems. Ha, pretended. She had been giving the system problems since she lost her faith in the heroes and the police

The door opened and she almost laughed when she saw the man in the raincoat and the bowl of katsudon in the man's hand

-But he is my favorite detective with my favorite dish. I'm going to start thinking that you like me

Tsukauchi bufo and leave the bowl in front of the girl who did not hesitate to start eating

-I don't like you, at least romantically. I admire parts of you that would have been better used for the police or other trades than part of the Yakuza. But I do not like you

-Say what you want, sweetie- Izuku winked at him and then sighed- Are you going to ask me twenty questions now or can I call my lawyer? Because this time I am the victim of a crime and I want to go home after making the relevant statement. I've been waiting for two hours now and this is affecting me

The detective took off his hat. The girl was true, she always told the truth, no matter what he asked her, he knew it from past experiences. He had already given up, but his superiors wanted to dismantle the Shie and believed that girl was the key. The weakest link. He himself could have told them that Izuku Midoriya was everything but the weakest link in the chain, she might even be the strongest

But, in this society, being quirkless was synonymous with being weak

-What were you doing in the area?

-I went to a pharmacy to buy certain products necessary for day to day and good health

-We found your bag. Why does such a young girl need so many condoms? And how did you get them? You're a minor- The detective took out the pharmacy bag and Izuku groaned

The police always inquired where it should not. How else could they find the three packages of condoms hidden in a double bottom that is difficult to access?

-They are necessary to avoid unplanned pregnancies. Shouldn't I congratulate myself on using birth control methods, Mr. Detective? - She ran her hands through her hair, she was calm - In my work it is really bad to get pregnant without warning

The man raised his eyebrows

-What kind of activities do you need more than eighty condoms? What is your job?

-Again those questions? I am a babysitter and private teacher for a girl who cannot go to school due to the danger of her quirk. And as for condoms ... Well ... My partner and I are very active, that's the supply for a month

The detective stared at the condoms and then at the girl before him. Eighty times in a month? And it was hard for him to find a girlfriend

-Do your parents agree with that? Maybe I should talk to them when they come. I don't think it's healthy for a girl your age to have such an assortment of condoms in her possession to use with her boyfriend

-It's my husband, we got married as soon as I turned sixteen. It's legal, I have my parents' permission to get married and I don't have to justify myself to anyone- Izuku sighed- Can I now call my lawyer? No, I didn't know them at all. They caught me in the street and I couldn't get anyone's attention. Yes, they said they were part of the league. If I'm fine, no, I don't want to go to a hospital- Izuku looked at the policeman- Now let me make a call and get out of here, since you can't accuse me of anything. You don't want the case to be water because of police malpractice, right?

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Katsuki Bakugou was furious as he watched as a police officer returned his bag / backpack to Izuku and she thanked him with a smile. Why were they releasing a villain?

-Deku- shout, alerting the entire police station. Izuku groaned mentally and she looked on her mobile the location of the car that came to look for her

-What do you want, Mr. Hero?

-How the hell did you get them to set you free? You are a Yakuza!

-There is no proof of that, it is only known that my father is part of the Shie Hassaikai-Izuku smiled when she saw the sticker that Kai had sent to her by her private group.

An explosion, very close to her face, made her turn to look at the angry boy

-You want something, Kacchan?

The boy became furious and went to explode the girl's face. She just dodged with a slight twist before using the boy's arm as a lever and throwing it flying against the wall.

- That is the level of a student of 3ºA of the UA? How much the level of the institution has fallen in recent times-Izuku cracked her knuckles she was getting angry to see that nobody was doing anything, again- If one of her students of the hero course is easily disarmed by a quirkless civilian ... Who Do you know what will happen in the future?

Katsuki got up mad and went to the girl

- Damn bitch! Those are not the movements of a civilian! - Izuku reprized and threw him flying with minimal effort to the other side of the room. In her heart, Izuku thanked the boss for having forced her to train against stronger opponents constantly until she could win any close combat.

-They are if you are quirkless and female. I can't go helpless for life

A gray bandage rolled up on Izuku's arm and she looked at the man whose eyes glowed red

-Does the hypocritical teacher come for his students? How much dedication to save those who can save themselves. Maybe you should dedicate that energy to those who cannot defend themselves and desperately need to defend them. Isn't that the reason you became a hero, Mr. Eraserhead?

The hero said nothing to the accusations. He had recognized the girl and knew that what he said was true. But what could he have done at that time? Not only was he struggling to open a hole as an underground hero, but he was starting as a teacher in the UA.

For one time in his life he was selfish and did not defend or help bring charges against a family with a Yakuza. In the end the hero who attacked them was imprisoned for other reasons, but that didn't heal what he had done.

He had turned his back on a girl completely bandaged and covered with bruises and her mother when they went to ask for help to sue the hero. The girl's eyes when he rejected them both, making any excuse were the same eyes that the girl was looking at

A touch on his scarf caused his capture weapon to crumble. The agents tensed, there was no need to be a genius to know who had entered. The next leader of Shie Hassaikai, Kai Chisaki. Also without charges or evidence against you

-Izuku- the young man spread his arms and the teenager went to them. One of the man's arms rested on the young woman's shoulders- Are you okay?

-Yes, Mr. Chisaki

-I've come looking for you, we're leaving

The girl ducked her head in a gesture of obedience as she was led out by the thin man. No one dared to stop him at any time, they didn't want to die

The ash blond boy looked at the green-haired girl who was entering the car

-Let's play together again another day, Kacchan- the girl said goodbye to him before closing the door and the car left

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

- He went to look for her! I raise the bet!

Mimic looked at the members of Shie who were discussing the romance of Kai and Izuku. At first he had agreed to be the bank for Rappa and Kurono, he never expected to have in his hands a betting system that included the entire clan, including the boss

-It was because he was in the area!

-And where are they now? - Bufo boss- Surely Kai is taking advantage now to be romantic with Izuku. I tell you, pay attention to the voice of the experience, they will end up together

Mimic had also been commissioned once by the boss to follow Izuku become one of his gloves. Everything had been fine, until Kai had kissed her. She had pulled him away and said, blushing adorably, "Save that for when we're home"

After that day it was very difficult to be close to that pair, who were hiding it so well, until Kai called him to his office

-Don't turn into an object of Izuku- he said with a smile behind the crow's beak- I like you, I wouldn't want to disassemble you

It was a torture to know who was going to win the bet and not being able to say or do anything because of Kai's threat on his head

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

Izuku sneezed in the bathroom while Kai rubbed his body hard. Normally he didn't do that, but she had been in a very dirty place and had contact with heroes, it was normal that Kai wanted to thoroughly disinfect her.

-Kai- Izuku purred when it was already clean- I'm already clean

-I know

-We can do fun things now- Kai's face lit up with a smile

-What can we make it fun? - Kai was playing, so Izuku decided that she also wanted to play a little

-I want to train with you- Kai looked at her in amazement at her words- Let's leave that for later, now let's do some exercise fighting as warm-up for the “exercise” we will do later

Chapter Text

Two weeks before the graduation of the UA students, a new class group was created by Mineta. What I miss all of them is that the first message of the group was a photo and that only two people in the class were excluded from it

But then a video was sent that was the continuation of the photo

In the video you could see how Yaoyorozu knocked on a door at dawn, the door opened and let Midoriya still look disheveled. The girl threw herself into his arms and kissed him. The boy backed up and closed the door behind him

After that day both were observed. But no one saw anything strange in their relationship, so they thought they should have been that way for quite some time.

But there was a big question

How could they leave if they didn't know each other's gender?

The UA medicated its students to neutralize their secondary genders. That way young people could go through all their training, in addition to their adolescence, without having to worry about the genders of their peers.

So a romantic relationship was dangerous. Most of the students seemed to be Alphas, but ... And those that were not? What if your partner was also Omega?

To avoid headaches, most chose not to have relationships at school.

That's why the news of a courtship surprised everyone. And a certain young man with two-colored hair was incredibly jealous when he saw the images, but then he wondered

Which of the two do I feel jealous of?

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

-Yaoyorozu, Aizawa is calling you-Izuku watched his classmate get up and leave the classroom. Shortly after he also got up and left, this being verified by all his teammates

Izuku approached the staff room and stood outside waiting for his classmate to leave. The girl opened the door a few minutes later and greeted her classmate in a familiar but polite way

- Momo, we have to talk - said the young man with green hair.

-Okay, Izuku, let's go to the rooftop

The two went quietly and calmly to that place. Not noticing that they had been seen and photographed by several of their classmates. Luckily for them, the roof was always very windy and it was a very discovered place, so anyone could see them, but nobody could hear them

-I think our classmates suspect something

-Again? Izuku, we've already talked about it, don't be so paranoid. Even if they suspected something, they would hardly know the truth. Do not worry

-I care about you, Momo. If it were just me I am used to being insulted and whispering behind my back. But I don't want you to go through that- Before Izuku's gaze, the look of past pain, Momo hugged him and let him breathe his familiar and warm smell. To calm down

-No one will do that here, they are all good guys and they are our friends. They are also more mature than ... They are smarter than the people you grew up with. So relax, brother

Omegas brothers, two Omegas who share the same Alpha and an incredibly difficult link to explain and understand for others

No jealousy, no envy, no bad feelings between them

This union usually arises when the two Omegas are compatible with the same Alpha and one of the two cannot have children.

When they learned of their condition, as Omegas brothers in the first week of school, both were examined. Although everything was apparently fine, they discovered that Yaoyorozu's quirk interfered with her ability to conceive

Her own quirk had made her sterile

-I can create anything but a baby- those words, broken with pain, had been heard only by Izuku, After leaving them alone after giving them the news. Izuku would never forget that face with so much pain and as the girl then pretended to be well before the rest of the partners

-Momo, we are brothers at a level so deep that it cannot be explained. We will have the same Alpha. They will not be my children, they will be our children. Of our Alpha, mine and yours. I will always share them with you Momo, as many as you want to have, but don't cry anymore, please. Do not Cry more

- What if I say I want a million babies?

-Well, let's start looking for a very large house-Izuku's immediate response made Momo laugh a little

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------


In Izuku's bedroom, because Momo's was still saturated with huge furniture, the two Omega were talking quietly and maintaining great physical contact. To strengthen your bond and calm your anxieties for the lack of Alpha

At first it had been hard for both. The bond was rare for the two Omegas. Because normally it would be accompanied by the Alpha. But without the Alpha it was as if both were missing a piece. Two joined, but the third was missing

Thus, both feeling helpless became one of the alpha substitutes for the other.

-Who do you think it will be? He or she must be very close to us. Recovery Girl said our Alpha was in our classroom-Izuku said that night smiling

-It could be Bakugou, wasn't it an Alpha?

After that little joke, Momo had to calm Izuku for more than thirty minutes

- Anyone but Kacchan, please, anyone but him - Izuku said shaking

-If we veto it, I will put it to Mineta

-Approved by absolute majority-The look in both eyes was like ice when talking about the boy and his comparisons of women

-And who do you say can be Alpha class? That would narrow down the search for our partner.

-Uraraka I would say it's Beta. But I think Tsuyu and Jirou are Alfas. I wouldn't mind if they were them.

-Tsuyu, really?

-She emits that Alpha vibe, it's mild but I'm sorry. Mina and Hagaruke are Betas. I'm sure

-Iida is Alpha, I know because I know his family.- Momo sighed- Todoroki?

Both Omega remained silent as they blushed in their respective ways.

Momo sheltered his face against his knees and under his gaze as his face turned scarlet and Izuku looked away, trying to look somewhat indifferent even though his ears were red

-Well, he has a good personality- acknowledged Izuku

-And is very cute

-And dominant

-In addition, Endeavor and his mother were Alfas, it is very likely to be an Alpha- Momo sighed

-If he is our Alpha, it would be something to be happy- Izuku hugged Momo- We both got along with him and obviously we found him attractive. But we cannot focus only on it, we must also look at other acceptable options. For example, Kirishima

-Kirishima? Nor do I have complaints that it is him, unless we think that he is practically drooling behind Bakugou's ass since the first year

Izuku laughed out loud, seeing Momo speaking badly was something that only happened in private and he loved him. It was proof of how much Momo trusted him

Chapter Text

Hi, here the author

I would like to ask you a question

Does anyone know if making a series other authors could publish their works in it?

I would like to create a series called "It's your baby, honey" in which Izuku announces her pregnancy, or is told that her partner is pregnant, in funny ways with different characters from Boku no Hero Academia, both heroes and villains. I would also like to ask some authors whose works I love if they wanted to participate in the series, but I don't know how to do it

Izuku's sex could vary from story to story and at first it would only be to include short films from that great moment.

Does anyone know how to do what I say? And if you are interested in writing a short short, tell me to move things fast

A little kiss from Lolibutterfly

Chapter Text

Izumi ran her fingers through the thin silk fabric in a light blue tone with green and golden butterflies embroidered, flying through traces of incense.

-God, this work is wonderful. It is elegant, but not sober, suitable for the ceremony and my age- She went back to review the embroidery- Without a doubt the traditional works are special and one thing apart

-Of course- the shop assistant extended the fabric a little more- Everything has been handmade and without the use of quirks, from caterpillar breeding to hand embroidery. The price is somewhat higher than a normal piece ... But the quality is worth it

-Undoubtedly. Can I see the other kimono? I have no complaints with this

The clerk carefully put the delicate piece of cloth in its box, along with the matching obi, and then took out a smaller one. The kimono inside was suitable for a girl, it was embroidered with almond blossoms on a slightly reddish pink background

-Oh, my God! It is exactly as I imagined. Eri will be so adorable with this.

-It is the first time that I make a kimono based on a hairpin- the saleswoman was excited, while taking out the hairpin, properly protected

-Yes, well, this hairpin was the first gift that the man for whom the ceremony is made gave me. Although it is very childish for me I would like you to see that I have kept it properly.

The saleswoman smiled. The young heart in love was so beautiful in that little Omega. She took out a black credit card and the clerk passed it without blinking. In any other place they would have tried to find out if it was false, but Izumi was a regular customer for almost five years.

The truth was that the saleswoman had never seen her wear anything other than traditional clothes. Not when she accompanied her adoptive father, or the man's granddaughter, or did she go alone.

Izumi left the store clutching the packages against his chest tightly. Kai's leadership ceremony would be in a few weeks. She wanted to be precious to her older brother. At the thought of him a silly smile illuminated her face and gripped the packages with more enthusiasm.

Kai was special. He had been the first to tell her that she was perfect, unique and wonderful, that if the world didn't see that, it was the world that had to change

He had told her, the Omega and quirkless girl

Right after that he convinced his adoptive father to take her under his wing and protect her from the orphanage abusers. Or the parents who abandoned her in favor of her sister Alfa

Thanks to Kai she had become Izumi Chisaki, adopting the name of her adoptive father

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Two girls were born in the Midoriya family.

Mikumi and Izumi.

That they were twins was a surprise, since doctors had said only one girl was coming. The Midoriya would not be the poorest in the world, but raising two girls would make them tie their belts even more. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was a decision of a superior being

In that house there was only room for one girl.

Being twins, during the next four years of life everything was shared between them. From clothes to toys, to the affection of their parents. In her first four years of life there was nothing that neither girl could call her completely

But the sisters loved each other greatly and saw that as normal.

Their aspects were the only thing in which they differed. Mikumi with her straight black hair, with her green eyes and her freckleless face. Izumi, with her curly green hair, emerald eyes and the little cheeks on her cheeks

But at the age of four the differences began to emerge. The clearest difference was the quirk. Mikumi manifested her quirk on her fourth birthday, breath of fire like her father. But as much as Izumi waited, her quirk did not appear. Six months later her mother took her to the doctor and received the news of being quirkless

His parents tried. But Izumi could clearly see that they were more favorable to Mikumi than to her. The first sign of difference was when her father, returning from a trip, brought a gift to Mikumi, just for her.

Izumi was comforted by the fact that her father was more indifferent to her so that her mother was still treating them the same. I was the only one. Friends, classmates and Mikumi herself had isolated Izumi, although Mikumi unintentionally, for being quirkless

Mikumi no longer saw Izumi as a companion for her dream of being heroines, she was just someone to protect

The next difference was their secondary genders. Izumi believed she would be Alpha, like her parents. At least being Alpha could be something similar to the rest of his family

She was wrong

Mikumi was Alpha. Izumi was Omega.

After that, while Mikumi slept comfortably, Izumi could hear her parents argue. They argued about the expenses involved in taking care of an Omega, the fair amount of money to raise two girls, the dangers of having an Omega in a family of Alphas and similar things.

A few weeks later they fired her father from his job.

With their mother's salary they did not get for rent, food and medicines that Izumi would have to start taking soon. There was a fight and Izumi heard her parents call many relatives to ask for financial help without success. Mikumi didn't find out why she did go out to play, but after being hit by Kacchan, Izumi stopped coming down to the park

With five years, in front of the orphanage and with a yellow backpack with some clothes, Izumi was left by her parents. They asked her to try to understand them when she was older, but she already understood

They had chosen the best daughter to stay. Instead of quirkless monstrosity and Omega, as they called her at school, they chose Alpha with a powerful quirk

That day there was a big storm

Two months later Izumi was being beaten in the courtyard of the orphanage by some children. The monitors were close, but nobody did anything. There were no benefits in saving the girl

They left her lying there, looking at the blue sky, until a shadow got in the way of the light.

A teenager, but not one of the orphanage. He was from outside, wearing an expensive uniform. He cured her and they were talking for a while. She told him the reasons he was at the orphanage

-Izumi, listen to me well. You are not broken, you are not an imperfect monster. You are perfect, just as humanity was before the arrival of the quirks. You are pure, by our conversation I know that you are very intelligent and that you have a great heart. You are one of the most wonderful things I've seen in my life. If the world can't see that, then you have to change the world, not change yourself

A few days later, the teenager returned with an old man. After talking with Izumi for a while, the man put his hand on Izumi's shoulder and said he wanted to adopt her. Orphanage managers rushed to suggest to Alpha children or with interesting quirks. But the old man did not let him be moved from his decision and took Izumi as his own daughter

Shortly after arriving at the complex, she adapted to her new life, with her new brothers, mostly much older than her. His new father insisted on traditional clothing for his adopted daughters and Izumi loved that sense of unity. The man really listened to her, really looked at her

Izumi had an intelligence test and turned out to have an IQ of 180, she was so kind and sweet that she made her heart happy. Shie Hassaikai had never been so alive since the previous lady died and the young lady left denying that her family was a mafia

Izumi decided that she would help in the laboratories that were part of the "legal" area of the Shie business.

The years passed and Eri arrived at the house. With the health of the old boss in decline, Izumi personally took care of Eri and the care of the old man before it was decided that it was time for Kai to take the chief's mantle

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------

Izumi was walking calmly down the street. There were enough people, but not enough to feel overwhelmed

Until some Alphas were planted before Izumi

-What does a cute little Omega like you do here alone, with no one to protect you?

Oh, they were from those alphas. The aroma of the Omegas attracted the Alphas, but most were contained. Izumi wanted to meet more often with the majority who knew how to control their impulses. Izumi simply ignored them and tried to pass through them.

-Don't ignore us, beautiful- Izumi shivered when one put her disgusting hand on her arm. She felt dizzy, a quirk? Were they using a quirk in public? - Why don't you come with us?

-I'm sorry, my older brother Alfa is waiting for me-Izumi smiled politely, trying to escape

-Perhaps we can convince you to come with us too, we will take you to a place that you will love

They didn't let her go and didn't get the hint. And for some reason Izumi was feeling more and more dizzy, she had no doubt that it was the quirk of the man holding her arm. If she was not in a hurry to let go, she would end up fainting in the arms of those subjects, who would take her wherever they wanted

Before she could pull her arm again, another person grabbed her. Unlike the acid smell emitted by the alphas before, the smell of an unpleasant courtship, this Alpha smelled very good, the smell of a protector, a smell normally associated with alphas that protected their families

-Cousin! What are you doing here? Have you also stayed with my older brother? - Izumi quickly concealed, when the Alpha covered her of the others, who approached again

-Not exactly, he is worried. You just had to buy a few things and you delayed a lot. He knew that I was in the area with my friends and asked me to let him know if I saw you- His eyes looked at the Alphas- May I know what you intended to do with my cousin?

The difference in odors was a clear indication of strength. Izumi thanked the heavens that that strong Alpha with red hair and horns was helping her make the others run away

-Can you stand up? You are very pale

Izumi gasped, feeling suddenly weak

-I need to sit down- Izumi clung to the Alpha- The quirk of one of those guys has drained my energy, I'm very dizzy

- Do you need a drink or something? - The boy took out a card. A provisional hero license - You can trust me, I'm a trainee hero

-I do not need anything. Just rest, I carry candies in my bag for occasions like this- And strips, the medicine for heat both in pill and injection, a small seamstress and an emergency alarm with a GPS chip

The boy sat beside her, letting her lean slightly on him

-By the way, I'm Eijiro Kirishima

-Izumi Chisaki. You don't look like Eijiro Kirishima that I remember from the UA sports festival

-I'm camouflaged, to learn to mix with the crowd- The boy seemed proud, but Izumi had, by his big heart, to tell him that you would not normally give your real name in a similar situation. Although it was helping the enemy- By the way, your face sounds a lot to me.

-It's quite common- Izumi smiled

-Are you a relative of Mikumi Midoriya? - Izumi froze in place- She is my classmate, but she was sick during the sports festival. You really look alike

She regretted giving her her real name and not an alias. I'm so sorry. After being adopted, although she did not find out until years later, her father received a call from the orphanage telling her that her biological family had gone to look for her. Of course his adoptive father had donated a certain amount so that all the details of the adoption were kept secret.

After all, Shie Hassaikai was still Yakuza and was under the radar of the police and heroes. If they learned that the leader was adopting children before the adoptions were formalized, a great stir would be made and the adoption would be prevented. But with the legal adoption made there was nothing they could do except supervise that the children were not in danger and take custody in that case.

And Izumi had been incredibly public. After her CI was revealed by Hari she had studied at a high level online, which was a relief, given that elementary classes bored her. Graduated from the university with ten years, creator of the cure for a new strain of chickenpox that made quirks unstable,…. Izumi was the public face of the Chisaki family

If Mikumi became a hero she could easily access the records and find her. And she using her authority as Alpha of the biological family and heroin could get possession of Izumi custody as Omega

-We are relatives, but I haven't seen her since before being adopted into my current family- Izumi smiled- I guess I don't look back, I'm very happy where I am right now

After a while Izumi was able to say goodbye to Kirishima and ran to the Shie offices. In time to see his father and Kai drinking hot sake from a ceramic bottle

-Why is the man with liver problems drinking? - There were internal shouts from both of them due to her smile- In addition, some Alphas have bothered me and I have been saved by an aspiring hero and I have found With an acquaintance of my sister. Do you understand why I won't be generous today? - They both nodded strongly

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------

-God, she's in a bad mood whenever an annoying Alpha near her zeal- the clan leader was kneeling with a sign in front of him that said "I drank alcohol when I shouldn't"

-Well, I suppose if we were Omegas we would understand –Kai had before him a sign that said “I have to watch my father better and not accompany him in his crimes”

- Have you thought about what I told you?

-Yes- Kai looked at her father- If she accepts me, at the succession ceremony I will mark her neck and make her my partner

The man smiled. Since his son came home talking excitedly about an orphan, quirkless and Omega girl he had waited for that moment. They looked a lot like his wife Omega and him as a young man

The Shie at that time was just a bunch of unscrupulous thugs or manners who did what they wanted. That is why he had to tame them with an iron fist, and at his side was his sweet and kind wife who reinforced the sense of family and belonging to the clan.

He would lie if he said he could have managed to only launder part of the Shie's business and turn them into such a close family. An Alpha could lead, but he needed support to continue on the straight path. And those supports were the Omegas. Something like the sun needs the moon, a softer and sweeter light that encourages tranquility and sleep

And, although Kai wanted to make it happen as an order of his, he liked that little Omega. For example, Kai had lost his mysophobia to be able to shake hands, had slept with her on stormy days up to a year ago and was giving him accessories that he bought himself.

That was love, considering Kai's normal behavior towards Omega, Alpha or Beta women. The money I pay to buy from Izumi was well invested. He could see it for how Kai looked at her, for how she played with Eri, for the money her investigations gave her ...

Izumi would be the next lady of the Shie at all costs

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------

Eijiro greets everyone in the class upon entering after spending the weekend outside

-Midoriya, I met someone from your family- she said cheerfully as she approached her partner's seat

-Did you see my mother?

-No. She told me you were relatives, but not what kind

-Perhaps it is from my father's family. What was her name?

-Izumi, Izumi Chisaki. Although she told me that you have not seen each other since she entered the orphanage and was adopted by her current family- Eijiro moved closer to Mikumi- It was a very nice Omega, with those little fish and those thick green curls

-She was hot? - Eijiro wanted to hit Mineta

-I do not know. She wore a kimono and looked like ojou-sama. Besides, it seemed our age

Eijiro looked at Mikumi and was surprised. She was practically shaking in her seat

-Where did you see her?!

Eijiro had never seen the calm and apathetic Mikumi moving so fast. She seemed very upset and clung to him

-In what zone?! What street did you see her on ?! If I find out where she walks I can find her- She seemed frankly desperate. Until a tape grabbed her by the neck and pulled her away from Kirishima

-What the hell is going on, Midoriya?

Bakugou sighed, drawing attention with an explosion

-It's not her fault, you mentioned that person. She always reacts like that when they mention that person.

-But aren't they relatives? - Eijiro rubbed his shoulders

-They are twins- the whole class stood still- I don't know what the fuck happened, but her parents were unable to take care of an Omega for a while and they took her to an orphanage. But when they resolved the situation and were able to take care of an Omega again they had already adopted it. They've been looking for her since then, as far as I know

The others looked at the tied girl. She looked pleadingly at Eijiro, wanting to know things about the person she had lost so long ago

Chapter Text

-Hey, Deku- Izuku turned to look at Katsuki, for once they were studying as normal people, because both of them were badly given that period of pre-hero history that would enter the exam. They were on a break and Izuku had pulled some candy from his anti-Uraraka hideout - where did you get the money for these figurines?

-Because what you say?

-Well, I know that after the divorce your father only passes the pension. And your mother is a nurse. Where do you get the money to buy these limited edition figurines?

-Bu ... Well, I do some online translator jobs for those who pay me- Izuku smiled as he rubbed his head

-And what do you translate?

-Light novels and things like that, I'm going to commission by number of weekly chapters

After a while Katsuki left and Izuku sighed in relief

Then he looked at his computer.

Fortunately no one had managed to overcome the encryption of that folder yet. Because Izuku would die if someone knew he had a job as the author of Hero dj, All All Love Love

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

It had all started on Izuku's 10th birthday, when Katsuki and the others found a Doujinshi by the river and forced Izuku to take him in his backpack to his house

Fortunately for Izuku his mother was not at home

Curiosity gained shame and the boy finally read the doujinshi, being very disappointed, fortunately it was a doujinshi light. The chosen heroes were very popular, Ingenium and Present Mic, but the story did not capture their personalities or their quirks at all.

Curious and determined to the challenges as it was by nature, Izuku began to draw the doujinshi himself. Changing the plot and personalities of the heroes to something more realistic without losing their romantic touch. Thanks to the computer tablet, he was able to complete it quickly

The end result was a 72-page doujinshi quite well done for a ten-year-old boy.

Izuku felt that he should show the world what he had done. So I look for a website where I could publish it for free and sent it. He forgot the manuscript for a couple of days and when he got back on the page he was full of comments flattering his work

“Very green but with potential”

"My God, the IngeMic is very hot"

"The author still has a long way, but if this is the beginning we are between the birth of the God of the Hero Dj"

After those comments Izuku had begun to do online drawing courses and continued publishing short manuscripts demonstrating his progress in his work

Finally, with 12 years, Inko learned about his son's new hobby. But he saw nothing wrong, he was quite harmless and made him happy.

That year Izuku asked Inko to allow him to participate in the Hero committee. So Inko, thinking that he would please his son, made 300 copies of Izuku's last dj: "My flames are stopped by your wind" With Endeavor and a hero of his agency as protagonists.

To sum up, they practically attacked Inko for the DJs after finishing in half an hour and she had to order 3000 new copies to continue selling the remaining seven days of the convention. In the end they finished the fifth day and Inko returned home defeated while Izuku jumped around him.

Then Inko told Izuku that if he kept doing dj he had to sell them online, he was seriously traumatized, and the money would go to an account she would control.

So Izuku earned a regular income with which to pay all his limited edition figurines and be able to save a little

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

-All All Love Love- Izuku looked at the screen of his mobile, he was talking to a friend who was also a DJ author, but he was a DJ author on shoujo sleeves- Will you go to the next convention as an author?

-Yes, I get paid enough to go to sign, like you

-In that you are right, but in your case there are several heroes who definitely want to hunt you. Especially for your last dj, so sexual compared to your previous work.

-I wanted something different. And they sell great, if the zeros in my bank account mean something

-Yeah, but Kamui of the Woods and Mount Lady vowed to hunt you for the dj you made on them

-That's because they refuse to see the mutual feelings they share. For heaven's sake, if they get together so much to work despite having different patrol routes and being part of different agencies, it's for a reason.

-I know, but people don't like to throw the truth in their faces. And then there is that DJ about a UA student who believes he has a harem but is only a nomu with a pheromone quirk that allows him to create illusions. I even felt sorry for the poor boy

-Mineta deserves it, believe me Love Mirio 4ever. Or should I say Amajiki sempai? - Izuku said it with some mischief

- Reveal my secret and I will reveal yours

-I would like you to have this personality in real life and not just by phone

-You would love that- at the end of the sentence said with false resentment, Tamaki couldn't help laughing out loud- Surely you would love it

Izuku laughed loudly

Chapter Text

It took Izumi two weeks to release his adoptive father's hand after arriving at his new home. As if thinking that losing that contact would be abandoned again.

Her possessions had diminished to zero in her time at the orphanage. There was nothing too good, but the children enjoyed breaking their things. As if making Izumi miserable made them less miserable

The few clothes they gave Izumi when she left the orphanage were a dress and shoes. Her father burned them the first day after Izumi bathed with Kai, Kai insisted that he wanted her clean and Izumi was too young to bathe alone.

The only time Izumi separated from her adoptive father was when she went to her classes, the youngest had tutors to avoid the stigma of being children of the yakuza in public, and when her father went to work and at night

Izumi quickly got used to sleeping alone in the orphanage. Young children were divided by their secondary genders, and Izumi was the only identified Omega of their age range. But that only made the first storm night more terrifying.

The first storm in the new house was very violent. The crystals kept shaking and the thunder was almost constant. Then someone entered Izumi's room. She raised her head, clinging to the blanket and saw Kai gesturing her to keep quiet.


-The thunder is very strong, I thought you couldn't sleep

Kai entered the bed and began to release a protective smell. The same smell that the adoptive father had emitted when he took her out of the orphanage, the same as his biological mother when Kacchan used his explosions on her ...

Izumi curled up in Kai's arms and slept peacefully in that almost empty room. She felt safe and at home

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Izumi clenched her teeth as she circled her head with the pillow and curled up.

The glow of thunder lit her room for a moment and she shivered

The storms were terrifying, but she was already sixteen. She should already be able to bear this alone. The room door opened and she tensed even more

Only her father and Kai could enter her room without permission. It was not because of the myth that the Omegas nested, which was partly true, it was because the outside world was hostile towards the Omegas. Their rooms were spaces to relax, where they could be themselves without being attacked

Izumi looked up when she smelled Kai's natural smell. The man lay on his side and gently stroked her back

-I'm not a little girl, you don't have to do this

-You are tense like a piano string and shivering- Kai hugged Izum even stronger- As the main Alpha of the family is my duty to care for and calm the Omega.

Izumi let herself calm down with Kai's soft touches

- Do you think that when I match up, my Alpha will do this for me?

-When we pair up I will do this for you, whenever you need it- Kai growled in Izumi's ear

She blushed

-No ... We are family

-But not blood, and I did not adopt the last name so there are no legal impediments- Kai smiled like a shark- Also, do not think I do not know what you take my dirty clothes before your periods of heat to be able to use them while you…. - Izumi covered Kai's mouth

Don't wash them? I could swear that I washed them thoroughly and that nobody saw me take them. How did you find out? It is so embarrassing that the person I like knows about my shameful behaviors. I won't be able to look him in the face at some time ...

-Please look me in the face, I like when our eyes meet- Izumi gasped surprised, how ... - You were muttering again, one of your many hobbies that I find adorable. By the way, there are cameras in the laundry, I say this in case you try

to steal my clothes again. Although you could ask for it and I would give it to you

-Uh ...

-Well, what about you? Will you let me mark your neck at the next succession ceremony and do we pair up? I have never thought of another person to spend my life with other than you

Izumi fell silent. Then he nodded

-Yes, I want to be your partner

Kai felt that something was bursting with joy in his chest and if it wasn't for his self-control he would be jumping for joy

-Can I perfume you?

Izumi choked a moment with her tongue. That an Alpha perfumes an Omega was like putting a sign of forbidden to the Omega or there will be a fight here. It was only done when a commitment was fixed or after the mark. Doing it before those things was a very strong commitment to the Omega in question by the Alpha.

-I ... Yes, perfume me

Kai began to run her neck gently through Izumi's face, hair and shoulders. Its essence was so strong that it seemed to poison the senses of the Omega and cloud them. That smell said how important to Kai Izumi was, how much he loved her

A statement for the Shie of what would happen at the succession ceremony

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

Eri dropped the flowers with a groan of frustration

-I don't understand why we have to do this

Izumi smiled as she reordered the flowers being careful not to damage them

-They are floral arrangements to decorate the room during the succession ceremony. As part of the family it is our duty to take care of these things

-Why can't we take care of other things?

-This is the simplest and does not require physical strength in addition to cleaning. And with your quirk we have plenty of time to make them perfect

-We have been commissioned this because we are girls, it is like Koto classes, traditional dance, Ikebana and tea ceremony. We only do them!

Izumi giggled

-That's because the rest of your uncles are already of legal age. When I was your age we all went to those classes. Kai was the best in Ikebana

The girl's eyes with a horn shone


-Yes, it gave life to flowers. He was so beautiful with those long, delicate fingers manipulating the fragile flowers. He taught me the basics and many tricks- Izumi smiled as he remembered those days, sitting in the living room with Kai gently guiding his hands

She was smaller than Eri being an Omega, but still she had looked forward to Kai as her own arrangements.

Eri approached Izumi and sniffed her. Then she walked away, covering her nose

-Izumi, Kai scented you?

The flowers in Izumi's hands broke as she blushed. Then she gave them to Eri to push them back a little with her quirk

-He ... asked me to be my partner last night. Accept and said it would mark the day of the ceremony, I also scented

Eri smiled forcefully. A normal scented consisted of three passes through the shoulders, hair and neck of the Omega. From what it seemed, Kai must have done at least fifteen passes

That was very possessive

-Hey Izumi, what was good for my mother? - Izumi's hands stopped again for a moment- I just ... I don't remember much about her before she died, if from my dad, but not from my mother. What was good for her?

Izumi remembered the day Eri arrived at the house. As the girl was taken to a separate room while her father, for the first time Izumi saw, really got mad at someone

-It's your daughter! How can you say that about your own daughter ?!

-It's a monster! Have you seen his quirk ?! How can you think of her as someone harmless ?! It is dangerous and should be locked up!

Izumi refused to continue listening and went to the room where the little girl slept to take care of her. Later, Hari learned that Father had finally offered his daughter a sum of money to leave and leave Eri in that house, Eri's mother did not hesitate.

Some time later, the first time Eri asked about her mother, the boss told the girl that she had become ill and had died for a while. Since then they had followed in that line so that Eri did not know what her mother thought of her

-Koto, she was very good at koto. Or so I have heard. Father really likes his children to practice traditional arts

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

-Mikumi- In the residence of 1ºA of the UA, Mikumi had finally come down after calling her house and telling her mother that someone had seen her sister. Crying had been heard on both sides of the line

- Is something wrong, Ochako? - Beta nodded while Kaminari and Kirishima were excited at Kaminari's laptop. The rest of the class was hovering and they looked excited

-You see, we've been searching among everyone, thanks to an idea from Yaomomo ...

-Your sister on the net- Yaoyorozu came forward- We think you would like to see her after so long. And thanks to Kirishima we have been able to identify her

Kaminari turned the laptop and saw a family portrait on the screen, with an older man sitting in a chair in the center along with another teenager sitting, although he had a bandaged ankle and a stretched leg. And in the teenager's lap was a little girl with green hair and in a kimono

-Oh my God- Mikumi approached the computer

-It turns out that your sister was adopted by the CEO of the Chisaki company. The man, after the death of his wife and the escape of his daughter with his lover, was dedicated to adopt orphans who would not have been adopted otherwise. Whether it is because of dangerous quirks or strange behaviors due to trauma, your sister is the only Omega, it seems. He welcomed them, raised them and gave them a home

The photos were part of the presentation page of the Chisaki company, of the CEO's family. Christmas dinners, religious celebrations, awards, weddings, ... In each and every one of them you could see Izumi's growth and as she is always accompanied by the same young man with brown hair and golden eyes

-I have to send this link to my parents. God, we have found it. After ten years and all thanks to you

Mikumi kept looking at the images, absorbing her sister's life. The life she had not been able to see

-According to this, your sister is gifted and graduated sum cum laude at a distance from Harvard University. She even went to give a speech during graduation. Currently she is engaged in medical research, having already developed three vaccines and currently focusing on a project to reduce the power of dangerous quirks in young children to avoid lethal accidents - Iida dictated while reading on her mobile

Kirishima whistled softly

- What a curriculum, and she is our age?

They kept commenting things until Aizawa sensei's capture weapon appeared and took the computer

-What have I told you about getting into active investigations?

The teenagers looked at each other


-Izumi Chisaki is currently being investigated by the hero association. Like the rest of the Chisaki family

Mikumi turned pale, paler than anyone had ever seen her

-Why is it being investigated?

-That company, originally, was a Yakuza clan. Although they have laundered their businesses, the association keeps them on their priority watch list

Sero was the fastest and grabbed Mikumi before she collapsed on the ground

-You are telling me that my sister ... My twin sister ... Have you been adopted by some gangsters? - She spoke by releasing smoke from her mouth, as when she was angry or very nervous

Aizawa was confused

-Is this the sister you were talking about this morning? Because then yes

Sero had to hold Mikumi tighter when he is practically collapsing in his arms

- Hell, she weighs more than she seems - she said with effort. By that comment he slapped Tsuyu's tongue while Aizawa took Mikumi in his arms

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

Mikumi woke up in the infirmary, with Recovery Girl by her side and a couple of heroes she didn't recognize, also an angry Aizawa in the corner.

-We have heard the situation about his twin, we are the heroes in charge of watching Shie Hassaikai

Mikumi looked at them with calculating eyes. She didn't like them getting into her family affairs. And the reaction of Aizawa sensei and Recovery Girl towards them, meant that they had already told what they wanted and they both disagreed

-It turns out that Omega custody laws are ... Somewhat outdated, but they say that if you want you can claim custody of your Omega sister

-What? My family gave it up for adoption and was taken by others, how could I receive custody?

-The law says that any Alpha of the biological family of an Omega can take custody as long as his signature was not on the document signed at the entrance to the orphanage. And his signature is not. In addition, as a training hero will have the support of the association. You would just have to challenge the Alpha to lead the Chisaki family for their custody, and the current leader is very old

Mikumi knew that it could not be so simple and less with two interested parties of the association getting into that subject

-And what do you earn by helping my family?

-Your sister is a very valuable asset. With her intelligence and studies she is the head of several projects within the pharmaceutical company owned by Shie. It is a pity that such talent is wasted in the private sector and the profits generated go to the Yakuza. Besides, you have to save poor Omega from the hand of those wicked

Mikumi squeezed the sheet with her hand. That was what they wanted. She had no idea how much her sister would generate, or how valuable her research specialty was. But it was enough for the association to be willing to dig through centuries-old laws to get its sister

-I see, if you'll excuse me, I should talk to my family before making a decision

The two heroes left and another being entered

-Have you heard everything, director?

-Yes, the truth is that I have already heard everything

-And what do you think?

The director took out his cup of tea

-I think you should use them to see your sister and reestablish contact with her. But not claiming custody - Nezu sighed - It has been ten years, ten years in which she has been raised with much love, by the reports of the association, by a large family. Removing that would be ... How to put it back into adoption, the same trauma again. Besides that it is possible for her to hold a certain grudge against the parents who abandoned her and make her live with them again would be cruel. However ... - Nezu looked at the girl- You were inseparable for years, twins, a link impossible to understand by other people. I am sure that she, after a while, will also want to re-establish that relationship with her sister

Chapter Text

-And tell us, Ground Zero, as the last question of the interview Why don't you have a partner? - The interviewer was a blond woman, dyed, with big breasts, obviously fake, and a shrill voice

-I'm sorry to say that I don't understand why that question- The anger control courses that Beast Jeanist had forced Katsuki to pay off and worked

-You with only twenty-five years have sneaked into the top five of the ranking, a feat only performed by three other heroes before. And it has achieved great popularity among ladies due to its attractiveness and talent. So, why are you still alone?

Katsuki leaned forward and smiled at the hostess

-There's a person I can't forget, that's why I haven't had a partner in all this time.

-Oh, an old girlfriend? Ground Zero Details, give us details about them. Where do you live and why did your relationship end

-I'm sorry, but I won't give details. I want to keep her memory intact since she is no longer in this world

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Kirishima watched the interview video again. They had gone out to drink and the protagonist of the video was drunk in a corner. No one had really expected him to go viral, but Ground Zero's popularity had increased by the pity that he was still faithful to his dead girlfriend.

-You never told me that one of your girlfriends had died

-It wasn't my girlfriend- At that point of drunkenness Katsuki was so adorable and sincere that they couldn't help messing with him. After all he had always been airtight as a safe about his past emotions and feelings.

Kaminari gave Katsuki a glass of water and he drank it

-And how did she die? I mean, so you're still so caught up about it- Ashido was laughing from next to Uraraka. But with interest in what was happening. About a third of the class had already fallen, too drunk to do something. Only the people who were going to drive remained sober. Besides, Ashido wanted his love story

-I kill her- The flushed Katsuki said it with tears falling down her cheeks- I did something horrible and she threw herself off that roof because of me. And now, every time I try to touch a woman, I think about what I did to her and I can't move on. I don't deserve it, I killed the person I loved because I didn't want to recognize my love for her. Because I wanted to destroy her to stop being my weakness

Ashido approached Katsuki and began to comfort him as the young man cried against his shoulder. Repentance could be the reason why Katsuki always killed himself in missions. He wanted to compensate for the great evil he did

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

(From here the side of Katsuki ends and that of Izumi begins)

Little Izumi was sitting in front of the TV while watching a young hero's debut battle

-Almost succeeds, a little more and would have achieved it -said Izumi excitedly looking at the screen- He would have knocked him

-What are you saying, Deku? That hero hit the blow fully

-I speak of the villain, with his quirk it would be easy to defeat the hero, but he lacks proper training, so he will lose. But it has been very close

Young Katsuki pushed little Izumi and looked at her

-Are you supporting the villain? That only bad people do!

Mitsuki approached Izumi, who was tearing, and glared at her son

-A good hero knows how to analyze his weaknesses and the fighting style of his opponent- said the woman to her son before turning to the girl who took care of her friends- I am sure that if you can do that Izumi will be a great Heroine in the future

Izumi stood still Heroin? She? She liked heroes, but all her quirks and styles seemed almost out of the same mold. The villains represented a greater variety and were more interesting to his eyes, but seeing the face of his childhood friend and his mother could only say

-Yes, I want to be a Hero in the future

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

After a while Izumi was surprised when everyone in her preschool class said they wanted to be heroes when they were older.

She did not understand. Didn't they see selfishness? Didn't they see the heroes as people hungry for attention and who fed on the salary given to them by the state directly from the taxpayers' taxes? Didn't they see that heroes almost always caused more structural damage than villains?

The heroes, in Izumi's eyes, were the bright wrapping of wild dogs that rushed in a hurry looking for the next prey to gain more recognition from their masters

The villains, not the little ones or those who only wanted money, had firm ideals. Their ideals may not coincide with what society considered "correct," or they were against the law or some moral. They tried to achieve in years changes that by legal or normal route would take decades and that if they were met

-What about you, Izu-chan? What do you want to do for a living when you grow up?

Izumi was going to speak, but Katsuki stopped her with a small explosion of her newly acquired quirk

-She already told me! She wants to be a hero like everyone else!

The teacher began to praise them all for having such goals, not realizing that I never look at Izumi's drawing of the future self.

Later, while Mitsuki left Izumi at the door of his apartment block. Izumi crumpled the sheet of paper and threw it in a bin.

On the sheet you could see someone destroying the city and underneath, with the trembling letter of a small child, "A villain" was read

That day Izumi was fully aware that she was "abnormal" according to the standards of the society in which she lived. But then she saw her smiling and kind mother, her father who was trying unsuccessfully to make popcorn with her quirk, the family she loved with all her soul and made a decision.

She would hide her "abnormality" to support her family. He would train and look for someone to follow. She would change what was wrong in society

Although that would take her away from her family and become the worst villain the world had ever known

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

Izumi's quirk was not manifesting, which was logical considering he was the youngest in his class. Or so everyone else believed.

Izumi wanted to keep her quirk secret as long as possible, she was sure of that. Because if her quirk was well known she would be at a disadvantage against the heroes. Although she had also hidden several of her facets from her parents and her doctor to be safer

Her quirk had manifested for the first time one day that she was playing in the bathroom with her Endeavor doll. For her mother she was playing that Endeavor was saving people from a shipwreck, for Izumi she was giving some water torture to hero # 2

Then Izumi had spit two teeth, which caused Inko to panic. Until she opened her daughter's mouth and saw that the missing teeth were canines. And others had grown back instead, longer and sharper

Then Izumi bit her hand instinctively and sipped her blood. Only a little.

Inko didn't resist, because Izumi herself pulled away in a matter of seconds before licking her lips and saying

-Mom, your taste is oregano

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

The quirks doctor looked at Izumi.

-It's a blood quirk. Apparently part of your diet will consist of blood

Hisashi hugged Izumi harder against his chest. The adults knew that the girl would not understand discrimination towards blood quirks. What they didn't know was that she did understand

- Only part of my daughter's diet? What does that mean?

-Well ... According to the reactions the blood is like caffeine for her, only she needs regular doses. That is, she will eat normal food to get nutrients, drink blood to heal and get energy, well, it is not exactly healing but accelerating the natural regeneration of her body

Inko groped her nervous bag strap

-And how do we get blood?

-You can go to the hospital to buy it with this card- the doctor gave them a card with the picture of Izumi - It is something comfortable, simple, cheap and practical. The other option is direct taking, although it does not cause damage to the donor in the short term, we do not know the long-term effects, so it will be an emergency measure. Although it is rare, according to this none of their relatives have a blood quirk, but it can be a mutation.

Hisashi squeezed Izumi further as they got up and left

From that day there was a metal box in the fridge with three bags of blood that Izumi was dosed throughout the week. Hisashi also gave his daughter his blood and she said that he tasted like freshly baked cinnamon cookies, so hot they still burned her tongue

What Izumi never told them was that with the blood he absorbed the quirk of the people whose blood he drank. She could feel them, piled up in her chest. She knew their names and what she could do with them. Of course for donations he never got anything very powerful. But she realized that she could be a great villain with that quirk and combining the ones she obtained.

She only swore to herself that she would never use her parents' quirks to kill anyone, intimidate, castrate or torture themselves, but never kill.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------

-Don't touch me, you filthy bastard!

Eight-year-old Izumi brought her hand to her cheek that her grandmother had just hit hard. Compared to the blows of Katsuki and his gang, it hadn't hurt so much, nor the insult. However she was surprised at the woman's reaction, she had only tried to help her up

Izumi had always wondered why her parents never took her to see her grandparents or other relatives despite living in the same district. Even Katsuki saw his Hokkaido grandparents more than he did his own who lived less than a quarter of an hour away by car

And it was at this funeral, the funeral of his paternal grandfather where he understood. As a person who suffered from bullying, and did not want to solve it since he considered it a training, he knew how to notice the negative feelings towards her

These people hated her and her mother, but she didn't know why

Hisashi hugged Izumi who started tearing, thanks to a useless quirk for all occasions except this one.

-Mother! You can't hit or insult Izumi when he tried to help you!

-How can you defend a bastard who isn't even your daughter over your mother ?! It was bad enough that you would not divorce Inko when she became pregnant with another man so that you now defend the fruit of her infidelity!

Hisashi raised Izumi in his arms and left, followed by a livid Inko like a dead man. His sister tried to stop him briefly

-No, if you do not accept something with which I agreed and my own daughter, you do not accept me among you. It is better to live without family than to let you insult our miracle

The trip back home, having spent only five minutes at the funeral, was uncomfortable and silent. Arriving at the house was when Izumi decided to speak

-Why did you call me a bastard and said that I am the daughter of another man? - Izumi's parents looked at each other and then sat on the couch, with her in between

Inko stroked Izumi's head and Hisashi put a cold compress on his daughter's cheek

-Cariño, your father and I met when I moved to the neighborhood- Started Inko- Your father was so funny and we got along very well

-Our families wanted us to get together soon and have herds of children. And we got married at 18 as they suggested, we started looking for a child from that moment

-But I didn't get pregnant, no matter how much we tried. So we did some analysis- Inko's voice was shaking- They told me that I only had a five percent chance of getting pregnant, and that the resulting fetus ... It was very possible that she suffered some kind of deformity and did not survive pregnancy. And your father told us he had an almost nil sperm count. The doctor said it was amazing that two people with our problems had come together because of fate of destiny

Hisashi blushed visibly

-After that, your mother and I ... We got a little wild. We did and experienced things that we hope you don't do. Among them a trio with a man we met in a bar

Inko blushed a lot

-We do not remember his name, but we will be eternally grateful, because thanks to him you were born. He is your biological father

-But dad is dad. He always hugs me when I'm afraid, plays with me and takes care of me. Dad is my dad- Hisashi hugged Izumi so tightly that she felt she was strangled. But she did not regret it, it was true. This man was the one who had raised her, the other was just a sperm donor. Although she would like to meet him

-After that, Mitsuki came and slapped us both. We were recommended by a doctor with a fertility quirk that could create children of two healthy people. You will understand our surprise when the analyzes said that your mother was pregnant - Hisashi wiped away some unconscious tears - You were a miracle. And from the beginning I knew you weren't mine and I don't care, but I was the only one

Inko snorted

-My parents and Hisashi's parents did not want me to give birth to the son of an anonymous man. We were required to abort the result of my infidelity, although Hisashi was there during your conception and agreed, they called it infidelity. But we refuse.

-Because you wanted a son, it didn't matter where he came from - Izumi clung more to his father

-Yes, and you were perfect. The doctor was amazed. You were a statistical miracle. And so smiling since you were born, so good

-You are our miracle

Izumi remained in the group hug for hours. And she realized. If she was going to start her life as a villain, she would have to leave them. She would never hurt them

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

Izumi's phone rang, and the twelve-year-old girl picked it up

-Hello Daddy

-Hello honey, where are you? I called home and you weren't there

-I was talking to some class girls and I got distracted, I'm coming back- Izumi looked down at the girl from another dead high school while she checked her wallet. Apparently she had enough cash. Then she licked her fangs to collect what little was left of her in her mouth. It was sweet like candy. Well, she hadn't wanted to kill her, what happened was that she didn't give up- Isn't it three in the morning where you are? How are you awake?

-It turns out that the queen has given birth and I have gone to cover the news. Being a foreign correspondent is hard- Hisashi sounded exasperated- I want to hug you

-And I to you daddy

Izumi threw the wallet in an open flammable garbage bag. Only one spark and the container burst into flame, covering its trail.

They were talking for a while about trivial things and day-to-day events, almost all of them false by Izumi, until she reached the door of her house.

-Well, I'm coming to the offices to write an urgent article. I love you darling

-I love you too, daddy

Izumi opened the door and tensed. All her instincts told her to run, the various quirks she had collected told her that there was more than one person in the house. But the worst was the atmosphere in the house. As if they had put it in a freezer. She wanted to run away but couldn't

- Are you going to enter or will you remain paralyzed at the entrance?

The pressure disappeared instantly

A quirk? A bullying quirk? Interesting. Izumi closed the door behind her and went to the living room. His mother was lying on the couch. She just need a look to know I was alive

The dangerous ones were the man in a wheelchair and heavily bandaged, the one who wore a doctor's gown and the human-shaped fog.

There were more people in the room, but they were not dangerous for Izumi at the time. The most dangerous was the one in the wheelchair, he looked like a cruel king on his throne and Izumi could glimpse rivers of blood running under his feet

-Then, this is my daughter who has been making small fuss around the area

-Simple essays and practices for the future. Do not believe that I do not feel that you are a villain, you are not the only one who wants to dominate the world

The man laughed so hard he started coughing

-Apple does not fall far from the tree

-Although the tree is dying and the apple will soon have to grow and suffocate the tree to grow bigger in its place

The man laughed

-The same ambition, but you lack experience and perspective. Do you want me to give you that? I'm dying, I need a successor. I already have one, but with two who cooperate together I can be sure that my goals will be met

Izumi and All for One were talking all night. In the end Izumi decided to be trained by her father and one day go to her Villains League. But she would choose when she would leave normal and peaceful life. Of course it would be before going to high school, because even she was already having trouble keeping her mask in public

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Fourteen-year-old Izumi went out the door of her house before hugging her mother. It was the last day I would be with her, the last hug

-I love you, mommy- She squeezed harder than usual, memorizing that hug. Memorizing everything about his mother at that time

-I love you too, my girl, now go away

Izumi could read his childhood friend like the palm of his hand. He had planned it for him to break his heart with some feelings towards him and have a plausible excuse

That is why she had slept with Katsuki last Friday and had let him record it "hidden" to ruin her chances of going to the UA. That boy didn't know how to hide cameras. Fortunately it was what she needed at the time. Not through the back door and discreetly, your exit would be through the front door and slamming the door

People began to murmur, laugh and point at her. Of course she pretended ignorance until she reached the classroom.

Katsuki or his minions were more creative than she thought. They had photocopied clips from the recording and left them scattered throughout the classroom with very flattering graffiti. From whore, through slut, to quirkless

Izumi pretended to run away and crying to the rooftop, the laughter of her classmates behind her.

Once there were no signs of life around him, Izumi laughed out loud before she began writing her suicide note / e-mail to her parents on her phone. Speaking to them in detail about what Katsuki had done, how he had betrayed her and exposed without compassion

That it wasn't their fault and how she loved them. That she wanted them to have another child, that she wanted her mother to move with her father abroad and start over. How she would always be by his side, although not physically.

True tears for the first time in years emerged from her eyes

-You already finished? Are you going to jump? - A voice emerged from a small pile of black smoke in front of Izumi

-Not yet, Kurogiri, I have already told you that I will slam the door- Izumi stood right in front of the windows of his classroom- You make sure to pick me up when the curtains close after my fall

Just after the lunch bell rang, Katsuki's two extras arrived at the rooftop with a bag of things from the cafeteria. Katsuki would still be in the classroom showing off, as always

-Hey, if you've done it with one, what are two more for you? - His words tried to harm her and Izumi smiled devoid of emotions. It wasn't the only thing they said, apart from degrading it in other ways

-You're right, my life is over thanks to Katsuki. But I will put an end to it- Izumi jumped the security fence and reached the edge- Didn't he tell me to jump in a swan from the roof?

The boys started screaming when Izumi started to fall, she vaguely saw how they were going towards her. She passed the classroom window and could see Katsuki's face freeze.

The creaking of his bones against the ground. The blood that was beginning to flow, the people who looked out ... Izumi enjoyed it, that was the big door

A teacher came next to her and looked for her pulse. Wrong and in the wrong place. Even if Izumi was not using a quirk for her to pretend her death they would not have found her pulse or alive or kicking.

She could see Katsuki's face that almost had half a body outside the window and watched her. She delighted with that image, taking revenge for the years of accumulated resentment due to harassment. Then the public address requested that the students return to their classrooms and the curtains began to close quickly.

The one in his classroom was the most difficult because Katsuki had to be dragged into the building. Even from outside Izumi could hear the explosions

-You're good?

-I've lost a lot of blood, but there are no broken bones, maybe a couple of sprains. Take me home, Kurogiri

Dark fog enveloped her, leaving only a trace of blood behind her.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------

When the police and the paramedics arrived there was no body, but the blood was more than enough evidence that the person in question had not survived. The police report concluded that scavengers must have taken the body to sell the usable organs

Of course there was no real way to relate the video with Katsuki Bakugou, who looked like a dead man while his aunt Inko yelled at him for killing his little girl. The Midoriya family moved abroad in less than a month, a couple of years later they had another son, a child, whom they raised with a lot of love.

In dreams they both still saw his miracle, which asked them to be happy and told them how much she loved them. They did not know that it was the real Izumi with a quirk called Dreamwalker given by her biological father. She kept watching and protecting them in the distance

Mitsuki and Masaru Bakugou knew that their son had really done it. The atmosphere in the Bakugou house became cold. The parents could not forgive what their son had done to the kindest and sweetest girl in the world. They had secretly hoped they would end up together one day, but Katsuki had killed her. Katsuki himself did not want anyone's forgiveness, but he could never go to visit Izumi's empty tomb to even beg him, the Midoriya had buried Izumi in his new country of residence

After that, each woman was just like a cheap replica of Izumi in Katsuki's eyes. Until he realized that he had loved her, very much. And the weight of death on his shoulders became much heavier. He had killed the woman he had loved. He deserved to be alone

In a very spacious basement Izumi, or The Empress, was training with his new brother and lover, Tomura Shigaraki. Together planning the destruction of the hero society with detail and care. Not fast and running, as Shigaraki would have done if he was alone

The Empress and Shigaraki took their time gathering allies, forging links with them to avoid betrayals and training to get used to fighting together. The Empress even got Stain, the hero murderer, to train her before being captured. That way he earned the respect of many small fish and got allies that could grow to become big fish

The Empress looked at the city from a distance and she clenched her fist. It was time to show them what a real villain was

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

All Might stood in front of the window with the villain. His successor, both as a symbol of peace and One for All, Mirio, was behind him

-600,000 dead. What have you done

-I haven't done anything- The man smiled- But I think my students have decided that it's time to start running wild around the world

-Students?! - The former hero started coughing up blood

-My daughter and my apprentice. Believe me, they will be worse than myself. They will fulfill my vision.

The man laughed out loud until he coughed loudly

-I die, but they will follow my legacy and return the red earth for the blood they spill. The Empress will ensure that this failed attempt at society falls, my daughter is smarter than me. And more cruel

The heroes present shivered

Chapter Text

Shouto didn't know what was going on, it had been two months since his mother had burned his face and taken her away, when his father brought home a girl just a little older than Fuyumi

Fuyumi and Natsuo left without saying a word. His father told the girl to take care of him. Then he growled that he had already wasted enough time that day and that he was leaving for work.

Shouto was left alone with the girl who smiled in a somewhat awkward way

-What a way to introduce ourselves- then she reached down to her level- Nice to meet you, I'm Izumi Midoriya

She held out her hand and smiled. Shouto liked that smile, it was warm and kind, like Mom's before Dad broke it, he thought

-I'm Shouto Todoroki

Over the days Shouto assumed that Izumi had been hired as her babysitter, since her mother could no longer take care of him. It wasn't until a few years later that he discovered the truth of why Izumi was at home

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

All the girls have dreamed, if only once, with their wedding day. Izumi was no exception

She imagined the white dress, the guests, the music, the church, ... But, above all, she imagined how the person would be waiting for her at the altar. A person who expected him to look at her as more than a girl with a quite powerful fire quirk

Dragon's breath was stronger than his father's fire breath, with powerful blue flames instead of normal red ones. However, society was very discriminatory towards women who wanted to be heroes. Due to her childhood dream Izumi was discriminated against and set aside by her friends

Especially for her best friend whom she affectionately called Kacchan

As time went by Izumi realized that her parents did not want her to fulfill her dream of being a heroine, but to marry a man with a relatively strong fire quirk to produce a suitable heir for the family business

Foundries and steels Midoriya had been a great company since after World War II. And after the appearance of the quirks all the members of the Midoriya family had had powerful fire quirks.

Now her father wanted to join her with a single hero with a fire quirk, or so he said. He was also doing all kinds of thorough follow-ups on heroes or people with powerful fire quirks. But the first on the list was Katsuki Bakugou, they knew the family and the explosions were a type of fire

When Izumi was twelve years old Katsuki announced to his class that he would marry her, to have children with even more powerful quirks, so Izumi was forbidden ground. Therefore, although Izumi was considered an innocent and sweet beauty, nobody approached her

Katsuki did not hesitate to use his quirk on her to try to prove that she was inferior to him, Izumi was grateful to be fireproof at that time. Although when he told his parents they only said "They are soon of youth" "When he matures a little more he will no longer"

By the time she started her third year of high school, the wedding between the two was already something done for everyone and Katsuki treated her more as a property than as a human being. That is why Izumi chose a high school degree and far from the UA. She wanted to get away from Katsuki, wanted to try to get away from that life that looked like others had already planned for her

She was not so lucky

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Izumi was in class, she was enjoying telling the teacher about her acceptance in her first choice. Classes had already finished for third year students and there was only one week left for graduation

-It's strange, Midoriya, I thought you would want to go to the UA to be with your boyfriend

Izumi just smiled. Was this man blind? Had he really been in class with them both the last year? Since when had she enjoyed being together with Katsuki in the last ten years? Damn macho society!

-Well, I think it's better to stay a little away so we can grow on our own before marriage

-It's good that you think like that, Bakugou has been admitted to the UA and he will be a great hero. Your duty is to support him as his future wife

Izumi felt like screaming but held her back with a smile before turning and leaving

-Deku- Izumi stopped and turned with a smile

-Good morning, Katsuki

-Why did you choose that baccalaureate instead of going to the UA? - He seemed angry, and how was it that he didn't know? She had discussed her choice with her parents and he in front

- His academic program has some very interesting details and I like the place- Izumi smiled even when the explosion occurred before his face

-Deku, your duty is to be by my side. I don't know how you are going to do it, but you will be able to transfer to the UA-Katsuki just turned around and Izumi sighed

If she was going to have to endure that for the rest of her life, she would die soon to endure the massive anger

Unfortunately it wasn't like that

As soon as they returned home, their parents seemed very excited. They forced Izumi to wear a white dress she had for special occasions and told her they had found a man to marry today. Izumi said nothing and was in shock

They took her to the register and there, in a private room, she met her husband. The hero of hellfire, Endeavor.

Before they chose Katsuki, their father had tried to make contact with the Todoroki clan because it was the most powerful fire clan in Japan. There were no men of Izumi's age, only one a little younger, Endeavor's son. And they were not allowed to approach

Why was it now the same fire hero who was going to marry her?

-I won't sign anything until I see what his fire is like, if it's as powerful as they say

-But using the quirk is illegal

-You have the permission of a licensed Hero. Ahead

Izumi looked at her parents, who nodded. She inspired and let out a breath of blue fire that spread across the room without damaging anything. Izumi was proud of her temperature control

-And now a breath at maximum temperature- Izumi did not even look at her parents, she knew that they would force her to do what that man wanted, her mother left the room. I breathe again and let out another breath. This flame was much smaller, barely fifty centimeters out of its mouth, but the heat had cracked the glass in the room and the water fountain was boiling. The man's smile went wild- Perfect, let's sign the papers and get married

After signing Izumi could not help making a comparison of his wedding with the one he had dreamed. He had really been wrong about everything. At the least it was not Bakugou and no longer be forced to call him by name

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

Enji was before the elders of his clan, well, he really wouldn't do anything he was told. But it was good to hear their complaints from time to time, they gave good suggestions

-Then Rei has fallen. I always said she was weak- Enji's great-grandfather looked at him- I hope you divorce her properly and hide her in a place where no one can find her

'Of course, the current mental state of my former wife has facilitated their admission to a mental health hospital and divorce - Enji huffed

'I must say I never liked her Great-Aunt speak- is true that I agreed with an opposite seek to achieve potentiate the blood, but the end result has been three failures and a triumph

-We should have followed my idea of looking for women with powerful fire quirks, it was true that the combination could be good, but the triumph refuses to use their fire because of their mother. Touya had potential, but I take out Rei's weakness. And Fuyumi and Natsuo are the result of two opposing quirks that cancel each other out, we're lucky they aren't quirkless

-In reality we still have time to fix the victory. And get more triumphs- Aunt Grandma smiled- A second marriage, with a woman with a quirk of powerful fire and tolerance for it. Someone affectionate, so that he can win over Shouto, and strong to be able to withstand whatever you did to Rei. Rei was too soft, she had been spoiled all her life and didn't know how to deal with problems, we need someone stronger

The elders laughed

-You describe someone who does not exist

-In reality there is- the woman smiled- The only downside is that she has just reached the legal age of consent. He was investigating her for Touya, if we found him and put him on a sidewalk. But it is optimal for this situation. Her current fiance is an abuser, she is used to abuse and has a high mental tolerance

Enji growled at the idea of remarrying

-She has a blue fire like Touya's, but she can resist it. Also manipulate it after producing it- said the old woman knowing that Enji would bite the bait.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

Izumi looked at the two older children in front of her.

Overnight she had become the mother of four, one of them escaped, the other did not understand what was happening and the other two hated her. Damn, she only had two years with the least, this was the stereotype of the trophy woman in full swing


Her husband had returned after work, the children had already gone to sleep at that time. He had consummated the marriage, more gently than Izumi had expected, and had left without giving a single word the next morning. Leaving her alone to face the two older children, who had breakfast before going to school

Izumi groaned again mentally. Apparently her husband wanted her to continue her studies from home so that she was closer to the youngest of her children who also did not go to school. Apparently, what Enji wanted from her was to take care of the child and sexual pleasure

-Are you a fortune hunter? - the boy asked in a low voice. Making his older sister exalt and Izumi almost had a heart attack


-No, it's okay- Izumi smiled- I'm not a fortune hunter, my parents have forced me into this marriage. I didn't know I was going to get married until they put me in the car to take me to court

-Then what happened to mom- Had the first wife been similar to her? That said bad things about the first marriage and her husband, especially the wound on the face of the youngest son

-Possibly. You can call me Izumi, I'm not going to force you to call me any other way. I just hope you understand that I want this situation to be as comfortable as possible for everyone

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Izumi was preparing the pancake mix, she needed a sweet breakfast after the awkward conversation first thing in the morning. The six-year-old boy walked through the door better dressed than she had expected

"So no breakfast in pajamas" Izumi thought this was bad, she as a child always had breakfast in pajamas because she was very comfortable

-Good morning, Shouto. How did you sleep?

-Well ... - The boy's voice was muted

-Do you want pancakes or will you have another breakfast?

-What are pancakes? - Izumi took a deep breath

-Well, it's a dough that is fried in the pan. I planned to use the stove, but to give you a good first meal I will use my quirk.- Izumi had already checked that the pans were fireproof and blew a breath of blue fire under the pan while pouring the dough

-Why do you use your quirk like this?

The boy was curious, that was good. He was too serious for his six years

-It is a game to train your quirk, it helps to regulate the temperature of the flames and how I keep them without extinguishing. You want to try? It doesn't work for a hero, but it's a useful skill

Half an hour later, and two dozen burnt pancakes, Shouto proudly showed a perfect golden pancake to his new mother.

-It's very funny, I didn't know I could use my fire like that

-Don't you play with your quirk?

-No, I train. But I only use ice because it's mom's side. I don't want to use dad's side because he hurt mom. So I'll be number one using only mom's side

The picture of what had happened to the first wife was getting darker and darker

-I think it's not your father's fire, just like it's not your mother's ice. When you use it, people will not see them, they will see you. It's your power, your quirk, Shouto. Only you decide how to use it. But if you don't use your fire on a regular basis then you won't be able to use it whenever you want, so let me show you how to use your fire with delicacy

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Ten years later Izumi was lost in the halls of the UA in the middle of the cultural festival. The two-year-old boy in his mother's arms looked around

-Nii-san? - Hiro wanted to see his older brother

-We'll find Nii-san, if I know where the 1st class is- Izumi kissed her baby's forehead, which threw a breath of blue fire when a man got too close- I'm sorry

Izumi continued wandering the halls, trying to make a mind map based on the things she had heard from Shouto before she moved to the bedrooms. Nothing, his sense of direction was appalling

-Animal! - Izumi turned and saw a ... something with suit

Nezu, director of the UA. Izumi was polite, this was a being with a power that rivaled her husband

-It is an honor to meet you, director Nezu.

-The pleasure is mine, I've seen it on the cameras. Walk in circles

Izumi giggled

-I'm sorry to say that I have lost myself. I am looking for the students of the 1st class

- For some specific reason?

-I look for Shouto Todoroki. I am Izumi Todoroki and this is my son, Hiro. We haven't seen him since he entered the boarding school and since Enji can't come we have done it instead- Izumi introduced the boy with red curly hair and green eyes

-Loss! Nii-san! .- Hiro began to tear

-Oh, I will guide you to the place- Izumi began to follow the being- Todoroki-kun will be glad that his relatives come to see him

-You can play ignorance all you want, but I know who it is, director Nezu. You must know exactly who I am- Izumi got tired of what the mouse was doing

The being laughed and then looked at her

-I'm sorry, but I still find it incredible that you are the stepmother of a child with whom you only take ten years. Although your child speaks wonders about you and your biological mother

-Of all the children of my husband's previous marriage, Shouto is with him that I have a closer relationship. I love that boy, it's really spectacular.

The director smiled at the sincere woman. She was dressed in a way that increased her age, but was very young. Too much enough to call the hero Endeavor to the perverted face. He had married a girl after divorcing his wife for more than fifteen years

They entered what appeared to be the back of a stage and Hiro raised his arms

-Nii! - he shouted loudly.

A bicolor hair looked at them from the top and Izumi greeted her son whom she saw in person for the first time in a long time. Shouto's eyes lit up and lowered to his height on an ice slide. Hiro laughed and extended his arms to his older brother

A powerful explosion shook the metal structure

-What the hell are you doing here, Deku?

Izumi turned pale as the blond-haired hero approached her. Shouto stood before his mother with a quick gesture

-Teacher Ground Zero, what do you think you are doing?

-Get back, Icyhot, this is between that woman who disappeared ten years ago and I- Katsuki looked at Izumi, who hugged and she covered Hiro protectively in her arms. The boy seemed paralyzed

-Any matter you have with my mother can deal with me

-It is impossible that she is your mother, you are sixteen and she is twenty-six - the man growled

-She is my father's second wife, my mother for legal purposes- Shouto got checked- If you don't believe me I can always call my father and make him come here. The number one hero would love to know that he must spend his time defending his wife- Shouto hated his father, but he knew how to use it when it suited him

Izumi thought about that ghost husband with whom in the last year she had only spoken six times outside the bedroom. And only because Hiro could soon start training. I didn't expect much from him, but I knew he would defend his reputation to the death. Especially since he had not yet announced his divorce and marriage to her.

Chapter Text

Inko knew that her husband was not a normal man since the day they were married. It was what he had to marry an immortal man who had been kicking the world for two hundred years.

Sometimes he was the simplest man in the world, refusing to throw old sweatpants full of holes, and other times he could be the most extravagant, the last anniversary gift he gave Inko was valued in five figures and not in yen

But what she was doing was ridiculous, she thought as she frustrated her husband's plans to send one of her own employees to Antarctica for flirting with her daughter.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

When Inko became pregnant, she realized that her husband had become somewhat distant. It was a gradual thing until Inko couldn't take it anymore and cornered Hisashi to tell him what was going on, that it was so bad

Hisashi told him of his sick brother, with his fragile bones, the disease of crystal bones. He told him how he had escaped to the world and the world had destroyed him by exploiting his sense of justice

Inko had thought about it a lot until they finally had Izuku with them and Hisashi insisted on testing him. That positive marked her baby's life, especially since it was a much higher degree than Hisashi's brother. Osteogenesis Imperfecta type III, not type I as her husband's brother

Even a strong ball could break Izuku's bones. It wasn't the worst case, but it was one of the bad ones. Fortunately there were stem cell treatments, medications and quirks that would slowly return Izuku's bones to a more resistant form, unless he developed a quirk that would strengthen them

Hisashi said his house was very dangerous for Izuku and organized a move to a safer place. Inko agreed, although they agreed to share all common expenses that was necessary

In the end, Inko went to see the house already prepared. Their new home was in an attic in the best area of the city. Cushions around the corners, padded furniture and Hisashi had managed to find someone with a quirk that covered the walls with a soft and soft substance that would cushion any possible blow that Izuku took

-You don't know what it is to see your little brother run towards you, to slip and have to see him in a wheelchair for months after that- Hisashi- O had told him to be deaf before he turned twenty

Inko assumed that Hisashi was like that from past experiences and didn't complain. Izuku had to go to the hospital a few times in his childhood apart from his revisions, less than they had initially planned.

There he met a group of children with OI or mutation type quirks that made them fragile. Like a girl who was made of water and broke on contact, taking hours to get back together or a boy who was dusty and the wind dispersed

But Izuku's childhood was generally very good, despite its restrictions

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------


The next time Hisashi acted without Inko was when Izuku came home crying. It wasn't that he had hurt himself, it was because of something Katsuki had told him, the son of an Inko friend

-I'm sorry for being a monster- said the boy crying

She had to use all her strength to keep Hisashi from hunting Katsuki with a metallic baseball bat in her hand. At least she wanted to know the full story to accompany her husband or not in the hunt

-Katsuki and I were playing a video game. I wanted to be a female character, but Katsuki said that the boys should play with boy characters. Then I told him I was fine because I was not a child. Katsuki told me that it was not true, that I was a child- The little boy admitted sobbing.- Am I a monster because although I am a boy do I feel like a girl? Katsuki said it was very weird. Can I go back to Mommy's gut and become a girl?

Inko could only hug her baby and assure her she was perfect. In addition to apologizing because that was not how it worked. Hisashi just kept quiet and comforted them both

The next day Inko returned home to find that neither Izuku nor Hisashi were. After a while the door opened again and Izuku ran to Inko while smiling. Her baby was wearing a blue dress and her hair was longer than that morning

-Mami, I feel very good! - Izuku had announced - Dad took me with a woman whose quirk would turn my body like the genre I feel in. So now I am a girl. Papa then took me to a hairdresser who made my hair grow and bought clothes for a girl. I'm pretty?

-You are always pretty, Izuku- Inko cried with happiness- You are the most beautiful thing in the world

From that day Izuku was Izumi. She was happy, so Inko was also very happy and I forgive her husband for having done all that without consulting her. Although thanks to that, her pretty baby was smiling much more than before

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Hisashi forbade Izumi to touch Katsuki when his quirk woke up. Inko did not understand why he did that until an accidental explosion broke Izumi's hand in three different places.

Izumi took it well, she understood that her body was more fragile than normal. The one who took it wrong was Katsuki. The boy stopped touching people for fear of another explosion

Hisashi took Katsuki and told him that he had to learn to control his quirk to be a great hero someday and not cause an accidental explosion again

Even so, since that day Katsuki did not touch Izumi again. Even to shake hands they took a jump rope and each held one end. That was the maximum that Katsuki allowed, because he realized that Izumi was fragile like glass

On the other hand Izumi was declared quirkless

Hisashi offered to give Izumi a quirk compatible with his body, but she refused

-My body is too weak. I also want to be a quirk analyst for your hero agency, dad. That way I will prevent any villain from harming the best hero in the world. All for One, the first hero

Maybe that day Hisashi went to the bathroom to cry a little without his daughter and wife seeing him

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Izumi loved his father's office, although he was in the worst area of the city

-If you want to stop crimes you have to go where they are committed- said his father in a jocular tone. The hero agency “League of Villains” was a great point of controversy in that world of heroes

Her father did not change the name, since when he began to gather his group of heroes it was illegal. A little nod to his past, almost two hundred years ago.

In addition, their heroes caused many headaches to the Association.

All were former reformed criminals, former guards and people with conflicting records due to being born with destructive quirks. But Hisashi Midoriya saw in those people a spark, a glimpse that they only needed help to change and become productive for society

Each one was in charge of a type of crime or victim. Maybe because they wanted to prevent more people suffering like them

Kurogiri helped the children, left them in the area of the agency that was a safe place and attended to them until social services arrived. In his childhood he was forced to participate in many robberies due to his quirk, Hisashi rescued him from his abusive parents and helped him get his Barman and hero's license. He also had a mother complex. He often took Izumi from one place to another because Hisashi didn't trust cars

Toga was responsible for replacing people who reported crimes that their relatives did to obtain evidence. In addition to cases of domestic abuse. She herself had come from such a family, until she ran away and became a tramp. She found Izumi because her blood smelled good, after that she joined the agency

And similar things happened with Mustard, Twice, Stain, Magne, Dabi and Shigaraki.

Well, Shigaraki was the only one Izumi didn't know yet. But each and every one of them were troublemakers. Especially Stain, who was engaged in hunting heroes who committed crimes.

Most public opinion was against them and would never appear in the advertising rankings. But they were cleaning the scum that other heroes did not touch. And there, in the padded room at the agency, Izumi was engaged in doing his analysis of heroes and villains. Gathering information for the agency

The door opened and she looked at the person she was entering.

-And who are you? - The man covered in hands spoke for the first time

-You must be Tomura. Nice to meet you, my name is Izumi Midoriya and I work part-time at the agency

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

All for One dropped his drink before him while All Might looked at him

-It is not a big deal. People surpass every day that their daughters have admirers, without firing them- said hero number 1 looking at the living monument before him

-I know, I know. But Izumi was always so delicate. And I feel that Tomura does not deserve it- the man fell for a moment- To be honest I was about to move him to Antarctica, and would have done so if Inko had not heard

-Please learn to forgive

All for One bufo

-Said the man who spent thirty years angry with me because he killed his teacher

-Because you killed her in front of me

-A villain had manipulated her to use her quirk and destroy the city! She asked me to and I remind you to train her, as well as to help you train yourself. We had a link- All for One sighed- But, returning to the subject, Tomura tried to get her to sign a marriage certificate the other day without my consent. Luckily I could burn it, but it was very close to presenting it in court

All Might spit his beer so hard it broke a glass and left cracks in the wall


-You may have to worry- he said after apologizing and paying for damages to the owners of the premises

-The worst thing is that the rest of the boys have sided with Tomura to support their first love. Toga even said he would drink their combined bloods to see what it would look like if they had a child. Twice created an Izumi clone for Tomura to practice speaking with her. And Dabi was laughing in a corner all the time while Kurogiri was preparing for a possible baby

Chapter Text

Rei and Inko Midoriya were twin Alpha sisters.

Rei had very strange white hair, with gray eyes like steel and she had an ice quirk like her father, very powerful. Inko had green hair not as rare as her sister's, her eyes looked more silver than steel and she could attract objects to her with a gravity manipulation quirk that worked based on her physical strength like her mother

The twins were very different from what was expected of some Alpha. Inko was the perfect definition of an altruistic angel and Rei was shy and nervous, with a very soft character. People said they looked like the old Omegas were

Then, at sixteen, Rei called the attention of a hero in his neighborhood, with a powerful fire quirk and a feline-type mutation. Fire Phanter, or as he was better known, The Cat from Hell. He went to the house of the Midoriyas with a marriage proposal and his son

It was known from the beginning that this marriage was going to make water everywhere because the young hero Endeavor showed more interest in Inko than in Rei. Although Inko did not notice at any time. The same father of the twins suggested very subtly to change from Rei to Inko, seeing that the attraction was mutual, which was rejected by the man due to Inko's weak quirk in his eyes

However, Fire Phanter pressured the Midoriya family with a lot of money and in the end Rei married Enji less than half a year after the meeting took place.

They were a model arranged marriage. They got along more or less well and didn't argue. But Rei could see that the one who possessed her husband's heart was her sister and wished she could have stepped aside. Rei herself was aromantic but not asexual. She didn't expect Enji's love nor could she give it back, but she had her respect and that was enough for her.

The twins were born just over a year after their marriage. Four years later Natsuo arrived, all of them Alfas. Enji was a good father, the only problem was Fire Phanter, already retired. He forced his grandchildren to train constantly. Even hurting themselves

Rei and Enji tried to stop him in vain. But after the terrible burns Touya suffered, Enji faced his father, Rei was pregnant with her fourth child. During the discussion Fire Phanter suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm and died instantly

At the funeral, in the presence of his sister and without his menacing father-in-law, Rei decided to act

Basically I planted both of them with her in a room and told them about the feelings that both shared and did not seem to notice. Even Fuyumi had noticed. He told Enji that he didn't have to stay tied to her and gave him a month to do what he wanted and decide what would happen next.

Rei knew that her husband spent all that month with his sister. But he was surprised to see him return home with her

-Rei, it costs me what it costs me. You and I have a family. I already put children and you in danger by being a hero. If we got divorced, I would put you even more in danger and I couldn't protect you, and I would also put Inko on the line. It's better that way- Enji looked desolate after saying those words. Then Enji bowed to Rei- Thank you for allowing me to spend a month with her

A few weeks later Rei received a call from her sister saying that she was going to another country on a job transfer and that it would take years to return or contact them. Don't worry, but that was something I needed.

It was winter and Shouto had just been born. Enji and Rei accepted that doing that was something Inko needed and they didn't press or search for her. Inko knew how to take care of herself

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Inko did not leave the country, she said so that her sister and brother-in-law, the man she loved desperately, did not look for her. Because that little positive pregnancy test and the beat he heard during the ultrasound changed his life. And she wouldn't break Enji's resolution or her sister's family. So he moved to an area with little crime and discreet

And on the fifteenth of July Inko gave birth in a small Mustafu hospital to an Omega girl with cat ears and tail similar to those of Persian cats. Her narrow pupil eyes were a beautiful turquoise color, but all her hair and fur was green, a beautiful girl.

She knew instantly that her daughter would revolutionize the world by her adorable appearance. The baby instead of crying towards sounds so similar to meows that doctors and nurses often came in to see if a real cat had not sneaked into the hospital. Or that excuse they said, because they were attracted to the Omega

She called her Izumi Midoriya

Inko was not surprised the first time Izumi set fire to her two years. Literally, the girl had put her hands in a bonfire when they went on an excursion with her neighbors, the Bakugou. So she had assumed that the girl was at least fireproof. But what surprised him was the color of the fire


A mutation of Enji's hellfire? Besides, the heat, she was a few meters away, but the heat of the air burned her lungs. Izumi's clothes were burning, with her shoes melting. Izumi was naked less than a minute after waking her quirk

The quirks expert told him that the more oxygen a flame carried, the lighter its color, but it also meant that it was stronger and had a higher temperature. Izumi's flame could reduce an eight-pound beef rib to ashes in less than ten seconds.

Too strong for a child. The doctor then enrolled them in the Omegas aid program with dangerous quirks, which were almost all of the Omegas in Japan, about ten. Thanks to that the house of the Midoriyas was made fireproof, the same went for Izumi's clothes, and they allowed him to train his quirk in a facility that Inko could never have paid for

The trouble is that with that came the quirk suppressor bracelets. But not with that the Izumi quirk put content, only moderate to a level…. Normal. But it was not enough, since the force of the fire grew with age. By the time Izumi turned thirteen, she wore two bracelets on each arm, anklets, a choker and two quirk earrings, as well as a belly button pircing

Inko did not understand why they made so many measures for a gentle and gentle Omega, until Izumi went into heat for the first time, destroying half of his school in the process.

It turned out that, with the arrival of the quirks, the Omega developed powerful quirks to protect their babies. In addition, the instinct in them to find the strongest Alpha procreator was aroused, that was normal for an Omega, what was not normal was that during the heat they fought with each Alpha around him until he found one that could defeat them. After that they would follow the Alpha until they were marked, they would only stop following him when they saw that his Alpha was defeated by another, then they would go for the other Alpha

The damage caused by the Omegas in heat was great and it was difficult to find Alfas to match them, because of that Omega became the most powerful and dangerous secondary genre, as well as rare

After that, Izumi spent the rest of his periods of drugged and sedated heat, but you could see when he was going to get into heat because he went from an altruistic angel like his mother to a badly spoken demon but with good intentions. Although everyone knew that these curses had been learned from Katsuki Bakugou, even Katsuki himself accepted and acknowledged

Inko prayed one day to find an Alpha capable of defeating his daughter when he was in heat. Someone able to appreciate her as much as she did

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

Izumi was lying on her desk enjoying the sunlight, her ears and Persian cat's tail were on fire as they moved smoothly. If he didn't let out a little of his fire on a daily basis, he would lose control, so his ears and tail were always on fire, although she moderated the temperature so that no one would burn.

The class enjoyed their soft purring, but kept their distance. After "the incident" there was a calendar that marked Izumi's zeal in the classroom and everyone knew she had three days left.

It was the moment when he was most irritable and even Bakugou wouldn't pull the tiger's tail again. The rest of the time the girl was an angel, but close to her zeal ...

-Izumi- one of the girls, a completely soft and passive Beta approached. Also a person who had a relaxing quirk- It's time to go home.

-Nyan ... Thank you- Izumi began to collect her things, half asleep, when her hero analysis notebook caught on fire. Bakugou reacted first and threw the notebook out the window at the pond below

The whole classroom froze. Katsuki turned slowly to face his childhood friend. Before his jealousy he had intimidated her a little, after being beaten until he could hardly move during Izumi's jealousy, he recognized that he could not get angry against her

-I'm ... I'm sorry? - being as Bakugou was, the rest knew that if his voice was shaking it was for a good reason and they backed away as they slowly walked out the door open quietly

-No problem, Kacchan. It was my fault, my quirk always activates when I am half asleep. But I better go down to get it back

Izumi opened the window with her backpack and jumped to the ground, passing through a tree, with her feline reflections. Everyone in the classroom fell silent and someone sighed in relief

-Just safe

No one said anything about how the trembling of everyone's knees could be heard.

Izumi, meanwhile, passed under a bridge when a brown mass came out from under a sewer. Izumi just stood guard and her fire covered her almost completely

-Dare, let's see who wins

The mass of mud had never been so afraid and ran away very quickly. Izumi sighed angrily as the sewer began to shake again. But the figure that came out was ...

-All Might! Oh my God! My God! - Izumi took out her notebook and handed it to her- Please, an autograph!

The man signed it quickly and she looked at him

-All Might ... Can an unpaired Omega be a hero? I am Omega and I want to be a hero, but single Omegas are very unstable and I know that I have attacked innocent people before my zeal. And my quirk is so strong that all these bracelets are almost ornaments, I don't think any Alpha can defeat me at this point

The man looked at her

-Girl, keep this a secret, but I myself am an Omega without a partner- Izumi's ears and tail rose and stiffened in surprise.- It will be hard when you are younger, but eventually you will learn to control your temper before and during jealousy. And if not ... Well, look for an Alpha that you like and use sedatives before fighting him in heat. If he wins you, it will work just as if he defeated you normally.- All Might lifted his shirt and showed a great scar- I've only met an Alpha with whom I reached a draw, and we both ended up very badly injured. If you can find someone to trust, do not hesitate to cheat to be with that person

Izumi nodded and said goodbye to the hero who left quickly

She decided to go around and buy a strawberry ice cream, she had a sweet tooth and a taste for the cold, while thinking about the traps. She had never thought she could do that, but, honestly, none of the Alphas she knew liked her that way. Not even Katsuki. Hell, Katsuki was more like a brother than anything else and she was sure he was gay

It wasn't that he didn't like Alphas, as Omega could say he wanted a strong Alpha to…. Those thoughts were not typical of a fourteen-year-old girl. Well, it is simply that the Alphas around him did not feel ... Well.

In his neighborhood there were many alphas with interesting quirks, but Izumi knew that they would start to shake just thinking about making her angry. She wanted someone who could bear the weight of her quirk and her secondary gender without thinking it was a burden

The building next to the artisan ice cream shop to which burst was headed. Izumi looked through the dust and debris and saw the muddy villain All Might was chasing. Because of him, the villain escaped because she gave him a margin of time

Then Izumi could see the person trapped in the mud. His childhood friend's red eyes seemed to ask her for help. Izumi's body moved alone

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Rei Todoroki was sitting on the sofa in her house folding clean clothes while watching the TV absentmindedly. Soon they would pass an interview with her husband and she wanted to record it.

The ads suddenly cut off and became a special informative that started with the phrase

-Are we at the second coming of Fire Phanter, the cat of hell?

Rei dropped the clothes, not realizing he had frozen her, before the screen image. That girl ... Her name passed quickly and everything fit for Rei

Rei jumped on her phone and called her husband, who would be in the office right now

-I know why Inko left! - she yelled as soon as she heard her husband's voice- Watch TV they are going through all the news channels!

Enji growled as he put the television in his office and a few seconds later gasped hard.

-I know- Rei sighed- Your father is stirring in his grave right now, if he had known ...

- Who the hell cares about that old man? - growled Enji- Let's bring your sister and ... my daughter back home

-Don't hesitate to call her your daughter, Enji-Rei didn't know that in the hallway there was a person listening to her. Her youngest son- She may be a bastard, but she's still your daughter and we'll bring her home. Need to be protected

Rei turned off the TV while Enji growled that he wanted her in his office in less than an hour. She shivered with delight, she had missed her sister a lot, and now she had a little girl with the play…. To pamper and worship.

He knew that Enji had felt very disappointed when Shouto turned out to be a boy because he wanted another girl. He would never acknowledge to witnesses that Fuyumi was his favorite daughter or that he had come to let her do her makeup when she was younger. Apparently his wish had been fulfilled, somehow strange

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

Shouto clenched his fists until he felt his blood dripping on the floor. It was already bad that his father was so indifferent to his poor mother.

But that she planned to take her daughter, to the fruit of the infidelity she had committed while her beloved mother was in the middle of her pregnant, to the house where her mother lived. It was so….

That damn man

Touya was right in what he said before leaving. His father was like his grandfather. Even if he was softer than him and his workouts, he knew the limits of his children's bodies well. He could only see his own ambition

That man had shattered his mother's life by forcing her into a marriage by quirk and now he intended to rub salt on the wound bringing his lover to the house and his bastard

Shouto called Natsuo to talk to him and then Fuyumi.

He and his brothers would protect his mother from that woman and her daughter. They would not allow him to harm them

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

- ... A heat damage on the pavement and asphalt worth ... .- the man looked at the embarrassed Izumi- It doesn't matter, but you have lowered the cost of your damages, it is good that you contain yourself. At least your quirk- Izumi could not defend himself from the poison that exuded the last sentence.- We cannot say the same thing about your tongue and local heroes

-Maybe he talked more about the account- admitted the girl

-You called them, and I quote, “Pathetic attempts by Alfa and heroes who should go to alleys to suck their own dicks and not engage in a service to save the public. If you do not have the necessary balls to carry it out and put your life on the line you should go home with your mom. Even if your quirks are not suitable for the situation, your fucking job is to save the citizens, not to watch them die. ”All this carrying Katsuki Bakugou in your arms and with your tail releasing occasional flares, girl that was a whole image. And I have omitted the worst insults

Izumi blushed so violently that she all went into spontaneous combustion. They were in the hospital ward for Omegas, Izumi was already connected to a drip with sedative for Omegas and a nurse, blushing, brought the…. Devices for heat, the collection of ... Toys for pleasure that Izumi had gathered since his first zeal arrived

-That's why the Omegas must be watched, I suppose the fact that the villain is not in a hospital is already a good thing- the man sighed again- Luckily All Might was in the area and I supported what you said. That has prevented you from reporting local heroes

Izumi felt a surge of heat burn her body and growled loudly at the Beta. The man practically ran out and the room was filled with the pink gas of the hero Midnight. It wasn't enough to knock the Omega out of heat, but I keep her from burning the entire building. That just left her weak and needy

Izumi reached out to the south of her body with a groan.

It wasn't enough, it wasn't enough.

His other hand grabbed a toy, she groaned softly. It was going to be a long week

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Inko was sitting on the sofa at home hugging a cushion and watching TV

Izumi really carried the Fire Phanter genes. Even without ever meeting the man, she had almost made an almost exact replica of a public statement from her grandfather. He was lucky that Izumi had only used a red fire instead of white or blue.

Izumi's firepower is mediated by color. The weakest to the strongest were: Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue and White. Inko had not seen the target for years, for safety for her.

The bell rang and Inko prepared for another neighbor who came to ask about what her daughter had done. Fortunately the incident had accelerated her zeal and she wasn't there, or the whole building would already be on fire

When she opened the door she stood still

Rei's arms were only a second faster than she could have dodged. For his part, Enji stood awkwardly at the door, also wanting to hug the woman but not being able to.

In the end he spoke in an awkward voice

-We have a lot to discuss. About that little daughter of yours and stuff

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

At another point in the city, in the same hospital where Izumi was spending her zeal. A winged hero had just contained a patient with an anxiety attack that uncontrolled his air handling quirk

A heavenly scent reached the nose of the winged hero, while a nurse bandaged a scratch, stabbed with a scalpel, on the arm

- Hero Hawks? - the nurse said when she saw the talkative man suddenly shut up and lift his nose

-Don't you smell it? It smells like the sun itself- The hero is surprised at his words

The nurse raised her nose and inhaled a little. Then she smiled

-You must have a really sensitive nose to catch that smell, hero Hawks. She is a patient, an Omega who has entered into heat. I guess we'll have to check the ventilation system, something must have been damaged if a bit of its smell has come here

Hawks left the hospital before continuing with his round. When he returned home he lay on his bed

He had recently become independent from the association of heroes, but he loved his apartment, no matter how empty it was. No one here bothered him and he could do whatever he wanted

The smell came back to him, as strong as that morning. He turned to his computer and entered the database until he found the Omega in question. Most of the file was censored, as was his address, but he recognized it from the news of the area where he had been.

Izumi Midoriya

He remembered what he had seen of her and then that divine smell. She was a wild cat that he would want to tame. He pictured her in her bed, at home, purring like a good kitten at the touch of her hands while she was undressed, and then standing still and watching him while he took off his clothes before lying on her

Hawks stopped at that thought. For heaven's sake, she was a civilian and a minor, as a professional hero I shouldn't think about those things

But she would soon reach the age of consent….

Hawks shook his head hard. She…. She….

His most Alpha side shouted that he loved that Omega, maybe he would just have to wait a few years to start a proper courtship. And prepare for the fight. Hawks watched the video of how she used her quirk. The fire was a bad opponent for his feathers, but he had been trained to face the opponents with whom he was bad

He would just have to strengthen his fire training to win that fight before any other Alpha. It helped that he was a hero and could fight every day, he would take it as a training

After all, her most Alpha side had already chosen her. And you could not fight against such a desire to mark an Omega, it was something printed on the DNA of every Alpha in the world. And his instincts told him that that Omega girl was his Omega

Chapter Text

She was born two years after the luminous baby. But on the other side of the world, in a medium-sized city in the United States. Her father was a mechanic and her mother was an accountant in the same workshop where her husband worked. Both were African American

They called her Anna McCain.

Although quirks began to emerge, Anna's life was very common. She grew up normally, studied, started working and got married. Although she became pregnant at seventeen due to a defective condom.

Her husband left before her son turned two saying they cut off his wings. Anna never need it to support her little one, it is more, it was a relief not to have one more mouth to feed

Her son manifested a quirk. It was a small quirk, could move small amounts of water. But Anna was very aware of what the carriers of quirks were called. And how they were hunted in some cases to be studied and dissected.

Anna loved her son more than her life, so she only used her quirk at home. She also looked for places where her little one could be safe, in case the worst happened. And everything rushed when his son turned ten.

They discovered his quirk and practically threw him out of school, his son left the honor roll happened to be expelled. Then they were kicked out of their rental apartment and fired Anna from work. She was already prepared in case something like this happened and she took her son to a community for people with quirks he had found.

But on the way there they suffered a serious accident because of a fallen tree during a storm. The last thing Anna remembered were static raindrops in the air while her son was taken out of the car by a person with scales.

At least they had reached that community, Anna thought before she died

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

The next thing she knew was that she was opening her eyes in a place full of garbage. It was in a plastic bag and a giant woman looked at her in amazement before shouting something and running away

She could not move and, with much effort, when she managed to raise her hands she saw that they were the chubby hands of a baby with lighter skin, not white, not of her previous dark brown tone.

She screamed loudly until she was found by people who passed by and wore the clothes of Catholic nuns. She fainted

When he woke up again he knew she was in a room with other babies. And a little later he discovered that he was in an orphanage that was part of a convent in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, there was also a church. It seemed impossible, but the impossible had become possible in recent times

Maybe she had had a quirk like her son, a quirk that had allowed her to reincarnate. The nuns called her Charity. Almost all children had names like that

When Caridad turned four suddenly the numbers appeared. In objects, in people. Charity had a quirk and was discovered by the church priest. The priest of the convent was a person who believed that quirks were gifts from God for humanity. And that they were made to help people

What's more, that little convent was a hiding place for nuns who had quirks. The priest called the Charity quirk "Appraiser's eyes", since she could see the value of objects and people. The value of objects in money and of people was worth 1 to 100, the value of the priest was 86.

Charity lived a quiet life and before her twelfth birthday she knew that her son when she was Anna was well and safe. Fighting for the rights of people with quirk. She started the novitiate and then took the vows to live a life of servitude.

However, when he was forty, a drunk man tried to steal in the church and shot him. The doctor arrived very late and she bled to the cold floor.

This is how Charity died

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Waking up in a baby's body after a traumatic death no longer surprised her as much as the first time.

Why? She thought her quirk was "Appraiser's Eyes."

A chill, which contrasted with the cries of a newborn baby, ran through her fragile baby body.

What Caridad's mother had shouted was "How can you stay alive?" And she was not abandoning her, she was throwing her away. His first quirk, reincarnation.

The ability of his soul to jump into the body of a baby who had died close to her in time.

Eternity extended before her, or at least she thought she was a she. And that terrified her for a whole month

In her third life she was again a woman. A French woman with blond hair and green eyes, her name was Marguerite d'Arsac de Ternay. And she was the daughter of a rich heiress.

Apparently his grandparents had made a fortune that they had divided equally between their two daughters. But while Marguerite's aunt, who had a quirk, was managing her finances well, Marguerite's mother….

She was squandering her fortune at parties and drugs.

Marguerite was a practically forgotten girl and the result of her mother's mistake. Moreover, when she was born, because her mother did not change her life during pregnancy, she was diagnosed with brain death until she began to cry. She was very happy to remember their past lives, because otherwise the loneliness and the way Marguerite was treated would have shattered a normal child.

But Marguerite's aunt gathered evidence of how she was treated and took her mother to trial, keeping custody of the girl when she was three years old.

Marguerite's aunt was a sommelier for a rather famous winery, as well as being an advisor to several restaurants and giving courses to obtain the sommelier title. His quirk, oddly enough, allowed him to move the light as if it were a physical object. It was the same quirk as Marguerite.

However, the girl could still use "Appraiser's Eyes." Marguerite had the theory that "she" was a disembodied entity that jumped from body to body thanks to her quirk of her first life. However, "Appraiser's eyes" and "Light manipulation" were the quirks of the bodies in which he was staying. And when she died she took them with her.

Marguerite grew up going to luxury schools and with a privileged education. In her first life she had worked as a clerk in a clothing store, in the second she was a nun and in that third life, she decided to start investigating the quirks that were increasingly common and something that was normalizing in society

Besides that she enjoyed her life a little more. In her first life, no matter how much she weighed, she had only been with her ex-husband. In the second, a virgin had died. In the third she wanted to enjoy her life a little more

She was twenty-three years old when she met him. A Japanese with white hair and gray eyes. His name was Hisashi Midoriya, his value was 94. The tallest she had seen since the orphanage priest.

He and Marguerite started a relationship. She quickly noticed that he was suffering from the same evil, perhaps in a different way. He was also immortal, although by choice. So she told him about her quirk, although he didn't believe her

- Let's do something, Hisashi. If I keep reincarnating and you keep moving around the world, it is very possible that we will meet again- She counted her freckles with gentle movements of her fingers through her lover's cheeks- In case we meet again I will tell you in French "As I miss those sunsets over the river Seine we saw from my apartment"

-I still think that what you tell me is not possible, but I will accept- Hisashi began to run his hands down his spill- Now let's do something more interesting

Although Hisashi never grew old, he accompanied her until she died at the age of seventy-three due to a cardiac arrest.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

In her sixth life, the second as a man, Izuku Midoriya looked at the man who had been her husband, although not legally, and who in this life was her father. It was true that he wanted to meet Hisashi again, but not in that way

Izuku was also happy that he had found another person to accompany him for a while in his immortality. And it wasn't as if he had been faithful in his other two lives.

Hisashi had to leave often for work, as when he was with her. But he was as sweet to Inko as he was in his day with Marguerite. That eased Izuku's heart. Apparently what Hisashi was looking for was not an aspect but a certain personality. He wouldn't abandon Inko no matter how much she aged

Izuku waited until his fifth birthday, after being declared quirkless to speak with Hisashi

-As I miss those sunsets over the river Seine we saw from my apartment-said in a perfect French one day that Inko was not in the house

Hisashi's face was noteworthy, she had never seen him like this at any other time. He was ... Indescribable, especially considering he was the oldest villain in the world

-Ma ... Marguerite? - It seemed that someone had assaulted the grave of a loved one of Hisashi and then danced with the remains

-Yes- Izuku kept answering in French- I told you that my quirk was reincarnation

- Since when are you inside Izuku? - he had growled, as if it was her fault to be in that body

-Lower Hisashi level, I'm not your enemy…. I entered Izuku while I was still in Mom's womb- Izuku sighed- I spent quite some time in there. And don't worry, it's not like I want to destroy this family. After all, you are now my "father," Hisashi, and I would like our relationship to continue as before. I want to ignore the awkwardness as much as I can

The man looked at the boy


- Believe it or not, the development of the body greatly affects my psyche. Basically, I have my previous memories, but I am also a small child. And believe me, I've been through five teens and I'm going to the sixth. Every new life brings new problems, and I will always need my parents to talk to them and support me in something. Growing up alone is a horrible thing, even if you have memories of previous lives. In addition to that I am gay when I am in a male body and that is also hard

Hisashi took Izuku in his arms and hugged him in his lap

-It seems I have an immortal companion - He squeezed Izuku harder - We have to find a way to communicate after you reincarnate again. I don't want to be alone again, my son

Izuku squeezed his father

-Don't worry, dad. We have a whole life to think about it

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

-You better reject that recommendation to the UA or they won't find anything about you to bury, you crap nerd !!

Izuku watched distractedly as Kacchan threw the notebook that had just exploded into his hands through the window. It was like seeing a dog, one of the little ones and noisy, circling trying to reach its tail.

Why had one day such an adorable child become "that thing"? Izuku sighed mentally

A good thing about having almost two hundred years behind him was that Izuku knew how to control his emotional reactions very well. Besides that this boy was not the first arrogant asshole he was with. Hell, it wasn't even the worst arrogant asshole he had known in the last century

Katsuki Bakugou was like a child who declares himself the king of the world from the top of a playground. So focused on his little throne that he couldn't see the mountain behind him that it was really the world of adults. Thinking that because everyone kissed his ass in that little pond full of wimps he was going to be the best wherever he went.

He was sure that his old friend Nezu would give him a hard wake up if Kacchan was lucky enough to get to the UA

-Hero, why do you want to be a hero? - Hisashi Midoriya had moaned

-Nezu is interesting. In addition, he is the only other being in the world who knows my quirk and my situation. He already knows that I reincarnate near the UA and he has sent me a recommendation- Izuku began to prepare the reduction of wild berries that would go with the baked duck breasts. It was a mystery to him as his father still did not learn to cook after living so many years.

He had been a chef in his fourth life. Besides having lived in so many countries, I knew how to make very varied dishes

-All Might will be in the UA. If it wasn't for the healing quirk of your fourth life, I would still have half of my face missing. Half face

-That's not my problem. Now crush the boiled potatoes with whole milk to puree

-Do you know that they sell envelopes to do these things?

-Do you know that if you suggest me to use an envelope again when I have time to do it by hand, you won't eat what I cook in a year? of immortality is to meet interesting people. And he seems to be very interesting

Chapter Text

Izumi looked at the doors of the UA. She had been admitted as one of five students with recommendation and was still nervous. That was why he had just opened the doors. She wanted to be the first in the classroom to mark territory

It was also because the air in the new house didn't like her

Too many changes in less than ten months. Finding out that she was the bastard daughter of hero number two, who was married to her aunt, who had four half brothers, one of them dead, ...

Yes, it was normal not to want to spend time there

Also, since she and her mother had moved to Endeavor's house ... From her father, Izumi still felt strange saying it out loud, her father and mother were acting totally in love and caramelized. What her husband did with his sister didn't seem to matter to aunt

But it was uncomfortable for her, because they both seemed unaware of how they behaved with each other.

And then there were his half brothers - cousins. That was a kingdom apart from discomfort. They hated her. It wasn't that she had done something, they just seemed to hate her. Especially his cousin with his same age.

Her older cousin was the only one who did not hate her, although she did not hold her in very high esteem, also because she was the only one who knew under what circumstances the birth of Izumi originated.

But the other two didn't want to hear anything about her and were fine hating her. Izumi was spending a lot of money on stomach pain medicine in those last months she had studied at home, with her cousin.

She could tell how many times she had spoken to him that they had not been answered with monosyllables with the fingers of one hand. Nor was it helpful to be an Omega. Those who knew a current Omega knew that they had changed a lot since after the quirks emerged. But the majority of the population still saw the Omegas as beings unable to restrain their carnal desires and that would mate with any available Alpha

Izumi arrived in the classroom with her tail waving out of curiosity. The door was huge, but the classroom was quite normal. A rather strange contradiction

-Well, isn't it Miss Midoriya? - Izumi didn't jump, she had heard the steps. Light, more than those of an adult, fast and soft. In the UA the only one who could do that kind of steps was the director, Nezu.

-It is an honor to meet the director on my first day- Izumi made a formal bow of ninety degrees. Her aunt had taught her basic manners for a high-class woman, in a Spartan way that didn't fit in with a woman with such a kind smile. Well, being the wife of hero number two, she must be used to certain social circles and certain events

-I see that the Todoroki house diligently educates all her children, even the newly discovered- Izumi raised her head and she tensed. But its tail began to move like that of a predator - You don't need to enter attack mode. High-ranking heroes were advised of your existence and your secondary gender. Do you know that you are the first Omega in the UA hero program?

- Will you keep the secret?

-Want to hide it?

-My ... My brothers have trouble accepting me because I am the daughter of a lover. I know they do it to protect their mother, but I don't want to be what they think I am. If Shouto sees me saying who my father is, I will be exactly the kind of person he thinks I am. And I don't want to cause problems for my father either. In this year that we know each other he has behaved very well with me- Izumi smiled- He is a cold and serious man, but a good man and strives as much as he can as a father. I don't want to let my father down

The mouse sighed

- Humans are so complicated. But that is one of the things that make you so charming. Don't worry, apart from a couple of teachers and the nurse, only I know that. And the other people who know it will keep the secret. We all know well what happens when a hero's family is known to the public

-I appreciate it- Izumi shivered. She remembered the cases of villain attacks on families of heroes, so the Todoroki house and its location were practically a national secret

A few more steps echoed in the hall

-I'm not the first? - A tall boy with glasses looked at Izumi as he approached- Nice to meet you, I'm Tenya Iida

Nezu smiled

-We will continue our conversation at another time, Miss Midoriya

-It will be a pleasure- Izumi turned to the director with a smile, only to realize that he was already gone. Alfa's hand with glasses rested on Izumi's shoulder

-I'll only tell you as advice, but don't provoke Nezu- Izumi looked at him- My brother said that he was once provoked with a joke…. And it was very scary

Izumi smiled at the boy

-Thank you

-It's the first time I've met an Omega, let's get along- The boy seemed sincere and his scent indicated that he had no bad intentions. A fresh and clear aroma that indicated a direct and sincere person

-It will be a pleasure, Iida-kun

The Alpha with glasses entered the classroom and Izumi realized that there was another person in the hallway. The eyes of different colors looked at her a moment before moving to her side to enter the classroom. The smell was ... It was not the smell you would emit near someone you liked.

-From such a mother, such a daughter- Shouto whispered softly as he passed Izumi. Making sure only she heard him

Izumi felt a couple of tears in her eyes and pulled them back with pure willpower. What he said wasn't true, he couldn't hurt her

She would make Shouto someday accept her, as would Fuyumi and Natsuo. Someday. And the first step to achieve it was to graduate from the UA


Izumi was very sure they were going to expel her. But it would be worth it if she killed the hair dwarf like balls

-Get back, Omega, let this Alpha show you how it's done- he said stepping forward in a test

Aizawa sensei raised her eyebrows as she watched how Izumi's ear flames and tail believed and she arched her fingers.

Bakugou was prepared to run away at any time. And the other Alphas in the class also seemed offended by the dwarf's behavior. There wasn't even a simple Beta.

They didn't smell good, although they were just inexperienced puppies and you couldn't expect them to smell as rich and powerful as Endeavor's. But Izumi knew that the ones that smelled better were Shouto, Yaoyorozu and Katsuki. That little Alpha was the weakest, because of his smell.

A current Omega wouldn't even let that Alpha touch his body without cutting off his hands. Then Izumi remembered something, she could throw that Alpha from the UA

-Forgives? It's my turn to do the test- Aizawa was cheering Izumi silently with her gaze. But he didn't seem to know where she was going, and if he knew he didn't seem to care at all

The boy looked at her with superiority

-You are an Omega, the Omegas submit to the Alphas. Everybody knows. Besides ... - His gaze swept through Izumi's body, making her feel disgusted- You may not be as voluptuous as Yaoyorozu, but I will do you the favor of being your Alpha during your zeal. Be grateful

The flames shone brighter, becoming white, and Katsuki backed several meters obediently. The force of fear induced by experience.

Izumi smiled gently, though she clearly heard a contemptuous snort from Shouto.

- Is that a proposal? Do you think you have enough to be my Alpha and spend my periods of zeal with me? - Her voice was soft and sweet, as if prompting him to accept. The other Alphas in the class, except Aizawa who put her hand to her head to stop an incipient pain, wondered what she was doing

-Yes, are you going to accept? - the boy looked incredibly animated

Izumi went on to smile like the cat that hunts a mouse

- Hero Eraserhead, hereby Alpha Minoru Mineta has asked me to mate with me as my partner during my zeal, the Omega Izumi Midoriya. Due to the secondary gender law 75-98, paragraph 8, line 4, this request must be decided with a duel between Alpha and Omega. Following the same law if I, Izumi Midoriya, the Omega, lose the duel I will become the official partner of the Alfa Minoru Mineta- Mineta looked very happy, he would soon realize that there was no reason to be- On the contrary, and according to the law, I can make a claim in case I win the duel. My demand is that if I win this duel the Alfa Minoru Mineta will be permanently expelled from the UA and will be prevented from taking the license exam to be a hero from now on

Mineta's face, as well as the rest of the class, changed. Mineta went pale, then several took out the phones and looked for the law cited by Izumi

-You will understand that even if I witness the challenge I cannot be a judge because of my position as your tutor

-Then you just have to look for a hero of greater authority and not be our guardian to judge us- Izumi was serious and determined- The challenge has been launched, and I will answer him

Mineta tried to speak

-Wait wait! Why do we have to fight ?!

Izumi looked at him with disgust

-By the law, you should know this law. They should teach you in sex education. And if you have not launched an application, following the Omega harassment law, you would be prohibited from studying at the same institution as me here and approaching me less than fifty meters away. Because the comments you have made are considered sexual harassment for Omegas- Izumi smiled like a cat before the cream- You should read the updated laws on Omegas, Alpha, that way it would not have been so easy to get on the ropes. Think that if by any miracle you win, I will become your partner and you can do whatever you want with me and I will not be able to refuse

-I will be the judge- all turned to look at the director- My impartiality is proven and it is legal that it be, since I have no more contact than on the paper with the Alpha and Omega in question. You have five minutes to prepare, weapons are not allowed, only quirks and physical skills

Mineta began to cheer himself up while Izumi moved towards Yaoyorozu

-Could you create me a tray, please? About this size? - he asked while indicating hand measurements. The Alpha created it, Izumi had to admire the wonderful details. If that tray were sold it would reach a very high price - Thank you, Yaoyorozu!

Izumi took the tray and Katsuki was at his side instantly, holding it for her. He knew what she wanted to do, the luck of being childhood friends.

The flames in Izumi's ears and tail were oranges. Then Izumi began to take off the bracelets on her wrists, the six, the pircing on the navel, the anklets, the choker and the four earrings she wore on human ears.

 By that point the flames had turned white. But she controlled her temperature perfectly.

She smiled as the power of her quirk, normally almost extinguished, was revived again like a bonfire with gasoline

-Nyan ... .- came out of her mouth as she stretched and something on her back creaked hard. Her pupils, which until then had remained thick and almost round, quickly narrowed. Turning thin slits instead of circles- I'm ready, keep that safe Kacchan

-Of course, you don't destroy another school- The general thought at that time was “Don't destroy ANOTHER school?”


Izumi cracked her wrists tightly, small flames were on her nails. Mineta seemed to have overcome her nervousness and was again in the phase of "no Omega can defeat an Alpha"

The director gave the signal and the first ball landed in Izumi's hand. Then she took the next one with the other

-You're already immobilized! I won! My balls will not peel off in a few hours and they are practically indestructible. Don't worry, I'll be a good Alpha for you

Izumi's arms were covered in white fire and the ball sizzled before melting like an ice cream ball

-Who is immobilized? If you think this will end so fast you are pathetic

Izumi launched a fire attack, orange, she didn't want to kill Mineta. The boy managed to run away from miracle and she growled.

The next attack was not so smooth, carrying fire from both sides in a wide sweep.

 The problem of this encounter was the attack distance. Mineta, the poor boy, had no experience throwing his balls and his arms were not very strong, so his range of attack was medium and short.

On the contrary, Izumi was also more versed in long and medium distance combat. And unlike Mineta she had received training with Endeavor for long distance, medium and short. Although the short distance was limited to "Use the white fire until they move away"

Mineta was passed out when the flames dissipated. Nezu approached the boy and confirmed his defeat.

Before Izumi could go to Katsuki, another person came forward. Aizawa sensei picked up one of the bracelets and stared at him.

-Why are you using so many quirk suppressors?

Izumi looked down, not seeing that even Shouto was shocked to know the truth about those bracelets and their quantity. Normally a normal person would only need two for his quirk to be completely suppressed

-The Omega without a partner are considered unstable. That is why they make us wear suppressors, in case we get out of control the damages can be minimized

-In my classes do not take them- said the man before tying the fainted grape and removing it from the land where they were- I will not train someone who does not show his full potential

Izumi nodded

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

Izumi was standing in the office on the top floor of the Endeavor agency

-Normally they do not notify parents that their children have had a duel on their first day of school

Izumi clenched her teeth

-But they told me what that boy was doing. I cannot say that I am proud even if I feel that way. I like that my children do not let anyone step on them - Izumi looked with grateful eyes at his father - What was Shouto doing at the time?

If Izumi could have swallowed her own tongue she would have done it

-He ... was there- admitted in the end uncomfortably

Endeavor sighed. He knew perfectly what his children felt towards Izumi. Like he knew that Izumi did not want him or Rei to intervene in that matter.

His children should try to understand the situation more before judging. And her daughter was very proud and did not want to receive help to deal with her problems. Maybe locking them in a room after telling them the truth about Izumi's birth would help. But they could also fight even more than before

-Perhaps we should find you a partner. That way we would end the disgusting suitors. Does anyone in your class get your attention?

-They are very immature, their quirks are interesting but their smells are not so much-Izumi sighed- And my quirk scares them since they heard about quirk suppressors. I don't want anyone who is afraid of my fire

Endeavor was greatly encouraged

-Many of the heroes and cronies of my agency have fire quirks. They will not be so afraid of your quirk and most are Alfas. I can assure you that they are trustworthy- Endeavor thought a little more- And if you don't want a fire quirk I know a certain annoying person who loves people with fire quirks

Izumi turned one of the cat's ears before turning her head towards the window. Endeavor looked in that direction. A small red pen was opening the window wide.

-Endeavor ... I've come to steal a cup of coffee- Hawks entered through the window while rubbing his neck

- Damn it, Hawks, my agency is not a cafeteria! Get out, annoying person!

-But your employees make very good coffee- The man began to turn his arms as if he was getting rid of a sore shoulder. Then he stopped short and looked at Izumi- And who is this cute? -He said putting his hand under Izumi's chin and raising her face to look at her comfortably

Izumi blushed intensely. When had he got so close that they were practically stuck?

She didn't usually let the Alphas get too much for her!

Although they were Alphas that smelled like the gods. The smell was strong and rich, attractive and masculine. Like the aroma of the air over the clouds. Pure and vertiginous.

Izumi stopped snorting practically the smell of the Alpha in question and took a few steps completely flushed

-I'm Izumi Midoriya, a pleasure

-Ah, you're the Omega from the mud villain incident. Are you testing the ground to do the practices?

-It's my daughter- the “treat her with respect” part was clear in the angry growl of the angry Alpha. It was normal, he was seeing how his newest daughter was being flirted by an Alpha whose intentions he didn't know

-Mr. Hawks, could you give me an autograph? - Izumi's fangirl side was always active

-Of course, beauty- Even more flushed- Do you want it on paper or somewhere in your body?

Izumi let out a strangled scream before Endeavor rose

-Izumi, go for a cup of coffee for Hawks- the Omega practically ran out while the winged Alpha pouted- I don't want to have to say this, but if you continue that way I hope this ends up in you challenging her to be her alpha

Hawks smiled

-Of course, Endeavor-san. I've been keeping track of that little Omega since the mud villain incident - Endeavor raised an eyebrow - Do not hesitate to challenge her, when she is the legal age for marriage, and win

Endeavor was surprised. For the first time since he knew him, the scent of Hawks was fierce. Normally his scent was as relaxed as himself.

-You better treat her with respect, child, or I'll eat your wings with barbecue sauce

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

Eight years later (+18 forward)


Hawks was sitting on the sofa in his house while stroking the ears of the kitten in his lap

Izumi Takami purred while her partner had fun playing with her. Keigo's hands tightened the sensitive part of the ears a little more before releasing them.

-Don't stop ... - Izumi was panting and pressing all she could against Keigo's chest. The fire in its tail was pink

-Stop your fire so we can do something else- Keigo smiled as he gave small kisses on Izumi's face

-Don't you feel adventurous?

-I just healed of the last burn you did to me without noticing- Keigo raised Izumi in his arms, his wings were pulled back, balancing him and allowing him to hold Izumi tightly grabbed- I don't want to focus on not burning, I want to focus on you

Izumi blushed and extinguished the flames of her tail.

-Good girl. Are you a good girl for your Alpha, Omega? - Izumi gasping, that was not Keigo's normal voice. That was the voice of an Alpha for his Omega. Keigo's scent had changed. They had taken a week off because of the heat period and the routine they were going to share. But she didn't expect Keigo to be the first to get into the routine.

-Yes. I want to be a good girl for my Alpha - purred Izumi while trying to kiss Keigo. But the Alpha turned away from her before leaving her on the bed and turning her around.

Izumi's hips were in the air. She tried to straighten herself, but one of her Alpha's hands pressed her head against the mattress, gently. The other of the hands went to the base of Izumi's tail, causing her to shriek what looked like a snort

Izumi covered her mouth with her hands, ashamed of that sound. But the hand of his Alpha was still in that sensitive area.

- Why do you muffle your sounds, Omega? - The Alpha was speaking to her ear. Keigo's tongue began to lick the human ear, making Izumi groan more - I want to hear you. I want everyone to hear you, to know who you belong to

Izumi blushed and thanked the heavens that the house was sound proof. She pushed her hands away and let her Alpha pull out all kinds of very shameful sounds from her little body.

Keigo was having fun. Keigo's mouth started down her back until he reached the base of the tail. Izumi gasped when Keigo bit one of her buttocks before he focused his attention elsewhere.

If until that moment they were only gasps, after that they were only screams of pleasure. After the third orgasm she purred her legs finally gave way and she just lay on the mattress.

Normally she and Keigo used to let the other give her pleasure. But Keigo was in his routine. Contrary to what people thought, an Alpha in his routine drove his partner crazy with pleasure before seeking his own pleasure.

Keigo gently turned Izumi around and she looked at him. He rose above her, with his red wings spread and his golden eyes shining like those of a real hawk. Then he started taking off his pants.

Izumi swallowed, she had seen that many times, but it didn't make him less exciting. She also continued to wear the light nightg

own she had previously worn. He wanted to take it off, but if he did it without his Alpha's permission she would be "punished." And being "punished" by Keigo in his routine was something she didn't want to repeat again. he sensed that it drove her crazy

Izumi was always surprised when her Alpha took off her clothes. Keigo was much more muscular than he looked when he was dressed. In addition, its member could be narrow and long, but its knot was huge, larger than average. Although she had no one to compare it to...

Two fingers of her Alpha entered her and she screamed with pleasure and surprise. Keigo took them soaked in his stain, which was already beginning to leave, and lubricated his member with them

-I'm sorry, Omega. This will be fast

Izumi blinked before Keigo practically fell on her, slamming her into the bottom.

-Nya ... Nya! - Izumi yelled, unable to make any coherent sound as Keigo's hips moved hard and fast against her.

That also went out of the norm. He used to be warm and gentle, taking his time to devour her delicately. Right now, he was a bird of prey hunting her, a poor kitten

He laid his lips on her neck, sucking and starting to leave kiss marks all over her neck. It wasn't as if the last ones had vanished in some way. Since they first got together, Keigo made sure that the kiss marks on Izumi's neck always remained red and fresh. Even before having sex for the first time

At first it was very embarrassing for her, especially since a certain reporter noticed and a father became very angry. But now it was something completely normal. By the way, if Izumi tried to cover them up, she was rewarded with three more the next time.

Keigo found the sweet spot and Izumi squealed. They both stopped for a moment and the Alpha's smile turned sadistic, making the Omega feel some fear.

Every onslaught from that moment, every hit, every movement of the hips. Everything was focused on pressing that point. His Alpha was pushing her to her zeal.

The knot began to swell and Keigo's wings trembled as they rose. Izumi squealed as she felt like her Alpha could no longer leave her interior and the knot kept growing until she felt completely full. To the point of almost breaking.

The warm sperm crashed into Izumi's interior and she clung more to her Alpha. It was filling, it felt more and more full.

She felt satiated

Do not…

It wasn't enough, she needed more. More of the Alpha

Izumi turned to Keigo as soon as his knot began to unravel and he grabbed her by the hips. She stared at him before starting to move, causing him to harden again.

The zeal had begun

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya was returning home with seven years. He was bleeding from his nose due to a punch that his friend Kacchan had hit him in the face when he said he wanted to be a hero.

They told him that he could not be a hero without a quirk and had an x-ray that indicated he lacked quirk. So why could I see things that the rest of the people didn't see?

Most of the time they were small shadows, especially when he was small. But with the passage of time there were more and more, more visible, more corporeal. Like when Izuku went to the forest with Kacchan and saw that giant snake that nobody else saw, or the ghosts that were around him

Izuku's doctor said his mind was creating hallucinations for the desperation of having a quirk. Or Izuku had a rare type of schizophrenia that was not reflected in the evidence.

They tried medication, but the visions did not disappear and Izuku was very negatively affected. So his mother took the medication. The visions were harmless at the moment

But Izuku didn't think they were visions. Sometimes he had touched those visions and smelled them. A hallucination, however good it might be, could not mimic a 100% sensory response.

A ball of perfectly circular hair, with eyes and mouth, looked at Izuku before gesturing for him to follow.

-Come, come on, come on ... Meeting all together

Izuku looked at the place where I was leading him. I had never seen that alley between two houses. And when he took a few steps inside the road back disappeared and seemed to be in a forest

-Go Go. All together. Question. You must answer the question

Izuku looked back one last time before following these increasingly numerous beings. Nothing bad had ever happened to him when he was with them


The disappearance of Izuku Midoriya shook the country

That would not normally have been the case. But, even if it was for ten seconds, Izuku's face appeared in all the news networks while searching for information on his whereabouts

Maybe it was because of grief towards the attractive tearful single mother, maybe because Izuku was extremely cute and looked good on the screen or maybe it was just a gesture of mercy towards a missing quirkless child.

The fact is that a wave formed throughout the country.

Hundreds of millions of yen arrived for the Midoriya as donations and search groups of thousands of people were organized. Dozens of heroes got involved. Even All Might gave a press conference saying that he would not cease his efforts to find the boy six days after his disappearance

On the seventh day Izuku Midoriya was found in a park near his home. As if he had been left out of nowhere, since no camera or person who toured the neighborhood saw him until minutes later

The screams echoed throughout the area and Inko Midoriya arrived at the place where his son was before even an ambulance. Photos of Izuku unconscious burned the internet

His left leg was gone and a thread of blood was coming out of his right eye that stained his shirt. The images of the poor boy ran like gunpowder and people cried because they caught the guilty

It was later learned that Izuku's leg had been cut and the wound treated with some type of acid. His eye had been torn off, but also healed

-------------------------------------------------- ----

All Might was clinging to Inko in his deflated form. The truth was that he had been dating the green-haired woman for a while, although she was afraid to introduce him to Izuku.

The Prime Minister and the Emperor of Japan entered the room

-Izuku has been chosen as the new God of Wisdom of the youkai enge

Toshinori, as a superior hero, knew that youkai were real. Inko had learned when Izuku had disappeared and Toshinori had shown him how to see them, since there were many around his house

-What do you mean? - Inko leaned forward

-At all times the world of youkai and that of humans come into contact, if no incidents arise it is because between both worlds there is a mediator. The God of Wisdom A human with an eye and a leg, as close as possible to divinity and with great intelligence.

-Izuku was chosen for that role?

-Yes, the previous God died a few weeks ago. Now Izuku has to assume his role

Toshinori remembered the ancient God, it was he who had taught him to see. He was a wrinkled man and very old, with a kind look. He was also a joker and played with the youkai to spend little jokes around him.

He was a good man and it was not fair that the world did not mourn the loss of the mediator between two worlds. The man had devoted all his life to that. But he would protect the new God with his hands

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Ten years later


Izuku was looking at the two-colored-haired boy in the hospital. He had been around the entrance for an hour before leaving the flowers he was carrying for a nurse and leaving. Izuku knew that he often came to see a permanent patient, but he never saw him. Izuku assumed she was the soft-haired woman who was possessed by a vindictive ghost, probably the boy's mother. Unfortunately he could not approach the mental health area and help her

Something shot of Izuku's pants and he went to his office just as the nurse left

- Punctual as always, Midoriya

-Well, waiting for people who take care of people would be very bad- Izuku smiled as he went through his biweekly review.

After checking his height, weight and condition of the prostheses the boy got up and walked with his Hawks cane, he liked the hawk on the hilt, a black car stopped before him and the door opened. A hairy figure came out of the interior and approached Izuku

Izuku got into the car and let it start while stroking the little youkai from his lap


The next time Izuku saw the bicolor boy was in the UA, while he was talking to All Might, or his stepfather, in a hallway.

Izuku turned his head to look at the boy

-Endeavor is not aware?

All Might looked at his stepson, he knew what he meant, but he didn't understand the context

-Yes, why do you say so?

-I had never seen anything so vindictive tied to a human- Izuku touched his fake eye for a moment- I guess it's time for me to do my job

Izuku approached the lonely boy and held out his hand.

- Nice to meet you! I'm Izuku Midoriya, we've met before in the hospital!

The boy just looked him up and down with surprise

-Why have you let an elementary student in the UA?

Chapter Text

My boyfriend is gay

Either that or his quirk is that all the boys in the world fall in love with him, despite his quirkless state

Nor would it be so serious, that is, we started dating for a momentary whim three years ago. If I had known I would not have gotten into this relationship. I want to hit my youngest self hard

But I'm not homophobic, no matter how it sounds. Moreover, I want him to find the love and happiness that he cannot find with me, and I want his fans to stop killing me with his eyes.

But how do you break up with Izuku, also known as the best person in the world?


Izuku and I are childhood friends. Our houses are twenty meters away, but we are in different school districts. We have been friends since we were six years old and I moved to the neighborhood

Izuku is very sweet, kind and very intelligent. I have always liked it. He always helps others, always in a good mood. He says he wants to be a hero, but he already was in my eyes long before our eighth birthday

In the first year of high school I had the bad luck of running into a pervert on the train, and Izuku pulled him away from me claiming he was my boyfriend

For that incident we started dating.

The truth is that it feels good, Izuku is kind, sweet, attentive ... Our dates are good and everything feels calm. I didn't realize that Izuku was subject to affection from other guys until he told me that his underwear had been stolen, again, the third that week

Just to clarify, on this day, at this time, nobody steals underwear with so much pornography on the net. There is no need, unless you like the person. But Aldera is a male school. Also, at the recent graduation, all his buttons had been stolen, and not only those who graduated

That's why I went to Izuku school to pick him up the next day I left soon. There was a boy with ash blond hair saying shit about him, so I called Izuku out loud

-Who is this bitch? - Seeing the explosion I knew who it was. Not many people in the neighborhood had not heard of Bakugou, the most powerful quirk in the area and a future hero. His behavior was not very hero

-Kacchan, don't insult my girlfriend

I could swear that all the Aldera boys stopped and then turned to look at me like someone looking at the person who drowns kittens for fun. I had never felt so much hate directed at my person

-Why the hell are you going out with Deku's shit, bitch?! - Why was her tone about fifteen times, which was an achievement, more aggressive than before?

-He saved me from some stalkers on the train and is a very good boy, I feel safe by his side- I smiled and took Izuku's arm - Let's go to my house, to my room- I wanted to run away at all costs

I made it even worse.

My quirk allows me to control the flow of information about a thing or person on the network. Only if it starts locally. From that day I had to use it to erase all the insults and bad things that Izuku high school members said about me

It turns out that my boyfriend had his whole school, without knowing it, eating from his hand

The truth is that I was not in love with Izuku, and it seemed safer to cut with him. To be honest we were more "Best friends" than "Boyfriends"

But when I suggested it, Izuku burst into tears and told him it was a joke

I don't have the heart to break up with him.


It was on a date at the mall when we met his classmates. Tsuyu, Ochako, Iida and Todoroki.

I don't think I have to say that two of them were in love with Izuku

I still think that the tall boy squeezed my hand a lot when we gave it to him and the boy half and half freeze me on purpose. Of course, from that moment, the date became that couple flirting with Izuku and ignoring the girls.

We went to the bathroom for Tsuyu to tell me

-Hina-chan… This….

-Yes, I know Izuku is gay. I don't know how to cut with him, any advice?

Since that day I am part of the group chat of the girls of 1º-A of the UA, which is basically saying who harasses Izuku and who has fallen in love with him.

Does the UA only accept gay men?

I just want to break up with Izuku and enjoy his romance with boys from the side! Like the girls in her class!

Chapter Text

Izumi looked out the window at the world of mortals. She did it every day, as did her other sister spirits and the hundreds of fairies around her.


Since humanity had awakened the quirks a contract had not been signed. That was normal. The fairies signed contracts with people who needed strength, those they liked and on a whim.


But a human had attacked a fairy trying to form a contract with him, he said that with his quirk it was enough and that he would not take a contract with a low-ranking fairy. He said he was enough to form a contract with a high-ranking spirit.


Izumi had intervened at that time. As queen of the spirits she held the fairy in her hands, it was fine, apart from her crying for having been rejected.


-Very well- she said looking at the human- Then we will only look for better humans to make contracts.


The entire humanity had condemned the human in question and begged the forgiveness of fairies and spirits. The fairies were not really angry, nor were the spirits, they knew that an individual did not represent the entire human race.


But it was difficult for fairies and spirits to adapt to the changes of the human race. Izumi was beginning to think about looking for a person to form a contract, so that her sisters and little fairies would be encouraged to form contracts. It was obvious that everyone was bored without having contact with humans


Izumi looked at the screen, they were watching the Yuei sports festival when she saw him. He was perfect. He was wonderful. His soul was exactly the type of Izumi, she had found him. She couldn't help rejoicing


-That human has lost his clothes! - a fairy shouted looking at a screen different from Izumi's - It has fallen from his body


-An interesting quirk, you should make a contract with him, Amajiki- Izumi got up and they all looked at her- I'm going to make a contract with him


The spirits were surprised, their queen was the least signed had signed, even in good times


-Are you sure?


-Yes, I even think that I could make him my loved one - Izumi smiled and all the spirits and fairies were surprised


A contract meant sometimes lending fractions of power to a specific human. A darling was when the fairy gave his heart to a human and lent his powers permanently, that happened when a fairy or spirit fell in love with a human


Normally the first human who won the heart of the spirit or the fairy in question gave him a name.


Most had had many loved ones, but only one human had previously earned the privilege of being his queen's darling


-If you go to the mortal world take me! - shouted a fire fairy- I found an interesting human in that festival


Many fairies rose up too and Izumi smiled


-Very good, little ones. But I will be the first to form the contract - Izumi created a portal to the human world




Shouto climbed into the ring in the final. He faced Bakugou and was not nervous, he would win using only his mother's power.


Something glow in the middle of the ring and a spirit with long green hair appeared. Humanity could take more than two hundred years without seeing one of those beings, but they had not forgotten their appearance.


And less of this spirit.


Hundreds of petals dancing around, moved by an invisible wind, a white dress, dark green hair with flowers emerging from it, emerald eyes and the sweetest and friendliest face you could imagine. She wore a tiara made of pure light over her head


Shouto remembered seeing her in children's stories that her mother read to him in secret. The queen of the spirits, the mother of all creation, the kindest of all beings. Izumi, the most powerful spirit of all.


The cameras quickly focused on the spirit, being able to see a spirit was something much more interesting than the sports festival. The spirit looked at him and smiled with a warmth that filled his chest


-I found you


The voice sounded very sweet in Shouto's ears. The spirit approached him


-Shouto Todoroki, I want to make a contract with you. Do you accept that I give you my strength so you can meet your goals?


Shouto could feel the eyes of the world fixed on him. Rejection was not an option


-It will be an honor- By saying those words Shouto could feel his body getting lighter and the strength of his surgery roared inside his body


-What a good boy, I'll wait for you outside the ring- The spirit kissed Shouto's cheek and whispered in his ear- It's not your father's fire, it's your own fire. But if you don't want to use it, I'll make your ice so powerful that nobody can defeat it. Now i will protect you


A fairy appeared alongside Bakugou to sign a contract with him. Izumi smiled and raised her hand to call the fairy by her side


-We should not interfere in a fight done for honor, only in the fights against him badly- She told the fairy with a soft smile because she wanted to fight with her contractor




Izumi was holding the young human's head in his lap while he lifted the gold medal to look at her better


-You used your fire


-Yes, you said it was my power. And you're known for not lying


-You don't have a good grip on him- Izumi ran his fingers through the scar, making it softer. She could heal her if it was only a physical mark, but Shouto had let the scar reach her soul. Not even she could erase the marks on the soul of a human- Nothing happens, you will learn to control it. I will help you, is what I will do for my contractor


-Because I? There are many other valid humans, why me? - Shouto looked at the spirit on him. In part he was very grateful because he was acting as a repellent for his father. Spirits could attack to kill people who were rude to their contractors, it was better not to provoke them


Izumi smiled sweetly


-Because you have a wonderful soul that reminds me of my dear Johan. Physically and in personality you don't look alike, but your souls are very similar. That's why I decided to make a contract with you


Shouto looked at her curiously


-He was a good person?


Izumi blinked and her mind filled with the memory of Johan


Johan with golden hair and blue eyes, who lived in the area where modern Germany would later be. Johan, who was born poor but always helped others. Johan, who kept smiling. Izumi remembered how he had taken her cheeks and asked him to smile, because it was a pity that someone so pretty was so serious


Johan, on his deathbed, thanking him for having been with him all his life and asking her not to ever lose her smile


-Yes, he was the best person in the world


Chapter Text

Izuku was sitting nervously in the processing center.

He trembled as the guards tied him to the metal chair, with little more than a medical gown on his naked body.

-Mr. Midoriya, I understand that this may be strange. But I need a second confirmation. Do you understand what it means to be part of the Coalition's interstellar brides program?

-Yes. I understand

-As the first Omega that signs up for the program, orally confirms the conditions it accepts when being a girlfriend. Do you accept being immediately transferred to any planet in the Coalition that is compatible with your psychological profile?


- Do you accept that you cease to be a citizen of the earth?

-Yes, I accept it

- Do you accept that, unless something extraordinary happens, you never return to your home world? - The guardian's voice was exceptionally hard

-I know, I accept

Izuku trembled internally. It was better than being auctioned in a week. He was an Omega without peculiarity in a world that was now waging a millennium war with more than three hundred allied planets.

Its starting price would be almost zero and we could deliver a low-class and lustful Alpha that would only want to violate it again and again. If that was his destiny, Izuku preferred to enter the bridal program and be sent to another planet.

The program had a success rate of over 99% with the first couple selected. They chose the perfect person for you. They searched in your subconscious, each and every one of your hidden desires in the depths of your psyche and select the planet with which your sexual tastes identified more with their customs

The perfect couple, that would please you completely in sex and in all other segments of your life. Between being raped by someone who bought it and being sent with someone who was perfect for him, Izuku's choice was clear

-Very well, we have placed the sensors. Don't worry, Mr. Midoriya, now we will scan you and look for your perfect partner


The colony


Dabi stared at the scars on his arms. They had been about to turn it into a cyborg, he and almost his entire aquarium. Fortunately, the microprocessors had lost them before the damage was irreversible and everyone survived, more or less

From a strong coven and proud of warriors, they had become retired in the colonies so as not to fight again. That is to be betrayed by his wife. Dabi had respected and loved women before, now he just wished everyone would die and not have to see one again in life. He didn't care about the Coalition protocols

Kai entered and moved his new robotic arms, they were Coalition technology, not Hive.

- Are you still upset because the coven went through the protocols of the bridal program?

-I don't want another woman near us ...

-You know that it was partly our fault, we trust each other because she was from our home planet. We never thought that she would sell our location to the Hive just to have access to a coven of leaders- Kai looked at her robotic hands and then her eyes went to Tomura and her scars in the throat area- We were silly and paid for it, our coven is being used as an example about why you don't have to trust your own race

-It doesn't matter now- Tomura's cascading voice rang out- She's already dead and we must start over Although I don't want a woman near us either. Kurono still doesn't speak and that worries me.

Kai sighed. Before being captured he had been a doctor, had worked with the protocols on his home planet, Oris. In Oris there was only one woman every five men, so the men gathered in covens of three or more when they decided to mate.

Kai had tried to turn to the program, because he had guaranteed success. But when they met her they thought they had found the right one. But she only used them because widows without children, in Oris, were handed over to the covens of the leaders of the planet

When they had returned, and told what happened, she was already being part of another coven. But they executed her as soon as the truth was learned and nobody cried her death.

-We trust the program, it will give us exactly what we need


The earth


Izuku woke up slowly and blushed as he felt his stain was creating a puddle in the seat he was sitting on and dripping to the floor. Hell, his cock was hard and dripping his infertile sperm

And he didn't feel calm. His whole body burned after that dream

That dream

Four men. Slim but muscular, fast, lethal, exciting,… Izuku felt like he was in heat just remembering that dream and the things they had done in it


Izuku was not a virgin, Katsuki and Shouto knew it well. But all his Alpha partners had abandoned him because they said he was insatiable and was absorbing their lives. And in his jealousy, Katsuki once came to sue the police because he said he was going to kill him based on sex. But with them ...

Izuku felt satisfied. And that had only been a dream! The reality would be ... Izuku shuddered and more stain left him

-A perfect neural connection and 97% compatibility .- The guard approached Izuku slowly- Although we will have to change the protocols for future Omegas. I didn't know that the stain ... It came out in so much

Izuku blushed deeply for that.

- Do I already have a partner?

-Couples, four men. It has been assigned to the planet Oris and ... .- the guardian was silent - I'm sorry, has been assigned to the Colonies. I think you are just what they need

-The colonies?

-Those who are crippled in war go there. It is a quiet place for them and their families to live in peace- the guardian smiled- Those men need a lot of love, affection and understanding. As Omega you can give them all that. The only bad thing is that the Colonies is only a one-way trip

Izuku nodded. His parents had died and he was going to auction, he had nothing left

-I agree with that.- Izuku was doing a great job ignoring the stain that ran down his legs and the chair- If my partners need me now, send me there now. I will give them so much love that they will get sugar through all the pores of their body

The guard smiled at young Omega

-I'm sure about that. I have sent the data of the Omegas to the Colonies so that they are not surprised with their arrival. You are the first male girlfriend, after all- Izuku nodded, thanking the woman for the gesture- This is a milestone in the Coalition protocols

Izuku felt nervous as they carried the chair to the transporter

-Your trip will last a week longer than normal, because you will have to approve your passage to the Colonies. Remember this. Be kind and understanding. They will love you with all the strength of their hearts and you will love them. They are perfect for you at ninety-seven percent

-Do they know that I am a man? - Izuku worried- I don't want to be rejected for not being a woman

-Yes, that is one of the reasons why the entry into the Colonies is delayed. They will know everything about you. Physically, of course. For the mental connection you will have to wait for the claim. You relax and enjoy good sex

Izuku wanted to ask more questions, but the machine buzzed and lost consciousness before two needles were stuck in his temples, placing the universal translator

Chapter Text

Uraraka was watching the video of that morning's debut of the new group of magical girls when Izuku approached behind her.

-Do you see?

Uraraka jumped and Izuku caught his mobile in the air. He watched the video and then smiled at Uraraka

-Are they a new group of magical girls?

Uraraka nodded strongly

-Yes, they call themselves Douce Energie- Uraraka nodded and blushed again- I know that watching videos of magical girls is something childish, but they are lovely and our age

Izuku looked at Uraraka with fraternal love

-I don't think there's anything wrong with your liking. I'm sure they would like to know they have a fan.

-They are more or less our age. You don't know how much I want the contractor to choose me- Uraraka seemed excited at times- But they are pretty and very strong, so I forgive them for being chosen

-How are they called? - Shouto had approached them and watched the video. Uraraka went to the official website of the magical girls and took the photos of the new group.

-The blonde hair is called Spallation, its power allows it to blow things up! Then, the bicolor hair is Feu Glace, dominates the fire and ice. I think she is the most beautiful in the group. And finally the green-haired one, my favorite, Vert Soleil. She is the one who is shy, cute and adorable! But then she has that melee style that makes her look strong!

Bakugou yelled something at his side and Uraraka changed to a more normal subject. Not knowing that the three boys by her side were the three magical girls she was talking about


-Shouto, the day has come- Shouto looked at his father, that day he turned fifteen and would enter the family business. Business of which he knew absolutely nothing and that worried him- Today you will become a magical girl

Shouto stood still, waiting for his parents to say it was a joke

-Dad, I don't know if you've noticed. But i'm a boy

His mother smiled warmly

-Shouto, for centuries magic girls are men who with magic adopt feminine forms. Your father and your two older brothers are magical girls, as are your grandparents and many men of the Todoroki family. You should be honored that the contractor has selected you

Shouto looked at the rat, dog, bear? White fur who drank tea. His name was Nezu and he was incredibly famous for running the magic girl industry. There were many Nezu, but they were all part of a gigantic hive mind, so basically, each Nezu was the same Nezu

-You're right, young Shouto! It's weird that magic girls are kids! But in the past, every time a girl was selected, they couldn't fight the great enemy! So we went on to select boys to be the warriors that protected this world. With the passage of the generations, the magic nuclei that create the magical girls began to appear only in the boys, like you

-That makes no sense

-Well, the case is that either you make a contract with me or sign with the dark forces. That is if you don't want that magic core to kill you.

Shouto signed the contract


Katsuki was running down the street in his daily training. Every day he ran an entire hour before returning home to shower and have breakfast. At that moment he saw the white mouse in a suit, sitting on the bench where he stretched

-Good morning, young Bakugou! Are you interested in being a magical girl?

Katsuki cursed more than ninety times in the ten minutes prior to signing the contract


Izuku was four years old when he returned home. He had saved a boy from receiving a beating from Bakugou, but in return he himself had received a beating. Even so it felt good to be able to help another person

-Hello, young Midoriya


Izuku knew that his father was a magical girl, rather he had met him when he was injured in a fight and lost his magical power, transforming before him. Izuku dragged the man to his house, although his wounds healed for minutes thanks to the recovery of his magical power.

Then he learned that Izuku was an illegitimate son of his who had had with a past girlfriend, seeing Inko upon arriving at the house and calculating Izuku's age. The end result was that Toshinori and Inko got married and Izuku got his dad

Nezu, the contractor, often went on to give his father new missions. After all, Toshinori Yagi was the magical girl known as All Might. The strongest and most popular in the world

-Would you like to be a magical girl?

Izuku seemed missed

-But I am very small

-And your magic core is very big! - Nezu laughed- Bigger than your father's, that's why you woke him up early. That just means you'll have more time to train before taking action as a magical girl with your group.

Izuku's eyes shone

-I'll sign, I'll be a magical girl like daddy!


Izuku was nervous as he entered the world of pets. The world where magical girls trained and prepared to fight the enemy. Izuku had been a magical girl for ten years.

At the beginning there were some problems, because of their age. Although the magical girls stopped aging in their transformed form from their sixteenth year of life, Izuku was like a girl. But Izuku's power was very powerful, so the magical girls stopped complaining and began helping him control the pure energy that ran through her body and increased her strength.

In addition, many wondered why Izuku was not a real girl. It was a requirement that magical girls, no matter how their bodies were transformed, were beautiful, adorable or charismatic.

Izuku had taken out the adorable part. Even her costume as a magical girl consisted of an adorable green dress with bulging, tight at the waist, over a white blouse, with a large green bow on her huge breasts, wearing knee-length white leggings and Mary Jane shoes with big bows on the back Her fluffy hair was in a semi collected that only separated the wild curls from her face.

Also, when she concentrated her magical energy in her second form, she could conjure a giant hammer to hit her enemies. The hammer was white and with a large bow, in addition to the seal of a bunny, uselessly adorable and large. It was twice the size of Izuku.

It was classified as a magical girl of main attack. And an heiress, given that her name as a magical girl, consisted of two words.

Izuku would meet his group today. No Vert Soleil would know them. After the betrayal of a magical girl, it was forbidden to know the true identity of the members of your group. So Izuku only knew the identity of a handful of magical girls he knew for his father


Shouto entered the world of magical girls and her eyes began to ache to see so many things in pastel colors, large ties and bright colors

-Feu Glace, over here

Shouto was still surprised that, in the form of a magical girl, her father was a head smaller than her. But, apparently, his father was the adorable one in his group, in that suit that looked like burning flower petals

Shouto's suit consisted of a red tube skirt with an ice blue blouse. White socks with garter belt and stilettos. Her hair was in a ponytail and she wore a tie over moderately sized breasts. Although the figure was beautiful. If he concentrated his magical energy in his second form, two swords came out, one of ice and the other of fire

Like Blue Phoenix, Touya, or Nebbia Gelata, Natsuo, it seemed that Feu Glace, Shouto, had taken out her mother's beautiful figure and her beauty when they were magical girls.

They arrived at the training camps, which were more normal than Shouto had expected. And there was a green-haired girl who looked like the mixture of a kitten and a puppy that licked a laughing baby. That kind of pure adorable aura

- Nice to meet you, Endeavor! I am a great admirer - the girl approached them by jumping, controlling her magical power at a level that impressed Shouto and her father - I am Vert Soleil

Shouto got ahead

-I'm Feu Glace, I guess we'll be partners. Where is the other one?

-It still has not arrived. She is not an heiress, like us, Nezu will bring her- Shouto raised an eyebrow- What's up?

-You speak very well in a feminine way, it still costs me a little

-Well, I signed my contract almost ten years ago. I have already gone through the basic course of Nezu to become the perfect lady when I am transformed

-What course?

- Your father has not told you? The Nezu train us to always be feminine to be transformed- Vert Soleil smiled shyly- It's not that bad…. After a while you get used to it

A gigantic explosion happened at the entrance door to the stadium. A girl with two pigtails was holding what looked like a heart-shaped gun and her clothes were like an explosion.

Everything was red and cream color. She was wearing a torn skirt, and a red shirt with some areas that lightened to cream. She also wore what appeared to be dancers and high socks that reached up to fifteen centimeters below the short skirt. In addition, she wore fingerless gloves with corset ties

Besides that she had a wild but strangely attractive smile and was flat like a board. It showed especially when compared to the giant chest of Vert Soleil

-I'm Spallation! Memorize that name, extras!

Vert Soleil sighed looking at the girl

-Yes, she will be sent to the intensive femininity course


And thus was born the one that would one day be known as the largest and most popular group of magical girls, Douce Energie

Chapter Text

Each secondary gender will have its way of finding its “destined partner”, in addition to a unique way of reacting

The Alphas will do it for smell. As soon as an Alpha smells like his intended partner he will know instantly. It will be something automatic and they just want to chase that smell, find it and smell that person's neck for hours

The Betas will be the touch. As soon as a Beta touches their intended partner they will feel as if lightning strikes them and they will know they are the right ones. Betas will normally hug for hours after feeling the connection

The Omegas will be the sight. They will know as soon as they can see the person who is their intended partner. An Omega will take days when your eyes are not automatically attracted to your intended partner

However, the real chances of someone finding their intended partner were really slim, they were identical to someone hitting the lottery. Even so, every year there were winners of the lottery, so it was unlikely but possible.

There were even destined couples with more than one person, but those were even rarer


Enji hated Toshinori with all his soul, no matter how much the other young Alpha tried to approach him. Why did he have a destined partner with whom he could never have children?

He wanted to leave a legacy, damn it! Couldn't Toshinori be an Alpha woman, or a Beta, or, better yet, Omega? No, the intended couple would have to be the only primary gender with a subgenre with whom they could never have children

It was true that with quirks, having children between two Alpha men was possible. But that raised other questions asked by his classmates, who were not discreet. For example:

Which of the two would be the one below?

Enji didn't want to think about those things, because everyone assumed it would be him. He was shorter than Toshinori, less muscular, weaker and they thought that would make him the least dominant of the two.

Fuck them!

What Enji did not expect was that his internship tutor and Toshinori's tutor got along. What implied a joint operation to loot one of the bases of a villain that Nana Shimura had been tracking down for years

And he had to work together with the handsome idiot with a bright smile.

-Enji- Toshinori did not smile, it was the first time Enji saw him so serious- If this villain appears ... Run away and do not look back

Enji looked surprised at his intended partner. He was the one who said they should always strive to death. What was the sudden change?

-Very well, children, this is a base built in a World War II bunker designed to shelter people from enemy bombings. Which means thick and sturdy walls, just an entrance and recesses and false roads that guy will have filled with traps. In addition, we only have a plan of almost two hundred years ago, we do not know what else he will have done or how much he will have expanded


Toshinori was hyper attentive to everything around him. Surprisingly, after spending more than ninety traps at the entrance, there were no traps in the rest of the bunker. But it was because they were not necessary

All for One, according to reports, visited this location every two or three days. Nana, Torino and he thought that something extremely important was stored here, such as a nuclear bomb or something similar.

But most stores they found only had normal things ... That is, "normal" in the villains' line.

A small torture room, short weapons without serial numbers, support items, frozen food, mysterious packages that Toshinori did not want to open, a kitchen, a room with maps, a room with boilers, generators, a bathroom, a room with a round bed for six people and a pantry with enough food for one person to eat for several years.

It looked like an emergency shelter. The kind of place you prepared and hid in case something bad happened to you. Not a place you visited every few days. There were still two more rooms left, but Toshinori did not like this feeling of normality

He wanted to get Enji out of there, the deeper they went from that place, the less chance he could get him alive. Toshinori couldn't afford to lose Enji. He was the only family that had part of Nana

As much as he resisted the idea of being his partner, he looked after him in his angry manner. Like making him a lunch when he realized that he only ate frozen or microwave food. Or realizing when he wanted to hide that he felt bad and taking care of him when he was sick. He still remembered his screams when he took him to the hospital with almost forty fever and a flu, screaming for not calling anyone for help

Toshinori smiled a little and opened the small room. In that room there was a strange medical chair and a lot of blood. Blood type -0, as far as he could see, an extraction machine and nothing else

In the end, only the last quarter remains. An immense camera designed to accommodate more than five thousand people. If there was something horrible in that place ... That would be there, without a doubt

They opened the door and found a garden.

A literal garden

The ground was covered by well cut natural grass and there was a false sun on the roof. It was a vault covered with screens that mimicked the weather outside, which meant there must be a camera pointing at the sky somewhere.

And then the smell came. He watched as Enji also raised his nose, looking around, searching, finding,….

Enji and Toshinori were running towards the place where the smell came from with a single thought in mind. Destined couple

Another couple

They found her lying on the floor. A girl in her early teens, who didn't react when they shook her shoulder. She seemed to have a fever and her lips were cracked. She wore a leather bandage over her eyes, blinding her, and her white wings at her back were caught in some kind of support that seemed to prevent her from stretching them all or opening them in all their wingspan.

Toshinori groaned at the muffled scent of the girl. Her skin showed extreme dehydration

The pros looked at their inmates and the girl in Toshinori's arms. That was what All for One hid

-We leave here, we will leave quickly. We do not risk the life of a hostage

Toshinori got up, holding the Omega girl in his arms as if it were the most valuable thing in the world before giving it to Enji to take her. If someone had to be sacrificed, it would be him.

Toshinori would sacrifice his life for the two of them to live


Izuku had been a very normal girl, daughter of a single mother. She had large white wings behind her, but she could not fly since her wingspan was too small, but she used them to fan in summer or shelter in winter.

Her mother also had white wings, but those wings were a span larger than Izuku's, at least at the age she was at that time. Seeing her wings now, she knew they were much larger than her mother's

She had been very normal. With some friends, high marks and a bad athletic ability. A very normal Omega girl. Until her pediatrician exchanged for the young doctor Ujiko when she was eight years old. The doctor insisted on doing blood tests on his new patients to look for abnormalities due to his quirks. Izuku only had a small mutation of wings, so she didn't see anything weird about it

But the doctor found something special in her blood, something he wanted

Izuku didn't know what it was, but she did know that a week later a car had run over her mother and a van had kidnapped her in shock. Izuku woke up later in El Eden, as Sensei liked to call that garden

They wanted the blood of Izuku, Sensei and the doctor. The doctor was very excited and Sensei treated her like a mixture of a pet and a resource mine. Once a month, the doctor would drain all of Izuku's blood that he could without putting his life at risk. Sensei would feed Izuku with her hand and ask her to sing, she had been in the choir of a church where her mother used to go

Izuku was blinded every time she tried to flee from Eden. Sensei would cover her eyes and leave for a long time. Izuku did not know how to remove the bandage, but she knew that it was several days because of the times she slept, thirsty or the hunger that passed. Then, when she was desperate, Sensei would come back and feed Izuku, making her promise she would be a good girl

And Izuku was ... At first. But then she watched as her body began to grow and Sensei's gaze when she had her first zeal. In addition to the words he said to the doctor

-If I mate with her is it possible that the offspring have that ability in the blood?

Izuku didn't want to mate. She didn't know what she had in her blood, but she wouldn't let Sensei or the doctor use her to create more like her. That's why she tried to escape again, that's why Sensei blinded her ... And she sang. She only knew Christian songs, Sensei affectionately called her her singing bird trapped in the garden of Eden, so he only gave her those scores of Christian songs to learn new songs. She sang to God to listen and release her, since she couldn't do it alone

Izuku woke up in a bed, not feeling the pressure in her head that supposed what Sensei had put on her. She also heard machines contracting her heart and there was a drip in her hand. She had had enough to know how they felt. Many times she fainted after extraction and woke up with a blood transfusion. But they had never drawn blood right after a punishment

She opened her eyes and found a white roof over her. A false ceiling, like that of a hospital.

Sensei would never take her to a hospital

Izuku tried to straighten out, but her arms couldn't hold her and she fell back on the bed tightly.

-Dear, I recommend that you not move yet. You were terribly dehydrated and malnourished- Izuku looked around. She was the young heroine, Recovery Girl- Don't strain and drink some water

Izuku took the glass with trembling hands, but the woman started to drink it herself when she saw that the glass was going to fall from her hands.

-What is your name?

-Izuku-she could speak when the liquid ran down her throat- Izuku Midoriya

-Well, you don't have to worry about anything else, little one. You are already safe and they will make sure that nothing bad happens to you anymore

She closed her eyes to hold back the tears and the woman continued. She was in the UA. She had been rescued. The infirmary door opened and a young man with red hair and turquoise eyes entered followed by a blond with blue eyes.

Izuku's heart leapt at the sight of them and she gasped

-Alfas- She felt herself cry more, to which she was surrounded by the arms of both men. She was safe. If an Omega found its intended partner, it could only have children with it, with them where appropriate. Sensei wouldn't touch her, she was safe


Enji looked at Izuku. She took refuge in his chest while Recovery Girl drew blood. Toshinori was behind him and stroked Izuku's head. She was very afraid when the woman told her she was going to do a blood test

-Why are you afraid of needles? -Enji was curious

-Sensei said that my blood was special, that's why he locked me up and took it away- Izuku took refuge more against Enji, pressing the cotton against her arm

-He told you why he was special? - Toshinori seemed interested, but Izuku just denied

-Sensei and the doctor just said it was special. And Sensei said that ... That would make me have a child with him to see if my special blood was transmitted to my children

Enji watched as Toshinori's free hand easily folded a metal bar from the foot of the infirmary bed where they were sitting. Enji knew that both had heard worse things, but she was his partner and he wanted to incinerate Sensei to the bone.

Izuku was only fourteen, four years younger than Enji and Toshinori. Just a girl, a girl who was his and the handsome smiling idiot. That Sensei had no right to touch her

Enji stroked Izuku's wings to see if they were as soft as they looked and she let out a sound that was a mixture of a scream of surprise and the trill of a bird. She covered her blushed mouth and Toshinori raised an eyebrow while bringing his hands to Izuku's wings.

Recovery Girl threw them both a chalk in the forehead. How the hell did the woman have such aim and strength? Enji groaned as he rubbed his forehead. Had that woman also been a pitcher for some professional baseball team?

-In the infirmary no, do not even think of hormonal adolescents. Or I will notify Gran Torino to give you self-control classes

Izuku looked at them both with the big eyes she had and remained silent while letting Enji move her to Toshinori's arms, who seemed eager to hold her too. They looked good together.

Enji knew he was keeping in the picture

-You are like fire, Enji, you destroy everything in your path and you only leave a smell of smoke and ashes after you- Seeing the intended couples of him, Enji understood. Toshinori was like the sun, the joy of living and stuff. Izuku was like spring, she was currently shy and nervous, but he was sure that when time passed she would be as bright as Toshinori

Why the hell was he, so destructive, paired with them, so positive? What kind of cruel joke was that?

Then Izuku looked at him and wrapped him in her wings, while she sat between them. She also wrapped Toshinori

That felt good

Chapter Text

Izuku felt that something was changing after being diagnosed as quirkless with five years. It wasn't bad, as she expected, rather it was ... Rare

Most of the boys, who previously asked her to be her playmates constantly, now only wanted to play with her at the house, she being the mother in the game and they were the husbands. The girls instead were very protective of Izuku, telling her that she was like a fairytale princess and that she shouldn't approach the boys who were dirty

Izuku didn't understand, but for her it was always fun in her class. She was later nicknamed the "Aldera cinnamon dense roll" although she did not understand that until her husband later declared her

Also, that year was born Katsuki, the son of the best friends of the parents, she was excited to see the baby. And Katsuki was incredibly cute and adorable, Izuku loved him very much! In addition, Katsuki also loved Izuku, he used to make big tantrums and threw his arms towards her when the visit was over.

Aunt Mitsuki jokingly said that they would soon have to receive Izuku at home as Katsuki's wife. Inko laughed and told Mitsuki not to joke

Twenty-one years later, Mitsuki turned out to be right and she didn't stop repeating it at her son's wedding


Katsuki realized that Izuku was his first love in his eighth summer. It was hot and Izuku took him to eat an ice cream at a store where they made them spicy. It was something that the two of them always did together and Katsuki loved it

Since he was very young, he liked being with Izuku, she was very intelligent and very kind. She also gave him great advice on how to best use his quirk for when he was a great hero, because Katsuki would be number 1!

Then younger children ran between them and lifted Izuku's skirt. Very white…

Katsuki felt that it turned completely red while the children's mother apologized to Izuku. That was the first time he realized that Izuku was a girl. Well, he knew it, but he hadn't really seen her that way

The next time he noticed it was when Izuku, trying to cook, made a pot explode and while the adults cleaned they went to bathe. They had bathed together very often, so it wasn't embarrassing.

But that day Katsuki noticed much in Izuku when she undressed and later in the bathtub.

Izuku's breasts began to swell and her figure was changing. Izuku was entering adolescence and Katsuki realized.

Fortunately nothing happened, until later in the evening he remembered Izuku bathing. His body reacted for the first time, causing him to be scared and go to ask his parents for help

Mitsuki laughed at that for years, much to Katsuki's dismay. Besides that she no longer let them bathe together, which would be appreciated by the future Katsuki. Izuku seemed not to realize that he was a boy, at least until he was taller than she was


Izuku felt happy at work, it was something that filled her and she loved her. She had entered the support department of the UA, to become a quirks analyst. And she had approved as the best of her course two years ago.

At the moment, she had a small job, but she had started in a large hero training agency. In addition to the fact that the owner of the company, a retired hero, had noticed her analytical ability and tried strategies and wanted to put her in a place closer to the action.

As a real-time combat coordinator, or, what was the same, speak in the ears of the heroes and guide them if the battle was disadvantageous for them. Izuku had refused the immediate ascent, because she had said she needed more experience.

So, for most of the world, she was a normal twenty-year-old OL

Izuku slipped on the stairs to climb a park and shorten on his way home. She prepared to fall when someone caught her

-Kacchan- She said it with joy, but without shrieking because his friends were in front and she was just an acquaintance of the family. Although she considered herself a friend of Kacchan- Thank you for saving me

Izuku did not realize that Katsuki's eyes were glued to his abundant chest, she pulled out her mother's, which was next to the boy's nose. But Katsuki's two friends did notice, and Katsuki leveled up in their minds.

-I am surprised that you took me on the flight. Are you training lately?

-Yes, the exams for the UA are approaching

- Do you want me to write you a recommendation as a former student? I still go from time to time to have tea with Nezu- Well, she was going to perform analysis of the students of the hero course as an advisor for the UA and recommending internships or which places of practice were better for students to grow better

- I will enter with my own means, Izuku!

Izuku wondered mentally when he had stopped calling her "nee-chan" and then sighed. The boys became very embarrassing at those ages, especially in front of friends. Katsuki didn't want to call her “nee-chan” to get the idea that they were family from her mind

- Will I accompany you home, Katsuki? I think your parents are not there and we could spend some time together. Alone- Izuku was thinking of playing video games, Katsuki punched himself mentally in his noble parts to curb his thoughts. Katsuki's friends raised the boy to the level of divinity


Katsuki stood behind Izuku. At twenty, he was old enough to wrap Izuku with his body. Besides, he liked how she blushed and got nervous with him

Especially since he had kissed her

Everything had happened when Izuku had ended a two-year relationship. The guy didn't like Katsuki, rather, he hated him. But Izuku had never had a large audience because he was quirkless and that man wanted to be with her he liked. Hell, if she had lost her virginity while going to third of the UA with her Kouhai Mirio because he was kind and wanted to have a good memory of that experience.

The case was that the guy in question was married, but his wife could not have children and they wanted a child with a powerful quirk similar to the father's. So they found a quirkless woman hungry for affection. Fortunately, Mirio noticed something strange and investigated them. So now they were both in jail

But at that moment Izuku had been so depressed that he had only wanted to lie down and cry. And he had done it against Katsuki's chest. They had been like this for a while until he had kissed her.

Then she had run away from him every time. Until that day, the day that had finally cornered her

Izuku stood still while looking at the boy, now a man, with whom she had grown up. She still remembered when she was a crying baby and this was the first time she noticed her abs

Damn, they could be used as graters

Katsuki looked at her, trying to look cool and calm, praying that his blush was not visible.

-Then ... Since I've caught you ... Can I ask you for a date with romantic intentions or do you prefer to turn to our parents for an Omiai?

-I ... E ... Yes ... .- Izuku finally relented- We can have an appointment to see how things are going


A year later Katsuki Bakugou felt the happiest man on earth by sliding a ring on his first love's finger and turning it into Izuku Bakugou. Although it was no surprise that he succeeded

After all, he had been working to achieve this since he was born

Chapter Text

Inko never thought she would hold a baby in her arms again. Not after Hisashi and Mikumo died in that terrible car accident. She could still see Hisashi, like a proud father, taking Mikumo in his cart to buy some things while telling Inko to rest.

A quarter of an hour later, Inko knew that a drunk driver had run over her husband and three-week-old son. The two had died instantly

Mitsuki had recommended that she find a new job, far from home. She was hired as a servant of the Todoroki family. Inko felt like anesthetized taking care of the wife of hero number two while she was completely at rest for her second twin pregnancy

Inko soon realized that there was something about the woman that was not quite right. But it didn't matter, she thought it was something related to pregnancy. Until the twins were born

Shouto looked like half of his father and another of his mother. But the girl ... The girl had green hair for some reason.

Endeavor began to shout at his wife and accuse her of infidelity. Rei said that she had never cheated on him and that he knew she had no contact with other men. He shouted for hours while the other children were in their schools

Finally, the decision was made to say that the girl was born dead, since Endeavor would not allow her to be pointed as a cuckold. They then handed the girl to Inko, with the keys to an apartment in a building owned by the Todoroki family. She was in the neighborhood where Mitsuki lived.

None of the Todoroki children found out or saw their little sister. In the following days, Endeavor organized a small funeral and a false ash urn was placed on the altar of the Todoroki family.

Inko, meanwhile, she looked at the girl in her arms. Her parents had not even named her, they had left that to Inko. She also had a contract whereby she would take care of the little girl until she decided to become independent or married. The only link between the girl and her family was the monthly deposits of money in an account, apart from the salary Inko received, and her last name, Todoroki.

Inko was carrying the girl in her arms down the street, thinking of a good name for her. Inko was not good at putting names, that's why Hisashi had named Mikumo. The black-haired boy like his father. Now Inko had a green-haired girl in her arms.

Then several petals fell next to the girl's face. Inko looked around and saw a crazy cherry tree that bloomed in the middle of winter. She remembered seeing that same tree in bloom seven months ago, when Mikumo was born. It had bloomed again, a new life had come into the world

-Izumi- Inko looked at the girl, that was the first beautiful thing that had happened near the little girl since she was born- Your name is Izumi Todoroki


Mitsuki practically roared in rage when he heard the story. But, contrary to what Inko thought, she did nothing. She only gave her support to her friend while she was going to raise the girl

-Inko, don't get too attached. They could go find her anytime and Izumi is not Mikumo

The woman smiled shyly

-I'm very aware, but I can't help feeling sorry for her. They have not contacted us since I called to announce their name

-It may be the best, if I had doubts I would do a DNA test- Masaru left a cup of coffee with Inko- I would not send a possible son of mine away without being sure


It was impossible not to love Izumi

The girl was the perfect definition of a sweet and kind angel. Inko occasionally sent photos to Endeavor's office, until she received a call asking her not to make contact again unless it was something important.

Inko had cried upon receiving that call, so he did not correct Izumi when his first word was "mommy" addressed to Inko. Inko had no heart to tell the girl that she was not her biological mother, because she was the only mother that girl would know in her life


Izumi presented her quirk on her third birthday, she did it soon. Burning ice and icy fire. A mutation of the parents' quirks and the opposite of the twin brother, who had awakened his quirk on his second birthday when he sneezed. Her legs could produce the ice and her arms the fire

When trying to warn of this they said that it was not necessary to know the girl's quirk. That was the last time Inko tried to get in touch with the Todoroki family

Izumi was a happy and calm girl. And a fan of All Might. Inko took the blame for that because every time she saw the girl looking at hero toys, she pushed her away from her father's and brought her closer to the biggest place with All Might's.

Izumi was her girl, her sweet and kind girl. She could almost forget that she was not her daughter, until, in Izumi's fifth year she arrived. And with that one more occupant came to the house


Inko kept Izumi lying on the bed. The girl had a small cold and in a couple more days she would be ready to go back to school. The little girl complained softly between coughs, and Inko could only pamper her

Izumi was crying slightly with her tears coming out of those turquoise eyes. The same color as his father's eyes. Inko clenched her teeth. Izumi was mostly Rei, she already had from a very young age the beautiful features of her biological mother. But the few times she showed a stubborn or angry expression Inko could see Endeavor

The entrance door rang and Inko went to open it, leaving for a few moments the side of the sick girl

Inko was surprised to see the man who had hired her a few years ago there in front of her. And several more men who went into living and began to do things. One of them manipulated the living room wall, which faced the apartment next door, and joined them both.

-What's going on?

-Mrs Midoriya, we need you to start taking care of Touya Todoroki just like Izumi Todoroki. Of course, your salary will double and we have extended the house to make it more comfortable. We will also enter the child's monthly expenses into a separate account so you can keep it

The man left without giving Inko time to accept or say something. She then went to the room where she had seen that they put objects.

In bed, there was a boy lying and covered in bandages. Inko burst into tears, remembered that boy. The few times he had managed to run away from his guardian and father to go to his pregnant mother's bed and talk to his unborn babies.

He had grown a lot, his spiky red hair was still there. But now, that poor child was seriously injured and clearly in pain. Inko ran her hand over the neck bandages and felt the skin so hot it burned.

Then Inko thought of something that would relieve him, something like ice or ... Inko went to look for Izumi


Izumi knew that her family was not normal. She heard the comments of the teachers and the other parents. That the mother was her legal guardian and that is why they had different last names. About how she had no father. About how strange her quirk was

About believing that her father was a villain, which caused the children to avoid her and try to insult her. Izumi froze a few, in winter, and set fire to others, in summer, so she was now ignored. They didn't mess with her or get along with her. She was simply isolated from the rest

Even at the academy she was going to learn dance to gain more mobility in her legs and more easily control her warm ice. Your training to be a hero. Although considered talented, Izumi was isolated from the rest of the girls

Izumi knew that she should not ask her mother. But she also knew that she didn't look like the woman. With the exception of green hair they did not share traits in common

Izumi's eyes were almond rather than round, her lips were small instead of large, her nose had a bridge thinner and longer than her mother's ...

Sometimes she comforted herself thinking they were her father's features.

Then came Touya

-I need you to use your frozen fire on it. He's your brother and he's burned, he needs cold over his wounds

Izumi, when she had a cold and was able to look more closely at her brother, she realized that she looked more like that new child than her mother. The wounds that would have become purple burns became simply reddish thanks to the cold constant contact of Izumi's icy flames

She was very curious about her brother, but the oldest child spent most of the time sleeping. And he just typed on his cell phone because he couldn't speak. Izumi still didn't understand the Kanji well, so he just hoped his brother would recover soon


Touya opened his eyes in pain ... He didn't know where he was, but that wasn't his house

He had failed.

He had been scrapped by his father

The last thing Touya remembered from his father was when he was in the hospital and the man had said they would send this failure, referring to Touya, with the bastard


Touya looked around and met turquoise eyes like his. For a moment he thought it was Shouto. But the child's eyes were one color. The color of his father's eyes

Then he looked in more detail. That was not a boy, it was a girl

It was identical to Shouto. Minus that green hair

-Hi, nii-chan! I'm Izumi! - the girl said it smiling

Touya entered a state of confusion. Izumi… How the dead twin of Shouto?

His father's words rang in his ears: Take him with the bastard.

Did your father think Izumi was not your daughter because of her hair color? Ridiculous, Izumi had his eyes. Izumi's face was identical to her mother's beautiful face, but her father's eyes were

But being here was the safest thing for the girl. So his father did not train her

Chapter Text

Enji was looking at another version of himself, an older and more cheerful. He frowned when the older man smiled slightly to thank his coffee. People looked at him alternately and then at the other version of himself

- Are you sure it's me?

-I understand, we are stubborn. But I think that the sincerity quirk and DNA analysis should take away my doubts. So this is pure stubbornness.- His older version spoke in a softer tone than he would ever speak in a work environment- If you don't mind, I'm tired. The effect of time travel quirk is three days, so they said that I can go to Todoroki house while I wait to return to my time

-Okay, but I still don't trust


Rei felt her heart stop when she saw two versions of her husband enter the room. Fuyumi began to cry, Natsuo began to tremble and Touya clenched his fists, a two-year-old Shouto looked at both confused.

Enji explained the situation between grunts before leaving to take a shower, leaving them alone with their older version. He looked at them as apologizing to them

-I'm really sorry ... For everything

Rei looked confused, as did the children. The older Enji was ... apologizing?

-I'm still very lost at this time, and I will make many mistakes- He sighed- Over time things will improve, in about thirteen years. But, until that moment, I'm very sorry

Rei looked at her husband, she was confused. She had seen few facets of Enji, the ones he showed, but never regret. It was like seeing another person, like seeing something identical and at the same time different. And not only because of the eye scar

Enji always seemed tense, as if he never let his guard down. But, this older Enji, was more relaxed and calm than they had ever seen him

-What happened to us in thirteen years that changed things? - Both Enjis stared at each other. Rei felt that the tension could be felt in the environment

Enji older cleared his throat a little and then blushed slightly

-We will meet our second wife. She will make us change

If Rei could take a picture of her husband's face then she would frame it and place it at the entrance of the house. Even Touya laughed and was not punished or beaten for laughing. Enji was clearly too amazed to let that behavior pass


Enji major was cooking. Rei had never seen her husband cook. Well ... She knew he could do it. Once Enji told her that he had become angry at not knowing how to cook and ended up taking lessons for months with a five-star chef.

Even so, Rei had never seen him cook

The children were also very surprised and silent

-Well, she and I met at the UA sports festival. She is ... An awesome person. One minute we were shouting at each other and the next we were tearing off our clothes- Enji major blushed when he realized that there were children in front- Nezu scolded us for that, although I still don't know how he found out

-What the hell did I do in the halls of my soul matter? - Enji growled as he also blushed. Then Rei realized that her husband really was a shameful man who didn't like to talk about certain things. That was ... Interesting to her

-Nothing, we stopped before doing something- Enji older stayed still for a second- But maybe the next day we would meet in the street and go to a hotel. There things happened. And I'm sorry in advance, Rei, at that time we were still married even though we were separated

She looked at her husband, her future ex-husband, who apologized for being unfaithful to her with her second wife. The world was going a little crazy

-If I got what I wanted from her, why did I keep seeing her and marry her? - The young Enji was definitely more unpleasant than his older version

-Well ... I couldn't satisfy myself with her. It is true that at first I thought it was just physical attraction. Hell, I repeated it to myself as a mantra. However I liked talking to her, she was interesting. She was something I couldn't give up as much as I wanted. I didn't even realize how much I liked her "Good morning" messages until one day her phone broke. In addition to serving as a mediator between us, the family, and that made our relationship improve- Young Enji frowned- In the end, Rei slapped me with a divorce agreement, terribly advantageous to me, and demanded that I go to marry With the woman he loved. She accepted and we got married four years ago, after three relationships

Younger Enji looked at his older version

-What's her name?

- Do you want to go find her?

-Obviously. If I can get something with what I will be better than with what I have now I will get it

Senior Enji made a face

-She's the age of Shouto. Please, don't turn us into pedophiles

Enji, the young man, passed out with his eyes open


Older Enji was training his children. Or rather, playing with them and their quirks. Rei was also there, snowing on everyone's heads

-That won't help them fight- Touya automatically tensed when he saw his father in the training room

-The games teach them to control their quirk more accurately than repetitive exercises during training- said the older Enji with a slight smile. It was really strange to see- Also, doing things like this will make you join more as a family. I still remember the first time we made homemade ice cream, since I was entrusted with all the physical part. But it was funny

-I don't need them to be soft, I need them to be strong. A hero cannot be weak

-Your search for strength will only bring you pain and fragment the family. Step with me- Enji older seemed distant- And we almost killed Touya for pressing him too much. Learn from my mistakes, I'm sure you can do that. We are the same person, only if you stay the same, it will take you more than thirteen years to realize what is important

Enji younger growling

-And do you think you're wiser than me just because you slept with a teenager? If that worked, all pedophiles would be geniuses

No one saw the punch until the older Enji hit his younger version

-You can say what you want about me- said the major- You can insult me

and degrade me, I don't care. But insult her or our relationship and I will not hesitate to hit you until you get all the shit out of your body

The older Enji left and Rei looked at her husband, who was panting on the floor. Then a small voice sounded from his eldest son

- Did you say I'm going to die?


-I will force you a lot in training, you will lose control of your quirk and you will burn badly. You will blame me and run away from the hospital, becoming a Watchman and, years later, a villain

Elder Enji was trying to braid Fuyumi's hair, unsuccessfully due to his big hands

-You will try to kill me before being captured and taken to Tartarus. You are currently in a psychological treatment to overcome the traumas that I cause you in my folly and ambition

Touya looked at what his father would be in a few years

-I can't fix my relationship with you, but I've got you to see your brothers. At least you can repair your relationship with them. Because this is clearly a different timeline than my own- Enji looked at his son- I'm not the best with words, and I don't know how to treat children. But I am really proud that you are my son, Touya


Enji major looked at Rei. She was folding the children's clothes without flinching.

-You should go to the psychologist


-In my timeline you suffered a nervous breakdown and attacked one of our children, leaving a permanent facial scar. That crisis was due to an undiagnosed depression. Enji stroked Rei's head. I know I've put a lot of pressure on you, but you have to find an escape valve.

Rei looked at her husband

-Really she has changed you- she looked at him- I can't imagine the current Enji being like you. That girl must be an angel

- It is. She could have the person she wanted, she had lots of offers from people younger than me, rising heroes, classmates ... But she chose me. The man full of imperfections, with a complicated past and full of regrets- Enji looked far away- And she did it always smiling, without getting angry, without abandoning me no matter how horrible it was what I said. She stayed by my side, firm as a rock.

Rei looked at him with tears in her happy eyes, she didn't hate Enji. She was scared but she didn't hate him. She wanted him to be happy and thus stop making their lives bitter

-She was really born a little late- Rei tried to contain her sob

- Or I was born too soon. You can see it both ways.


Enji looked at the office. He knew they were waiting for him. In younger Enji, he didn't know why he had asked for that phone number, but he could lie and tell him it was because he had kept some outstanding bills towards his former classroom teacher

The old Enji entered the room. Nezu, Gran Torino, All Might and Detective Tsukauchi were there

-Enchanted to see them, I suppose you already know that I come from the future- there was a joint assent- I have come to tell you about the ninth bearer of One for All


Torino looked at the Endeavor major leaving

- Can we trust what you said about the ninth carrier?

-He hasn't lied- Tsukauchi looked at them- At no time, that's why he asked me to come, to corroborate his words

-The ninth- All Might looked at the photo that the old Enji had given him. In it you could see an older Gran Torino, himself thin as a skeleton and a girl with green hair and peridot eyes that smiled like the sun. She was in a wedding dress and behind her you could see a smiling Enji- He told us where he would meet her and how that meeting would be, I'm dying to meet her


Enji looked around. To his youngest self and his family and he smiled at them before everything blinked around him.

He opened his eyes again and saw himself in a hospital bed


Izuku straightened and looked at her husband who opened his eyes after three days asleep.

- I'm back - Enji smiled slightly at Izuku and she let out a choked sound before hugging him so hard that a very muscular nurse had to push them away. But she didn't let go of her hand at any time

Enji looked at his wife and wished he had changed, if only a little, that other timeline. But he wished that the great happiness he had now would also be experienced by the other Enji

Chapter Text

Iruma woke up feeling strange that morning. He looked at his phone and checked the date on the human calendar that Grandpa had included when asked.

Ah ... "that" moment was approaching. Iruma shifted carefully, noticing her more sensitive body than usual and wondered how long it would last this time. Last time it was only two hours, but last time it was three weeks

Iruma sighed as he ate breakfast. Fortunately it only happened once every three months now. Before, when it started, it was out of control and came to happen daily, although for short periods of time


He put his hand to his chest as he talked to Azz-kun about the classes. Clara started jumping between them, angering Azz-kun

Iruma felt his body begin to heat up. Already started

Iruma fell to his knees to the ground, he was unable to stand up, immediately drawing the attention of his entire class and Kalego. The teacher closed his book tightly and approached the place where Iruma was.

There he was surprised, like the rest. Iruma's hair had suddenly grown a foot or so, and he had become one of her own. Abundant breasts, pretty hips and a firm and feminine body in general

Iruma waited for what normally happened. The teasing for suffering from that rare gender change disease. But contrary to what he thought nothing was heard

-Beautiful… .- Hearing Sabbok say that made Iruma shudder, for his part Kalego had evaluated the situation

With a gesture he wrapped Iruma in a barrier and dyed black

-I'm going to talk to the director. Try to do something with your lives so as not to be so pathetic specimens of the demon race

Iruma just let go, it was not the first time this happened either. At least this time he hadn't been fishing for crabs in the North Sea for four months, and the crew looked at him like a mermaid.

Humans hated those with sudden gender change disease. They were quite despised and humiliated. The truth was that the disease ended once you had a child, either as a man or as a woman. Your body was fixed forever based on who conceived the baby.

- Director, your grandson is causing trouble again! - Kalego had kicked down the door of the director's office


- Does this happen every three months, Iruma? - Iruma nodded, sitting in her grandfather's office, her teacher had returned to class

-It is called Sudden Gender Change Disease. It usually affects humans in their sixth year of life and is permanent until they have a child. At first you change almost daily for a few minutes, but as you get older and calmer. It really isn't that serious, I'll be back to normal in an hour or a month

Sullivan sprang to his feet, scaring Iruma

-Now I not only have a cute grandson, but a cute granddaughter ... It's a two for one! Opera, take care of Iruma while I go to prepare girl's clothes!

Iruma couldn't deny anything when her grandfather ran away

Opera stepped out of the shadows and sighed

-Is the situation very serious? - Iruma had learned, through experience, that she should consult certain things with Opera instead of with her grandfather

Opera looked at Iruma, he seemed as calm as ever

-Certainly, Iruma-sama. Demons rarely have daughters, usually only one girl is born every fifty boys

-But I haven't noticed that the gap is so big at school ... Yes, there are more men than women, but not as many

-Iruma-sama, Babylis is the only mixed school in the world of demons. The rest of the schools are purely male. So Babylis has a ratio of one woman to three men. However, all Babylis women wear a choker to indicate the clan to which they have been engaged

Iruma remembered asking about the chokers, but thought they were a common part of the female uniform.

-How do demons keep their population with so few women?

Opera sighed again, Iruma knew she didn't want to offend him, it was just that Iruma had no common sense

-There is a potion that can make a male demon conceive as a woman. Demons tend to fight each other to see who takes the potion. Also, relationships between men are very common. Never wondered how it was possible that someone as powerful as your grandfather never married?

Iruma realized that it was rare. One minute, that meant that the older students who sat together, those who shook hands when walking and those who went to remote places…. Were they couples?

-That is why Iruma-sama has increased its value considerably


-You are a man, what enters the tastes of many, and without the need of the potion you can become a woman and conceive. We can pass it off as a magic from the lineage of one of his parents, but his value as a possible mate has greatly increased for all unmarried Babylis demon men. Besides that you already had a good reputation as a demon and that, along with your passive personality, made you attractive- Opera sighed- The best thing is that we prepare ourselves to receive tons of courtship gifts


-You should also go to classes for Succubi, they not only teach how to seduce, but also how to defend themselves against possible attacks by men


-And your friendship with Asmodeus Alice will surely end with him courting you, Iruma-sama, since he is the closest single man to you. Marrying a person is a form of devotion and admiration

-Or ... Opera? What am I supposed to do? - Iruma was trembling, this was worse than the crab ship in the north sea

-Accept and try to enjoy. I recommend Asmodeus or Sabbok as potential spouses. They are powerful and it shows that they will succeed in the future

Iruma realized that asking for help was useless. I had gone from one extreme to the other

-Iruma-chan- the grandfather entered the room- Your grandfather has brought you a feminine uniform so that you are comfortable

Iruma felt like crying again

Chapter Text

Ever since Shouto's quirk had awakened, the quirk his father had so much longed to create, Touya had known he would be scrapped someday. Even with eleven years he could perfectly notice the change in his father's gaze

Until Shouto woke up his quirk was: "Well, at least this is better than nothing." After Shouto's quirk that look became: “This is a failure, but I still can't train the other. I will have to wait to get rid of him ”

That is why Touya had established several measures to communicate with his brothers once he was "scrapped." Among them was a disposable mobile phone. He had given it to his brothers with instructions to only turn it on at certain periods of time if he disappeared.

The first day at home with his newly found little sister, Touya sent a message to those numbers. It was a "I'm alive" and the address given by the kind green-haired woman who took care of her sister

His phone had been taken away and this was a new model with a different card. But Touya had learned that number by heart. He had burned it on his head

The green-haired woman entered the room with a tray of food. Apparently his sister was sick, from the coughs he could hear on the other side of the house. Touya recognized her when she reached down to leave the tray

-You worked taking care of my mother- she wrote on the phone

-I'm surprised that you remind me- The green-haired woman smiled at her with a sweetness that Touya hadn't seen…. Well, never- Don't work there for even a year

- Did they give it to you?

The woman got up and looked at both sides of the door before closing it

-I was there when Izumi was born. I don't know why they asked me to take care of her, maybe it's because my hair color looks like hers. However I am raising her with all the love I can

- Is that why she calls you mom?

The woman smiled sadly while feeding Touya

-She has a mother who has never called her or tried to come to see her, even though she knows where she is. You've seen how sweet she is. Do you think she could break her heart by telling her that her parents didn't love her because her hair color was different from theirs? It is better for her to think that I am her mother, because I am, at least I am her foster mother

Touya thought of Shouto, how he clung to his mother. Izumi had the same link with that woman, Inko. If he broke it by telling Izumi that they were not a biological family, the girl would break with the bond. Especially after understanding that her parents had abandoned her

-I won't lie for you

-Izumi is very intelligent, I know that she is starting to tie ends on her own- Inko smiled- Just ... Don't tell her at once. If she asks you, can you tell her, but in no other case


Izumi went to her older brother's room with her All Might blanket and looked at Touya. He seemed uncomfortable while he slept and she made her fire flow through her older brother's chest.

Instantly Touya seemed to relax and Izumi could examine him in detail, as she had not done in the two weeks he had been in the house. They looked alike and he was very old. Her mother had told her that he was fourteen years old.

He was thin and fibrous, Izumi noticed that he had done some kind of hard physical work

-Izumi, I'm going to buy. Watch Touya- Izumi smiled at her mom

-What about dinner?

-Congee chicken- Izumi pouted- You just had a cold recently and your brother can't swallow well. They have to be nutritious and good things for the stomach. But, if you behave well, next week I will do Katsudon

-Katsudon! - Izumi got excited, she loved her mom's Katsudon

Her mother smiled and kissed her cheek

-Stay with your brother and don't leave home. And if someone enters without permission, lock them in your most powerful ice- Izumi had been practicing the temperature variation of her ice and her flames. Now she could control her almost perfectly, but she still couldn't turn her cold ice, or make her fire hot. So her mother gave her permission to do something that could irreversibly harm someone

-Yes mom

Izumi began to draw in her notebook of heroes. Lying on her All Might blanket in her brother's room. When she turned a page, she saw that someone had written a flattering graffiti in the notebook.

Get out of our school, villain !!

Izumi sighed and tore the leaves. She would throw them before her mother came home

-That's not very flattering

A hoarse voice rang from the bed and Izumi looked at her older brother. It was the first time she heard him speak


-Do they mess with you at school? -Touya was curious. No one had dared with him and the rest of his brothers, although in Izumi's case she didn't know who her father was. And the father in question would not make an appearance

Izumi shook her head, she looked sad

-They tried, but I used my quirk on them to leave me alone

- Is that why they call you a villain?

She shook her head again.

-They call me a villain because I am invested and I go against the natural. My fire is cold, my ice is hot. It is the opposite of what it should be. That's why, when I said I wanted to be a hero, they said that I would be the opposite, a villain

He looked at his little sister and extended his hand in pain to stroke her head. Although he used the ointment, the bandages changed and he had sessions with a healing quirk, it still hurt. What most relieved him was the fire of his little sister by his body

-I don't think you're a villain, you're too good to be

Izumi smiled at him. Shouto had not had such a radiant smile in a while. No ... Shouto smiled shyly even before his father began demanding small workouts.

Touya looked at Izumi's green hair and then thought about his words. The opposite. With his phone he did a quick search and found the color circle

If red and white came together, pink appeared. The opposite of pink was the color green in the chromatic circle. Touya looked back at his sister. A quirk so similar and at the same time so opposite. The opposite of her parents' mix, her hair had caught that and that's why she had mutated in that green tone

Touya looked sadly at her little sister, he wanted to cry. It was so logical once it was thought that way. Her hair, as with Shouto, marked her quirk

The entrance door rang and Touya got up with a couple of groans. A part of him wanted to keep resting in bed, but he needed to start moving and Izumi wouldn't go to open the door at his age. His body screamed at the lack of movement he had made in the last week

Izumi started walking beside him and took Touya's hand. The girl was trying to hide that she was nervous

Touya opened the door and instantly saw his twin. His other brother was looking around before entering the house

-Touya- Fuyumi cooled her hands before touching her twin

-Hey, I'm still handsome despite these burns- Touya tried to smile a little, but it didn't work

-Who are they, big brother?

The look of both turned to the green-haired girl, she hid more behind Touya's leg and looked at them with those big turquoise eyes

-They are our brothers, Izumi- Both released strangled sounds before the name and seeing the face of the girl, so similar to that of the boy in his house


Fuyumi looked at the girl who was taking out the cups while Touya, covered in bandages, was on the couch. The girl had insisted because she didn't want Touya to move

-Is it really Izumi?

-Yes, Shouto's twin

-They said she was born dead- Natsuo also looked astonished at the girl. Touya rolled his eyes in a way that Fuyumi had always wondered how he did

She had practiced to do the same, but it didn't work out as well as her brother. It was a natural gift

-And that old man is always so sincere with us- Touya looked at the little girl- The woman who looks after us told me they considered her a bastard because of her hair color

Fuyumi looked at her. It was true that green was not a very common color in the family. But that girl was a tracing of her mother with her father's eyes. She looked like them. Fuyumi began to think, after the birth of Shouto all the men who had hair of some shade of green had been fired from the house's security service.

Why didn't his father take a DNA test and now?

After spending a lovely time with his brothers, Fuyumi and Natsuo returned to the Todoroki estate, where their father was waiting for them with their arms crossed.

-I don't care if you go to visit the garbage, but nothing to miss your obligations.

Fuyumi knew that Natsuo wanted to tell his father about Izumi's quirk and pinched him discreetly. It was safer for her, that he believed her daughter was rubbish


Inko considered himself a kind and calm person. She worked taking care of the house and her two children, because since they left him in this place, Touya was as her son as Izumi.

But still she was surprised when the two boys entered with a clearly fainted blond man

Touya wore the UA uniform. He had entered the course of heroes and every day he improved more using his quirk, so much that he had been told to return to the main house. That happened after being first in the three events of the sports festival. But he refused saying he would stay with his sister

In addition, Fuyumi and Natsuo were watching Shouto. In his interactions with his mother. They also began to see that something was wrong with the woman.

But that was the time to focus on the man passed out on his couch

-Can you tell me who it is?

-He is a hero! - Izumi practically vibrated with emotion

-He was fighting with a villain who fled, we have already given notice and have been captured- Touya was checking his phone- But we do not know what hero is because most of his card has been broken. So we have brought it here. He doesn't seem to be seriously injured, only that the villain who attacked him had a quirk similar to midnight

Inko sighed and looked at her six-year-old daughter

-You can stay here half an hour, then we call an ambulance

About five minutes later the door rang loudly. That time it was Fuyumi, who had his arm wrapped in ice and Natsuo holding a bicolor-haired boy against his chest. The boy was crying in silence, and, because of the wet spots on Natsuo's shirt, he had been crying for a long time



Inko was scared when, when the ice melted, she could see a burn on Fuyumi's skin. Fortunately, she had been healing burns for years thanks to Izumi. So she quickly took the medicine cabinet and went to work

-Mother was murmuring through the corners and empty rooms- Fuyumi said as he extended the ointment by the arm- I was behind Shouto and she grabbed him and lifted the kettle of boiling water…. I could only take Shouto away and run away. She was chasing us with the kettle and shouting that we let her solve the mistake. Natsuo managed to get us out of the house and we came here

Izumi had taken care of the weeping Shouto. She had wrapped him in a blanket because he was shaking and now hugged him tightly while humming softly. She let it be the vibration in her chest and not the sound that calmed the other child

The blond shoulder straightened and looked at the scene.

-Good morning, I'm sorry for the scandal, Mr. Hero- Izumi smiled at the man

The man smiled at the little girl. Inko started talking to him and managed to get him out of the house before Endeavor arrived. Although he had given Inko his number and a personal card.

Inko had been out of the dating circuit for so long that he didn't know what to do with the contact information of that Toshinori Yagi. Well, what harm could an appointment make?

Chapter Text

Izumi Midoriya was three years old when his quirk woke up.

It was also the first time she saw a hero die.

She and her mother had been held hostage by villains robbing the bank where her mother was making a deposit. Then they entered and Izumi and the rest of the people were caught hostage

A hero tried to crawl through the false ceiling to reach the hostages, but one of the villains had thermal vision and was shot at the ceiling. The hero died instantly and fell right next to Izumi, staining the girl's face with blood

Izumi ran her hands nervously over the man's wounds and then screamed. She yelled at the hero

-Get up!

The black mist began to rise and swirl around the dead hero and Izumi. When the mess stopped, the corpse of the hero was still there, but there was a copy of him in black and with the bright blue skin that emitted a supernatural aura. In the arms of the copy was Izumi. She took refuge in the hero's chest and closed her eyes

The next thing Izumi knew was that she was in a hospital room and the hero was still standing by her side. Her mother was crying and telling her that she had fainted from excessive use of her quirk

Nobody knew how to explain Izumi's quirk very well. But as it was something close to a resurrection they called it "Necromancy." The dead hero continued with Izumi and merged with his shadow when it was not necessary, leaving when the girl needed some kind of help

People call it shadow. He retained part of his personality, but was predisposed to serve Izumi in everything. Even to fight for her


The next shadow was the cat of a very old neighbor. It was a very old cat who died suddenly and Izumi found her outside the building, under some bushes. Izumi had two years with her first shadow, she had the best bodyguard.

She tried to create another one, but she realized that the fog faded over time and it was harder for her to take out the shadow. But that kitten had just emitted her last breath and the fog was very powerful

Izumi approached the animal and stroked it. It was a good cat

-Surge- The fog swirled again and took the form of the cat. The being of shadows emitted a sound like a meow and rubbed against Izumi's legs - Come back with your master in life, he has taken care of you for so long and loves you. Now it's your turn to take care of him until he starts his journey

The cat nodded and left with fluid and elegant movements.


Later that night, the man arrived at the Midoriya house and thanked Izumi again and again.

That day, when they discovered that Izumi could create and maintain more than one shadow, they were taken to an isolated house.

Well, isolated was something relative. The house was on the grounds of the UA, somewhere lost from the school grounds. Besides that it was really difficult to find from outside, only four people knew the location of the house, not counting its occupants.

Shouta Aizawa, who had been involved in the move by falling asleep in class, Recovery Girl, Nezu and Power Loader

And the only visits that the mother and daughter couple received, apart from the previous four, were the dying. Heroes who fell in battle or were going to die, everyone went to see the little girl, to have the opportunity to help others once again.


Izumi's shadows began patrolling the city in its eleventh year of life and the association of heroes tried to seize the girl. But Nezu was a very large protective shield. Even so, they gave Izumi a temporary hero's license for her to let her shadows wander.

Heroes who did not need to rest, who did not sleep, who did not eat, who did not get tired,… A perfect twenty-four hour watch

Even so, Izumi's training was not neglected by Shouta.

-You are his queen, his leader- Shouta said once while they saw the shadows around him. As much as Izumi tried, at least one always stayed with her- You must know how to defend yourself. Although your quirk only invokes them and I can't eliminate them, you should know how to protect yourself without your shadows

Izumi nodded. She didn't want to be weak. He knew perfectly well that his shadows were a great help, but he was not blind. They had taken her there to prevent some villain from kidnapping her, because on the wrong side her shadows would do a lot of damage.

Although most of them acted on their own accord, Izumi could impose their own wishes and force them to move like puppets. An army of the undead, at the service of a mortal and vulnerable queen

The old military technique captures the queen and dominates her army. Although, as Izumi grew, the queen herself called attention.

Many villains said that she had the bearing that would make her a queen of the underworld.

And it was true. Her hair had stopped being green to darken and almost reach black, her eyes had slight dark circles and were narrowed, and then there were the shadows that accompanied her, submerged in the shadows around her.

Izumi wanted to be a hero, but with her quirk she knew that more people would consider her a villain

-They called me villain for my quirk- Shouta was playing with Izumi's hair- And now I am one of the heroes with the highest catch rate, don't let public opinion affect you while you do a good job

Izumi recognized, upon entering the classroom of 1ºA, with a shadow cat on her shoulders, that she might be a little, very, in love with her teacher.

Izumi sat down and the cat began to watch around him, telling her where Aizawa was. Yes, it would be an interesting year

Chapter Text

Katsuki was drinking with a mission in mind.

He wanted to get drunk until he was unconscious.

They were at the wedding. Izuku was radiantly dressed as a bride and circling in the center of the court with the brand new boyfriend. The UA class was around, cheering for the girl while they watched as she looked at the boyfriend in love

Katsuki wished that his quirk didn't make it so hard to get drunk, a normal person by now would have fainted

His mother approached him with a smile and a gesture that he knew meant that he did not approve of what he was doing.

-Katsuki, you're the godfather. I hope you are sober enough not to ruin the second dance of the bride

- Do I have to do it, mother? - All the girls with whom he had gone to UA were determined that he would not say insults that day. And he had enough head to fear those girls when they proposed something

-It's the tradition- people started clapping when the dance was over and the wedding couple approached

Katsuki examined the boyfriend. Masanori, his own brother ten years older and with whom he had not spoken for more than a decade until one day he went to his parents' house with Izuku. To inform both parents of their wedding

Physically the two brothers were very similar. Both had a similar height and build, Masanori was an amateur boxer as well as a history teacher. The same ash blond hair and red eyes. But no one had ever confused them

Because Masanori had a soft and sweet expression, inherited from her father along with her personality. No one would ever confuse them because the air around them was so different.

He remembered Izuku when Masanori took care of them. She always looked at both of them and then smiled

-Kacchan is very lucky to have a brother who looks so much like him!

Maybe it was those differences that had made Izuku and Masanori come together.

Apparently, from what he had told round face at the banquet, they had met again after a villain attack. Izuku had to prevent the round face from attacking Masanori because she thought it was Toga.

After that they had begun to stay among them for almost two years. And so they had come until tonight

- Take care of her for this dance- Masanori said holding out Izuku's hand before being caught by a round face

Katsuki growled as he hugged Izuku

-What happens, Kacchan?

Katsuki looked at Izuku. She was normally a simple bitch, not ugly but simple, however, just by getting ready for a bit she was absolutely perfect.

-I've been taking care of your pathetic ass for years while we face villains together. I think it's a good way to take care of yourself

-It's a phrase that is said on these occasions, Kacchan. Masanori knows he can trust you- Izuku looks at Masanori with love

-You love him

-I wouldn't marry him if it wasn't. Also, I suppose the men of the Bakugou family have something that appeals to me

Katsuki knew she was referring to her failed romance

During the UA they were dating together, after he apologized and made peace with his past. But when leaving UA everything began to get complicated.

They were ambitious young people making their way into a very saturated business with little free time. They lived together, but there were weeks in which they did not speak and the point came when she yelled at him that it seemed that he only listened to her when he wanted to have sex

And Katsuki replied

-And why is that wrong? - He really did not want to say that, but Katsuki was not the best with the words and was angry with her

The next thing Katsuki felt was a slap in the face before Izuku went packing and left with a round face. Being honest ... Katsuki expected her to return one day.

That they would make peace again as in the past.

And instead of going after her, he stood still, waiting. And now he was at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, whom he still loved, and his brother

Hell, Katsuki really needed to drink again until he was unconscious

It was pride that made him the godfather of Masanori, just as it was pride that made him do nothing when they kissed him. Just like pride, he avoided being taken from his parents' house when he saw her enter with Masanori, both holding hands and an engagement ring.

But Katsuki was already tired of being proud. Now he wanted to drink and gloat a little in self-pity

He released Izuku with his brother and returned to the bar, to drown in his drink

Thinking about what it could have been if he hadn't been so arrogant and proud

Chapter Text

Dabi looked at the girl Inko had just left in his arms. The seventeen-year-old Omega also gave her the birth certificate and a bag with objects for the little girl.

-From this moment it is your problem

The Alpha blinked and looked at the green-haired Omega.

-Are you playing a joke on me?

-No, Dabi, I can't take care of her. In three months I will enter the university and I will have to find a partner. The only reason my parents let me continue the pregnancy was to give it to you after birth.

Inko ran to her father's car, which had the door open, and it started as soon as she entered. Dabi ran towards the road, with the girl still in his arms and realized that they had even removed the registration

- What the hell? The eighteen-year-old Alpha looked down and looked at the girl in his arms.

The baby was still reddish, according to her birth certificate she was less than a week old. Dabi sighed and decided to go to her partner's house


-Are you fucking with me, Dabi?! - Keigo threw Dabi a vase, the girl was safe, asleep on the sofa

-It was before I met you! - Dabi caught the cushion, after dodging the vase, but the book that followed hit her squarely in the chest- Inko and I talked from time to time while we ran together and she entered into rut in my routine. I thought she had protected herself when I never saw her again!

The young hero Hawks, an eighteen-year-old Omega, looked at his partner angrily, he was his destined partner. He did not want to know everything he had done with other Omegas but would appreciate it if he told her that he had had sex in the heat of another Omega.

-And do you bring her here?

- I lived on the street and in manga cafes before you let me come here, Keigo. Did you want me to expose the girl to that kind of life?

Keigo remembered too clearly the mistreatment of his mother and the life they had led that was almost worse than the street life. Dabi approached the Omega and rubbed his mark on the boy's neck

-We have mated, I trust you with all my soul, Keigo. But she is my daughter

The Omega looked at the girl, his instincts kicked in. That little puppy was not only just another puppy, it was the puppy of his Alpha, of his partner. And although she was the son of another Omega, she had abandoned her, the puppy was alone

All of Keigo's instincts implored him to take care of the girl, who was his daughter now

-Dabi ... - The Omega twitched when the girl cried and did not realize that her smallest feathers were going to comfort her- It was before we met and recognized ourselves as a destined couple. So I will accept it, but you take care of it

Dabi was offended

-I take care of you, big baby who had mushrooms growing in his fridge when I moved. I'll rot with the girl, at least she won't do things that give us a harvest of mushrooms

Keigo was offended

-I remind you that we made a delicious mushroom scramble to discover that they were not poisonous


Dabi looked at the girl as soon as she calmed her, after she vomited the formula from all her clothes and part of Dabi's.

-You have the same whites of the eyes, in addition to that and that it smells like a puppy of yours I can't see any more features in common- Keigo said

The girl had little white hair, slightly curly at that time, big green eyes (trait of her mother), the skin paler than Dabi's, those four freckles that made you want to kiss and little more ... Her features were still too immature

They had stripped her to check the absence of mutations and bathe her. And the girl couldn't think of another time to start peeing, hitting her father's forehead directly.

Keigo laughed so hard that many of his feathers fell to the ground


Dabi finished adjusting her four-year-old daughter's hair. Those curls were horrible, but making small braids on the sides that gathered behind the ears could contain them. The contrast between the fluffy white hair with those big eyes made her look very adorable, Dabi felt his chest tighten as he looked at his daughter

Keigo stepped by his side and two feathers went to the end of the little braids and were knotted there

-And then I'm the overprotective- Dabi said out loud while Keigo laughed

- What is overprotective, daddy? - Izumi asked in all her innocence

- He is someone who protects you, but he does it excessively - Keigo could hear through his feathers and know his exact location at all times.

Practically, every day when taking Izumi to the nursery, he would put a tracker on his daughter. Dabi also knew that Keigo discreetly approached before his feathers died and traded them for others.

But Izumi would not go to the nursery today, today Izumi would accompany them to see the UA sports festival. That is why he wore beautiful clothes, the heroes' gallery was elegant for those who did not wear disguises.

-Then I want to be overprotective with mom and dad. I can't wait for my quirk to appear so I can protect you!

Dabi and Hawks mentally groaned at that comment, for them, the manifestation of their quirks was not a good memory. But they would make Izumi's childhood different from hers. They would make her have many happy memories


Izumi was excited and bouncing as she clung to her father's hand. Her mother had gone to speak to her first intern, who was in her third year.


Izumi felt her father tense up and she looked towards the voice that had shouted her name. He was a man on fire, hero number 2, Endeavor. He had a boy about the same age as her by the wrist

-What do you want, bastard?

-Daddy! Not bad words! - Izumi looked shocked as she tugged on her father's hand, but he ignored her. His attention was focused on Endeavor, with rage

Izumi looked at the hero and realized he was looking at her, so he tried to take refuge behind his father's legs

-Is that my granddaughter?

-You don't care, she has nothing to do with you. I have nothing to do with you since you kicked me out of your house when I was fifteen- Her father pushed her harder behind her legs. Izumi looked at the two-colored hair boy, he was looking at her curiously too- Is that my brother?

-Shouto manifested his quirk recently, a perfect mix of your mother's quirk and mine- Izumi's father put on a dark expression- What about her? She has Rei's hair. Does she have an ice quirk?

-Izumi is not yet four years old, she has one week left. It's still quirkless

-Oh ... I'll be attentive to her quirk, after all she is a Todoroki. And with Hawks Quirk interesting mixes can come up. Also, it can be a good training partner for Shouto

The man left, still pulling the little boy who only turned his head once more to look at them.

- Dad, you hurt me - Dabi came out of the fog of anger and he looked at his daughter before he squatted next to her. The girl's doll was somewhat red and hot. Dabi clasped her hands and tried to contain her fire inside.

He had raised his body temperature again without realizing it. Normally it would not be so bad, but Izumi had a below average temperature, a constant 34º. According to the doctor, due to her family's quirks, it was possible that she had a powerful ice quirk. She was immune to the cold, but sensitive to heat, evidence of that was found in the album where she was seen making snowmen in short sleeves. Dabi was also in short sleeve, but he had his quirk to warm up

-Sorry, bunny

-Nothing happens, I'm fine- the girl looked into the hall- Was that my grandfather?

-Yes, it is a trash can on fire- the girl giggled- But don't tell your mom that I said bad words to you

-Why were you interested in my quirk?

Dabi clenched her jaw and took her daughter in her arms

-Because it is the only thing that interests him about his descendants, how powerful they are


Izumi felt herself burning. She was watching the sports festival with great interest, but it was very hot. She put her hands on the railing and was pleasantly cold.

She wished it was colder.

Something flowed from Izumi to the outside, but she didn't notice it, being focused on the individual fights. But she was the only one who did not notice it, being in the heroes' gallery all had very sharp senses and quickly moved away and alerted.

Izumi noticed when people from other stands started screaming in annoyance. Ice. Everything was covered in ice.

She took her hands off the railing, there was a perfect mark on her fingers, and she looked around. Her parents approached her slowly, not wanting to startle her

Often injured when a quirk first manifested

-Something happens? Why is there so much ice?


It took them a while to explain to Izumi that it was their quirk. Dabi raised her head before leaving and saw the calculating look in her father's eyes. He grabbed onto Keigo's waist and they left

The next day their mother went to visit them, for the first time since she moved in with Keigo.

-He sent you?

-What do you think? He wouldn't have let me out of the house any other way- Rei looked at the frost-covered walls- Is it just frost or can it create ice?

-She can create ice, but like the bastard it seems that she needs to constantly remove something from her quirk from her body, although she does not control the exit. We can only be thankful that it is summer.

-I can see her? Fuyumi can only produce frost, even for several kilometers around, and Natsuo can create fog that envelops cities. It is nice to see that one of my descendants has inherited my pure ice

Rei and Dabi moved down a hallway with more and more frost and ice

-She is fine?

-Yes, apparently unless you reach -20º Celsius you are not in danger of hypothermia. We are going to save a lot of money on coats from now on

It took a while to open the frosty door to the room. Inside Izumi was moving a block of ice, trying to shape it

-Cryokinesis in addition to Cryogenesis? - Rei looked at the girl- There are only a few ice users who can manipulate it after its creation. I am one of the most powerful and I don't have that ability

- This is new - Dabi nodded looking at her mother - Would you help her train?

-I don't know if your father ...

-Hawks will take care of the bastard. But you need to get out of that house and Shouto needs to meet a girl his age


- Miss Todoroki! - Izumi turned to look at her teacher. Her hair was still short in the same way, because letting it grow was a pain due to her curls. Still, thanks to her grandmother Alpha's basic ice skating lessons, she was an elegant fourteen-year-old girl - you have changed the uniform again without permission!

-I have not modified the uniform- The cold attitude of the house towards many young Alphas shuddered with pleasure

-And how has the uniform gone from black to white?

-My quirk has covered it with frost unconsciously- Izumi nodded to herself, running her hand through the uniform that creaked slightly- I have the documents that prove that this is an unconscious reaction from my quirk, you are my tutor, you should have read them. Are you skipping your job so you can get your frustration out of students?

A certain hero who was listening felt like patting his head. That girl had brought out Dabi's attitude. She really was a good and sweet girl, with no left hand or delicacy of any kind

-Fu fu ... Miss Todoroki, you are fourteen years old. You should now be able to control your quirk properly

-Can you stop your heart at will? What you are asking me is the same. This frost is an unconscious reaction, even if I managed to suppress it, chances are my quirk would spin out of control and freeze the school entirely. Do you hate working here so much that you want to destroy the school?

-Todoroki, a week expelled!


-Insult a teacher!

-I have not insulted you, I have only questioned your opinions and clarified your mistakes. Isn't that the goal of educators? That we think for ourselves and know how to defend ourselves. Also… Why has it become stricter since my secondary gender was determined as Omega? Is this a type of gender discrimination? Do I have to call my lawyer?

Keigo decided to intervene before his daughter was expelled for very correct comments but said without tact

An hour later, Izumi was curled up with her uncle Alpha who was running his muzzle around the Omega's neck. At first it was the Omegas who wore the necklace, but the young Alphas had a strong urge to bite, so it was easier to muzzle them. There were fewer injuries

Keigo was growling at his lawyer as he pulled out a recording of a conversation with the Beta teacher who despised him for being an Omega and working. Izumi knew that she would have to change schools while Shouto started scratching her with the metal part of the muzzle.


Dabi looked at Inko, the Omega had changed from seventeen to thirty-one, but she still had things that he recognized. Like the beautiful eyes he shared with his daughter. However, Izumi had pulled out the slimmer, more feminine build of her maternal grandmother versus that of her mother.

What she didn't recognize was the bite mark on her neck, the wedding ring, or the man next to her who had a possessive hand on her waist.

Dabi arranged the egg in a baby carrier against her chest to keep it warm. It had been a real surprise to discover that Hawks was oviparous. But so the Omega could do his job as a hero while Dabi took care of the house and her future son.

They were a couple out of the norm, the Omega away from home and working with great success and the Alpha being a homemaker. And Dabi may not have looked for a job to piss off his sperm donor at first, but now he was very happy with the situation.

-I want to see her

-Do not

-It's my puppy too- Inko looked at him somewhat indignantly- I was young before, but now I'm not

-You are thirty years old, Inko. I could have accepted that you had matured at twenty-five or a little more or less. Now I do not think this is that you have matured and reflected, rather it seems that you have wanted to have children with your Alpha and suddenly you have remembered Izumi-Dabi felt some satisfaction to see how Inko looked away in shame

-Even so, she is her daughter and she has the right to see her. I myself have an adoptive son who lives with us. We will take good care of her- That man was dangerous. Maybe Inko didn't notice, apparently it was her destined partner and Inko was a civilian.

But Dabi had a license for heroes, the number of times he was mistaken for a villain invading foreign territory made him take it off so as not to be accused of being a vigilante. In addition, Dabi had grown up surrounded by heroes, he knew how to recognize a powerful person when he saw her.

This man was more powerful than Endeavor. And he had experience fighting, a lot. He moved like a soldier, seemed relaxed, but did not make false movements or lose the tension in his muscles. And his body was clearly trained, thoroughly, but in a way that didn't easily protrude or attract attention.

If Dabi had to guess just from a photo, he would say he was a hitman. But facing him, facing his aura of power, Dabi knew he was not a minion….

That guy was a leader of something dark and dangerous. A king of the underworld

He mentally cursed fate that bound his daughter's birth mother to what could be a cold-blooded killer. Dabi wish I was wrong

-I'll ask her. I have told him a little about you. But I think she is old enough to decide- Dabi stood for a moment- And I hope your house is waterproof, she controls her quirk, but sometimes she activates when she sleeps and freezes the house- Reason why her room was airtight. And separated from the rest of the house


All for One looked at Izumi Todoroki's report on his computer. Of course, the hero relatives' files were confidential, but he had been alive for so long that the government's confidential files were as easy to read as that thriller Inko had left on the nightstand.

The ability to produce, manipulate and make her ice disappear…. Large amounts of ice, similar to those of Rei Todoroki. If she wasn't Inko's daughter he would make her a villain in a matter of hours, or steal her quirk

But Inko was very attached to her daughter, although she had abandoned her. It was easier to try to forget her than to assume that she had lost her daughter. It was easier to pretend that Izumi had not existed than to assume that her parents had forced her to abandon her. But All for One wanted to meet her

Also, it would be good for Inko to meet the daughter whom she had given up so long ago.

And the girl was Omega ... The villain Alpha licked his lips. It was not the first time that an Omega hero was paired with an Alpha villain and vice versa. And there were many Alphas in his organization, including Tomura.

Maybe that girl would be part of the underworld without even knowing it

Chapter Text

The capital was dyed red as the wedding sedan traveled the streets

- It is wonderful that Emperor Shouto finally takes a woman. - Said a commoner, throwing flowers at the passage of the carriage.

-I heard that she is the daughter of General Toshinori Yagi

-The general's adoptive daughter? The ancient princess of the dark kingdom?

-Yes, they say the general was Lady Inko Yagi's original fiancé. But the Emperor Enji, hating the young general, sent the general's fiancée as a tribute to the dark kingdom of All for One. It was fortunate that the dark king took care of Lady Inko and separated her from the blood harem to live alone with his daughter

-It was so romantic. After the revolution and the conquest of All for One, the general asked as a reward to take Lady Inko as his wife and Lady Izumi as his own daughter. And now the general is going to deliver his daughter to the Emperor

The women let out a dreamy sigh

-I have heard that the Emperor himself asked for it and hastened his entry into the palace

- If I am honest, considering how long he postponed his marriage to Lady Katsumi Bakugou, I thought that the Emperor had no taste for women. But he organized this celebration in less than a month

-Lady Katsumi must be writhing with rage. She stopped chasing her fiancé to seduce his brother, the fourth prince Eijiro, and the Emperor immediately married the fourth prince's fiancée.

-Well, the ropes of fate were mixed and the gods have untangled them. It was fate that they ended up marrying the person they married, we can not say anything

Inside the red sedan, covered by the bridal veil, the green-haired woman smirked.

The threads of fate? The gods? On the contrary, it had been his mortal hand that had manipulated destiny. She would always make sure that she was above Katsumi, until the end of her life.

The sedan arrived before the palace and the Emperor kicked it and prepared to escort the bride inside. Izumi looked at the man, his burned face still had a rare supernatural beauty.

Shouto was a decade older than she, but she was the first woman to enter a harem prepared for three thousand more.

And it would be the only one. She knew it herself.

She would not expect love from the Emperor, would not expect companionship, or support

She entered the palace to survive. And she would become strong in it to kill Katsumi Bakugou

That was something she had sworn


Izumi was dying, in front of her was Katsumi, holding Izumi's baby

- It is a pity that I am sterile, I cannot have my own children. Do you mind if I raise yours as mine?

Izumi refused to answer it and glared at her from the ground. Although she was kicked by Katsumi while her maids laughed

-Well, no matter your opinion, after all you are dying. And Eijiro is my dog, if I say that you died of a sudden illness, no one will investigate your corpse. You are so silly, you should have fled this marriage when I got Eijiro to swear eternal love to me before the entire court. I had to seduce him when I realized that Shouto would never take a wife, it was so much fun to see him almost wagging his tail for me when I approached him

Katsumi left laughing

Izumi reached into her clothes and took out a pendant her biological father had given her. It was the only thing that she
kept of it

-Listen to me, our family can demand something of the gods. I demanded a long life, and I have lasted more than three hundred years. When the time comes, you can ask the gods for a favor too with this necklace.

Izumi held the white jade circular beads and squeezed them tightly

-If you are real, if you listen to me. I want to go back in time, a month before the banquet where Eijiro made the declaration of love to Katsumi to prepare me. I want to change my past


Izumi watched as her mother seemed worried, that day they were going to the Imperial palace and Izumi had changed her behavior in the last month

It was normal. Izumi's dress was rare on her. She normally preferred to go unnoticed, but that day she wore a dress in her purity line, but more striking than normal, and a color as white as snow, as well as the flowers that decorated her hair between silver combs.

Katsumi started a fashion for striking women with lots of makeup, with risky clothes and strong colors. It was truly the center of society. On her part, Izumi had followed the normal and more traditional fashion. Soft colors, demure clothing and hardly any makeup, a considerably more childish appearance than other girls her age

But this Izumi had a decade and a half more experience than the previous one.

Of course, a bird can't change all of its feathers in one night, but that didn't mean it couldn't groom them. Izumi looked at her reflection and sighed, she really missed her face at fifteen.

Fashion in that style continued for at least another ten years and Izumi eventually had to adjust to it. But now it was time to counterattack against Katsumi

-Daughter, it's time to go

Izumi smiled lovingly at her mother

-Okay, mother

Her father laughed at her and praised her beauty. Said she had grown too fast

Well she had to grow up. If the plan were followed, she should have been married in nine months, on the auspicious date. Unfortunately, what was planned was not what would be followed. Katsumi had made sure of that

In the seven-year war, in which King Enji was dethroned and executed and the Dark Realm destroyed, two families gave the greatest service. The Yagi family and the Bakugou family.

Toshinori Yagi was gifted by giving the woman who should have been hers from the beginning, and Masaru Bakugou was given a territory of the dark realm. Still, people thought the reward had been insufficient, even though both men said it was enough

There was also the fact that Izumi was the only royal blood survivor from the dark realm. But at those moments she was the daughter of Toshinori Yagi, the war hero

The most obvious solution was to engage Masaru's daughter, Katsumi, and Izumi with the royal clan. Izumi would commit to the only surviving prince who had not given up his right to the throne, Eijiro, and Katsumi to Shouto, the young Emperor

So that the blood of the dark kingdom and a possible evil in the heart of Izumi did not reach the center of the country

However, Eijiro fell in love with Katsumi. Although she ignored him, obsessed with winning the Emperor's favor. Years passed and the Emperor never looked at Katsumi. So she understood that he would never marry her, since Katsumi was two years older than Izumi and by now she should be married.

What did you decide to do? She started to listen to Eijiro to seduce him. At this point, Izumi did not know that they had already gone to bed and so Eijiro wanted to marry her soon. That is why Eijiro's statement in the palace

However, at the time Izumi was asked if she cared and she said no. That she wouldn't mind sharing Eijiro with her

Katsumi married as Eijiro's wife, as his first wife. Izumi, on the other hand, married as his second wife. Izumi was ignored since she set foot in that house. Katsumi undertook to degrade and mistreat her through her maids and servants.

In the end, when Katsumi was found to be infertile, Eijiro finally paid attention to Izumi, on Katsumi's orders, to conceive a male child to inherit the throne, since the Emperor had no children.

And after getting the long-awaited child, Katsumi pulled her out of the way

Izumi sighed in the carriage. She had really been a confident fool to think that coexistence was possible. It would have been better to cut Katsumi's neck with a knife

-Daughter, stop sighing, happiness escapes by sighs

- Okay, mother - Izumi smiled at her mother.


Everything happened as she remembered. The start of the banquet, the typical greetings of the women of the houses who were surprised to see Izumi dressed differently, the food, ...

And when Eijiro got up and Katsumi stood next to him

Their declaration of love from both of them was just as Izumi remembered it. Although this time she could see Katsumi's smug smile when he turned to look in Izumi's direction.

Oh bitch… Izumi was going to enjoy that moment

Izumi got up and walked to the central hall. Many must have thought that she was going to slap Katsumi, just like Katsumi every time they insulted her. But Izumi turned to the Emperor and knelt down, looking up her eyes were covered with tears

People froze in their seats.

Izumi was small, and the clothes made her look very young and thin. Pure and innocent like a white flower that was beginning to open up to the world. And next to her were Eijiro and Katsumi, both dressed in strong colors, taller and more voluminous than her, like two ruffians in front of a celestial maiden

It looked like they were mistreating her. She looked like a soft flower that was being mistreated by that pair. People's hearts immediately turned to Izumi, even though moments before they were intrigued by that couple's love story.

- Emperor - Izumi's voice had a painful tone and more tears slid down his face. The trick was to cry enough to appear weak, but not enough to spoil or run makeup - Since this marriage was agreed, never look at another man. I prepared myself all my life to serve my future husband. How can I serve you knowing that your heart is with another woman? If I really wish for the happiness of my fiancé, the best thing is that this commitment falls apart

People began to whisper among themselves looking at her. What Izumi had said was outrageous. The best thing for her would be to marry Eijiro as a second or third wife, or try to keep the position of first wife

- Don't you think you can live with the lady of the Bakugou family? - Emperor Shouto spoke with cold words, but she saw his eyes without the usual ice.

She was cruel.

In her first life she spent a lot of time in the palace with Shouto's mother, the Empress Dowager Rei. So she had prepared herself to stage something similar to one of the Emperor's worst memories

The day the Emperor Enji banished the Empress to the cold palace because she attempted to cut off the authority of the Emperor's new favorite consort, who had poured boiling tea on Shouto.

-I don't want to separate birds from love. If my fiance's heart beats for another woman, who can promise to treat me with sincerity or affection? Who can assure me that Lady Bakugou did not hate me for coming between her and her lover? I do not want to cause such negative emotions, it is best that I stay away from the beginning

Izumi's tears, her words and how her shoulders trembled made her seem more pathetic and weak. As she wanted. Many found strength in aggressive behavior and screaming, but she preferred to use other people's knives and draw strength from weakness.

Specifically, the crowd of people now looking at Eijiro and Katsumi as if they had beaten up the poor kitty who was Izumi

-You are right, if we interpose you among them for an old decision you will only suffer- The Emperor got up- Then we will change the commitments. Lady Bakugou is engaged to me, but she has not hesitated to declare her love for another man, and Eijiro is engaged to Lady Yagi and has sworn undying love to another woman. The engagement will be changed, Lady Yagi will enter the next auspicious day in the palace as Consort Pure, and Lady Bakugou and my brother will marry on the next auspicious date. Astrologers will immediately go looking for those moments. And I don't want to hear another word about it

Lady Katsumi looked as pale as if she had been eaten with a lemon and her lips were tightly pressed. Although that was not noticed by Eijiro who was thanking his brother from another mother

Katsumi looked at Izumi, looked at her with daggers in her eyes. Izumi could only sob and say that she was not worthy of the Emperor's grace. Although, when she had her face covered with her sleeve to wipe away her tears, she looked at Katsumi for a second and smiled at the girl.

She had accomplished what Katsumi wanted so much

She had entered the inner palace


Izumi knew that if she had entered as a normal consort, there would not have been as much fanfare. But she was the Emperor's first consort, wife, or concubine. It was normal for people to get excited.

Of course, the Bakugou family had been invited and they were partying from the heart. Except for Katsumi, who kept a soft smile on her face, which did not correspond to the ruined handkerchiefs on the floor, which were increasing in number

Towards the afternoon, Izumi was escorted to the chamber in the palace of purity. She was guided by the Empress Dowager's maid and sat in the bridal chamber. Someone had prepared fragrant food and the room was well decorated

Izumi remained seated in the chair. He prepared for hours of waiting while the boyfriend was drinking. But it was not even ten minutes before the door opened and the Emperor removed the bridal veil

-Sit down, don't think I don't know what you manipulated this to be my consort

Izumi sighed

- I did not intend to be your consort, only that my engagement was canceled. If possible marry a high-ranking family - She could tell the truth, but not all. She really wanted to enter the inner palace

-Do you hate Eijiro so much?

-I respect Eijiro and trust him, who I don't trust is that bitch who seduced another woman's fiancé after her fiancé gave her aside- The Emperor looked away- I don't want to be the Empress, I want to have a son

Since Eijiro was the only prince entitled to the throne, his son would be the crown prince if the Emperor did not have a son. In the past life, Katsumi killed Izumi in order to have the honor of being the mother of the next Emperor. In this life, Katsumi would be a barren woman who could only gaze at the glory of the palace from afar

-My son?

-I am your Consort, only you can give you a son. Visit me one night a month, at my peak fertility, until we have a male child. I only ask that

A son was a woman's shield, if she spent years in the inner palace by herself and no child came, not only would Izumi's ability be criticized. Many other concubines sent by ministers and others would also come

-With an heir, the Emperor's position would take hold. Also, once the Emperor has an heir, he will be able to make more excuses for not bringing more women to the harem. I am even willing to be used as a smoke screen by the Emperor, to protect him from other women

-Unexpectedly smart

Emperor Shouto took Izumi in his arms and he laid her on the bed

-You will be a good consort, although perhaps I should have given you the position of "Sage" instead of "Pure". It's time to enjoy our first night

Chapter Text

Izumi Midoriya, 24, concentrated on moaning as gently as possible as All for One moved over her and took her body.

She had ten years of practice restraining herself, after all.

After a few moments Hisashi Midoriya moaned loudly in Izumi's ear and kissed her. Izumi no longer gagged from the man's kiss, rather stood still like a puppet, leaving him to do whatever he wanted with her

Warm liquid poured into Izumi and she sighed in relief. She hoped that tonight he would calm down just once

-It's been so long, Inko- the man's voice was hoarse, and not only because of the respirator that was connected to his throat- Let's do it again

Izumi did not bother to answer him out of fear. The first time she did this, he strangled her as he raped her violently and screamed at her over and over again that she was only a substitute for her dead mother. He hadn't stopped strangling her hard until he was done and at that point she was barely conscious

From that day on, the first day that All for One raped her, Izumi learned how not to anger the man. She learned to behave as he remembered Izumi's mother so that he would live the fantasy, even if only for a few moments, that she was still alive.


Izumi woke up the next morning. That night had been the worst.

Usually All for One, because she refused to call him father except when he played the family charade before pushing her into the bedroom, he only did it once and left. That night had happened five times

Izumi went to the bathroom and forced herself to vomit forcefully until she felt empty. She could feel something slide down her thighs and she turned the shower on to its maximum temperature before going inside.

She went to the salon after what she needed to feel clean again, but not entirely, she never felt completely clean anymore. On the table was a cold breakfast. Surely the foggy man had seen how long it took his lord to call him back and took pity on her leaving him cooked food, again

Izumi looked out the security windows while eating silently. The windows were mirrored glass so no one would see it from the outside and only opened slightly. It wasn't as if no one was going to see her.

But the place where she was locked up was a lighthouse. The top of an old lighthouse on a gated and difficult to access private property. All for One had decided to tell Izumi's mother the truth about him and had prepared that building to hold her by his side if she didn't take it well.

But the mud villain incident happened. Katsuki grabbed Inko by the arm and put her in her place and the mud villain drowned her while the heroes were more interested in tending to Katsuki and driving the crowd away.

Izumi was in shock after that for a long time, the death of her mother, the denial of her dreams by her idol. He didn't quite know what happened, only that the faceless man sounded like All for One when they spoke on the phone. And she followed him.

When she realized that something was wrong she was already locked up and All for One was undressing her to rape her for the first time. Izumi took the morning after pill and the pill. Her childhood doctor, Dr. Tsubasa, did an examination every six months and had Izumi put on a copper IUD. But she asked Kurogiri for more contraceptive methods

She did not want, under any circumstances, to become pregnant.

The first year she thought someone would find her. That they would consider her disappeared. But, as much as I watch on TV or on the internet, nobody did anything. She could look, but couldn't send anything because of a filter

Until the fifth year he thought that the heroes would find this property. I mean, All for One was an SSS-class supervillain. Shouldn't half the hero association and the police be looking for him? Apparently, All for One was so dangerous that only people with a certain level of security knew of its existence. And the lighthouse was no longer necessary, so no one would go there

The seventh year he tried every means of escape that came to mind. And she decided that one day she would kill Kurogiri, who always found her and scolded her, although she never really got out of the lighthouse

In the tenth year, Izumi felt defeated and broken. All for One had told him, in one of the rare moments when he wasn't staging his fantasy

-Kill my brother, what makes you think that I won't kill you too? After all, you were a quirkless disappointment that made me drift further away from your mother. So keep pretending to be her, until the day I get tired and finally kill you. After all, she's the only one that I loved

Izumi knew that All for One did not love her. Children are more sensitive than they seem. Even before being diagnosed quirkless All for One saw her more as a household accessory than a human being. A pet so Inko didn't feel so alone when he wasn't around. And when he was in the house he tried to attract Inko's full attention and ignored Izumi

And without Inko the only thing left was a daughter who was a carbon copy of the woman he loved. Same height, same features,… .. And the few differences that could have been appreciated were not visible to the man without eyes

The freckles on Izumi's cheeks were not noticeable, the color of her eyes, lighter than her mother's, as well as her hair, were also not visible. Inko had naturally curly hair like her husband, but she had been permed straight from shortly after meeting him.

Izumi turned on the television to turn it off immediately after seeing Katsuki's face. She hated him. It was his fault

Because of him, she was raped, locked up and suffering as he fulfilled his dream.

If she couldn't be a hero, neither could he. He had put a civilian at risk, causing her death even before going to the UA. How the hell do I get to the UA if I kill someone to save their pathetic ass? Izumi vaguely remembered the heroes congratulating his quirk

Was that all that mattered to everyone? The death of a loving mother, a wife, and a good woman was less important than the future of a boy with a powerful quirk.

-This society must fall- Izumi looked at the ceiling when everything started shaking. Earthquakes were common in the area and the lighthouse was never damaged. So Izumi didn't bother and stayed in her place

What was the worst that could happen?


Puppet and Gale were helping to find the civilians under the rubble. Puppet's quirk, AKA Shinsou Hitoshi, allowed him to follow their instructions, keeping them from recklessly endangering themselves, and Gale, AKA Inasa Yoarashi, found them by sending their wind between the screams, also bringing them fresh air.

The rescue heroes sent them to rest at the command post located high on the hill. Puppet sat looking at the sea and Gale approached him. In an hour they would go back downstairs to continue the rescue, but they could appreciate the view. The sea was bright and beautiful and the lighthouse gave a very summery air

They were a couple of meters above what looked like an electrified fence bordering that patch of land. It was reportedly owned by an individual and everything was in order. It did not violate any rule.

-Puppet, Gale! It is time to go back down- They both nodded and Puppet put on his thermal vision goggles, standing looking towards the lighthouse


- Do we have reports that anyone lives in the lighthouse? The indigo-haired man looked at the intelligence team. They rummaged through papers and shook their heads

-No, the interior of the lighthouse is empty and only the exterior walls remain. Why?

-My thermal vision tells me that there is someone there, at the top

The intelligence team deflected the thermal reader for a moment and pointed it at the lighthouse. There was a human figure on the screen in a lying position.

-There may be someone living there illegally and they may have been affected by the earthquake. Gale, Uravity, is high enough, take care you who can fly. Puppet, stay here until they get back to the victim. I want to know what he was doing there- The hero association man was domineering and smug, hoping to get credit for just sitting down and giving small orders to a team

Uravity nullified his and Gale's gravity and they were both carried by the hero's currents to the tower. As Uravity gets a little closer I notice something strange. The crystals did not look like those of an old lighthouse, they looked very new.

Fortunately they had the last baby of Hatsume. The spray softens glasses. A chemical compound that softened the glass into something similar to toast without changing its appearance

Uravity and Gale entered and were surprised to see a fairly modern house. Gale frowned and Uravity looked at him

-This house is rare, it is watertight, if not because the windows can be opened

-So how did a person get here?

They both started searching in the small flat until they found the woman. She was unconscious on the bathroom floor with some blood on her head and the floor. Uravity quickly checked her condition

-It must have fallen during the earthquake. We can move it- he said as he canceled his gravity

The man held her in his arms and noticed something. She was almost skeletal, like really skinny. There was some food on the table but it hardly seemed touched

They both took the girl to the control center.


Izumi gently woke up in a bed that was not her own. She looked up at the ceiling and realized that she was in a clinic or hospital. Had Dr. Tsubasa picked her up again to do a checkup or change her IUD?

No, the last review had been two months ago.

There was a call button next to the bed. There was no such thing in the doctor's clinic.

Izumi tentatively pressed it. A part of her wished it was the act of a pump under her bed. Soon a doctor arrived. Izumi heard that she had been rescued, that she had a concussion and had had to be stitched on the back of her head.

She also said that heroes had rescued her and that the police would soon come to question her.

Izumi made the day of the police rookie who came to take his statement. The poor man turned pale and dropped his pen from his hand as he trembled.

-I think that now is the time when you call your superior or someone with a quirk that lets you know if I'm lying

The man nodded and ran away. After a few minutes I arrive with a man with indigo hair and tired appearance

-Do you know who I am?

-The Puppet hero- Izumi's mind went blank and she walked away while her body acted without her permission, it was a feeling very similar to when she got away from her father's touches. Before he hit her and told her his mother was not a dead fish in his arms

When Izumi returned the hero clenched his fists so much that drops of blood flowed from where his nails pierced the skin. The policeman was crying and it seemed that he had gone to record the confession for his inability to write.

-What will happen to me?

-You will be placed under the protection of a hero and your father on guard in case he appears. The lighthouse has already sneaked through the air

-Oh… .- Izumi looked at her hands and played with the blanket- Can I ask that it not be Ground Zero?

Puppet frowned.

-Ground Zero is not allowed to care for civilians under protection because of their temperament. Because what you say?

-From four to fourteen, Katsuki Bakugou or Ground Zero harassed me to the point that he yelled at me to commit suicide and used his quirk against me, in addition to various forms of physical violence. I think that after the next decade I was locked up and raped by my own father I had the need to ask not to be put with another one of my bad traffickers

(I think this will end in Shindeku or Aideku, whichever suits you best)

Chapter Text

Rei Shi ... No, from that day it was Rei Todoroki, she was trembling with fear.

She was in the uselessly large church where Enji had insisted on doing a Christian wedding ceremony after the traditional wedding ceremony that morning. She was wearing the wedding dress and the doctor was smiling reassuringly at her.


She had gotten pregnant before the wedding

But she did not know who the father was. If there was talk of odds, Enji was the winner. But there had been a moment, just a moment of weakness.

Rei started crying and the bridesmaids, buddies from the Endeavor agency, comforted her believing she was excited. She was terrified.

What would Enji do to her if he knew that the baby might not be his? What would he do to the baby?

Enji knew what had happened a month ago, watched her like a hawk.

Rei could only hug herself and console herself. It would be good. She just had to pray that the baby looked like her. Her lover also had a fire quirk. Enji would never know that he might not be the father, he knew that she had used protection that time.

Enji would never know


Rei had a boyfriend since she was a child. His name was Hisashi Midoriya and his quirk was breath of fire

Rei loved it when he blew her warm breath into her permanently frozen hands. She and Hisashi loved each other and were of the same age and similar financial backgrounds.

Rei's family had previously had a company that had collapsed for failing to compete with companies that used quirks to earn money. They lived in a small three-room apartment (kitchen, living room, and one bedroom Rei's parents used) with a tiny bathroom. Rei did not remember her previous home, given that the company collapsed before her second birthday. But their parents did remember everything they had lost and were like those disgraced noblemen who only knew how to complain

Hisashi's parents had left and left him with his aunt, who was a waitress at a nightclub. Hisashi's aunt would earn little money, but she was a responsible woman. The first thing he said to his nephew was not to waste time and study to earn a lot of money when he grew up. Besides that she loved Hisashi unconditionally

Rei was happy with her life. Until he arrived

Endeavor knocked on her family's door when Rei was seventeen. Rei was present when Endeavor offered her parents money. Enough for them to pay what was left of their debt and to live comfortably until the day of their death

In exchange for Rei

He called it marriage, but Rei felt it like they were buying it.

Her parents did not hesitate to sell it. They didn't last a minute, despite Rei's complaints

-He's a hero, daughter, I'm sure he's a good man

- He can support you without you needing to work, Rei. It is the best for you too


That same day, Enji transferred them to a single-family house in a much better neighborhood. It was also much larger. Her parents were delighted, but Rei couldn't help but think that all of this had been obtained by selling her body.

Rei could no longer see Hisashi. They did not leave her. Still, she went on several dates with her fiancé, fiance. Enji Todoroki was a man with an obsession and, as he thought he was weak and could not reach his goal, he was doing selective breeding to obtain a descendant capable of fulfilling his goals.

Create a super soldier or the ultimate hero

Rei felt nauseous when she found out what she wanted to do with her children. She managed to escape from her house and went to see Hisashi. They went to bed, like a last time, she had already slept with Enji. Hisashi asked her to wait for him, that he would become stronger and more powerful than Enji, then he would help her divorce and recover her

Enji was waiting for her when she returned to the house. He put her in his car and took her home. She made sure his burning touch erased any memories of Hisashi on her skin, without using protection at any time.

- Can you look him in the face now? Surely I have already gotten you pregnant, how will you be able to face it from now on? - Enji said in the morning after a whole night of activity

Rei could only cry in that bed. Enji hadn't forced her, but she also couldn't say that she was very energetic in wanting to have sex.

Rei didn't know how to feel about her promise to wait for Hisashi or what had happened the night before.


Miyuki Todoroki was a beautiful baby of 4,400 grams and 58 centimeters long, Enji laughed saying that she was big because of her genes. And it was true, Miyuki exceeded the normal measurements of girls without mutations.

She was born with white hair and gray eyes.

Rei could only sigh in relief as Enji paced with Miyuki in front of his buddies. Presuming that her daughter was superior to all other babies.


Touya was two years old and crying as he heard his older sister being forcefully thrown to the ground by her father.

-Enji, stop! You're going to kill her! - Rei shouted when she saw her daughter cough loudly

-No, mom, I have to learn to dodge those blows- Miyuki got up after spitting- Let's repeat

-Too much training can break Miyuki's body prematurely and cause her lasting injuries! - Rei yelled and they both turned to look at her- It is better to do exercises to improve her reflexes, flexibility, speed and strength before continuing with combat training

Father and daughter stared at her before looking at each other

-Your mother is right. We should include more things in your training routine to avoid injury

Rei sighed and looked at her daughter. Miyuki was four years, four and a half, one hundred and twenty centimeters tall and weighed twenty-five kilos. She had the stubborn personality of Enji and Hisashi, even though her quirk had not awakened, she trained to be a hero

Enji was proud. He didn't say it, but he was. It showed in his eyes when he looked at Miyuki. His eyes changed when he looked at Touya, who was born with a slightly smaller and slimmer build than average.

The baby in Rei's womb was also an attempt to achieve the quirk that Enji longed to create, the perfect blend of fire and ice. Although Rei could see that Enji was hoping that Miyuki would not disappoint him, hoping to do it on the first try.

Miyuki did not disappoint him.

A week after that day, Miyuki woke up her quirk. Fire and ice at the same time, she could emit them both, but not at the same time, her body needed a little time to pass from one power to the other. Basically, if she used her ice, her fire stayed inside her body, heating her, and if she used fire, it was the ice that kept inside her, cooling her.

The quirk that Enji had dreamed of creating and even better, a carrier willing to be trained and fulfill her vision. Enji's dreams came true, Rei's not so much


Rei looked at the flowers her husband had brought her. Fuyumi was trying to reach them even though they were in a vase in the center of the low table and she was only one year old

After the awakening of Miyuki's quirk, and a training schedule done by a professional who worked with many heroes and people with heroic quirks, Miyuki had not stopped progressing.

And Enji had relaxed, a little. Maybe at that moment he decided that married life could be more than just making babies who could meet their expectations and try to get along with Rei. Especially after your expectations were met

Rei looked at the flowers.

Hisashi had given him one for her birthday one year, saved his little money and bought it from her. Rei adored them ever since.

Hisashi had married a month ago to a certain Inko. Rei had been waiting for him, but it still hurt to know he had replaced her.

Who was Rei still waiting for?

There was no prince on a white horse to come looking for her. There was no magic way out. She wouldn't live a rose-colored life

She was trapped in a life that she once thought was the devil, with three angels that he had given her. If she was forced to be in hell, why couldn't she love the devil?

Across town, Hisashi Midoriya looked at Inko. He had promised Rei that he would become more powerful and influential than hero number two. But he had no hero matter, so there was only one other option


And as a politician it was easier to move up in rank if he was married. With a nurse who looked a bit like Rei, enough to be tolerable. He was starting to make a lot of money and prepare for when he helped Rei get divorced.

After all, heroes' careers rarely lasted a decade, but a decade in politics was a very short time. He would free Rei and marry her as soon as he could.


Shouto he looked on his mobile phone, his mother sent her a photo of her and her father on their fifth honeymoon. She looked happy and in love sitting on her father's huge lap, which seemed deeply embarrassed

Then he collided with another boy. The boy had thick green curls that turned his short wild hair and sparkling eyes. He was entering his classroom at the UA

Shouto felt a crush and thanked the entity that would have allowed him to share class with such an angel.

-Shouto Todoroki- He showed up when the other boy asked him after apologizing, he seemed very polite

-Izuku Midoriya, no, Yagi- The boy made an uncomfortable grimace- My mother has remarried and I have been adopted by my stepfather, I am still not used to the last name

-Then I will call you by your name, so you will not be confused and you will not answer me

-That would be very useful, Todoroki-kun!

The two-colored haired boy smiled

-Call me Shouto

- I will call you both to detention if you do not enter the classroom in less than a minute - Touya stepped behind his brother as he went to the class of which he was an assistant teacher- Not a single straight man in our family except father .- mumbled quietly

Chapter Text

Izuku looked at his nii-san as he gave him some new colors to paint his drawing. Nii-san always gave Izuku everything from the books he read to the colors he used. Izuku smiled at his nii-san before continuing with the drawing of the two of them


All for One looked at Izuku as he finished drawing. A warm sensation spread across his chest as he watched the little boy proudly show him a drawing.

It had taken him years to find a scientist skilled enough to accomplish his great project.

Yuuto 2.0, Izuku.

Of course, cloning Yuuto, after a certain amount of time and quirks, had been quite possible. Essentially he had only needed a healthy uterus and would have had Yuuto back. The bad thing is that he would have had the sick Yuuto back, the Yuuto who could barely get out of bed without coughing up blood

All for One wanted something better for Yuuto in his second life.

The doctor he had kidnapped, convinced, was one of the best in the field of genetics. But they had discredited him because they said his experiments were "unethical." "Unethical" was perfectly admissible for All for One

Healthy Yuuto, a Yuuto that due to his own weakness did not obsess over the figures of the heroes. Years of work were required, and several quirks exchanged at the doctor to get the job done.

Izuku was the only one of the five attempts that was born perfectly healthy and without deformities. A new Yuuto, the other attempts were saved in case Izuku happened something. That way he had spare parts.

Although he was upset with the doctor. His brother's straight hair had curled like his, and the color had gone from white to green. Although the doctor told him they were side effects of manipulating the genome, All for One wanted to rip his head off.

But none of that mattered now. Now it only mattered that he had recovered the most important thing in his life


-Heroes are bad, nii-san? - Izuku was on his older brother's lap while he played heroes with him

-Not all, Izuku. Subways are good. Any hero whose priority is saving lives is good. But most of today's heroes just want fame, look at them- All for One had the TV on- They are posing. They have more powerful quirks than villains and training, but the capture rate of most heroes is lower than that of their fights for bragging

Izuku looked at the screen and nodded

-So society is wrong, nii-san?

-Very well, Izuku! Society is wrong, and what is done when something is wrong?

Izuku kept thinking so much that his cheeks swelled with concentration and All for One thought he looked like a squirrel

-What do you do when something goes wrong when drawing?

-I erase it and start the deleted part again- Izuku brightened- Nii-san is going to do that? So nii-san is like a hidden hero!

All for One smiled. Izuku was smart but naive, like Yuuto. Perfect to be handled properly. The key to manipulation, especially in children, was to get them to the desired conclusion themselves. As if it was his idea

All for One kissed his little brother's curls as he laughed.

-That's right, Izuku, nii-san will reconstruct what is wrong with this society.


Izuku was crying.

He did not know what had happened. The walls had fallen and nii-san was fighting that blond bad man. Nii-san was wounded and another bad man, with metal bandages and black dress, had grabbed him and taken him away

Izuku wanted to go back to his nii-san

Izuku knew that he was surrounded by false heroes, of bad people who only saved people for money.

Izuku wanted his nii-san to hug him

He wanted to go to his room and study with his nii-san, draw and continue learning to play chess.

He wanted to be with his nii-san.

He did not want to be in this place.


All Might was looking at the boy through a window

-He cloned his brother?

-I suppose it is logical- Sir Nighteye spoke- What All for One wants most is One for All. He wants his brother's quirk, a connection to his loved one. Creating a puppet of him is another way to get him back.

-How is he?

-Refuses to speak- Recovery Girl shook her head- He just says he wants to go back to All for One. I guess it's normal. He only had his brother and loves him. And all he has seen of the heroes is how they attack their loved one. He's just a boy who wants to return to his safety

-And what do we do with it? If All for One has survived you will want it back

The sound of porcelain made them turn. There was Nezu, sitting with a cup of tea.

- Do you mind if I take care of him?

-What do you plan, mouse? - Sir got along very badly with Nezu

-Erase the ideals that his brother has planted in him, finding flaws in his logic and put him on our side. After all, he is only three years old. His quirk could be another One for All, which would be beneficial, or an All for One, which would be even more beneficial.

Chapter Text

All for One got out of the car and looked at the front of the building. He sighed before entering

-Mr. Midoriya! Have you come to pick up your aunt?

-Yes- he smiled at the woman- It's her birthday, I want to take her for a walk and take her to a restaurant

The woman got up

-She is fortunate to have such an attentive nephew! Most of the elderly in the residence did not receive visits from their families, including from their own children. But you call her daily and she comes periodically

-It's the least I can do. We've been together since I came into the world

The nurse indicated where the woman was. All for One walked through the well-known corridors until he saw an older woman, sitting in a chair and with a book on her lap. She had short white hair well groomed and was already dressed to go out.

-You've come!

-How could I miss it?

All for One helped her up as he supported her with his arm. They went out the door saying goodbye to the nurses and the receptionist. When they had already crossed a certain distance, All for One spoke

-Happy Birthday sweetie

-Thank you, dad- the old woman smiled and her wrinkled face spread a little more in a beautiful smile- What has been of your life lately?

All for One smiled at her daughter, looking at her wrinkled hand resting on her arm. Record, as if it had been the day before, when he took those hands to help Satsuki take her first steps.

Satsuki had not been his first daughter, he had had eight children in his entire life. The second bearer of One for All killed the first and his first wife because they had problems that were villains. All for One killed his family, but after that moment he swore he would never touch a hero's family.

Satsuki was the only one left alive. She had been the daughter of his last and late wife. He had loved all of them, but since she died soon, he had to take care of Satsuki alone, something he had never done before.

-I started dating a lovely woman

-Really? Am I going to have a new mother? - All for One laughed. Satsuki always made that kind of comment, like she wasn't an old woman close to her nineties, just a girl with her father.

-Who knows, called Inko

-What name did he introduce you to?

-Hisashi Midoriya

-Then you're serious- The old woman smiled- I would like to meet her

-Are you sure? -Everything for One I look at his daughter

-It will make your alibi of life more solid if you don't want to tell her your true identity.

All for One nodded and he kept talking to his daughter. She knew everything about his life, and she had never regressed, she had always stayed by her father's side although she was not a villain. It was very relaxing for him to talk to her and go see her

-Maybe I have more children with Inko

-That would be great! One of the things I'm most afraid of is leaving you alone, Dad. I'm glad you don't just surround yourself with your subordinates

-Well ... let's change topic. How are you doing with the book I gave you?


Hisashi Midoriya parked the car and went to the back seat to get the baby out of his car seat

He walked the temple roads to the ancient tomb where it said "Midoriya Family". The grave was in an uncrowded area of

the cemetery

-Happy birthday, my dear- All for One looked at the grave with sweetness. There was a commemorative plaque with the names of his children buried there and the date of their deaths- This is Izuku, he is your younger brother, he was born a few months ago

All for One looked at the gravestone. That was one of the things he hated most about immortality, they would all go in the end

It didn't matter how much he loved or cared for them, they would leave

But, like a fool, he kept falling into the same mistake over and over again. Perhaps because it was the only mistake he allowed himself to have in his long life. Izuku tossed the All Might doll that Inko had given him and Hisashi came looking for it with a giggle.

-If you keep treating the heroes like that I will have to hire you in the end- He joked looking at the baby who smiled and babbled at him

It was strange to think that the name of that baby in his arms would one day be on that stone too.

Loving Inko and Izuku was a weakness.

But Hisashi wanted to be weak. Because there was no more light in his life, his sad, dark and bloody life. Just his family

Maybe it was a defense mechanism, to avoid breaking completely and really becoming a monster. All for One did not know, nor did he care. The only important thing was the comforting weight and warmth of the baby in his arms

Because he would stop being a baby in a few blinks

Chapter Text

Itsuki Midoriya would never know what his wife saw in him

Nor where did he get the luck to marry her years ago.

Haruka was what would be considered a perfect woman. She was beautiful like a supermodel, sexy as hell, successful, had lots of money from her family and a charming personality.

That someone so perfect had noticed him, a simple office worker who did not rise for years and who received a salary that if he was not small was not high either. A man without aspirations because he was happy with what he had achieved, from a very normal family and calm by nature.

His co-workers, parents, and friends had told him once he started dating Haruka. That they didn't even hit with glue or that she was his sugar mommy. The only friend who had supported the poor man Itsuki was had been his childhood friend, Masaru, who said that Haruka was truly in love with him. But Haruka on her own gave him to understand that she did not think the same as the ninety percent of the people Itsuki knew.

-I'm sick of handsome and ambitious men who think they have won the world and can do whatever they want- She had said on a date to which she had invited him to a five-star restaurant. Her curly white hair fell like a waterfall of snow diamonds down her back and part of her chest.- I prefer a sincere and sweet man like you, and I don't think that's so bad

Itsuki spent the rest of the evening uncomfortably flushed to the delight of his partner

They were married one spring day with the cherry blossoms. It was not a wedding Itsuki's parents approved of, since they hated Haruka. But they attended, dressed in black as if they were going to a funeral.

Haruka was beaming in a western dress with her hair beautifully pulled back and a look of pure happiness on her face. Honestly, it was Itsuki's best memory to date.

When she got home she saw Haruka cooking, which was weird. Itsuki preferred to cook himself since he knew that Haruka's job was more stressful and he often had to travel. That was another thing her mother criticized about Haruka

- Is there something special?

- You'll find out at dinner- she smiled at him before kissing him sweetly

Itsuki went to shower and change into the comfortable dark blue pants and pink button-down sweater that Haruka had given him years ago. The food was delicious and Haruka handed him a box when finished

Itsuki opened it to find a plastic stick with two red lines

-This is…?

-We are going to be parents- Haruka smiled at Itsuki when he got up and hugged her before kissing her hard and laughing out loud with joy


All for One had never given much thought to herself as a woman. Or in the traditional roles of women. Rather, she hated them and ignored everything she could. She never imagined herself as a smooth or married woman

Not when she had seen her mother abused by her father. Being beaten and forced into sexual intercourse by that aggressive drunk who then beat her beloved little brother and her.

All because he was frustrated, according to him, by the appearance of the quirks. He was a police officer and had a lot of work due to the riots caused by the Quirks. All for One never told that she had a quirk that allowed her to steal other quirks. In the naivety of her childhood she removed the quirks of the people in her neighborhood who felt they had them in the hope that her father's mood would improve

It didn't work out, but she got enough quirks to survive when she grabbed Yuuto and they fled the house. Their mother was long lost and they would never get her back.

She started her later criminal empire to protect people with quirks. To protect the weak and despised, as she had done all her life. Her brother didn't see that, he didn't see what she did to protect people and argued about human kindness and how they would survive in the end.

She called him a fool and forced a quirk on him. They fought and she killed him by mistake. But she saw how he passed on his quirk, a quirk she couldn't steal. So she decided to dedicate her life to recovering her brother's quirk, they did not deserve it.

After killing the seventh possessor and with the escape of the eighth she prepared for a vacation. Three hundred years was a good age to take a sabbatical or two. She put her hair back to its original snow white shade and grew it up to a feminine length, and not the short one that handled her curls smoothly.

Maybe having an affair would be nice, until now she had handled men as consumables but it could be fun to have one tied to her longer.

Itsuki was an unexpected surprise.

She was on the train back to the loft she was occupying when an office worker decided it was the perfect time to touch her butt. She had planned to kill him even before the hand touched her when someone grabbed her and pushed her out of the man's way.

-Hana-chan! I haven't seen you since middle school!


- - It's me, Itsuki Midoriya, we sat together in second year! - The green-haired man glanced at the clerk who had tried to touch her. All for One found it amusing that a civilian with a quirk as weak as she felt was protecting her

-Ah, I remember. You're the one who arranged for us to fold cranes for the pregnant teacher.

Later Itsuki apologized to her for slamming her down, but she told him that she was fine and invited him to coffee for saving her from the pervert. And the coffee became a dinner and then they went to a cocktail bar and finally had breakfast together.

It was the first time in centuries that she had spent so much time with a man without planning or having sex. They only talked about thousands of topics and none seemed willing to leave the conversation. They spent the night talking and it felt like they only took minutes.

She found him amusing and started dating him. An official relationship, with a man. If her ten-year-old self saw her, she would try to kill her. But her ten-year-old self didn't know Itsuki

The man most opposed to her father she had ever known

She never imagined that she would marry in white in a church with a civilian man she adored, until she got married. And married life was treating her well, as she moved slightly to continue to control her shadow empire and still be a devoted wife. Although the fights with her mother-in-law were a new level of vile and manipulative for All for One.

She thought that she could balance her civil and criminal life, but everything felt worse and worse in her criminal life by spending time with her husband. The breaking point of her criminal life was undoubtedly seeing that positive pregnancy test.

For a good fifteen minutes she thought and tried to convince herself that aborting was the only thing she could do. A boy did not square well with being a villain, she was not supposed to love anyone but her brother. She sobbed at that thought

She didn't want to be a villain at first. She only wanted to protect the weak. Maybe it was time to be a normal person. Give All for One to that baby in her womb someday and grow old and die with Itsuki. That sounded so good

It took a whole month, but he managed to dissolve most of his criminal society, leaving only a few embers that he could use to his advantage. She deleted her files and spread the rumor that All For One had died from the injuries received from her fight against Nana Shimura.

When she received in her arms the girl with curly green hair and little freckles, she felt how tears fell from her eyes at the perfection of her daughter


Haruka watched Izumi try to pull a pair of ponytails without much success.

- Leave it to mom - Haruka began to collect her daughter's hair in two even pigtails. She had her quirk, All for One. She had felt it when she was alone with Izumi for the first time.

The first thing she did was pass her the quirks that ensured her immortality and several for healing. Young children were often hurt, and especially curious ones, as he had learned the hard way after seeing Izumi fall from several trees to go to see bird nests.

And the daughter of Itsuki's childhood friends was not helping. This girl was even more energetic and adventurous than Izumi.

-Thanks Mom. I look pretty

-And remember, a woman doesn't dress up to be seen. A woman fixes herself because she wants to look beautiful herself and doesn't need anyone else's approval - Haruka repeated it to her daughter. Whether she wanted it or not, little Katsumi was already in the phase of getting a boyfriend because “it was what the grown-ups did” and “very cool”. Haruka was trying hard to boost Izumi's self-esteem so that she wasn't like her grandmother.

Izumi nodded. Haruka watched her reach for the comb and try to draw it to her. Ah ... That moment had already come when Izumi began to be interested in quirks and what would be her. The ones she currently had were passive and would not manifest like this.

Maybe stronger telekinesis than Itsuki's? Or her breath of fire? An image of her burning curtains flashed through the former villain's mind as she imagined giving her daughter fire breath. It had taken two years to find the perfect curtains, she had standards. So telekinesis

She ran her hand over Izumi's head, giving him the quirk and the comb instantly moved. Against the mirror on the wall in the opposite direction. Izumi started to apologize and her mother assured her that she was fine, the quirks were hard to master at first

Later that night Itsuki made a celebratory dinner for the discovery of Izumi's quirk. The Bakugou were invited and Katsumi used her quirk to heat the food that had grown cold from talking to Izumi so much. Although it made her jump through the air and both girls ended up covered in rice and laughing out loud


Haruka didn't know how to feel as she watched through binoculars as Katsumi gave Izumi a kabedon and then kissed her

Ah…. She had lost a bet to Mitsuki.

After all, they had both seen how Katsumi began to look at Izumi the older they got. Katsumi also became more aggressive and strong, attacking the people who approached Izumi and cutting her hair that until that moment she had long

It was a win-win relationship for Haruka.

First, Katsumi would treasure Izumi as he had since they were born. Second, between two girls there was no possibility of an unplanned pregnancy and even sex was gentler and less harmful. Third, if he hurt his princess she knew where he lived and all his weaknesses and those of his parents

Izumi said goodbye to Katsumi to go to training, the real reason for the day's surveillance.

She wanted to know who was getting in the way of her sweet angel. Although Itsuki said it was fine when they talked in the bedroom, Haruka didn't trust it. She did not remember how many she had deceived with the excuse of training them to become puppets, steal their quirks or turn them into subjects of experiments.

She would not let that happen to her beloved daughter. Although she had to avoid screaming when she saw All Might's blond idiot on the beach

Was that her daughter's fucking mentor ?!

-Oh, brother. I think now you will be turning with laughter in your grave due to the irony of this whole thing- she turned and transported herself to her apartment- I guess I have to come up with new plans and re-evaluate things to avoid that asshole attack me as soon as see me

Haruka looked at herself in the mirror. Fortunately, she had aged several years and was a bit chubbier than before, when she did a lot of physical exercise (she killed heroes and people who annoyed her). Itsuki kept saying that she was still beautiful. But those little changes you could use to your advantage

From All for One tomboy to a sweet housewife who may be a descendant of the first One for All carrier. She was sorry for her brother, but she wouldn't let them take her away from her family

Chapter Text

I'm a princess, but I'm not like the princesses in stories

My kiss will never tell love stories

My hug will not give heat

Because everything in me brings death


Those were the words Izumi repeated every day in that mansion she grew up in. The words she repeated over and over until her heart stopped hurting. All because she was a "Poisonous Princess", a Dokuhime

A girl raised to murder

It starts with poisonous flowers under the cradle of a newborn, then between the blankets and finally inside the clothes. Small drops of poison are added to foods to increase resistance to the poison

The amount and toxicity of the poison increases as the girl grows. Most girls die from being unable to bear the poisoned milk. Others when food goes from liquids to solids with even more poison

In the end, the girls' bodies are completely covered in poison. The skin, the saliva, the blood ... Everything is impregnated with the powerful poisons consumed from the time she was born until her mission was chosen.

A single kiss is an instant and painless death.

Having sex with a "poisonous princess" is the equivalent of having a heart attack hours later.

Even if you don't touch them, their mere presence is toxic. Just being around one of them for three months will destroy your health and kill you.

The perfect weapon. No one would suspect a woman who shows no symptoms of handling such potent poisons

-Izumi, Marisa is not drinking her milk again!

Izumi went down to the kitchen. Although few reached the age of eighteen, like her, there were always around thirty girls of all ages in the house in training to become authentic "poisonous princesses"

Izumi took the baby in her arms and noticed that her skin was different from the day before. Then she touched her and shook her head.

-Sorry, girls, Marisa has not succeeded- It was not the first baby that these girls saw die, nor would it be the last. Izumi clenched her teeth as she cried a little and then wiped away her tears.

They could not survive without determination.

The determination that led you to put more and more food in your mouth, as much as it hurt for the poison. Determination to get past the tremors, chills, and vomiting. Determination to survive

An older woman entered the room and the younger girls hid behind Izumi. The woman took the baby from Izumi's arms and held her alone by the blankets. One of the girl's arms came out and hung lonely

The old woman clicked her tongue

-I knew it would be useless. Her parents were very beautiful but she has had problems all this month that has lasted. What a waste of money- Poisonous eyes looked at Izumi- A waste almost as big as you

Izumi remained silent. Grandma was right, so she was the oldest girl in the house without being sent on a mission.

Green hair was evil.

Most princesses had been sold by their parents, others were orphans, and a few noble families with many daughters gave the newest baby to become a "poisonous princess" and win the favor of royalty.

Izumi's parents were counts of military lineage. Izumi's father had died before she was born and her mother in childbirth. Her uncle offered her to make her a princess, to get Izumi's title and inheritance.

Baby Izumi's hair was black and she was truly adorable, so they accepted her and her uncle inherited Izumi's title and money. The bad thing was that the color lightened until it reached a green tone that Izumi especially liked.

Among other things, the uncle ruined the house and had to marry a horrible woman because of his dowry. She ended up selling all that was left of the Earl's old family and left with the money, leaving her uncle alone. Izumi only kept a small locket from her family that belonged to her father. Inside was a portrait of her mother and a strand of both braided.

She had inherited her mother's green hair and she liked that

But because of that, she was a failure. Princesses normally infiltrated their destinies as lovers, fiancées, or beautiful maids. How could she do one of those three roles with that hair?

Most likely, Izumi lived her entire life in the house and eventually took the position of the elderly caretaker. The old woman was also a princess, otherwise she could not survive surrounded by princesses. They couldn't use her because she hadn't grown beautiful, at least not enough to accomplish her mission.


Izumi went out into the courtyard, full of poisonous plants except for one part. The earth seemed dead and at its center was a rectangular rock. To one side, sheltered from the elements, were logs and straw.

Izumi picked up straw and removed the ashes to reveal a small skull. She shook slightly until all the ashes were removed and only a few small bones remained.

A princess could not be buried, they killed the earth. So they could only be burned until only bones were left. In the past, princesses' corpses were thrown into the water supply to decimate entire populations. The worst poison of a princess was in her blood, the second worst was in her saliva

When Izumi was little, the old woman left the bones there. Izumi picked up the small bones and she threw them into the well. The bone decomposed and released its poison very slowly. So they would not be dangerous, in addition, that well was connected to an underground lake from which many people drank.

Izumi looked at the boundaries of the property, the door was open. But none of the princesses left. They did not want to die.

Izumi always had a high resistance to poison. The old woman said that it was a waste that the girl with the evil hair was hardly affected by the poison. But there was a girl with poor resistance a couple of years older than Izumi.

For a time the girl hardly ate, and vomited what little she ate. Still, she didn't seem to weaken, and the others became jealous. It turned out that the girl was stealing from the supplies without poisoning.

One day, during the meal, she vomited blood and the old woman gathered them and pointed her with the cane.

-That is what happens if you stop eating poisoned food, lose your resistance and die with the poison accumulated inside your body. That is your gift after completing the mission. Six months of perfect life, and a week of suffering- The old woman laughed- But she has much less poison inside her body. It will be longer and more painful, so don't complain when I give you the poisoned food

The girl lasted a month. Her teeth and hair fell out, she was bleeding all over her skin and it was horrible to see. Izumi still had nightmares about it. It was a relief to everyone when she died.

The old woman laughed that night.

-With your resistance you could live up to a year without poison- the old woman had said

-Is there any way to stop being a "Poisonous Princess"? - The old woman was tough and abrupt, but she always told the truth. Izumi supposed that a whole life training girls to be murderers and burying those who failed would make you a witch if or if

-When I was a girl the crown prince fell in love with one of our own. He married her and they had children. Apparently there is a tree in the castle, in this land full of poisonous plants, which is the greatest antidote known to man. She ate a fruit and all the poison in her body was purified- The old woman laughed- She was the mother of the current queen. Believe me when I tell you that the royal family has only given that remedy four times to one of ours, the rest of the fruit they eat to have long lives and better health

Izumi shed a tear that fell on a flower. The flower's petals turned brown and fell quickly to the ground.

That was her, she must never forget it. She could never get to the place where they were to keep that tree, they would kill her with big spears. And there was no benefit in giving the fruit to her, she would never get it

She would be eternally a poisonous being, without love and watching her sisters die


Chapter Text

Izumi was preparing to go to school for the first time in her life. Her brother lowered the skirt she wore with his quirk a little, annoyed that it was so short

-Izumi, you don't have to go, we still have time to continue educating you at home- Mikumo, professional hero Yami, said it looking with concern at his sister seven years younger

-It is UA, it is the safest school in the world. Also ... I can't study forever at home, I have to go out, relate, make friends and, who knows, fall in love

- Fall in love? An unfortunate hormonal teenager is going to get his hands on my cute little sister? - From what he looked like it seemed that the world had fallen on Mikumo and he couldn't bear his weight. He was even shaking

Not just him, everything in the room was shaking with Mikumo's telekinesis

-Brother, I know it's hard. But I can't keep staying home and being a girl forever

-Why not? We have enough money to live very comfortably for almost twenty lives and I can earn more. You wouldn't be an expense at all

Photo frames all over the house were starting to drop, as were things on the shelves. Fortunately, the house was prepared because of Mikumo. Everything fragile was well secured and sheltered since the black-haired young man woke up his quirk

-Mikumo ... - At the door of the room was his mother- Leave Izumi alone. You better start interacting with guys instead of choosing the first jerk who pays you the least attention


Only men have quirks.

As much as it hurts, that is a truth that has been accepted by everyone. However, women are not completely unprotected or powerless

A boy is more likely to manifest the quirk of his maternal grandfather. A few to manifest his father's. And, very rarely, a mutant quirk between them. But the female-transmitted quirk gene was much stronger than the directly transmitted male gene.

That was the power of women, to maintain the lineage. For those who wanted their quirks to support themselves it was better to have daughters than sons.

Izumi Midoriya was the only daughter of All Might, best known to his family as Toshinori Yagi. They had different last names to provide security to Izumi. After all, the quirk was broadcast by the maternal grandfather.

How many villains would die for laying hands on the All Might quirk?

Because of that, of the three children Toshinori had had with his wife, Izumi was the only one who did not have a public profile from the moment she was born. The only one home schooled and the only one hidden on the gigantic Yagi property

Mikumo and Sorahiko were two professional heroes who loved their sister, although Sorahiko was currently abroad. They both had very strong telekinetic quirks. Besides that they both had to deal with false friends who just wanted to get closer to their little sister

But that was going to change. By the UA

A boarding school for the daughters of men with powerful quirks and a school of heroes. It was very noticeable that the most powerful quirks were gathering as one who raised elite cattle.

But Izumi didn't care. UA had the best security system in the world. Also, it meant meeting more people. No virtual friends, no loneliness. Real people near her.

Izumi was looking forward to going.

Also, her father would start teaching there that year!

For Izumi everything was advantages


-Don't marry a third-grade woman- Enji was looking at his youngest son, who would start that year in the UA- I have worked hard to get you into the UA and train you to be one of the best heroes to study there. Don't you dare spoil it by marrying a third-rate woman with a weak quirk lineage

Shouto clenched his hands so tightly that it wasn't a surprise when blood started running from his palms. Because of his father his relationship with Momo had ended, that precious friendship that seemed to become love every day more

He thought of his mother, whose father owned a powerful ice quirk. His mother who was sold by his grandfather to a wealthy man, Endeavor, to have children who were a mixture of fire and ice. He

-Creation is not a strong quirk? - Shouto was still resentful about Momo

-Our family already has genesis and kinesis, you shouldn't get together with someone who only has genesis

Shouto wanted to roar with rage

-And what is a suitable woman? What is that strong quirk you want to put me together with?

-All Might's daughter is on your course at the UA

Shouto stopped. All Might's daughter was almost a state secret and an urban legend. People on the internet speculated about her existence, but he, as the son of hero number 2, knew that she existed

Another issue was seeing her or knowing her name. Neither his father had succeeded, although he had tried since he confirmed that the girl existed. As far as he knew, only Sir Nighteye, All Might's most durable sidekick, had seen her.

And the man didn't say a word about her.

-All Might's wife has black hair and eyes (Inko dyed her hair and put colored lenses to protect her future daughters), All Might is blonde with blue eyes. Find any girl with similarities to those two and seduce her, I don't think she will announce to the world that she is the daughter of All Might

Shouto decided he would stay away from any girl with black or blonde hair, or with intermediate shades


Izumi was in a cloud. Her classmates were a gentle and lively group, very happy. The boys had gone to do a quirk test while they went to the entrance ceremony

Although the girls did not have quirks, they could inherit some type of mutation factor. Like the girl with pink skin or that girl who looked like a frog. Also, she was seeing all kinds of quirks and was ecstatic as she wrote them down in her notebook.

Izumi raised her thick glasses, a gift from Sir Nighteye, over the bridge of her nose. She didn't need them, but it was a way to hide her features a little.

The girls 'bedrooms were a beautiful building, well painted, the sun seemed to shine on it,… The boys' rooms seemed about to collapse.

-The boys usually fight using their quirks in the dormitories- Momo was already the mother hen of the class- Nezu said that he would only renew the dormitories once every two years, it is time to renew them next year

Izumi looked at the building

-I don't think it will last a whole year

-Neither do I- Izumi avoided cursing when hearing the voice next to her feet- I am your director, don't worry about your male companions. We have tents in case the building is not livable or falls down

Apparently having mixed dormitories was not an option

-But the hero Cementos could not remake them in a short time?

- That is not the point, my dear, the point is that they have to learn moderation. And sleeping on the street can be a good way for them to learn it

The 1st grade boys were coming back, their uniforms were dirty and torn in some places. Also, were several missing?

Izumi had only seen them for about three minutes. But the boy with the balls on his head was missing, the one who looked like an octopus and the one who was panting loudly. Apparently what her brother was saying about Aizawa was true

The two-colored-haired boy she had only seen out of the corner of her eye looked up and her eyes met. He was very handsome, with those two-colored eyes and that serious look. Izumi blushed violently and looked away

Then she followed the rest of the girls into the bedrooms without looking up from the floor. Even so her heart did not stop beating


Shouto kept his gaze on that shy girl with big green eyes and big glasses. She was small and adorably shy. Most of the girls in the class were quite tall, but she was very short.

Shouto was grateful that the only girl who had caught his attention was the one who was least likely to be the daughter of All Might. That according to your visual inspection.

Seeing the Yagi brothers and their father, All Might's daughter must have been proud and full of confidence, and very tall. Not that shy, sweet little thing that made his chest pound

(By the time he realized the misunderstanding they were already seriously dating and preparing to make it to the end of the bases. Which was a long way due to Izumi's shyness and doubts if Shouto was doing it right)

Chapter Text

Rei and Enji looked at their marriage counselor as if a third head had grown in addition to the two he already had.


-Excuse me, I think we haven't understood you. Could it be repeated?


The counselor looked at them before raising the glasses on his left head. His serpentine neck stretched as he whistled a little.


-I asked him if they have considered the option of including a third party in their relationship


Enji ran his hand over his face and realized that they had not misheard


-When a third person says ... Are you referring to one of the two having an affair with another person?


-No, I mean that both include in their relationship in a romantic way, both physically and sentimentally, to another person.


Rei was the one who lost her nerves, to Enji's surprise


-Who the hell did you give the title to ?!


-Look, you in terms of life goals, tastes, parenting and education methods, responsibilities and other factors that form a relationship, coincide. They are an arranged marriage that was negotiated for a long time, even experts in the search for a partner gave them their approval before getting married. However, they are failing as a couple- A forked tongue came out of the therapist's mouth and the other head started to speak- The fact is that you are ... Intense ... And they collide with each other and that is why you are going wrong as a couple. Literally like fire and ice


Neither Enji nor Rei laughed at the doctor's grace. The man coughed slightly


-The case is that if we add a more passive force, they will not have as much energy directed at each other. And that will improve your life as a couple and family.


-With someone else- Enji looked at the man even more intensely


-Think about it. There are many couples who have friends who are very close, so much so that you would not say who is the partner of whom, those cases are less extreme than I suggest. But I think if they find a third party their relationship will improve. If they don't do something soon, one of them will break hopelessly


Enji and Rei looked at each other.


-Thank you Doctor. It has made it absolutely clear to us that this is a waste of time




Inko was throwing her fiancé, Hisashi Midoriya's things, out the window of their common apartment. There were neighbors watching and everything


On her cheek she had a mark from Hisashi's secretary, which she had found with her mouth occupied in Hisashi's office. The woman had slapped her when she started yelling at them, while Hisashi's colleagues were recording on their phones.


The last thing she knew was that Hisashi's boss was yelling something at her before she left.


Inko looked at the apartment, she had just thrown Hisashi's clothes outside, the rest of her things were there. Fortunately, most of Inko's belongings were still in a warehouse under her name.


Her parents had wanted her to move as soon as they got engaged, now Inko was grateful that she hadn't listened. She was tempted to break things, but decided not to and just took the bag of clothes she had and left leaving the key to the floor.


Less than thirty minutes later she had already sold the tacky engagement ring Hisashi had given her. It wasn't a hard hit to know that the asshole had given him zircons, although the metal was good.


Everything in Hisashi was false from the start


Inko broke her phone card after receiving hundreds of calls from her parents and Hisashi. Although before, she sent her parents the video of Hisashi and his secretary recorded by a co-worker. Still, she knew they wouldn't be on her side.


Fortunately, she had not yet quit her bartender job at an exclusive Mustafu Hero Club. Its light telekinesis was perfect to play with the bottles in the air and control the liquid




Enji and Rei were in a private section of the club, not speaking, both thinking.


-Are you thinking about it?


-What the doctor said? - Rei sighed- In part he could be right and since we go to the sessions we are better. At least I haven't thrown a bottle of wine at your head again


-Do you want to try?


-Yes, but how do we find someone?


Enji looked at her. Neither she nor he lacked admirers. What's more, they had to be in the section due to the number of people who normally approached them. Literally a crowd of women approaching Enji and a crowd of men who kept winking at Rei or gesturing for him to approach


-I think we would first have to decide what we were looking for- Enji said it tentatively


-Woman- Enji looked at his wife- What? I have enough with you, and we have two boys. Another woman in the family would create a better balance of power


Enji started to think


-Sweet- Rei laughed and he blushed- I wish she was a soft and sweet woman. Loving. Sorry, Rei, but you are not naturally given to be sweet.


Rei smiled at her husband


-Leal, someone who doesn't betray us.


-A nice and warm smile


They both looked at each other and laughed. The person they had described could not exist, it would be too good to survive in their world.


- What can I do for you tonight? My name is Inko and I am at your disposal- She had a warm and sweet smile


Rei and Enji looked at the waitress. An hour later they had to admit that they wouldn't even have found someone that fast.


Now it only remained to convince her




Inko was receiving a call from her parents on her boss's phone, in front of her boss


-Do you want me to forgive him? This is serious?


-Inko, because of your scandal Hisashi has lost his job


-I think his boss must have fired him for having sex on the floor of his office- Inko groaned and the boss covered his mouth to contain the giggle- You are my mother, why do you take the part of the pig that has given me horned?


-Inko, you must understand that you are not the most beautiful woman in the world, and you are no longer so young. Hisashi wants to marry you despite you throwing his clothes out the window or getting him fired


"Mother, I hope you don't call me back to work unless it's to tell me you're not on Hisashi's side!"


She hung up and her boss looked at her funny


-Say yes! When I found my boyfriend in bed with another, I cut my hair and opened this place. Now he is an unemployed bachelor and I am very happily married to the man of my dreams. If you have nowhere to go, you can stay on my couch!


Inko laughed out loud, the first heartfelt laugh of the day


-What did I think when I committed myself to him?


-Didn't you know each other?


-At the level of nodding in passing and knowing the other's name. Rather he knew my parents. My parents sold it to me and I had finished with the last asshole, the one who stole my underwear to put on himself. I thought "He knows my family and he has a good job, what could possibly go wrong?"


The chief nodded.


-Well, the next one will be better


What they both didn't know is that the following were asking for a background check for Inko Akatani




Enji was patrolling as he thought about the information about the woman that he and his wife had sent to investigate. Inko Midoriya was adorable in every way


She was a volunteer in a children's hospital, had a nursing degree, was a highly sought-after bartender, and everyone who knew her said they wanted to squeeze her like she was a giant teddy bear.


A little more perfect and would cease to exist on a physical plane.


Enji saw the green haired head and approached curiously to see that a woman was arguing with Inko. From the report he knew she was the woman with whom Inko's fiancé had had an affair. The woman was accusing her of being the cause of her dismissal.


-Me? You were the one who slept with my fiance in a workspace!


-If you don't know how to keep a man in your bed it's not my fault! - the woman shouted- Hisashi recovered the job, go ask him to readmit me too


-No. You slept with my fiance, I don't owe you anything


The other woman was seething with rage and Enji leaned closer.


-Is there a problem?




Five years later


Enji was sitting on the floor of his daycare home, watching two babies on the carpet. They were both playing


-Shouto- the two-colored hair boy raised his eyes from the toy he was studying - Izuku- The green haired boy screeched when he heard his name and moved his hands towards Enji- Come with dad, come on. I know you can crawl


Izuku lay down on the carpet and started to push himself with his arms and legs without crawling. Shouto stayed in his position, watching his younger brother move inch by inch.


When Izuku was almost with Enji, Shouto began to crawl and stood next to his brother. Izuku took Enji's hand first and emitted what looked like a cry of triumph as Shouto watched him


Enji laughed and took both babies in his arms.

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Katsuki Bakugou was not the best person with words and everyone knew it after meeting him for three seconds.

It wasn't entirely his fault, his father nervously beat around everything and his mother's tongue blasted more insults than other words. But since the two of them understood him, Katsuki thought that the rest of the world also understood what he meant.

That was a pretty big mistake on his part

Especially when it came to him talking to his nervous and shy childhood friend / girlfriend.


Actually, Izumi didn't realize that he had declared himself to her in her freshman year of high school.

-Oi, nerd, from today you are mine- that was Katsuki's confession of love to Izumi. Katsuki believed he was fine because his mother had told him many times how she told Masaru that she would make him happy if he became hers.

Izumi had no idea what Katsuki was saying

-Come on, let's go home

Izumi nodded and started following him instinctively

What the rest of Aldera thought was that Katsuki had marked Izumi as his prey. Izumi thought the same as everyone else. Only Katsuki thought he had managed to confess to the girl he liked.

For that reason, he never hit her. He might yell at her from time to time and call her Deku, but then he would take her on dates (Or rather, he would drag Izumi to the cinema, to the pool, to an exhibition, museum, they would go for a walk or eat at a restaurant, the girl concluded that he felt guilty and was making up for it)

Halfway through his second year for both of them, Izumi felt that Katsuki was looking at her hands a lot. Especially when he took her to the movies or just for a walk. He didn't talk much, but he looked at her hands

One day she noticed that his sweat was falling and causing small explosions so she grabbed his hands and asked him to stop producing sweat. Katsuki turned totally red as he looked at his joined hands with Izumi's, but said nothing

From that day on, Katsuki would always hold Izumi's hand when they went somewhere together. Whether it was going home, going to school or one of their meetings

Izumi at first found it strange. But Katsuki screamed less and was calmer when they shook hands, so she accepted it. Also, she reminded him of when they were little and she liked the warm feeling on his chest.

Izumi didn't think it possible for her childhood crush to come true (it had already happened). Surely, Kacchan's girlfriend would have an incredible quirk and she would be super pretty and talented (it's you). A quirkless girl with a floor out of reach wasn't enough for her wonderful childhood friend (He pleaded)


The day Izumi saved Katsuki from the mud villain he found her on the way back home. Izumi thought he was going to yell at her, but he grabbed her by the nape of the neck and pressed his lips against hers.

Izumi stood at the site when Katsuki separated, his face was completely red

"I won't thank you for saving my life, nerd!" He yelled before running off. "Next time, I'll save your ass!"

Izumi froze until the peace symbol landed before her. And he said that she could be a hero too


Katsuki started training when he saw that Izumi was training. He ran in addition to doing weight exercises at home.

Izumi found it odd that he ran down the Dagobah seafront, it was not a very common route. But she always greeted him when she saw him. The first time Katsuki stumbled, but now he greeted her back without fear

Toshinori saw this with good eyes, he had been very lonely in his life, he did not want that for his successor and that boy seemed strong. Although he had to make an official contract with Izumi's mother after someone called the police for the "tall, blonde and creepy man who is looking at the fourteen-year-old girl who cleans the beach" (Who would call? mystery). Without anyone knowing, All Might was one step away from being turned into a pedophile by the police.

Katsuki made a habit of kissing her once a day.

In the morning when meeting to go to class or in the afternoon before going to train. Izumi just hugged his neck and let him kiss her as much as he wanted. It never went beyond a light rubbing of the lips, however long the rubbing lasted. But Izumi's heart was pounding


The first day at the UA, after seeing Izumi's quirk, Katsuki took her away

-What the hell was that?

-Katsuki, I'll explain everything. But in a place without so many ears-Izumi smiled at her childhood friend


- Since when did Bakugou and you are dating? - On the bus to the USJ Mineta I ask.

-Go out together?

-From the end of the first year of lower secondary school, pervert. Come close to her and I'll kill you

Izumi turned to look at Katsuki.

-Are we a couple?

At that point even Aizawa sensei was attentive to the conversation

-How come you are asking ?!

-Well ... I just didn't think we had such a serious relationship ... - Izumi became nervous

-We are going on dates !! We are kissing every fucking day !!

Izumi blushed deeply

-We are childhood friends, I thought that was another form of trust for the time together- Izumi blushed even more- And it was impossible for you to find me attractive.

- I declared myself!


-I told you to be mine! - Katsuki growled

- Since when does that count as a statement? - Izumi sighed- Please, Katsuki, I can't translate your words. I love you, but I can't translate your words


Uraraka was brushing Izumi's hair at summer camp as she braided Yaoyorozu.

-Why are you wearing your hair so short? It's so pretty, you should let it grow

Izumi smiled

-When I was little I wore it very long. But Katsuki one day activated his quirk by mistake and burned him- Izumi smiled as he remembered the little Katsuki looking at his hands with the strands of green hair between his fingers- He seemed to be crying, so I pretended to be angry with him and told him that I was going to cut it that afternoon. He stopped crying and I've been short since then

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Inko was the definition of sweetness.

She was a talented secretary for an important and elusive CEO in the city.

She was cuddly and friendly. She always made food for sick, elderly, or very busy neighbors.

She was a devoted single mother

Nobody thought that this charming woman could have a skeleton in her closet, apart from the father of her quirkless son


Inko woke up in the middle of the night and dressed in a very different way than what people usually saw.

A black portal opened and she entered the fearless

-How are things going on that end, Inko?

-Well, Sensei. Everything is going well, as I put in the report- Inko had been taken to a dark room with a single monitor- Running the company is difficult given that several employees have demonstrated a clear rejection of a woman having a superior position to them

- Bring them to me, I need more material for Nomus

Inko smiled

-Of course, Sensei

No one imagined that Inko Midoriya was an unnamed villain working for the final big boss


Inko wanted to be a hero, like her parents. But everyone believed that she was too weak to be a hero

Not only her parents, but all the hero schools closed the doors to her. How could she be a heroine with such a weak quirk?

Inko only wanted to help people, so she became a Watcher. She became quite famous and she was content just helping people that way. They put Vigilante's name on it on a catch list with very evil villains

Three years passed before a hero captured her

Inko had thought that all heroes were good. But the hero who captured her, before handing her over to the authorities, tried to rape her

-I'm a minor! This will cost you your license! - Inko yelled in panic

-Who do you think they will believe? A vigilante or a hero? - The man started to drop his pants- And I can always say that I found you like this

Slow applause echoed in the alley they were in.

-Each time I think that the heroes cannot disappoint me anymore, someone comes and surprises me again- The man with brown hair and red eyes showed himself. Behind him was what looked like a young teenager or a rather large boy made of black mist- Don't you think it's disappointing where the heroes are going lately, Kurogiri?

- Sir, isn't that one of the things that amuses you the most? - The teenager seemed fearful

-You can have fun and disappoint me at the same time, Kurogiri. It is the beauty of the complex emotions that you get with age- The man looked at the hero, who seemed paralyzed over Inko. She approached him and touched his jaw with a smooth movement, like a lover in privacy. The man opened his eyes scared- Now die

Inko saw the man fall, he was not breathing

Turning to look at the villain he realized he was squatting, looking at her.

-A vigilante so well known that she really has such a weak quirk. You are really strong if you can do all that I have heard with that quirk of yours- The man smiled at her- Do you want to work for me?

The man let her go, but with each encounter he showed Inko a bit more of the filth in the hero society. Inko stopped seeing them as the brilliant figures he had seen all his life.

Soon she started working for the man. She knew that he was a villain and was not clean. But that was better than heroes. She hunted villains who committed despicable crimes and corrupt heroes.

Inko went from Vigilante to villain, and she doesn't care.

All for One made her create a cover on the outside world that would make no one think she was dangerous.


-You must have a child

She looked at her boss, who was in charge of signing the papers of the company that Inko ran for him after the role of secretary

-A son?

-You are young, attractive, successful in your field of work, ... People will expect you to get a partner soon or to get married. But if you have a son you can say you were cheated and get away from men

Inko thought about it. He was right, their world was not a place to form a beautiful happy family. In addition, the neighbors and their friends were beginning to introduce her to their male relatives.

Even her parents, who had disappeared long ago in her life, had called to annoy her regarding this matter. A son could solve that problem

-And how do I have it?

-Go to a disco and have unprotected sex

-That way, it's more likely that I get an STD instead of a pregnancy- Inko had a harsh tone

-Then, what do you think of an in vitro insemination? The doctor could do it, he would only have to see when is your next fertile period

- And whose sperm would it be?


Inko almost saw her boss's words shine

-Excuse me, you're not my type

-You are not mine, Inko, maybe in fifty years yes. But you're too young for me- All for One was not a weird man who had a thing for old women. He liked women of the same age or similar. So, from his perspective, Inko was like a granddaughter and a woman between 60 and 80 years old was the strike zone



Inko hug Izuku. She loved him. Izuku had started out as a cover, but when he was born and she could see all of that he fell apart.

Izuku was her baby. Your dear baby that no one would take from you

Perhaps it was more difficult to coordinate the villainy with the care of a child, but it was worth it to see Izuku smile at her. The only bad thing is that Izuku was demonstrating a troubling love for heroes

Inko was not stupid. She knew this was a precious moment in her life. But it was not meant to last. It was the bad.

Someday she would have to leave that flushed-cheeked boy who idolized her. She felt sorry for Izuku, but she had already chosen a side and if she stayed she would do him more harm than leaving.

But those mother and son moments ... Was it wrong to enjoy them?


Inko looked at her sleeping son. Of all the people who could have defeated his boss, his son had been implicated. Well, for now it was okay for her to stay. Until Kurogiri or the doctor were captured.

In the organization the only ones who knew her were those two

She looked at Izuku and I'm sorry. To keep that charade around a little longer she would use her son as a source of information.

Surely Izuku, who was on his way to being the next symbol of peace, would cry when he knew that he was the son of a villain. But Inko couldn't do anything with it. His decision had brought her here and he had to stick to it.

What he regretted most of all was that one day, because of him, his beloved son's smile would fade. But she couldn't change the past

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-Remember well, Katsuki. Never touch anything of the Emperor, never accept anything that he possesses. Even if you want something he owns with all your heart, pretend you don't want it

Katsuki had never weighed so much on those words as the day he first encountered the Emperor. Because that day he saw one of the Emperor's most precious possessions and also found what his heart desired most.


“Any child with red eyes will be brought to the imperial palace and will become a prince entitled to the throne. It doesn't matter if they are children of the Emperor or not ”

The legend of the Bormar Empire says that the gods granted protection to the king. And as a mark of that protection, of that blessing, the king would have red eyes. Thanks to that blessing Bormar went from a kingdom to an Empire

And from that day on, all children born with red eyes had a mysterious power that protected them from poisons and physical injuries. Kings and Emperors were chosen from among those children. Usually the oldest of that generation.

Although never, even with the monarch's children, there were more than seven red-eyed people in the Bormar Empire.

Katsuki Bakugou was born into a high-ranking but untitled noble family. Why his house was kept was demonstrated by the red color of his eyes. But Katsuki's parents refused to deliver their only son to the palace

Katsuki was a wild and brave child who did not understand why his parents denied him his right as the third prince. Katsuki did not know that his parents were protecting him from the shadows that inhabited the palace

At the age of eight, a fire broke out in the family home. Katsuki suspected it was by order of the Emperor, but he lacked evidence. So he fled, with the mission to kill the Emperor always present in his mind

For five years he escaped, until he was caught and carried like a wild animal to the palace. Still he refused to enter the building and lived in the stables until he had an encounter with the Emperor

And with the most beautiful boy he had ever seen


The current Emperor of Bormar was Iellus Goldfur.

He was not a good Emperor, but still ministers and high-ranking officials followed him to death. Because his children, and mostly his heirs, were part of the "Emperor's Children"

Emperor Iellus never put limits on his love. From beautiful and voluptuous women to rough and stocky men. But once upon a time ... A boy under the age of fifteen truly conquered the Emperor's heart.

But the boy died due to the excessive love of the Emperor. And the Emperor fell into madness, declaring that he would never love anyone over the age of fifteen again and that he would love them only once

So Emperor Iellus gathered all the children under the age of fifteen that caught his attention and he loved those children on his fifteenth birthday. But the Emperor's love was excessive and many did not survive to see another day after being taken to the Emperor's chamber.

Izuku Midoriya was six years old when he entered the palace for the first time. His father was an ambassador representing the Empire in other nations. Emperor Iellus was afraid that the Midoriya family would accumulate many connections with the foreigner and Izuku was kidnapped and taken to the palladium as a hostage with his mother. Although the mother was returned in three days

Less than an hour later the Emperor put the mark on him. The brand of the "Children of the Emperor". A horrible short silver gray cape closed with a gold brooch with the Emperor's seal.

Izuku still remembered his mother's screams, crying because they didn't put the cloak on him. But it was too late. Once the cloak was put on, Izuku was the property of the Emperor. No one else could touch it

Life turned gray for Izuku for the next five years, as did the heavy but light cloak on his shoulders. Of course he was still smiling, and still learning. He became the Emperor's spoiled child. He obtained a position as the Emperor's assistant and began earning his own salary.

He was one of the few tense children. The others were the children of nobles who also knew what was happening to the "children of the Emperor". The only ones who enjoyed the pampering and worship of the Emperor were the commoner children or the children of inferior nobles.

The Emperor did not "love" them until their fifteenth year of life, but that did not mean that he did not "play" with them or "read stories to them"

As his favorite Izuku knew it well.

The discontent of the town did not stop growing, Izuku had read all the reports. And the princes in the palace were not reliable to take the throne, the outsiders did not seem so either

The first prince, Chizome, had given up his birthright to go to war, it was said that he was now part of the rebel force against the Emperor.

The second prince, Tomura, was in poor health and barely left his rooms, although they said it was more because he was lazy than because of his health.

The fourth prince, Eijirou, was an idealist and too pure to be a good leader.

The only princess, Eri, was almost dumb and too young, hardly a baby.

And the third prince was missing, probably dead

As much as there was a rebellion going on, led by a man known as All Might. Someone inside the palace was needed to make it work. Someone with the strength and charisma of a leader. Someone to occupy the shining throne and have the blessing of red eyes

Without that person, Izuku was unwilling to move. He wouldn't risk his neck for anyone. Still, he kept making contacts and escaping from the palace when he could.

Until he saw him. He was dirty, covered in hay from the stable, furious and making a fuss. But his eyes ... Those were the eyes of a king, identical to those of a wild lion that they captured alive and brought to the palace once.

And he was also the first person in the palace Izuku had seen the Emperor face to face in his eleven years of life.


-What is your name?

Izuku had just left to meet the Emperor when he was approached by the boy. The boy tried to touch him, but Izuku pulled away. He had clearly heard his words, that he would never touch anything that belonged to the Emperor

He was a born leader, so he had found out by investigating him. But too stubborn, he needed someone behind him

-You shouldn't touch me- Izuku gave him his most innocent smile- I am the property of that man you hate so much. This layer proves it

The prince removed his hand and looked at Izuku

-Do you like old men? If you're owned by that guy, you must really like older men and have bad taste- He was making fun of him

-That is not relevant- Izuku started to leave- The Emperor likes me, if I like the Emperor it is a totally irrelevant matter. As with others who are like me, open your ears and hear the truth about us. Look for the bicolor haired soldier apprentice with a burn scar, he will tell you the truth

The boy's face went pale. He had understood what Izuku had not said.

- You still haven't told me your name - Izuku looked at the boy. He had not changed clothes and was still dirty

-If I receive an order from a prince I could say my name. But the way he is dressed, he seems the son of the stable manager

-Look at my eyes! I am a prince of this kingdom!

-And that title has responsibilities along with its great honor, privileges and its political weight. And one of the responsibilities is to always have a neat and dignified appearance at all times. Behave like a prince and I will tell you my name, after all, with your current self you are not worthy of being called "Your Highness" or deserving of a succession line position or any respect

The blond-haired boy clenched his teeth

-Just wait! Someday I will be the Emperor and I will remove that horrible cloak from your shoulders! - He ran away and Izuku thanked them for being in the palace area occupied by the children.

In this area there were no prying eyes because the Emperor did not want it to be known what he was doing with the children

-Have you had fun with the third prince?

Izuku stopped and looked at the Emperor. His smile returned to his face

- -Just a wild dog that is not entitled to the same blessing as His Majesty - - The Emperor seemed pleased and took Izuku, lifting him with one arm.

Izuku felt the third prince's gaze on him as the Emperor ran his hand down Izuku's bare legs. Izuku was too old for shorts. But the Emperor loved seeing Izuku in shorts

The third prince's gaze was the gaze of a predator towards its prey


-The third prince? - Shouto was on duty in one of the least important places

Shouto was also a political hostage, like Izuku. But his older brother had been one of the children. The Emperor burned him with his love games so much that Touya Todoroki returned to his house covered in blood.

People said that he committed suicide soon after

Duke Todoroki wanted revenge, to become stronger. But the Emperor sent a call to the palace for his youngest and most beautiful son. The Duchess, seeing what her firstborn had suffered at the hands of the Emperor, took boiling water and poured it on the face of her youngest son.

Upon arrival at court, the younger son of the Todoroki had half of his face so beautiful that the angels would be jealous. And over his other eye was a grotesque scar with blisters that barely allowed him to open his eye.

The scar was now only a fading on the skin, thanks to the ointments and herbs from the palace medics. But it had served its purpose. The Emperor had turned away in disgust from Shouto

Izuku often wondered how Shouto's mother had felt about spilling that liquid on her own son's face. Loving her own son so much, she decided to harm him herself rather than allow them to harm her

-Yes, it's interesting. A born-Izuku leader looked at Shouto, the thirteen-year-old boy was straight and firm, with the bearing of a soldier. Even with his scar, several women from the palace greeted him and blushed when they saw him. - If your eyes were red I would have made you the Emperor a long time ago.

-I'm not going to be Emperor, you would never convince me to occupy that cursed throne that is supported by the skulls of so many children. I will be the general of the next Emperor, if worthy of it

Izuku smiled

- - Not even worthy yet - - the third prince was approaching with his messy and unbuttoned clothes. At least it was better than the dirty clothes he was wearing the day before- But he can be educated to be

-Because the? I honestly thought you would put Her Highness the princess in power

-Let's say that I have been fascinated by the beast that is heading here

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Two women were giving birth in adjoining delivery rooms while the hospital was attacked by villains. The reason for the attack was one of the women, Rei Todoroki, who was giving birth to her fourth child. The other woman, Inko Midoriya, was in the adjoining delivery room.

When the attack had begun, they were both well advanced in labor to move. So the doctors were screaming for both women to speed up as the heroes tried to stop the villains from reaching the hero's wife number two

Both babies were born minutes apart and while they were being prepared for transportation the villains accessed the area where the babies were and killed the birth attendants.

-Hey, brother, there are two babies, which one do we kill? - Said the villain holding the cribs, which had lost the name tag

-Let's kill them both!

A blast of fire burned both villains and a man with white hair stepped between them.

- The son of whom you are going to kill?

A figure in hero clothes finished cutting down the villains

-A civilian should not stand

-If they go after my baby, I will use my quirk as many times as necessary

Both men stared at each other as the remaining doctors and nurses arranged to transfer the women and their babies to other hospitals.

Not realizing that, amid the confusion, the babies had been exchanged. And this is how Izumi became the second daughter of the Todoroki family and Shouto the only son of the Midoriya

To help in this confusion (Here we see how the author reaches out and manipulates reality in an unrealistic way) both women lost the doctors who followed the pregnancy that day. Neither family had wanted to know the sex before birth. And, due to the attack, the sex of the babies was not announced aloud or directly examined.

-------------------------------------------------- -

Midoriya House


-Look at him, he's adorable- Inko was showing the baby to Hisashi

They were in a normal room at a nearby hospital. Hisashi wished he had used his contacts as All for One to get Inko the best room in the world. But just by seeing his happy face after the previous scare he was satisfied

As for those villains….

Well, they wouldn't be in jail long. He would take care of it for ruining a part of the most beautiful day of Inko's life. The moment your first child was born

That child was a risk. From the moment Inko became pregnant, All for One had been making plans to discreetly dispose of the baby. If he had a quirk similar to his, it would all be over.

However seeing the baby could not help but feel a wave of pride and satisfaction. He would have to remain close, very attentive and vigilant, to prevent any quirk similar to his from manifesting. If it was another All for One quirk, he would take it and exchange it for one of his fire quirks.

-Have you thought of a name, Hisashi? - The man was thinking. He had only chosen girls' names because he wanted another Inko in his life

-Only girls' names. Do you have any idea?

-Shouto, I think that name is perfect for him

Hisashi kissed Inko on the forehead and stroked the lump that was Shouto. Maybe it would be a good time to take a few decades of vacation from his evil empire


-Have an ice cream, son

-Thank you dad- the two-colored hair boy looked at his father with his bright eyes as he picked up his strawberry ice cream

Shouto's colors were really different from Hisashi and Inko's. But in a world full of quirks, that wasn't the strangest thing that happened to a child. What's more, it was so common that it didn't attract attention.

At least Hisashi knew that half of his hair had been inherited from him because of his white color. However he was concerned. His quirk took people's genes and attached them to their own genome.

And Shouto's hair and eyes, even his developing features, didn't look like him or Inko. He had calmed Inko's unease by telling her that Shouto seemed to have taken out only the genes from his branch of the family. But he was worried, it seemed like Shouto had traits of at least four different people

-Shouto! - Inko's best friend's son arrived at the park followed by his father.

Hisashi liked the man, partly reminded him of Inko, although he did not know what he had seen in that beast he had as a wife. And the boy was identical to the mother, and every day it got worse


Hisashi believed that Shouto's calm demeanor could come from Inko's calm personality and his own demeanor. At least the boy didn't have Inko's easy tears or was overly excited

That was also a nice addition to Katsuki, who was hyperactive and Hisashi was sure that they gave him excess sugar daily.

For a moment he thought what it would have been like to stay with little Tenko when he met him on the street by chance. He dismissed the idea that Inko was pregnant and erased all the boy's memories, leaving his mind blank before taking him to a police station.

Later he had gone to ask and they told him that the boy was fine, but amnesiac. That he had been adopted by an acquaintance of the family, Gran Torino.

-I already have my quirk! - The annoyed boy made explosions with his hands and laughed out loud- With such a powerful quirk I am sure to become the number one hero!

Hisashi refrained from laughing out loud while Masaru held back his son. Just for a powerful quirk would I be number one? There were many factors that influenced this classification. Personality, charisma, public works, how they behaved towards victims, the black hand of the commission of heroes,….

Katsuki could reach the top 10, according to his estimates. But I would never get to be number one with that personality

-It's great. I hope to wake up my quirk soon- Shouto's eyes sparkled- I also want to be a great hero, I want to be able to save people like mom and dad- The father with more than eighty life sentences behind him tried not to choke while eating more of their cream ice cream

-It won't be as cool as mine! Look!

Katsuki exploded very close to Shouto's face before the adults could avoid him and tell him he was dangerous. Shouto's quirk manifested at the pain in his right eye, covering it with flames and another part producing ice.

Hisashi, while calming the boy and pouring cold water on the burn, which was no worse than a burn from taking too much alone, inspected his quirk. Apparently his quirk only allowed him to produce ice in one half and fire in the other.

There were ice quirks in Inko's family and he had, for Inko, a fire quirk. He was grateful that the quirk mixed with his rare genetics could be easily explained as a mutation of two quirks to his wife.

In the end, rather than from the burn, Shouto was crying because his ice cream was in the hand that produced fire. Masaru bought a new ice cream for the two children


Shouto arrived at the house from Aldera and Hisashi greeted him. In another world, to protect his quirkless wife and daughter, Hisashi would have drifted as far away from them as possible. In this world, just in case Shouto's quirk branched out, Hisashi had stayed very close, with occasional trips to maintain his influence

-How about the day, son?

-Katsuki has yelled at me for submitting an application for UA and they have given me four love letters

- Then as always- Hisashi took a sip of coffee

-Oh, a mud villain attacked me on the way home, but I froze him. At the end All Might appeared and took it away. He said he had been chasing him down the sewers for a while

-Have you hurt yourself?

-No, but I feel disgusting- Shouto left his backpack on a chair- I'm going to shower

Inko entered the kitchen as she finished folding her yoga mat. They both stood still

- Our only son just said he was attacked by a villain?


Shouto was a mom's boy. Katsuki was constantly yelling at him to which he replied "Is it wrong to love my mother?"

Shouto deeply loved his mother, so when he ran into a problem soon after going to the UA, he decided to turn to her instead of his father. His father was fine, but Shouto was under the impression that he would make a detailed and schematic plan of assault, even with references to psychologists and books

-Mom ... How did you and Dad start dating?

Inko smiled at him

-I blanched him with my coffee when I ran into him, I apologized and we exchanged our names. The next time I saw him some papers were slipping out of his hands and I helped him put them together. He invited me to have a coffee in gratitude, after that we met several times and officially started dating. Why you ask?

-There is a girl ... - Shouto blushed slightly- She is very beautiful and happy. I like very much

-I don't see the problem, you have a lot of success with the girls- He was a boy who received confessions daily from elementary school despite his scar on his face

Shouto groaned

-But they always get close first. I don't know how to get close to one- Inko realized that was the real problem. Shouto was very popular, but for that reason he had never had to approach anyone, people naturally approached him. And now he was seeing the problem with that

-Is that girl very sociable?

-Yes, he's always talking to people and smiling. Even Katsuki seems to appreciate her, in his own way.

- Then stay close to her, physically, until she starts a conversation and becomes her friend. With cheerful girls it is usual to start with friendship- Inko smiled at his son who seemed relieved to hear good advice


The UA letter, calling a meeting, caught everyone off guard. It was a letter from Director Nezu requesting a meeting with all of them

Hisashi had tampered with any DNA samples the police might have on him and always changed his appearance and voice from the third user of One for All. So I was sure that wasn't why

They had been asked for a sample to include their DNA in the school's database now that the UA was becoming a boarding school. The letter had arrived a week before the move and they did not know why it was

Inko and Hisashi dressed well and went to the interview with fear in case something bad happened. As they entered the director's office, with Shouto's tutor, they saw that they were not the only ones. Endeavor, his wife, and their youngest daughter were there, waiting.

The two parents noticed Shouto straighten up as the girl greeted him with a sweet smile. That was sweet. Possibly they had been called to give the talk about warning their children of what they could and could not do in the dorms


Todoroki House


Rei looked at her husband with a little bit of fear. The man was angry that this was his last attempt. Rei had had complications from the attack and her uterus had had to be removed from her

-Enji, this is your daughter Izumi

Enji looked at the girl and she looked at him with her eyes still unfocused. She smiled warmly at him and Enji found himself smiling at that little girl. Only slightly.

He didn't even know if it was a success or a failure, but Enji liked what he saw in her. It was a pull he had not had with his other children.

-Good job, make sure to rest


Izumi was drooling on her father's shoulder as Rei and Enji looked at All Might and their new partner. The three-month-old baby was oblivious to what had disturbed her father and mother and kept chewing on the collar of her father's shirt. The story her parents had heard was ... Fantastic, a fantasy.

But neither man was known to lie or make things up

-Is what you say about your quirk true?

-Yes, she will be the next carrier of One for All, she will be stronger than me- All Might looked at the girl- The villain for whom this quirk was created is currently inactive, so he thought to take advantage to raise the successor so that was stronger than me. I only started training when I was thirteen. Imagine my surprise when we saw that it was your daughter

Enji held Izumi tighter against him. The girl complained slightly before continuing to bite.

-Then she's quirkless- Enji's voice didn't sound harsh as usual, but her hands covered Izumi more. Rei knew that he had never held any of his previous children in his arms.

-And that is precisely why it is the perfect container for this quirk. According to Mirai, she will take my mantle when I retire and will become the Symbol of Hope in the future, as I am the Symbol of Peace now- All Might nodded strongly- And, like her father and hero, there are more possibilities to train her and make her stronger

Rei gasped loudly and looked at Izumi. Her head was full of green curls and her emerald eyes sparkled with excitement the more she drenched her father with saliva.

Both men left and left the couple to reflect on what they had heard. Enji left Izumi in the crib and stared at her.

-At the end, the one without a quirk is the one that will fulfill my dream. It is cruel irony.

-Enji ...

The man looked up at the ceiling

-How can you overcome a force that has been growing for three hundred years? It is impossible, it could not be overcome at any time. I couldn't beat him, and tried to achieve the impossible

Izumi reacted to her father's emotions and began to moan and stretch her arms towards him. Rei took her in her arms and grabbed Enji from her own.

-It's not too late! Your daughter is the right one to succeed that great power, don't forget! You created the right container!

-And in the process I have destroyed this family

-It's still not too late. Touya ... He may never forgive you, that's true. And there are things that I will not forgive you either.- Rei lifted Izumi to be close to Enji's face. The girl stretched out her hands and started to touch her father's face- But this girl, Izumi, Fuyumi and Natsuo. You can start again with them, be a good father. We can start again

Later that day, Enji called Toshinori to tell him that if Izumi accepted his quirk in the future they would agree. But that he would train her up to a year before giving her the quirk


Izumi was crying against her father's chest. The doctor had said that she would never have a quirk, that she was quirkless. Touya and Natsuo were trying to cheer her up, Fuyumi too and her father hadn't released her since they told her


-What do you want Izumi?

-Can I be a hero like you even if I don't have a quirk?

His father's silence told Izumi that he was preparing to deny him

-It will be difficult- Izumi raised her head and looked at him- I'm not saying it's impossible. But if it will be very, very difficult

-Dad? - His children looked at him and Izumi had her eyes bright with hope

-Many heroes have quirks that are useless for combat and fight quirkless. Eraserhead, Climber, Kuroko, ... They all have quirks not fit for combat, but they are heroes who have honed their bodies to be heroes.

Izumi began to bounce on her father's lap and her brothers began to smile when they saw her so animated

-I can be a hero! - Then she started to think- But I don't know how to tune my body

-That would be training- Fuyumi and Touya shuddered at his words- With an adequate exercise regimen and a good instructor. In addition to the help of your brothers. But we can't help you, the one who has to work is you

-I will do it! I will try hard!

From that day on, every day. Izumi went with her mother and brothers to the training room to do some exercises to gain physical strength before moving on to learn how to fight.

Rei gave up on the third day. Fuyumi at two weeks. But Natsuo, who loved sports, and Touya, who wouldn't let his brothers go through the same thing as him, went ahead with the whole process with Izumi.

Enji was surprised at first, but then she saw something in her daughter's eyes as she did push-ups and sit-ups, the right amount for her age. It was the same determination that had carried him so high

The girl did not complain at any time while training and never slowed down


Izumi stopped in the middle of training, a distraction that her father took advantage of to throw her to the ground

-Something happens? You have not been falling for that movement for three years

Izumi blushed

-My sports bra has ripped

Her father backed away as if there were a cockroach, with fourteen years old Izumi wondered how that man had had four children. If he couldn't even pronounce the letter “H” out loud!

-You ... Go with Rei ... Buy one ... one ... One of those things for tomorrow's training- The man came out with his face on fire

Touya stretched more on the ground while Natsuo laughed

-If I knew that this is the way to kick him, I would have been born a woman

-Don't be bad, Touya. Dad strives to redeem himself

Touya looked at her with his old eyes

-There are wounds that never heal. But at least they don't grow

-Speaking of growing up- Natsuo looked at his sister and then pointed at her breasts- What part of the family have they come from? Green hair and eyes are normal, but those things are not part of the family

Izumi looked at her thick chest, the bra had ripped from the pressure exerted from within. Her breasts kept growing at an alarming rate. At this rate she would end up with a G cup instead of a B like her mother and older sister.

Izumi showered, but first went to tell her mother that she had to measure herself again. By now her mother was an expert at taking her size

- Have you thought about what All Might told you?

-Yes. I have trained a lot to be a hero without quirk. But I want to accept his quirk anyway- Izumi turned to her mother- I want to be someone you are proud of

Rei smiled and hugged her daughter

- You already are, Miss F cup- Izumi cursed softly about how much they wanted to grow and Rei laughed


-Do this, young Todoroki!

Izumi looked at the hair. Then to the hero and back to the hair. Then he made the hero repeat why he should eat a hair

-I'm sure this counts as a fetish of some kind- she said grabbing the lock and swallowing it after several retching. That had been nauseating- All Might, tell me you washed your hair this morning

-Three times, young Todoroki!

Izumi straightened up and waited. After three hours she felt a current running through her body and she allowed herself to be enveloped by that heat. Red lines of energy appeared all over her body and a mixture of electricity and green fire ran through her.

-You already have One for All, young Todoroki. Now you are spreading it throughout your body, but try not to force it too much. Your body has just received it and is not yet stable.

Izumi went off and smiled at hero number one


Izumi felt watched.

She looked behind her and saw Shouto Midoriya looking at her

-Midoriya, did you want something?

-I would like to talk to you- the boy approached her with an evident happiness that reminded Izumi of a puppy, very slightly

-About something in particular?

-No. I just wanted to talk to you- the boy scratched the back of his neck- I don't know how to start conversations

For some reason Izumi felt that boy reminded him of Touya when his burns itched and he didn't want anyone to know.

-Just come in and make a comment. We'll continue from there, okay? - The boy nodded- How are you doing on the math homework?

-Well, don't you?

- Mathematics are fatal to me- Izumi looked at the side of the face of the boy who turned to look at her, realizing that he was very handsome. Fuyumi had told Izumi once that her sense of beauty was broken. But what fault did she have if everyone around her was handsome?

Also, he was very muscular. Not to show in a gym, but to be functional as a hero. Izumi blushed when he smiled slightly at her and looked away, feeling like a stalker


Their father was angry as Nezu made them wait. Her mother, for her part, was asking how the UA would manage relations in the dorms. Izumi had only discussed her feelings towards Shouto with her mother

To protect Shouto

If his father found out, he was able to challenge the boy to a duel for wanting to stain his daughter's purity. He had done it with Miruko when he went to ask permission to go out with Fuyumi, and with Hawks when he went after Touya

It was embarrassing to hear her mother ask if Recovery Girl would have condoms and pills the day after at her clinic. Although that also interested his father a lot, who asked if they could tell him if Izumi asked for them.

The door rang and Nezu lifted his ears in a way that made Izumi want to shake him.

-It seems that the Midoriya are already here

Izumi wondered why Shouto's family had arrived. Upon entering Shouto greeted him with a smile. For some reason the gazes of the Midoriya couple turned warm as they looked at their son

-Well, since we are all here, I will tell you what happens


Beginning of the story


Everyone in the room, All Might and Aizawa included, apparently didn't know what the meeting was going to be about, they were frozen. Director Nezu looked at them as he waited to see who was the first to react and unleash the pandemonium

-Excuse me, director- Izumi was the first to react, that doesn't surprise the animal- Can it be repeated?

-Yes, it would be more, I suppose it is difficult to understand. When we analyzed the DNA of the two of you, we saw that it was not coincident with your legal parents, but with the other's parents. So we did some research and found out the incident that happened the day they were born. Due to the confusion, the babies were changed

Silence flooded the room again

-Are you completely sure? - Hisashi Midoriya was the first to speak at that time

-Yes, we have done paternity tests three times. The young Todoroki is the biological daughter of the Midoriya couple. And young Midoriya is the son of the Todoroki couple. Now it only remains to speak as adults and look for a satisfactory solution to this small inconvenience

-I don't think there is much to discuss. If Endeavor gives me custody of Izumi I will raise her properly with Shouto

Endeavor's palm, on fire, collided with the table. Just in case Nezu had replaced his antiques with cheaper replicas in case something similar happened. Even so he thought to send him the invoice of the cost of that table

-You're crazy if you think I'll give you my precious daughter! Whether she is my biological daughter or not, she is my precious daughter and I will not give her up!

-You have three other children, instead we only have Shouto

-It is he who should come with us. It is obvious that we have more economic means to take proper care of you.

The parents began to argue about which of the two would stay with the two teenagers. Neither of them wanting to give up their son. The mothers and children strayed close to the director as Aizawa used his quirk to stop them both and All Might became a human barrier.

-Thank you very much for taking such good care of our son, he looks very well educated and it shows that he has received a lot of love- Rei said with a smile

-Izumi is quite a young lady, she is so cheerful and energetic that she looks like she was raised in a very good environment

Shouto was looking at Izumi and comparing her to her parents

-It's true, you look like my parents- Specifically, Izumi was quite similar to his mother

Izumi approached him and framed his face with her hands, bringing him closer to her

-Wah ... You have the colors of mom and dad. Your face looks more like Mom and Touya, but your jaw is like Dad's- At that moment Izumi noticed the boy's blush, which was just six inches from his face and released him, blushing her too- Sorry

-Nothing, Todoroki- Shouto looked visibly embarrassed

- It's a little strange to hear you call me that now - Izumi smiled nervously at her - Just like calling you Midoriya, do you mind if I call you Shouto?

The boy swallowed his tongue for a few seconds.

-Not at all, Izumi

The two parents had stopped and were looking at their prey like predators. After a while, Nezu made the young people together with Aizawa to go to class

-Rather than discuss who stays with each one, they should look to the future- Nezu smiled- Young Midoriya is giving his affections to young Todoroki, who is not immune to him

Nezu loved medieval or London turn of the century romance novels. But the humans in the room seemed confused

-That they like each other, they are in love with each other- he clarified it and there was a small sound of “Ah”

Hisashi leaned back and smirked at Enji

-It is more than clear what will happen, my Shouto will seduce Izumi and bring her to our house as his wife- He laughed in a way that seemed evil- I have already explained how to treat a girl

All Might had to stop Endeavor from going after the man.

-Who knows? Izumi may be the one to bring Shouto to our house. And if Shouto can't seduce her, I have more children to make sure her last name is always Todoroki

-Is it a declaration of war?

-Obviously it is. Izumi will get Shouto married in our family

-Ha, Shouto will bring Izumi to our house

(According to Japanese law, when you get married you can adopt the husband's surname when you are a woman and you become part of his family. But there are also men who adopt the surname of their wives and become part of their family)


Touya had Izumi hugged on his lap, he had his head resting on her hair

-It does not matter if you are not my biological sister, for me you will always be my baby sister

Fuyumi was also in the family hug

-Well, at least now I can't blame you for taking all the familiar genes for good-sized breasts- Natsuo was currently returning home from his university


-Are you fucking with me? Do you really have such a background story?

-Yes- Shouto looked at Katsuki- What do I do? I really like Izumi

Katsuki got up

-Very easy, Icyhot. Move your ass and go out with her before another gets ahead of you, surely Shinsou. Marry her and become family and end up with that fucking mess of a fucking time- Shouto looked at Katsuki with his eyes wide open- But ... Just so you know ... Eijiro is fucking better than Izumi !!

Chapter Text

Alice Asmodeus was truly concerned about a certain event. So much so that he decided to personally resort to the person he least used. It wasn't that he didn't trust her, or that he didn't want her.

It was just that she was too energetic and always spoke of the kinship between them to everyone

-Alice-chan! Mom is so glad that you come to see her of your own free will!

Azz put up with being pampered by his mother for a good half hour

- Then why did my dear son come to see me?

-You are a Succubus- the woman looked at him with a smile- And I am an Incubus unless my father was another type of demon….

- He was an Incubus too- He did not know his father. Like a good Succubus, her mother took care of everything and jumped from man to man without care. Still, she was one of the most powerful leaders in the underworld.

Azz blushed slightly.

-Is there something wrong if an Incubus ejaculates without having sex?


-I ... I was not having relationships or touching another person or I feel touched, and yet I ejaculated. Is something wrong with me?

Azz's mother smiled sweetly

-What was happening at that time?

Azz blushed even more and a pretty smile blossomed on his face.

-I was dreaming of a person whom I admire very much. And I kiss in the dream, we were preparing to have relationships. Before it happened I woke up and realized that I had ejaculated

Azz's mother got up

-Alice-chan, for sexual demons sex is a way to obtain power and energy. But it is also an act of love! - His mother hugged him- I couldn't find love with any of my partners, that's why I poured everything into you. But I'm happy that you found someone to love

Azz got up and walked away from his mother with an embarrassed expression

-I don't love Iruma-sama! I am unworthy of his love, I can only be a loyal follower to him

-Why? - Azz looked at his mother- Why do you stay away from the person you love before knowing his feelings for you?

-It's not love, I admire him

The woman smiled

-A sexual demon can only climax without contact with another person while thinking about the person he truly loves- She laughed- I would like to meet my future son-in-law soon, if not too much trouble. After all, we also cannot truly love more than one person in our existence.


Iruma looked at Azz while eating. Babilys' cook had made it his personal goal to fill the bottomless pit that was Iruma's stomach. At the moment he had not succeeded, but the man seemed more motivated with each passing day

-Are you okay, Azz-kun?

Azz blushed deeply when he saw that Iruma had come very close to him without realizing it.

-Yes, Iruma-sama! I'm feeling great!

Iruma did not believe it. Azz was not normally so ... distracted. But today he was exceptionally awkward and distracted. The next class taught them how to create magic circles of teleportation

Iruma was very used to reproducing images thanks to the amount of work he had had. So he completed the circle to go to the center of the class first.

Looking at Azz he realized that he was spacing again and his magic circle was different from the one the teacher had given them.

-Azz! - Iruma tried to stop him when he started to pour his magic power into the circle. The circle glows green, white and red. The light enveloped them both quickly

Iruma felt disoriented and increasingly dizzy. Azz was passed out next to him, the magic circle had absorbed too much of his magic power. Iruma approached him and noticed the flow of magical power within Azz renewing himself. Apparently he wasn't dead and everything about him was working fine

-Wow, little bird, how did you get to the roof of my agency?

He raised his head and looked at the voice. Even someone poor and penniless as he recognized

-The Symbol of Hope, the hero Deku- Iruma passed out on Azz. Covering him protectively. Somehow, they had reached the human world


Izuku left the blue-haired boy on the table next to the pink-haired boy. He would have thought it was a quirk accident had he not seen the kind of circle they had come out of. That seemed like a magic circle

In addition, One for All was stirring uneasily for the safety of both. One for All wanted to protect them, so they couldn't be bad people. His quirk had never been wrong. Fortunately, he was alone at the agency that night because he broke all his toes that kept him from going on patrol. He could hide them well until he knew what to do with them

The blue haired boy's stomach roared loudly and Izuku smiled. It had been time since he had last cooked, that would be fun


Iruma got up with the smell of burning. Living in nature for a time, when her parents were chased by lenders, had sharpened her senses.

But seeing the number one hero trying to get a frying pan to stop burning seemed like a ridiculous dream more than anything else. Was he back in the human world? He looked to his side and saw Azz

He was in the human world, with Azz. A demon that ate human beings and knew nothing of their society

- I know you are awake- he turned to look at the hero who was still on his back.- I tried to make food, but I can't seem to. Do you want something specific?

-I would like pizza

Iruma was excited. Deku was said to have a quirk almost as strong as All Might's. And I was inviting him to eat

Instead his "Adaptation" quirk was not a big deal. Basically, Iruma's body adapted to any environment, which had been very useful throughout his life as a human. If you were in an environment with little water, your body would no longer need fluids. There was little food available, you wouldn't need it. The downside is that his caloric intake increased greatly the more hostile the new environment Iruma was in. Maybe that's why I ate so much since I came to the demon realm.

After ordering some sixteen pizzas, drinks, and accessories, hero number 1 apparently ate almost as much as he did. They both sat down and Iruma explained the situation.

-Do you believe me?

-Yes- Iruma looked up- My quirk has a kind of conscience of his own and tells me that you are not lying and that you are legit. If my quirk trusts you, so do I. But your friend could be a problem

Iruma nodded

-I will try to explain the situation to you in a way that tells you that we must hide that we are demons. I don't want them to hurt Azz-kun. He is very strong, comes from a prominent demon family, and although he has trouble reconciling with his lineage magic, he is so talented and wonderful that I am honored to be his friend.

Hero number 1 looked at him and smiled warmly.

-Ah ... Young love

Iruma blushed deeply, but was interrupted by the arrival of the delivery man.

Deku went to pay and get the food and Iruma became nervous thinking. Young love? Him and Azz?

It was not possible. Azz was ... And he was ...

-Which one do you want to start with?

-Are you not very calm? I have told you that there is another world with super powerful creatures that could eradicate humanity.

-No, simply because I don't think demons can conquer this world so easily. From what I see in your friend and you told me, they would need an immense amount of power.

-It's true, Azz is a rank four. Most demons of our age are rank one or two. He has powerful magic inside him, my grandfather told me, but he still hasn't scratched the surface of his potential.

-You see? Surely that's why you were able to travel. And they weaken when traveling, so they would be easy to kill. Demons don't come here, because they would be vulnerable. Because their elite would die if they come here

The number one smile did not calm Iruma. Noise was heard in what were the changing rooms.

-It seems Shouto has already arrived and your friend is waking up. Make him believe that we believe you are lost humans and that he will not attack us. I don't feel good hitting children

-Shouto? As the hero of fire and ice? Hero number four?

-The same, only now it's number two

Deku left and Iruma approached where Azz was stirring

-Iruma- sama ...

-Azz…. I'm so happy that you woke up- Iruma didn't notice tears streaming down his face until Azz's long fingers gently wiped them away. Iruma put her head in the boy's hand and remained calm for a few seconds.

-Where are we? - He tried to get up and couldn't- Why is my magic strength so diminished?

-Azz, calm down and listen carefully.- Iruma took a deep breath- We are not in the world of demons


Shouto watched Izuku enter the shower area

-We have another hour before someone else comes ... Do you want to join me?

At any other time Izuku would have thrown himself into his arms.

-Shouto. We have a problem- Izuku explained everything- Do you believe me?

-For some reason everything you tell me that seems impossible is true. I work from the assumption that you never lie to me about the impossible things- Shouto came out from under the shower without worrying about his nakedness and letting his fire side dry him while going to his locker- What is the plan?

-According to Iruma, his grandfather, Sullivan, can come and go at his will. I could easily find them. I think the best thing is to hide them until this Sullivan comes

Shouto nodded and started dressing

-Also, they look like the two of us when we started

-Really? Are you playing matchmaker again? Wasn't the great failure of Aizawa and Present Mic enough for you?

-I'm serious! That boy is in love with the other. Maybe a couple of tracks and probes help them get back on track.

Shouto smiled and put Izuku against the lockers.

-You are terrible, hero number one

The lips of both men pressed together tightly. Izuku ran his hands behind Shouto's neck to steady himself as the man pulled him up so that his injured foot didn't touch the ground and was uncomfortable for him.

-Mr. Deku? - The boy's voice made them separate- Is something wrong?

Izuku blushed deeply

-No, let's go

Chapter Text

Sorahiko returned home in time to hear mother talking to his brother through the bedroom door.

-I know you're sad that Izumi is gone, but she wouldn't like to see you like this. You must go out

Sorahiko sighed and he approached his mother, greeting her

-Something happens?

-He has locked himself up because he is sad because Izumi has gone to study at a boarding school. He does not come out, he hardly eats and I only see him when he is going to fulfill his hero duties. I'm worried

Sorahiko nodded and used his "Gravitational Attraction" quirk, a telekinetic-type quirk that draws objects of up to forty tons towards him at the speed he wants. The door broke and the room was revealed

It was dark except for a spotlight that illuminated a giant photo of Izumi surrounded by flowers and candles. In front of the photo was Yamikumo, drinking a cup of instant noodles and with a blanket over his head.

Sorahiko took a deep breath a few times and turned on all the lights in the room before knocking Yamikumo unconscious.

-Mother, take care of him- she said throwing him on a sofa in the dining room- I'm going to clean his room, where did he get a photo of our sister so big?

After that, all Izumi merchandise (Handmade by Yamikumo) was confiscated. But they also agreed to make a video call with Izumi every day so that Yamikumo didn't feel alone.

-Mother, I begin to believe that moving them away was the best- Sorahiko looked at a sad Yamikumo who was looking at Izumi's chair

He missed Izumi, but Yami seemed to the point of mental breakdown. Although, somehow, he was still doing his hero job well


Izumi got along well with the girls in the dorm

Most of them were like her. Daughters of hero families who had been protected all their lives and were very happy to have humane treatment. Or daughters of people with very powerful quirks who didn't go out much on the street.

Perhaps the most normal ones were Tsuyu and Uraraka. Uraraka's family had a company on the decline and Tsuyu came from a normal family with a quirk that allowed him to be a multi-terrain amphibian.

Powerful quirks that in bad hands would do a lot of damage

On the other hand, the boys' bedroom only lasted one more day because of the blast boy. The boys' faces when Nezu gave them the tents was something epic to see, but luckily it softened and made Cementoss redo the basic structure of the bedroom and ordered them to do the rest of the tasks.

Place the electrical installation, pipes, windows, floors, ... And when the building was perfect they could come back. Apparently the destructive boy was as loud as he was skilled, because he did the job for five, or so they said

Izumi was passing near the building with a magnetic wheelbarrow, floating above the ground, to bring them more supplies when an explosion knocked down a piece of facade towards her. Izumi only had time to shrink when someone hugged her and she felt cold

Carefully she opened her eyes and saw an iceberg that had trapped the pieces of cement on it. She looked up and saw a turquoise eye surrounded by a reddish scar

-Todoroki! - Izumi tried to let go but her head ended up colliding with the ice and ended up back with Todoroki

This was awkward. She and Todoroki had not really spoken. Although the distribution of seats towards the girls being surrounded by boys, most of them felt uncomfortable. And that the pervert was gone, the one who was kicked out of the UA while crying that he would be a hero to have sex with all the girls there.

Just for that comment they would have closed the doors of all the colleges for heroes

Most directors didn't want to get a call from their former students, all of them successful heroes, about how their adorable daughters had been harassed by a half-meter goof

-Your glasses ... .- Todoroki removed it from the ice and began to look for them, finding them destroyed inside the block of ice- Sorry

-Don't worry, they are not to be seen

Todoroki looked at Izumi's face, he was more adorable without the glasses. More baby fat and big eyes

-Why are you wearing them?

-A friend of my father gave them to me. I told him I was nervous if they knew who my father was and he gave me Clark Kent-style glasses. I had to google who it was, but then I laughed and that's why I take them

-Who is this Clark Kent guy?

-A comic superhero who puts on glasses to hide that he is a superhero and works as a journalist

-I doubt that people will not recognize him just for glasses

Izumi laughed

-It's a fantasy, that's why it's fun…

-Icyhot, if you've just flirted with freckles, move your ass up here! - Bakugou's delicate voice must have been heard throughout the city

Todoroki pulled away and climbed the ice to the floor from which came the melodious voice that was now cursing in ways that Izumi had never heard before.


The sports festival was divided by genres. Basically, the girls' was a normal sports festival. The boys', on the other hand, looked like something out of one of Dante's circles of hell.

Literally one of the tests was surviving a field of fire, flames courtesy of Endeavor.

Izumi approached Todoroki while he was concentrating


-Midoriya, is something wrong? Why aren't you in the observation stands?

Izumi blushed and tried to contain her internal trembling

-I… I wanted to wish you good luck!

Todoroki blushed slightly.

-Thanks, now I will try twice as hard.

The entire stadium started shaking and Izumi ended up on Todoroki as they stuck to the wall.

-An earthquake?

- I don't think so, it lasts a long time- The tremor stopped suddenly and Izumi saw Sorahiko take away a Yamikumo who had had Quirk suppressor handcuffs placed.- Well, I hope you win, Todoroki. I'll be cheering for you, do your best

Izumi left in the direction in which she had seen Sorahiko and Yamikumo go, when she was hugged just around the corner by a weeping Yamikumo.

- Has that bad boy done something wrong to you?

-No, I was wishing him luck

-Well, I'll kill him for getting close to you- Izumi and Sorahiko stopped Yamikumo in time


Izumi jumped out of her business when Bakugou turned to look at her

-Hey you. What is your father's quirk?

Izumi looked at him

-Why do I have to tell you?

-I wonder what kind of quirk makes a four-eyed nerd make it this far?

-Classified- The boy snort- No, it's literally classified. You need an S-rank security level for me to say it

-That only happens with the heroes who are part or have been in the top 10- the boy stared at her- That means he is a very powerful heroic quirk

- Why do you want to know? - Izumi was getting angry

-Obviously, like everyone here, this is the best place to look for a wife who guarantees a powerful quirk to your children. And only you and round cheeks are bearable

Uraraka climbed onto her desk

-You want a fight, blonde bitch? I can beat you in a quirkless fight with your eyes closed

-Oh! Who the hell do you challenge, Round Face ?! - Bakugou's palms started to sparkle and he put on some gloves that seemed to neutralize him- I'll show you that I'm better at any moment

-Choose a date and time! I will kick your ass so hard you won't even cry for your mommy!

-Ah !!

Fortunately, Aizawa sensei arrived in time to stop the fight.

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Iruma looked at the tall, bespectacled man who stood before her, Sullivan. Iruma was stretching the fishing jumpsuit that he still wore. She even had scales on her gloves and she would swear guts hanging from her leg

- My parents have sold me?

The man nodded

-And you, my buyer, do you want me to be your granddaughter?

The man nodded again

- Why? - Iruma looked around. It was obvious, even to the non-expert eye, that this place was extremely luxurious and large. That man was of a very high class- You say you are a great demon, won't there be many who sacrifice their children to win your favor? Why buy from me?

The man took Iruma's hand and they both went down the hall before a large portrait of a man sitting on a throne. His skin was brown, but his hair was blue, as were his eyes. It had two smooth white horns, but one of its locks of hair was raised like an antenna

It looked like…

-This is your grandfather- Iruma looked at Sullivan- The previous king of the demon world, Derkila.

Iruma looked at him, before she pressed her hand to her own chest.

-No, my parents are human. I have never heard of demons in my family- Sullivan smiled lovingly at Iruma. The girl was somewhat shocked

-I say grandfather, but this was several hundred years ago.- Sullivan looked at the portrait with nostalgia- Derkila-sama fell in love with a young human who was forcibly brought into this world. But by an ancient law he had to plan her return to the human world. But he found the method of becoming human himself to be with her. I swore I would bring him back, but when I did reach the human world I found out how short your existence is and I had to assume that Derkila-sama had died many years ago.

Iruma touched the arm of the man who was clearly suffering from the loss of one of his most important people. Sullivan smiled at Iruma fondly

-I looked for his descendants and found your parents. But imagine my surprise when I realized that they smelled like demons. Then I found you and I knew it

Iruma shuddered at the joy of the man

-You are an atavistic demon, something I didn't think possible. You are a demon that was born of humans like a pure blood, without a drop of human blood. So your parents took you away, for humans, the presence of a demon is something they want to avoid unconsciously

Iruma looked at her body, in a state of confusion and accepting the absurd

-But I don't have demonic characteristics

-That's because you were in the human world and there is hardly any mana or miasma there. Now that you are here you will begin to show the demonic characteristics inherited from Derkila-sama. And I, as a faithful servant of your ancestor, will take care of guiding you, taking care of you and properly educating you like your grandfather

Iruma looked at the man. She had encountered thousands of dangerous situations throughout her life. She was very good at judging whether someone would be dangerous to her or not

And this man was not dangerous, all her instincts told him. She would be safe with him

-I will be in your care from now on, grandfather


Sullivan looked at Iruma, who was hugging a cushion while sleeping. She was a lovely girl after changing clothes and washing properly. He was going to enjoy being a grandfather a lot.

Halfway down the hall was Opera, waiting for him

-Are you sure of this? It would be easier to rip her soul out and take back the masterpiece of our world instead of preparing her to make her the next queen

Sullivan smiled. Derkila had been very clever in hiding the key to turning someone into the demon king into the soul of one of his descendants to prevent them from going after his lineage.

That sleeping girl.

She was incredibly like her ancestor, through their short interaction and what he had seen her do and strive for in the human world.

-Yes, she is suitable to assume command of the underworld- Sullivan went outside to where Azazel and his men were, in case she went crazy to reduce her properly- And I swore to the previous demon king that he would ensure the happiness of his descendants if any I went to the human world once. This is for your happiness

- What if she manifests the seduction power of the Derkila-sama lineage? - At Opera's words the old man just smiled

-Derkila was a Lord Incubus, if she inherits the abilities of her bloodline she will become a Lady Succubus. It won't be something an ordinary demon will be able to handle- Sullivan hummed as his magic covered the house protectively- Fortunately, there is a Lord Incubus in the Asmodeus family of the same age as Iruma. Lord and Lady make a good couple, don't you think? They counter each other


An Incubus had great powers of seduction

He had spent his life denying a very important part of his nature, the Incubus side. The side with the powers of his mother's lineage, the powers of seduction. Instead he had become a master of fire magic

He hoped to be the student's representative and show that it was more than his mother's blood. But that honor was brought by the director's granddaughter, Iruma Suzuki

And then she defeated him in a duel where he only launched a non-magical attack

- You're good? - She held out her hand to help him up and then it happened

Alice he had most of his Incubus powers under control. It was something he had learned in his desire to prove that he was more than his mother's son. But there was one who did not know how to stop.

It is said that an Incubus or a Succubus can see love. In reality, they have a vision of how their relationship with a person will look, if they will feel happy and satisfied. Or if they would be disappointed.

His mother had never found anyone compatible with her. And neither did he, despite the number of parties and young demons he had met in his life. He supposed he would find a nice woman to have children with, and nothing else, as his mother had done.

But looking into that girl's eyes he only saw a future he had never imagined

Absolute happiness and total satisfaction.

That day, Alice did not know how he got to his room, but after that moment in the patio his body was anxious. Find that girl, take her down, make her his, devour her body like a hungry man and drink her moans like a thirsty man

His body burned from that minimal contact they had had. Her arms around him, her breasts against his back, his hand in hers,… That sweet smile on her lips

As Incubus who repressed his desires and instincts he was not a stranger to tension and unconsummated desire, but he had never felt it to that extent. His eyes went to the clock in his room and he realized it was late. She would be in her bed right now, in her pajamas, alone ...

His mind imagined himself outlining his figure on the sheets with his hand. Her eyes would open slightly and she would smile sweetly at him as she hooked her arms around his neck to draw him to her. Her lips would be soft to the touch and her mouth sweet, he knew instinctively.

After removing the sheet, her moans would be cute and sweet at first ...

Alice invoked a power of the Incubi "Entrance to Dreams" and sought Iruma's mind. The director's house was like a big black hole. Alice straightened up on the bed. Until now he had entered dreams as fun when he couldn't sleep well. But it was the first time he had come across something like that

-A barrier? And it's a very powerful barrier. Does Sullivan protect his granddaughter so much?

Approaching her, as he wanted, would be difficult if she was so guarded. As a suitor it would be difficult, granting her loyalty and serving her would be easy

Alice looked in the direction of Iruma's house. Would he give up his pride as a noble to be by her side and serve her? It was not uncommon for a demon, especially a young one, to serve the person who had defeated him

Seeing her again, kneeling before her came naturally. She seemed concerned about him, but she still looked charming. Taking her hand and kissing her knuckles was nice, in addition to the director taking pictures of which he would get a copy of.


Iruma, after listening to the school hymn, decided to be a shadow and not stand out. Until her grandfather decided to put her in the spotlight. Later, after winning a fight with a pink-haired boy by a complete accident, she heard Grandpa say

-As expected of Derkila-sama's descendant! She has good instincts!

Iruma sighed and let the man be happy. Surely, before she arrived, she had spent her life seeking the shadow of a man who was no longer there. She couldn't destroy her dreams

Furthermore, since she had arrived in the demon world two weeks ago, something had fitted into her. It was as if a feeling of uncertainty, of not being in the place where he should have haunted her all her life. And now that feeling was gone

As if the world of demons and herself were the same thing that was completed

Iruma laughed softly at the absurdity of her thought and went to her bed. Later her body started to burn

Although he was an atavistic demon, her features had been suppressed for a long time. It was possible that she never had horns, although the antenna-shaped lock could pass as a type of horn, tail or wings.

But the features were emerging.

And with them the need to see each other in beautiful red eyes. Her hands reached out, wanting to caress the smooth, pink hair, with two ends like cherry petals. His hands ran over her as their lips came together

She gasped as she took more of the strands between her fingers and he laughed, the larger male form covering her. Iruma couldn't help but feel small and feminine. It should be noted that Iruma, until that moment, had never had any obscene or similar thoughts.

Basically, her life focused on trying to survive the extreme and, at the same time, earning money for her parents prevented her from relaxing and thinking about normal things for other girls and girls her age. While others already had their heads full of hearts, Iruma counted the money she had left and thought about what plants she could harvest to eat that day.

The desire for mating usually only arises when certain minimum safety conditions are met. Among them a roof over the head or a stable food source, something that Iruma lacked since she had reason

Iruma Suzuki, 14 years old, atavistic demon with human appearance, woke up that day after having her first dirty dream totally embarrassed. Which only increased when she saw the boy the next day

If a Lord Incubus and a Lady Succubus are compatible with each other, all their instincts will guide them to get together and reject any other possible pair. Although it would take time for Iruma and Alice to realize that fact


Iruma looked at the red-haired girl who knelt in front of her. She had met Mister Azazel the day after arriving in the underworld, but it was the first time she had seen her daughter

-Iruma, my father has asked me to help you hide your human features at school. It is an honor to serve the lineage of the demon king Derkila

-No, the pleasure is mine- Iruma smiled warmly- I hope we are good friends, Amelie

The girl smiled as she got up

-Apart from me, two more teachers have been informed of their situation. Callego and Balam. In today's test there will be a magical invocation. Your body is still too human, so you may not be able to complete it. Professor Callego will summon a beast for you if he sees that you have problems

-Thank you! But I think this is excessive

-Not at all. The lineage of the demon kings is something extremely valuable to us, we like to protect it- Amelie smiled at Iruma and stroked her hair- Also, after the departure of her grandfather, all documents about humans were banned or destroyed. You have become fairy tale beings for us, you can give us a lot of knowledge, since humans have already stopped fighting with swords and use those strange shiny square scales

-You mean the Smartphone?

- Are they called that? - Amelie grabbed Iruma's hair and released it, letting it fall freely- You still smell like a human, your body has that impregnated smell. But your hair smells more like demon because you have washed and perfumed yourself with things from this world, let it loose until the aroma fades.

Iruma nodded. For some reason, upon seeing her, Alice took one of the locks and kissed it before guiding her to the test area

Iruma never expected the professor himself to emerge from his ritual. But Sullivan said it was because her body was even more inclined to the human side, that they could summon demons, than to the demonic side, that they summoned beasts

And, for some reason, Iruma's infamous fame grew considerably

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The first time Izuku's quirk showed up it wasn't a big deal

There was no big bang, the earth didn't stop spinning, people didn't scream in amazement

It was not something memorable but for Izuku himself

It was a field trip to see the cherry blossoms with the preschool class. A lovely spring day, it was worthy of an announcement

After the meal the children ran around the area, but Izuku was tired. He knew Kacchan was going to bother him, so he wished they didn't bother him while he slept on his mother's blanket.

After an hour Izuku woke up and went to gather cherry blossoms while the other children played with a ball. Izuku braided her mother's and other women's hair with flowers

In the end, Izuku sat in his seat in the Bakugou car with his mother in between him and Kacchan.

-Mom, we left Izuku!

Parents looked at Izuku and then at Kacchan

-Honey, Izuku is in the car

-No, he's not- Kacchan was very nervous- We have to go look for him

-I'm here, Kacchan- said a sleepy Izuku and Kacchan was surprised

-Where do you come from ?!

-I was by your side when we got in the car, Kacchan

-No, you weren't!

Parents let it pass as a childish fight. It was not necessary to give importance. The children were tired and Katsuki would be half asleep

The next day, Izuku didn't want to eat the soup that his mother made while they were at the table and covered his mouth while shaking his head.

Inko's eyes widened and she stood up.

-Izuku! Where are you ?! - She started running around the house while shouting for Izuku

- Mother! - Inko ran to the table and pulled Izuku out of the chair he hadn't moved from. Sobbing and thanking, Izuku also began to sob in sympathy


The doctor put the syringe away and looked at the place where Izuku was, since he had asked him not to move. The syringe needle was bent

-Unlike Midoriya-san's quirk that draws objects towards her, Midoriya-kun's quirk seems to repel them. A more powerful mutation than the original quirk and with a gravity base like Midoriya-san's quirk

Inko had Izuku on her lap, she was holding him very tightly

-And how does it become invisible to people's eyes?

-I suppose if Midoriya-san's quirk was something more powerful it could attract other people. The presence of a person is detected by visual, olfactory, auditory and tactile signals. Basically, if the young Izuku does not want something to come close to him, the object will be repelled and they will not even be able to detect it if they are thinking beings. However, it does not affect touch. So if someone touches him, that person will be able to detect him- The doctor sighed- I have to fill out a form so that the young Izuku receives an accreditation for his "Invisibility"

-Is it necessary? - Inko stirred uneasily as Izuku began to mumble about his quirk- I don't think he used it on purpose

-A quirk like this can cause certain problems. Most invisible people need special accreditation from their quirk. I don't want to accuse or say anything, but for a theft or copying on an exam, your child's quirk is very helpful

Inko nodded

-Have you thought of a name?

- "Repelio"! Like the Kacchan card game spell that makes you invisible! - the adults smiled at the child's occurrence

-It's a good name


Izuku was standing, and tied to a stake to find out where he was, in the middle of the schoolyard while his classmates helped him train his quirk. Basically they threw balls at him and Izuku's quirk made them change course.

He was trying to direct them to a certain point, but it was more difficult than he thought

-Damn bastard, today you will receive my anger!

Kacchan released a gigantic explosion that left a groove in the ground. And the clear mark where the explosion had split to leave Izuku perfectly safe and sound.

Since his quirk woke up, Izuku had not harmed himself again.

Even when he fell there was an invisible force that made like a spring and went up again. One day the momentum was too much, so he fell backwards and revolved forward with even more force, it happened about four times before someone grabbed his arm and Kacchan was laughing for more than three hours.

What's more, the video had ended in the presentation of the primary graduation in the section “The laughs we share”

-Very well, class is over. Pick up and have someone take Midoriya's rope to find out where it is

The downside to Izuku's quirk is that it has increased in power over the years. Now he was no longer consciously hiding. His quirk was hiding him. And not only that, insects, paper balls in class, rubble ... Nothing touched Izuku anymore

Except his mother and Kacchan. They were the only ones who detected him fast

His mother was someone not dangerous and she could always see him without effort, and after about five minutes of company Masaru Bakugou also could. As for Kacchan ... Izuku was sure that Kacchan had honed his instincts to the maximum to find him, like a beast that would stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

There was nothing like going on a school field trip and having his teacher arrested by the police for tethering a child. Izuku also had to be thankful that one of his teachers had a quirk called “unconscious confession”, otherwise they would have accused him of all the robberies that occurred in his school

-Deku! It doesn't matter where you hide! I will get stronger and I can hit you! - Kacchan looked angry, presumably. If Kacchan had an attack quirk, Izuku had an evasion quirk. And apparently stronger, since Kacchan had never hit him

So he would be an underground hero like Eraserhead. His quirk was perfect for undercover work.

All Might was still his number one, but he had to be realistic and go for the most suitable job for his quirk. Being an underground hero sounded great. Kacchan could fill headlines, Izuku would take care of dealing with the scum in the alleys.

A bullet hit the sidewalk to the side of Izuku and he looked up in time to see a pink blur on the roof.

He picked up his phone and texted

"Mei, stop using live ammunition against me."

“Your quirk is a perfect material to test my babies and increase their firepower. They are just plastic bullets, you have to be more man "

Izuku looked at the hole in the sidewalk. If that was a plastic bullet he didn't want to know what would happen when she put real ammunition on him

He silently followed his path making noises from time to time to scare elementary school children. Izuku prided himself on being the cause of all the ghost stories in his neighborhood. Once, Kacchan and his friends went to check one and sighed in relief to see that the cause of the noise was Izuku playing

His mother was not amused, but ... What was life without small pleasures?

A sewer exploded behind him and he was covered in mud. It didn't touch him, there was a kind of bubble around him, but the mud was there. Trying to reach him

All Might came out of the sewer and defeated the villain. Izuku got up without making much of a scandal because he knew one of his heroes and surely he would not see him

-Young man, are you alright?

Izuku looked at the surprised man

-Do you… tell me?

-Yes, you're pale. Are you okay?

- Can you see me? - Izuku started crying like a fountain, All Might did not know exactly what was happening.

The invisible man's greatest desire was to be seen and his idol had fulfilled it

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Izumi burst into tears when she felt her diaper fill again. It was humiliating for her, an adult woman with an IQ of 172 and a heroine, to have to endure that. Good…. Technically I was no longer physically an adult

But the adult mind was still there

-Has my little girl become poop? - The honeyed voice of her younger mother was something that Izumi could not hear without avoiding shuddering. But she couldn't do anything either, because she was a baby and people talked like that with babies


Izumi was a heroine and died on duty after passing One for All. She was bleeding to death in the rubble, with a beam piercing her stomach, if a beam eight inches thick.

She looked at the tears running down her student's face and smiled at him. The boy smiled and she thought "Ah ... This is how I'm going. I think I did everything right, save as many as I could and try to do as much good as possible. Now is the time for me to become one of the specters of One for All ”

In a few seconds she was enveloped in the fog so familiar that it had enveloped her so many years ago and in times of need

- It seems that you are finally joining us - The voice echoed and slightly distorted caught Izumi's attention.

She turned and saw the first one. It was ironic that the place she was in looked so much like the place she died in.

-Yes, it seems that it's about time - his voice sounded like the first one

-Well ... not entirely. You have a hidden quirk

Izumi turned to look at the first, behind him were the other carriers. Toshinori included

-A quirk?

-Yes, we call it "reincarnation". I think I don't need to explain what he does, eighth, my girl- Toshinori hug Izumi

- Then will I be born again?

-Yes- the seventh came forward. Nana was the definition of a strong and self-confident woman

-Do you think I will remember you?

-For some reason, it seems like you're taking One for All with you. Or at least an identical copy until your generation. But your specter will still remain with the One for All of the ninth

Izumi stood still

-That sounds kind of weird

The first one chuckled.

-We said you would be reincarnated, but we didn't say it was in this world.

-What? - Izumi dashed his hopes of seeing the tenth, her beloved student again- Well, I guess starting from scratch would be fine

-It is not from scratch, it is a copy of this world- The room laughed jovially- It is the first time that we see this and we are very excited. There may be minor changes in that world. But doesn't that make life more interesting?


Izumi looked around. She was not in the house where she was born, apparently she had arrived ten years early. Although it was refreshing for her to see her father so much. She recognized the view out the window once her mother pulled her close to see the weather.

It was her parents' student flat. Her parents had lived there while studying at the university. Although her mother finished first and started doing some online work while her father was still studying.

Izumi had apparently been born after that, that her mother found her first clients. Izumi wanted to be good to her parents and tried not to make too much noise or draw her mother's attention and annoy them both. What her mother and grandmother, whom she never knew because she passed away before she was born, were taken to the doctor because they thought there was something wrong with her.

The doctor simply said that there were calmer babies than others and, after pinching her a little and checking that she could cry well, told them that there was no problem with her. Izumi still felt very humiliated when leaving all the tasks of her care to her mother and father, but she assumed that she should grow up after knowing that the humiliation would not stop.

Curiously, the most entertaining part of her life was the visits of Mitsuki and knowing that the hatred between both her father and her aunt came from far away. And it was rare to see Aunt Mitsuki before meeting Uncle Masaru

-At least I'm glad you didn't bring your boyfriend from this week to the house where my beautiful daughter is

-Of course not- Mitsuki laughed- Most of them would run if they see that I am getting acquainted with babies and others. They want to play, like me. I don't think he ever feels his head

-Ha! Izumi doesn't believe that! You are the typical Alpha now, but, someday, you will find an Omega who will make you marry and you will be a very happy wife who would adopt the name of her husband

Seeing them argue was very entertaining. But what was Alpha and Omega?


Izumi was five years old when she saw him. She was walking hand in hand with her mother when her eyes got caught up in him. She would recognize him anywhere, or those eyes, although she had never seen him so dirty and slim.

Overhaul…. Before being Overhaul.

Now he was just a little boy. A hungry and homeless boy. Izumi pulled away from her mother's hand and walked over to Kai. The boy squeezed tighter and looked at her more like he was a threat. His bones were sticking out, but he must have been no more than eight years old

Izumi took out of her small bag a cream bun that she had bought earlier with her money and handed it to Kai.

-Are you hungry? I bought this today

-My curse will hurt you, don't touch me

Izumi backed away slowly, until he found a stick and brought the bun towards Kai with it. Fortunately it was wrapped in plastic and did not stain dirt

-At least eat this

The boy picked up the bun and suddenly fell apart in his hands, falling like a liquid onto his lap. Tears came to Kai's eyes. Izumi looked at him sadly. He should not know how to control his quirk to rearm even and hunger should not help for that

Izumi took a candy from her bag and approached Kai, putting it in his mouth

-Sorry, I have no more- The boy looked grateful

Izumi then summoned Black Whip and raised Kai.

-What do you do?!

-You come home with me, I won't leave you alone

Her mother almost screeched when she saw Kai being taken to her daughter's quirk. But after listening to Izumi's explanation, and a brief call to social services, Inko and Hisashi decided to be Kai's foster parents.


Kai was Alpha. Izumi was Omega. Understanding a whole subculture of discrimination not based on quirks but on secondary genres was a bit difficult for Izumi. But she quickly adapted

She found out when Aunt Mitsuki brought Uncle Masaru to Izumi's parents' house, as her fiancé and her marked Omega

Izumi's parents hoped that she and Kai would end up together. But they both only had feelings of brotherhood for each other, with a great deal of overprotective older brother from Kai.

So he was accompanying ten-year-old Izumi as she searched around her.

-Izumi, let's go home. We have been away for a long time

-Kai, I have a feeling. We must be here, in this area. Something is going to happen

- If we re-engage in a villainous attack I refuse to heal you this time. I'll let mom yell at you

-It only happened once! And it wasn't my fault that the piece of rubble hit me in the back

-You had nailed a piece of glass of thirty centimeters that protruded from the other side. Without my quirk you would have died- Kai looked angry and sniffed the air- Smells like a very powerful alpha in the area and I don't want to be disturbed. I won't let an egocentric cocoon get close to my pretty little sister

Unlike Izumi, who did not yet have his nose developed by puberty of his second gender, Kai was already fully developed and that did not help his overprotection

A powerful Alpha? Izumi could swear that All for One would be an Alpha. She had to find Shigaraki before him.

The movement in a garbage can caught Izumi's attention. There was a boy with silver-blue hair crouched down and trying to catch his breath. Izumi ran over and looked at him.

The mole, the wounds that would be scars, ... Shigaraki

-Are you okay, little one?

The boy coughed loudly and Izumi took a bottle of water from his backpack and handed it to him. When the child took it, the plastic decomposed and the water fell to the ground

-I see ... Just nod. Has your quirk been activated and affects your hands? - The boy nodded- Does everything you touch go through that? - Another nod- What if you don't touch with all your fingers? Try stretching your little finger

Izumi again held out another bottle, carrying three. He spread his hands and his pinkies rose. The bottle was still whole. The boy sobbed and drank greedily

-What happened to you? -Silence. Kai looked at Izumi with a gesture that implied that he shouldn't ask him about it-Kai, gloves- Kai took two plastic gloves from his backpack and gave them to him. Izumi broke half of the palms and put the three fingers in Tomura's hands

Kai pulled out a blanket and covered the boy, before picking him up.

-Come on, little one. We will go with our mother.

Izumi picked up Kai's backpack and followed her path, smiling at Tomura who was crying. They passed an alley and Izumi, thanks to an incredible peripheral vision of her, saw All for One. The man was standing there, biting his hand and salivating incredibly while looking at them

She recognized the signs. An Alpha finding its destined partner. The excess of saliva from the desire to bite, the look, the almost animal expression, ...

-Kai, let's go quickly. The child needs help and something does not feel right

Kai nodded and quickened his pace, surely feeling the Alpha's pheromones in the air. Izumi did not have to turn to know that All for One was coming out of the alley and watching them.

The hairs on the back of Izumi's neck stood up and she didn't let go of that feeling until they reached her house. His mother screamed when she saw Tenko and took him to the hospital. As with Kai, she became her foster mother, over time. No one else would willingly host children with dangerous quirks

Tenko turned out to be Omega like Izumi. She used to sit him on her lap and hum softly to him, especially when he had nightmares or a flashback.

-All Might did not come to help us ... No one came- Izumi kissed Tenko's head

-They were negligent, but you can't blame them for that. They are human, humans make mistakes from time to time. That is why we must learn from these mistakes so as not to make them again in the future.


The window slipped open and a white-haired man entered the girl's room with a strange naturalness. The girl's bed was on the wall opposite the window and he approached. She was asleep and her hair was spread across the pillow.

The Alpha took a lock and sniffed it. She smelled of unripe but sweet fruit. His lips parted, showing his fangs and saliva filled his mouth. He wanted to mark her, he wanted to mark her at that moment.

But the girl was ... Ten, nine years old? Very soon, it was very soon

At the moment he was very young, but he knew how to wait. Three centuries polished anyone's patience

He pulled out a knife and, with a quick movement, cut the strand between his fingers. He put it in a ziploc bag before opening the closet, playing as little as possible. Quickly, he found a torn sweatshirt that must have been lovingly guarded. It also exuded the girl's scent greatly

He put it in another ziploc bag and left to leave. He didn't want to leave the room, but he had to leave or the next morning that golden-eyed Alpha and the adult Omega would notice his scent. He took another look at the girl on the bed.

-Soon, my Omega. I'll mark you soon

It pierced through the black mist and reached its lair. Instantly he held the biting ball and started sniffing the lock of hair and sweatshirt, his teeth digging deep into the ball wishing it were the nape of the Omega


Izumi was trapped in an alley with an Alpha who was panting strangely. He looked like one of those dogs that drooled so much

-Little Omega, they let you out alone to attack you ... So tempting

Izumi prepared to kick that man's eggs to the snow point, but it wasn't necessary. A blue fire lit up the alley. A bandaged and bleeding teenager was approaching

-Dude, stay away from the Omega or I'll hurt you.

-You barely stand up! Let me finish and then you will have your turn with her! - The man raised his fist to hit the teenager and Izumi kicked him so hard that where before his head was, now there were his testicles from how much he kicked him.

The boy made a gesture of pain. Izumi turned to him and took him in her arms, running. The Alpha got up and ran after the girl to teach her not to mess with the Alphas

- - I wouldn't do that- - A hand rested on the Alfa's shoulder. The man turned to look at the man in the suit.

-Is that little bitch something of yours?

The man in the suit and with the white hair just smiled before crushing the man against the pavement

-Never insult my Omega, trash. Also, because of you she has brought another Alpha to her house who will be adopted by her mother and will be closer to her than I am. You are lucky to have received a quick death


Izumi reached out to catch the softener mark her mother had asked for when a hand reached out from behind her and held it, bringing it down to her level.

Izumi turned to say thanks when she saw him. All for One.

Her nose filled with the powerful aroma of the Alpha and inside her something rebelled. Wanting to melt into the arms of the man who clearly knew he was an enemy

-I'm so happy that this moment has finally come, Omega

The man pulled Izumi towards him. And his hands ran over the shape of the girl.

-So happy….

Izumi wanted to curse and knew that eight ghosts were speechless. All for One was his destined partner, could there be something worse or that would make the situation even weirder?

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Izuku was a hero for two years, he had seen many strange things in that time.

But seeing two Shouto Todoroki, one with white hair and the other with red hair, was the weirdest thing he had ever seen.

Izuku and Shouto had been friends at the UA, but one day something changed, close to the middle of the second year. Shouto grew cold towards Izuku, it wasn't that they stopped being friends, only that they stopped being as close as before.

Shouto had opened up to more people, but Izuku was still his best friend. So certain things caught Izuku's attention. Shouto had no problem with casual physical contact, but he always jumped when he touched Izuku. They stopped being alone, sitting together and every time Izuku entered the bathroom when Shouto bathed, he ran away.

When they graduated, contact between them was still daily, by message and rarely calls. Izuku thought it was normal, the heroes' work was very demanding and he couldn't see everyone

Then he discovered that he regularly saw other classmates outside of work. Izuku was hurt by that. Shouto was one of his best friends, but it seemed like he was seeing something wrong.

Shouto kept sending messages daily and Izuku answered them once a week, as much as it pained him. If Shouto was pushing him aside, he could do that too, much as Shouto's almost pleading messages hurt because he answered her. But Izuku stood firm

Until he got Tenya's call and found it

-Can you stay with him? - Tenya looked at Izuku- You are his best friend and I think you will take better care of him than all of us

Izuku just nodded. Shouto was silent, both versions of him, during the car trip. Izuku could feel his gaze nailed to his neck

- Since when do you have a car? -The one I ask was the one with red hair

-One month, I tried hard to get my license

-You didn't tell me- the voice of the white hair sounded hurt

-We haven't been very close lately, Shouto. One gets tired of trying to approach a person who seems to avoid him- Izuku turned- How do I address you separately? It's kind of messy to call you both Shouto

-Call me Shouto- Said the white haired in a cold voice

-I prefer that you call me Shou! - The red haired one had more energy than all that Izuku had seen Todoroki express in his entire life

When they got to the house, they both looked curiously. Izuku realized that Shouto had never been in that apartment, although he had not moved since they left the bedrooms, it was sad to think

-It is nice

-I have a free room with a double bed, you can sleep there- Izuku took the food out of the fridge, fortunately, he had enough leftovers for dinner

-Why do you have two bedrooms?

-When we left the UA I wanted to ask you to live with me, but you avoided me from the moment I signed the contract until we moved. So i couldn't tell you

-Ah ... - Both looked embarrassed- But you could have told me later

-We haven't been exactly together lately, Shouto. We have simply reached a point where I have grown tired of chasing you without knowing why you are avoiding me- Izuku was not spiteful, but he had that thorn nailed for years

It was painful that his best friend had been avoiding him for almost three years for no obvious reason.

Dinner was better than expected. Shou was more cheerful and caring than Shouto, he was touching Izuku like the real Shouto had not done since the second year. For his part, Shouto did not take his eyes off Izuku, at any time, and spoke short and soft sentences.

Izuku informed them that he had taken three days off to care for them until they became one again. They both seemed to agree to stay at the house, Shou visibly more excited than Shouto.

Izuku got into his bed and heard the soft sound of the voices, without really hearing them, in the other room


Izuku woke up and instantly noticed that he was tied to the bed and naked

-Good morning, Izuku- Shouto loomed over him

-Shouto, what are you doing? - Izuku tried to use his quirk but couldn't activate it

-You should keep the suppressor cuffs more hidden, Izuku- Shou came out of the side and kissed Izuku on the lips. Sticking his tongue into the mouth of a paralyzed Izuku

-Do you know how much I have contained myself? All this time, wishing to dominate you and possess you.- Shouto kissed Izuku's forehead. I was afraid that you would reject me, so I separated so that you would not leave. But you left me

-Shouto ...

Shou grabbed Izuku by the hair to look at him

-Do you know that we now have half of self-control? Let's show you our love and do things we have been dreaming about for years!

Izuku blushed as his body was traversed by the exploring hands. He had had dreams and wishes about that happening. But not like that!


The villain was at the police station humming.

-What the fuck is your quirk doing?

-My quirk works as a catalyst for desire.- The man smiled- The hero Shouto will be cured if he fulfills what he wants most

The heroes, Ground Zero and Ingenium looked at each other.

-And why are you so happy?

-Because what the hero Shouto wants most is the hero Deku. And right now they are together and the hero Shouto will not be able to contain his desire

Ground Zero began to curse loudly.

-Can we go to warn him?

-They've been fucking six hours together, glasses! Deku must be more open than a meter's mouth, and more if there are two!


After that, despite Shouto recovering the next day, Izuku spent the three days he had requested to leave without going to the agency. Even when he came back everyone said there was something strange about him.

Uraraka gave him a cup of tea

-How are you doing with Todoroki?

Izuku looked up

-Good…. After the exhausting start we are fine. The bad thing is that he is now very perverted. Or maybe he's telling me all the things he thought about before but didn't dare say- Izuku looked flushed

-No one would say you were a virgin three months ago. Now it counts

Izuku moved closer to Uraraka's ear

-Well…. Do you know that I like to eat ice cream lollies once a week? The other day I gave him one and then he said he would give me his frozen bar later. And it's always on that line

Uraraka laughed so hard that she floated Deku, the table, and herself.

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Endeavor's Children

It is one of the branches of the Endeavor agency dedicated to supporting, both financially and with other aspects of their lives, single mothers whose partners had had fire quirks and their children could inherit one.

Mothers were carefully selected and most of the children were trained to be future heroes or to work relating to the heroic world. The hero association imitated him and created a similar program for children with strong or destructive quirks to support them

That branch of her agency caused public opinion of Endeavor to rise favorably and increase her value as a hero.

What no one but a few knew, and the mothers involved, was that all the children in the show were the biological children of hero number 2 Endeavor


Enji looked at Rei, pregnant again, and then he looked at the twin children of just over a year. He clicked his tongue and went to do the calculations that had been around his head for days.

90% of the time the inherited quirks were those of the father, only more powerful. The next 9% was the quirk inherited from the mother. 1% was what Enji wanted, a perfect fusion between her quirk and Rei's. And, in very rare cases, less than 0'0000001% of births, the quirk would be a mutation that may have nothing to do with family line quirks in more than a few ways

If Rei would be 24 years old when the next baby was born and had to wait two or three years for the birth of a new baby. They could only have about eight more babies without counting pregnancies, only eight more attempts. It was very little

In addition to that he could not get her pregnant and that she got to term eight times more without killing her or causing there to be strange rumors

Maybe getting married was a bad idea. You should have bought Rei's eggs or something similar and were looking for bellies for rent. That way there would be more opportunities.

More chances?

If what he wanted were more possibilities, he should only increase the number of children, not only with Rei. There were plenty of women with interesting quirks who were very willing to climb into the bed of hero number 2 without expecting anything in return

And Rei had no feelings for him. On more than one occasion she had told him that she preferred to have relationships just to have children and that she did not want him to touch her. She would have no problem with lovers.

At least she had no problems with Enji's current lover.


Enji looked at the three women whose chips were before him. It had been so easy to get them pregnant when it had taken so long with Rei…

Perhaps their quirks collided and prevented it. With Rei, if he succeeded, he would get the most profit. But it was okay to have more benefits

All three were ambitious women or former heroines who wanted a son with a strong quirk to continue their legacies. It helped a lot that most heroes didn't last ten years in the industry before retiring.

Thanks to that there were plenty of women with powerful fire-based quirks who were willing to have a child with him. Although they had all signed confidentiality agreements, Enji wanted to make himself even more secure and support his children.

-A fake charity project

He would not be the first hero to support children with similar quirks. And most fire quirk users had red hair, so he could cover himself with that.


Fuyumi was a failure and Touya a disappointment. What was the use of having a child with such a strong quirk if he couldn't tolerate it?

He should have thought of that when he married Rei. That he could get not only a merger, but also that the children could inherit their respective weaknesses. Like an extreme sensitivity to heat, typical of ice quirks, and the weakness of burning yourself. Both things Touya suffered from

A rookie mistake

On the other hand, Fuyumi had a weak ice quirk that was useless for heroism. Furthermore, the number of children was now nine. More and more women were approaching him. And his legal and public relations team was doing an excellent job covering all his infidelities.

Enji giggled, which sounded more evil than a hero should have.

At this rate, it would not matter if the next number 1 were a hero. The entire next generation of heroes would be made up of their children.


Enji looked at Shouto.

He had achieved what he had wanted. And another fifty children.

Not that he had slept with so many women. Many were heroines who wanted a child and wanted him to donate sperm for them. Enji accepted if they entered the program. But he had achieved his goal.

Shouto was perfect

And where perfection shone, imperfection became more noticeable

Izuku, son of Inko Midoriya.


Inko had been his lover from the beginning, unlike other women who went to conception and left. Inko had been since before the idea occurred to him, his original and most faithful lover, visiting her every Saturday night.

She was a kind woman who accepted what he gave her. Knowing that Enji's ambition was more important than her, but still wanting to be with the man. She was such a sympathetic woman that Enji felt bad holding her by his side, until he remembered that he was a selfish man and stopped feeling bad.

And the son she had given him was quirkless. An incredibly sensitive and intelligent child, but quirkless.

Even Fuyumi was more useful than that.

Still, the boy had the disposition, passion, and determination to be a hero. Things he would like to see in Shouto

Maybe he could try to turn him into a subway. He had heard of a UA freshman who nullified quirks and fought quirkless, but had come to the hero course


-Izuku has a quirk- Enji was about to throw his food at Inko's call.

-That's impossible. The doctor who diagnosed him is one of the best in Japan

- Well, explain to me why he has a quirk I've seen, Enji! - It was the first time that Enji had heard him scream. Then she sobbed- He endured so much for being different…. And now they tell him that he is like the others. Enji, this is not fair to him

Enji was thinking. He had seen the x-ray and the double joint. Izuku was physically quirkless.

-What if it's a mutation?


-A mutated quirk does not share characteristics with parents, it can be something completely new. Something that may manifest itself much later, or make the wearer appear quirkless- Enji said it often. That certainly wasn't the weirdest thing a quirk could do- He would have to go to the doctor to measure his quirk levels.

Inko accepted. Enji cut the call and sighed looking at his phone.

A fusion and a mutation in the same year.

He did not know if he was lucky or not. He knew All Might's level was 12,500, his own level was 9,800, and Shouto was 11,200.

It was impossible for Izuku to beat them, waking up so late. Although it would be nice if it were above the average of 2,000


-Its levels are increasing- The doctor spoke raggedly- He is strengthening himself, he continues to grow and become stronger

Inko was amazed, as was Enji. Normally the levels were fixed quickly after the quirk appeared, they did not increase. That meant that he was not yet showing all he could give.

-What figure?

-11,000 according to the last measurement- The doctor smiled- But we repeated the test, after having done it the day before, and it had increased by 100. I would like to repeat the tests periodically until it stops growing.

Enji looked at Inko.

-I agree to control it, but I don't want it to become an experiment

-Don't worry, we will be the least invasive possible. But mutated quirks are very rare, it is wonderful to study it.

-What is the quirk?

The man looked at his notes

-An accumulation of energy that is transformed into physical force. But we don't know where it gets the energy from or how much it can store. It's really mysterious

Enji nodded. Fire was a form of energy. He had created a very powerful mutation

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In the magical world there are many substances that have never been mixed. Because knowing the effect of one substance, which could nullify the other, no one would bother to waste precious ingredients

So no one knows the effect of putting two distances of opposite effects together

For example, basilisk venom and phoenix tears. The cure for most of the deadly ills and one of the world's deadliest and most incurable poisons. It was obvious that if you mixed both the only thing that would come out would be a liquid without special properties, since the tear would cure the poison and they would become useless

There was the error

Felix Felicis, the liquid potion of luck. That was the rarest known potion and it paired various poisons with their antidotes.

Harriet lay on the ground as Fawks cried over the basilisk wound on her arm after killing the memory of Tom Riddle. The boy had been charming for a while, but it was obviously not right

-If I had only known him before he squirmed I could have saved him

Harriet's arm started to glow and everyone was covered in light. When it went off there was nothing broken or wrong in the chamber of secrets. There was not a dead basilisk, there was not a destroyed newspaper, there were not two Gryffindor girls lying on the ground and exhausted,….

As if the battle had never happened

The chamber door opened with a chilling screeching of the rusty hinges and a man entered the chamber. He did not worry about his elegant and expensive shoes, which were getting wet in one of the innumerable puddles of the room

The man's hair was black, neatly combed, he was already beginning to show abundant gray hair that gave him a distinguished air, his black eyes were sharp and intelligent and his face was beautiful and mature. The man wore an elegant and exquisitely cut magician costume. He turned and held out his hand toward the entrance

A woman took his hand. She was of a similar age and, like him, her black hair was dotted with soft white brush strokes that appeared between her gently tucked untamable locks. Her emerald eyes smiled at the man from behind the glasses as his low-heeled shoes crashed into the water under his feet. On one side of his face, his bangs covered a lightning-shaped scar from a curse.

The two walked together to the center of the room and the man pulled out his wand as the woman opened her bag. A table came out of the interior, as well as food, chairs, cutlery, plates, candles, two glasses and a bottle of sparkling wine.

The woman looked at the man, who took the bottle and removed the cap without using magic before serving the two glasses and offering one to her

-Happy anniversary, Harriet

-Happy anniversary, Tom. How did you get Dumbledore to let us celebrate here?

The man chuckled and looked at the room where he first saw his wife

-Let's say that having power over the school board, the school budget and being a minister of magic gives me certain privileges, Mrs. Riddle

Harriet drank some wine and smiled at her husband.

-Oh, Tom. I have the impression that no matter how hard I try I will never take away your twisted nature

-And why change something that is okay? I need to be twisted if I'm in the world of politics, besides ... - Tom grabbed his wife around the waist and kissed her- If it wasn't for you, he would surely be committing genocide. You straightened me out a little

Harriet chuckled

-Only a little?

-I did most of the work to impress you, so you gave me the foot to improve. But I did a lot on my own

-Apparently humility is something that you carry naturally too

The man laughed and looked at the room. The first time something came in it changed for him. It was also the first time that he saw his wife


Tom was in his fifth year and had just been named prefect when he first entered the girls' bathroom. It was the place he had most longed to investigate

He had read and reread the school plans in his first year. And this room was the only misplaced one in the entire design. For a bathroom it didn't get much sunlight and it was cold and humid all year. So the girls avoided him like the plague and preferred to go to other services.

Also, it was the only bathroom in the school that had a snake hidden in the door frame.

If he was Salazar Slytherin that's where he would put the camera. Especially since the beast must be some kind of snake. A cold and humid place, with few people

-Open up- The Parseltongue language felt more natural than English in their language. The sinks opened and Tom smiled

After a few minutes he reached a strange underground chamber. Without a doubt the camera that your ancestor left in the castle

Tom smiled and noticed something on the water, a stone rectangle. He approached with curiosity and saw her, she was in a kind of coffin. A beautiful black-haired girl who slept holding on to a silver sword. Tom looked carefully and saw the inscription on the sheet

Godric Gryffindor

An heiress like him? And how long had he been there?

He had removed the dust with a spell and there were no spiders due to the basilisk. But Tom could swear that that chamber had not been opened in centuries. Perhaps since Salazar Slytherin left school and educated his descendants at home.

Touching the coffin, he noticed the girl's soft breathing and the intricate magic that protected her. Someone had gone to great lengths to keep her alive.

The statue's mouth began to open and a gigantic snake emerged. Tom congratulated himself on finding out what a basilisk was.

-Heir to Salazar, I'm glad to see that my master's lineage has returned to the castle- The snake hissed around him with his eyes closed

-Who is she? - Tom tried to touch her carefully, fearing an adverse version of magic, however he could easily touch her

-Salazar left Godric's son alone, but sealed his daughter with powerful magic. So they kicked him out of the castle. He commissioned me to take care of her and let her heir decide when she arrived- The giant snake approached the coffin with affection- She also speaks the language of snakes. She was kind

Tom held a lock of hair between his fingers, it was soft and an unfamiliar sensation spread through his chest. It was warm and heavy, but not heavy and annoying. It was a kind of heaviness comforting in a way

- It's called love- hiss the basilisk with a giggle- Or attraction. It is the desire to mate

-How do you know?

-Boy, you're muttering on my tongue. A human would not hear you, but you are very audible to snakes

Tom decided to break that habit somehow. As far as he knew, he was the only one who spoke Parseltongue in the country. But that could end in any minute

-How do I break your seal?

-Have you heard of sleeping beauty? A kiss will break the spell

Tom looked at the snake, hoping it was a joke or something similar. But the snake looked serious. There was nothing to lose. Tom leaned down and brushed his lips against the girl's.

For some reason it felt different than when he kissed other girls to win their favors and get things, in addition to putting them in their favor. Those kisses had been cold of him, full of machinations and with a clear goal in mind

But this kiss was more of a whim. He hadn't planned anything and he didn't know if he would get any benefit from it. He just wanted to kiss that girl. By turning away from her. Her eyes were open with a beautiful emerald green color that gleamed in the dim light of the chamber before closing them again.

Tom did not hesitate to take her in his arms and rise to the surface


Director Pickery started covering it up as soon as he found out. The first thing he did was to close that bathroom and put several statues to guard it so that no one else was there. The second thing was to create a false story with Tom about the girl. A victim of the war who managed to flee a miracle and Hogwarts was welcoming her

Of course, Dumbledore was informed of the truth

Tom did not like the man, he always looked at him through those horrible glasses and felt that he was silently judging him. And he never really benefited from that trial. The man was always suspicious of him and looked down on him.

So Tom tensed when the man entered the infirmary. The girl was asleep and the nurse, as well as the Saint Mungo doctor, had confirmed this. Apparently breaking her curse had depleted her energy and would awaken later that day or the next.

-Good evening, Tom

- Professor - Tom was still holding the girl's hand in his and knew that Dumbledore had seen him. But I didn't want to let go, it was so soft and delicate, it seemed like it would fade if I let go

The man looked at him

-It's funny that you care about her

-I found her, professor. I couldn't leave her alone

- Still, it's late Tom. Mrs. Mc Fadden will take care of her

Tom was reluctant. He knew that he needed to maintain his façade as a good student, respectful of the rules, and for that he had to obey the teachers. But leaving that girl alone was difficult enough, she didn't know why

Tom got up, with a smile for the teacher and went to leave. Something snagged on his clothes and he turned to look at the girl with half-open eyes looking at her from the bed.

-Don't leave, please.


A bloodline test conducted by the goblins and three half-magicians showed that the girl had quite a few economic assets that had been frozen for over a thousand years. An account created by Godric Gryffindor himself when the bank was founded in his old age and with specific maintenance instructions

- Harriet Potter - said the goblin - Mr. Gryffindor said that that was her name and should only respond to that, Director Pickery. He also left a fund for her to be admitted to Hogwarts, as pure blood and daughter of one of the founders I see no reason to deny her entry

Director Pickery spoke the next day about how she was the daughter of a family who had been killed by Grindelwald and had been fortunate enough to flee. Tom Riddle's brave rescue and how he was awarded the school's outstanding service award

It took Harriet two weeks to get out of the infirmary and feel comfortable.

It had been sent to the past. He had survived and was now with Tom Riddle from before creating the first Horcrux. I also knew what event would create it. Tom would run away from school after taking a blood test and discovering that he was related to the Gaunts. Upon learning that his muggle father abandoned and despised his mother, angry, Tom went to the Riddle family home with his uncle's wand and killed them all.

Harriet couldn't match that boy with the young man who was sitting studying in the infirmary with her, because they put her in the third year and she still needed some more knowledge.

He was surprisingly attentive and a good tutor. Harriet was surprised to see that she was not the only one with a curse scar, albeit in the midst of the Second Great Magical War.

Harriet did the hat ceremony again, which she sent to Gryffindor again, much to Tom's obvious disappointment. Still, Harriet tried to get closer to him every time she had. And it was not unusual given that at that time there was still no great prejudice against Slytherin and he was their "savior"

Because he didn't seem like an actor when he was with her. Or at least that's what Harriet wanted to believe

-Do you want to find your magic family?

-Yes, my mother had a wand, so she was a witch. But I grew up in a Muggle orphanage, so I can't be sure- The boy smiled- But this is the first time I have heard of the lineage test, so I have planned to save the three galleons to get one.

-If you want I can pay you- Harriet offered

-No, I want to achieve this by myself. I am excited to meet my magical family. I may even be able to convince them to adopt me

-I could adopt you, for the ministry I'm almost a thousand years old- The boy looked at her with a strange smile- Okay, bad idea. But I don't think the blood family is that important. Mine took me away, making me live with my uncles who hated and mistreated me. I didn't grow up with a family, but the people you trust and rely on count as family in some way


Tom looked at his uncle and went to raise his wand while the man laughed. Harriet launched herself against his back and grabbed his arm.


The young man turned and the anger he felt inside vanished when he saw the black-haired girl cry. Then he made them appear away from the half-ruined mansion. Tom ran his hands over Harriet's cheeks with soft, delicate fingers.

-Why are you crying?

-Because he wanted to hurt you- Harriet took the boy's hands, noticing the wand in the young man's hand- He said it to hurt you and make you crazy. Please Tom, violence is not the answer

-He abandoned my pregnant mother - The boy's voice trembled with rage

Harriet stroked Tom's cheeks and tried to calm him down.

-Kill him and he'll suffer for a second. If you want to destroy a man, take everything he loves from his life and take away the possibility of getting him back. That's eternal torment- Harriet said the phrase without thinking, it was something her uncle Vernon had said while reading a book when she was little, the only book she saw him read.

Tom was silent looking at her and then hugged her tightly. They were both sitting on the wet grass in the summer night

-I have an idea to destroy my father, will you help me?

Harriet nodded and took further refuge against the young man.

The next day, Tom Marvolo Riddle strolled around the small town. The first person he met looked at him like a ghost, but he told him that his mother was a native of the town, with his dazzling charm, and before dying bringing him into the world he said that his father was also an inhabitant. In less than an hour, most of the small town was on the street watching them

-He said she lied about the pregnancy

-That I cheated on him vilely

-What deception? They are practically copies

- So Tom left with her voluntarily?

-You know how young people are, he gave him a whim and, when he gets tired, he abandons the poor girl

-I didn't have much to do with them. But the daughter was kind and shy ... A little silly

-There is no lack of foolish girls that unfortunates take advantage of

-The boy grew up in an orphanage since he was born. But he is so kind and so well mannered… He even brought another girl from the orphanage so she could travel a little.

-I always thought that the Riddles' son had been seduced and deceived, that he made a mistake of youth. But he sure likes to take advantage of young girls, why else would he still be single after all this time?

-He and my daughter help the church together. I will tell my daughter not to go near him, I don't want him to take advantage of her

Harriet listened to them speak as she clung to Tom's hand. That morning he had told her what they would do

-That man was cheated by my mother, I bet she used amortentia- Tom under his eyes- I don't condemn her for wanting to be with the person who loved any means. But what that man values

most is his reputation. He is now the poor man who was deceived by a woman and is a saint to these people. Let's change that

Harriet couldn't help but admire Tom's ability to, with a few sentences, change the situation and everything exactly to what he wanted. Her father was being destroyed by all her neighbors.

The closer they got to the Riddle house, the more tense Tom grew, but Harriet stayed close to keep him on the ground. To calm him down. Finally they reached their destination, Tom indicated to Harriet when he should stop to pretend to gasp.

The Riddles left the house and their eyes widened at the sight of Tom. Then they turned to look at their son

-You said that she cheated on you about her pregnancy- It was the first thing the woman hissed

Tom seemed to want to enjoy the show and Harriet stayed by his side. That was certainly very interesting.

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An old Alpha interrupted All for One as he began to bring his hands dangerously close to the edge of Izumi's skirt. Her Omega was pleased that she did not move, despite having his mind screaming at her that he was an enemy

She wanted to be touched more and more, that superficial touch was not enough

She wanted to push him away and run away, because she couldn't control what she felt and she was scared

Give. Run away. She was so focused on those sensations that she didn't notice how the Alpha talked a bit with All for One about how he shouldn't be intimate in public places, out of respect for his Omega.

All for One smiled at the man and nodded, before taking Izumi to the boxes, paying for the softener and leaving

-Kurogiri, to the house

Izumi found herself going through a portal of mist into what appeared to be an apartment. The bedroom of an apartment to be more exact

Izumi looked at the window trying to locate herself and realized that they were on the other side of the city

-Is that the Tokyo tower?

- Yes, do you want to enjoy the view a bit? - The man, acting kinder than Izumi believed possible for a monster like him, led her to the window.

They were at high altitude and with privileged views. Izumi did not remember this property in the list of those obtained after her capture. Although there were several discrepancies between the worlds.

For example, Nana Shimura was still alive and working at the UA as a coach with Gran Torino. And the big fight between All Might and All for One never happened

Then Izumi felt a tug on her skirt, getting up. She turned her head to look at All For One, kneeling behind her.

-What do you do?

-Enjoy my own views- the man smiled and Izumi tried to lower her skirt, in vain- Although it makes me a little jealous that you wear other Alfa-themed underwear- All Might's panties. Izumi knew what was going to happen to them a second before it happened. The torn pieces of cloth ended up on the floor

-Don't look, it's dirty- Izumi blushed and didn't know where that sweet voice came from. She had not been like this with her other sexual partners in her other life

Sexual partner? Was she really going to let All for One do those things to her?

And why did the thought not displease her?

The man smiled kneeling behind her. And Izumi felt a chill that was not scary

-If it's dirty I just have to clean it with my tongue- Izumi felt burning- Enjoy the view while I…. I will enjoy other things


Only ten minutes later, Izumi was picked up by All for One's arms and carried to the bed. Somehow all of her clothes had disappeared, her thighs were covered in her stain and a thread of saliva fell from her lips

-The view from my windows is very beautiful- The alpha climbed onto the bed while he wiped his shiny lips with his tongue and took off his shirt- But I think what I'm seeing right now is infinitely superior

Izumi moaned as he lunged at her hard

Three centuries really made someone a master of many things


Izumi slowly opened her eyes

She was covered in a sheet and her body felt worse than if she had trained for whole days.

How could someone do it so well or have so much resistance?

Izumi turned her head and was surprised to see two packages of empty condoms, with the corresponding used and knotted products. Two packets.

She hadn't felt like that much. But she could no longer look Nana and All Might in the eye in the dreamlike landscape. But they did not know how the Omega body felt before its partner. An extreme craving and an insatiable desire.

She raised her head higher. I look for the Alpha until she found him leaning against the headboard watching her. Izumi blushed and tried to cover herself up a bit. But he grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto him

He undressed her with a simple twist of his fingers and laid her on his still covered lap. But it seemed like it would only be like this for a short time

-Why do you cover something so beautiful?

- Shame- Izumi thought that she had lost the ability to make complete sentences. Kai would be mad if he saw her like this


-My family! It was in the purchase and I have not warned them! - Izumi started to look for her clothes before being caught by the arms of All for One- My brother Kai will be terrified

-I already warned them. I hope you don't mind that I used your phone. Although your brother threatened me in a strange and violent way- The white-haired man smiled. Damn attractiveness and overactive hormones. - And very imaginative. But you're mine until tomorrow morning

Izumi felt her being flipped over in bed. All for One climbed over her again and covered her with his body

-And I really hate when you mention other Alphas- That paralyzed Izumi. He had investigated her. Possibly he would know a lot about her, if not everything. That day, when she picked up Tenko, she sealed her fate

Izumi's mouth was covered with All for One's

As soon as she knocked on the door, and removed All for One's hand from under her skirt, Izumi was pulled into the house.

The next thing I heard was the door slamming and the sound of the locks being released. Touya was in the hallway to pick up Izumi and keep him from falling and looked at Kai curiously.

-Ready, the annoying bug is left out

Izumi could only turn her head when she saw her mother letting All for One through the garden gate

-Don't be rude, Kai! This man is Izumi's destined partner! You can't leave him out!


Having All for One, Kuro Shigaraki, behaving like a good son-in-law had drained Izumi's resistance and she just wanted to lie in bed and pray not to enter the dream landscape in dreams

Her brother, for some reason she knew, had put boards on her window while she was away

-So you don't have unpleasant visits

Touya had just laughed and Tenko was sleeping with her

Izumi hugged her younger brother and closed her eyes just a second before hearing something metallic falling to the ground. As a former heroine she remained attentive to the sound until she heard a second metallic thump

Izumi turned around and watched as the board slowly fell to the ground. Then another. And the window opened.

Izumi watched as Kuro entered the room with a naturalness that made her realize that it was not the first time.

He watched her and they looked at each other in silence in the middle of the night

-I guess I can't take you with me

-No, I'm sorry- Izumi smiled and Kuro lowered her head, giving Izumi a very deep kiss.

-Well, we always have tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and next year. And eternity

A hand passed over Izumi's head and she fell asleep instantly from the use of a quirk.


Toshinori was always nervous when they met this man, on the other hand his teachers were humming quietly while moving their feet to the rhythm of an unidentified melody

-Relax, Toshi. This is necessary to keep the peace

Peace. Peace

For this treatment he felt guilty every time someone called him "Symbol of peace"

It all went back to two Alpha brothers. As they had been betrayed by the system, mistreated by their parents and forced to grow up on forced marches. One could steal quirks, the other could give his own quirk.

-We will create a better world- said the older brother

-But there will always be bad people- the minor complained- You cannot create a better world if there are still bad people

-Then I will be the most evil of all to control all the bad and you will help for peace

Those words still carried weight today, and he as the eighth generation of One for All knew that. All for One led in the shadows, helping One for All and the police to control the darkness

A portal opened and the white-haired man came in whistling and smiling.

- Are you in a good mood? - Nana laughed

-Yes, I found my destined Omega and we mated. She is very pretty and is seventeen years old. She is preparing to enter the UA- Kuro continued talking about his beloved Omega while Toshinori rolled his eyes- And she is part of Tenko's adoptive family

Nana tensed. Nobody who saw her at that time, old, hunched and thin, would think that in her day she was one of the strongest heroines in the country. One who blamed herself a lot for not having adequately protected her family

-He's fine?

-Yes, originally I wanted to make her my successor. But it seems she ended up being a hero.

- Does she know who you are? - Toshinori regretted his words as soon as he said them. The man had sworn he would not do anything to him, privately, but he was still scared

The man smiled slightly.

-She knows I'm dangerous, even though we've only known each other for two days. I noticed it every time we touched and when I undressed her for….

-Ahhh! Too much information! - Toshinori covered his ears and started singing "Lalalalala" until the man was standing in front of him

-Have you already delivered One for All?

-Not. I have not found a suitable candidate. Why?

-My darling's quirk is like One for All. Just a little bit different.

-Oh ... Do you want me to meet her? -Toshinori looked at Nana

-Yes please. Maybe she is more receptive to another woman

Toshinori felt sorry for the girl

Chapter Text

Izuku was gasping with pain and pleasure as her naked body trembled from the pain that ran through her.

Kai sat next to her on the futon, his pants were still unbuttoned, and he was shirtless. But he had just had a shower and he looked clean and fresh compared to Izuku. She still had traces of the previous activity, and not only sweat, all over her body

She was still numb from the searing pain that ran through her body. But Kai hadn't hit her or something similar, so she couldn't explain why she was in pain.

-It is called deprivation of orgasm, Izuku- Kai stroked Izuku's back gently and he shuddered at the touch- If it is done well, it is painless and pleasant, but if it is mastered you can make it an incredibly painful experience for the other person. And a good way to punish girls who are mean

Izuku shuddered as he kept trying to catch his breath. A part of her body felt…. Broken

- Don't yell at me again or demand anything, Izuku- Kai pulled her hair to look at him.- Remember, I'm in command. If I want you to see Rin, you will see her, if I want you not to see her, you will not see her. Don't ask me to bring her again

Izuku sobbed

-I just want to see my daughter ... She is my daughter as much as yours- The tears fell down Izuku's cheeks

-But you are not ready yet, you continue to live on vain dreams of heroism, you fight against and you have the hero's illness. All that makes you an unfit mother- Kai lovingly cupped Izuku's cheek. You had to know when to take out the carrot and when the stick- But all that can be corrected, and when I succeed I will let you stay with Rin always. Who knows, there may be a little brother or sister for Rin right now in your belly. Considering what we have done, it is quite possible

Kai grabbed her shirt and left the room. At that moment Izuku's sobs grew louder, but Kai ignored them. She kept walking down the hall until she saw Chronostasis.

- Are you going to make her get pregnant again?

-Not so soon- Kai finished buttoning her shirt and put on her gloves and surgical mask- But children and taking them away from the mother is a great measure of control

-You are really evil.

-I know, but this time I do it to protect them both from the harsh outside world.

Chronostasis nodded, not quite convinced

- We did a blood test on Rin. She has a quirk factor- Kai stopped slightly and looked at the masked man

-Are you sure?

-Yes, we draw blood twice and check it six times. She has a quirk and considering how much yours is, we would have to take measures

-In a perfect world, I would cut off the girl's hands- Chrono stood still- But I know that if I do, I will never be able to dominate the mother. We'll think of countermeasures before she turns four, after all she's barely a year old


Izuku was humming, letting Rin rest on her chest as she sang softly. Kai's eyes were fixed on her.

Rin had been very happy to see her mother, but was already associating stopping eating with being pulled away from Izuku's side. So she got nervous when she started finishing her meal

Izuku kept humming, trying to calm the girl down and wincing when Rin bit down hard on her chest. She was starting with teething, a little earlier than the other children.

-Not so strong, Rin. You hurt mom- He said pulling the girl away and changing her chest

Kai reached out and rubbed Izuku's sore nipple for a moment, lightly smearing the glove with her breast milk. Izuku was paralyzed and Rin stirred as she noticed her tense mother

-Then I'll take care of it properly

Izuku clenched her teeth tightly.


- We still haven't found anything? - Nezu was furious and all the heroes and teachers present noticed it. Nezu was very protective with his "pack" and for him his "pack" were all the students, their families and the UA faculty.

And now someone had taken a young girl from the pack and her young.

As the pack leader, Nezu was rabid. Izuku Midoriya and her daughter Rin had boarded a bus near her home to go to a nearby supermarket with children's products and had not been seen again. The bus was found at twelve hours after the kidnapping, on Dagobah beach, charred with the driver inside.

Any trace inside the vehicle had disappeared. And with the traces, Rin and Izuku were no longer there. The cameras had been turned off, no one knew the route the vehicle had taken

All of this was aimed at high-ranking criminals ...

And, if Nezu's intuition was correct, Rin's father

That man had raped a girl and pregnant her without knowing it. But it didn't hurt her more than rape when she was drugged. So the odds that he would harm Izuku were lower, 5% lower.

The bad thing is that she could have kidnapped both of them to cut the ties that would tie her to crime. Or had stayed with Rin and sold to Izuku

And then there was the worst situation. That this guy wanted Izuku and Rin, to take them for some strange and twisted feeling. In that case, Rin would be fine, but Izuku must be being ... Nezu refused to think about it, as her mind filled with the image of the girl who used to play chess with her.

-It wasn't All for One or the league. And the known criminals have not moved.

-And look for high-ranking criminals with golden eyes? - They all looked at Aizawa- Rin is a copy of Izuku, if not for the golden eyes instead of green.

-In that case it would be Overhaul and Kuroko ... And Kuroko is ... -Everyone thought of the villain, because she defined herself as a woman despite being a man biologically and he liked women. She was the poison among poisons, the villain killer. She did not hunt for heroes, she contacted victims or their families and demanded payment for murder. But she never touched the innocent

-Overhaul? Shit, we need more than "Her eyes look alike" to go after the Shie

-But if that poor girl is true ...

- Didn't Overhaul have something for the quirkless?

Nezu got up from the chair and gave them a five-minute break before heading out into the hall. There, leaning against the wall, was Shouto Todoroki.

Nezu knew for sure how Shouto felt about Izuku. It was almost public knowledge. Shouto liked Izuku, but Izuku was careful. Like every mother with a small child

For most people, if the relationship failed, it would only be one more failure ... Izuku knew that if they failed, Rin would lose a father figure. And the teenager preferred to spend the rest of her life alone before something so painful happened to her daughter

-Are there any clues?

-Todoroki, you are not part of the investigation. I can't tell you anything-The young man interrupted him

-I'm asking out of courtesy. If I tell my father he will give me full access to his computer and case files. - The young man had cold eyes

-We are watching several high-ranking villains- Nezu looked at Shouto with affection, he liked that the boy tried to put him on the ropes. It was something that showed how strong the boy was- But if we find her, you'll be part of the rescue operation. I think she will need you


Izuku felt bad. She was vomiting again.

Contrary to what he thought, Kai was not bothered by Izuku's sudden illness. Rather, he looked happy

Izuku was no fool, she had been through that before. Kai had made her pregnant again. Another child to use against her, to manipulate her. Just like he used Rin, and Eri, whom Izuku had only recently met.

Kai very good at what he did. He emotionally tied her to things he had complete control over to handle and make her docile. Izuku just hope Nezu found her soon

Chapter Text

Aizawa was a Beta man. As such, he did not understand why Nezu had put him in charge of his class dormitory.

It was true that the Betas had a duty to calm and unite the herds, but that particular herd was made up of only Alphas and Omegas. They were difficult to carry even for Alpha masters.

Aizawa decided that after five they did in a week he would send his resignation to Nezu again.


Aizawa invoked Satan and all his subjects when his mobile phone rang at 2 A.M. He saw that it was the number of Todoroki, the Alpha leader of the pack, and feared that one of his idiots had done something


-Todoroki? What happen?

-Aizawa Sensei, I have a question

-I swear by everything that is sacred that if it is about classes ...

-I can't get my penis out of Izuku- the boy looked distressed and Aizawa felt the cup he had been holding fall


-We were having sex for the first time and the base of my penis has swollen inside Izuku's body. I can't get it out and Izuku seems like gone

-Todoroki, what do you know about knots?

- Knots like sailors? - Aizawa had to curse loudly

-Did you use protection?

-Yes, Izuku brought it. I didn't know there were specific condoms for Alphas- Aizawa wanted to go with Endeavor and beat him until he bled. That will bleed a lot

-Todoroki, the swelling is a knot. It is totally normal and will drop in about ten minutes. And Izuku is not gone, as long as the knot is inside his body he will have a constant orgasm. He probably passed out before the knot goes down, so don't worry and let him sleep- Aizawa looked at the phone one more second- And tomorrow, after school you will meet me and Recovery Girl in the infirmary.

At least he had to make sure the boy got some sex education


Aizawa was standing next to the television (25,000 yen without tax). The poor device had exploded

-Very well, what happened, Bakugou?

The blonde Omega laughed

-You have the wrong blonde, Sensei!

Aizawa turned to look at an embarrassed Kaminari

-You have three seconds

-We wanted to connect the consoles, but there were no plugs left. So I gave the TV power. But Sero scared me and I had a little overhead

- "Small overload" - Aizawa felt the gray hair come out- You are paying it for your money, until then you will not have a television

Aizawa left ignoring the complaints around him


Aizawa was standing in the infirmary

All his students except Midoriya and Bakugou were on the stretchers hugging their stomachs and gasping in pain

-Weak! That was only a level five itchiness!

-Kacchan, most people can't handle level three

-You can with a nine!

-But I grew up with you. Our mothers season the food with so much tabasco that I'm used to my whole body burning with every bite

It took a lot of omeopra *** for the class to get out of the infirmary. And a lot of ice on the stomachs and in the mouths


Aizawa closed Mineta's door, with him inside. The Omega boy was trying to sneak into the Alphas' side, again

That he remained a virgin was a mystery to Aizawa, given that he was so offered.

And it was not the only Omega or Alpha that stopped at night. He had had to start roaming after the Todoroki incident, because automatically closing the doors of the students' rooms was "cruel"

Honestly, he remembered his time at the UA, with Nemuri….

His students were holy compared to the Alpha woman

Aizawa heard a slight noise outside and left in time to see Mineta and other Omegas climb onto the Alfas balconies.

He jumped up with his scarf unfolded and caught them. It would be a long night


His students were up to something

Aizawa knew it

They talked among themselves, they slipped away, they seemed guilty, ...

It was the last thing he let them do. After this he would resign and move to Antarctica or any other place where Nezu could not catch him.

Aizawa followed Midoriya to the back of the building and saw him open a locker of gymnastics that were no longer used.

-What are you doing? -Midoriya jumped a good five meters in the air

-Sensei, it's not a bad thing. I swear

A meow caught Shouta's attention. From behind Izuku came a cat about nine months old, and then another and another


-Someone put them in a sack and threw them down an embankment on the route I take to run (Author: In my neighborhood this is happening, if it happens in your cities, inform people about animal shelters.). I couldn't let them die and they were so weak. He intended to take them to the shelter when they were older, but they all found out and wanted to help

Aizawa passed Midoriya and took the five kittens in his arms.

-I'll take care of them, Midoriya. Next time you come to me for a similar problem

That night, as he curled up with the cats washed and vaccinated, Aizawa thought that maybe his students weren't such bad boys. Then an explosion sounded in the middle of the night.

Aizawa turned around and decided to take over the next day

Chapter Text

Toshinori held her young daughter in her arms with love. The girl had thick green curls and tight eyes while still reddish.

Inko laughed as Sir Nighteye took photos and said that Izumi was a carbon copy of Toshinori. A similarity that only he saw, judging by the looks of Gran Torino, Nezu and Recovery Girl.

They were all in the basement of the UA. The safest place for Inko to give birth to Izumi without worrying about villains. Toshinori always tried her best to protect Inko

There were zero legal documents of his marriage. They were only married at the Japanese embassy in the United States and the document was filed in New York courts, famous for taking several weeks to find a document. It was said that even God himself would be lost there without a map

Also, they made a fake account for a fake husband for Inko. Hisashi Midoriya. There were fake photos, he talked about travel, he took pictures of landscapes,… All of this was done by one of the agency's cronies who worked internationally

Toshinori in the end left Izumi on the bed and turned to kiss the face of a tired Inko when everyone gasped. Floating on the crib was the newborn girl. Toshinori grabbed her before she flew too high and looked at everyone.

-A super early quirk?

Everyone began to say that it was fortunate that Izumi had developed a quirk as rare as flying at such a young age. All but one, who was silent looking at the girl, who was floating slightly again.

-Torino? Is something wrong? - They all looked at the old man

The man blinked and looked at them back

-Maybe I'm getting old. But I've seen that quirk before, and you too, Toshinori. Although they may only be similar

- Who have you seen him in? - Inko looked at him with a smile. She knew about One for All

-It was Nana's original quirk, "Float." She could float and prop herself up in the air like she was solid. What's more, she used to carry weights in her shoes so she wouldn't fly by accident, since she was somehow lighter than air.

Toshinori stroked Izumi's head gently. Thinking of her teacher flying. She told him that it was very difficult for him to stabilize vertically and to be able to move. It was beautiful to see something so similar coming from him


When Izumi was three years old she manifested a second quirk.

She was walking with her mother when they sat on a bench eating ice cream. And one boy thought it was very funny to cut the strap that tied Izumi to a rolling weight. Izumi began to float higher and higher instantly

Inko started screaming for help, but there were few quirks that allowed flying. Izumi looked higher and higher and then saw the lamppost

But it was further from his hands and she couldn't get there. Then a black lightning bolt shot out of her arm and shot her toward the lamppost. Izumi held on until the fire department arrived to bring her down

-But how do I get to the lamppost? A black rope came out and she was there, she moved almost three meters in the air- said one of the police officers who were there from the beginning

Inko panicked

-Maybe someone lured her to the lamppost with her quirk and then ran away- A firefighter sighed- We see many of those, people who help in panic and then run away because they think it is illegal. It is not good, but not bad either, in emergency cases you can use quirks to help, but most people don't know it and run away.

Inko sighed in relief that no one saw anything unusual in Izumi. Then she said goodbye to the agents and went to her building.

Most of the people could see the light in the windows and the figures move inside the apartment. What they did not know was that they saw holograms. The floor was on the 10th floor, but the image shown was in the security basement on floor -4, secretly built with layers and layers of concrete and steel.

And a tunnel that connected to another building. Toshinori entered through the other door and Izumi launched herself at her father. Inko waited until Izumi fell asleep to talk to Toshinori

-Do you think she has two quirks?

-Yes, it looked like a kind of thick black rope ... - Inko looked at her husband's expression- Toshinori? Something happens?

-That quirk ... It's the quirk of the fourth carrier. Black Whip

Inko was nervous

-Toshinori, Izumi is showing the quirks of the previous bearers. First "Float" and now "Black Whip". Don't you know what happens?

Toshinori rubbed his head

-I do not know. One for All should not affect my children. My teacher had a son and this did not happen to him.

Inko, like a good nurse, collected the information with interest and something clicked in her head

-And the others? The had children?


-The other One for All bearers. The had children?

Toshinori pondered what he knew about One for All. What her teacher told her and what she heard from Gran Torino

-The first and second were gay, and a couple. The third was a solitaire of undefined gender. The fourth lost his family to All for One when the third picked him up. The fifth…. It was asexual, I think. The sixth married and divorced, several times with the same woman…. I think only me and my teacher have had children after receiving One for All

Inko pulled out one of her old biology books. She had started medicine, but she left it for nursing because she preferred to deal with patients. But she opened it to consult something. Basic information

-Toshinori ... The eggs do not change since they are formed. They are cells that the body has in a fixed quantity. But sperm is generated daily

-What do you mean?

Inko sighed

-I would have to check with Recovery Girl. But I think that if your teacher's son was not affected by One for All it was because the eggs did not come into contact with One for All until after they formed. But your sperm is different, it contains One for All since it was created. And the genetic information of the previous carriers….

Toshinori turned pale. If what Inko suggested was true, Izumi likely had six to seven quirks. But One for All was still with him and had not changed. It didn't feel like I had passed it on to someone else

-She can have One for All. Another branch, a duplicate- said the man sliding on his sofa. He seemed defeated- I didn't want to drag her into this war


-The troubled girl has been saved from a pervert again- Eraserhead spoke into her microphone.

Several underground heroes had a mission to watch Izumi Midoriya in turn. From the time she and her mother left their building, which was almost a modern bunker, until they entered again at night. And one of them was Eraserhead

At first, Eraserhead thought the commission must be a joke for first-timers. Something boring to test them. How could the commission of constant vigilance and care of a girl of almost ten years be serious?

Okay. It was a serious commission! Rather a hellish camp for young heroes!

Troubled girl, code name, had a magnet for trouble. From common perverts, to common villains who found her on her escape routes or where they were committing their crimes, and without the kidnappers. There were at least two incidents a week, if they were lucky, and the worst week was forty

Mustafu was the safest city in Japan! But that girl was loading statistics!

The worst thing of all was that the girl, for some reason, seemed completely oblivious to everything that was happening around her, with her metallic shoes resonating on the ground when she walked and a weight on her waist in case the shoe lock broke.

What had happened more than five times in the half year that he had been on duty.

The girl was going over a bridge the moment there was a seismic vibration, caused by a hero. The bridge began to crumble and the girl ended up in the river, making Shouta jump to save her.

The metallic shoes would prevent her from swimming or floating. What Shouta did not expect was that the girl, with a quirk that allowed her to float. Suddenly another quirk manifested. A water control that removed the liquid from the river bed around it

Shouta looked at the unconscious girl. Two quirks, that was rare and not to say impossible. Although warranted justification

Who was that girl?


Toshinori looked at the list of quirks manifested so far

Float, 7th user

Black Whip, 4th user

Hydrokinesis, 6th user

Cryogenesis, 2nd user (Although so weak that it could only cool without freezing eight liters of water, without generating ice without moisture. Although the original carrier could only cool glasses of water)

Chain Control, 5th user (The ability to control any object that could be defined as a rope and was flexible without breaking)

There were only two more quirks left, and Izumi had not yet reached puberty. The quirk of the first, the energy that was transformed into physical force that Toshinori showed, and the quirk of the third, which was a kind of rapid regeneration

Izumi floated up to him and kissed him on the cheek

-Good Morning

-Good morning daddy- The girl rubbed against him, her cheeks flushed. She still did not control her float height well and went up and down-Last night I had an incredible dream!


-Yes! Seven people were coming out! They said she inherited her quirks and that she was very pretty to be the daughter of the eighth!

Toshinori felt the cup of coffee in his hand explode from the pressure of squeezing it

Chapter Text

Izumi was holding her father's hand with tears in her eyes. Her mother had passed out and was now in a bed next to the man, because Izumi had refused to be separated. The man was sedated and half asleep, but kept moving his thumb to comfort his daughter.

-He is strong, young lady. He will live

Izumi raised her head to look at the black smoke man.

-I know it's strong. But that doesn't make seeing him like that hurts less- Tears kept falling on the man's hand and moving down his body to go to the place where he needed to be healed

Most of the tears went straight to the man's face, where it was missing from the lips up. It was fortunate that the skull had not been broken and he had died. It was also fortunate that his ears were intact

-What hero did I fight at that time?

They had been told that their father had been accidentally injured in a hero fight against villains. But this was much more than they had both expected, eight-year-old Izumi had not understood most of the injuries the doctor had said.

-All Might, against an S-class villain

Izumi squeezed her father's hand tighter

- Did he at least win? -Kurogiri seemed to hesitate

-I think it was a tie

-Oh ... - Izumi cried more, more tears spilled- At least I hoped that he had won or died trying to see my father's wounds


-Is that Sensei's daughter?

Kurogiri looked at Tomura Shigaraki who was hunched over in a seat looking behind a false wall at her teacher.

-So is

-She is weak. Does not stop crying

-Her quirk are healing tears. The more she cries the more she will be able to heal our teacher- Dr. Tsubasa entered the room- Tears heal any wound they may cover. It is stronger than the Recovery Girl quirk. The only downside is that it is limited by the amount of tears. At the moment it is stabilizing him. But I can make a full recovery

-Oh ... So she's a hidden healing character. The ones that heal you when you lose a battle with the final boss and return to the save point

Kurogiri began to think that he should take video games away from Shigaraki. It was good for him to learn strategy, but the boy was increasingly comparing them to video game characters and not people

- It is a correct comparison.- The doctor agreed

-Why not take her with him? Healing Quirks are rare, and even more so when the owner is a villain. Sensei's fame would increase

-That's why. She is the teacher's secret letter in addition to her beloved daughter. He won't expose her to the life of a villain and won't let the heroes lay their hands on her knowing the extent of her quirk- Kurogiri had been there when the master spoke to himself on the subject- His quirk is only recorded as a light healing

-Then she is a hacked character and away from her official statistics


Izumi was at school, because the foggy man had taken her. Her father had said that she couldn't skip more classes. Izumi did not like school very much, or rather, she did not like her classmates

Their quirk was abused by them, especially by Katsuki. Every time they hurt each other they went after Izumi to make her cry, either by scaring her or being cruel and then using her tears.

The teachers tried to control him, but it didn't help that Izumi was naturally a crybaby. Healing-type Quirks were too rare and valuable not to have any vigilance over them. Like Katsuki Bakugou's heroic quirk, they were the most watched by primary school teachers

Kacchan had the record of making her cry more times. Whether it was hitting her or using his quirk against her. In this way she erased the evidence of their fights.

But that day most of the teachers were very aware of Izumi. Even the nurse called her aside so I could talk to her about how she felt.

Which did not prevent Kacchan from cornering her on the way out. When the boy went to explode Izumi's face while yelling at her a portal of mist came out

Izumi saw Kurogiri holding a phone that was recording

-Miss Izumi, come here- Izumi ran to where Kurogiri was- Child, I hope you know that I will take this video to the relevant authorities and they will decide what to do with you

Before the boy could speak Kurogiri had created a portal of mist and brought Izumi to a bar. Izumi looked around curiously

- How long has it been harassing you?

-It was not harassment, he wanted to use my quirk ...

-And does that justify making a girl cry? I think you control your quirk enough to cry at will. If he asked you, would you cry?

-If it's to help you, yes- Izumi answered without hesitation

- Then he is forcibly taking something that he would achieve without effort. What makes you different from a villain? - Kurogiri felt his own conscience as a villain ached at the comment. But he also had orders from his teacher to protect his daughter and keep her intact and innocent.

Izumi bit her lip without answering

-Is someone else trying to force you to use your quirk without asking your permission? - Izumi nodded- Who?

-All- The girl said it in a very low voice -All of them

Kurogiri looked at the little girl. It was fortunate that she continued to use her quirk if everyone in her environment wanted to abuse it.

-Because you say nothing?

-Mom is already very worried because Dad works abroad. I don't want to worry her anymore

-Girl, they're your parents. They're supposed to protect you from these things- Kurogiri was beginning to understand why All for One said she was a mother at heart

Kurogiri led Izumi back to the room where All for One was waiting with his wife. She hadn't stopped crying, either, but she hadn't gotten in the way of the doctors.

Izumi took her father's hand and started crying again.


Inko watched the video with a frown.

-I told you that boy was not good for her- Herashi's voice sounded strange from the tubes in her throat

-He was such a good boy ... .- Inko looked at Kurogiri who had told them what the girl had admitted- How can they use her like that? They're just kids, they shouldn't do those things

-It is not new. People taking advantage of another weaker and naive, it was the norm even before the quirks- Hisashi gasped from the bed- If Izumi continues to grow in that place it is dangerous for her

-Do you want to change her school?

-I think we will spend a lot of time going to doctors, the best thing is to school her at home- Hisashi directed his head slightly towards Kurogiri- Will you take care of the paperwork?

-It will be a pleasure


Izumi tied her hair with a pin and went through the living room

-I will buy!

-Be careful- her father, sitting on the sofa and with several machines connected to him, fired her.

Five years had passed since her father was injured. Five years in which she had cried every day holding her hand. Most of the remaining injuries were simple sequelae of the large injuries sustained in the accident

But Izumi's mother refused to disconnect her husband from various machines until recovery was complete. From practicing her quirk Izumi had increased the healing capacity of her tears and their quantity. Although her father said he felt somewhat guilty for seeing how easy Izumi was crying now

On the other hand, schooling at home was so easy that Izumi had a lot of free time, and even so, she still remained in the top 100 on national exams.

On the other hand, Kacchan's record had worsened greatly, from what they had heard given that they had moved from the apartment to a larger single-family home and left the neighborhood. But, apparently, Kacchan had not controlled his explosive nature and not having his usual exhaust valve ...

Izumi could only pray that the victim was fine and felt guilty for not being there

-Do you want to be a punching bag all your life?

-Of course not, but I can heal myself and they ...

-Katsuki made the decision to hit other people- her mother added, she was angry since she saw the video- You can't be an eternal martyr, Izumi. Just feel guilty for what you do


Izumi looked at hero number one and started crying. All Might tried to comfort her, but she was stunned when tears ran down her skin to her wound.

-It's my quirk, heal old and new wounds- Said the girl

-Oh ... Are you going to dedicate yourself to using it for the hero's work? After Recovery Girl's death we will need another healing heroine in Japan

Izumi turned pale and trembled

-No, I don't think I ever used my quirk to work as a hero. My quirk depends on my tears and they took advantage of that. They hurt me- the girl's hand trembled against her arm

-Oh well…. Thank you very much for helping me! - The man swelled up again and flew away. Izumi held her hair so it wouldn't get messy

Didn't she want to be a hero anymore? I remembered when I was little and watched videos of All Might and Recovery Girl, wanting to be a heroine like them. But I didn't remember when I had stopped wanting to be a hero

When had your dream died? No ... She still wanted to be a heroine, only now she wanted to be her father's heroine


-Young lady! - Izumi froze with her shopping bags when she saw the number one hero land before her- You must come with me!

Before Izumi said anything, the man grabbed her and jumped. When they finally landed, Izumi was somewhat impressed that nothing fell or broke in the bags

-Recovery Girl! She is the girl!

A gray scarf came out of nowhere and held onto a semi-unconscious Izumi, by the shaking and surprise

-What are you doing taking her like that, animal ?! You could have killed her by transporting her like that!

Later, Izumi learned that they had taken her for what her quirk could do. She didn't know that repairing old wounds could be so rare or powerful. Her parents always treated her as normal and the people she knew about her quirk didn't make much of a mess

They told her that she could be a heroine, and All Might later offered her quirk. Izumi cried without using her quirk

Elsewhere in Mustafu, All for One flinched unconsciously