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Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor, looked at the girl before him who had been brought by a police officer

It was the daughter of his cousin, Izumi Midoriya

He and his cousin had never been particularly together. The truth is that he considered Hisashi a stain on the family.

Everyone in the family had a powerful fire quirk, except Hisashi, who could only breathe fire and was flame retardant.

That suited him very well in his firefighter's career until a building collapsed on him three months ago.

Hisashi's mother, Enji's aunt, had died, but his wife, Inko, was in charge of telling all relatives about the death. Of course, neither Enji or his children went to the funeral.

And now, three months later, a police officer brought the girl, Izumi, to him. After his mother had tried to star in a suicide-murder that went wrong. Now the girl's mother was facing criminal charges and custody had passed to the closest blood relative, that is, Enji

The girl was six years old and her wrists were bandaged where her mother had cut her. Enji looked at the girl with distaste. There was a possibility that the girl had a powerful quirk and that it was beneficial for him to adopt her instead of sending her to the adoption system.

-What is your quirk?

- Sir, do you consider that appropriate to ask the girl? Don't you think it would be better to ask other questions?

-I'm a professional hero, if she doesn't have a powerful quirk then she will be in danger if she stays at my house -said the man in a hard voice

The girl shuddered and the agent crouched beside him

-Can you tell him your quirk, sweetie? He's your uncle, he's worried about you

The girl looked at him with those emerald eyes and raised her hands, where two different flames shone. One gold and one red.

-My quirk is Phoenix. The red flames are normal and I am flame retardant. Golden flames are special, they can cure. They can even reconnect amputated limbs. When mom ... the golden flames activated themselves and saved us. I can also bring someone back if he has died, but only if less than an hour has passed, although after that I remain unconscious for several days

Enji kept his face calm, but mentally he was laughing out loud. He had already found Shouto's future wife.

The police officer stayed with Endeavor while the girl returned to the hospital room. Although she could heal the physical wounds, her mother had drugged her so she wouldn't use her quirk, so she had to stay in for a while.

-After filling out the corresponding forms, the guardianship of Izumi Midoriya will be under his power -the agent said with a smile- She is a good girl, as soon as she is discharged she can take her home

- Are there chances that your mother can regain custody at some time?

-I doubt it a lot, but if you want to make sure you can request a restraining order. I think it would be the best, given the circumstances. Although that woman is unlikely to get out of this without ending up in jail for a good season

Endeavor nodded and called his lawyers to make sure everything was done properly.


-Father, why are you clearing one of the rooms in the annex? -Fuyumi took courage to ask while they were having dinner. It was rare for Enji to join the dinner table with his children for his work, and when he did there was always a sepulchral silence

Enji looked at his daughter calmly

-I have adopted a six-year-old girl with a strong quirk, they are preparing a room

The whole table fell silent and everyone looked at each other

- A ... a girl, father?

- She is the daughter of a relative, her mother has tried to kill her and we are her closest blood relatives. So he will live with us from now on - the man said simply - He has a very rare healing fire quirk, so I have got his custody and he will live here

The scar on Shouto's face began to burn at the words "His mother tried to kill her." Fuyumi began to tremble mentally, thinking of his brother, Natsuo issued a silent prayer and Touya simply did not care

They all knew that this girl had become the same as them, an Endeavor puppet

-Fuyumi. I want you to take care of her and educate her a little while she is here. She will be prepared to be a healing heroine or something similar. I don't want him to escape or suffer any damage, is that clear?

The threat, implicit in his father's voice made Fuyumi tremble

-Of course, father


Izumi Midoriya arrived at the Todoroki house in summer. It was received by her cousin.

She was immediately educated in the house rules and experienced the terror that the children of the Todoroki family lived. She was trained with Shouto. Rather, every time Shouto or Touya hurt each other, Endeavor sent her to heal them.

Endeavor trained his red fire so he could defend himself and not attack. He trained her to depend on Shouto. He consciously manipulated them to come together and support each other

Turning a feeling that should have been a brotherhood into something else, with care and cunning. He could observe secret kisses, stolen when they thought no one else saw them.

The only thing that seemed to interfere with his plan was that his eldest son, before leaving, had shown the same interest as Shouto in Izumi. But the trouble was gone and now his plan advanced perfectly for the next generation of heroes in his family

And so they came to the exam on the recommendation of the UA