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Night Huntress Drabble Series

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After a lot of thought I decided my first drabble would be for Mencheres and Kira! This will have three parts but for now I'm only posting the first one. Read and Review if you like it.

"One of these days I really need to introduce you properly to Tina." Mencheres glanced up from his desk at the very welcome interruption. Kira leaned against the doorjamb, her blonde hair now shoulder length. He enjoyed running his fingers through it while they lay intertwined after a bout of lovemaking, maybe he could convince her not to cut it any time soon. Kira looked stunning no matter her hair length or style but he knew that he would have a very difficult time controlling himself if she were to grow it out. Yanking himself back from his heated train of thought, Mencheres focused on her previous statement.

"Yes. I would like to meet her as well; we didn't truly meet last time. She is your family and I want no ill will about our relationship to cause problems with you two. When would you like to set up a day?" Kira smiled at his easy agreement, gliding further into the room as she thought.
"It doesn't have to be now, there isn't really a rush on it but I would prefer to introduce you two before the end of next month? Would that work for you?" As she spoke he closed the book that had previously been in his lap, placing it on his desk, before opening his arms. Taking the unspoken invitation Kira shifted carefully into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck in a loose hug.

Mencheres stroked her spine as he mentally went over his schedule, "That shouldn't be a problem, if you'll ask your sister when she is available after this month I will rearrange my schedule to fit." Kira kissed his throat in appreciation, as her lips traveled down to the beginning of his chest a niggling curiosity tugged at Mencheres, prompting him to ask before she could distract him into forgetting his query.
"Was there any reason behind wanting me to meet your sister besides simply for the sake of meeting her? I have no problem with meeting her of course, but your timing in asking is curious." Kira hesitated in her kisses for a second before dragging her mouth up to his lips. After a long thorough kiss she answered, "There is a reason, actually. Tina wants to meet you to make sure that you're treating me right." Before Mencheres could speak Kira rushed on in defense of her sisters actions. "She just wants to be sure that I'm okay. Once she meets you then she wont worry as much. I tell her all about you but…"

Mencheres could smell the scent of distress rolling off Kira, before she could work herself up he cut off her unnecessary defending. "You don't need to explain further, your sister loves you and only wishes to be sure that you are well taken care of. I would wish to meet anyone that Gorgon chose to date for the same reason." Even after his reassurance there was still a slight scent of worry around Kira, confusing Mencheres until she spoke up again.

"It's not only that… When I first dated Pete I use to gush about him all the time too, but Tina got bad vibes off of him just like I did when I finally stopped suppressing my instincts. After the clusterfuck that Pete turned into Tina just wants to make sure she doesn't get the same feelings off of you…" Understanding clicked in him immediately, Tina had watched her sister be trapped in an abusive relationship. It was only natural for her to want to meet him to be sure that he wasn't of the same ilk. Feeling her nerves practically running wild, he stroked his power over her in a comforting caress. He made sure to send his calm and understanding through the bond to make her see that he truly didn't take offense.

"Your sister is only trying her best to watch out for you and I appreciate that loyalty. I would never fault it, especially after everything you two have been through. I will meet her and as you said once she gets to know me, she will know that she has nothing to fear of me harming you in any way." Kira's eyes had a pink sheen before she quickly blinked it back.

"Thank you for understanding, not many men would. Then again, you are in a class all your own and you always have been. I have no doubt that you and Tina will get along great in no time. You already treat me better than anyone else ever has." The compliment warmed him throughout, but her last sentence reminded him of one of the few regrets he has had since beginning his relationship with Kira.
Sensing his flash of regret, Kira perked up in concern, "What's wrong?" Looking into her eyes, he knew he could get lost in them if he allowed himself to. His beautiful dark lady's scent was now sour with worry; this was not something he could let continue so he answered.

"I was just remembering when we first began our relationship." Sensing a flash of hurt from her that he regretted their relationship he quickly continued on, "I don't regret anything about our relationship itself, I just wish that I could have taken more time like you deserved. I wanted to spend months dragging out my courtship of you, woo you until you felt like the most desirable woman on the planet, getting to know you better than you know yourself, but I was under the misguided impression that I was going to die soon. If I had known what my stop in vision truly meant I would have taken my time like I wanted to."

By the end of his explanation Kira had relaxed again, the previous hurt gone much to his relief. "I can see why you would want that, but I'm happy with how things turned out. Yes, it was rushed but I have you and that is all I need to be happy. You might have missed out on the whole wooing thing but honestly I was already wooed once and it didn't exactly end well. Maybe it's better that we skipped that step." The mention of her ex-husband made a cold rage flash through him before he could stop it. The thought that someone had so carelessly thrown away the chance that he hadn't had, to show this woman just how much she was worth and earning her heart, made his blood boil. It was a very good thing for her abuser that he was already dead, for if he wasn't Mencheres would have made absolutely certain that the rest of his miserable life would have been intolerable.

Sensing his flash of rage, Kira stroked his chest to calm him. In an attempt to steer the conversation back to more stable waters she said, "What about you?" Mencheres snapped out of his rage, looking curiously at her. Reading the question from his face she quickly elaborated. "You said you wish you could have wooed me, but has anyone ever wooed you?" The question was so absurd to him that his mind took a few extra seconds to process it. Of course no one had wooed him, generally speaking the males were the ones doing the wooing not being wooed.

Kira must have read that thought from his expression because she immediately scowled before swinging up to straddle him, effectively trapping him in his chair and leaving him nowhere to look but at her.

"I'm calling bullshit, just because you're a man doesn't mean you are any less deserving of being wooed. From what you've mentioned so far about your previous relationship it was similar to mine, abusive." He opened his mouth to object only for her to hush him with a finger pressed to his lips before she pushed on. "Just because it wasn't a physical abuse doesn't mean it wasn't abuse. That woman did things to hurt you with no other purpose than wanting your pain, whether emotional or mental that is abuse."
Once again Mencheres finds himself speechless at Kira's words, seeing how surprised he is makes Kira feel like someone was trying to claw her heart out with silver. How much did he have to endure under that bitch all the while convincing himself that what she was doing wasn't abuse? How many times did she betray his trust and use the information he gave her to hurt him? Kira felt her chest rumble with a primal growl, here he was saying how she deserved better but he had no thought for how poorly he was treated for centuries! Making a decision she straightened in his lap, bringing his attention to her once again. He had felt her chest shiver with the repressed growl and he wasn't ashamed to say that her bone deep want to protect him made his long dead heart dance happily in its cage. Sensing that she was about to speak, he gave her his full attention.

"Never again, you and I both were abused by our spouses but neither of us will ever have to fight through that pain again. If wooing me means that much to you then, okay." Surprise flashed across his face before a smile started to grow, it wasn't the same as him wooing her into his bed but it would have to do. His smile froze in disbelief when she continued. "But I'm going to woo you too. We have both been through emotional hell, you for considerably longer than I was. It physically hurts me to think of everything you went through, all the times you were cruelly rejected for no other reason than she wanted to see you bleeding on the inside. I can't change what happened in the past, but I can love you so thoroughly that it makes the pain you use to feel a hazy memory in the back of your mind. If you think I deserve to be swept off my feet then you'll have to let me return the favor. I want to shower you with affection and love like you should have been for the last four and half millennia."

Mencheres felt a tight knot in his chest at her speech, here sat an extraordinary woman who wanted nothing more than to try to heal his past hurts, made by the one who he had trusted above all others despite knowing that she would betray him many times. As for her declaration, on one hand his honor rankled at the thought of his love taking care of him, it should be him taking care of her after all… However, the other part of him wanted to bask in her affections, it wanted to sit back and let her drown him in her love because, he was man enough to admit, he had desperately wanted this emotional connection for the better part of two millennia. He had been reaching out only to be painfully rebuffed for so long now that the thought of what Kira was offering was enough to bring tears to his eyes. His heart had once again been captured, only this time he had no doubts that it would be taken care of better than it ever had been, even better than when he had been the one to hold it before Petra. How many times had he laid awake beside his wife and wished with a soul deep ache for Petra to show him even the slightest scrap of affection without it being a ruse to hurt him? Would it be so bad to allow Kira to pursue him in the same manor he himself wished to pursue her in?

For just a moment, he allowed himself to picture it. He could give her all of the love he had in his heart and she would give hers back to him. She would soak him in the love he had craved for most if not all of his life. The picture was so beautifully perfect that he felt his very soul burn for it. Decision made, he opened his eyes to stare directly into Kira's patiently waiting face. Pulling her down into a kiss that couldn't possibly convey everything that he was feeling but was as good a place to start as any, he responded, "If that is what you wish, then that is what shall be."

Kira beamed above him, her smile lighting up his world as brightly as the sun outside the house, her warmth spreading through him from his head down to his toes. The last of his doubts were swept away under the sight of her happiness. She was that happy over the opportunity to show her love for him, he would ask for nothing else from the gods for as long as he lived.