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It was roughly two months after the whole Armageddon ordeal and Aziraphale was enjoying a late afternoon tea when Crowley had shown up on his doorstep, the Bently parked not far behind him, a look of nervousness on his face.

“Crowley?” he asked, turning his head to the side slightly.

“Angel, are you free?” Crowley asked, glancing inside the bookshop to see if anyone was inside.

“Yes, I’m closed for the day. Why?” Aziraphale inquired, giving Crowley a look of confusion.

“S-So, would you mind joining me for dinner at the Ritz?” Crowley asked, leaning against the door frame of Aziraphale’s bookshop. “Not as friends though,” he quickly added.

“Crowley, what do you mean?” Aziraphale asked, giving him a quizzical look.

“Damn it, angel, I’m tryin’ to ask ya’ on a date, why do ya’ have to make it so damn hard?” Crowley grumbled, carding his hand through his hair nervously.

“I well… um…” Aziraphale stuttered, unsure of how to respond to such questions, a lump of anxiety and fear balling up in his stomach.

“Fine, alright, just forget it then,” Crowley grumbled, turning to go so that Aziraphale couldn’t see the hurt on his face.

“Crowley! Wait!” Aziraphale shouted suddenly, a hand reaching out and grabbing Crowley’s shoulder before he could set his foot down off the step of Aziraphale’s book shop.

Crowley flinched didn’t dare turn around and show Aziraphale his face, instead, he merely paused, waiting for Aziraphale to speak his mind.

“You startled me, Crowley, of course, I’d love to join you for dinner,” Aziraphale said, the words slipping out a little too easily, his hand shifting down and taking Crowley’s own, holding it gently, “That is if you still would like too.”

Crowley finally turned to Aziraphale, blinking behind his glasses. “Really?” he asked.

“Well yes, I suppose we can do whatever we want now that our respective offices aren't paying us much attention,” Aziraphale reasoned.

Before Aziraphale could change his mind, Crowley squeezed Aziraphale’s hand and stepped down the step with Aziraphale in tow, miracling the doors closed and locked behind them.

Crowley opened the door for Aziraphale before walking over to his side of the car and sitting down in the driver's seat.

Looking over at Aziraphale, Crowley opened his mouth and spoke, “Ready?”

Aziraphale nodded, putting a hand on the dashboard in preparation for the drive to start. Surprisingly, Crowley drove slower than he normally did, you could ask him if he did it to savour the moments with Aziraphale, but he would merely call you a liar and brush off the question like a moulted feather.

They reached the Ritz and had managed to get a table for two in their usual spot, perhaps thanks to an angel’s miracle. Crowley, not being one to eat that much, watched as Aziraphale ordered himself some food, and decided on just getting something to drink and stealing off of Azirapahle’s plate.

When the food sat down in front of them, it was obvious that the food that was ordered was meant for two, as if Aziraphale had anticipated Crowley’s plan and planned ahead himself. Crowley however, made no comment and went about sneaking bits of food when Aziraphale was distracted, and the two ate in relative silence.

After the meal was finished, and they had managed to get through two bottles of wine together, Crowley spoke up.

“Aziraphale, wouldyoumaybeliketocomebacktomyplace?” Crowley rushed through the question far too quickly.

Luckily though, Aziraphale had caught every word like it had been spoken with great length.

“Are you sure?” Aziraphale merely asked the demon.

“Yeah,” Crowley assured him, nodding as well to add to the affirmation.

“Well then, consider your invitation accepted,” Aziraphale smiled, standing up from the table.

The two walked from the table to Crowley’s Bently, a hand lightly resting on the small of Aziraphale’s back. Aziraphale made no move to brush off the hand, and in fact, missed it when he sat back down in the Bently. Thankfully, it was replaced with an arm running across his back and a hand resting on his shoulder as Crowley drove- well rather raced -from the Ritz towards his apartment.

When Crowley parked the car in his usual parking space near his apartment, both men stepped outside the car in a small hurry, Aziraphale anxious to see the inside of Crowley’s apartment, and Crowley anxious to see, well, something else.

Aziraphale stepped into Crowley’s apartment, taking in the minimalistic decor.

“I just realized, I’ve never actually been inside your apartment,” Aziraphale merely commented, closing the door behind himself.

“Well, it ain’t much,” Crowley commented, standing next to Aziraphale.

“No, not… Crowley are those plants?!” the angel asked in excitement, rushing forwards and gushing over how green they were and how gorgeous they looked. “So you’re the famous gardener of London!”

“Yeah, well, spent a bit too much time on ‘em,” Crowley grunted, leaning against the door frame of his ‘greenhouse’.

“They’re magnificent,” Aziraphale complimented him, turning his attention back to Crowley.

“Not as magnificent as you,” Crowley said before he was able to catch himself, and quickly clasped a hand over his mouth once the words left.

Aziraphale blushed, stepping forwards, and taking Crowley’s hand off of his mouth, and was a fraction of a second away from kissing him before he pulled away.

“Wine! We need wine!” Aziraphale announced, quickly walking off in search of Crowley’s wine collection.

“Great idea,” Crowley agreed, following after Aziraphale and getting out two wine-glasses.

Once they had the wine bottle and the glasses, the looked at each other, and you could cut the sexual and nervous tension in the air with a butter knife and it was only building.

“Do you have a couch?” Aziraphale asked.

“Erm, no, never had a use for it,” Crowley admitted, trying to think where they could go, only to have a terribly filthy thought pop into his head. Crowley brushed it away as quickly as it appeared.

“How about your bed then?” Aziraphale asked, fully aware of what he was implying.

Crowley gulped before answering with an ‘okay’ and lead Aziraphale through his apartment to his bedroom.

The room was also as minimalistic as the other rooms of Crowley’s apartment except that the bed, which was what looked to be a California King, had dark red sheets underneath the black comforter.

“It’s nice in here,” Aziraphale commented, flouncing across the room and gracefully plopping himself down in the middle of the bed, giving Crowley a look.

Crowley himself wasted no time sitting down across from him, and handing Aziraphale a glass of wine.

Once each of them had downed a full cup, they began to converse.

“So… is there someone you’re interested in?” Crowley asked, laying across the bed.

“Yeah, he’s quite the number, but I believe he’s a bit too oblivious,” Aziraphale hinted, taking a sip of his new, full wine-glass, “What about you?”

“Mm, ya’. He’s definitely a snatch if only he’d open his eyes,” Crowley teased, downing his wine like a shot, and setting the glass on the floor before grabbing the bottle and draining it half empty.

“Do I know this person?” both of them asked at the same time, their eyes widening from asking the question at the same time.

“You first,” Aziraphale said quickly, turning away bashfully.

“No, you firssst. I inssisst,” Crowley slurred, leaning forwards and snapping the bottle of wine out of existence.

Aziraphale rolled his eyes and snapped his own wine glass away after he drank the remains of it. Once the glass was away, he took both hands and tugged Crowley’s collar forwards, crashing his lips into the demon’s.

Crowley didn’t protest, instead, he pulled Aziraphale onto his lap, and rested both hands on Azirphales ample backside. As the kiss deepened, and dirtied, with both parties' lips parting, and tongues exploring each other’s mouths with centuries of pinning and bottled up passion, Crowley got a little adventurous. His hands moved from Aziraphales arse to the front buttons of his waistcoat, and undoing the buttons, discarding it behind them.

Aziraphale copied this action, removing Crowley’s jacket and working on the buttons of his shirt, slipping it down off his shoulders, exposing Crowley’s slim figure and prominent ‘V’ as Crowley removed Aziraphale's dress-shirt as well, discarding it behind them with the rest of the close. They broke from the kiss to admire each other’s bodies unhindered. Soft rolls of slight fat made Crowley blush and enticed him to lean down and mark up the pale skin.

Aziraphale's breath hitched as Crowley’s lips pressed against his skin and sucked hard, leaving a large, dark bruise on his neck, as long, nimble fingers glided down Aziraphale’s stomach towards his pants. As Aziraphale felt the button of his pants come undone, he became immediately alarmed and pulled back.

“Crowley please,” Aziraphale pleaded, trying to get him to stop for a moment.

Crowley immediately shot up and looked Aziraphale in the eyes, “What’s wrong?”
“It’s just um… you might see something… different,” Aziraphale attempted to start explaining.

“Things like what exactly?” Crowley asked, looking Aziraphale in the eyes.

“Well, um… you see… I don’t have typical… parts, down there… it’s different…”

Crowley was lost, he blinked at Aziraphale, not quite getting what the angel was attempting to explain.

“What do you mean?” he asked bluntly, looking Aziraphale over.

“I have a, um, two sets of parts… for comfort and ahem, personal reasons,” Aziraphale attempted to explain, but Crowley didn’t catch on still.

“It’s better to show you,” Aziraphale huffed, starting to get off the bed, “Please don’t laugh, I’ll understand if you want me to leave afterwards though.” Aziraphale stumbled over his own words nervously.

Carefully, Aziraphale undid his fly and dropped his pants and boxers to reveal his slightly soft penis and balls. Everything looked normal to Crowley.

“I still don’t see what you mean,” Crowley commented.

Aziraphale sighed in frustration and lifted up his privates with a hand, showing... well, showing something unexpected.

“Oh! That’s what you mean! Why didn’t you just say so?” Crowley asked, turning his head slightly and hopping off the bed.

“Well… er… I didn’t think you’d understand,” Aziraphale stuttered, dropping his hand and reaching to pick up his pants again.

Crowley stopped him, cupping his jaw and lifting up his head.

“Stop that. I understand,” Crowley paused, looking Aziraphale over once more, “Is this how you feel comfortable?” Crowley said, and leaned forward.

“Yes,” Aziraphale admitted, a little to quickly than was expected.

Carefully, Crowley leaned forwards a tad bit more, and pressed a kiss to Aziraphale’s lips before the angel could protest.

Crowley placed both hands on Aziraphale’s arse once more, and lifted him up, setting the angel down on his back on the bed, the kiss breaking as Crowley sat back on his knees between Aziraphale’s thighs.

“Dear, what are you doing?” Aziraphale squeaked, covering his face with his hands, cracking his fingers apart to watch Crowley.

“Hush, I want to know exactly how to pleasure you properly,” Crowley mumbled, reaching downwards with his fingers.

“Oh well, I guess that’s okay,” Aziraphale mumbled.

Aziraphale shivered as long fingers ran down the length of his dick, and down across his vulva. When Crowley rubbed circles on one particular spot, Aziraphale let out a long, breathy moan. Crowley merely smirked, and ran another finger down, finding that Aziraphale was more than aroused, and pushed a singular finger inside of Aziraphale, earning another moan. Crowley added another, and then another until he had all his fingers, minus his thumb, in Aziraphale, each one had earned him another moan from the now flustered angel.

Crowley drew his fingers back, and wrapped them around Aziraphale’s dick, giving a slow pump before fully pulling back.

“May I ask about boundaries?” Crowley inquired, slightly startling Aziraphale with the question.

“Pardon?” Aziraphale blinked.

“Boundaries, what are you comfortable with? Like, what can I touch, what can I call you, if you enjoy anything particular, is there such thing as, too far?” Crowley asked.

Aziraphale picked up on something. There was heat behind this question, there was something Crowley wasn’t letting on, something Crowley needed to let on but couldn’t do it without prompting.

“Well, I don’t particularly want you in my, well um, arse. It’s uncomfortable,” Aziraphale said, “But there’s almost nothing that I’m not willing to try. What about you?”

“I like to… um, submit...” Crowley mumbled and immediately looked down in shame.

This news didn’t so even as much as ruffle Aziraphale’s feathers, he suspected as such. With a soft sigh, he reached forward and took Crowley’s hand in his own.

“I think we should talk about this before we do more,” Aziraphale stated, conjuring them up a blanket, and a pad of paper, as well as a pencil.

“Okay,” Crowley whispered, barely audible, wrapping himself up in the comforter as Aziraphale laid the blanket across both of their laps.

Noticing Crowley’s behaviour, Aziraphale attempted to comfort him. “Crowley dear, I have read up on this such thing as well as one can, it quiet intrigued me when I found it. I’ve known for a bit, you don’t really come across as someone who enjoys vanilla, or being a dom, even if you only show it to me.”

Crowley looked up at him, and leaned forward, embracing Aziraphale.
“Did you really know?” he asked quietly.

“After I read the first book, I had my suspicions on the subject,” Aziraphale established.

“I um, boundaries still though. There are things that need to be written down,” Crowley mumbled, sitting back up.

“That’s what the paper’s for,” Aziraphale agreed, picking up the pen. “Now, where shall we start?”

It took quite a while, and several drafts, and by the time they were done, morning light shown into the room. Many things were included, such as boundaries, a code of conduct (which covered things like behaviour together, how Aziraphale would go about ‘teaching’ Crowley, orgasm control, and punishments, they had agreed upon being much softer than most dynamics), a safe word (they went with the green, yellow, red method), and things they wanted to get out of the dynamic, such as pleasure, and control. They had also agreed upon three categories, ‘definitely’, ‘uncertain’, and ‘never’ of things they would do, and not do. The shortest column was never, the longest being uncertain. Aziraphale had the main focus on self-care due to the unfortunate fact that Crowley didn’t do it as much as he should be and he worried for him.

“Are you quite sure that’s all?” Aziraphale asked, looking at the very tired Crowley in front of him.

“Yeah,” Crowley mumbled, slumping against Aziraphale’s shoulder.

“Well then, we’ve wasted the whole night, it’s about time you get some rest,” Aziraphale stated, in a slightly authoritative voice.

“That’s the first command you’re doing?” Crowley yawned, raising an eyebrow at Aziraphale as he set the final draft they had settled upon on the nightstand.

“Yes. We agreed upon taking care of each other, you need sleep, therefore, my first order is to get rest. Disobey and pay,” Aziraphale said more sweetly than menacing but it got the point across to Crowley.

“Alright,” Crowley admitted defeat, and flopped down onto the bed, pulling Aziraphale down with him. “But can you sleep with me as well?”

Aziraphale paused and pressed his lips together in thought before answering. “Of course dear,” he finally hummed, laying down next to Crowley.

“Thank you,” Crowley mumbled, pulling Aziraphale close to his chest, wrapping the two of them in blankets.

“You’re welcome,” Aziraphale hummed, kissing Crowley’s forehead softly.

A small amount of blush spread on Crowley’s face, and Aziraphale watched and listened as his breathing started to slow and he was fast asleep next to him. Aziraphale himself didn’t sleep much, so he mostly sat awake and ran his fingers through Crowley’s hair.

However, even he needed sleep occasionally and he found himself drifting slowly into slumber.