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Mine All Along

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"Hey blue eyes, coffee with 2 spoons of sugar please." A beautiful red head winked at the gorgeous yet adorable blonde behind the counter.

The blonde gave a small chuckle. "Nat, if you keep doing that people are gonna think that you are flirting with me."

"Let ém, I don't want them to steal my favourite candy." Natasha shrugged and smirked.

Steve sighed. "Nat..."

Natasha laughed a little. "Alright, alright, I'm sorry. That was out of bounds." She said as she puts her hand in the air.

"Thank you." Steve puts her coffee in front of her.

"But I'm serious Steve. You need to-"

"Get myself an Alpha?" He gave her a look as he was wiping the dishes to dry.

"I was gonna say 'be careful' but yeah that too."

Steve sighed. "Nat we've been over this."

"Steve have you ever look at yourself in the mirror? You are the epitome of perfection that every Alpha desires in an Omega. You are sweet like that warm cinnamon roll yet sexy like a vixen."

"Your metaphors are quite questionable."

"Look! You are vulnerable as much as you hate to admit it. You don't see it but you're walking around all confident thinking you don't need anyone to protect you but in reality you're just letting those hungry Alphas eye you like a piece of meat just waiting for the right time. The fact that you are one of those rare male omegas is making alphas crave you even more. So, sorry if i'm too protective of a friend that doesn't want to see her friend being mounted savagely by some random shit ass alpha."

Steve just bit his lip. He knew what Natasha meant. He hates the idea of being with an alpha but he knew Natasha was just saying this with good intention. "I know you mean well Nat but I just can't grasp at the idea of having an alpha. I-I don't like to be tied down. I wanna be free. The freedom to do anything I want."

Natasha looked at him and sighed. "I know's hard but you need to be protected. An alpha will protect you."

"Yeah including from my freedom."

"Not all of them are bad Steve."

"Well you can say that cause you are a Beta. You don't experience what i experienced. You're so lucky."

"Hun, there's nothing to be sad about. Just be proud of who you are. Just make the best out life as you possibly can."

"Thanks Nat." He blushed.

"Welcome handsome."

Steve rolled his eyes. "Oh and by the way. This will be my last day. I got a job."

"Where?" Natasha blinked curiously.

"Stark Industries."

Natasha choked a little. "Stark? You know they kinda have this reputation right?"

"I-I know, but i saw this ad that they are in desperate need of someone in their management department. Plus, the money is great which i could use to pay off my student loans."

"Yeah but they won't put you in a high position straight away and pay a new worker that much in the beginning."

"Which is why i have a second job during the weekend."

"As what?" She raised her brow.

"Bartender at this luxury club." He answered softly and innocently looked at her.

Natasha looked at him and face palmed.