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You know, he can almost hear her say, the sun gives people vitaminsI don’t know which one, but it’s not K.  Is it?  I’m pretty sure we get K from bananas.  I like bananas.  They’re best with chocolate pudding, though.  Or peanut butter.  Ooh, what about with both?  Yeah, definitely best with both.  While in sunlight.  You get K either way, then, right?  I love the sun.  It’s so shiny and warm.


Her hair looked like sunlight.  And she was so much fun.  He could barely keep up with her, and he loved her so much, and she’s gone now.  She’s gone.


“C’mon,” he hears Eliot mutter.  “Time to make those fuckers pay.”


He wasn’t the only one who loved her, and he’s not the only one who misses her.


Alec ruined their lives without ever seeing their eyes.   But Eliot will take their lives and watch their eyes die, and Alec knows it won’t be enough, but it’ll have to do.