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it's automatic (bad boys bring heaven to you)

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you stop in front of the building, checking the gps on your phone to make sure you were in the right place. ever since becoming a detective, you had long gotten over the false notion that mafias and drug cartels would be housed in old, decrepit buildings, but the grandeur of this location shocked you. the skyscraper was right smack dab in the middle of the city, making you wonder just how many times an unsuspecting cop had driven around the block, not knowing that the building was owned by one of the world’s most wanted man.

park jimin came from a long line of criminals, and so it was unsurprising that the man was now heading his family business. the parks’ story was renown in the circles. jimin had taken over by murdering both his uncle and cousin, and ascended the position, leaving blood in his trail, and for reasons unknown, had still gotten away with it and the illicit deals he’s done.

you got out of the car, locking it before entering the building after patting your holster inconspicuously. one could never be too careful, especially when about to enter the lion’s den. you walked over to the receptionist, and said, “appointment at two with mr. park.”

the woman looked up, her delicate features a juxtaposition to the scowl on her face, and pointed over to the elevator. “eighteenth floor.” you nodded in thanks, and the lady returned to her magazine, her feet still up on the counter.

you entered the elevator, locking eyes with a man with bright blue hair and a jawline that could cut sharper than the knife tucked in your boot. to your surprise, he grinned at you, his smile boxy and wide. you returned in hesitantly, before pressing on the eighteenth button.

“going to jimin’s? same!” the man chirped, before extending his hand. “i’m v!”

“nice to meet you.” you shook his hand, before looking forward. he clearly didn’t get the point of you doing it.

“what are you here for?” v asked, shifting so he could stand beside you.

“a meeting.” you answered succinctly, and as you hoped, the elevator doors dinged open, and you immediately stalked away, ignoring the bright, “goodbye, detective!”, that almost made you stop. the doors closed, and you let out a breath before looking back. it was clear no one here could really be who they seemed to be. maybe the grunting receptionist was an assassin, maybe v was a hitman. you wouldn’t know, at least not until you had park jimin in cuffs.

you turned the corner, and was met by a long corridor that led to large wooden doors. you willed your beating heart to calm down, reminding yourself that back up could be called at all times. you began the walk to the office, your shoes making light thudding noises against the floors, and knocked on the door. a melodic-sounding “come in.” was muffled through it, and you opened the door.

only for a leg to swipe through your feet, making you stumble back. you got over it quickly, pulling out your gun and pointing it towards your attacker. you looked up to meet the eyes of a silver-haired man, who grinned at the sight of you, his deep dimples making an appearance.

“sorry, detective y/l/n, namjoon-hyung can be a little overprotective.” you refused to turn your head, your gaze remaining locked on the man you now know to be kim namjoon, one of, if not the most, intelligent people the world has ever seen. “hyung, go apologise.”

“my apologies, detective.” the arresting man said cheekily, cocking his hip to the side and folding his arms above his chest. “but i don’t take kindly to federal agents.”

“knowing your record, i’d understand why.” you sniped back, pausing for a moment before tucking your gun back into your holster. “y/l/n y/n.” you offered your hand on a whim, smiling slightly when namjoon grasped it and shook.

“kim namjoon.”

“you ally yourself with him and not me, detective?” you turned your head, and god, if you thought kim namjoon and v were handsome, park jimin was off-the-charts gorgeous. his light pink hair perfectly quaffed, his sleepy eyes, his full lips, and that devious smirk. the man stood up from his seat and walked over to you, and you urged your heart to stop thudding so hard. before you knew it, park jimin stood before you in his full glory, his dark suit contrasting with his white unbuttoned dress shirt. he raked his eyes up and down your frame, suddenly making your feel very self-conscious. “could you give us a minute, hyung?”

“see you at dinner, jiminnie.” namjoon said instead before turning on his feel and closing the office door shut behind him, leaving you and the dangerous man alone.

“detective y/l/n,” jimin purred, tilting his head to the side with an assessing gaze. “how would you like-“

“i’m not accepting bribe money, park.” you spat, cutting him off. there were lows you’d go to, lows you had gone through to destroy people exactly like the one that stood before you, but you would never be so low as to become one of them.

“i wasn’t offering it to you, sweetheart.” you raised an eyebrow. “fine, maybe i was, but not to keep your pretty little nose out of my business.”

“what do you want, park?”

he smiled victoriously, before picking up a sleek manila file and handing it you. you ignored the flickering of electricity that hummed from the pit of your stomach when your fingers met, and judging by jimin’s deepening smirk, he had known what the touch had done to you. “this is kim jongin, and i want you to arrest him.”

you flipped open the file only to gawk. “you want me to arrest kai? what has he ever done wrong?” you questioned.

“kim jongin is a two-timing, conniving son of a bitch who not only murdered half of my family, but got away with it and is now sitting pretty in your precinct, thinking he’ll never get put away for all the bodies he’s put below the ground.” jimin growled, looking murderous.

“didn’t you kill your uncle and cousin and get away with it, park?” you snapped the file shut, meeting his gaze with a flat stare.

"i’ve never killed anyone unless they deserved it, detective.” the man responded, leaning back against his massive oak table, and a beam of light hit his silhouette, giving you a peek of a lithe, toned stomach underneath his thin dress shirt.

“forgive me if i don’t believe you.” you shook your head imperceptibly, ripping your eyes away from his frame. “you’re too notorious for me to ever buy a word that comes out of that mouth.”

“dig deeper if you don’t, then, detective, and you’ll find that everything i’m saying is true.” jimin shrugged.

“okay.” you acquiesced, but not before putting a hand on your holster. “and if you think i’m letting you off after all the thing you’ve done-“

“you will.” he said with a grin. you marvelled over how someone so beautiful could have so much blood on his hands and snapped out of your reverie all on your own. this was how it always started. “or else your partner will be caught in a crossfire tomorrow at three pm at myeongdo and pass away tragically.”

your eyes widened before hardening. “leave jungkook out of this.”

“jungkook, huh? you in love with him, detective?” he goaded, strolling over to you and crowding you back against the wall. you made a move to whip out your weapon but in a blink on an eye, jimin had both your hands pinned up against the wall with a single hand, and your gun dancing along his other hand. “isn’t this a pretty sight.” he murmured, leaning in closer to you. the sudden scent of intoxicating la nuit de l’homme by yves saint laurent filled the air, and you were completely defenceless in his arms.

“i-i’m not in love with him.” you stammered out. “he’s basically my brother.”

“is he, now? lucky for me.” jimin smiled, before tilting his head lower to nose at your neck. you unconsciously bared it to him, making his eyes glint.

“w-wait, stop it!” you said, and the man looked up at you. you took note of the brightness of his eyes, how the view of his chiseled jawline almost made you regret saying that. “i’ll do it.” you would do anything to stop feeling this way. this man was dangerous, for christ’s sake!

“good.” suddenly, the hard chest pulled away, making you miss the warmth of it almost instantly. jimin stepped away, his cocky grin in place. “glad we’re in agreement. see you, detective.”

“you won’t.” you found it within you to snipe back. with one last look, you walked out of the office.

three days and an arrest later, a bouquet of blood red roses appear inside your apartment with a note signed ‘love, pjm’.