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it's time to build a doughnut tower

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Sometimes Tenya wants to gather his friends in crushing hug just to remind them how much they mean to him.

Other times, Tenya just wants to bash their heads together in an effort to realign their neurons. Hopefully they’d go back in place this time.

“Izuku! Ochako! Stop stacking doughnuts on top of Bakugou’s head! He’s going to murder you!”

Ochako brings a finger to her lips, willing Tenya to lower his voice. She can’t afford to have Bakugou wake up now, not when her and Izuku have made it to the 16th doughnut. She reaches down for another doughnut, and Izuku hands it to her from where she’s perched on his shoulders.

“Please Tenya,” she begs as she stretches her arm to reach the top of the tower, “this requires the utmost concentration.” She can feel Izuku nodding beneath her, the curls of his hair brushing against her thighs. It tickles, but Ochako holds back her giggles in favor of placing the rainbow-sprinkled doughnut above the glazed chocolate one at the top of the tower.

All conscious participants in the room hold their breath as the doughnut tower wavers, it’s surprising height swaying slightly at the new addition before growing still once more.

“Holy shit,” Ochako whispers.

“We made it to seventeen!” Izuku cheers.

Tenya feels like he is 3 doughnuts away from losing his sanity.

“You guys,” he begs, “please stop.”

When two wide eyed heads full of soft cheeks turn to look at him at the exact same time, Tenya knows nothing good will follow.

“Tenya, aren’t you proud of us?” Ochako implores. “This is a huge feat!”

Izuku nods enthusiastically below her. “I would’ve never thought this possible! I hardly believed we would’ve made it past twelve, but now we’re closer to two dozen! I wonder if this is possible with everyone, or if there’s something about Kacchan’s head that makes it more stable? I would’ve guessed that with his wild spiky hair it wouldn’t be possible to balance this many doughnuts, but perhaps it’s his hair that does the final trick…”

Tenya watches in mute horror as Izuku reaches a hand out to tug on one of Bakugou’s spiky tufts. Ochako’s mouth opens in protest, a terrified “nooo” slipping past her lips, but it’s too late. The moment Izuku’s hand comes in contact with Bakugou’s hair, Bakugou’s demon red eyes snap open and Tenya is briefly reminded of Bella Swan’s first awakening as a vampire.

“What the fuck,” Bakugou begins, head tilting to glare at Izuku, but he can’t even finish because immediately the doughnuts come tumbling down, all glorious seventeen of them raining down on Bakugou in a Krispy Kreme mess.

Ochako manages to snatch one out of the air and Izuku stares dumbly as one magically lands on his open palm. Bakugou stares silently at the mess around him.

Ochako uses her free hand to tug on Izuku’s curls. “Retreat,” she whispers frantically, staring warily at Bakugou’s eerily still form. “Retreat!”

Tenya watches with an odd combination of worry and detachment as Izuku takes one step back and, of course, trips over seemingly nothing and goes tumbling down himself, taking Ochako with him. They land in a mess of tangled limbs and groans, but Ochako soon lifts a triumphant hand into the air, containing a slightly squashed doughnut.

“I sathed impf!”

If the dark brown stain on Izuku’s white T-shirt is anything to by, Izuku is not so lucky. Tenya is afraid he might have to hand wash that before throwing it in the laundry.

“Deku,” comes Bakugou’s terrifying deep voice, the one that sounds more like a growl than any human language. “Uraraka,” he adds, because he’s a feminist too, fuck you.

He towers over them now, face looking feral as he snarls down at them. Tenya is amused, but mostly scared, to see that the tips of Bakugou’s hair are covered with frosting.

“H-Hi Kacchan,” Izuku greets sheepishly from below. He’s leaning on his elbows now and he has to tilt his head back to meet his gaze. Ochako remains sprawled across his stomach, quietly nibbling at her strawberry flavored doughnut as she locks eyes with Tenya.

We might die today, her eyes say.

Yes, Tenya agrees, because it’s true. But I will make sure to have you buried under the cute cat cafe as you requested.

Ochako closes her eyes and nods in gratitude, no doubt thinking about her afterlife possibilities as a cat cafe ghost. Tenya thinks it’s slightly unnerving to enter a haunted cat cafe, but figures that’s better than a haunted cemetery.

“What the fuck,” Bakugou begins again, enunciating each word with barely contained anger, “did you two dipshits think you were doing?”

Izuku audibly gulps. “We were- um, we were doing a- uh, experiment?” Izuku’s voice tilts an octave higher at the end as he stares hopefully at Bakugou, mouth trying and failing to hold a firm smile as the corners quiver and wobble.

Bakugou raises an eyebrow, sneer very much present on his face as he reaches down to lift Ochako by the scruff of her collar and pull Izuku up from the front of his. “That’s what you numbfucks think you were doing?” His face is dangerously close to theirs and Ochako is forced to move her doughnut out of sight. “I’ll tell what you guys were actually doing,” Bakugou growls.

Tenya watches as Bakugou drags the two troublemakers up the stairs and decides that it’s a good moment to prepare some tea. He ambles into the kitchen, humming the song Ochako has incessantly been playing the past week.


Tenya is sipping his cooling tea when Shouto Todoroki and Tsuyu Asui walk through the front door.

“Welcome back,” he greets them warmly.

Shouto is chucking off his shoes at the entrance when a streak of orange blurs past the living room. Tenya is unsurprised to see Ochako’s tabby cat rubbing against Shouto’s legs. Shouto leans down to pick Uravity up, scratching behind her ears as he does so.

“Thank you. We’re glad to be back.” Shouto wears one of his faint self-satisfied smiles as he joins Tenya on the coach, a purring Uravity on his lap.

“Yes, work was tough today,” Tsuyu remarks as she pulls off her green flats and hangs her raincoat on the coat rack. “Are you drinking tea?”

“Momo’s housewarming gift,” Tenya confirms, raising his pale blue cup to the light. “There’s more in the cupboard next to the fridge, if you’d like some.”

Tsuyu smiles warmly in gratitude before heading into the kitchen, letting her large bun fall in waves behind her.

“Where are the troublemakers?” Shouto asks curiously, and with perhaps a little concern. He plays with Uravity’s toe beans as he takes in Tenya’s long suffering sigh.

“In trouble, of course. They tried stacking doughnuts on top of Bakugou’s head and faced the consequences when Bakugou inevitably woke up.”

Shouto snorts. “Of course they did. What’s their consequence?”

Tenya hums. “Oddly nonthreatening. Bakugou just forced them to wash his hair and do his laundry for a month.”

“That’s it?” Shouto raises his eyebrows. “And they’re alone with Bakugou right now? Unsupervised?”

Tenya pauses, his cup of tea frozen on its way to his lips. “Oh dear.”


Tsuyu pokes her head out from the kitchen. “Who let Ochako and Izuku alone with Bakugou?”

Shouto takes the cup from a frozen Tenya’s hands and takes a sip, still stroking a purring Uravity in his lap. “That’s an excellent question.”