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I'll be with you from Dusk Till Dawn

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A sharp ache was stinging at the back of your head as you let out a groan, cringing at how uncomfortable you felt where you sat? Why were you sitting down? And then the frigid temperature hit you as your body instantly began shivering when the bitterness broke through your thin clothes and lack of warm clothes. What the hell? Why did it feel like you were stuck somewhere in winter? It was summer, it wasn’t supposed to be this freezing…

An unpleasant shiver ran down your back as you realized that you couldn’t see anything, and something was covering your eyes and your entire face. All you saw was blackness as you turned your head in an attempt to try and figure out where you were, and if you were alone or not.

But then you gasped sharply once the tattered bag over your face was removed, your breath hitching as panic and adrenaline settled in your bones and made you tremble as your eyes focused on the people in front of you.

Villains they seemed, but it wasn’t the League of Villains. Or at least you truly hoped they weren’t in cahoots with them.

“You’re the student with the psychic quirk aincha…?” A raspy, deep voice asked you as he approached from the shadows. He was as ugly as he was large, imposing looking dark-haired man with a firm build and a cruel smile. Just seeing him terrified you because you knew that there was no way you could fight him, even with a knife or a gun because he had his goons with him. There was no way for you to escape as you recognized the cables that had been wrapped around you as you quivered in the chair they put you in.

“ANSWER ME!” He bellowed and you winced and whimpered quietly, shakily nodding as a hideous, searing smirk sported across his lips. “Perfect…”

You had no idea what he wanted with you, but it was clear that it wasn’t anything good.

It had just been, or it was supposed to be another normal day for you after school. You were nothing but a student from the General Studies, you didn’t expect to get caught in any spot of trouble because that was the students of Class 1-A’s thing. Sure, you were chummy with most of the students from 1-A and even friends with a few of them, especially since you knew many of them from Midoriya and Bakugou, your two friends from childhood. Midoriya you were still on great terms with, Bakugou? Not so much…

Yet, you really wanted to be. Like Midoriya, you had clung to the idea that perhaps you and Bakugou could still be close and even rebuild the friendship you once had back.

But right now it was starting to feel like that wouldn’t come to fruition because you didn’t know if these guys would kill you or turn you into some kind of weapon, or what. Just the thoughts sent tears to your eyes as you began to hyperventilate, terror running through your veins as your blood turned cold, your eyes spilling with droplets that streamed down your cheeks. Was this how Class 1-A felt everytime a villain attacked them? You didn’t like it at all, you just wanted to go home, you wanted to go back to everyone…

You were panicking, barely listening to anything they were saying as you whimpered and gasped in horror when two other large men approached you, “Let’s make sure she doesn’t escape…” One of them said, grinning a disgusting smile and sporting sharp fangs as he tried to untie the wires around you before a rush of anger hit you, and you responded by spitting directly into his face, making him cringe before he slapped you hard in the face.

A high-pitched grunt left you as the pain stung on your left cheek, two stray tears streaming down your damp cheeks as the leader made the man stop. “Don’t rough her up yet… we have to make sure these two are both in good shape…”

‘Both…?’ You thought in confusion until another one of his goons came in with another person with a bag over their face, much like they had dragged you in. “This one can control people… while that one can find them…” He said as he forced the resisting body into a chair as you heard grunts of effort as the person attempted to fight, but then the same bastard who struck you grabbed a baton and hit him in the back of his knee.

You heard him give a muffled shout through the bag as he was forced and pushed into another chair as another goon tied him up with the same cables used for you. “This one put up a fight too…” The man who brought him in chuckled as he pulled off the bag, revealing a familiar mop of purple hair and a pale face that had been stained with blood from the nose and a bruise formed on his jaw as he panted heavily.

He looked dazed, confused as he blinked slowly to try and register where he was, but your eyes went wide as soon as you recognized him as no one other than a friend of yours.
And now he was in danger too…


Shinsou focused his vision on the voice that called him, his eyes widened a little bit as they met your own shocked (E/C) eyes once he realized that his old classmate was here.
“(L/N)…” But before he could ask you anything, the ringleader smacked the back of his head roughly as he gave a low grunt of pain. All he could do was glare at the man who captured him and his classmate.

“Close his mouth.” He said quickly as Shinsou quietly gasped as the men reacted fast by tying a gag around his mouth so he couldn’t speak. Shinsou would have tried to fight, but he knew he saw that these men had guns in their holsters and knives that they could easily kill him with. On top of that you were there, and he wasn’t going to risk your life. You had been a good classmate to him, dare he say even a friend because you were kind to him in General Studies. The two of you might not have been best friends, but he respected you because you didn’t fear his quirk, nor did you treat him like a villain as he had been by some of the others.

“N-No… please no don’t hurt him… d-don’t…” You couldn’t help but plea with the villains, but you were greeted with another slap to the face by the same man you spat at. “Shut your mouth you little bitch…”

Groaning and whimpering, you inhaled sharply and exhaled deeply. You weren’t going to cry in front of these men, and not in front of Shinsou either as he glanced at you with what looked like concern, but you were both distracted when the leader began talking.

“You’re both in the General Studies… well isn’t that something? Such useful quirks wasted… well… UA always has been biased… but thankfully… I’m not~.” He claimed with a false, polite smile that made you and Shinsou cringe. “See… our boss needs a tracker… and he needs someone to make people do things for us… especially for my job… it’s not easy to find people to sell ya know?” Your eyes widened in horror at the mere thought of it? This person… he was a trafficker…


He was going to force you and Shinsou to help him with his disgusting, horrible plots.

“No…” You shook your head as a tear rolled down your cheek, and Shinsou was absolutely indignant as he glared hatefully at the man who just snickered and laughed. “Well ya’ll don’t have a choice…” He smugly smiled as he started to walk towards the door, “I’ll give you some time to think about it for a couple of hours… and don’t even think about tryin’ to escape… no one knows ya’ll are here…”

The man laughed before he and the other three men exited while you just shouted ‘No! No!!’ and you started to gasp and cry when you saw that they were leaving you and Shinsou alone, with little opportunity to escape as you saw almost no openings or anything that could help. There was nothing but the chairs you and Shinsou were sitting in, there was no windows, no vents, no nothing…

“S-Shinsou…” You whimpered a little bit, sniffling as you tried to not have a complete breakdown in front of your classmate. “I… I don’t know where we’re at… I don’t… w-why is this happening…?” You couldn’t help your feelings as you started to panic a little bit, because neither of you had any idea where you could have been, and it was so cold in here…

Shinsou didn’t know how to comfort people though, and he couldn’t even speak with the gag covering his mouth as he shivered from how cold it was. Even with the months of training with Aizawa, he hadn’t developed any sort of immunity to extreme temperatures, he was still only human after all. But the cold might be a problem if he tried to escape with you since they still had no idea who these villains were or if their quirks were fueled by the freezing temperature. Despite the odds, Shinsou felt this odd need to protect you now, you were his friend and the only person he could rely on in this situation.

You cried as quietly as possible, a part of you feeling somewhat reassured that you weren’t alone, and that you were with someone you knew at least, but you didn’t want anything to happen to him because Shinsou was your only ally in this. There’s no way you could get out of here on your own, even if you tried to contact someone with your psychic navigation quirk you couldn’t do it alone, nor did you want to do it alone. And if you were going to get out of this, you would have to rely on him to get out of this godforsaken place so that way you could both escape.

You had to escape. Both of you.