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BlackPink Hooking Up with Jisoo (In other words, topping her)

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A short summary of the story ideas (titles are just lame for now to give the idea of what is likely coming up):

Jennie Not Going Solo Anymore: When Jennie has found out Kai was seeing an ex, Jennie gets angry. After her solo debut, she still has anger towards him that she goes back to the dorm feeling upset. Jennie goes into Jisoo's room, wanting to cling to someone. Jisoo had no problem doing that, but when Jennie becomes bolder with her in bed, Jisoo is confused. Jennie has a boyfriend, except it seems to be ending soon because of their agencies having it all planned out. Jennie truly wants to feel loved, and for the first time, Jisoo is willing to let her do that without argument. What happens? Well, Jennie will feel loved, but she will show Jisoo just how much she loves her in the best way possible.

Rose Is Hungry; For What?: Rose just cannot seem to figure out what she wants to eat. Rose has been stressing over the fact that she has a solo project herself, but after Jennie's. When Rose finds out what Jisoo did for Jennie, the Aussie cannot hep but find out herself just how well Jisoo did things for her. Except, Rose finds out that it wasn't for her that Jisoo is doing it, but for Jisoo instead. Rose will find out just how willing Jisoo is to let her take without getting anything in return, and how Rose is going to show Jisoo how she will give it back in full.

Lisa's Swalla Dance: Lisa just found out how Jisoo has been letting Jennie and Rose take control of their moments together. Surprised, Lisa though Jisoo would be the one to take care of them in any case. While preparing for her dance solo, Lisa gets to go over the routines the group will have to do for their planned music video. When Jisoo notices how stressed Lisa has been, she offers to help Lisa take the pressure off and willing to let her do whatever she wants. Lisa wasn't going to miss it, but she soon learns that it isn't fair for her to have Jisoo do all the work to please her and Lisa has no issues to do the work in pleasing Jisoo.

Eventual three ways to foursome: When Jisoo continues to let them use her as their stress reliever and sounding board, the younger bandmates realize that they truly didn't appreciate their unnie's efforts to help them relieve their stress and keeping them satisfied. The three want to do more together, and plan ways to have Jisoo please two of them at a time, and then all three using Jisoo as their final piece of the puzzle. After all of that, Jisoo will not realize that it is all part of a plan by her bandmates to please her in return and to show their full appreciation for their 4D lover.