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Strangers in Class 3-E (Karma X Reader)

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Note: (Y/N) = Your name (B/F/N) = Best friend name (E/C)= Eye color

3rd POV
There were two girls sitting on a bed fangirling over this anime, called Assassination Classroom. The girls’ names were, (B/F/N) and (Y/N), they are best friends who met in 4th grade. (B/FN), 15, has long dirty blonde hair and (E/C) eyes, as her best friend, (Y/N), 15, has medium strawberry blonde hair and (E/C) eyes. (Y/N) turns to her friend with a large smile, “Hey, (B/F/N), wanna see something cool?” (B/F/N) looks at her friend with an annoyed stare, “What is it? You know I don’t like it when you distract me from my baby Nagisa.” The red-haired female chuckles before walking over to her book-bag. (B/F/N) observes her friend like she will disappear out of thin air, just as (B/F/N) was stalking (Y/N), she blinks and her strawberry friend disappears. (B/F/N) jumps off her bed screaming her head off like she saw a murder. “(Y/N)!? Come out this isn’t funny anymore!” She was spinning in circles searching her best friend. (B/F/N) senses a figure behind her and sees (Y/N) standing there with one eye closed and holding up a peace sign. The (E/C)-eyed girl laughs as (B/F/N) puts her in a choke-hold.

(Y/N) pats (B/F/N)'s head and lets out a small giggle, “Now I know you miss me at least.” (B/F/N) slaps her before backing up and crossing her arms like a mother does to scold her child. “You wanna know what I did?” (Y/N) questions innocently like she did nothing weird. (B/F/N) shouts, “Of course I wanna know, you dumbass!” the other girl in the room chuckles before pointing at the bed. (B/F/N) sits on the bed signaling (Y/N) to tell what the hell she did. The medium-length haired girl sits on the desk in (B/F/N)'s room and sighs loudly. “I don’t know if you’ll believe me…” (Y/N)) teases her friend with an evil look in her dark (E/C) eyes. The dirty blonde glares at her friend and (Y/N) looks her dead in the eyes with so much seriousness she could’ve been a secret agent in disguise.

“Just tell me you bastard.” (B/FN) growls. “I just traveled to a whole other dimension.” (Y/N) giggled and flicked (B/F/N)'s nose. “No fucking way.” (B/F/N) gasped in excitement. The (E/C)-eyed teen begins to jump up and down but stops dead in her tracks, “I swear to god if you are faking this,” She gets close to (Y/N)'s face, “there will be consequences.” The (E/C)-eyed girl smiles before grabbing her friend’s hand and chanting something that seems out of a horror movie. Just as she finishes the last word, the world around them began to fade out. (B/F/N) watches as sound, colors, and even emotions surround her as she gets dragged through what seems to be a portal. When (Y/N) stopped her mantra, both of the girls were in another dimension. The ash-blonde female turns to her best friend and nearly screams, her best friend looks way more animated! She even looks down at herself, but actually screams.

(B/F/N) looks closer and sees that their skin was smoother, their hair looks more full and bright, their eyes are bigger an even brighter, and their skin was clear of any acne, plus the good thing about it was their body has lost all its baby fat! (B/F/N)'s (E/C) eyes widen when she realizes where they are at, “Um, (Y/N), please tell me you know where we are.” She questions concerned for more of her safety. (Y/N) waves her off, “Relax child, you’ll figure out soon enough.” An (Y/N) starts to walk away and her best friend like sister follows her tail.