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Push & Shove

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"How do you seduce men?" 


Pei Ming startles, choking on his drink. Ling Wen lifts up her gaze from her cellphone's screen and stares at him carefully as if he had grown a second head.


After a few awkward coughs that mingle terribly with the posh restaurant's background music, Pei Ming asks: "Shui-xiong would know more about that than me!...Wait, what is it that you want to do?"


Shi WuDu pointedly looks at him, fork separating meat from the overpriced fish's bones. Aggressively.


 "Just answer. How would you like to be seduced, Pei Ming? This is important." 


Pei Ming turns white, then green. Ling Wen interrupts: "You know he has no standards as long as she's beautiful." Her calm tone doesn't make her diss any less sharper, Shi WuDu nods his agreement and Pei Ming sips his wine because he can't possibly save face in front of them- or anyone with a functional brain for that matter. "But I have to ask, same as Ol' Pei here. What are you planning? Is this the reason you invited both of us out in such short notice?"


Shi WuDu frowns because she's right, as usual, the silver fork on his hand grits against the white ceramic.


So, he tells them about He Xuan. His little brother's brand new best friend .


QingXuan's currently majoring in Economics, he hopes to one day get into the family business on his own merits. He's bright and cheerful. After their parents' accident, he's been trying to prove himself to him and make him proud even if Shi WuDu thinks it's frankly unnecessary. He loves him anyways.


(Now, if only he could say it loud and clear.)


During their whole lives, Shi WuDu's known that his brother was a social butterfly. Much more so when compared to himself, who only mingled with the likes of Pei Ming and Ling Wen since their college days. He's heard so many different names coming out of QingXuan's mouth, he never bothered to keep track of all of them. 


But lately, it had been mostly just Xie Lian and He Xuan.


Especially He Xuan. 


Even having yet to meet the brat, Shi WuDu already had an inkling that this one was not going to be any good. 


So he made a few calls. And came out with empty hands. 


Modest family with both parents alive and married. A little sister still in school. One ex girlfriend. He went to an average high school. A bland background, the only thing making him different was the excellent grades, landing him a scholarship in QingXuan's prestigious University. Shi WuDu cares enough to notice He Xuan is building an enviable GPA majoring in Business. He entertains the thought that maybe the kid is not terrible company for his only brother. It could definitely be worse.


That is until QingXuan brings him home for dinner on one of his rare free afternoons.


He Xuan stares at Shi WuDu in unnerving silence, his muttered, quiet greeting contrasting sharply with the many endearments coming from QingXuan. He barely reacts when conversing with him and carefully avoids being in the spotlight by any means. He also deflects Shi WuDu's questions and answers vaguely, as if he knows that he made a prior research on him. Shi WuDu's jaw clenches in frustration.


His mood gets gradually worse when he notices the way his brother clings onto this He Xuan kid. QingXuan grabs him by the arm, takes his hands into his own, presses his head against his shoulder making Shi WuDu's eyebrow quiver. He...did not raise him like this! And that He Xuan, he does not indulge but doesn't stop QingXuan either. Does he even like his brother at all? At first glance he looks just shy of being disgusted at the contact.


Then, QingXuan decides this is a perfect and totally okay instance to open one of their fine wine bottles. He walks towards the pantry with airy steps, and carefully bends over to pick. 


Shi WuDu's gaze slips to He Xuan by chance, unsuspecting. 


That's when he notices the stare. Golden eyes, looking at his brother like he is candy . He even dares run his glance from head to toe, finally landing God knows where . His expression does not change at all, but Shi WuDu's been friends with Pei Ming for ten whole years, he knows what a leer looks like even when disguised.


He grinds his teeth and when He Xuan finally leaves and his brother asks how he liked his best friend, he told him to "never fucking see him again and that's final".


But apparently QingXuan is growing rebellious and he's set on making them get along. He Xuan being around during his free days is practically a given nowadays and he's losing his patience. He starts noticing too, the way He Xuan's breath actually catches when QingXuan gets closer to him, how his gaze lingers on his brother's lips for a second when he thinks no one is looking, how he leans slightly into the contact QingXuan initiates. It makes Shi WuDu sick.


Ling Wen nods, assessing the situation and separating in factors before making an inquiry. Pei Ming is more straightforward:


"But Shui-xiong, why would you even think of seducing him? Wouldn't that make him, you know, keep coming back? You hate him!" His hands move along, as if trying to make his point clearer.


Ling Wen sighs at the display: "I guess you don't want to hurt him because of QingXuan and this is what you came up with to make him turn the other way." She's right again, of course. While it wouldn't be hard for him to make He Xuan really go away, he doesn't want to hurt his brother. "It's definitely a flawed plan, WuDu. And you know it, you might as well be playing yourself if this goes off track." 


"That won't happen." He claims and ignores Ling Wen's disappointed but not surprised expression.



Shi WuDu never really thought that asking his friends would give him an answer different from whatever he could come up with on his own.


Whereas Pei Ming told him to "put in the charm", Ling Wen simply refrained claiming every single person was different and that he should act accordingly instead of following an established formula- meaning, he should manipulate the  circumstances and make them favorable.


He'll have to forcefully pull He Xuan's eyes from QingXuan and onto himself.


Well then, game on.



When Friday afternoon comes by and he closes the doors behind him, He Xuan is already sitting next to his brother on his Italian leather sofa, watching a movie on his ultimate model led screen and drinking his Scotch whiskey.


"Brother, you're early!" QingXuan salutes him as if he didn't have prior knowledge of the fact that WuDu was coming home an hour before the usual time. Just when did he learn to be sly. "You should totally join us! We would be so happy!" 


He Xuan looks clearly unhappy, though.


If this was any other day, he would have passed and grumbled all the way to his room to change his clothes and go back to supervise things wouldn't turn...freaky, if he wasn't looking. 




He nods at QingXuan, and his eyes drift over to He Xuan's, he lifts a single hand up to his collar and pulls the knot of his tie loose, slowly. He takes the liberty to open the top button too, exposing the clear skin of his throat. 


"I'll go change, then." The corners of his lips lift up slightly, measured. QingXuan cheers loudly and he walks away without another glance. 


He knows it worked, somehow, because he can feel the heavy weight of that stare on his own back. 


Once he enters his bedroom, he shudders. How can QingXuan not notice? Sure, his brother is not very perceptive when he's not actively looking for something but...Whatever. He steels himself again and rummages through his clothes.





It's sooner rather than later that he finds himself draped on his couch, right on the other side of He Xuan while wearing his favorite low cut shirt and shorts. 


He looked at himself in the mirror before coming back, he even pulled the messy look QingXuan is invested in creating every single morning! 


He Xuan hasn't looked at anything but the screen since.


But Shi WuDu is not good at giving up, even less when there's a chance. He sighs and swigs half of his glass, the sweet burn of alcohol heating him up before he decides to make a new move. He pulls his feet up, making the hem of his shorts raise higher up his thighs. He leans towards his left in a way he knows makes his long hair tickle the naked skin of He Xuan's arms. It just so happens that the sleeve of his shirt drops slightly, revealing his collarbone too. 


QingXuan laughs over whatever is playing on the screen. And when Shi WuDu glances up to He Xuan, he catches his stare. Golden against grey melt into one another. Shi WuDu feels his own heartbeat speeding and while that's not part of the plan he's now made sure what he's doing is definitely working miracles, so he lets his eyelids drop in a way he'd classify as sultry before staring ahead at the long forgotten movie, wishing to calm himself down a little. He must proceed carefully, he decides to cut on drinking then.


And whatever he doesn't drink, QingXuan ends up jugging down along with He Xuan- who apparently has ridiculous tolerance too. Sooner rather than later, the content of the bottle is gone and QingXuan is sleeping leisurely. 


Game over. 


Shi WuDu places his glass back on the table and stands up, pleased with himself. "I'll take him to his room." He says, but before he manages to walk over, He Xuan's hand catches his wrist in a tight grip and pulls.


Soundlessly, he falls onto the brat's lap and he gets a faceful of He Xuan. The kiss is rough, Shi WuDu is momentarily shocked and so he lets the other assault his mouth until it hurts. He pulls away forcefully. He Xuan chases his lips and a pitiful, weak part inside him wants to let them come in contact again. 


"What?" He Xuan's voice is quiet, obviously minding the passed out QingXuan, but Shi WuDu still hears it loud and clear. "You think I don't understand what you're doing? You can't stand me and I know it." 


That's probably the most words He Xuan's directed towards him since their first meeting, the rough edge of his tone cutting up, tearing Shi WuDu's restrain into bits and pieces. He bites the inside of his cheek to keep focused and he suddenly minds the way their legs are tangling together, how He Xuan's fingers close upon his arm with telling strength. He's eager to know what else he could do. Shi WuDu smirks and takes another step.


He lifts his body just enough to change his position above He Xuan, straddling his hips and staring down at the fierce expression on the other's face.


"Yes, and you can't stand me either." Shi WuDu presses his front against He Xuan's. He's firm and hot, also very much interested. Shi WuDu's chin rests on He Xuan's shoulder as he whispers on his ear: "How about we give it a try anyways?" He nibbles on the sensitive skin, enjoys the shiver of the body beneath.


A hand jerks on his hair, pulling him back again. Shi WuDu's lips part, panting, He Xuan's gaze piercing, an almost ugly snarl taking on his face for a second before melting back into the calm nothingness Shi WuDu's more familiar with: "You think that, by seducing me, I won't take a shot with your brother."


Shi WuDu's heart thumps, discomfort mixing up with lust, He Xuan's hand keeps pulling and he has to clench his jaw to not let out a single sound. He squirms on the other's lap. 


He Xuan lets his wrist go, grabbing on his hip instead and letting his fingers slip down the fabric of his shorts, cold tips against his skin making him flinch. Shi WuDu glares, vicious, and trying to get the upper hand, moves his hips down into He Xuan's without a second thought:


"You're hard." He says and his traitorous body reacts at the other's excitement too. He moves again and again and again until He Xuan lifts both of them from the couch and Shi WuDu is made to wrap arms and legs on him to not fall off and possibly wake QingXuan. 


He can't help but remember Ling Wen's words now.


"You have two options." He Xuan says, both of his hands on Shi WuDu's ass, shamelessly groping him. "First, you let me fuck you as much as I want, whenever I want and however I want for as long as I want." Shi WuDu feels his cock twitch, the burning of his insides making him dizzy. His thighs closing onto He Xuan's waist, his body craving. He Xuan places a mark into his neck as if to make a point. "Second, I let you go and make it my goal to get it on with your brother instead." 


Yeah, like that's worked for you before. What a joke. Shi WuDu wants to laugh on his face but He Xuan's grip hurts almost as much as his dick inside his shorts and underwear. A voice inside his head mutters that it's been a while. He's growing desperate. He Xuan's breath against him driving him crazy. So he plays the role he's been given for now, as if he hadn't moved the strings, as if he really didn't have a choice: "First one." 


He Xuan's teeth bite down on his earlobe and Shi WuDu tries to rub against him shakily, searching for friction. "No, tell me like you mean it."


He knows what He Xuan wants, but Shi WuDu doesn't feel humiliated at all when he looks straight into golden eyes and whispers: "Please, fuck me as you see fit…"




The moment the door of his room closes, He Xuan pushes him against the wall. It hurts, his head spinning. He drips, feels his underwear sticking as He Xuan's fingers pinch his nipples roughly. His mouth once again playing against Shi WuDu's pulse, teeth scraping over the tender flesh. Dangerous. He moans, his head hitting the wall behind.


"If I had known you were this much of a slut, I would've done this before." He says, and yanks Shi WuDu's shirt off. Shorts and boxers following, exposing him completely while He Xuan is still fully clothed. He sighs as his cock springs free and kicks the fallen clothes shamelessly:


"There's lube and condoms on the drawer."


He Xuan takes out only the former and roughly flips him, making him bend over the wall. One hand reaches for his hair once again and tangles, pushing his head and forcing him to move lest he crushes his nose against the wood. Once satisfied, he lets go and twists one of Shi WuDu's arms behind his body, making him arch in the perfect angle. 


He pulls the cap of the lube with his teeth, and lets the cold liquid fall from the small of Shi WuDu's back.


"Fuck yourself open." He Xuan says and tosses the bottle away. His now free hand roughly grabbing a cheek and letting the lube drip down Shi WuDu's crack. "This is as much lube as you get, make it worth." 


Shi WuDu is sure He Xuan can hear his own shaky breath. The wall is cold against his flushed skin and he trembles, excited. If He Xuan wants a show he'll deliver.


He moves, fingers dipping and making use of the lube glistening on the area. He prepares for the stretch, and pushes one single digit inside. 


He Xuan's breath stills and Shi WuDu moves his finger with precision, knowing exactly how to rub the walls to make them easy and pliant. He forces himself to relax against the intrusion of a second- and a third. 


He gasps, taking his time to grow accustomed to the feeling of his own fingers working him open for He Xuan's cock. His wrist pumps, trying to reach further, shove harder . The moment he presses into his prostate he moans loudly, moves again. Feeling greedy, he pushes once more, twice- 


A sharp smack on his ass cuts him off and pulls a throaty groan out of him.


"Is this about your pleasure?" He Xuan asks.


"...No." He says between his pants, another smack makes him clench against his own fingers inside and he wants, wants, wants to be filled-


"No what?"


Shi WuDu understands and so he bends further, arching until his muscles complain: "No, sir. I'm sorry."


"Pull your fingers out." The sound of a zipper, the rustle of clothes being pushed.


Shi WuDu obeys without any more resistance, bracing against the wall instead and he waits.


But He Xuan is not pushing inside. Instead, he rubs his cock against his ass while his hand is occupied tracing over Shi WuDu's abs, his nails scratching down all the way until his fingers poke his erection and then they're gone. It makes him shake. 


"Beg for it." He Xuan orders, the tip of his cock pressing on Shi WuDu's hole. 


Shi WuDu would really laugh now, if he wasn't growing desperate, if his hips didn't itch to move and take the other inside.


"Please, sir." He says, neck straining to look at He Xuan in the eye as he pleads. He'd never give him the satisfaction of thinking he's pulled one over his head. Even when panting against the wall of his own bedroom.


"Please what?" He Xuan shoves the tip inside without prior warning and Shi WuDu's bites his tongue. He Xuan smiles, apparently pleased by the result. He loathes him-


"Ah…" He moans despite himself, his body gives way for He Xuan to go deeper. His eyes burn and he wants more. He decides to keep talking: ". "Please, sir...fuck me. Hard."


That makes it, He Xuan shoves in a single push and pulls out just as fast. Fucking into him like he is little more than a doll. Shi WuDu closes his eyes and takes it, the rough treatment making him feel like an open nerve. He lets go, his voice cracking as He Xuan moves him as he deems best. The pleasure building up on his lower stomach being too much and too little, all at the same time. He closes his eyes and tears fall down as he grows more and more needy. He Xuan leans over him:


"You're gonna come just like this. Only from my cock." He can hear He Xuan's smirk on his voice, and it makes him impossibly harder. He whines before setting on biting his lower lip until the inside bleeds. He Xuan takes it as a challenge. 


"You're...better like this." He whispers, filthy and speeds up. His fingers holding onto Shi WuDu almost possessively. "Better...when all you can think about is my cock inside." 


The angle feels great, He Xuan hitting that spot constantly and so Shi WuDu moves back- responding to his thrusts with mindless vigor. 


It doesn't take long until both of them are spent.


He Xuan pulls out, letting his cum drip down Shi WuDu's thighs. He holds against the wall for a few seconds. It's been a while since he came this hard. 


He Xuan tucks himself back and manages to look almost proper in a few minutes. 


Oh, being young.


"I'll keep in contact." It's all he says before going out, taking his few things on the living room and leaving where he came from.



Tomorrow his back and pretty much every one of his muscles are sore. QingXuan asks him if he and He Xuan had fun last night and if he wasn't uncomfortably hot under his brand scarf. 


There's a new message waiting on his personal number too: 


<Unknown> You better remember our deal.