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The guyhal mpreg story you never wanted. ( every pairing needs at least one of these kind of fic

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"What. Do. You. Mean. I'm. Pregnant."

"Exactly what i said Gardner, all the tests and scans say your pregnant. Congratulations." A clipped voice said. " You are 1 earth month along."

"How in the hell can I be pregnant!? I'm a man." Guy stressed as he held onto the side of the medical table tightly.

"You're part Vuldarian remember?" The doctor said as continued put the information into the machine. "Apparently the men could also give birth." The doctor projected a body scan of him showing his lower body.

"As you can see, your body's a bit different than that of a normal human male. You actually have both sets of reproductive organs.
You even have a separate hole entirely for reproductive purposes." He explained pointing the lower half of the diagram. "It's right in between your ballsack and your anus."

"Are you basically telling me I have a vagina?" Guy stared at the picture in disbelief." Last time I checked I didn't have a hole there."

"It didn't show up until you unlocked your Vuldarian genes. And then your body shifted to make room for it."

The red-head ran a hand through his hair and sighed "what now doc? I really don't know all that much about pregnancies."

" it's up to you lantern Gardner. You can keep it. Or you can get rid of it. I have absolutely no say in what you do." The doctor replied as he finally turned around to look at Guy.

A cold feeling built up in Guy at the thought of getting rid of the small life inside him. " I'm keeping them." He responded finally after a few moments of silence.

A small smile appeared on the doctors face as he handed Guy a folder. "this is the info about human pregnancy. Your next check up is in 2 weeks. Normally it would be a month but this is a bit more delicate case."

" Explain."

"One, you are a bit older than recommended to have a child, so that's a factor. Also just because you are part Vuldarian doesn't mean it won't be dangerous. You're still human, and as you stated human men can't give birth, so i have no idea how that's gonna affect you." The doctor stated before taking a pause and continuing.

"I also recommend you tell the father of your child soon."

Guy's eyes widen at that. " Fuck…" as he rubbed his face at the thought of telling Hal Jordan that he was pregnant with his kid.

He had to tell Hal about this, it's way too important to keep to himself nor is he enough of an asshole not to. He also had to tell John and kyle of course.

" well that concludes your check up. Remember, your next appointment is in 2 weeks at the same time." The doctor finished as he opened the door to head to the next patient.

Guy quickly left the medical center and headed straight to the one place he knew he could be left alone if even for only a little while.
Minutes later he landed in front of new warriors and went straight in, holding the folder close to him.

Standing at the bar he went to reach for a beer before stopping himself. He may not know a lot about being pregnant, but he knew for a fact that it meant no drinking. Making a face, he instead grabbed a cup and got some water before sitting down on a stool and opening the folder and began reading.

He must have fallen asleep while reading because he woke up to being poked on the head by his partner that was smiling at him. "Hi there sleepy head."
" Hey kid." Guy said stretching before leaning on the bar. "When did you get in here?"

" About 30 minutes ago. So how did your check up go?" Kyle asked as he grabbed himself a beer and sat down next to him. The older lantern remembered what happened and hid his face in his arms.

" it went unexpected, that's what happened." He said as he went to move close the file in front of him.

" Really? What happened? Are you pregnant?" The younger man joked. Guy stayed quiet not knowing how to tell him he hit it right on the nail. Apparently he was thinking longer than he knew because a gentle hand rested on his shoulder. Turning his head to look at the other man, he saw worried eyes staring at him.

"Guy? Are you okay? Normally you'd be laughing if I had said that before."

The red-head decided to bite the bullet. " I'm pregnant."

Kyle looked at him for a moment. "What?"

Guy nodded to him. "Scan me with your ring if you don't believe me."
He wouldn't blame him. He did the exact same thing.

Kyle lifted his ring hand and scanned him, eyes widening as he got the results back in. "Holy shit." He whispered, leaning against the bar for support as his eyes trailed down to Guy's abdomen.

Guy wrapped his arms around his stomach defensively. " Stop staring ya weirdo." He could barely wrap his head around the fact that there was a baby growing inside him, and the look on Kyle's face was not helping.

"I have so many questions right now. How did you get pregnant? How far along are you? Is it a boy or a girl? I'm gonna be the god-father right?" He questioned excitedly.

Guy laid his head on the bar as he looked at Kyle. " Why are you so excited? I thought that you would be freaking out right now." He wondered.

"I figured something like this would happen one day. We happen to get into all kinds of weird shit on a daily basis if you haven't noticed."

Guy couldn't help but snort at Kyle's explanation. " to answer your questions, Apparently Vuldarian men can get pregnant. I'm 1 month along according to the doctor. I have no idea what gender they are. And that is a dumb question, of course you gonna be the god-father. I'll just make John the god-mother." He answered, getting up to get another glass of water.

"What about Hal? Is he gonna the fun uncle?" The younger lantern asked, finishing his beer.

Guy stilled at the question, remembering he still had to tell Hal about it. He took a sip of water, wishing it was something stronger. Looking into Kyle's eyes he simply said. " He can't be the fun uncle."

" Why not? He is a great uncle. You've seen him interact with his niece and nephew? It's adorable." He frowned.

Guy leaned over the bar. " Hal can't be the fun uncle." he repeated. " When he is the father."

"You slept with Hal?!" Kyle exclaimed, goggled with disbelief.

"Say it louder why don't you?" Guy griped as he started checking the inventory. Working at the bar relaxed to him.

Kyle stopped talking and just watched him work. "Are you gonna tell him?"

"Of course I'm gonna tell him. He has the right to know, and i'm not enough of a jerk to keep it a secret. But it's up to him if he wants to be a father to the kid."

Kyle looked down at that frowning and Guy remembered that kyle's father ran off on his mom and him. Grabbing hold of his shoulder and smiling softly when Kyle looked at him." Even if he doesn't, they'll have a kickass godfather right?" "Damn straight."

A comfortable silence rang out over the bar, Guy cleaning up and checking inventory and Kyle reading over the papers in the folder Guy had gotten from the doctor.

"Well you better tell him soon."

" No shit Sherlock."