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Stuck Between Suns

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Your name is Kanaya Maryam and you’re Not Sure About This. Leaving the comforting glow of the Green Sun in favor of a sweep-and-a-half-long journey through nothingness towards an uncertain fate… the thought is putting cocoon flappers in your nutrition satchel, to put it mildly. You frown and fang your lip. Your quest ended in failure, but more importantly, you failed in your responsibility to your lusus. The matriorb, the future of your species, has been destroyed, and right under your nasal chute, too. It’s hard to think of anything as important anymore.

You look around at the meteor’s other residents. Karkat, shouting himself red in the face. Aradia and Sollux, the eternally doomed. At least she’s happy, you think, and she deserves to be. You’ve always gotten the sense that Sollux would follow her to the end of time. You just didn’t think you’d be there to see it happen. Gamzee, that murderous piece of shit, is hogtied and placid, thanks to Vriska, in her god-tier tunic, laughing and high-fiving Terezi. They have a whole secret handshake, with dance moves and everything. It looks like the time you spent as her palemate was meaningless after all, a placeholder, as you sometimes suspected. That was a while ago, though, and though you sink a little seeing them now, for the most part you only feel more hollow inside. For her part, Terezi’s sardonic grin is back, and you’re a bit relieved— recently her permanent scowl was making you nervous.

You turn to the newest arrivals, the newly god-tiered humans. A hint of color rises to your cheeks as you gaze at Rose Lalonde, alive and ascendant. Her hood obscured her lookstubs, but the wry smile told you everything you needed to know as she and Dave alighted on the platform. No one wasted much time on introductions, as Rose was quick to point out that the time for departure is near. Her newfound god-tier light abilities notwithstanding, and as much as you want to be near her, and Karkat and Vriska and everyone, you’re just… Not Sure About This. And after all, it’s been so long since you felt the sunshine.

But then. 

“Can you please come?” asks Rose, and there’s no longer a choice. You half-smile as her eyes meet yours for the first time, and you realize that, as the emblem on her robe suggests, she can be your sun for these next few “years.” You agree.

Suddenly, you feel a cold, heavy arm drape across your shoulder as Vriska joins you. 

“What’s up, girls? That’s a pretty cool god-tier getup you got on there, Rose! Not the coolest one, though, o8viously. But still, I’m glad to have a couple more undisputed winners on 8oard, including another light player.” Her sudden proximity causes your luminescence to flare, reflecting off her orange tunic and illuminating the sun logo on her broad chest. You gulp. She grins, her fangs long and sharp. “Kanaya just looooooooves light players, isn’t that right?” and with a wink of her seven-pupiled eye and a squeeze of your shoulder, she trots off to bother Karkat some more, stepping over Gamzee’s supine form.

 You smile in embarrassment and look down at the floor. 

“Um, I—Well, I Do Have An Affinity For Sunshine, I Suppose,” you stammer. When you look up, Rose is suddenly quite close.

“I was hoping we’d get the chance to talk.” she says, your glow reflecting off her skin and platinum-blonde hair.

“You—Didn’t Know For Sure? With All Your…” You wiggle your frondstalks at her light emblem.

“Let me rephrase that. Now is when we talk, Kanaya. I just didn’t want it to sound like you didn’t have a choice.” You nervously look around, unable to meet her confident gaze, and accidently look at Vriska again.

“Do I?” You Say. “I Mean, About Coming Along. I Want To—Mostly—It’s Just That I Don’t See A Future For Me. Everyone Else Seems To Know Exactly What They’re Doing. Well, Or… You See, The Matriorb—”


Rose reaches her small hands out and holds yours to stop you from wringing them. 

“You’re going to come with us. We’re going to have a lovely trip together. And yes, there’s a… a future, I suppose you’d call it, at the end of this. I wish I could be more specific, but that’s not exactly how this works. I don’t know for sure if you’ll create another matriorb, or if I’ll even know before you. But I can guarantee your chance to do so is not here. It’s with us, at our destination.”

You smile again, her hands warm around yours. 

“Well Then, What Are We Waiting For?”


Your name is Rose Lalonde, and you’ve had a hell of a day. The crowd heads down into the meteor’s core to settle in for a long journey, and although your newly-incarnated body is bursting with vitality, your transferred consciousness is just as fatigued as it was before the giant bomb hidden inside the tumor blew you and your ecto-brother to smithereens. Your mind races with newfound ability, expanded knowledge, and a keen, almost clairvoyant intuition, but while this move was illuminated for you-- launching this godforsaken chunk of space rock on a very specific trajectory at a very specific speed-- the next move is as dark as Kanaya’s hair. As you follow her into the depths of the meteor, your gaze traces up Kanaya’s form. She’s tall, even for a troll, a full head taller than you at least. Her careful steps through the dark corridor, those long, slender legs, the sway of her hips, her poised back, the faint glow of her skin through the hair on the nape of her neck.  Those fine, attractively tousled locks that fall around her pointed ears and, rather than being shiny like human hair, seem almost to absorb light. That insouciant coiffure out of which rise her long, slender horns, lethal-looking and uneven, one hooked as if begging you to try its barb with your finger.  But surely, you think with a blush, should you dare try, no sooner would you touch the point than would her horn pierce your finger, and should Kanaya espy your blood, would she be able to control herself? Would her predator’s eyes dart from your bloody finger to your neck? Would she bring it to her trembling lips, to partake of your life essence?

Oh no, wow, stop right there. Insouciant coiffure? Life essence? Come on, you thought you were past this. It’s one thing to dabble in a bit of sexy vampire fanfiction, but it’s another to overlay it onto reality.  Kanaya is a very attractive young lady, and the two of you have developed quite a rapport, but you just got here and you’re tired. Still, as you allow your gaze to travel down along her slender form in that red dress—

Kanaya stops and gestures to a door, unmarked save for the words KANAYA MARYAM written in green. 

“Er, This Is My Block, And I Was Thinking Since The One Next Door Is Free, Perhaps You’d Like To Be… Neighbors?” 

You meet her gaze, looking up at her and hoping the tiredness doesn’t show in your eyes. 

“That would be wonderful. Thank you for—Well, I seem to know a lot know but I don’t know if I could have made it here without you.”

Kanaya glows bright. 

“I—I Didn’t Do Anything!”

You smile sweetly at her, your breast bursting with sudden affection, and all of a sudden your vision goes white. Visions come. You’re back on earth. No, it’s not Earth; there are carapacians and trolls, and you see Kanaya, a little older, holding your hand. You see her dressed in white, beautiful like you’ve never seen her, smiling and holding back tears.

You feel light-headed as she carries you over the threshold into a lovely house, her strength making this an easy task, and you lock eyes with her as she licks her fangs and says, “You’re Mine Forever Now.” Shedding her—her wedding dress? Your pulse races as her body is revealed to you in exquisite while lingerie, all curves and slender muscle, and she crawls over you on the bed and kisses you. “And I’m Yours. My Beautiful One, My Dear.”

You’re so happy and proud. 

“My love,” You say, between kisses, as her body bears down on yours, cool and firm and scintillating. Your mind is mercifully blank as you succumb to the feeling of your lover, as her body rests on yours. Your hands race to remove your last scraps of clothing, and when there’s nothing left separating the two of you, you sigh a hot breath to the heavens and open yourself to her. 

“Please—Kanaya—I’m ready!”

“Rose,” she breathes as she reaches down to align her shaft to your waiting folds. She sighs as she enters you, inch after rock-hard inch, and suddenly you’re full to bursting, her size never easy for you but always so very worth it. “I love you, I love you so—Ah,” She moans, rolling her hips and reaching deeper and deeper inside of you. Her bulge fills you so perfectly, and over the years you’ve learned each other’s every desire. At this point, bringing you to climax is effortless for your lover—your wife.  

And then you’re back. Kanaya has laid you on her bed. When she sees you’re awake, she rushes over with a cup of water. 

“Are You OK, You Suddenly Collapsed And I Didn’t Know What To—”

You smile weakly at her, suddenly exhausted from your vision, already beginning to fade from your memory but leaving you blushing, your whole body warm. 

“I think we’re gonna be… just fine, Kanaya.” You say, and then slumber takes you.